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99% Invisible-65- Razzle Dazzle

2012-11-05 | 🔗

When most people think of camouflage they think of blending in with the environment, but camouflage can also take the opposite approach. It has long been hypothesized that stripes on zebras make it difficult for a predator to distinguish one … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. I think if you ask somebody on the street, what is camouflage I believe the most common answer would be to say: well it it's a figure and its being hidden by being blended. With its background, a scientist today, background matching. I call that high similarity camouflaged, let'S Roy Barons, I'm really barons and I teach in the Department of ART the universe to Northern Ireland. They teach graphic design in the history of design. Barons is also one of the foremost camouflage experts. Well, I wouldn't go that far away. I do similarity or blending is just one type of camouflage its common boring one, but another tavern camouflage that you can find both in
nature and in military use, is disruptive camouflage. I call it figure. Disruption, figured distanced, dropped, eruption, disruption, think because it breaks up. The figure is the opposite of high similarity, camouflage its high difference so you're making it very differ, for us to look at the figures and to see it as only a single, continuous thing, corruption drop, thick geared corruption, does zebras tribes have long been thought to be a form of disruptive camouflage stripes make it hard for a predator to distinguish one zebra from another when the zebra are in a large heard, the stripes might also make zebras less attractive to blood sucking horse bonds. But when it comes to humans, the greatest most jaw dropping the spectator
Killer application of disruptive camouflage by the military is Razzle dazzle. Dazzle, camouflage strictly applied, ship, camouflage and even more strictly. It applies to world war, one ship camouflage and it came about because it was discovered that it's almost impossible to make a ship invisible on the ocean de HORIZON is changing in color. Its changing in amount of light so There are all kinds of conditions that make it so it constantly moving ship can't land into the background of the sea, and even if you could The ship invisible you still have smoke coming out of the smokestack, so it's not as if you're hiding the shipping, so the less
heavily armor ships were sitting ducks. The crisis came about at the time that the Eu S had not yet entered the war. Remember this is where one it was. The british ships that were being soak in German submarines were seeking as many as fifty ships a week. Many those ships were merchant ships and they were bringing supplies to England, which is a which is in and, of course, and it really dependent on those in and also there was armaments and other things that were being secretly taken there too. So Design solution was not about invisibility. It was about disruption alone, Bart has decided that the best way to avoid getting torpedoed was not to make the ship invisible, but to make it hard to hit. That's why these kind of erratic, crazy quilt patterns came about in that's why they were used in the war is going to be hard to picture this
try there once was a time when military ships- even U S, ships by this point were painted with, and I quote This is from an anonymous article and New York Times from nineteen eighteen. New Yorker will see at anchor or coming in or going out numerous ships whose painted signs reveal such wild extravagances of form and color as make the Landsmen opened his eyes with amazement and Mr Vacation, black and white was very common. They consist of stripes and swirls and kind of arabesque, almost it involves shapes Blue was use predominantly especially in the british versions. But I think you'd be surprised at the range of colors there were red, stay were sometimes use and greens and really quite intense oranges, another on it. And if I, U S journalist, wrote you should see our fleet its camouflage. So it looks
like a flock of seagoing Easter eggs during world war. One dazzle ship camouflaged with absolutely fascinating to the public have to remember that this is how in just a few years after the what called the armoury show in New York at the first international show of modern art in this country, and it was the introductory show of cube. Ism future is in all of those things it people made fun of, and they thought that universities are really crazy directions for artists to be going it so that when this happened, people looked at
ships and they said, oh, it's a cuban nightmare, its future, a sieve taken over the rule, as you can probably guess. There were plenty of people who hated dazzled, camouflage traditional Navy men, mostly though they compared to the clothing, a prostitute would wear and they made fun of it. Is our work? Can legion through the steps at the time to repeat it was far from new boats were quite slow, may be taking a couple minutes to reach their target, so the person firing the torpedo had. Lead the target he had to anticipate where the target ship was going to be when the torpedo arrived. So we had to calculate how to do that in that very much dependent on knowing the exact angle. It's it's headed toward that's terribly terribly important, and the other thing is that you have to figure out the speed of the ship, because then you'll know
how far to go by the time the torpedo gets there, but dazzle camouflage certainly made the ship stand out, but the bulging shapes and vivid hues also made it difficult to determine the speed and direction of the removing ship. It's praying on our assumptions about things smaller as they are more distant. So you could paint perspective
Patterns on a ship that would make it look like it was turning in a different direction when, in fact, through your actually seeing them friendly in there absolutely flat. But does patterns broke up the figure so that it can look shorter than it really was, or I could make it hard to tell if there is one ship for multiple ships they even painted fake bow waves on them and they would pay the fake bow wave either on the front to make it look like the ship was going faster than it was actually going, because that was when we have calculating or Dashwood paint a bow wave on the back, and so you would glanced at it. While you looking through the spirits got, you might conclude that oh it's going in that direction, not in the other direction. So then you, u surface again, to calculate where you gonna shoot and the thing is gone. It's an entirely different direction and location than you imagined. These.
Towards a slap on the side of giant ships, hoping that they be confusing enough to be effective camera floors and that's what they were called. The camera floors tested toy models by inviting inexperience submarine captains to peer through periscopes and report. What angle they thought the models were appointed they deter. That sometimes on really effectively camouflage ships. The calculation of the ship captains could be off as much as fifty. Five degrees dazzle only had to screw up to torpedo, gunners estimate by eight degrees for the target ship to effectively avoid a torpedo. The theatre of war has changed, so camouflage has changed with it, but there is still dazzle to be found. Actually, if you look at military craft today, there is still
ass being practised but, of course, the conditions of change just as in World WAR one. This came out of those particular set of conditions. We have to say: well, those are the conditions that we have now. So what would be most effective today? If you look at aircraft, it's broken up very often, if you look at ships, some of them are broken up through these geometric patterns. If you look at some camouflage uniforms infantry uniforms around the world to find all kinds of break up with them and so forth- are tanks or truck threw himself. But I am sad to report that there are no longer flocks of seagoing Easter eggs. Ninety nine percent invisible is produced by me, roman Mars and SAM Greensburg. We are abroad,
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