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99% Invisible-73- The Zanzibar and Other Building Poems

2013-02-18 | 🔗

There comes a time in the life of a modern city where it begins to grow up–literally. Santiago, the capital of Chile, has been going through a tremendous growth spurt since its economic boom of the mid 1990s. It happened … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. There comes a time in the life of a modern city where it begins to grow up literally ever since bridge frame we're up ended in the soaring towers and elevators were equipped with reliable safety breaks. There are a lot of people in one place. It just makes sense for us to stack ourselves on top of each other. Santiago, the capital Chile has been going through a tremendous growth spurt since economic boom of the midnight he Ninetys. It happened fast in just a few years. Single family Holmes all over the city were replaced with high rises, its Daniel article he's an award winning author and host of radio unrelenting. I'm a friend in Santiago named Rodrigo process. Well, hello, my name is over three. You really go played a small part in Santiago Upward Mobile.
Which wouldn't be that remarkable. He were an engineer or real estate developer or an architect or something like that, but he isn't Rodrigo Rojas his opponent, I'm later professor write, poetry, something about Chile's at everyone is a poet of your read the liner, but it's like poets, Archie lay superheroes, tony rainy poetry naw man on unproven. This is the story of how resources poetry altered the physical shape of Santiago, rapidly changing scale. This is how it worked. Developer, bought an old house tore down, had an arctic draw up plans for a high rise then stepped in, and my job insisted on very simple thing. I had to give a name to the building
He worked early in the mornings and his job was like this. He had to get into people's heads. I had to walk around a lot, no, the different neighbourhoods and see what characteristics that neighbourhood had an. What characteristics would the people who could by those apartments would be looking for in tat neighborhood? So people aspire to be something else they wanted to have a better life, so they had a dream, and I had to walk around the neighborhoods thinking about what kind of dream that person was looking for. To devise a name for that dream, but wriggle worked for a public relations firm, it's one of ten or so in San Diego. They were doing this kind of thing. As far as I know, no other firm had a poet on staff Regos. School at the time, working three jobs support himself and his family and in the course of a little,
Over a year he named more than forty buildings all over the capital. Basically dozens of little poems he wrote are now embedded into the design of his city. Well, to be honest, I wouldn't confess this in Spanish. You see, I don't feel quite proud, although you might consider, as you suggest, my first publications of very short bombs, but Thank you now know them. I'm listening to myself. As I speak, I think it is a story that she'd be told because it's a story of of dreams of people proud or not. He wrote hundreds of building name poems. He counted the names from myths from history from literature, and even some field research. One time he had to name a few buildings going up near Santiago Polo Club, but there was a catch. He couldn't used the words polo or club, so snuck in your party there to look for just the right name.
The first thing that I learned is that you'd undress have upon because they be dressed up here. You ve just trying to hide, but of course, coming up with names was just have the job the other half was negotiating with developers. I would choose the best ten and given a speech of what characteristics or what kind of dreams were behind each of these ten names and there would there would yawn until he said their own name and it can also be called Don. Horseshoe Gregg, so yeah, not poetry, to win a war is necessarily but like all good poetry. Some of his work to be transformative This is one neighbourhood Aviano, that's particularly cold and humid thanks a lot
It now has buildings that make it seem almost tropical. He imagined that to forget the weather residents might sit on their balconies staring at the sleigh, gray, sky and dream of beaches so for names. Conklin conclude those Conklin Trace, Conklin Club. The first one to act. I couldn't pull it off and the developers was so excited about this at they. They bought palm trees and planted them in front of the building. I take it. There aren't huge groves of palm trees and anti. I know there are not is not a natural. Thank you have palm trees in Santiago. We have a mediterranean climate through another caribbean countries, The conclusions were some of the first buildings in the area and they sold really well, so the other developers followed suit. So there's a whole neighborhood with names of islands in and beat is it looks like Hawaii or something like that. He learned to read the tastes of his clients
Meetings were usually in the office of the development, which gave me a lot of information of what what he wanted to be seen ass in society. One time he went to a developers office, there was just lousy, would greet columns very tacky lots of imitation of marble and everything had agreed column, even like Great Collins, in order to get to the bathroom when so so, when they sat down to talk, names Rodrigo abandoned all the research had done going in and he said, would you like? The building gold at ten us? That's Athens! Oh yes, spot of the oh! Yes, in even there's a building called Olympiad ass every sound, I guess You see some creative. How do you come up with these? having working on the river along TAT, it was so funny Rodrigo, even
recorded whole stories in the service of building an identity? He came up with one story about a ship called the sun, Ciba visible and see. That was a ship built along with it, a tete, a tete with slightly but the Sun Sea bottom never sank. Never headings survive to aiding was always known, ass, a discreet but fair election lectures, and they really like that. Sense, so it worked so well. He used it again and again and again he actually can't, even for how many times you use the same trick gear, I can't remember at this time I think I made up and see that they made up Normandy, french name. While this was the competition the Titanic, if it's always the same story it's a ship built with Eric and it survives and think that
when you makes a luxury with survival of tragedies, that's very important for Tito, because that's a search of status and the survival of of of earthquakes. And if a developer rubbed him the wrong way, he'd sneak in a joke. There's a building in Santiago named in front is the cartoon which sounds nice. Even noble inventors means children of kings in Spanish and carry on as the double which gives it prestige. Does, unless you know that the infant as a guardian are billions in a meal said one of the most famous epic poems in the spanish language, and these are not just any violence there would real bastard say they raped a girl in the books it. This is not really something if you would be proud of that developer. He really like that, and then, in that session he wasn't accepting any single name in
angry innocent. Ok, you might as well call it nothing fund as the Galileo. Yes, that's what I want. So there is a building named after these. These new reactors rabies dear some rapists, but it literary rape but when he was in tracking his clients, Rodrigo was interpreted in dreams and that's important because he was naming buildings it hadn't been built. Yet there were nothing but drawing on a piece of paper. Choosing. The name was the last step before the brochures to be printed up and those brochures or what the buyers took the bank when they asked for alone. If enough apartments were sold, building went up if not the product was abandoned and the entire city was remade. This way families taking a chance It's on imaginary buildings would made up names. The same process repeated thousands of times in hundreds of neighborhoods husbands and wives, looking at a picture, reading a poem and taking a chance, in Rodrigo, did the same thing. He lives in one of these buildings now, although unfortunately, the name
of his building was decidedly lacking in imagination. He owns Parliament on Korea, Chile, a spanner in the district of nor in a building called fiscal GMO Spaniard, so, I bought a redundant building, but so what? If it's redundant? It's a name names or how the anonymity of a places dulled it's how we push back every building ass, the name exhibited usually in bronze and if it has considered they shine it today, no one as I live in that rectangle of port concrete over there. No, they say things like I live in Congo what I live in Don horrifying. I live in this and see bar named after a ship as luxurious the titanic and no you ve, never heard of it, because it never sank nodded
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