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Intro to a new Roman Mars podcast: What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

2017-06-08 | 🔗

Special introductory episode to a new podcast produced by Roman Mars and Elizabeth Joh. Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But with Trump in office, everything … Continue reading →

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We get support from using Davis a globally ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment. You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions. A part of the universities mission to promote quality of life for all living things find out more at twenty first century dot. You see Davis die each year. This is not ninety nine percent, but I am roman Mars, so I created a secret side project. Podcast with a friend of mine, the goal was to take some of my anxiety about the political news and turn it into something constructive and fun and interesting and share with people, and I hope you like it hope you subscribe. I hope oh your friends, let send it to the top the charge that would be nice. I wanna take all of this energy and do something good
like learning the? U S constitution. So here's the introductory episode thanks The whole idea for the serious came from a tweet it was by the budget she's a professor at the? U see school schools law and I know personally because our kids go to the same elementary School Elizabeth, we read and I'm paraphrasing little bit, so it sounds better when I read it out loud teaching, constitutional law and twenty seventeen means glancing at Twitter, every five minutes before her class. First I laughed, then I retreated it and then I wondered. What does that mean exact? I mean I kind of have an idea. What constitutional law is. It's a class sets sometimes called our structural aspect of the constitution That is the aforementioned law. Professor Elizabeth show. So I talk things like the separation of powers and what are the different powers of the President verses Congress. I also talk about federalism, so
a much power Congress has, as opposed to state legislatures its mouth and bold. Is usually requirement if you're gonna be a lawyer, it's a class. I love teaching a lot. I admit that not every student loves it I can see why, for example, the very first case I sign on the first day of Ass. Every year is a case that written in eighteen, o three, it's cold, our brave versus medicine. It's a big deal and we'll talk about it at some point, but, you do know right now is that the first sentence of that case is sixty words long and avert. Comes in the middle, so it's pretty dry, but this year has been a little bit different and wise a different. Oh, you know why This is what Trump can teach us about: common law and ongoing series of indefinite length where we take the x ray actions of the chief executive of the United States channel that chaos into learning our constitution, like we never have before. I'm your
low student and host Roman Mars coming up we're going to law school, but in a fun way in his meant for everybody, but first we get a basin bills. It still BT with Moscow. Support for Trump Card law comes from square space, as you can tell from the existence of this side project pot, gas to mine, I like to take on new creative projects, just because I can't help myself if you're about to embark on a new path, you should announce it to the world with a cool website from square space there award winning templates or the simplest and most beautiful way to present your ideas on line. Even someone like me, who has no business coating at all, can create a beautiful website, whiskers basis on when platform, there's nothing to install patch or upgrading ever for free. In ten percent off your first purchase visit squares based dot com, slash com law. That's all one word that squares based. I com, slash common law,
So the bread and butter of law professors are hypotheticals professors, love, hypotheticals, crew, easy things that happened the day, Sir think about it their minds. What? If what could happen? so it's a sort of thing that is not realistic, always, but it's a way to get lost students to think about what are the limits of law. For example, here's a crazy hypothetical. Could a former President Sue sitting president for liable for making false statements about it? I'm sure, like will that's impossible, but it is possible in this new reality, that's not a crazy hypothetical president Trump tweeted that Obama had illegally tapped his phones during the election process. He said it at the level of Watergate any call them a bad or sick guy doesn't appear to have any proof, but that's woody tweeted, and this new window into the mind of tromp has changed the way professor Joe prepares for class before this
here when I prepared to teach each days class for a constitutional law typically, I would read what I had assigned looked through. My notes from the previous year go teach class her procedures a little bit different this year. This year, I had a little ongoing. No to myself do not go to court. Ass until I have checked whether the president has tweeted. If the president has tweeted screenshot the tweets and discuss with class so when you Roman, when you brought up the idea of having some basic explanations about Karla, I thought what a terrific idea There are so many constitutional issues that this presidency has brought up the your testing mathematical models were automobile Gratis. I think you can learn a lot about something by testing the extremes, so I like this idea, That may be, we have a president whose curve stress testing the constitution. Billy, giving us in a sense of
what are the limits of each of the different provisions that he seems to be challenging and the constitution, and that's really important, because it turns out its forcing us to think about things. In wonder. Well, do we have answers to some of these questions? For example, when can trump treat the presidency like the apprentice and declare your hired. When can the administration declare it's gonna cut funds to sanctuary cities when the present talks about so called courts? Should we be worried about that? Yes, it should be worth solid, yes, but will do an episode about it. Nonetheless, what about impeachment is that going to happen? I think it's actually practically pretty unlikely, but everybody is talking and wonder about this portion of the constitution. So it's important to understand when it's about maybe even more interesting is that were dusting off ports, the constitution that people hardly even considered in two hundred years, so For example, a present from just went overseas. He got
gold medal, while he was in Saudi Arabia, can keep that China. Gold medal is at the kind of thing that sparked by the emoluments clause of the cost. Patient or what about owning the Trump hotel or property in other countries plus there's. This hardly can part of the constitution that liberals are salivating over could a president be declared unfit to serve and then removed from office. That's the twenty fifth Then these questions don't generally make it into the basic constitutional law textbooks, because really no one has cared about them before they are not relevant. That's the basic answer: it's kind of relevant now so. This is a real opportunity. I think. When it comes to the constitution, there should be a moment to care a lot about the cost. Situation, and it's not an onerous task. It short its lesson. Five thousand words. You know we're both beforehand here so I'll, give you an example: the California constitution, the California constitution, is a hundred page.
Just long, it's one of the longest in the world, so by contrast of Euro constitution, you can really one sitting. Screening. It's also a remarkably stable document. The Faro constitutions only been changed or amended twenty, seven times and really only seventeen times is the first time the bill of rights were ratified very shortly after the original constitution, California constitution. We love changing stuff. We get tired of it. We ve actually changed or stay constitution over five hundred times California Static LISA. So what conclusion here: it turns out that in twenty seventeen I've decided that Trump can teach you a lot about Coma So we're going to learn the constitution together because of Trump, because I need something to hold onto in the constitution is the life raft. Our forefathers gave us and dammit I'm going to learn how it works a preview what's coming up this season and from corner after this. Are you hiring? Are you.
The president, invoking article two section, two clause, two of the: U S constitution, well, with Zapruder, you can post her job. One hundred plus job sites with one click, then their power. We'll technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better than anyone. Find out today. Why zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results in? now my listeners President's and non residents alike composed jobs on Super creator for free the Procureur Die coms, less com law that zebra router dotcom, thus comma vision. On what Trump can teach us about common law. Think of a few things that it made the headlines so called courts. The president first to the judiciary, as so called. He really raises a question about judicial legitimacy of goods. His back in time to young Stone, Ohio President Truman and the korean war. Present trend has threat sanctuary cities,
Why is that even an issue for the federal government to talk about that because of the spending clause Trump wants to build a border while and were still not sure, there's gonna pay for it. But one thing, that's absolutely clear is that if you are going to build a physical wall all along the southern United States. You have to take people's private property, and that involves the takings clause. We are probably gonna, get a lot stricter with the border in all kinds of places, not just with the physical border, the United States, but also at international airports, and many more people are raising concerns that their cell phones, laptops are getting looked at by border patrol. What happens when you are asked to provide the contents of your cell phone or laptop? Why cannot happen cannot happen. And has to do with the fourth amendments, so called border doctrine, so everyone I'm inviting you and Elizabeth Joe over my house to teachers these topics inside
Oh so many more on what tromp can teach us about Carla, it's gonna be fine and you can its mortar and be a better citizens, bring the gay they're going to like it too. Describe now in Apple podcast, radio, public or wherever you get your podcast first full episode It is already there waiting for you, gotta Trump card law, dotcom feeling This show is produced by Elisabeth Joe and me roman Mars. All the music drunken law is provided by doing tree records. The MID west hip hop collective, the two big table, The lessons from this show are learned the constitution and by doing tree records, because both will make your life one hundred percent better attracts a week were from sends desert and laser big We are proud member of Radio Tokyo from Pierre Ex Finance, more array, utopia that FM
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