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2020-03-12 | 🔗
Adam Mosseri is the current CEO of Instagram. Adam sits down in the attic to talk about how he landed a job at Facebook, the responsibility of social media and the rise of the individual. Dax wonders if Mark Zuckerberg likes McDonalds and Adam talks through the reasoning behind the hiding likes trial. The two discuss how Facebook got intertwined with Cambridge Analytica, designing platforms to have a certain energy and Dax thinks men's preferences boil down to circles.
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Welcome welcome. Welcome an arm chair, expert experts on expert, I am joined by the world famous come on soon, Monica I'm back with the weather. The weather is beautiful. Every day clear skies Sunshine use that as Pierre it's gonna be a beautiful day for a picnic gowned or any outdoor activity, always ask here, always Utopia, I think I don't use it or vitamin d o, my god. Don't listen! Don't listen to that! Ok today we have a very interesting guess at a most sorry, animals area is the CEO of Instagram. This is such a fund, interesting conversation. Couldn't when do you get to sit down with the person who is in charge of an app you used extensively staff, so I get to air some complaints doesn't concern some concerns. Haven't clear up some debates that have happened here, really to celebrate it up that I personally glove and use all the time
now M was formally product designer Facebook design directive for the companies apps oversell facebooks news, feed section and eventually, vice president product is a very smart charming as you'll hear we talk about all the time during the interview very handsome, they're, so please enjoy animal. Sorry we are supported by rang. Now you know, ring rings. Mission is to make neighbourhood safer, not we have ring at the home, and I can just pick up my phone in checking with any the cameras outside any known. I did the other night you pickup truck. I can't stop thinking about, ah so just stared at its sitting in my draft, my dear miser yeah, that's how excited I want some, then you can use ring for that mothers other more important things use ring for, namely, if you're
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They will, in general brown people a great in yellow in all its in then. If I were an orange suit, its it looks horrendous, Ellsberg meter. Yeah I'll wash his out. Yes, we I've done what I wanted to see. Oh hi, hello. Isn't that great its veto up close and personal, I don't like the sound of my voice. I avoid watching are the saying to myself what is a problem giving that I do a lot of speaking for a living. Very instrumental and figuring out what you're bad habits are right like this. This podcast immediately exposed to me a bunch of terrible things about myself. What is a mere about others? One is. I talk way too much that off. Yeah do you share in that it all? I do try to. I, like you, do this, you drive and your married. You have a couple kids tickets, ok to have to now. Children live
We ought to two other negative three months in utero. All this is great. All boys can every fucking may which one's gonna punch you in there I met you figure that out yeah. Oh, it's whoa, I would have said clearly negro the oldest as EAST Timor, physical, but the two year old, whose very mellow is turning into a jerk like an arm and a whole of all. So I don't. It does well, as I do daughter, see if one was able to bear a b, the younger one as well. The answer just think that they put in battle from day one with the older sibling yeah a half hour party dollars just under two years. Ok, so with same thing, we're just under two years. A three old and a one year after Lisbon, the boys, I seem completely incompatible with a three year old- need space share, etc and a woman as no sets spacer like business basis invades, and so what kind of coming out of them out foreign, too, but three
as tough. What I'm gonna do it all over again yeah where's yeah yeah. Personally, I think three as just a bad number of humans. Curious loudly. Have you taken during the two other people with someone is on the outside? I didn't like it. I have a brother and sister ok and we hang at the three of us alive order. You and I'm looked him. I guess maybe youngest, unless a mental were the reasons I know now because I reject because I'm egocentric in Africa and the middle- and I have a cistern- are the others, the elder, my brother's two years younger and MRS eleven years, younger brothers films, gonna position here now. Lay scissors furnishes on in Berlin and when I was in Berlin, just the Berlin two years ago and she has a visa that she has a boyfriend chosen apartment. She has a job here its German, while my one and the world can I what
yeah the letter, the really cool city. So I keep hearing that I'll get back to the children, here's, my theory on while you're youngest one probably will value the second one just got rejection from day, one from the other sister, so it didn't bother her like very disappointed in her or we would attack turn some capacity doesn't give a fuck using. Maybe there's nearer to that, so that research suggests that there is not but I'd decision if the research which is like a big supposed to be, but this is way towards anecdotal evidence that those things happen for eyes, it's not just that Things like that. Don't bother blazed the younger one. Hoddan blaze in Nigger go unequal gamblers, Nikko, Eliza, Missouri and blaze. A manual became a jury middle name, Caesar Ray we're just like. I want to pick a name that we like the sound of and the kid Like when their older right hope, yeah blazes is a little bit of a risky bet that he might love it, he might really not well isn't it was godfather, so I'll bet
he's got a father's name. Is boys beer as he is a french ok. I like that. Blaze of glory. Well, are you remembering at all my story? One guy introduced himself to me at a bar was blaze any headlight. You know and very aggressive look though nice and I said now I don't know colony that I know you gave yourself that name they now, I'm thinking I really could have been the kitten in French, yet or maybe spirits of very aggressive Frenchman. You know now going back to tough second kids blaze he's one of his front teeth. He's missing, have of it in this crooked. Our great and we don't know what happened is probably rolling and dislike don't broke happens to that swallowed. It didn't cry is kept going on everything go anyway, he's like that Tavis Gazillion, his brother been robbed him up and he does they get used to. It is again have matters
yeah. It was only three days on the scale and I so we went to the dentist and there really can you like six eleven years here, like fall out, was equally when six or seven year like this kid's bowed. Seven years are gonna be like so on. Bran era. Boy named lays Maybe it is my best friend named his youngest son taxes talk when I'm like, What you're saying whether it's gotten the middle name took his last and tat is the last came, takes a stock alike. It's pretty great, but it's a lot of name. You got it. You got to deliver on Texas Talk! That's how I feel about blaze a little bit The key art is how he already is deliver. It does so that he is now you're from New York. Yeah, yes to be sure, pocketbook Japan, Chappaqua Child, welcome
some people know now, since the suburbs of New York City, because the Clinton's move there also Hilary could establish residency in your estate, so she could one percent sounds like a sixteen year old who worked at Starbucks Northrop french beast your actual, waited and serve coffee. Two billion have now and just now then- are you roughly wholly thirty seven there? How will you Chelsea Fidgety Year, two older than me, indeed across your mind, to try to get some going with her. How was she very busy. If I remember correctly says you can, I was waiting tables, the beast turned she laughed till. I take a phone call and her friend was theirs. I gonna get her friend company, ok, you're, not like company cover, just like you. Oh now, somebody I dislike to just like Randal freezes. She was like rolling calls at sixteen year- yeah, probably eighteen
the gorilla credit, your I would, if I would have went straight to like my goodness, I could be a part of the Clinton family. If I play my cards right, I could be out a vacation with them in March this minute somebody incurred. Yet here you are ambitious, so maybe it was a late ancillary ass I mean it's, not creepy. Maybe sets us I'll be waiting was the first thing that I found professionals- and I was really good at Oh okay sounds like I'm really good at this, and I don't know if I want to be a waiter though so it's kind of interesting so Montgomery urge literally last night discussing that neither of us proved to be great in the customers customer service that she was. The vase should see it's all cycle when he entered, and I was amazed- and I was a house tat and California pizza Kitchen and we both come trouble few different times for not
for not believing the clamour was what I am saying it yeah yeah oh, come with kindness. I did I admire that summer. I learned the young speech. There is a lot of entitled customers tat same saying more experience. Waiter at the beach shows that you just have the calm of kindness No, I never forget it and it's a superpower right. I things really valuable yeah. I think it's really good. Even if you dont end up working in service, are you don't like it to spend some time in sir, much more empathy when you work with people. Are you gotta restaurant go toolbar? and I do hope this serves as a cautionary warning to all people that your stuff- like server may end up on a. I guess. A lot of people listen to suggest, may even a starring, Instagram, didst, thou didst darted into dark, took it all the same Europe with Hasty Forest yeah. Just don't now. If you can't give verify
That might be why ok, so you're a big gentlemen were still- being generally use your six three yes and you're too. Oh five to ten ok Two hundred and five sounds better. I could I'll try to get there. Were you atletic not particularly as a kid I played soccer and in high school? I ran track and cross country input soccer, but I was never particularly athletically. Gifted track is better as much coordination right, you know, could move relatively quickly, but the court it's not my strikes in my wife, makes me for another time. Does the eyes the pull vault? Oh wow, that requires an immense amount of coordination yeah. I wasn't. I upgraded. Ok boy were halfway there since they are either get up the ass, but you know I mean I I do not really like being active there. Some very active nice usually switch. What I do, every six or twelve months, you're like the workers at sea, were
you gotta, learn a new track like every fortnight, another orcas at Seaworld, headed into I didn't know Jack let's just set aside right now. The horror show that is that by a ok. Let me give you a fun fact in the most rudimentary that black fish yes, but the work is unlike the dolphins, the dolphins, you can teach them a trick and they want that fish and other that trick for months and months on end the orchestra. They had to teach them new tricks like every few days, because they don't give a fuck how much Fisher giving them that they get bored. So easy entry only wanted to use the other to stimulate very smart, their incredibly smart there, one of the only animals that has a NEO cortex index as high as humans, the that is Ok. So what strata were you in high school? Because just want to say that I succumb to stereotypes when I go on this guy runs Mr Graham I'm expecting a certain person to walk over. Did you expect
Not a strapping bach. Ok, I'm here, throwing the guy who got shoved in high school. Who is super duper smart introverted? Did these aren't that's why I'm I'm hesitant to use edged lives at some pejorative, because I dont dislike that look or anything I just your astray. Been back. I was very nerdy. You were very nerd. I looked like Harry Potter before her potter was cool. I had Corbusier Copilot Glasses. I made my eyes. Big as lemons and all hair cut and like the whole, in your brain really thin and Super Tom. I was really thin. I weighed maybe in high school I pull wanted. I know my weight, I waited. Does anyone sixty hours associate right. That's a beanpole visiting when you grow faster than you fill out and see you should have dragged your limbs around. You know how to coordinate. You know how the coordination- that's right. That was me. Okay, so you're laughing all the way to the bank.
You're Studley look now the set up, but you went to end my you. I did in really quick. What did your parents do? My Father is a psychotherapist, so does marriage counseling in front of consulting, and he still does that my mother is an architect and she runs her own firm and that she also does that mean you guys have a super cool house. We had a pretty cool There was always really thoughtful: the right to details, some old furniture, some new furniture, but always start fall. On that front. I gotta get this immediately. I can't remember which chair this is a reference to it at summits, modern American yeah to say you know, Monica sitting in a very elegant wood chips with a nice of mustard shillings a week I had a lot of pictures of people very familiar. I came in I like it, so you and
there and studied design. I went over you and there's a school and were you called Gallatin, unlike me on this, because my wife went to Tisch and other people voted that? Why are there so many names for and why you guys are different colleges within a larger university? You took a series of just with a strong affiliation, sub standard infrastructure, brand etc, but a different colleges, different teachers, different curriculum to from major I'll curricular. Do you know how many there are. I should love some of it. In half a dozen in a dozen can't, issues for arts started for business, physical called of art and science, which is more of the traditional college. I gotten is the scope of a joint study. Does it have of others, and gotten is a program where make up your own major I'll. Wear your parents resist into this or were they support of their best? there's, no opinion they were actually when I first went to school, they were in the midst of a divorce
but if I run across a marriage, counselor Leah there. I know I make that point all the time sure you days, I should quite good what it does, and so I don't some of the best trainers or out of shape. I'm told as I don't I just made- that up there is valued at our stylist. Sometimes dress, shabby dentist sentence of bad teeth. You know, maybe there's something there. I was going to a doctor fur thick hair here in them he would shoot my scalp with a syringe through during now. I dont get it anything, but a lot of people went knows I'll. Give this a shot at this guy's here was the worst of ever seen in my life. I will leave it was it was beyond that it was born. There was all kinds of other things going on his head and it was just so weird to have that guy be stabbing your head with needles. Yeah that sounds pretty would hear it was really really weird. Maybe it's boy could someone disturbing your head with? Maybe that was the result of a long term results Gallatin. She picker essentially made
and then you decide a curriculum by taking classes at all. Those other colleges without veracity- and I think about a third of the kids- are very opinionated and it's very take advantage of it. So I had a friend who wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic, so he doing majored in environmental science of the College of arts and science, piracy, a text which has a great photography programme and then a third of the kids are honestly Canna coasting. I know I know you to try to major and sarcasm. They didn't. Let him do that to our standards. Can then a third of corruption in the middle? What have they would? You said
so great idea understood that they're, like oh you already path I get so, let's do another major or border what'd. You spend your specific time on. I called it information, design and media studies. I was a designer and I try to understand the different forms of piano, communicative media, so how people communicate how they ve changed over time and how designers rules have changed over time to go all the way back to her, like song, too long narrative in writing to you know you fast forward. You ve got film radio tv internet and I try to understand those different media and then the designers rule in those different media overtime, Charles Eames, enriched trouser aims, are to really making american designers and Charles. I think how did officialdom? I want a budgets. I apologize for. Those of you actually notice
The division of design was arranging a series of elements to accomplish a particular function. Link was it condition and sets a very broad definition and a lot of designers. I know today will take a pretty broad approach to design. So, yes, he might apply that indifferent mediums, industrial design, lighting furniture, fabrics, graphic interaction, but you're all train articulate something you want to accomplish a goal then evaluate different ways of accomplishing I go and then iterate through that's very consistent. So While you were there, I guess in two thousand and three you started your own business, so I was trying to make rent and beer money. New York is expensive, sure, and so I started freelancing doing graphic design and Diana Fink some web design project. I started to teach myself how to program and that turn into a consultancy eventually, which was an actual business, and then, by the time I left we had
anybody to others as one in San Francisco one in New York. We do our design for designers, so some industries, there's some architects. They cash caused, the paying jobs were usually for these new developments. York real, say was particular particularly at that moment, do you would actually sell the apartments before you, the item them, and so all that collateral became incredibly important, and so are you design the building? And then you hurt someone like us to build a website. Builder Bush. But all these different collateral out, so that someone for good about the term payment live leave through many of those the attic on his spear cellular, those paid better than architects did all Nokia and let me ask you something: if you had to say the finished product was what she's out of a hundred, how accurate was what you guys
put together. Should people share than their finished product? That is, the primary level is light water of all- and I know there is about- and so after college You eventually go to work for Facebook. I did. How did you get that job? so I moved out was no five, an ice editor office there and then- sorry no six. I had a friend who started to work at Facebook, and so she tried to get me a plan as it gets him silly. I'm my own boss, yeah and so I didn't apply, and then I had more more friends start working. There. It was an interested in June May or seven be lodged by firms which allowed people to build on top of Facebook, and I built a music app called boombox, ok, which didn't host mp3s but allowed you to share links to Mp3S, make playlist share them with friends, and I ended up getting maybe a court
a million users which is way more than everything done combined and it was way more fun building something that is felt some ownership over then working with clients. And so I thought maybe I should apply so applied and Juno seven. Ok, so when you got there, did you love it? Did you find that you had now all this capital? and you are at the right tools to do things you want to do. I did love it. It took me a long time to get there. I took me a year and change to get an interview like at applying every month or two, so it when I first got there. Out of a sense of like finally earlier, as does the predominant sensation, it was not what I expected. I thought I was gonna, be
you know it wasn't me super organised. We were, I don't know, that's not gonna Milon users, but that's a lot of users, even if it's out of the seventies- and you don't seem like a big company was but four hundred people and I was expecting everything is to be dialed sure and it was not passed, but I was very comfortable with tasks sport running around thing is all chaos, and so I enjoyed it. I worked a lot. How far end was Facebook at that time is at source Only we were small and Myspace. Myspace is the big competition we wanted to get bigger than Myspace and Twitter with Super knew. There is certainly a hot new thing and you something think like our. If I were to have entered Facebook five years later, were it wasn't chaos I actually wouldn't have found footing there? I never thought that proper, which, if I didn't, find ways of cars outside and tried in service of inside of it even harder.
What about a lot harder to adjust. Ok, so once you there, you start, I have to assume demonstrating some aptitude, because you start moving up they're pretty quickly, yes, vote. The context tears when I joined them were probably less than ten designers, maybe seven dish and our designers were very talented. You had to give it a design and programme which was very hard with a longer require that, but they were also very independent. We were not known for in particular, reliable at the time we servers just work on what we wanted to work on until it we happen to be done. Whenever it was Don T, we had the power to do that. If you could build it may know if it is built it, and I was so excited to finally get into this place that I had a strong desire to. I guess please. I have urged and so I was very reliable, exciting part of what helped me these early on in my career within the company was like. I was the reliable one and there
What is this and had some service industry bedside manner that primarily many of them lacked? Dad is definitely fair. Ask about another sera type, which is also I have some stereotype of a large number of programmers being somewhere on the spectrum that day, What you and I are doing right now could be hard for them. That's a Merritt, I'm in life is ulcerative. By sees that you might have it I'll lead you in a different types of careers, but there was a successor hard to sort of reverse engineer in a gas about when you program, everything is very organized mom, that's overstating things, but your aspiring for a very simple elegant system and the focuses on creating that elegance or creating that structure that the bill,
their reliability. Life is not organise. Life is very chaotic law yeah, which is why what you're drawn to mere like this conversation in a book, warlike Riffelberg over here, the other thing for two times ago, I'm even though, when we started this only a man said that is it that is very different, then programming, so they think that would be hard. Yeah me at the end of the day, it's binary right, I mean you are dealing with these two elements that aspires to be the air. It s getting much measure them. People think that it is I used to be right, so once you there, you get put in charge of the mobile app eventually yeah as a designer. Design manager, and then I think the design directive from Mobile, ok and I was in the design for the mobile I write to them,
that kind of the dream assignment to get their. Knowing that that's world growth was, I wasn't that savvy. We really should not be organizer later three decide. Managers before I got the job was one of three areas managed, maybe ten to fifteen people who did just completely unrelated things, and then one day this report, the company into the decided these business functions like Mobile, became a thing right, and so there are legal kid you're, not the mobile guy here- and this is new boss. Remember talking to the other design manages on Friday spearhead this ominous meeting scheduled Firstly, on Monday morning, what's this about an oil, we know they're not reorganising the companies. They would have told us that right right, that was the one that has already happened was so we had a project called Facebook home, which was a spectacular failure, but we learned a lot from- and I got involved in that a couple months prior to this, because there was a really problematic set of relationships between the designers in the rest of the team, and so my boss
in a go in and help clean up another that looks like a shit. You just did for a couple months fix it in a new, can move out to be totally fine and then two months later they reorganising now you're the mobile so I was most see just trainer figure be decent and my job right now did you have a lot of waste time with Zuckerberg? Then a boy then yeah, I think so back then is more design refuse. So my team- or I was still for while does anything myself- would go in and present fines and give it back does occur burg to me as an elusive character. In that I, my really my only impressions of him or bay. Sign social network, it found can imagine I can't imagine it really bears any resemblance to him and then the Senate hearings that I see pop up then I see someone rightfully so in like a panic mouth so
MIKE I dont have a sense of who he is in the same way. I argue that I hadn't really gotten a sense of who bill gates was until this Netflix documentary and then am I. I think it is a good all its phenomenal he's my favorite person in the world. I think people should only donate money to him too The only person that has the those out to solve these problems. Damon Huge their favorite. Heaven stand Elsie and borrow money. Goes to that guy. That's right! You give em all the money. He drinks. Thirteen fourteen diet, coke in our which I love to do the aggregate I'm still until put back five or six other smaller scanned, the world's doing exactly Zuckerberg. I have no clue what kind of guy that is, as one does interest from someone has been on the inside or how would you describe him? A couple of ways I mean Mark is, I think, naturally, Morven intervention
extrovert of why you don't always his personality as much he's incredibly thoughtful, methinks very long term. So, for instance, often he'll know that a decision he's making or were making is going to like receive some backlash, but if he thinks it's the right thing over the long run here just think about the long run. He cares a lot for him. This is legacy re Maria in his two daughters. You think you think a lot about what they will think of the work. Not now
in five years, but it makes fifty years Yazzi Love Mcdonald, he tells you could it does? Of course. This also think that I had loved early on about bill gates. He couldn't stay out of the Wendy's drive through you, Love Wendy's. He loves Mcdonald Gray. That was such a wild game you're right, it is wiser, Doktor Donaldson Mark in our like she wasn't around shared she's amazing. So there is an amazing human beings who runs the seizure of the tragic averred initiative which pushes around discussion is a bunch of things. I mean a lot of people who have a lot of money or power just by the nature of my role, she's the most grounded person I've ever met, given what she does. This is nothing new in anything, but I just Mcdonald's made me think of a sudden.
Disposed meat or your dash, and only ok. So my wives and eyes account is, is hooked up rightly so, like I'll get a text on that works like your foods there and I'm trying to call her bob. So she was, the town and she Allow me this before I realised that we could read each other shit and she goes. Who did you have over last night Teat Mcdonald set ten o clock at home nobody what I didn't have any one over that you make out and she goes, but there's too MAC value meals and twenty bees, chicken and egg and as a whole, and I will do that once a year- should go to town and I'll just fucking I'll try. My all have a goal of spending twenty five dollars on Mcdonald's. Twenty four does not even get you there I think Sally. I regret that order for quantify about a delivery of fry hanging for large, and I get those matters- diet, Coke yeah, you Jacob. I get the big MAC extra Cheese extra
The last point is that I am things I really recommend your next trip was eichelberger blow his five without order you'll be run in Facebook. If you do that, every like this and try to spend twenty five attacks, it is impossible to ignore the candles. Ok! So, while you're there, you also end being in charge of the news right, I did want to admit the fact that I've never used. Facebook is one of the things I. The stout at so a lot of this that I know that you ve done is a little bit abstract, abstract, and yet it have you ever had raised earlier. I joined this second year. I think Oh your early, necessarily six. I was o yeah, yeah. I was so fond of beyond the on the brink of some thing. Would you spend your time doing looking at boys from high school there's, only colleges The only college. Yes, it was just like me- met someone like in the cafeteria. Whatever was
What were they called area? Dining desert humanely met people that the damage gunnels rounding up and then you'd find each other on Facebook and anyone be connected. Anyone who must find online. I joined for like two weeks once eight ten years ago. There was a view I looked at ever. One for my junior high as I want to see how ruin looked out of the other. While I force me confront the fact that I too must look the exact same and we're all contemporaries, and I was like I don't feel good just looking at this. I don't like it. I wear all since were full blown also I don't like being reminded of that. Stating for more arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by policy genius if there's one thing. Humans aren't greater its predicting the future just take
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Parking. More of these also pointed out against Ivan. I always thought that we should target. I mean so the two dozen sixteen years presidential election occasion that occur, I sort of a big moments for us for obvious reasons, but just broadly speaking, even before those, I always was worried that people are always afraid of what the can understand. Of course, most you wouldn't know how we know ranking works for news feed, so I was always trying to explain how ranking work as much as possible, most of barley, the route to the consumer, to average people, but also to publishers, but the reason why the touch of the company is in it. We ve got partnerships people all over the world. We don't train them on hundreds feed, ranking works, a publisher, my question. They are hand wavy and vague, because they don't know, and then we get accused of being Henry VIII Invega MAX the prize. So I was okay. Well, let's talk to them directly. You know I try set of traveling a lot more try to simplify how things works and explain them, so I could do
I could do to suit the rankings their driven by how much people are clicking on a given article in that moves it up in the press.
What do you want? You would see it as our essentially what's happening, is so for most people on Instagram and on Facebook, and another performs this far more than they could see than they have time to see, or they will see. Rightly idea is you're trying to make the most of people's time by ordering things roughly basin. How interested you guess that they are right and so that sort of the idea in practice people talk a lot about ranking, and I I machine learning and on this technical terms, but really what all of this type of technology is almost always try to do is just make a prediction: how likely is something to happen and the way they do it is to try to predict what you can interact with. So, if you open up Instagram will look at all this posts, images you could see and then we predict for each one, how like a yard her like it. I like the art of common on it and allowing Europe to send the message, and then we users likelihood stir basically created number. That is how interesting we think you are in that post
reasons is super importance are much more likely to be interesting something from today than from a year ago. So things are loosely were not strictly chronological order by those scores right. Ok, man, what a treasure trove of topside is threw up a little now I love it cause. I immediately think of a couple things a I like that. I'm getting a filtered thing that I will be interested. I like that. I don't have to wade through a bunch of stuff, I'm not interested in to find things I'm interested in and then of course, I immediately go yeah, but I'm a creature of habit and I don't know that I need a system that reinforces my creature of habit ness and how will I ever discover something new? How will I learn? How will I grow? I will just be given the thing I wanted yesterday orthe his store, quickly and then word: where does the growth come in there? That's a big risk. Yeah
So what? What are your thoughts on that? So does different things you can do so on Instagram, for instance, people spend a lot of time and feed, but they also spend a lot of time and explore and explore. The second tab is hopefully where you discover new things that you might be interested in, and it might take honesty is that seed moves too slowly. It doesn't adapt as quickly as you're interested app and explore is super tippy so and I'll go into a partnership dinner and I meet a bunch of like beauty. Kreator's follow them, so we can talk later in an office in my explored, oh boy, make up that's cool
what unites sectors followed to people like you, yeah yeah, so actually think feed is probably moves to slow, doesn't do enough to help you learn about things that we do try to do some stuff there. An explorer is actually a little bit too teepees what are usually used, but they get overreacts right, whereas on Facebook, one of things we do is when you meet someone new. When you become friends with them, we try to give them the benefit of the doubt. We don't really noakes even interacted with him before. So we try to make sure that, like you know, new things, get a fair shots. It'll just keeps him the same things over and over again workers. That's, I guess what people have been critical of myself in particular. Is how you do
You end up getting siloed into your point of view right in your being given news that supports your point of view and you're, probably not receiving contrary news that my challenger point of view. Do you think that's real and do you think that's an issue, and how do you address that? I think it's real. I think it's an issue, I think it's much bigger than Instagram or anyone platform. Filter bubbles are real because we select like minded people to be friends with we select like mine. Obligations to follow does just human. They were making that decision right right and was so much of it Duffy Chicken or at the great yeah, but just to be clear that among the saying that there is an issue, where is another thing to do about it? It's just it's a bit complicated, so you know me, I love you know you have your political leanings. They're, probably most of your friends are probably also generally liberal, quite liberal Quite what was being done? What obligations de read, I recently
drive in the New York Times, a german joint immensely you're a great and there I rarely watch news on tv, but if I do like, if there is a debate in this, can we coverage of it I'm gonna to go to CNN, but when I travel eyes a hobby, I watch Fox news almost exclusively. That's to most people. Don't do that kind of thing right by getting that is healthy, I do too, and you know it's funny, as is the first day on big. You know on a trip like I'm about to travel for twelve day for work, and I'm gonna watch Fox news tat. I guarantee that two days in a sound insane to me there, and then, like day, three normalized yeah, it's a little bit normalized and then I like to think I'm self aware. Often realise the Zack. Seeing things happen to me and see a man, you know I cannot think one has a monopoly on on that. Their comments are for us what we want to make sure that we are not exacerbating the problem right in two degree that we can push against every decision with its responsible given our or scale. I don't think it's a good idea for us. It is insert content that you disagree with.
In your feet, proactively, Malik, here's your broccoli, you know yeah because well one it's I don't think our place, but to love the research suggested that can backfire. She have to be optimized for a try to just get even more information. Are you trying to get people to be more open minded? Are you trying to tat, he would be less polarized, yes, so great, so we're getting in some really heightened philosophical debate about all of this technology, which is yet do I want more. Zuckerberg. Ultimately me in a decision for one billion people about whether they should be challenged on their views or I personally think open mindedness would be a virtue that yes, should be explored and supported. But that's me, that's the thing. I've prioritize, I'm sure, there's hath people listening like now. That's not the number one virtue opera already self. Therein lies the issue, and yet you Now these amazing complicated things which is it is a company. It's not a government institutions.
So in many ways they dont have any obligation that a lot of people are asking them to have. So I can be defending Facebook uncritical of Facebook. At the same time, I feel that You do not make that. Look. I think, given our scare, we have a lot of responsibility. I think our responsibility is to like deftly create value for people who use us, but also to be honest and transparent about how we do what we do with working. What's not, I think we do a lot and the name of transparency were late. I think we should have done a lot more let earlier. I think we also responsibility to do what we can to keep people safe again, you relate to that, but I think we're missing an immense amount right now. I think that's good to polarization, though, as I do think one of the most complicated issues cause polarisation has been increasing in these in this country for fifty sixty years lose as far back as that.
I've been able to find an answer from the most polarize. People are actually older people in the country and the good don't use, not social media. Don't use technology as much There's a decided. There aren't issues, I'm sure there are people who get into weena reinforcement loops about some crazy police on one side or the other on Facebook, garnets yellow show that happens, but if you take a big step back, this thing is bigger and it has to do with you know, you know, you ve only watch one new source all day, long and gonna just fall into that pattern. So yet there, like so many factors and I think a lot of people are pointing finger singularly at Facebook, but you have to recognise that news in General got nationalize thirty years ago, with cable news, so used to be that the majority of the news you watch was your cities news or your state news right. So there was this implicit in group about the news you were watching, but now it's the whole nation, so this in group out grouping is very complicated. In that scenario,
An identity is very complicated. So now you have these markers for identity that people are grabbing onto their laughter, the right of their progress over their concern, but ever whatever it, but it's been so exacerbated by this national, never any news coverage of the nation and it doesn't lend itself to feeling included all that well and then, of course, you have then Facebook, on top of that than you have all these the platforms that are useful in divisiveness, as well as very useful in inclusion I mean it's always great. That's the thing! So look. We live in but where there is little to no these four new once it is not lost on me that social media contributed to that world beyond. That is tough, given that you know everything has pros and cons for us. I think our responsibility is to maximize the positive that comes from our platforms and minimized
downside yeah, you know, but news generally is gonna, be critical. It's gonna, be political gonna, be somewhat divisive. That doesn't mean I'm loses in value I don't think it's as valuable as people think depends. I just what kind of news I don't know it's that viable to know that, like something terrible happen at a high school exactly all all day every day, I think that we, everyone was doing just fine when they were getting some bad news, a half an hour a night on the evening news, but now that it's a twenty four hour new cycle that they ve got a shovel drama into become addicted to the distraction of the drama yeah. I think yes, no, though, because you do need to know the scale of what's happening out there if school shootings have increased by thirty percent in the last five years, and in that twenty five thousand percent be exactly then we do need to know. This is an issue that getting worse. What can we do legislative led to combat some of that, but that's a religious importance. I agree with it, but on that specifically,
ample have their way more people who die from shootings that are not school shootings. Another cover share, as are the actual the coverage, does not mere the state of Virginia nonviolence. Listen this country, nor does it yeah, mirror probability if you just want to play our ties in your life, the things to keep you in your children, save you would hit about three thousand things before you got two: let's have a great school shooting plan. It would be logical, you would prioritize diet and health. You would prioritized car safety would prioritize any number of things that account for tens of that. The deaths a year in the I don't know that it needs to be an either or, but will we all have bandwidth. You know they're, probably better off, trying to get their kid did not use plastic. Let's say it's this, because it plays on our emotions and our fear- and it seems like oh, my god, my kids going to get shot at camping, anything worse, but New York is going to have a heart attack is what's going to happen, your kids going to get cancers what's going to happen, but it's tough for a bunch of different reasons and then
the news industry, obviously right now that that businessman is organizing turned on their heads, but the thing that we had in the middle of the twentieth century, which was essentially these like local monopolies, are to operate so in every city had like one two, maybe three newspapers and Rosalie handful of cable channels busy. This meant that each local news provider had essentially a local. Sort of stranglehold on distribution he's living Iraq's. Yet a drive pieces of paper ran on trucks and through other peoples the idea that they had any one centre. That allowed? The news industry did not worry that much about competition. You know I do have to make this thing super interesting, because this other than comers I come in my which allow the focus on whatever their values were using. Such thing is really truly objective news and I think it's ok, but now that is it explosion of competition right. You should do so during the New York Times that serve that, certainly not written here.
I read the economists it's out of London. I read TAT Burger filler Taiwan thought should take very bad times in that was impossible fifty years ago, right, sir, and is way more publishes its much cheaper to produce and distribute so this explosion of competition then, and obviously the platforms as well and then all of a sudden, the industry has the floor they're out there. What are you doing that world images subscription based model? Are you staying at Miss Morland? You compete if you compete. How do you keep your integrity? Is tat. Tat is the period you just referenced. So I had to succumb to market force that did for them to be more centrist. They were trying to appeal to the widest swaths of readers. Yes, in Detroit Metropole, area, and so they weren't gonna be far left or far right. They're gonna shoot right up the middle and they kind of put the news through a process that was basically tried to not be offensive right in some way. Yeah they did. But other things happened.
Like they invested a lot in international coverage. International coverage is really expensive. Turns out people read it that much didn't know that because they had no metrics or they knew it and to ITALY and in characters like this is important, but news as much as most in issues. I've interact with our more than most here people get involved in it, they suddenly commission. They know they believe it important to have an informed electorate. You answered, and I think that some half century, which, by the way is an anomaly Likud neutralize through four hundred years, allowed them to lean more into that sort of mission driven men. Reality. I now is more competition driven and in which a business model gets much more complicated than we had as our on at the time. He was saying you know I'd downside today, sort of centrist paper is that its main
it just news for the headroom on group and that's it like you're, not seeing much about anyone on the periphery right, you're not delving into any of those things. So that's a wonderful thing about all these fragments, as they show you get exposed overdue, has always exactly the point. Now here's an area where I tend to defend Facebook and all these other internet companies, which is like people are shot in offended that they're not paying for something. Yet there info was sold in now, to me seems highly hypocritical in a little bit like it's bullshit, will you I gotta get something completely for free billions of dollars and put out there and nothing. The other side of that equation has to fund the whole thing and profit from it. The either pay for this If you want, but if you're not gonna pay or, if you want for for free guess what they're gonna fuckin sell. Your info woke up living things. I would do to clarify that that we don't sell info, but we definitely make money basin knowing things about people, social cover that will be,
that was the infinite sold to Cambridge Analytical the occasional occur, realized, learn amateur that occur there. We should talk about free act. Success. I think one of the things people miss about Facebook matters just that it's free and second, that it's free, but also we subsidize access to these tools, and so the world based on making was our money from richer countries, sets very, very progressive as a business model, but came agenda. What happened? Was we launched a platform which I mentioned that before and the plot from allow developers, so people who make apps programmes websites to build apps on top of Facebook? to do that, you have access to some Facebook data. So what we did is we said: okay, cool. You want in a builder music up? I built a music a couple months. You have to ask people for some access to their data. For me, I just didn't need much needed.
Your name, your email, so unique identifiers? So I knew that you were this out of us are not that I don't know SIRI, etc, and during this that people completely. I think yet about the biggest criticism of us back then, was that we were those walled garden could unquote we didn't share enough food and allow other acts to come and other businesses to grow, and so we built this platform. And yes, it was a purely altruistic. It was also Ok, we can build everything ourselves. We should allow the people to build on TAT data, be good for them and for us and so came agenda. It was a company that really, I think, it's a position in a bunch of different reasons, but what happened? Was someone built an app on? I wish I could remember the name of the app, but I was like you know what kind of acts. Are you type of quits level? The council aware that have developed rebuilt acquires the quiz ass people for their data and one of the things that you could share back that which was a mistake on our approach.
We made him Susan mistakes, I want our own, but you could share a little bit of information about your father. Ok, my Adam and hear my friends in here their names? and so and serve yesterday. The reason why we did at the time that is actually the most valuable data and a lot of ways that Facebook has and that a super important for boots trapping other apps serve. You are in or another network its release would bring a guy who are you and who your friends, and we can. Let you wish of your friends are also using our services religion and use cases. The issue is once you handed over to the developer, but there is no developers hands and we had a strict policy against selling that data that you just bad for Facebook, let it get sold because then we know we were like distant mediated, but we can properly enforced. We can't literally track your computer's what you're doing it settled
that developer sold the data I'll catch you care to political, which was a for lack of a more apt label like consulting firm that try to help you know political, add targeting and took a data about people. Ok, so that happened. We realise. Actually, I think, two dozen fifty but it was too risky to allow people to share even a little bit of data about their friends. So wishes shut that often two dozen fifteen. We had a press cycle about this. I think into doesn't fitting that was really short The others headline grabbing it wasn't would have a buck image, analytical specific I'll than that quiz. Then fast forward. A couple years later, trumpets elected everyone surprised Everyone is polarized, it's in intense moment in this country, and it comes out again. It's perfect combination of Trump and Russia and Facebook Deanna. Left is looking for somewhere to place boy,
in their ire that I don't owe me dismissive here, because I think so both uncovered analytical and broadly we made mistakes. Allowing people to actually share data about their friends is too risky mission have done that we should, in better at actually figured out how to do enforcement in oh and retroactively. We shouldn't more proactive investigations. A bunch of mistakes were made. The bigger mistake made, though, really isn't anything specific. It is when you start out as a company like when I joined, even though we were big you're still just try to make it. Are you worried about Myspace, crushing us yeah at some point you get big enough for you need to care a lot more about the downsides of what you do on safety and integrity. Issues is what we call them internally, and I think we were
years late to investing properly. Given the main responsibility we had me and I think that we actually invest way more then pretty much everyone else at this point, so that anybody who says that we don't care is not actually looking at what we actually do, but we were late, so we member states not only in with platform which ended up blowing up in our faces with commissioner, let years later long after it was an impossible what kind of thing anymore? I do think it's a very human condition. Our focus is so lasered on to where we want to go that we're not really taking stock of where we're at and what responsibility that comes with there were people who he was gonna forget that telegram and his people who work there. If that was a thing for a while, the legal people work. There those are marked an but look. I think we were late. I think we have the owner. We relate. Does no around that
so, let's go to Instagram, because when I want to say whether the gates is increasingly in surrounds the only place I desire to be because I dont know how it happened. I hope you have an explanation, but, broadly speaking, if I go on Twitter. I post the same exact image or the same exact thing, announcing an episode whatever on Twitter, it's gonna be about forty percent, just negative fucking dark cancerous comments on instagram? For me, it is rarely like ninety nine point: five percent positive- and I have some theories on it and I'm just curious. If a you guys, you must be aware of that right. It's a far more positive app. Yes, I do think it varies a lot by sort of culture and country, but I do think that decisions you make about the core ways in which an app works end up really affecting the emotional chow
of the experience later Sufferance Twitter. I use a lot of them. A big fan of Twitter Twitter is, I think, really designed for debate right debate. Is she really important earth composition before the pros and cons yeah? It's also very well designed for news. Journalists loved her they live on, and so that's good. It's good for debate. It's good for news, but news in debate are gonna, naturally be more critical by nature now more than ever. Charge Instagram to sort of the other end of the spectrum, its visual first. We don't actually focus a lot on commenting back and forth which, by the way that you know has trade offs is missed, opportunity there. But it's focused on like visual expression, people telling their stories and that naturally has more of a positive charge at the tomatoes and negativity on then Sir grandma positivity on Twitter. It is naturally overall you see these projects. Facebook. Actually, interestingly enough, is somewhere in the middle I'll, shoot another big thing and signals. We don't allow really link
we get the scale of this on. You are links. It's gonna massively change the the vibe Jake is going to end up in a bunch of news and a bunch of publisher content in a way that I think, is valuable, but you know twitter. Does I well? Facebook does a pretty well, we don't need to do that. We want to be so different right, and we don't allow nobility, like re, share from feed back into feed, which is again a re tweets in on twitter or shares on Facebook, which is how things go viral, usually the I have to use that outside out reposed. If I want you, repose people screenshot? That he's reports are these incidents I like it doesn't happen, but because we don't supported for cross, it happens way less again. This Debbie value in supporting that. But again it would also massive change. The
energy and experience and we are trying to be different were not because one is better than the other, because you know every major platform should probably differentiate, otherwise, why you do do it and, I think Instagram, just implicitly, you're not gonna like take a pitcher of this factor. Burrito you got you're not can't take time to take a picture of. You know an ugly landscape. It is not the nature of what we do. So it's almost starting with I saw something I loved visually and I'm sharing it with you in It's coming immediately from I like this, and so everyone wants to engage in that position.
We also like at all, but what is more likely to have also liked it, so I think there's somethin implicitly positive about sharing a photo verses. I hate tromp great Trump, whatever fuckin hashtag trump, and I have a whole group of people who hates Trump and okay now why I just think by its inception it's a little bit. It lends itself much more to just positivity. I agree. I think the downstream sort of effects of being a visual commit. Like a visual communication, you gonna take a picture, something because it's beautiful because in our own Are you sure something that you aspire to be like others downsides? Rather, people criticise us a lot around no pressure. Perfect more worrying is had inherited answers again pros and cons of these things by think. Yes, because in cinemas visual almost exclusively, I think that is also affecting the emotional charge of the experience
yeah. I also think the distinction between twitter and insert ramp is Instagram is what you're doing and twitters what you're thinking, and I think in general, people to find themselves far more about what their thinking them, what they're doing, which is a pet peace of mind? You're, not I'm, I'm I'm This I'm liberal and I'm or I'm conservative, I'm this right on agree with that like these are just thoughts were, do you What is your day like? What are you physically do? Where did you eat? What vacation did you take? These are real actions. These are things. People are doing. Thinking inciting there's something there too. That's really interesting. Can I have a position
Yes, I don't know just tell us what I love about now I'll be perfect man. There lies the aim in all these different platforms. Do lots of different things and I feel it we all get a little lost in that complexity. Wastewater is right. Try to like do things like this. I get out there and meet people who are outside of our where little bubbling Silicon Valley. I think you will look at it happened. I think everything is what does this have to do right? So I go doored ashes like the food now button and like Google MAPS like directions button in what is Instagram. What is Twitter Vince Agreements, like you know, tell us about what you do in tourist tells her what she said,
That's probably you ve everyone, whether through a true for a lot of people, citing that's the kind of thing that we wouldn't easily think of our side. Now, if Instagram had a mission statement, what what do you think it would be, or is there one there is one has to bring it closer to the people in the things you love all car like that, how does into ground compare user wise to these other well known platform, We are smaller than Facebook. Ok, we are bigger than twitter by what factor I dont think twitters last public numbers or somewhere cluster around four hundred million active users. Moreover, a billion? Oh ok, but you lose a lot in the averages. This is a thing that I think is important for more people at the dinner in cigarette manassa. Facebook to understand is a very sad time in Japan is completely different than the EU as a whole. Have efforts in in Japan, twitters, huge and Facebook isn't during his were enacted
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because I feel, like people are using it less and less than I think we're in a bubble right about maybe I'll be in your life, but also depends on how different social media, because we are more and more interested in messaging and where the very weird country, when it comes to messaging some most countries in the world, have one messaging up that ninety some per cent of people use Ninety five percent of them use every day message you mean like what what's up or yes, almost doubled its what's happened: Japan, its line and Korea. Krakow talk in this, maybe five countries where this is the case in the euro, one of them so we're in a way that those that often have stories or feed products, but into them just beyond what passed out, That is a huge. No one knows that Europe has no frontiers. Is it in? The states must always what's up their status as much? Ok so and how does the demographics you we over.
Index on young people. But again you have to be careful with taken too far, because just because we over Nixon teens, isn't there were majority teams were not right. Tens or a small percentage of our relations, even if you are all the boy proportionately, yes, Alcan, that's a good. The anxious either of us has said of youth first, not youth and male female is Ernie. Skewing depends whereby countries are huge. Buys the other area where I think we do quite well is what we call creators and super figures, influencers indifferent types, and so I think we are one and the stronger platforms with that group and our group as it were a lot about sized. Active influence in the world. Ok, so you're talking about like the I don't know she cures and who is the most flowers on its around provocation or another. I think he's the soccer player he's getting close to two hundred million two hundred million. You ve got a couple Kardashians over a hundred million. You got the rocks one, sixty seven Owens boy I following
his great. I can't get enough watching him working out a lover and like to make time as Monday butter our cities to watch. This is amazing. The Iraqi O Neill do following the eyes good he's a joy button. He should have his own avenges joy, disguise, dance and every day and learned wraps. He had a video on Facebook forever, though, that I love it was like it was a donut and it was like some romance. Music. The donor closer glass, this guy's a makes you don't I'm noticing more mark is my wife- is far more act, on Instagram than I am not looking at it. I look at it, but I dont post much I'm in secure. I dont like looking photos myself, so I am reluctant to post a bunch now we have started to notice some of these other actors by Christian. Whenever she does she just films herself doing there.
We're noticing that there's production now in a lot of people's feats, I hold checking on another actors: nay, clearly have a fucking crew, that's editing stuff into so you're. Seen like that seems new to me, like the me like that you're production value in these we are. I do think in general that the content that works- the best is the kind of It feels a fantastic in this world were inundated with information and produced information. Stuff is out of cuts through the bullshit, so to speak, and physical sneak peak are left behind. The curtain is a step that I think, really residents, as I think, while in other rock resonates your lives sick. This does him with a camera yeah and that's kind of great, whilst man who is also a great, follow, crushing love his instrument, but his produced. I've noticed like his are: he's got someone filming them in some areas. There some special effects, sometimes in it, but I love at their. What I mean you can produce and still be authentic right, but in general I think one of the things to point out as most people when they think of instigating think of feed for most of the growth in insecure Amazon stories and in messages
answer stories messaging, I know story just direct. Do you recall a hearty am citing the issues you? My dear yelling at a the Jaguar, but it is important to note, like even the ones that are quote authentic, not produced, are produced in their brain. It's not like they're, just literally at any moment, just pulling out a Cameron just filming there day for ten minutes it's. This is the part of the day that I want to show. You know I just something that is important to say, because I think people can think like. Oh, my god, this is their life. Their life is so funny He did this is she does us what the dogs all day? Let you know if the funniest three minutes over there I didn't get depends on the person. But yes,
hundred percent as a real, strong selection by astute deciding to share this with everyone. That's not reigned at random. Thirty, second bids from your day, exactly, I think, that's that's! Also human rights, What I mean to say, given that I am being recorded with this MIKE two inches me. My decision is a little bit different I mean I was talking to my wife when I see her to Morrow night. You know this is different, and so I think that people are getting smarter about. And I think some people are also realizing on the production side that it is actually in residence of people to be bit more forthcoming to be a bit vulnerable to talk about something. That's not just pause it. I got something negative you. Yes, it is not perfect reflection of reality it's a curated here at an inn version of your lot. I do think stories gives you a little bit more insight into someone's life, usually than feed if its feed worthy. So to speak. Usually like a big highlight, nor as a lot of people post all sorts of shit and stores yeah, that's true. Now
Blaine do eyes because I got an email. I guess through my pulse is going like oh you're, going to be a part of this new thing on Instagram, where they're going to hide your likes. That sounds like this no problem, I want to bring up any already body. Can it touched on it, which is this comparison crisis that we are
suffer this insatiable desire to compare ourselves at all times. Other people, obviously this product amplifies that maybe that's the concern we caught his social comparison at an issue that were trying to still understands had our Britannic were experts owing to be really honest for what we know what we don't know, but in general we do know that for a lot of people, particularly young people is a real pressure to be perfect and a real tendency to compare yourself with other people, usually comparison with other people. You know not like the rock, but I also want to be careful here because people they talk about well being. We also talk about addiction a lot, but I wanna be careful to divorce like clinical set of definitions of these types of issues and then just like broader everyday version of these issues. So I dont know at all that making lichens private, which is the thing that were experimenting with so that removing likes is making so that only you can see how many likes you got unless you wanna go urban cannot everyone's manually. I dont know that that's gonna be good for people's act.
Oh well, beer, honestly with each time a real, well being medical are being it's about how long you live, how success we are the workplace. Do you reproduce at these are really important key metric, so to speak and charm your die you're right. I don't like that. Making like handsome private is going to like changer like longevity in our human, but I do think that the pressure be perfect is real. The key tendency to compares offers real- and I want as much as I can t be, helping his eyes were responsible in those areas and elsewhere. People to feel good about the time they spend on the platform and such good for people. The thing out over the long wanted to be good for us. Even if it's bad for revenue in the short term, why can immediately generate a hypothetical it seems highly plausible would Is Europe seventeen years old, you're, a boy or a girl in high school, and you can see likes and you see that a Gloria posted up again
pitcher and she got three hundred links in. She posted us no suit outfit, and she got twelve likes that informative, if you're in the hunt for like said, seems pretty eagles, be you know when you guys decided this? It had be a response to that. Now it was at the main european. Into what what? What was the reason to try to the idea was trying depressurize the experience we spend less time work. About or comparing like counts and a little more time connecting with the people that you care about or being inspired by the things that you love should add one cup of example, another example its. I think one is easier for us to quantify. Is we know that especially young people often post something, and then if it doesn't get enough likes real right away our climate or delete it? Ok, I'm not gonna feels like
her looking at the moment as a fifteen year old kid and you just like. Oh no, no one loves this and the need to take it. Now I mean no one I claim invade. He had social rejection and if you don't have to worry that anybody can see how many likes you got here, maybe you don't have that moment or maybe other moment? That's half again as no silver bullets hearing people always over simplify these things, yeah. That was the intent and were still waiting, underfund versions of the right. Ok. What a my thoughts on Instagram said this on here before is in some weird way. I do feel like this, I think, probably be a negative aspect to it. Is it's almost the natural end of capitalism like. We now are the product and we now have out for yourself like now were for sale in the economy, is the likes of that's the cash. So sometimes why look? I got all while capitalism, really it went all the way. Around
everyone is a product or selling? Do you feel it? That's true for the average Joe or Geraghty thing, that's more for people figures are creators settings for the average person in that the images are curated theirs, as distinct since that seems to be trained to be imbued onto the viewer. There seems consciousness to it. That would be the same consciousness. That any company would have in trying to display a product. I made some truth. There I think that, if you mean young people are really sorry a lot of Malta Instagram accounts, oh okay, so you'll have your main account which is off in public, and then you know everybody knows about and can follow etcetera. Then you have a finsta fake, Insta instead, there were, you know you knew that applies aware. Aren't you gonna bikini pay you to phase out here now, I'd love to do that. I'm not ready yet a billion followers are, you'd but hasn't arrived with another one.
Monica learned, the blurred or not for you for Europe, a nimitti knucklehead. What are you You listen to the filled her your fill, I'm gonna throw your filled her in the trash it was so you could stay anonymous, my family and why was it necessary to monitor progress recently as time around features? Now I am a lot I love ass. I was talking to my wife. I would like to quote looking at my wife's ass. It goes like this. This is, fucking, simple, a man, as I just said, there's two circled at him about like that's. How were fought literally, it's that simple, there circles in front and then there's circles and back in that's. What's driving the world the guys like circles, it's that basic
so that the circular features the round features a billiard who I can cover the Rio you gotta do is act. I now I'm trying to get out of a job, as there are two things that I think I read the somewhere that are universally considered attractive because cultures of different yes, if journalists, what is symmetry and the other, is sort of like the shape of a man, the back. Are you nuts? I'm touches? It's gotta be really big sometimes, so they could be really slight. I consider it right back to the rock all roads we back to the wrong work. Ok, I have another juicy question for the nipple gay let's. Let's get into that, allow about soaps. Instagram has been criticised for not allowing women shudder. Nipples were men? Can children we have them? what what are you? What are your thoughts on this
Nudity is something we don't allow on the platform. I think one of the things just to make sure people realizes. We have these one thousand two hundred community guidelines or rules for what can and cannot be on the service and they're they're the same everywhere, and so we are often accused of being too conservative and until the role in IRAN and the ease or involuntary globally their global, its tapped. His tradeoffs here is always traders. If you have a global definition, you end up being much better enforcing that policy and see make my name many. That's mistakes and mistakes. Also, his people and so you know you build one set of guidelines. One set of writers, ones that have caused the fires. One set of genome escalation pass and you're gonna be way more effective at finding and removing whatever do that, you're trying to find and remove. If you fragment you gonna, be less good at it, but you
more culturally sensitive, so it's tough needed is an interesting one, because it's not like. We have a strong opinion about needed a broadly. It's actually that a small subset of immunity that we cannot strictly identified as safety implications, and almost all of our community guidelines are about safety. We generally want to allow people to express themselves were about expression, but we have to do what we can to keep people safe, the two things around safety with nudity are one consent. We cannot verify consent and revenge pose. A real thing does not happen very often, but its incredibly trouble about again. This happen and choose age: we cannot verify age zero about Europe, but the age of whose in the photo yeah and so for those reasons we ve taken a more conservative stance on the female Nepal.
Do you really look Jim? Very? I guess I just love nipple. So every time I've seen Frida, never like forget, let's get those things unseen, just think circles the Moors circle within a certain than a circle. You got that breast Monica. Let me make this area as in others, even higher server, which is the dream of lying circles, three circles. This is why we can add people like me: oh yeah, right, ok, so that's it really good defence with an apple thing? It's tough guy. What to recognise that there is reason behove, right, defensible ways expresses other. Could the female neighbour art is a release? Example, it's just not worth the safety trade offer. Us only photos are uploaded data in surrounded by TAT. I mean I don't wanna, probably nonsense, demonstrating that we would all realise. Actually, though, as way more,
shared in messages, then in stories in this morning's tourism in feed, no shit that amount is to grant its private, so people can send Dick pics on that you're not condoning just those messages. Aren't actually my guess monitored, no way that we are not as interested in enforcing nudity policies. If people work and central sharing right, meter intuitive is of each other yeah, I'm glad we got to get out. Of course we dare to forget it. The question I would ask you saw so I have kids for me. I recognize that I'm largely powerless over. Like I know algorithms, better than me, I will sit on that toilet and I'll fuckin zip through there, and it is it's like when I used to do drugs. It is just instantly in endlessly satisfying, so I've thought
Ok, I'm forty five and I have some world knowledge and I'm defenceless against it. So I have a kind of unpopular thing at our house which they don't get any, that there now touch our phones, there's no ipads happening. Unlike I can't control myself. How on earth can this unformed bring? You know their powerless over time. Did you gonna to try to keep that up till they run away, and then I have to get him back by saving them it's awfully to him. You know as long as humanly possible mice dances, the world is enormous around you, you shouldn't reduce it to a four by six inch. Peace. That's not where you're focus very reasonable state for a long time. I think we do you, Gordon married and all that's accomplish things then fucking go head. I me world is trying to spend time in a pleasurable way, but there is a time for that and I don't think it's so That's right
yeah. What do you think about? You know your own children? You have used to and one on the way there are very young, so they're not allowed on Instagram. Yet we do do screening but only as a special treat in one of our rules is so thy own airplanes. Right, basic survival, alarmingly, guy, honest I'll, give them anything on the guy just need them to shut the fuck. I feel you know as well as apparent now I feel like it's like you just cannot judge is there no? Are they address of having good the great bird and then we will occasionally do like a movie night, but its require that we watch with them Yasser can turn into a pattern I saw its but the very young, their foreign to right. I can't imagine I e g has a stance on what age up kid should or be, or not we don't know I under thirteen. Ok, so you do that.
We do have a stance on that as hard as you cared perfectly enforces. Most thirty NOS one idea right or I d coverage of future even older edges, they very light by different demographically, different countries, etc. We do provide tools for people to report, their kids and other and taken down. We also tryin during investigations and use our own tools, but you know it's not perfectly. Better. Why? Just imagine a volume is so astronomical. Even the volume is high and the traders are tricky red everyone. I demand an idea from everyone, those populations
this idea was becomes like about radiation. The franchise popular in over them in a incident can create an economic opportunity for those people around the world, and so we try to take that seriously, but in general we want people to feel good about the time they spend on the platform. I think about the two sides to this different sort of like what we talked about, for. There is one thing which I think is physical, really excessive use are really pragmatic, usanga using Instagram eight hours a day or something that I think is one of the things that we can and should do. We ve got some time spent also you can see what you do then upon go about the same thing for dollar all far, which is way better. I just wish I we knew they were doing that. We would have done something else, so you can set the limits, etc. I think there is more to do throw some light weight. Nudges
ok, you know you ve been on its again for three hours, Walker. I will allow get a breath of fresh air. Maybe that's more acute problem is a very small percentage of people, but, as I got more concerning per person basis and then there's the broad I d just feel like you use it too much and that's where, in a rethinking, some of the fundamentals of answer frameworks like possibly making lichens private is the kind of suffering- think, is gonna, be more productive, yeah, but wait it. How did you transition from Facebook? Is there a quick answer to how you'd started it? Instagram yeah? I was running this food for a number of years and was a new dad too little kids and their servers shuffle company, one who is running, were working on what and MIKE income
the funds of insecure and return or cruet me to run product for Instagram. Suddenly they had a product, and am I right in that? Although Facebook owns Instagram, it's it's largely church and state its divided, we were together pretty close law. You do I'll come, it's definitely a separate team in earlier in our own floor in the New York building, I gotta think, but we try to leverage them as much as possible. All cat like, unlike the sacred integrity issues we ve, been talking about. There's a ton of people who work in that at Facebook in a lot of what our team does is figure had a leverage what they do, so we can keep more people save more quickly here. I they are trying to recruit me and honestly. I really loved the news he job but the commission, the intensity and the scrutiny and having your kids ass, I got. This might be more Bobby, a better work, life balance, GM or man, and I love Instagram aboard of Instagram, and so I came over and then six months later, not even they laughed and at all.
Nor was the finance was that unforeseen I didn't see it. I parted, Tourism went over. They wanted to work with those guys, but the six and a half years is an incredibly long time for found a sustained accompany us. Acquired yeah, as did they leave a search, something else now ok They are good for them. This volume live near. I am sure that both do something I had drinks with them. Recently. They put him good Cabinet MIKE Cabinet, MIKE ok, influencers now, I think all of us in the entertainment business initially had a major reaction, which was like these people are just famous cause, their famous you dont, saying or Dancer ACT or create music or this or that I think it was a judge, mental rang, and then I think there was a well? This is the reality so than there was that phase, and then now I love it. What are your thoughts? when the influencers and how much what's the MAC someone's making do anything. So that we have a gas
influences means different things to different people, survey restart their ok you try to use the word creators not discuss. It sounds nice about because I think of influences are people who are paid to actually promote thing so Bernie kind. It was nothing wrong with that by the way, whereas craters, like is a super set of people who are just public figures on Instagram trading, can't get you might be an actor you might be. A journalist who might be an artist he might be in army might actually create something, or you might just be a personality. Yeah will serve no judgments from our side. I think that in general, what's really interesting to me about the spaces of that, you just were obviously in this very clear paradigm shift of power from the organisation to the individual across tons of industries. So the athlete is born power relative to the tea,
than ever before? The journalist has more power rather to the publication, the actors more empower relative to the studio, and, I think, that's result of the internet. Really. What can I tell you my own life? Even in my short, I don't love. I've been doing this, maybe sixteen seventeen, There is in the public eye. It used to be Story would come out about me in. Let's see was false. My options, words you tried to secure another interview to maybe debunk that or cooperate with them again so that I could set the record straight and now get these emails. That say, like we're gonna, run the story about Dax in Christian, do they want to comment- and I just fuckin published that, unlike Jesse, you know this is the horse shit. That's coming your way, so that our I love or even to think we're here. You have a podcast bs.
It seems a huge part of why I have a popular and success and is more broadly than Instagram dislike. The people you know now are more likely to love and connect to an actor than they were before, so that that shift is happening or this power is moving, and I think that is exciting and I'm sure the pros and cons, and this upsizing downsides, and I think we are trying to lean ended. Accept is bigger than Instagram operating were uniquely position to help now I think the key thing here is that there is a lot of transparency of you're getting paid for something people know you're getting paid for it right. I think that creators have the tools they need to really serve. Go to that whole journey. I kind of hope my aspiration for Instagram over the longer and that we can be a place where you can break in the first place. We can easily break out yeah, you can then grow. You can learn about your audience than you can even turn that into a living. Aha and right now we are pretty good at some of the things that particular good at other,
but I love the idea of creating an economic opportunity not only for creators before a small businesses yeah as long as all that is in a way that is in line with people's interests. Are you gonna? They wanted that your part gases, crushing they wanna hear from you. They wanna hear from people more than Well, that's where I've come out on the other side were now. I want you not go. Isn't this spectacular? We live in a world now were a little boy in his bedroom. Kin do something or a girl how can I found this girl who play guitar like? I can't believe how good she sang and play guitar, and then we have since become great friends with her and like that, stuff on my honour. This is wonderful like every time
he's. Your I hung out with was like just dying to express themselves in. There was really no outlet unless you want to go through the channel of like the high school musical or whatever the hell. It was so yeah. Just this outlet to be expressive in creative, I think, is ultimately quite beautiful and I dont mind that people are rewarded. If other people enjoy watching them there I mean we feel that if the same way, we just want me thoughtful about where we create real value for people they similarity interested in on Instagram and feed and stories etc to the debate. It is a business out of it. I know, are we being parent, making sure facilitating healthy stuff, but is on his way things that were most excited about yeah. Just this whole shift to this whole set of empowerment of the individual and tonight it's one of the reasons why I love my job. Is there anything that is on the interim horizon that we didn't bring up that you want to tell us about recent
down any time soon. I think I proved to have a real good understanding of the core values of inside. I ask is really in his outer circle has more. If I have one Tipperary, Adam you're, a very cheap mother, Fucker Europe back years, smart radio. Take it yeah, you're you're, just not going into the park. So we love you. We We will come back and tell us if something radical happens at Idee. All. Why will allow us in this room, has good vibe some more than happy to come back. Thank you, Well, thank you, and we hope to thank you. Thank you. So much and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul, I got bad men. I mamma you of a busy day today to go to mom splaining prayers. Were you got your Emmy nomination? That's right! You gotta, zip! Over there. Her idea I gotta get. There have to be there.
Over there. How are you doing lovely? ride a it's Friday, it's Friday, yeah and I'm going to Colorado Minority and it's gonna be snow. We alike. I gotta, find my snow gear today make site at how are you? imposed hypnotism, I'm feeling different this morning when you augur well, they won't have heard this at the Sesar. Hey, they re a little teaser gets hypnotizing episode had hypnotize that I want to give way too much because radio to listen but you'll get to hear it's pretty crazy? I found it to be very interesting to really get to see that screen. Yet screen is everything when get there almost went dead, the craziest yeah. So I was hooked up to an eeg and you could see, could see my brainwaves moving like crazy and then went to to the hypnotic state. They went away
they were volcanic prior yeah yeah, like these big mountains, would shoot up out of the ground. Yet like every two seconds, exactly and then not us, interesting. Yet you are completely aware with hypnotherapy they're just get there almost getting onto a meditative stating what I did feel like. I was in bed. It's definitely a where I think that's norm. All the ass I was having these moments were staring at a monopolising, I'm talking using my headphones and, unlike I dont, want inadvertently get hypnotized here. So then I would look at you. I always did you robbed you any fear of you are going to get it. I would take my headphones off. Ok asian levels? I gonna want that happened. He can't we couldn't have all three of us hypnotized. The guests are in charge. All of a sudden. The three of us go down on Kimmel someone accidently got hypnotize while he was hypnotizing gear, the care care Mamma, the caravan accidently got hypnotized, but I just don't under.
Stay and because the hypnotizing he was doing to gear always is very specific, just like the what he was doing to me was very specific, so so what used to the gamma, which I don't like the store, but since camels fault, he made european pants Votre any did PS bans, but the king Man did not be as pants. If you pay this pair, there would have been like. Oh, I see he got hypnotized into that the well, but those were two different moments in the whole process, when the camera men fell out was not one year, most being told the peace plans, it is all very fast. The brain is: very susceptibility is nets and fell. Access to instigate, perfect, so does the brain is manipulator Bull yeah, I mean I'm noting at because right now, corona virus hysteria, yeah, yeah, panic, our friend Amy.
To cost yesterday and she was there on for her normal costs trip, and she said there was a line around the whole building. Oh my ground, water and paper towels. Only people think So my paper towels, oh yes, I know I have not understand and water the war water in China. A mile zone have water. He s going to come out of the false it. Maybe they did that did that pandemic go get so large that people stop showing up at Department of Water and power. I don't know I feel like nothing is free on its own, isn't it or the water supply I'll get compromised if people are dying, it's not, though, is not happening in China, so if it's not happening in China, currently it's not gonna happen here, but what o o I'm sorry it was tat. It was paper towel, water and toilet paper, but toilet paper. It's like Amy made a good point. She's like we had just
we had to dislike user rag wash rag off. This is what people do in other parts of we are also spoil, are also spoiled. I'm not succumbing to the hysteria. I almost wanna just go, get it to show everyone like look. I got it now. It's fine and then carry on the item, you're, looking at it from a very selfish standpoint, you're saying I'll, get it and not be fine, I'm seeing everyone's gonna get it did I ever it's gonna be fine, everyone's doc. We find yeah you're right, but everyone's gonna get it as everyone gets. Every flew, there's no way we're gonna not get a flu. Everyone gets all the flues and that's gonna, be like it's gonna be annulled. Just do it, let's get it behind us our first. By now, not one hundred percent of people get the flu every flew season. That's not true name me now. I doubt everyone, I know always gets the exact same shit. I ain't
I don't know what the percentages of people who get the flu during position, but I don't think it's. Ninety alot of people get it there are. A lot of people will get this, but the goal would be to prevent the people who are highly susceptible to death, from getting it I won't visit any nursing homes. That's easy, no problem! Now what its bigger than that, if you give it to this person, who then gives it to this person is gives it to someone in the nursing on that person will die of all Brahms sounds like we was just not loaded the nursing homes of registering to predict. The very vulnerable rules is not more than early till. We get a relaxing compromised immune system. Ok, people should wear a scarlet letter so that don't touch them or get near them. I don't know I didn't that you do or how about this giving some things are inevitable. The opinion when something inevitable, you move, his gracefully as possible into acceptance there will be working on a vaccine. That'll be two years aware, yearn halfway. Whatever that is,
We're not gonna keep to sing at bay for a year and a half I dont think, but that's just my take ah show us how I feel about it. I think some of it can be prevented it should try. I think a lot of people will also get it, but if we can save us Do people from dying I'd like to do that yeah! It's just. Can you do? That is my question. Only three to eleven percent get the flu each season. Ok, that sounds more accurate, yeah percent of that three percent live in LOS Angeles? Do you feel that since corona, or not really, since krona fish. Do you feel like you have been feeling more. For in a word, but I made it up do you feel like you have been needed
to find the other side of the argument more recently. Well, That would be in keeping with the role. I think I have in my friendship group family, which is the kind of a voice of everything I'll be ok, which is ironic, because the thing I'm saying I think is saying everything will be fine, but obviously, when I talk to Chris every time we talk about it, it goes wrong have yet to have a good. Conversation with her about corona, so whatever I'm doing is not doing what I'm trying to do. But on these issues in its fine, don't worry about it and she hears that as I am going to be dangerous near responsible and pick a corona virus, but it's also dismissing her and what I am saying thought that this is so thing to be concise cigarette about at the very least news there are people in the world who could be affected by our actions, and so it's not to protect us. I mean
I see you're the most susceptible out of all of us, forgetting and word just your ITALY's. Where it doesn't mean, though we worry on your behalf. I know you and also for all the other people too. Because the point is why those conversations aren't going, as was you yeah, no unfeeling safer at the end of them, but it is my goal is at the girl yeah, I'm always the don't worry police. Yes now cause. You were the flag, beginning of telling everyone about in that it was bad and scary. You and I I like I worked through them. All process so at first I dont like, I found life's terms life's terms- are there is a fucking swine flu? Coming of wuhang- and I don't like that and then I say I'm not gonna, except there's going to be a pandemic, I'm going to somehow remove myself and then I start playing at all these fantasies like I'm, going to go to Oregon and stay with my mom and bring the family. Am I going to rent
a place in the middle of Jackson, haunts it there for three months rang- and I start coming up with all these game plans that I'm gonna do so that I will not be involved in this reality, and then I do that for about two weeks. I guess I did it and then I came out on the other side was like it's total illusion that I'll be able to do anything. I can't move somewhere, I'm not when we go live in a hole for two years until there's a vaccine. I just working backwards from the reality of what I'm going to do and not going to do. And then I come out to planet earth. There's this flu everyone's going to get it and I'm going to get it and we're going to survive in life will go on, and then I accept but you see those are two extremes one is so extreme. We're gonna go lemme get around grown regard her his and the other is I'll. Do ab
Will they not thing and I'll get it, and I hope I get it so that it is not that you want to be more middle carouse denial and one is accepted in my mind, not in your mind, but in my mind I went from denial, wanting my wheel to be allowed to affect the world now. I am of the opinion that no I'm I'm not gonna, have any different protection than any other person? I'm not gonna have a unique scenario by which I'll be spared. I'm just asking happened to me the way it happens to everybody, and I accept that I'm not trying to pope you guys. You bears I'm not trying to like stirrups and shit or be contrary and for fun. That's motivation? My motivation is like this sings gonna be what's gonna be. The only thing we can control is how we are reacting to it, leading up to it isn't true. We disagree on that which is fine, I'm not saying I'm right and I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying over different opinion of that. I dont think watching you
answer twenty seconds, is really can do anything you have to move through the world like just. I am courage, everyone to become she's all day long of everything they touched its impact, like we went to the gymnastics place when in the bathroom washing their hands like ok. Now get it my hands are these: that stupid are thing which is supposed to be diseased yeah. I don't use that right now. I got to pull toilet paper off of the toilet taken touch the door handle to get out of the place or use my shirt. Now it's on my shirt and then what my kid hugs me. Where are you The I him I just are realising the futility of you can get in and out of a bathroom, even without sweating, like ten extra. That's it, then, even at that, I dont think you were successful. It's like honey, they use it these things that on the news in the nineties, where they would like this chicken with something that would show up on a black like detector and then have these moms prepare chicken in there
and even knew they were preparing it right and being observed with how clean and then they black like that kitchen. It is looking everywhere, even though the person was being is carefully can be we pass a wily you can't we don't you I am your also wrong, because it's not like those people are salmonella will hold a note know if it's on your door handle of your fridge salmonella in the little kid puts a story is hand on the door handle inputs in his mouth. Ingots Elman older every aspect, but what's the percentage look at how many people in the world get, salmonella, it's less, then, if they for eating raw chicken
yeah yeah soldier, a preventative measure. I'm saying does cut down. I am not saying it completely takes it away, but it helps you might as well help building on your Cassio story. I've been trying to order disinfected wipes out with me on aeroplanes can get em on Amazon everything's backward ye. I now you can't even get hand sanitized right now. It's created, I'm actually flying actually need it, but this panic is that now I can't even somebody's actually lies and clash with thought about that. But then, Scott Liquid in it. Can you put that through the fuckin machine, or should I take like a handful of blood later? I've already got all this and a handful of is that block bag? He went down the sea, yeah, although it on again with you. I see the validity of your argument. I can see yet not abstract me. I don't think you're like crazy fur, first say your point on this squid. You know that.
That you should take a bunch of measures, all the ones that are at your disposal, washing their hands, a ton bringing disinfected wipes all that stuff here that overdue sure likelihood of both contracting it and then spreading it on to someone else. I see the now. I'm definitely not saying it removes, and I feel as this amount that the doctor this morning- and I was like earlier- Aren't you the door without now and there's hands even tell you there's. I am just like sanitizing over and over again that I have to go. Do a urine sample, not a stool Samuel, but am I appealing in the bathroom dislike. Oh yeah, God slang everyone's doing these urine samples in here- and you put, it have opened the door in the person just peed before you know yet or yes, but I am not a mediately washing my hands in the false and then he goes from the false at all here. But that thought, I think, is that if everyone's doing that, then their hands are clean, air
Do you see any merit to my point of view, although The boy was, as I told you, I agree with the eye see the merit in saying You know we might again. We could have to accept that there are. Everywhere and there's per there's only so much you can do, but I believe in there is only so much you can do not so we just don't do anything new to rule. Or nothing on a point of view, It feels or not my doctor, as a follow up Do not give me what I want when I'm talking about the seizure might be a time for a new doctrine. My would you say this time. We, like I told you so well. She did my ear and as for a totally unrelated thank bar and then she's like those pretty I now Morgan ascended and normally you know so hungry
we and starts to leave, and I was like why do have one more thing and then I hold her. She like, ok, so somebody saw it as was like yeah and she's okay, so they a view on this. Capra. Ok, all right, well, yeah, as here too, and I told you about this in it- didn't seem too They could seriously yeah. I'm a little sympathetic to doctors, so they do think a significant percentage of the people that come in are bonafide ipo contracts that are talking themselves into something, and it must be so hard to determine who's who right agree the. I also think you as a doctor should take everything seriously job and what she said to me the first time was we would never do anything unless there is a multiple things which I understand that, but we need to work on our beds.
I've made a little bit. I need you to think like an extra five about one may be it could be when I'm in and I have a horrible back pain and I peed the bed, and I was disoriented, maybe I'll, just the extra costs minutes may yeah. Ok, how old is Chelsea Clinton, forty anatomists, thirty seven, so she's a couple years older than him, He saw her older or maybe cafe that he worked out. You said: Org are one of the only animals that have a neo cortex as high as humans. Org is. How second largest known brain mass of any extent, animal you look at the Neuro Anatomy of the human and whale brain reveals that the whale cerebral cortex is much more convoluted than the human cortex, the area of the human NEO, cordial surface, is to that. And two hundred and seventy five centimetres squared
surface area about the size of a dinner napkin, but the common doll the accord to call area is thousand seven hundred forty five centimetres squared bigger than an unfolded this paper sperm whale, no one measured it, but it's vastly law, better than a newspaper? Oh boy, lunches, you ask why there are so many names for and why you different colleges in the university you silly doesn't have. Not that I am aware. I was surprised when you ask that cause. It's weird MIA, though have eleven schools and colleges, but my you had that, like
you graduate from the business glee Graduate from Terry. If you graduate from the communications glee graduate from Grady all the Franklin College of Arts and sciences like they had diffrent are, but I'm just wrong about use. Your does. However, I didn't know about it. I think I think probably but I didn't I dont know what my school was. I just want to use ie allay I didn't go to like, though Albert Goosey, Ally, I wonder on your diploma. If it says lake Donald, never the king, the Burger King School of anthropology. Yes, that really would take them. Side of Europe. The great yeah, what miss Eyre I went to the very easy things like they still graduate from an why you it is. Will you marry me like same for. I was like graduate from University Georgia, but Ba from the Franklin
All the arts and Sciences Anna Ba. I dont like this Grady School Communication ever be the name of your school. Unlike you do it's like me, Is she now but if you want a Harvard university I went to Harvard now I went to great you do you do still say like they still say, went to and why you he didn't say I went to Gallatin College, he didn't know about exactly the my reason. People say Tisch is because that well known they still graduate from N y. You went to its automatic. The Tisch family. You know who's donated all the money to them. They on the New York Giants and that one of the tin children produced force gone, oh yeah. Generally. The names are named after donors billion really quick. That's why I love Rockefeller. IS university Chicago is Rockefeller school? Is he started it funded it on it?
They one's name anywhere near even put his name on anything. I love that Carnegie. On the other hand, a mother for companies are not a feller centre, Also, that was a piece of real estate. He owned. That came to be known as that there wasn't a philanthropic endeavour, like schools or medical share. Meaner than Rockefeller Senate did get named after ambiguous and he didn't do What movies did it and be it's a piece of real estate, so it was like a building he built. Name on. It still is name, but am I meant me she more like the and then having getting recognition that I see what you mean little bit seems like a bigger person, an umbrella suffering given to the population. I'm an Iranian asked for credit that seems more, who I wanna be ivory. You said some of the best friends are out of shape. Now you just said that too,
Rosa Eames definition of design, a one could scribe design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose. Oh I'm sorry oops, is for answer. There is another question design, an expression of our aid for answer, I would rather see as an expression of purpose it may, if it is good enough later be judged his art function beforehand, you chair, area sleek variously don't get a lot of use. Doesn't but its comfortable, it is gone. Thermometer doesn't go with anything either, so he had to commit to a form midcentury modern. I love your going modern yeah, which you are now I am no say in what direction any of us would you? Let me know
it doesn't seem like your style, I'm all about Comfor, I'm not a modern girls. You know, I needed to feel like a little tradition, the georgian little do dish to be funky. Alec wallpaper, color pops pattern excitement you, Samuel adds TVS, ah That's my main style is that his tvs everywhere I now I just gonna big debate and set about this. I was like. I don't understand, people who are like no tv in the family room? No tv, I'd, better, understand, here's the thing, don't turn it.
If you're issues I dont want my bedroom to be some day. I go there to sleep and I dont want to be entertained. Then don't turn it on, but maybe they don't want to feel tempted which I get in the bedroom, a gap in the family room what Elsie doing in there? I just don't turn it on. If your issue is your consuming to Miss Terry than what you really saying is that none of the willpower do not turn it on so maybe they don't keep it out. Your room. Are you I don't know you don't have the willpower you didn't have the willpower to not Drang, so you left alcohol, adding or how's. That seems fair. No, my all my house is loaded with now and not when you first got sober or no was goes with Brian. She drank ok, but you know it saying, I know you're the truth, but I'm already eighteen, I rise above if you're newly, so make stock your house with alcohol for, of course that sound advisable, but if you can't stay sober because alcohol is around you, that's not a good plan, because you're gonna be around alcohol, so the quicker you can give
You know, I'm saying that they know the elder. Secondly, to our original argument, which is its just increasing your chance for success, not say anything perfect, one way or the other, but If you're newly sober you might as well keep alcohol had a year reach for until you ve been relieved of the obsession yeah. Ok, what are twitters numbers he thinks around four hundred million active users. There are three hundred and thirty million monthly active users and a hundred and forty five in daily ACT of users on twitter com. Who was a most interim followers, Cristiano Ronaldo, is correct. Two hundred and six million Mothball it's so popular you just have no sense of it here. I now it so true. That's it like. How could you
more popular than Lebron James, oh my god, Lebizen imposing the coolest videos of him and his family doing Tik Tok videos are real and I watched one today for like ten minute real. I watched it over and over again because it was his whole family. I was looking at each individual person doing the whole thing an altogether or why he, I really informative, zero. Three, a belief. Ok, I look like a fool, a house and I think a cool place too. That's wills. Miss House look so fond new dances all the time they do songs their Christmas trees. Like forty feet, tall all looks like silver spoon. It's funny. When I was watching, I was attaching to an old emotion when I was young. I would always like want to be a part of everyone else's family right and are always looked so fine and sparkly in is so much free riding, and I would write stories and all the stories had to do with like a big family was brothers and sisters and a party here
Can I bragging give that compliment I received yesterday Henry one of Lincoln's classmates, whose seven ass I went to bed, perhaps you and him there he disarming the hallway and he said in his soul lucky that she has a dad, is cool issue boy did I put you re you're, my style, you loved. I was on a little pink club for the next hour were and as you should be a year, but can I tell you something I dont think you're gonna be the kind to not put your name. The bill of, as I just said he had not given. It has pretty good boy, all those who have an already build some buildings and I d amour decide come then I'd have to break it. Is to prove I was writing a new line, and then you would have one now some.
Tell you what I built so many hard things were kids privilege anytime. You remember how you see some great for kids. That was a public works. I I did that. Allow ajar! Thank you somewhat gate. We recognize with thinking it that I love you. I wish to warn everyone. We might miss a couple faction checks coming up, were really sorry. We might. We might be able to figure out a system, and maybe this isn't the case, but if so, no one got injured everyone's alive, just along travel, work, travel trip, correct, Our early warning love you baby.
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