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2018-10-15 | 🔗

Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer, Trainwreck, I Feel Pretty) is an American stand-up comedian, actress and Queen of all things. Amy sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss body confidence, how she met her husband and her general contentment with death. Amy talks about the ubiquitous fear women harbor and Dax is excited they both share the title of Class Clown. The two veer into a conversation about gender differences that left Dax feeling regretful after the recording. Monica and Dax discuss the aftermath and resolution of that moment during the fact check. 

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Mere low. Everybody welcome the arm. Chair expert will have a very exciting guest on today, very special lady, very special way, powerful lady, brilliant funny, hysterical Michelle Obama, no, it close Amy Humor Cell cloud very close, and she was kind enough to let us come to her apartment New York, while we were in town life shows which has a bearing nice thing for her to do very busy hungarian and she invited us in yeah. You never know you're gonna get when you invite us in your home? Now we could bring poop ban, we could Wabi Rob could be a serial killer, they don't know yeah, I don't know he's right now, TBD Alison listen on a serious. No, if you listen to this entire episode towards the end of this conversation, amy- and I have So my memory, a pretty tents exchange, and I don't really want to clear it up here, but
I really urge you, if you, if you do listen to the whole thing, stay tuned for the fact check. Cuz, I'm going to I'm going to report an update on how we handle that after the interview, so please enjoy the ever town today, Misha armchair. Export is brought to you by vital farms. I love these guys need tear, though the good guys are really nice, guys, yes and actually get in bed and business with bad guys. That is not the case here with vital farms. Now they have a really great ethic. Bizarre right morals. They have no doubt that good company ethics vital farms are pasture raised. Eggs and those are much better than cage free. There bull shit free Kay, free hand, spend their entire lives indoors pasture. His hands Rome around outside in over a hundred square. Sonny space and you can taste it in the eggs there?
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you know, as I was point up here, to just start off on making it about me. Please find the recurrent theme rob we make me a little louder. My love here, my love it can be allowed. So it is when I work as an it's, my voice, that taking the organ, absolutely obvious, our baby Mamma and without Alex closing where I live. A point in the garden- and I are just outside here- is where I scream MIKE but does not rocks harder. Why we move tear, I tell ya, we said it was right. There are, you sure, can you prove it? Will or take. I only remember because, as I pulled up here, I was like I haven't been here since that model So this is really triggering is really true for tuna fate. She lives around here
I'll. Tell her address raid on the era. We must honour and biology about it too good for two swords. What times when put her a black eye, nor a code to to get up the hours Alan. Didn't just tell the Durban. You have coke this. Don't nineteen is a big, ok, yeah. How would you explain the productivity? I mean right yeah. I think it's pretty self. This black, like its aggressive, can I just first say I think you look so q right it make us me. So. Finally, I woke up one. Secondly, that will that you can find about it as part of the EU, but I just really does smiling looking at you giving me a little beauty, is your very lunch, lady, so much yeah, there's! No. My idea makes this year I allowing can you can you describe my off and a little bit and my hair, for we want things to be easier as a shortcut to say, if you ve seen Joe Pisca,
your basically one of his outfits: oh yeah, you're, you're, sick, years younger than me. Are you old enough to remember when Joe Pisca went from comedian to Light Louvre crazy yeah? I do remember that I was heartbreaking. It's hard to length because I still enjoy seeing clips of him. You know yeah before he looked like he lost Conan the barbarian. It was interesting because I was there I was can because I'm also a boy- and I love muscles sure so part of me is You wanted to get an answer, the muscle fiscal doing in the nursery like I'd love to have guns like I know, but you know it's like honestly. This is the great inhere. Can I make this about me all really high, knowing your thank you when ice, someone like like Ben Stiller, how they're like Jack, I'm like? I don't need you to be Jack like that, is a waste of your time and energy. For my experience, like the forget about how he feels so any time I've thought about like, should I just really get it together
unlike new people, don't mean that for me, that's what I tell myself right, although you are wearing athletic dear. No, no I'm an athlete like strong, but I'm you know my. I don't try to lose weight, but can I suggest a double stand to you, because one time, labour, I bumped into a very famous comedian- and I had gotten in really good shape for this silly movie Christian. I did, and he said I like he's like broader, don't get in committee in some shape. But is that last year? No but interesting? I say that because I realized double standards, as black comedians can give me. I like showers, cottage act in these days of Fuckin Eddie Murphy was completely Riviere It was like a sex symbol and whose leather out suit pants, you sure right, he's parting orbit,
yeah and well smash. Adding the sirens can add atmosphere. I like you all sought must not hold, but isn't there is an interesting email that, like black deeds, are free to be cool income Indians and be satisfied. I think, like Chapelle, whose one of my really good friends does it need to be like strong, like The aim of you want to do it for his life, but as a performer, I'm, like decoupling, oil, spaghetti, none I wouldn't feel any differently. It's not additive, as we would certainly fully immediately judging people's bodies, especially good bodies, as we don't approve. I don't approve, was going away to a much deeper in this to talk about this but were here were here our here so follow the river. I got a case well get very fired up about something I see in the news. Now, it's I'd say it's it's rare cause. I try to not give a shit. I want to feel tat.
I do. I know I don't want to take on a bunch of weird stuff. Now I found myself irrationally irate when your movie came under. I feel pretty yes, when it was a I don't even know that. I understand they appreciate that. If, if I understand correctly, what I remember reading was like how dears the act like she's presenting someone who's marginalize for their figure or the Alex Chair. It was as that kind of the critique was that yeah yeah like she. How this is picture there were like she's was to be so ugly, admittedly Fetnah but the movie was issues like what Doesn't matter did was such an awesome thing again, if I understand correctly and was like you ultimately side how how attractive you are like India you may of this year when we see every day or via looking, who feel like us,
that way. We're your confuse its old Chris Rock joke right. Yeah, I remember, poses a very old one worries. Like I love black women going to a club to determine how big they are there like. I have some good policy in this area I'm going out and yes, you remember the whole thing this movie should it. I spend like about black women will know it. Should I just wanna call Avenue was the Ashworth has yet exactly that's what I was tying myself, but I thought this is such a step forward. That You are the lean and that's the message. I mean it bikini in one c and like dancing around and it wasn't. You don't worry that our for you guys, yes was like you, can have when a man like you can't fucking, when you did something very cool and in a message that I think you're, uniquely,
qualified to carry out here and it's your fuckin story, what they want you to tell someone else like tiny out. If you believe you distilled the message it was like dont tell your story: Why should we tell him yes I get it a little bit. Tell me how you get it a little bit. So I think that you know a lot depends on sort of what the culture is up for at that moment and I think a lot of people of woke Recently- and there lay a few minutes ago within ninety seconds, I wasn't right authority of the Dreams nights wedding, You sleep in oxygen chamber up there. Of course I know I kind of don't you see there at the house cuz. I just want you to project that it's like there's a bat cave back there just bare bedroom I am so. I think people are like well, we can
believe how underserved people of color have been and on screen and awe, and just that the lack of any sort of inclusive eighty, including body inclusiveness, this kind of this moment kind of head right when this movie was coming out where it should have been like, oh god, this is of empowering work, female story instead, it was like now the people who are get it. The worst are definitely women of color, no question truth. So why don't we showed this with and what is really underserved rather than this you know way check whose region humbly attractive area? So I get it if you look at it that way by whom you can't tell at now I could not be involved in a movie and I literally was even like I'm sorry like. I look forward to a time when our society gets gets to that point and I meant it, but, but I was like you suddenly, an equally qualified to do it, because I'm someone who people's battle
at a time on the internet, it sort of first like negotiating. I was attractive. I did a whole episode of my shoulder. Twelve angry man inciting monsieur? I wrote all thing: because I was like I don't want someone else be waiting. Insulted me, isn't that our great it was just powers. I e abbe you to it right here. Maybe you to it and also I've had like raiders rooms, village. Also, you know your teeth. Look like it I know my own. Actually, I'm totally insecurities you so anyway, you know I'm someone who, unlike I'm, not gonna, try I'm not going to strive for like this other person, like I'm just going to be this person I am and that, but but luckily the truth is that a lot of people did wind up, seeing it and it reached
out of a lot of people like men and women, and they ve been really vocal about it and with it it's been a nice feeling, but this sort of that's what made me realize before the Amber Institute Stats came out like I was like this Ninety nine percent white men are reviewing, may move, and I guess not for you, everyone seated there's some. There was a review on Fox NEWS were there, but I didn't see it as this is amazing in their defence. I reveal automobiles that way. Has outlined the trailer- oh, my God, yadda. If you ve seen it. That was the whole point Tina. It doesn't matter what Those are my real about in her hand exactly if it was saying like you could be a model and I I know a lot of models. Unfortunately, no, I know a lot of models and, unlike they feel worse about themselves and that as well the thing that I think no one's really acknowledging is that it's really a human condition to hand.
Look in the man or woman there's all I literally one. My best friends has been sexiest man alive in I sincerely I know hates how we look here is really it's such a waste. Now remember hearing polar Polar was unlike Leslie grosses show fashion fresh air Harry Harry Harry gladly Gore Al Gore's wisely gorge, She said that moment in high school. She was like X y describing the moment high school, where she goes. Ok, I'm not gonna, be my the first, what I put forward not be my beauty, a bad unsought mouse, and I was writing to realise early. Yet I remember the exact moment an eleventh grade warehouse six, three one. Forty terrible acne big knows permanently,
fires, dream transferred high schools, bad wardrobe, like he's gonna, have to do. Some mouse react to be funny now to learn a day ass. I now know, but when you're like Iraq, as some of my friends feeling very beautiful actresses, and they're. Like they chasing the clock. You now an online rang, it yeah that's pretty sweet, but then you know some people would hear this and be like fuck. You like your attractive. I you know, and I think the people who have wound up the women who have had the biggest problem with I feel pretty are women who, who feel like the world has totally definitively classified them, is unattractive, are overweight and they have a really tough time watch the movie I think like they, they ve been like no. No. This is not true in the way they would be like. I killed a look like the jar
yeah, where there is is, is valid as their point of view. He asked the part where they're still line in themselves is bullshit. If they look like you, they'd still feel, and I don't mind I now you dig, it doesn't work that way. You have I snap my fingers and I woke up, and I was Brad Pitt tomorrow within a week when my self Esteem deeps of Santa, be like oh Besides how does I thought you know, I'm sayin you. I can't find bad lighting like that. It's it's! It is an internal. The thing is much is yes, there are some very obvious like nor let me on a street or yes, yes, you know, and then you go well yeah. It is your turn every somebody's in a wheelchair. It's hard over somebody of color. You know what it's like. That's all true, but doesn't mean that this woman story shouldn't have been told. That's kind of my point: is you just you can tell every step, or even one movie Lang out an undeniable that there's worse conditions, but you know you could have set the Fuckin Movie and Nazi Germany yeah, which I pets
is it sucks because you know when you really try to go to your waited to dues work that you know you think will make people. Don't get laugh and then, when this nonsense gets in the way yeah, but I do I do trust the culture what people are sort of up for, and I do think they waited went to being up for that movie. Also think your hearing a tenth of a person women actuality like what you say that in my circle, in real life than ever hear a single person making this critique about your movie totally. Of course, I was reading headlines, but I really have to remind yourself like oh, I get to hear from everyone Yannick. The frame due to its become a story. You and that's a whole different thing. It's just that. You know it's not interesting, say how some people really like this movie, you gotta, oh there have been tweets and then they put they like They pose these pupils tweets in here like never I'd, aggregated from a re, CNN or somewhere, but on a meeting at the end of the day like or you can use, tell your son.
Ok, that's honest to you, I'm sorry! It's not yours right and also like. I do think that once we have with we have so much information now like we know that it overnight Five percent of all are hanging in museums by white men like during the year They just make it the best, but also anyway, Once you like see that once you're, like oh, my god and you realize how how undeserved people of color then, and women you know just where the qualities are so I'm in a position to be produced director. So it's like. Ok, let me try and do my part to to lift to other people up with me. So I do that you know so I'm I'm it's not for bragging for, like I just I, oh my god. This is so fucked up. Let me do what I can So I think once you see how how the little equality there as if you don't do something about it, then you're an asshole yeah
was there a moment in high school, did you have that moment, my school that the polar moment or my eleventh great moment, near the mine was much led her. You know, there's my parents for me. I was very gorgeous beyond like I. As a liberal, I mean how will you are a very good now I am now. I am the last Lego endlessly blast every angle, but by the way I just occurred to me you must be so fucking psycho. Even talking about your look, I'm not good, I'm not! I'm in the middle of press. Yours the document anything better but, like you know this the stuff I'm interested in how interested in confidence it, because if you don't feel good you, you can get as much down like a woman. You weren't comfortable yarn he'll during these clothes, like that, you don't want to participate as your self conscious about something. So I'm all about trying to get people to feel there, so that they can be as productive as they can now get in your Nyc tank,
bring it will you listen? I e tagged receive its very aggressive. I was as they get out of here. I wonder what you thought I was gonna come back they are observed, and this ban is very much, but I slept exactly I'm sure that usually good movie sleeper are now I'm not. I have it's always been hell. Can I just say we we would do a comedy. This completely opportunity went to Asia. A magician show last night, you for it in slept and called it. A combination of the most important part is that there was a couple behind us that were I say that asleep I mean I want we were almost like. Did someone carry these two people in the other three linking area, one other reap sounder, and here she has her in they were in rem, sleet, bright and another one to chess. In the woman. She stayed out called the whole performance which, by the way, we must have the magic routine, because
that's already. We must have the man we didn't side. Note she you won't believe this. She clapped generously. I know you know each by leaving. Now I fail- or in fact Rob took pictures of will show you a pitcher just to confirm this whole thing like like when everybody autos yes, yes, yes, yes, the husband he kept waiting. He would wake up like every six minutes for a minute like annoyed that either working wages like come to and then need watch for a minute. And then I ice shouted. He kept waking up. What are you doing for like a minute, then he'd fallback sleep in it won't turn mnemonic any such as poor. Guy has terrible insomnia. You ve been bad leaders clean, couldn't athletes, oh my god, but backed ice got. You were your parents, audio gorgeous, so as we enter. I remember what show I was watching.
US, namely that the guy was really. Oh sharp objects of Eurostat ok, so stupid, okay, so who are like watching and lastly, and it's like I really like it- I'm enjoy but is it is a little uneven, sometimes, and so guy in the scene, is like supposed to be like really mad, but Also folding Andrey was The guy was it the guy, the younger dude or Little younger he's not like is normally these relics. Fifty is on my young friend. Don't you think fit these young now they are now seven years. Always I'm hoping it young. I think it's a meal obsessed with my age. Are you at all now you're so mouthy may have Can you do with like my vanity? No, it has to do with, like, oh god, damn ok, the rights two thirds Oh god, I louder is paid us down
oh my god, I'm so tired. I anytime I built Am I die? I'm a cool. Now. Are you I'm good with everybody. Now, if there's turbulence on life, take her down. I really was that way as four years before the overheads. Yes, he has no less. So it's much differently. I remember before I had found work as an actor. There would be turbulence and I will go on his gray. I go down. My mom will be able to. Say like. Oh, he was just on my word. I hired a year, but there's a high likelihood that I'll make it to eighty member work on that that, while we accept our yes, yes, I was I really You all know that this will be easier. If this goes down, may I go, he would have made it I'm so sorry, I've heard loss. I just more think like you know, and it really starts happen, I'm forty! So maybe a few years away back, I want you like, oh god, ok of them have done the majority of them.
Shore up indefinitely. For me, a their yeah and times going much quicker is a shareholder as it does in ages. I dont like the elder, see that the end is wrong. Yeah. That makes total silence. I don't, I think, I'm the one with something wrong, yeah like act, but you noted, as I think I will sick parent, like my dad them ass, he's been in a wheelchair for a long time and like everyone like my sister I leaving joke around, unlike shall call in public You know like urges, but he does. Alive, he's very alive right and so you're, just a guy all of a sudden he just kind of couldn't walk, and so you never know- and this can have it so I've lived my life very much lake Ino. These Ngos bill gates was, like you know, look at your life, your work. Like if today you been the last day of my life, when I spend my answer most days, I could say that when the. Where would I want What makes you really live your life, yet you seem to be
Stan what I experienced the ground you. I think I told you the last time you how you like you in there now and ask about the seller to me, like I, like the life you ve curated MIKE, I knew I gotta leave. That is really your life, but I might get to you the girls on vacation now, you're, always my Mediterranean or have a water yeah. Actually, it's funny, I'm you and your sister yeah travel anytime, I can get her out she's to go anywhere for a hundred dollars, and now it's like Annie's up. No, your dad, though he got em ass. I guess you know yet it, but maybe it became apparent yes right around the time he went, Bang Bang brassiere so does not feel create. How can an overwhelming area is the bass? Nor is it would be a spurious correlation.
But don't seem linked. Desirous of that could have exacerbated. Now. I think you know my my mom and my dad like It's really tough to tell what was a complete lie, so you are like our we squatters, right yeah like there was I met my mom and I shared a bed like when I was. I was like a teenager, yeah sexually active, How is very nice to the guys, always very rules about, but, and so have to piece together? What's to its true must not mean also so they like placed the blame on of bankruptcy and what else? Am I right as freely as market with money right now, but I use them for Germany had actually very bizarre nature. His is coming who's got Louis of London and they were the only people to time importing furniture, baby furniture from ITALY.
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But but you you had grown up on the Upper EAST side right. I was born and Linux hell and then lived there just for a little bit and then we remove that's long island cause, my mama's, I'm taking you stop doing I cocaine every morning. Ok, sir, did dad do cocaine. I will help you oh good for him. He called a breakfast, give the forgotten I getting along. Oh good me too, tells me every time I see museum, music, you're, so lucky you're, the first kid I kept and he's not he's not evenly being funny me now he's just like your last says a reason I kept here. Oh my needs of enlargement might the two also loved a powder is knows. I am yeah. He really liked cocaine as I did. I think you either China, you didn't Now it is sailing guy dad's, I fear an animal. Such an act, like anything, are you. I was curious about that because you seem to drink and, of course anyone it during some always like what they can do it just fine. That's the kind of amazing to me.
Mine or do you have to let go now timely. Checking and I'm Languor Island drink at home. I don't like to go out really. Often because I'm thinking about that, I have to go home right. So I won't be home, swap hands an arm and a leg drink here, but when night or is a drink I'll have like I'll, take a glass of wine and then make mobility other and a line of unlike three glasses and smoke. Ah here and there ok, so it's like an and so like that will benefit from the next day. So I've had to seriously chill with drinking. To be as productive as I want to be, and so I'm pretty much I'm all. I'm all partner edibles now, oh really for ally about, is a temple. So a couple months we're in down. Did now has its. Have you gone like do you
more anxiety or how I love it. They allow the animals I take it. This company Lord Jones, oh yeah, yeah yeah, you know them and also it was recommended by my friend who uses Elect micro doses and instead of making pale hamburgers early, asthma and now you're. The cds was to be incredibly anxiety and there's someone like very little tac and a bunch of dvd. So I love it. Spend like our life danger for me, Aurelia. Let's wait, wait have you ever been on antidepressants? Oh no, I'm also, unlike super ok, I am. I am both micro dozing backgrounds, myself, the double a mega, those dosing, oh yeah. Now when you moved upstate what a dream: No, no. We moved along island. Now you moved up the awaited, ok, yeah I've got you have as well. Stay here: ok, long, island,
generally. If we were now, I I would have really done a bang up job algae, like really research, Yuck bath, I mean the so irritating obviously give up. My friends are really impressed at that time. Beyond my windows addressed all use, Dax is coming here. I think relax My husband is a really sweet. I only meant a one time, but I was very relieved when I madame because, even though I know you are you have your fucking head on your shoulders. Clearly, while no you didn't you very self aware how then I'm ozone levels it you also a human being re Ms Mckenna, one up. I want to get too because What I'm curious if we share in common, is as someone who decided my personalities going to lead the charge chair. I was endless Lee trying to get people who I am Greece is automatically grape and then I would get there
and instead of them boosting myself esteem. I would quickly decided over there a president, a hundred percent earlier, and I'm wondering if you was absent. That has absolutely been my pattern. Is crazy, yeah but also makes sense in it just put them on a pedestal like any. Like me, I can't believe you're, even looking discussing haggard in Asia. This outcome of a human being and I are banned and your leg ass wasn't like that. Like I thought it was wrong with you. You like me, I'm out we out from for me most clearly it's like when I recognise oh Jesus. I think they might even like me more than I like them. That's just blasphemy. They are there, some other in this beautiful echoes. Elton veneer of their a piece of shit right because they like me yeah and that's what part is also good for it, like just kind of look at somebody embryo
I like gloomier, who are you a man you're, not adding our her so Chris, my husband, to say he's not a huge win aura hasn't, but but but what was very relieved that you weren't would like boy toy. You know I'm saying over a law, I never. I slept with a couple boy toys that damn. I was like almost disgusted that they were I. How dare look at yourself Walter used are filling in like you're insecurities actually start juice. Can answer it rewards. Yet you like war. Why would this person like me and then you come up with all these reasons like? Oh, they want they like because of blind sure, and it's very easy here at all jam. It oh yeah yeah, but that's a different also between. I think, a lot of men that I now like powerful men detail daily. These young Czechs, who on shoes and there like
and you're like hey. She clearly is with you for that reason, and there like a but I'm getting something out of a to Lydia. I thought I was with someone who thought it could help them. I would be so sick, but but Chris man he is the best like he is the I have tested him like. I should be in June hell. He one day goes. Are you trying to break me in through it and he's he's my guy like he is like? Maybe seal bouquet, yeah, I'm sure you do that. Carry in the boat on this with balanced yeah he's even pushups. Really weird paradox, which may be you to suffer from wages on morbidly, insecure and then crazy cocky in a relationship like I, there is no point we're out like bow. Oh she's gonna leave everything I'm way once you get to know me, I feel
you're in overtly heart, getting over this isn't now we're life has been ruined. I'm embarrassed to admit that I do. I guess I bought it, I'm nervous to give. Someone, but if, if I'm with somebody, I'm not nerve, I think that that that's also well. For me, it's I feel very confident in who I So once you really get to know me, it makes sense that you would fall in love with me up but based like you know, I'm not the one who at a bar anyone's ever been link. Excuse me, I saw you sitting over here so so that initial. I don't I don't. I didn't trust that initial attraction. It was just like what but yeah, but I did trusted with Chris. I was like yeah just like? I could we're friends first now, so we knew each other. So when we, how did you come to be friends?
one of you is our feelings working. He receives ISA sheriff. You know what I was looking for. My family. We were all Marthas Vineyard oil like the and his sister were very bad power, dynamic new as it was hot and without once it happened, but I mean there were six months that we were like and I thought she was so beautiful. And that he was such like a chef from this vineyard he's like amazing. You know like real chef. You know that I was like this guy has just like, pussy is getting just slung at him damned and is one of those profession elsewhere, feel gigantic fantasy or gales its SEC and but now, but it's a kind of answer it just gets better because now I should like very practical that I'll be like,
want this exact thing. Like I had growing up. I won't believe Wellington and obey Good Alaska deserve yeah yeah, I'm like potato live goes he's like it's too am unlike excuse. Me suggests Russia, China, Sir no connection, but yeah, so he was for my family and it was a very and all I thought he was so like attractive that I went really out of my way to make sure he knew. I was in farming, then. You know I'd be like I haven't like shit and three Is there something I really likes? You stop the edges. Hidden them with the hardness, and then it was justly this one day and we kind of were both. It was my best friends, fortieth birthday and he was cooking for and why it was almost like we throw party together. You know not even on purpose, but it was like. Oh, this is how we would function as a team. Oh yeah, I saw tat, it was like you know: decisions use food as drinks had ever like hosting and then yeah like the next day,
like I weirdly imagine. You would have to make the first move yeah. That's now I've been out now it was high all. While what did it was highly? I would love to talk about it. Yeah I've always made the first move. You know, even I think, a lot of guys. I've been friends at their like you're, not like a sexual person to me now and then I make, but I can be watch this move numbs away they just like. Can you come in here? My pants? me I put my parents are often, which is terribly that's a really good ass. I was I was walking back to like give my dog about. But not a euphemism and see my holding a bone, and he came by me anyway, his arms around my waist any kissed my neck, like came up and I was egg.
Yeah and it must be used Google has then from there. We do. We want a lot of day to get to know each other and then eventually I was comfortable, not met that may we have large, You think you you do. You remember sending a very clear signal that evening that was like I'm open for a rear, entering our and now I was still like, I'm not sure, ah, but really like yeah you we had actually like and I made a decision to not right cause. I I asked you wanna fuck up a good source of food. You had trail really priorities defined. I wanna fuck, I think he'd be good and bad, but a lot of people can very many will guide or pancake consumption. No, I I had ass. His sister in law is like hey. I think I'm going through your brother. If that is a real bummer, do you I can totally not pursue it and she, I think, was proud, they still. Even I said that afraid for her job social
gave me his number and I immediately call and so she didn't even talked him any answer. The phone. By going to think that is a good idea and I go like maybe I'm telling you about the recipe for whose sand air again sent out, but I was like me, are you ok,. The reality is hell, galaxies be friendly, no one ever out time and other guys in front of him, and then you don't. I wonder, I'm talking because so much year, material has been sexual yeah, it's so great, a lobby she and I went out Aslan, isn't slung around anymore. I wonder because I did this one time to Sarah Silver men in I consider her a friend in even as a friend I felt weird when I walked away like she was had been and stern, and I forget what sexual thing she said: hey Butt, I ran into her and I went directly into like oh, my god. I've learned lengthening, alas, sacks rights and I would a man
in that because you talk about sex so much in your comfortable with it for a guy, its unique share to hear a woman talk about right, openly candidly that I have one now, but you know it's still here and I would imagine that invites a lot of honour on sex talk with guy, yes, he doesn't it. Does it now, that's good to hear ye. I think people can tell Lake and also you I think you can tell somebody's bringing I have two further wrong reason. You know, but I have like my friends and I can totally talk about sex with and it's not but legs, rangers. Do like strange dude. I feel now are entitled to date. They are that's a fear as well. That has not been the case at all, because I disagree.
As I thought I was going to be, that way to go, but I think they can tell like you know if you're at all intelligence, you could tell Lake did that's me time and on siege and then but people will feel the people cross boundaries of me, but just with being too comfortable or like going to immediately give me a hug or something or territory, but not in no sort of sexual. You know I'm actually know what really thinking about turning my feelings, walkin around. I respect you as a comedian. Now Everything has been the case again. I carry runs a lot. I I've been definitely felt weird about that thing. I said the squire I've done a few times or I've said weird shit But Sarah also like this, you know she's one of my favorites and I love her but she has the capacity that she can make. You feel uncomfortable. She wants, to others one other thing. I was curious. One there's about a hundred other things, but one thing I want to talk about is so you.
Class clown? I was class clown. I like that. We share that builds on beer Xilai. New do feel connected. Someone at you really do, because it is a very specific Roy. You take a flat better, Voters slouch especially like your superlative was class. Clamp Miata, like it doesn't say funny as it says clown. Fucking? U knocking client and I probably went years being a fucking clown. I'd be Mochos accurately describes. I really know how honed might comedic skills where I worked as a fucking disturbance in the closing our eyes and teachers worst nightmare. I ask they didn't have that this thing in my mark election, but but I'm sure I would have gotten yeah. Oh, oh, this is a really fun. Isabel knew you somehow, when you were young Christian, yes right, usually dated my manner and cabin Kevin. Ok, we're both over your last night. We were only one, only they fiance, so ever younger boys of five or six years. Younger sister Kate was one of my best
hence in college, and we continue to be best friends now and it's so funny, because I remembered and was like they were dating and it was kind of like so Kate and I were barely friends. Freshman year of college and a thousand in Baltimore and and Kate was like everyone's Unlike what do you do like? She was at my friend through another friend who is just can like high and they were like training for spring break and provide we're going to Mexico linked to some damn sharing and then they will. It won't cates going to allay Anna. I was there Oh really. I've never been alive, and I like went to her nose like hey, I heard you're gonna refreshment rate. Can I come with you? We weren't even friends she was like about. Like I don't know you and as they go can cooperate. I am coming, and so we weren't we stayed on cabin door. It was like a big time. First sunset, you know like boy was like
Sky bar orange were like it was hot doubloons. You know we're going in these places and we were so ugly and somehow we just had no visit their Anita, and I M glad you habit. Corny experience, glad only solvents VON, I think in every bar like there is like that, would resolve it's funny Trocadero like the eighteen. Shut up looking, and I can't hear you Did you love him? I loved her men. Oh yeah, you're serious unusual about the red hair from young lady, called Hull House call poured out of order. I was in love with heavier also was a baby to a matter of vehicle. Hauser was also pretty cute. No call Hauser like I there's not a whole that you wouldn't have been very we welcome and sure, but I think at the time like I registered like selling more, is like a stabler than a woman like annulling who's. This, like bar backtalk, less so
if we stayed on her brothers blog? You lived like near the man's chinese theater and he was a piano man shall arise right. We just like you know, Jack in the box and we became really get founded because it was Christian Arisen was not a rare, I think they were like. Maybe she was out. Hundreds of him but are shooting Veronica Mars. Hardly I go and yes, it was a cabin stating this check whose about to be really famous beyond the generally vehemence. And then we we ran into each other at Bonn. Honourable was I am mushrooms. I don't know. I know I had such a good time. We saw TAT. I was running all around my laughing. I generally he anything with.
How shall I it seems like the word like interacting shallow, sounds terrible I'll, but we had to go to Bonn or rude, promote, remove use in a movie then and was fucking. Also men are the best time because it citizen a green feel, and we have those artists passes where, like we got to pretend like we were musician, yeah NGO kind of wherever most shows you could go like onstage based we saw foster the people. When they had that break out here, and this is about, buildings with nothing about them. Christen like love, artist shoot what's wrong, Lara Sarawak. It rightly ass. She addressed me that we went saw her legs LE pen, You're just reminded me, like you know, like you, know, interrelationship relationship. It's like nothing's hundred hundred percent success between you is compromise along the way you are all so
Even bond arose like I sat through three or four fiddler any just reminded me. I have no, unlike my move in that situations like you, want to some. During way, I just want to go. Get a trail of Germany will move the car. Argentina Zebra, spa tractor trailers is or has been a lot of time why in aligning mean giving up their realize. I didn't need not, or that I know that that will be all those already holding a tray of snakes. I like- and I find this also kind of rare, to hang out with a couple and have it be fun seemed weird and you guys were so We were having a really good desert could double you're funny. I thought your dynamic was really funny stay to arm chair experts, we are brought to you by so knows. Man do I love so as soon as beam is here to smart, compact,
on bar for your tv, I have one now in the bedroom. Emma guess: bedroom have one amendment as well. Isn't it awesome so now when they sit yours up, the guy use a phone to like set where the sound bow yeah yeah. He dad you can. If you want, have someone come to your house and set it up for you yet and then when you're in bed, even though the sombre is one unit frontier tv, it sounds like surrounds on all around I ass. It surely did make the sound of the tv about two thousand percent better in our room, yeah Mitya. We note I like about the most is now you can his airplane. So in the morning I like to get the girls up some music this morning with us in a MAC Miller, started in living room on the sono send mare it's over the wifi. You put speakers anywhere, you want ray and then Bell got up. I went into my bedroom to do my morning stuff,
pop did unsound bar in there and I serves listen. New Y got ready and I my day was forty two percent better because of it I believe it gotta. Amazon Alexa, built right in. I cannot recommend it enough. If you're in the market for great sound inconvenience, dishonest beam, new, really deliver in real life concerned. I brain. We know comedians yeah, it's very interesting. I almost backed it more like mass. Like I'm not do I don't do anything extra when I go do something that those kind of how I am twenty four seven rights, but some folks are just like most morbid and then they can stage in their spectacular. I'm also morbid, I mean actually like containers in your timeshare. He wrote I was melancholy and I didn't know that about myself and I was like a million How did you really get added a dimension to you like some depth yeah? But everything
If I didn't know I had I was like I thought I was like a happy go lucky via, but no, but I think that's also what pubic up on in others like an underlying like oh yeah, morass thing but like I want, have fun and laugh all the time yeah, but but you know I don't know a year's comes or mine comes from a combination of like middle child, relieving tensions, chaotic fuckin child. Parents and violence and all this stuff, not learning prone to being funny. You also like the artist funny right. Yes, you have to be minimally witty. I suppose your brain us or kind of quickly yeah yeah, there's a prior biochemical element yeah, but then I ll not all about, I mean yes same, had a horrible child yeah yeah totally, but we are, but also you have to lake. Had that thing, the pupil I wanna watch you, but I would I don't subscribe, to which I feel like some comedian, some friends. What do I do that is an engine. Oh now, you know like have you have you can
fronted, dead that and gone like oh yeah. I get it. This is where it comes from and I dont know doesn't need to be a part of the process. For me yeah No, I don't. I only think about it when someone like asks, when did you know you're funny nose like do Have a routine like a checklist that keeps yourself esteem. High is pretty sure it's like a literally smile at myself in the mirror. You do, unlike laugh yeah I was, I was sick, either is throwing up and we have these like automatic fancy, toilets and like just kept closing on my head, and I was just like this- is exactly what you deserve like. I was just saying. This is a great moment for you the best or gave us the speaking time. Disarranged your miles a right away. I screwed up my legs Yeats, like look in the mirror and literally smiling at yourself at Lake Yachting. Like you got, this badge do exercise yeah yeah,
Do you find in my gun, while they're fucking, intimidating shit, yeah I do I my first. I want to say in this Nike singular was to go like this dark. I definitely need to incorporate steroids. Since my daily, I fully of my mouth guard out. I did one time sit at like the MTV movie awards. Twelve years ago I sat next to Serena Williams and genuinely foul. None of emasculated like her fucking arms were so much stronger than mine was so visible. I find myself moving away from you, whether when it when it could have been us in a two shot like this. Is gonna ruin the five girls who, like me, are gonna going whose scrawny logo next the serene. I would say that the final result of almost a pretty attractive, Do the whole man out ye? I love that because an easy it is, it is more rare, I think you probably know, but when I really respect her husband,
do, because, when you're with such a powerful and strong it, it's tough for a lot of men to build. What's my role here, you are be so much because that was a thing I just wanted to talk last to you about is that I, who has my own recognize ability sheriff. I walk outside and I want to. I could get a little fluff from some. Only buy you a gainer, eight, yes, resentment rank whatever. I also make good money. So I do way better than I ever dreamt. I could have ever ever gotten, but my wife makes more money than me church, more money than all of us, and I have two legs admit that was a real, process warming. I have. I can't escape this thing. Words like now: I'm the man I'm supposed to be early, I'm really be the broader. You deal it ass. It were, I think, having kids really help because I went from like oh people know legacy
embarrassing. Like oh people know she makes more money than me, they're, probably saying like like it. What sake minded we live in a pretty modest out, but let us say someone came into our big houses. We don't have my muff. I was ordering of if you had a big house. Yes, in a world where we had a big, impressive, Jose people would come and go Oh, she bought this house in the house or my flay made aggressively tell her. Oh, my God, Kristen Vigour, yeah. They probably will I'm happy we'll do that always protected. Even my modest house, Michael Paine, you came over here. We are about to do chips and he's like oh man. I love this house like any said something like decreased in blank, and I immediately went dead. I bought this house. She added into my house like I get to see that is those living in fuckin squalor, but I did it. I guess I got,
really defensive, might no no I'll about in this house. Long before I met yeah whatever that, but it also like that's like a kind of mean that I'm sorry I didn't mean it no and by the way, if I'm him, that makes the most sensor she's in frozen. I'm not, I think, is like This is something else really comforts mean, keeps my confidence, a good places that everyone is so just thinking about themselves. They would all it would really reflect. Is their honour on staff ran right in the end, as I get, how dare you I've never thought that you have never. You ve never been to our modest house either, but I wait. I log into stunningly average plays European Grendel Lang having kids I had. I think I was like oh about you, you have to kids, are going to benefit from the fact that your wife's, a huge honour and also your terror.
Bite of being broke. You think about it, nonstop, no matter how much money you get. This is a huge blessing. Are you gonna spend your whole life having lived in embarrassment of being best desire, wide energy, grateful and soak Ino happy your partner can alleviate The strategy- oh yeah is that something that you can like be proactively helpful with you, and then you have the added thing of like when you guys go out neurons- are all aiming oh yeah. Yeah MIKE was right designers, then yeah I will. The way I combat it is are all lino with like we have some nice I fear I can pick something up and I'll be like. Do you like this crisis? I bought this. You know Avenue pushes knows in the Algarve, yeah. How go like isn't how near and the kind of push his head into the sea and I bought this Udall
Temperature near wanting you buy it than I bought this tender, but here in this room is mine are usually more evening bride. You agreed there. Is such an asset to this family, like I am garbage like I feel like I'm like loud What do I want? Am I doing what am I bringing? I mean? It's gets really funny it's late, but it just like balances out because I'm like an invalid, but it's very hard for the male ego non hard for him, but something's, obviously wrong yeah. He it's been hard for everyone else, I've ever dated. I can only imagine because again I do my own thing- and I still it was Diana warm married. Its aim like were dating like it was. It was very hard for me and I feel my elderly self. Actually I was incredibly difficult, yeah and if you ask crass I'll, give you like some whimsical answer like he'd, be like
I feel like. I'm really proud of her were actually has a higher voice at ideas like Michael Jackson, he's not like, I am grabbed is very proud of her. She worked so hard and you know what he really like means. What he's as yeah, and I'm just like you shut the fuck up effortlessly being a good view, so everywhere Alan's birthday party. Do you get triggered at those things like hell? Yeah, yeah railways. In me, I can't go anywhere yeah you! Twenty is going going to any of those events. I go all went one's gonna, be thinking is how to Dax get into this thing like what was there a clerical air raids? Agora? No! No! It's the same that. Luckily, I am aware the pattern, but I go like no everyone's going to wonder why I'm even there and then home. Here's the thing about my ego. I go from self loathing too many. Yeah. Then I might even I got killed. He has already do I leave and a whole everyone lazy Obese. It says
Agnes. I never in the the approach. It's all. I'm, like everyone's gonna be really happy on their fundamental. Even they're gonna be mad. I left open, that's usually how it is, I believe, a yet people feel a very similar really triggered by it like that. I can be pretty withholding does. I want to go home. My whole life, my friends, a big o aims. Your mom gonna come pick you up and unlike yeah cause, I only want to stay out of five in the morning. I want to go home, but it is like you power we were with couple we hadn't really hung out with does weeding out. We are now examining like where we had dinner and I'll be like we don't do that. Look. I don't want the Africa if you want to come over and eat on the couch than great that's kind of our move to dislike the couches there. It's ready for you will all be there anyways exactly. You know where to find me, but the it was like I would get up and go like Google Exmoor Potter scenario,
bathroom unmistakably like. Where are you going like? You never knew just get up. You never say where you're going and I was like ok No, that is gonna day. That's where no that's crazy area. I was like I'm going to the bathroom and then, like you know, we would hang out them started being like I'm go, I'm getting up to go! I'm not coming here and I'm he'll never seem I'm going to p. I also have not ruled that I might shit. Yes, I feel. Do you want me to address you in eternal had violated by upgraded from over one? Do it so I do three. But what are you going to do next? I guess my coach or like many what what man? Even if you know but D, do like I feel pretty I feel like was a movie. You obviously should have made. Thank you, yeah, yeah illegal that you did that gives you could have the so many well worn blueprints for what you should do in you did something that obviously specifically you're, like all I needed this. How does it yeah? I got the conversation that Europe and by the way,
because I'm obsessed with self esteem- and it's really people need to note you make a decision it's in your head is general, never get a compliment that makes you feel good. Proudly ever gonna happen from the outside. It so being honest. Your legs, I think, as even some of my best friends really struggle with it and you're, just like just like stop wasting your time. If I looked like you, I would have aids you look just like Sawpit lie would truly not want to be an ounce more attractive. That's the truth, not an ounce. Even at this level, it's like I couldn't where no make up on the subway Mckenna. Hide I dont mean is a famous person. I mean is a woman. Right right, like cry, can pretty much. I mean they're still like the real warrior men out there now still find a way to lake checking. Your ass, Yad, like I look homeless easier. Is that, like you know, being a woman sucks, it is very difficult and there is something else. If all realised is like that. We're like sexually all the time. Everyone you now
It seems crazy, so only I feel really bad for these girls who are so high because guys can't handle it. You can't conversation, everything's, gonna, skew, sexual and and you're gonna be treated differently and honestly, like I surely for really bad for them, but then there's also like women, who feel so unattractive that people, just there just invisible and that it needs one or the other, no sweet spot for right yeah. So it just it just sucks anyway, but I really wooden yeah. I would not change the second thing I was telling these guys just so, there is some one in my orbit. Currently, that does seem to be in love with me and for the one of the first times and I maybe you're lying law says here again I am invisible he's living in tat. This person seems to be in love with me in. I have not had this experience often works like I finally know what it's like to be a woman in that like any, Let's see I use it's like AL all all like I,
I use a hare shampoo that has a fragrance all the servants like. Oh, your hair smells like like a now. We gotta talk about how my hair was in every day it some little like a cracked little things and they really gets. It gets so tedious, like I'm just waiting for it to come like what will it be today? The only thing, that's something that you're feeling like I know- and I actually have a ton of sympathy for he now at its forget about that. Like teaches that just sucks and I feel really grows, and sometimes it's like a doctor now the king. Just you a little bit much below an appropriate like a couple unnecessary touches, or you know it's these things, and so now it feels like it's up to each person want to happen. I have to say that that makes me really uncomfortable, fills. That's hardly area is really hard to do, but the thing that's making me do it now is what we realise this year, which is unlikely to be the last check. The comes in here. Maybe what I'm doing will help
next summer, one last confidence or yeah, but all he had because, like forget about being uncomfortable, like Women, like were scared. Women are most Are you scared of violence, because one in six women reports being sexually assaulted, but really it's one in three women. So we're not even like. Is this happen. We're just like when wait a re run of light from New York. If I did so only women we run home at night. You now annual I'll Johnny, you didn't know, don't give a fuck up now. We're already raised Geller Health seriously, like whether we put like the keys the key and between like our two fingers and are not go like we're gonna be, Do something with that again always thought someone just found their car like altogether key. I know, but we live in constant fear of violets honestly and in just a few, We have all day walking past passively sitting on a bad, serious, bracing yourself, and I think that something men don't really
Stan and or on a level do not on the level but guys to are also very afraid of violence in their walking around waiting period, a fuck. What that will they found? The men are mostly afraid of ridicule. Like study showed that that's their like the way we fear violence, they fear ridicule, oh really, yeah, which I think is really funny because like to sympathize with man like coming on the town, so hardly do you run home over eighty of your actions, somebody in Europe with your and my high school there's, ten bad asses in all the deeds are terrified of them. Every time you walk by them in the hallway of Ngos is gonna be the day they fucking shove. My head and do a locker so its aims, and that merely as a ban and you're not gonna get raped like usually right. You know, I'm we're almost death laws and was right MA am so oh good yeah. I actually knew that yeah. I wonder why we're at its well that's my little pet peeve. Is that, like we're all victims of all this darkness, now there
definitely degrees of it. It's so much worse for women, it is yeah yeah, but also I'm so sorry that happened to you. It is so much worse for women as a whole. It is it is it is. It is now it's never find we're. Just the other day that member I was like, I went on IRAN and all the whole time run and like it's just constantly looking in protecting yourself another you mentioned, do that from now on alone. Now, maybe do you know and then I realized that we do our doing yards. It's like a lot of scenarios where you wouldn't even think about it. Yeah like we're terrified, yeah the example that we heard on a podcast sick, fellow as references which is so true, is like. If your and you get on an elevator every time you get on an elevated there's, someone in the elevator generally, that is about twice or size, is why here think rainbows has. In fact, in a year
yeah just knowing that you could be overpowered by somebody? Next to you is this thing I need feeling the air women than men: don't have effects and heads, but it's called into just like you know, for people to acknowledge that yeah, that's part of our everyday experience yeah and I look forward to what you make next cause you're, obviously gonna. Making shine. I made a clothing line or you do yeah waits it's. It's called Macleod LISA Evans who has worked with us. I think you and deafening her son, forgetting our Marshall. It's out it can't be here because of the size. Twenty five, you know it's like, I think, seventy it's like seventy buxter like too hundreds for like a coat, so it see now it's not like towards all that up Day where data data eyes like forever pieces that you will have its color yeah. I'm really excited a really good about. I think it'll it'll give women just make them feel more empowered, uncomfortable to lick, achieve
we now have it all in your closet. You get to our shit that you may increasingly new pact to go somewhere. You're like like a pact that stuff, That's when I know something's real yards awesome and how long to take to design a line. Did LISA Evans, the ass? She we do that all movies together, like shit in my stylus for years, and she really changed how I felt about myself. She do yeah because in fittings you go in and you know that the Costume Department like baby like they make you think her body was bad and wrong here. If something then look at the way, the closer, maybe like she was like she's. Only seen one person think those mannequin shoulders like rose, burn, like the one woman alive that has like those mannequin. So it's like nothing Fitzroy these come. It is trying gas and then you have to link like China, Taylor stuff. A little bit beyond can go. You know, and she shops for me from like forever twenty one in each name, and it doesn't have to be like some red already. So I just
wanted to give other people. Would she gave me away our being able to feel good and clothes and so, like your worth it to feel good Anna and that you can look good I feel that I love Amy. I really am. I really am grateful that you would let us come to your house and make timelines visiting me. I love you and now my favorite part of the show the back check with my soul, mate Monica Admin, hey, so we laughed Amy's apartment and we took a long walk. We walked a thirty rock afterwards and I felt really shitty fer a cup. The blocks and I was really like wrestling with the idea of like what did I do wrong in that conversation. I know I did something wrong and it took me a couple blocs, but then I admitted do you and rob what I thought I had done
yeah and the conclusion I came to is that by me kind of hijacking. I guess for lack of a better word with my experience with men in that we're all threatened by man, and it applies to all of us in this and that In my own experience, I was doing what occurred to me as I was doing exactly what the people who were a part of the all lives matter. Movement were guilty of and if you in Africa or that you know black lives matter, is a movement and then some people in response. No all lives matter and then appropriately black folks said. You know what it's a fucking given that white lives and it was evident on the front page of every newspaper. We know that of white person dies it matters yeah. What's not obvious. Is that our lives matter too so just shut up, and I very much agree with that.
As such there and I realized I was kind of doing all lives matters by my point of view by talking about the plight of man. Yet in response to the plight of women, yeah yeah yeah yeah, I mean I was thinking about as the plight of humans, but yes, you're dead right, and so I felt gonna crummy for a couple days, but and we got back into town, and I got this tax from Amy and I'm gonna read it to you with her permission, she asked that I include this part too, so I felt crappy and then I get this tax. It says any child. I realise that when you told me you had been molested, I minimized your pain and I am so sorry. She then goes into what happened to her personally, that I don't think I should read out loud, but she said I didn't leave the room.
For you and that's not cool, I'm. So sorry that happened you. This is a moment where we have some movement and eyes. Opening about the female experience in my instinct is to shut it down when a guy says me too, but it's really unfair I'm really sorry- and I told her- I think, Sexy thing some again do as apologize, and I was just really blown away that she would have done that and that she felt bad to you, and I am addressing. Did you tell her yeah die then responded with everything I just said, which I realized. I was doing all lives matter thing and she said, I'm glad worth talking about this and that we may know didn't just walk away and leave it at that, and I said, are you not planning on sharing my side of it? She said. Well, please share my sight of it too. So anyway, now that all got more down, and I think it's relieve fantastic, that she was open minded there
my apology and am I I wasn't even upset with her so tat. I was very impressed that you came to that conclusion on our walk. I I didn't No, and not enough. I think most people are not thinking about it enough to come to a different conclusion and I was proteome. Thank you. I felt crappy weary crappy bit. What comes after that is evolution. Those good deal you I gotta, stop doing that. Basically, I realize yeah, but it is also identifying what you're doing, because you, when you're doing at the moment. You don't think you're doing that you do think you're, just speaking for humanity as a whole.
Many now. I know what I was about to deal with, but also it feels counter intuitive that that would ever been detrimental to another group, but it is weird way. Well, I think I do I try to relate to people to a full. You know sometimes I think you wanna be another group, no army and all the groups that are hard. I wanna relate to everybody and they want the person do feel. Like I'm. I know what they're saying I got really understand what they're saying, but you know that this is my own Meda, overcome on some level. Some of its good, its while about eighty percent is good in singling wonderful twenty percent is to be yeah, that's right now. There is also a way to where, where you'd do share your experience in do you say that you have empathy for a while. So recognising all net.
Really know when your experience, is specifically that that's ok, too, you can sell, relay and recognise that be out there going through something completely different. You and I was proud of you thank you are. I know, there's gonna be awkward transition, but I want to do it because someone suggested a fantastic fact: checks on put it down and where and when someone you know when they come up with a good one. I want to deliver. Let's hear it do math fact: shaggy man, man, sir, I can and another rest the words, but yeah I like the requests yeah, you know, that's all aware, masses and sue you getting better. Looking at me, while I swear I didn't, I was think yeah I didn't know those were the war
the real words are. I wear my son Ray. I didn't know those were the real work of a you'd recognise the melody yeah, how wonderful sticky melody you did, what kind of facts that we get into Oh well, I wanted to say that you alluded in. The South Myers fact check to Mama rose intimidated by somebody in that was her. Oh right, right right. That was this episode, and this woman yeah yeah, I wasn't variant use of force- Nature yeah. I was trying to dissect later. Why also, sometimes I'm just. Why are we thinking all the time can't we just leave and not think about it. You just do the ANG and then do the next day yeah. I like it that the the next two blocks after her house, I missed everything I his eye,
thinking about- was like how I should the bed on that conversation you're thinking about that your intimidated by our thank God. Why rob had his fucking eyes opened as we saw John Oliver honest. My own, which are we web pointed out yeah. I guess finally we would have only one. Nine is bad he's like he's Livin, Uncloud, nine. He feels great after we leave all these things because even earlier he doesn't fuck up. Like you know, maybe neither do you neither do I mean I wish you had said that not me, because I believe that no human, fuck. I guess I do and will you did say, dear old, I did, the weather was reliance on the new media we're gonna know something you do. This would have been keeping to myself and then I don't think
Anyone has noticed bit, you say it maybe doing some purpose. You say attic, though, that were in and at it yeah yeah, I believe, is attic sounds like you say, is so good that, with a very clear tee IRAN in the attic yeah yeah, that's a shell silver steam book of poems attic attic. I think. Maybe it's because you say the word abject a law it makes not will now that you're saying it makes total sense. Why? Every time I spell it out, you gets auto corrected, I'm probably adding to me. Your tea or a successor anyway, didn't mean to transfer.
My foe pie, you, I said dear old, and it's really embarrassing showed great wizard twice, which is my dear old. It doesn't seem like a sterile phelan, really really got you it's hard for me to say: Darrell Hammond you're you're like Euro Hetty yourself. They need the dm. That's me in TED dances on protein from air. I can do on our own. There are ham and yeah. That's really had the air of resources, I think you say in their old and you got no say in their use did sound absurd lay, I would ever be saying Gerald Hamon Rye is no one called there? You know why? Because it when I say I want to say Darrell HAM, men bright eyes what I've Earl Hammond yeah is anyway. Yes, I was intimidated by her because she
She is not concerned this, but she is not concerned a bow. Being nice should unpeopled pleaser. I think she might be. She just does it in a different way, and which is interesting though, because you you hey people that are nice hey. I know everyone knows you knows this, you hey people, airlines, I don't hear people that are nice, but one I don't believe in nice, like I don't think that's a real quality that people have and it's definitely not something. I'm like looking for a person like if someone like you should you should meet this person there so nicely. I don't care about that, but I don't need people to be nice heard of me
I wanted to make. I did the I felt so in secure that's what a life without really and secure there. We go yeah made me feel unsafe and I wanted her to being lies. Yeah, influential. By the way she was so nice links it was very kind scones out for Alice yeah because she just mainly in secure cause she's, so I'm really glad you're gone there. I want a force you to get. There were really proud of. You brought a you know what I know. Every nit picking her she'd have make you and secure you. Or insecure yeah yeah, I didn't see made me you dated four you're gonna regret. This narrative is his shoe weakens the king made me feel secures, knew what I said
So does you didn't do anything? Why that's where I disagree with you know she didn't make. You feel insecure. You felt in secure. She can't make you yeah anyway, Morton Sap, no first of all the first about she didn't do anything to make me feel insecure or small or anything, but I felt insecure in her presence. However, I do not think we, your general mantra about that is true. I think there are things people can do to you. That our pointed that are meant to make? You feel small and insecurity whatever it is. She did not write you that people can do that. They can say something that is mean or offensive or cutting. If you're a megalomaniac, you won't feel anything. You can only feel that way. If you have that insecurity, so there quite a relevant unequal. Yet as I do, I do
I disagree with you because she's anybody could say to me you're too short. It would never ever have an effect on me because I am I dont have a fear of that. That, to me is not a good example because So I think anyone would say to you to make you feel bad about yourself. I'm they give a real life example there there is. There is if someone is talking to me with intent, to hurt my feet finds its going. To now give you out, I can. I can debunk this in a second. It's all about that person status to the few. Her walking down the street in a guy, a homeless, Duna sleeping bag with be huge boil on his forehead says you you're ugly. You're, not gonna, feel ass. I would ok. Yes, I would. I understand that you
might not have that same reaction, but I would I wouldn't let it like a ruined my life for would probably thinking about it all for we But the point is: if the reaction you have to something is yours: you have to own there and you can control that there are ways that you can control that you can become impervious to those things. If you have two two hundred percent self esteem, there isn't something that someone could say to you that would make you feel bad about, self. You just you'd love yourself and you feel good about yourself in. You would recognise immediately or that's that person's thing. That person feels. Also there trying to make me feel small so that they feel big and you'd, see it for exactly what it was in you'd feel no way they can it make you feel that way. You can still recognize it. That's what's happening and still feel that thing
they are trying to make. You feel I dont and by the way no one has a hundred percent self esteem. No one on planet earth. Do you write, but but but if you can imagine the scenario where someone does you then can work backwards and go like? Oh, it's really, my. If it's really my thing now, I agree with you. People can say mean things are objectively mean or their aversion. They ve trying to make me feel like shit, but again someone, that's really feeling great about themselves, could see that that thing that they just said was in about you is about them and it will in a war. If you can really know that in a moment, I can't do that all time, but sometimes I can see all that person's really unsecured. They said that to me to try to elevate them above me in and has no effect when I can recognise that among other, does anyone affect me? So that's what I mean is that your feelings. Thank you. I think the more your own feelings, the better. I think
true, but I also recognise the reality of life. In that we are your views. Killings don't exist in a bar in a vacuum or a bubble, and then they also should in like that is how you connect with other humans. It's ok to let other people effect you in good ways, and the converse of that is that might affect do in bad way. To sure, but I think it some at its very cancers in relationships, helped to phrase things that you hurt my feelings, you aid me mad, you know you did this. You say what subjectively true you said I dont like your nose. I felt very ugly an insect, yeah. That's then that person has an opportunity to go or holding
I'm so sorry that I does a lasting, I would want you to feel is ugliness secure. I'm super hot for big, pronounced noses at. That was a compliment like you. If you phrase it that way, you at least have the option of finance the person's intentions are. But if you just say you made me now the percentages- defensive and then you're fighting about what the person intend to do to do to you and you don't. You you'll, never end up anywhere right. So I just imagine you and Amy humor relationship, and I would just like to say to her time my semantics were off. I felt insecure yeah, well that I am very proud of you for saying thank you, this conversation, making you feel it. To hear now now we just spent so much time talking about the semantics of how you say that that I didn't even get to say that I felt in secure because
She has this enviable quality. Oh my god. What is given after Durban, elegant elephant is out she has very enviable quality of not seen not appearing like she needs your approval. She's she's not like trying to be sugary and nice to get it right and that's yeah. That's that's fantastic quality to agree a spoiled the ok. So she said
Ninety five percent of aren't hanging in museums is made by men, so work by women artists makes up only three to five percent of major permanent collections and the? U S in Europe and thirty, four percent, an australian state museums. So yes, she's right Joan of Australia, most Edward mandated, maybe use or maybe they're, deserve better Maybe maybe they had more. My only watch me what, if what? If I mean they learn no less than I go or my arts not hanging in a museum either I can relate to those women. My hang in there percent of my are so you guys are five percent better than me. I wonder if I stray alliance, I dont know enough about australian history,
They have more women in their like parliament or whatever they have rights, whether they have an aluminum the parliament, I don't know they were part of the commonwealth still out. If you feel like they would have a parliament launched its shameful. We don't know that I now they did have woman suffrage before us. I do believe that although they were a little later and gay marriage, I feel good about that. You know and again I had that when I we were in New York with with in New York York, and Christians spoke at the General Assembly at the? U N and she was speaking in there was this other french singer there. Her name was Llewellyn and I forget her lasting, which is applied the story. She's, a famous singer in france- and I was like who is this like. Who is his person and we were looking up and she's was a beautiful thing. I should like a twenty one.
You're all are something should so young and sweet and our and she knew Kristen, obviously hooker and I was like we are so like. None of us know. Lou, an no one knew her in America by an all of the french people, know Kristen, but you know it's fun Is you you feel bad about that and so that something Christian would feel bad about too, but there I don't feel bad about that at all. Not at all tell you why we lead the world in entertainment, and it is that simple are of the view. The international boxes were making all the movies have no matter what country or in your watch in America movies. That's not our fault. If, if french movies in front songs, popular around the world are here we would know about we know Mercedes Benz. They make a very popular car. We know what's popular worldwide. Just like everyone else knows. What's popular, I don't feel any guilt about then. I feel bad about now
not knowing anyone else's history. That's that's pretty shameful. Well, I just think you know a part of it is language. Why we don't know what she saying so we're not going to mean a plane on the radio but more was to other countries, teach people english many. They certainly do. Also all those movies are double. The French been overseas and heard myself speaking a town in which is a very exciting yeah. That's true, but most most other countries. Now most people know Aruba at least a route, Terry Level loudly nourish, yeah, Anne and we'd, better and I'll to say this. This is where someone like arrogant brought wine steam would point out, eat people have to be, all humans have to be incentivize for anything people not just do things out of the goodness of their hearts.
All day long. They have finite amount of time and they are people depending on them, and people do things there incentivize to do so. A lot of these countries our incentivize to learn English, so they can have commerce, I mean that's what it's four in or their day of a huge tourism with English speaking people. So it's like it's not like they're doing it out at the goodness of their heart. There, not better people than US They just are incentivize to learn English near my neck. I take on it. I think that's probably true, but it leads to. I think, an openness and diversity a more egos centralism on our part. I thing for sure yeah, but on their part it leads. It leads to better things. I think to have more of a widespread knowledge of other countries and what's going on and diversity in this, and that sure, which will I don't think we have
but again you know it's a. We know. Every American knows the leader of Russia. We don't need. We don't know the leader of Thailand, because one poses a big threat to us so in in the? U S and reviewing it critical was we published a big threat? Everyone? So, like you, I just think you are very relevant to know the leaders in a bit of history about the countries that are I mean dramatic sway over the global trajectory. So, like but China is and when we do not know very much, I dont think about the average person on the street could tell you who ruling China. I totally agree with you but We generally will have was Manoel. Like won't, will know in the Linz, Prime Minister. You know we region. We know that some data, Oh the leaders in the Middle EAST because were our scare, we now, I know locked in a job or whatever
was. I Rahim President. I know about the taller Khamenei in You know, I know about people that have an ever potential impact on my the naming. Generally, all people around the world are prize of who could impact their life, but I think, if that's really the case, then we would know more about the China, China that I was away in the EP. Things like where the technology boom is really happening in the what they're, the ones that are really a threat to us closer to our status or economic superiority. Here will I am sure that the other two you knows? Second, third biggest markets are first and third biggest markets for selling goods
There is broad, some smart Americans that do speak. Chinese chinese man around Camp means because they want to business there incentivize here, oh, I want to clarify the story about Kevin because I think I can guess confusing cabin. Is Christians ex boyfriend of five year, review, yeah and Kevin sister was end, is best friends with Amy so It's kind of muddy in the story, so people are sort of confused. That's the thing: ok, that's what it that's! The web. The red headed guy from the Vince VON Movies, call Hauser. You said yeah right he's in my favorite movie. Yes, he is in good. Well, honey is one of the four I saw seen the other day. That was on tv, and I notice you yeah, interesting as he was very much in the Vince VON Pack. Was he so yeah? That's what she said and you said in an hour
looking. I am debates is see to see, and then I saw that he was in was the break up but he hung with him crew like guy and speed and it wasn't even little always moving now car users brows with them. I see so you said it yourself asked where the people I borrow, and they just how their break out here perfect kicks seven user that that is not pumped up kicks that is young flow, oh yeah. So what we want song was a hit when I saw that I now, maybe you didn't see Father the people today sing pumped up kicks basing pumped up kicks in the melody sound kind of,
does sound kind of similar ochre but bellowed. I feel certain. That's the south. That's called young folks in its by Peter Bjorn and John Parker. Also one of the drunk as moments of my life now was involved. Peter beyond enjoy Really I mean it's not a story work telling really, but I was so I got so Dhahran plastered out by major accident like I did not intend it was like a big party. I went to buzz bees. Oh wow, Rachel, Still. My friend range we lover leverage on my old room Rachel. You still love, buys bees and eyes of sport. Barton yeah. It's a moderate sounds like one yeah I'd towards the place. If it wasn't, a sports bargaining bisbees should be called boner. Son. Might
yeah you're right, I don't know you would be really don't mean I hate on, especially because they have a real still there like a love and stout love, Foreign Rachel and my friend Lizzie. So anyway, they went a lot and I was in a huge Van run, but I wavered bonus across. I agree, namely more Georgia games. There is just like straight cut to the chase owners. Anyway, I got so so so so drunk. And Anthony, and I were in the car you it we were going home and I guess, as when the drunk sort of hit an idle This, isn't a good story so so drunk. I barely remember what happened the egg as there was some bill border? Maybe that's all I was on and he was trying to say PETE, Bjorn and John, and I in
I couldn't understand what he was saying in them. I kept. I think I kept saying be your like. I was that it was be or culture and they were you a lot of confusion, and I think that was when he realized how drunk I was in your driving. He was dry anyway uprightly cut access makes sense, but it was very strange- varies rain. On Monday I got, I think I was. I railway links this when I get to drive back he. I really think I was slipped something they didn't have very much. One of my most regrettable moments was brief. Ought she had been swept something? I just thought she got too drunk those later revealed that a guy that way,
going to those parties got caught for slipping, leaving. Thousands who its levies on wording we were clearly to gather like was a guy, think, is going to happen and then in retrospect I pray you know I should really believed her and a bit it's true heart, because even rag doll now Lucian now, but I was ok, you type by your small house on this path episode. My small house yeah that you have a house it's pretty small and manageable. Unlike ear proud of that right, and I ask you: does it bother you the year, and I think everyone knows is because we talk about based on the Pike S it you're moving into a new house and that houses is not as small as your current house. Yeah bothers me, yeah, the trade off for me, as of the yards, really
yeah away to me, like that's value, having a big yard, that's worth it. Having a big house seems like the lost, contagious or flashy rightly, a yard is like that's your life. Your like playing ball back yard, with the girls all that stuff. So and I don't buy it away. I don't think it's ostentatious or crazy to have a nice house when you can afford it nah. I don't think any more than you would use. I got banned in many people's houses where I know like sixty percent of the house, no one's banning it in two years or since last time they gave someone a tour, the house- and I think that's ego and weirdness. I know you do and I think a new disagree, but I think living outside your means and living under your means in order to say and feel good
about yourself is all ego. I think it's all the same thing, it just manifesting in two different ways: the ok So I totally agree with you, but I also there are healthy ego pursuits and I think, there's batty over rescue. Like my It feels good. When I've worked hard and completed a scrap, then I think that's a sustainable good one, and I think, when I do it down in the middle of an intersection of impressive dude. That's not a great one asked you now that its chair yeah but I just don't understand. I feel you mean yeah. It feels a little what he feels wasteful of living. We get agree. Maybe wastefulness is not Well, if there's like four bedrooms sitting, you doing you know
we're gonna, like those lighting there any living rooms. In the end they like this grand dining room, no one's every man, and then you know all this gonna now, but look I'm problem by my my standard. Someone else probably thinks is insane guys. I'm gonna have a movie Theater in the basement bene. An elaborate reading. And I ve never lay still hold a bunch of vehicles. Well, everyone agree. Everyone should have a bunch of savings. Is this a weed yeah, but only just a firm Kristen, publicly, the her We desire for a big house is, do have lots of people stay there, but this is my point. This is examples include. It's only doesn't need defending citizens. It doesn't need defending that she's, a incredible successful, rich and once a nice we can have a nice how she's, not nor given Thousands going to tell you that there are tons of like really expensive architecture.
Masterpieces down like fuck yeah yeah. That's awesome! If you could spin eight hours on that thing and it was designed by Gary or whatever in its its so thoughtfully construct materials are so cool like I'm into that rises. I'm ain't! You know, and it makes me think of like when I drive around rich suburbs of cities and people have these fuckin thirteen thousand Square Foot MC mansions. I find it a little vomiting ass, I now or at me. I find that gaudy. Yeah he's a whimsically Lonnie idea while they ate it- and I will not be judgment- will be when you buy the sessile, be de mille Compound Lovey.
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