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2021-04-22 | 🔗
Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, non-profit leader, and currently running for Mayor of New York City. Andrew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up as a first generation Asian American in the 80’s, being an older dad to young kids, and running for mayor of New York City. Andrew and Dax discuss universal basic income and how artificial intelligence technology is threatening American jobs. Andrew explains the concept of human-centered capitalism, his ideas about value-added tax for the economy, and reflects on the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans.
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Well Go Morgan welcomed, armchair expert experts on expert I'm. Your host, Andrew Yang and I'm joined by Gale Yang I know, is why you love gale, even saying the word. Gale Dockers clears Nargonne gale. This was so exe It really really was Andrew Yang. We may want to judge him for a very long time, but I didn't want to do while the everyone's campaigning, and I want to get them mixed with the political campaigning. Well, that's kind of ironic, because he is campaigning now, not in my city yeah. You don't want to get all you know, pull it. Ok right. So you know Andrew hearings and entrepreneurs and author of philanthropists, a nonprofit leader and currently running for mayor of New York City. This was a really good one, because I have different opinions than him about universe. A basic income and we gotta debated a little bit yeah and you said you came over me- I may I moved closer to him. Yes, he was
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I'm doing well, thanks for having me, this is awesome the pleasure. I think we ve working on this, for I don't know year and a half, maybe we have great interest in you, the very provocative man in titillating way. So got a I'll. Take my mind is why not throw that in their so I agent. You are joining us from what like headquarters of your campaign for the May oral bed. That's right! I'm here in your city, greatest city in the world and muttered at campaign headquarters, which are though doubles as spare bedroom. Should you be victorious? Could you make me a campaign pledge right now that you will accept in the new Yorkers that we and I are not in a battle with you guys, you guys are just in a battle with us. We all love New York City and things greatest city in the world jar die look at that very happy. Prettier new Yorkers
Ella has acknowledged. Our greatness of the war is over yes and helped broker this piece. It was a mighty Dac Shepard and the West Coast of the sea, on Andrea EAST Coast, we came together to hammer out an armistice. It's called the great bicoastal treaty of twenty, send us to Israel next we're on a roll you're afraid to touch You got me thinking about it and rewards from originally I was born in upstate New York. My parents immigrated from Taiwan they met in California. They were both students at Berkeley. And then now they actually really wanted to stay in California. I came this close to being a California, but my daddy getting a job and g which was its connected in Europe, which is where I was born. Osborne Schenectady and then we moved certain New York City, my dad went, IBM and so I grew up and abstained New York. I think you know the same aged acts. So I'm forty six,
I grew up in the eighties and obtain your, nineteen, seventy five same name. What's your birthday January our team told. Aren't you in his mind is January? Second, no, why I'm eleven days older than you and thirteen wiser. Yes, I must look up Allow me to be an elder in a guidance, so I grew up in upstate New York. Very conventional fashion, I mean, is the first generation board in this country, so my brother and I I'll speak to my what I really wanted to leave America culture I mean you're with eighty is it was all crowded kid in back there, you're, not like good, wholesome stuff. That's interesting, while really quick, so you have Monica story in my opinion, which is first generation embracing well in her case whiteness, at being surrounded in Georgia as all the media's, at everything is pointing towards one thing. Most certainly in the eightys. There were many reasons on tv unless it was like
Council movie like that driving Theatre Saturday afternoons. So I got out whether I knew kung fu across all the time as a job. And an image. That was why I should be other say yesterday. So then I went and tried to study Marshall. I get my teens. I was very backward I read a lot of science fiction novels. That kind of thing pressure on from mom and dad to be an overachiever like. Did it fall into that stereotypical first generation dynamic, I would say yes, not only was I told you get good grades and my brother is now a professor. My dad went on to become a professor, so being professors kind of the family business, but I also you play the piano and other things that seem like they would be very good Richie were type things for the college app. Where did you go to college? I went to a brown O brown. No, I thought Stamford,
I studied economics in political science at ground, zero people who think I understand propaganda Stanford and how that choice and decided brown and part, because my brother was transferring from Berkeley to the east coast. While ours this decision, so I thought well. I should take a cue from that, but I started economics and political science and your brother's older. there's two and a half years older is now psychology professor and give little brother syndrome I had little brothers in Rome where I kind of like was competitive then, but that was when I was young a little bit more ticked off he was always really good to me. He was a great big brother. I appreciate it more now. I got you boys now myself or aim five, and so you appreciate the fact that not all older brother. Her awesome, my kids, are bidding to each other, and my brother was good to me. I should have appreciated it more time, we're living same life of eighty six wow yeah and buy them
or both late as hell. You were thirty eight. When you and your first kid I also found the like a little bit. An an old and, like roadblocks, seems to run my house but yeah we're living a very similar timeline. Tax breaks out here, you're podcast, What bigger deal with my guest see that target value that was kind of attitude that way better there's four long time we tweeted each there. Do you remember we are of? I was like holy crap Dack shepherd. I remember like him cracking me up during. Some of your earlier days alike, pointing people here, because I really have always been intrigue by you. Since you wrote your book and I have a lot of friends that are in the anger gang and we simply never wanted to be political because we were fatigued in so we just hundred veered away the first few years from that and you are about to start a presidential bid. So that's really the only thing that kept me from like having you on three years ago. Of course,
thing that piqued. My curiosity about you is the freedom bend or universal this again come there and I still now I'm an a liberal progressive, but there's a couple of things that are talked about on the left that I just don't know how I feel about where I guess. Maybe I know how you feel about, but I'm hoping to be changed. One is free college. I just Don't know that that is tenable with the price of college. One of my issues but then also you be. I I have couple issues with you, be I, but I think it would be best for you to lay it out for me and for the audience of why it's a good idea before I give you my issue, so ok, ok, free college doesn't mean three Stanford one. I know it's saying that anyone can get a free education somewhere is not saying that every person is entitled to go to like uh huh.
A thousand dollar university. I dont know that that's what's the inside of your poor kid you get into Stamford. The left would like to pay for you. There different versions of Quantum called free com one might be: u can get any money called for free, which I think a lot of it find reasonable another is you can any public university for free though, where you all are that might be cow state or even one of the EU sees so their differ. Versions of it. But in the big debt forgiveness proposal, the college- forgiveness, I'm presuming that their, including all these private schools in that debt forgiveness. Now all the debt is there going for, is I thank you for any institution. I think you're right okay, so Ubi. What first drew to the idea of this? When did you get interested? and why is it a good insist? Hannibal plan I want to give you a bit of like an arch, because in my case I over a period of years, so I went to law school there are New York and then was an unhappy library. Briefly, five months,
heard. You made it five months by lingerie. And then I left to start an ill fated, dot com, and then I work in various growth companies and tech startups. For about ten years came the head of an education company that did well and was bought by a public company in two thousand and nine in two thousand and eleven I started this nonprofit carbon for America and the goal of venture of America is to help create jobs all over the country by helping train entrepreneurs to operate in cities liked it Cleveland Baltimore in New Orleans. Where did you grow up, x. I should know they try this I know I've been alive, I'm in Detroit by bad suddenly, all was to help rejuvenate economies all over the country are all regions, and I did. I work for six and a half years through entrepreneurship, yeah yeah yeah, those your entrepreneurship, so we would channel enterprising, college graduates to start ups and growth companies that if they want to start their company, we had little seed fund invest in them. The goal was to help cultivated.
Generation of entrepreneur. I just thought that we didn't have enough people. Starting companies in places like your hometown in Detroit this was a really put a fine point on that, because I think if the only thing you know about Andrew Yang, as you Ba, you might think he's just in the hand of business, but you are very much in the Hunter Pinocchio business. All I love, entrepreneurship. I just want to help create more, and so I did that work for Did you have yours, and I saw logic the tree that I had not seen before I had not and two Michigan or Ohio Missouri Alabama Louisiana. All these places that I worked in for those six and a half years, and frankly was staggered by what I saw and not a good way where It just seemed like we had got it so many places we had a little four million manufacturing jobs over the last number of years and they were predominantly based in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri Western Albania so imagine doing their work for five years and then Donald Trump becomes president? And it's like you kind of saw like
this title wave that was keeping away millions of livelihoods and then Trump wins, and then you looking up saying. Oh my gosh, like what is the plan now, and so I spent years working on developed. Entrepreneurs and that included working with a lot of Jackie's and so a lot of the checking started to be concerned about how artificial intelligence and other technologies we're going to eliminate a lot of jobs. And why I was reading through their research a lot of them. Into something He called universal basking under the time they're like look if we really get rid of the truck drivers call center worker, the retail workers, the administrative works and on and on by, eventually gonna need a new way to get value in the people's hands and they kept proposing universal basic income. So when I first read about it was in maybe twenty fourteen lights.
And I read about it said wow, that's like a big idea. That's a good idea! I think we should do that and then Trump wins and I in my mind we didn't really understand what was happening our economy, that changes we're going to speed up, and unfortunately, sport. You today a lot of the changes. Our concern about have become real, where you have at this point tens of thousands of retail stores closing in a lot of them. Common jobs by disappearing can Add one thing: we're lily, I just sort of manufacturing side. Is it's really, I think, pertinent to state that manufacturing in the U S is not dropped at all; it simply becomes automated right, like we still manufactured tremendous amount of things, just like when we get so they all went overseas, but in general a lot of them got just automated. Now those your point dies. We make a lot of stuff still pressure
and the point I was making on the trail was like: if you go to one of these factories in your hometown of Detroit you'll, see a lot of robot arms where it there used to be humans, so the main factory employment basement from something lay: seventeen million Americans to twelve million Americans and a lot of that five million employee loss is because of robots, yet even like trumps being campaign issue was coal mining and never wanted to acknowledge that they have lost the jobs that robots we're doing them now or automation was doing them now. There is a lot of technology do and the jobs that people used to do so. Settled on the fact that we need. Something like universal basic income in the wake of trumps election This is a very long winded way of saying how I like at it after a period of years of years, but what Mercer basic income is, is a policy where everyone in the society gets a certain amount of money to meet your basic needs. No questions asked and I was running out a thousand bucks a month, freedom, dividend a thousand dollars, which seemed authors
back at the time, though I will say it seems a lot less dramatic. Now and now we ve got one hundred and six hundred and fourteen hundred and fifty five percent of Americans are for universal basic income at this point, eighty five percent or for some form of casually during the pandemic, this american rescue, I am, I think it has a mailing assembly, two percent approval rating in large part, because people appreciate the cash infusion But I gotta say it. I was not the case, but I was running for President Circa twenty eighteen, twenty I d like that. You know it's not like oh yeah lay it was. I go Yang like wants to give everyone a thousand bucks a month. That's a bridge too far right and what, with the benefits of that be before I start soundly my fears, sure it would make people mentally healthier, better able to learn more trusting more optimistic. They would millions of jobs around the country because of all the buying power that would go back into local economies, people to transition from shrinking industries to
Growing ones it would enable people to relocate Americans at least prepared we're moving across the lines at lower levels may have decades. So, even though economy with shifting people were the sting where they were, and that was not working out very well riding out the decline and, frankly, the admin, There would get more and more negative in a lot of these communities if ve ever seen, the opium crisis tracked against the economy in these areas. It is like the most perfectly correlated graphs. Fundamentally, we ve been done it is by a mindset of scarcity in this country, and a mindset of scarcity is theirs to go around. If someone else get something then that means I get less and if someone is into the country as an example than like it? It's like taking step away from me and I said: I'm a mindset of scarcity is a mindset of abundance where, if you pay even a modest amount of money in the people's hands in their out of deprivation on a month monthly basis
studies have shown that it has a functional impact of increasing their iq by thirteen point, which is The standard deviation. So when you ask about the impact of something like a thousand bucks a month, they would probably make us a standard aviation smarter as a nation I'm going to suggest that right now with people's sense that we're getting bless reasonable, less rational lay, a significant part of that is that half American. Can pay their bills and if you can't pay your bills and you're using all of your energy doing the time money. Tradeoff stranger by here and there and then, if I asked you about something like climate change and you're, a guy like you for real. Like that's my issue right now, I got a feed. My family yeah and you might have seen some
this in Michigan, where you grew up ducks in I, was very hard to get someone to care about something very big and far reaching and maybe in the future, if their immediate concerns are being met. The I always kind of saying any time we start discussing like healthy food, the environment. All these things are always just try to say as a reminder like these are wonderful things to care about. If you have the bandwidth to care about them, shaming everyone into thinking that that should be their number one concern when they had literally have a car that doesn't work and the need to get to work or their kids. Canny. That's more pressing, universal The income has the potential to pick people's heads up and allow us to act focus, focus on some of the bigger pressing problems our day, because because folks would actually feel like, like I'm gonna, be here next month, my kids gonna, be here, like you know ex years allows. Maybe I should start thinking about the future. While I want all agree on this and or if I'm even right historically about this, but an attitude of abundance, big embrace of right, sometimes when I get
down in me, white privilege, debate. The thing I'm frustrated with is that white people should just I believe that there is enough to bring everyone up to their same state of privilege without anyone losing its not that we're gonna not everything an average everything in some people are going down, and some people are coming up the goals it is be, everyone should come up. Everyone should have the exact same level of privilege that a white person has or at least have a shot like a decent life about know that, just because you're born in this neighborhood in these circumstances that you can pretty much right that get off me. You know it's a terrible state of affairs right now for a lot of people, and I actually say like this- is just a purely black white thing. In that you could make the very same claim about people who are growing up in Appalachia or really beleaguered parts of the country that are suffering already is more more. Why people than any other poor people funny enough. So, as always, trying to make an argument around like look like these are things
We can all get behind this actually argument. Doktor king made to doktor king was fighting for a guaranteed minimum income before he was killed. Thereby we need to unite with our poor way, brothers and sisters who are suffering similarly and any I kill bitterly like two weeks later. So I genuinely think that the fact that we are casting these issues under some groups and others is a missing en masse. Opportunity like we all we to be able to unite around this. Well, I've been very critical of just my part. These messaging and that, if I'm poor, and why I don't really think, there's a plan for me. I think there is a plan for algae Bt Q and I think there is a plan for be eleven. I think there's a bomb hearing the plan for those things, but I'm not hearing the one for the poor white people, so I've worried about that, it was pretty wild dogs is. I came on the scene, saying hey Universe, how much and start giving our money and then it was just a new approach. There were people who
used to another approach who are like? Oh, what do I make of this approach and there were a non trivial number of Trump supporters who liked the fact that I was calling out problems that they saw around them and there was Paul, had showed that I would get ten percent or more our trump. I vote for me. If I became the nominee the I believe that which is something that we put out there all the time, because the Democrats number one concern was beating time and so I was like look guys. I might be able to beat Trump. I've got at least some other people, so that was an argument that we were using for a while because it was based on numbers like I am the math guy, okay, so back to abundance. So an example well, I would give up this because I am of the opinion that its infinite simply because the whole things a mental construct, so money value. All these things are mental constructs, and I think when you look at pre, civil war, when we still had our currency tied to gold that just implicitly made it finite because there is a finite amount of known gold on the planet, so even just it from its,
anchoring it to something. That's fine night kind of rolled what it could become and then all of a sudden, you saw right the north. Printing money, as they needed to pay for the civil war in detaching from the gold standard and olives the economy, grew exponentially and guess what it didn't collapse, just everyone bought into that you know the number one thing I got the tree what I was pitching. This was how we gonna pay for it. Or whether you may want to my question Giuliano, where, where we can get the money and then I would say folks I'd be like lug, we ve got a twenty two trillion dollar autonomy. We spent fourteen. Now. There's bailing out Wall Street during a crisis and during What time do you think I don't look around saying like we're really get the money were really of the money. Like push came to Supper Wall Street, we found four trillion. We can do that. But you do the math and on twenty two June, our economy like we actually could give people. The amount of money into the okay and a lot of peoples You don't believe me, but then, this past year,
You saw two point: two trillion dollar Cares ACT which, by the way, was enough to give every American a thousand bucks a month for six months, so the one thousand two hundred dollars we got the money that went to families of the two point two trillion dollar Cares ACT was about. Fourteen percent of the total money I think that we got that money. We do not get that money and then we just passed another one point: nine trillion dollar broken rescue plan, which I love of a huge fan of it on this one arrogant getting fourteen hundred bucks we're getting Thirty one percent of the american Rescue plan like the families whose getting there s small business I wish you were small businesses. Man, like you name it they're, probably getting like a bail out. I mean, if you like, of various industries, that their money is going and again on for this, it s better to keep these employers with tee. On their she bright at some stage and strategic so that, yes, I like to things like one is like. Is it worth spending? Let's call it four trillion dollars to help support a twenty two another trying to me that's falling apart, yes, and then after that, you have to make a decision. Well, what's the optimal use of them,
four trillion dollars and my argument was like look. You should not be spending two point, two trillion dollars and only have fourteen percent of it go to people and families yeah like wait. You love, I don't like this borderline rude, but it's a fact it when you give people that money, especially lower income people is immediately infusing the economy yadda going to spend it one hundred percent of it is coming back in the door are used. Joke. All the times is like a vice, knock into Jeff bases. His bank account and gave him a thousand bucks. They have the or impact on the economy would be like one digit change in one of the council known what even notice you could give him a billion and it won it find its way in here. What did you do any of the bottom. Seventy five percent of Americans, a thousand bucks like Biddle, find his way. We do agree that this is the way we already know. Yes, ways you could be positioning. You be I as almost stimulus programme now, the ass. Though the argument was look. This is
capitalism where income doesn't started, zero in capitalism functions much much worse. If you don't have money to spend, if you dont have a middle class, if you can participate, if you give people enough so that they can actually enter the market and then you also give rise, is to a whole new set of entrepreneurial opportunities, because The arguments made as I look let's say, you're in a town of ten thousand people- and you say you want to start a baker right now. It's a terrible idea is that people know how much money to spend the night. That's not gonna work. If I give everyone in the town a thousand bucks a month like all the same tens of millions more flowing through that economy every freaking month and then If you will start a bakery all the son, it's a good idea and if the bakery doesn't work out, you'll survive because you're getting enough money so that you really something to fall back on and then you go out. You hire a few people, so one of the reasons why I am for this is because I'm so pro entrepreneurship of four It means not just for the economy, but for humanity or human beings. There's someone people right now with his boots on their throat. That would love to
something creative or positive, that sounds a problem that they see, but many of them will never have that opportunity, and so, if you can introduce something like a freedom dividend that, then you would give rise, not just to people being on them. Their basic needs, but you would see this whole new flourishing of creativity, entrepreneurship, empathy, I believe so It became about advancing the human condition sounds very elevated, but that's what drove me during the presidential I was like I'm fighting to accelerate the evolution of our species and all have to do is get forty thousand islands on board. Like I don't like a larger ok, so I love everything you said the couple things at concern me is not new, but when I did the man and if we say, there's two hundred nine million adults Americans near them. All twelve thousand dollars a year that two point five trillion dollars. Each area, DNS order men should break out early,
Ok and so, and as you already said, we ve got like at twenty one point: four trillion dollar economies. So you're, looking at like above ten percent, is gonna. Go to this end. Their concern was our total federal income tax receipts are one point: seven two trillion. If you count, security and that we get the three point five trillion. But so I'm curious, if we're only taking and one point seven two trillion in federal income tax, Federal government's gonna, give away two point: five trillion for this baby. I I mean quite literally, where does that extreme? Eight hundred million come from so here is my big fix and its tied to some of the problems with our current system of taxation, so one of the arguments I made to folks was hey. Let's say: Google comes up with where they can do the work, of course, in our workers right now. There are too many calls on a worker is making fourteen bucks an hour and by the way they pay taxes that so I said, let's go What comes out of the software which, by the way, did like how much
tax revenue. Are we gonna see from that and then people think of I didn't like how much do you see and then you look Google's effective tax rate, and you realize it's very, very low that Amazon legally paid zero in taxes that if Europe, multinational tech company. You know the pay, a meaningful tax rate. The way our system set up right now so the argument I made your folks as I look. It's gonna get worse and worse because the biggest winners in the twenty first, Your economy are going to be the inventors of ay I and the software and whatnot and we're not get to see much tax not at all? I ran the same thing said. Let's say I come up with self driving trucks which I have friends working on its literally like, tens of billions of dollars a year savings opportunity. So if you're an investor, you can invest a billion dollars trying to solve this problem, and let's say you solve it. How much in tax revenue are we aiming get from something it's gonna decimate Brianna million truck driving jobs and so on to do as you have to try and transition your tax systems to something that's gonna harvest, the gains from the the I the
Where are the Amazon's, then? So I said We need to shift gears from this current personal income incorporating com, because it's out working making very gives game it to a value added tax, which is something that just about every other developed countries already figured out, because if you have a value added tax and you get a slice of the self driving truck savings, you at a slice of the a call center savings, federal government does yeah. It is impossible to gain because you and reporting the value, if you're the company and also The company is essentially like after record. Like the exchanges they make with each other, so you can't wriggle out of it. You can't game you're way out of it and every other developed countries already figure this out. Except for us like what we ve been talk, our way in circles, and so one of the jokes I told the trail the axes like I don't care about the town dentist. I about Amazon bright now, they're like pitting us against each other, based upon like these, like income levels in the rest of it, like Amazon,
a greater than a trillion other company unpaved zero in taxes. Like that's what scares the shit out of me, and so, if you have something like a value added tax and what I proposing was ten percent as like ten percent of the robot ten percent of the area, and if you have that ten percent, it actually its into like the order of magnitude of what you're talking about like eight hundred billion a year. I pray, quick is just They now we're not design. That way, like that's, why Japan US is worth every is worth a hundred eighty billion dollar twas divorce and legal. Looking around, like your argue about what the dentist should tat. Ok, stay to chair. If you dare, we are supported by a bomb, was now a lot of things can make it work out
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Zack same panic for time the fourth time but yeah you're generally right arena, animal husbandry, employing the Labour Uganda Rwanda that then there's a big bang revolution in the neolithic revolution. So, yes, we transition to animal powered farming and then, of course, the industrial revolution we ve had the computing revolution and, each one of these waves people wanted to give up. They were certain if there was an assembly line that there were bees. Seventy percent unemployment- and that's just not. In the pass we always figure out how to stay employed. We have four thirty years of history, of proof that we ve done it. It feels a little the feed us to say that we want again do that. They are also part of it that this is a different animal, so to speak, then previous transitions because of the speed and the breadth of industries it touches, but the other thing that
that. For me, I started digging the numbers about like how we are dealing with it, even as is happening now, and the numbers were brutally bad like it. They'd migration Multi decade, low labour force participation, a decade low like even now? It's like it sixty one point: five percent right now, which means that almost forty two people are in the Labour force right now that could be, and so, if you were to see, I don't care we making these adjustments. That topic. There's that we're not in what you said before about how opiate addiction, raids- Aware following economic trends like any of the positive you'd want to look for, aren't there. And then the negative things you'd be scared of. Are there like death of despair, mental, health problems, suicide, You name it like they're all spiking, along with pervasive financial insecurity and
business starts people moving, people being in the workforce are heading in the wrong direction, so that one thing is like that's like just current data, but the other thing is: if you look at the last industrial revolution, the one most people think of around. Like the turn of the century, we had massive massive problems where Labour Day became a holiday because of mass riots that killed dozens of people and then they said, go. We have to try and keep our labours happy. There was mass on rest during the time and again Painter studies like this time is going to be several times. Faster more significant in that time, and so and if you were to say like well, we ve been through this before it's like. Well, it was actually nasty and combative in. You're right, we don't have Pinkerton anymore yeah. Like that. Time gave rise to labor unions and universal high school, and so this is one of the things that Monica and others are looking at is like. Okay, what is the analogous move to universal high school if we're going through something similar. Now so does the response and light
and we ve been through a version of this. Yes, like is this time somewhat Brennan faster, yes, like him in according to what happened last time, we should actually be making massive adjustments that were not actually making. Does it feel all the fetus to you, though, I'm a day the guy's insiders when looking for the data nose like ok like causing adjustment going and then it's like the adjustment is going really terribly. So then, from that I mean I'm a very optimistic guy. Like Ireland, I ran for president saying we should give everyone money as very optimistic abundant thing to do. But the fact of the facts like it around the country country, like you, think things are going well right now mean like they're really really not, and then you dig into the numbers near like. Oh, I can see why they're, not because your wages are stagnant, charging you two and a half I'm more for education, healthcare and housing than we used to when you're losing your minds and that's where we are now. Another distinction out hope to do in your honor is
you're in no way a socialist crack. You do not think that the state should control any industry or again since capitalism wearing them does inserted zero? It's like the more modern form of capitalism. I call it human cells capitalism and what I am proposing is that we should be using our own health. Happiness our kids are doing cleaner clean water. Things like that, frankly, is better quality of life. As the measurements for our society as opposed to GDP stock market returns and the like, because the fact is doing stock market returns are gonna spike. With a lot of these innovations we're talking about, but there I'll leave a lot of people behind, so you follow stock market prices again. You'd be thinking we're doing phenomenally well, but look around and the like are we doing financially well like there are a lot of people struggling, so we have to try and match up our measurements too. People are doing so. This is what I call human centred capital. So, MRS Capitalism, where the goal is how
people, are doing and not how a certain set of companies are doing. Did you read the book the latter by chance always recommend this. But unfortunately I have not heard great things. I so fantastic Of course, it may me incredibly aware of come inequality and you can put the book down and not acknowledged, Yes, enormous enormous issue, probably driving, many other societal issues, then the question is: how on earth do you solve it? Without me, a socialist country or a communist country, and so I guess I can. See that if we do all have the gall this, I guess does feel still further. Lay rooted in capitalism, which would be my preference like. I would love for us to figure out the income inequality, but I I also like to preserve capitalism is system. I do think acts and react. Better than any other system. Now putting money, people's hands. In my mind, is the next stage of capitalism and make it respond much
but better to more people, because right now, capitalism is going to respond to some of us a whole lot let's say you live in frankly, like an urban foreign, you have discretionary income and then it's going to pay attention to other folks, much much less. Let's say you live in a rural area and your account he's getting depleted, and so you're, seeing all these political manifest stations of this where a lot of people are saying like he is now working for me and so to me. This is a debate about it out in a really human way and its to what you said earlier. It's like look like mine please trying to give people a boost. Your people are left and if we did It would not hurt other people. Well, one thing I will say, even if I am not entirely sold on- and I will say I'm totally open to a fucking three year experiment we can whether a three year experiment we could test this hypothesis. We could afford to try it, and certainly we ve not true. Add anything new in ages and on how the earth predictable trajectory of what that gap
as we know, are or will be in ten years without intervention. It's it's quite linear. In that way and so I am up fur and experiment you now, let's go dogs, I love it, and I gotta say it's not just the two of us like there are some very, very pro capitalist, like Ray Dalio of Bridgewater and Jamie Diamond or Jp Morgan who looked at the numbers have been like. This is not working and we have to think bigger about what would work so what you're driving at with like, let's run like massive pilots, I do this for like a year or two, I think he's dead on and the data we early on from like the earlier tat stimulus has been tremendously positive, like all of the things that people were concerned about or frankly largely addressed over the past twelve months of real life data will, by the way Wall Street knows the outcome. They know it goes directly in it. Economy and that's exactly why the thing has been on a tear, the a lot of corporate types who loved
like. This is like very, very pro consumer, which is good for them. I do think the stimulus checks is a good easing into the pool for people, because it seems so crazy. The idea seems so crazy and then, when we needed it, like an actual need, then people are like ok here. We should have it and I think it's going well people like it. So it's a good stepping stone. I think almost like the argument to be one is that we have needed it yeah. That's I give you could link peoples, recognition. We needed it during corona with the reality, we need we always channel yes dear we're had Monica Buddy, it's bad people have been getting and now the impacts of been tremendously positive, both on like the family level and also the economy wide level five in cash, here to stay myself and more and more economists are looking out of being like this is actually the most effective thing we ve ever done, while apparently cancer calling it stemming.
Yeah, that's stemming. I was something with you too, as well, so I'm If a man of your city and like I walked, I want you to bring that up right before Monica questions like all right. Let's talk about what you're gonna do for New York City, so just now I was here to do it, but I want to share this with you. I walk round the streets in every city, everyday and because people are similar strike, they actually polygamy and below yeah. I got my jacket like give me actually some credit for this. It is feeling the world like I'm so glad that people are loving it and actually they got something to do with it. Well many my best and still have a Michigan. My primary best friend lives in Michigan and he wasn't a drum supporter, but he said you know, a lot of our deeds man. They gotta check from him and that talks like that was a thing, like it has to be acknowledged. Like you ever get. You that life raft guess what you
over look a lot of shit, but that is how far the unnecessary the life raft is. They are totally you saw that on both sides. So Trump delay the checks for a few days or you get his name on it. It was probably politically savvy him because of a lot of things I made you know because its powerful it made sense. I dont know whose names were on this check. Well, you have decided run for mayor of New York City when we had our setting on and is, fun to learn that you know like California on its own is the fifth biggest economy in the world that LA as a city is like big. Like those numbers, staggering. I'm just curious really quickly. What is new, city if it was his own thing. City where its own country, we, the eleventh in the world. I mean that is really wild that think like when you run for that job, mayor of New York, you are virtually in taking on as much as the President of ITALY would be taking on their number two. Canada ceiling of way, unlike neurons right now, I'm off.
More asian burden of you, don't just slightly now in your mind, is like priority number one in New York City, because I just want to say from the outside. I started going there in the eighties, with my, mother, my single mother, and it was fuckin hair raising should want to show its broadway and theirs. Peep shows everywhere in others, it shit was going on at all hours there in from my prayers. I've. Only seen York just get like more and more and more fantastic. What am I I've seen what is New York have to do. Number one for us is to come back from made in terms of getting the engine of New York's economy fired up again. So I'm a numbers guy we are down six a thousand jobs. Eighty two points, I've commuters, sixty million tourists. So it would those numbers you have like a pretty steep climb back, I'm happy say it looks like Broadway is going to be open later this year. I think commuters.
We back in the office in a matter of weeks his job number one, because New York City is wounded right now, economically and I can be other solve your problems. If you don't have that economic activity when you think of all the restaurants in bars and food, rocks and all the businesses that serve tourists every day, if the tourists the commuters aren't there. The city is a very, very different place. John number. One is tied to the vaccine and it's time to have confidence that New York cities are good place to come, gather safely and still celebrate, it with other people in and do all the things that you want to do I gotta say of all the regions in the: U S and they were impacted by quarantine. In Corona. I would I have to say, New York is the worse because the tray when you go to New York is you're gonna fucking hate where you live vetches. The debts bottom line is pride twice,
people in the city that love their apartment. It's a beating, but trade off is the communal energy. There is fervour there is: an electricity is the most electric place to just exist, and if you get on that sidewalk it is euphoric, and so making this trade off. You don't have a back yard. You gotta fuckin, walk your dog, a block away all this stuff in so green quarantine. You guys just had the shooting and Breathing that was worth the trade off was gonna. Taken away We gotta get back. We have to remind people about all of the cultural attractions and the food and the night life and their friends, and oh artists, in creative, that make New York so phenomenal, so electric, as you said, lost our electricity during this past period, and my number one job as mayor, point of view to get it back and then let everyone know we ve got it back. I'm gonna have the biggest
most coded celebration in their country and all five boroughs asked my friend and endanger about it. You can come to both of you ass, my friend Dave Chapelle. The headline in one hour of your friend Dave should power. I work Shasta, it has ignored the day only there to Poland is that you actually step on stage accident they something oh ivy, Abby do and then we're gonna lives, dream that celebration out everyone to replace. Frankly, the current images that people have of New York City with we're coming together by the thousands and celebrating the city's reopening. So some of the things that we have to do to get people fired up about coming here. Again so that we can solve the problems that it left behind for a lot of people by our favorite restaurant in the world is in New York. Emily burger of the we call it Emily Burger, there's one in Brooklyn, there's one in Manhattan. It's unreal! I love this. Look. Everyone got a favorite New York restaurant. You have to come back. You have to discover another one. I do want to say this.
We have interviewed several sociologists and, alas, for five months you have total consensus. What's ahead of us is the roaring twenties that was the result of the, nineteen eighteen now spanish flu pandemic- in that We are going to have a celebration, the likes of which has never been seen to quote from mine. I was gonna use that no, but New York City is going to be the Apis centre of that roaring twenties. That is in our future. I believe I agree with you. I believe the exact same thing and I cannot wait to see it unfold the people here in New York or been through so much. I want to take some of them sources and try and alleviate poverty here in New York City in multiple ways. So we universal basic income at length. I think mostly ordered now I loved her give everyone. Does it bugs my butt we have to be a little bit more time to go a little bit more targeted. There were still going to put money too
working in the form of casually for the extremely poor in here in New York. I want to get people basic financial services in New York, Yorkshire, not using exploitative check, cashers and money lenders were taken away, some of their hard earned cash. I want to get more people high speed, internet right now, twenty nine percent of New Yorkers, don't how high speed internet at home, which has been a catastrophe during this time. So there are different thing: then we can do to make this a city of the future. It does first, though, Why upon us reopened in a way that exciting folks and I've also tried to those who say the same thing that wherein for an inquiry Nobody will be some pent up energy y know. We don't have you for your dad, but while we do, I do think it's important not asking you to speak for all Asians and America, but you are a prominent asian figure and or in the middle of, I think people realising shining a lie on these hate crimes that have increased this past year, and I didn't know you had anything to say on that
I actually spent weeks campaigning in Georgia. So I met a lot of folks lesion american community there and the shootings, really broke. My heart, an ambulance heart, it was with me in Atlanta and asian americans- have felt targeted in a whole new way, this last number of months, and so I have to do everything we can to. Let people know that we're all You mean we're all american that no one should be targeted on the basis of their race. And it would be a privilege for me to help make that loud and clear as the first. Asian american mayor of New York City. But right now. The goal is really just I bring people together and let them know that they should feel safe in their own city, their own streets. I'd like to shorten it too. Asian America, a mayor Asian a mayor is about
the Asian American and Mayor just Asian America, a mayor never mind again later, as is our he is now working. I thought I had something to get our indeed here ass, the best the most. I think it's important for people to realise that those comments, a flippant and funny and whatever from tromp, had a real impact in. Maybe people haven't been paying attention to it, but it has really impacted the country in them asian american community. Specifically, I feel for kids in particular. Can we go back to school and we know kids can be a harsh and even crew. They don't know any better, like I feel for, like the asian kids are going to go back to school in the next number of days and be haunted or volleyed on the basis of their race. Frankly, like I grew up in an environment where that happened to me every so often, but it was nowhere near like the level of toxicity and maybe now I
two boys are in five they're, quite oblivious to all of this stuff, and I think, I'll, be fine, but I do think about what the next generations going through why Andrew you are every bit as far as I hoped you would be you, My needle on say, twelve points, twelve points move, my needle towards you be I, which is that's a big success. All get Dax. I've been looking for this conversation for a long time. It's a reason and progress in the world and Europe lifting so you moved me twelve pointed to particular direction to thy got better happier if data mine, I would really love anyone's support with this race of anyone thinks that I'm the right leader, It will go to help your campaign, You can just go to Andrew Yang COM it'll, redirect you to the website, and I will say that if you live in New York City you're not going to believe this, this could be a whole nother conversation. But if you live in New York City, any donation you make gets matched eight to one by the city of New York. So if you give ten bucks arcs. Anyone. Give me eighty bucks in safety
New York City. We get me four hundred bucks it's crazy. I know it's been a while. It goes all the way up to two hundred fifty dollars. The New York City will then give me two thousand dollars so ably never wanted. You're donation, They have nine times the impact of big business. Your jets, every nine ex gain on something. This is the way to do it, Yasmine good fun we have a more grassroots donations than any one else in the race we ve got a great chance to win and then the real we'll begin of getting the greatest city in the world I got it speed as quickly as possible, but I'm excited. I think we can do it. I made two, I would love to visit there with you as the mayor of all the time we ve missed out on in the last year. I bet Monica I once a week ago, I am I gonna. It's been eighteen
Since we met in New York, I e Nitze alma. I will host do both. It will be delightful and glorious and then we'll put a social media opposed up and it will generate billions that are destroying our Andrew good luck with everything huge pleasure talking, you I'm sure we will do that again soon. Thank you. Both these say about as both here and in reality by everyone, stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, we are supported by better help if you're feeling depressed or struggling with relationships having difficulty sleeping or meeting your goals better help offers online professional counselors who can listen and help. I am in therapy
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If it also was scary via this dish, actual freak. Do out yeah. Ok, so we were texting when I was in Washington in you said You mean very weird, carbon has said, I'm losing it a little back there. We go, I'm losing it a little bit and I so why? What are you doing? You said I'm singing the song about the anthem, gobs anthem that I made up. Yes, ted I made up a song about Byzantium, dumb and I've been singing it over and over again- and I said, oh, my god- I wanna hear it and I've had now and he said no, this past year, and I salute least tell me the words in you The only words are Xanthias gum, so I called you her and I said is this the song you were saying Zan, some gum dad dad at that. Ozanna them come in you lot Like you, almost exile ghost, I did see why you are a ghost, was the
fucking someone, maybe you actually, no wonder LE mourns episode. You said you wanted the invisible and I think you learned how Ochre invisible in my room, although I was in Seattle, but you have to tell a boy yes well, I can only about my experience. My experience, I am not. I haven't learn how to do that. Ok and also my experience. I was in Seattle, but it was pretty incredible. It was correct, is the absolute either now, while the song, which is even see, but I liked it so much in you- did not enjoy it. You were you thought, like I had. What are your thoughts? Was that when I, Looked up your so knows. I like somehow enabled the microphone, and I can like monitor you from Afar which, by the way We can see that there are doing that. Then you should end our friend now to be very, you said: what do you think? Like I listen on your so knows, and I said, did you be able to follow, then I was
that's a weird thing to say you probably did well what a strange thing. What I could tell was that it was too much of a coincidence for you in your life. He must have been hearing me Then I just went to she thinks I heard her Do you think I could have heard you on that? started. Trying to you not suggest what that could be. I didn't know for sure if you heard me, but I do think there has to be an explanation and I thought maybe we, the explanation was when we had talked earlier or something that you had been like humming and then I got in And what without me really knowing and then it was still in your head deception? Yes, but I still think that is a possibility, I just feel like I'm all the tunes, although the ditties in all of the world, sure, millions of song. How could you possibly
If somebody about Saint Anthony Gama loud, I immediately, we just like y know what I was saying that, based on that, they would be saved them, go out at my dad Odo Suzanne them gown the protracted deity. Do while its rays, you you were unhappy and you wanted to stop talking about it, which I thought was really an interesting river. Is it felt like a really big pop out? I felt like an invasion of your privacy. I think you're, like you had infiltrated. Might rain. Somehow sure scare you they pop out, I was awaited. Try to turn my attitude around on. Ok, I'm we wanted. This is, self serving for me because you know I love guessing things and I take big risks with guessing things. Yeah yeah, like today
you haven't met his fire, but does your pretty rare? Would you agree that you don't see me step in it, but often do not, but I take some big swings but, like oughta be talking to someone, maybe for five minutes- and I ll go- are you from northern Kentucky and when met that works quite often right and I love it or if I can pick up their from Dallas, or you know that it's just fuck queuing Debar now. Do you you just think it's fun. It's it's, it's charming that you could guess it or you I'll Mahomet Brean, I just wild them really fun when people like how'd. You know that right by like that feeling, but do you think a little bit of it is just like yeah? I know everything I mean, I know, that's not what's happening in your head cause, that's not where your brain brain will
Are you think, but subconsciously more think? The eagle boost for me is, I think I can tell you because another game I like to play off. You watch me do this, but I can. I can often pick what car people drive I've never seen their car and I know like well was given New York. Actually pick it out, you know in Was it a stretch or not a stretch? And at once I have that criteria. I'm pretty good, like I think above seventy percent of guessing what car people drive and it's always Joe Fund for them in its fun. For me, an eagle boost is, I know, a lot a car right is soda, makes sense to me or I get proud myself than I traveled, so many places and I paid attention when I was there- that I can been recall that if I'm talking to somebody sets the ego part is like oh yeah, I'd like I was put on this planet. Done my best to like Roma around it and learn about it, and now here's the out come of it
Yeah yeah yeah, I can- grow less care has into what I'm saying. I think the good version of it is like I'm paying tension, because sometimes it will happen- happened during spades, love, gloves saying out loud what is about what will happen, and I am not so much a fan of this move. We ve gone through. We fought for the couple doorsteps over now We ve also comment on the other side. We ve had to talk about it. If you have a serious talk of oh yeah yeah, we everything, but the board is what is trotwood is troubling, is like air gloves, each time you like aren't. You know you're, like that. It's fun for him and I enjoy doing it so like it works in that relationship, but it doesn't work between you, an idea in that moment, find it be. A million all heavily on the no at all sign is opposed, I'm the the paying attention side, because in that game you are supposed to keep now.
She herself. So when you just like can't help yourself to me, it's it feels like you have to. Let us know that you know I am trying to do it to amuse people arrogant observe and yes, I've been wrong, but have also like seventy percent of the time I'm right in he loves the IRA, but you being right in that moment for me- and I guess this is like connected to oversee asia- it's it's for you too, two to be right bullets both things, so it is self serving to me an someone enjoys it. You don't write but as does in Eric. Does some people like somebody will again some people hate it? So sometimes, yes, it's completely in. If I did it around you who hates it in time, the only person enjoying it that's ethically, a problem which is what happened, although It was also one of those ideologues ethically a problem. You know what you're putting out is that I'm a blow hard in that I just get off so much. I'm being right, I know on which is true, but also
me getting off, I'm being right, also amusing to some people in so when many p Urbana vetting and I'm having the selfish desire. I don't see it dilemma there. But if I'm getting off, I myself at the expense of you, then I'm a blow. Then I'm an asshole bright coming sense. Really quick. I don't see a huge the distinction between me doing that and you wanting to win like it's the same. You want to prove that you were better at the game than your opponent like your labeling me with feel so grows and I acknowledge its gross. But it's it's not different from just the desired to win to prove your better so you could argue all you're trying to do is like show you're better than everyone wants Jenny, motivation, but that is competing yeah I can see some similarities there. I've. I think, playing a game. You want to win. That's just like that,
What you're doing doesn't mean you're better than every, but why do you want to win? Why you play? That's not fair, so I took a walk with you. And I am happy to acknowledge at what I'm doing his ego maniacal and I'm trying to prove. I understand the game really good, ok, I didn't bail out new scope. Why do because that's what people do too? I don't want you to balance. If you want a wink as people want to win games, not what is the ego doing what it? What is the self esteem to like? What is what happening, when you fight very hard to win Yeah I mean I'd, say it's definitely. I'm trying to really think, is it that I am better or I am really good to me. Those are different, like I don't think I'm better than Jess, I'm not better than Jeff. He is the best at that game. In my opinion, all the people I played with a lot of times, I believe, just to be the most proficient at that game. Okay, but when I
playing with him, and I win against them from playing against him, and I win. I don't think I'm better than him what you like him in that one like I don't that's up to take away the take away as like? Oh, I did the best in that moment in that feels really good, and but I I definitely John and I don't think you are doing that either I don't think you're saying like I know the cards and no one else knows right. I'm not yeah so I guess- and also I dont say, like course, you don't say I'm better and I'm the best you say of that game. I just played the best or me, and my partner played the best of that game. You did because you want yeah I dont. Sometimes no the card in say go. I always
the card and I'm the smartest I just in that moment I go online who Eric when Eric says. I've got some big, it's that to selling a permanent seat. They think I'm more! That's what I'm saying I don't think you're saying I'm better than I think you're just saying. I know o preside desire to feel at that game and I think winning is also the desire to feel great at that game. That's true! That is definitely true. You guys can see why. This is why we have to have these sit down. Now, when you play a game every day, several days aren't gonna come off. You gotta dress, ok, ding, Ding, Ding speaking of Games, Andrew talks about the game roadblocks, he says, roadblocks has played a lot in this house and we didn't know what that was. But since we recorded this I learned a lot about robots to Hawaii and one of the kids knows.
Emily well, and everyone was playing all began, his lonely siren Zairean had my boy delta learned about this character siren head Road blocks, he's a bad guy and she's explaining him to me. And she's getting really worked like she's laughing, but she's. Getting worked up about kind of like lies right in wasn't she then having dreams about siren her? Yes, if he really Baku pies a place in her head and she was doing such a good job of trying like rational lies it. She was like he's, not real, but even if he was real, he is a threat, but not
This gap he's not real, but even if he was real, he couldn't get into this building. These Toby is not as follows. This building and shoes is doing all this work to to make us a siren had wasn't too scary. It was really cute, but yeah came from roadblocks, oh ok, so we talked a lot about the new stimulus check and I said when I learned from Doktor Wendy Mobile from her traverse nurture that the kids are calling it still. He owes to me, but you know, the old checks had trumps name on it. Ok, and he said I don't know who is on a new check. So I looked. I actually ass. My brother
Why does he got it right here at night? I texts at him and he said direct deposit. That's what it says on dried hears directive could answer, but I looked president binds name. This was before it came out of the White House, said Tuesday that President binds name would not appear on the stimulus payment to be sent out. Millions of american families as part of the administrations really package. A reversal from the precedent set under President Tromp Whitehouse Press secretary, told reporters on Tuesday that the payments approved undermine would instead be signed by a career official at the Bureau of engraving in printing and office within the Department of Treasury
very diplomatic yeah I like it may do so. I, like Rockefeller, even put his name on anything yeah. I respect their oh, my gosh, I just started and could bark which were an audio book. I think it's called empire of pain. What's the her? It's a bow. The sack learn family who basically, and on its sued they their away, invented oxy, ok, advance I have been sued in man raiding. The opium crisis by like follows: generations of them. It's it's good, I'm not very far, yesterday, but I like yeah, as you would expect that have an opinion on YAP that they can't be. They can't be faulted for the opium crisis just cause.
A product. So if that's all they have done. Yes, they give if they created a product that was entirely addictive and people got addicted to it in the FDA, approve it yeah. I don't think that's an issue. They allegedly funded science and sent doctors out on the road. To urge physicians, stop treating pain management in the way they had been in downplayed the addictive nature. So once you are employed, in people in and again I don't know this is all lead should have that they manipulated results inflated one paper that wasn't really vetted if they ve done all that now to me, you ve got a criminal enterprise you're a real actively trying to deceive the public with something dangerous. But if you like cigarettes, you're fucking, normally they'll kill you Ass. Few announcement you're crazy, I'm fine with that. The answer only keep list.
Oh, who wrote it any like famous sir, I think so. I think this person wrote something else very popular pinocchio jangling girl, fish. It's it's by Patrick Ratan, Keefe, don't recognize the name, he wrote say nothing it's another popular, but a great. How did you come across his book? The one you're friends recommend zero, just Parker or so you're good friend s cheap, and she is a wordsmith very well. Read and a new trust her I do she's addressed a brand in rats recommendation yeah, that's right! So listen to that, if you like, audible. Ok, so I listen to the fact check on Michael MOSS, while I was driving around Washington first. Why that episode
sometimes we when we're air viewing people. I can't like. I can't take him and for the way I would if I was seeing, someone else is part of our assent and so like when we have certain guess on that. I was really interested in an after. I'm like I want to be here, without any responsibility on my plate, he was so delightful. Incredibly in that fact check. You said that I often talk with the only intention of rating like clever sentences and not. I said you re right. That's how you talk all know right that sometimes that happen they. Now this one. I got there mom, I'm I'm just trying to show that I'm a know it all. Just I'm just I'm just posing questions. You pose questions
to me as well. Oh you a widening their questions that you have those opinions gang, I'm ass, I'm trying to have a conversation about it like. Why is the root of these things? Is that the route is that not like you said about this? You brought it up wanting to guessing you love guessing things, and I curious, like ok, so why? What is that? A bow? If that is something you're super interested in continuing to do, they strive to be self aware person like I said, if I thought I'd like to think I'm taking stock of other people I hated or enjoy it. Yes, a foremost, but that's fair, but just I just heard that fact, Jackie, yesterday, on my way to the airport, now merely miss, I am wondering if globally, you think I am a narcissist. What would be the what's the blue
get fled, allowed his eyes dream like. I know I don't think you're a narcissist, but if what we do here is talk about some of our young eight hundred unjust, I'm asking do you think I have a blanket issue, any the look I mean you, that I think sometimes your Mary arrogant, yeah. I think I'm gonna, but definitely not all the time, not even most of the time. I don't think so. I think you would be fun person to be around you were smattering of arrogance yeah. I was just wondering ring, I don't have to ask those questions and wooden. That's not! Why asked. I ask our we inching toward an observation. I am inviting you to just make like
if you think about it. If I thought you were a narcissist, I wouldn't likely you have more distance from you. It's true I feel like we can have these conversations means you're. Not in our system is you can take on information and here it and converse on it, and if I thought you were unable to hear things, I would bring them up, don't waste your time exactly, but I also know what her your feelings ever. So I don't. No, I don't want you did not do anything you're, not thinking like if you're thinking, oh he, Why is he? Love is always run a gas like this, he just getting off and then he thinks he knows. You think I want, and I want to know that- and I were to consider whether I need to change my behavior. I don't I'm not suggesting you change your behavior and less the
impetus. Is like yeah, I just want to prove that I'm budgets you're saying it's not and I think you're right may not know, I'm admitting that some yeah I'm admitting on my side of the street that is my motive, but only if the other part the is mused by having had something guest about them right right but also its you said, which I think is also true, also want you to know, I'm paying attention the right that so that, when you that I was like oh okay, that is a different way of coming at it? That's why ass asked like what what is under it and it works on the spades level to like it could also be be Well, I'm just paying attention, and I think that's funny in interesting to look. People know, I would say the grossest part of me doing that if I'm being dead, honest
sometimes I'm doing it to demonstrate. If you pay attention, you can that's right, the rose is part of why I have done it sometimes yeah yeah yeah, that makes sense, without saying to summon hate. You need to pay attention, but snakes Let sometimes I want to demonstrate like of you, pay attention. You can know this year and I am sure that triggers me because we're never on the same t, Rikers we're not even if we are well, not in game we're never on the same I know that you know what's happening, but I also know some people are not paying attention and if they're, not my team, I want them to keep not not and and and that's true, so it goes against your interests. It has, does come already redress play space suits you guys, don't look
color your opinion of space. Most people do it without any issue, I'm sure they do, although it's funny, because we got introduced to space by Jess, he has played with these three other guys for years they have a weekly game Ryan, Brian Andrew and role in the hall and dress was saying, like they just resumed last week and he was like. Oh my god. I forgot the intensity. Yes, I M, and so of course, when he starts playing with us, he's intense, because that's what he's coming from India and same just taught Laura Man, and I first, and so the four of us played in a tournament for a really long time, and it was the same, yes right, so that when we word when we're transition into this, like big group game, it's much less serious and I think the like all. That was another chapter in your nice debate, which was at a certain point. I said to you, I'm not playing
to win you as much as I'm planet, to have lots of laughs for that. To ours like I would, I would plaguing were quiet, concentrating and then that the incentive was just to have victory. I wanted to be like fire, and playful toda any anything I do as a vehicle for that, which is very admirable. I end and what we do when we play in our tournaments, most Tamar silent yeah, yeah yeah, it's it is It's just afraid. You'll have to define which version everyone is interested interested in be open about about yeah once we have that talk, I do think I was like oh, this is gonna, be different than that and that's fine fun and it's a survey.
Okay we're going to play right. Now we are going to play right now and I was looking at my watch. I love you. I love you.
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