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Anna Faris (Scary Movie, The House Bunny, Mom, Anna Faris is Unqualified Podcast) is an American actress, producer and comedian. Anna and Dax crack open a can of Redbull and discuss honesty in parenting, becoming the mayor of The Grove shopping mall and gender roles in partnerships. Dax reveals the details of his open relationship and Anna questions the potential negative effect of pornography. The two of them dissect the pay disparity between men and women, the expectations that come with being in a #couplegoals relationship and Dax tells the story of how they were both sent to Hawaii to eat a piece of chocolate.

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Hi. This is Dax. Welcome to arm chair expert today on a ferris stop by and am I just really like on I've done her podcast, I bumped into her over the years. I just think she so supremely towns it as a comedian in an actor but eclipsing all that is her willingness to be vulnerable and honest, and if you find that you want even more that after listening to this, you should check out her podcast, unqualified, which again Repeat I've been on months and I think I'll go and do again. It's wildly successful and well deserved. Without further ado. I guess you should. I should say you should watch her on moms to let's plug back and now without further Ado on affairs he's no one else Then, what now on another is welcome to voluntary expert. Your
asking about a picture of a dog. That's behind me correct! Yes, I am You confirm or deny. That was your question. That was my question. Is that a canine debt is a keen eye I think it's a young, I think, is a great name in its very regal right. It's like our oil lots of print of Oh painting, I imagine some much lower level than I am the elegant. Lord of the Manor Commission, this her his dog that he was in love with right, yeah, Lord, that loved romanesque architecture budgets, is also call in homes we don't like columns Dewey, I don't know, do we I have only established this worthy over it, Fountainhead, Howard Work hated column saw than I hated them, because Howard work knew everything about architecture. I know nothing la I wish I could say they. Yes, of course, attacks every two thousand and eight coins. Surely his dazed and
adriatic those governments are now very embarrassing, do about why I read the found her yes disease, revealing? Who can, I guess, can I guess yeah guess you had a crushing girl could very close you're a crush on a guy ma of everything, this guy, who, in an interval rain, fall right. That's all right. Favorite book Brad, Pitt obsessed with since a young age in an interview said, is very fair. Book was fountainhead than I thought. I need to read this book. A sap and I can't really evaluate how much that impact my reading of it, but I will say it as one of my favorite books as well. What is it about like? What was your first, like Brad Pitt crash experience? I think, but I can guess wrong: yeah you'll get it
Ok, so wasn't fell on the way. You know. That's that's where women discoveries framer right. It's gotta, be a fact. What is a fucking called? Oh I'm good so, Madam all over now, and on his characters, name YAP, Tristan, o the punching movie legends of the fall legends of the fire hanging fight club. I was actually thinking romance. Oh, yes, very, tiny, rolling, true romance funny stoner, some guy really good, really good human against type on that one, but later revealed in type but bring. Look at that time against type. Thank you may then fell right away. Yet the answer I have in my fridge an assortment of beverages and that in sugar free ripples, one of them, which I I'm not allowed, Frank. I drink, I'm on vacation disgusting, delicious office.
Drinking a nine bolt battery it just chemicals and concrete way to put it now as you so right, it's like if you were to chew into a ban. Sorry, my wife's very disappointing when I drink these so is this is my little club house. So I keep them here and I will only drink. One of a guess does so thus far have not been able to have one in you now allowed. You gave me permission to have one with you get four year. Thank God. I want her. Like me, she'll she's, like she, regardless, and what can I tell you to night at one a m when I'm regretting this decision? Yes, do you have trouble sleeping? Yes, we do. I went. I wonder why I wonder: why do you take stuff? How do you get on times? Oh, that's an interesting question. Do ask that because you have to have a city,
the terrible times leave me yeah I'd, say it's my number one complaint about my biology, yeah I've in inducing that that is a seems to be such a common thread in people and our industry, because, like your brain to feels like its eye hamster wheel, because your constantly worried about being out of a job or in order that this sense of creation or like I don't know what the fuck you up for me, now is like. I don't wanna be little that by saying lofty, but for me this is a chicken or not I think I'm doing the thing I do, because I was already coup that wherever I bring on his way to act, I needed some com really excess about put for it. Yeah. I think I think you're right in that there is a trend in the twenty years that I've lived here that I feel like I've noticed. You know where people, creative people, I'm hustlers
they have a different a little bit of a different wiring. Maybe you others, circadian rhythm is and what we call it's it's fucked up, but but part of it I'm so grossly. If I were listening to myself right now, I would be like Aki. You bet, about why, as tigers, limes legal who are like super grid is equally able our yeah. My fire then call themselves artist in a lot of them are certainly but I, My thing is: I did that the lifestyles
Health is not conducive to sleeping right. So you you have weird hours and there never the same right. So you're on a tv show, and I have to assume sometimes you're working fourteen hours on a Joergen three hours and you never really get a great predictable schedule and then and then it changes every nine weeks, ripe, yeah and also, I think, there's an when I have, and we have the most amazing matters on mom. But the reason I started podcast was also for an independent, creative expression yeah, and so I think that that also like, I love interpreting and tripped trying to solve the puzzle of other people's words. Trying to do a face and a voice or whenever minimum fuck em so as to be doing tat. Probably do not do that well, but they would have fired you a while ago by the way, if you are doing well, we'll know it's my job weariness, some very cheerful, that's my strategy. You think so. Oh yeah, you ve just
Your backdoor. Can you know that? I don't think that's it there s. No one leg willing to do the job that do you know the other actors words. I think that inflation, the writers like ok, let's have Allison Lake ABBA massive fit of diarrhoea- like my own over what to do that, my character would have diarrhoea givers ANA Maria Gomes. I guess this is what I gotta do haven't you felt that way to some time, especially in the world a comedy? Well yet was, A lot of things contributed that one was. I was so hungry to get a job right. So many many years of auditioning, nothing and then punk comes along and there, like a will you be naked in storage. Ask how am I absolutely I'll be naked? You know, sir. Seen other naked people whatever is required of me. I will do it and it gets trig as it is at that
bringing the party, but then you are you coming out of of all which is hard to evaluate right cause. That's what got the door open for. You is like a willingness to jump through plate glass. I think after that's the first game movie, I found out that, like eighty, like meme actresses, past unbelief, ah they didn't want to be spread to the ceiling, must sperm way. I think that's there's a chapter in and out prepared, is worse stance. She knows in great detail about how one can mimic means spread to a ceiling was seamen you're from Washington, yeah yeah, there's a lot of good for from Washington I'll have to submit them on. Why data the girl for nine years, I think I've told you this that was from ever it or Marysville at which is very close to the union's your nor throughout Europe. How you write in between nine between a harm, their little pocket there, that on those Bellevue Right, Bellevue, Beata, limit, Ogier, Macgyver fact where we now want to.
Above all we want to make them snobby are placed at school, or is it yeah? That's where Bill Gates lives right, yeah, yeah. I saw him once there at a time when these drive through In his porch and I had heard that they catered their wedding with Wendy's and I thought that's preposterous, that has to be They story, but then I saw him at the drive through in Bellevue when these in his portioned out, like this story has legs, I confused about the Listen Wendy's fuck. Yes, your brain bill gates I've been opposed to feel a little slick, my hometown bill, I can see where you would say that, but I think is someone who's. Just very, interested in machinery in the complexity of of, Brad I I think that now Horum partition,
but though he was driving dream car side I mean. Can you know who this is like this? What happens when you like fucking, have another podcast, her knowledge? The glory await begat, wait telling you finish your sentence and I've got to ask you what your drinker red apples are so that was the end of my conversation. Now who is your cousin? Where is your dream car and you have it? You probably have it it changes a mannequin. I were just talking about the sedate. She has an Atlantic Alex fascinated Has she loved this conversation? Flickr Monica obsessed with going to the grove she looks very close to the growth of the grove is a huge outdoor more. She can't get their often enough. I enjoy what what do you like about it? You know when I felt when I was visiting lay before I moved here and I went to the grove- and I was like this is: where did you move from George S, ok, Atlanta, ok, right! So no groves they're both would now start
they're. Starting up, though I'll tell you that through an alarm, I've been there so yeah they I don't think we have. A lot is hitting the high water mark that the grove is now it's nice. It's it's like the GRAIL early plant. I think maybe based off the ground. Ok anyway. So before I moved out here, I came out here. Am I wanted the grove and always like this place, and I had this big dream and then it was. It was coinciding with the grove it was like Disneyland at all these. You know it was so sparkly to me, and then I moved here and now no job and low nothing and then I would go to the grove, and I would feel that I would feel that allowing the safety you would feel like a sea of Amerika S. All this is a special play I'm lucky to live here and now I live steps away from that granted still
and she's gainfully employed, so she often those their impacts, things up a cheap mayor may now I live now. I can buy shit from the ground. We really like cassettes was always the things like people go to the grove further safety. It's like this weird outdoor park, but does anybody actually buy anything? modern? You know you buy clothes, mainly guy now ass. I find a lot of you back. Ok, that seems reasonable, but where do you will get a truly? I dont know Nord Stream, my eyes, this is getting an embarrassing. You're right about the Barneys yep. You learn. He said nor instruments made well of you the trolley there now. Ok, now
the line that vessel novice link, we could pitch to say to the people that run the grove like like a Muriel Competition Lake, ok tracks, and I could run from mayor of the role the grove competing against each other because it is such like you just imagine Unlike the jolly man with a tiny top hats leg, I don't want you mean I urged her for monopoly, your vision. I feel I got so your victory. The gases Pascal Lamy built passing algae, like looking around for me of the grove. Yeah I got a new tax, the ominous falconry offers of all. Unlike Monica, I can't stand the grove. It's all my nightmares come. Through Elsie monitor. Ours is a ton of store. Does that make me really drowsy like Shoppy, makes me so drowsy. I can't stand the lighting no who cares if more light like notion that, oh I need close
but I dont know what clothing something to look at all the fucking clothing and hope that some of it pops out to me that that the exaggerated so exhausted, and I thank the stores that put couches in it for husbands, where we can hang out and look at our phone wonder but yeah. So I would we concede the may oral campaign to dig him on a power. The trolley power without wheedle. May I go shopping. You got a deal with like the greed in an arms market in during the day. Can it be awesome to be the mayor of the grow. We again, if you could rule with an iron fist, like a russian tsar, that Lady Hobbes everywhere provide a good long that I could they have published everywhere at the grove already cause. They do a lot of a document. I'm, I'm I'm I'm the movie star jargon enable only been scary movie, one two three, but that you do for for you. If we ever become.
Like very, very good friends, I'm talking like we do to you decades of great friendship, you and I are on a porch in the south- were retired. I say to you: would you make on the fourth one? Will you at that time tell me, will I'll fuck yeah how great great great great that's means worth putting in the twenty years? Not enough. Not enough. Yuck is, of course, from the outside. My assertion is you made it a hundred could billion dollars, for I think I was the thing that of course, it's fucking shit tenant money, because using you make in this town is essentially a fuckin shit and of money, but then you often between taxes and other, represent whatever it does feel like. Oh, I should probably put this in the bank because I mean ever work again like I guess. Maybe maybe athletes feel that way. I have no idea but but it did also feel like they were. Seventy eight. It was
play impressed upon me that I was replaceable. Oh really, yes, which is fucking bullshit by the way things no way that your replaceable and that no one can get some into the ceiling like climate, can you Let me represent you in future. Negotiate ohms ease amalgam like back in calm ill and I'm gonna raindrops book the art of the deal that that'll be what I do to prepare, but I will certainly I would not accept the explanation that your replaceable, I think, every ridiculous, oh, but this would bring up. This is a great opportunity to talk about something that is very topical and I think we're talking about, which is that the pay disparity between men and women. Ok. First of all, there is a huge pay disparity, not arguing that. Secondly, it's completely unfair. Ok, now. Third, in his work, gonna get provocative the way there, rules and movies are negotiated its very male testosterone, driven negotiation because
Similarly, you have to do to get paid what you wanna get paid you have to walk away at a certain point you have to quit, you have to say I'm cool, I dont need scary movie for and I think it's more males nature to be confrontational and bull, headed about that, and do that then it is women. I think they're more prone to compromise, which is their gifts in it's a shame. It's not rewarded, but it is part of this issue. Do would you agree or disagree with that? I think the angles a little bit different. I think that most female characters are written sort of a bit with the you know a bit of an inner changeability about any oh share, so the studio was like. Ok. Well, if he were, you know we we do want to pay that much. We all know this much budgeted for the role and we can get so and so, though, because usually you know there's
for male characterised every one theme, if, if even that's, accurate eminent, but so there is that hunger, great elements to bring up is your right. The aid there is less roles of importance on the table are kind of interchangeable like it there are some rules. Were you like? Oh my god, we have to get back shepherd. We have to get set Rogan. We have to get like somebody who you know fulfils this perfectly with a lot of female characters as the written it does feel like. Ok, I am the bounds card banana on it'll, be agreeable and I'll, be like oh wow that guy's fucked up, but I like em, who know why? then that is definitely true of a lot of young, attractive, actresses being a drama word there. The guy's wife, totally agree on a ferris very, very, very unique performer you're, one of the
Chinese women to ever be in movies, and you are very much not replaceable tanks. That's just no! That's not me, forefinger, your pillows, that's a fact. You have one of the most unique specific comedic tones and your pretty on top of it in so you're, not replaceable. Thanks and your wife is fucking stunning reversing either have been cut, still movies where it does feel like. Okay, this is the comedian that the male leads project role, because that's usually almost comedies get made up. It's a vehicle, that's been created and then there's there's an under written female role and there have been my man, and so sometimes I have been heard in the past, where I felt like the expectation was that I could singularly could L
a potentially but us and also honour the man in like crush on em fucked up dude men, young, no, reasonable woman would ever crush on it and because the comedy wasn't always in my nature, I never I'd, never felt very comfortable negotiating those waters. So that's why I started a colleague. Oh I'm, the bounds. Cart like all like look at this guy with adoring eyes and maybe than the audience will do you no don't say I do know your same, but I also think I dont think you were very good at evaluating your actual worth to project because you, do something. The first thing I think I saw you and was. Was it just friends just saying, the end. There was just one of those around Avery experiences because I got to be insane and I can't remember even how I ended up at that
premier or something, but at any rate I was like holy smoke, this one and is a harmony. I swear and is now also falcons, may not be. I tried a pace mazurkas by the end. It'll be motherfucker theirs. Forget it. I just use now fully smokes mislaying, so always like area. I wonder why are you with Jack? You alive. Give me another company. Ganz is something you sailor ogre closer. You weren't diviners sensor? Ours is one arouse. Try me like soft paddock, as I was talking about How could she was eyes? Eddying augur shared, it would seem. I don't I was. That was the any time I've been able to play an extreme character. I'm sure you must feel the same way and so much delay,
the words just well what I was going to say that you did with that role is burnt Reynolds famously you know, even though he is wildly successful, he did at his height, have a little bit of a chip on his shoulder because as an end, I own a play by magazine than he was on the cover of, and I have the interview and read it several times. But in that interview, he's kind of complaining or lamenting that he's done, move he's like smoke in the manner which was like the second biggest movie of that year. Ah, data thirty pages, and he went away and made this movie. That was the second biggest movie of the year and yet doesn't we do this movie midnight cowboy and he gets nominated, but he had a great material and a great director and all these things in Burke always kind of fell under appreciated and he was basically and things that should have never worked he's a fucking movie called gate these drive around a fan boat like that, but we should not work because of birth. Runnels appeal, it works and I think you ve been in tunnel rules where, as you say, that
nothing there for you to do on the page per se, but you ve turned it into some incredible and I dont scary movies. If they dont cast you, I dont, because that that thing is not written by Lawrence Chasm and it's not directed by fuck. You name it. So it's all I knew you'd like them will be lives are dies on whether you are good or bad, and in so I think you're such a huge part of the success of it. That is preposterous that you wouldn't that you would have been replaceable came back. I wish they tried to fucking, replace you and then they did they did was rife, but because you don't want to do it at all. And how did scary movie five days to Old Europe, old, yeah, you're, very old and why they made their decision. Ah, how did scary movie five do listen I'll find out, and it's nothing Ok, I'm sure you don't wanna, probably celebrate that attack, but out I'll, probably celebrated waitin for more armchair.
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I want your own forward, slash mobile columns even get afford, Slash, Monica do for you now these days, you're gonna get. Why and I are going back to the idea of the value of a woman like a blow value of a talent more something and in those are oddly, as you know, in comedy comedies, so difficult and undue spoof, is incredibly difficult because you they relies on your sincerity, which so relies on the idea that you have you, after as an actor, become be completely okay, with the idea that the audience is going to think that you're as dumb as your plane right there's, nobody, no winking, there's no like you can and in that, and do you know where I was somebody who is a little bit upright every now and again, you're. Not much whatever now and also your parents were super duper. Smart, yes, sort of thing, that's valued in your household yeah.
Yeah so and then you're gonna go play something that's opposite of everything that was champion at home and plain something one dimensional is really hired. It's it's easier to play. Somebody who were there's big more clues to who they are. And women are also saddled with Lotta exposition story along like Michael. If you fight for it, third time on December. Seven, you don't understand you don't push the button before the thing ones out in the thing is going world and be above that we don't even get to say that part enough data may say something. Then there is also a lunatic. And another gun for that, although we have been doing pushups, I don't want to hear after I put idea, I happened to check out fast and furious may be seven or eight, and and there was a line in the movie that VIN Diesel said. He said they go like. What are you going to do? If you catch him, then I don't even know his name is in the movie, but
anything they haven't even and then in the word. Yet what I'm gonna do to him It also am guided them. Blue was a writer that lazy that they actually wrote. I can't think of anything to say I think it's not even metaphorically use. They have anything indebted a word for word, I'm gonna! Do it in this house so you when you started acting as a kid, and did you be a dramatic actor serious actor as it was at the trajectory. Did you wanna do around here? You put this inclinations also continued acts. This is really fun for me, the ticket to the interviewed by another pod Esther ogre Vicki. Why did your show- and I had someone alone- they were amazing you're. So fucking is tat. It was really grain and it was in part
the reason I wanted to do this as like that those are so fond she's doing it at our house, the seams doable on the obnoxious yeah. You have always been a very handsome man that is. Are you like one of those guys they get, more handsome as they ate. Oh, you think so. Ass! That's good news at this is not just the red believe there were pretty yeah we're pretty shit faced right now in red. Well, we told the story on your progress. We was out there right now, as I think its relevant I'm. So I saw just friends and I was like we're so towns it in a new- and I sat next together at a premiere and with single in your finger single, I don't even know if you're a single, but I remember what I thought was giving you some pretty good action. You know I was There is some open ended questions I was. I would definitely like to take this resigned it and then I've. My point of view that door was bolted. It was a deadbolt shut door began,
I married her. Somebody first has the may have been made. That would explain a lot more than moving mummy applaud. Holbein, you behave public way. It was even in front of you, if someone's giving me rhythm, I will like entertain it for five minutes. All you know how. I totally remember that. Ok, I think we'll work sharing, popcorn and laughing just like got a bunch of grief. Later. Ok, that's it that's my hazy memory of it that Muslim, like two thousand fine at so you were. You were married at that time. Yes, yes, I, like you, don't like to think about it or you want to talk about it known ass. It was always a young. It was a useful. You know what the whole thing people need to put them in context. User you'd is gearing moving your twenty two yeah, that's insane, so I can't imagine being the leader of a movie at twenty two you live in. I know your money in that the whole thing is
for anyone navigating our did live above airline right next to the growth of world growth is built. You predate the garage Honda cars? Ninety remaining pearl, damn cd jack, deep layer of a hunter civic hundred court You know we had a mid level. You guys can make a site of women, so you could ask your describe when they were and learn drug team, as you must have seen them break ground and full history. I didn't fundamental rights. I didn't know I didn't know. I had now, though, tripped on the arc of the covenant they divided season now share these second track that air but you're twenty two in so that's that that's a lot for a tweet or lease would have been for mine by parents are still married and they have is an amazing marriage, and I think,
then I have talked about this little bit of others, a sociologist yeah he's a professor yeah. You see Irvine use, he gave you see, Davis and and but we ve talked about like the the idea of the big picky, the kid, because you would think that having successfully married parents would like increase your odds pressure all, but what we ve, how we ve justified it. The whole thing is that we are trying to make something work when we weren't sort of picking up the clues. For me, it was sort of like cannot list. If I get this part solved, then I felt like they do career and everything I have this base at home. Yet and also, I think I was a very intimidated by day. Eating an ally in and not in not feeling like. I fit here
with a glamorous people and sort of filling up. The stoner dude that I knew back home were just easier hike unless I rushed last year guys here I was like I am. I now I'm back out of business and make you feel say yes, but also that truly just getting it settled. Ah, he made me feel like Ok, I can now and he was a loose and that needed tying up gas and an eye when I worked really hard. Is that because you think you're super goal. Oriented are you kind of secretly Taipei backing am I dont know or like and then, where you like, a good girl. Did you get good grades in your parents, are proud of you at all times, and virtually? No, no, no ok, Europe disappointment I visit
you like it or not. It was sort of mixed. You know I. I lied locked my parents, so I wanted to experience. I just wanted to experience a bigger world like like all of us to Reimer benign. Like isn't there more than this but just really quick that that to me as a clue, so if you felt compelled the lighted them in our in order to cover up these things that were, you would think we're undesirable in their eyes that we kind of says you were conscious of the fact that I'm supposed to be a good girl, I'm sort out of here. I know my chamber. They re. Yes, yes, I don't like my mom was very much like you're gonna fuck up you're gonna get arrested, just don't get someone pregnant, so the bar like I felt very, then go ahead, but I loved it. I hope to raise my kids the same way she was like life's fuckin messy. It's gonna get
Bessie for you and I'm gonna be the person. That's never again his skull due for a now I'll. Come pick you up. You know I'm very grateful for that and if I had to whom perpetuated some image of myself that I really wasn't thou Tibetan hard for me, yeah Ultimately, I think it leads to whatever level of farm honesty you have as a person when you leave home cause if you're gonna urine, environment. We basically forced the lie, then you develop that skill set in its so you navigate the world, but if you grew up like I did like we're, honesty is not you know, shamed or or or scolded than the amount of re. To be honest, I thought like you're looking at my dad did that make you more monogamous, then we Europeans know absolutely not I'd, say you were in a series of long term relationships, monsieur monogamous, but I had a girlfriend for nine years before prison. I, which have been together for almost eleven years. The nine year relation,
was an open relationship with satellite here's. What it's like. We met, cheating on our boyfriend and girlfriend we loved each other, I said I'm twenty wants is like a party. Sorry, I just needs a good vision was a party, so a party in Hollywood has, with my friend Nick talk. We meet these two girls Julie, embroidery there amazing the ball from ever? It yeah, I'm breeze, hyper intelligence Railway and girls are falconer. Add the rat, I would say it was one of a couple times that I felt like it was love at first sight and I had a long girlfriend back in Michigan, which we had already kind of talked about. Will this is hard I live here. You live here were not we're. Gonna like be realistic about this, and I think that was may be the you mean ground for me to get comfortable with all that in so we met she had a boyfriend. I had a girlfriend, we started dating that her boyfriend lived another stake. We'd. Have I note that night? I wish you'd like seeing your lap like touching the back your neck like what's happening, truth be told that was the first man
Everyday Crystal Meth, so I was on Crystal Meth, so it was I m sure everything was hanged. This this person was like fell out of the fucking sky and yes, we talked for hours, Dance was in a little Hollywood house like a little bungalow around Geneva. In ITALY, there are twenty one and twenty one and I live in outlay and I have no money and I'm not succeeding, and I'm lonely- and this is wonderful- businesslike- I could have enemy in Seoul. Quickly. India was dating ice and let us be realistic about this. We met cheating. Our boyfriends and girlfriends. I love you were twenty one in twenty. I dont think we're making it to fifty with us. Neither was cheating on one another, so I personally would like to not set that as an expectation of this relationship I'm not I'm telling you. You don't know that to me.
I wanna see about it. I don't want to know about it, but you don't owe that to me, so you don't have to that. That doesn't have to be something you fight forever cause I want out, we'd be with you in longer imagining this conversation happening at six? Forty, six, a m Hollywood how's, the birds are you, you ve been there, you have to have no bearing in mind you discovers. Isn't it happened that night haven't as we started late, but so far there are many succeed mornings that we're going as it was. We both love drinking in then that about I won't tell her side of it, but she was resistant to it at first and then so modest. She came around to it and then we had that arrangement. So I know I was not monogamist answer. I shall end up in your was I am I schoolboy, shamefully Burke, the way I mean not illegal to give me that
I think you do. I logistics are like emotionally wasn't way more complicated, so we Let us together we lived together. He came together every single night. No one ever went out on a date we lived together. We were in love, we spent Bina with weapons. But every night when she went back to wash Didn't I dont know what happened. Nor do I care she hung out with friends from high school and things may or may not have happened? I would go back to Michigan. I travelled for work. You know things happened and we both decided that hearing about the experience would never be joyful. Us it's not like. I would ever enjoy hearing what happened with her in some dude, so may, I just dont ever- need to know about it. If I die ever knowing I'll be fine, but I can tell you how it evolved yeah it involved in this way and in and I had to admit that it was a very convenient policy for a dude at a certain point. She goes look This thing that's been going on for years, you're, getting what you want. You guys want to sleep with a girl. I want to go
the dinner was someone who wants to hear about the book. I'm reading a super interested me has never met me like that's what I long for that's the thing that I miss about being single, and I said so basically using you would like to go on dates in she goes. That would be fair. That would be. You getting what you I meet anyone I want- and I said that's it. Pretty sound argument, ok and then, when I was out of town, I assume she went out to dinner with people and told them about what books she was right, but I know her at any moment during any of this thought, This matter was the girl tat. I never at any point thought this girl doesn't love. Me isn't super in love with me and whatever thing happen, I never felt like that had impacted anything between us. The reasons we broke up warrant related to that. So did you guys think stipulate any kind of legs safety our honour, yes, that this vestibule
they understand was yes. If you do something, you should be wearing a condom. Will aid cell, but do you think that this is a workable relationship for people? This is, but I think it work for us for nine years. There was a lot longer than most of my friends who had girlfriends at that time that they liked had in their twenties to go through your toys or someone was to me semi successful a lot of people cheated, I'm before, and then they have lies in than they have lies on lies on lies, and I didn't envy that so in that way or but I'll tell you in the way that I learned that it can be very destructive, at least in our case it was, I think, the writ sexual relationship between two people relationship is the hardest thing in the world to maintain it requires. The most amount of vulnerability. The all your biggest deepest fears are that you not enough for somebody. Are you not sexy and offers himself knowing that is? It requires so much vulnerability and work in it so hard that when I had an option- to do with someone else and not do that work. I didn't do that work, so
so I think it definitely took an impact. It took a toll on our sexual relationship because we both were fulfilled in that way from other people they re in. So that was the destructive? I don't know how long would navigate that aspect of it may be at my age. I could try to do I didn't say no. I can't do that. Any of any ways, because I'm a fanatic and funding to do it wants him into a thousand times over. That's a separate issue, but this is but you so tell me, though, you were, you were married and did you feel a huge sense of shame about having to get divorced because your parents had made it work? I your brother divorce is that what you're having a gas and ends? I I think I think it's there's there's a lot of layers. The first thing that just popped into my head was kind of the idea of embarrassment of hopefulness, of optimism and sort of the public declaration of Lake. I know what I'm,
varying yes, I know I'm young, but I got this year and then, sir, I'm an old soul, redress me, but you know why, but I think what you realize and time is that people for the most part are so there, the wrapped up in their own shit. There also more understanding than you think was that somebody men like tabloids and stuff not too much snatch him if you weren't ultra famously Ok ends, so that aspect was in terror. Now I think of you, you know, I think that people they loved me where are you know were probably saw. You know you know. There's a thing happens when, like a major change in your life happens, and suddenly people are saying like. Oh my gosh, you seem so happy when you didn't realize before they had been projecting, ah there that so that was happen in that blows always of comfort. It was like. Oh I wasn't doing.
I mean I didn't think I was all that happens. I wasn't doing a good job covering up. I thought that I was there. Was it hard for you call your parents who say I'm gonna organised in this? It wasn't you note was high and the first time was. It was hard to call my parents and tell them I can't gauged, ah ha yeah. That was because you are what sweaty Oliver you have is that we are for twenty five YAP aid, which I remember thinking like I'm having a hard time came early last year. I know I remember that very specifically, like did you at that moment, when you were walking down the aisle, were you thought all I don't know, or were you honor percent? On that day, at least I don't I've, never romanticized marriage in nice. Have my parents had like had this beautiful marriage? I was
never planning your wedding day earlier, then ya know I confused me when my friends would talk about our think about that, and so I am. The first summit got married in bikini into Hedy covered and solve them like, and it was a great day it was but cannot be fed sharks, failures, fuckin right yeah, but during the boughs you didn't have any second thoughts. Sir, oh, oh, oh, I think I did it. I think I was kind of I think, I'm pretty good at convincing myself, because I am Roma. I am a romantic, I believe in a partnership of believing companionship. I just don't know if I believe in the ceremony already necessarily as I just married. My friends idea you like performed, I did. Oh Jesus, learns reassurance to offer,
I just gave Harvey S legs are there? Do you think that's a little bit of a product is christian. I felt the same way, and that is because we already have an abundance of attention in our You know you're, already, guy celebrated outer red carpet civilising you on your Frida likelihood. Stare at me, I didn't ever have that need for like this day is gonna, be about me because I get a few those days and then have work when it's not about me and make sure that an exit about me. Yes, I do think that has a major with it then I think I'll know Monica do you think I'm feelin writing starting to threaten the dangerous territory in terms of stereotyping women. Do you think that I make a lot of general elections. Sweden's really conditioned to feel the need for like a big Valentine's day mother's day.
We know the wedding and can I just say I think their little patronising because needed such a patriarchy right and you guys were so shit on historically that we're like throwing these crimes are these four, maybe this great wearing. Then you get me my slight you gonna indentured servants raise my children. While I go have fun career they? Yes, I'm giving you! These are these little scraps in that way, I think yeah, as as women rightly become more valued in our society, probably even meet for Valentine's day will dissipate a little bit right. I fucking heard Valentine's day is also based in the guy sense flowers, you're. The guy me no run solo arises you it's still all in the hands of the mail, even though its like it sort of motives is like female, intense great point. Yes, but would you even look look at the difference between fathers day and mother's day, so in my experience,
in my circle. Typically, on mother's day, the moms have lunch with their girls or their boys in the hole. They only goes to a lunch or a dinner in its day about mom, with her kids in her fathers day where I grew up is dead. Those golf yardsticks. How did you get tat is diabolical away from everybody. Inches thing was Then there is everything up about the low expectations dad's as like Thursday I'll see you guys an eight as though like as though the assumption- and this goes back like a live like female guilt issues too, but as though the assumption is like that all we want to do is just have a peaceful day with our children, it's a chocolate, ran a large scale down an echo in bad yeah. I just rioters scrambled airbags, take down inside of it
hasn't raw bacon burnt toes in shells, and I don't know it. Did you put you completely right it solely patronising and is linked to the past stream of the show, because it's like I know now, we're friends, maybe ask you. What did he can't you? Oh yeah the rush hour even this whole, like even the EU the thing that happens with women with the ring. It's like sure ringing usually like I've, never had a dude. I've, never worn a wedding ring married for years. No deeds ever asked me where my wedding ring even is now yet, if you're here now, your friends like what did he get you the is you know, the promise nosegays of terrible functions is but the others the whole thing like he hears the proof of how much he loves me. Is this many carrots that whole thing is so by so many women who ve got, who like have anticipated the engagement and then they ve gone their name
Stan because they know they're gonna be showing up their hand. However, many months to every single personally I contacted and surprise thing have a whole side issue. Surprise step around here. If I can live Aqua. Wind point ever gave a canoe and the conception of the surprise, engagement It's like has to know you you do things for. You know it's that so true and honest unreal, and do you think that for you just
Now, globally, you think marriage, not for you or still for you. I need to figure out what the purposes right like is its safety for your children. Is it like convention? Is its open? Other people respect your relationship more. Is it for you now from me, I'm just not quite sure where it fits ends, especially when its feel so easy, of course, to get married and those like the untangling in terms of like the state being informed that that was always my issue. I was very against marriage. I was when I was with criminals like I'll. Have a hundred kids with you and I will die with you, but the idea of proving that the state of California love. You feels proposed
listen to me and then also having to be granted permission to separate from you some day. If we decide to go our separate ways that seems crazy to me, but I did it cause. You know I've. I knew for her. It meant something that's fine. I can do that and adapt biggest, because that is the importance of how other people then treat you as a married man as a whole, to a man with a girlfriend like. Even if that is your offer, new have several kids. I do think it is important how other people respect a relationship- ok, great, so you're, under something really good which to me, that's it terrible reason. The ultimate motivator is feared that might spousal cheetah me with someone who doesn't seem like a healthy banking, and yet I totally agree with you. I know you ve been saying between relational. She thing like that. Other people not come non! That's what I'm sayin! That seems to be motivated. I have like, let's, let's sure this up, let's put a motor on this and then women are no you're married men, getting
the good reason, no, not only eyes. It is like now and then, if debts of having the label of being married, have you, I am fairly issues when you remember oh yeah, I felt like I was such an ugly duckling growing up. I I was just wasn't all that cute, but so, if you really great and you can use when it because for four us that's hard to imagine that that's very gradually, Mama good! I do you not you're, not! I can't imagine it again, but I do know the people who are not cute and grow up to be beautiful. Sure- and you know, people that using our cue, but they don't think Turkey guy follows opinion of. I looked into whether you know so whether that's right around you and I'm wondering from I wonder, Do you think you just had a low opinion of yourself you actually now. You know, I think, efficient, just and pictures you where there are few. Did your father
I'm still here, is just before they again fish island if they're using what were you boy crazy annual. Yes out here that the issue is an attractive guy. Like me, I was just dizzy. Came here you now just like good, which is not say because I got I had girlfriends growing up in a lot of them are way out of my legs. I would get these girls that were away above my an opinion of myself, but yet power they over me, like I'm, getting a junior hind. This eighth re girl, Social liked me, and I just I was fucking drunk. I was like plastered drunk with joy for weeks over this like round. The second frat has to happen
item when they start happening network were boys were liking. You and you are like seeing senior year high school sort of when it felt like. I am, I feel, and I got my first boyfriend and he was a good looking guy and I just couldn't- I just truly can believe it out, and so I think it was possessive and jealous yeah, but also very proud. I was still there was. That was somebody my mom gave me was definitely because sense of pride. So I would you and expose their me, I'm sure sure did, but I attempted to utter, but in a sort of informed everything, in terms of acting for me, said enacting for awhile, and at least I had the confidence from that avenue. You are good at that from a young age, and I was a source of self esteem. Yeah yeah I was working with adults. I was really gratifying.
And leaving a man terms. Vienna mom like I was, thank God. It's important. You help your kid find the thing that can give them some self esteem yeah. I do and I want to make sure that Jack I sign is look at it. I don't wanna put him through, like a ton of torture is activities the right to life yeah yeah? We like involved a bunch it if I was single mom three kid: she worked her ass off. Support us, so I did play soccer for a minute, but like there was no one around it, throw a ball with me or anything so soccer. I plead for a little bit, but that was I got into skateboarding others sports. You can do by yourself be an ex writing. Skateboarding kind of alternative you kind of along, like a lot of actors, are early so that people and how hundred I thank you doesn't as anyone who listens association. We here saying this, but now is also going to like a special ed classes. I couldn't reed, I was dyslexic there was. I had a lot of things that made me not stoked Sylvia kid. You now I thought I was struggling Allah will you
the angry as it. You know. I wouldn't have described myself that way for a long time, but it's funny goes ahead. Many memories of bullies right. But then, as I get more honest there, I also have be kids up. I should not like. I am certainly for some kids a bully and I had bullies, and I lived in a house where I was powerless and an older brother who kick my ass. An I got to scorn like I finally wasn't powerless and I probably was a terrible kid to some kids, which is terrible, but that's a fact. That's a very frequent quality of police. My brother is, I shall do use bullying all real yanza yeah, so he's all honour is anyway, but the need to feel powerful when you're feeling powerless- and I have a question that out one major gets asked your private, and ask if I want to make sure these are your own. What's yours,
threerd. Ok! Now, since you grew up feeling unattractive physically and then you became famous and you're getting like a lot of attention, probably a lot for being beautiful. Having the slick, physical, you now you are on a lotta, your unless a pretty yeah. I should like to add that the new commodity is was out like a weird thing to reconcile. I dont think that I have reconciling. I am, I believe you by the way. I don't think I didn't. I dont think you know you're at all. Thank God, tanks out, that's nice with his fucking. Listen! It's like I'm with seventy three on maxims, like top one hundred when you can like. I am sure that it was a struggle for them to come,
with a hundred names, elbowing ordinary way, Asher. I ve never been out what can be done to compile the list without everyone and how I am it doesn't mean it maybe answer your question fully, but I loved so much that as they get older- and I bet Kristen does as well has have so many female fans because it feels at Vienna were hard on each other and I value it so much too young women like some of the work that have done or that feel they think they can relate to me and when I was in the twenties, I did feel resentful that I was in the comedy world bit, which was very arrogant place to be my mentality, because I because it should be always fuckin grateful to be working in general. But at that time I remember thinking. Why can't I
gee, I'm somebody's muse more like whatever. By the way we were all victims. Of that I mean Brad. Pitt probably wants to be impearled jam like there's nobody rates who doesn't aspire to be doing something. I think it's just a human condition, and I was curious about that, as I assume which leave you started out in an acting conservatory and you are taking a very seriously and then all of a sudden you find yourself on this comedic path in then were in some movies to that. Had a claim like you are lost in translation, which were you were great at and where their mouth Since we were like frustrated that that wasn't going more in that direction, Now that you're older you going like only I do. It's also to be any other things. Yes, I did feel at times like TAT is special because it can grab doing like all this, but the procedure is theater and my mom's, like you need me, millionaire heart and instead of my colleagues in the council gives way to the ceiling mom, I'm sorry,
have you sit next year down at the premier that movie my mom your last night, I was like please go to the bathroom, I allow to happen right now. I think I saw appreciate how difficult comedy is, I feel so lucky would its given me as a person in terms of how it made me people to laugh at myself. I think it's made me little happier and also, I think, there's more there's longevity and in being a part of the world of comedy but market. As far as like this sexiness question, there are times when I do feel sexy, but mostly that's it. I think I like to think that this is me obnoxious. I like to think that
neutrality and sexuality. Out of a different, like I like to think that the most I don't know said Joe person, what the fuck am I talking about God, while guy masturbating in the audience with that shouldn't alarming Satan. From arm chair. There. Monica when it rains it pours. We happen to be getting advertisers, who have products that we? Actually you love, love in this. Certainly one of them. Yes, my quick history with it. During filming chips. I was a boxer where, prior to that, in the night, a scene where I had to wear some tight unease- aha, and so they, you know that Rob Stylus bought a ton of pears, and I tried him all on an immediately I put on these as I damn. These are perfectly something about the design. The waiting lists oh darn soft. They have the perfect elasticity and the prince,
awesome. The colors are cool and after that scene I went online and I bought just a wheelbarrow full of me on these and I have not stop wearing them. Since that was two years ago I saw thereby me on the meteor air women's ones too, even though I were the men's ones you ok, so you do recommend dabbling in the man s share. If you're here, a woman, the men's ones are also great yes, and if you're, a wife or a lover or whatever of a man, may surprise, mother parities, because there is a leap for some guys. I ve been a boxer pant where, for your whole life into it seems a little snug, but I gotta tell you a nice very economically designed yet without going into too much you tell about my equipment. It is. Nothing is ever felt so right covering that stuff it's made with a lending micro, modal. Ok, it's sustainably sourced its naturally soft. It starts with beechwood trees,
ends up to be the most amazing fabric you ve ever experienced yeah. I would concur on that. I went there so comfortable. I would expect they were made of an endangered animal instead of a renewable source, because then I think this is too good to be true tat. If you want some, beyond these listener, they're gonna give you twenty percent off in free shipping. That's that's real Monica! I want So if you want twenty percent off your first pair free shipping and a hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee go to me on this, dont come forward last stacks. It's me on these dotcom forwards. Last stacks me and these not come forward. Slash tax is the whole thing. People in the past have been talking about. Sometimes how masturbating for good guys is more satisfying insects. That's very communism, Nano
I experienced no other than the pressure of performing that. I certainly is that what it is because of young men have because they're so exposed to so much porn. A fresh you're doin. Those guys are fine like for an hour if they re in the girl s howling. As you know it most like fuck up the sense of what it's like to actually to have real is on the other. Also have their porn is like you can had exactly what you want downright like you can, ever Well, there's five foot it with the hair down to her boobs aunt with blue eyes, and, unlike gets so precise and specific that He knows how to guide me, I'm on two legs we're sensual blue eyes, only getting it right now, but I do think yet. Your point when you're young in your dude. This isn't river. All guys were certainly
for me and other guys, I knew a wholly now for more than a few seconds. That is a challenge right and then so it can lead to all these other things like I remember. One answers first started drinking in having sex. As I look, this is awesome. Now I can be in the saddle for wait longer, that's fucking great unknown, a sober. I was gonna like wait. I've been fucking drunk for fish ten years. What am I gonna do now. Certainly roar in the saddle. Sorry, goods vehicles will go on having either whoever's in reverse cowboy anal can be, Go on when you're jogs. What happens if? Yes, then, when certain drugs, then you're lasting even longer, and you feel way more in command of the whole thing and then weirdly Europe now love for that drugs, not just the x rays beyond the drugs within the powers that gives in the bedroom and then ultimately for me. I don't know it's different further guys. This is why dont super responder prostitution, simply because I'm an approved
donkey. The whole reason I'm doing it is that I'm hoping to God. You think I'm the best lover that ever lived like that. That is the Everest I want you do, isn't he the master thing or because I know now continue here you on that, but always at an everybody think more it can't be in everybody think as guys go to prostitutes how that is that when we scratching the edge, I also like they fall in love with him. Sometimes did you see that figures show Each year, oh yeah, how's alcohol, Thea, Gaia, Bunny rancher, the Canada, so ya was called cat has fallen on what those doors. But again, I think in that case there is someone who has very expertly assessed what it is they need to hear, and they tell him that, and so there in love, robust This is why I have never really enjoyed strip clubs even not bend them in the inner. In a pinch of your board and towns, Her I'd probably go again via Turkey exact. But if you- but you know that I get us a programme- is required eight times in my life
five at the time or and Albert I fainted yeah. If you shooting night will there's two there is that the one downtown, I think was younger no drinking but younger than the one on the outskirts was drinking in the near more closed, carry out the downtown and I was shooting nightmares. Nothing open at night in your days off or like staring Sunday yeah and I'm like okay, I'm up at fucking three in the morning. What am I going to do it anyways? I don't like being in there, because I am a customer. That's very clear, like I am a customer to these people then everything I would I would want to win them over I'd- want to make them less. I wouldn't trust a thing that they were giving back to me in so that doesn't I have no desire to do that. So to that point Yes, I can see were were sex is daunting specially if your goal is to be very good for that other person and is very high
if he very good when you're young, so I guess maybe in that case it would be easier to just jerk off I still would have always prefer to have sex. Is a young person signal if at least I can add or now for some recent makes me sad, the idea so be so afraid. They'd rather just ride, spread. This piece of news listens to so letter. Is that our young people about us all as porn, and maybe they don't know like what the fuck is going on? You know I mean that not that I fucking do by an yeah, I'm always hesitant to believe it That's because I do think the undercurrent of America, their number one thing, we're still afraid of his like sexuality, still so weird for everyone So threatening again because I think it triggers our biggest biggest fears, but there is still a very puritanical vibe in this country that I just can't run my head around, and so when I read this born out of things, it's like sure it's
certainly fucking up some nudes. It's probably saving some marriages. Well, it's probably like you know. Who knows what the net result of it is, but I have a very hard time thinking watching people. Fuck is really a bad thing. I think you know I just I think it's a some residual quakers settling Pennsylvania, something oh, I agree with you that by because its tat, the weight of that and Dick has its forbidden is any kind of discussion topic in any formats. Us like you, ve got like this fifteen year old girl, whose lightened by from whence you ain't on his side on the thing. What do I do Maggie. How do we not have any kind of discussion or die will now be very in favour of that new known them. Having a very frank, real conversation, high schools like hey. This is not unlike a Marvel movie, though, are the dude flies, so you
fucking a girl in the ass and she's coming a thousand times, probably not going to happen in your lifetime and or you're gonna blow of a building in New York City. Like it's fine defeat, size about that. But then let me also tell you: what's real re expectations get really muddy you and that's what they're exposed is so yeah conversations would be helpful. Yet again parents. Everyone is so awkward about this thing. Sack so, of course their means. Informed by that cause? No one's point them assigning. You in your embarrassed among your friends, did not know what's going on, so you have to go find out on your own in that's all that's available, nay yeah. So I dont think the thing and ended up at self is bad or whatever. I think it is how its use, why its use and all that thick it's pretty dodgy or dice so then my assumption, knowing what you ve told me now, but yourself is that you would be in relation to your very good conversation and thank you for you too. You should have a pod castles wildly successful
would you be in a relationship and then someone that you thought would never like? You would give you attention and that just was irresistible that wasn't. I wasn't nor playful yeah. I've been definitely I'm a flirt, ok, which I think we both had proudly. Picked up on GNP. Figures are rather more readily so do I, but no with the exception of a couple of packs, hearing
wherever I was the one being cheated on air, so naive and proud to so was an odd combination of one sort of putting the pieces together was like. I still felt like well yeah that fuckin sex it hurts gets better. I think the end of the day, not another event physically, but I go I felt like I was always pretty united, destroy your self esteem. No! Well! It's more that I I didn't know you know what I haven't really thought this answer through. Yet I think was more that I felt like fuck this noise. I am I like. Eventually there was a realization, like oh I'm, stronger than ass, I want to be valued more yeah does its. I was underestimated, something you ever tried to work through now now If someone gee, I knew that was a rap on them. Well
There is definitely denial on my part. Ok laying wilful yes, but he clearly is bought, Mean ensured as the exits. That's why I was so naive, because The guy would tell me like. Oh you know she tried to kiss me, but I said no, I'm in love. I'd, be like? Oh, that's for me and say: ok, maybe that's because it wasn't in my personality, trade necessarily to to do alone, Now you guys, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking to me. I love it. That's the best part of it Is there you're, only sincere and then you'll get really. I don't know I wrap this up, but now I will believe people ok but but used,
in saying something, and then I rarely interrupted you are you're on your own tangent had earlier, but you are about to tell me what you and your brother determined was how Europe Reappearance perfect marriage backfired. Somehow, for you guys, I think it's the thing of like you, witness your parents and you think. Ok, they got married it twenty one, they love each other. They need this whole thing mark. I can trust my own judgment at that age as well. Ah, butts tricky is, of course, that things have changed and my pants raised ambitious kids in that getting married at twenty one. Twenty two is incredibly difficult. If you want to move to help, waiting time, make it as an actor in it's difficult for every single person, no matter what they do. Unless you're my grandpa, you went to work at a bakery every day and were around only men, your entire life, the only woman you sign your head
Life was right. Romulus, then it's pretty management, but also you know I have with me first divorce. I I did think a lot about like if people had in my life, you know loved and respected, had said to me: hey, I see that you're, not the happiest. Have you thought about this, or you know like think it seems like a grocer havin, some rough patches. I dont think I would have listened to them and I write about it in my book about how an actor in a movie they did towards the ends in two thousand seven who didn't know never without well. He was I honour what the fuck that's what's going on with his relations all really yes, and it was such a light- was a cold water being dumped on my head. It was like yourself fucking right and three days later, I was like
there is no going back does not allow a year because I need it. I need it in and took credit by parents and family and friends like I wouldn't have heard them. You know my wooden of I wouldn't have taken it in. I would have been well yeah. It would be such a source of embarrassment from the and like I got rid of the young. I got this, you don't get it. You ve got this now you read a lot of the stuff on your twitter. Like do you read the stuff people write to you, how many of my twitter followers are going to be listened to I have no idea now. I can only hope all of them. I have been very resistant and terrible with social media. Oh how I feel about it. Oh I have, trillion opinions that would take us three hours to go over by. I did this specific thing, I'm wondering about his eye. Do read the mentions. Are my twitter feed you now sufficiently by have something like chips where work so hard to do right dragged into two years, my life,
If someone says something nice about that to me like, I want to say thank you for that right, yeah. If I'm on something, I have really nothing to do with, like maybe parenthood, where I'm just saying Jason, cams, wonderful words, I dont feel much ownership over its own, prowling, not is inclined to thank them personally, so you don't have any may guess what what I have out in the world is kind of how dialed in new, and I am but the thing that I have read. I can't tell you how many thousands of times is You and I are both in a relationship or you were in a relationship, and I was I am still our people the high, yet they liked you guys so much together and they like us together, and I so they would see your name with mine in like a hashtag couples, goals right, I'm telling you a thousand times right. And so I found out about you and Chris by my twitter feed- was so riddled with people who are like know, it's you and Kristen, and it in its Chris and Anna. So many people were riding, oh, my god. Now, if, if
increases in separate love is dead and I got to say in the Christian, so sorry I've, I dont, know anything about either of your situation. Nor do I want to know, but I felt so compelled I wanted to publicly just say to those people you guys. That does not mean love is dead. That does not mean that you guys didn't love each other more than anything, and that does not just mean that life's fuckin a very complicated very hard and it's only amplified by all the trillion things you guys having Goin, I just others we're compulsion to to defend. You in some vague whale thanks christen. I did talk talk about like oh boy, like
we're gonna, let people down rang yeah and in yes and yes, we got like twitter feed knew of yes, the like love is dead and burly. Suppose em, you know and I think what we were also guilty of, although we had an unbelievable marriage and we have a great friendship now we lovers under deaths and am really proud of that, because I'm not sure I did that. Well, the first adverse I'm here, but I do like, I think you know we obviously cultivated something do in Vienna was real. Voting for a while others, like all people, seem to think that we got all this shit arrives nice, but even then even times were good. Did you feel a weird pressure as I do? I sometimes read that soften Eyeglass man, when I thought which is some point I'm going to or I'm going to do something I'm going to be breaking all you like. There is a weird pressure to it as much as it is.
Why was it asshole there weren't fight for two days and then I'm reading those comments of like? Oh, my god. I need to find my dax and am I I feel guilty like? No, you don't Dexter and ass. All right now isn't talk to written in a thirty six hours and whatever the as yet again. Yes completely, I'm not savvy enough to handle that arena well, so, instead you know it's like ok out I'll, just like these, friends, on social media, for a while I'll have followed around for a while. Was there an embarrassment, though, like I feel like, I would be embarrassed if that happened to us. It is if I like, oh god, these people are going to think I sold them. Something disingenuous when in fact for it was that we did something that you like that was genuine in that moment and it doesn't negate it now later down the road. Don't want to go. Another way of embarrassment has quite the right word. Somebody akin to that. I think there is a little like that. I had a little bit of a childish feeling,
like oak. My fucking grow up like a little anger Charlotte, but they are where I very percent of America does, because I call today that it, though, that you know we intentionally cultivated the idea of like look at us beautiful family, and there were so many moments that we're like that. But, of course, just like anything on social media, you don't The snake oil prices at a hotel, high labour but I've been sleeping and his friends lynites tonight so yeah. I think it's a very hard for them to be genuine and I think it does a disservice to people to to not be, I guess, but at the same time I keep like posting I've, but I feel like a very unflattering photos of myself, but I also don't wanna get wrapped up in sucked into the idea like that lips and my train.
Said, Katy emotionally invest here. I don't know, I don't know Dax well, we'll meet you know. Well now I have been on the same. Podcast was the first episode and we talked a lot about that. I said you nor we part of the problem. I think social media gives this idea to other people that everyone's living a great life but themselves and I think, to try to counteract at her and I have always been dead asset. We ve been going to couples therapy since day. One you know, she's got fuckin. Depression is on pills, I'm a fucking recover, alcohol? It like this? There is a lot of shit hidden. I have both things. Have you wrestled with that depression? Yeah? I think so. I only and Agnes I come from a family where that's not widely acknowledged. Ok, it's just just sort of that old school mentality of like, but there isn't really anything wrong right right right then it you know or that you could fix it yourself if you tried hard and right right, right, yeah, yeah, so Christy!
I favour things about her. She super open about it in, I think, has helped out wildly I'm at all yet, which is important, and I tried as sure as ad nauseam talk about getting sober for me. You know because I think it's probably it's in the half of us her this way. You know it's not like it's five percent of us. It's all. Unless you know this human condition is challenging- and I think whites useful for someone like you to say it is if I'm back home in Michigan still and I look at your life and I see a picture of your house and I know you're on tv, I have to assume those things were going to solve. My issue lies, of course, and I think it's relevant to go. I you know those external things. They are great, please on take them from me, I'm grateful for them, but they didn't fix any of the things that were often.
They amplifier Donnie thing only, maybe maybe not maybe I'm became even for me. Yeah, there's some, because because you right, because you do assume that there's this effects, this is like. Ok, I've got the car, I ve got the thing about everything and you can leave on it. So when you're feeling depressed, you can go well, but I do have this house- and I do have this job. You know, and other people can do that so in a way with their can also be a trap. Could you give me lying yourself, but that's why I want to talk to you when I was driving over here about why you started a pot cast and how it must be like it is for me, they're Pudica, having conversations with people who clearly want to be hurt, but this format, where its intimate don't do you find that that
It is that you take it yes in this way. I thus far have been lucky enough that I'm a talk to mostly people have a lot of respect for there's this trick in a where they tell you orally, unlike identify somebody who has what you want, and that doesn't mean a car. That means that person seems to like themselves or that person seems content or that person seems to be a do except the world as it is I so late who, for you, is that person and then copy them. You not learn what they do. Why? How is it For me, it's this guy Jeff, like Jeff or my friend Tom. How is it your managing year, two daughters in your marriage and all these things, and you seem to be doing in a way that I could benefit from in that way, despotic as an opportunity for me. That's why I'm so interesting when people come in finding out like how'd you get out of the struggle. That's what I want to know. How do you find self esteem when you go to a
public divorce? You still got to show up for work on Monday and be funny, and you know every person on that. Soundstage knows your business like. How do you fucking navigate that that that is what, is an opportunity for me to learn from. I think you know a guy. I think, because I had felt distance for a while, and I had so much like. I have so many wonderful friends in such an amazing team of writers and crew and everything that the like degree of support was overwhelming and also felt unnecessary.
It was like deftly they a week where it was like. You don't pay attention to me. Ah, is it hard for you, though, to be vulnerable and accept help yes into accept compassion, yeah, yeah, that's very hard for me. Do you know it's hard heard that Norway, when that's all it's in the last couple years, that early on when Alison Janni- and I just fucking- love her so much work, dear friends, but when we make she would win enemies? I would feel like this wave of lake from a Monica his iron gate. I would feel like this, like this wave of looks like everyone. Nothing eyes like sort of landed on me like this. And I was I would just feels like I had no idea how to react in those new scream. Like I'm fine with the late this second rad yeah we go leg, give me
the other day we saw at like those guys definitely had. I maybe I guess you know when you're an actor and eyes are on you, it's a! U go through those waves of things and in its funding to cause it at work. I know that some people are now get snappy Moody with other people, but I don't see any of it and as a person who feels very much a team member and like this is my show like I want to add to see it, but I want to. I dont want to be protected and, and I dont want, feel precious and anyway and so those moments are the ones that make me feel precious and I dont know I dont want to feel that I want to feel those things. Yeah that make sense it does you're. Mine is, if you, I'll. Be me. Obviously I did something wrong. You know
like. I need the fact that I need help. Elsa think. As I told you come from a family with three kids, one working parent. The way you showed each other you loved each other was too now. Be a dragon them to be very self sufficient, like I would be mom look. This is how much I love you. I got ready for school. I clean my thing. I even cookies breakfast- I know how hard this is so now in life for me to be a drag on people for me too, need Kristen, it's almost impossible for me to ask think that she so intuitive she has shown up times when I did neither, but I could have never asked it almost feels. I'm telling you I'm being selfish and I don't love you mean arms aim like it feels like a selfish act since to require help. Oh, can we and you just can't get through life without help like I couldn't gotten sober I'd, be dead right now, if not for the help of all these men over
thirteen years who helped me, but mere it so hard for me to be vulnerable enough to say I do need help. The kills me. It's like artisan for me to say Bob and also with what we do were essentially MIKE. Around the business rates were hustling. All around town were selling our selves just ourselves or moving from job job we're trying to get shipped made everything's kind of temporary. We don't know when we're gonna work again, we don't know something's gonna work. It is its is sort of built into whatever personality thread that that is is built into our industry and actors, but weirdly like like. I has share almost none of the same issues. There almost polar opposite and we have the same job she's better at them. But whenever we have the same job I have to make.
Were you increase Europe different right? Now? You aren't. You are very similar. I I think so I mean I yeah I do. I guess I would mean we grew up in neighbouring towns. Very no similar sense of humour similar. Although I will say think of it. He was always naturally very popular. Our hearts will use a jack in high school right, yeah yeah, so we do have those that difference there, because I wasn't yeah just sort of in just a natural leader, a hike in just always very alpha, yeah, your friends and people were drawn to her to him. It was the first time I he did somebody that was popular is this. I want to have a high note so that because these are more, I do down like that, is you reminded I try to downplay how
ye all this is you know, but the truth is there are many times were its preposterously lucky anymore, so spoiled one of those times was ten years ago Kristen got invited to Hawaii and nail was under. Why we why you and your boyfriend first class in you all, have a huge suite at the four seasons and near legation. The one thing she had to do was the goat step is at a certain point and eat a piece of chocolate. I mean it seems like if you saw written in a movie, no way this is crazy aboard seasons, in my view, allow it and then the other. Buffoons they wrangled ended is were you in her ears, like you in court? were there in prison and I were there and I think, we're all put his narrowly dating you guys. Still a year. We are going to need some fucking chocolate to cause. You don't know it might be optimum like she might be the other party
person invited and that's it you're gonna be standing and photos with while you eat this beast chocolates. Yet Molly was you guys, which was so fun and we can't bumping. Do you guys, throughout the the resort right nothing? We were all appreciative? How stupid this opportunity was that we were out we're offers were pretty giddy withheld preposterous was right. Yeah, and then you had bought Chris. Remember you bottom Paris speeders that like either American Fly America, as we call them That was the first time I met him and he is on the God. Damn beach in a pair of fuckin american flag, speed, owes pray Seen around there's photographers. He doesn't give a fuck, no it. That was amazing. I knew he was posing a seller herself back in great, it was released, Jack you're in there is, I remember, is only view of a different memory. You guy, were party?
We weren't we were. I was over and then she just simply wasn't ringing, but you guys were you pretty bombed by the time it was time to eat of chocolate arise, my mom had aroused alike. May lack of Baghdad is remember. We, I want to say the same elevator down or some way, and you bomb of facts and I remember thinking I dont, know she's gonna make deepest peace talks about it. I don't know this is a I want sobs. We I haven't been invited, so it's not a great site, but I think we left that vacation pretty certain that you weren't able to fulfil your obligation of eating this piece of chocolate. I had a movie there Ok, so you had a? U fulfilled other obligations. Yes, thank you to act here
Oh my god, it may have been a short film. But to me that's the best ones line of this. So are you gonna? Do Sid fulfil. All this belief is visas, Jaguar Ruby doing anyone could do that then no region again, whether its true or not. For my memory is that you may make maybe did meet the bees a chocolate. I don't know my for the sake of a story, no remember you guys been obsessive. Crasser puzzles on that ship. Yes, use the rays each other tat was always impressive to me. We had the same book and then we would we shake hands, always a good luck to you and then there's no g and that we would get right into the race key member, Browed, Garret and the poor. By the way I do yes, I do. That's a trip was Eddie Murphy at that hotel to really was the whole Maui Film Festival, Maybe he was TAT God yeah, why not think were there to eat the chocolate?
I think that was, as you guys and eyes again made it. They had no interest in meeting the judgment when it came time they eat the chocolate, they didn't hand me any they wanted just they wanted. Building up he's a chocolate, she was only blondie guy, maybe we're smarten serve you in case. You dropped out from some midday drinking, hey, hey, I don't know. Maybe that's just my assumption of what happened. On a thank you so much in time. I know you're busy busy busy, yank sunlight and loved your sweet little you're amazing. I- and I am so glad that you are doing this- and I'm gonna go my news again. Please do your sleeve, like Canada, tapped eminently bullshit no you're right, you're, right user, yeah, yeah yeah now wrapped know about me. Learn what town I'm from this time now those are now,
Miguel. I was living thing they do and if you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Moscow Patman point out the many errors of the past futures, Monica Patman tie at I'm de Honeydew, your twitter handle any d. I was weird should we allow the order is indeed wasting be exempt. Fucking Dyslexia. What is it asked M L pad man, ok! Well that still confused. Ellen there. That's my middle name, Lily yeah, but that's not widely. I don't think anybody know where the de was coming from eclipsing Vienna was unsure, should lose a d impediment. That's true, there is wanted so strong be do I wish it was empty. That would be club is not there. Only I fathers in it where d are ass in on it
bag, its India shepherd. I think intentionally people thought that they were golfing what the doctor fail as a doctor and a medical provisional fact check me get Wolf first. I just wanted to congratulate you because you said smoking ban. It was a second biggest movie of the year and you learned this from a previous facts. Chess time I got this, I'm you gotta Reich, as you said around once before gradually thy. I'm glad that you sandwich that, and I also fucked up previous yeah allowed. You did a good job than reminder upon the contacts I stress master, but I did a good job. Ok, you said the scary movie wasn't written by Lawrence Caston and wasn't directed by quote you name it uncoil Poker Lawrence Chasm just for people who, I know, is very, very famous form the very best Reuters. Well, yes, screenwriter and he wrote
do you know any in the move? Jaws? I don't think he wrote TAT, ok, Indiana Jones yeah he were here. I you raiders last arose and lost. I didn't see John thing, but I would have seen it I'm running out of wood around your man, big chill force awakens or tat a lot of the star wars, Yasser Wars, direct body part of you to think he directed their own very sexy movie. Can I say something we had. We had a wonderful aghast on a few minutes ago. I can smell em, Oh really, there's remnants of Keith Morrison Yeahs Enigma drain away, yeah, definition of a silver. My gloves boys, the she do is a movie is written by weight for shock. Wanes Marlon, wanes Buddy Johnson Phil,
oh man, Jason Frayed, Bergen, Aaron, Seltzer, graduation, lauded said geyser and it was directed by Keenan. Ivory wanes o grip, and then you asked how scared movie five do those all without her a correct that maids Seventy eight point, four million more moments, pretty good. Before they did really well. You can ask these pose. No, but you know the great, maybe rob can just be doing this in the meantime, because I would like to see if the previous one made, let's say a hundred and then they didnt pay her fifteen million the agony. I heard the boots they should have pointed out because it would have come out in the wash right. That's what name before or one seventy one. Seventy eight is saved twenty million dollars on her paycheck within it costs them a hundred million. Yet nobody, Let us down here remember why she said now she said it was but
and she was too old and I have looked there as well and she was too old reed. She was too, she was thirty. Six. My movie came out usage social. She looks super young anyway, so it should have been hurry right. You said that you checked out fastened, the furious may be seven or eight when you are quoting these are, and I believe that was eight, it was the last one fate in the furious. I think now, why didn't see the eight? I know you didn't see them of the submarine racing cars, but I know when you told me this, I know as otherwise there is a tribute to pull Walker at the UN, which I believe said that was salmon and sell it and stick around with Paul Walker tribute I really regret of x. I heard it was beautiful, interesting, I just memory. You told me that story that you saw, but I thought you had just seen it because it was in the theater when you told me that a real area I said that was confusing. That's all
I ve been telling the story since I saw her whatever was banana. I went, that was the need than imbedded? Would you phenomena duty? I almost tried to why them to see if your saying the quote right, but that seemed I gonna be going the iron Rhine. Do that, I'm a big you say no in his name in the movie in its Dominic Toronto. Dom do you claim that you guys were shipped based on red ball? I wonder if you can't do that. You weren't he's only under age people, urgent I want some rebel, exactly ok, I'm here the most guys have terrible taste, but I don't know you can say that I am now ok. Men are generally known for their good style as stereotyped. Now right and it will you walked into a lot of male apartments in your life share jars as a call girl,
Did you find that they were generally tastefully decorated over there like a picture of a poor on the wall and surveys, poster of terrible black leather cow. I think it's more age when, when boys get older, they get gain more taste, I think those posts just come down normally unrealistic with my claim I only arise generally- are great home decorators. Sorry, else now. I don't know Noiselessness podcast, This is something I was hoping. We come up with new. Now I've I've come to the conclusion. Vision and I'm trying to make peace with it, the edges in general. I don't think guys like me too much. Oh, I'm having guys in real life. Like friends of my realized, they are real life people like me, but just the general public, I think, Mendel. Like me,
fact check aghast button. I don't think you're gonna pay me, I'm gonna do a pull it though Amazon but allow. Currently, I don't think, that's true. I think I dont think they don't like you, but I think women actively, like you, I think maybe men just Aren'T- turned on yeah or oraibi turned off now on that, I don't think this is a pattern. I recognized him from junior high on boys in the older classes, really hated me can. I have a strong personality and why, right under my place, that's prime my fall ill, so kind of dressed, maybe a little funky funky. I warlike ahead a hair band in my hair was like triggered some homophobia or something I don't know. I don't know what it is, but I'm just coming to terms with the fact that maybe look it's rare or there's after we got women and men loved them like Chris Pratt has it
He dared chain letting ADA right, yeah yeah, like guys like some errors. Like that's true in its it's kind of a rare generally, it seems to be a little polarizing one way or another, and I just some finally met. I you know I'm not Chris Pratt or in a ways, but that just one of them that's interesting, yeah. Ok, so you as both brought up the Bunny Rach from people who don't know what the Bunny ranches the moonlight Bunny Rach is illegal, licensed brothel in Nevada and you ve been there. Well, I pulled in the parking lot of their oh yeah. I've never partaken of northern against it or for just upholding the party mark, as I was driving a car for work from Vegas to renew and that on the way. And I just said that parking lot nigh ultimately thought I dont want to walk into a mobile home where there's a lot of sex happening just for a reason it. It seemed damn it just in it takes a lot
you're my surprise at very high tolerance for Grotius and judges to me felt a little Brody isn't mobile. Yes, it is. Series of mobile halls bolster the yeah right it can. I leave you pulled up. It was like mansion, Sultans, Palliser, some yeah, that's what I was picturing were hoping all of us. We hear Bunny Ranch, you got marble, sand, moorish architecture, and then you guys were talking about the strip, clubs and Albuquerque. That was really fun but she had met them as well yeah and with list them over ten knockouts loaded. Knockouts is the big one. I don't want to get sued by knockouts, but there's a lot of reasons that that's a dodgy name for a stroke, oh no, I see with their meaning, you, like- oh she's, she's, a k, L
It does have a little bit of like oh spousal, bees, wife battery comets and she sang. I don't know anything about that and fights Otis Night Club in VIP Ultra lounge soldiers, whose devise an ultra lounge isn't. It is bound to these gold club, tedious, north, show, club and fantasy world. None of those ring a bell really here. I think I feel you your time on knock out and Lotus Night Club, because those are the two downtown you referred to downtown this woman, weirdly more towards the Glasgow. We're fell. Maidens poses a menu that little bit north of the tables, God clap. That sounds good answer. I, like that name. Alot fancy world, like I'd, play oyster club like J hours, that's a great name for a reply,
Well, that's a pancake house just sounds like the nuts and bolts operation now not to lobby extreme lounger, what every said Ultra liberal Ceylon, just nudity garden writing well if anyone's looking to go to any of the year. We should help them I do want to help, and I do want to say that knockouts as expected. The position you take knockouts is or dollar signs on yelp. Oh that's! rise- is that our aid is yes. Or you might know Vienna Verandah Bud That has also contacted, though, can I just tell you I can't imagine you frequented the loudest repugnant earthy up? Oh yeah, ok, so you know. That there is a bargain way to do it and then there's a there is a very expensive way to do it. You're just going to
the new treaty and have a cocktail hour to that's, affordable, yeah if you want to go in one of those dickie boxes and have a stranger dance on your lap? That's gonna red Green rack up some charges quickly, yeah, Edith and back. I that's where you literally
That's right. You're gonna get that for dollar signs for sure yeah. You never leave that by private room. I turned my part: the peace in the New York Times about porn that on a reference, is called what teenagers are learning from online Porn Maggie Jones. Did you read it sorry too, and we had to come here, but I want to. I want to AIDS. It was interesting. Generally speaking, the New York Times articles are pretty dependable, yeah casually interesting. I find them to deliver of journalism. Indeed, you said that there is a puritanic. You say this a lot, but there's a puritanical vibe and this country regarding sex, and I think that's all relet. I don't think that's true well, I should be more specific
in comparison to other western nations like France, Germany, european nation, european nations. Yes, I'm thinking of Western, see it when I say western yeah, I'm assuming that in an entirely probably just dispute or more, but I do think like him. It doesn't make much just travel to France and pop on the normal broadcast television. You see nudity and sang Yassin, you, the rating systems, different yeah, I mean, I guess, gap if you're, tired about specifically european comparing to that. But her saddle by Puritans in Quakers, an alarm of kind of extreme religious sects that were escaping England right, yeah, but I'm just if you're comparing us to the current world. Yes, I was yeah, it's
not just run theres many more people in the world engaging in behaviour that far more buttoned up, then the United States you're dead right. I'm dead wrong that term of ten, maybe of your France. In a U S, a five and afraid even say what I think some of the Middle EAST Countries Arcos, I don't wanna fought warm. I hope I don't want you to have one, but I do think was. I really think that was something that as these wrote, but maybe it was in his answer- or maybe it was something he said. Aunt hushed and pressure was him who had travelled the India and then he had drunk. He had noted, like this massive difference, just how pervasive it is here like on all of our billboards. I mean the Equinox billboards are two people to naked p,
I mean it's. That's it in for a job on a trade millions of membership add so it's just its varied nationals, fair on a mention her book. Her book is called unqualified. That's a very appropriate! Oh yes and then her progress is also cod unqualified. Should I ever and maybe I'll call I'll call. Armchairs ships will be able to remember it much easier smart of her, of course. You said, sixty percent of Americans do current rate is frozen them. I don't know what that number is on. The very same took a stab at fifty
it there's one: that's a very misleading figure. Much like life expectancy. Figures love it. When you hear people lived a thirty years old and in the fifteen hundreds there also counting infant mortality rates, which were off the chart arrive in so as that infant mortality rate comes down that the median age could stay the same, but the number changes dramatically and likewise with divorces so on so many of the divorces are second and third divorce says the people who are getting divorced, get divorced a lot and really affects their number yeah shit, you said Chris Pratt was dark and high school games or rustling. He was a ressler dishonor. There is all the more. He is a man among man, you're, wearing that single new somebody's got up real story build a meal, they like it, it's like he looks, straw isn't like he was caught on the beach per se, but like huge trap, easy is
else. Do you know what I do know that why he might be appealing to every one. Why? Because he's not gorgeous? No, I wouldn't say that I wouldn't they can't saying mad, but he's not threatening not at all easy though he is this Larry Masculine Alpha man he's not a threatened seems he seems very reliable and nice and is a nice idea, you're, absolutely sort of true exactly both enabled are that way in real life, which is annoying so maybe that's the key, and then you called it a pair of speeders, but I think if you're wearing Speedo, it's just speed. Now, I think, is very worrying situation today. A pair of underwear- I know I don't know Her eyes were on the floor. I now, but I don't.
Because I have a problem, only lives in Greece, and now I just don't think users. I think it's factually incorrect because appears to do you think it's Khazars to leg holes. Guess I link that I jus people say that about genes to like her get yourself a pair of genes. No can do so just one gene saved just genes, which is also do because that's plural, you mean a thing. Are you you need a singular Jane fell in go out than treating I offer you. My radio remains of gene yeah, one can t but you'll lose friends. I don't need up. That's all that was not not bad and done will all died deeper into other, not men, hate me or not. You know this, maybe, albeit an evolving ongoing Rick reoccurring this summer, just wanna throughout their for no real reason, but I have I have a few different reoccurring, dreams and cheered them with you.
Once been one about Robert any Junior. Since I was twelve years old, I have a dream bottom once a month and has even after you, madam, is studying and I met, they kind of start later became friendly with them and also I have sworn to never tell him this. As I told you like you said, did you ever tell him that you dreamt about him? Every single, my diving baby, sure thing to hear from somebody I'd like to know. I would to yeah I'm not Robert Energy, but I have a right current dream, where I mean a room in the house and I can't get out- and there is a lion in the room or sometimes more than one like I'm at someone else, and I discovered they collect exotic became cats, rack and these dreams are fucking, terrifying. I can't I gave him this week. I had a dream. I think I told you there when the summons house, of course they had a tiger blown Bangor, Haggard gigantic six hundred pounds in attacking me on a bed there was waiting for to eat me
And then I realized has been a little bit playful and I said, are you? Are you just trying to apply I am in the tiger in it. This really sweet you hi, voicing o o. Can you understand English and potatoes me, I just as it a bunch of questions and it just kept saying and it was so you and then I just gonna rustled within snuggled it, and I feel like that, might be some we're breakthrough. I whatever cat represents, maybe in life I've. I've conquered that fear, and now the the man, is a friend of mine, my slumber yeah. I wonder if all first love you haven't, had a dream censor at him. A note was earlier this but you haven't had that again. No second positive dream wreck the or naked you, haven't seen the tiger again now, but when did you first? Have this dream
you remember, I can't remember, but that certainly would be a clue to what it represents yeah, because this is what I think happened. I think you had this dream when Christian was pregnant well that's a really good theory, but it can. I tell you something I am. I am I a lifetime. Pessimists The one thing in my entire life that I've never been pessimistic about was both getting pregnant, the pregnancy and then having to get. I had the best feeling about all of those on my I'm going to get you pregnant first shot. It's going to be a great pregnancy, the kids going to be healthy and everything's going to be great. I just have the most positive feeling about it. Think I don't think it's pessimism and I dont think its outward. That's why you're dreaming about it, but I,
people- I don't know where you didn't, I didn't have any anxiety. I have no and I think that's largely become because I was not was I still am almost seven years older than Carly. My sister in so I took care of her lot is a little kid I cared for her and I changed diapers and I fed or about so. I had done that. I had that experience over, I didn't have that fear. People have in their coming from the hospital neighbours little baby in the round. Like oh Jesus, we gotta keep it alive. I was like oh yeah. I did that it seven. I'm sure I can do it at thirty. Two, that's true, but I mean you ve seen me parent more than any other person other than my wife and curly and the kids themselves, and I not anxiety written about you have a path, and I know you're not you're, not, but I do and I dont think it has anything to do with. Knowing what to do with that, maybe I had also add a little brother and babies at every kid in LOS Angeles, probably here, but I would still
anxiety, not link. How do I feed a baby, or how do I do that, but just parenting? That's a different level of anxiety of I'm now responsible for human for the rest of them, life and one may one percentage, though, that is just a financial like or fat mountains the nine also busier alyosha. Now just just the idea that like them? Randomize we gotta, get you pregnant. A sound guarantees. Has our dreams about tigers will know definitively that that's a line is but what does make sense? Cousin this now, you know like now that Tiger is telling you in a very cute, dealt sized voice. There is now, ice in there to play- and I imagine it's more career related- that's my will. I love, you and let us again shortly cap.
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