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Armchaired & Dangerous: Simulation Theory

2021-05-07 | 🔗
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: Simulation Theory
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be sure to enter for a chance to win an exclusive bob's red mill price pack in an armchair expertise, shirt, that's Bob's, red mill, Dotcom slashed Dax hi, I'm David various live till conspiracies, like J, F K, nine, eleven and big foot on the show any to those topics. Cancer overwhelming confusing and at times utterly unhinged Do you know what I say? We haven't on unhinged enough, so we're talking stimulation theory. The idea that this reality we living in, isn't real. It's all made up the matrix made this idea mainstream twenty two years ago. Yes, I was that long ago, that way before that, back in the seventies safe, I write a fillip K. Dick was talking about simulation theory is well Phillips.
Books would be turned into movies. Like played run a total recall in minority report beckoned. Seventy seven he was talking about ideas, bigger and trivia than anyone had imagined so yeah deja vu is a glitch in the matrix simulation theory has. A lot of variations at could be like what the witch ask. He showed us in the matrix we're real people with bodies, but we're plugin. to a simulation reality more. We might. Not be real at all. We might not have bodies, We might be lines of code and a computer stimulation. Picked up by aliens more future humans or a being from another dimension entirely has not just me saying this: its neo digress. Thyssen. I mean that would definitely explain the last year quite well so buckle in with a tobacco that probably doesn't even exist,
this is the stimulation theory episode of developed a less than this control is really funny. I don't know what the fuck it maybe I listen to at last night and I was like what is happening and I'm thanks and citys. I must know your theory because you guys, like hell, less for a few awkward is a men know. Well I don't know. I guess I ll is mad the early I know what it added, as this is an area that were in that's exactly what happened and who have been wrecking my brain. The only thing I can think of is I got some retain as recently to arrive all sure and there's a small chance that may be
had the moon, my mouth when I was recording, but I'm like ninety nine percent sure that wasn't the case, my guy, we could have some conspiracy, there is I'm gonna drive into the deepen. The simulation knows you're going to deep and starting back with me. Yes, it made a little adjustment inside your brain, and now you have a list which is very exciting, but but look mind, you had you not prompt me and said I don't worry, we'll Metzler you list, but bit I list. For me it was just on simulation theory. Where do you guys here? I did hear a little bit of a difference. Hound Maybe getting some things are a little. Ah, you I mean I apparently developed a temporary list for about, I guess at the five Let's try reported that in five minutes and I didn't I think so. Maybe it was for the whole day, I don't know why is the weirdest thing, but that's how it turned out. Ok, so this you already wiped out three and my fear is one was like You're in America, in your hearing our accent so much, I thought
the record of the state. So one thought was like: oh you, ve already been infected with her heel, draw with someone. For you turn into a list, but it s very one. Yes, authority was also United States related, which is like. her here, you're eating different food, probably already, and I dont know partying so huh yeah you're, trying different drugs that we have here and then no, but I work up with a list. That's right, yeah and not the case, which is better than like waking up stitches. Does your terror yeah? Why I said to rob who produces a shows? Why didn't you tell me that this voice I had a less than he is, I just thought it was an easy indexing here you go, a lot of ok. So what's gonna happen, as everyone is now going to go back, they're gonna listen, they're gonna, listen for it well Humber. Nobody heard it, but evidently nobody hardy when they little curves time, while the look, what is heard in the Inter was uneasy, Linda that had developed a temporary less
for a day or a five minute. I'm a number of might not utter it with his grey. It was an acute list It was this in an hour, then I think the most compelling Your answer explanation is that the simulation thinks you're sniffing around a little too close, yeah and setting to me. With my whole reality yeah in look, look think about this. It could have done it in one of two ways, so it could have augmented the actual recording or it could have augmented you individually. I see it could have made the noise commodity or mouth like that or could have recorded it met fashion. It also depends on it. On whether we are all in the same simulation or whether this is just a problem. I am experiencing my reality. You guys a computer code mean we're all computer.
But maybe I'm away you're, not who knows what's died. What is she doing? What is it it's? One of those things that I feel like people when they get stone, sit around and talk about in MILAN. The guest that I took to four days it pursued is Rodney Asher his film director, who made a documentary about simulation Theory Code, a glitch in the matrix, and I watched that documentary recently and reminded that it was a thing young. He tends to make Holmes about really out things like his last. Maybe was an analysis of the shining cold room, two three seven breaking down the most extreme fan theories of, while the meaning in the shining, which was a really incredible film, but this one breaks down this idea that weren't assimilation Ok, but I want to say one more thing play, were in real life IRA you're here,
your own added. Well, that's why we in the real life we think in Clouds Ireland, clothes yak, as we could obviously computers. Yeah, I mean what is life but our perceptions of what's around us and who's, to say that this is a real biological thing. That's it may not be right, but welcome, regardless of the add, a yell of its real. Now, I'm loving, don't you think of this was a simulation. There would be tape across the ceiling and wires hanging over the well we're gonna get Some of it is like our reality and like glitch, isn't it as it to clean or not, and I got you this is rodney- take on what simulation theory is actually made his documentary about it while the matrix is, I think, most people. Interruption to the idea, certainly a milestone in the mainstreaming of it. The simplest version of it is that this
the world is not entirely real and that has been created in some sort of computer at their, whether we're talking airspace, another dimension or our own future. There's the little idea assimilation, you know that were absolutely software running in an incredibly powerful computers. and your people. Probably man like I've, heard stories, though even looking a deal, I'm trying to find a computer in there. Or assuming in to the smallest element, is the smallest personal level. What's that mean about as being a discipline, fishing personnel on run. If we were alone, will we be able to get smaller forever or for the end of the term, telescope, cyberspace, proton excellence and certain points
At a certain point, if you have to make a decision on whether you're talking about simulation theory, quite literally or if you're talking about was metaphor for the way, constructing a reality through our culture our family are arises, and even our five senses at are only communicating our idea, the world, the electrical signals- entrepreneurs, things. What do you think about this idea over all? Do we grasp it? Is it still about Weird Stephanie, where we ve been talking about it for two years straight? We think we might, really be living in one I mean you're, a big fan of doing this episode, Monica Ayala. We got dissimulation there. We have to be honest, someone proposed in the comet section there like you and Monica believe in a conspiracy theory, which is the simulation and outside Europe's ITALY right and I dont leave, and yet we do not go as far as to say we believe in it. You viewed
give their backing down. Now was a if you had to give out a ten ten is like you'd murder. Your children to demonstrate were in a simulation like what's the biblical story. The gentleman whose ass to kill a son by God, Canaan now. I know that rather Isaac, I should know this really embarrassing elegantly. We rob here, though, look I see rub furiously to also welcome back raw, really. This is a momentous everyone. bring Abraham. He was asked to kill his child, prove his devotion to the Lord and, of course he was about to do it. I guess, and the Lord thank goodness it wasn't, lay didn't oversleep and stepped in, but we'll call that a ten like someone says, cut your arm off right now that approved simulation bone. You do it now. Zero is like the most stupid thing. I've ever heard for ok,
maybe five year I have a huge fear of chopping up. Any of my. Let me think, even I'm probably even loud, be like a one. Oh wow war. But the thing is what we started talking about this in showing about it and sang like all. We live and my dad simulation answer this started. It was all a joke, but the more we talk about it, the more like we is. It keeps Seeing things that appear to confirm its like, we were implanted enough of a seed to start to experience a confirmation by also spelling prophecy a little bit. I think I'm just looking for a non binding year once you think you ve seen those glitches. You see them everywhere. The thing about this is it's not a new concept like Plato was talking about this with his dear of the cave, and he had the story they write about. We had a house now
where people were chained up in a position where they could only stare at a wall that was in front of them and there was a fire behind them and those peoples reality all they saw with the shadows made by the objects passing between the file. And then so the idea was he was like our reality might just obi bushes. This was like ban three hundred and seventy five b c. He had this idea, so the ideas will be thinking about this for a long time that, like this reality, may not be a real thing. We may just be being shown in something well and also, if you think about Christianity, in a way the real Colonel life is the one that exists in Heaven yeah. This is almost like a laboratory or
ass to see how devoted you'll be to God and how you live your life, but that's just to serve the purpose of going for eternity. Did this other place of this? This whole globe is almost a lap for heavily I'd. Nothing like simulation theory is almost an atheist way of looking at something that does exist and religion, because exactly your christian. This isn't the main show. Now, I'm just a little tests and light Heaven which is literally eternity here, is the real thing. So your right is exactly the same concept, and I can imagine. Heaven is this planet just for eternity? It's gotta be some other completely other reality. Totally from what my mother tells me. Well, louts, lotta clouds, just just cloud awake, sidestepped, light, hardly hated there. How do you both feel about the idea of eternity by the way? Because I really don't like it I don't believe in it and be it doesn't even sound comforting, sounds kind of like a nightmare. I get close to fold.
I think you know there's no exit forget. Yes, I actually feel claustrophobic. We mean this. Am I right now you need money is used for something to be good. You can just have gone forever. I wonder: if you hear about different lives, then there still ends and vendors beginning spare. You know you have like more and more chances. I like it. What I will argue, though, that even with our opinion of it, if we were given a day to day decision, I do think we then the living for eternity like if you and I had the option anytime, I pay, you can do eternity or tomorrow can be over and we took a one day at a time. I imagine each day we would choose not to end it in inadvertently end up living for iter. but it is the overwhelming notion of non stop, never ending whatever yeah. That's the problem yeah, I think you're totally, is kind of like getting soberly jumpy but like all right starting today, you're gonna be sober for the rest.
Do you like doing know what about when my son turns twenty one? What about this? What about X, Y and Z mean in in if you bring it down to like Nana just today, just of the day, front of you alone- ball back and add up to the rescue life, but no one could set out to be sober. The rest life, that's overwhelming you. I think that's a really interesting comparison Sheena totally ho. I wonder if I love always see eye to eye I got literally you, and I can see eye to eye, is where that is quite sorry or not being in front The computer, looking at both of you, feel that way you put that computer there to feel side. Do you have a computer between us sort of feels like I have broken out of the simulation. Is now a real thing. We ve only got a metaphor. We were positive, you're, an actual three alumina, yeah yeah, the wrecked I'd. I really quick whirls exactly
I? U, we are levels to I'd. I with you, ok go ahead there. The reason simulation theory kicked off in such a big way again recently was this. Guy could make Bowstrung who, like Plato as a philosopher but he's at Oxford, he's, probably not quite as smart as Plato was he's hated. The thing called the future of Humanity Institute, which is a pretty cool thing to me. Charges yeah, but he created it Alex. You said that a graded. Yes, I think so. Neck Bostra came up with this whole argument. Around simulation theory and this whole thing a positive like a few different points. One of them is that to simulate assimilation, but we're gonna be in humans have to reach a point of evolution where
it is so far advanced and our computers, so amazing that we can create a computer that has little sims in it, which I ask that a fully conscious unaware and that's how we would reach the situation of simulation theory being real you'd have to be the human race it after evolved to such a point that they are able to do that and is part of that. it would be mostly the model previous ancestors like you of it would be a goal of being able to go back and be with your parents. That's lambs, and I was really excited for you to break down the. What does he called to try something? The trial of the church lemme that's right now I had another designer, I'm not gonna pertain to have my head fully wrapped around the trial. In saying I ready insane, I read the trailer models. Like I didn't understand it. I can't wait to find out you ve no longer even retain do understand I gotta get. The main thing he sang is that they would be running and cease dissimulation. So then running simulation
light some random, intelligent creature, their running simulations of white humans, that once it three the previous versions to learn about, maybe how they came to be or maybe they're just a video game, but that's the whole scenario fleet they so mushroom posits. Is there potentially they our future version of ourselves. Why he's a bit suspicious about is it's about? We, we're living in this reality, where we the only intelligent life we have found something against simulation. Very that he's come up Is that because we're alone in the universe, no human life or intelligent life has gotten passed the point of intelligence where they haven't Blount each other up and self destructive, said four alone in the universe, is proof that will never evolved to this point of being super intelligent, because no one has right and that we would inevitably destroy ourselves before we got to the point where
kind of weird like we as humanity are doing a pretty good job of the planet was wearing pretty bad shape and I share? Are we really is our climate change is just the end of this? Well, that's the kind of place back into a simulation theory is because some people think that climate change is actually proof that simulation theory is real cause. It's like a test that women given this coincides with a thought I had, I think of shared it on here, but it was. I was sitting around thinking. Well, we never invent travel link is proof of the fact that we never invent time travel or there would be people here. People get middlemen and they would bring us technology to fix this climate issue or they would bring us technology to totally witty rate energy in a way. That's not destroying the globe all this stuff. They would bring it back as they would know. It was gonna save their life, a hundred percent. So my conclusion is we not make.
To a time when we have time travel minimally cause no one's brought the solution, so we're not gonna make it to a point where we can stimulate pass. Civilizations, therefore, simulation fairy isn't real yeah yeah yeah. So that's one of his points is other points that we may get to a point where we have the technology to run away, Malaysian, but we can't be bothered. That's another scenario that exists: the maybe like advanced beings out there that just can't be bothered running a simulation there for simulation theory, not a thing. The third scenario, which is one way here to talk about, is that we can assume that some civilizations have reached that great threshold. Knowledge where they can run assimilation, they walk on roaming on here. We want to do this, they do it and that's what we're living in. That's the third scenario, why think part of the number two point as well, which I found implausible, was its agreed upon, so
this future civilization everyone agrees. They don't want to go back and run ancestor simulation and that there may be a treaty and that all countries with the technology would agree now that you ve coincides with his big concern? Is the ethics surrounding a I in Super intelligence, and if we don't have some guard rails for this technology, it really can destroy us and take us over and it absolutely would yeah yeah, so in his solution to that is that we should proceed with these agreed upon guard rails, one of them being like the computer has to exist, separated from everything else. Yeah yeah, I cut off from the internet. Doing the same thing. You don't listen. I loose online yeah, so I'm just skeptical of seven billion people ever no one cheating completely, and you know the may not just be light, one future, amazing civilization. The maybe like that you know the universe is infinite. Therefore, that could be infinite,
the civilizations that child there that might decide to not run or run a simulation now in the third or that you're saying in what we say, that we are all someone's video game or is like they're all playing in one video game. They each have character that there's so many options for what could be happening totally option is that I'm, the one that is conscious has been coated have a full car. Yeah? You two are essentially bought sign on their characters, who had just reacting and really downloads and you're, not conscious at all, I'm new in this conscious. I do think because of our egos centric nature, That's the one most wielding way, my most everything here somewhere plugged into a machine and everyone around them as a simulation. But do you look like you will not mean that the other think as the matrix kind of gives us other image where we are real biological beings who elect
well I've been through a big cord, riotous other reality. What bathroom is positive is that, where all coach light we don't have any bodies, we adjust literally lines in a machine like we are little some character, but then how it running round and have consciousness either. If you are a code Nova, that's a trick like. If the code gets complex enough, then I can be conscious, like what is consciousness is another thing, if not just a whole lot of stimulated islands all linked and that's like it. I'm sure Blackmore has done this, where this like but if I living in a machine like is wrong to lax like that, I off, if its conscious that examples. Also that let me eggs band, I met so I think, Monica there's a bunch of different but the one we are literally just a self running simulation. Imagine a video game,
The video game is so complicated that not only does it know how to move anatomically correct, but it is also put in the information of all the ways chemicals in the brain respond, and so it deploys that in it has all the ingredients needed for everyone inside the game to actually function as a human would function. so require any human to be plugged into that machine is just not a hard neurons playing. No it's in your cpu, the pewter is running out of model. What would happen if this and they, create a scenario where others global warming and seven billion people and they all have consciousness. You know, let's run that out, and so we could be inside of that model that computer model and they might be checking and right now going o is not going well for him. There still is a good place their starting to recognise. We want action that if we keep talking about this they're gonna kill us
us cause you: where were we to harass yeah? Will we be a virus through the simulation, so that one give only if I could just say egotistical that one appeals to me, the least that its literally just an independent model, maybe there's a trillion models being run. At the same time, I much prefer were. I am a real human in some area in the universe plugged in and they asked me what kind of life I want and I bought a package and I'm having it completely, because the sensitive that I mean that forty six like to make a new friend of her museum back there what the fuck are you doing and what are the chances? Ok, this topic is so vast I mean. Should we talk about light? What some of the evidence is that we might be living in a generation Amazonas icy? What we think of this year
first thing no aliens. We here on earth, it super weird there where, in the universe, that is infinitely beg as far as we know and that we haven't been visited by aliens I wear alone, a lotta people see that is evidence that aliens around this, the nation and the reason we haven't found them is cause. They have just slight got the little mask up and we can see them Did you see the lizard one yeah it does? So let me I just want to give some numbers there's a, billion billion stars in the milky way Galaxy there's billions of guy. Alex Caesar's hundreds of millions of a man to per cluster galaxies are ready to start thinking about and humans about this, I can't anything above a million The same to me, that's the trouble. I need an illustration that yeah, but I get you a site so vast, like we hear a billion billion. That is that I don't even know what that means. A billion
yeah. No, I owe you a billion operas there at that money up. That's just in are at milky way galaxy in the arts. Alex is one of billions of guilt like it yes inconceivable yet, so I can see Now that we are the only ones that have consciousness in the The virus is. I add, however, that we in this house and therefore the idea that we haven't met in these other evolved beings is completely ludicrous and that's prove we're that we're and assimilation, and that's why we're not meeting them now again, just a counter that for one second, we do know the distances to all these places. We know that answers to all the stars in the universe that wave observed and we know which ones have planets around them. Bubbled up. We know that the closest star system that we could possibly support life is planned.
its of light years away, and if we do believe that any life in this universe will be carbon base, where there is a limit to how long a carbon based life forms. The one explanation for why we see airlines is what group of aliens is goin to sacrifice three generations themselves to take a trip to earth which they don't even know. What's here, so you can have to ask the species to get on a fuckin ship. That's movie at the speed of light, which we dont think is possible currently with Estonia, physics and then they're gonna live out their life. There can reproduce them about their lead. There can reproduce and also what are the opposite, the fourth generation. What are we doing? Turnout is done around left, so there are some hurdles. What group of sentient beings
just throw their lives away for generations of a like make that choice for their offspring in their grandchildren? That's very fair! If we assume that is old cabin based life and that you can travel faster than a hundred alive, a saint Pierre. I use a thing is what, if our millions and millions of years of history is just a tiny little blip and some other civilization operates in a way that we can't even conceptualize and has crossed that technology thresholds and can go faster than the speed of light you workin employer, wormhole, but minimally. What we know now is that you be looking at throw genealogy. He sent me, I said, is a major. intra state for more. If you dare we, there are supported by simply safe simply safe is
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even got one of those under the other yeah. So if there is no other light, the though what the fuck out of a hunt Ino trillion to the tenth power tat lots of options, there's no other life, so they definitely their life. And, yes, I don't think they're here, NET fair yeah. So why aren't they hear? I ass a good question, but I think it's a big, ass. Yet why don't jump straight? Dissimulation theories, yeah, we're removal, yeah! A lot of people argue that climate change is proof. I it's not something I buy into the theory. Is it's like this whole existential crisis we are facing? Is by a little too perfect. You know it's like we're being tested and some people I feel, emotionally, and for their reaction to that as yet. This is a test and it's an actual test and that its assimilation, it's a, they think, climate changes in reality. Are they climate change? Deniers, the vets,
no they're not are not enough and eyes they just like the fact that exists, and that is a real land where all winter potentially die out. It's like too much of a test will not be proud and the one part of it. I agree with his like. It is the frog metaphor right that you can boil a frog. If you slowly turn up there, temperature than I right. It's happening at a glance showed pays yeah It's an old woman, it's just the swore was crash of all time. I had laid. The opposite, I think approves were not in a simulation, because I think it's the thing that is going to wipe out civil. Is it like we're? Getting really clothes were getting really advanced and weak,
so it's gonna be the end. Yes, that ceiling laid omit about where we all yet we all become extinct yeah. But let's say that climate change did really happen for another thousand years, but you say that and then in a thousand years they have the computing power to run these simulations and their starting a notice. The very first signs of climate change XO they model this out computer figure out what the best solution is. So we are in one of the models trying to figure out a solution so that they kind of replicate area has gone. They put us all in there and then they figure out within probably for them a nanosecond well yeah solution over a million little world operating where one of those yeah chronic racket allow. That's I like them. I that allows our problems the areas using us to figure out there. I the problems. I really hope with the universe, the cracks
I guess we'll wait and see the other thing that people talk about- and this is like one of those rules. Stoner conversations is that this is just all wait. You crazy. In real life, and I think was seen that allow over the last four plus years really were light. We had some weird does it's tough going on my every day, you wake up in Czech, twitter and there's something unexpected. Ok, but I would argue: that's not a product of the world having changed. That's a product of us now, knowing every single thing, It happens in the world that we shouldn't know like someone in a village in rural fuck in Ireland. In the sixteen hundreds guess what life was. Nothing was happening, Munsey there are some one got drunk and fell off a roof or whatever, but other than that you thought the world was very glacial and nothing's happening. Essentially, we assess been happening, for we just haven't known about. Are you more weird stuff was happening?
reverend does no one knew about it yet, living by the amount of murders people are getting away with the amount of everything that bore getting away with people were shooting each other in the old way. This now lacking Netflix lie eight participation without every song get shot. Now it's a week of news coverage. We all get upset in the old Wes. Deeds were often each other every couple hours over. Girl usually, but no one knew yet not it's true. What about light there, though, that really weird stuff you see on Tik Tok. This just like so crazy, like animals, doing we had stopped and yet that can be real again you're getting the cats stand up now as a video of a monkey that was clearly a human being and a very colorful monkey outfit. Maybe creators we're just not as good a programming in the Sixteen like that was the early age of programme of SAM and was like someone
now worse since forty and it's like the really good at it, so were more advanced yeah like that is well, maybe the simulation itself as being updated as they go. I like that another bit of proof that people say just about this theory is that there are too many rules You talked about the speed of light earlier than that of being that light, the fastest that something can travel people kind of go again, probably when their stoned. Why is that will exist. Right seems a lot like someone's tight debate, a computer code. That's like locked in this parameter alike, lying forty repeat to lying ten year, nearly the messenger and people look at their end. Just go seems like a bit occurred. Her interest in physics is all code. That makes sense, because I did not around physics yeah. It is interesting that there's a speed limit,
first yeah yeah, that's the thing. It seems like a little bit too good to be true, although I want to say- and I could be wrong this! I am not a physicist again, I'm an anthropologist My under my hundred the ending of string theory right in what I think they ve proven is that they you have these particles that are married basically, and they can be travelling in opposite directions across the universe. Ning it across these huge huge distances and when the polarity of one changes, the polarity of the other one changes immediately, there is no gap and they ve done these experiments where they can approve that in. I guess super writers are what that in. So that suggest, however, that information is transferred. That's travelling faster at the speed of light, because it happens instantly move you not like, like particles, can be joined in one's gotta, be negative ones. Gonna positive,
so they're joined and they are moving away from each other in the universe, is light years away from each other is part of particles in that, when the polarity of one changes, the other one changes instantaneously, and they ve observed this on a very smaller level. That's what string theory is like there's a string connecting these two things that so when they communicate immediately, but again, information couldn't travel is you'd have light was the limit. I wouldn't be able to travel on reverse polarity for awhile yeah, and this thing we don't have all the answers. That's right that sort of thing tonight that we don't have them light that we don't know how that works. I intended to look this up before this
relation, because I want to know the name of, but they did just discover some particle that currently doesn't cooperate with any of the known laws of physics, and as I grant you, and so this is what to me through a big wrenching, although he Boob leaving no free will and that your brain is ultimately very predictable. If you knew all the ship will we have this fuckin particle now that we don't know how to predict it doesn't abide by an egg huge mystery yeah then, as we do tend to think of clocked everything, but when there is so much more yeah yeah I just a total lack of understanding of the human brain is completely bonds and terrifying. We're like at the base camp, were you acclimated Everest and we think we're at the very top of it is more like a third of the way up the thing they gets here:
oh really. Onboard assimilation. Theory is like a personal thing and I think that's how we react to everything withers by religion or beliefs, of about anything, as I have personal experience of the world, so I spoke to Rodney a bit about this is well cause. He's made this entire film talking to people about simulation theory and a big part of proof of people is coincidences just dated eight things that happen, that you can explain away as just being like real life like. It must be something more excited to hear. So the some thoughts on that I've heard once insane synchronicity those being evidence of all sorts of things. As well as stimulation, very I've experienced things that make me believe in
Arbitrary meeting with a person becomes very important in a way that feels like there was destined for me to meet this person in a way that at the time, but if the random none of this necessarily evidence of simulation, but it feels like evidence of a plan of fate of a purpose. There's a guy who has this fairly complicated story about being in a car accident,
in the mountains, Mexico, and how these derived one disaster after another, and he came away saying specifically looked up with a garden. I don't think that their God looks pinky. To save me. Therefore, the situation varies more likely. The notion that the world's being controlled by somebody out there in there's a purpose, not point, and things happened for a reason. There is no more time to die and are going to die. My mother, asleep at the wheel in cruised over six plains of traffic in the media and woke up on the grass without scratch, and she took it into her guardian angel. Both of these people are confronted with the same sort of
an extra one students and came out with different answers. Not the same thing happened to your. I might have different answers, our stars, so I really like the idea, like speaking to personal experiences and how something that happened. You do just seemed like two too good to be true or too bad. To be true. I gas, like yeah, I think about that. All the time like christen, I lived in the same apartment ten years apart, without knowing it then later found out. Like way. I lived there like that. Weird dialogue is aware of all the millions of people the that should happen. Yeah, I shouldn't happened when we had David, doesn't even know about them. Gum like they're gonna hurt them gum really quick. So if we told you that we had sang a song about anthem, GUM June exist
in tune. Does one immediately jump into your head like if you had to just sing in your apartment? Sent them come, I'm so sorry it might be a cultural thing, but no one that I have good news, because we want to believe there's some crazy thing. Ok, so whatever was Monica said, I'm very weird in my apartment and at what I know you're entail and she said: well, I've been singing a song about z, anthem, gum out loud to myself for a long time, for, as I said, will you sing it to me is it actually now and then I saw what are the words and she said the words are just Xanthias gum and I called her up- and I said, was the song Zan, some gum dot at the data that is anthem got there. The data. That is why the look on her face was I face behind her. It looked like she got struck. My life
it was so no. This is why the thing we talk about something and your fucking listen to you and your served up as what you must have heard. Monica singing the warning. Now I was in Seattle, and we will you allow ok, see unaware, lay a k very far apart. That is terrifying, and I know that he was like what do you think happens? I was like this is too. We are where we rejected it. Yes and then he would even have an eye like programmed you're so knows, and then, as I did you because The others owners and others think, like I like- I listen on your sono. Somehow a technology and choose a do. You think she was mandatory, weird thing to say, and you probably, what have you done with information? Have you just like put there bodies in the corner, your brain, I don't want to think about it. I didn't like it for awhile did not like that bags and now like it now, it tested a few.
People cause. I said you know why is weird as it sounds. Maybe that would be a natural song for many people to come to, because for me, I said, it's anthem come out loud and immediately was anthem, go like a just. If our Well, maybe that's a very high percentage, but it's so far no one else instead really really wild. I love that lot at reminds me. A bit of the Mandela effect. Which is another dying, the out it bleeds into this whole idea of why you re might be correct. Staffers, stuff, tat statue of yes, Another year mean Baron steam beers that one is always been. The baron stayin beers. Everyone remembers it as being very steep. Yes, it don't with ok, but I think that might as well as on irritates why we asked some Mandela that is yeah. There's all these things in the world where people are often very agree,
upon the incense yeah yeah. This thing exists exactly like people. Many people think it's sex in the city and its sex and the city Is it not the Welsh Assembly? No, that's right. Metric hasn't they're using it. As like its ever so the simulation wars against it. It was wanna glum thing in a chamber changed the code, yet the rays and brand. Maybe there was a sunshine with some glasses and was never sunglasses. The monopoly men rich uncle peony bags. Everyone thinks he has. I haven't had a great many, maybe an animated, clearly ever had a monocle, not even in the media, that commercial, he's never had a Monaco Gatt, but it's. How is impossible, though, the why
I can barely my phone or the one they live on that the amount you showed the one that gives me the most. Is this movie that people invented coaches? Am everyone thinks that Sinbad within this movie code, she's am at never ever That happened. We we really are wholly deal a hold on holiday. Remember she is, I guess what I got me: a lonely away all that I've music like this is what people think of it is Sinbad. That's what you run imagines that is just adopted in May. It doesn't exactly one year, you think arrows in chasm, given even he Shack references, shoes and implemented views. I've never existed. I guess I thought that do there is always make up issues they happen. Zachary leave a whole. Those through this notion, I M so basically like it, was about a genie side by Sinbad. Everyone remembers. Yes, I, yes, so you're, not the only one. This is an interview with I'd either words in a video store.
what are the real me. I guess this is a quite from this article. I read one man named on workers, uncles movie, Rachel Store specifically remembers buying. This is M movie for the store to handle the two copies we owned, the dozens of times over the years said Don, and I had to watch it what about time, to look for imported damages to the type Rwanda and check at any rate it out, but in the box all my gun at never existed. no way with a man. Look now you're getting into this. Now you get into the simulation theory idea. What normally my my opposition to this? Is people are dead vast that they just like that? People can't hear that the wrong, and I don't like that. You said that you are my normal pushed back, but now Damn thing is really about you when we are watching as we want something about this that Monica just had it had. The association that I had had was still for stove top stuffing. Where am I,
No, no! I thousand presents all those commercials. I know it's does I'm not an American. I dont know what this is. So everyone in America believes there was an erotic called staffers. That's Abram, Paquette delivers stove top stuffing sounds like opera, It is a problem it turns out. There is a product called stove top stuffing, but it offers help or nothing to do with it. That is normal, but it is a great. Maybe they change the code before I was born after you exist. some of these are age thing. Yeah, there's a big! but people remember having watch peak Ichou is having like a little black mark on the end of his tail. He never did. This is the image here. A lot of people think but he had a little butter is never had. A bacterial is always just been yellow completely the whole time. People think there's a heifer kit. Cat is just one is just one word
cat there's no hype, and there is another great one, just like it was out of. One of the words was spelled right. Like believer February de Vries, yeah people disagree that raises The way it's only one, he writes my address yeah no braids yet another debate. What are your wise? They call for breeze them. If it's a lot of people think loony turns is spotlight loony, like cartoon tee, o Ennis, it's not loony turns a lunatic. T catch his paper is not learning Burns is less. They learn here. You any religion has never been turns, so these the zigzag. These are all makers. you ve got something the code with some real time info about
and bad inches am out yes place. So much what you ve done. Your fighting for thither at yeah yeah go to Heaven how diving rate, because my assumption was while he was in a movie very close to choosing them, and we ve weave obscured the title guys he never even played like ashes, am type the innocent meds, never paid a gene. Why now? He does have those big hand, yes once they had big head harrow the heat, if he were here suddenly inserted into him into a for whom coaches airily real one that is raising Wyatt. While noting that is, that's, that's a good one, a good one! It's tasty, yeah. No, that's one thing: it was a lot of them. We Sinbad, I mean, do you think? Maybe he thinks he wasn't. That would be. The proof could absolutely substantiate this whole claim. If he said guys, I was in a Fatima wishes. I mean I don't know where win
that would break the universe. We gotta get a hold him. I saw one time in a carpet store. Which is where the guy he was known about. This is the greatest thing ever I was shooting this member and I was ultimately gods. Mother. We had rented out a carbon store in the north It would veil and Edward in their in someone came Eliza Emmy wanted by a very small carpet now Nobody did want carpet in everyone's, like that's. The story shut down fulfilment anyway and I'm I'm in the farming industry. I still want to buy some car bureau. Have you got it? You know This is an area where I'm I'm projecting, I think, can be to get the carpet anyways. Bs yeah really happened. Ok, oh, how allows that you're gonna be
Also it is a little, as MRS I've only met him once our big magic carpet story. Now. Ok, go back to the cliff for one second, because I do want to point out one thing: when people give proof and say it is always the case that, like I would do with you, I do with Monica what are the odds Monaco offered a babysitter kids, but seems crazy. What are they? I want to know about conspiracies. They find you turns out. I'm obsessed with tickle didn't even know was you bubble blowing out here, you're sitting here? That's always feels like fake, but people never go over. Fate was also mean this guy, who I fell in love with you, introduced me to drugs, who fucked up my life, who got me fired like they only focus on the things that are suspiciously good. They never focus on the things that were just abjectly Terry, a terrible all ordinary, like all this very ordinary things that led us through each day. Ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent of what we experience is just that
and the examples we pick is being evidence of simulation theory are all incredibly self seated. Look at this amazing thing happen to me my mom? This is impossible, survive this impossible car accident in when I heard that when I was like will, that is exactly what gave rise to my own belief that it could be possible, which is simply. It is way too good to be true that I am sitting here with this job in I'm from Michigan, and I'm not smoking crack right now. That seems here. How did this happen in its very egocentric yeah? I never said that really giving yourself enough credit through life. It's like really just saying somebody is doing. All this in giving me all this, and there is a majority to religion again right. Similar thing also paradox, because its eagle maniacal to think that I'm in a simulation that the whole thing has been designed, so that I can have this experiences, so that's eager, maniacal and then weirdly. It's not because to your point,
I don't feel the pride and here you didn't doing with me. I didn't do anything so it's like he is very diametrically opposed on one side. I don't think I could have possibly accomplished any of this. I think that's why such a fund discussion and that there is another thing I just wanna play that run me sit as well. He talked this other guy in a somewhat Eric who had like just an added level of like fact, atmosphere. This whole thing, one person that we talk to Davis to write a lot about the intersection of knowledge and technology. He talked about eastern traditions of other worlds stories. Legends of people here what why another into another world says once that happens, that calls into question the primacy of the original world. Once you get to a second world business your first world is the one and only bright,
novel in better start, your master more was love me. Even the way that some of these guys talk about my draft right that when you think about the humans relationship to the territories that you, by on the video games in Egypt, game for once. My relationship, tuna creators and also more is that so yeah of wearing a simulation Our simulated reality goes on long enough and we reach that technological threshold we break through that threshold and we start simulating other variations in hay. how deep our way in this arena simulation that's being stimulated?
someone has been stimulated by someone has been stimulated by someone ad infinitum. Now to me, this perfectly parallels religion, because when I sometimes will debate people who believe in God, they'll go ok, but the big bang great. Let's say there was a big bang. What was before the Big Bang worded the big bang? How and in what was the space in which the big bang so that speed existed before the big Bang rats and then they go. You knows it's gotta, be God, but for me that my question is God bless you want? What is that? Why is more wisely in the full stop? I don't know why that's peaceful to think gods always existed, but not the universe always existed year. That's exactly the same problem that you ve got yeah and about scenario. Yeah I'd say it is the more complicated because now you're dealing with, but they think he's benevolent. So, that's why it's easier to believe that, because their son he's gonna detection there that you're not getting from the universe in
I think, is what they would yeah. I guess the threat of the universe is that it's completely meaningless in command that perfectly sideways into my next question. Witches. Does it matter to you if we are in a simulation right, sir, like does it bother you that this is real or not real? You pose that question the first time we talk about it and I brought it up a few times, demonic. I'll say like what's kindly with David said: like does a fuckin matter. I planned with it yeah. I feel exactly the same way up so there's another question that's quite good to think about, and that is if there was this magical machine, basically like near the matrix that we're living our lives, you got an option we can plug into a machine. The rest of your life will be full of light. Bless you be
master of your own domain. You be good at everything. Whatever your dreams are they'll be fulfilled, but none of it's going to be real, but once you're plugged in you don't know that so you're just in Heaven, do you take that step to jump into that worlds? Like you'll just sit it? Doesn't you on your doesn't bother you if you're in violation or not right, but if you're making the decision to be an simulation, would you make that Kosovo Emma leaving this world right now that we're gonna offices venison mean that thanks again rob again, but you out one Turin? You won't know that you are miss them. It'll just be pop imaginary land, that's a brilliant hypothetical cause at first. He got you do admit that if this is a simulation you're not bother by acts, I, like my life, yeah veni at the same time, can get you to admit you would not leave to join one. That was better well. What, if it's not better when it is? If we are, I guarantee you that once you plug into this machine, you lie for the I mean your life's great. It's going to be sleep like a baby. Every night you have no depression, ear flies.
I come when you're ready for them. The car now there's no periods in the world when you want now, when you're. In the light of. Why do you do I'd, say it's weird: does it make your contradict yours immediately, which idea, I think, they're, really it just going ahead of time so privilege that's what it means. I am so privilege that I am your right to leave here. You know perfectly well that says nothing except Sir the boy had well, I know, but also right, but it also says that you appreciate it's real Yale. Look, I'm a youth spoiled the very triggering word real. We you and I are far spoiled the lively ass. I mean yes atrocious, how spoil their fair share? Ok, so I have different parents and everything will you do,
whatever, but everyone reads so they must be by the way it might be that you blogging is, exact something experiencing. I give you think this is heard the plug in the EU have the exact same experience you and I It like a lively, imitating bread, but you get a slightly better Julie. Fucking Brad Pitt be reviewed, have even like a better boyfriend like all your other needs, but then you which town, patriarch plugin, now that you're bugging Abram comes round is severely thing in, but now it's just that it's an interesting scenario to run to think about. You know it doesn't matter if this is vital, quickly Rio or just made up here. So how I come to peace with this is the exact same way came to peace, with my fear of not believing guy, when I was a kid summer, Grammy yours insisted, I prayed every night and I would be doing the prayers and, unlike nobody, is listening to
and then oh flock. If it is real, I'm betraying the thing, and I mean end up in Hell. Because there's no way to gain the system, so I literally pull the plug on thinking about like. If there is a god he'll know, I'm faking it, so I'm just done yeah in so. Similarly with this. Yes, if this is simulation, who gives a fuck and if it's not a simulation great. What I know for certain is, I will not get the answer in this lifetime. One more scenario where it all intelligent. We not super intelligent, probably let we not physicists- and we know we don't know the Mets. But if we were there and we had a chance to break out of the simulation would you want to push towards that? Like all of us sitting here, I think we kind of think they were in it. We can't even get out of it. So that's fine better than you hear the for the needs of the world, the view of the opportunity to break out- and you don't know whether its you're gonna be breaking out into something better with the Euro bidding
Odin your life, will disintegrate, whether a human body plugged in maybe this is a world. That's more interesting! Would you try or would you just sit back and go? Ah, I wonder because the risk of not having my children on what other? That's what I'm this is your shoulder would disappear, yeah, yeah, so never risk it, and also my assumption is it's worse totally. Yeah chances, our common european values in a fucking rusted out here. What the hell is horribly, wasn't good. Then I got amazes me, as the matrix came out over two decades ago: yeah that that crazy, that's one of them Maybe I don't have an almost democracy, to advance that movie
yeah, really or the time. You're really is an omen. People get the matrix alot of credit. I watch this amazing clip of Philip K, Dick the siphoning off a talking about simulation theory and let the mid seventies- and this has been computers- couldn't really do match. I think, like the apple too, was out not much more than that, and he sat down at a conference and talked about simulation theory, let in depth what we definitely light lines of code and a computer, and that was just for me, like Philip K, Dick was kind of like the genius of simulation. Ferrok, as you know, is a sigh fi author minority report by it all that stuff and he was coming out with his ideas like years ago. So, as you know, Isla mask is walking round at the moment, and you know I've got some issues with alarm, but he's doing some pretty amazing stuff evens wandering around talking about relation theory. Anyone gets excited about it like everyone's been talking about this
so long before that. Ok, great two things one, I watched him, give a talk. The guy you just said that yet another headache YAP and he is brilliant. Any struck me crazy. Listening to absolutely yeah, he was somewhere else. Yeah, I think he's like has some some I have to say that he has had some into health insurance for sure I've here. If he knows that we're in a simulation and his
Anyone who knows first circle where we are going to have mental health issues year. He spoke about it with such confidence as well. It was really blowing people's minds and that United, essentially that informed most of his work and live there would be no matrix without the novels of Light Philip K dig. The few times have said this. I always get a bunch of push back, as I think people think I'm saying something different than I am, but I really do believe if there was a huge meadow study of everyone in what you say, the? U S, if U S, three hundred and thirty million people, if they believed in the simulation and then you charge that against their income, their health outcomes. All this stuff, I think you'd see a perfect Coralie between the people who believe in simulation are people who are having weight to good of a time in life, Elon, Musk Bein. The prime example like wait, I became the richest human being on planet earth. I invented- Erin, a rocket like that's the life is so good that it gets suspicious, but I dont think
if you're on welfare in your fuckin to your kids are addicted opiates. It you're like this is a simulation. I just don't think that I think is a really good point. Everyone talking about simulation theory is coming from a slightly privileged place. I think so I think, there's a huge correlation. I don't tell em and pointing the finger myself like a lease acknowledges, get Ivan Diving, I'm too much good shit yeah before wrap it up this. This other thing that the strict runny taught me about that. I really because he made assume I really loved, called the nightmare and that's about sleep paralysis. Why have you ever experience? I have I had a year right. So yes seems like Spain it cause. I haven't had a your item in college once I was taking an app and then I woke up from the map. I was awake, but I could not move my by. I was dark, but I was awake.
I was locked so he made this film about this phenomenon and what I didn't know about sleep premises is there a lot of people would experience it. They all see the same figure walking towards and my standing in the corner of the room. It's like a shade reality that a lot of people have as I his idea, Let me make a film about simulation. Theory came from one of the people who talk to that. It had sleep paralysis and I just thought this was an interesting way into the stamina and light one other interesting take on who might be behind dissimulation. I asked MR a phone service backwards. I was still working on the nightmare project. About sleep. Browsers I was talking to someone who, when he was sort of in their state or consciousness right, where you saying these kind of phantom sinister, ghosts looming over him. He believed what he was seen were in other people s Simon simulation, programmers
yesterday, the engineers and that line of conversation was very familiar simulation Mary and I wasn't. I knew what each of those words meant and I kind of just what he was going but and I had to fire up the computer and realise that this idea that I was first introduced to ninety science fiction matrix existence, thirteen far I'll dropping within a few months of each other was something that people were taking as a real, possibility, and once I discovered that it was something that I kept thinking about. What fish my hand was my started to come stories and a lot of these run Reddit roads, but they popped up elsewhere too. Were people talk about now these true bizarre things that happen to them
in some ways they were evidence that we were living in the matrix. So you I just thought it was like an interesting aside. This idea that this documented fact that a lot of people have sleet browser see the same creature, maybe that someone like outside of our little simulation, but my hunch with that is, first of all, I believe them. I don't deny that there is some group of people that see the exact same thing in their sleep terror, but I do believe that, upon thorough enough investigation, you would find they also shared the same trauma cuz. There are these low percentage things that people do share and in there are sometimes predictable outcomes of those things. So I don't doubt that's true. I just I doubt the explanation probably yeah and I think a lot of the reasons. People jump to simulation theory can differently be explained away and
I saw a hundred percent and I guess it's just how you want to view your life and I get some people just take that jump in the same way that some people will take the jump into a religious faith in a way. This gives me an understanding and a framework to live and where I can kind of stop worrying a little bit, because some people do find simulation theory like relaxes them and makes them feel like all. That explains why I exist and why I am conscious that the reason I'm gonna go about my day, yeah the whole. Damn we been talking about this I've been lightly thinking of the parallel between the matrix and the Bible. So any time you discuss one of these theories, it goes first through my filter of the matrix, like also this isn't like the matrix where there is a human plugged into the thing. Oh it's not
It already is like the matrix in this way. Would you want to break out of it like me like? I'm so almost are full understanding of the concept we have a shared document, others the mortar data, so brilliant, as it gives us the language and the visuals to talk about this really complicated thing. Yes, in because an author gave us their version of vat, that's kind of the one. Now I have because that's how it was introduced to me in the power of the first time you hear something, so I have to assume that the Bible was revolutionary in its thoughts. It had to be a paradigm. Shatterer in its time. You know their parallel. There yelling, I didn't. I myself, like with this crazy devotion, to the version laid out by the matrix,
in such a way that I understood it in an open that whole thought up to man. It's just it's good storytelling! It's not even like that, like the matrix as recycling a whole lot of ideas that have been around since Plato, essentially here and the Bible as recycling a lot of ideas that were in Judaism, a million other sort of religions before that, yet it tells a story and like the most compelling way Yes, I, like we latch onto this good storytelling right taps into this feeling we this alone. My fear, and why people let goodwill hunting is that we all feel ass. Maybe we all feel that were secretly a genius. No one has recognised or discovered that some We all kind of want to leave about why it's like they re, like mobile form, is so popular. The idea of I'll find you ve got these like superpowers Nedda had amassed by anybody. It's like Sacha at such indicating store absolutely is what we all want. Yeah
yeah so then so somehow NEO yards like he knew he was right. This world was fucked your comp and he knew belong and immediate it yeah yeah long enough. Organ rested, a loving Oda, wasn't climate, stressful USA, those little robots, gonna break into your ship horrible, we are above, it wasn't really found out. He did this download like how to fly in aeroplanes. Never was cool yeah that was cold. I wanna watch the matrix. I haven't watched him about a decade David. We just kind of way latch there recently. How does a stack up house at bullet time? Looking, listen sky? We just finished are moving later downstairs that has led shit. I'm gonna come there, let's everywhere the day, I'd love them right. Let's arch she's, here I'm down before they should do that. You share. You, should invite all your friends to come and watches
everyone there it's and get them talking about she's em, they're memory them by their so excited to watch it again and Anne had to reign the send out a hundred invites in whatever one person rights back. There's no such movie will know we're living in their similarly as the one that they're, like patients, zero, find out who's simulation, weren't we have all been encoded to believe. There is a movie shes am here, but if we're in their simulation they would know that that would be their glitzy relate, wherein they all think there's a movie should say there wasn't you're completely or if they set up and light. Workmen to admit that they did their that make up the whole cover we gotta ruled out, who were all Now I have you decided one of my favorite things in the comments on the arm. Chair, feed people, occasionally going like found out, I got into Yale law Monica dead simulate.
Is greatly its people have taken it. They embraced that we're all in Monica simulation, and I love it. I really at stake, and I really really like a great way to give thanks here, who has shown its like you'd. Give thanks to these like not understand What does that mean? I just then these we had come in said again. I've explain that that is just like in West World were like they show them a pitcher deliver much West world. I watch with world the area where they would show them a pitcher of like normal life like in the twentieth century, in they literally couldn't see. No just by a blank it's about it's over her dad. When I try to explain to her dad that were in his simulation, he was like is like you didn't hear. A brilliant agga allege yeah yeah These were really lately any did it's like you didn't hear anything I said and just carried out an afghan section, one it's over is like. There is avoided Ipad acts like I could hear it with this year was actually faster.
You like day dream for two seconds, and then we are under the next topic was a baby and whether you are brought about it with you, as well as in New Zealand light. Bread is a term of endearment. Is it the same here or there may be rather negative? Conduct aside, I shouldn't call your brain. Well, it's it's it's. I would argue it's like many words the negative. But if you love someone any use it, it's ok right, Gimme, there's a lot of that's why he liked to take, as he uses that allowed to describe yeah, and I love you. I know I don't like your still hating absolutely granting I've heard about love and Herman of India. But we're gonna rat was rejected here. I term of environment environment. I get so with all the greater They and dissimulation yeah we're here. I'm happy when we're gonna stop even trying to figure out whether there is proof or not prove it'll present itself. I think that's fair,
That's how I feel about death like all either be wrong. All right, we'll find out tonight. I want a shocker debate. love you day I was able to be here.
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