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Armchaired & Dangerous: UFOs

2021-06-04 | 🔗
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: UFOs
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Hi David Ferrie I hear, now last episode we got up to our necks and simulation theory. Point during that bunkers discussion landed on the idea that maybe aliens are the ones running the simulation world stuck in I would only seem logical that has time to tackle the topic to end all toppings alien life There are big topping because they play into that ultimate human fear that were align the only. He blip of life in a universe, that's being cranking for fourteen billion years if alien life exists. It means, when not alone, and also raises a ton of other questions like if we're top of the food chain. Man named game, but what even is extraterrestrial line-
till he microbes from another planet or fully formed an intelligent, little green men or as a cabin based blobs. Or something else entirely new from another dimension. I'll give you everything I can hardly as I do. The thing is the way we think about alien life has been shaped by pop culture, from war of the worlds to men in black. Our mission is to monitor extra terrestrial activity. Honour and, in my mind, aliens kind of pact with the x files, agent, Mulder Data have been assigned to it and then the life started to get kind of complicated terrorist attacks some pandemics with a new things to be scared of we didn't have to I am to worry about area. Fifty one and alien invasions and so we really compelling footage of ufos came out three years ago and then,
here. The department of Defense started a new UFO taskforce, and then this year the CIA Saturday classifying UFO documents. I feel like we'll kind of mister which is why I am glad world here, because this time declassify those dusty Oda x files. This is the aliens episode are you earlier one? What's your initial take when I say the word aliens was pointed out in the intro, you get this the coffee slide of the movie Allianz men and black, all these pop culture, things Europe, I never think of like pesky, microbes,
Ben Ali. Romantic about acknowledging mammas extraterrestrial knows that I think the definitions are part of it, because when you say UFO do you mean an alien a ship, or do you mean something that is an unidentified fine object that could be some other nations? And now in technology, what are we talking about? You know that missions or even a little bit wonky. Have I told you that I've discovered? I love, you say no one! This is become one of my favorite. How do I the things I enjoy. Like the word, you say what, how did you say? Lesser see the zoo Let's do it up racket back, you say no one knows I like that a young woman- let no one does like five or six the label that line when, as you Know- and you are you in an unknown, our known ones- oh, I know one yet yeah, relies Nancy every little piece and Adam S, hand
Where is being in Amerika, I do struggle to order food and stuff on the phone like people, I will say something perfectly straightforward and I'll just be met with puzzlement sire. To effect a tiny amir in accessing all I'd, love and then you're unhappy sunset of saying by sea. Like could, I please have won a wine pizza with makes her pineapple I'll, have to say now below what I have to say. Hi. Could I please have one pint of pizza with an extra pineapple. Oh, oh they get straight away like our weir's Americans are so do. He has put a little comical. Conveying is on a difference. He made the differences is very silly negligible. He added silly years alone that we weren't he was able to be understood. He did a character that was like convoy Brad. I guess
I wanna Hawaii pizza away either too much pineapple fleas works or go back to the top attack aliens in new. So I think that those things as well things as they say, like God, is in man image of himself or something like there's some, you almost cant, think of something that you don't projected onto it. I think it says more about what kind of aliens people think I'm gonna come about the person than it does in the aliens, because all this presumption that they would have travelled generations and generations at the speed of light to get here and go to battle is just so bizarre to me. it's not my worldview, but I think for people who have a gun under their pillow and there's certain sums going to break into the house and kill them. That must be their view of aliens as well. Cuz, that's the thing. The best evidence of alien life is the maths when you just look at how big the universe is.
The chances that we're alone pretty much next to none, but as a huge jumped to say is that what we are talking about? An assimilation, theory episode, it's a big jumped to say no there. Actually, when I visit ass and observe ass right and other things like a fair that smart. Why are they showing themselves? Why? Why do we see these little blips from Reda than something I'm ignorant on this topic? I dont know this and he said in the entire amount, the file I don't know anything about the house, an excited here. This is a big one user, like its incredibly kind of complex other stuff, all got leaked out, but in the last four years a series of videos has come to light of Navy any force personnel seeing and video being perceived craft than a moving in ways that we can't even imagine. Sixty minutes did an amazingly quite tabloid pace, sort of looking at the staff going. Ah, there are different aliens or technology that much beyond.
what we know where capable of out there. Well, that was an outsiders review of that episode. Now me, as a multi year fan of sixty minutes. Yet this is an outside. His tactic to see me at the scene and very unbiased, like all options, are open. All we really can say as their own identity Even the military is like look. I don't know what the fuck it is, but that's not to say I can guess which is more probable, alien or China. What did you think of the videos? Cuz they're, pretty compelling they are and they aren't So the one that's like a black dots in its moving in a way that defies physics. In some sense, it is a black day like how hard would it be too obscures some pixels to make a black dots? guy is yeah they're like these are these are folks out on air force, training missions or patrolling some air space, and they have basically dashboard foot
yeah noticeable some media, some shit that doesn't make any sense, I agree, doesn't make sense, but also was there like a bad sector of the blends? I don't know I don't know that is so this footage was weak and what was kind of amazing about it. Is that the? U S government always said we don't have any UFO programs like they don't exist, or they say that only have problem. What about Seti? That's they government? No city was like. Do you remember back when you had light desktop computers? You could that and would help mind through the data. Oh, oh, they are older satellite data that without this I was like this shared project. So when I was twelve, I thought also spatial could I downloaded the subtle at and it would be like screen savers, so in your computer was an operating will be checking through satellite data. the idea that you might be the one that discovers light, the signal on your alien life, even cities, a private thing. I'm not a private thing, oh, but it was discovered that in two thousand-
Even so, I think it was two thousand and twelve those this program called ate up, which was the advanced aerospace threat, identification program that ended in Tunisia, then that's real out of that footage came from, but in twenty twenty that side of this new thing, which is called the identified aerial Phenomena task force. Has or year, and so basically right now what's happened. Is that Congress, it's gonna be delivered a report by the director of she'll intelligence and the Secretary of Defence about what- going on so this report is due to be delivered literally this man, and so we don't know what's in, that report- is basically the Pentagon going hey. This is what we ve got on unidentified flying Ok, we don't it's gonna be in it. So it's a really big mouth floor. about that swaying, old man's aliens for you, but for the whole of the human rights.
Make a single prediction about the outcome of that report, that Bulgaria is true? Ok at me, no matter what it says, it'll be denied as a cover up. Yet I think that something that could very easily happen, I'm not worried about them, but aliens yeah either your point this guy, this call mentality to a population of beans that has the technology has survived Brown planet long enough in that self destruct amount order in a war had go to war with people with people with aliens who are alien people, alien, alien man, Oh man, that's what they're going to war, I'm vehicle Dennis stereotyping, but why would they way
it travel all the way to earth. Just endeavours to get bloody doesn't make any sense. Well, here's the other side of it. While you shouldn't even worry about it, the other agreement would be. They have a technology that so kick ass. The thing any hit a button and vaporize everyone on planet earth right and so that they can get are some mineral. We can give a shit about that. They need in their production of something important, but even in that event, when he worried about they're gonna hit about me, you're gonna do not know about it like, but it means that there be a big battle. I guess that the I suppose why I feel that governments should care about this. Is that Hey a failure this and are now one thing? That's in the skies? We don't know what it is if as alien, what are your probabilities that their friendly rang the then neutral, or They're gonna be very unfriendly, and even if it's like that possibility they may unfriendly? It's worth worrying about lads good to know for sure sure, but I guess what I would map onto it is like. When we go look at chimpanzees were hoping we can snuggled them like that's what
we're going for now. They will occasionally bite your face off and then go to pull a gun out and kill them to defend yourself, but we're not. We don't go in there guns blazing best and we're not even that evolved converting ain't. What an alien would be completely like, I think, they're ready debate. rises. If we start acting like idiots, I don't think the aliens are smarter than us because they got here. We can't get anywhere especially these sightings- that are going on at the moment, and this footage from the air force the way these things maneuvering is just so intense, indifferent to what we know is possible, chances? Are there a lot more intelligent than we were even the fact that they could have gotten? Did this planet completely, although I wonder, if anyone has a you, have all fury, this will be a fun one that they invented a I two millennia go away. they computers took over. They started doing all the thinking and then people then could just pick mate selected. Who was handsome and then a vague actually got Dahmer, but they had already unleash the ray I technology, so maybe that they
is this like board the ship neural a good school here, so there is that possible, the gun, dams are arriving on tax, I agree that such a disappointment at the dry, those you push disappointing, delicate, county, fair and eighteen hundreds people get off Neck Pope is The gentlemen. I wanted to talk to you for this episode because I wanted to get an outside its perspective and I have an american talking, so new hopes british. He worked at the British Ministry of Defence at the you if I disc, and so this is basically before the. U is even looking at Ufos NET Pope was exploring with our sightings in the UK on the government ok. So he was like a sort of a real life. Mulder. Essentially I wanted to talk to him in a shilling to get his take on what these new sightings means. So is per UFO an alien life, but he's not completely out there he's kind of measured. So this is MIKE Pope.
This was completely genuine. I think that's the thing that people have missed about this, a lot of times when we previously had Harrison videos even purporting to be official we have said well. Is it real or not, what's different about this but these videos have now been posted on the Department of Defense Website and press release. these have been sent out in public affairs. Spokespeople of the Pentagon have said. Yes, these are genuine videos, often taken from a fake in supporting and the phenomenon character I stand. Those videos remains unidentified and that's along the deity website so that no longer any debate about that the debate is about what we look here is our tat? Is it rocks China, or is it something else that's up for grabs? What is it up for grabs
this is the real deal. Official Navy footage. What made them You stand out and be so incredible that we're all talking about her. I know this three of those videos. Of course No people say a picture paints thousand words, but arguably It's the fact that, on two of those three videos there was sound tracks combined sound trunk was over enthusiastic top gun. Pilots to each other about this thing and these trying to impress easily so, ironically, yet the sound as Charles and maybe more than the vision, or certainly in tandem with the vision that brings together and also the But when you look at the testimony of some of these pilot Swan Ale speaking out, fill in some of the gaps, because because the videos only tell part of a story, those pilots,
talking about you when you the video its impressive, but when you were there as we work trying to chase these things trying to intercept them. It was beyond the smiles, I mean these things accelerated away so quickly it was almost. Can you physics, and only location. I think some, the pilot said almost anticipated. the location, but the pilots we're going to do next? suddenly almost magically appear there which again makes you wonder about that old author, see Frank quote where he said anything, patiently. Advanced technology is indistinguishable from matching my now. I'm scared them pretty intense right out of the gate, some encouraged that those guys were enthusiasts a stick that were seen it there were excited. They worry, wonder, retired urine terrified of the stuff, and that makes me believe in and humanism
but more yeah. It was a nice. I wish you luck. I got that would be layer had set off the whole chain of events. Why those my mind as well about that is the fact that these pilots, their highly trained at seeing things that they can't figure out you ve, Congress site demanding and now more information from the Pentagon. Monica listen to those pilot site doesn't make you think. Oh god the something there are you like who kids Other than definitely did make me think. Like oh wow, Goodwood item euros, you could give a fact that there is an alien, Your tenure, like ok, others only until I just heard that I was at a wine, and now I'm a seven y all before I didn't care, because I was like yeah, there's definitely life up for sure. The no question but they're not gonna, come mess with us. Who cares? The now seems like maybe they're Chinaman
contact whirl yonder by exploring and it's a form of time travel really because they would have just grown up reading about primitive civilization and they could observe one that would be really foggy, live near the primitive civilization that also harder. That's why such a trip when you think about Ilium life because we're top of the food chain. The second you think we might not be see the light, terrifying, a kind of fascinating kind of the equivalent of light wondering if God exists aliens God that kind of equivalent like something much bigger than us ray we're we're not the most important almost on a year. But the other thing: that's, why does illicit fear so often is We recognise a were no longer and control are our illusion of. Well there's somebody now smarter than us more tech than us, where the champs now complex area people, but look at what we have done for chimps. We ve put a lot of effort into conserving them and making sure there safe and getting rid of poaching like we really just dedicate ourselves to protecting them. I don't think they need to protect ass. Well,
it? Might they might go like you guys are bought a blog replanting? Maybe there lay their young hand here some time. This is unlimited energy and then a ball pen will see later fine we'll come back? There will be no you're, like that's possible, so I like that he started with what we agree upon. There is no debate now whether there is some unidentified thing in the sky. Bad is now conclusive in the sense which I He was then it becomes. Monica is an alien right or is is it you? Is it the CIA? Is it some skunk work program with the military and and by the way? Let's just talk about how weird it would be to be in the group of thirty classified people creating a
outta exactly annoying that your own government, like China, is Israel? Yes, what a bizarre? No! She also what scarier alien life or another nation, human labour about human genes, absolutely that's China, Russia, North Korea or us, that's scary. I agree especially cons bring. Some of these have been spotted around nuclear facilities. For that kind of thing, you know it is somewhat terrifying. Okay. Now I just want to hit with one potential explanation, so I don't argue that I don't know what it is and that's something clearly is identified bs, but say that, from their point of view, there was some kind of aberration in the air because of some sunflower, whatever it was right in, and I thought of a great analogy, you know you're, looking up the sky in you notice. You can see like a little translation warm in your eye, like an imperfection in your. I do know that feeling
It also gives me above loading across your I now you know what I'm saying yes and every time you try a better look at the IMF bomb You let him whose minds up in the left here. So I will try to look at it, but of course it forces the amoeba at like lightning speed to the left, and I can't see it so. The only way view the amoeba is to stare directly straight and just try to concentrate on the periphery of vision and not follow it. I'm doing right now, wait. I know you don't have any of you close your eyes. Can you not see little floaty, guys, your visions and me, I always see when I look up at the blue sky there's like little translucent Amigo there's imperfections in your land, but of course you can't save you and I could I never focus on them, because you have to move your able to do so in their own reference, so
Similarly, if it was something in the sky- and they said they chased it because actually changed their perspective of this phenomenon in a way that made it move lightning fast. So there's still other explanation. There and I mean I can't I want to drop the son you a little bit later, you're completely right and then there are, the bank is out there mic wasted. One of them he's an amazing conspiracy theory, the banker these actually the guy who created tourney, Hawks Proske Data, theories on the population, so he made millions and millions of dollars. Creating tony hawk is now retired he's a mega brain like amazing, mass brains, a programmer. He now spends his entire life just debunking on this website, minor back and he's gone. All these efforts, videos and basically deepened All of them with similar logic? There's a world where we, if we're watching the staff at looks like a crime,
after that is moving round and you'll always shut its clearly at crazy craft that we don't recognize. What make waste is pretty much put all this down to. Is the little camera mountain little gamble on these incredibly fast moving planes is constantly tracking and moving in rotating and pretty much all these objects that the end I a world is now freaking out about and that Congress is demanding reports on it simply either a balloon aura. Regular all plain, that's being picked up by these cameras that a shifting their focus and their magnification and that tracking constantly and all of it is basically at some up. Cole allusion, added yeah, changing them, theme in such a boring, Exe nation, something that literally sixty minutes dedicated and entire fifteen minutes to? We can spined away really easily what can be explained away. So much is the pilots reactions like their utterly convinced snack, as they would be used to that kind of.
Thing. I was just going to say that I did not find the actual footage to be all that inspiring are exciting, but I found very reactions and testimonials to beat them pretty inspiring because generally announcing this is the problem with alien obsession. From my point of view in the past it- always some sixty five year old couple on Harvey trip in New Mexico It's never a surgeon. I've watched testimonials of people. One of them is a bit like reactive, reputable. No, that's the problem like people who do not smart people seem there's no aliens and win alien abduction story. Setting coming out, though, always the most unreliable neuritis. You could possibly imagine very different to someone who is like a decorated air force, partly ass. Yes, so that some credibility, France, in saying that by these people and expert
on the way gimbals, where I can cameras work on their aircraft, sir, I have seen a lie: thou so something's friend, you're you're lying there might be something yeah. So you that's the big debate. What is an optical illusion, or is there something else out? They're gonna, only that you have regular Monica it's a black or by looks terrifying, but then also like it's you looking at infrared. So when you're watching it as a punter, you kind of think that's clearly an object's but you're also watching like a reverse image that sand infrared. So it looks like an object when it's just like I'm getting some heat. Yes, yes, I want to speak to us. Might Baker whose Ex CIA he's pretty hard knows on this as well, but this is his take on the tectonic video, which is one of the more compelling ones. What's the tiktok, the ticket video looks like attack of the scene or yes outset why? I bet you're doing about Tik, Tok tech them or no note ticked. You took too,
looks like a little tectonic, so one of the really convincing videos. So this is Ex CIA he's been in the field he's been counter terrorism. He knows the stuff. This is his take on him to me, there was a couple of things. It stood out, one there's no outside for a pilot, I'm back and go in and say why does zero you about that a career enhancing move. So you have to be fairly convinced before you go in and make that effort, the other stood out was just the amount of footage, the movement of this thing, the experience again of the individuals who saw it and the fact that get out and eighty release the footage eventually admitted to it and set out we gotta unidentified aerial phenomena. We still know what it is now people will say, and I get this all time is well look where you used to work right needs to look at. This the ice like this is exactly what you gonna say
What you out here to say these things so that your plant, this idea people's minds, will maybe they did so when you look at What framers I will command of rivers and do I think that that Chinese were out there testing a new vehicle. I don't think so. I really don't think so, and I think also, if that were the case, the U S one of the things it doesn't do, particularly well as keep secrets over a period of time, particularly over the past. Decades right, everybody opens area, so I have, I believe that something like that would be kept secret. So what is I mean. Does it mean that I lean towards? This is something other worldly now human I dont know. and if I don't know, I'm not gonna dismissive and from a national security active to say yeah. Every time we ve got an unidentified aerial phenomena over one of our military bases arranges or whatever it may be nuclear facility. We damn well, do what we can to figure it out
MIKE someone who he's pretty level headed by his whole perspective is light years. If we don't know for sure that we better try and look into this whole thing, I'm super supportive of investigating is much as humanly possible, I'm just really hesitant to jumping to the conclusion. You're right aliens- and God is a very similar debate. You I can't prove to you, there's not a god, but you our leaping do a pretty humongous conclusion I don't either was no all that well and you may be right. I just don't know how one gets confident was seen that black orb to say: oh, that's it or that's China, or that's us we're so far from we want to see is stating for more. If you dare we,
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Unlike the dinosaurs, unlike the dinosaurs, where we have actual bones, that's the thing I like what you were saying: why would they put their careers at risk? If Baden feel Super confidante, then it was something now. I totally believe those airforce guys saw that that they believe that there is no question yet I dont think they're lying. I don't think, there's any conspiracy of fun, but am you're right. The odds of some alien, shrapnel landing on planet earth and landing convened. Lena government agencies domain. If you just want to look at surface area of our country and look at what percentage of its occupied by a military base. Ninety nine percent cheaper it's, not gonna land in government hands, it's gonna land with some turkey, who's gonna call the news and it's over, like they can't put that Genie back in the bottle. Now absolutely not things like Roswell, where originally run thought it was.
a balloon, but that didn't quite at up. That was a craft that was at the time it classified tells us Her eyes were Roswell hours. We had set of craft that ranch a found in thirty miles out of Roswell, and this is in nineteen, forty, seven, so the military came along, they picked it up and it was just like a lot. debate that rolled out about that for a very long time, the The balloon was an excuse given by the United States government at the time, but it didn't quite stack up because the thing didn't look like away the balloon, but what they found out and ninety four, the military published a report on the incident would shed more light rather than being a simple way, the balloon, the crushed a craft actually included in vat since a system as part of the ten classified project mogul. So basically the reason Roswell that sort of control is it there was this classified thing that the government couldn't talk about at the time
and so everything being just role, that a control when we all thought it was an actual alien and they benefit from that of their trying to keep something secret. There can be anything better than us all explained it as being a lion was perfect because we're not think we're, not looking about some new american technology that we're not meet to know about, and that's a difficult thing why, even with these recent sightings, if there is an explanation for chances- we're, not gonna. Now it is, the United States is trying to protect what they do, not even if its explaining it away, yeah so yellow get into the motives, I think of nation states to keep it secret. Why? What my government tell us what would be ran EK for one grubs periodic also they might be trying to understand the technology they found in harness. to give them an advantage over other nation states. That would probably a motivation I mean that's often been an excuse used of why the government does not want to talk about but there's aliens are not because they slowly trying to get us
used to the idea before they actually spring it on us. The other thing that neck hoped about why aliens are such an important thing on our minds. I hate it question of whether or not we alone in the universe and whether we being visited Those are some of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask, and also not saying pandemic hasn't had an effect on old, less as well have been locked down. Perhaps they are looking up and I think that something to that- I don't know I sometimes speculate that out there. There might be a sort of in four PDA Galactica and if we could access that Encyclopedia Galactica. What might we learn? the universe, nearly fourteen billion years old, its parts conceive that might be civilizations out there with a billion years head start on arms. What my they,
find what might they to teach us, but there down side to it as well, and if people say well. Could any of this be hostile the answers? I suppose so yes, it's their only three options either friendly hostile or ambivalent and we gotta one in three chance? being hostile. And it might be a billion years ahead of us in terms of technological advance. We are in trouble I rule out ambivalent. You should not now not an option like if we plan to track to the Gambie forests to observe chimpanzees, there's no way. We would start that voyage going like a way to get there and find out whether we want to kill him or like him yeah. No one would would endeavour and adventure with zero thought of how they are going to interact Europe. Also, thinking of that, though, with your very human brain, as well. You know what you're safe and too little alien brain the spread of this amazing craft, maybe ambivalent c, is like a big thing for them.
But again ambivalence IE isn't a motive now to go in well yeah Vienna almost Anti autumn motive. I was ambivalent towards Plans map until today, unlike the bacon, exists, and that does it mean if we got technology to go Roma round. We wouldn't we could still do that and be like Oh that's happening up there, hours. Rover doesn't have gatling guns on it, not think of us taking a trip to another planet. We would not be going there to murder everything on the planet, so your mother in friendly is more about you. I think friendly is most likely. Evil is like If they know we have something and they figured out, we won't give it up and they're going to have to kill us. That's an option thought you were getting this spaceship top by. That see if we want to do something, but maybe not see. If I want to do something, but just like take a trip
just a vague like just you know, I don't know. I guess that everything that we do, that is ambivalent. We just go about and what is an inbuilt I've had away do like Monica sickly just admitted she's ambivalent, about this topic, but her job broader here so she does accident. We sat down on various occasions hopping about whether this like I'm, I wasn't scared or excited about the idea of alien. Some does again. They probably exist, and that's fine with me that doesn't excite me or scare me, so I'm totally lay neutral on them. Now, I'm a little more scared, the scene their seeming a little by little scary, but I also think they could just be exploring the never say of that ability, and so that's what they're doing, but they have no intention of making contact or anything to us or even being friendly, just like oh, like just taking trip. around build their crash, but I would violate under the observational motivation which
it's still would rule out exterminating us. We have come to see how it looks here. Why would you exterminators you ve come to view as do our thing, but maybe like a picnic yourself on an airplane flight to Are you or something up, you're gonna pass stop on their way in your not like yeah and some mountains and stuff you're. Not going on that trip in order to observe it. You're just like on that right to get to your destination zoo in your version, thereby helping like this was an investigation they're, just bar exaggerated one, ok they're, just like on the way to the next plays a universe having billions of stars and planets in it probably chances. Are we to stop along the way completely boring. There might even be light noticing. The way here say exactly hoping for some like a little poll Wasn't that little review or something you over there, care that we here? Do you think they have
but over New York City and everyone fell asleep like was so boring. Scottie. Here, let's go to another planet. I do wonder if aliens did appear because I've been through so much as a people, whether we would care that much I feel like somebody would just at a roll their eyes and, being my butt, weird dependent area back on Instagram Euro demeans what they look like, oh my eye how they were there. We would issue them an insurrection account in that way. We can watch with their life's, like we would one thing might make it a touch on. Could we talked a lot about what He thought these videos were and about alien life in general and yeah. He's Ex CIA psychotic came to light, listen to him, but he's raised again. The point that the main thing we probably should be scared of is humans. Yeah, probably as far as based goes, and so he told him all about why aliens, probably we should be worried about, is already happening right spaces already militarized
a nation with resources and again which argument a limited number of nations here, they're busy trying to remove in the use of space, and so whether that means the ability to take out satellites to knock out GPS, which is going to be one of the first steps in any next global conflict, whether it means your ability to tap into satellite centre orbiting by another nation to gather data whatever it may be, space is already being weapon eyes. Does this romanticized period, where we we thought that that would be the case, that it would be a community of nations using it for research and development, while the fact that that never happens planet earth ideas how we all, your hold hands and unicorns gonna fly out of our asses up space didn't make any sense, so I think the hypersonic technology a lot of research, the? U S and China and Russia in particular- are investing it and you know whether it's a hypersonic on man aircraft or why?
day and is a long way down. The road is hypersonic man, their grasp. That is a really interesting development and theirs and say it's a race, but essentially it is between us and China in particular to develop that capability, because it is fairly astounding their potential, but the problem is the potential is basically in a military applications of man. The ability to defeat any eggs. listing in early warning system that we may have that exists out there and military desire or the desire to get to the top of the food. He tends to drive a life of research and development, but certain is that unmanned hypersonic craft? Would? be moving at speeds. An end patterns would have validated of feed any technology. We for early warning systems will completely change the game, and so that's worrisome
what about this? When I was out, I drive about three hours way to get a friend's Pham. Last weekend, the night sky about one in the morning and the were literally five satellites in a row, just tracking each other across the sky, and it was terrifying traffic jam. It was like a traffic jam up in the sky and I think that probably the stuff. We should be more worried about our own manmade occupation of space and what we're doing balance yeah gives pretty scary up there. What if the aliens came down and May said. Look we have this technology, that's gonna carrier, global warming issue we'd, like every nation state, to present their proposal of why they should be trusted and they'll be. Basically, the aliens would vote on Hutu, most trustworthy She was I'm guessing its can be like Sweden or something made no new, maybe New Zealand by a sad and biased
a better? There were not a player. I didn't say I bear the same as in knows we always wins with slavery. Live no link happiest place, not best play not display. Bavaria deleterious high on the agenda Darien scale that what would What would it take to convince you that there was only a life in the universe by what would you need to see? What would you need to be abducted? like a bit of alien ship, a body to borrow from your previous guess analogy. A unicorn would have to fly out of my and then give the lie man. Now I went to see what my I have to see it. I wouldn't have to see it but open novel trusted. People would have to see that but friends or allow Obama yeah. Yeah Obama would take his word yeah yeah. I sought fair for me to say I won't believe it unless I see it because, like let's talk about cove it I'm taking peoples,
word for it that that's real in that exist, so that people do not wrong people, young people. I trust I think I would apply that to anything that I am happy to give it up to people who know more than me on a topic. I don't like they're all concerned by requiring till to lie circus. When this report is given to Congress by the Pentagon, they say. Yeah aliens are real aid, gonna believe the american government. If they tell you that or would you still need to cite something itself, I believe it I think I believe, all of you I got shot. But I think I would. I would just look into motives all the time like but I believe something or not is really based on what motive that source has. I cannot understand the nefarious motive of our governments. Ouch that aliens and then they went wrong. How would benefit them? anyway whatsoever. It would literally only be if they were able to their technology and data.
Us to know that they are doing that. So now they blame it on the alien good point that seems crazy, you're like to grow yeah yeah, I'm gonna go really good job. That would be a really compelling motive because they have something that can fly faster than any detection. Here anguish, all of America's enemies, yeah not gonna wanna. They don't want to disclose that obviously Bela as alien we're on orders. I guess they could Again, we don't know is a thing. I'm still hung up on this technology. They're gonna give us an who they're going to trust to administer it, because I think throughout my modern civilization. We have used the stick em out the care, like we basically say to Russia your human rights bar a little bit organ put sanctions on you, we're gonna, punish you everything's punishment. It be really interesting. If, if we the? U S, had this too now do that was free, unlimited energy and I had to do to get it. We give a t, decided a really good human rights record. You know you
they have a democracy. I wonder how quickly that would change countries as opposed to the we're gonna blast you, oh my god, I mean I would welcome that. Nothing of the kind of amazing I think right now there are so many issues that are coming up, that our global issues, climate change- is an economic change, Co Vade aliens. Perhaps I feel like whatever forces out there are trying to bring us together as a giant unit and we little human brains. I can't do it and capable of it, which is so sad. add and I hate to be a pessimist, but I dont think we will do it. I think there will be a winner. Then I think the winner will set. The winner is gonna me why we made up, yet the winner Bobby out. Perhaps you either
look like progress that was made on new killer de proliferation. It'll, give work to an extent bingo like let's go from six hundred thousand warheads down to like thirty thousand, but it's not gonna go below that. We dont trust each other. There's no trust they whatsoever, now that's the thing I don't trust Russia, every fucking, podcast listen do now is what some have You ve done something else and are all based in Russia. I dont trust their place for Irish and listeners, either all jobs, but I do not not haven't, got a great track record of being the trust of all. No, I think the other thing when I think about islands. I think as an extraterrestrials, I do think back to beg for episode and that does a lot of parallels where, despite our camera, techno you getting better all the time. This is still the boundaries of near the furnace. I've never gotten any better nothing's greater robot cameras everywhere. There's more people like see things all those stories you heard unlike alien shows from the ease. Those would now be found them iphones
at the same time. Reason there not now, then right! That's the for every single person holding recording device in the accounts have gone down if they truly are billion years ahead of us. They know how to not get invisibility cloak. You may learn your. Why were they showing themselves in the first place that's. Why we thing over there so the whole hustled cheeky one is also. The hoax factor is well light with big foot, so many hoaxes the same thing with aliens in that light, the muddy the waters as well that you remember that alien autopsy video that was meant to be the alien from Roswell Jonathan francs, I think presented it he's a guy from STAR Trek he presented the autopsy videos, unlike anywhere other than they were to be, and we also that Israel at the time. I was I didn't know your own, I'm gonna brag. I just like no way not a chance. Here's what I feel really certain of
Is that when the aliens present themselves, they are not gonna. Look like our fifty cipher drawings of them in the alien and the autopsy looked exactly like a Martian, ok. So what for do you think an alien will take like what are you. I beg bag, beg, blob, sort of a human thing. Suddenly we can't even conceptualize. How can we get sexual? because we don't know anything about the environment they ve grown up and also the fact that there is many tens of thousands of species on this planet. And there is only one by Peter one other like bird there's, a few birds, the faggot, whereby people is very bizarre. in its? It was a very specific occurrence in Africa where we originated from that caused it? So you should prompt We assume they be on four legs, not by people very weird turn of events that we ended up by people and we
What humans always do it just like putting alone characteristics onto everything else as well and assuming ass I'll, probably be two legs are probably have ahead of arms you're doing that thing again: yeah yeah, but that's gonna, be an interesting month. I think like if this report comes out this month, though probably next month, there's gonna be like a lot of talk around us is out. There is where it is exciting. It is. The other thing is like I dont have a ton of faith in the experts the space so like what? What committee of Pentagon people the same thing. I saw an absent, now they have more inclusion in the whole. Yes, things like calling for the illusion. That is the worry that, like oh, you know, the pilots have been interviewed and other experts around this. Do you think the something there you ve got that cyber than you do but the bank alight MC waste too so smart and is replicated all those videos and how they look using his own equipment needed the guy and he's dead banking. So like can, we really trust, what's being said, I'd believe a government debunking of it
like a bigger, or we looked at these solar flare pattern from the national meteorological thing, and it was this, but twelve dude looked at the same black, mere that was moving like ok, we ve got it that I dont by the Nazis. Do that's so then I must say that so that arrogant naming you know as much as the people who do this. Their experts. now. When we all know this is exactly what religious scholars said about the Bible. They understand the Bible better than the parishioners. Why it's a fucking taxed, there's nothing to interpret the letters are right. There read it elevating these people's opinions, I think, is a very human thing to do, because we crave alcinous in status, but in image Monica if all anyone has access to is the image they showed and sixty minutes you can't be
bird in figuring. I do not think that's all they have. They have more information than us slipped. To think that we, the general population, has the same. have info as them is so silly. The little words everything from this report that we are expecting more yeah. I we do get Elles things than probably we can't go very far from it, but I bet there's more what I like about all this- and I didn't notice before I started thinking about this topic about More- is that in fourteen forty BC very long time ago there was a Pharaoh who described fiery desks in the sky might write the stout found. This stuff, sorry, you look at that anything I'll have always seen these unidentified flying objects. We I'm it was found out later. There is probably right fabricated,
Many many many decades and say I like to wait a few like every time you get a little bit of evidence or a good, citing, I feel is always gonna be my belief is always gonna be fabricated or it's gonna be something that is not only in life. I think has been I mean for like thousands and thousands of years now and it's not gonna stop yeah. This was my size idea. Maybe already exist will see. I think it is possible that we are the aliens. Ok, that's don't originate from this planet that we came here to hunt a thousand years ago and some ships, and because we are destroyed our plan, and when we arrived, the pact was we're getting rid of tat, I'll see what we know about us ass, a species we can't handle it so we're going back to the system. We knew worked, hunting and gathering we're gonna self destruct these ships we arrived in.
starting all over on this clean slate going into a righteous time, and we got herself in the exact ethical. I really like that meeting. I realise that it is suitably. I guess it's like. I think it's like an alien architects during that one. There have been seated somewhere and that here we are as well as that of a similar thought. The here is mighty of removing is that at the beginning, We find an alien aircraft. Never one so excited that we found, but we discover through, like carbon dating, is first we discover all my God, this thing's three hundred thousand years old and then some anthropologist like wow. That's weird, that's exactly when humans arrived the species in the archaeological record. I love this or we come to the end to find out. It was our own spaceship Are you sure that away cut it out? They don't be writer. I don't think they make I'm using your yessir. I like well that a war, the brothers Sony, Netflix Hulu. I pitched it
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That's so none of these conspiracy theories thus far have, I believed in you dissimulation, unlike twelve percent This is the only conspiracy like less for this way. It's like, I said, no, there's big foots a hundred percent. There's ass watch. I know it. You know it they're, just not yet you're, so we're in a very weird domain, where I do believe their airlines and TAT was in Brazil, and they don't believe they ve been here. Are you making that really clear distinction, which is weird? It's I probably be more in on it, then I am for some reason a lot. people that our role in that decent living visited, a kind of unhinged Lang. It's not a very safe space of research, even talking to a cynic. Pope he's often like writing essays for alien books, and I got one of his books recently in his chapters like quite logically storing by its time administered fancies talking about his job in the EU without disk, then it
chapter as a guide, the written about light being abducted and probed united. So it's like he's up against those people like us, are really weird space to work and we are not surrounded by super logical people over time. Also to my knowledge, There is no university that has a UFO department or an aliens department like macadamia, is not discerning anything of interest that can be studied. They will highlight there
any you if I grew is always there like a membership, only thing that I belong to him. You found the mutual your phone network when I was a teenager as well, and that was that you pay a little light. You seem a little chicken and you saw you get like a news later in the mail about like the latest alien stuff. So as all the others, no universal rights, as all like fan, grew elegant. Little that I was David every after I was on the verge of saying I wouldn't have any amount of money to see a document about your childhood, where we believe what is your view like trotting the mailbox? Hopefully little check you. Should they allow what those airlines that their logo, with so called that turned up ahead like a little like swoosh on at what she was like that while the other the you, if I knew fun like what I call mutual you, if only call organization, usually slowly learned about you, there's on these really random facts, I'm trying to weave them together and right, but the fact that you came to America for the first time, because you are part of a gothic message- form the forum.
Oh me, out of what a two bit in isolation and now an early member of this, your foul thing man, when you are New Zealand, though, like you are you're so far away. Let you looked her. You look to other things to find out about the world you nice. I turned to Goths and ufos. Getting feeling was. The sense when you were there like, there's got to be more which everyone feels, but you had a little bit of data in your back pocket, which was there's gotta be or I live in a country with a million and have people and then there's five billion people in the world like I've literally dont have any idea what most people are like a hundred percent you reach out to find them if you're from here and you go to any of the major cities, you're gonna see virtually every type of person that exist on the planet, my case and bitter him torrent. musicians stuck in a very limited area, limited type of person there yet so you let me point to stand or deviation away from just Isaac way. There's I'm glad I'm actually curious. I think row curious
people, I think the whole come from that were grown up in different places. Birthing rope, infinitely curious about things but I do want to charge it. I wish someone would do a study where they they charted and see. If there's correlation like a people from Toronto, had no desire to go anywhere cuz literally, they have it all in Toronto, I gotta Cambodia go down the block to Cambodia town. They had every single little says. Oh here, yeah. Ok, well. Another is not very helpful. I've got a new political the worm and I'm gonna Carla. All this together, almost alien information when worm is fantastic. The every Besides, I put up a little newsletter that places sums everything out with link seeing running idea, because I saw him over your interview. These experts and the almost sometimes wanna bring that too much to the shown us almost overlapping, but in the new service, at a break it all down seeking, go deeper. Nice web, Lamb, Weber, Miss fantastic. I read it
I tell you, I read it and then I think you think I don't, but then I hate you with all away, and I know the ices that thing wheel at friends of watch your thing armed on this thing. They discover haven't right rather worse, you're, actually reading it yeah, like I'm memorizing quotes- and here I am only heritage seeming, interesting and smart on. Anyone could make that choice. Reading worm, appear to be interesting and smart at a dinner party, but I think makes episode we might look well. Thus, culture will probably maybe an angry few people. May not. I dunno wellness. It's up. It's I'm excited I'd argued that that will be the most polarized corals because he is, I don't think, there's conspiracy in it no and were all, unlike other conspiracy, There is where you might not be involved at all everyone's involved in a wellness conspiracy, everyone one level we swear by yet we have a,
methodology that were using it, might not be the one we want to use em. So then, even in that case like we think we know, we should be doing. Yeah come on The same tasty really holidays, I have any of you seen an alien aircraft or anything unexplained any life, because I think this gives us perspective. I never have so that's why I'm skeptical. Have you seen anything? I have what, if he's just quickly in luck Lee I sought with two other friends occasion crazy. So there was a thing called Camp Dearborn that the neighbourhood- I grew up in bordered in it. What it was was his pocket of like nature that the city of Dearborn, which is next to Detroit had bought at some point in the citizens of Dearborn in the summer were encouraged to come out and enjoy nature, so they had like toboggan hills for the winter. The few different lakes and you could do camping data little canteen at night, Therefore, like teens would dance at so there was a whole. And soon me into of my friends we'd sneak into camp you're born we go to the canteen and see if there is any girls, dancing,
whatever it was a pretty long walk from my house to the cantina you're, going through all these fields and over little hills. Three of us are walking back to the houses at night, and my friend goes is that a dude on a reflective by sea, and we all look out in like across cross the field. Probably your mile away eighth of a mile away to put it in, three hundred meters thing Again- three hundred metres away- it first look like a guy in a fully reflective outfit wearing writing a fully reflective climate, but it was all red right. Well, what the hell is that someone's gotta in as we're watching it it just fucking blasted across the field, like covered a mile and then stopped, and at this point all three of us agreed it staring at us and now it had morphed into just a red or by, and it was devil staring at us, and now we got a little scared like we were observing
and then we all felt distinctly like it was observing arson and we just sat there and then zipped across the field again to the middle, and then it zipped off the hook. They probably was hot fifteen twenty seconds and we all were like this- I saw that right- miss you saw that any US in it when over there. Ok you're, nothing left ass right, yet nothing would have asked and we henceforth called it the red man. We called it the siting of the red man, red men. and now. Here's where I think I differ from some people. This is completely, I could call the cuz. I could call the two people who witnessed it with me to they would independently tell you. This is right back since I didn't have any urge to conclude what it was. I'm just like that was insane. It's also in saying we also the exact same thing the dominant driver invest knows hundreds we're like varied Manuel years old thirteen years old. It travelled in change, shape in ways that physics won't explain, but I just would like both.
Who knows what the hell that was. I had only now, I'm not even leaping to feminism. That's incredible has changed the way you perceive light reality like a much more open minded or you just like this. All of life and red men well end I'm fine with that. You gotTa Matt, you gotta, remembers very early into my life, so yeah, I'm at twelve years old and I already see something I've never learned about her. Anyone talked about so yeah guess. In that way I thought the world per potentially out and see more read me unexplainable things in my life, but that's been it. That's one thing yeah. What do you think of that Monica you looked over unimpressed, I've heard it yeah yeah, I heard of our red men. I've heard this story, but I mean I think it's crazy, and I mean what I say I do, especially because there were other people there that validates the experience. I think we could be an alien or anything.
proud of their pet myself on the back? I'm proud of myself in the sense that I didn't jump to all this is an alien, because I'm ITALY was like why the fuck, when an alien calmly Camp Dearborn on a Friday, like I millau unimportant. We wanted to see the teens. Yeah, we're not important enough to show us an camp. Dear ones are important enough delay and that it can be the important is. Why would at some important of chosen this field that were won't? They Lou YE had perspective on things I feel like it it, whereas I feel like some other people like Europe. Of course it's in New Mexico in the middle of nowhere again, why did they fly across the entire galaxy to serve a desert with nothing in it? It's always a desert. Yet always it is always not unaware. I observe well, maybe on there in their land, there's desert our ordinary novel yeah? That's all Serbia rings lush yesterday, they're interested in seeing it as,
The one thing they need for their technology is Sidewinder, rattlesnake, poison and bacon. Have that the American had other routing, they can't replicate moat while final question- and we talked about the simulation a little bit, but if we're in a simulation does matter, if there are aliens hence our their definitively more advanced beings out in the universe. We know this for a fact: does it changed the way you're gonna live your life from here on in what is life go along an egg? completely normal way that it did before. I don't think it changes might data day, but I have two things that would change. One is I'll be like Monica. We have to explain to the alien that we would the best podcast to explain what they're all about where the state as guests were. The safest place is the least judgment all can wear the same space for them to announce their intentions, so I'd want to book them.
I, like your history, to be very busy Jana book, accidental episode. Secondly, I would probably be excited to like you styrofoam because everything, oh they're, gonna, have all the solutions to our environmental crises like I can drive my car and that care, and I, like I, worried about how we don't know that burden being lifted of my social responsibility can think. I'm a change I be like more hamburgers in peel out more because they are going to fix this for a second, I have a vacuum that sucks up all the carbon. I don't mean to keep always taking things things back to my but does not bring by feel that that's what like a lot of really conservative Christians have is like. We do not care about the realm of what we're gonna do, because we got him, fine and God will ultimately protect us airway completely. So you that's. Why you're thing you with lay room into the earth yet they're going to Isabel, save us yeah, don't condoms anymore: they certainly have a cure for aids and every std. What else
Oh no, I have to have a drug that has no doubt side effects Xenon Z, man, speed. I want! I want it Yes, your life is gonna, get very little more and more and more another area, there's gotta be a re. I also want to have sex with one of the aliens I don't do without making one on land area and the money that will be the like most intimate way to connect with this. How do you know you are attracted to that? I won't be I'm sure, those crazy, but I want them to put the norm personalities all day of the best personality because they figured out how to travel all the way here. They're really smart present me in the end the good personality- oh my god, what if they are brilliant but had terrible personal tragedy,
That's very worrying this issue lines up into, like I'm pessimists, about some things: optimism on something you're, optimistic loathsome things a pessimist: that's it you're pessimistic about these creatures. I embittering, like viewed from habit to some beautiful executive, worried one who's gonna connect. Your tail was probably my saying: ass. Our whole childhood through my bean meal experienced the whole beauty of her life while we're copulating like did that. Doesn't it You know I'm fine with me as long as you don't aid alone. You wanna have in our view, and I really would then I wouldn't have six of them one. I had one. I have a chat The Brenner they ve got elegant shines through their sexual made means how the day was going heavens. What I had on I gave you wanna feels ass erosion. Earlier on those things of major you'll die you right in the year worried
how they look think I'll fucking ugly you'll want to buy a year as already gaming. Now have sex with you, this big to buy for living longer, we all gone through, which makes no sense of history, down, fall over easy we're the only animal it hits or hadn't fucking at eyes goes where so the angle we design W, I will be a period that you're you're an alien brood love. You guys, aliens.
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