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Ashton Kutcher (The Ranch, That 70's Show) is an actor, investor and the prime person Dax credits for his break into Hollywood. In this episode of Armchair Expert, Ashton and Dax discuss their time on Punk'd together, feeling stuck in the cultural zeitgeist as one particular role and the sisyphean climb to satisfaction. Ashton discusses commerce, art, and the importance of social influence in entertainment. They, also, talk about what it's like to be married to powerhouse ladies, the difference between pity and compassion and they delve deep into their mutual struggle against balding.

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Hello and welcome to the armchair expert I'm Dac shepherd. Today I get a chance to thank the person who started my career Ashton, culture We ve known each other for about fifteen years now, and I can say he has been endlessly generous me over that time. And it was really really nice to thank him face to face, but in Russia spect, if I'm being that honest after he left it occurred to me, I stopped short of what I should have Please said, as you will hear shortly, punked was the biggest break of my professional life and I've never been so excited to get a job. It was very successful and I should have felt nothing but gratitude for that experience. But, as happens with me, my ego complicated and Did that experience almost immediately and I was able to admit that to him during the coming station, but I realized, after he left that I really owed him an apology for that. I cannot
We assume that, as I was trying to distance myself from the show it must have felt like. I was also trying to distance myself from him, which is terrible because he could not have possibly been more supportive or quicker to share credit with me. He was a mentor in an ally, and I deeply regret if it ever felt like I was trying to distance myself from him. I should have said that to him, maybe I still will, but at any rate I really enjoyed coming through our shared history together, and I applaud his king.
And humility? Please enjoy my old friend star the ranch on Netflix ashen picture, he's thinking so much for my father's house for having, but but but one of many generous things you ve done for me. We actually feel like it's completely the other way. Oh, you do yeah. Oh great. I can't wait to hear because I got excited to publicly thank you because I dont now that you recognise just how Fucking long, I had been auditioning for tampon commercials, and this in that when I got punked Minos Almost ten years and allay trying to make a paycheck acting, it just wasn't happening, and then I got Pont and
I've worked mostly ever since, and I think early, I was getting close to the end. I put a lot of casting people that didn't work, recognising because if I say was fairly obvious me from like from from moment one and- and I also think that, like I think the fact that point was pure improv- her, I think like played into every one of your sort of Its skill sets from from the gap will honour, resent I remember, driving the audition in Santa Monica and I'm a very close in a rumour driving their thinking. Ok, you ve audition for a lot of things. Now we're last nine years you ve not gotten any of em. If you can't get this show where really the prerequisites its skill set. As a? U can improv be you are not afraid of ship goes sideways like if someone you you're open to that, and I thought if I can't get a job at that's the two score.
Besides. I really I gotta give up, because that is. That was the the recipe I had going at that moment in life ass well, ass, you had all of your growling straining relative to improve, and that was clear from like Deco one and two you had there there s. Nobody was as fearless as you on that show, and you know from I think, every single season, the recast after we Europe. Basically brought from being able to do more, not because when you showed up people thought it was going down and even in real life, but I think for every single season we had from that point on we're like we have to find our tax with one Dax Missouri everything all casting session that we did, because that fearlessness, let you got like drove all the gold end and the fact that, like as it was really for some, I was u dont somewhat directly. I was kind of
the direction it, but I knew as long as you were on the floor, that we could recover anything that might sideways and that we could push it further than we push it with other people because of a of your Philip feudal fearlessness, but also because, if you had the ability to Caen you need to escalate, but then diffuse and then escalate again and then diffuse yeah in a way that few people after you or before you one other thing chap just childhood training, bein a middle child. I grew up with my brother, a visitor nature and he was insane and then I am, my sister was a baby and she was cuckoo so there I think, like there was the perfect thing for me to land in, but I dont know that you'll ever really understand. I experience of going in there auditioning meeting you going to do the pilot again now, years of crime, nothing and then we finish, shooting the pilot LAS Vegas. You you take me to endeavour at that time
if you remember this, but my agent was so low and that she went on a business while we were shooting the pilots the check when it got sent a get sent to it. Boarded up building in Venice, and I never even got paid because my age had gone out of business, but use. We do endeavoured in you basically told Gregg Seal. Who was our agent for years. You a sign this guy right now and then you took me to a Lakers game. And you introduce me to car, see Marcy cars. He was at the Lakers, like I remember all this stuff so vividly before. As I was, having a one, better apartment, Santa Monica and Allison is that the Lakers game with you and it was terribly exciting. Tell you I was very very it was a very romantic. I remember I was star straw. I remember A and c p I remember going and aids in an and being quite certain that that you had
Let me just beyond the team know that, but also that the EU had a lot of upward potential and that, with the representation get that and I dont remember the liquors game again. Why would I'm sure you and all the time, I'm sure it was really form that was my will they have those ain't ailing refers to. What did we sit in the court's I'd endeavour? We didn't die. Those are incredible yet I have sat at those. Are those powers are they had told you? Maybe the highlight of my life was. I was sitting we're sitting there and then, and then the agent who took me, let me actually sick, as these seats ass, star right where the Lakers bench and you can actually refers- thought them your off. There was a moment were I felt like I am on this team. They may tell me to get in there and play yes. Then there is that the moment I just can't believe happened was Cobby head like he called a time out, and then he came back to the benches Gilman guys, don't dirge you're gonna do
You have other and that in any just looks at me- and he goes oh damn you a funny motherfucker and then gave me one and lifted his hat in hand. Hogs yeah like he then went back to yelling at everyone I who had Siegel and only I can lay the laws in those lawyers ledge. There was an I got out. I got in a fight with Gary Peyton in the middle of a game once really when he was playing for the Seattle Supersonic and they were playing, and I was packing him so hard from those see the glove and he turned, and he just looks it means just like your fuckin hot dog Riah. He got in his head and a gown was paid in. It was Peyton. Sean camp was his right hand, man right, and I think it was post camp I guess I wouldn't want camp. I lay out of the Gomes, no the glove I be like. Alright, I'm not going to die in this fight and I'm going to win, but I might I'm not going to die, but but camp I'd, be nervous. I go down. There were some good seats yet, but you took me to the game
and I think it's also relevant to say that at that time, in my life I had this weird version of surprise. Do you remember where I didn't drink? As I had recognized, I had a drinking problem, but I still the drugs Yemen I dont think I remember you and I was like anyone line taking some of like it in cherisher of burnt restoration. No, I don't I, So I was so your weirdly naive about drugs, which is probably why you're still here, I'm super naive about. When I got to LOS Angeles I was so when I was in high school and college. I smoked we'd some and is mushrooms and tried. Acid did some various things they were. You know expansive for me at the time but wait when I got the originally like put in jail when I was eighteen and then I was on probation and you broke in your high school broken. My
the schooner third degree burglary charges that I got defer judgment on and then got them dropped right. Oh you did yes, I know by firearms and vote, which was nice of Enron for all. If you have an answer, if I ever did, someone would bring that up. Sarah was not well that's why you're gettin out ahead of it right now. That's right laid out ere, I was a column. Feral was the master of that, like other people, be getting busted in the trades cause like they got caught. With we'd or whatever, and I remember reading Playboy interview with him in the east. They said you do drugs, innings, oh yeah this week and I did ecstasy and cocaine like oh, my god. That's what you do you just say is: everything is imminent, knows doors, so I did a ton of that fund self. When I was young and then when I when I went to when I was on probation, which causes like I'm done, like I'm done don't on, and I think like I smoke, we one time I was in college whenever I dropped out a move to LOS Angeles, Danny Mass, then, on my show, waiter anti drugs various hydro. Yet
all Scientologists that I know earlier super super anti drug and Oh prose cigarettes and booze, but Anti yes, yes, and so he's big he's big thing to the whole cast on seven issues. That kind of my mentor, I might be We are here because he is a ton of stuff right. You been working since you really care radio and he was like Nobody on this site is doing drugs that right at, like anything, for at a party, and some was there did they kick them out. I hardly ever see was that vigilant about yes and I was like because I believe too, is is the theory behind. As I understand it, is from Scientology perspective. Is people on drugs make or environment. Dangerous right, yes, so again. I can understand the logic in their certain drugs that are stored in your fat cells, which then riots minute long term. Have you know the acts of it? I don't know,
care at yeah. I don't know if it's or not here to say whether that's true right, there's some bending of ESA vices say your mentor. Was it took a hard line on drug at so I didn't do dropped drank like a fish. I say really one funny thing, because during the whole period, where you're taking me under wing and in introducing me, dear friends, a ship circle, I ain't, been a car one night with Danny and we were driving and he goes you don't drink. Can I go now? I don't I don't drink, but I do I do drugs in case he gave quite a long, winded lecture about it? but he was also driving the car hammer. I think the statute. That's not a motorcycle. Having I can say this now he was hammer driving the current. I thought little ironic was but says yes,
anyway, the way so I'd I'd entered into a pretty long run of sobriety from drugs, and I didn't really drink that much like we went out on the weekends or something I would you like a drink it like. I was gonna head like a school night rule like I had worked the next. There wasn't really did an end. I bent it a couple times here and there, but for the most part I really had like a relatively so moving on and so therefore I was kind of blot like I would like somebody could be. You know on below like a front, I wouldn't know yeah, you don't know the signs to look right. I wouldn't know a drug addict you did to me. You're you're, you and my friend. They talk are the most frustrating type of drinker because I'm not actually jealous of the guy who drinks one drink, I'm gonna be there who gives a fuck about having one drink, but not yet, let's one drink doing away. Why even do it? Why even do it now? It does make me agitated and needs the same way,
you have this? This relationship with booze, where you can get fucked up, you'll go for it and then it is not a problem. So great, like certainly partied yet, but you could do it off, and then you wouldn't do it for five days. Name! Think about it and I have for my purse, but I also have a relatively high tolerance for our calls. I can have three for drinks not, then get on a motorcycle and is well some road behind prodigal, but I think have three or four drinks and not have any sort of outward signs of belligerence allege. Yet I've never seen you hammered and we certainly drank I've gotten hammered, but but then I do like silly things like I'm doing sober January right now, where I'm just not going to drink. Like I just said I just want to clear out the systems are also. You know you want to reset the tolerance so that you don't have to drink so much. Yes, yes to research and so on
I am currently on day, two of silver January. So I'm on Neuron day three, I think, or did you drink? the new year's day, I'll, open, Milos Father- my meat meal is wholesome is Verizon right as someone do me years with them if you're not drink, if I don't drink with her father on New year's, be like disrespectful absolutely so I did three shots of armenian brandy, really not vodka net. They shoot cognac or brandy, ok or vodka celebration goes cognac incited three shots of cognac at dinner on on the first, but so I'm your day to have data yeah, I'm concurrent I'm day. Three right now: no diet, Coke back off eyes, no dip small.
For re until this year that after eight years off it happens- and I was another one- I'm off of a third thing- I'm off of diet, coke dip and sugar. So yeah! That's what you ve done that I I've gone so I will write ever get divorced. I did. I went to the mountains Kyra week by myself, Sanjay else. No. I went into big sky inheriting convention of you in the same way you never really urban. Anyone retreat gabriel- and I I did know good, no dream just water and tea at and no, I took all my metres away my phone mine. Everything was there by myself, so there was no talking and I just had a no pad in a pan and water and tea for for a week in that light would imagine the first two days are insufferable, and then you can
started, larceny unlike day to which was fantastic. If it was like already wonderful, WA n and got. I was like doing tied. She with you, know my own and added sure I've been mainly Macedonia and I really don't have any formal training and hygiene. Now now right now, I was doing, I was, is doing doing what came to be sure, and then I wrote down every single relationship that I had where I felt like there was like some grudge or some any thing ran around any bit and then I wrote letters to every single person and sent. Letter, the on day, seven, I typed them all out and send them by hand, roulette small and then take them up in most
they taking responsibility for year. Shortcomings in the ad is kind of you. It wasn't no telling them. You know what I look like. I still think you're. So I now it was only. It was like an eight x j. I was like I probably had like done some damage in some brutal, so I just cleared palate and but that was seven days of of know. Anything was really spiritual kind of awesome by air. When I pray wooden I will try to find some way to get some nutrients in my body. What was interesting to me about were when you do break up a zone and you ve been with them for a while. So It was with brie for nine years and you knew brings out with her during the whole punk era. When we broke up the first Six months, I had a laundry list of things she had done to cause this separation. You know I had like eighteen things. I thought she had done and then over the years. Those of all this kind of gone away and all aims laughed with was all the things I did wrong and those became
easy to see. Once I wasn't thinking about the things she did wrong and I because I am in a and I have to make amends all the time. I have over the last twelve years I'll call her like once every six months ago, may I just I gotta say also that I see as that on numerous occasions. We are good I have a great memory of your edens that you don't need to apologize any further might now. I need you because I think, about it as I fall asleep like God, that was pretty shitty too I'm sure I probably have more things. Now. If I really sat down and like laundry listed again in a bribe, I surprised you that sometimes it Yet, when you go to bed, you kind of them go through things, you Conor regret, You take like a many inventory. I dont really give alright asleep.
Vastly superior ok. I usually I usually have like a fifteen minute window before I had the button, then it's done while I end if, if not wake up and make a list, because usually it's because I m. Ruminating on some sharp and an inner. What I do is I just immediately turn whatever it is that I can't stop thinking about. I just turn into and execute a list of how to actually take care of it and then the next step just jump on a first right, I'm every single night about forty five minutes of just thinking I mean it's, never productive either the things I will wait up at three in the morning, This happened to me over Christmas. We went saw my mom in Portland. The river organ. I see the dog. This dog was clearly killing me, I'm so allergic to this dog in its twenty degrees outside so everything sealed shot, and I just sat in this house for eight days dying and I was like run awake at three in the morning. Thinking, oh, my god, my step.
Others dine and I've, told her to come, live in our house and she's gonna bring this fucking dog and I've just say my doubts war, and I am this. Three in the morning is an insurmountable problem in my life. I kid I will never be other figure out how to keep the dog out of my living space at three in the morning. Then you build a dog ass. Well, there's Domini solutions, that's my boy, but at three in the morning miss this cannot be fixed. I I to take my mom in and yet I'm gonna die because of the stock. In that that's my three in the morning thinking I dont have those types of flows. That's great you! You do Listen, no bunch Bacchus! I listen to the open. I listen to TIM Ferris, which I think is really interesting sort of coal around stoicism that he's building. I think it's like fast any wikis. I think he's like in some ways. Building a modern day call which wonderful. Some of its viable and civilisation so he was in his Am Harris. I dont was in his emperors, so
addicted to him and he's a neurologist by training and he has always a ton of doctors on in there always talking about your brain chemistry and how much you know he he actually doesn't believe in free. Well, I won't go that far, but he just talks about how what a slave you are two year biochemistry and you just can't get around it in the more I hear him talk about it. I just think for me and you hit the lottery you're either born with great chemistry. For this Are you sure you know it's so for you you go to bed at night and you go to sleep. That's not through any effort of yours. During the day have you must have known? How have you read the gene? The gene yeah there's a Broadway, selfish Jesus. No there's a great book called the gene where the good guy busy breaks out certain nature. Verses, nurture, yes, and and what it ultimately amounts whose nature and nurture yet it both it, and at best they say it's fifty fifty, but you can switch genes right like you can actually turn them all and turn them all
like the environmental stimuli actually have the capacity to turn on turn off genes to some very simple. Damn right, but also the bases book I'm usually so exhausted by the time I get into bed now that it's just over the moon is literally like the batteries empty yeah, but bells the same way and even if she hasn't anything exhausting when she had the the pillow and she's out. That's it rap on her eyes. She had seen me fall. Asleep may be twice in the last eleven years. Like do you, so do you introduce any kind of stimulants in the bedroom? Like Let me tell you my ritual. When I go to sleep, I brewer potter, coffee and I open up a fresh candidate. And then I get on my screen. I get that blue light just lastly into my eye.
I have a right of an absurd ritual and I think if I had entered the dating world at this, very that's not your ritual mahogany online. I will not really my ridgeway rhetoric, but I'm just progress it by saying that is. It is occurred to me that if I had to date at this point in life, no one would ever me because hesitate ready ass because of my ritual. I think I as Tom Arnold, this one's home tomorrow, I ve gotten divorce in he, and I knew he had a sea pat machine rank. We have this among us and I used to go to sleep and he had entered the dating. We're only said how the Are you telling these girls that date would like? Yes, when the night whole I'm gonna go grab my gigantic machine on electronic, genuine about it. I'll bet, it must be so hard, but yeah. So I do a melatonin, I do a liquid melatonin shot right and I on four currently most nights. I have to also take an ad they'll, p m or and leave pm and then
I I I have to listen to a book on tape, but it has to be something very dance in historic. So I did so boring that it is put me to sleep. So I have to hope myself up. You know and turn on the phone. Let me get a scrub back, because last night fell asleep at some point. It was on fine. That place is reading. I sum to occasionally, if I'm not ready to go to sleep but muse, radio to sleep will go to bed, then we tried the tv for that while and then show falsely Tracy we shall. But then I can't leave the volume up. Is that weeks, her up a husband output in a book on tape and listen to it and false ape inside? the experience that rewinding audible like try to. Finally, yes, it's very hard, but luckily now they ve added to my thing that I use you can at least at the time. So I set out our and I say, eighty percent of the knights, I'm asleep before it turns ok right. So whatever I thought, this now it beats certainly what I was doing I or years ago end whose
single but now newly in a relationship that doesn't allow his girlfriend signals in bed with him. Real ass? She wakes him up is a really lights. Aha, he asked the p apparently like for time is this guy named act? Shepherd does described, but he here leaps in his own room? I dont think that there is anything wrong with that, but I I mean, if only there's, only one with any real aid me John asleep, on the roof of your house gray. But how does the girl feel why I dont know how do you know apparently, that she was again another thing that bring another weird thing to break out. Unlike the thirty day, Michael okay, so I'd love, realism and the night, but you'll use your of Rome there's theirs. I would say that their sleep is probably that one. The most important thing. I cannot agree more mild finding whatever you have to do to make that happen, I'm neurotic about it. I gotta get eight hours and then so. So as you and I both have young kids, the others that, and what is I would.
A, and I was going to observe this about what you guys to have a monitors in Europe We don't know, minors hopped out, amazing I really will say I do fifty percent of the ship with these kids. You know, like I've, a devil change more than my share diapers and I've done a ban exceeded what I think my father certainly did, but the one thing not now has evolved, and I thank her so much for this. Is she in this truck has a few years to figure out. She now gets up with the kids because I'll get up with them, but then I'm up for another forty minutes. She can get up and then come back sleeping she's out in thirty seconds, and we just realized. I just can't do it cuz I'll, be up all night long. You know who gets up between you and we both get up every morning, but I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of the night of some goes o highlights the night, but we flipped it back and forth.
Subject our sheet, but because she was breast feeding, the kids, the sheep, primarily she did way more than her chair yeah. I would say, probably like eighty twenty, because she could go brusquely them right down when they were little, I mean now they don't wake up at night, which is good but it, but during that period of time she she cried took on. Percent of that yeah, but you know in people don't plan well cause. I would be like when I was on parenthood there, a bunch of people on that show who had young kids to and what shocked me is that our approach to a christian rise- and this was back when there she was the kids were breastfeeding- was I would do the late night feeding and I will do it with a bottle and then she would do early morning so that at least we were both getting eight hours. You know just into different slots yeah, I don't. I don't know that our kids slept pretty well. We got this thing for kid number. The kitten were one. There is a lot of those like crazy, weird nights at each because you dont not a plank. You never done it before. You have no idea kid number two we got one.
This news they have you heard of this thing now it's an oscillating beige disclose. If you have an answer, I dont having only I've. I've no enter. This has got to the guy who wrote happiest baby on the block. Oh yes, fishing, the five eighty five as Swain Swaddling should suddenly Miriam in whatever so this guy shaking madness violently violently so this Therefore, as is in my view, this guy invented this bed that does the US oh said got a national swell and it's gotta censor the latter. The kid cries, the faster What's the bad ass, the it's unbelievable right, yeah trust me in the eye out so for art. Our second kid he slept. Ours, is uniting hours had slept six hours of the night on like night three, and it was done.
And he would just the thing AP wake up and we just start going while really slowly one product Rebecca and if you, Sir, cried let and at a certain point you. Take him out as you like. Ok, this isn't happening. I mean he was like a six our night sleeper. Rarely, and I I I'm- I'm eternally grateful to this new, for that I give very you give to people when they are expecting, and that is one thing I get. People happiest baby on the block, always yet I've done. It is a really funny named his doctor. Harvey CARP, Harvey CARP yet Harp, so so happy the black. Neither when I do is asleep easy solution, which is how to slay train your kids Yes, we were. We were militant that way, as I think some people just sail on, one day I am in their daily ones. They pay the price. That's what's one year and once you ve nail that its everything else is manageable me up its
not to be judgment on your parent, your friends who, like their kids a year and a half, and I still don't sleep through the night you'll come on really, but I want to get back to you the moment that we started becoming friends and hanging out because it it was such a fund period for me and it really was like a light switch. Because I went again from nine years of obscurity to doing punk and then a meal I got start doing movies right and this really interesting. An embarrassing thing happened right, which is greatest thing that ever happened to me was Pont, but then I went and did without a paddle, and I am neatly when they would write reviews of it and they say the guy from punked or the guy from the reality show right, So for years I was ashamed and embarrassed that I had come from Pont I met. I was on a reality, show
Yeah and it took me I gotta see it took me about ten, there is before I was able to come back around and be proud of. Having done that show and it's such a family of my own, its is up steam. That ideas was like No, I want to be a real after I don't wanna be a guy who's on a reality show, but the weird thing is: is that show so, amongst many other reality shows that there are that are out there and in no way shape or form. Judging anyone who is doing a reality show the difference. Was that show why as formulaic improv, acting right zoom in in every single sketch that we did, there was an outline for the sketch. What was what we were trying to accomplish? What we're and to do right and then the new wants of the interior was all in product in Raymond, but you are playing a character every single time you is so in, and I think that there's a big cause. A lot of people, especially, is like the whole paparazzi reality stuff started happening,
you know, like the teams, you guys we call man, you did reality shows that you have at every single person that was IRAN that show sign a waiver and agreed actually be on it. It wasn't as if we were, like you know, haunting people on the sides of the street like they all fine waivers and agreed. We ought in anybody, you didn't, do it wasn't on it. What you were doing was acting. It was performing inactive, but I knew I knew going out of it because you know I had the same when when I traded, doo, doo where's, my car yeah, that's gonna, bring it up because you had a couple things. I imagine that we're like they were everything but then yet soon as they happen you. You start like wanting to be away from. So after five years of you know it later after due where's, my car people are still do
Sweden me, I was I really like. Can we have a different that, like I can I do something else with my new area never get and then after point it was like all you gotta I'd still today, like people near like report me right now, like no letter, I wasn't it as it already has a partner so and then you kind of want to get away from it and get the name like in put the next thing under the belt, because you don't want to be known for that. One thing yeah, and I knew that you had that feeling. In that sense we are but an I'm glad. You got a point where you now celebrate, because what you did was extraordinary work and an end in a weird way. You know the reason like when you servicing. Thank you and I see no thank you is because without you I don't think this show wouldn't been nearly a successful that was and be you know. I got a lot of credit for that show because
I was in your hosting a shell behind the scenes now been directly to produce in it in, and you know they would show me feeding, aligned you and then you would say it, but nine he presented the stuff that you did. Was your material euro stuff and it was funny in great and brilliant, and I think I got a lot of credit for a lot of stuff that was organically yours. And so would think I'm really proud of now. Is that having done a bunch of regular acting work, I regularly on the set of parenthood was not good. The first three takes was not believable. What I was doing, and I got to do it again and again again till I got to where it was believable in certainly upon. There was one day when I was eight yeah and if you fucked up the bit was kind of was there like, they would realise? Oh, this is bullshit wasn't just over. It was, you know, sums two hundred three hundred thousand dollars down. We owe you I inserted from a production standpoint. It was like the stakes are high in I hadn't done everything either in there were certain
ass. We had like I'm, we did timber like all, empty became came like that with such a Marquis person for them and that their relationship was obviously so important that they, they really were micromanaging that so that the garage was full of what everyone worked it on tv was in that region. They had all pulled me aside separately, to say: don't like this this isn't the one ago go on. You know all these different things were happening, and then it went off what I think of yeah what we gotta, where he was with the Nicholas shake one
You know now. I'm really proud of that, like that one as far as could possibly go. Probably without he- and I says, you're hurt anyone ever everyone point. They thought it was real wages. I think, is pretty amazing. It was there. There are two things that were like being able to press the buttons is hard to suppress the buttons and and stay in it and not break and lose your shit. One too. It was like the the value of the non sequitur like connectivity was Erin, I mean ugh. I go back to like Dave, Navarro and Carmel. Let arrive in the back with Suv in your like shooting a shit with him about drums civil and like you're, you're you're, random access knowledge base on so many variable topics to be able, like fines,
I'm connective tissue hurts it yeah. What about others? It's abacha represent about any dispute with the best about Nicholas. Was you you're? You came in my ear and you got only got only got. He just said, because we could hear what he was saying and side of the house, because the house was a microphone, but I was in the front yard and then became a mcnerney my he just said he just said to Jessica. I think I'm gonna, fight this guy. You get a lot of around you're like the door, then I don't know like are used. Finally, what on earth what I heard the door and use, no, no, no, no, no, no there'll be no fighting to that. That was a regular. It was the adrenaline rush of of go behind a different level like you get back, I'll versions of doing sit com, which is why, like there's a calm, suddenly August,
You have a lively analyze audience, and so there's a man and you know a joke as is gonna sleigh, then you don't wanna fuck it up, as you have a librarian spirits like doing playwrights yeah, so there's a little bit of that same entered and you just did jack off of their energy here before you is a little bit of that. But I think anything we compared alike. The mark is here yeah, yeah, yeah, that everybody Nebraska markets here here we gotta go into these areas. Areas Eliza, ok, get at various he's right there Oakwell outdoes bogey is a movie. Did the buggy out here? Somebody go clues about who is like just the intense nature of like portmanteaus exotic. They were very exhilarating when they want an outlook is quite a high yeah. I imagine it's what being onstage veto in New York is like or something but I I think that you a nice, I think you- and I share this comment- I think- is a very human thing, but now that Renewing it. Now far too, I guess twenty five years you ve been employed doing this twenty years, yeah entertainer and
I have now been doing it for fifteen years or whatever and again it's a human thing. Words like I would have this goal. It is a goal that I'd anything was accomplishable envisages in the stratosphere of goals, and then I would get there. Go and then the second I get that goal its neatly fuck I need, that thing and then and then I would get that thing and then another that thing in their there's people I had to be in there was like I had to be one feral at one point like. I, be Adam Sandler. You know like after without a paddle, my might just my ego and started for jack do you know what this could be, as this is already would crazier than I thought was ever possible and they just constantly moving the goalposts which I think is very human it for me, There was a rough way to evaluate my life, because I remember that, in fact I was talking to consent
We are talking about movies and Hugh Saint Louis. He directed that he loved the didn't work in this and that right- and I was mounting at that time, that ships had made a bunch of money, and he said, which I think is Brien's like imagine you go back and you find twelve year old Dax and you tell Dax you when you you're gonna write and wrecked a movie for Warner brothers. He goes. Do you think twelve. Your version of yourself at any point would be like what did it make right? You know insanely. You would not evaluate yourself by that. Yet I do that continuously right or think. I'm an I'm inching closer to not doing that in my life's getting you know exponentially better because of it but do you think you ve had that is well words like you're from Fuckin Iowa, you end up on this huge hit tv show the seven.
He shall write in your brain is like, but I gotta do this yeah yeah yeah, you do it any can't I dont think can help, but do it. I had a weird. So when I was in college, I wish I was in his fraternity. I want what they told us a right down what our life goals were. Aha, and write down and in their pocket and inspiring keeping your wallet? Something nice fraternity? That's not what I ask those days we have heard. The tunnel is like maybe the one about the way that we can extract, but I wrote down on that I wanted to move to Hollywood beyond the big screen and and then that happen, right and then you're like. Oh, I carried it ran in my wallet until the day it happen and then I brought a new one would still has in half.
When an Oscar you're a different kind of act. So it's weird when you see to hit those goals, and I had a weird little. You know you're kind of like as an entertainer, your beer, balancing between the commerce and the art in all the time and a new kind of jumping back and forth. In you know. A lot of people do dislike, do one for them. One for me thing right! Yet really how many people have the ability horse had actually want for them, went from gum embryo to either of those yeah like an unhappy haven't the next job, but in the last year I guess a point where it was like the commerce peace didn't so much matter right leg. I should have liked enough financial stability, where I can kind of not work and be oh,
yeah and some so now, I'm at a point where it's like. I have no excuses for it to not be craft and our in itself. And I don't know if I'm like exacting on that yet, but it's a weird, but even that, don't you think that even even that is of is a law a little bit ego. So I have then in things that were really successful and then I was embarrassed by them right or light like shore south, and I went to the first green not a paddle. We thought we were making diner in the woods I mean we really did things that lower I'm having a scene and I bosses hasn t. I mean I've got a laundry listeria like, but we see we see the movie we're like coming out. This is this movies is for a twelve year old. This diner in the woods and they were like were kind of embarrass or whatever we are, and then the movie comes out it as well.
Ten years later, I'm like in in Ohio Christen. I write him my motorcycle from New York to Detroit. We stop it's like you know best West. In all our high on this woman comes out to me in the parking lot she's holding the without a paddle dvd and she goes Might your honor without a penalty at my feet, every year we go canoeing. That's why we're here? No high, we go canoeing, we bring the moving, we watch the movie everyday and then we go, and I was like that absolutely blew my mind and then I thought how on earth is that more relevant than having been in a movie that made six million dollars that got nomination for an award literally the differences. My ego says: oh my peers were the people I want approval from will like that tiny me. I am at a certain point. You have two questions like what what that is one audience better to serve than another. Yes, so I'd. I dont know that it's about like serving One already answered the other because doing what what movies you like. Maybe it's doing things I I think for me. The differences become doing things that have some
level of social relevance there, that is that they have the potential to leave an imprint and changed the way the people see something or think about something, and so so I like I'll take? The range is an example right. I don't think anybody is. Look at the ranch, a nap Netflix and go ok! That's that is a data, a highbrow Pisa material, but. There's this giant, underserved audience in the middle of America that doesn't have shows made for it anymore, right in so like. If you with this reason why so many people watch dog dynasty, there's a reason why your watch, I struggle struggle, hate, docks I just want to see, but there there was all this
programming and others noticing it was on television that that was being directed at this audience, that that was drastically underserved and and in my thought, of going in doing a show like the ranch is in a week. We tackle the subject of abortion, but will we tackled it from the perspective of America yeah, which were it's not so clean, cut in clear, right out and there's a viable, valuable points on one I did the argument that is totally underserved media across the board, sharing, which is it with which, as you know, the right to life right, yeah and then, and then you also had this, the choice argument that is represented in the show, and it wasn't so clean and clearing clotting, cut cut that. You know, one was the more viable option right on the shelf.
I now for me, I have my own personal belief, Jerry, which you know you can add to put aside for the character the airplane, but I've been able to tackle a topic like that and in in in play it out relative to what societal norms are in different places, has a different social impact when you come from it from the perspective of from a conservative perspective. Yes, well, I'm pro choice but I, a hundred percent get pro life if you think that is murdering and actual baby at two months. If that's what you believe then fuck? Yes, you should fight nonstop and I I totally get I personally, nothing that's killing a baby, but if you think that- and I can certainly- my head around it, then that should be your number one. When you vote and everything else that well provide govern all your decision, so I saw I look at it. I go. I would agree with you and say I'm unproved choice, but I can.
Totally understand the argument of pro life and I believe that, for pro life, people to have a pro life perspective for themselves is viable and valuable to have it for other people, you know give them a choice of we give. You know everyone should have the right, in some degree, to govern their own choices about what they do with their own bodies and so dont. You don't have to take the choice away from other people to make that choice for yourself, yes, but but being able to have I dont want in in most public places. You can't have the argument today will use it devolves so quickly into into an argument that is unsolvable, yes and so being able to actually produce, media that addresses these types of topics or that addresses global warming from the perspective of a rancher or that addresses do no immigration. From the perspective of a rancher there, yet it you know being able to live decently. Has it did not political. The right to show his yeah so I'll get it what it is
its undertones right out in the stories habit. The stories that we choose This is then we're gonna, look it potentially book veterans and just the sort of different skew one veteran health. I would play a great that looking at me, don't you Laurie screams that I mean, if you want. I want Afghanistan twice, entertain the troops I think of halfway, If you want to come, hang out, we might have a vacancy and also regret cell do so, but but the point being that it's like it doesn't have to be. The most highbrow like this is certainly not to serve the audience in LOS Angeles, our peers in in the entertainment business. But it has a social relevance that that's different, then than other things than just going off in doing so funny movie for a funny sake here, and I think, like being like I'd love to tackle a movie about mental health. Like I think not, I will be, Trusting topic to take on I'd love to tackle them.
Of about you, know, privacy, which I think is an interesting tub in its it's really about like for me at this point, is about taking on the work that actually have some level of social relevance around the topic that I care about tat and I think that's admirable, but I am when I Thinking more about that. I get in a lot of debates with actors who are generally is very accurate to be unhappy on the show here. I thought your height there's like most actors. I talk to you there lamenting about some aspects of the show. The ravages is crazy to meet right mind. You have done it, so it's not like I I can't relate, but it is funny when you think about from. It's very clear because I don't believe in God right, so I don't think I'm gonna go to Heaven reflect back on my life at any point. Go like oh everyone loved you and blah blah blah suffer me. My life is really about what's happening data Day, while I'm here for the next forty five,
years four year they learn as being able to go to sleep. I get the whole. I'm tryin to resist fucking go to the library more designed solely to sleep, but you know when, when you think about, when you're evaluating your career, which ending is just dangerous in general, it instead just going like what I've ve observed about, use, I've gone to the seventy. Shall I've watched you do the seventy shown and I've watched you at the curtain call warrior. People are clapping by you, fucking love being on a sitcom like you're you enjoy. Are these the times I saw a loan highlighted. I live audiences later yeah like it's a blast right suppressed in it, in their right. You shouldn't, I think, that's like all it really. Matters is like what what are you doing daily and what does that experience like in your life is about these experiences, and it's not until your narrative self starts writing the book about ashen and saying well, I should have been on breaking bad.
Yeah. I don't do that. He'll do thou know. I don't do that, but I have been did at a time. I have been on the sick com that I didn't enjoy, being ok, always has to be to enough max what you re right. What, in the only reason that I struck a struggle with the risks? I didn't, I didn't know what I was posted, be plain like I was I've set, is like. I was a very weird thing: the experience right, yeah we're in It was one thing going in and then its slowly became something else as I was on it in and it was I do. I love working with the people who work with the added extraordinary review, loves workmen, but I didn't know my care I wasn't a hundred percent, you know when you when you, when you have a character that your plane and you know what the characters. Age is kind of know what their voices are rights. You know how to lean every joke in just becomes natural to where it will mean a joke. I couldn't quite I struggled every.
Single day figuring out what I mean my jokes on this character, and I and I couldn't find an edge for the character that was in so it was how many years as you do that harangue like three years but I I found a hard and I wasn't sure what the message of the show was like an elegant, like Kelso, probably got easier and easier every year to play for to the point where I got boring, ok and then in that's why I left the shop as I left a show the two seasons before I think it was over and it wasn't about, I need to leave to go, have some big movie career. This is the time where I'm going to go, because I probably would have made more money to stay in on the show. I just wasn't interested in playing that character anymore. Time played it for a while, and I knew I could have written it right.
Knew exactly what the next joke was gonna be in men and it was- and I was recycling material and the UN in its setup, whereas I am, I think I'm done doing like this is an exciting and fund from right, you're, also young, already, when you're twenty six twenty five twenty five, the three years of twenty six. For three years younger than me, which is depressing, I was twice but yeah. I remember coming home, like maybe season three of parenthood insane Kristen, I think and so lazy or something like I don't I'm not doing anything now to do to be Crosbie. He was only on that's what I've been on a show is all about, like it just gets easier and easier and easier, and then weirdly I'm getting better and better at doing less and less and less in thinking less and less about it, which was I loved, I gotta do I feel like I could have done that for twenty years yeah. I you know at this point
I always go to my writing staff on the ranch. I am like write me, a scene, it's hard for this character, ah like right me, something that is like hard for him to deal with in play right or that I've got at this. Have to think about old yacht? How would he reacted that these You are a td a little bit cuz you. You have a ton of pursuits, write you a Que produce, but you also have this whole tech thing. You do and all this investing leaving it because you get bored easy or do you think it's because back to like our narrative, Are there things you wanna accomplish, because you want, seen in some way, so let me I'll start all share first Jesse, you know, I know exactly where I grew up dyslexic. I have this huge ship on my shoulders. Everyone thinks I'm stupid. So I'm home, since affable move on. I know it all, that's what I'm more intelligent people, that's what they show scholar extra, because I'm still compensating from going to special, add as a kid,
I just wonder if there's anything in or pass that has you so driven like. Is it just Piercy? reality and healthy or is it? Are you try to know its absolute insecurity. Ok, great Griselda, that's was hoping. So why does way more interesting to me? I was I go back. I was first episodes of that. Seventy show I'm shocked. I didn't get fired sure I was getting fired, didn't know what I was doing. I don't have a clue like I didn't understand a Jew. Earlier I didn't understand, sarcasm or you, nineteen yeah, and I really had no idea was- and I was convinced I was gonna fight like convicts and in fact that one point in time, Terry Turner, like grab me, put, pushed me up against the wall, It was what are you doing to my character? Why are you doing this and I don't know what I'm doing like? I want something droll of anything I do, and I think this is like season three right at the moment where I started again a little confidence.
Get this in it and I was like I'm getting far like. That's it like, and I'm sure who's gonna give ourselves like I'm starting to production company, because at least that's in there's a lot of downtime on a set new, just kind of sitting around and yet it so so that was like step one and then I actually got fired from a Cameron Crow movie that so I had this interesting points prior blessing. I don't know, I knew it was a blessing for me from a work ethic perspective relative to how to build a character in a minute. So I was due Seventy show at the time in part- and I and I bought this- emanate Chauvelin movie. Ok, I am an end and at the same time each one The village organics said the same time I book Elizabethtown with Chemical and I was like I was like home,
shit like this? Is it right now I've now and now I'm gonna be elite. This my leading a moment- and I was I do I do this ebonite- shall not really quick. Do you remember at that time the archetype? was that you were that you want to be whose career at that moment, Tommy Roots Tom Cruise, ok right at the top Jimmy Jimmy Montenegro, like that's one that does not yet I myself welfare of those same shit. I've compromise that was me: Jim carry organised beryl. I was like when I was a kid when I, when I came out, I wanted to be, Albert or none at all, because they come from family. Now I got why my plan guy's name? I carefully blinkers. They incur Cameron. I was like Cameron on like whose
because not enough for a full was for us for a growing painful bar droppings, cogenerated from griping Jerry's thousand with my so that was my like Fort thirteen twelve year old self is like some day turkey. That would be like to that end, and I had redemption can't buy me love back, then. Ok, guy wasn't boss, I was all correct. Like Seaver, figured out what I and so then in that and that then I'd moved by opposite temperate, dizzily, unacceptable and so the scarecrow movie And- and I had to turn down the Emerald Charlemont Movie, Dont think Scott written was very happy about that. He produced the Chauvelin right, which socks because having Scott roads, probably the best producer in the entire in so another thing. At that point, I think I never get a chance to work with him again, someday, maybe I'll just be like. I think I should have done remove yourself. I started working mccammon on this thing and
You were doing rehearsals and kept videotaping me while I was doing the rehearsals and those in video download angry, very nervous, I was getting very nervous and he was like when I want. I want to show you the things that you are doing, that I want you to that. I like, ok and, and we were just him or her psyche Jimmy You know yet Jim memorized, any of this subject were not shooting at me, like will gather were her since you need to get it like get up and homesick. And I had a lot going on in my life and in and with the show and this, and that in my own social life and everything else, that yeah and I was sort of pseudo focusing on it, but not really like. I was like I'm in a shop and play a year now like I'm in a really prepared and do the work to get ready to perform this care- and I got fired, could as your question, do you think there are any part of you. That was afraid. You are going to be able to execute this. So you were. Giving you a hundred percent now have some kind of excuse at some. No, it totally
Wasn't that it was that I didn't know how to prepare right to do this kind of work. Yeah like I had now. Would you like, I didn't I'd know son, of a bad memory against acting class. I'd, never do nothing like it. I didn't have an acting so and I was just not in every other role, I played a kind of showed up and just did came to me in their home. It that's what I'm an end. So I didn't know I really didn't know how to prepare, and I got fired and then I was like it's over yeah right, so then, unlike double down on everything, that's not acting, because you might never work again right and I was pretty sure them point that I wasn't gonna work again and your embarrassed rank in bed, Irish and in a fire the other days ahead about half a breakfast. But I was also like. I was way to cocky and wait you arrogant and wait. You sure that I had already got there, and so then I just
I'm just gonna double down the this production of, and in doing that, I started finding an interesting technology. I want to defend you for half a second here, because I an use bill Clinton as an example. This, so people are shocked. The bill Clinton was getting Blowjobs oval office, and I say well, if your entire life, all the other, daddy you ve collected, thus far, is every time he told me something couldn't happen or I couldn't do something. I did it right like tat. You're gonna be the governor of Arkansas at his age? No one had done that. So many does any is. Oh, I guess I guess what they told me not true. I can do this and then oh you're gonna become the president after getting it is the governor than be the governor again then become your whole life. All this evidence you ve collected is like. Oh, don't, listen, they're, not right! I'm do. I am end up doing all this stuff right in oh yeah, you thinking get away with a blow job, an oval office I would imagine similarly you do fucking great YE,
all the evidence you had collected at that point a young dude was now. If I try to work out an I'll have some success. You have shown On the day of its eyes, you ride ambled from not putting in the work up to that point. Now. How are you I stood just through us? Moses know that I I didn't I didn't know, and I, what wasn't really away to know until you entire young, then I fucked up and then I put, but then I got it like at that point. I was like, oh, I got it and in an that's when I started working on my acting like where I was like wait a second, if I actually want to take this year's after work as an actor, to get better as an actor right, like I, you know, since I've worked with acting coaches- and you know red tons of books on acting. Nay I learned about acting. Therefore I literally showed up and put whatever. I had in the room- and that was enough sure it's a that was a good one, but it also maybe the double down on.
Other things, so I sort of focusing on for my production company absorb offerings. We were getting faster and faster, for online video, and I was like wait a second. This is the next like why who needs tv right and then I found twitter and start a fine in a bunch of other things that I thought were interesting and so on Thus in it really quick. As I remember stopping by one time, I think, to catalyst year, you're you're company, you have a cool building, you know I I got rid of the algorithms I dont worry, didn't you, you had a really cool space and I stopped by There- and I think you were saying o on this day of every month. This room is a think tank and I get all these the designers and programmers and they come in here. We gotta think tank, and I remember thinking that you are very Likely Mass Scott for that group per Silicon Valley, guys, because I'm a Silicon valley. I feel like I would hate you, because your gorgeous in your tall
How is it? Why is it that day they accepted you like that I imagine them lie? I showed like I imagine, Paul Giovanni being huge, inaccurately, where he could have guess he's one of them that got through here. I This is because you reached out first, no, I I was like one of the first people that I would fly up there to meet that go to these gigantic tech conferences and not sit on a panel of experts. Right, not judge. Anything like I'm the x you were there to learn. I was just there and I would sit down. I would take twenty meetings in a day with every single person.
In this power, you even getting those meetings like some night, so I hired somebody. So I went to one of these things and I found this woman, the name Sir Ross that was that basically brought in all the companies to this tat crunch distant, technical, fifty at the time and and I hired or to run my digital division, and she knew it what about right and she just started. You know me connecting reaching out going hate this guy wants. So he was a me with you. He just wants to learning will start to get some advice and I and I just went started asking everyone for advice. There's no party, because I imagine myself met scenario in and I would be he trying to Let them know just how much I stand up for their world. You are able, not do that and just be a student I didn't understand. I mean I was first, I went to sleep. You try to impress them at all. Well, I went to school for biochemical engineer yeah.
Though, I had some engineering credit re article eight. I understand programming language. I don't write code, but I understand it. Ok, I understand, how it works. I understand a red tons in books and learn. Do you know how a computer work then he learned how you like. I actually understand a lot of these basic things are, and I- and I think that part of where I connected with folks, was on products on understanding what people would intuitively do and why they would do it yeah and based on what was the what was the optimized want of any given page or screen? I ha. What are you? What do you want people to do on this page right right and I could,
their stand the feeling of that year and I think that from a product sensibility miss standpoint, there were certain little things that I would like now ago. Why? Wouldn't you move this here and do that in order to get people through this funneled, this y yeah? If it will go well, that's actually that's a decent idea right and once I gained a little bit of credibility with a couple people. Then they became that spread. They became the tenets for me to build relationships lope, who exactly is actually pretty good product guy and thinks about this stuff. The same yeah, I think about this, and so so that was. That was the way that I mean I have that the automotive world, but there's no way to make money on a well well yet to be seen. I mean there, certainly be right area, but I know what you're saying I guess what I'm saying when I'm out the sand dunes due to like now he's a real near him.
Like I give him half is how you gonna get you meet, makes me feel very yet, but you so you're really building as the not so here's the thing. So once you get the real dear head credits from one guy here: yes, you do another real gear, Agora, guy and another one, and then in the next thing you know you actually build a pretty strong network of folks. Yes, then that, but you are uniquely good at because you have a good track record. I have been in I did as you get invited when you're on tv to go to the launch of some app and or maybe to invest in it, and I literally go I I have no idea what people would want to use as an app I dont use many apps, I use posts, mates cause. I like getting food deliver to my house, that's about it, so I can even begin to look when when Goober was explained to me at the who the fuck doesn't want to drive. That's how egocentric. My point of view is my I ever want to have some guy drive me around her? That's why pass on it? The first time I saw yeah. You got aim. I was in love, dried. I tony Shea who invented Zappos
loves animals who had this party bus that itself by south western tech, weak? he would drive around and they really would get drunk and Travis. Who was a former ceo was eyes. Pity me this thing I was like why what's get picked up in a black our lady I'd, like growth to get dropped off by like it I like it. I was like now. I did this mix a pass on it and look at your later. I was like. I realized that the uber x factor where it was going to be Priuses and it was going to be there soon democratized, I get it and then, and then I understood it, and then I ambassador, but like yeah, first you're, just like it, but most of these like really big ideas seem crazy at first, and then you start identified crazy yeah I would imagine you get this because I'll get super jealous cause I'll here. Oh actions yeah he he's into force. Where and he does this and then I start, I'm I'm jealously thinking like
I should be doing that too, and I think a lot of our peers start thinking that right and then when they, when you run into people they might either wanna be a part of that or they want to know how you got to be a part of that define that I find that there are a lot of people that are I've severity that I think for the most part right. Am I see you? I don't really been no, but I think there are a lot of people that are now trying to move into the investing space. Yes and its it. You know, I'm listen, it's hot its hard work in. We have and most are losers right, the vast vat, yet our enemy or try your investing in a hundred things so that to work and cover all your loss, yea, and so you gotta be yet They have enough money to hang around for a hundred had to. You have to have the sort of diligence to find the two that are gonna cover for the other.
Now, what is done for your self esteem, knowing that you have done well in this industry completely outside of ours, are the with the example. Every time Listen. I guess I have the same pattern. We get invited gloves serve the academy awards whatever it is leading up to it. I go. Oh my god, I don't wanna go that thing. They're all gonna be Goin. Why is that dude from punked here? Why, who let her this is why my my voice in my heads telling me right and then we go to these things and it turns out, like I know, a lot of these people and they seem to like me, I'm pretty sure they like me on the way home. I always go all that was really find. They liked me I hope I remember that the next time we get invited, but I dont I go through the same process right of. Why will he your words on one hundred twenty years. Deep. Now you actually do no mosey, as I do. I know you ve gotta be over that by now. I am. I am getting over that? But I do imagine having
a succeeded in something outside of our thing. Would just make me feel more confident when about those things is. Is that a party? self esteem now we go. My thing was always as a backup career case, my acting thing, fair sharing and by the way, at some point, like a lot at the age out. Unlike what data have you not for fifty percent of the reason why guinea rules relative thou, I look and when that goes like going what right? But you know there are things to be sticking around. I've got rose red hair lie about it. How can I dont want to ask you whether it is you ve gone offer propitious yeah? Does the lazy, ass a whole risky of you, and I know what I want can I out. As for those, I just want to say that we, All day I went to a doctor. I had her that there is this doctor who could give you a hairs. Thick is bread pits and he but he would stab you when they had repeatedly who, with a syringe and he waited inject. God knows what you know. A chicken eggs Hiram or something- and I
going to the sky, and I was going for like a two years or something and then I was like what am I doing, I'm going this guy's jabbing my head with a needle nothing's happening, and but I did do that. There's this I participated, in the end, I well, I think we both went. There's no idea. I recommended a guy. You would have been right about them. I lose my whole thing was remember I didn't like they would put a numbing spray on your hands and then I got off on the fact that no numbing spray listen. I felt I felt this is enough to even be they're getting nothing done. I thought of doing a bit of masculinity the retainers that I'd go no means, but I've gone off of anything to re. Read the retain. So when I was I started getting,
very concerned, whereas by twenty five that it was going yeah, it's should I'm twenty five I've got my maintained at sorry. That's when I went on the Abbe dark and I start to go see the guy that we did at least abhor had analyses in about. I think, like five years ago. I was a kid I can't you gotta get up traveling. I can't you the guy was, I guess they sought to the gallows like hang in there lay out right and then, when I had kids, I didn't know what the side effects of this avatars stuff worm relative to like having chill- and I was like you know what I do want to risk it- I'm sick. They stopped, and I did really good for like a year and then it just now it's starting to like you, ve, been in there but There was a solution. More hats are back on avatar. No, I'm not I'm just you're, never gonna go back, I'm now, so here's excel reckless. So here's what have I am still on it by the way I want in in an I quit using it, and I went into my doctor in my testosterone levels were like,
are mainly low and it's because I quit using the stuff. So the interesting because it is a test ass thrown inhibitor propane, well, an avatar. Yes, so do hd yeah. So, yes, it removes the date. Tease out is a by product of his daughter on which actually killer follicles. So does it see your body in response to the makes more, makes more tests, ah monsieur bodies using deed C4, something yet we still knows so so dear body dumping more more testosterone. So then you go off of it right and he goes. I dont need all of this, yeah. I was for then it each day jobs your testosterone into the cellar, which then keeps your hair for really not really nice for the year right, because now you have drastic, reduce testosterone right right, rack, soothing, gradually its tiny, unhealthy and gradual you're too. Castro level starts to increase, and then the hare sorting sought now at the Hare starting to go, but I've I've actually become comfortable
That is where all really just go with this so healthy. I wagon kids now Deanna. Well, that's us going. I want to ask you about because a lot of these, like kind of existential crises that I've dealt with in you've, dealt with in my ego and my my self esteem. All these things I was attempting to to elevate my an opinion at myself by a lot of outward kind of accomplishments and then, to my surprise, is this thing? Having kids really gave me all the perspective I needed, where I feel like I've just gotten so much happier over the last five years. And your wife and my wife, I've done a couple movies together. Worthington removes either but we were all down in Louisiana and Orleans noise and, You are of new Father and I was so delighted to see what a great dad you are and how involved in that year down there just to watch the kids, a mom can work, which is why I'm down there too.
It was really awesome to be sharing that. We're all and I could see I was doing the same thing to you that it was doing me, which was just like happiness, self esteem. Observers service. Now I realize what my if they're good life's good yeah yeah what would you say that these kids, why, on for you, I made you kind of re calibrate what it is your even after in life was so that's that's by the biggest the work life balance and had to completely shift right. Now I've been a worker hollow my entire life and all night. If, if you leave me to my own devices, all work from the moment, I wake up until the moment I fall asleep enough. Also working in an in that's love lived that life,
a fair amount of time. Now it kids I either one meal is shooting a film. I dont work right, so I legitimately go to wherever she is and wherever she shooting move the whole family set up. The kids get him on schedule, get you know, I'm at home, making sure they get FED make sure they go to bed at night Miguel wake up in the morning. They should address and clean and bubble and that's a lot of work and work. Oh yeah united work during As you can never ever sobs, you can service your kids all day long. You want. And soon as I say that there are there in a constant state of either creating a mess or I'm picking up I must say that I know there's no, all male stasis, there's no neutral, not an end in I. So for me, I think that the biggest thing with the kids has been now three years in learning how to back off a little bit and go we.
Have to be there every second of every moment of every day, in fact deprived behooves them to spend time with other people, occasionally urgent and not have me, picking up everything does, and so gotta go to preschool. She not. Yes, she does yeah. It's a that's been like a really good bouncing function, but also, I think just like it. Maybe it made me in work, go have to take a step back and go. I wear the moments of work that I'm vital. So what are the things that I can that I can give up responsibility for give to somebody else to do. It's almost like moving into like a ceo role of my work, delegating yeah we're. I'm delegating work to other folks to do that. Are things that I don't have to do
and getting really comfortable with them doing their way as opposed to them. Doing it my way, yes, because I can't micromanagement oversee it, gas or I think I've become a much more efficient with my work and much more effective with my work, as results of the year and in a sense like had the confidence. Now that I go wool if it doesn't really matter, I'm not gonna. Do it because that's time I could be spinning wheel, my kids in dire and to me that's the biggest like I adore you go like this is really matter like two Irene, give a shit about doing this thing that I'm doing here, because I can be spending all my kid. So I think it right sizes all of your preoccupy. You know all the things you think about a dream about our focus on or aim towards it really reduces the importance of those things in a very healthy way. I think yet and whatever Hobbes I've hedges, I was really afraid to have kids and Christian was too.
Because I was thinking over this this all my career pursuits take up much time. I don't know how I have time for, and I have an accomplice, a lot of things I'm trying to accomplish so, where on earth did these kids fitting in for me, was ironic that I ended up do way more staff professionally, since having kids than I did before having them? Yet I just did it differently, you, I don't know how you direct the movie with kids all was grace the old I'll. Tell you what s great about that as we were shooting in the winter time. Ninety five percent of the script was exterior, so we shot while the sun was up and down. Only son goes down at four o clock, even during the whole production of chips I put them to bed every single. My I was at the following party got somebody than that which is a crazy blessing, something I would now no two to to design in advance along.
Well, that's not gonna. Do it, but there's no daylight. Tough shit minis need more days, but yet decisions like that that you learn to make, I think it. I think it's just shifts that the focus in it she s priorities and- and I believe that the other- the only thing guy sacrifice, relatives who is Hobbes Ba at my heart is it going to like part like I can't wait until their old enough to go snowboarding right, yeah like Why go English Lincoln rise motorcycle already other? Yet because I need to do that I need to be with her and I also need to be operating yeah. That's so for he's. Gotta join me. Yes, so get getting the kids to the age where they can actually like. I I dont golf, but I started teach my daughter out a golf because, like it for sports, go, I think, like a lot of this work,
Now in ten years, I'm not real low. Yet why friends, who gave him a fucking crazy? If I told prison, I was leaving on Saturday really our law either via a zillion, never I'd ever ever yet they that we know that I'd like to see my nazi know me. She was going to do some her five hour relating to talk. We out. We did this to get. We made this mess together. I can barely logic that football- I know it can't be done. You can't die, was unfairly C4 Bali's before I had I not knowing. How do I play, but I know I mean I play based on like data like I don't even like one in it in anything, God bears an awful seizing because there was no chance. I was watching for game like it was just like you got the lion, so there is no point in a wise between our duty. Like that's the perfect, like I watch the first three games so you're really and now it's play
often maybe I'll catch a gamer to yeah. I only get to see a game is if we go to friends House who also have kids in that dad's got more pull than I do and he's allowed to watch you back on. It is the only way we do. It is interesting that you- and I are both into situation- you you not as much as me, but I gotta say, is for the male ego like to be to be married to someone whose very successful and works a lot and in half they take a role that may be unconventional it in the mail, email dynamic, like my wife, makes more my enemy, and that's that, like us, so I know if one of us has to stop working to do. It's logically, would be me it's an that's interesting. I think, ultimately, I'm really grateful that it's that way, because I can't rest o my lord, I can't be the debts like well, I'm paying for all this shit. That's why there's food on the table, so I'm going often That's not happen. I my house, I am fifty fifty and gum family. Fifty fifty parroting them in a nice
they'll get away. I probably For me to say, I'm truly fifty fifty would do a disservice. My wife is by sixty forty by improbably minors to what do. I know how it feels like to steer, quickly I'm fifty values, but it is its security. Could you see also taking advantage a little bit if your wife did nothing? Don't you feel it? A man can imagine myself. Why can't get up? I can't get out because I got a popular paper gets hold of you. I can't say I say that I don't have that character. I would really, like wit, we'll be fine. You're way could save and quit because well before you get all live, I her yes camp, so we can in right now, but it's actually like it's a weird. It's at first it slightly. Damascus waiting in the wings like, but I've gotta wrestle with, like Europe, put some time in the thinking about its not proactively emasculating but put it, but it is
because you have a frame of reference of of male. Who did? Is your father and my father worked my mom work to Baghdad worked and is probably making them the most amendment. Four. For a period of time for sure, and I remember when my parents actually flipped where they were both working him in and my mom. I think was making more than my dad, but I think the shift time they had divorce because that would happen. Yeah yeah. I don't know if I was because of it, but I think you're, a slight aurora probably did but there's a weird thing that you got it. You know I don't have a male figured that I know and look up to. It took on this role yet so I'm in here right, I'm inventing the rule as I go in, and you know Roland around in the Bjorn and getting confidence on your chest. Ass is a different deal in its it, but I think will or Christian regularly has to go like get them out of.
Space, I'm doing in the interview like I'm the position that I only know from fifties housewives on tv work. I've gotta keep them away from mom, so she can works. I roll back. You know I go back to our in theirs in and we were just before Christmas and I have a couple of my cousins who have the traditional jerk Gabriel and in a couple, my cousins, where the guys actually taken indifferent act role. And so I think, it's generational and I think it's only gonna become increasingly generosity area, but it's definitely we don't have a role model for this, that's true and and so We say there is either the dead beat dad or the other began every other was net. So learning on the fly. The fifty fifty household responsibility thing is a it's it's a real thing yet, and I can I can when I'm in self pity mode, I can get it it's very mile. It's like this is bullshit. I should
you fucking Gulf, facing us all friends that are often we're gonna go like as a whole, and I am now going to other, but to ask permission to go fishing, and it's all so, for me, intertwined with just money like oozes occupies is huge space my brain, that's preposterous, either. One of us is making plenty enough money for a family or for short yeah. We need more. We ain't, we need, you know whatever again, I move the goalposts every fucking time. You know I mean x amount and is preposterous, and I'm only putting myself through all this, because I keep moving the goalposts gathered. I you know, having been in a family with two largely ambitious people is a constant negotiation. Doubt it in and it's it's weird. I went to it
Airbus once in every second, our relationship in like an accident. Like you tell your walk in India now I will somebody I got ass to go see if their us with some one and there was a relationship Airbus in and there was a weird thing- the therapist said life the lady. I use like listen that person that your with is your number one, and so, if they're, not ok with you doing something, then it's not ok or if their echo or in it. So is this. We eat he phrased it much better than that in so much as that, checking in making sure that their ok that you go do whatever it is. The only do is actually as important as anything that you're gonna do in vice versa. Yes, but a check in something off with somebody. It feels emasculating it in a weird way out because its, I think we're stuck with some pretty outdated conventions. Answers tough shit is yeah yeah, it's a and say you learn it in you get really comfortable with it.
New started here from high on I'm from Michigan and from a blue color area of Michigan, and I think you and I I've noticed we both have some like. We have some straw on masculinity. Things like where I grew up like if you drove a fuckin pickup truck with forty foreign, matters. You are crushing yes and ass. I really what you need to do and you need the lad do out longer aim on data left. Those were the thing if you had been in a fight in one. Yes, that was probably know. Maybe they keep fighting till you one want that. Was it yeah, so I still have not shaken a lot of my like archaic kind of masculine. You know the way I define whether I succeed him as a human still way to mass. I found that plane a hyper masculine care about, I was helps because I get it all out, like I'm a crack and a beer like he heard on this, show just really plays into like get it.
On the screen and then come home and then and then and then actually Amelia, Patsy, no one. Has dragged the modern, let's call it, but when I was driving airships, you know you in a situation where, when you're the director, you your opinion is the number one opinion. Ultimately, you're going to decide if you like that at our you're gonna decide if you like these costumes, whatever it is in our arouse editing gypsies. I took seven months. I would. Driving home from Warner brothers and I'd. Have this fucking conversation with myself every drive home, which is your gun, walk in the door- and you are not the director of this house in europe- It is not more valuable than anyone else's. That's how it is, and you better get your head straight before you walk in the door because, can be insufferable. The live with a viewer use. Do you have this persona? on the day when you come here, You got a really shift gears, yet our eye to shift gears man and the air on this on the executive precision
and when I hear opinion count when I sit in my staff meetings for my investment fund on the general partner, I'm I am mindful I'm the last line of defence for a yes or no young, an honored by everybody's yellow me now you're veto hour, I've been briefed in getting information and then making decisions based on the collective brief you know, I'm in there is a you know: collective decision making process, but at the end of the day the buck stops you can, you can veto anything Riah and so there's a we. The year is a fool blown gears and by the way my wife has the same thing like when she's on a movie said: yeah yeah, yeah, star the movie right or end. She runs her own production companies and she's running your production company she's key man number one in the production company and while there is everybody has a say she is, and so we bow both come home.
Couple alpha we're both our blowing vowels ingredients, argument where we should eat dinner and we out loud on each other and sometimes wool it'll just be or we're both so tat making decisions that we want the other person. I never do the like, where we gotta he dance, yeah, that's that's a rough that's the way. It's. What do you want to rush out? Yonder, generalised Kirk, and I liked order out of rival these all these like vestibule, you know like grow. Now we never ate out. You know: restaurants and red lobster. On a celebrated, yet I see ass, I will in fact we went to read lobster two times going up whose Bolton's my mom had left whatever stepped out. We have. If we like, go to shared out a lobster. Ass, o k we're leaving Richter up ass, an answer. Yes, I still have my head. I have like to me the
F initiative. Successes like you can t have a look at you. I still feel like that. Why would I want to address is that we can afford it. This is great, and so I funding sway. I was building furniture at our house. We we ought to do much of furniture online to build it all over the holiday, I had explained to me as I you know how you like to cook like how that's actually a thing for you enjoy doing now. I like putting stuff together so this is my this is my version of cook and you get a sit in that chair. I can eat your food additives sitting. This year, where you can hang out on this pygmies able would be super Stoa, and so we ve we had this. Like five years in like it was like a sort of like Maricopa on the like building stuff? Yes we have that, like I manage I'll, bring it up all Taiwan managing the cars. You know everything about whether that things at an oil changeover. That's on me, I gotta go an idea that once every three months are you going cook every night and endeavour to square is great, but I
I totally agree with you like two things: it was staying in hotels, their heads. Force yeah. That was a very big that was, if that was a celebration going to a restaurant or even Mcdonald, value was lagging big time, and so now any time where you can you will it moves up every time I order repeats, I think, made it I really do online early outlook and put him on an output pepperoni, I'm really worried about what that is for another one is ice cream ice cream is so in that village camp like going to dairy queen when I was a kid where the real, but you know why I bought dairy queen. Does he loved it somewhat all real out of it? I'm upset in there's no need Ray a dairy queen around here now, but I am obsessed with ice cream because that was like a privileged young Europeans, and so now I can't Ali ice cream virtually every night.
Ninety percent of stuff, I'm doing in life, is really I'm still trying to medicate. Whatever thing I want is an eight year old, you know like I've. I have all these cars because I didn't have a gdp by commence. What I really want to insist is ridiculous and and but they never going and with the way with it, without with them for handlebars spun. All the where I had a writer I'll areas now hangs on the back Arusha Madeira, yet among us me there at a super goose tat horrid. They had hutches offices horrors were so bad. I out her like white and red tape, the age they know how you know underpinning. So we get this right. Surrender Bernay, whose, on my best friends, I walk in his garage like a year ago in the garage door opens and on but enter his house, and he is a fucking brand. New chrome G t be a maximum one and I go
What is going on this spiky goes right. I know right, I saw TAT was the bike. I will, I still be wise. Sat there. I go. You gonna write. It does no! I'm like that. We just sat there staring at this, calling my like jump on the pigs and later- and you know I know say or didn't like it was the fucking shrouded terrain I could Bali like well, I'm lucky I as if it had been lit by attend. It just looks so beautiful and I thought I gotta get when I go home. I gotta order one of these bikes just stare out of my garage, not even derived enough assists the best I'd, still, I'm still not new dies with, Most toys wins. The last thing I want to ask you about is because you have kids and I have kids, it's almost like for me. It kind of you can't help but kind of go back through your own childhood, because you you have these kids in your ear. I am constantly.
Pairing like what their experiences to what mine was like, I'm always worried about Jesus Christ. They live in a house with a swimming pool their from Hollywood. What does that mean like I've heard them read my original answer, but they'll think about parents seen enlightenment time I was getting and how hard my mom worked and unavailable all these things, and I was thinking about your story and I was thinking I have to imagine, give twin brother Michael and he had an elder sister and all her sister and he medical conditions, when you were a kid and I have to imagine that that had to have taken up a ton of the time attention and resources growing up yeah, so imagine also feeling super fucking guilty. At the same time, my brother was born with mild cerebral palsy right, and so here
was always. There was always cardio my apathy, you he had a courtier mob. There were new is twelve, men had had a heart transplants and it was yeah heat. He took up a ton of energy because of that yeah in very early wishes pride before I could kind of recorded Raven and then, when he went through a when we went when he had the heart transplant, that was that was and it was right around right. After my parents got into force, and so was like it was sir. There was a re run around the same time, so that was there is definitely a ton of energy that was going his way relative to that, then I think like so it did shoe thing
How did you feel guilty that here you guys are twins and he's going through all this stuff in your not or were you just now when I was there when I want? Might I didn't know? I just had my best friend that was with me and I didn't really recognize city had any thing less than I had when I was a kid I it and then it wasn't until we started like play basketball and things again, I'm kind of always when right- and it was like this sort of litmus of you know and then a man I I I became extremely defensive of him to hackers. So he would get nervous you would enters. You entered school together right, yes, we are in the same grade the same way. I think a lot of the tunnel, and so we had like you know when he Remember, junior high, like he was like started problems with the wrong kid and the kid like him. A from after school was going to fight him, and I knew that if he fought him like
like if he didn't hit him anywhere near his chest like a blow open begun- and I was like I gotta- this kid, for you know, is a kind of now is my mentality. But there is also a m. I think the most significant thing happen is when I was twenty three or four any said to me. You know every time that you feel sorry for me. You me less and he said the only life I've ever known as this one minute. I don't make it less than than mine. Why and I was like well but, like that's just there was a huge, a massive wake up call because my whole life I realise at that moment I felt bad yeah. It felt sorry and guilty in my whole life for the fact that my brother was going through this and I wasn't yeah, and so I ate flip the switch from me relative to not just my brother, but if all these people
or maybe no to everyone right so in any like by sea, homeless, person, side of the road feeling. Sorry for that person makes them look in their life like I can have compassion and I can have care, but its very cat, compassion and carers very different, then feeling sorry Pity it well hence it is rightly likes it. Every feeling, sorry for some was it is. It is a nice way of same pity. It is yeah. I have these debates with Christian and its, and it was a weird shift in the way that I see the world an see, people and an eye in you know. At the same time always I had this like, because we are kind of lower and middle class. I had this weird growing up the site. Rich people were in some ways: evil yeah right lever, huge class. Fair, yeah Lincoln shake. I had this issue with rich people. Yeah me to answer then becoming they were the ones looking down on us yeah as if the as yet,
It was one of my fellow you felt like it was and then- and now that I have some wealth, I have did shifted a perspective. There is well where ya like I'm. Not, though I don't look down and anyone like it. It is amazing, rear wherever you know in whoever's, life is whatever it is. Whenever I think I'm better than you. It certainly has nothing to do with how much money have and in so there's this sum, there's there's a different there's, a level empathy that I think I developed as a person, because this is where my brother had in obstacles that he faced, that I didn't and now a level of respect that I have that's relative to it and in at the same time were I. I realised from a very young age from having a twin that everything in my life is to be shared minutes better
when it share, and so that was another like just functional sort of thing that are drawn from so it like. Probably you have certainly like one of the most impact will things my life and in relative to my kids. I was actually thing about this is a couple weeks ago, Psych the trauma of my brothers heartache This plan was so influential to my life, so influential that who I am as a person. I wonder what their trauma Yeah, because I was going to say I have to imagine that your desire for attention, or certainly my desire from it for attention, was middle child way over scented mother. Like I just I didn't get it I needed it. I needed it and I've been on a meaningless pursuit for attention. Her sense- and I have to imagine that you are on a similar journey. I did it junior high and people laughed and people applauded,
I had something like one like it actually looked at you uninterrupted for probably a half hour, which was We would warn like that just having the undivided attention. Just yours was like ironic rise. Yes, super drug for sure, because it didn't matter in you know sinking with sports. Playing football like having the undivided like like it was theirs. There was a power in that yeah feels good, but I agree. I think what on earth is gonna be the engine for my kids, I certainly don't worry. I get it done. Without having to come to all these conclusions, I certainly
There are a lot of years, whereas super fucked up beside him understand those things, and I certainly not want those aspects. But I do wonder what on earth is gonna motivate these two yeah and how in in? Are you going to protect them in that moment? Or are you gonna? Let them experience it, so they have an understanding of it and some coping scale, its scope and skills. You know my kids are living a really privilege life, oh yeah, unbelievably privilege life and they don't even know it and they'll never know it now, as this will be the only one that they knew well. I don't know about you, but I spent so much time worrying about oh, my god. What is going to be like for them to grow up with famous parents with people's stopping us out and about, and I became so protect above this and so off. Putting the people were out in public, as you know, and at a certain point recently edge occurred to me,
They don't know another life, they think everyone's parents are famous. This is just life on planet earth. For them they don't feel like there. The some compromises happened or what I did just they're fucking life. It's not nearly what I was fearful. It was going to be it's just a matter of fact. Yes of whenever, with our kids, we in people s this is take a picture. I we say we don't take pictures on with our kids as well. We say ten so now my letter you ass than we were now my daughter. Does nobody took pictures like there's our says that really weird is well yes, yes, you can't let you because you're, my ordinary for them is gonna, be camping. Right, like I m gonna, take them camping a lot just because I want them to be really resourceful and I want to teach them how to be resourceful because is losing know how to do when they don't have things. They know how to be resourceful then come to circumstances. My kids are not getting like big, I'm that setting up
process for them out will will end up giving our money away from me to charity into various me and act at my off road fund, and so our kids. If my kids want to start a business that- and they have a good business plan- all invest in it yeah. But I'm not there not getting trust their knocking riot. So hopefully, They'll be motivated to have what they had now. Are some version of what they had or, conversely mop what might be very liberating cause that they had all this shit. You and I covered in the media and give a shit about it. I wasn't that we had really how you have, because I think that the I dont know. Ten years I had the one bedroom carbon Santa Monica, they were great, they were a fuckin blast. I was in love, agree we had friends, everything was why I would mean, for other. Have this problem than the converse problem yet his eye- I am, I am my biggest beer in the world right now is it. You want
Rob in an age of upward the potential upward mobility and we had that that was given to us by our surroundings and I'm in I'm becoming increasingly fearful that the next generation isn't going to have the opportunity to upper mobility that we have they are based on a lot of social dynamic. So there is even in articles on article last week there was like: should you even send your kids in medical school? For because a I is going to be doing ninety percent of the medical work by the time our kids would graduate from medical school wretches crazy? Well, yeah had this. I was gonna hook my echo up to my coffee pot and then I thought of thought about this morning. I was going downstairs and I was like you now. I use a walk in. I told the echo to turn. Lights on and then it's my it's pretty fairly automated, and then I ask you to vote for my daily briefing and then I have this sort of routine with the robot.
And I was gonna. I was gonna hook the robot up to the coffee pots and then, when I walk down, I asked eternal lights on. I would, good morning and then it would just stop room. My coffee, I set up a network and and what I realise, as I've thought about doing this this morning, was what would I if I'm, not even hotspot, maize rendered yourself obsolete. I what so? What and I thought like? What would I do if I'm If I'd? If my first thing I did in the morning, wasn't making coffee like what would I do, and I think they're gonna have this? What young? Why do problem well Samaras had this guy you're, one who wrote Homo Day is an homo sapiens, fantastic books, the other so great in any. Knowing what have you had any global says that we we will very soon eighty percent of the people will be unemployed or because the useless class, because a sigh and robotics will be doing everything and people get a stipend from the government. Yes, what dilemma
that's all fine and dandy. My thought is: oh shit. Our kids are going to live through the transition to that where you have thirty percent unemployment is fine. If we have ninety percent unemployment and every being done for us and you get a stipend, but when there is thirty percent unemployment, that's like. Fuckin civil war time that our kids are going to live through. So I think seven years ago, her for the first time, a river who said it so he said in the future. People either can have jobs where they tell robots what to do or their being told what to do by flights which jobs. As someone said in its stuck with me- and I repeat it a thousand times if it's my own and I truly believe it- I don't think it's that far off, like there's a bomber,
with our Thomas vehicles a wonderful thing: we're like people to die driving a bummer because driving relate of radiation, mongers hand, histories based around driving is India, and these these jobs are gone so having raising kids that have the capacity to socially relate with others really really well and empathize, and have like all of the sort of soft skills, like just nailed. I think, is a key component to that, like just like, crushing on soft skills like all day long area and then and then and then learning how to code. So they can have a job telling a computer. I think that that's like, I think, that's kinda, like a and I ll started by those three and absurd explaining things I feel entertainers, that's what I'm holding out for gas. Yes, yes, because people a lot of spare time inside I'll need to you, gotta. You gotta have sex with someone when you going
We are also didn't you hear about things robot that you can now have sex with the river, Oh really is a robot and people can have say I love my parliament was that it would probably be much better with the hour and a half dick, then actually having sex the robot question that was at the table. This is art. Nears conversation was: is it cheating? If you have sex with a robot or is it just masturbate on yes, Masturbation Kristen, I thought you know all about about around your vizier Armenians. You have just so simply qualified, oh yeah. I could hardly get anyways. I think, you so much for coming. I have throughout the fourteen years we, on each other on a ragged, a chance to talk to people about you. I say you know,
Whatever your opinion of this guy is I've met a lot of people in my life. I don't never met someone that works harder. It's a super super admirable quality. You have, and I believe you deserve everything you have thoughts, and I love you and thank you for giving me everything I have. I love you and thank you for asking me to be one of your early guessing your show cuz. I know it's going to be ridiculously successful you gonna be your first gas, absolutely certain. So the are you gonna have to like my my really three at a time. Ok, I what you like an inaugural Ojeda like the space shuttle why then you're a bit of good lot, because you are like an inaugural twitter users, and all these other things that yearlings harbinger of good things. I was at first. Nobody really. First, to a million right, yes, yeah yeah, I don't feel like you're. Yes, he crushed it presented at the bits of it was a check and kittens
Republic asking for a fast- and I have had it like the Russians and Earl of Libya Lifelike day June. If you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica Patman point out, the many errors are strangers hurting Monica. You ve listened Ashton, I yes, and how to go pretty good. There was not a lot to fact check. That's kind of Obama yeah. I would have thought with to know what all of he stature that there would have been it's on a fax being rattled off your son.
When we speak off the record were destroying a while. Each other will Niners that are totally bogus bogus unsubstantiated. You talked a little bit about Scientology cheese perspective on drugs. Ok and I have what Scientology dot Org says about drugs Olga great men. I read it. Scientologist do use proscribed medical drugs when physically ill and also rely on the advice and treatment of medical doctors. Scientologist do not take street drugs or mine. Altering second wrote back psycho tropics. They consider drugs cause extremely damaging effects on a person physically mentally and spiritually. Specifically, the drugs decrease awareness and hinder abilities. They are a quote solution to see
other problem but ultimately proven even bigger problem, a stray from the Scientology less right now stray from the source, and I think I had claimed that they, the drugs, make an environment that you did, that's what you did and then he had mentioned some fat again. I would have to find the thing they do. They do give kids like a little book on hygiene of seeing it in. There is kind of a generalised, like you know, beak cognisant of your environment vibe share, which idea will they have a lot of people. I'm sure they have a lot of naysayers they encounter in their life, so they do have to sort of being conscious of their environment and who they're putting in watching sure sure sure right and whose this oppressive per
And asked p an aspect of friends with a ton scientologists and I'm always nervous. They're gonna label me Anne S. Peering can't be friends anymore, but that thus far it hasn't happened really well. You have to do Well, I did ask a guy who had left the church- and I said you know, am I dancing on razor blades? If I want like as I'm just curious rights will be in the car My cousin road trip with Erika Christians in whose very vocally and openly Scientologists Anna you need to start asking her like. You know. Why is it that you don't have access to all the literature or scripture like the Bible, the Bible they give any Christian here? It is there's, no, you know you don't have to obtain a certain level too now immediately yes in in and then further I was, and this is my kind of my issue with catholicism- is everyone's working off this document, the Bible and what how on earth does
the priest have more info than any one else, the only info to have as in this one book, so his duties, let the it would be as if you are in a book club in one guy new more about catcher in the rye than any one else registered by that you'll have the same book you can you did that there cannot be an authority on it as long as you can read, and I was kind of challenging bat, In doing that, I started getting nervous because I love or erika- and I certainly dont- want to step over aligning get label finesse peace. So I asked this guy who had left the church in he based He told me what brother he's right or wrong people are really run the risk of being label and ass, be our people were in the church. Then leave then start proselytizing against it can accept this would require yet another fetch me here. We are in fact
this good man endless thing right. It could be just a tax of assessing, ok, seven. You mentioned a story. You talked about a story or Danny Masterson was under the influence, while driving from my perspective mirrors may I imagine how cocktails and there we got the car. That seems pretty conclusively not really your perspective. That's just a treaty rather late you may see it differently, so then we take these are then you mentioned the statute of limitations, so I looked up with a statute of limitations. Is for don't roman criminal? Do you I offences on promoting answered the statute limitations for a misdemeanor de? Why is generally eighteen months from the date of offence? Ah and the statute of limitations for a felony DUI is generally three years from also either or either way. He is so. He declares file, you can talk about it
Oh good god? I feel powerless, morally dominating the edges, less perplexed k, and then this is in fact check. But I just wanted to say, because ashen refers to a book, the gene and a just war and to say that that's written by said, Arthur Mukanigi. Oh you right now, you ve heard him on aim here. Heresy eyes, I kind of like the godfather of of of cancer research, apparently yeah oh. I wish I would have realised that we are talking means we lost. I heard said Arthur talk quite extensively on that topic. Yeah exactly say is wonderful, like his went by.
The same principle did a little reading. I looks good yeah an interesting if you ve written a book, that's good enough to get you invited on SAM Harris's, podcast you're, probably right here, you're saying something pretty smart, yeah, probably ok, and then you mentioned you talked about Tom Arnold, having dating in his late life, having a super yes and so on. To clarify what that wasn't history, but had no. Why keep Hap machine she pap see? Pat, oh and I'm saying ass, he passed. I wondered if you were saying that if I've got it wrong, we wanted. You know me know four years, I am mispronounced almost everything we do, no ma am and early good diction. So, as this Bell Bell, almost she says every word almost exactly as intended in Webster Dictionary MA am
But this is retreats sleep. Albania right, yes, aim at yeah, yeah trees leave well yeah. It's this it's to treat sleep app NEA and it stands for content was positive, airway pressure and provides some. And it's a cumbersome unit, because my father had one is large videos, I'm sure they're getting smaller, edging already allowed its loud. And if you a man of means and can afford that the nice, the rolls Royce of sea- perhaps they have ones that also put more you're in there they're gonna like a Humida fires of immense, yet another our energy and holding tank and all that stuff you young, what would be your reaction? If you hooked up with a guy, and then you invited him to spend the night and then he said, let me describe some much
and then he brought him. Would you find it in theory? I let you because you're good person, I'm ok, they yeah. I would find that Cuba is pretty cute we're pretty vulnerable Merom smiled I wear out anyway, I am I sleep of. I would there's that breathing. In my sleep on our first date than bring my c pap machina or maybe you just don't sleep at night- he's just as it is now. My staring at her that would be the first there were missing here. Ok, what is so as also talked about the happiest. Beyond on the black book, discuss the five asses and no one could remember the last. I tried again now we're not there lay them all. I find it an ok, sucking swaddling Swain
machine and sucking swaddling, Swain Sheen forgotten. I wanted to get model side, stomach position. Oh that's! The missing one were delivered over fishing swinging sacking other Niner; no, they are not and how many more also could be applied on a first date, Harvey carbon in the end after hurricane Ok, then I wanted to talk a little bit about the hare procedure that you and ashen. Both great round a little information that we don't Even I asked that doctor what the fuck are you in injecting into my scalp, I'm. He wouldn't tell me you're the proprietary situation he didn't want to seek reserve to be known. Does I think you about it?
chicken, eggs serum on the pod cast me. I don't know you tell me so either question when you do they draw your blood. No, so this be an advanced version that I had a how hooks again. I think it is pretty clear. I think it was probably hopeless photos. This is a real thing. I found a lot of information on it. Actually, it's called M p r, p, platelet, rich plasma, Does this outright that sounds way more high tech than was it. Maybe guy was everything's evolved since maybe early adopt? Oh maybe, but it's a stealth stem cell treatment oh really, yeah. Now I'm excited that I should look into back that sounds Lodge ere they draw blood has been as they put it there, a centrifuge supper. Creation process, and then you get this plan
now, and then they apply that plasma to the scope, and yet they use like I appear p, is that we said yes, so I have had that on my wrist that any person on your Ricky glass means a big proponent of it for his knees from play, basketball he recommended him. I mean beneficial for my wrist because my arthritis- and it wasn't for me, which is not say it wouldn't be for you yeah Pierre feasting, and did they staff? Did it sad? basic alone machine. They drew launch a blood and then yeah they they put it in the centre of huge in marriage ass. We had plasma and then he also put some stem cells in there to that guy. And am yet and then just kind of this. Great at all over my joint, you know you are we made it into a pay?
none of it. It was, and it was in a serene dialogue, but it was far less than one. I had donated blood wise and then he got into those joints with a very long needle images. To me, haphazard least skirting that plasma and join in what was happening, as I know well made and then turns out? I'm just generally a little sceptical. I will try everything, but I am sceptical on doing it got it anyway. That's, I think what was happening you, it wasn't, because I didn't, I never gave blood or maybe there's something else. They didn't knifing one and tat. I was well if they use blood, he was probably like, like voters dial, cutting the chickens neck in the back and see? This is where the chicken chicken idea comes from now on
you mentioned that you read an article that said that talked about how will we don't even really need to send kids to medical school, oh yeah, yeah, and was that in the New York Times I found an article. That was that exact thing and I think maybe it that no it was it was in. It was in ovals book, Harmodius the guy who runaway now you talked about that. But then you said you also read an article recently that had mentioned lake wish it. We don't even need to really send our kids a medical school. More because, like bright eyes, gave a new normal diagnostic workin stuff you did well. Is that either There is a reference in the article but the psychiatrist, but that was in something us anyway, Maybe that's why I don't remember reading article. I think it's really from reading Homo day us that I have that. Ok,
colleagues about big blue, not big blue, the new IBM computer, that's replaced, big blue has acute name, you know, I'm talking about well, IBM, scatter, a computer that has acute name, and there is even a sixty minutes on this. They they gave it to these on colleges and they started going through all these files and very rapid fashion. And then the computer started spitting out diagnoses, ok, This'Ll be totally off, but it was like eighty percent. Let's just say I got an innate. They said that the rate of accuracy of oncologists is fifty percent, so already the the cadmium computer is vastly more darned article. You found says: yeah, it's it's couple, robots take our children's jobs and its business. Times it's by a man named Alex Williams, who suspiciously married to this blogger that follow
and it's interesting because I only knew their eyes had a real article and he mentions his kids names at the top of article ok and then I just put two and two together that that is those he must be married to this woman who's. The woman plugin called cup of Joe is? Is the boy is earning in her new job? Ok right, yeah ends, but I got kind of weird it out when that happened, because it only out. I just put all this information. I know about these people and I read the early really, but it's like there's a weird thing: there's a way a little bit of lawyers, yeah yeah I feel like. I know too much about something I shouldn't now right anyway, that made me feel really is a medical was one of the top ones that yeah it says you know people want to make. You know, encourage their kids become radiologists, it's a very good job in a lot of money. Doing that way, is it Arthur
Greece is the robot. You were talking now open as a very and Anna morph eyes, name that there I work in a more and Andrew and throw more Pfizer, yeah Psych Hayley yeah Gale yeah Mikey, mainly the new. I am super completely clear. I once knew that super, but the others a start up cod arteries, which is just one example that has a program that can do others MRI in fifteen. Second, compared to forty five minutes at a human takes, so in same with surgeons, and they know it's yeah, it's just saying: yes, jobs are gonna become obsolete, obsolete, so don't please don't send you Watson's its name. One factor that amendment entreated yeah. What's in its cue right guy, I'm assuming that's a rough to the relevant allotted there. Let info
What else do we have a guy? If so, then you also said you ve all her eyes book. By the way, as I am explore, deeper into Watson, it's not named after Watson, from from whatever we decide, Angela COM its named after I beams First CEO industrialist Thomas J Watson and enough, well knows gonna, say maybe he was named him whenever a last name I'll get continues. I really do railed you're. The sun is cute. It certainly not now even her eyes book. Oh yeah, you called it homo sapiens in the book is just caught. Sapient! Oh, ok, good! That's great! when people my one order, it's a great but very good, he's also on same has his podcasting
we're here really you're to promote, say we are or were were trying to do the layman's virgin how, but that episode is called reality and the imagination you and interested oh yeah under heading over to SAM Harris's fascinating, yeah, yeah, socially, when he gets into what we will do in the future, when ninety percent of the population is unemployed, correct. That part was really fascinating. Ok last thing: yet you guys discussed robots set oh intercourse with robots- and I found some information over some interesting information is gonna. Read this ok, ok from NBC News does Unabridged
you have done any am and he added a lousy, unrestrained again, no paraphrase nope. Ok, it says ill be awhile before these robots really look or act like people, but the sex toy industry worth billions of dollars globally is primed for penetration by robots. One of the early entries into this market is an animatronic head name harmony. Another interesting cute name, that's infused with artificial intelligence. To give it up personality and the ability to learn about its human partner. No boy harmony will connect the silicone body of a real doll alive, size textile, that's been around for twenty years. A flush bought her the first sex arise, won't be able to caress, won't, be able to caress crap or thrust against their human lovers, but more intelligent, more mobile and more realistic. Robots will soon become available. Let me just say that when those things are available nor affordable, I will one hundred percent. Do it
mostly to see its confirm. Suspicion that I'm really only interested in sex in so far as ah then, I'm being desired. I think that's, big appeal. May an aim is clearly when you read these sexual harassment details that some guys are getting often much different thing. How am yet step right, yeah but I am only in it for like approval, Yan desirability, so I'm just trying to imagine if it would be ego inflating to have a rough sire. You yeah he s very, like a like my laptop liked me at times. When I open it up, it was I thank God. You're back, I don't feel like. I don't know you I don't know, I guess you haven't, they could if they could perfect that that the interface in a I'm in a way that it was genetically unbelievably telling you things like you're? The best
Without his, then, I think it would be pretty exciting I wonder, and I am very row, people having sex with robots even when there are married monogamous, even if, even if these robots, like now you do not absolutely even stand up here. If Christian had a robot that she thought you know a few times a week she enjoyed there. I just can't imagine seen that differently than her getting a deep tissue, massage she like bought by what, if she enjoyed the company of this robot, so much that she was like I'm not gonna Watch the movie the night with you cause, I'm just gonna go into the other matter, awhile with her. Well that ends well and I am really very easy answer that if this thing starts taking away from my needs, then that's an issue. Yeah yeah but the uniting all these things. All these jealousy issues we are avoiding what the real
The real question is: is our my needs being met or not? There are pretty much the only thing, you're entitled to ask for an hour I also have my needs or mean Matt and she's been quietly without me, knowing fucking this robot six times a week. I who gives a shit, I don't care yeah, I agree, but I just mean if they get me, are more intelligent. They may become more and more design only honour yeah. Ok, then, that than the much bigger issue here in my gonna keep her from being super half for a father. That's what she wants, we'll see, I'll say next episode or there will be an will. Thank you. Monica correctly me you up and look forward to the next lashing.
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