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2019-08-26 | 🔗

Beanie Feldstein (Neighbors 2, Lady Bird, Booksmart) is an American actress. Beanie sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up in LA but always feeling like a New Yorker. She talks about her experience falling in love and the merit of summer camp. Beanie recalls her first night on Broadway and Dax needs to revisit his stance on Barbra Streisand. The two discuss differing confidence levels between siblings and Beanie claims to be an avid Armcherry.

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We all know that we to armchair expert, I'm heck and joined by any nominated NAM and many Andy is my I would be a friend today. We have been fed steam She is an incredibly talented actress. She was in neighbors, two are already rising late. Now in the very celebrated book: Smart, Jess as number one movie the year. She also also a real real standout in the Broadway production of hello Dolly and she is a how to build a girl, she's fantastic. Beanie Feldstein. We lover so a real arm cherry, which is always the best kind of guest. It was the first thing I run on my fact check at the top I loved Yes, it's almost impossible not to love. We hope you feel the same way to please enjoy Benfield Feldstein we are supported by gags. That's a g k k there
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do you have seen much wiser. It shows that it shows, but for me it's particularly painful because that's a year ago agreed at high school. So you know just thinking that you got brought home from the hospital. The day IRAN celebrate its a little rough. For me, June, so, Acertain certainly was planning the rest of my life right as your parents were contemplating. What your life would be like can do an interesting birth order, dynamic and mine is similar, but not as severe. My brother is five years older than me, and then my sister is six, and if years younger than me so between them is a gap of eleven and a half years and between you and Jordan sixteen years effigy, hear the youngest and the youngest Jonas years older than her brother, Jordan was sixteen years old that kid, See and I
so I was mom Super young with Jordan and Ishow you well well with with him. She was twenty two and she had handsome thirty eight. When she had I got a big got, a boo, really Ike. Really I dont want to get you to Rudi dont know early, but youll find that I lead you many times into giving me number. So I can add yeah. The whole thing was a trap that whole age, the it wasnt I was actually trying to imagine how old your mother might have been when she had you, but there are thirty eight. That religion that so normal. But three. That was on the older side. The is a lot of my friends. Have parents around that exact age, I think that was just sort of becoming the time ran I think its an la thing versus a Michigan thing like at least where im from people got after right out of the gate. It's a miracle. I dont have a twenty. Six year old myself.
But I did find when I moved here. People like all they wait a little longer to get married. They certainly wait longer huh, kids and so may be a little more normal. I was just at my friend and she was like I'm twenty night, I got married a bit child brought about it as it that's definitely more. Recent and coastal thing for sure yeah, and I remembered like mean- maybe sixteen my mom took me to Germany for the first time and we learned there that, like people live with their parents into their thirties and we so Bazar yeah and now it seems to be a little more normal here I feeling this is a little bit of a direction. Weve gone agreed, you in LOS angels, which for me having been from Detroit in looking at this place in watching Beverly Hills, nine matching everyone. I have a fantasy of what it was like to grow up in less and then even bounding, the fact your parents were actually in this industry in way yeah encircling the outskirts of it tangent, yeah yeah, tell me what
mom to my mom was train it. If I t in New York as a cost him his honour it over to a fashion instituted nolonger an exclusive, very at the time. I don't think really, but so she went to American University for Uriel cant, be a class of this log and then transfer defiant. It was a two year to greet that plant. I think it's now two or four and she trained as a costum designer she's, a remarkably creative and like a force of nature if she walked in the room like every single person in a crowded restaurant would like, like. MAX factor, one hundred percent. And more. Why Cyborg Button Lyman, only one of them and the moon five gentlemen would exactly ass. The boys requested it works and is therefore called the button there are, but there should be there the were making it
itchy as a cost designer she did like a few sick on Mostly, they come her biggest thing, Judis taxi. When I, Richard Richie, my parents met at summer camp and my mom was third he holds was well okay, we're still all under eighteen, retinoid specially in this. I knew when you like forty and forty four, you don't blink, but thirteen and seventeen has like a different connotation, but we have best friends who they met up that yeah. They like each other of that and they are now married for many years. I did so you know whom I desirei know my parents made for forty three years. There fill Marie and I. Seen right, and this was one jewish away camp, not specifically jewish billing. General. All summer camps are vaguely jewish
right and I dont think people who are not around a lot. Jewish people necessarily understand this, but jewish folks love sending their kids to camp. I looked into it. I know a little bit about why this happened. It why are they all? As I said, vaguely jewish like you, don't have to play or anything, but I sabot on Friday. Should you want to go and it's because when we moved to the states as a people, we were crime. In ten minutes. Lorie said we were crammed and they wanted their kids to experience the outdoors and have space and also get them out of their small space, and so they created these can so probably started as a New York tradition. Yes, I think that now the beauty of it to me seems at least like I think we had Zac Braff on and he was saying that camp saved his life, like I stated,
because we want the same. What problems linked to feed our camp that he was talking about? It must be safe, but he was saying in general school he was fine whatever, but he would go to this camp and he was got him John Travolta, this camp and you like, That's really nice relaying result of Europe. Under present, I went to both like a quote normal camp when they got Camphire and the lake, and then I went to stages in it's in upstate, New York, okay and its a beautiful performing arts, mostly theater camp. It was wonderful, but I loved. I really love like just normal sports singing it can tell in what age did you start going because One thing for me to tell my daughters like at your going away. Also I go like he on three thousand miles away for a Two, my parents are such new Yorkers, specifically my mom that I grew up here, but I don't feel like an la person- okay,
I felt like we were very much east coast people. We were always looking to go back, eats like we would go EAST for holidays in all summer. Basically, okay, so when you would go away to can't what age where one is a star starting at TAT, I just turned over ten years old and do mom and dad then go to while you're there to do their own thing. Whatever weird stuff they get to one Bradley parents is that every, I mean it still happens. It happen like a week ago when their alone together and then, when I meet them after they've been together for a long time and they start to fight little bit. My mom always be like we were perfect hold tight now coursework lady get ready. This happens every year, like literally since I was tat. It was like when you were way. We were perfectly balanced point. My side like, oh, my god, I dont believe. That you were perfect, and I do that as a parent. I believe her because you are in a relationship. Yes, okay, I so you have to compromise a bit but a lot of things.
Get down the road theres, no reason for you to deal with this today right, you can be patient, but when you have kids, you have to set a course of action today that you will have to agree on in its very fucking stressful cause, you're different people and you design. You should be raised different ways that makes perfect sense, you'll. Think after like forty two years, they would just like. Oh up like sometimes its hard, but it's always like clinging to that. We were perfect when you weren't here and I like to this- is about me. It also was changing what I around. It also scares because their jobs been over for eight years and yet still may be causing that con flor compromise. So it literally just happened. They went on a cruise together and then my girlfriend ice on them like the day they back and they like they d, you think you re sign. It only seems like I'm in the car after my parents picked me up from care. But now im. Currently, twenty six and I was like having so many flashbacks to that- has that conversation? So if you wonder the camp at ten,
but you don't even on tv at nine right, your ABC sick com for one may not give our fight. If I could have been just walk in the background of a scene of something old been bad for it. Looking back, it was half a day. My dad took me, just singing and I always sang growing up and I was in a ton of musical, so I dont even think I fully understood that it was going to be on tv. It was my wife and kids, and the set up was that the parents were directing the school play and so was all the auditions for the school play. So I was just in like oh darling and risk laudatory M singing which felt norm very normal, dear old pal beans? I will end here. I am about hundreds on your little fish and wore a level you go up and you stand in the centre. There was no like acting. There was no skin on your mark. There was no here is where the cameras don't look at the camera. It was just stand and saying how did that come about you, useno
A at my elementary school wrote on my wife and kids. Ok and Janis are, unbelievable, like a pioneer she has is polio and is a woman. It was like in writers, writer, Emson, the seventies and eighties and just like a total pat a unbelievable woman who was waiting for my waking kids at the time, and they had this whole set up of all the kids on the hating. In this, like the has to say, because she had seen you may be no. Teenie old fence, so it was more just like that. You want to do this not like you were pursuing this on any level. No okay, my parents kind of kept me away from it. Yeah, they did a bad job. Can I just say: six percent of you ended up on film, did mom costume find like the ladys early nineties, not when I was really growing up and then she did personal sailing, like a renaissance woman every three four or five years she's like I'm done, I can't do it anymore.
And it is on something else good for her. Is she the romantic and passionate one in It is your dad will. Obviously you did an account yes he's like deeply pragmatic, here is an Ap we both know that, and now he's really he's examined. It he's a norm cores of our main nephews when they re little, usually pull their pajamas all the way to their shoulders and be like great bugger up our group. It is ok electing a little on Mr Potato, my glasses in, but the money he began to be him is Square is that endeavor is accounting. He did end up and maybe the coolest dynamic. You could end up as an accountant. He wasn't he the tour, captain for guns and roses near so funny gives. This is always written on. True, my dad is a completely self made
One came from nothing. He had a bit of a traumatic child that he lost his dad very young and his mommie uprooted him n his brother to LA and he's a true self made human being and all of that is true, but it just so funny when you know him because there's no creative decision king involved in like doing someone's taxes is other. Yes like HU and Chinnery. Creative parents and were like a I mean, like my dad started, him mostly music clients, and then now he has actors and other people as well, but it started off primarily as music. Does he manage you and Jonas? She does and I have to pay him and what I think I was like honestly. I'm doing well. If you're making me pay you out like that is ok, I thought, as a sign of respect for that. You like well it's time but he does hate
Let me just say this: I have a business manager im ashamed to admit that I feel like that's a failing. I myself that I should be a gene, all my finances, but I'm not about four years ago really good friend of Monica is Houston Estes down in Nashville He said up to half now you are old at this business manager years and was on I never have he's like a inner. Do you think that bending. You know or pray free. Money was going check and see. If it's there that's a bad. But Ingram just going, so they want to say it with that it was not accurate. How does you toi cant do and is very specific- is a very charismatic person, yeah anyways. I was enthralled okay, so I got home. I got really insecure about this and I got to do this im being trusted by christen to be managing all over. So I called my guy I love him. I called him to go hey. I dont want to make this awkward between us, but I've decided I'd like to audit you and he goes oh no problem. It all comes
Everything is on the up and I feel great. I call Howard on my k just one you know the whole things over. I said just out of curiosity how many people at at you and he said well, I doing this for twenty years and you're the first. That both as a lot about us actors- and I don't know it just like that- I'm the one guy is playing in the same way as somehow it is very well. You can write so you might have presenting a big online for free. I all are we wearing the same now college color, but as close as the very varied was bare, I close as you were talking, I don't know where Monica ends and meaning, but you know I love I was excited. I was like this. It's gonna be a match me very blurry around him, but he was
guns and roses manager, so that is kind of like a feather in your cap of cool factor. I can I meet again. I wasn't born so many family stories in my house start with before you were born x Y see, so I can't really speak to the specificity of that model you to talk out of school to you ever personally said dad. What was AL rose? re, having specifically with Axelrod the should I have with some other people, Atwood Oden I wonder ethically like where the line is. I want to feel a psychiatrist. The stars in my on mental well being if I this tell you. I think I think we should re shabby you wouldn't, but I will tell you right here. I would say if there is a line, my dad Mount cross It- and I am very much the same way like deeply afraid of authority allages men me like every minute of every day.
So were you a rule follower growing up? Yes, the degree interest yeah okay, so my wife is very much a rule for one of our loves the rules. If the older man ass old order again now, which weird we can't really transposed. Do you many of these dynamics that would happen like baby the family, mental to all kind of stuff, raising app is so big, it's sort of like a mixture of an only child and the youngest level alone, with my parents, as we now have taken that it was like an only child with siblings, rising and- its safe to assume, because I have heard Jon BO in real life. He loves you so much, but I am a it. We love the podcast and we come, but all the time very faded, its just the truth. But when he speaks about you on Howard Stern, it's like you dont want everyone,
sit down, cuz you're, going to hear how wonderful meeting for the next twelve minutes like it's about. This is the only time Howard can't steer it. It's like to know you're going to hear about how much I love my sister. What age did you guys have a connection like that, When I was fourteen, he realized. I was a person, recount then you're, just sort of like this bumbling little thing and an extension of him. His sister right in relation to him yeah, and I think I, like fourteen fifteen with finsih school. He was like the age. I am now twenty four twenty and he was like. Oh tease her and cheese. Okay, and can I ask, was that you guys had a conversation where he is await the lights on inside this person, or did he watch you performing? So all this person special was there an event that triggered it I was always trying to be like hey it's on, he was just on his own past
sure- I do remember one- I think it was like eleven and I was a Jonah doyou, think avenues like six no and I was you so somewhere I like I think it was more just the little sister thing, You carry that around with you, but then I was like in high school and I got, his friends and his like friends of starch like ask me them life and that sort of opened up you kind of needed, sometimes to see someone through someone elses lands hundred percent. I also he was twenty four twenty five, twenty six when you they care so much about like all that stuff that you care, more about your adolescence are like your early teens. He was much more settled and he was like come here, and this is the best is like I love you so much. It's almost like a sharp turn. I was at being reunited with a sub
the great way to put it like I got found out. I have a sister and I went him lunch with Zurich and she so onesided so delighted to know I have his first tensile knock on the door one day a it is challenging. Using your siblings as human beings that are special and unique, jority definitely like when I was younger. He always loved kids, and so he was like so excited that I was around. He was like sixteen seventeen and he very much, with my mom and helping her a lot ur, but Jonas come Briatore on like really truly so they think it took him a little word diet to come around now. Do you think you have any little? sister syndromes, and I can only compare this to my own situation, which is, I often feel bad, that she grew up in a house where I was older and so by default. What I did was kind of cool but what I did was very masculine and male and fighting and dirt bikes and all the stuff
I just wonder what the impact that has a little female and how they are the only thing I can think of that country. And like I really am struggling to catch up on, like my movie and take and Joe, such a cinephile, and he is like an encyclopedia of knowledge about film and, to this day out, he'll be like you haven't seen that Like no and I like you a lot like big t, shame of like he's so corn. He knows everything and I might pathetic, and I know nothing rides. That's the only time I it now, although you and if I would mean a new Yorker, very much grew up here. You went to school here and I would have prior to talking to ban plan your best buddy. I know we had to close on one after the other, how Kismet he s two perfect beyond excited many attack oreland, so ive already been erected on this. So can you make the same point, but I had an idea of what Harvard West, like is.
I imagine I'd, go there and feel less than everyone else, and people would have famous parents and people would be billionaires and all that to me I just feel like I would have been very I'm feeling less than quite often Ben did not have that experience. He love that place. You feel the same I loved it so much but academically, I definitely felt less than ok, I loved academics in elementary school, and I applied Turbo S like for seventh grade, and at that point I was like superent of one thousand one hundred and twelve, I'm like super and academics. Lamentably, school off her and my brothers are gone to cross roads, but I was much will prove a traditional s and I was like I would like english industry to be separate subjects. I would like to say the desk. I would like to call my teacher, but their last name, I kind of wanted that our rule of law are exactly. I needed more rules because my element school was so beautiful but very loose and progressive, and I think I kind of craved somewhere structure, but then it got incredibly differ
well academically, which is what I anticipated, but I couldn't quite keep up at the level I expected to keep up it wasn't that I couldn't keep up, but I thought I was a street a person you are in the top ten percent, not at all right floors. Ben was no wonder. You getting spoke. So I struggled high school academically. Socially, I loved it, and our group of friends is like the most special wonderful remarkable group of people and are still our best friends to this day. So, socially, I was great but academically. I really had big ups and downs. Like some years. I really tried and other years. I was too afraid to try, because I was like If I try and fail that will hurt me so much more. As all my senses, exceeding it like such a high level brilliant human beings. And then something clicked like
for Jim, you you're, thank God, that's like when it in a really straddling yeah exactly and I sort of which is like alright, I'm gonna start trying and I didn't do perfect, but I definitely did much better, but then it wasn't until I got to college that I read we found myself academically. I was listening to you in college on MARC Maron, and you were talking about that. You are Antropologia major and I was so excited because I was a major in college, and I any other like actor performer person that had gone down pat your academic lends it got so cool he. So you went to was well well. Why? When was Lee Wells, these are girls wisely. In is coloured. Ok, you already obviously had a great interest in acting and singing in Broadway, and all that, So why not major in that yeah its a good question
visited, so many schools that were like Bfa programs to study musical theater, and then I visited a lot of like smaller art schools. More generally, just study whatever you want and I want to see from an arm for so many years and I did like five musicals a year growing up, and I think I was just like. I love Patti Lupone, but I can't talk about her everything damn I live for the next four years, like Patty Loophole she's like a Broadway gray, early Brenda Peters are blue ever yet, nor I love them so much, but I need a break from musical theater. I think to find my way back to my brain needs. A break from this. I think in ordered to do better at it. I don't know I just fell academically. I didn't want to be there wanted to perform that, but I didn't want to study in an institutional class I'm setting that didn't feel right to me. I was like I'd rather just go on. Academics.
Something so different and then hold performing a sort of like its own bring them together. We myself that I didn't want a bullshit degree. That was my thing. I'm leaving a four years to this, I'm already at the groundlings, like I'm already do like to me, felt like a cheat like I needed to get something more I've told myself that forever, but I do think now when you're talking about it. I actually maybe also was fearful that I would have had a major in acting like theatrical act, and I never saw myself is doing that- and I don't imagine- I would have been good at it, and so maybe I was also just afraid to major in that. Oh, but you are grateful ultimately right that you may or do what you did very grateful. I think my upbringing was so beautiful, but also very much within a bubble, and I sort of see Wesleyan and the Scioto Department came as and is like. Poped bubble. It was just like situato within the larger scope,
whats going on and think critically about it right. For years and it just what's my mind open, I felt so much more engaged with. World around me investing in, was going on, and it just told me this thing critically and analytical in a way that I just hadn't been asked to in high school. I don't know it just really open, a difference to me that I didnt see coming like. I could have told you in sociology, as in I came to like, I think it gave me a broader view of humans on planet earth that I couldnt have got into my own? I just was going through life assuming like this is how it is. It's always been this way. So I really am in question anything and then going like unknown. Over a hundred fifty thousand years, we ve only been in libyan civilizations for ten thousand of those years. That's interesting also there's a new experiment. Oh look! How many attempts we thrown out like war? Not there, get thinking about where we should go. That's interesting, don't assume all this stuff we inherited is worth defending
perpetuating, and I was just like oh wow yeah. This is a new thing and worth figuring out, I don't remember, falling love with her, because I was young when it happens like three or four, so it felt like finding a passion for the first time. Since I was a kid it felt like a the feeling of falling in love with something were finding something you, I know that you would ever be interested in or didn't know existed like you were, and, just being so in some of the most fascinating studies still and when we listen Monica and I consume a lot of podcasts in we love when they are sociologists, because they did the most interesting experiments right and love that we I was to do a lot of Tanya L of it. It was a lot of like postulating. And analyzing, but sometimes the conclusions were
I searched for conclusion may like hold off. Let's keep taking this little bit like the same professional, neither party which is like we're just observing and we really can't say and hold unknown. We venture. We should gather all this information to make some decision going forward and suddenly you gimme some path to go as yes. How do I apply this knowledge? I have now so much town that I grew up in poor people and then, like middle class people tops. I have to imagine that the gap between the lowest and the biggest as may be a factor of five, but I have to imagine that cool there were some people that literally their families had like one hundred and fifty time, as much money as other students, families will you wear of any of that? Did it bother? You did make you and secure, or any of that I dont think I thought about it, high school. The way once I got to Wesleyan, I looked back and I was like lot going on that I just sort of missed, which is embarrassing to admit? Think it's great you set it
Why would you be thinking anything that your normal as I go through life now, I think much more critically or I try to observe much working leave out things like that, because I think I'm trying to like make up for being, private, that I missed it in, but looking back there is such a an insane level privilege at that school that I didn't. Even you don't mean like the scope of it. When you come out from her specs vacation, some people took their jet to. Bread at a restaurant or whatever their own island, I presume so Ireland. They have an island, but you never felt triggered by no. I didnt know because I think, when I started so young. There is like twelve and thinking back. How could I go over people's houses, and not? This
different Manila baby. This is perhaps different than right. Now, that's a licked inside. I think you should see a friend and you just see their mom and dad he's naive answer. I think it's wonderful! im very happy to hear that it didnt have a effect where you were like only God, even though years were doing fine going like a more poor, but I also think how privileged to to have had that. Do you have to be a certain level of privilege to be blind to other people insane Good, and so I have to acknowledge that yeah. I do know stay tuned for more armor expert. The Monika. I have come up with a new theme song for one of our sponsors, are brought to you by brewer group, RO, RO linen out now about that that doesn't sound like would it which is luxurious, ok, ornament! We are supported by brute
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Remember, new middle name is hell odors, looking young by boat for no reason my mom dislike, like the sound of it like it's not like a family name, and it just like it sounded gray kind of He degrees such amazing verses, so crazy, the wife she is a in new like. I named him, knowing that looks at a day you gonna leave. It am I put, is that even me explain that to me yeah, Jonah Hill just sounds so good. I think it was like I'll just do that. Yes, So my sister is also an actor, and I think that it's a bird and that her brother at at so I just wonder wonder- is in your hands like a grand I'm gonna pursue. There's no one's gonna go of course, he's doing, because our brothers famous now an honest answer. We think it's because from age of three I was like musical theater, just put on blinders, and so, as I chandos movies,
not my lan im in this lane, and I also was like such a brat kid nasi can do this considered. My like, you know, theater in, like a playground, train collectively, you are on ABC nine? Before I was acting professionally? you been doing it longer the men as well. That was a brief stint away from MIKE communicate in Santa Monica it blinders on with theater that I think genuinely didn't see that as a source of tension or competition or anything this was like proud and surprised and excited and. And then just sort of was so in awe like what he was doing and excited for him yeah? Well, that's the healthiest response, whenever you talk, you will probably end up talking about your brother at some point. It's just inherently interesting and I
I could see myself having a chip on my shoulder about that. Like yeah. I know he is my further. We have everyone make me rate, I would have it with Kristin when Chris and I would first very publicly dating- I would go on a talk, show and the weight would be about her and, I think, as is a conduit to talk about her. It wasn't for years. I noticed that you do the same thing to hurt these don't know what the fuck else to talk about. Here's, a layout of when you started getting attention of your own in his name, is always brought up when you're talking about your own accomplishment. The fact that you still proof that is very admirable and I envy it. I wish I could start there. I would id Donielle. This podcast and I ve been bring, makes I'm a ruler. My baby, I got it is a rule here. Are you know, but I I love him so much, and I'm so out of him and I
never thought I would do movies over that discovery and loving that so much has been nothing but like this great gift I feel like, when given completely on expectant you is it theater in think about how different they are like, always on time, musicals and my first Broadway in my only production, a hellhole to like film, making like theyre too old, pletely different, be its like. You see, but are you an opera singer or you rock or country singer, like they're, completely different things, and I was like I'm opera he's country It is like over. No. I see that for sure, because I am great lover of movies and I have a very hard time getting through life productions. I can
he's the same, why can't buy in the way everyone else's I'm leaving a thirty year old, acting like a child and for drive me not any like? Why are you singing like leaves me? Why they are either singing like development fixed? I have asked my wife's so many times like learning that you increasing just me, and so I feel like Larry David when he says he going to the beach, because all he does is look around like what is the experience. Everyone else is getting that, I'm not so you graduate in two thousand, and then do you immediately start pursuing getting into a Broadway show on my freshman, your college, agent on the east coast from like when I was a kid, but my parents are very much like. We only really want you to do theater because in some world where you get on a show at like twelve and you lose all of your high school experience and you love school and just following what we see I knew, which is that you belong in school right, and so they were like just theater and every part
but I had this childrens agent on the EAST coast, and so when I went to island they will like come audition in New York. Whenever you can- and I was going back sort- and I remember I called my one day and was just like crying and I was like, I feel like I'm auditions and my papers aren't good. When I get back- school- doing the reading I feel behind at school and I feel like I suck at these auditions I'm caught between two, I'm not succeeding at either of them. So I sort of very purposely was like just focus on college. Just do college try to invest yourself in it and acting can hold off because you've chosen to be here it such like an honor and a privilege to get to go to a school like that and focused right, but my senior year, everyone studying for the Mcat, are taking job offers go in London of using all the stuff. Now that I have to kind of get my head back game right, so I took an acting class before senior year. Then I started auditioning much more and I did a few
things during my senior year plus show I did one line on or just the new black Alltech s who are fine, and then I did this pilot that never got picked up, which isn't saying- and I can because I want have like four lines on it. So as objective as online can be having seen it sure but Guana did this pilot- that Ginge Cohen and Bruce Miller, who did the handmade tail created a boy. Why was the star and it was about the Salem witches and it was so unbelievably cool and it has an amazing, cast that Karen Gillan and Edin all these amazing people, and I was like a small gas on it, but it fell within my spring. Break. Is my spring break of my senior year college. I was in Boston. Doing that which is very, and then when I graduated, I started auditioning and then I got neighbors to within like two months of graduating
were casting it out of LA and I flew to LA to audition, because I was like this on. A tape does add Linotype like this is so improvised. If I make like this weird static tape from like this, is me being funny for three minutes in front of like my bedroom door, this doesnt work resist being in the room in them. Throwing some now shown your live on yeah exactly as of now, so I was then I came down way and then I was nanny Ing and I just put the one you're old, that I was taking care of to sleep and I got the call in their like why're you whispering you're being so. We're knows I she just went to see, don't care what you have if she makes this could work. Safe thing is to lick whisper in Atlanta, like August of twenty fifteen crazy yeah. I know it's insane. Yes
in your hilarious in that movie, that is unfortunately the one thing I've seen you in. I don't know why. I didn't see. Lady bird I'm supposed to everyone told me to everyone loves. It is a criminal offense. I haven't yet I'm going to I promise im going to blame, having little kids blame away. Okay, but Dela no case crescent seen it, but I was Yes, I am now out of town and you guys watch a relgion sit by myself. Tell you guys I cant watch tv because I got to catch up on this thing. I'm gonna. Do it all right? I make out pledge so this lady follow neighbors to immediately. Yes, I did Whitney coming tracking the movie called the female brain when I played her assistant. So did that in like four days before I did lady bird, but Lady bird was pretty much the next, then how do you get aeration? I was the only person I think cast that audition Greta had seen everyone else or knew everyone else from their work, and I went in an audition for her.
And she read lady burden. I read my characters, her best friend Julie and I Remember, I left skipping. I just was like. I just genuinely did all I could possibly do in front of someone. I love so much and I love the script more than I've ever loved anything like a musical and it was like, I felt it so Anyone so deep, I just was like I did it. I left. Then I ran into my friend from Wesleyan on the street and we have lunch, this onelike MAGIC day, and I was like something good- is go it. I try not think about it too much and then two weeks and by and then I found out this very nice ride so far because our first movie here it opens its againand. Then you get straight into ladybird and I just a panic that I was saying I you should know. See
endpoint- to then be in ladybird, and then Lady bigots nominated for every single thing, and then you could probably go around and be a part of that whole thing is a very hot star. It gets even crazy because, when I was doing lean bird addition for Haldol at all happen through that, because Scott Red Enamel Bush did Lady bird and they were also doing Helloi. And theyre like seeing you in dales and sing a little bit in ladybird and they were like. We haven't, found him an and something is telling us. Maybe you should audition and I was like, Bet may lure sure. Lately, honestly, like I didn't put any pressure on it, as this is not going to be me like, I was like this is bad milers, hello, Dolly like this doctrine, and I in LA and found out that day, no no like come, do it ten more times, for I thought I was being punked year Sorry didn't mean to as it came out like this. Is Otto
selenite. Oh, I thought I was seething. And then I made my agent email it to me so that I could see it in writing. As I think I made up the conversation, Likethis is not real. How do you take good fortune? I would start getting paid, item here, going to diagnose with something or something some shoe has to drop its just my nature. Are you aerate it all on and go like fuck yeah? This is the ride or you like. I dont deserve this im a fraud. All we expose just being on fire on day one. I know Coltrane I'll be fired on day, two, no okay, so we have like a two month break before fish, rehersals sure going to be fired and that span of time road every day was like this is hello, Dolly Roadway and I'm u handing here. Will you give me the historical significance of that, because I'm a philistine, I don't know out of the way it was presented in nineteen sixty four with Carol Channing and
It is one of the most like produced beloved Classic Musicals Oremus its adapted from a Thorton Wilder play the match maker, and it is just Joyce in two hours and put on the stage its an explosion of the closure of color and joy and bad Miller is there Westin you therethey through the joint you love bet, Middler left and like the Jew. Consumer movies is a kid. I guess what I'm saying is. If I were a young jewish girl, I would be inspired by other jewish girls who have become star on my fair and very little round funny girlfriends it why our funding guerrillas, in. I was obsessed with, and I would make my mom play it like every day when I home from preschool reverently. Now, whenever I was that, like kids, would
Elmo like the little mermaid. I was like one more time bad. Bring it I'll. Give me Diana my preyed on one more time. Totally topic. You know the bags song with very Gilbert would ever from the bee. Jeez yes guilty. This became our theme song on a vacation. We just took Oh, yes, now on a huge Babs fan, okay, I feel low rent when I see her or hear her perform. I just feel like im a dirty kid from a dirt road but it is that you do so. My perfect Northing articulate in both funny. I nothave seen funny girl its all about like a scrappy girl he doesnt fit in it's all my ears. I feel like she's in a leads she's, an artist in those she sings flawlessly and have perfect pitch, and what do I met you know is a variant
imitating talent level- probably is what it is but guilty with her and Barry. I what less new a long time the most listening along. Agoanother item don't don't living for. Do you shes, singing off, beat or bunch of times I'm like. Oh, it's that maritime I like shes, free styling, like it felt gangster to me. The way she was fucking with the rhythm of the saw totally. I should give the first thirty minutes of funding are all trying to get all. I get them off. Ok, I'm so fine, again right after I watch ladybird, I'm gonna give five they either You should give any proper as sixty eight year. I should commit an hour and a half to figure out why I'm triggered by her, This you are a in Arbor strand were both talking about
but let me go to my bed Midland what we went from bad. You switch Steve swearing, sweat because we are talking about jewish role models. I mailed Supreme for short Eliza yeah. But I think cover lies a little bit older, Arthur. However, I now ok, Arthur I stand by this. Arthur is one of the seminal comedies ever made. It is a b is still a great movie Dudley more as a rich drunk. He falls in love with her she's street trash. It's a great great movie. This is triggering my one anxiety and never having seen anything so fail. Acai wouldn't be shocked of John Hansen. I mean it is a very old movie comedy anyway is phenomenal Zeon our toenails on, like you, okay, everyone. Jan it's going okay. So how nervous are you to meet at
the nervous three nervous nurse. Now it is she just gracious and recognizes this ill, probably like me and im going to make, Cleese has asked, no, my god she's so hard working and she gets right to it. It's like any so nice to meet you where we started. You don't owe like it's like right in it right deeply observant. She takes an everything like a sponge and has the funding First, you concurs here out of Lebanese you lying thing to say about it like you should just be watching and then like zing mean as funny as you think she's gonna be she's. Ninety times, funnier, like all of us like actually having to leave the room, we're like relating to but she's the most hard working human being can literally ever one in my life she was seventy one. I think when we started reversals a long
She is in almost every scene into a Broadway play today at forty four I was twenty three and I was huffing and and she was like they would call a break and crawled, my water bottle and she doesn't sit down she's like looking at her script. She is picking up her purse that she hasn't seen to figure out how she puts it down taking off the code, putting back on the co figuring out where she's gonna hang it up throughout the scene going over it talking to David, had pierce, never stops and read the script cover to cover. For every show why in anything she's a member. She could walk on the stage and so deeply charismatic and Rooney. This is very powerful. Like a force of
You could want this and she doesn't have to work, but the reason she's bat, my loiseau. She works that hard, and so obviously you can see anything about about but Miller, but your twenty six. So I have to imagine youre still at the phase where its like it gravy, its all fun, that there is money on the other side of it. There is freedom on the other side of it. The expression, its all wonderful, but are you at all, observing the older leper on, and what levels of fulfillment and happiness they have in our business. You know its so interesting. Every single dam on as like the first person in the Van too excited be there so profoundly grateful that its like anoying, probably to some, but it's genuinely how I feel because I know so many people that are more talented, that dont get to do it, but I think specifically with theater It is such a relentless thing like Itin does not give you or mission to stop that you would not be there if you didn't
crave and need and get deeply fulfilled by that feeling and that treadmill like it is not being, and it will not let you off tape of feeling, and so I did feel like four bat or David had Pierce or Gavin. Creoles is like a musical theatre God or Cape Aldwin who's the same like they are there, because they still even at forty seventy six day overall, they are feed off of that and that, yes, you would have to consume your point. We talk about it. Have been, but the schedule of being in shows a week is, on your body in their boys on all these things, and I would compare what youre saying a little bit to a friend of mine who is a retired navy seal. He had got offered to come work for Blackwater this private security company thats huge, to make a tremendous amount of money in one of his buddies from his team was going to do it and he said. Are you going to take this job and he said this is gonna sound, so corny, but
think- will be in a situation where money can't be the reason we're doing it. I dont think itll work or what will have to do and what we potentially have to deal with. You need to believe in something a little bigger than money and I can do it when I'm working for my country, and I don't think I can do it working for and I just thought that was like an incredibly thing to be aware of hot. Yet your point, the over the money. I would be very irrelevant in the middle of a run, like no amount of money is going to tell you not exhausted or no amount of money when your eyes but in the morning, do you think. Can I sing today, like that fear, is so I want this so the Ival issues as a kid and I lost my that nine, and then I had to get it back a war through speech there be in seeing their being so thing. It's like genuine PTSD for me that feeling of lake will, I be able
the same today and if I dont im letting that to im, not because there's someone beautiful that can understand me, but I don't want to miss a show is not experience and I dont want to I don't know it's a lot of pressure. I have acted in scenes on tv shows where I've had full blown food poisoning diarrhoea. I can get through it and I can hold for the team and re my job yeah, there's no one could go to perform on stage for two hours and sing my heart. The only thing that gets you down on Broadway like you, can get through anything. But if you have stomach stuff, it's like literally the opening up of the Adriatic supposedly on Wednesday it there is alive and well Certainly in the history of Broadway, someone has completely evacuated on stage the snow queen or their it's happened. I had a friend you at multiple friends who have had stories of running on.
The also any many shows did you do. No exactly, but I'd performed for ten months ago, from the beginning and end for herself it was like a year. I think I d like three hundred something such those and how many times is yours, not work. As your honor, I mean I missed for ladybird, sometimes like a few specific things to go be with and then I missed for bereavement, but other than that I didn't miss any shows because of like illness or anything were you in your relationship at that time? No, you weren't in happened right or Canada I don't know, I do warn her- that the next time I do Broadway in like it's a different human behave. You're you be around and I'm trying to prepare her for when what one day hopefully happen right. I don't think he quite rightly Bonnie. Yes, fun, bonds, bonbon on her phone name is bonny chance with a hyphen in the first name in
could be very misleading to assess someone's quality of life while theyre doing the thing that they love so much it id be more interested in you like spending a weekend with bet when there is no work yeah and like what impact does that have on your life to be basically out of commission for a year. Everyone in your has just be patient with that and understanding and not needy, and all these things like, I doubt anything, great, comes for free or even Rona has been public about it like the time where Career is the most feelingand gratifying doesnt mean that its paralleling his emotional life, one hundred percent, almost opposite one hundred percent, and not to bring it down too much but like when lady bird was coming out at the Oscars are at the sag awards. Whatever was right, when my brother had passed, whether people say like what a year you're having and I like, where you go I do like behind me. What do you mean by like Laterand and I'm so sorry? We like
You like like, had to sort of let them lead whatever conversation they were starting because I didn't know what they are going to say, but that's obviously a much more extreme example. Your oldest brother, Jordan, did in two thousand, so yes is very prematurely very unexpectedly, just those heartbreaking, as it can be for everyone right, yeah, yeah and beyond. How do you explain this? because you seem like you- have a very firm purchase on the ground you seem relatively self aware and happy and making healthy choices. How do you explain this disparity among siblings because there are three of us and we have varying levels of how we live and
done enormous got now. My brethren are both sober, so it makes it on a sense. My sister and I have different dad something. That's why she hasn't had its over yet, but do you think there is like biochemical differences? What kind of things do you think has resulted in this differ? overall well being done, and I talk about all the time because he did this like Zen, I guess is what it was called for: twenty four, where he innovated all these, about confidence its so in wants so cool I'll. Get you on it's like body, also interviews, Falco and Catherine, and Bahati who as and our family friend and Q TIP and Michael SARA? most random reassortment of people on what confidence means them and like his super, on a really unjust, her hearing this name for the first time, but that the super hot person's name is behind
How do you like being a hearty be hearty is how you could out really? I was you know my buddy, you, the quarterback for the for the dolphins, his name. Is this? What can be ripped out? He suddenly through a working that I want to her mother, like your mother, was like I'm using innovative God or no valid. I mean to get me our wedding Costumeretail God brother and their wedding was literally just like the I dont like think about the Isle, with hotels, just a victorious secret Bashan. It was one hundred and like ninety, egress and swimmer. My best friends, Meagan, Kate or the wildly the sweat I've never sent. I got married with number just watch accorded to look at what is that that her enjoying our very close, and so she keen amuse her. It was really fast
ours was really fascinating. Even to me was part of that dynamic because we have such different relationships to our bodies. Or confidence in general and we talked a lot about policy. What you ask you you know. Obviously I have a lot of time alone with our parents, which is a beautiful, and also a unique thing he didn't have that because he was sort of with one of us at any time that he was growing up. But I think that finding heater at such a young age gave me this. I love something so much and I had the privilege of being good at it Baby, like the more I can remember, right, you could hang your confidence on one hundred percent and that's where I credit it to, because I was just like this- is my identity. It makes it gives you a solid and a community. The theater comment, even on like a community like theater level, is so were beautiful and welcoming, and it gives you a group of people to connect to and
b every day and a sense of purpose and time management. All these things that Jonah didn't have exact he always loved comedy, but he didn't have like an outlet for it, necessarily at that age and at Jordi had sports and other things that he did. So. I think that definite has something to do with that, but I definitely him I had what was the name of escape or moon. Midnight is mid nineties mid nineties. I was by myself at a hotel recently and I watched it in. I absolutely love many by a word in getting about, I was really genuinely loved it. I thought it was so, ray, and I related so much the world for me As a boy I wont speak for all boys, but it does sound like the world for Jonah, as a boy was like a very scary, threatening hostel in Lord of the flies masculinity off at all times? Jonah. I dont know how he finds that, I think, is
the man, wasn't in school with it at the time, but he was like for sure the class clown, and that was his superpower. It is super, but I think his depth of thought and feeling is also his superpower, but he didn't explore that until it was like, maybe a bit older right. Can I take every one really funny story really big, so I first met him through Sean Robertson Asana. I was good friends with Jonah and she had just one forty year old virgin. She had produced it and she invited me to lunch nine. This kid with her. Now for your virgins, not out, I haven't seen it, but I don't know anything about him and he is very nice and he is very complimentary to me and he tells me at one point: I want you to be in my movies and at that Ok, all right! We need your help. I might lack of across me. Look maybe I would put you in one of the movies I mean that like
I hadnt even seen him at, and he like, I want it and I probably didnt give a very great reaction. I then came to regret that as he you should be. I in any of these movies, the joke was Definitely on me. I remember at a certain point, like I don't know if it was during super bad or something he written on, and I was just like all that Fri, was sitting with. I should have I'd, love to be in your movies. You sign up with you now a rosin. Remember that conversation. If he does, he probably could give a shit, but part of me hopes that he thought at times, like I wouldnt never put you in my movie now im going to make you eat that eat it all. He truly, but then I was a match. Perhaps you have. It was just a very funny like when does that happen to you in your city, with the next Jonah Hill and he says that new, like okay hours, I talk,
confidence that day its a good lesson, you should not underestimate anybody. We were a restauant yesterday. There were a lot of people are clearly working. On their scripts, like a lot of people in a kind of figures like he likes like everyone here is gonna, be disappointed and really you should have the opposite opinion of like everyone here could be Dona. That's right. Or Benin, you just don't know it's a better outlook to have but am I defense? A couple hundred people had said that to me that turn out to be so, you know, I don't really know what, when I don't know what the lesson is for me to learn, but I just didn't think that's funny and I wanted to publicly state that I underestimated him and I hope that he is made me paying please dont stay tuned for more armor expert The one
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and then also an incredible beat down physically and all those things yeah. I still to this day and like my toe, when I broke. My ten Elidel has title: was the craziest mishap that ever happened during the performance? I can say this im sure you ill just say it anyway, you can cut it. If you want fear of authority still lives in real can because people- what happens there? The first preview of hello Dolly the first time I am ever on Broadway in front of a paying audience. My parents are there, but That's not that's the last letter I am going to be on Broadway today. My onthe the world. Who also is my- I play his girlfriend or like love interest, but You love in Haldol. His characters. Name is Barnaby. My characters name is many there, like the sweet, young kind of dope lovers that end up together in the show- and there is a
on called dancing where Dolly Bet teaches the young lovers to dance. She wants them to couple up kind of like pushing them into each other's arms, exactly as she's the end matchmaker she's like Leno, making it happen and The setup is that I'm looking at the luminous cave alone, who is singing and she plays MRS Malloy and then bet turns me to look at Barnaby. Taylor's character takes off my glasses and pushes me to him and we start dancing, and then this huge dance we're starts where we leave the stage and incredible and some will comes out. Does this like in ridable dance break for like four minutes and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen? I am listening to Kate, I turn around and Taylor is not there. Okay lets not there he's not with us.
Not here, I hope it was in a diarrhea ithe- was involved. Toothsome thing really upset his stomach and there is like a little something going around and after the show is like I either was going to vomit on bet or I was going to vomit off stage, and I I made that decision bad, but I was out there with my media partner, of them had ever been so right now, you're used by all three becomes all I fully blacked out. So I I'm this not me telling you what I did, but other people telling me what I did. I knew that I put my arms up. It would be very clear that he was missing, but because his character so scared I got a big laugh when he ran off bill. People thought he was just too nervous to dance and it like really works work. I think I just like held my heart
I like sweet lil big as I was like. If I put my arms a bit, look like there is an increasingly remains brains, work another here and I can't spin myself and do all these things that he's like part during me to do so. I just like saying the captain blood there and what does it do were? Is middle icing whereabouts, singing it at this point at least I was it oh yeah he's. I wasn't alone on the show. Just when are you going to pretend it it was then Taylor is literally a magician and the most thoughtful incredible human being and was back on within the dancer. Click was back on with a true fighter, and I'm extremely recently, but I was like he's gone just like that. It kind of was, I mean poor Taylor, but it was a blessing for me as I was the first night and something happened, so I can three yeah yeah. If something else happens, ill be, ok will be similarly, but the first time they debuted of enhances in the stage
malfunction and it was just clicking and breaking and oh Sunday, that's my theaters as you have to watch human, I can tell you, uniquely selfish joy I would take in it is that I would be so afraid I was going to fuck up. So if anyone else filed wellshaped meet the guy had to go and throw up off stage. This is not ideal. I think it. You know when I saw legally blonde her wig fell off and that's like a night. Never forget those moments that youre latly happy something crazy happens. So is there someone you hold as the north star? Is there someones career who you want? I would say: no, there so many women specifically because I am
that I admire and I would hope to be like, but I don't think, there's one specific path that I could say thats the exact path that I would want attain. Loury Mecfs career in the sense that she has seamlessly transition between all mediums. Her whole career is really inspirational to me, but it's were like to like the minutiae. She doesn't do musical. She does play so it's like. No, specific one person that I could say. That is it. That is the ultimate goal, but I, as he has no, because you are to the people that I admire in I love really hard. Look. I'm just and, like I love loving things, so there are so many people in as writers and directors that I just worship that I would love to work with, but theres, not one specific path that I could say well Okay, let me ask you something personal I read on Wikipedia. It says openly queer no thats
I nomenclature, you pick, you know, I don't know if I have pics there were to be one that I would pick. I would say clear because I see it as like an umbrella term. Yet don't tell me about it because when I grew that was a job course yeah to me. It means, anything that is not straight. Okay, so just like a El Umbrella, heading H, or not straight, my Isso. So therefore im not straight right, but just that fact right. So I think I've said clear, that to me I just nod, but I don't know if I've picked raw and that's like reverting to say, but also like, I feel like I've. I heard someone say that that would be really helpful to me. Like, oh, I don't need to like no. You no label or something I just can be in love- is not that man ignoring that part of my identity, its it's just her, and really it's just this one I like: no, I love her and she's a girl,
Therefore, I am not straight. This is not a phase. This is like a real thing in a real part of my one of our okay yeah, have you ever had boyfriends, one boyfriend one and when you were with the boy. Were you doing what you thought you posed to do, or were you just genuinely attracted to the boy at that time, and I love and continue to love him leave, like friends when we were younger and we met through bad actually- and I just really like love im sure, and then he wanted to kiss me, and I kissed him back and We were like on and off for like years, and I really loved him once we were together I was like I'm not in love with you right, but I really love you, and that was something I couldn't really, I don't think admit to myself Jon Ed to me up until Boaster Dexter, the
learn a serial killer of relationships. So it was like your ice cold like you're, literally an ice cube, and he was like its so bear because like a very warm outgoing person and, like you, love people and thats, so much who you are and then the you talk about Men- is like nothing ive ever heard. Like your ice, like you literally a glacier and he started, extend the roof I was like this is not for me. I love my friends. Like too much. I love my family too much. I love my work. This is me just something I dont get like? I have everything else. I think I just sort of was like im, not as but I'm not like super sexual by any means, and I'm Luke not at all the and with my ex boyfriend I was like. I love you and I and so it was. Scary, and I didn't hate it, but I just was sort of like a
yeah. If this is the thing, then I guess I don't really need the thing. I don't get why people like talk about it all the time I cried about it. We make songs about it, but I'm like I love him so much and I trust him so much like this is not bad, and I meant long in wordy meter in London. One romantic, she's, british, and so did I do what you met ball. In London. What were you doing in London? Why were you there? You have no business, auditioning for a movie called how to build a girl and bond was one of users so that the animal like our dynamic well rule followed me. The first time we cast out is this: illegal entry was, like you know it's illegal. What if it's illegal in the
ok, I don't know the rules here, but if thats that's not allowed, so the other Follow me was still, as I say that you as a producer of my car, turns back. Ok, so you go to London in New edition. She is in the audition cheese and the other. She him ok into you immediately like see her and I like all she's sparkling or as immediate friend for life, like I of this girl. She is one of my, people now, I feel like we've met before, but she run for which is Northern England or did she got a great acts. Great accent group on penny lane she's a visual beetle girl and I just was so taken with her and we felt so similar and different at the right ways, but Ellie. I just was like that girl. Now. Can you do her
not at not at all. My action in the film is a West Midlands UK accent which is very regional, specific accent, be different from hers. Can you do yours or is it you go like wind up I'm not an accent sa an. I will start by saying that it was something I really had to work out to old to the various dont doing terrible draw where immortal. Maybe you will fit he's going to send what, but I do know I can send you this good perfect racing my son and put it in the movie, soon really like like a naive American, I was like there's two british accents, there's doubt Nobby and then there's like cock me and of the northern part of Europe lets say lovely in what you would think of it. Like a british accent, lovely yeah, that's actually closer to women's access budget. What was it like? Look like and the mainland
and his love lie low level of lie. Oh I like that, does it has kind of a scottish ring to it? You know everything Kosovo question civilians like the wire hold on Irish Syria, inviting me to be a fire me quickly, you're on fire them. So Birmingham is the closest city that people were now to over Hampton, which is so tall where Catalan ran grew up in its her book and she wrote the screen planets her life story of excise version of her life, so play vigilance, version of her and overhead and where she grew up its close Birmingham, which is like the picky blinders acts and that access to labour law, and yet so its closest to that. If a cousin of that, although the people in Mover Hampton Relic beneath you do a Birmingham, it's called a bribe me they're like if you do. A bromine we will never speak to you like a like series, but like from like a very nice, or they sounded
so more, so I would like in the trenches. I worked in a store in over Hinton for three weeks to get the axe and I was like had forced to speak, and from the moment I walked in to the moment. I left. I worked the till case and you were actually working like you, couldnt be had to fucking manage the tip yeah, come up with the wrong number at the end of the dayand different money. Let me tell you if you want to check in on media movies for twenty lb. Forty eight lb ever hours of tho. No, I had to do you know he was a quiet store you know a busy barrages, but it was a really special experience. I like the set of someone who says in character or accent during anything, so it was really hard for me because I was like that was my task was like a month.
For targeting and is embarrassed, you feel doing it on camera at least thats pretend, but to be it in real life, its like a bozo, the stakes on hand. The first day is: this is literally the most mortifying aries I've ever done. I like when in- and I was like these beautiful its a kindof feminist utopia in the middle of this very forgotten town at these women- that all crafts and artisan work and they sell their work in a cooperative, and it's just like so sweet all the in the square? This is, why were afraid to give him power because and communism I knew when I knew Newlands when- and I was like look so embarrassed im so nervous my accent so halfbaked. I like this is not be in the movie, but you have to help me like time. I say something wrong. Please do not be afraid to tell and they did earlier era, and that's like they knew I thought were it was like they didn't know, they didn't know, and they were they were really.
Sweet, so it was. It was like a really unique, beautiful scary challenge now back to bonds activities so you see here in this audition you, like sparkly wanna, be attached and how does the courtship happen so the the role of men I film of film book smart and two days. Books Mart. I was in war hemmed in it was a really really quick turn around and I my mom and she was like is: are you really nervous to go? Do this your the only American in this movie its like a deeply british film in your, like you know or like your in Remit than you ever been anything should make. Your remit should be my dad before the first day of how it Ali, I'm literally on the subway calls me goes so so reading up on many fa, and it says that to be a dancer. You concerned about that,
that? Why are you doing this to me? No, but my mom is like you nervous to go and can be online three and a half months in, and I was in the fans going to be there and he was like Hellbound ashes like oh, like she's, going to be. My friend trust me, like she's. This wonderkid producers, twenty seven like she's, my girl, I don't worry about it, and then I came back and in love and with her we just spent every day together like it was like. Let's have breakfast at nine, a dot m and then it would be one thousand one hundred. Maybe I guess it's not brain was any more and worse still staring at each other and how he was a very obvious to you that she liked you sexually no she's been out, and she was like sixteen She was always like open and a new that about herself she's, also very warm, and had, she hasn't my leg very tactile so like just because she's touchy and gay doesn't mean she likes me that be so presumptuous of mainly from I think, but she really is like she would like like hold your shoulder. Unlike give you a quick Haagen which you
like that who she is- and I love that as a net way too so like I'm just that so presumptuous. Netease that its any different with me, and it was already im such as you tell otelcom off anyway, such an extroverted person person like I really feed off of other, Energy, and I understand things once I say them out loud. I dont work on a lot in my own head. I have to externalize it at understand it, but with fun and that whole story was it the first time. I was alone Because of my schedule and the time difference, I couldn't talk to anyone really about it. I was for the first time really going on. Personal experience of it in my there was her son. Drivers. It was really like genuinely now twenty five like the first alone, true decision or feeling that came just like holy for me, also the made the first move I get you did
so this is a very well worn american English tradition, but the American makes the first week yeah. No, you said that no that's all fucked up now that you should always Harrison mainly women should have well so this has this dynamic for so scared and even go back. But I learned in an anthro class that an inordinate amount of english females became pregnant from American GIS during World WAR Ii, but not proportionately the same amount of american women being impregnated by english guys they were curious about it. They want to study it when they discovered was in this culture. The woman has Athe man is supposed to pursue and not woman has a break, but in England the man is supposed to put on the break. We should wait so you got these two people together with the brake pedal. Babies, go and we not been able to find this time Judy that I read yes so, but I guess you this diarist opposite, but you if you win dolike like that's true,
to do with that. Who knows yeah. I know I made the first move, I legally its best for you to make the person look because you're not the was. That is true. I would just like to me that clean genuinely did at this point. The tension between us was, like. I mean cut that the night and she drove me home work one day going to get dinner. We parked and, as you say in the car, like Americans, in cars might be. I was like you know like I had everywhere growing up, because last, like no publication, that is always car. Anything, that's really must meaningful talks were, and I really glad of this whole thing about cars, and I like let's talk in the car and I thank my big lake- moved is to talk about what was actually going on, and I was like what's going on in the We really talked for a long time because we both cared about our friendship so much and also cared so deeply. There is such a big opportunity for both of us
the film and it meant so much to us, and we really didn't want to do anything that would mess that up or get we without or to struggle a man when, I always say was like the puzzle, was all filled in the last piece. Was us actually kissing, but it was the love. It was very clear, but it wasn't just like oh Workin try something I literally just like. We are in love more. We stop. We know that, but we're not going to follow that path. So we talk a really long time and very like deeply about how much our friendship means to us and then how much the job means and then I just kissed her well after, like to Risingsun Stalin. You had kissed in the past, in general. Yes, you have guessed, but then you kiss this time and was it wholly different one?
now, as in person I was like, while they write songs again but genuinely like it was, it was think it just cause. I'll I was in love with her right. The physical part had not happened yet, but it was so clear tat. There was a foregone conclusion: a hundred percent. Let's went housing. How deep into production? Were you when this happened at halfway through well and then youre navigating a new relationship and that it's never even when both people are madly in love with each other. In fact, even acknowledging it now. You start evaluating things you werent even before you say, Canon love be with this person. Well. This person is noread is the person going to be with like there is all kinds of stupid mental shifts that can happen, so was it all working together and then having both admitted to each other and then kissed and were now? thing: did they complicate anything on the back side or no, it went swimmingly, it really went swimmingly. I think I also love the
I got to see her at work and vice versa, because shes a head of film at her company and I've filled other things and worked on other things. We know how the other person is at work. I don't know if you guys feel this way like I couldn't envision how dedicated she was to what she does. If I hadn't physically been there seen it and she I like, if I didnt see it. I wouldn't believe that you don't bring your phone is. I would be like she just ignoring me or she doesn't she's like taxing someone else or everyone brings the fondle. I would believe you that you turn it off yes, that one actor out of a million who's turning their phone off. And but then I watched it for eight weeks. Never was so now. I know the next time when you It is so amazing because I know she literally won't answer this for twelve hours working hours or whatever it is, and that won't be concerning or when she's like de Pena Script and working on it and developing. I know what that looks like and how that presents itself on her and shes, so incredible what she does like. She truly is a magician
that, as an early six, if they was goes, I was at the root of all or in it. The combination of personal life and work had never happened for me before I was so thrilled on the other side to know how, am I to get to see firsthand hand what how brilliant she is, and that was special. So how are you guys seen each other? Are you going to England allowed lot? She come here. Love, oh both so youve now spent a bunch of time in England more than you ever having you one love. I love you. Do I love it yeah I mean I left England after like three months, and I was so ruthlessly ripped apart by my friends and family for sing. Like literally and like certain things, I notice that they behmor like it just so, so embarrassing, like a Madonna,
seen it? I tried to watch it this morning, it's not available yet, which is good. That means it's still in theaters, but our friend Jess Rolan, who we trust a lot said bookmarks the best movie he saw this year, and so that really got me thats. What stated. I was like. I need to see that I really want to check her out in that movie and I watch the trailer is like. Oh, that looks phenomenal actually and it's but I haven't seen the movie and really really. Cute idea, these to you and your very best friend have been perfect in there Yale Bounder Princeton Princeton, and then they they look around and realize the people that were having fun are also doing just fine they're going to go to the contest, and then they are going to go out and get fucking buck before they take yeah I mean, is it super bad tat, a where I gals no, not really
Here's where we'll get a chip on you. She I use I had I saw. I want your physical move, as I have said, is I'm so conflicted cause half of me goes what a fucking on early, a Superbad n is on evilthe movie of that. Like a general, asian. It is like everything you movie it so that forever movie people love it so much still so. Parties like you and the other part like me, is like a yell, not even because its on, more because like why do causes Eve. I offer you my now. Why do we have to be the girl version of a boy movie right where you will never say like a guy movie like all the male ladybird you'd only mean my fellow member. We exactly like you. I never say that. So I guess I'm so good
did the ASA in my face. It was like well thanks and then the other part of me like do we have to be like the female version of boy movie yeah. I are those movies and were female light, but I no, I think, a more oh bad mom, so its like girls hang over. It well know theyre nothing theres, no connective tissue at all, but I would say super bad beyond going out and having a party. It was one of the first movies that two friends were so blatantly in love with each other, and you can condone the value of that one thousand present and thats. What I love to say it like it is the first movie that keep permission to celebrate a genuine friendship with them like a raucous time. It gave room for, like of billowy. That's what I like most about among us all. That's me and my best friend, bowing low man. We snuggled we were
in love were still in love with someone on sexually low, but everything but the year. The jokes are amazing, but the Boop moment their legs song is a bug in little sleeping bag is like the back. That's your movie murmur hundred per se, my character, Molly income. That friendship and its existing then like Comedy is so old to set a heathen, but I think, like part of, I sense no, but I love it so special and I think, because I love my friends so hard, and I was also like a deep follower, not in the same way that my character is, but I think I would and if I was that type of personality like the genuine frustration that I would feel if I discovered that I was wrong, on the whole time I had and that's what my character is going through. She like you're, telling me a fucking wrong
for four years and you dimwits are on all with me like job talking Latin, I have to go to something about it. Kelin please Amy honestly watch it for her performance. She is so unbelievable in it its beyond and my best friend in the world who been- and I grew up with Molly Gordon- plays my enemy in the movie, so that was so fun because she's the hi im, amazing hand jobs, but I also great score on the sat is the one like instigates. The whole movie for me is like I'm also going to Alexa there, and I am like this but it's got a geo. An embryo live it's my best friend in the whole world who I some go with in Jericho within, would do everything within so that was so and on that we got to work together and Olivia and The Silverman, the writer is one of my favorite people who else written She wrote, set it up on that. Flax was only debates. The very big had grown at flatly ass. I may do not have a lot of stuff. I have to admit
I don't think I know it. I was always meant to be sixty, I'm just working, my name even seventy, like cholera by always pay like eighty year old grandma's in every musical. So I'm like just work my way to a bumpy status like I am above her. I was in a Christian on some levels, which led to huge borne by a grandma. Will mean you are: is charming and lovely and kind and sweet and bright and smartly, as all the the people that have said that to me they were all right. It's confirm this is really my dreams coming here and I can't let this happen. That makes it so. Having me it's very flattering. You like it so much. I made you really dorky gifts, that I mean that I gave you to them right on grounds of present shea. My mom and I got really into beating alarm cherries, bring my u interest, namely twenty law between the two of you pick fur. That's a good idea.
I might be smaller I'll, take the smaller one. I want it now I look durable one all the beads lying around unless this car. You know what this is We know there is a link once a day when I'm like, should I just gave it up and be a nanny. It's my true colleague jangling. So you babies, you do that. I want I'm very short. Those like like I'll just topple over when I like, where is it? Gonna tear I've one, that's Christina She put use my words to my joy ass. You did fire, I just like it's gonna. It is a little taller, the monk amongst for eleven point now I've I've seen Is she right? My parents tell me a cupcake when I hit five feet: Thank you and happen as one of their barely an inch by a cookie
beating for knowing you anymore, and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, mating Monica Batman me, I'm very under my head. Now, like dont get it in the game in the matter rely. Why don't we love it? I d rather near you, should make the song about beanie babies. Oh you old, was the man maybe soon now that you could make me money. All beanie Oh, she gonna againdon't. Do she is my a girl. You know. Last names fell ten a. I love that I love that. What if you would have viewed the words differently? Probably well,
the thing we need the part of her last name but the other parts. I am really into a lot. Okay, I mean guests a little extra context which Benner talking out thats. True, there are so many beats these days you Nowhow Nero people that I meet our name being. I wish I love thats. The cutest thing is cute name and then really deliver on that romanow. That's the hard thing about naming a kid beat. It could be a dog. Yes, yes, She in this case she writes a check. Her ass can cash that in yeah we are were generally warning. People about not running checks, they're asking it cash right. Yeah in this case, no need to warn her action. Would we find out about her? She fall a shit, okay, man. What? If your conclusion you just go, you know what I'm not going to get granular with this im going to go the detail. She was fully he talks about
children being born later than they used to be in two thousand sixteen. First time ever there were more women in their early thirties having babies than younger moms. There were and three births per every hundred thousand american women between thirty and thirty four years old Ot in two. Sixteen among women, ages, twenty five to twenty nine. There were hundred and two birds, so its very close, I'm so come What is it women are having children later in life? Are ok, the agent, women have their first child now is twenty eight up from twenty four point: six and nineteen. Seventy guys. So three point: four years later now, we're gonna have to have some technological breakthroughs so that women don't feel any pressure to have him at any time. Like a man, you know tat a guy can of his first child at ninety eight years old. Well, you can freeze your eggs and do that yeah, a wonder of a granny can put those eggs in think when, with the oldest
Well, I wonder if menopause has to that right, do you think they could delay the onset of menopause with all the different, Molemen yeah, a baby he'd, be super fertile up to like eighty five Imagine a grandma being rolled into the operating room in the Melling published Bush. I just pity your grandma right now on a gurney be injured by the procedure by the experience. Yeah yeah I'd be worried about her yeah. You go into the maternity ward at cedars and theres. Like many many seventy five year old women with curlers in their hair right being rushed into the delivery room to push out a brand new baby. You think people who are seventy five or curlers. Hmm, you do okay, because all my grandparents were curlers and their friends work roles
these your right, I could have a totally wrong idea of what age they were. The girlies were really popular. I know I used them. You did in what in Raya yeah like middle school. For cheerleading. When I was in eighth grade, we had one come in a year and we, had to wear our hair. So, like the hyaenas curl, you couldn't get spiral. Girls so tightly. They ended up being about one inch long. They were so tight. Oh, my goodness, how did the accomplish the sponge curlers? Oh wow? Would you one them for me, I burnt they share, Debbie my browser and maybe alchemy, of which your birthday a Saturday. It is sad or day, and I've been really just beady myself up, I dont have like up
where I know what to get her take all I do I do I do I do, and I will now you just might hate it now. I wont hate it. You need as powered chain saw a real nice one. Got here. You got an electric one. I love it. I I cooked on the trees and back to were dead and were leaning on the other trees and remember there was a rumored rattlesnake on the branch above the pool yeah. I got rid of that branch. Why did you find this name? No, I don't believe there ever was a hit because it looked for like six or seven times, but I you know what im not going to convince? Anyone in the house he's not a snaking there, so just get rid of the branch, but lets get a. I got to say, grew up operating Gaspowered chain saw and they were so noisy. There are two strokes, so youre choking on like a
what is exhaust of a pomegranate? It does feel great to grab that throttle and really give it help. But this is my first time with electric chainsaw it just sliced through, like butter, quiet and loved it sexy. Mmm yeah, I had a good time. I dont want to cut down more trees on our desire to cut down trees, but you want to run that thing through some more lumber. All right. I understand you know what I really hate to do. You know how they build log cabins. They built the whole thing with dogs right and then they cut out the doors and windows with chainsaw its nice id love to cut out some windows and doors. Maybe another career in my region, when mowing the lawn at the veterans, cemetery, yeah, thats, my ultimate goals, you know, I know yeah! No! I don't want that. For my birthday, you don't. What do you want? anything, so I dont I really don't dont surgery. Can you we already discussed. I like my eyes the way they are a little bit near
you. Do not need them, but can I buy those for you? No. Thank you. Thomas told us that you have to shave them down to tiny bits, and by that I mean our way: sharp teeth, open air so I'll pass on that. Ok, love and affection in fellowship yeah take anyhow. I dont think old Ladys are wearing curlers end. I dont think that they could handle childbirth. Ok, I think their bones would break and their longer, while your words potential might. However, that's the potential. Trigger EMA to our seventy five. Listen! You know we have a lot. We probably have sound wearier, but they ve long, like I don't think we'll be mad at me for saying that they pose shouldn't. Have children right now, yeah, you know the bullets. The kind of funny thing about are, you know, outrage culture right now,
and so an outrage culture. I could see someone getting completely outraged by that who wouldn't want a child at all or so What is to get outraged about it can so you're saying that you can have kids, but that we should be allowed Inbetween wrong, you were right lets do the procedure on want fucking, kids, I do think people, if you're old, for a lot of reasons you shouldn't do all things you could do when you were young cause. You'll get hurt right. Also, kids are a lot of energy. You don't have as much energy when you're seventy five to raise a babe. No, no! I dont add forty four, how dont I have enough energy, but it did make me think of Belmar. He brought up the fact that Neil Degrasse Tyson
He tweeted something saying like shootings are horrendous, but also it's an interesting moment to look at our emotional reaction to things that statistically might not be as relevant as car accidents suicides all these other things that are infinitely higher volume wise and deserve attention. And he got really in trouble for listing some facts- yeah, mean what we mean by that in trouble? I guess he at its rubble, people got mad. Amps. I can own this. You know im often im on the Like SAM Harris side of this rally, where I like more people to be able to water they want and not to have mobs. You know, cancel people's lives and at the same time I can recognize. I were reacting to because what really happened in the old artisan, probably nothing to some people- were pissed off yeah. Sure Gus he's got to live with people getting pissed off but I do think people need to know the past of people a little more like the companies and stuff the tail is wagging. The dog on Twitter. Big time
so a part of me, is also like, if you're going to choose to put some thing out there like me. You might get some criticism it and you have to know it, so you could also just get off twitter and not feel like you need to tell the world every single one of your thoughts, but I agreed, but I also think he was trying to help. I think what he was watching was deep emotional suffering that he thought he might be able to point out. Another way I look out the you know, im in yeah yeah. I do understand its kinda like this. As I say, a number one killer of children in America's swimming pools, but it is because we have a really good association with swimming pools and we all enjoyed being in a swimming pool so for whatever reason, that's not on anyones mind knowing that there's no campaign to get rid of swimming pool, even though is the number one killer of children yeah. That's just worth observing right. I think in the case.
Of mass murderers and stuff school shootings and things that feel like? We could things to prevent that the we do those things and so for somebody to be like actually its, not that big of a deal. My I dont think theyre saying its not a big deal. I think theyre saying there are bigger deals. She I hear if your main concern is saving the lives of children. There are areas that would be better accidents and things like that. That's human accident, this is an accident, is no accident that we are getting shot at Walmart and stuff like that. But those are issues that we can maybe have some control over put effort in something where we have some control is
I just think more. What hes saying is right. Sizing fear acknowledging percentages. What what your likelihood of something happening, that's relevant stuff and how afraid you are of the world. That is what a cognitive behavioral therapist would tell you is like look at the facts. I think people who so afraid of terrorism. I put also in this category this category. You, everyone thats, a rad terrorism, you're not going to be killed by terrorists, but you are going die of heart disease and you are gonna die of die of. Sir. Go on the list of the most you know gap. A third of us are going to go down that way. Yet no one is known as passionately trying to prevent that or certainly theres a well. There are, but not as many that are passionately trying to make sure there is never a terrorist attack. Again right fear is a different thing than action Maybe we have to be so afraid, but We still shouldn't step away from trying to fix those issues because.
Its, not the numbers wise its, not the number one thing I agree- and I use my own army argument against me, which is like people go yet they try to prioritize what things you should care about. Looks like Montana. We also want doctors studying toe fungus, no one's arguing to fun This is more important than cancer water to have every single doctor studying cancer. Have some weekend weekend, Yeah. I can allocate some to study to fungus right, yeah, yeah, okay, so I came full circle, anyways. I think my The point is people are like whatever the reaction to Neil Degrasse Tyson was about stating that list the true numbers yeah. I guess I'm against those people acting like he wiped his butt with the Bible or something depends on what you care about. I dont love that he did
I'm not organised, I'm not lose this great, though you did me on both sides of the argument me he can do whatever he wants, but I do think for people who are fighting very hard to work on this problem. It minimizes that a bit and I so I understand people not loving that bag I guess what all I'm saying is we? very rational. In the way we perceive threats to us But this is two separate conversations: oh okay, I think which do because your taking, about how scared should we be end, conversation. Sure the other conversation is there. Is a lot of people trying very hard to push legislation to help a problem right and thats a separate thing, and so, regardless of how
intense. That fear should be. I believe we should be doing those things and making those moves. You theyre bigger problem. It makes it seem like that is a waste of time and it's not a waste of time right right right. I guess what im more pointing out is- and this is very scary- to state the member. One thing worse thing that could ever happen to me. My whole life would be one of my children did yeah now. It's interesting that if they died in a pool versus if get got shot. Still. The number one worst thing in my life is that I are not ever with my kid again: can I just it would crush me but we layer something on top of it, The loss, which is an objective thing like your kid, is no longer with you that subject another cause of it. I theres so many different things, which is fascinating but it's really go in a plane accident That'S- is acceptable because it's an axe That's all right! I know I know, but but can we drill,
to that the wait you're giving it. I think it does, because it's about whether or not can I use it and then I m right so right, so you could easily go like well. Ok! So, in the case of their your kid Dinah school shooting, we could prevent that, and yeah and I would agree- and we should we should. Let me be very clear. I think we should prevent that. I would take all measures to prevent them, but you could also so you could have prevented your kid dying. Swiming pool you didnt need to have smiles on that important. The people fucking are buoyant in the water theyre equally legitimate, like it didn't, have to happen. I had to have a swimming pool with the one has no guilt, no anger, thats, not true if your swimming or you have nothing but guilt eaters. Out Ray Jane? No others you will have an anger with yourself which is while under duty yeah. So that's what's happening. It's the same emotion, each just turned inward because it was quote your mistake or not, but if it's some outside for
out a person and a system that enables that kind of person. There is going to be a lot of anger towards that right well and then it does boil down to the thing that I sometimes say that people go into don't matter. Well, they do in matter and the most clinical examples your on the street and office You get bumped really hard in the shoulder and you get spun around and if you see the person truly just bumped into an accident, that's one action has really done wrong, see that or someone shoved you intentionally yeah. Those are to drastically different thing with the same exact, the outcome. Yes, you got spawn around you're right. So yes, I guess with the shooting there's an intention with the pool has no intention is just a stagnant body of water where you get up a lazy river, its it's, not you static static, but still okay, hook
he was saying that her mom had the x factor and that Simon would hit the button, and we were like is a Simon Simon, yes, on the x factor? Oh, he was and he would hit the button of someone had that x factor. Oh shit. I know now probable property said it ass. She sat at its tracer stifling trail. Ok, you said camp is mainly jewish and you don't know many gentile people who went to care really quick, I do see camp is mainly jewish. I said most of my jewish friends went to camp that it's a very jewish tradition, but I dont think that of all the camps in the United States that their predominantly jewish, I dont think that I value they mostly jewish it, but I can't, I think, there's a higher percentage of jewish people who attend summer camp than white people, but this because theres there's so many white people. There probably still way more gentile camps, jewish camps, yeah, you said You don't know any gentile people who are going to camp of being a lot of jewish people. Who did
she's right about the like sprouting of jewish camps. From what I saw corroborated her story. But I do know a lot of people who went to Camp Gentiles. Okay, sports cam but we count map oh yeah, I think so. It's still a camp so summer camp you, like she went to a theater camp sports camps, the same theater camp, gymnastics, camp, horseback, riding camp. Those are all camps right, Camp when you were there for the summer. No no machine camp in this case was not like these camps outlines what I mean. I know I don't want to anger you, but I do see like football Camp in soccer camp different them sleep in a cabin go fishing, make some art projects that to me feels differently. Then drills all day in this sports, Well, well, okay, there's a few things you can go to gymnastics camp.
My gymnastics team, is going to gymnastics camp for like training. It's just like. This dramatic, came for the summer im going to go for two weeks. Whatever then theres, like your soccer team, goes to camp and thats like camp training and stuff after you have raised, is Frank: Camp arrays, so mightier leading camp was with my squad and school, and that was a different thing. They were you in cabins and heavier cookouts at my couple years, Z, Mars. A yeah. We did all that you stated it's an integral part of of summer camp. I think stares. Sure Lana Hammock, no, it was not relaxing. I was has a swim lesson for hearing for the on the lake or the can argue in order to be able to like do all that. You had to pass a swim lesson and I hate swimming, and I
added having to pass that swim, and we think maybe you have more denser muscle from your leg, muscle yeah, but I was thinking your samba and we had to tread. Why for like a long. Not as long as you treaded water that may for the man who try for the order, I had to open while he was treading on Ryou dad. I almost wanted acorn a run at the record simply to have an excuse to try to poo and eat while in treading water? only make it six hours but I'll be like I'm sorry, sry guys im going to be doing this for days. I got a goodnow now and then I also need some pizza it anything is only when you're in pursuit of a world record at all. Things are allowed liquid when Jason David David
and when he goes into boxes, have we understand he is going to have to power all those things in this box, and you just overlook a going for a world record charts here and I just think thats funny. It is Figment AL shift. We do yeah, we give you some shit on the sidewalk he's reading a paper. He likely fucking people shit on the one. But that there's no he's going for the world record reading a newspaper. How long are six days that you go? okay, I hope he gets it. Yes, it's true, I feel like you'd, be really sick. If you trade water for that long, I hope you don't try. I get nervous about that. Oh right now you think Inaround! No, I just you're going to be so like broad or grotto at Rondo condo at the muscle disease rbsoul. Definitely get rather
yeah and then you wont probably just be like all shriveled bad at her and sickly Yan and all feel scared and sad about Balko cowards. I don't do it anyway, so the lake is rather Pesa Swimming test and I barely pass, but I did pass oh good then we were doing the blog. Do you know the blob mil the blob is? he basically bow air bladder and you jam along and boot people out the other Corey, never done it, but a lot. So what we did was we would get on the end of the blob. So this is a big rectangle one person we get on the end and then another person would climb up on this like I was basically platform, yes and then jumped jump really go final. Do they ever had a third,
diving bore for the triple Wendy They did not. So what were you? The hot potato that got can show me. I guess I was so tiny, but I do I didn't want to viewing. It is what your browser exactly this is one of the times and like that, I did get Piero rasher all I thought you were and valuable peer pressure. Now, I'm not me, and ive just learned my lesson about peer pressure. This is one of the time, so I was at the edge of the blob Jeremy, one of the guys on my chilling with one of the guys yeah okay, it was. And it be my friend Gina who I do hair play where other imperfect Anna was poorer plantings. I was nervous and shoes and I'll do and I won't I will just be oriented. Eighty one mine will be easy task. Behind my back up there
switch switcheroo. Tell me I didn't know: son Jeremy jumped off. Flags so high and are in there, and I did a front flip involuntarily oil. There really form everyone: why was he going yeah? That's what it s like anyhow so hurt when you hit the water, no weirdly. Now, oh, what is a great story that I, like the cool, flip, unexpected late in Atlanta a great year? Ok, like a lot get. Do you know she calls Et Gt. When I told you about now or we put on ET and she s very Troma.
Ties mind you. We watch Indiana Jones the week before and choose totally five within the Energy Council within each. He was just a very frightening critter for her and she doesn't want. You were not allowed to say GDP in the housing or dont say GG here. Scary, no, he so sweet now, a Lebel, also flied into a room or can I say, is one more funny thing that she did do were laying in bed at the hotel and Chris had sang. You know, night time and she said: Mommy has a pretty voice in your voice. Sounds crusty I like thats the perfect Aditi, how my voice sounds, but it is a have look at my voice because
it implies that if we could just get that crosstown there I'd have an Angela voice. Just like some carotid now k thing. For me, it means that, like my voice problems or solvable, ok, that's my may, like oh My goodness, when I invent my phlegm vibrator, although it turns out the arity is with the Sonicare. Sonication the vas youre going to wear at night yeah and its going to rattle every lose. Maybe it'll break up that crust, em my vocal core navy, now heavy gray other. What are they came in ass? My thing worked. My focal cords don't have any crust on him. I was like five or tire. Monica Welcome, like a mine under arms or expert, will be like put the crust back on your voice. They would, I don't think people would like that very much. Oh okay, so you did an impression of Huey oh right and it was the worst. It wasn't a good impression. This is what you said you said. So how often do you out of this business manager of yours? I don't owe you are prey hard.
Your money. So you want to check and see. If it's there you were telling about storyand. You did a bad impression. So I asked here to send me a voice memo. This is what he we sounds like kustoms, often do you audit your business manager. You know you by hard for your money, and it seems like to me, I want to make sure its all there thats. Just me hey. That was great yeah. I was grew, No, but as you can hear, I really did a terrible job with my impersonation I'm hard to do it is. It is very specific. It is very crisp So now everybody me hey, that's her! Oh well, love you rather other than you I'd say my last eight years on earth. Favorite person
Yeah, I believe you about that. One, okay, okay, so Oh shit, you said you told her. You were going to watch funny girl did you? Did you do a no. I haven't done that. I don't think I Tessuti haven't seen it either. It was a real snap to snafu and there because you were talking about bet Midler and then you guys switched real quick to to Barbaras, and I didn't know- and I didn't know what you were talking about and then you meet Liza Minelli and just hopping around it was we were sing. Babs lies whatever the first one, but Lebeau Babs could be a name for bet, absolutely no right if Babs is a name for Barbara yeah. Certainly it could be a name for breath. Its right, batter name is bat yeah. It is, but now it sounds crazy to me that her name is a place. A wager
We bet black entertainment, tattoo black entertainment television, entertaining television, entertainment, black, entertaining television, entertainment. Yes, that exactly what it stands for. So okay. You said Surely, in the history of Broadway, someone has evacuated on state, oh right, and I couldnt there were any articles about that, but apparently there was some sort of mystery pooper who is going to his auditions and pooping on the floor. Enduring the dilution. Yeah or they would hide their experiment somewhere like on the floor somewhere. Okay, like a drop in dash right now, I think this person was auditioning, but they had a b
for the actors, equity o k, for they were just showing an on violent protest about the equity actors act. That is right and people thought like decide bringing this in acting in an from outside is on their shoe. Do you know the old there's some old war? I don't. I doubt this could be true, but there is law can like the Belvedere. Do you know about the belt? What Belvedere? In yourself, again. This is legend. I don't claim this to be true, but apparently Mr Belvedere, the actor who was Mr Belvedere one time at the table. Read sat down really hard in his chair and he sat on one of his testicles and all of a sudden exploded in writing, pain and rushed to the end. This Lord im, not claiming that's true, okay. This is this is gossiping conjecture. But there is a similarly a myth or legend or Lord, that one of the golden girls put a poop
the other golden girls makeup carrier as a joke who, as a gene and someone at the groundlings really did it is, I think, it's still a mystery about who Putin, whose but someone put a poor in a females makeup case, but I think it involve like be Arthur and, on the other, a super famous fatty way, Betty whiten in in whatever I do Serbia there be Arthur. We go again be embedded show where they show. I issued a joker. They rings a loving at all that the growing one, I think, was an a terrorist act. Oh So maybe it was just like this is a funny OMA, not a terrorist act, necessarily right like a loving world, the beat of my body matter. I again urge even other those are the people on the golden rule that this rumour surrounds, but if they did it at a love, be Arthur and Betty Wine love
I mean that is so next level. I guess I would think it was pretty darn funny. If I opened up only know what a open up in real, but I opened up- and there was you know a brown bear in there yeah. I would think it was funny, I think, we'll see So I made a mistake. We were talking about smart and I said: oh, what is it like super bad and then she didn't love that right for good reason, yeah. I totally understand- and I also don't feel like I really got to defend why I said that I'm again probably going to get maybe in trouble for this, but I think so, maybe because I not to like double down on her ever but like Superbad was first its not about male girl this that it
That was the first movie like values in this is a similar calling on good fellows is a funny godfather crying to do the right, you're just gonna, compared to the thing that happened originally, I agree so and yet I think she has a good point when its likely, if bridesmaid, isn't the female hangover right, different movie just because, because the high water mark, for absolutely, but if bridesmaids was about- the four girls who went to last. Guest. There was a tiger and there oh ya. Like again, I havent seen basmati, I'm sure it's nothing like Superbad, but then the is very similar right, so and I say: is it like the a girl version of Superbad?
That's just like that was the first thing with boys. This seems to be a new thing. Replacing those boys with Girls- and it is thing is apparently brilliant im sure it is. I want to see it and I'm sure it's great, I understand sensitivity, and there is something to note about like as you compare what, if we flipped the here we go. Oh girls trip girls trip is the black bridesmaids. It feels a little right yeah. I guess say: any movie is the black something how little dice arise as it s swimming in that way, maybe the girl anything fields or the female and yeah feels a little bit like the black, something yeah yeah. It's true, it's true will again both
true that's the problem here- everyone wants a God dam, binary option, yeah yeah either can't do it or can I think sometimes you can, and sometimes you can, because I do think you could say: oh its a black halloween right. We have a scary movie and was very How are we to her or workers? Then? I guess you could just sell it. It's like Halloween, so I could have said I am I stand by that. I could have said so. It's like soup. There you go, clean. I shouldn't have said the girl part Deah thing: that's the move there! Yes, so this movie, this all black cast of hollowing, that's called stagecoach, emits a all black cast in its a horror movie that very much resembles hollowing I came in, I just go. Stagecoach has just like hollowing yeah, I don't say it's a black hollowing.
Yeah. All right. We did it. Congratulations. We rarely come up with a anatolian moving forward. All right, that's it! That's it! Yeah! Thanks for your hard work! I love you. I read Leon Guest coming in moments: okay, Easter egg.
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