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2019-05-20 | 🔗

Craig T. Nelson (Coach, Poltergeist, Parenthood) is an American actor and the Armchair Expert’s TV dad. Craig sits down in the attic to discuss his struggle with aging, his journey to sobriety and he talks about the period in his life when he left LA for something simpler. Dax asks Craig to regale us with some of his epic drug stories and Craig reflects upon his relationship with his father. The two talk about their time on Parenthood together, the bond over their mutual love of racing cars and they discuss the power of the ego. 

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Were all come to arm chair expert, I am Emmi nominated Monica pad men are joined by every nominated, soon and action, and no no, I didn't even apply yeah. You I'll, be listen to me. You listen up. My dad is here today and I know are able that's all that's right. I dont want people to think he has risen from the keenness end favorite tv, dad of all time. Craig team now send me never fell in real life. Like I had a twin separated by twenty five years like I have felt with Craig see from the second, I met him, I think, were the same person travelling in two different time, my god, just like my grandpa and the new dog and the dog that you notice yes Monica discovered of branch of reincarnation that is new and exciting and will be incorporated into our colt papers. Yeah explain what happened. Monica Ella Kristen brought a new dad
to the house on one ass duranno dog one. I done named taffy very sweet, very cute, dogged of wine year lots of elements, but this dog really likes to hang out by my fee sure, and I will be honest after a few minutes. I was ready for that to be die, a harsh, but then I just stopped and looked at her finger into her I'll, be deepened her eyes, and I are you, my grandpa. You really had that thought. That year is our real thought. I had like. Some of my grandpas essence ended up in tat here still alive that see. That's why it's a new version and Maria carnation. He adds a new thank I collared, Tiffany difficult or truscott right. This guy's a limit. You call anyone could she is deaf. As far as she cannot hear thing, she can't see she bumps into walls doors feet. She
Yet she seems joyful unhappy, but we're gonna. Here too Don't let us who are here to talk about my dad, not the one, the rose from the dead Gregg De Nelson, my father and parenthood. You may have come to know him and poultry guys. Could he was coach? What a career in credit? My girls love em. Now you, Mr Incredible, what could be cooler, a love, this man so much we can. I would simply say to remember that I do the I've forgotten. I put it in I put that away and who think about our sad wonder sure, yeah, alright! Well, some guys now many apples sold up that thing soda. It's no longer on the market on the market, but there are some seats left before Cleveland or to try and force cargo. So please go to a website for link. If you want to come party with us in June, we'd love to see you without further Ado, my alive father.
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yeah hours you, you know its long form, so you can see Monaco exciting as it might as a huge parenthood. Isn't it so sweet that he's just he is. I want our little deaf sure, you'd rather differently. You got less right, you didn't have a race color or find what I don't. You remember this, but you came to work one day then you go. I saw this movie hit and run O Dax. What great movie remember you came home and you really you are you a raving about everything, tat, many time alert and then I saw you or do you remember dad? I offered you the wrong with my dad and yes, you did. Did you really use one hundred percent in you like it?
I totally understand you like: I'm gonna, be in Hawaii its hour break and then we, the family, I'm not going around us no problem and then we had to go. Get bow bridges, lovely man, glad I, madam, but certainly I wrote that role for you, crazy, Nelson Mine, Pater Noster, my dear out and Tom Arnold. He, the spectacular, run you so good. A funny movie was good. Prison was great near guys. I told you I, as you know, when you get a crack and up the just to special the cell. You know now that we have. Two kids, I'm really happy that there's a little time capsule of us when we were like fire beers, eighty doesn't laugh them much anymore. No, no, no, my garden. She hasn't laughs and sixteen two thousand and for me at least other it will still have our number ass she grown tower. She had Caesar five, eleven now
and she's, losing quite a few role ass active. But you one of the more bizarre stories in it. Slowly got on a revealed to me over the course of six years on parenthood broke informal. Smaller first ever met you. I just love you. I was just say the same thing, but I didn't know who you are all I didn't know anybody watch what show where we do. It yeah, but when I met you, I love you right away. You know when we read the script where that cast dreaming, I gotta tell YA justice. This is a side note. I have this trainer over the house Saturday. There we were working on gloves. Conversely grilling something I've got that beyond it goes into my sphincter blogger. It hurts
so where and when I learnt across my legs like I know what I'm doing it hurts. Second, is a pain, and I didn't cry out just now, but inside I think I'm bleeding are you. Are you looking for that pop? Like some days were my low back in, but it is really high in across those lays I'm kind of waiting for and then some relief. Ok so nine, fifty five or even squad lunges, my trainer Adam he's such a good kid anything. Second. Do they It gives me things to do and of course, I'm not gonna say no awry, because I want to prove that I'm ok, I'm any strategy sittings. We do. I don't know what they're called they're just so fucking paints now you're allowed to save her, and I came away from there and I knew I'd done something
just didn't feel right when I was going to bath in drawing up into my sphincter right. That's a deep work out etc it s really quick. So I'm a visual. What what is your gear when you work out and you like a alone? The especial outfit you put on or to stand blue jeans? It depends on how I feel all that is because you know you got a dress up when you get older here and now I want to look. Thinner may have a sitter outset. If I don't really care because the dog comes in with me, and he looks at me when I'm trying to any kind, it gives me the heads up her the darkness, Their heads emperor going to keep Goin. Are, I think, your terminal lazily it? So no, I don't have a. I dont have a really
lemme lemon along, like the wind, blew that really helped my individual end as door come out and liked his popper head and when she does do get a low and secure did you feel macho? No, she era what she's the one the pressures mean to do it, because I'm I'm a slacker and I figure I worked out if I've worked from my chair to the kitchen the good work out there now never used to feel I like him. We are racing I trained over time right, it's harder now to get into that rhythm of doing it. It's just why, and I know I need to do it. Cuz. I got a lot of things, I'm sure going on that. I don't know about how I don't want to get tested for him. I don't want to have to go because what happened you get older. All you're doing is driving to sit down
does what happens at protests rise, and then they tell your staff and dislike. Ok, listen! Seventy five! Do I care rights, are a menace our quality of life? Ok! Well, what quality of life can I have with this about this or that you see stuff on Netflix like root cause, and you realize in my experience, because I did so many bad things. I was a child that we're gonna undermining of last week that destroyed my the council in my tea and I had a lot of root. Canals you're saying in this documentary root cause their root. Canals are basically a tissue that you're carrying around that carry bacteria can and cause, but also cameras. I've heard right: Alzheimer's, I'm telling you access like the stuff that there are
yet again the breaks. The blood brain barrier in Korea have basically infect your brain will and you ve got bacteria in your in your system. That's alive and well. I must have NATO names. That's a road tunnels! how many pills are you taking in the morn? Only I only take supplements, oh no, no you're, not understand, nor anything. Lay outer cholesterol. Oh that's a violent. I owe you don't speak of again I have to now. Can I have one for close roman one for blockage? Ok, and I don't like it because I've been reading about that to any I sat in my system. I want to be able you're my heart attack on my own ok I don't need any kind of additional information Dignan. I extraneous variable and I'm not sure about, stands armoury about time and the cause and effect hasn't really gone in both of whom is improving.
Should I saw Blakey mine attacking the biggest em. Even when you might want to look it up, because there's a guy that saying in his about inflammation right and in the body and that information is a major cause for illness, the anywhere body he is saying standards are inflammatory in Egypt so crazy to hear. That is the tipping point for me. I had been prescribed it because I just genetically have high cholesterol, even one I've been like region, I have high cholesterol and What I heard a doctor say was that it has an overall anti inflammatory quality and that everyone could benefit from being on it, cause it it. It reduces inflammation, and now this Turkey saying the opposite, yes or who are we to believe that surprised? I now you know I mean really if you're a very physical person like I was, it seems like ridiculous at all of a sudden you susceptible to stuff yeah.
One thing is: do somebody has got ask yourself? Another can just find everything which does not isn't necessarily good Shirley forty years ago, it is never found that stuff. Maybe Slow movie. Maybe was fast moving, maybe discovering it just makes you worry about it, which is unhelpful. I dunno really right what you want to know. You haven't what she'd rather just not know about here. I'm pretty anti doktor have been, but that's why women save us right is your wife makes you go absolutely the thing that is for me alarming in a way is that it's gone by Saddam and everybody says it just went by the hour when I remember very early in two parenthood, you told Peter Croatia and he repeated to me all the time he said buddy boy. This is when it just takes off like a rocket
from here at your current age right now, you're my age is this freight train? It just fly around the tracks and he took that to heart, and these brought it to me several times. It was my mind like. Oh I'm, now Peters Age, when he was my older brother, I'm parenthood and I remember thinking he was well and his life when we met brave and I always think about what you said right yeah, but I or maybe it's better to never. Even think about it, but you have you: have your girls right now the measure that by and you can take that quality time and blubber far and it's funny because you'll look at and I did and do you think you know it's grandkids in great grandkids for me right and it's war, what happened yet when did they get out of control and when you lose your grip on this thing, of course, here in an everybody else, it's around my age is worth going what's happening,
while my theory on it is when you, two years old the year between one and two years old amounts for half of your life, so that years very significant cause it's half of your entire life and then when you're. Turning your goes by and its one tenth of your whole life, that's a significant percentage, but when you're seventy five, a year's one, seventy fifth of your life, so it just feels fractionally, a smaller, totally Ivy League, it's kind of like what makes you feel facets that its in relation sugar to your age now, but waiting for Christmas when you're a kid is like forever. That's fifteen years, you're waiting or summer summer was lying on a few years law. My guy for me currently that at this pace a years going, if fascinate from because at seventy five you start reading the obituaries more
and you say it always actors and the people that identified with a sigh kinds that are passing. You go well say that guy was eighty four I can send it. They care was yeah. What am I mad barber and then it's like them. Quality issues command tenets, it's very incredibly fast, but don't you and I know from our secret society that the real issues just thinking about ourselves think about our mortality being of our time is worth thinking about blah blah blah Craig needs this Craig once more years correct. The thing is helping me currently is that I'm so focused on the little girls. Then I'm not hyper aware of how much times blowing by. For me, I'm gonna like focused on them, which is a big relief. But when leave the house I'll, be stuck with myself and concentrate once again my own voyage and and lonely
yeah, probably yeah, but no one can fill avoid, except in spiritual yeah play can't maybe at times music yeah for temporary bright the area Zan, distract you enough, but being of service to people as the great distract her that helps merely feel good. Goneril yeah there's got some guys sponsor that are just incredibly diverse and funny, and isn't it a nice vacation from your mind when you're helping those yeah, because it means that I have to put into practice what I'm telling him to do right, yeah how to get through it. All I've had many a moment's where I was like NED Visor, some newly sober dude and unlike ears such fuckin hypocrite. You you're not doing half of the things they are telling us that we are. Such efforts be evident, isn't motive anyway, it's action so right, right yeah, I mean that's a b
but I really don't feel like doing it, but I'll do it anyway, because I know have to be ass. I dont have to feel bad about not wanting to do it right, so we're gonna walk through life, which is a really fun and fighting voyage, you were born and spoke. Can Washington get mom was a dancer and dad, a business man of some right when he was. He did a lot of things. He was too young for the first World WAR too old for the second, and so he worked in the Buzz Veld Administration in Assisi, AY and civilian concert. Patient core also, and he did a lot of stuff that I really don't know about. I wish I had had the time to sit down with him and talk, because now we ve been Great yeah did he die young here he was sixty five and he had emphysema. I think he was a great guy. I didn't know that, while because of you or because they are both well, he was sick
and he was in the back bedroom unoccupied growing up. I was ashamed of him sure I'm embarrassed by him here and some kind of scared in a way that they didn't know what was going on now, don't tell you right in Spokane it was very secret. Everything who you were was a secret, basically I didn't say I was repressed. It was just norwegian, that's the way. I was right. You didn't talk about the neighbours. Are you gossip about him, but whatever my mom was an extrovert very gregarious. My dad also had been a drummer and played with being Crosbie, so they were friends and they would have the sing alongs at the house where they all get loaded and they sing around and harmonize, and it was just wonderful cuz. I can remember the kid being at the top of the stairs in hearing them singing it and then the smell of the booze India cigarette. They happen
older sister. She died when she was forty, eight, a look at that period with a fondness and sadness yeah, because he was my dad big Norway, funny loved comedy. So anyway that was turning the childhood yet any blades ports growin up totally. I was in the sports leaders getting like are recruited by all the coaches, because you were big. Do you know I was. I was fast and I love sports have coordinated. It was the man the station as a child of rage, is love rage common. I remember getting a lot of trouble for my temper right and it would seem to snap anything humiliating to this day right. I still have a reaction to if you're embarrassed the year or I want to say more made fun of humility, and yet I do it all the time to other people competes. Isn't it the horse and I'll find so saying something caustic, ah M,
didn't really mean to go there, but it when I hear what you know and the people are laughing better heard yeah it's over Bulgaria, the viewer, communion you're utilitarian by design you're gonna make nine people happy at the expense of one person, or I know a hundred people have the expensive term, and I want Carmody turn a shift to to becoming more that writing fun of groups, your people and then it became caustic yeah. In the beginning I mean Richie prior could do it, in a way that I don't know, was off color but fun. Yeah again, though, he's a guy who, from day one on his flaws, like no other comedian, had similarly risen endearing quality to him cause he's going Umbrel fucked up to join them on me MIKE funny you everyone here so anyway, that's
growing up. There was it's not a place, sir. I enjoy going back to railway cause. It's so that such a dichotomy I mean it was so wonderful in many ways and so ugly another. We must ban pop pillar because you you're outgoing and funny, and you are an athlete. So I imagine you are. You are popular and then probably felt not popular. Well, that's always gonna be the case. Yeah, it's never gonna be enough and not tat. I just didn't. Have any equipment to understand anything I mean I'm sure people tried to set me down and talk to me of sand. My doctors, you're watching this guide die right and I remember some of my friends in high school. So may I really love talking to your dad. You took his so smart yeah and is so well read and I'm thinking really yeah. So I this feeling of departure and also a feeling of guilt about not being able to accept him,
because I didn't understand what was going on now. This is so fucking common, so Monica whose pair her father from India, her mother second generation as well embarrassed by her really lovely parents who are supporting me embarrassed by my dad at all times, could see drank sometimes aggressive, with wait staff. You know and and then mixed with all this shame that I'm not being outwardly loving to him in accepting and all those things it's like you're fucked on both sides. Basically your ear embarrassed and you feel shame for all back yeah. I remember you and I am talking about it and I think tat you reconciled with your father. Why is he was dying? We really kind of Rio got here what I don't know that without the programme my dad, I ever come back together at Yale, even on his side. On your side, they re attachment
what I tried to have happened, yet you would have tried to make that happen right, but had still been drinking, I'm sure it would have never. I would have never been able to find any forgive. Is there anything else? I was so brutally judge mental of him. I mean just more than any human mean. I guess I looked at him and all the things I knew were pretty flawed about me. I gave him credit for giving me all the things I was fighting rationally. My ego, my arrogance, all these things I had attributed to him. My mom was an angel and he was the source of all these things. I was fighting and then, of course, now years later might also everything good about me as him. You know me- the outgoing and all these things at that's him to a t, yeah, it's a hard won and I kept me from really when I got into the programme of being able to- I think, undressed and accept a higher power, because any Turner relationship like
I was always and still am, I think, to a large degree. I think I just had a hard time, except in any kind of control in my life, because it didn't have any vs right. There I'd run my self into the ground and self well, so that didn't work, though any kind of I am sure, but a higher power was for me kind of really very difficult. At the same time, I blame my higher power for take my mom and my dad, MR right and I didn't understand anything, Why do they have to go so young? And here I am abusing myself to the point of absolute debauchery and worse yeah. I'm having a great time doing and at times I'm sure had a pretty dark, pretty euro cash or your videos. I think I saw in my dad this wonder for common, like I may add, Solomon John. He loved comedian, any love, the most
centric ones, and I saw his acceptance and laughter and and this wonder in him- and he was also jazz musician. So he did he loved jazz music. We play records on Sunday morning and he gave me to beat the pots and pans and without pancakes and need be. Gotta Victrola, indeed lift up there. So did you hear that sallow? Listen, it's all part of exit visit and I hear the beaten rhythm of the trumpet guy in the back or the grammar or whoever it was here and it's gonna listen to be in the background, wasn't in the foreground wow. So this is all like kind of Us Moses and bring in again and I'm thinkin. Ok, I'm coordinated and I've got timing and those were the thing said as I got and act and because I couldn't do anything else knows. Why cannot irony in really
think I want to be there anyway, because that would make my dad brown jar and those with the things that were surfacing me. He was timing and being coordinated knowing when they come in rights and then being in the background cause I love being back there and then haven't my own little solar backed I shouldn t have share a hand and you do that really works. For me, parenthood was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I not sorry that show in if anything, my storyline was probably fourth mouse time consuming and in all I wanted was to be the start of everything I was, and I found more joy in that experience, and I had many other experience so kindly luckily still relatively early on taught me the joy of like I don't need the who thing, and you are always my example of that. I would always tell myself. Fucking Craig TEAL have one scene to scenes, though, when I think back on the upper, so all I think of ass, his
seen you tell him, May Whitman in that junk yard. I dont give you permission to mess with my dreams. But I think that whole season- that's my number one scene I think of, and I just want. I would watch you and I'm like. Oh, you can do so much with so little stop thinking about what real estate you're, claiming or anything just be special when it's time to be special and you'll get plenty of praise, and that was the case in the eye. What a great lesson to be forced to learn. What yeah I mean that show for me was a turning point really, because I got a chance to meet you peer, everybody, everybody and show was so incredibly gifted and they all have something to bring, and then for all those people who are basically looking for stardom in some way to match and unite and become a team and let her flow
as fairly remarkable. I dont think I have said this a lot. I don't think I've ever seen. It happen yet a miracle that is all these people who, in the past had been the leads of their own shelves sporadically right and we all came in, and everyone took a back seat at different times. Young. No one was grouchy about it. While I was a mean ground, a real I swear it was. It was like MAX drive me crazy here, because the kid plan, this artistic kid was Samir cause. You were doing so well the up and he was irritating aha we're in the scene in the hospital and I'm thinking what am I doing here today. I am in the background just sitting there like partner a purchase. I think I had one line, which was here have ado. It is, I don't want to. For some reason it was a bad day and blubber anyway, the pointers and went off
I remember this clearly so pissed off and I realised from long ago the more pissed off I guess, the more meaningful it is to be at the more confrontation I'm having with myself and with the part it means that its meaningful there's something going on it's actually triggering real life, Craig Ass, he fears real lie, total yeah, so what the hell is going on, and I need to get pissed off to hide that given moment. I need to figure out, what's goin in my life moment, right right, walk around gonna Queer summit, you gotta get me.
You have an amazing things today that I remember who put you edit. I totally remember how you did it, because you were so wrong: he whispered, comedy and drama. The whole thing is confrontation and when he gets confrontations and when it gets real when it gets real, is where the programme and the experience come in that day on the said, I realise that part of this whole thing is gonna, be sitting there and not doing anything, because that's what people do right so get used to it. Ten quit your little pity thing happening cause you don't even know why you're pissed off, I figured that out yet Ray and what's going on, so just sit there and the debt. Stay to defuse the air. We
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we're talking to people, but we had one where he was in an and had we had this gas director and she's. Wonderful actual should turn out to be really good. She didn't explain herself very well, and so there was a couple of people. I walked on this that somebody is confronting her the director with something I forget what it was so I go over and I'm thinking. How do I go to this person? The cast member? This vicious do this cause it's like guinea. Dax comes it I dont understand what's going on, why are you giving her pointing to me and I'm, like Mr Andersson, Senator come. You know why you given are such a hard time itchy. You know she just trying to do practicing my god what's wrong? I come up with a witty, is saying what I said was something you really hurt. My field,
he says, hurt your feelings was so true anyway. That's when I remember you, I was really wanna be ironic as you and I have a similar triggers, so I would always like if I was getting frustrated with a guess director, because I often felt like of this present Israeli really watch the show. They don't actually know what I'd do their time. You do something that I dont do it in a way, Ever it doesn't matter, I would feel powerless and then I'm a worse item comes out but sometimes aware distract myself was. I would like focusing on Craig of these persons from me the wrong. I'm not gonna, just strike myself by watching you, ok, so back to smoking answer. You you. Eventually, you go to college you gotta of several colleges year, flunked out a central. I wonder central martian influenza,
they went to the automobile. I got married flunked out of their air or would have flunked out there and then my dad died. I got married three days after my dad died because this date was set in Burma moved the Phoenix because my wife far There was a helicopter pilot and he was a crop bastard, I'm ok, so I was old, became a loader for him loading helicopters and wouldn't has two sides with pesticides. Metal purifying bee flew specific, which is now would have been closed agent Orange la that either there it really was in hand. I didn't, because you don't know when you're doing wrong. My Father in law, family had a relative whose Supreme Court Justices State of Arizona. So I applied to go to the Euro receivers Zone and through her, and she had some Paul and I got it and that's where I found from it, but I really really cool
the planners. Peanut guy was that before all this year I was in high school you're. Ok, so please tell Monica Wet Year wet job you have. I was a box boy, stagers idea up and spoken, which was really now the, namely that this is not for my mom Shopton only make worse. I walked in and I still a lot of beer either through the basement windows terrible anyway. So there was a guy. There had been a Green Bay Packer. I knew there were four planners peanuts, so we're coming out with this new line of dry, roasted peanuts and nobody ever heard dry roasted Venus, and he said they were just wet rose. These embryo added value and they had a low sample, and he said now, I've got a car assume that you would sit and you could be the planters peanuts. So they had this like six and a half foot fiberglass job at Wade.
The monaco- and I would like, with tar, PAH war by little suit, the monocle whole screen. So you could see he wore black parents and then you had your spats and you had your you gotta say. Would you like you didn't you weren't supposed to talk but I said violating the script. Would you some people say I was an improved master. You don't care to account. The planters Phoenix me there and I would go around and I was supposed to like take on a little kids. Were there when their minds and there were grocery shopping. Follow me around. I have planner peanut anchorages and in what way the member and so little kids
our aim and they come up and grab my came here. They try to put me through the monocle screener so was almost like from inside your ensuring of this one. Little kid kicked me in the ship I mean it. There are means guy says. As he said he found me, about the show. I thought my along I'm out of here: Eggless Amira. Can anybody else? It's it's gotta go out. Please kid it has taken. What side do you know wave at the traffic? You don't have to be at my age. I'm saying you know that's a great idea.
We go out and I've got like ten kids and then we all got handkerchief and in a wave at the traffic and sure enough. The cars are coming in a little kid shoves me back across the road now yeah and I got the shower and surely that you can't get operated as a road. Enough. Screech people going and I say I am so out of here- five middling from this payment periods or laugh in show business. I hated it from the beginning in them you leave to sign a new, you end up in ally in, and this is- nineteen what sixty five and this I say so now I read this and now I know you starboard, I read this detail: did you meet bury Levinson at the Groundlings
No, I met him at the Oxford here. Ok, I add that didn't sound write to me when I that you didn't do groundlings legit Robert? I knew they claimed, which is now no weird anyway. Very when he had is Chevy Malibu with Aramis Cologne. He was living in the car cover Baltimore and who was saw the ETA Counterfeiter Foundation that scholarships I applied, got scholarship and went there. They are acting class. So I didn't come is simple and Barry was here on a writing kind of scholarship thing and he was just trying to get started and doing stuff. You didn't know what he wanted to do: real aunt and we're kind of friendly any says you know came to a trace, your very you're funny. She won't writers, comedy booty and taken where yeah we'll do the vicious workers on staff. So we do You have started work and we gotta sat half hour and I found out that
really really liked in and he was like extraordinarily bright and one. Falling funny and he anyone really good perform in. So that's we put together material and I think we had like an hour and a half and started auditioning. We got the ice house and he would go out to the one working that was working at first. National Bank of Boston is a credit analyst and he would go out try to get US jobs, the writers right, every four anyone's credit you analyze, but that is neither here nor there ass. She does act like the only course at ever. Got me and was accounting in high school apparently was just bring it up. Foreign drew up a feel for figures in many ways and later really manifested itself, but the berry. Ghana, Sir John Namby Sea, which was radio
game, and they had ninety minutes live show we gonna do the show it was. Ninety minutes live an embassy and with local. Now Anna was like that was humble. If you are sat right in your mind, I D, like ninety bucks a week its awesome, I quit the bank. Aha, they collapsed obvious. I don't see no by our two. We got a hard to do him come right so that now TIM coming Had a network show the other thirteen we show in you rode on that right and wrong performed, and we had another was. I variety variety in that was a network deal for with a lot of money tat, we had the old red scouting offices, it CBS Television, Syria Anna was like the most famous riders in the world, and I got to be with these guys who were so quick in and funny in, and we were like new guys on the block. Yeah. Did you feel it?
You belong there. Now you feel fraudulent totally out of place. You probably party more than those guys to write nodded that time. The guy that I hired to be my manager meal Anderson and he will, without a doubt the biggest criminal laws, my manager. He was extraordinary army. He was Maisie. You know he was. The first guy saw that had a gun and seat of his car and it was a magnum and he would have shot up like a sheer. It was graduate of USA in psychology philosophy in had been a hell's angel. Ah that's a nice, and he was just really really something here. And ran a lot of heroin. Cocaine was coming into play at the time out of the holiday Inn
So any added tell in jail business. I became kind of like at the same time, kind of a courier. Ok, you sure, by his saying Enron, dishing override all limping third and you're gonna drive right by law. Cnn third swinging, you be a little thing, her eyes dropped off the dont mean them on looking at no, I didn't. I was so afraid too. I I was a love, what we did, but at the same time I was obsessed with something, and I think it was- I didn't like just being a comedy and they knew better Rudy and bearing knew better, they were so much emotionally smarter than me and wiser and mature
that I was still just beginning to experience. The the early stages of alcohol is Ryan, ethnic and, of course, its six days later sixties early. Seventy she got, Vietnam got a whole punch your reasons to God. Get loaded chair harder, something I didn't know what was going on and yeah. And a little healthy chip on your shoulder totally yeah. That's right! Yeah, that's right and I was married and had at that time now to kids distrustful totally. I just saw immature so then you do the craziest chapter of Europe I forgive you completely. Quit show business even though your gainfully employed and met people that you comprise secure further employment, an you pick up and you moved to the Boondocks Northern California Raw mountain wasn't over there.
I have another two. Ninety nine east inflict the quarter when we got up there and even go westering Go Easton came up, Africa has whenever we want is a hot air, and you did five years out in the woods there. After having been in show business. Correct Anna was Dick, saw very Harpers husband and give me a book called how to build your own log cabin but ass. We went on for about forty acres and there was no electricity, no running water, and no really quick in retrospect is this at all an attempted, a geographical cure for something that was going dear. I don't wanna psychedelic performing and loved At the same time, new I was in real trouble. Right, like you were in a nosedive correct. It was like blue barrels what they call it at the time, which was acid, which was really strong.
And I was on the new function on a stage on asset, but no shit there is there it is I ve been. I dont know that night. I would feel confident and performing I answered he. I dropped it just before we get a set of common store. There was a threat. The lesson was probably best manner how relay air? Ah it which told me something: well, that's what Aberdeen did Jackie Gleason as well right if your first successful experiences are linked to for him, it was booze you're like the. I need this thing to be died, ass thing right. I just need a boost front people right. I needed something. Yeah, I know go another right without some Armourer Deanna bringing that go with me. That guy is I'll bring this guy. They won't know who this is because this guy does not exist without yeah you'll ever that guy lengthening means I'm safe, so we said gone but their kids. You take your kids with
there. Where two then, and now I was born there, Annabel to a house was a log surveyor janitor teacher. I did a bunch of stuff some of it not very good. There was a lot of Vietnam expatriates. Her guys it had been psych optional, bunches have grown part, look get lost year and they were yeah. It was an extraordinary time. Learn how to survive in general. Did you enjoy it up there I loved you. I just want to make any money right here I had to come back. I saw him back and while you were there, you discovered all these musicians. Right musicians, poets, authors, just people, a general yeah that had moved out of the city and stayed in the kind of someone didn't come out stay back in Turkey as an anti, I think survival. You did have those people whose survival is worth some of my best friends. They were
so willing to help you. It was an opening in in terms of of my mind and my thought process is about who is widened judgments at the same time, the same people who would come up and asked me to go with them and bring my thirty thirty down to a nap because we're gonna go protests Caesar Chad, as they may want to kill him. Ah, ah, but can we build your how awry so you got that thing going? Well, I who am I who am I a member of one of my boy? Where do I guess? I'm not a happy I'd known another world, Sir John Viner came up to do a concert, Chaster College and I worked for John, and so I want to see come in the dressing room and I just want to say hi Craig. He had come back.
Come out of the woods. My friend and I was gonna the split that was the yeah. I left the kids and I was really hard, my wife. She stayed up there. She did ya and then you have the best story of getting discovered. I've ever heard, which is either I'd upon getting to allay you're gonna make a documentary about them. Many eclectic musicians around the country, you're gonna, make money you you're going appellation, even the YAP answer. You gather all these tapes right and you have a an office seer in your office in your hammer, dear added a fearless agenda, this music sixteen track affair nearer they're, just in some world of your honor. I thought so your blast in this music in your pound and be Harrison doing God knows what else as someone pops their head in the room, right is what the
what's Goin on here love it. He says. I love that. I have no idea who sat back and by an office. Then he was doing a movie call the austrian weekend, and I think I done justice for all by then berry and very curtain had written film Albert she now between Owen and very came to the office one day, and he says, then their hang around said various listen. There's apart, you know injustice for about Vallon I've, just rudeness movie. Is it you gotta go audition, ices and I'm doing my I'm doing my young. I heard sixteen drags yeah, it'll, fiddlers and plus I got cocaine. I got a lotta happened, even those role so that I can turbo go I'm gonna but I'll miss. If I leave this,
it's all help in a semi says: quenched Kurdish I set up here is that you be great dog over Emmy nor Medusa an opportunity China has come on answerer restart talking about MRS Well hours, do low of improvisation and something our home with him. Ok sure I'm going out and I'm doing stuff, I don't know, I guess I've got it and we do I'm still back in office and I'm doing a thing in this guy walks in the armada. So I guess I'm back and Bob most legendary crazy director of all types of had gone on his side, sometimes while shooting and stuff right in all these great westerns, just a renegade right yeah here he was amazing. Guy, just another wounded warrior really one of us who just couldn't express it in brilliant guy me.
So he he says you want you come down to the end of the hall and read for this movie, I'm doing tat. I just was so far. You know I mean I was so up hammered home, I'm thinking what are you doing an enormous Pisa Gama setting up so I cannot hide my breath. Roman alcohol, booze ass, a way to get down or ensure Nazis were where's. Your readers and the thought occurred to me. I maybe should read it from under the table of wars. Did not us. Can he didn't Sammy that use our imagination haven't even weight in all his life? He did a fluid its evils Edna. Finally, he says what are you doing down here?
Can I take my gum out and put on the table? I said I'm putting my gun down here and I come back after you said, okay, so we can finish this and what's your playlist, The problem is enough to convince whole bunch people about you, then the guy down the hall physicist resolved Dagda makes in some sixteen track, and ever since it was like, saw him Isn t going to work and work with this guy and become one of his best friend. The attic SAM had a team around him and you just look at either love them right and he was not in a hard gotta hit. Ah, you know he bring your gun. Sometimes this, as I am aware of the lower house, got around. What are we gonna do anything I want you ride like. Let me think about any states, and what are we doing here is don't talk to me now, I'm
they may have it, but there's no one in the camera. You fuck the camera right up here he was so much. Fun was dangerous because that's where I am when really looking at someone who's a highly guarded, very successful and they're all fucked up so you're. Thinking of this can all be done, while factor I'm not going to make a choice between these things. You can do both yeah right and I want to die as a poet anyway rights, you wanna big, romance on fire. There, maybe I'll make the cover rolling stone. If I'm, if it's a spectacular enough death lately and rightly so, yeah I was really dangerous times and that those of us that are susceptible to that call that if I'd just
created my life and sold my soul, so to speak, my how I can get- and I needed to do- is go a little bit further. Just go a little or Dylan Thomas, a little bit more Rambo and I'd. Have it I'd? Have that judge that key here and I could be a Picasso also that little bit of positive rain force meant is enough to keep the sinking ship a flop right did as long as you're succeeding on this other thing that you now you desire. We can help. You overlook what a travesty, your personal life, it's right, yeah, it's just a series of coverings? What can I cover this worth? What can I cover them? But you know the thing for me that was so deceptive about alcohol and drug was that I felt like I was
and in those thoughts and those that those girl feelings and all I was doing, which is making a more intense the next time right to a little bit more to get rid of them end and that in itself is like, you're getting further further away from the truth of who I was and becoming something that I thought I want, which is like completely wrong boy. Hero sums got him I'm gonna have to get something is, and I think it's gonna be me and I'm going down so, but you a couple really spectacular things before you for vessels go to Hell, I've, I'm highly amusing, one of them being you did that movie killing fields which is setting Cambodia, but you are shooting in Thailand right. Yes, I've done all right moves. The garden the elder by the director was wont to Tom cruise his first found. I was completely gone all the way through.
Maybe I was Johnstone passive. Am I swallowed them in your? Did you see him? I'm just really cares. We ask you to such a great kid you he really was it then one night he was asked me about acting and above and I don't know I'm hooked up. There can hear me over the head from our then I'm talking about acting like I know what I'm talking about, what you say and as long as your clock in the morning and loaded no other and freezing whether there is a great kid asked me. What do you think and allows so. Finally, Michael Chapman comes over, he says I don't want you tired of my actors, boys point pointing out that because yelling at an arrest, dynamite crisis, like you often we are fighting to get an underground parking garage. I got him on top Chevy Parliament, is had falls, he's a director we get over there that sound guy comes.
This is where you got. Five bucks is thus thirty. Five parts of the audiovisual finances. I got it if you shit, that's the last thing I want you to come and after that you're gonna kill. You no place to go. Get your head enjoying island. I get arrested in Hong Kong Aer Lingus, and caused a stewardess. I says I gotta hurry and she says you have been drinking at the entire were now just get rain alone. Hark actually sit here. She gives me some value. Ah that's nice! and whatever chemicals I had in me and when the ban, I had at Bob Seeger Plan and I cranked him up and now the people and first class are going. You gotta get rid of this guy, so the police,
how can we please come down the rap and I'm gonna ices? Can I got just get some air says you're coming with us, we gonna they strip all my tapes and that's thinking wanna get microphones. My no! I deny me owing to Hong Kong, please so we make That was just beginning to say. You know your rolling. Didn't get anything anytime anywhere. The next thing. I know I'm I'm on every drug. There is its use in it all up down I mean I, don't you burn up my boombox because I plug in it thinking well we're on the Samara. Lacquer call your money in your Bob's eager to Regos Kaboom and I'm guts.
I don't know what it is and I'm taken it and I get so yeah, I'm gone and Doria says I think, on the phone, how many now and see and hear this the woman I love, but Now who she is. I have no idea who I am sure she comes out visit. And in the meantime, I've contracted this. This kind of allergic reaction to everything I'm taking- and I literally I've, got the worst case Contrary you have an average is a success story. I'm taken other aims to combat that an arm things that was the mobility and the point being you ve kind of forgotten. At this point, the door is coming right totally
Gonna knock on the door. I think I've been with somebody a missing like three thousand dollars. Hotels ran up the Iranian, my underpants for anything else on predatory who is here, somebody's gotta keep as Israel, something that will be the next day and night to secure open door, their story. I you look so full of, or did she said, my god what's wrong, Craig Bulgaria, where this is your grey? I say I got dengue fever.
And gave their says what danger is love with. My three thousand dollars then gave danger. Single. What is just right in our european wagon. Only getting our thinking on your feet, Dang gave. We were working me hey. I was so despite all that and you you come out, I was pretty much worse. We still have poltergeist. I don't pull it goes before that was before I came here oh that's interesting. Anyone, oh ok, yeah done polio, stay to share their. We are brought to you,
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maybe I think of you in the mere sticking your belly up pointed and sticking out pointed in before or after the other foreign aid. It was real enough that it stuck out even as a kid I was like. Oh I don't see you guys do that movies, like all this guy, besides in like a real dad like there is, there is some break through a thing about that. It is really was in impact for performance and in, and I just love the movie as every single person did, and then boy was delighted. When I got to know you, it is no what you had gone through on that movie emanate. What's that again after you told me, the stories at sea met, I love would barely. What I had missed in that scene is that your pupils are the size of manhood and in fact there the size of manhole covers the whole movie. You are get to the girl, many image from it's incredible to me that you could perform that.
Oh, I didn't have the lie, though this case: it's not really a lie. You're really brilliant to the performer is the lyre. While I can't do this, not loading right, I've got to have a buffer yeah. I mean shit. I've been all this work. What am I now here and the big lesson for me was so, and I made a mess poltergeist. I really did afterwards. We had a hard during the movie right. Nea had attacker Cartier in they set a virus muscle was attacking my heart muscle, that's what they said it was. An eye had been in that pool all that we had dug in the back and blood upon was almost skull
and he s half an hour in the radio. I don't know what I picked up and I can pick it up from somewhere else, but the point being it was time to get out of that and then the real turning point, I think, was one. I gather Toby Hooper, who was assigned to directly german inter we and I conspired to come up with this stuff about Stephen NEWS and the work that was just. It was ruthless animals right and I did it. I realized tat. I was now how to control will didn't you, you were putting the husband are and then you are in your hospital down in you needed cigarettes was my son, my youngest came in and he was on the set of Poleos all it. I was in intensive care. I had my own, my own bag that had my come. I'm still assure you suppose might have on your cell, giving me staff at the hospital right answer.
I'm now just fine right right where you need me problems are needs smokes, but I mean that ten of care hospital gonna try the well known as their visit ask him. He's nine Buskirk Sagebrush Kantian autographs spoke dad. I took up my will: go this way. How you doing the bartender looks of meeting goes when you do like a black smoke is going to hasten you're, not dressed. Let me say that your producers are in the background, having dinner, I would get out if I were you, so it gives me the smokes. I go
by the way you any easier leader coming in and out of the restaurant arena in a fucking hospital gonna buy back everything about mandatory and, if you're not an adequate, can you really know someone's going through their like shown up doing the job and all I don't know I really confused yeah. Well, it's a lot like the stories you here after you get silver about the other actors stars or whatever that have gone on while I've been working here where they put their bows and who knew right point is that I couldn't continue to keep doing what I was doing Right Dan was near. Yeah, I can't do that, and so I can act round yeah. Well, that's it that's tariff. I know I've been hired to do a job. Oh my god, right this. Oh my god. I forgot this the snake. Besides, if you thought you were doing,
move withholding exactly what we were doing a movie or the weak right, but the contracts said that if it was did really well, that's who was series attach it was pilots and I got picked up, Briar area was El Ray and great thought wait. I thought this was by the way you're gonna get sober and come back to do something that you did drug right and I came back and I literally did not know if you can do it. If I could do, and indeed you find out pretty quickly that you could or was it a process, it was gonna be different. I was completely. I was stripped the January twenty first. Eighty four was my sobriety Dane. I think we started in March there a long time now.
What do I do? I have no attachment to emotional recall. None of the things that I used. I don't feel I feel fantastic in a way, but I don't feel like acting right. So we get to the seven and it was a paramount and the director comes over and says you know we're shooting the scene and he said and I'm not getting it. I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is and then working anyways right I mean I was playing it, but I wasn't connecting in the same way I wasn't new here then I knew I couldn't get there, because none of that stuff was there any more right all the eggs at this time. You know I'm gonna pink cloud right well, and I say this sometimes the people who were curious about acting unlike you know there a slight advantage when you are called upon to do an emotional scene where you're gonna want to remember something that was very painful
and for a raging attic. One need only think back to probably that morning night before you know it is right there you did something pry four days ago. Your hope no one calls about, and then, if you, of a pretty good life. You just gotta, go back further and further and further you now, so there is a little bit of an advance to living in a fuckin hurricane and being an actor, then you're, living in pain anyway and pain. Is your friend is your enemy and that's what you're trying to get rid of and absorb more off? I went he says, you're, not idea, not do as you give me a minute. I, Sir God, if you want me to do this, as this is what I meant to do. Can you help me out her right cause? I got a real problem. Can you help me out, but by the way
power, not the act of being humble enough to say I can't do this. Does something in and of itself here an that's been my key everything I'm really do have to be acknowledged. The fact that I'm doing is pretty much somebody else's nickel here has resolved. I came away that moment in onstage and I went back to the scene and I was able to do it- the draft commission that was really good at what you did. What happened again. This is all I knew was okay. If this is a gift, I gotta be really careful about this, because if I start taking credit for it, I know where this is gonna go. Who right am? I can claim it as being something, even if it's good or bad, I can't men has been mine because it is all I am a vessel to do it. You know,
I've got my ego still run in with me still tag along in a marine like it's important. What do you care? Alot I'm a girl, I wonder now say is that I am was impressed with the fact that when we started that show you, I guess sixty six sixty five then you genuinely cared in Ireland boy? I hope I have the fortitude to even still care then, like I can imagine myself just feeling and whatever the whatever gives us to launch quicker is what I want to do for you genuinely were passion and about how these scenes should go and how your character should go and stuff, and I think that admirable so how many years into sobriety before you got coach for years for years, that's a great time to get that the yank guy was such a gift, but all things been there
oh yeah, but I'm design sobriety wise. Like you, ve got a nice little foundation Vieira, say you're, you're, you're thinking kind of returns by the five year marker they kind of say dear you starts. I started sleeping aha after two years. I think I extorted sleeping again. I didn't realize endlessly infer like thirty five for her, I read write that down gay, either boil realm of America to wonder. If there are your ram baby, you get coach. Was your ego in a good place when you decided that show a radio reservations about reservations. I didn't want to really do it. It was really good money. So I said: ok and I felt at the time I ve been doing- movies had done some tell them when it mainly doing movies those working. My way back up again into that kind of yeah movie movie them? Am I thought, do I wanted? No, I won't do the well yeah well, that was
so in an era where you felt like. If, if I go, do US com, my movie careers done so I'm I'm making that decision yourself right, which now, of course is an exists, but then it will that there is huge Israel right. There was real ever like what you saw them anyway. I did it and we did pilot Bob. Are your shows up issues? Young kid from New York he's been sports guy. He shows up he's now they had a baby. To any says. Oh, I saw you show a really like a broken up around here than it was like nine years yeah. In the meantime, it was an x duration of being sober working with networks and that hierarchy and my own self well yeah and control right is now on the star here and now I gotta be something
and me and myself, and the creator bury kept, did not get along and he wanted and do things I didn't want to do them up ass. It were now have this hate thing on hand. I'm very uncomfortable he's very uncomfortable in its permeating the sad and I may exercising my emotional blackmail all over the place I can make you feel bad by just looking at you- and I realize I mean I'm in trouble- emotion right because a starting physically affect me and then finally, it snaps, and they call me up to the black tower, and now this may be the second year, oh really by go out and I've complained about them coming down. We shot on Fridays, two shows then. After the Friday of the last Friday show you had pick ups, they would come down the writers and the produce
come down and they had their red paper, Copsewood Boozer them and they would get loaded and then were there tell one o clock in the morning and are giving direction about what they want in re shoots and I'm diskin more pissed, Morpeth yeah, I smell a goose. I don't like it. You can hear the right that the slurs starting laughter over stuff- that's not funny, so my lobbies- probably they call me up beneath my lord said. The only wants you want something to drink on the set is let's unreasonable, as is our curtailment, I'm in the dressing room in the green room. I'll do lines a coke, come out and will see how unreasonable this whole fucking thing is. Okay, so we make peace and the next thing. I know it's four years, animal beside him, burying our man
to get along and he comes up and he said I want to talk to you and assist me nice. I want to make you executive producer of the show. Did you run it from the floor? So I do you look back and thank God I wish I could have enjoyed that. My dear, I feel as I enjoyed a man you did totally. Oh good, oh toward low good. No, I see very camp over time. We tried to do a reboot right right and it just in work or whatever it's worth. I had so much fun, oh good, and that's when you that's crazy about raising crazy about Romania and that took the focus away from, as you know, because all you can do a focus on the idea that take your money your focus very much. It was still so dangerous. Yeah yeah it hadn't gone to the point where these guys, like almost in aeroplanes now and there as safe the animals per year, which is pretty remarkable I'll totally the other
on to earn twenty miles an hour in their surviving all these crash that a survivor crashes. It is all about the safety. Precautions are enormous and you I did I M so prototypes, and I had a really Scott Chassis, two of em to cars and was out of war. Did the engines and five leader shows about five hundred and sixty horsepower? Then eighteen hundred pound cars and two thousand two thousand with the driver that's bonkers. That's real shit. Monica sounds yeah yeah that car will go upside down and hold itself on. The road is got enough down. Divorce amounts are real yea, it was, it was pretty and hastened to go to Daytona for the first time and
you find out you really love something want to do something and you think you can do it and then you realize you really are scared. Shiftless. The first time I went, we went to a drive thru on the track and the raking on on the oval is so steep that I could said passengers. I would like leaning over them and I'm looking up they. This there's no way way I ve been drawing on them You do at speed, you get non it s like your neck is like you know. I guess war gets. You can't move after why you cannot move your neck, though you have to wear a strap. It's connected here. How much sake uncensured up issue going in the race. As you get immortal your neck muscles are fatiguing in the trial straight away, but my head goes: courts
lift her to take my hand and lifted a rapture I have outlined, but by the time we met you, I think I was like going to the track or someone else. I want you calm Craig come with me in the track. There's gonna be three cars early to renew said. I will now or go to track again it s for you being nearly as serious as your addiction to alcohol and drugs right. You really became something you had to quit. Yeah Neil yeah I loved it, there's nothing like the idealism: robbery engines, the appeal of it is not necessarily what you think it is, but is a particularly when I'm doing tractors on the motorcycle. You can not not focus on that task, you're doing in the present, for even one second,
are you will crash and the freedom from my thoughts for hours at a time? That's the real appeal of racing. Is it just requires one hundred percent of your focus or you're at your in the grass and that's what's so euphoric about it. For me totally and at your absolute and until the ballet goes bad, it is the most remarkable experiential around. I remember, being I wrote a letter which was one of them at a fast scary, scary, tracked down how under the bridge and they re coming over Hath. I came over that in the rain and you come up. This topic turn about a hundred forty come up over the time. You lift a little by little. Why and this off camera and you're gonna shit get it you get it you get it giving come through their and it's like I made it. Life is jumping from Stifler, rooftop Anita. I got there just remarkable the end.
Ok, so you you quit racing, that's right for the best, I'm sure DORA was happy end up you, you. Straight in a golf with the same vigour right your ear as obsessed with golf now as you ever while overview peel I've got something to tell me the whole purpose. What I'm doing now is to get closer to that spiritual foresaid has kept me sober over the years, but I'm I'm finding that five hours on the golf course with people. That I dont really spent at the time was I don't necessarily have a great time out there anymore. So what are you doing now for fun from writing with my son? Are you know, as a great writer, Noah has got a script that we ve been working on for about a year a high, and we saw the for television or phase for a television ten partner? Oh great, it's exciting! You came up with this idea about it
a year and a half ago, and I loved it as its beautiful to be able to share your work with your son. Isn't it yeah? I mean it's. I come in ah here I can't imagine minority that grows daughters. It will be the highlight of mine. It was his desire also to do with me. I'm hoping that we get a chance to do it. Do you think, though, that you could frame this as a you know, were in the shop and work business, not the results business in ultimately, who gives a flying fuck if you get to spend a year with Noah in process that that's the reward, even if it ever goes on tv or anyone? I received a letter of its the thing you set out to make like that. Sharing this experience with Noah is the destination. No, no! No! That's
such a mature way of looking at me, I'm gonna. Do I would say that in an interview but to you, I will tell you no good. I see it happen happened because what he came up with deserves to be Obviously I don't want to see her. Be able to experience that yeah cause. I've had right and I abused, but I did and and there were moments when we did parenthood, where it was like choice. You free yeah, Anna. So that's why I'm out from your side of the couch, but for me we didn't get many scenes together the same whatever reason. Madam thing, anyone conspiring against us, but why we add seems they were. I just would always get to work and I would like to look at the sides in a minute. Oh my god, I have all Craig and we just always had so much fun,
forcing our honour our guide. You said to me why the I said that my hair all messed up- and it was kind of longer- then came in and seen with Bonnie and were in the kind of washroom she's dead and his laundry him and access there and has Crosbie any says Europe. What are you gonna fight with a leaf Lahore ceasing Goin home, I'm thinking about the scene, I'm thinkin. I knew when I should have said in that. Can I should have said yeah. I want you back, but he would do things like tat in and make you thinkin and there was a freedom. It was wonderful because there is a free. You dont, that was acknowledged and accepted. Encouraged I'd say, encourage the air and it was like true play: yeah yeah, I genuinely love you. I always felt so grateful that you're, the guy that was gonna play my
for six years now. Yeah, I guess always was lying. I fuckin hit the lottery day. I was so great. We had such we're so similar everything's, you make noses we're. Ta were fucking. Weird, we move weird. Your hands are always dancing around making coy my wife's, like these Grace Y know I'll be merry. Do at a certain here, we'll Craig. I thank you so much you're driving all the way from male. But did you d have to evacuate the fires are legit yeah? You did actuator fifteen data, oh my goodness. I lived with her for three days and then I went out to the higher regency wisely and they take animal. So I had Gilbert tab and not go to a hotel room with all the other evacuees and was there was terrified No, I really want to some houses in your neighborhood dig burned. Dounia, oh yeah! Next morning he's gone all my point Dumas like others, maybe eighty?
houses gone, oh my god, it was all I remember on our property and then within ten feet above why we saw had gone and you know her for weak. We didn't know whether the house was Gunnar, you couldn't get in and it was and is a really young terrified thing. You know through yeah and people than a blossom places us in our piteously talk to a lady yesterday lost error level. Fifty years old man, you know we went there the other day. We wanted this panel for incredible to write which, by the way, was attack healer those. So I took the girls idea and we had a fuckin party, I'm doing this panel screaming the movie and then ask you questions afterwards,
and it was raining that day and I didn't want to go, and I didn't want to answer questions, and I don't know what to say and and I'm sitting on this chair directors shared by all, I can think of, as I'm sitting is how they held, and I get here ah and when I look at it, I think this is meaningful. It's really meaningful because its impact at so many people. Oh, yes, what are you doing isolating again? You know in terms of where I was- and this is like the rapid that you got. Who is your setting there waiting ass request to your right, and so I just found it interest. I thought you know once again: you have no idea of the enrichment that you ve been given, while also it's this it's this really true key thing for you and I to navigate which, as you know, that you better not sit there and take stake of how successful it is and how much you had to do with that
many people you touch because once you're on that road, your factor at your hearing- that's that's, not a good road for us, but by protecting it cells. From doing that, we also can miss out on shit. You can so not recognise that I deck shepherd. Your friend sat in a movie theatre for two hours, with my children laughing squeezing each other's hands. Look at each other and smile. Then they'll, remember that for the rest of life, so that is happen in two and that's worth experiencing there in feeling. And yet not heading into the fucking grandiose city of iron, the centre of this universe. Totally, I mean Certainly right on, and you know what is to be Solomon yeah, I something my god. What once in someone's lifetime would then open about will be like that? You know I didn't know. You were so lucky tat when I giant in Hawaii for the fourth time Dorian I watch in beautiful Hawaii and iron giants such a great movie,
cry and at the end of an eye turned your anger. You know I just we would really like a maniac. I just to one of those. Two weeks later I get a script in Hawaii call the incredible. Ah, they both the guys it did giant the yeah that's suspicious. I didn't have serious, I heard about it so the connection and there it is yes. So do it again or take someone take my kids listener. Grandpa's Zeke Jack Jack Math. While I love you so much, I am very, very grateful. You came out. I'm so made the trip thanks for asking you thanks anyway, and now my favorite part of the show the back check, with my saw my bad men on to update you on my ear wax and such
interesting conundrum. The paradox tell me: there's we both know through twenty three me I have genetic wet year wet but say, disgusting airway will hold on. I guess I just have scabs my ears, airplane I've hole to scale back my ear today. Finally, do new idea- and I thought well knowing until Monica and then I thought, should I do everyone has exactly what I thought and I was like what will be the limit of how gross I am where people they just. Finally, to now put my pants united talk about it in the tuna on the fact check, as of yours, Gabby Ear, what I'm afraid they're gonna do not just pure you forget the fact how big was this gap, the size of half a peaceful rice on closer nice guy is how you honestly it looked very much like a piece of uncooked right. Was it don't like black? I wasn't a black scab baser was
just wait right, your wax you that's! What I'm saying is the paradox: I must have a code dominate gene. I have my words yes, Bundy Accessible, so was, I think I have dry and what your wax Monica. Maybe the wet wax some of that dried up into this peace, yeah and and now you're making rice knew well, I had it gap in my ear member when we were on vacation. This is so we rose now when you told me that remember it led to me tell you a story about breeze, cobalt, blue wax that was extracted from her had by a doctor. It was oh boy, balloon was fucking, be you'd. Why what your interaction? And then it was just as beautiful, cobalt, blue senior, making right she's making like raw clay you're. Just down he's making igneous rocks a blue igneous
was so bilingual sedimentary. I don't it's so we can carry on earlier. While there was beautiful becoming a countertop out of it. Well, some realism anyway, she's making precious down the idea carried for her. I wouldn't say outcome Marina, lets the wrong description. It was cobalt, it wasn't it softly. I, like your shoes, yeah, not bullshit, yeah yeah. That's it new fancy issue more accurately. Monica bought me I found the beautiful pair of Jordan for rule. I bought them for you because you try to buy them yourself and you did a bad job. Reorder Council, India S alive. I found a way I figured it out in their I'm gonna shopping, you're, really great, or should I just gave you a compliment in her absence in New York, someone's talking about how the they are good at finding stuff on,
wine o. I know it was. I saw your friend Rachel, it's our second time. I saw her in the hotel lobby last night and her buddy was talking to her. She can fine things on the internet, using that she had found a warehouse that still had like two hundred thousand bottles of. Perfume buying them for like zero dollars and twenty cents on a dollar, and then I said you know where to find stuff on the internet. Like a long walk for me to tell you that I was talking about your New York, but I thought it would me. Thank you. That's a nice compliment. I don't know that I deserve that complement to be. I take you. Just take only take the ones that I believe an ultra. I wish we boasting was dismissed last night, so we could discuss need to of a bad feeling about it. I'll just be honest, you were, you have got about good place to use over there feeling about yourself and stuff yeah. You had a bad feeling about chips, GB! Yes, it is at a certain point or you get us a pattern, not listen to it. Maybe
I hope you'll be happy to know my manicure still going low grade move yeah adopted its held up. It still looks great storm. Getting compliments. He knows I have immense, I can t cause. I know it's true right. I know this current manicure looks good, rides, dishonor brag, because it's not my nails, it's the manicurist. What they did at the place. The manicurist is getting a problem that is coming when people say I loved parenthood. Nine. I always feel weird saying thank you because I didn't make parenthood Jason kingdoms. May parent families like that's, he led the way. I was telling you that they like the way you did in that by the way. You know who I saw in the airports, and I really want you do you talk to her about twenty minutes this morning before my flight, and then I got to see him. Oh just in long was on the year and he told the best story and he does such a good impersonation of you, and he said I said you know I told the story about being at the chateau and how you got like
I wanna go guys, get their hands on. You will be so lucky, you know, and it goes he is like he added you the thing that you're? U turn girls away. What, like you, have a like a strategy on Y know I was like, is there a bathroom here? We can fuck I'm looking at the opposite, yeah. Why didn't you exact? I was going to say dealing. I had a method getting written on it. I'd say you the area vote. He have a reaction to the useless very little, thereby I wanted more. I thought you really all he's alone is, but I still torment of gross it. Your way, It was a cheap arise by the way he looked so fucking good looks he there. He did this better. Looking really his growing with a will. Just his skin looked beautiful. He look, slim and healthy. He looked great like looking animals like
you bet. Your ass people were common over his table. Ass, a lot longer armies, so gorgeous life. It's crazy, really, yeas! Really, let's get him in here. I would love to I'm interested in getting a man here when I was going to say when people say they like parenthood, and you don't know how to say that, but they are saying that they like you they're saying they like what you ve done on that show. I feel you know your same and if they said like oh you're you're, I loved your acting on now my oh thank you, but when they just say I'd love parenthood am I I didn't make it love parenthood, you're, so good on. Ah I'll do something mainly they say that girl so tall in real life. Was there any one says to me in real life? That's, like I posted a picture of me.
I mom and me too that this week for mothers Day of you saw I do. I posted a pitcher I'll show you right now. What kind of my mom and I, on mother's day, o mall, look you're the little brown baby on your mom's were yeah Ok, what two things about this picture wine, but I was gonna say, is yours thing about not being able to take a compliment old. Eric said, oh, your mom's teeth are so why oh and I was like I agree, but I I I felt I couldn't say, thank you, my tea, that's exactly the same thing. That's exactly what I experience a lot of people do that with my fake mom to like, if they mean I love,
Kristen. I now need to allow girl. I now listen. Publicity about you to. Actually all they do is a lot of people say that this week in week about you, but I wanted you different parties, one for fox policemen and we all comes out June twentieth watch it my game show you can win twenty three million of its its spectacular elections mean a suicide by carrying a game, show host weird. On top of it, we'll the second party I went to Tuesday night last night was the ABC for buses. Massa, there was eight ten hundred people at that party. I asked the organised around the the night before it was even or people in so I have to say. I met at least seven hundred of those people of Amin honest. I think I definitely that seven hundred people a lot of people and to your point I love your wife, it's which is so nice. It is and then one woman said you're gonna hate me, but I, like your wife way more than you, and am I I I do too what do I mean it's finally, vine, if,
like her more than me, you you don't eat, here that we may all be just fine mazarine if people can just turn the tables on themselves. Somebody said I like your husband so much more than a year later. That's ok! No one thinks it's! Ok, if you're saying that to a person on the street, why did they think it's ok to say that to a celeb? To your point, would yours boy don't use more to do so? Some people just nervous, may not know what the reasons why I understand that as well, but anyways Crag Quarantine now Craig Team, I love them so much easier ideas alive. Dad it's my last living there yeah now you ve had some other dad's. Why? My father in law, Tombarel, who I love you ve ever found, I'm not humble who we love you have shown bridge. Is you have my dad and then you have? What other dad have you had an movies while just him Robins was my burdens, thorough? That's! That's it
that's a status that yeah! I agree that there is a great day. Please tell me more about your own meet that when a Gregg Iraq is my real days. The Rio. That idea six years is my dad. You know there is, though, one scenery, you, your crying in your hugging him remember what what had happened. What happened was because you were, you had really ruined your life. Oh, you were coming out of jail. I know exactly what you about. I get out. A joy walked to the car. He stand me yeah. I'd now, remember I can see where we read and in real life the universal loading Doc Y yeah. That was cool. My Yeah anytime. I got to be emotional tomorrow. I like to hear he with his sword then show it's incredible, he's a great lesson if you're an actor because he never,
prize it in all the natural? He just knows it all happened in these patients and happens every time then he can bring it out of you there, which are so lovely, even HAWK type Xo Airbus, its precious stones, Russia's sizzler. He gave me a second, very cobalt, affection or a luxury. I hope she doesn't my mom talking about her. I think she might who would love grim accomplishment who'd, you meant that has made cobalt blue there I'm here can arise. I wish I had that it was huge. She brought it back in like a fucking plastic test, tube
something I lodged in there. I don't want anything out shoes in Guatemala for three months living like a hostile who knows what what she picked. Maybe some exotic bug burrowed inner ear and then like that, that's the source of the cobalt blueness or something maybe booth, and when she still has it I can see where she, oh you mean the peace yeah, the does it mean right installation, because if we could bring into lives, do like a little tour with people get up to take their pitcher, whether we Barack Obama Blue igneous infection, ok, Crag Craig asked if Christian had grown taller- and you said yes she's five eleven on current and cape, oh she's, not she's, not grown any taller. She's been five one Emma to. I think. She'd claims five one and three quarters or something, but maybe
ok. I think you think I just think she's one inch taller than you write or she an inch and half taller your five. Thank you forever. A genuine telling, Lamb yeah, maybe she's, only one inch, maybe anyway she's between five one and a half and crises. The difference in inch makes, though, you think, she's way taller. She seems a few inches No, I don't like that. I think it is goes the same for me and just were really only two inches apart, which is hard to believe. Zis he's infinitely taller than me. Doesn't it Mikey six inches taller than me, fair, only two ones. It's three and he's six five or six that I think he is tired and six five? Ok! Well, let's say it: six six doesn't seem more than three inches taller than met through ear. He seems he seems way. Tab at three inches is a lot like three inches is a five poor person next meat. That is
that's too much taller anyway. The reason I said that is because, because she probably appears taller because she's that's how she carries herself under them, I have a different opinion. So you're here is back. So to me, your height stops where your forehead stops her ears bright blonde says: there's like an extra inch care that I'm aware of her being you hi in my mind, stops for Europe. If I gray hair, I do see, but let me take a picture of Europe, no one look at that. My marriage way taller than Christians. I would say great, but it's not it's. It's invisible. What's your hair, you and my hair is invisible. I can't believe I'm the first person telling you this would see. Look at me. Yes, so can you understand that, like where you're Carmen skin stops is like where you start? Ok, I hate
now a lot of hair on that has your sweaters black in your hair is work. So to me it's all. Just sweater in you are the face. Ok learned Happen opposes picture animals. And maybe suppose announcing that sounds view me with no hair, none of you. Well, I have so much you do have so much. It doesn't make any sense you like. If someone had bright pink hair, You would be so where the top of their being they are very dark, dark. Look, I'm not suggest anything controversy here that dogs harder to see the light. Did you like black cars, yet people poem from the black cars more than they pull out in front of red cars? Cowboy? No, it's how you carry yourself that I often get the compliment that I don't seem as short as I am, and they find out, I'm only five feet in a half edge right,
and I like that, complement but then you're giving me the opposite insult I'd like managers. So it is all a compliment. Well, I wish you were three foot for. Thank you. I lie with love it. If you were that's, how can I would carry you everywhere? I wish you wouldn't even have agency anymore. Let me with this. I hope or no wonder again. My old, like you'd, have full control right. You'd sit on my shoulder. I would never be My back pocket those out of fear of sitting. I knew in and painstaking you so derail canals cause all silence. While route canal now infections in the gums was now but manner was legged. Then there was a competition. I do route canals cause problems, ok to ok, can both and then you said when the infections cause
breaks a blood barrier and can affect your brain, but so too things were happening. A wine there is no valid scientific evidence linking route canal treated teeth and disease elsewhere in the body, data show that ninety seven percent of cancer patients had route canal treatment has not been published anywhere. So I think, there's like some. Thing, I'm like a spear receive fear. Yes, ok, there is no causality between rue canals and cancer. Just because a person has experienced both doesn't mean a cause and effect relationship exists. Claims through canals are not safe, are based on research, that's nearly a hundred years old and has long been debunked as recently as two thousand and thirteen a study pub. A journal of the American Medical Association found that a patient's risk of cancer doesn't change after having a route now treatment. In fact, patients with multiple Ando DAWN tech treatments had a forty five percent reduced risk of cancer, all
Ok, so that's, unlike their encouraging people to get route canals tat over on the fence. About getting wanders Gulf, trigger sciences, documenting and inn racing number of dietary lifestyle, environmental and systemic causes of memory. Loss of this is now moving on to Alzheimer's with research and individual experience show that natural approaches can be effective in restoring cognition, sometimes comp, lately sharp again natural in its medical and Dental Advisory Board have identified ten factors to date that cause or exacerbate memory loss, so called silver amalgam fillings contains fifty percent mercury and that mercury can re vapor cross. The blood brain barrier and destroy neurons even without contact safe removal is key along with minimizing our exposure to large stake. Fish polluted air and backs scene was remove upon. This was a dot org.
That's my right now org. The idea that there is no, I don't think, Org or come, makes any to have knowledge as it does it does. I don't think so. I think it to get a dot. Org have to go through a lot more of a process. You can't just like be a dot org right elementary. That's why you are supposed to be able to trust dot, org sites much more now garv sure now government that, unless I'm all while you're so sceptical, get the guy anyway. I know what to do about this. I can't I can't let you hurry now. I can't reach our dragging out perpetuating any fashion, apparently anyone dot org since ten and eleven really. But after that I was in school before two thousand and eleven, the new knowledge stopped there yeah. I just know, I'm allowed that's what we're sorry. I know the reason I knew it is because I've I've shop for domain names, post two thousand eleven
all the domain names I wanted, I could have if I was willing to do dot org and I didn't want dot org, but just on the options of you type in the sea. If it's available in devising new wasted or those in allow is blown my mind blown by world is imploding awhile. Could I don't like that now I don't know: what's real words, Welcome Europe problem with the internet. Who allowed this like this, that's crazy, you Williams, might as well as I that checker. What am I supposed to do? I know, but I've never had the association with Org that you had so LISA elaborated a few or were you, but you trusted everything you read about Org up to go through all the facts, facts now to come raising alone. Ok, whatever the next back, I can feel confident about. He said
there is new science about status, causing inflammation and then you said your doktor said status reduce information, so I emailed Doktor Eric. So I can your new honor. He is the real life dot org parades as an eleven you can trust. Is the old YE dot? Org yeah? Ok! So what did he say? I'll read the whole email. Yes did you love been in correspondence with your pretty attracted my right last harmonica stands reduced formation overall in the body, which is why they are even helpful outside of heart disease. Cholesterol, build up works even with low cholesterol, even possibly in other unrelated conditions like multiple sites process. But there is an unusual curious, still mysterious inflammation that stands induce and muscles and the pancreas not common, so taxes right parenthesis,
is again boys, always somewhat crushes are going around in a circle here, but there are a couple of exceptions, albeit rare, that are not yet explained. Look forward to your smartphone ultra sounds in some doubt: Miley Bays best Eric. Can I welcome these, so that makes sense, because in a very rare percentage of people, when I got prescribed, staff may warn you about it. Some people experience muscle pain, very low percentage. It so happens that my uncle rain, the expanding array, or maybe my dad either my debtor nothin my dad my dead, the oak, my biological, their debt and but it gave my dad muscle, painting he got
off of it. That makes no sense that would that that pain is coming from information, but again very small island. I think we, I think Craig was wrongs. My conclusion, Emily gotta get is so great when alone can best. His father now share shakespearian. It's a complicated relationship, fathers and sound, always always even when their fake, the app ok. I try to look up what was book or dry roasted peanuts like what were they before they were driver said peanuts, and I think they just want roasted my what are they were oiled and oil. I mean that's all. That is something people do boiled peanuts, but that's boiled in water. No oil would give the word boil the oil in so hissing. All boiling should include a while look. All boiling includes oiling now. Yes, now you can't spell boy oiling. You can't spell funeral without fun.
You know I'm saying yeah I did okay, I didn't want confusing sure you should have made the word fry links to oil in the word boil to water, so it should related watery wine in foiling. That would make way more sense for oil and watering bring about eight courts of water to a boy, water and air ok, bury Levin Syn II. He comes up in this episode, but in another people know who he is so I just wanna say he's a filmmaker diner, the natural good morning, Vietnam, who Bugsy wag the dog. He wouldn't have me word for best director for rain man. I Nea
so our relief man, what a movie ok, did the Bank of Boston Collapse. The Bank of Boston Corporation was formed a nineteen seventy as the first National Boston Corporation, a reorganization, followed that merged first National Bank of Boston and old colony, trust company into the newly formed Massachusetts Bank and aid, which then assume the name first, national, big Boston. It was renamed the Bank of Boston, an egg and ninety may be too soon as its non alcoholic not available. What the fuck does that mean any national something probably incur air and nineteen to making big boss, incorporation and ninety ninety seven after the company was acquired and ninety ninety nine by another leading New England, banking, firm fleet financial group, the newly formed company fleet, boss and financial was acquired by Bank of America,
two thousand and four, while allowing for the journey was such a journey. It was making me think of like when you have to practise taking tests and they make you practice getting rid of extraneous information. That's me, throw you off, like you say the word sing now, yes, like it's not pertinent to the actual, I heard Boston, Did you so many times that I get so confused? I didn't know what you were talking about and then it is finally enable Bank of America and I felt like all we ve arrived at the point like what was the point will examine a priori. There is no longer a ban, any oh last bank, so you said attics have sometimes they have an advantage in playing an emotional seen as an actor Kalsaken sort of Poland's some recent bad experience that morning sure, which is true, but that's also only one method of acting
easy to use. Experience like incense memory. He had a lot of acting schools are not fans of bad. They try to get you to do other things, because you can always rely on that again, and Christian has is not an activity can be very emotion. Also, Robert Ghana. Would you so very emotional period near now? It doesn't want people to nervous warlike young actors who aren't attics like that's not only way yeah and again anyway. I'm not Brad Pitt. Don't get me wrong. There's bigger things to us drive to be, but if you are a young actor in the worst case scenarios you end up me cause you're sober. That's, ok,. They make any sound now. Why I'm almost fifteen years, sober yeah. They microbes plenty good enough. That's my point or like you can do just fine,
not being in not being about. Oh yeah, sunlight those. My point to the same point, but not unlike the bank description, many lasting, I think convoluted way, you're wearing one of our new pieces of merchants, broaches miniaturized, a maximum facts and Rob got a cartoon artist who do miniature miles it so cute. I can't stay here should be on this site, but oh it ah not read the second pillar. Oh ok, so should be sorry for your level. It will be on the site is, are available in other they don't. We don't have the Senate sweatshirt. I got only limited edition sweatshirt as I have a brick shit house, hoodie yeah, so bright exclusive or maybe we should sell your shirt fur like eleven thousand dollars and it'll come with factual juice on it,
Wolberg Rumsey than are mugs gum. Would you look at it man? I don't know. I don't know. I know you see it's been a long time since I knew about fat, she's. Ok, I've been out of the game for a long time. I ever refer jeez rightly raised at my badge. Will you go our factories orbit? What about the milk produced by apaches? If you did, could we call that fatty ages like baby, wants more vantages babies? Cried I care. What would you prefer was called fatty milk, yeah fat, natural malware We should come up with an eye daring oil, clear that mankind about bran their guys would be still.
That natural mouth? I love you maximum miles and we now need a maximum mouse lobby. While you are, who wrote a check his ass, better cash by Monday and love, your arm chairs.
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