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Daniel Ricciardo

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Daniel Ricciardo is an Italian-Australian Formula One racing driver. Daniel joins the Armchair Expert to discuss getting into racing when he was 9 years old, how he stays fit during the race season and rebounding from a poor qualifying round. Dax explains the science behind downforce and g-force, he compliments Daniel on his girthy neck and pitches a race gas scented cologne. Daniel explains how anti-superstitious he is and how it leads to a lack of accountability, how he finds enjoyment before a race and just how important the first 45 seconds of a race is. By the end of the interview, Monica impresses Daniel with the insightfulness of her racing questions.
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Welcome. Welcome! Welcome to armchair expert experts on expert Dan Shepherd have joined by Monica Monsoon HI good morning, good afternoon, good night good evening, night night, sleep tight dont know whether to do my australian accent or my italian ally gather. Seventy apps yeah, I know because our guest, his ethnicity is italian or, as I say I Italian yet He is in policy, so you would do ashine cause when you do an Indian accept for me, you Polly wanted. Then I get offend before I knew you I might have, but now I've changed my way. Thank you for it. So Let me say all z, Neil Ricardo. Thus, as nice good, I don't you Kyoto is getting worse. Daniel Ricardo is low. You kind of tied for my favorite formula, one driver. He was you're nervous right now, I was a nervous. I just like. I don't know anything about this and I'm probably gonna have to count sheep in my head
in our view, are something I'm just not interested, but then I was super interested well a bright eyed. I guess what I met. Your fear level was. Is that is a race car driver correct, for the show leg is at something that would interest arm cherries and I We were both relieved to see that he is so Dag Nab, charming that he transcends the that sport totally now I love This bore knows my virus, or will you started watching the Netflix yeah Daniel Ricardo, which, if you were in ITALY, you pronounce it Daniel richer, dough, a two seas, but he is in lousy. So he says Ricardo Pride and said: that way. Anyways. He is currently a formula one driver. And die he's one some awards, two thousand fourteen Lorenzo Banditti Trophy and the two thousand fifteen Laura's breakthrough. Of the year. He has seven wins in formula one: thirty, one podiums and three poll positions he's
and ass Dick enjoy Daniel Ricardo.
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guys. I hope you take, as a compliment. I can't think of any one else. I would look it up early for like this. Thank you. The compliment accepted were you out right now bombing Would you go the moment? So he got the next crisis weekend so yeah and start to pay much Thursday, but like media, a marketing staff and in practice start Friday. When you have a race weekend. How early do you get there? First, while you don't live in Portugal, do not then. Ok, ok, well, whether in Europe. There are always like around it's too vague. What are you talking about basin yeah, I'm based in North America? Is that helpful? I live in one. It sounds like too busy or something they remain says, that's it people here I don't know if you know this, but people who have gone to Harvard if you ask them where they went to college, so go I went to school
in Boston Heroines like ok, I like to enquire Loki by some basic Monaco Bobby move around the law, and this year we basically just compressed everything it into Europe so far for, like the overseas races today can t go like too often been probably cause. I like the city but I'll, get there like coming Monday before the rights just to get a few days to also get the jet lag and tough yeah. I was gonna wondering that you got all these awesome places like they have won. Counter takes you. You know the most amazing places. People would definitely want to go visit but I assume I imagine, is kind of like when I go somewhere to do a movie. It's like I'm excited to go, and then I just don't do one thing. I am I'm in my hotel room and then I do the work they are to do some wondering like how much do you actually get to enjoy the cities you go to? Why try and make a habit of it, but the city I'm excited about all. Try needed, go early or stay that after
a total waste away with. If we got commitments afterwards with the team or sponsors idea like the first four years on that one, Is very much like hotel track airport and also very like this is why I cannot sit yeah, but now I like try to make a habit of like spending a bit of time and destination and actually eat a little bit about the place, we'll just try and see the place. So when it's all said and done, I can actually found did more than just drive around a race track. Yeah, I'm so glad you have that perspective, because you know there cannot be a pursuit, that's more goal oriented than your sites. I just all about how you finish on that Sunday. So to learn to enjoy the process and not miss the whole experience I have to imagine so many drivers end up just missing the entire experience because you're, so my optically focused on that one moment in time,
so I'm very delighted to hear that you're just kind of France and around these places and wrap it up as a memories, the Pisa yeah. Absolutely I had a bit of a moment. There was a few years ago, where others, basically just too caught up in a decent. Like the result on Sunday evening and I don't really have anything else to show for it. You know when I didn't have a good result oh, my god, I a miserable, but I was pretty flat. You know, so I just try to appreciate the journey as well, because it's like that of the fun right and also your identity is such right. That you're a driver. I imagine when you think of who you are and who you introduce yourself to people as like. You would pricey driver before you said, australian or ethnically italian or sun, or anything like it. It's gotta be, unlike the top of while you define yourself as a person, a funny it's a weird job title. I remember once I did say: love like you, I'm a driver and that's my profession.
I feel that favours by both sides to them, but the response was also like a newbie driver. I serve our body failure I did say Eliza. If moniker is yes hi. This kind of there for a second? We don't have any light in the Algiers. Arrogantly beautiful, dark complexion, as I can see, which does not bode well in my reply- is that this is kind of mine. Kardashian generally, she looks prettier, but now you can see me, listen, I'm going to be very honest with you. First of all, I'm very attracted to you you're, so charming and cute. I just love you, but I could have given a shit about formula one just. I think a lot Americans, it's not on the right- are also I love driving, but I dont like watching, but formula. One series Netflix, I think, drive to survive that opened up, oh have one world to me and I became obsessed. I watch those so fast. They were like treats every night. I got to watch and what was so,
But it shows you get behind the curtain. Look at the personalities which is kind of missing that sports Evans wearing a helmet and earn a car. It's really hard to know what the personality types are and even with the states. I've been less attractive to football because it ruins wearing a helmet, whereas basketballs like you're, just watching their personalities right, but this show gave this great window of everyone's personalities, and of course yours was so exciting you're. So, as I said, charismatic and funny and goofy, and it just go super interested in now, I count down the hours to the races. So now I bought the stupid formula. One package: it's way overpriced, it's not even on Apple TV, it's a terrible, fucking app, but I have it so I just want to kind of try to hook our audience, who certainly doesn't care about formula one into some of the things I think we're mind blowing to me about formula one. Well, maybe just start with what it is right without question. The very highest level of racing in the world- and there are only twenty drivers-
the formula one and they are the best drivers in the world. This is what got me excited I think this is what people mine, I guess they ve guessed. The budget from one of those race teams was maybe forty five pushing fifty million dollars and tell me what the boy did of like red ball. A Mercedes is it is really bad. I should now like. I want to say that, like three wandered, Milly S. between three and five hundred million dollars a year three, in five hundred million dollars you're. So that means in the last ten years of that Mercedes team. They have spent five billion dollar I'll raising a car, it whereas I you guys get have cured disease, it's wonderful, It's funny like it is crazy, like I guess, if you really think of like it's probably a lot of jobs or sport,
like. If you go down to the core, like you make your profession doing what I got drive these men two million dollar cars around in circles. Basically, and that's what I my whole life for- it's crazy. I remember when I was young as well. You know when I started to understand a little bit of the business of the school and it's like it. We're just moving billboard, basically two hundred mile an hour billboard exactly, but I'm stoked you got into it and actually I was listening to your chat with Travis Pastrana. He was also a big carol. I'm going out shot I love to Wilson all that as well. You do you write motorcycles when I can off road to flight market around I love it. I'm not very good, but I love it. I'm not good at off road, I'm pretty good on a track, but I'm not so great. When I'm in the air I'm a little nervous You do a lot of track days. Is that right, yeah. I had an episode recently, my first bag crash. I've been doing track days for probably six,
ten years- and I have my first bad episode about four months ago- but we're back we're back, we feel great. So we got some guy got. Some mental hardware seems we work working great, proper offer. Ok, so Danny you're from Australia and you got into racing parts when you were nine and so you're race yeah. He he did. like yeah. I had it in the blood and I certainly got a lot of the the attraction into rating from him, but it was just because I think I was growing up as the kid and on the way if he would racism at that time, Like. He had his own business and it was just like kind of a hobby for him you. It was past the point of him being professional or anything, but I think
growing up around a race track smelly, you know the cause and the noise. You know the sound of the state of ours is drawn to a there's. Nothin sweeter than rice has right. You pretty girl. I want to make it as its alone. I think all I want to say your mother first want to say that if we made at the cologne it would they would all this a big hit but anyway track all the dudes and repel all the women in Cologne. I guess what was important was that I I think this is important. Just for a model I mean apparent, but I guess for a lot of parents like supporting your kid. I guess is one thing, but also in pushing them is obviously something completely different, although I around racing, and that because of dad it was never forced upon me. I was just drawn to it, I loved it and I was fascinated by it. I go to kick out of it because no one else,
Was really is really racing like I just thought it was for me for kind of stand out, stand out and little different and like go fast and like that at least some guilty yeah. It all starts with wanting to impress a girl. No man has ever done anything in their life that wasn't ultimately about maybe attracting a gal. Every bridge you drive to from the early eighteen hundreds that was some guy trying to get laid now you started at nine, which is really encouraging, see I'm in a very similar situation. I think as your dad, which is, I have enough money that I can do it recreationally and I want my daughter more than anything the show interest in it, so I can just go all in on it and I keep thinking began Even now, when is the cut off of when I got to get her in a cart, I guess I was a little relieved to see that you started at nine. Is that a little late in general? I think these days
I mean some kid started like for five hours. I guess you could say I want to say it's light, but it's not the earliest, but I don't know I'm always also a bit torn with. if you start something so young, are you gonna colorful? I have one with it by the time you ten years old or something I'm happy. I started at nine. I was playing other sports. You know when I, a kid, so I kind of had other interests I think which kept the racing fresh for me. I think MAX the staff and I think he started maybe at like four, so you can do it. That does not surprise me. I got to tell you, I'm not sure whose rivals and who's not, but I got to say what keeps me Interested in F one is you and MAX? I love watching him and I love watching you because their sea and I'll hope you'll clear this up for me and I also don't even know what you're allowed to say. But what makes it exciting is Mercedes. Just has this incredible. Profound advantage is very obvious that their cars, the best their teams, the best it's been for I don't know now, eight years or something that you would know yeah so
you are verstappen podium to me. Just screams driver and also, what's really fun, is all these teams were people don't watch it? There's two cars in every teens really there's ten teams of two cars that make up twenty car. So when Daniel who last rays was on the podium third place, though, what car the renewal car he drives, the yellow renewal and You know the other renals nowhere near that podium and likewise the other red bull cars nowhere near that podium. So what that tells me is that Danny and MAX can drive the shit out of those cars. It makes it really exciting and Because I'm like why the fuck isn't Danny or MAX. That number two Mercedes, nothing against both us, but just I want to see someone that can drive like Hamilton in the same cars Hamilton. I would argue what kind of save F one in that, if you had to from
they help shooters bad is like you or MAX against Hamilton. Every weekend. It would be so exciting. I mean those weaker other a ton and caused them a lot of money. But don't you think so exciting to see three, the premier drivers in the same car, yeah I've? Surely I love your passion, for I don't get me wrong like we all think that an I guess, like one thing is like the attraction of always trying to get to the best team, knowing that there's a team that better than another, that's kind of a challenge in itself, so it of course, trying to change that, but also there's a lot of. I'm sure like shit, we just wish we had the same equipment. So we could to show what we vote. If we're all about giving NASCAR is better in that way, I would say so, like I think, is to live like a page but short data biggest spread through the field who, I think could win. Whereas you said you know the last one in seven years. I think you know Mercedes, probably be no eighty, of the races, that's not their fault.
as well like they've, just done a better job, but no, my hat is off to them that handsome son of a bitch who runs that team. That guy needs to be like on a horse selling polo cologne or something. So I totally respect and applaud it. But I guess: do you watch motor jp it all along here? Is my favorite argues that were made, for the last ten years. What I love about motor? GDP is like sure the dukes are faster on the straight away, but you go to a track with not allowed a straight away and more turns tighter turns than the imo is gonna, be good that we and then maybe another track. The Han is going to be so even within some dominant teams, the bikes themselves- do better at different track. So it does equalize it a bit. I have yet to see the truth. safety system like far and away the bats car here so that one, I guess, the fact that we have, as parallel is Monaco, and I think it probably speaks to all free circuits, so I guess
a little brief education to many people listening that. So we are like the spill racetracks, which, like big and faster flowing and quite open. We have one here in Amerika, guys, Austin. We have a beautiful formula on track and Austin and it often there oh, but it also bears like margin for error. You know that there's an escape, there's like a gravel trap before the war will there's something you know you don't always paper mistake holiday this way to put a? U can cross the line, you can put your car to the edge you can exceed it and you have some safe run off you're, not risking your life, by pushing to the limit, he's right. You learn about Travis withdrawn as thing Monica was the only track that being nuts is an advantage like that you can the creator and that can make up for your gap in technical disadvantage.
Monica guess who one in two thousand eight Dena Monica was an eighteen year, you're good news that among some less and another legal around Monica right, you're just drive, you didn't think if you think it does and like you say my name over and over and out my lover, Yale Monica Yamanaka, just some Kate a next to you the whole time right, yeah, it's kind of easier difficult, don't get me wrong, but it's easier for twenty of us to you kind of in that window, so to speak, where Monaco It's like you can't go over the limit because you're in the wall, not only that, but it's so much more intimidating. So you ve gotta like creep
to the limit. So the way you drive around the street circle like Monaco can make a difference because of that probably the cause become a little less significant on a street circuit. Look as nobody can drive the car at a hundred per cent of its limit, their basically right next to no one's ever maximizing the cars potential cause. It's just too dangerous. I wonder to tell me: there's waymore visual stimuli to on that track. Rikers your blowing by buildings and stuff like if you're in Austin, there's nothing to Gauger speed by but I'd, imagine a Monaco. You must feel like you are flying one of the biggest mistake, I'm eighty Monica is. I watched one of the practice sessions. From I don't know, maybe I wasn't even enough one by that point, but standing on the side of the track. I saw the guy pass unnoticed blown away by how fast they were on such a narrow, tight circuit, those intimidating watching it because in a flash they gonna fight, they ve gone around the building. On my will
we got it because I don't think do that, but at once you get in a kind of Feel I guess it's like it's my comfort zone, so it feels okay, but it is intimidating and, as you say like there's so many, I guess the is so from the barriers and everything splashing past it does, will foster anchors interest. its circuit, like it pompiers. It's not purpose built for those like inadequacies with with the the road is and the shape and the curve it's more of a rally. Race, yeah! It's no! It's cool! Is that the hardest track to pass on? Yes, so that's the only like I guess down for with a street circuit. It does make the racing on the Sunday Times the little I'll say, boring beheaded, so tight that it's a lot it's a blocking, defend. Aren't you the past, but the threat, of driving on a street circuit good. It's like nothing else, yeah yeah, what's gonna
dream about when you're just in traffic- and you like fuck me- and I wish I could just go. One hundred and eighty down this, this city block, tried to say a couple more and things. I think that could be really interesting people that aren't even interested in this right. So one of the things Monica not talking about the city is so the car is built in the simplest term of the opposite of an airplane, so an airplane wings give it lift. It makes it lighter, I one cars, all of its aerodynamics are making it virtually heavier. So it's creating all this down force, and in fact creating so much down force it. If you could imagine that while they were driving that, I don't know the number as you would know, but like fifty five sixty miles an hour just that if the role where did turn completely upside down the car? Could DR upside down, what
the car weighs a couple thousand pounds and it's creating two thousand three hundred pounds of downforce. Those aren't the numbers, but something like that. So Dan, Could pass you, you could be on the highway going sixty Monica and you could look up through your sun roof and see sweet, Danny smile driving upside down above you wait. Can we Well, this could be a solution to traffic couldn't because we could double decker them and we could have traffic driving upside down and then traffic driving right side. They just need down force. That's actually, I feel like the way you ve explained everything you I want to say you fail. you ve got an engineering background or something when I return. I have a background in everything. Ok, no one more thing! I want to explain to people, MRS really impressive, so forces if everyone can think about a g on planet earth right now the amount of gravity on us is called one g or at one a m. So at one g you are your whatever your body weight is right now. So for me,
that's one. Ninety thanks guys! So if I, didn't you Jesus? For some reason? I was standing on a planet that had to jeez. I but now away three hundred and eighty pounds and so on and so forth, the cars are so high performance in there's so much down force that these guys can hit five jeez in turns? Why Does that feel like in your body? I want to point out just one aspect: the human thirty pounds is adamant about what it is you're, probably dealing with stones or something don't in thinking of. I am thinking of the kid from Jerry, Maguire yeah. Exactly I thought it was a hazard. Human heard ways is a I get a skull, I'm going to look it up now. I think it's way more, like twenty to twenty five to thirty pounds, maybe he's referring he's had and his head small because he's a little boy,
ok rob. I gotta Google that well, but We have a helmet, a pound or two. I want to say it's. Probably for not half pound five town, like two kilos says it all before found. I think now we're talking twenty pounds, your head's weighing twenty pounds with the helmet on okay, now at five g's. Now your head weighs a hundred pounds, oh god. So what I want everyone to imagine is you're laying on your side in your sleep and then pick your head up off the pillow and then Monica who ways not Monaco MA sit on your ear she sits right under your lives. Your legs up, Have to hold your head and and not let it the the pillow gonna go even Worse, let's say on the pillow: there are spikes, If you were to lower your head, you will be impaled through your ear, because Monica sitting on your ear and Monaco,
that is what the drivers are dealing with in don't sometimes two or three of the turns her lap and how many laps we doing we're doing forty five, fifty or something depending on the yeah to like for about ninety minutes. About ninety minutes for doing that. Ninety minutes, Monica sitting on your ear, is you try to lay in bed so by a senior year, oh, I got the neck strain yeah. It's like look his neck- is so girthy girls, it's neck. I've ever seen the way. You explain that it's actually really good cook people ass. They like forces we hear it. But what does it actually mean? And I try and explain it. You know the force that we have to hold and everything that
you know the way you actually broke down, I think, but much more reliable than they trying to say young going at this paid through this corner. But it's true. We need to be like super strong, drawn back and also our all back so, like all alike, to L a bleak all that part, because, even though it like strapped in and the seats and moulded to us, we still, you know like you can't get away from that force. You still get everything through it, so the seat support you a little bit, but you still the hold on. Basically, so your whole body doesn't just like twist over even your liver. Now that weighs a few pounds that things in your body moving to the left or right now it weighs pounds- and you know, have signalled thing in your body- is being pulled in it now ways five times what it would normally way as anyone else
well. Sadly, yes, but not from G four that I can see someone spleen definitely exploding well I'll. Give you the dark kind of history of that part formula wanting they used to be the technology and the thought behind it was make the cars stronger and stronger and stronger and they have a year or two when they were still racing nerve ring were they are built these cars, just out of complete steel, so when they hit anything they hit a guard rail or each other. The car didn't absorb any of the energy, and five drivers a year were dying from impacts and that's when they started realizing. Oh, we need some crumple zones. We need some areas that can absorb all this, this energy. So now his car is designed like a honeycomb based It's got all these ways for it to compact and absorb energy, so it doesn't transfer to his body.
I need to get you on a race table. Please ask me: I will come with you to all these exotic locations I'll help you enjoy the scenery and I'll do press with you just to be even a spokesperson for your detail? Is beautiful, okay, so here's the other thing. I found really really impressive about you guys after watching that Docu Series, which everyone should watch, it's so good people, even that don't care about racing. I've turned them on to it and they love it because, again the personalities are so fun. This is a Eighty, our we job, it's not a practice. Friday, Qualify Saturday Re Sunday, the amount of fish to go conditioning. You have to do your diet, you have trainers, you have certain hand, I coordination things. You go you can you walk me through your like schedule to stay fit enough to get in that car yeah sure so, basically I'll go. So like pre season and I think, like a lot of sports
Did your time where you ve got the table Commitments of market or travel basically, and it's your time to kind of get fit. For the year ahead. So that's kind of our like January February, so that time. I get some training six days a week through session today and it about being obviously being like strong but having a lot of strength, endurance, because the races and we don't have to be like power lifted, but we need to maintain good strength over call it ninety minutes, but we have to also be very light. So we can't afford to put too much muscle on oh yeah, so I weigh seventy kilos, which I want to say. I think it's like one hundred and fifty five or something or eight yeah yeah, two point: two: two yeah, oh good math! You operate well in the morning trying to win you over. I want to hang with you in Monaco, putting my best foot forward
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By stacks Yes, so we have to be done, why do we need like a balance of like through strengthened Germans, but also like a lot of cardiovascular alot lot of running cycling to oversee? Has good insurance to laugh the right, but also, I think, with good cardio comes you don't know a heart rate attention can be put towards. You know concentration and I'm not fighting. You know toward the end of the rights that basically, days a week when we have pre schedule, but now during the season we have like a back to back race for one race. after the other, in successive weekends, if I may the Monday after racial, pretty flat, so it's kind of a rest day, maybe Tuesday, you get up and do a little bit of light cardio when you're already travelling through the next rights, so maybe if, though, you might do to make training just taking back kind of switched on him, then Thursday
marketing sponsor stuff engineering meetings, strategy meetings and then, as you say, Friday practice Saturday Sunday calling from their and their long days at the track. So it's not like we just we race at two p m Sunday and leave the trade every day with their colleagues. Thirty in the morning, and we leave at eight thirty in the evening. There's lots of and I guess things that take place over the course of a race weekend, so it's a to ask for someone to be be completely focused on this job, that again, only twenty people on the planet are doing and to do it such a level and then they go like Salvador on its every. Forty five minutes and then also the press. I notice, which is kind of fascinating, I feel like formula, is unique in this. The press is so adversarial. So when you were with red, bull was really fascinating. The red bull team was not happy with the motors that renal was supplying and so
every interview, be it with renewal or red bull they're, trying to start this fight like how disappointed are in there were no motors, and then everyone just on this and then they'll say even to like Danny like well a couple more of those races and you're, probably not gonna, get get a ride next year. The that's the question you so and you're, probably out of a job. How do you feel about that? It's so right. It's really adversarial mind. Yet how do you get yourself like lied and not get bombed by all that it can be brutal, and I think fortunately, for me, I'm very like maybe just growing up in Australia like close to the beach I'm just kind of last easy going, and I don't take things too seriously. I guess- and I guess with that stuff with media and just I'm just like. I know that maybe they'll be something a comment or a question which might not fit well. We leave it on my guys, it's whatever I got it. I tried this. I guess like a brush, it often not take it the heart, but you have to be like that
Yeah? If you can't kind of let something go, I mean again, you ve got to say it all your energy for your performance and if these things are consuming you in and taking away from you what you need to do it you're not going to survive in India, sport so yeah. I think that one of the best piece of advice I got when I started with budget term read anything don't read, don't read the racing websites, don't read anything come interviews. I just here. I want people to consider it in their real life, though. Let's say that you're in an ad agency the end you go pitch, the client and you terrible terrible. You fuck it up and then immediately after that, your worst day work. You walk straight on to the the channel evening evening news and they sit there and like like how how you you, but their bad. That's terrible like your work, moment personally now is put in front of this view audience over over a hundred million people who give it's too relish in your failure. I mean, I guess
would say like yeah, but you have the best job in the world, so tough shit. I guess that's way to say it but the notion of having to be ridiculed about already a terrible terrible outcome in day seems uniquely cruel. With that performance related, say five. You know shit right then I guess I'm prepared for those sort of interviews, questions all scrutiny, as I guess, if you can call it that day like I am my biggest critic, I think most people athletes whatever anyone in any form of work you really believe in yourself than you know, you are also going to be the hardest on yourself. So maybe that well I'm not to bother if someone makes a comment about a mistake I just made because I, like you, I know I know more than you about what I just didn't. I'm I'm fills me with my hell yeah, you just gotta. I get stuck it out, but I really like all be the one who's
putting my hand up admitting a mistake, but then, in order to try to figure out at all do it again. I think thing with the media, is that I guess you could probably see it a bit on on to survive, but you know so Finish arise when you know We literally come out of the car with sweating were exhausted. Straight onto a scale we get wage because they have to control our weight my children are underway in getting advantage to jump. The car straight to the scale. Take the helm of the quicker and then man literally straight into the media, so from The checked flag to our first interview, it's probably less than five minutes like to talk about ship. in gears mentally fun. I guess these are the things which not everyone sees, and I guess that's cool with the theory So you don't even really too like waiting, but it just like it just color breathe in an audience at least make them understand
a little bit more about the school and probably appreciate, I guess everything that involve them even with the drivers, but with mechanics with engineers like the whole circuses just its walls. Get conditioning. It sounds probably like high reps and lower weights and all that stuff, but what's the diet, do you have like a dietitian? So I a chicken burger before it is progress, but I know that there is a decision that it really does. I buy my train or as well Michael so he'll he'll, come sit up my training programmes when and then about diet. But I also I had my quantitative education on that when I first moved Europe too, caught on a car really take. This seriously I wasn't in Monaco. First I had to work for that. When you moved into the Gucci store in Monica, I basically learned quite a bit of
early on and yeah. As I said, the biggest thing is for us to just make sure that we say stay on wait, but fortunately I like my veggies and greens and all that sort of stuff. So I'm not too bad diet. I don't have to watch it too much. I think I've got a sweet tooth, but I'm pretty disciplined. You know. If I've got like a target, then yeah, I'm pretty good, well, I know you're a NASCAR fan in fact, you're number three and Intan Omage to Dale Ernhart, probably our most famous other than Richard Petty. Oh he's got a three one: two, oh that's great, that's great! So they'll earn is second only to Richard petty you. You know that know his name and he's the intimidator right. He was epic, now, in that error of NASCAR right. You had dick trickle smoke cigarettes, Wally race. He had like a little fucking thing built in for an ashtray. Some guys were like forty eight pounds, overweight. Seventy pounds, overweight, many of them still drunk from the night before, like the difference between you guys doing what they are doing in the seventies and eighties adjust its comical. I love it.
You, follow Supercross crosses well, Motocross, yes, recently yeah yeah, if everyone associated all like you know like this? Like here you know you, you, kids, with the cutters and men whatever, and then it changes it evolves, and then you know now some writers and start getting train of full time coaches and then all of a sudden. Now that supported in some of the pit athletes in the world a motive that's right, funny, you know all you really need is one guy and I think it want. I want to say it was Ricky. Who was the guy that really set that trend? sometimes you just say one guide, a kind of change, the mindset of something and then everyone, IRAN forced to follow. Could you gonna get left behind yeah I think I want to say NASCAR I'll say the drivers are, you know more I'm probably lame than the maybe that used to be the eye. They followed the curve of everyone else. Ok, can you get drunk
Do you get drunk? Sometimes you can like. We get drunk tested and it's random as well, but actually know we get alcohol tested as well now, but I found the sleep before raised but after erase obviously like. If we win, of course, we're allowed to go and have a few drinks, that's no issue. So for you when you're heading up to a race weekend, you've landed in I'm even gonna make a place up because there's no race there, but you've landed in a beta for the big race and you got there on Tuesday. When do you have to stop drinking not for any of the regulations, but just for you to feel like you're gonna be prime on race day. Well, he's kind of open the cat, a web, Thursday night at four, a m. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big drinker and it's not like I'm. I have I had like a beer or a glass of wine before race like a Saturday. No of course I have it's not
Something I would do by habit or it is normally at the weekend, probably having gone to hell and I just need to like just switch off a little bit but typically yeah. Obviously, if everything is going to plan which it has this year, I guess you probably right, yeah, probably a Wednesday, but again that's not like going out to a club Wednesday night. It's like maybe having a a little contact or something, but I'm pretty disciplined like I enjoy having a good time, but I guess race week pretty chill well you're strangely and you know I went twice to Afghanistan to do you also tours like entertain the troops and serious there. Every american g I was like you got to get invited to an australian barbecue because canadian and american troops don't drink in Afghanistan to honor the country they're in the are like fuck that and they get two beers and then they figure out how to compile other guys tickets, so you can get proper drunk. The australian base. So I just saying you come by it honestly: it be disregarded
your homeland? If you didn't drink sometimes on Saturday yeah, I'm a very in favor of it. Okay, how about x. You know some athletes here in the states like quarterbacks and self. They won't fuck the weekend of do anything. rules like when are used to, but not any more, so I kind of I went against obviously my rules and I was I was probably even better on Sunday, so it's all good. I threw that one out a few years ago. Do you get as superstitious as like our baseball players and our you doubt You don't like wear special holy underwear that you podium dinner, anything no, I'm pretty anti the service good I'm like a failure to find a fear in a way that told it would not have thought of fear, but it I feel you putting down in your own had already, and it's kind of like an excuse for something to go wrong. You know it's like it's easy to Isaac. Oh no, I haven't had a lack of accountability. If you ve got a superstition because you know I have,
I'd race and then I'm like all It's because I didn't put my left stock on first, I might brush off the reality of why I had a bad race. You know, because I didn't put myself on the right way so yeah, I don't like it. I dont like it and if you obviously, if you like a case that was my tradition, development, my superstition and I forgot to do it And I'm jumping in a car. That's going two hundred mall an hour. For my head space. So you can't have anything like this in in my how I, feel about it, that's great as I like that now, if you add to assign a percentage to it, what percent Currently is the car and what percentage is the driver? as a good question, we do get off that, time they normally make a comparison like MOTO, GP and F one you know. Is it seventy rider thirty bike and is it seventy car thirty driver and by the way it must change? So the percentage for Williams, you know it's got to be really low, the
so I guess it does. Change were in your best estimation say Probably seventy thirty seven thirty driver, but the best way to kind of say it is like I mean I'll all Lewis as the example, because he's one the last future Egypt funny likely gonna win this year, one so, he's, obviously, a very good contestant before being the best driver on the grid. We need results and records bottlenecks realities? and contention to reconsider, considered the best driver of all time writing just tie. My Us Schumacher is the most winds in the history of formula want exactly so he's as good as his credentials, are he's not gonna win this. We can, if he driving, as you say,
something else that the cars do have a big enough difference to have that effect. You know that that's back so yeah, it's better, probably seventy thirty, it's so hard to hold on to enter another thing. I'll explain to people cause. This is so unique to this sport, which is why they have some practice sessions on Friday and Saturday. They go out and they have a few different qualify. Rounds and they're, not how long is qualified it's an hour in total and split between three session and it's like a knockout, though the third eighteen minutes, five dry let's get eliminated from the bottom five year, the next fifteen minutes, one other thing: I've been in the last twelve minutes. Is the top ten so you have twelve minutes to go out there in general formula. One lap times are just under two minutes between a minute. Forty in two minutes right, so you have twelve minutes.
To go, run fast slap you possibly can and they'll run a lap, that's faster than often ever gets reached in the race right. So it's there all now going for broke the fastest soap, push the car and then based on that result, that's how those start the race in formula more than any other racing, there's so little passing swiftly. Monica like if you get pole position your odds of winning that race have gone up so dramatically in moving up from fifth. Is it's not gonna happen or seventh or whatever, unless there's some crazy shit in the pits, but the amount of prayer? sure to qualify, is so steep the stakes are so high and then I'll add what is the difference generally in a lap time between pole position in eighth place, it's never more than a second right. I want to say The second year called a second, I'm probably across the whole filled. It yeah two seconds, so like our one, fifty six pole position and one fifty eight year, fuckin in the caboose
then, ok so with vat and with the fact that seventy percent of the car Is it just like? Well, there's nothing! I can I would feel so defeated from the gecko like what's the point, so that's like you, ve got your own. Let's say battle answer your best best. Your is so teammate. You know is ten times, but only to cause other thing. You know I only one team can provide the same equipment, so your team is Europe's biggest reference. Even if you're coming qualifying tenth, but if your teammates qualifying eighteen, Then you look like a superstar. Like you look like a here, I could run by a car you're doing something special with that car. So get is almost control group yeah, exactly giving you than a better chance to probably get
at a contract with a team to give you a fast, the car. So I know what you mean like it is kind of weird and every month to win but come times you ve got your own little internal battle, which can kind of mood The latter wits again then creates this unavoidable, crazy, dynamic that all teammates are basically the biggest rival yeah, because yeah he's not really competing against lose Hamilton. There's no way he's gonna I'll pull position him. He doesn't have the car to so really his team The guy you're travelling with and spend most of my time with is the one you probably aiming at this. play the hardest right, which is so weird, so you have really good friendships. That kind of got put to the test her ended from. Dynamic dynamic. Yet more like pre at one. Don't like dry. You know I like offenders, will you like seventeen eighteen it's like, even if all those in Europe
I, like you, have a sleep over with you know. Like a t, might you know if you re thinking like his city? Could a lot of them are from Europe? So if you re seeing in Paris with my girl, you know you can crash at my house them up, but then you know the safe and goes on, and you know you define for a championship and there's no more sleep automatic slumber Party, the, as I cannot forget how oil diet down the road, the road. Far from the drag you like it, Such a weird one. Could it like it p make, but I mean this team respect in anything but a lot of the time. I might turn into not height, but it's a serious rivalry and then you can make or break a career. You know like if my team made this year bade me. You know He raises two zero, then MIKE It's probably done. There's a lot on the line and a I can make. You look they got a really silly sides. The delay that tension and testing to compel Matt.
Troll drama? There is often, I think, the best example of correct me if I'm wrong, but when you MAX Maxwell racing for red Ball, that's probably the best pairing two drivers ever on the same team. Were there both crazy good and there in the same car and what happens and happened. Was they fucked each other they crashed into each other, so they put the whole time and now the whole time. Mad at them, and then you could. The whole team is just too right. Well: red bull, The people paying five hundred million dollars and watches both their cars spin out of control right, because these knuckleheads are competing against solely each other Why do you stay there? I wish you would have stayed there so bad, because that was so juicy because again I just appoint one other dynamic for monica- is that in a case like Mercedes, you have lose Hamilton about ourselves. Those Hamilton he's gonna win and everyone's incentivize for him to win and there be races where both task
be asked to drive a certain way to get him and sometimes they'll go just race flat out. You hear everything on the radio by the way, which is so fun and guys are frustrated, in their pissed in their cars failing and they're yelling at the pit in the pit calm them down and say, don't swear on the radio. You know it's all happening and then they're telling him by the way we're going to pit this. I first, which is an advantage which is gonna fuck you over because they're better off getting this guy My eventually finish the whole season six, so that happening to right. Yeah! That's a lot going on, and I guess going back to Monica I saw your reaction when you said there's only two in the team, so save red. I mean I'll use that example. So when it was me and MAX so yeah, we had a crash in one race but working for this chain and there's two cars you're talking like eight hundred people, it might even be more might even be close to a thousand there's like say
between six hundred and a thousand people are working, pertain till it's like it's crazy. Like you've, just got the guy that puts the fuel in the guy that changes the tires. It's like a freaking army of people per team it's crazy there's a lot of responsibility. I guess, and it's hard to kind of rationalize, that as well in the heat of the moment when you're racing- and it's like, obviously with those numbers- it's a team sport, but it's such an individual sport and obviously behind the well you're in it. For yourself and it's yeah, It's hard to weigh everything off and be composed. I guess disciplined when you're, obviously seeing red and in some way does bots have the worst job in formula one, because how do I say this he's doing awesome right. I'll, probably finish. Second in the points or third or something but ill so be accused of just having a car, that's perfect and, of course, a b oh you're, if he wasn't in second or third, any ideas
never going to be expected to wear it, just a very with its own weird prison. It's almost like this. Curse of a silver metal. They talk about amendments feel bad for him. I don't but like I can only see what you mean. I did so more true, but it also I look I'll use bought us. Could you have, but I'm not like I don't wanna, but directly to dig it in bed. You know he also has, I think, the way the season- had turned a lot of the time with it and united something in season, a team after probably start favouring the Driver the cure, you know the championship or you know, to protect what, in a lead, but at the time normally told a playful, so there's no, they kind of my take them. They don't come into later. Ok, so it's a meritocracy at the beginning of this season for sure yeah. So it's like, I guess them
opportunity for him to put himself in that position. Is there and obviously the last few years Louis has got the of it, but again if he doesn't win with that car. Of course it's like, if you finish a second It's a failure, and I know he said he'd like well my team I haven't, I haven't succeeded in so you've got the best equipment yeah. If you don't make the most of it, then it does look like a failure, so it's it's a tough one, but obviously we all want to try and put ourselves without delay. And see if we can do it. Okay, I have a more- you're, not late for a Kona. Are you? I mean you can also drink a ton while we do that, don't feel free. I'm all talk. I've got a lemon grass and ginger tea. Okay. How on earth do you rebound mentally from a shitty qualifying or let's say you practice, On Friday, you pointed out, which is great unease tracks where you can find limits just go through the mechanics of it Monica talking you there
protein a turn and they have breaking point, so they might break let's say feed out on day one and then they go, I'm going to break it. Ninety feet out, I'm gonna, be it eight e out, I'm gonna break it. Seventy feet out and they have markers next to them and so eventually, they'll break at thirty feet and fly off the track and they'll go okay. I got to break at thirty five feet now. As you said, really can't be done in Monaco Straight raises races which is fascinating. You can't make seed and then pull back, but so you got you pray and you learn some stuff and then you go qualify now. If you qualify, shitty you've really got to reset your brain for Sunday. Money must be in a spiral and it must be totally defeating, and how do you bounced back? Do you have an actual strategy? Does it differ or how do you clean your head and start over on Sunday setting. All of us would love to know how to shake off a shady day the question, I think really, if I haven't performed well again, economy
This goes back to like addressing and trying to unite us. Dive into the data. So my homework that evening Saturday evening, and until I understood You know where I went wrong where I went wrong, aware myself, and the engineer went wrong in setting the car up, so you know Did you try to find some like closure in that, and so I think that that the biggest thing is is, I think, for everyone like you have to identify the problem. Exactly and united it with anything why you can't just walk away and expect that you know the sums can arrive tomorrow. Yes, gonna be better, it might be, but over the also the year. You know not going to happen week in week out, you have to at some point addressed and figure out. You know. You can do better so and then, once I'm kind of at ease with Where we ve gone wrong, then yeah I'll just go like once. I get back to the hotel than off switch off and put a movie on, or just try to like reef that and then get my mind pressure tomorrow, and I think with that,
Probably now. This is more like in racing. It's hard. I don't know if it's not really to an office situation or anything but conditions change all the time? So maybe I did crap on Saturday, but Sunday, Maybe the track is five degrees warmer. Maybe my set up it just gonna work better like you can always convened. Itself that the next day be better or it's going to be different, because these causes so sensitive that the likelihood of it changed It is very likely is relevant. What you're really doing, I think, is your anchoring hope into something you're anchoring some optimism into something, so you might decide that that's the five degree temperature change or that it rained in the morning the tracks cleaner or whatever these things are. You could maybe lock, to just hope so that you have some. Optimism when you get behind the wheel, yeah you ve done this before.
That was really good. I got to say I raised one season. A super Tafel. There is nothing like being strapped into that car the HANS on you can't move your had. Its heart is Fuckin Haiti's. I didn't have a cooling suit, its loud as hell, it's so chaotic in it. So, Anna, to concentrating on where you're breaking where you're. Turning in with all this stuff, you know it's a pretty overwhelming for me at least calm before the storm. That's the worst part to me once the car starts moving, then I don't care, but all that lead up is just brutal. I think, save. I ought raised off road to same thing like the lead up, insufferable and then once once you're going you like. No, I know what I need to do here, but if you come to get peaceful with that, or is it always just like? Let's start yeah, I couldn't agree more with that feeling in terms of once you get going? It's like okay,
familiar this is easy, but the build up could even our semi, not this year with covered, but normally we're getting like interviewed on the great just before the race like that so much. I guess chaos they have really much time for us to actually get to have failed before the right. You know, so it's gonna chaos do I dont meditate societies, but I put music on and I go through like a routine of, like kind of like now stretching I do my own form, but it's not specific meditation. I guess, but it's like it does get me in the zone. Anaemic Recommendation. Please I worship, Howard, Stern and Howard Stern, really loves strands, nettle meditation, so I decided to get trained in it. It takes an afternoon if that in UK, given a mantra, and now when I mean those situations like I raised the U Tv World championship last year and
the grid. I just do my mantra and I got to say it it's so good for me of just like I can block everything out I get aware of my breathing. It really helps me get back into that calm thing, just a mantra Ok, I'm gonna wanna get involved because I I think that's another thing would like with anything I think in life like you have to be. Maybe I've been doing has worked for me the last five years, but maybe it's climate change it up. You know, and you have to be open to learning evolving and try something new and, I think, should support it. Oh, that's constantly moving What do you know what technology and that it's like? Maybe my driving stall, isn't gonna work next year, so I need to adopt them Maybe I don't want to hear it, but maybe my team is gonna. Do something better, twenty two VON from him, but yeah. I guess that's cool, yeah. I give it a shot if you start winning next year, you're moving to Claren right right, Claren yeah. So if,
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I will first Okay, great, this came up with Travis to is it hard hard for to have personal relationships. When you I mean, I think it's probably hard for any athlete to have personal relationships when you're so dedicated to something and it's a big big time consuming. Endeavor, but also you are at a dangerous time consuming and ever and do you think that puts pressure on personal relationships or stops people from getting close to you, cuz they're, afraid and barred to that question she's out for the challenge, No I'm not included cell, but it through you. I guess we go. I think when you saw driven towards something at its like because it may break.
Ample like yes, I've made it to any one, but that was a child who dream and even doping myself, but you know you, and like making it's not enough. I need to win. I need to be well champion, sir. I've won races, and yet to become a world champion. So I'm still not satisfied. You know what I've been doing. This just have one: it fell in italian not like I'm constantly looking for more from it and you are putting myself first and then I guess they selfish. So it is. And you do have to shut out along the way and that's all if we people I'm at times, relationship so united it finding that balance. I know some dry, You know a married with kids and even that, unlike how do you do this with a family, unlike you know that, as you said, the count danger with sport the one side and then
dedicating everything you can to the sport, but also like dedicating time to your family, I'm not there. Yet. I don't. I don't know how I could manage that time until I get in the car a moment of destroying to really get the most out of me. Think what I'm doing working saw. Em like I'm, just gonna, keep going down that path and then I'll wait awhile for kids Ghana's imagining tell on race morning then, like I get my breakfast increscencies, why don't you or me a march? I you know I like magic, insular insane fight over a merger and then leave the Inter Alia. That would be hard like I'd need like such boundaries. If I were you, like, I'm sorry about Friday, either you're nice to me or vat, I again that sucks for that, and they d have to be like it here as we like. You can't do your job if you're in a five hour, if you're, not focus
thing like you want to. Obviously, if you're in a relationship you want to, have you want to be able to do it properly and care and love and be there for that person. So if you don't feel like you're capable of that are in that place, then yeah it's best to probably just be a bit of a mutant for a while and just be honest. What people are brought like. I'm a shitty boyfriend Thursday to Sunday every other week about alive on pretty go otherwise a critical, but also like a dedicated, and I guess it's furious with an intense the sport is. I still consider myself pretty like pretty children. The guy but yeah. I wanted to go back to one thing on the great I just wanted to touch on something so who's going to, like you, I'll put my music on him, whatever I'm once once, the race gets going here, like everything kind of balances out so like the build up, is that's probably for a lot of sports like a hundred made a sprint, it's like when you on the starting line like that, can show that the most hard stressful moment for the athlete, so I've kind,
gone to a few things over the years. I'm actually one of my trainers. A few years ago it was like enjoy this moment like being on the grid. The crowd right there, like hearing the anthem like seeing this chaos try find some enjoyment in because it also privilege, like you're, about to compete and do something on the world stage. Enjoy this moment, don't wish authors and don't wish that you in our own back to obliterate already like trying make it an user, as I feel you know, I'm not excite you. That was something which is really cool. A man for our race. You know the start so important and united, when he calls going into the first corner it so intent. And it can make or break your age. You know if you can In addition, the lose- maybe that's why you finish so. I also just got to point run like from here to the first five corners. Probably forty five seconds, unlike just
in the moment and present an worthless for forty five seconds that you raised. And then you can guarantee all your rhythm, but, unlike the boy you switched on for that, you good yeah, you gotta be an assassin for forty five seconds, yeah, which like. We did nothing when you think about Turkey. Think, like I've gotten three minutes now battle one, and this and strategy is like now just great minds about the first moment. That smart, that smart, brilliant with a model, things in life like people, do look down. The road must lie like just go through it, step by step like little thing, it'll, get you a big reward. You know, like when peoples that goes like all the next I'm not gonna get for another ten years like well. If you don't start tonight, we'll take even longer so just step by step, yeah, ok, one! They just want to point out It is uniquely cruel and uniquely human that you want
the formula one you're one of twenty best drivers in the world. I just want to add for context. Fourteen people won the Nobel Peace Prize in two thousand and nineteen, so you're, almost as unique as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Now you get there and you're like I dreamed, this I mean formula, one that must last thirty seconds because now you're like I, get on Mclaren, red Ball or then Ferrari sooner then this twenty a Mercedes was about. That's what I meant to say what I said: Mclaren you're right, I'm sorry, thank you, you're! Really, laying it that's. The end was confused or out of high sounding disease. Did this like hallowed ground? You get admitted to Harvard Whatever this insane dream, is you arrive and then immediately? You must recognise well now, within this twenty action, We gotta get to one of those six seats, Mercedes Ferrari Rebel back then
so cruel. Seldom now really been be no refined six spot. Which is early three, because three, the driver, Aren't gonna, be the good way you know whatever it just doesn't an and isn't that life and aren't you in the cruellest example of it like there's no arriving, there's no pat yours, on the back unless you're lose able to be honest, boys my mind like agitated it, if not only twice, often the world like a rethink, how many soccer play as there are in the world and its like with top teams in an as yet so twenty if one dry and more than twenty rock stars, there's more than twenty movie stars, there's more than twenty everything yeah we're
twenty Supreme Court justices when the Democrats, when yet inside your brother were laugh. If I don't think you know yourself lucky, they don't needs a good job. It's a good job, but you're right, you're right. It's like these and never gonna, be, I guess, like easy all the power but they never gonna. Be that clear all that per fixer. That's why I like I try. If I do travel to erases like I tried, enjoy the journey, well. I know it sounds cliche, but you have to because so don't know, do you know when it's going and, like maybe I'll, get a new team made next year and he's gonna kick my ass a fund that no one is interested in me anymore. I gotTa Mclaren with you to secure that you all be dominant it's all right in your kind of expressing something that I would pray that you of it embrace yeah. Absolutely. I think now and it's probably don't want to say like I'm old, but I want to be
a guy that I'm thirty once I've been doing on ten years side. Think I'm a little while with So I can just I understand if it is like the spective- and I know love that and it's it's so true like yes, I want to be world champion and I'm doing everything I can- and I still sit here today, believing that that will happen end it today. I think I've still had awesome time and it's like yeah, it's been such a privilege to be, It should be one of these twenty and to do it and they wanted as well. Like you know, teams wanted more made. I want to find me some like I'm in a good position. So yes, still more after but like you sometimes, I think appreciate the position. Urim When you select what team you're gonna go to, what percentage are you driven by financial Didier teams. I can offer you more money. I have to assume they would have to. How much are you Wayne your future economic security.
Verses? You know what I raise the Mercedes for free. I want a wind to be in the position to win? It still priority number one right, but yes, you get. Your point is well where you know will you value fell from you, you no kind of what you will as to what you bring to the table. So you know, if Mercedes said yeah you can have the winning car, but we're not going to pay. You part of me well. This is what I want, because, yes, I'm gonna have a chance to win and whatever thought did not pay So I know worth more than that, I it happens and you'd say yes grow, more and more resentful every race. You want take the wind over the money to answer it. My guess point blank crucial, so in that aim to me. You know more than me tell me if I'm wrong, it appears from the outside, at least this season, that the second best it's a driver could have would be to be on whatever
force, India team became. What are? They call now be w rate breaking point racing point yet because they last year's Mercedes right, yeah wooden. Your best bet beat drive for that team money and go there stop it's too dangerous question. No! No! I just love it. I was like you belong into sport. You got that all right ladys at the moment. Still the top and it's gonna be for them to get back in the next year, the change again, twenty twenty two I gotta, basically Mercedes the doors shot they keeping. Listen I'm bored so like ok, what's next, so when, when we did all these contracts to befall decision started thirty confusing, but Mclaren made the biggest step like They went young nowhere to be united, getting a podium and doing quite well. So you can't have got to look at
again, you want to look at tomorrow, but sometimes you have to look at next next week, so to speak, a building, something really quite impressive. I think so Mclaren he has like the most promise of moving forward I would like to talk to me In the past and those like there's always been quite a good. I would say level of like understanding and respect. Between myself and the team and may in and just like. This feels like the right time to go that so of got like look forward. I think as you're right there like racing point, I think they're also, something pretty pretty impressive, they're going to be called Aston Martin next year. I think it is but yeah Mcclaren was bacon to me speaking which is question. This is the shorter one. So I have one more because it's a logistical one, so since there's only twenty, does it ever happen where someone's a mate like should definitely be one of those twenty, but just the way it works out where these people are in contracts and then they just never, get a chance.
A really good question, I'm impressed Mongo. Is I'm really listening hard at seven thirty in the morning? If you move to Monica and Monica lived in Monica with Ricardo those too cute, I think this is like a rom com and look at this we'll just change our recording schedule to Thursday through Sunday, so you'll want her to fuck. No you'll want him to fuck off too you get the fuck out of here and go to the racetrack. I got to concentrate on this you're really good question I'll. Do people ever get this shot? Yeah, I'm sure like because, with such a small number of drivers, making not one like there is, I'm sure there's you would always There are growing opposition like that, the shoe occurs, but never were the centers that they'll refer to some legend, so you know whether it's I mean better. It's literally there's no place on the great
you, know, contracts, a fool. I think, though there will always be an opening. You know. Maybe just the driver asked the way an extra year or something but yeah, like I'm sure, there's been a lot of talent coming up to junior categories, but maybe like didn't have you know the right sponsors financial backing the kind of person to that next step, that'll be recognised but yeah. So I'm sure there is cases where there is the other talent to drive without thought formal. One absolutely absolutely began saying that I feel like, like the point you will get recognized. You will get your opportunity, so it's not a hundred percent purse. Will all this stuff. That's happening in formula one happening in formula two and formula three and formula four right, so there's drivers that are sometimes great but they're not on the right team, so everything's happening at all. Stratus that's happening here as well, yeah, okay, it sounds to me and correct me. If I'm wrong, you do but war probably gonna, go to us next year, hang out, that's all right, we'll get some barbecuing jet,
hopefully often is like I should I should be like part of the os committee. I did I want it's called, should have a seat at the table, I'm so in love with it's my favorite city in the country, yeah, I'm looking for an excuse to move there every hour of every day, it's the best I told him, the right call and the event is awesome. So, yes, if everything is back to normal in twenty one, please come out. Yes, okay. My last question is really just for me, so how mechanically savvy do you have to be in order to help you get the car where it needs to be a toolbar, question, or is it that the telemetry and the GPS and all the things, although gizmos now are they surely better at telling. You, like
telling who now who's leaving like? How do you get the car set up? How does that work and how much do you have to understand mechanically? Do you have to kind of be an engineer to help dial your car in I'm glad you asked this question all right, so I have gifts, but not all of I've got a basically my friends, like my friends back home, what no more about a carbon me like if we broke down on the side of the road like they're gonna fix it, I'm just gonna sit there and be like yeah call others, Although they will not be wireless, that'll be my hessian exactly so like I couldn't sit here, explain to you how a formal one car works? You know how the engine run the felon, spark plugs all that sort of stuff. Like that's not me, I I do get for my friend them or not, but I dont actually made that because yet fairies specialists, in the team who makes
it's running, so I don't need to know how the engine works, but I what drivers, I think the ones Gillies. What we really need to be good at this, they back sir dissecting what we feel in words and sharing that with the team. So they've got the data the telemetry, but at the end of the day, like we're the biggest piece of data I think I'm very good and very sensitive. I have very good feeling and that's where let's say of my asset, the cards I go through this corner. I think the suspension at the real need to join because I'm feeling, like it kind of wobble a bit- it's not really coming from the front anyway, I'm going to bore you but long story, short you're not going to bore me, I'm kind of curious will you go like
turn seven, I'm a little bit of under steer for some reason. I guess I have overseer and nine, and I have understood and seven is that the kind of feedback you'll give. Yes, sir, that's like that kind of the basic, although all the base of it for you Ok, so your turn, seven on struggling with a front by on the steel You know maybe, like all other a basic drivable say that about the understanding, we'll just give basic comments, oversee understood, ok- but I think I'm getting understood, because when what whose deaths at the front the front spray and entered the brake buys a a little out like again boy you, but but are so many things that we could break down to the island We could find the undue steer through set up. Basically that way there were missing so yeah because, like another undersea, could come from suspension.
Is it could come from aerodynamics from way out. I'm down forests on the fraud more exactly like. I think. That's where I feel I'm good. Is it really understanding? The car is lacking. What part of the car is weak and what about breaking the ever have like breaking feedback like? Can they do anything about breaking yet absolutely so. We have like, obviously, that the braking system You know we can move the buyer, can put more percentage on the front actual them the real, but also we can adjust the shape. Like when we hit the break you have. Maybe sixty percent at the front, What are the real, but then, as you like, decrease the pressure, then that shift and then you get like
fifty or so like the shape, can help like adjust the balance through the corner for those like this so much, but also like if you're gonna do left right as well as most courses are generally way more right turns than laugh correct. Most of them are because you're going Likewise genera Occoquan Squawk life so you're, making way my right turns earns than lab, so it seems that could be advantageous if you're, making right turns to have maybe more breaking on the left front. Gonna go. There is well. I see what you said. And I know I think it over racing. They do that. I dont like spring other than that. But no- because, basically, because out of the system is so efficient and because we did it with so much for one side It's working more than the other, it's gonna pull the car get out.
On question. I'm I'm embarrassed. It's like you have to eat. You need to have a good understanding of feeling and also, if the t make a change, you know if it's like able we ve gone to step differ in the rear spring. I don't you There are three lapse you need to come. I can tell the team, but that did what you felt it: okay, it might be better in the faster corners, but actually the oh corners lost me. Some traction, the card dancing a bit too much, so they sort of stuff, I think, is where I make up for telling you how a race cars built or put together are you Tom Cruise in days a thunder basically says the driver. Devising I dont know: Shit means. I don't know when you tell me, lose here. I don't know what it means. Before I go faster, the smoke. That's why
Danny? I am counting down the minutes till I want to race this Sunday and again, next year after the tm, when you're on the podium I'll expect a shout out, we're gonna come see you in Austin and that's and we're flattered. You want to talk to us ass. They skies get the chat. Thank you for having me, I think your podcast is awesome. That's really cool yeah! Thank you whereas EU workers, even arsenic, really gonna happen, How tall are you like one? Eighty one eight. What does that mean? Don't know what that means. We have no like us. Five, eleven, five, five, five, eleven five, eleven TH great, that's great! That's got I justwant to know where I'm gonna like. Why am I gonna be looking up or down? Okay, so we're good we're good all right
man. Good luck! This weekend, all right, take care, and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soulmate Monica I was the nervous like? Can you just walk what if I just walked in there was a pick enough for Brad Smith. I know I did have to give him your birthday, though, and I was grateful to know that I know your birthday. I almost texted it to you, but I was like he knows it yeah I do before eighty seven just crossed my mind, that its I mean it has to be. That way. Can we were at home laid up, but also it seems crazy. You can just walk in there and kind of say a name. They don't know. I mean, of course they know it. When I say Kristen it goes a per medicine too yeah, that's obvious, I'm her husband right and then I go and Monica Padman and then they just go search on the wall. I know, but also like I could probably go into write it and be like Brad Pitt, and I could look up his birthday easily. That's very known,
everyone knows it. I know my heart tattooed on my ankle November. Seventh, is it, see. That's all I'm right behind. You but you don't think you know right, you're, just guess just a guess, yeah. Where do you think you know? No, it's I guess December eighteen wait. Is he a Capricorn? Like me doesn't say fifty six? Oh, my god. Wait currently he's gonna turn fifty seven yeah, damn god he's hot fucking egg. Look at his face: okay, hi! It's overwhelming look like them too. It's weird like I'm on a track, the guiding among attract I've already told yes, but I wer like him too. There's been like there was an episode, a punk where I was wearing a wig and glasses, and I was like I look like Brad Pitt. I mean an ugly version of him and then also sometimes when I wear like I, Abby cap gotta get,
I have cap yeah, I'm like kind of look like not a good looking version of a budget just on local like them, but I don't. this is a tricky. This is like you cut it. You're in a hole yeah and I certainly don't want to sound like I'm fishing. For you to say I look like Brad Pitt well, but I think you do you look like, oh, my god, but an ugly version. My own way, I think this came up and remember Lauren thought I was Brad Pitt whose law Lauren Graham Sheet You were be oh dry, she drove in and then she like wave and then she got nervous and I was like: why isn't she rolling her window down and then I walked up to her window and then she roll down sheet, and then she just started dying laughing. She goes. Oh, my god. I thought you were Brad Fit and I was like, oh my god, what a wonderful thing to say: yeah. That's like I guess, there's someone mistook me for
there's! No wine. Look at me now, don't crusher, I don't make don't you character from the metal mic. Don't do Oh, my god, you look at me a while your face. You get a visa! minute. Your mouth, oh yeah. I guess miniature mouth. If I'm walking down the that's so crazy, I thought you were Mitty mouth okay hold on again, though, look at me. Oh my god, you look so innocent. When you do stare blankly, I feel really UN cultural. Just I don't think you just met me. Who are you bad it? we're not interesting about your face. I'm sure same with my face is it looks so different, smiling from trade deal from neutral really they so in its neutron, like I'm picking up people, you don't good at this, even even discovered that the girl from stranger things looks. Aren't you a hard gear Tom?
Tom Wilkinson yeah and in that Lebron James on Ashton, could you look the same? So I'm actually quite good at this, but right about the time I'm dialing into your neutral phase, then you start laughing and then that's a whole different thing. Let me try to get neutral again. Okay, oh my god. What do you keep saying? Oh my god cause you look like a puppy staring at me. Why, like a frank, well just cause like a cartoon puppy with big eyes cause you have big eyes, big eyes! Yeah. Do you think I look like Brad too? I think you look more like Jonathan DE than Brad Pitt, really I dont, okay, so good. I look like that. You're gonna. Do your Tomlinson, senator stranger, think I'd get what this is. The thing I'm always complimenting you on is that you look very original, which is, I think, is the coolest thing. Someone can look okay, look at me again, then I look away. No okay, Again. I just want to say that it didn't help my analysis. Think you look like anyone.
We're just gonna- go since away. Thing so you know my you know my theory. My arm chair theory, Ok out attraction. Tell me try to yourself that you are attracted to people who have some? think face. Surely that similar to you fucker You can start seeing it in couples when they've been together a long time. I know there's also a there that like couples, into each other yeah. But I don't think that's it. I think it's deeper than that. I think you actually are attracted to people who share some similarity here. There would be an evolutionary aspect of this which I've sat on here before that the only homogeneous group that's not attracted to themselves is red heads like you're attract even in I don't think it's in friendships, but, like you are physically attracted to bra it, you get a boner for him,
sometimes I don't get a boner forum gooey about our idea. I get butterflies for sure, yeah, yeah, major butterflies for him, but not owners right I'm open to a boner for him. You might get one something it's butterflies like I'm smitten with them, It only takes his shirt off, removes I'd literally get like em. Excited. Squealed in a movie before it. I've been an arc. I like where was like Troy like oh, like made, may there guttural involuntary vocal outburst wow more than once. I think, maybe because because you guys of like that's? Why we're everyone's attracted him? Will you noticed my laptop? I guess I'm going to go to get a fourth layer, it's it's almost like If I could envision myself being perfect, it be him
right, so it's like yeah like half way to him and the neglect that's what I look like if my body was six body fat. Oh, that's what I'd look like if I had a nice nose more pronounced, strong jaw, lying trusting. You don't say the hot version of me. Well, what's my fantasy of myself and my famous emails, I can be Denzil Washington, I'm going home. Look at him and be like? Oh that's what I could be if I was perfect see. That's that's where my no because, like you said you think, Ashton and de La Braun, have some structural there's something that similar and I do think it crosses races and all things. So I think people are corrected to an idle. I'm gonna take Brad Pitt off the born. I mean like sexually attracted, oh and lay but partnership? Thank you embrace looked alike at all.
No, she look like ashen culture, not like you. I think you're just looking at a marry surface, usually Walden, but exactly because what that surface. Like me, I thought you would get this because you said ashen and RON yeah? Structural Lee, do you think Anything no bread like! Oh, so let me just what's most important. Is you know how I think about my face, whether it is that or not, I think, my face as being extremely heterogeneous, neither side matches and when I smile a lopsided asymmetrical and my nostrils are different shapes and all this in an in that's my source of discontent. Bree was perfectly homogeneous. Slackened, symmetrical mirror image but features features for cemetery. Ok, postage Albright, big lips, MRS area yeah, like Iranians, one like her a little ugly. I really do think so. What's watering yeah, I, like you too,
some kind of similar knows, but hers is really straight and kind of anger. Our minds dopey in bulbous, which is big lips big eyes, big ass, big cities relax. I think you guys, are similar brother and sister facially and facially speaking yeah. I think you look like her, I'm so flattered. I really do again because you, like make my theory simplistic, but its deep. It's really complicated at her and people who are too to other ones, one person, one other person, a seemingly have no connection, but then, when you are really dissecting, the features are actually much more. Some more bank. Ok, that's my theory along it took a long
they took a long time for you to articulate that people. Look the same. No, my good theory. I think it's real. You should turn over to the Young scientific Committee, It says that it before but I mean don't you want some data now on it. I guess what I'm asking you to do is urge social scientists at her in the audience to go out and execute this study. I would- and I would like credit about it exists have ever Google this now, my theory. Since I was like seven team. You trying to take credit away from you. Did your theory, you own it kind of like the birth control toothbrush. That's my invent now. Some of us might go hadn't and then everything, but that's mine. twenty five years. Maybe thirty right, that's yours because my point was girls than in my life cons, They complain about freely to take their pill right.
But I never met a girl back and complained that she forgot to brush your teeth. I mean that makes sense. No one's ever forgot to brush your teeth. And then all out on a day we'll. Just u brush your teeth in them. Oh yeah, yeah, but sometimes people do forget it nay adorn day those people those people shouldn't even take birth control because they shouldn't have partners. Don't say that? No, if you don't brush your teeth, you don't deserve a partner. Well, if they forget one day. Well, it's probably not forgetting so much is not Gonna shoot me, aren't you deserve deserve a us all. You gotta do not push Menteith one or days. God, you brush your teeth every day for your whole life. No, I mean I've woke up in fields and stuff and not been able to. But if I've been able to ask for some reason, better Well, I'm just saying I've never had the option of brush my teeth and not brush my teeth
You wait in the morning and it tastes like a cat shit in your mouth and you want to get rid of it immediately, of course, of course, and anyone that's comfortable with that taste in their mouth shouldn't be making out with other people I mean at night, like I've definitely had, sure at night. Again, you take your fire. Do you take your pill in the morning, though? No I take my night. Oh okay. Well, this toothbrush wouldn't be for you. Then you know how I would make sure you take your pill. Every night pill, remote control. Every night use remote control. They haven't been using every night. Oh, my god, This is like the chief rushing almost every yes, but have there been a night where I have I haven't to your arguable? No, never then you know they may need only my invention. I have forgotten, I think, want, and it was traumatic. I have another vision. These are common fell fast now. Here's one K coffee part pill dispenser most people not most.
Coffee drinkers, there's never a morning. They don't drink coffee. I'm gonna happen. What, if they're trying to quit the main another divide. Ok, if you have a hard time remembering take your pill, I'm not trying to address issues. If you have a hard time taking your pill and you're a coffee drinker, I have a solution for you. Coffee pot, pill dispenser. I like that when you pull the coffee pot out pill shoots out of it, hey a kid you doing. People can just remember that their staff. In my experience, those girls were forgetting to take their pill. They were, they were young were young, but they drink coffee them. Coffee every morning and they all browser teeth. One does my knowledge get I'm glad. Obviously, if you're waking up in the morning, you're not brushing teeth, that's disgusting, but I'm definitely falling asleep and not brush my teeth. I'm not just
To be honest about that, I'm not as critical today none! I am not critical of people that would not brochure to teeth before bed, their mouth doesn't Peace like a truck driver shit in it at night, fall asleep But when you wake up in the morning, your mouth does not taste good and you should rectify the situation. You should with a birth control toothbrush. You should yeah, but some people take theirs at night like me again, I'm not I'm not sell into those customers very specific, the buyer segment, pirating marketplace. What are you ok so this is Daniel Daniel Ricardo yeah. Is it pronounce like that. Ricardo well in Italian, it would be it would be pronounced. Guard? Oh yeah, there's two seas there's two seas, but because he grew up in Australia, he pronounces it Ricardo and since we talked
He podium, I'm so happy to hear that he too, he had one race immediately after we talk, and I thought I was gonna win and then thank us as he said he yeah, but he didn't podium that race, but he did podium last week. That's so I like him, oh he's so cute and charming. You think I look like him. Yeah actually a lot. That makes me think, maybe this my theory be Austin Rondevu might be a match. Yeah Dax wants us to have a render yeah, so sexy with a formula one driver I'd be fun. Oh my god take your chassis to the limit. He knows how to handle. Ok I'll make you handled right. Oh my god. Oh keep those robes and the boy. Oh, my god. I leave and come back and ten,
how many more you got a lot. I thought of one. That's counterproductive to my what is breaking the that's, an eye golly bent out. No one should be put the brakes on and Austin good he's a late breaker though that's that's part of his gift he breaks late. So that makes me think he has some longevity in the sack stay in there. So the last possible microsecond we can say it because as we just talk, you don't forget to take your yeah. So, whenever everyone tested before him both covered, and ass to the idea that we have all screen. Oh yeah, ok, you said Mercedes has been the best a formula one for eight years or so in fact they just this weekend, sealed up the manufactures cup for the seventh year in a row which is now our record enough. One, no other manufacturers ever one in seven years and were ok well Mercedes.
Drivers have one nine world champions so Lewis, Hamilton Hamilton, is one six for them. I don't know you need to save these things earlier, Two thousand and twenty two thousand and nineteen two thousand and eighteen, two thousand and seventeen two thousand and sixteen two thousand and fifteen two thousand and fourteen one thousand nine hundred and fifty five one thousand nine hundred and fifty four big guy, that's a big began yeah. I guess so, about ten years in a row for the driver to ya but Worthing Louis has been driving for them every year. The around me and I watched His letter men, oh yeah, there was a good one right. I mean yes, I know nothing about this world. It sap now. I know everything cause Daniel the army. Yes, and then I watch that show- and I thought it was really interesting. Seeing like this sport, so me So it's and also there's the
trend in sports that when a black athlete breaks through this kind of white ceiling. It so exciting, like when Tiger Woods did yeah it may Gulf, so popular YAP, and I think Louis Hamiltons been so amazing for the sport, because they're just black driver and then all of a sudden, the one that shows up is now the greatest of all now, that's so odd. It's really cool, so cool and it was even crazier when they would show him carding and stuff because he's like they're the only black family out there. Okay, so that's one thing. I don't know that people and I definitely did not understand like go cart is how people start, but go carts is not I picture, go carts is like seem fair, yeah, yeah. No, no! No! It's not! On one hundred and twenty miles like I have a shifter cart in mine goes one hundred and twenty five miles an hour. Kids on don't go that fast. To The kids ones generally are called, I think, pushing goes so they don't have gears, although that they
Deaf and I'm sure he raced shifter car as he got into his like eleven twelve there. Years old. So originally they to start with one that's got an automatic means gotta clutch in so, but I thought even those will go sixty five miles an hour or something what yeah. Perhaps I mean how kids dying they don't seem to die Al Qaeda, that's crazy, because adults die in cars all the time you re seeing here, but look at Motor cross. You ve got nine. Kids riding ABC Dirt bikes that defiling go eighty? Seventy five! Eighty in there being five feet in the air in the just kids. Do it that way, I know it is. It is weird that there's a motorized component, but like even now, Travis he was racing. Seventeen years old. I hereby, but Privacy is like the best Still I m talking about people who are not the best to crash. They broke
continue on with it. But how are they not dad? when they start at, like five or six years old. Those things probably only go like thirty five or something, and they have helmets on and the whole nine. I break ribs and stuff but I thought it was use a really good insight into seeing what the process of that world is. It is no different in maybe even more than an olympic aptly is you ve gotta get your entire life to it. I get over the fact that there is only one he people can hear what I'm unaware the doc which brings it to my next back ding Ding Ding, it's called formula one drive. arrived yet, and I really really encourage people who are not in a racing to watch it because I, as I said, I hated formula one as this is the stupidest sport ever there's no passing whoever gets, opposition just winds, Babo leave us alone and, like you just where well, but but this is a fine,
but this is what's fun about racing on what it has become. A chess game like like last weekend, got on the podium, but he was run an eighth most the race. He made a decision to not come in while the safety car was out and there's all these decisions that are made throughout the race that really impact the outcome. So it is like this, Ninety minute long game of chess in one of the components is how good the drive is, but there is also what tyres you choose all this other stuff sulking of please can all colleagues getaway live Xinjiang doing networks guys watch Once again, it is a good show and makes me It definitely in the middle got mad at my parents for putting me in ass, when I was a young now, is it about yes, yeah watchers, either alone or in now there are no idea. Oh it's about ale,
no girl whose an orphan and learns chess in the base. The general teaches her that's enough I don't want to discover everything else. Ok, so The premise is, basically goodwill: Hunting It has some element without my boyfriend right it is a real. Good show, and the chess element is so interesting, and I wish I knew how to play. You don't know a play. No, I've never played always you play it so fun, but I've not. I don't know how and it ll be bad. Of course, you'll be bad and then you'll get good, but the thing about chess is because we just thought the how to play you dead, it's a very easy easy game to learn how to play a a very hard game to be at the the moves in the is very, very simple but The continued want even game ever to be great at it. Because all and you understand the game immediately, but it's how many
moves. Can you plan out in your head? I go here, then they can go here or here if they go here, then I want to go here. But if I go here like that's, where great at every hour, not greater our, good, so I kind of want to rewatch it. Oh well. I need to watch it for the first time. I want to agree but I want to start by saying I love tee, Love Erin grieving, since these days I don't want to do it online, don't but online also, but I still on air here's. My group regarding I love HBO Max Great, is really good. A really impressed contents nominal. I love the well on stop fuck, in making me sign an idea that is right and love about on raw netflix, no matter what apple tv I go on to eight start up networks, and I watch yeah and Fuckin HBO Max nearly every time I have to say
and I and I hate it- an isn't it's annoying. Why are you using a big Julian apple TVS and the jam I have one pain. I have one in the living room. I have one in my bedroom. We have one outside on the patty every time you turn it on you have to log in that. Doesn't really that doesn't no, because it even does the same thing that, like an apple tv stores, your information, so when I Hulu use it still saying you in, but Hulu allows the Apple tv to just sign you and has your information and drivers reconnect it boom fuck. HBO go, makes me Ray Matter MAX, I'm sorry we re enter my Directv password every time. Maybe it's because you can only have one how on like two tvs at a time like
Netflix does happen. Then again. Well, no, I have got Netflix on like seven devices, maybe eight I have it on my Ipad. I just hit hit it boom. It's there. Ipad and then all the Apple tv, so sometimes my parents are accidentally on mine and I'm on mine and liquid I'm on mine and there's one going in my room and then my Yamaha assigns in one of us its cure right about that. They have a limit on how many a cat can be simultaneously running right away can't be watching Netflix on the living room and in my bedroom and the gym it'll. Kick me off right. That's not my issue ignored ever watching there's never three tvs out of my house watching Netflix, I'm the girls are watching upstairs and I'm in the German. I try to watch it still no problem. Max you to sign in everyday. I wish I could help you with MAX make MAX easy
I know you're worried about piracy, but just be like Netflix. Now they they ve. Yes, they decide They would rather not make it inconvenient and run the risk that it's easier to maybe by some big issues there just being overly cautious in its inconvenient to me- and I love love, love HBO. So this is a love letter, HBO Max Anna, and as a loyal person who loves it. Just let me watch it. Okay, love, Brad Pit. I wonder if anyone else is struggling with the same problem. What's going on, I signed your love letter, Brad Pitt. Oh thank you. Tell you what if he heard the grievance on here and she would be he would. Whenever he doesn't have. Grievances was probably smart enough not to air them in public. I think he's the type to not have any Don't you I don't know you guys think that lawyers heard when I look at my, but that's if I was perfectly
but I would be so that makes sense I didn't have grievance, I'm not saying it's. It's perfect, not have grievances, I'm just saying he seems really chill he does he maximum yeah spherical vertical. So that me then all funny. I feel very honoured to have got to talk to me just because I'm a new phantom super excited about the sport. Ominous antennae is by far the most charismatic of a whole group he such of, he's such a clown yeah. He was really fun to talk to and I was thinking it was so funny possessed. Watching last weekend's race. As remember He told us that he only has to be crazy for forty five seconds and I watched on opening lap. He picked up like two places, which is almost impossible to do. As I owe you that's all he goes Agri picks up to places and then he just plays at Fuckin smart. It's ok
Do any good job being by lovey damning.
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