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2018-11-19 | 🔗

Debby Ryan (The Suite Life on Deck, Jessie, Insatiable) is an American actress, singer and the youngest guest thus far on Armchair Expert. Debby sits down in the attic to discuss her childhood in Germany, her struggle with body dysmorphia and her experience as a Disney star. Debby talks about how she uses boxing as an outlet and Dax thinks Millie Bobby Brown looks like Tom Wilkinson. The two wonder if there is an onslaught of victimhood occurring in young people, they discuss Debby's lack of romantic interests and Debby impresses Dax with her first car purchase.

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Welcomed armchair expert. I am Dac Shepherd. I'm joined by Monica Patman While we were from shook. Ago Illinois Monica mention where she's Rambo HTML. Atlanta Georgia Heartland. A home of freak neck previously on think it's happens there anymore, thing anymore anymore. I'm from Detroit Michigan Alma, the outer auto show the white hot dog that the high but the Coney dog same thing: that'll trigger that'll, trigger people from Coney Island, York. Is that even true? Well, look. I don't want to get a culinary war with Coney Island York. Suffice to say. We are known for our chile dogs. In Detroit, we COM, Coney Dogs, A real one has a nice natural casein on the dog. It's got that when you bite into it it it has pop. It's got a pop there's, no beans in chilling
Looking around any be nice nice, Chile yeah, do you know else. Has a nice chile dog you'd be so surprised and not surprised at all checkers crystals crystal without an ass crystals with an s, I believe that you know who else doesn't have an s on their name: Debbie, Ryan and Debbie Ryan. Is our guest today she's our youngest guest, thus far at twenty five years old baby, give your young was you probably know where, as Jesse from the Disney Channel hugely successful Disney actor, whose now on Netflix in a show called insatiable talk about growing up in the public eye, it's very fascinating. Please enjoy Debbie Ryan. We supported by policy genius. Monica people know like a thing about life insurance in other could, because these are dying, yeah and it makes them sad but listen having life insurance is a very good feeling
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welcome welcomed arms expert I have to imagine our youngest gut so far. This is a very. How old are you probably love? Super twenty five yeah right yeah mom, is sixty sanders, nobly the This one we've had yeah and by the week I hope the mics are picking up rob hot cocoa. I got Wabi WA a little treat today at the grocery. So let me brag for a second Debbie, please. I was at the grocery store and I saw hot cocoa pods and I thought about the little mouse who works here in Wabi WA and I thought they might like them and now abios having the first hot cocoa but Debbie twenty five. This is very exciting for us we're going to probably
I want you to educate us on a lot of things as we go if you're open to it within stuff moves fast, so I'm not as relevant as I used to be a hip to what happened, but I can peek at twenty two yeah. Truly, I left it there I have gone back. Can I take my shoes off? Please please, please. So you know it's interesting. I don't know if this will interest you or not, but I'm Forty three a barely now I don't even really know the people in my wife's kind of strata of age that Iraq I don't know why I looked up to everyone. I always looked ahead of me. I know everyone above me, but I don't really. I mean age wise, not status, wise. I know all the actors that are older than me or my age and then progressively I know less and less as people be younger, so I decided to watch an interview with you and do you know what the tipping point was for one? I thought yes, I would love
Have her on? Oh, no, your voice! Oh yeah! I really like your voice. You were like it doesn't matter what she's saying she's she can barely thread words together, but he's grasp quality. That's right You can read from Mine Encyclopaedia Britannica, and I think I would enjoy a thank you now. You just as Mamore dad have this voice, neither I don't think I've always had it. I dont think that I have like a neutral perspective, on it right other than the Netflix show that I'm doing right now is like primarily voice. So there's like a voice over the threaded throughout it and you're the lead of stranger things. Yeah I'm the stranger yeah. Actually, I do know her name Bobby Billy Bobby Brown, nice million lay merely blowing merely Brown Milly Bobby, but merely because it will get there William Round. Maneuvers should be right and you think she looks like Milly Billy on all? You think Milly Bobby Bound looks like Tom Wilkinson Jew,
So weird, do you do this game all Debbie? Now, I'm talking to you. Do you do this game when you're watching tv with friends were the whole time you're like shit? What actors at remind me of and then you get it. Sometimes it's so weird, there's no reason that they are reminding you of that. But for me, yeah Tom Welcome Center and you probably don't know who he is. You know he is. I don't right. That's fair! Wait till! I show you a picture. Is it really Bobby? In job well that this is one of the ones that tie up. There's no there is now right. Yes, you see, I would like oh you're, with the rest of us yeah. That is a big stretch, but I often have big stretches that people go home
holy shit. It is every now and then that's another one at you. That makes no sense. Although I've not convinced a ton of people of this, I think Ashton, Kutcher and Lebron James look very similar. I would need a side by side yeah, but anyway, running lights is the finest to play with, because so many people look like so many people, so Jesse Clemens up, methane looks just like Matt Damon argued as it's incredible and then citizen. Look like John Stewart Oh, I never thought that most yes Erica and I played this game. The whole time we were watching friant lights together and we nailed down everyone. We had someone for everyone wow. I digress, yeah, I'm sorry back to her Shawn Netflix. I totally hijacked you. It was about your voice and it was about your show on Netflix yeah. No, I remember what I was saying for the sword is out yeah, but now I've learned who come Wilkinson is yeah.
Which is important. We're about teaching people things in this class. Welcome it's school for Debbie, the third person thing as it happened. I was just like bent like that. I started doing it and I was like like that, just now twice in one minute so, and I want you to think it's like a normal and its in fact ending now I in, and there is a lot that I connected with on the Archer, and there was a lot that I was just like, thank God and in conversation with the show runner kind of just like opening up our our guts and our damage, and just like this is cool about this. like I've never seen this before and tell me the name of the show. It's called insatiable yes insatiable, and I watched the trailer of it. I have yet to watch an episode, but it's set in high school, so the tray looks pretty misleading great. I love being misled. Yeah I love to mislead it kind of is set, in high society in Georgia like in Abuja, eat beauty pageant world, so there are,
paralleling Dallas, Roberts's character, Bob based off a real guy, a lawyer by day and a beauty pageant coach by night and now this is a true, is stored, based on a mean a lawyer. By day we have encouraged by night while dead and dead ass well yeah, and then I as his client that he kind of has to take on who is prone to a little bit of violence and hot headedness and has not reconciled her problems and her like damage and her addiction and just she's kind of looking for it everywhere, but inside and all the crazy wacky places that that takes them anyway. So he does a strong amount of voiceover. I do strong my voice over and she said to me basically the same thing that you just said to me, which is the tipping point. As my voice and Bingley, I listen to that world do ad. Well, you know who it reminds me of who I had a tremendous crush on all as up Demi Moore or to me more. That's actually
She would want you to say that voice just really took me. Took man arise very, very soothing, occasionally I'll lose my voice, and I actually prefer it when my voice is tell you yeah, there's a little extra, so something that I found to be fascinating about your life. Debbie is that you mostly grew up in Germany, yeah yeah, which is like a kind what I point you as an excuse by doing not as long as like it would warrant but appointed as an excuse for not doing a lot of like popcorn references Verloc, because I was home school before that
and like private school whatever, and then Germany and I went to german public school in american public school and base there and then was home school and kind of traveled around and then moved back with homeschooled more home school chess Club went to public school. I was the mascot and then I started dance and immediately moved here. So I've been here longer than anywhere, but I longer than Germany just longer Van how Sansapor stop? How do you say? May thirteen th mmm, I don't know okay im something I would say in January for my birthday, but I don't know maze because it's not my birthday right. You only know things that are pretending to you January
yeah January yeah, yeah in China, oh wow! Okay, do you speak German still you have for guessing. I was very fluent and I forgot a good amount, a very strong amount. I can tell if someone's taking shit on me in an elevator right shit. You want to red flag that word shisha. I took one semester of german twenty three years ago thirty years ago, and I remembered how to ask you, when your birthday is, if you're, sad or happy or tired Cabot, and then how much your shirt costs great Have you been custody, bully and tat your favorite gas standards from Topshop sound like for the great enough, but I'm what It is where you, when you lived in Germany, you're fat in when I moved there,
Seven Inure Mamore dad was in the army or my dad worked with, like the Department of defense as a result of Lillian yeah and he kind of just work hand in hand with government, and we then, we lived on the economies of never lived on base, which was awesome, became, say that again you lived on the economy as yeah. That's it like how they called the yeah, how they, how the people on base would refer to those of us who did not live on the basic. Maybe I wish in particular to these bodies need and has an obvious, but which was like may I go in your motor on us all you in German with me, saying what what town were you closest to that we would be button bees, but the button was like floors house, we know by Frank, further Munich you now I mean they're all iridescent end your seven. I was seven and in your brother's old then you by two two years, yeah great math, and how did he thank you so much? I tried myself on just very few things I like about myself in that fast man.
One of the seven minor Giovanni firewood, a job. I would imagine you're you. You must get really close to your brother being in a foreign country and only have in each other yeah. We were very close. We are still best friends I was his best man in his wedding or you are a best man and you made a speech. I did how'd that go. You know I'm at our off prompted her later it was. You know you come in with this idea of what you're gonna say and then you just got caught up in wonder, struck by the magic of it all and you like someone married. Those loser, did move you, it moves me in a way that I did not anticipate cause. I either lick feel everything or nothing and it's kind of hard to move them a little bit little easier for me to just like, I wouldn't say it's a choice, but I find myself quite often associating in order to to myself from the more saturated range of emotions, and in that moment I was just like
good. Yes, yes, you locked down and she's aerial and lovely and they're. Just then they lose wonder they live here. they're fixing them in your guest house yeah. That was a yes wait. Formerly in my guest and then we lived relay share, a house together and then now they they live down the street and we mostly just we play video games together. So while they live like a few miles away. I just mostly see them online. You don't have to say whether you do or not, but if you do and you don't care and it's legal here and you want to say so- I just feel like that pairs very well with me sure they don't I envy game way more than me, interesting and but I dont think that they don't out of any reason other than they just don't like react. Well, I think it's over appealed to her sure member, like it
oh yeah. I liked all the drugs, but not pot. Are you like a stimulant sky stimulus, although like opiates as well yeah, but for me I would smoke pot in Iowa for the next three hours ago. What are you supposed to do with this high like sit on the couch do the litter box? I don't know anything but draft an email yeah, you don't want to draft in the well, you could draft in that's true leave it in your outbox. Also, in addition, the only other thing I like about myself other than my quick math skills is my verbal dexterity and I smoke weed and then about five words into ascendant. I'm like I've lost everyone, I'm not sure. I know what I'm saying it's an interesting thing, because I think that when and your motor runs really fast and you some time have let you have like concepts that Europe anxiously trying to and together into one cohesive pathway that you're trying to follow, but it keeps bridging off into multiple things that particular high allows.
To follow one all the way into the rabbit hole which is kind of nice. But there is something that happens where it feels like you want to move up a little bit like for the person who in school was like getting bored and things a little bit too quickly and would then create a reason to turn not do the like procrastinate until the absolutely second. any way to make things a little bit more challenging for ourselves. The person who seek that and whether that's just masochistic lay- I don't you know but like there is a version of that which is like. Oh I'm like walking uphill in mud right now and can still be verbally dexterous or whatever it is. You would like to kind of sharpen it's like when competitive, swimmers, grow all of their body, hair out and practice.
And then she gave it all the more we like training at altitude, make all these people they get that human global up and spread the red blood cells are teeming by the time they get down to see I always have this fantasy when we spend an extended period of time, an elevation like I say we go to Jackson, hole things like six five hundred feet or something I'm there for a week and when I get home, I'm actually excited to go jogging, because I've convinced myself that in that one week of acclimated and has more hemoglobin, but I don't think it happens that fast just between you and me. You know, I don't think it's not happening. It might not be marked different okay, but I'm not an athlete. Oh wait back to drugs yeah. So generally right. I always quote this article, but people who do certain drugs. You can kind of tell what mental disorders they have and we all know that people with ADHD,
weirdly, you give them redolent, or after all, has a stimulant. You would think very counter intuitive. You think. A stimulant make them even more erratic in our thinking and actually allows them to be laser, focused chair and that's what I found cocaine to do for me. Another stimulants stimulants was your point somehow we'd for you or your for other people allows you to find one of his thoughts to me. That's what cocaine allowed me to do is like follow a singular thought. Yeah in block out all the voices that were negative. You drink a lot of caffeine right. I'm in with something you accepted a coffee, yes, and that's an interesting thing too, because I'm cutting down on coffee or caffeine for other reason like it's not actually there are things that I find myself drawn to and attracted to and will priorities and make time for, and coffee is not one Those things really? It's not one of those. Like don't talk to me and I I my coffee yeah, I'm not that guy, I used to be you just described
but continue yeah, I'm not that guy God, I'm not that guy remember no. I used to be when I was like fifteen sixteen, and I was working twelve hour days or whatever, and now I think that it's just like water and supplements and moving, my body and getting sunshine in because they deal with depression. So for me, it's fine. Actually, if my brain is not at complete sharpness as long as I'm like standing in the doorway convincing myself that it's okay to leave the house when I get stuck in that place and it's like I'm like, I go to go for a walk or I have to hike or get indoor I have to get high on that yeah and who prescribed that to you, or did you just look at other people that were wrestling with things and I've found work for them yeah? I just looked around and I looked inside and I listened to podcast and I read are
and I was kind of tried step. I will say that I do life with a person who found exercise to be incredibly therapeutic at a place where, like really I you know, I wouldn't raised like that. My brother was like swim team. Captain swing like eighty football fields a day like he was just constantly going and like taught lessons and was a lifeguard, and I would dance but like card like it never appealed to me. It never was a part of my routine yeah. I struggled through gym class, and I was I also was like. Is my surprise. You I'm like loophole queen. in, like I love like any reason to not do the thing what's loophole finding a loop oh right, okay, yeah! I thought it was a game for a second. I thought you might call the game where you throw a ring on a beer bottle loophole. Saying yes, I would imagine that, like corn hole, yeah? Ok, although we're gonna
because gonna find that loophole as what they call a corn whole. Exactly in the light of someone's picket stabber, who calls it loophole loophole you loophole. Oh you're right, you would go up local loop boy. Our voice, our Sweden area, to try if they go. I want to go back to Germany for a second year- seven till ten. Yes, so that's like, while you want noakes your home school, but that's like third grade till till fifth grade, you should have been would have been third. Those feel very, I have some real memories of that period of time, and specifically my memories are, I So when I really was like, oh, you can pick friends in winning over friends and be friends in like meet up to ride your bike and go to a field. All these things check, which I would say, is the pinnacle of being on planet earth is I've, been friends will connect all people yeah. So how are you doing that and I do it
in Germany. Germ other german lands on average German get yet. So is the question about being an American in Germany or about being home schooled in a different culture. What yeah, I guess my question: is it's hard enough at that age to navigate becoming friends with people, because its skill, you're, learning yeah and I would imagine being in a different country- were you're, not speaking your native language in year, innately, a foreigner yeah, that's good! challenging, was a challenging or not challenging. Think I think it was it was more. My brother was like just old enough. Where, like bullying, was a thing and did he guy? He got he rose to be here in a destructive way and I, and was also just my hero, like tat thou? My do you know that is my like cool older guy, so I would play video games with hang out her contract, a video
It is a joy when realising its nodded, I don't play. This conversation- is indicate what this whole thing's leading up to, that you are the voice of a new video game and it was all this really layer, Dan and at the end, By the way I am and are in a new media check me everywhere, but it is when you driver on Germany, which I've done in a car is pretty shocking home. The american gps system. Yes, so many american bases is like every thirty minutes. Yeah we have a little area of occupation. It must be a little dicey for people in Germany who have no recollection of world war two or any experience with that. Just it there like always think of what we were driving around everywhere and there were just like russian bases all over the place. It's a little weird. I think it's weird, but also, I think everyone is used to Americans making themselves, we are now creating. There goes my brain like it's weird for us, because we are the ones who do that. It's it's
weird because otherwise I think he said either we always do that and not intentionally. I naturally drink fluid like an aristocrat, and I don't know why I have a big class warfare thing in my mind, but here I am exposed self. Is its Beijing Thurston The third and look I wasn't it, I guess what I'm asking was earning like animosity towards you, kids as american kid. My brother was literally dragged across the playground by kids and put at the foot of the teacher who looked at him and said get up like there was not protection. There was he He was an american and there was a turkish emigrants in his class and other than that. It was all Germans
a pretty area looking, and so there was like a very visible other outside he s ends and I experienced as well, but also girls on those violent generally closer and his violent, and it was leaked too young to be catty. They then that kind of bullying I experienced in Amerika and Turks public school yeah, but in in Germany it was mostly just kind of to your point of being. Oh, I can make a friendly cures, a person and then I would go home with them for like a play date and my mom come pick me up and they would be like is her Father german like she speaks, flew in German, we had no idea and I would certainly crying crying Germans. We think like maybe as a defence mechanism, unjust assimilated. Sure, maybe we're the acting of it all start, which basically is where the acting Medallic became a thing, because on the basis they had a little figure and those like the only place that people my age, looking glass really and played
see started doing, plays at the base. My mom when we were in Texas before that would write, plays and put them on at the school that she tata and- and so I would kind of just sit behind her skirt and was was incredibly shy. Legend legend goes, and I would just sit behind her her skirt and just kind of watch her that so so I had the fever, but on the performing aspect it didn't happen until Germany and actually what's interesting, is that I would hide in the curtains and not talk to anyone and just be so terrified and shy, and then I would go out on stage and hide in plain sight and character, and I found myself through that- and I found like safety through that and sure there. It was I can imagine like when you found out hey we're gonna Germany. I can mention your pumped about that. So you re is inherently. Have zero control of where you know
aim and then you go on that stage and then for a little period of time. You have liked tremendous control over your life yeah from the intoxicating you yeah, it lies in just also feeling like accepted and, like you had a play sense. If you know there's like all these kind of people who are also uprooted and my friends there weren't, you know I knew one or other people from like everyone had moved from a base in Korea or Base in Guam, and so are you friends with any of those people still no okay good. So at ten you guys moved to Texas, then we moved to Texas and what town in Texas Keller so Heller, taxes, red leather, footwear, ah Dallas Fort Worth Miltoners, we jump or we just through their Debbie. We just sped through there in an escalate with a lazy boy strapped to the roof.
That was right about where we had a hundred miles an hour? Oh, we we went through care at a hundred miles an hour, yeah well you're, just approach flashlight worth yeah it well, it was a precariously rigged, lazy boy to the roof of this thing and I felt pretty confident with how we had strapped it down. I just wanted to see how whose test and ass testing in it and it was stood the test That's very proud of this very I'm an overview and also on behalf of color. I want to thank you, as reading through under the lazy boy, not a common and how quickly we want to get through. Now I would love to have was very busy crystals there at Bristol, by the way to future trade have no exactly crystal, oh I now I now that Brazil hamburger you domain, don't have those do their bit in the south there. Little me Berger, oh yeah, pretty crystal decay everyday. I thought that you are asking. If there were like like selling
and let me I was in a bearing a lay place when you ask TAT. I owe them mixed does make sense, but very it looked over. Crystals are something reviewed, some spirituality into the beef We were on a search for a crystal the became fast food joint. While we were having their taxes and confined we, we don't want to be disparaging about where we stop. So I'll tell you off, but we stopped at a hamburger chain that we stupidly worth my why we thought we were her. I thought was crystals with water burger it wasn't. I love water burger, it's a great burger and they got a nice shape. They do have a nice shake but at any rate, I was wrong and they didn't hamburgers and when we went to pay for it I kept saying repeatly. Oh, I really wish this was crystals and that was making them laugh, but at any rate sorry I'm back to Texas. Is it a gigantic cultural shift? I'm imagining both of my parents grew up in Texas, so it was the least I would say culturally jarring. What
stuff. Do you do a kid in Texas for fun you drink out the water how's? I don't wanna take perpetuate any the stereotypes. You ate like we watch football guess we would. These are great ride. Vital make ramps outside. I love stereotypes. Monica I argue about it all the time I was even when you're saying you lived in Germany wanted stereotype I'll, give you the German, so clean holy smoke. So they claim what you agree and also I came back and there is like tiny. Here. I, where I had wait for America, get Soda Street and they were ahead of the Garriga Howdah who and I care- and you tell us what the pit butter in Germany the butter it's like anyone be described as butter. It's on its sole flavorful in India me. It's also gets cream cheese these are some Germans are variant soup and bread. They make the best bread, the butter so good. You can just pile that butter on have some soup, and here it's nice right,
it is very nice. I love of bread ball. I love point in which is like you know: it's like the round ones, that hard on the outside of the actual into goods. That and you know you would go down the street and get Truly your daily bread and that you would go five or six yeah and its everything's clothes like on what the weak Answer would have a bearing on intuitive like to these cities. On a weekend. Thinking you're gonna go shopping, get jokes on. You therefore may not work on the way the hunger game it doesn't sound. Sorry, did you like the hunger games? What books did you were of the generation that would have loved her I was wondering when not incur games came out. Male gay or, like I will about Terence Posner Harry Potter, I never read Harry Potter, my sister in law works at Universal Studio, add Hogwarts as a wizard rises up, and so some now
I'm hip to it, but coming up I didn't but okay. Well, I would just like to touch on the culture of things closing on the weekend. I think it points to a culture where people understand that people who run doors and things are you not allotted he had like. Have families like a kind of is re we used to have experts, we ve done like masters and things we step. We still have some experts singular air, but like people who love the trade and it was passed down and etc, and that was the cobbler and that was the baker in the butter, whatever whatever for us to live in a culture? That's not really a thing and we all kind of can access whatever on our phone to make us that expert that day on we're trying to installer. They think it's interesting to be in a culture that still honours like
yeah and if you work from nine to five, so does the person you get your bread from and if we schedule a doctor's appointment like we take time off of work to do that because they're not going to come in on the weekend. So why should it not be the same with the people who start to listen? Well, the have sufficient. They have a tremendous amount of respect for their workers, like I worked for general motors for years, and there was a division of General motors that was in Germany, opal and when we would have these combined car shows the way they treated their technicians versus how we treated our technicians they were seen is with as much esteem as the engineers were, or anyone else, and they made a lot of money and they treated them very well. I think, in fact, that Michael more documentary says that we should be stealing some of their the way they day they treat their workers whilst on vacation. For like a marked. Yes, you can pick a thank you encouraged to do that, and then people are less fussy at work.
Because the you get what you need in your well: rounded verses, dislike american culture of constantly being like fully work, can proud of how busy you are and bragging about like how much you're doing still having as much to show for it in a logistical e. How does it work like if you're working from ninety five, yeah Wendy like how do you get right at the bread YA, gotta, get it on the way to work on the way home? Well, I'm going to live with that sort of thing. I have a lunch break. They all have a long lunch break and a bit more flexibility. If you do have like a month off then taking a day off to go, do your things. Is it less? But I think- and this is not factual is just like Jeff. The thing that I am seeing, maybe now in retrospect, and maybe it's a generational thing, but I don't recall all knowing a lot of families where both the man and the woman work. I like in heterosexual relationships, got it about that,
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For twenty dollars opposite case, because this season every one one get away for the bottom line. Is it's getting down? They're all they're, all they have watches and clothes and stuff I've never seen a nude person. Well, that's not true. They love getting news at the bat yet public parks. It's out Bush out everything, oh yeah everything's out and it's crazy. I would go and see like a mom with her like son and her son's friends yeah. She got her Did your son has hair on his penis he's with mom and dad the whole gang we secret, edible and they're just walking around the park going down the slide and stuff they like to lay in the grass a lot on a blanket. They go to these public parks and my first experience with it. I was with my mom when I was sixteen on a trip over there and she was stayed in the room. Think fucking!
God, and I went down to the hot tub in the hotel. Then I went into the sand. I walk into the sauna and there's like nine or ten people bare naked in the sauna and some teens and listen how pervy this is. What do you think I did I got their naked yeah and then I was in this sound, really enjoying the culture future anthropologist in the making, and I was panic the whole time that my mother would have somehow get up here up her ass to go swimming caught me naked in the sound with all that adult Germans. Who is it like gender, specific, oh, no, no, no, no, no grey, we're all in one great box together bear naked and was very memorable So did you did you? Did your mother continued the homes going thing when you got to Texas, so she is really cool and she wanted us to just fall in love with learning right. So when we
they didn't Germany, we would study ancient Rome and then they would put us in the car and we would drive to ITALY because neighbors at nine countries, so we could. Drive to ITALY and we were ball and now you know we will extend it little campgrounds and everything, but like trying local food and as we would study it, we would kind of travel to different places, and she would so we went to Austria and we listen to the sound of music. Soundtrack nonstop non! Stop drive from Germany to Austria. It is up to the sailor I wonder if you were again they she won't yet yeah, it's kind of in the in a license. There take a little creative license, a remix. Now. What's the title, its sound the sound of in there. I wonder if that occurred, to them,
oh, you know what how much should tell them actually coincident a crazy coincidence. No one's discovered until just now so did mom continue to hold home school in Texas. She did and then I was watching fresh prince and I was like I want to go to school. I want to go to american school. That sounds fun. I tried So then we went and it was different than those for whom there is different and fresh parents just cause taxes is impel air and also I was watching step by step in full, so it was an adjustment. And then, in this situation my brother became instantly popular. We did yes
and I deserved it. He really came up a glow up. What the kids call it a glow up, we're gonna start you at, and you were gonna learn me too, but trying to I like Bernie, we taught you about Tom Wilkinson and you told us about it about the glow up, yeah yeah, okay, so he became a stud. Was he an athlete or something started to at that point all right? You said, and people like call them the german kid that's Yeah, and so they kind of you know, and he got frosted tips and his head. You know sure style so you're very good, looking to see a good looking male he's incredibly handsome and also is like an unfair incredible human being. He is so special, so intuitive he's a warm. Engaging friggin funny and quick, but will go there with you and can switch hip from having like a profoundly and pathetic conversation where he will true
feel take your pain and weep on your behalf and then make a crack up internet, Yeah yeah, no more elevated, this is kind of just makes a case for getting your ass beat for a while. I truly it does it's got. Chris Rock has a thing about that. He's, like everyone wants to get rid of bullying. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg wasn't bullied? Do you think bill gates wasn't boy detainees. Can I am every person that we made in our eyes are a good thing and one of those people did not experience boys for certain well, I definitely makes you look for. Like me, you look for what is my value link? If I'm not yeah, I'm not able to do this, I'm not that enough, for whatever you got to give it to yourself, because if you're not getting it from your peer group, you kind of got to just give it to yourself yeah Well, I you healthy things or from your teachers are from your mom. Like I look for it everywhere. I stay
to look for it, what Dave do you move to LA to pursue acting and how on earth do you convince your techs and parents and DOD suspicious vendor Father do go along with this? Well, we went to public school, and I wanted to continue acting and I wanted just do like film intervene. Commercials and age was looking for theatre outside of school and pointed to a commercial knives like that girl that we're back all come from how's. She doing that. I want to do that. And my mom was like I don't know, and so classic her she's like we're going to figure it out, though so she looked up. Talent agencies in Dallas Fort Worth. My neighbor was photographer, took photos of me and I sent them to every talent agency in Dalla Fort Worth and just begged them and beg them and beg them to
Billy pursue this. They didn't wanna. They didn't like my dad, works it s job and is like just a wonderful and smart man. Things makes sense in his brain and in an intellectual, clear may ever engineering degree or something which is what is known as an masters in something ok grant me after the I didn't go to college, ok, cool yeah. I did that child actor you have a guest house, so he asked me what was entering he got. You can have one of the hut and no yeah. It's interesting. I think, like you, do something you insecure not going to school yeah, having not graduate from colleges at something that you get get ashamed of. I think. Instead
where education is highly valued, but it's so rapidly becoming that with an entrepreneurial spirit. People, my friends or peers, or people above like mentors, are not typically using their degree as much as the structure of learning to learn and I fell in love with learning to learn, for I still do and I'm still obsessed with it, and so I don't know if it insecure, there's, definitely times where I've tied with the idea of going and doing it just to say that I have done it, which maybe does point insecurity about it. I got the degree and I'm still very insecure, so yeah the right here, even if have when you want a different one, yeah yeah dad with my parents. Amygdala do a lot of deal making my parents were my deal with. My parents was if they allowed me to act, or at least try to pursue this- that my GPA could not go by the low a three point: eight that I have my like duties and my choice
would not slip, and if they did, then they could pull this away, so they never wanted it. For me and for a year I asked an asanas and they had no one one time my mom came into my room and saw me just praying, and I was just like please I want to do this, make this fun. She was, like wow. I really thought she'd grow out of it. Alright, so then we kind of pursued it and she would drive me to and from Dallas, which is the big city that has the auditions the four auditions a year. For Walker, Texas, Ranger, Friday, night lights. Barney at that time you know and you got Barney I got Barney yeah I got Barney. I got two has row commercials and Barney. I got a role as teenage girl in a straight to dvd. Let's go to the firehouse Barney, my dog. Certainly my nieces on that dvd they loved born. I loved plan, you loved it. I'd love, oh wow, that's all
I love you, you love me we're a happy family. You have a about this so at a remix, yeah and then after Barney, fast forward me to LOS Angeles, how on earth do you guys end up going to LOS Angeles? Was it one thing where you go to the awkward apartments and like hang for a month in audition, no so another one of the deals was that I would never when we moved to Texas. They were like this. The last time we're gonna move, you guys are gonna, be here through high school, and so I finally like laid roots and et cetera while auditioning and in the same week I auditioned for a spin off of an existing Disney, show called sweet life, Zac and Cody about two twins. We live in a hotel and they had a spin off where they
just Messer at sea. I audition for that. In the same week as I audition for a ice cube and keep homer, football movie called the long shots directed by Fred Durst, and so I like went through the audition process for that sent my tape and went through the audition process got called back. There was in Louisiana, so my public fully drew Germany lose Anna. For that and at that time I was also a teachers age. So I was getting extra credit, and I was in like accelerated class is so I was in a very obsessive about making sure, like my grades, wouldn't drop and missing school now for acting was getting serious books that shot that went home for Christmas came back for resources. It during the writer strike two dozen. Seventy doesn't.
So March or something we wrapped that I come back turn in all my assignments, I'm ready to finally dance, I'm a freshman in high school. I made it onto varsity dance team, and that was competition season. So we were like very exciting the best now you're speaking Monica's, like yeah. I like a good competition season. I was a cheerleader Are you a chance to time stage may tumblr yeah we had to? I wasn't. I was the least proficient tumblr on our squad, but I still had I still had to do flips and what was your position liar you re ire yeah, of course, just catch him, but it was envisaged, are wow. That's up. We discovered in the we've talked about it before that wasn't just a random I was in the main bothering you I, like a visceral overreaction outcomes. Are a city, it's real, so
Terri and now we had the importance of context. It's like a hydrogen bomb when you context messed up. In fact, we went even further and suggested like what, if this whole thing with Trump, was just a mix up and that he had been the person who the high fire and he couldn't he means he just caught people by the pussy yeah that could be yeah. He was a back spotter like a great fit exactly yeah. You gotta do what you have to do in those compete. They're not gonna drop her. No, no! No! No! When given the choice between catch him by the buzz or dropped them ethically, you have to buzz catch him. Billing is one hundred and one that's what they tell you who the first week of camp, what have above in the gym hanging with the huge banner above the doorway was- when in doubt anyway, dance damage competent varsity here
very exciting and obviously a big deal in Texas, and so I did it. You know on the fields during football season before I went away for the film and then I get a call from my agent in Texas, which is just like hi. Do you remember that addition for six months ago. It's going now and can fly to allay in three days to audition for her. I just fly to let like you're, either from L a. Famous actors or yeah just visit there, and so I just was again no yes, obviously, and my mom, and I were like will what does this mean and what does it mean in terms of like moving and potentially booking it, and I think that before even really tapping into this. It was just here is an awkward,
Kennedy and I am not going to wonder. I have like refuse to wonder what this could have been and if what I could have done from this- and I asked like- is there an opportune if I go and this pans out in my allowed to say no and then again like you, signed the contract, but essentially yet, and I went- and I was the one of three girls. They were both there talking about living at the Oakwood and having lived there and having done pilot seasons before and I Didn'T- and I was just like well clearly, this is not going to happen to me. I was the only one called back, which I knew to be good, but felt in that moment I was distinctly the one they could for sure roll out or something I went back finally being in my homework assignments and was just like hi. Can you move to ally in six days we start shooting in ten days and it's on in the fall, it's already green, so yeah. How many episodes did you do that? ideas me order. It's called sweet life on deck, ok, and so it was picked up for eighteen
then, they just kept adding. However many on the back ends, we think maybe the first season was twenty eight to thirty two, oh, my god. Last. That's a good nine ten months of work and with Disney, because its international syndicated, every word and phrasing does have to be word perfect. It has it because it's already gone through all of the standards of practices, and so I want to do well in that situation. I love it. I love it. I love of when there is a right answer for something? And what do you want your understanding of money at how old are you and then up and I'm fourteen about to be fifteen? Ok in. Do you understand that you're making money I understood that I was making more money than when I have made my neighbors lawn or admit you're more than money than your parents were making yeah. I dont think I understood that I understood that I was choosing to do something that, if I wanted to back out of, it would probably be expensive to undo shirt I new to save my money and also one of the deals that I made was
that all of the money that I made from acting, which at that point was just gonna, be commercials and may be Barney was gonna. Go to put me toward met school is, can we surgeon so In my mind, it was just like oh yeah, I had a jackpot like I'm, not I'm not ever. Gonna have student, and I had just taken college ed in school, and so I was like I now know that this is going to be very helpful and I learned about taxes I learned about like ten percent representative representatives. Then I saved a lot of it yeah I gotta say: if my child, started earning like a few hundred grand a year. It would make my head spam. Have you been? so wild the parent, as well as the person making the money, but did they allow to have access. Could you have said you know what I want a fucking Mustang Mustang when I turn sixteen, and you know what I mean If you want a grand last year, I buy one Dax, I'm so glad you asked me this question. Okay great, so we have a week or two to move I'm about
to be fifteen. It's gonna be just me and my mom going out there and then coming back, and maybe my dad will join us in a year or whatever my mom needs a car sure I say: let's go in on it together. This will be my car when I'm sixteen guess who goes to call MAX and guess who gets a Mustang thousand four already of inertia. Addition silver radically and let all yellow zone Did you end up taking it over when you were sixteen or seventeen? I did. I ended up taking it over. I just may very specific and great. I think that I am I am like who you wrote a child actor if you wrote a child actor, he's a girl who moved to California and wants a thing listen to. I actually listened to rob- and I were just talking about this. The hush sound was one of my favorite bans and I had like a jack mannequin albums interment man from something corporate which is,
very California, album the hush, sound, which is kind of Chicago blues. It had some salt to it and some fun and some swing to it and then The Hannah Montana meet Miley Cyrus Double sided, so glad you do so because I was just in my mind what you're listenin to in the most things there playing my song, the demise of the heart in the USA, predated Party in this house, but yeah yeah. It was, I was size, California, with songs about, like you, get lemme around right- and it is very much me talking now big fan. I gotta go my favorite santa and dance. Did you love Miley Cyrus? I did. I was a little old for me. Cyrus, but I knew that that was what I wanted to do was like kind of broader multi, catholic fun, fun, papers and Hannah Montana. I didn't have a fair way to cross over, so I played my character from sweet life and she played Hannah and my land when we interact at she came on the cruise ship, okay yeah, so you guys get along. She was awesome. She was awesome, she's, cool, fuck right so good. She like just is constant
We would just you know: I saw this animal, it needed a home, she just as the biggest heart such a capacity to love and knows? Who she is and came in and saw my friends now who, at the time were just absolutely roasting me and not nice me she saw them doing that and literally stepped in and was like YO. Don't talk to her that you don't have to let them talk to you like that, and I was just like she's got a husky voice too. By the way yeah she does yeah yeah. She does her and Selena people say the three of us sure that I'm kind of like that I met all. I would say that that's generate. I would say that, like I'm, like the CASA brand of both you know, I don't think. I'm think I'm by the way shows my favorite. So yeah, I'm not sure that I'm taking it the way you meant it. I love right yeah. I should have the three of you on the same time That way. No one will really know who's talking and then you guys can be dead, fucking, honest yeah. I could be like hi
I'm Selena Gomez and then I could just make stuff up or you could even you could divulge your darkest secrets and then, when confronted do you not think it was either Miley or lighting and my total deniability plan on eight there will get their both wonderful and like Selina Jimmy. VOX, is a lot of these actors that came to Disney, where they were all from Dallas Fort Worth. We all want to like this asian and acting yeah, where there's a couple weird pipelines right cause, there's also a land of Lord dahlias. It's very interesting! I wonder what I now. I think that there is in taxes we everyone's like. We can succeed,
like pledge to the american flag and then we pledge to the Texas flag. So it's about being kind of bigger than it's being a part of something but owning your large part in something. Well, isn't it. The same is american by birth, Texan by the grace of God, yeah. That is great in after that it should just say: fuck you, oh you're, welcome How are you you're working a ton, so it's not like you're out on the streets terribly often, but Globally overnight, be like young kids. Know who you are yeah it just. It happened, because I was making shows for people my age, so anyone anywhere that I would go at my age? I would be surrounded by people who knew who I was yet that those in the old days me brand when you're a face of it. It's not unlike a Beatle. I mean the fans that you have are rabbit and have no boundaries, because they're, kids, yes, and also I was in the kind of first generation after the high school musical kind
rays and the Hannah Montana, Cray and people you know when I digested Disney shows it never occurred to me what even Stevens, what like Shiela Buff was having for lunch or what he was doing or if he had siblings. If I wanted to connect with them, I would look in the back of a teen magazine and find family so to understand, fame that way and then being the first kind of generation social, media and accessibility is it's so over. Laughing and there's sophie boundaries? I kind of just learned it in a very strange way. There also happens to be like a pretty well worn trajectory for folks that they start there, so the beautiful actor everyone loves Aaron. No! Well, I'm him too I rang Gosling, oh yeah, yeah, Ryan, Goslin, childbirth, Miley. The pretty common trajectory is at some point to again. This is what I assume that they went through. I don't know this to be true.
You wanna shed this childhood persona really quickly your life. I want to be taken seriously and I think it's led some people to whom some weird pass, because you just want to shake it quickly, so whether for girls, that's too, like on your sexuality very publicly and loudly to distance yourself from that or with Shia, to just kind of be a crazy renegade whatever we would describe his behavior, as did you at any point, develop a chip on your shoulder of like okay, great I'm grateful that I had this experience, but I want to be taken seriously and I want to be seen as an adult, and how do I do that? I think that it was more about the fact that a lot of people internationally had a
action of me, but that perception they never saw a version of me that wasn't twenty four minutes with everything getting tied up with a bow at the end and if you date and have a boyfriend, they count kisses like you can kiss on the mouth like three times in one season or something so like it's. Never the idea of like going through those kind of growing up process. Is there any doubt and censored out in a way that keeps it neutral sure safe, save, and I'm really thing for that, because it didn't lead people to make presumptions about my personal growing process, and I was given a lot of privacy in being able to find those things, but also there is not depression and anxiety portrayed on Disney. I'm sure that there is now that the conversation is
opened up and they are actively wanting to listen and kind of portray the world as kids are growing up in it now a little bit more, but certainly at the time that I was there. The idea of a complicated messy growing up experience was only as cs like I borrowed these pants and I got a stain on them when we're gonna do show how sure we gonna get in there and and we'll dress like a perfectly tailored waiter costume, because we see them like leaving the inner and then we ll like marching, and that is like problems and that is what people know of me as a young woman problems, when, in reality and like I have a genius I q, which allow me to intervene myself as who I am, and I think that frustration certainly exists and definite brings people to what ages were you in the Disney world from fifteen to what so I was fifteen to Ight. Team for my first show like fourteen and have to it eighteenth my virtue, and so I did
three seasons of a show over one hundred episodes of a show in three seasons. It's hilarious yeah. They crank them out and also another thing. Is they only advertise south, so they don't do commercial, so they don't have a greening licensing. So you don't get the kind of money that your friends maybe on modern family guy. You get significantly less and the way that they tell you is that their building brands, and with that you then monetize motorists. So what I will say is, as this realizing that that building a brand name was monitors like that is, we differ more or less social media day. They had an intention to keep up, and then they created a few years and we being marathon there is no one on one and it would just be like for all the new talent who's on the losing your anonymity overnight and being a teen whose meant to be the affair already for millions of people on something that you haven't figured out yet and like the most caring and educated parents also did not go
in this work, like everybody ion yes, so kind of there's no. And you will, but where the face of it and then were meant to be role, models and dating in that period, and I didn't even consider your kid. He did not zero boyfriends from fourteen date. I had ok, Actually, this is a lot that the line you have your first kiss onscreen. No, I had my first kiss in taxes and a pickup truck. I would never be allowed in someone's pickup no in the batch, never allowed wit, someone with the drivers like no. I dated one time briefly a person from out of town. He lived not in allay, and we met through like a common front, and he ran a charity for women and children who were sold into sex. Trade. He sounds much older than you. He wasn't he started. He was like. Third.
Ten fourteen got like a book deal, incinerating whatever variously forgot, very scared. Like years ago, trying to help from sex trade in any thirty waiting, already or general doesn't get you got scared of out and out, and but I think that, like there was a of being the authority and not having a I kind of figuring it out and that it kind of just wasn't a thing? There wasn't any boys on the show that you had like crushes on and then dated it didn't seem wise to date. Some I worked God. I don't like that area. It's a great answer. What's not you a lifetime, get messy. I split up my family and uprooted us, so I can have this thing, which was like feeding like I'm, not gonna risk that for dumb kid who I already knows is like I am being stupid, you're right. I should have risked it for an idiot, but yeah there's still time. No, I never really cured me my brother,
there was a girl. When I moved back when we were in Texas and she really liked him, she was hot. He was on dance team and I was like what about that girl and he was like, and I was like why she was great and he was like. Okay there's two types of girls, these kind of girls that you do and the kind of the girls that you marry. I only want to date the kind of girls you would marry. He said that he's like sixteen right. He said that and I being like got it can't be that, like great, I lay ransford that onto your life. Are you guys are deeply religious, a family. We grew up in a christian House and we're always encouraged to believe what we found to be true for us and to educate ourselves and to poke and to check in with our spirits and what felt right for us and but at sixteen for a boy only to be interested in getting married. That I need an explanation.
Didn't getting married, but it wasn't taking a tour of people that he could not imagine investing in something real with that would like return back to him in a way that was like em, like of eminent fall for someone in care about someone and learn love so: can we summon him never gonna see again nerds. Can we someone? You know, I think he just had a very I moral standard which he still does any he member prices if he had gotten a hand job from a stranger at any point prior to this decision, he might have felt differently about it. Might have, he might not have those we don't know and also areas or maybe I've gotten Niagara stranger. When you said that old man like you, I did or maybe he liked it and realized wow that didn't fulfil, me very heady guy. Oh, he is he's self aware. Smart he's, smart and good he's pretentious and like pseudo intellectual, but he's smart and good, Ok. When I meet him, I'm gonna, I really
give me a hand up a stranger. Well I'll. Do that I'll start with a gentleman's hand, job and then I'll, really unpack all that stuff? Yes, stay tuned for more armed chair expert, if you dare We are supported by so knows which recently released the beam which we both have now very nice being made. So cool minds right below my tv on my dress or in the bedroom, it so elegant. Looking, isn't it very sleek aesthetically, please I enjoy it. They nailed the design because you know, even if it sounded perfect and it didn't look gorgeous, you wouldn't want it in your bedroom or throughout your house. The cool thing about Sonos right is: you can just infinitely expand the system, so I loved it so much in the house that I thought we need this down by the pool. No problem, you just add it by the pool. I also love it because room to room, I can be listening to stern because it. Has all your favorite streaming services as I walk through the house, They never lose. My stern interview,
it's got an Amazon Alexa and this Christmas we're going to be watching a lot of Christmas movies. As we do. I can't wait to watch Christmas vacation ELF in the Christmas story in bed, with the beam to get that full theater sound. I'm also going to get my mom a beam this year for Christmas. I hope she doesn't boiler, spoil or mom you're gonna be fine, though, I urge everyone to check out so knows it's my favorite sound system enjoy, but when, then go and you do Jesse yeah, so at eighteen. The show oh ended suddenly an internationally. At that point I also had launched Disney Channel like free to air and like Singapore in Turkey in London, so I had become a done to films for them, which I I produced the second one I just came to them. Like I have this book, it got up gently lips. We should make this
with these producers that I know from my last like. Let's do this and they were like okay, great because my last one repeat He did better than a lot of their original hearings of D. Come so they're, like I don't know, there's something here that works, and I was kind of the last person. The Hannah's and whatever's phased out and though shows ended. People were very much like I missed. The old Disney M is as it is now, and I was kind of the last person within both worlds ends at eighteen, too old to be the leader of a Disney show, but like primate, to be a reliable quirky authority figure, so my show runner for sweet life, and I request didn't meeting with the President of Disney Channel, which I guess it. I didn't realize that you don't do at eighteen, but I was like an opponent You know very much the way that you would take a business meeting at eighteen, and I was like listen, I'm not done with you guys. I don't think
done with me, I'm doing some. It works yeah! You like me. I, like you, let's be honest, yeah, let's do this and we pitched them Jesse and they loved and it was the first show they ever green, lit without a pilot and how many episodes of Jesse did you do over one hundred. We did four seasons and That was where I started shadowing and I got my first couple directing assignment. So that's what got me into the DGA was that Multi multicam. I love multicam. It's in my dna. It's great! It's really a nice lifestyle, so Jesse is even more successful than the previous shows that right yeah However, you qualify that, yes, because our numbers coming out for shows I did they publish their rate? There were like a lot of they don't but people do. There were a lot of kind of just the trades in whatever and we would get buzz of it did significantly while premier very well, it stay very well. The reruns did really well on Netflix. It was like the
watch kids show even four years after it went away, and so I had a lot of great success with. Were you a producer on that? I was. You are oh, that's great yeah. So did you make some chatter I got respect okay, so no that's worth something I did yeah it was. You know what tell me. Yes, I was eighteen to twenty two yeah so, like I didn't make modern family cheddar, but I was making eight grand a year when I was twenty one to twenty eight. Just to let you know I made more than that I did make more? Did you upgrade the Mustang to something else? Yeah I totaled the Mustang. Oh, you did obviously accidentally I was like eighteen. Nineteen whatever, and so I got a lease during Jesse. Actually during like the second season, I got oh there yeah. You did also the like some kind of growth and evolution as an adult.
Go with an Audi. Take me serious. I am, I see you pull up an Audi and that ended at what age twenty one that would have ended, yeah yeah that's twenty one or twenty two, and that was where to kind of circle back in touch in a very Candide Way on the evolution and discovering yourself in whatever, because it did not occur to me to do so. While I was on the chain on because there was such a glow the ball consequence looming at any amount of messing up overlooked. For it in the wrong places towards the end of Jesse. I would you know I kind of like I didn't drink until the year. I turned twenty one. Oh my goodness, I just I didn't consider it like. I would go to industry. Parties and I'd be like those people get drinks sometime. I'm her work like I just was just like. I don't you know so. Monica is loving. All of this yeah inside you are under attack member Amber now it's a test of the national. Why.
Emergency alert system. No action is a presidential alert. Oh yeah, it's a new thing, they're testing! It's just like a direct message from him. He's like ratings for whatever just came out terrible, I have to pee very badly yeah, let's put a pin in this for five, so I'm so glad you had to honestly Monica peace once a week. I've never had to do this in my life honored to be here for your weekly pay. Okay, back. We took a union mandated urination break that was red flagged by Monica, which is so rare because more Monica peas generally once a day, almost one I mean. Sometimes I really do think it's one a day. It's so weird, I don't know anatomically. What's going on with you, but IP every thirty minutes yeah it sounds like you're properly hydrated. Want to talk to you a little bit. I know I agree, but I'm functioning yeah. What Debbie's done Debbie is turn she's, taking charge of her own microphone,
and she's position in a way that she can look at. You it's very nice. I like that now that I know I'm very interested yeah. No, it's a concern. That's the concern! Yeah, I'm very passionate. Actually, I am very passionate about people's digestion. Why do you suppose you're interested in digestion? Do you have Crohn's or any kind of issues? No, you want to dip old here. No, I just really like getting in people's business Okay, me too me too. That's what we're about here. I became obsessed with nutrition and not like in any sort of body, Dysmorphia wine. No, it's for sure in you didn't. I only strictly innovative monitoring I yeah, but like not unlike properly way. It's just that I was on As my body began to change as a girl, you did that. Did that make you insecure about certain things? Oh it made me everything, yeah. Well, to be fair. I was insecure. First I was like twelve or thirteen
and would just not put on bathing suits, and it was like the age where girls started going into two pieces bikini I would have like pool parties, and I just wouldn't do it. I would and do it. I would have breakdowns in fitting rooms and I would wrap myself in a towel and I would swim in like a t, shirt and short and you want bigger boobs or something. What is it? Do you remember when no well? Yes, I prayed for two things. I prayed for an agent and I prayed for bigger boobs, and I went from a double a to a c in like four months. That's true that its roof back. The Lord know how that'll make your only way he works in very physical ways. Very literal ways did you say I must, I must say, must increase my boss, as you did. Those exercises you behind even heard that have I that was a generator I don't know where it's from, but if everyone knew that growing out, I must I must. I must increase my bus and you did a certain exercise to increase your bus. Of course. Monica did did too many of them. I did a nonstop, I didn't realize a champion like know it took like two months before it
yeah I didn't delayed yeah. It's accumulative goes to stay in your system, so boobs you wanna boobs. Yes, I want to raise a uniquely taxes of again. I can stereotype there. There is a Dallas stereotype yet which is generally big boobs in bond less like big kind of fluffy, hair and really like saturated make up and yeah. Yes, it's in the same way that there is a different kind of look in California or antlike, I've had my makeup done in Turkey and I looked completely different than whence in Australian did my makeup. Just because beauty is different. Sure it's cultural Dallas is definitely has a distinct style. Okay, so originally said you weren't dating because you had such respect for your career and you thought it was potentially damaging. But now, as I get to know you more, I
Curious. Are you sure some of it wasn't also that you didn't look the way you want it to and that you are also plain someone that got all this attention, but inside you didn't feel like the person that warranted all that attention interesting, I may always play that kind of girl, next Dory characters, characters and ever occur, to me that my value would be strictly dictated by what I looked like. My parents would always just be like who is a smart girl? You know what I mean like it was every kind of amount of like affirmation that I got so I knew that I like had a going on, but that's an ill, that's an intellectual realisation, not an emotional interesting. You know you can intellectually no. No I'm that type of girl- that's gonna, bet on my smarts and I believe in that that's the right thing to do, but then you are just somewhere in a social group in some persons getting a lot of attention.
Addresses a certain way look at ROI, and then you just emotionally have a response to that that you're not choosing it yeah. I think that I don't currently remember any moments where I didn't feel like that could be me, but I feel like body wise. It was definitely a thing. It was just like a self by using of like the leg, good clothes don't fit the certain way the people, the designers won't like dress you. Could they don't make the size that you know whatever You put yourself in this league of job. Looking at you, I know I read has now. Unlike what are you I mean. I know I've been not to not to dismiss what you're saying, but it's like what the thing, yeah a pattern of unhealthy behavior, I'm glad it's working. No, that's not true. I like I'm actually like free for the first time in twelve years it whenever it, which is gorgeous, I mean as free as any of us are free from our obsession about,
Your image, free from yeah like the kind of self hatred and the toxic behaviors that come with Dysmorphia and like the insatiable quality of trying to fit what you think that you are meant to look like and also then seeing a very physical. Oh and provable, like your numbers on social media, go up when you post photos close to your face or, if you're right, where the closer, whatever people would say to me, like I'm glad that there is like real girls on tv and that they're making like shows about real girls and how and for me that was just cutting to me. This just proves everything we always talk about, which is everyone, In this way. I know everyone here is that lets say that I dont even know. I would have to go back to your twitter, but I'd, I think, you're, a hundred percent telling the truth that you got those tweets. I bet you also got several billion. That said, you're supermodel already in the land. I bet you disproportionately waited those things that confirmed your on fear. Ass
I mean the negative ones are always much louder and state, of course, but even now, It was never like yours, the gorgeous girl. It was like you're, the one that I relate to, who plays opposite the glamorous aspiration, no one to your relate above all, and then there is aspirational in Disney always works in tandem of making sure that they find that balance of reliable and operational, and I was the entry I don't think that you shouldn't feel that way. I just think that these standards for people are. No, not that you are not put in an aspirational category is, is so backwards. Well, what's interesting! Is that thank you, but what's interesting, Is that now in my most recent roles after finally letting go of the obsession or at least taking a back seat to
allowing that to move me into toxic places and just being like whatever. This is what it is and ultimately like I already like. Well look at photos and be like. I wish that I knew then, but like it at all when I was so unhappy all and so like in a few years, we're gonna its work. Gonna be as young as we are right now, whatever and prime in my life whatever. So it has become a thing that I at least Dysmorphia is a mental illness and it will fuck you up. So it's a thing that like you know it doesn't follow logic or reason, and I also don't have context at all so I have photos of me and I dont know photos of me. Looking completely different, I mean Twond, hair and red hair and dark hair and happy have green, hair and shaved on the bottom, and so I hear things and fifty Pounds heavier and five pounds. Lighter
Did you have any dodgy periods of eating yeah? Oh yeah, I'm out of my life has been pretty littered with like disordered eating stuff right yeah I like annexed yeah starving yourself. No, I mean you know, I've tried it all you've tried it all. I tried it all. I've really taken a tour. That is a tricky thing. The calorie counting thing is tricky or the like not doing it is because the greater thing behind it is this transactional value system. Right of shame. I have allowed myself this. Therefore
deserve this, which is me treating myself or I don't deserve this or now. I must do this to a tone for this and that it's such a currency and it's such a cycle that it was so lose lose, and it brought me to places where I was just I just was like this is not sustainable. Like my body's dying, like I'm not doing good things like it was just like dad. Did you, though, enjoy the control of the whole thing, because you you seem to me to be a pretty tough, a person. The fact that you didn't down your twenty one and you're not gonna date like there's. This is like an exorbitant amount of self control and then eating just like the greatest way to exhibit self control. Wow, that's interesting. I have never considered myself great itself control. Really. I think that I didn't date because I didn't like want today
think about it or if I met someone they just weren't worth the timer or was he was very logistical, is very clinical like it was. It was like if I wanted to day, I would have data like there were. Time times that I would just like. I would have a thing called small before whores and people would come over and we would makes wars was mostly single people, and we just talk about like ethics and morals and people from all religious backgrounds, and we would kind of think new thoughts together, unlike strike up against each other and bring up certain things, and it was all of us as like, a coming of age, kind of thing, figuring out at different places. You know that hearing different perspectives and taking those into accountant
forming our opinions, and that was a great place for me to invite people that I wanted to get to know better. But unfortunately I and it's probably why I'm such a faint podcast, because the thing that I relate to show much is that I fall in love with people every day, all the time so deeply and I like enjoy it age. I enjoy like discovering a person and charming a person and finding things with them and like asking about whatever so that sort of mentality, garlic, work, really quick yeah. It may present logical sense issue like love it. In sense. No, okay! No! You love meeting people in yeah. There was a bit of time where it was incredibly misguided and I wasn't able to compartmentalize and understand what it meant and what I needed and what I was getting from it. And now I realize that, like my entire purpose in life is too like meat people connect with them and then connect them with other
who I also think incredibly captivating on wonderful and we can all like one another link in a community sense or just like you know, one on once and but here's the part a little bit and Monica yell me in the fact check. Don't worry she will. Let me have it for this, but I'm going to generalize and say I as much as you're saying all these things. Here's what I know about human beings by thirteen years old. You would have a kid like for the vast majority of time we've lived on this planet you're, just hardwired as we all are to be getting a mate and starting having kids at fifteen years old. I mean that's when you're designed just ass. He had said that the notion that you just had no impulse to do that. I just feel like they're. There must also be some additional explanation other than you just Wharton, driven to experience that I think I was I was busy man like. I think that if I had gone through
he'll? Every tools like had earned Miley was busy as hell to write, but she was fine in time to get it in yeah and that yeah. People somehow are juggling a similar schedule and also getting a little rocks. Maybe I don't know they seem like cautionary tales to you. Well, there was definitely that thing where people would make the dont go on Miley Cyrus on at length. They would make like thing or be like all these Disney stars and listen like I fucked up. You know I definitely did in like multiple ways of not under training, consequences of things and filling only to fall and not You're saying the weight of things like I really and just looking in reckless ways and having delicately threaded things for so long that at the opportunity to just overturned the entire table, unlike watch things clutter to the ground, seem so appealing and sexy to me- and there was a bit of time where I took a little tour of all of that
that I wondered about and realize I didn't didn't get me any closer, Filling that look at finding what I was looking for and so a lot of people who look for it in dating, I look for it and just meeting connecting with people I'm to set around a hundred people like them about their kids whatever and relationships, and so I'm at capacity with people. The last thing I want to do who is then go and maintain a thing in like prove myself too. One and when someone overrun, now have in me and was not to say that I didn't date, because I would like invite people to small before whores and talk with them, make out with them in the four year- never and you're. Twenty five now was have been in a relationship for new extended period. I have you, have how long a boy I was nineteen with so he's like, should be on a day on my twentieth birthday and adopted a kitten and hid
then him ever sent or you're so, whether yeah, oh so your virtually with the first boy that you liked the eighth he like, I everything I know about love. I learned in relationship at him. One of you, you are on the verge of asking the question I was at a blistering pace or it was about? I was saying that what Miley and Zack and whoever they might be fuckin around, because their companies for something or they are having their own issues. Have it's it's not like. That's the deep, alt and she's doing something different is that every one has some pathology, thus causing them to do all the time on a girl I'm just through well, certainly, I was only trying to make the point that there is time in a day to both be on tv show an be romantic that there was a singular point I was make and in the same sense that I think some thirteen year olds are very
Motivated like procreate, learn and procreate and like go to school or like find a career or like conquer a thing. There's you know you think about like olympic athletes and some of them date and some of them don't date yeah, and I think it is less. About because we make time and we prioritize what we want and for certainly having been with this person for the last five years kind of you now often on of everything figure it out the Catherine Hon on where you were talking about her and her husband having been together for so long from twenty and having gone through. The lake hearing it out together and the tiny apartment New York, together and kind of going through that versus. There was something that you express, which I thought was the interesting and I like we wanted, and I couldn't find it, but it was. It was something along the lines of like there was a part of you that was like
when starting your relationship with, but being like, like all of that, which I built kind kind of out proceeded her and she won't. Known that person who had? Yes? That was a huge thing for me, yeah, which is very bizarre, but it was a huge thing for me in kind of a regretful sense. In a comparison sense, I wanted to ask you about that. I have ever seen, eternal sunshine on the spot. I have okay, so when the only movies that makes me cry and what weirdly makes me cry about, it is those two falling in love and laying on the ice and making snow angels in the snow, and they have nothing and they lay under a sheet and the have a flashlight and they entertain each other and they have the purest it's just them. I looked at is Brian, yes, relationship, shitty, one bedroom apartment, cockroach, If you can find love and happiness there, you can find love and happiness, and I a weirdly thought like. Oh, if you enter my life now that I have money and we can take vacations and all this stuff, is it me
you love or is it this whole package of things I come with and then furs? Well, probably she could do those things too, but I just had this bizarre suspicion that one thing was truer than another. Now, of course, young eleven years later, not really feel that way, but it was something I wrestled with yeah I mean I can t, make a lot of funds and is interesting as well. You know in a broader sense people who speak about me. Their high school sweethearts, where whether or not you do or will ever have the jet, you don't know each other. If you're not person like financially independent you're, not like the things that you get just as a person, the richness of life, that sort of thing comes in If you meet someone when they have already evolved and realise those things and navigated a very like manual sense of communication, it does feel a little bit
like kind of cheating, is just a little bit like you've had that you've rigged the system, but there's something which is interesting. This boy in particular he had had relationships before me, and he didn't he's, not like a serial baker and he doesn't he's not like he's fine. A lot of value and like the eye, of women, like that's not ever been, thank God how liver I know, the right of luck. I'm strong and very cool and very understanding, and I don't think I could handle that just walked around feeling cool because I'm girl flirted with heavy view like yeah, like even in a very like humans, totally just reliable sets. You'd hate me continued well, I was just talking about the girl actually who is engaged to a man and there. Both. She he's a performer and he's very charismatic, and he is just a lurch to everyone and she was a
I couldn't be with him. If I didn't get it and they talked about like the boundaries in their relate. kinship and the flexibility there, and it was a really interesting conversation, not unlike some that I have had before and questions that I like asked before, but that one particularly for someone admitting like oh yeah, that's my fiance. He flirts with everyone the time it's part of his job and it's just who he is, and I love him and I'm not threatened by it. It's like a very cool thing, and also I'm not that person yeah it's great to know who you are yeah now. Let me ask you because it's that time What's happening next, what are you? What are you working on? You have your show Netflix. You shall know what first season you ve shot right. Yes, we shot at it. Just came out, it's not like Scotland face more and how soon what they tell you, if you're going to do Another! Congratulations. Do you shoot at Netflix? No, I shoot into Atlanta,
Well, I loved Lana, but also no thank you. It's the first. Time I kind of was just dragged, kicking and screaming. Just like this is my dream job. This is my dream role. This is what I want. I love this cast the show died. It was at sea w it whatever and then Netflix spotted it really was, is gorgeous kind of victory and also boy It was I not looking for year later no coin in Atlanta. It's just not your home, it's not my home, and it was also just timing, wise the first time that I was going to be able to be home at the same time as my boyfriend and my brother and sister in law were here, and I was just really finally able to do that. I would trouble for movies, and so this one I was like, I finally have time here and then I had a second town. I broke my, you can have all you had to regenerate yes, this now, I know no bones yearnings wow. What's all the well with this one? All on I can't tell which one is that is true in all the bonds
Does he know what the mom yeah? No one in your head? No more impressive! You point to ones in your head and I'll. Tell you Perida maxilla serve in. Why? Why do nobody should? I know this osteology anthropology class and for whatever reason I really target year, like mine, from thirty years ago. Yeah. You really lock it in it's so hard for me to learn those words that if I learn them they're there for pretty much good yeah yeah and I'm nauseating. When I go to the doctor, because I'm trying so hard to get out my knowledge of the bones and they have to kind of sit through it and it's the worst you're like right right. How did you break your patella I just fell through a door wrong. I do drink now. Okay, I like climb trees and ride bikes and roller bla I can vary. Boyish tomboyish always have been a box, and this is the older brother thing. I think,
yeah, yeah yeah, and also that's just what I like and when you ask what we do in Texas, it was like we would just build ramps and write our bmx back. Really quick. Do you think there's anything you just really like that? Doesn't have a causality to it like. Do you just trust that you like things, because I don't really trust that I just like this? No yeah? No, I think everything's super informed by a lot of it, yeah yeah and we just take for granted like. Oh no. I love that, but then, like there's, probably a reason yeah well, which is actually comforting, because in that points to the area of conviction, verses being kind of choice de in language. You are shaming, like I like this, could call it like this lady. Also you can go like. Oh. I keep trying to fill this Voyager, this weird I'd anything with all these things and it's not work so kind of relevant suggests every now and then take stock of like I am
I'm on my eighth extreme sport and I still feel blank right or I know that everything about my character has improved when I started boxing. So let's stay with that or if I'm not at a boxing jam or at a place where there's a jam or a trainer or whatever the principle of that, whether that's like fast but work or pushing myself past my capacity or feeling kind of strong and targeting the aggression whatever it. Now. That's the great thing about being stuck in Atlanta, right, Is that you work, and then you basically don't have any friendship circle, so you can work out all the time. That's what I was gonna say actually is that I did not like spring there, and once I was there, I found it was just so nice to exist in a place where my home, thing was to do this one thing and you know it theirs? social media and whatever there's so much that we do to supplement being an actor in a public figure, and so many auditions, and so with coaching. This and studying this, and I love that and truly
and facial in that way. That is really that's like what we've talked about today is like the things that I become obsessed with and whatever, but I think that, like being able to be forced to have all of your inspiration and feelings and output, the cyclical in one direction, with one thing and one show and one role in one project and for that long like six months and fifteen sixteen hour days and shooting from four in the morning or shooting till four in the morning or whatever it is it. Like pushed me past my capacity and when I box and I'm like, I can't do another two minute round. I don't have it in me at thirty seconds left to me and they're, like thirty seconds, finished strong like go, I don't do weakness and you're like all right. I didn't have that, like I could have sworn I didn't have this and I have found it, and I kind of did the rest of that, where you're doing like marathon distances at Sprint paces, and that was what insatiable felt like and I was really fulfilling, and you want to direct, not that youhave directed and you would
so just got accepted into Reimer fees, have programme for directing mentorship the hash and have initiative. I don't even know it's like oh his initiative is sick. Fifty fifty he wants his his intention rods wrong. He wants I'm thirty percent rise, but it was a bit about twenty five journey with its. He wants fifty percent of tv to be directed by minorities, women, people of color out reaching q, and so it's a really great mentorship or he will partners someone up with the existing directive on one of his shows and kind of from press into throughout the shooting and into they added hang. You are able to kind of shadow and I've shattered before, but never to this capacity. You never had an opportunity. That's like this and My directing mentor Maggie highly recommended me for this, and I with the whole process, navigation, the interview and sorted it out, and then I just got my dates very exciting sundry, shuddering online one one on Fox, oh
peter you'll be with Peter crows. On my tv brother, yeah nicest Boil Lane. Okay, he's nice, a bitch nor a broad broad, but he is from Minnesota. So the kindness will envelop you well yeah. I hope you get to interact with him because he's the most special I'll make it a point to yeah and then hopefully, you'll be directing your show, maybe this year that might be of you an episode. I have this. I have some if it makes sense I mean again it's the dream is to do that and then you realize that to fully break yourself in every way for an episode of the show. I don't know if there's room to do that, both behind and in front of the camera. I think the idea of directing, because I directed Jesse- and that was easy because it was multi cam right so yeah, I'm very interested to kind of move into this world, but I think it'd be cool to
You know direct shorts and direct yes, okay. Now I really have to go, but I do want to ask you on just your opinion, because you're younger than us, although you Marco, closer age to Monica than Monicas to me, but that's true. That being said, it appears to me that your generation seems to have a much higher rate of anxiety and depression, and what do you think is the root of that? Do you have a theory? I think that comparison is rampant and unavoidable because of social media, and there's a lot more data on it, so I think people now can understand and verbal eyes what they're saying and people who would have otherwise faced us
in conversation- are now able to look into it and identify that help heal well now, so I think there are three very strong contributing factors, one, as you pointed out, you're comparing yourself you, you had to go to the grocery store and pick up in US weekly and see someone much hotter than yourself and then feel shitty. But now you just look at your phone, so I think that's one of the two. I think that as parents had less kids, you could put way more resources into fewer kids and they were obsessed with the kids, health and wellbeing at all times. So then, the kid themselves is obsessed with that. I think that's an issue. There is yet another side of me. That's just a fucking cynic in thanks that we lived
in a culture now that provides prestige for victimhood, and so the cynic in me goes well. Everyone that's how your popular is like. Well, I have this condition: it's like the dark side of me that thinks a little bit of it is attention seeking. Do you think any of its attention seeking you know every person is different. I think that, as a general thought, that is something that, Checks out with a lot of people that I have seen navigate this, though I think like if we are as a quarter obsessed with, diagnosing and being the the person that has this instead of finding value in that broken brokenness being the thing that makes you special, how much more, important. It is for all of us to be able to lake, have the resources in the access
information to acknowledge that all of us have a different version of something. It is a thing that I will constantly do what I can do to encourage, while also people under us to me. I think the power of your brain. I really don't think we understand yet what your brain can do simply because, when my identity was, I rescue people again, I was at the movies I witnessed such no one way. This is too hoboes fighting over a fuckin fifth Jack Daniels and assaulting the manage like people go their whole rain, and I seem to find to myself in those situations. I want some months because my identity was someone who intervened, intervened and protected people in so I can't explain the power that I know that that now that that's not my any, I almost never see that stuff so that suspicious to me, also if you, if you get attention through victimhood, I think you will find that use somehow will be a victim of many things, and I think you can also give
yourself beyond this is yeah. I didn't you get him if you stay, I listen to a really interesting had cast, which folded and on a lot of findings and a survey about placebos and just spoke to the greater kind of mental power, and it really must be an end in like a great way. They realise those things we own we attract rate in those things perpetuate themselves and when you are making bad choice is even in very like visible sense. You surround yourself with people who are making worst so you're, not the one making the worst choices in the room, yeah absolutely, and it can be daunting to be around people who are seeking healing or maybe healing in a more rapid rate or healing from something that's a lot easier to heal or whatever. But I think that when we start to glamorize healing and peace, then that is what we begin to attract and we find ourselves in that situation and we find ourselves in that dynamic what you my mom,
was growing up. We would be in the grocery store and people would just walk up and be like my kid gets out of jail today and I'd be like alright I'll see you in twenty minutes. This is just, and it always is that way, and I kind of inherited that and have always had my friends call them strays and they, like people who would crash at my house, House to do this thing or then like aggressively turn. My friends against me- and I just was like- I didn't know that we weaponize Vulnerability. That way, I thought we all just help each other. If we can end then realizing like I look at you know and cutting those people out and choosing positive people, or whatever it kind of it, does perpetuate itself yeah. In my opinion, I think most people in relationships and most friendships- you tend you tend to attract people with similar. Level of self esteem. You. How so you feel, like a piece of shit odds are you're going to date. Someone who feels like a piece of shit. You guys are going to kind of fuel,
and as you get better you fine that's. Why, I think, is a lot of people grown, get healthier at their partners, make a little less sense of them because they may no longer have this matching self worth and I have only you know: I've known this guy in several different versions of us and I've. Never then, as healthy as I am right now in every sense, in both of us, navigating it together and separately and in different ways like it's never been this manageable and in fact I forget, I never thought that there would be tankers, I'm I go through periods of like intense agoraphobia, and there are times that I will just completely forget and I'll find myself Like here and it's awesome, like I'm in a stranger's house, doing a thing that I've listened to You know and like it never occurred to me that I just like shouldn't come here
right which usually something that I really want it. There is also an equal and opposite waiter why I should not do it. So you know I feel healthy. That's wonderful! Well, you're, one of the M good examples of what its six hundred and fifty million followers on Integration Twitter Yeah, you have a ton yeah. I don't know more than my wife and I have been very popular well. Thank you so much for calling- and I hope it was this fun for you. I'm already in parent tool and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soulmate Monica Batman. I'm all a of facts so low. Without you know, you are right back J For so long. I'm a lot of facts
What am I without you? I can't be too late say that I'm so wrong. Oh, it's beautiful you! So look at you the whole time I was unable to look at myself. Do you notice I went out that went there for his words the song, which scares me I can't is kind of like you know. You, karaoke and you kind of up a song with a like a real driving mammals, clapping her hands and stop in their feed them really matter. We're voice sounds like, but a ballad, sincere love song, you better at the pipe Girl, yeah. Well, you did you have the pipes you don't need right now you got the bribes you
is slamming your body is Hector jamming. I think I backed it up. You've got looks, looks got the got. You know that's prince. Oh, I don't think I know it. Yeah who's! Oh well, I'm glad you asked He was the son of a king. Brunei crowned prince, but he I've Brunei, really young new into Minneapolis any started. Paisley park records studio? Okay, then he made a sexy movie called purple rain really was he really appearance for real? now, if you like, I can view How do that story? It was real and half of it was a lie. That's those that's. Those are the best kind of lies. You want. You want to anchor some facts here. He was just
or maybe he wasn't just black humour. He very light skill tat. There might be some kind of mixing there, but I doubt it from Brunei share. Now I never met anyone from rely. Never was you know we hung out with some folks from Brunei. I say they look there very close to the Philippines, so they look very similar to folks from the Philippines. Could see that yeah yeah. But when you hear the Sultan of Brunei, just the word sultan to me puts my head right in the Middle EAST. Sure you know sure I can see that I would assume like up. I would assume be a combo lakes an arab mix with an Asian okay like
mash up! No there's just look straight filipino ok thing for day or malaysian in on that area. There yeah South Pacific, Pacifica crisis, so Pacifica. So what we gonna get into today? Monica we're getting into Debbie's, who are all too really quick, Monica wearing a really fashionable slack and its got a hearing bone. Pattern weave apprentices it. The bells pants have been woven. They look at yeah. They are they somehow didn't the weaving in a hearing bone a textbook carrying bone pattern and it's very becoming. Thank you. It's a fancy. Pant a fancy, pants a meant yeah, because I have an audition where I have to look professional. You look incredibly professional. Thank you
professional yeah. I do feel like someone from HR. Just came downstairs to kind of talk to me about how I wipe my buns on air and stuff like that in an hr person. No so tax just heard your Jello story that HR person would need to get paid a lot of money be working over time for us they would and it would all fall on deaf ears. Deaf ears are deaf. I think death. Okay, it's and I was like. I wonder if that's a bad phrase falls on deaf ears. I don't think so. Okay, yes yeah. What else are you gonna call deafness other than one deaf and if something falls on years that don't work you just be in to say that they're not deaf. Those years look. You know I was born deaf, so I feel like I can speak for the deaf community on this you're giggling people. Might not know that about me, but I was, I know I don't know
are you can speak for the deaf community because you were you additional EU for two years is significant, but now you're not as early as an impact in your adult life. It's hard to know this really. Now, because so much foundational development happens in those first twenty four months, and I was just I was without sin- Do you know my nickname is grunt. Do you know that about me from your mom, my my whole family? My father almost only called me Jesus not any water. I wish it were that simple. You and- and I well you didn't break break anything I had been being perfect for about eight days. And then last night like TAT, nor Werewolf night attack that free, There are new and I got into so much ice cream and today I am paying You are more of a little more does anyone else, but you know what I'm saying now tat lesson for us
it's very grows. There's nothing! Grocer than flam! I'd rather have someone pm me them put their phlegm on well. Well! Well! Well, allow you think, Flanders, the grossest bang by far is yes in up like you plug your ears, if he ever sensitive stomach for their email Jimbo, to give. If you had your choice between some months rose, a handful of limit your person or their Pooh bet you. I would pick poof wrote about puke great one way to come over the top. Thank you I'd say their equal for me.
Maybe maybe puke is preferred. I feel like it would spray right off like if you had a garden hose you could just clean up really quick. I guess Slim is sticky. Okay, okay, see. I bet people are having a real hard time. So, let's steer out of this ditch we're in okay. My father almost only called me Gran. My mom called me run quite often, and even my older brother, sometimes because you couldn't hear so- you were grunting around yeah. I was like trying to talk, but I was grunting. That's like a little cave guy, yeah, okay, baby baby, cute by the cave baby. You could call a cab sure yeah yeah, yeah where'd! You go just now thinking about slam! Oh okay, you're still on it one of the things I like most about you, which is probably already obvious by now to everyone. Is I your high tolerance for Grotius
like we were. So what are you my shot about myself? But I guess it's true, oh yeah. I boy think we found out for sure that you had a of iron iron stomach when Jes was having all of his different the male I and now we will of course, respect his privacy. Suffice to say you inspected some things and I was pretty impressed. I got in there. Ok, Ok Debbie. We talk a little bit about I'm an opposed to picture of tat Wilconsen next to Millie Bobby Brown for our listeners, great they can see and they can decide for themselves whether its accurate it's it's on. Cam will. The listeners to decide how to put it up there. I dont think right. Yeah you're on record is not thinking, there's any resemblance. I think it's uncanny and then you think Lebron looks like Ashton, so I might post that too yeah that one
dry said it. I went. I went shopping on Google images to to substantiate my claim and it's not. I couldn't even see it any when he was younger. I don't know I'll. Do some work on that. Oh other last update. Interestingly, I still can't find that anthro article about American GIS and English women being pregnant, but we found another article that was very interesting by us, that is academic in nature. Sure, in the point of that study that we read was at least then in nineteen forty. They would they gave it like out of thirty. So out of thirty american kiss like let's say it's over: it's an ascending scale of intensity. Thirty year your fucking gap, you now rose googly eyes a man,
is kissing like number three. They get to kissing, really quick, it's not not a thing for maybe I forget the example they gave in that article, but it was ten. as I recall, but but what was interesting at least then- and maybe it's the same still now- is that for english folks, kissing like TAT, the the most intimate it's so intimate. You've done a lot of stuff. You've helped hands you're in a relation. You know like it's really far down the road, so the theory of this thing was that english girls were they were just leaping right to what's next, after kissing on their scale, exactly like the guys would kiss, and so it would trigger for them like. Oh, this is her intimate. Yes, yeah we're seconds away from condo. Yes, so that's why we're That makes sense to me. Yeah does very interesting to yeah all right. So Debbie said that
german families in her experience most of the time one of the pants doesn't. Work must have the female doesn't work, and so I would, into this there is there, are a lot of articles about this about women sort of getting a little bit pushed out of the workforce once they, children, because they never really were turned back in a in a full time capacity. They were a lot of them, come back part time, but not full time, and then it's like hard to really build a full career as a part time employees than they are just sort of get lake stuck in this kind of in between round, which was interesting and also Parlez, because I guess a lot of the scheme are part time, part time. That's not the right word Early, really early, okay,
so there needs to be apparent there to pick up the children and they also have a very good maternity leave Okay, which encourages encourages them to stay a little longer and then yeah there's a really fun thing to talk about yeah. I know this topic. Oh, I don't know exactly what you're gonna say, but you know it's tricky because there's a big conversation in our culture, Bout mimicking these european models of like long maternity leaves and maybe ultimately, that not all that help full fur. Culture were also We value Are you women rising up in the workplace? to me the really like macro conversation, that interesting
You know it was pointed out in a debate that we watch with Jordan Petersen in this English. Female talk show most and am let me say, for the record, a ton of what Jordan Peterson says to be repugnant, but also I find some of the things he says kind of compelling he's. Certainly a thought starter. And when they were arguing. They were discussing what it takes to be a ceo and the in was pointing out the huge disparity in female ceos of you know, fortune fortune, five hundred and companies. And Jordan said well, ok, the thing is to be a c o. Your life is absolutely miserable. That's all you do. Is you run a company that you're that's from sun up to Sundown, you run a company and that's how you become ceo, in wire women even fighting for that, which I thought was just an interesting thought. Why would anyone want
to be a ceo. I would not want to be a ceo and if it would come at the friends of every other aspect of my life will certainly gets less attractive, and I think You just point out it's a weird thing that were fighting for. He said, I think it might be more admirable and up a plausible that applauded let's an hour It sounds like audible is that women are healthy. And they don't want their entire life to just be their job, that they value, are things more than that status of being ceo, but there's a an innate nature think like of one jobs, number one, that's what everyone should have access to her or that's what just making number one declaring see your number one and that there is more pay that comes with that. Innately just makes it some kind of then envy
position when, if you really think about it like it's, not an enviable it, no one should be drafted to make it. I think everyone wants to be at the top of their respective fields, and but do you well know? I don't I do but that's me a long time to get to the pot part where I don't. I'm on a tv show Don't want to be number one in the call. I dont want Ashton's job in any shape or form. I know what would I know how much more effort it takes time. Be in his role than my role and I so value that I have more time to do this podcast and more time to pick up my kids from school. So at this pipe cast is a job in itself. You're at the top of that model to your running a company and on the, show you're right. I see what you're saying you're, not like the tippy top of that world, but you are in what we could equate to the highest.
Level of management like if you're looking at this industry, as a whole you're at the top you're, not that you're not ceo, but you are running with the ceo, I'm in the MBA yeah, but I'm equating it to what we're talking that's going there, which is which is business and and you are, you are in the position that these want to be in, and women want to be, and, of course, because you want to have power and you want to be able to exert your control all there. You are using I'm, seeing as there is almost there is one conversation which is about in equity and on equal opportunities for men and women at some is like one conversation but through that conversation, what comes up is this notion of sea owes which, to me just starts a separate conversation which, as we all think, we'd all Knee jerk reaction, like yeah I'd, want to be the ceo, but I'm almost pointing out that that's kind of
failure of us buying into this model of numbers, once the best without ever caught contemplating what your life looks. Like to be number one, but to be able to say I'm number one of the company. It just comes with such a huge price that is worth evaluating. I guess yeah, that's true, because that's my bigger point, it's really. It leaves the pay gap debate it just becomes like who would want that kind of role yeah, but no one yeah. I mean I you're right. I just know asking no one's asking that question asking like. Why do men want this right? I mean from my thought is man
Well, obviously, women are incredibly competitive as well. I think there's, I think testosterone is a component in it like. If you look at Wall Street Stock market traders and those studies they do with the riskier the trades they do, their actual testosterone level goes up. Which then promotes even risk your trades. So it's like you know what I'm saying it's like a self fueling cycle of that yeah. I just think it's like easy. I mean I'm sure, that's true and that's a chemical and that's science, but women want those things to me. I do so. I dont think if the conversation is why do people want it has to be? It has to be. Why do people want it? Not? Why do women want it? the main reason that men do all you can arise on this.
Do. You think in general. In general. Do men carry as much disappointment over choosing not to have kids as women do. Probably not, and then add on to that, but I don't think that I know I think you think that's very, very, very genetic and I understand it, but I think it's more cultural, which is why it wouldn't matter to me whether was genetic or cultural I'm just saying I can see me evaluating whether you're gonna dedicate your entire life to this ceo track is easier for a man if, in our culture, it's easier for a man to accept he's, not gonna have kids he's right there would make it easier for that sacrifice, except that most I were. I would our luck. I would vote
to say most ceos of companies have children well, then, is the other unfair tricky thing is a and can have a kid at sixty but a woman- ass to have, generally speaking, a child before she's, thirty, five or forty, or Forty two, which is right in the bulls I have when you'd be rapidly climbing the ladder at a company. Yeah, that's true, but also, even if even if the husband, the ceo is not sixty, he's he's thirty, five or forty. They the expectation for him to be home when, children is not their zero yeah. That's to me the bigger issue in and the reason that there's this big divide it it's more. Our about war and also so that's gray and so you're right that the male CEO likely has a wife who doesn't work yes, but the fee
Male likely does I have a husband who sitting right. Yes, so soon, that most likely, has to sacrifice not him and that's juicy fun stuff that I think that base needs to evolve to result in a different outcome. At the top to just kind of mandate. Will starting next year x percentage has to be female or male, without having any of the structure in place to support that or any of the evolution culturally. To make. That feasible seems naive. Is that the right word- and I just Site or something it just seems like you're you're, you're, going to the very end of the down river problem and trying to work backwards right, hoping it'll sort sort itself out why there is
push for paternity leave and stuff like that, so that the men feel those things that equal to the woman at the beginning, the beginning of their trials, life which starts Vienna, which is the beginning of that whole process of this person, is the caregiver. This person is, and if its both at the beginning it smooth likely gonna be a little more equal ya could be anywhere anyhow. Okay, you said Jackson Hole is at six thousand five hundred feet elevation and it's at six thousand two hundred thirty, seven fee, you're, really close, very seven hundred rouse, something
Seven, six! No, not seven hundred and sixty seven feet off three hundred and sixty three to its six thirty, seven thirty, seven years, I was three hundred and sixty three feet. Fifty three eyes at sixty seven. They are very man- is becoming so long. Because I'm trying to check it- and I, I know when you're gonna do fast now hard. For me, I'll, tell you in I'm minute: do fastened math I know she said something loophole loophole you you thought she was talking about a game. You a game game. It has. A ring on a beer bottle was may be called loophole and that's call ring. Ring yeah ring,
stand the security around your home. Oh that fact brought to you by rain wow? This is a sponsor heavy fact check. Oh good yeah. So all So there's a game of very fun ring pass type game, enhance in an Amy Hanson's house. Have you played it? Do you like it? I do like it. Okay, I don't love it. Did you when no, of course if you want you, would love it, but there's a there's. A string attached to the ceiling has like a ring at the bottom of the string of string is about four and a half. I feet long and then on the far side of the room is a hook. Yes and you have to swing the string and get the little ring to attach itself to that huh yeah. It's fine, it's it was slow. Like I like Cornwall, you toss it it's real time. I've gone, I am
horse shoes what a game shuffle board boom boom. You know this thing is like United do daily doo doo doo did all I miss, but I would ask that you, I think, those better aid. I'd like yeah. Do you advise cause? There is skill, it's a skill game. I believe it is so I'm resident like first and foremost you're, better out of Well, I'm not good at it. I got it on like twice after a lot of tries. I don't know that I've ever gotten it on Ryan was good at it. I can't get it in a text at him today to ask what that was called, and he said he calls it. I ring hooker thingy. Oh great scenario ring a hooker thing. Many products all bounds. It's actually caught Tiki Tass. I found Now- and I was global vote- is Turkey task owner? They thought about changing the name.
Post Charlottesville. I felt really bad for the manufacture manufacturer, those th torches, because that was a total, benign product even you don't avenues shortly after Charlottesville, I was went to do males movie. For that we can Buddy games and there was this thing that had been written of course along before that, where they all have these tiki torches- and I was like this is- this- is feels a little white nationalist now and it was decided that we gotta limit this sure and then I just thought: oh, the poor tiki torch company. They had nothing to do with this. True, that's true, although I did they a during the Hague. Hey! No, no name, you know, but did the K K K used to you here? They love the well. We were using tv torches. They were like using. You know clause dipped in turpentine wrapped Ronald Pool, essentially Antique eat, Will you ever again that the tv torch company will get a really
of course, of course, but they're, presumably a lovely company. Maybe even family owned no oh, my god, jewish I associate Kiki with her. I, why aren't in support of white nationalism, but maybe in Hawaii. It's still, it's still a profitable business well to be limited to just Hawaii. I know another reason to despise and its because they can tank a really nice company. You didn't
made them already now a reason yeah, if you're on the fence about whether or not to be sympathetic to white nationalists, just think of the Tiki torque company company from Oahu Hawaii. So she says she calls herself a tomboy in this and that just made me think. After the fact I told you this off air, I thought you're going to go another direction. please now that I think tomboy is about to be a word axed out of our vocabulary: the mask you live in these Gender roles, gender roles imbued onto children yeah if, if she's acting boyish the tomboy before we even get serious, what's even think about the term tomboy. It's it's almost bizarre to me. It's almost like you'd call that that that term should be like Katy Boy, theirs.
A girl and boy, but tomboy only winners. Don't black understand your acting like a regular boy named Tal rigs a boy, you, don't you dare toward Tom, no, because otherwise, then you'd be calling her a boy. You have to differentiate that still, if you're in is a phrase means of female. Acting like a boy. We should probably have a female name in front a boy like a Jenny boy, although real Jenny boy when I grew up I thought you were gonna say something else. I know and I'm not hesitant to say it, because I really liked Argassi. I know what you were a wonderful. What am I about to say you're about to say that all these pretty young girls actresses like
come in and then they they act like their nerve. There are tomboy they're. All these things of the now Amy Humor has a really fundamental dogmas. Moves zoom! Please you! Even if you don't worry, came humor, please you tube her. This whole area, sketch about like a pretty prototypical hot actress on a talk show side, not her legs are getting darker and darker every time they show wide shot. You go up to the bronze and cold talking about how she's a nerd and she only played video games and read comic books and then there's geeks in the audience, yeah jerking off listening yeah, it's so funny. It's really funny. It seems to be kind of a well worn trope at this point right her schedule got on tv. We wouldn't have laughed so hard if there was it. Colonel of truth to it, you know what's unfair, is we laugh
We feel like we get it because we don't feel like we or hit Yeah, like we don't feel who were in that camper. We could be like will. I don't know I it just occurred to me. There are problem finally many listeners of this package that thing I'm guilty of that, like my version of saying I'm a tomboy is that you know I was dyslexic and I couldn't getting girls, no girls like me in elementary school all these. Things? Maybe they think that about me has saying that we're they were putting them on them, but were doing the same thing when we're laughing and like we get it acres we are, we actually were a nerd. Are we actually were a Tom where we blah blah blah thing. I actually read comic books, yeah you. We think there were allowed to think that, because we are hot, but that is not may be fair.
Oh, you know else's unfair. Only there's gonna be very hard to ask for some empathy and sympathy towards people that are tens but is it it also sad that someone has to be a shame that they were hot growing up that if the, but it might not be downplaying it like that's what I'm it's maybe not fair for us to say that they want a tomboy. They very well could have been one we're just are like. No, I don't see your face and there's just no way like. I don't think that's fair for us to do yeah. I just think when they try to act like guys weren't into them, because they were such a science nerd. I find that pretty hard to believe to be fair? I've never heard in this conversation like guys want into me cause of. I was, Tom, where I was a nerd, I've heard I was in into boy, Well, when I heard on talk, shows are on stern and the question is generally like all guys must have been driving you crazy,
There are clearly beautiful mango now when I was young I was like I was such a tomboy now, so I was such a math it's generally, in my opinion, a response to a question of like oh I mean the insinuation. Is your life must have been easy from day, one because you're a ten yeah. So then, of course, they feel like they need to that's a weird thing to go like you're, right yeah, it's been a brief But also not everyone look, like they looked when they were in high school or middle school. I know I was a lot cuter and junior high. I was a bona fide nine and junior high, just seventh and eighth grade yeah I just don't. I do think it's a little on fair. We of us To say that I guess it is funny, though it's a thing in you: okay, but yeah anyway. I think that word is going to get scrapped, say goodbye to Tom boy yeah,
although I will say after talking to Debbie for awhile and just seen house, interaction handles herself, I'm inclined to believe that about her eye totally believe. You find to believe that, whether guys liked her or not that it probably blew right over her head, if they did, I don't think that's what you use in the market, for, I think that's where her interest lies. She also wasn't talking about it in spectre two boys she was just saying like she did. The motion was because I was like I can't believe you Didn'T- have a boyfriend until that's not when she said she was a boy. She said it later when she was talking about her interests and stuff right. That's it! That's it yeah! All right! I love you. I love you.
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