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2019-11-18 | 🔗

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Me Before You, Terminator Genisys) is an English actress. She sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about her Hogwarts-esque boarding school, learning Dothraki and her experience having two brain hemorrhages. Dax describes his love of male physiques and Emilia appreciates a Boston accent. The two discuss round features, struggling with imposter syndrome and Emilia weighs in on the difference between British and American sexual escalation. 

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Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Come to armchair expert didn't do water, Exciting Day queen the mother of Dragons Dinero. Star Gary, the you. Saying that she's here she Emelia Clarke. Yes, my goodness what a treat she was in game of thrones. As you know, solo me before you Terminator Genisys and her new movie last Christmas, which is in theaters now what are fun, hang yeah. We get to talk a lot about game of, This is the most we've ever geeked out about someone's actual show. They were on yeah right. True, oh, do we have some questions and you're going to hear the answers please enjoy Amelia Clark. Will you
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you should do it, I'm good, that's wow! I didn't realize that is it's excellent. It's very open! You all are very close. To close some would say. Okay, we should tell people that, yes ten or fifteen minutes of his wall. Amelia was early, which is embarrassing because we were just barely on time, yeah yeah and then I got really excited sure my tank top, which I've already shown her, which that's what's embarrassing. This is like a second time I wield this for you and then my MIKE stand just completely broke out shattered the Pmr Scott. I think I'm so nervous, so you'd be really die. I'm really should be no, no, no, no you're a You are queen you're hot mode space here. Are God Dam queen we're going to celebrate the shit out of you? Did you get this? Make you uncomfortable be celebrated, maybe my
laughter is everything you yeah like when people give you it's hard right. Yes, yes, I'm crap at taking. Compliments I'm! I really really like it when people just like honest to a fault and it's negative. I'm not! I know what yeah with that right. I don't know what to do with it where the, Praise will yeah years when I was in a Monica. If someone goes like all my god, you are so great and I go all thank you yeah. That sounds like I'm saying I agree with you yeah. So then you don't know what to do so. You just go yeah yeah or you have to exhaust them by going on my own, my self images and at higher yeah, I think I was that gripe really appreciate you thinking that 'cause. I do want your approval, exactly which is like way too much for them. You should move. Thank you they'll be happy to take it back, but they had it, but it depends on the person as well, though 'cause I feel like. Sometimes you get people where you go thanks, I'm just going to swallow. The fact that I think you think that I think
I'm good as well, and we just moved in a way. This is done. Thank you so much. Let me to meet you yeah, and there are some people where you're like you're, the thing is, I'm not saying that you think I'm great, but let's just lay out. I know what you think I am we disagree you got, a compliment from where you were like. Oh my god, I gotta check my heart rate quite early or like season three. I was in ladies restroom and an award thing like a Womans award thing in common what it was and Marion Qatar came. To me find something on my foot I mean she left. I think I fainted I'm like couldn't handle what she was saying and she was so friendly and friendship and flowery and like Rio and all my and then I just I'm done I can leave. I can come, The planet yeah yeah yeah, that's what I needed, but I think- Kristen, got a pretty impassioned aside from
or as well, and it left Kristen, disheveled and all fuckedup exactly 'cause. She says it with this, like she just has this gays and you're, like oh, my God, being under the weight of that gays, it's just the most magical, yeah and you're in the very, very unique position where literally every single person watch is your show like at best you're going to like, if you're in the mood but even in the movies like a runaway hit, the odds are still yeah. Seventy percent of the people, your peers, aren't going out to movie to see it. We did you know whatever every single human. I know in this business watches game of Thrones well many of my friends, don't yeah. So it's kind of nice Is it, I really am London based in London. I'm here watch mole, but when I am here, it's just a different environment of people that saying stuff to me, so you kind of take it in different way but having you close circuit friends, not
care really yeah, it's healthy, it's healthy and it's lovely but but I am worried that your friendship circle in London, his shity, takes this morning watching game of thrones yeah like if I need to fold it well that now That makes sense, but if I need something that's like in game of thrones, I don't I'm I'm done listening for the rest of eternity, I have to say seriously really. Can I actually go into total disbelief where I go well. You didn't give it a shot. Did you did you? You must have been right acted or were you on your phone yeah? You watched three episodes. I going to this kind of prosecutorial
Oh right now, I don't know if this is a real word, but I'm saying it sounds like a real lawyer them yeah lawyer them and I'm upset. Do you find Americans charming the way we find yellow british charming? Well, yeah! You do yeah for sure. Are you sure? Well yeah, that's the right answer. Yet it's really good good good, good good! It's just a different! It's a different! where it's okay, we're just not no we're not! We dress dressed like shit yeah we go to countries were so fucking loud like I'll, be and I did a movie in in ITALY and we are in Rome and we are watching these families like at these outdoor cafes, and there was like people with,
eleven kids and everyone just trashing the place, and I was like yeah yeah. I would need to clean it up a little bit and then you started singing at well hallein song. Please stay at talents like that's what Americans do too. I think that's flattering, but okay to disagree with is the accent at all charming. I weirdly have a thing for a Boston accent. All Americans think is really weird from like none of the something Sepal Hall about lost access, and I don't know what it is today now the desert with Ben and man of ability yeah. I think I, like Ben and Matt, do you I will hunting you kidding me. I think I know my heart Do you think I know off by that me. I know it's, not your fault! One is seen you guys. My number is, let me catch up to you're, both thirty two, not for long. I know you'll be thirty. Three next month, yep yep, so you're, both thirty two weeks,
yeah. Amelia is twelve point, five percent, indian this is true wow, this is pretty true yeah. This is Dax is dream he wishes. He had a little bit of Indian, I'm just the proudest part, yeah most ground. Where I see it can tell you where I see it, and this is a big fight. Monica and I got in this weekend. Ok yeah! I love round features now hold on before that triggers you 'cause. It really triggered Monica right. Nobody really wants to hear that. Ok go on when I say that I mean your eyes are so big and round. Thank you so cute and then your nose is kind of roundish write an I. I took her down a path of showing her all the prettiest people. I thought when I was saying round, features Ashley, send, yes, you you're in there sign Q, Mulligan, Monica's eyes they're, so big, okay, but I is, is not around features right.
Which, when you hear around features, do you think of eyes? No, you think of like the shape of say my nose. He was talking about lips and their eyes were yeah is not right right. I so I see the disconnect yeah. I totally get what you're saying? Okay, it would you it's. I want to say one of my best mates. Is this amazing human being call David and he always used to say exactly what you're saying he would call it Bush baby. Oh, he was like you got the Bush baby thing, the little primate, which is yeah, which is right what you would call round features and he's like. I know that you're not all english he was. I was adjusting with him and felt like our first day. He was like there's something else in there and I was like that's really weird at that time. Did you know the pretty white yeah at the time that I did? I did know that, and it was amazing to me that he saw it in me. I was tempted to bring everyone up to speed, but you should do it 'cause you're, the guest. Why are you twelve point? Five percent
I'm twelve point: five percent indian, because my grandmother was half indian. Her mother had an affair. Well, we don't. We don't even see she was born in Colonial India, so she was born based in Delhi. They were second generation Anglo Indian in India so we don't even know if it was that her dad had an affair and what she was the youngest of fourteen, almost like back in the day, and so we have no idea as to exactly how lineages, whether it's shrill ankaran or whether it's indian or pakistani or whatever it is we're, not sure what I had read, which obviously is not known, is that it was. Your great grandmother had had an affair with an indian gentleman which I found to be even more exciting. I don't know why I felt like that flips the script should be, but now we're like. Well I mean it could be any because she was, she looked completely different to the rest of her brother and sisters that were fourteen them altogether together and she looked
believe different. They were old, why this house yeah she had makeup imported to make a skin white said in shame. She got married into an abusive marriage. Always like this whole thing, and then met my that in their lives to London to get married. So he he was in expand as well or he was a so he was in station. They are a. He was in the r F when they met in daily and they said, don't stay good night sweetheart when guys club every night. It was like, on this whole victorian fragments in each when they made their way back. To London. What jobs did they get like how to so? They were on their way back to London. War was declared war, two is declared. They went to Africa where Grandmother, grandmothers and my granddad went off to fight the Japanese and when he eventually came back, my mom was born and She kept getting malaria, so they had to leave in
Then they left, my grandma had been cut out with her family. Essentially, she had nothing. My granddad had to leave the rf early, so he had nothing so they then went and lived in West sitting complete poverty- oh boy who was raised in that right like have been the staff at Downton Abbey right there you go there. You go yeah man, zero context to England other than the shows. I watch my God sort of yeah. It's that it seems that, well, that you're kind of playing Grandma used to go and clean rich peoples houses. So how old are you now? This falls idea? We were embarrassed for me and then came back there. You go circle back around it's kind of a regular pattern around here, your father, a sound engineer. Yes, some design, a yes on designer in the area, yeah, yeah yeah. You say that word, please! For me. It's thank '
you correct? I just thought I got cute american thing, it's nice that you don't lump all of us, Americans and with that I would now be. Maybe I was she was going to say the same way. I know you're Heidi tidy over you and then mom is like a big wig. Yeah yeah. So she was a big business and she was working. My god, my mom worked like from sixteen sort of thing. She was just killed. She is one of these jobs that you read the title and you're like well, I know all the words in that title, but when I put them together that doesn't make any sense to me. So can I read it to you? Yes, she was the vice president of marketing at a global management, consulting firm, like all those words I get it yeah, but global management consulting firm, so did she go to towing companies and go here's what you guys got. Do you got to fucking?
Can I tell you a secret, you don't know none of us know. I know I know what the vice President marketing sounds like. I know what that is, and I know what she she did. She worked for. Lunch did all of these different things like she was in that world, but largely in Mark for all of it, and I understand what that does. She will listen to this an be cringing and going Amelie. You have no idea what you're talking about in the snow in our parents. Do it's a theme. It's a theme. Most people, don't he does, but most people don't. Yes, we've got an idea, yeah she's, a big box when she worked at ton. Obviously you were born. Eighty six had she already been on that path of that karere by one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, you have an older brother. Yes, I do. I do have an older brother yeah, so she was at that point. She had her own company and was doing all of that as well, and why is she such a baller she does it. She just is she she this is she's, got the ability to have a team of people around her and be maternal in that sense of like taking care of people, but also
expecting the best and then manifesting that into really good work. The 80s being a female business owner, or you know I used. I see I like. I watched a lot of weird stuff. Where I mean my mother put up with crazy ship by today's standards was England rough that well, that's it yeah a hundred percent Hon resent, and she was a part of lots of different companies that way american companies, the French companies there were swiss, whatever it was, and she worked in a bunch of different capacities in that sense, but now the saddest thing is. She now is working with my charity, Oh, ok, wonderful! So is now doing that when she stopped, we were not allowed to use the r word real right right, we gotta say that all right, no, I don't like it either. Well, the r word here is different in the: U S, r e t a r
d e d. That's how the r word, what what's our word you're saying higher, retire, see you knew you were out the lines on the None of us like that were just basically. She just said. My mom is the r word union straight to okay, so I didn't know where x, amazing, well. Well, we spiraled out for a second but then she's like well. I was I was raised by the n word more like the n word: nanny nanny, yeah, ok, oh wow, that was that was a fun yeah, my stomach flip she technically retired, and then and in that moment we got to look back. It was heartbreaking. 'cause we I was like you would literally paid one slash four
You should engage yeah like you were treated in the most astonishingly terrible way, as women will. Why did she just was, back in the world. The bar was so low and I'm sure by comparison it was a notch up from the 70s, so you're kind of like you know, I guess it got a little better. I can actually have a title. Well exactly I mean there were times when it's like you would be fired for locking the door and pumping breast feed and then for that that's not allowed then, but so yes, she, it's amazing for what she managed to do. But it's sad looking back and seeing how undervalued she was and then, as you, she got older. The ages thing comes in there as well. Of course, all that stuff also just have to imagine such a huge chunk of her identity was that job as we all make our jobs are identity right. She loves working right, which is why she's not killing it. Might
I was like great appreciated in value done like doing amazing work and way more technically something than I am dad, I'm sure his hours were more flexible until call mom. Mom mom worked well eighteen hour days as if they were nothing when I travel to Europe like three times a week, so I think, and my dad will be on tour- he'd be a high in my home and a grazing near woods. See I word well I mean they. We had a pad is a little bit and then my grandparents lived with us. So we kind of had cold intake. Have that that's helpful and then my brother, my birth, went to boarding school as well, but my mom didn't ever want me to go to school. I just really wanted to go back, so they usually refer my brothers going it's going to be fun? Did you just want to do whatever he did pretty much? I know say stay with your friends all day everyday for like weeks on end. That sounds great so now to maintain it also sounds a little lonely. Well,
I mean you're saying in these boarding houses. So until you are seventeen you're in a room with four of the girls. Yeah, but it's a mix. Yeah I mean I was thirteen. When I went to boarding school, my parents didn't want me so it was. It was a very, very good school. You, Dick Ulous money. My parents are still paying for school fees when we were like Thirty yeah, you went to a couple different ST something school. Yes, I did yeah yeah yeah yeah Saint Anthony is that in their eyes and Anthony I went there. That was a catholic school. We weren't catholic, but it was the best school right for me to go to an. I wasn't smart enough to get into Oxford Girls High School, which is like a feeder for Oxbridge. Oh ok, that kind of stuff. I was not there right. So I went to a nice cool: was it separated sexes, rice? Ninety was a girl school St Edwards, where I went with the board
Who is my brother was in now is that spot that was fun yeah? Imagine being with converting your garment industry is boys. There is well my god, he wasn't like Hogwarts slightly yeah. I never really did all calls looked very huh, Monica is obsessive floating candles, unfortunately, unfortunately, but still cool. I was just thinking yesterday, I'm going to reread. Yeah I'm going to reread reporter really late. You did yeah. I only listened to them. Stephen fry reading them yeah, good job, my god! Yes, really! I love him very well. Could you in this coed situation? Could you guys like sneak off and meet behind a tree or anything or there? hiding spots to do some kid they're they're, not in yet so far. Yes, you could be expelled for having sex, though okay but everything, but if you look
yeah turn the breast pump on. So they thought you're doing something. You guys have done a new sort, it yeah there were sneaking around and stuff. Oh that's all that stuff yeah. We would sneak out. We would get the milk float home, the boy these were not allowed in the gulls common roots. So in their boarding houses, you have all the rooms and you have a shared kitchen, Anna common room which had the tv and you could chill that Boys were not allowed in the gulls common room. The girls were it out in the boys houses in yeah, that's so interesting yeah, the boy in our last night, Oh yeah. He was drunk Tennessee and it was like. I was a boy Well, that's the other bizarre thing for us to is what age can you drink their one thousand seven hundred and sixteen eighteen I had to because I was drinking before I was eighteen, but yes, eighteen, but it's real. It's way more even if you're, not my dad would get me know, breezes sure yeah yeah would get like fifteen.
Have with dinner. So then you can like learn how to do it. Well. There you go yeah, we have like a lovely meal that ever glass won't have like a pineapple Bacardi Breezer so I know what a life yeah it made drinking 'cause school is well. You had something called the junior common room, which is where, on a Saturday from seventeen, you could drink on school premises, only a certain amount of alcohol. So you would see you have these w k, D, blue drinks. So, on the way back, to the boarding houses. You just see like blue vomit, everywhere 'cause people have seen an like beer of a low percentage people still couldn't handle it. If there's so so we would have something. I'm literally, this sounds like the weirdest, like no other, remembering all of it would have cheese and biscuits on a Saturday night. So after you'd been out, so what we would actually do is we would go into the town and get genuinely drunk Jan you
and then go back to the boarding house and then we'd have cheese and biscuits with a house. Mistress, who'd, suss out if you were drunk or not, and if you were drunk than you were gonna say a word to the makes no sense to most people anyway, see by how skated Super her House which basically means grounded, but you're not allowed in your own common room. You have to wear your school uniform all day. You have to check in with the vice principle, at like seven hundred. Am it's a whole thing and if you're drunk, then that happens, but if you manage to just eat enough bread before going into cheese and biscuits to prove to you that you're not drunk you're fine, did you ever get Super house gate? Isn't I never got see browse no idea how I managed to like slip under the hood that are you but yeah? Well, it was probably the seeds of your acting could be that's right, yeah you can way in now, because we've had this standing kind of debate. Yes, it's because I don't think you're blatantly disagreeing with me: it's just an inquiry. It's a longstanding inquiry about okay,
an inordinate amount of english women became pregnant by American GIS during World WAR, two that were stationed in England right personally, the same amount of american women did not become pregnant from English, guys right in fact, drastically lower. Ok, I read this this paper and anthropology that we cannot find whatever yeah that explained it that culturally in America, the woman has The brakes, uh huh in the man has the gas pedal and that in England, basic The man is supposed to say no, let's wait right. The brake pedal in the woman's on the gas interesting and so we've had a few different. English guess on where we've asked them to kind of? Do you think you could evaluate the difference between courtship in Britain in America. I think women are instigating more. It's really interesting as I dated in America. First American, I dated he introduced to this term of exclusivity,
The weather was because I was young or if I was goes English, but I was like what do you mean you are having sex with other people. It doesn't make sense to me. I thought that we were doing nothing, we were doing the thing, and that was the thing it was just us. What do you mean that that you're? Not? right. That makes you feel uncomfortable strange and that's very odd. Yeah. Then he had a tree Xishan into yeah. So I feel like there is a way that you date in America. That is different from the way that you would date in England, and I don't know whether it's just like the global everyone's changing all that stuff they tender or whether that plays into what you're saying of the dynamic between the man and the woman in England and then a man in America. Any romantic relationship of any capacity on either side, but when you were younger right- and you would be behind that oak tree, add warts and you got your kissing a boy yeah he go like we should wait or or It depends on the boy so circumstantial. I think yeah,
Is there were experiences wed? That was the case, and there were plenty of experiences where that was not the case when I read that paper. It answered this long standing mystery in my own life, which is, I went snowboarding in Vermont when I was six ok and I met Jenny Hazleton from Manchester, yes, and we had a few pints and we ended up in a in a walk in closet of someplace and we were making out and things were progressing and regressing and then the next thing you know we were making sweet love in a closet. Wonderful, yes in, I left the experience going. That happened very quickly, It was a real mystery to me for years, and then I read that paper. I was like. Oh my goodness, that's what was happening. Neither of us had a brake pedal, but we haven't unilateral. No one has twenty eight. I have the base system right, like which I get riled. I understand what that is ending and we don't have. I don't play baseball. We don't play baseball right. I am but I
feel like there's a okay, here's what I think in America. That is a sort of dance that happens that is vocalized, that is, there are certain expectations on the dance that happens. By first base. Second base third base exclusive non exclusive you're over here, I'm uh. There. We know how this goes and that's what it is and in England there's a lot more like. Oh well, that happened. All that didn't happen or like Roseanne happened with you in this happen, Do you know what I mean? I feel it is less of a kind of perceived real, but that's discuss a lawsuit if it's not a clear architecture or a clear step, yeah yeah! So maybe it's that the american men that were coming to England were sort of exotic in the sense of how they leave the dance to go, and so thereby by resulting in a kind of yeah in am
in a Zacks. Well, we we read a subsequent article, not too long ago. That also made sense, which is, if you were to plot out the steps before having sex yeah. This researcher broken into like twenty four steps or something right in for Americans. Kiss seems like number two I think the first thing number two: what was one hands? I guess, and then things just lovely folks can seems like twenty. It's like right before you have. Sex like there's all these things before you kiss. The theory was like the Americans, you guys were just like grabbing
gales and kissing them and they're, like oh we're very far down the path right next step is sex right, which that also holds some water. We, like doesn't is kissing like a more intimate thing in England. I think that's so individual, though right as I think this thing is an incredibly intimate thing right, but like pretty woman, I do everything, but I don't right exactly I mean no, she wasn't vacation from England. You're, basing an entire country of one experience. You had with one girl two articles in one expiry, no one article that we can't find. And and one girl we don't know anything Jenny, Hazelton, maybe the night before she got broken up with and she was like having sex tomorrow like we oh, no. What happened this day already on? We should find her
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do you really mean that you just like? No, you don't need to come back to my house. I similarly grew up with very little money. In my whole, family is obsessed with making money right by my work, so fucking hard to make money. I was very prone to feeling less than than people with money in nineteen. Eighty He did rich people right is still trying to get over it. Do you have any chip on your shoulder about like they will release the cost structure in England? It's here you guys are Redtube and in England it's like a whole other thing. I'll tell us so you've got other guys middle class, no class right, that's all of it in England. For a very, very, very long time you have upper class where you could be called house poor. So you have been an incredibly wealthy family for hundreds and hundreds of years, and you own the stately manor, but you can't afford shoes right. I read about this, like those houses require so much money for writes
Yes, are you living in in one room with the tiny he to, and no one has. I have friends like this, where they technically come from. She foster mounds of old old old money, but they technically the cells, have nothing. So it is all world of being incredibly potion. Privilege yeah, but not actually having any money to but you'll still in that bracket, but, as I know, but found money, yeah yeah, exactly so that is what just like this, because there's also rich people about titles right. Yes, that was act in Noida, the of the Lord you money. So if there is only these terrible times, yeah yeah yeah, but I mean they've, been around and for a long time? So when you go to a very privileged old school, rich school you've got you got a mix of people who like get happy Wednesday present is like you know, from Tiffany's whatever, and then you got people here. I have seven what seven generations of hand me downs but live in a cost and cold load and then you've got. Do you know someone whose parents spend
all of their money on send to that school because they thought they were giving you the best option that you had and you what she came I'm a very middle class, but were you embarrassed by the fact that you didn't have money like they did yeah and it was more that light will not come to school. Does in what we have is that light you end up coveting a status that is completely forever our if you reach, because you know a nodes right, you're, not your family, go back generations of of being like Henry, the eighth, so when people ninety head right. We read about that they're like Sir Anthony Hopkins. Yes, knighted right, so he he wasn't from that class or he would have no? No, no, so that I mean you can yet that being night on your merit of what you've provided England with it is completely away from the class structure you bought into, but it can really folk people up
move that carry on like. So let's say that Sir Anthony Hopkins has some children here already have children whatever yeah? Do they then carry this title? Are they now? I don't think something something that I don't know it's it's own thing is going to check this out check it well, that'll be a fun one. Actually, yeah, there's an yes, ladies Lord ok, so you did, though, get into the drama Centre of London. Yes, in did you love that immediately you did. That was. I saw it first time round I applied to like two 'cause. I wasn't in the acting world, where I wanted to be an actor from like two years old, because your dad, you would go to the theater, with your add exactly later. Yes, your father, you you liked it. Yes, I love to I love to the magical of a I which load of tv which a lot of film was kind of obsessively into acting and we can bring.
And then was like one of my team, will go to drama school and so then kind of thought that would just happen and then realize that I'd been in a very academic environment that wasn't maybe very nurturing of like people were going to draw. So so all of my excuses, why didn't get anywhere fast around and then the second time around I applied to every drama school I know need was on the wait list for one which was drama center and a girl broker. Oh thank goodness. Thank goodness thanks! So that's but yeah. We blew by one thing that I forgot to say: you have eleven names Listen to this name, Monica Isabelle, Euphemia, Franks Fulton rose Clark. Wow a whole side of one of your family, like is that all the females in your family?
I was so you I was called something else for ages and then they just I didn't eat on a media, because I didn't look old enough to be cold Isabel's. My first name, okay, go figure, I mean I'm as a new. In child, and so you Isabel was, I think, my ground, someone on my granddad's site. You female was my grandmother's at full name. The v, which it'll do femia what a cool and then I love it. Yeah rose, I think, was on my dad's side, but yeah they just couldn't decide they describe. Yeah. I think we probably wanted more kids than we we will get her older than AIDS. Is the last one. We did in two thousand nine. Yes right, you say that, and it sounds right. Okay, yes, by the time you want Isshin for game of thrones, two thousand and ten you've done like a dozen plays. You are in a soap opera in London. I definitely didn't do it doesn't plays no. I did it does in part time jobs. Ok, yes, an ad for a terrible tv movie
so I'm just kind of setting the stage for what a wonderful leap forward it kind of it was right thanks, I'm glad you're, still quite young at that time. 'cause you audition! When you were twenty four, I think for game of thrones, two thousand three hundred and twenty three and your audition, which it's not what we probably would have a match right. You did a weird stuff, yeah, we'll see the first audition was with Nina is costing Assistant Robert. So I need to go to Costco returns. Robert was her right hand, man and I think, he's now gone on to do his art. He, for and it was me and Robert in a little room with the camera and the scene, and he was probably the reason why half the people are on game of thrones he reads so well and have you done audition we've got someone who's just like reading it, but yeah it was like he wanted to do to get it anyway. So we do this an it gets sent off to David and Dan and then going to recall an I meet David Dan Carolyn Strauss, Anne Frank soldier in a little room in Soho an I do this,
for them and then about a week goes by and then there like in three weeks, we'd like you to come to LA, we will fly you business class Oh you up in a hotel and you're going to come in and you're going to do the scene with the guy that we've cost Harry Lloyd in front of everyone at HBO wow, and I was like cool. Right yeah and Ms Graham, is an axe and cvs lockers yeah he there yeah. So I read the book twice home highlight eleven like the booking anything loved it loved it. I've never had it, but the first season right is a song if I divide yeah, the first season is verbatim season. One of the check. Okay. I had no idea what it was had: no I did really I mean I knew about the sopranos, but like HBO was just this unknown other. That was just like some big I don't ever been to
say you never been to EL a person. Do America, USA? Yes, I yes, I had to work at some point. Yes, a bunch 'cause we had my mom's cousin lived in New York since we need to get a New York a bunch. Ok, so you fly to LA yes and how many folks are in the room. I feel like I blacked out for the whole experience, but I think that was probably like twenty people there in images. Cinema auditorium yeah, essentially like screwed over. He didn't like a screening room now I know what it is. I think I was like. Oh, this is just wear like I got this because people in the movies, all the meetings happened in these big cinema rooms that make some beat sense, yeah. So Harry was there and yeah, and I was there in the only faces. I recognized with three faces David Dan and Frank haha. You did the scenes, but then you ended up doing a bunch of other weird ship yeah, because beforehand Frank. Take me aside was like listen sweetie. That is going to be things that they might ask you to do to outside of just doing the scenes and I'm like ok cool, oh my god right. What does that mean?
and he was like it's cool. Everything is fine. I just want you to be aware. They might ask you some questions, they might bob. I just been, I be prepared, it's all good little did. I know that they were gunning for me to have HBO sign off on me, because I was a complete on no on not to like, was a complete gamble. So I was kind of going in with their hopes is well as my own. Yeah, and so at the end I was just so nervous and just so scared I dressed up. I mean, like I had my hair blown out of dress and I did not look Willie. We ought all or any of the things that they were excel. The check. She was also the willowy and tall when we installed in the serial and one of those things and little round face yeah around feature known feature and yeah David Benioff. I was like I do anything else
Everything else can I do this well, I'm here. This is what we do is: theater need, cleaning, yeah, exactly I'm great at making a petite and David was like well, you could do a dance, haha 'cause he's really wanna very dry sense of humor and took him literally I did when I did that yet do the funky chicken should they were. They were seeming to be loving it. So I carried on and did the robot is going south like you have like you. Do the chicken dance yeah it's a big hit, yeah bang out some running man, yeah man, everyone still in and then you do like the cabbage patch people. Like me, little turns into one knock myself out and now someone else was cap
right now, one side ways we don't know yet now that yeah and then say shot the pilot they shot the pilot he shot. The pilot with a few other cost members why I feel like Lina was a re cost. I was a re costs and I always forget The person was so they shot it with this other go. Should today's free nice pair were like no, we like it, but no so they had to change a bunch of stuff, and we got a bunch of people and I was coming in off the back of that. Ah, you now know that, oh they fire people of the yeah right like it already I'm like I'm, not even meant to be in LA let alone in his room that loan in this, like environment, I've gained, pasta syndrome times a budget. I couldn't even remotely fathom what it was yeah, it's very extreme yeah, it's very extreme yeah. So then also so so your role
pilot was all reshoots, yes, oh my goodness, which I didn't know 'cause. For me. It was all due to you yeah, yeah, that girl. I know it's like the person in the eagles. That is in a lot of the yeah. I don't think I can take that come from Oh boy are before we continue just want to play one game with you. I want you to tell me what character this is from the oh, ok, I'm going to cover my face, so you don't get embarrassed for me. I do this, for I might have to cover a mother to your ready. Yes, can lucy will. You being so Georgia's then you would hate to watch. The show with me is Monica will tell you we want it in a group yeah it probably every eight minutes I go.
So it's like a stick it in advance on county, though it's sunny. It's very, very, very good is good yeah all the intensity, I miss it so intense it. So he liked you so much. We can all relate now? I I to get in game of thrones in the game of sick, game thrones. You know you because it changes all the time it does. Yeah you're not going to believe me when I say this, but I mean it with complete sincerity. It was two weeks ago that I suddenly was. Just sit in my room thinking about stuff and when that was like a very big thing, yeah two weeks ago. I really truly. We all did. I was talking to us to in a bunny bunny. My love embody groceries, whether maybe she's in the same reason, why sure happens, and then David Dunn, I'm, talking. We were all discussing how we basically went ten years so we were like: hey guys get in this bunker, it's real warm! We got some stuff,
it's cool shut the door and we date in the bunker for ten years, and then we just suddenly like earn like looked around and when I was crazy? How is already way yeah, because the job itself is so different from the product and so different from the react badly exactly, and I feel like very nature of what we do. Is we wrestling with the idea of p, his gaze on you, you got the cameras gaze on you manual, searching to try and communicate with that camera. Will the things that you need to be communicated for the sake of a story telling point of view well also ignoring it, while looking plainly ignoring it, ignoring your own human reaction to the fact that you're being all of these things and then reverberations of that but then you'll wrestling with a body of humans watching the other side of that comment. That gazes then on you and how you dissect, that within yourself and how you figure out where you
fit in that and for me I just decided to ignore all of it right. I think that I think you're getting into what it almost is. Like there's a little bit of a mind trick that you do to be able to act in front of one a hundred people there disassociated aspect of it yeah it almost and build this imaginary wall where it's like you exist within their, but that's not you and blah blah blah and then so weirdly yeah that wall stays up even when it's like now on tv know. Exactly exactly. You never like. We as human beings can never ever ever. You never know what someone thinks of you. Never in someone else is right and you'll never fully understand what it is. It's 'cause, you can't see yourself 'cause, you don't know what you look like to someone asked me well and so that on screen is times a bajillion and then you've got this epics we go telling for me. On top of all of that, it was being knew to the game and realizing that it ended a hairs breath it could all just disappear. So if I put myself worth on it, I would inevitably end up very
Yes, yes! Yes, yes, specially! If you start with, as you said, like impostor syndrome, which I certainly had two in my own life now I do feel like you would at least be spared the hating watching yourself. Just Did you pick apart? Your own looks even though you're pretty well, oh, my god, why you do it yeah I'll, see Monica we were just arguing about this too. I really don't think, there's anyone that looks in the mirror's, like fuck yeah motherfucker. I think we're talking about Brad Pitt going yeah I'd like to have one hundred, some of the time been the most handsome man in the room, yeah yeah yeah his whole life, whereas at the handsome is that is very fascinating right, but he comes across as kind of humbling. I know I bet he an awesome narrative that he either look. Let's just hypothesized using I'm cheesy. Or I'm Jim right or whatever I bet he's, got some so yeah. I think it's something to do with how much emotion, intelligence you have
In that case I don't mean my mate Lola always talk about this will like when we have kids. What we hope is that they are beautiful and stupid, because they'll always be happy yeah. It is there unaware of what it is that they are dealing with. If it's beautiful, then they just to let go I sing the and that's whatever that is, but I think that if you go above a high emotional intelligence than you always going to be trying to figure out how people are looking at you and then, if you put your what's on how you look, then you instinct we then go I'm going to pay more attention to that and I've got it. Look at even more and that's going to be the thing, and then you realize that that's deeply on fulfilling, and then you go to figure out that what I need to expand my brain and have that be the thing that I rely on to me. I feel find meaning in yeah, and those things are so complicated mess so kind if they are because now that I'm thinking about I bet yes, even someone who has your face will probably well I just fairy tale this year. Just now you don't even know exactly yeah, you don't have the same thing, but I guess
everyone's, like looking at their own bodies, so even if you have like a face, maybe your online have no objections with my face. Maybe no, I want to look this way or that way, I guess it just never stops yeah, especially with so I dare of being on camera Erin how you look and now someone else looks at you and what other people think of you and now the big look at you and then that changes, Are you looking yourself? Yes, which is annoying okay? So I don't even know where to start, but there's two things that, because before before I objectify you which is coming I'd like to first objectified the men in the show, you know you, for His lover in the show is Jason Momoa. I know you I mean. Can we just one win on my feet and I yeah you like your lighted haze, so you know we're about to shoot this thing. You're going to me call drug
Jason Momoa steps up. Yeah. Are you like what the fuck is? This I mean when you not bowled over. I mean physically bowled over he literally when he first met me. He wrestled me to the ground ground I've. Never I was so english before then I had to navigate it. I've never met anyone his size, let alone his size of personality, his size of like a wavy like it, that's a terrible version of him, but but yeah. He's gonna come some hawaiian spirit is that they're all he's got, and then some uh just wow and let's celebrate the fact that your your first in You know I was lucky me. The growing he's one of those are incredibly rare people who that personalities on this is as big as he is. The double whammy. It's not just that he's a big guy. It's that he's like the borrowing
yeah. He just radiates like whenever room he's in he takes up the whole room, 'cause, it's just like wow wow and it's fucking beautiful. He took care of me too yeah. He did not. He really really in an environment where I didn't know, we needed to be taken care of you're young. You have impostor complex. You have to do nudity, yet not terrifying. Yeah it's terrifying, yeah and then now your scene partner. Is this fucking gorilla, this beautiful gorilla and I and the Her scenes are like they're, virtually rape scenes right, He was lying more than I was. I it's only now that I realize how fortunate I was with that. Because that could have gone to many. Many many many different ways is Jason had experience. He was an experienced actor who had done a bunch of stuff before coming on this he was like sweetie. This is how it's meant to be, and this is how it's not meant to be, and I'm going to make sure that that's the fun gays. It was always like. We get our fuckin' robe
god damn rolled like he was off to the item delete. This is like complete bozo honesty. He was so calm. Mind is a prince and such yeah and consider it. Unlike cared about me as a human being zero. With LISA Bonet. Yes, ok, that's number one of all time: yeah ha heart ha not around pictures. She is probably the most the most extraordinary beauty yeah, but I feel like she sleep. We in good were in here. That's right. That's really just saying everyone is around features. Is everyone outside someone said like? How would you describe brown features and I got I just like him
yeah. I think this ones I like it so he's already with her so there's and I think that she, I think she gives him so much like there's a gentleness that she has that exquisite like when you talk to her you're like it's just takes your breath away, how kind of magical there is and I have no doubt that a lot of the way that he sees women is educated. From that sure I felt that Fishel zero. Do I have more questions about Jason Momoa, Okay, now Harrington Jon snow. Yes, I'm just going to say it his fucking buns in the lovemaking. This. I know my goodness of steel the most beautiful buns, I've ever seen, a man die very sweet. I was. I was suspicious that it was a double 'cause, there's so perfect. I had to go back frame frame again. There's like twelve people watching with us he's gotta sit through me. Going
ok, those are his buns yeah he's With those enigmas right where you just he's just like it, doesn't need to do that much and he's, yeah head to toe lucky, and he's one of those actors that in real life you like note, you look yeah You look the same as the ones faster yeah. Oh my god, yeah now, with all respect, respect married, Okay, all right so we're we're gonna be very respectful, but this, but what's very interesting, is like you must watch the show as well right. Yes, yes in so what's interesting, is you two were watching the show, but you were never working him right night ever ever. Did you mean? What would you meet him at like the premieres of this? Yes, yes, a season, one was like a hope in a wing in a press and we were all in it together and we would pull like twenty four hour days, unlike everyone just was like.
Drunk or tired or circle whatever it was, but it didn't matter 'cause we're in it together and it was beautiful and so me kit, Richard Madden Alfie Allen a Finn Jones I mean. Basically, there are a bunch of british actors all at the same age. We will found one another all I know you'll got pals and we stayed house consistently throughout the whole thing's a kid and I've been mates from like back in the day. Okay, because I guess imagine that you guys were in always in different locations, always indifferently. Always in the same party location, So it's you know what I'm saying I always in the same one of those locations and there would be times when it would be quite desperate and we would miss each other but soak it and I've been pals oh right on time, and I am actually best friends with his wife, so I met. His wife was through him and then was like I'm taken uh huh, I'm silica, bye, bye. Now, thank you very much she's all mine and we're super tight, and so
rose and I have consistently been very, very good friends, but isn't that when we did finally act together, the first seen it now. A shot together. It's hard series So really we are better actors than this. The crew, like it's not funny guys, it's not funny. Well, I could easily re doing it. Don't tell me you're doing that voice to that's, not your fucking voice like come on. Please, let's just published it together here in the big one with yeah and he said: well, you know like a bloody idiot 'cause. You won't know why you doing and we just it took. It- took a good few walls for us to be like serious and then we went to be seriously Blake doing the kind of courtship of the two car yeah in the romance and we just like normal, So it was a lot of that and then we were done were like. Oh, my god, that's done! Ok, cool! I'm! Just going like have a drink and just be normal. Again, God bless boy yeah the thing I always find with any scene or anywhere
sixty nine really is after you've done the kissing. This is happen every single time, kit, the exception, because we were both ways and we were like this fucking weird. I you bro this strange the law kept doing this every time we look at each other, we go so he's the only exception, but other than that you're super tactile afterwards. It's like this weird, looking thing where I'm like I wanna hug it out. Let's hug it out, we're done. Q. I'm we'll see tomorrow morning, it'll be, can be different situation, but in the time off to you've had a romantic scene of water to whatever capacity This, like this human in you, that's like a little ways so strings little hug. Ok, cool we're good we're done the mind. My new show more time toll ness doesn't make any sense. You don't know yeah yeah, do it's, because Dhea is an Asian yeah de escalation of the left. That's exactly it!
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Such an interesting dynamic that women generally have to find themselves in more than men, although increasingly so, like euphoria, there's penises, everywhere right now, but certainly conventionally in traditional Women who want a great role are often going to get asked to be nude. Is that a dicey dynamic? Is it easier when you're first getting into it and then it slowly starts going like wait, a minute wait? Why am I the one? That's always news yeah! Well, it's it's really fascinating. So my adult life has been the shows been ten years of the show, and it's that's my whole career. Thus far- and I have been doing this at the these fascinating and shifting times for that you're right? If they did the pilot right now, very different things will be different, very different situation, and so you season one was what it was is a fuck ton of nudity I know that's about it. Do you yeah? No, but I'm sure it right for the for the
Oh there's, a great seriat LIVE sketch. I think Andy Samberg played one of the creators of the shell. I was twelve, oh no! Yes, I have gave me like braces yeah going and ok yeah, so thought you were fit so yeah so season one. There was all of that. Obviously I took the job and then they sent me the pilot they sent me this script San. I was reading them and I was it was like. Oh there's the catch. Ok, alright, then, but I come freshman drama school and was like approach. This is a job. If it's in this script, then it's clearly needed. Then this is what this is and I'm going to make sense of it, and it is my job and that's what I'm going to do. Everything is going to be so I kind of came to terms with that beforehand and then going into doing it and I was in such a like- oh my god, other world of like I'm floating through this, for
and I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no idea. What any of this is. I've never been on a film set like this before yeah I've been under film set twice before then, and now I'm on a film set completely naked with all of these people, and I don't know what I meant to do, and I don't know what's expected of me, and I don't know what you want and I and what I want, regardless of whether they had been nudity or not. I would expect that first season thinking, I'm not worthy of require anything, I'm not worthy of needing anything at all, because You hit the lottery you're lucky so again like I have that anyway, so impostor Syndrome times a million. So whatever I'm feeling is wrong, I'm going to go cry in the bath in the bathroom and then I'm going to come back and we're going to do. This thing is going to be fine, but it was definitely hard, which is why this seems when I got to do them with Jason, a wonderful because he was like no sweetie. This isn't an okay and I'm like
I'm tempted in my mind. In fact, I did go back to my mind. I'm I've been naked like three times on a set and I'm like bring my experience with that, but then I'm realizing like it's such a different thing. It's so different for a man to be making yeah, because the crew is always going to be predominantly eighty percent male right, yeah. It's not eighty percent female. Also females don't commit sex. Times on man? There's such a different dynamic, but initially I'm just like oh I've been there and then I kind of forget right, but I'm in such a different situation called fully yeah and also this is going to sound, really base, but logistically there's more to cover. But when you're being Why do we make it as a woman? more. That is something to be covered on the top of the sun. The numbers on the bottom of this kind of yeah you you all will have played Kristen, has to wear like just a pasty ray.
The over Regina there's, just like a little yeah like a piece of I know pretty much about the nudity wave, isn't about nudity, others so complicated. Aren't they those yes contracts, they bring to you. Yes, in in meeting I mean this is back in the day. So now things are different. Now things are very, very, very different, and I'm alone more savvy about what I'm comfortable with and what I am okay with doing like I've had fights onset before where like no yeah says up and they're like you, don't wanna, disappoint you game of thrones fans, and I'm like yeah yeah! I know they do they put the weight of the whole project on the actresses show and I've. I feel like I've seen enough now to know what is actually needed to.
The other thing yeah yeah, I was also you little did. I know you're protected by the show you in times of the storytelling being at a very high level. Yes, the people they're hiring being about high level. Well, that's what the weird thing that makes all the day that the whole thing's decided, whether he regretted on how good the thing turns out. It's interesting. So what is a tricky dynamic? Yet I love nudity right get in males females. I just love it. No more! The we watch euphoria, we call each other after we see the were so excited yeah yeah. But what but we're like X, cited like that's new and that but yeah, but it's not the same as like when girls are watching the guys penises. They're, not sure no, no they're, not they're, not in like they're, not putting it up on a website and then do exactly and women are there's the chance that guys can definitely
yeah yeah I knew there was, it would have got the I just ignored was even and so then, when there was a slight repercussion. I the reason why didn't google myself I'm very glad to lead to very early? And I don't look anything a tool I have ever ever was because, when I did off to see in one. I just saw the articles about like how fat my this was the days that it out and I'm like you know what I kids man like go downs like, but this thing was is that with this character, I've so many people. They sony different things to me about the nudity today about specifically Kelis is nudity yeah in the show, and people wouldn't care. If you hadn't had seen hi be appeased hello to all talking cat. You are so vulnerable in your cover, not like this. There is a layer of owner ability that happens when someone's neck. If you want to see it, if the goal of some project is to like manipulate people's emotions, which it is
When I see all those penises in that locker room, I'm a I'm like give. This is weird I I don't like. It really does induce into me some titillation or weird feeling that is the desired effect, so it makes it real. Does yeah like if you're walking around in these changing room, you're going to see a lot of penises, try it on tv. You logo were normal land. This is interesting, yeah stab Lish, the truth of the thing that will get the rules of exactly yeah and when I did the last nudity that I did for the show which was, can do the second time around yeah yeah. I like I'm owning. This is mine. They've asked me to do it and you know what I'm fucking game and again, but it brings into question the thing of like what it is like being under the gaze of people: you'll never meet yeah, people you'll, never know, and what that is. So, when you're doing theater you get it instantly right. You do the play. You do the show what days you solve them either one of their eyes and you feel some clothes or you don't or whatever it is. You get an immediate end to that transaction yeah
is when you're doing film. You like, I, have a relationship with this camera and I have no idea what's on the other side of it, but there are, however, many people's gazes through that lens. Looking at me that you'll never you'll never be able to get what that is, and that's fucking confusing when you're young girl, one thousand percent. In fact, I think the big key to staying sane while doing a very public occupy. You really just have to say to yourself like who am I thinking about like these are people I never. I will never meet in my life. I have a circle. People that are in my life. I know what those people think of me. So why am I concerned about what people that are not in my I have an obligation to the people. My life to a certain way and act certainly, but
beyond that that that's no one can have that obligation. So it's kind of like you got to kind of put up a wall right where you're like right now. A lot of people are gonna, think a lot of things and I'll never meet them. Well, that's exactly it yeah exactly! I knew yeah and you'll never know, and so we will think everything's up with thing terrible things. What my very first movie was in New Zealand and I jumped off waterfalls in a canoe down class for rapids, and I did all this stuff- and I was like yeah sign me, but as I've gotten older and done it longer, and I don't think I want to get that water, it's right. So I do wonder 'cause you guys that show was so fucking hard. You were in cold climates, oh my god, yeah as it went on where you listen to your tolerance of it diminish. It definitely changed, but I was lucky 'cause is Denarius built in statured. She had to do less of that stuff right now. I'm saying like the worst thing I had to do was sitting on the back of a green dragon for months on I bet those scenes would have been so hard to film. Those are yeah. I just watched it and I go oh this pitches on a fuckin'
God knows what a bicycle seat and she's got to be in in there telling her like now, the dragon turns left right, I got a. I got a guy the face and going hyper hyperventilating like when I watch this back it's to be the highest stakes moment for her entire yeah. It sure, is a character in reality. It's me and like seven other people in this big old room and no one's really watching him, like the core relationship of your character. That was consistent through the whole thing was those fucking dragon like your main scene, partner, yeah so hard to my god. It would do not very good because you can endow that imaginary other with everything, as opposed to. Sometimes you got to work with wonderful actors who give you huge amounts
You done when you go to manage everything you working with you like. You know what I'm I sing opposite Brando right now should it is, I get is given me gold yeah, so you could you see yeah ian. My just my absolute at Yahoo attack get curly sue him, so he was kind of like my mentor throughout the whole. Show he really like guided me as an action was really. I love him. He's awesome he's just he's my guy and I'll never get in season. Three. There was a frame that was set up with like the explosions in the thing and a darn thing, and he was like don't come over and look at this and he was like just look at what you're about to walk into. Just look at that frame. You are so taking care of. You need to do thing because this is where this does happened throughout your career. Like know what this is
I was like four, I hadn't. Yet you are absolutely right and I'll still go searching for it in every other job. But essentially he showed me something that was so helpful to me for the rest of the show. I can afford to be vulnerable as humanly possible because I'm taking care of now to go to nudity, but I just want to say it's so interesting how you're saying the last scene that you did were you felt impact word to do it. Such a mirroring of the character like starting out mood, invulnerable exactly exactly. I think it was it was. I was in the right frame of mind for each yeah. I want to be like math. Yes that's that's exactly it, but I also knew I knew what I needed to do and I knew that I would get people saying you're always naked and I'd have to be like fuck, you I'm not always naked, and this is why I'm good with this. So it's my body back off, yeah, that was again me getting to a new place with what that so cool yeah.
Okay. Now this is neither here nor there, but I just feel like I want to tell you besides you of course my favorite characters the. How Oh, what a good choice, chicken, what are good choices a lot of rory, and you would you would scale with Rory saw well when we wrestle on the sand yeah. You want his whole go sailing. He lit treason having an oval consistently. We have the same as the british Agen and he was trying to track him down so call the Coast Guard to put out a thing that was like Rory cool you funking agent right. You got a job. You can come over now, an lives in Ireland and Scotland and he's just the most authentic, beautiful amazing he's in a palm is fabulous. Ok, my wife's fallen in love with probably four people. She's worked with ok,
I gotta say at the very top of that list is Peter Dinklage. Oh I mean when I first met him. He was at a party together and he just it was like he was just like. He looks at you and he hears you yeah yeah, you like why. This rare. Why is this so intoxicated and then I look. Over at this particular my mom had visited set and I turned around and I was like she's black. Yeah, his light on it yeah and then again has the most beautiful bad as mutherfucking wife on the planet. I liked when we were working together, First, I would go over and take care of the kids you well on all that lovely, but we we don't hang out but he's remarkable. I don't read like fan stuff. I I'm not on Facebook. So I don't know what the general reaction was, but I certainly was like hold on a second I'm all in on Khalisi. I've always been all in on the committee
and I was I don't know, turn it was to what did you think too honest gods, honest. What did he feel honestly? I felt like they had to do something right had to wrap this up in some way. You know what were they going to do? My whole time, like mother truckers, get married, John, don't please get married in the king and queen. What is artificial steaks? You guys love each other. You guys both have a right to the fucking thing get married and live happily ever after a while on earth? Do you need one hundred percent of the throne yeah did it break your heart to have to or was it fun it was both. It was both. It was definitely when I first read this season, I needed a cool down This is really extreme and then like had like a fool. I suddenly
I was carrying the weight of a lot on my back Oh her so much and at every ton the boys were right at every turn. I was hired to do a job and I believe in the whole hearted and I was like you're asking me to do something really difficult: hey guys and I'm going to fucking. Do it for you in the best of my ability, on one side. I was like how juicy oh my days as an actress were able to do this yeah, like flip that fucking shirt and an o, then, on the other side, I'm like I did ha it's so much. I love so much but again my go ' and so it was. It was a kind of combination of the entire way through, but it was the hardest thing. I've ever
from what has a a really funny personal way it intersected. Our life is one of my best friends from home CAN Kennedy. His daughter accent is so beautiful in Q, in one years old or to name is Klay, see, please see Kennedy and so I kind of called him- and I was like hey bud. Are you up to date on the So he goes we're not. But I'm aware oh wow. Is this name stood for total awesome, female empowerment, Joan of ARC, like in Amelia Earhart? now definitely taken a turn, also mega maniacal can power on right yeah, and it's really tough 'cause. Then I don't have you at the end of the it did on the law. On my last seen, I wanted to bring her back to season one I wanted to bring
The energy back to season when I wanted to have it be this kind of like there's. Nothing then left to do, but to be entirely hopeful and optimistic, and ultimately did yeah yeah, and just to try and bring back some of the open heartedness that she had. But if you really look at her, if you really look at what she's been through the fact that she's been on the run her whole life, she had been abused. Her whole life she's been dealing with the weight of responsibility of carrying her family's legacy. Her whole life. It has landed on her shoulders and she's decided to move forward with that when it comes down to this thing of people started portraying her people start to leave her people start to devalue. What it is that,
she's made she's killed people all the way up until this point, and now someone is going to turn around and say uh, maybe no and it's like she. I did this because it was like all or nothing. I went all in and now your telling me that I can't and it becomes like its own addiction and so scene looking at the Bell Tower right before she decides to just do it anyway, carbon bomb coffee, Bum Miguel and I'm the director had this huge discussion about it where it was like it essentially getting into the mind of an addict who just you at the bar and you're, holding the fucking drink in your hand, and you don't want to fucking drink it, but you can't help it because you're so damaged and you're so hurt yeah and you're so vulnerable. But there is nothing left to do. Everybody is nasty. Yeah I like it I'm in I've been there in you by the way when you're home the drinking like this is going to hook everything up and I don't care, I don't care yeah I was like. Are they
saying to us. It is in a jeans. The dad was not see was the mad king. Is that what we call them? Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, the man King is the statement like unless she was always going to be that way, it's in her blood. In the same the lannisters? No, that's not it, though I don't think it's out of tune. I think it's that so she she was an orphan mmhm and she was raised by brother. He was clearly gonna, be a and then we sold like a slave to a huge war. Yeah and she then delightful, gorgeous, worried, Abazin, but was and from that found weirdly. He taught her to then find strength within her own femininity and turn around was like ok, how 'bout we
do this differently and then went on in that legacy and wanted kids and then realize that she birthed dragons instead and was never going to have them and tried to fall in love and realize that that would never work and became this vessel for leadership for power and a whole life trying desperately Israel we to not be our parents yeah something different in the jokes, always on us, where our parents yeah you guys, but I think the result of what it made her do was not nothing to do with her parents, nothing to do with the mad king, but everything to do with her going I have to prove that I'm enough, I have to prove that everything that I've sacrificed up until this point is enough. Yeah, you can't quit on the ninety nine. Yard line. I know you don't get any of these sports references, but that's if you don't know she might get him, he got batting one thousand yeah. She might love sports. I had to explain to you, as you recall, That brings me to another question: how the fuck do you memorized L3,
I'm. I mean. I would be that your. I cried a lot to the first couple of seasons. It was funny that wasn't funny, but I made it funny 'cause I was just like. Oh my god 'cause I would just wouldn't get it and then, like David and down would be like babe, it's cool like no one. No, buck saying honey. That's all good, like we want you to care, the other scenes we don't need you to care about, I must say the right lines. Minecraft. I need to know what I'm fucking saying. Let's say: tax you're going to learn some. Right, you're gonna do this scene and us Rocky Tomar his. What you'll get please tell you will get you what's in English and unite them. Come up to the day. You will get an MP three of David Peterson, doing Dothraki two ways he will say it in a three way. Sorry, who said in English and then he will say it in slow death, rocky and then speed
does rocky, so I'm musical, so I listen to it and then you have on a hard copy or on your computer. Whatever you will have a phonetic spellings of dust. You'll, never know what the words actually mean all Let's say I wanted to say, hey Dax. I love your t, shirt yeah, then in dothrak That might say t shirt, docs love I should, but I would never know what that was 'cause. It would never be written in that way. So I would make up what I believe the words to mean, because you'd get some kind of repetition. But essentially I would sit there for days on end and just listen over and over and over and over again, and then I would say it back in there would cover it and then sit back and then cover it and then and then I would just tidy my room and say it over and over and over and over again, and then I said spell for us then said to the oven and then I'd sit together and then again the makeup show be like. Let me tell you a little something and then I'll say: do you have any of it still memorized, no, no it was true, traumatic, but
so the last season season. Eight that lost final speech. They do in filler in on it just rocky I mean it took me, I'm a at least a month. The night before was crying at night being, like. I don't know these words and these the most important. What she's ever said. It's called they're going to really really really vital, but the scene. You have to learn them so well that you can act yeah. It's like you, gotta be able to throw those fuckin' guttural sounds wow yeah. I know what you're saying with your eyes. They should have. Given you a prompt I know. Well, we I had a gorgeous dialect coach, oh, who would kind. Be like within sites, but if it was a really long day- and I hadn't done all of the part that I need to do it- I would keep forgetting it then I would just tell myself upon well. I went right in my head what you're telling me this to me being My twenties on this show- and I would imagine I'd be like alright time to work on my dolls raqi and I would like I'm going to do it over
Did you ever like I'll? Do that I'll have some wine and do this and then you wake up in the morning? I didn't retain a God name yeah and those were the bad days, those those on the days when I was like. I don't need to do nine hours of this. I needed to do nine hours ago you needed to because then also the crew. Never knows what the folks you're saying is you don't know where you're starting from so you have to just keep going back and then I'll be like yeah way way way back. Can we go to the beginning and did it and then we would like this in the stupid right now like I know if I get the Romeo while I don't think I've ever we haven't had someone on where we were crazy. Super fan of this true, it's raining about the show that I've ever had about something yeah when this character took the turn. Yes season. Eight season- eight yes you're, not on social media Ok, I'm on Instagram, but you are on Instagram very selective with my instagram I'mma lazy, Instagram God is anyone who's listening and is like water new post more
everyone you know along these seven seasons has been like, probably just putting a bunch of like really pause live energy at you? Yes, yes, and there's a big, turn where I had assume a lot of people are putting some negative energies out. This is where it pays off that I've spent my entire time of game of thrones, never believing any that anyone said never taking anything that anyone said any we'll value yeah really just like my voice shouting far louder than anyone saying anything nice, because I was always back. In my mind, it was that I was like oh great with successful. Now we won't be tomorrow, three every chance that we would be tomorrow. So for that I'm based level well at a for myself. I don't really there's a lot of stuff that I don't hear now, regardless people have very sweetly, said, lovely things and I've got a lot of fan theories, and I a lot of like if I, if I had it my way, all right, I'm not doing a different, I'm sure, but I definitely
worst thing that anyone said- and this was painfully close to the show I was at my mom's house, which is in the countryside in Oxford, share an I went to wait, trace to get some food and it was the day after episode, five right, we had to take except as as was in it yeah. I know season yeah who's observe I so I like. I had never seen what that look like until I watched it is exerted on the green screen stuff and I was in what shows- and this woman looks to me when well you'll brave- to be outside oh my god, and I was literally like oh yeah. Oh my god. I started welling up in the shop and was like, oh that I didn't need that thanks, honey, ok, bye, bye, now, bye, I'm going to! I don't need any food, I'm just going to leave but that was it. That was the beginning middle and end of my bad experiences with regards to that. But I was also like I'm in here
yeah and I'm not I'm an actress, I'm not done yeah, I'm actually Amelia. I cheated on my fiance in a tv show, I am on Twitter. Twitter was just like you fucking piece of shit, sing me that, like yeah yeah people can plug yeah. In on that topic, that was probably my only last thought I wanted to bring up. Games is porking. Free yes right. For that same reason, yeah I mean by the way, Jack of the best the best villains, I've ever seen. Like Exam Avery, never been screaming, for instance, for people to kill somebody only yeah was him in, and I do think I read at some point years ago that he just didn't want to act after they didn't want to talk to that so bright, but it wasn't because experience. I think regardless he's a super super super smart boy. He went to go
study, I think, philosophy at trinity. You know I mean he was. It was not for the car to sake that he didn't want to act. I think it was that he was like I'm use, my brain Roman. So I think it was much more that I think it is much more than you like cool. I had a fun experience being actor as a kid for a minute. Now I'm going to go off in like study and see where that takes me no Lena used to get such all the yeah yeah. Shame: okay, yeah, wow, ok, you've, edible career even outside of that show, which of course that's why I feel guilty, though I spend so much time on it, but you did breakfast at Tiffany's. Was that your Broadway debut oh yeah! Oh, why you saying not good it was. It was not revealed. Well, it was not good. Was it difficult, I'm desperate to get back on the stage, desperate, desperate, just because the drama school I want to be on the stage and I'm so sad that it wasn't a good experience. Yeah reviews, or did you have fun doing it? The Russell prices was the happiest. I think I'd be. Never ever I was like bruh,
New York the right as those in having a fabulous time, and then it was just a bit of a kick balik scramble of trying to get everything together. I sort of think we maybe should have had that play tool figure out what it was brush it up a little bit then popping on Broadway. It was a bit role, I'm desperate to get back on the stage and prove to myself that I can still do it. Well, you will and then my next question is you did Terminator haha and did you work with island I did you know I do, and it's going to be a good. Did you like me before you yeah Thea Shark, the wonderful director, I have the enormous joy of being a good mom to her son. Do more stuff together, yeah, J yeah for sure, okay. What was it like doing? Star wars really interesting because it like that's public knowledge that everything did what happened with that.
The directores, oh, they switched. It started about that and then run to call you hour. Where were you guys at? For that? Would you go to kinds crazy, just wanted London, I guess, I'm curious is like your in game of thrones biggest tv show of all time, and then you get offered star wars, which is, I think, is maybe the biggest property of all time. In film yeah, and you know over the impostor complex or does it get? You know that we have yeah ha yeah, yeah yeah, a a hundred million percent. I know that because now that the movie's done everything I was in a big, so it's fun growing up really I mean, like my brother, was so by proxy. I was I was aware of it and I knew what was going on, but there was I was like this is amazing, and I'm aware of all these things that I've seen the movies it was fun it was new and it was different, and there was all of these things going on, but like yeah with each new job by getting you imposter syndrome for sure yeah have to move, Two movies are in post production, which ones coming out. First, ITALY's plug
that right last Christmas, yeah tell me about last Christmas. 'cause Miss Emma Thompson, wrote this movie. I love her hello, where I I means that the queen, that was the single greatest from his friends in my life, because it won't homes in Israel, Jersey, so pool feed directed at gyms and rotate with her husband Greg. Who is fun, I'm no and then now I am. I have the amazing luck of being that Powell's all. I count my blessings every day I went to stay with them and they go to Places Collins. We, like I she's my true life. What's the premise you meet this girl, Hugh is, it is a complete up and a total mess on Oct ought to chaos and doesn't really know what's going on with her life, and we kind of don't really know why I and she finds her way back to our self, but she has been incredibly ill and appeared of her life, and it has resulted in this, but
kind of tapping into this age bracket of living on mom and dad's sofa, she is homeless because she would rather not she would rather live anywhere. Then at home, ok all right, so she you squeeze a lot of guys and sure learn about call it is it mean the Christmas of the previous year, or this is the last Christmas we'd means the song old. Is it song, Michael Song, last Christmas heart, I I got to do this, though, if I sing in front of It gives it only take so much right now recovering at the face. You want it. When does that come out at eight hundred Am November, November. We had so many corpsing scenes, which is you know where you laugh so hard that you just can't carry on. Yeah. It does yeah yeah
This is where it was like well placed her with a fucking pillow, because I can't deal with it with joyful, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy is wonderful. There's nothing better than that yeah when you really cannot get it together, all my god yeah yeah. I had a scene like that when they talk about brother's. Yes, is he's asking me what kind of medications I take for my erectile dysfunction, and I mean so serious about it and we couldn't get through the scene with him there. So then it was like you can't be. I didn't say it just turn on the camera. So but then he went into the kitchen and I started it, and I could hear him laugh in the kitchen. So then we had to remove him from the fucking whole apartment. He couldn't be anywhere near me. It's so fun. That's like it's cool to be in good stuff, yeah? Look on your desk pad is not like your time making this it doesn't magically it only just, but no one's going to ask you how many movies you did yeah or what they made or not in that stuff. It's actually it's almost laughing with Emma. Yes, if you really look at his life
okay November eighth last Christmas, very excited about that. Okay, now you have had by the way you're the second person we talked to. I think it may be even third that is a young and has had an aneurysm while Yes, do you know the actors Aubrey Plaza? She had a stroke. I listen to you guys yeah, and this is all free. Yes, I was yeah it's men, so yeah, but what she had. It seems like a lot of strikes yes and kept happening, yeah, just a slightly different thing to what I had, which was two hundred and twenty two aneurysms. There is like when your brain is being formed and a boy with a brief bit of they will. Probably writing or you even will look. I guess I was wrong immediately. She probably never there's a lot more than you do so yeah. I was born with a weakness on my brain. So when your brain is being formed, you got your one cell and there's a weakness and as it forms into the two sides that weakness becomes mirrored so I had. Season, one of the show we wrapped that
went to our leave the first time for the second time, sorry for Sunday Press came home- was not in a good place, feeling ready, funky and then was in the gym, a new site restaurant you feeling a little yeah, because I'm a hypochondriac. I think. No, you see more the enormity it no more. The enormity of the fact that I just wrapped the show when it done press and was just in like a I don't know what is going on. I feel really strange and kind of panicking kinda stressed- and I god- and this is crazy- it out loud movement and it was more So I had a lot of pressure in my head anyway, you're looking the countryside, living in a bubble? And then you parachute into like the most glitzy glam? It shut me out four hundred percent, so I always see the brain damage as as as a good thing notice once you good thing, but it's like a it's good that they happen to me at this time. Weirdly. I think. Ok,
my position on it. So anyway, I'm in the gym and managed hemorrhages, and so I'm in the plank- and I get this pain, unlike any other kind of like it's hemorrhaging of any kind blood in the body where it's not meant to be is just probably the most map you could, you could handle as a human, and so this is happening and my trainer was like. What do you mean? You have a headache you're in the plank like. I expect your abs to hurt, but not your head. Yes right, so I crawled to the loo and then be violently ill, and the headache is crazy and I'm mid, throwing up going, I'm I'm losing some part of my brain. I can sense this. How knew that, if you throw up and have a headache, yeah those two things: brain is your focus are you coming that yeah you're, having like you're in and out of all my God, So basically, in that my when was like throwing up mod headache and like crazy amounts of pain,
so is that it would be. My thing is my tires and I was like I am I and I said my full name. This is where I that's like a which, which they do now, if I ever feel well yeah mine double check the time when I was like who you parents? What was the last thing that you shot? Think of a bit of dothraki fight, fight, fight, fight fight, you will not be brain damaged. I will not be brain damaged, I'm just about to be enacted. This is not had this. She is going to go down. I have to live like I have to live like this is not going to happen here anyway, so the ambulance one of the times. It's not awesome to be famous yeah because, like when you're you're leaving the commode, where just thrown up ha ha hey. I wanna hear like yeah very bad time, but for real a bad time. Yes, yeah exactly exactly with early enough and no one should really know who I was, but the second brain damage. That was a fucking issue. I don't like this, but so anyways.
Of this thing? And then I survive by the skin of my teeth. You get rushed to the hospital. Give us the hospital. No one knew what it was, No one knew what it was. So no one knew what it was for a while for so wasn't allowed any pain killers for awhile hold cheese. I mean like a any in North London on a Saturday night. At this point and the nurse you saw me her husband was a brain surgeon and she was like. I think I know what this is. Let's get you in for a brain scan and then they saw that there was massive amounts of bleeding on the brain there like right. So now we know what to do. I manage to have the good fortune getting to the right hospital to take care of that the next morning we have this surgery, so they go through an artery in your groin and they go up exactly and they got up around your heart and into your brain. Only so where the weakness was in the vein in my brain, the blood as it pumps around your body faster and faster and faster, it forms a little bubble on that weakness. 'cause, it's not robust enough to just keep it going and the brain hemorrhage it's
is that bubble bust. Is it an embolism before it pops? Is it an embolism and then, when it pops it's an aneurysm? it's an aneurysm before it Paul and then it's a hemorrhage examine job yeah, vinyl, wood, embolism, okay, So then, as your blood is continued member on your body, it's now escaping out, and when that happens, you lose a bit brain soon as there's a part of your brain that doesn't get blood to it. It just dies in that moment, so I strike as a whole, and so you were, they got where the hole was and put capo. Why is to stop the blood from escaping any by and continue going around only because I was young. I didn't lose anything that was. If I did, my code is in my role or exactly what I so that I had and they so that another one on the other side, anyways, it's three weeks in hospital, the hell, terrible how the single dysphagia, which is essentially what you you're locked in
so you can speak it one and all Amelia for three weeks. You have that no. I had that for about three days and I was young enough that they ended up pumping me full of adrenaline that, like they got rid of it, full Yes, that was super difficult. I just got to be the most claustrophobic kind of panic feeling you could have yeah. I just wasn't making any sense yeah. It was pretty dark, oh my gosh, but anyway, so we get through with that. I'm ok and then I leave Hospital Ann within about five weeks. I was back to work. Can you really quick question about that at any point during this? Are you like? Oh my god, this is going to be public. This is embarrassing, or this is I just don't want to be associated with any of that cross your mind. They had to wait to figure out that I wasn't going to die before they could tell HBO what happened, and that was probably about as much as
is ever going to tell anyone right and isn't it funny 'cause. Why, like I agree, I can relate yet like it, some weakness of character that you had a prism or something I think I was so it will it was never even an option of me saying it to anyone yeah. So it's just well, I need to figure out what this is an I don't want to. That to anyone else to figure out for me what they think it is 'cause. I need to work out what this is for me. I want to get back to work, I'm fucking on a wing and I hope and uh I'm, not gonna young bright with zero experience. He's probably not very good, and Lord knows what this is and I'll be fired in a second. So my god, I need to like prove to them that I'm worth
hey. I need to having a brain imaging and I hope well. It is a deeply personal experience that anything that deeply personal you're probably not excited to exact world exactly yeah. Yes, so why we didn't really tell many people. The second season was really difficult because you have this thing called fatigue, regardless of what of whatever kind of brain injury you get where the you have the misfortune of having a serious lifelong, the injury or whether you would just like me and you just you right click. The escaped with everything is intact. We do have a t, so filming hours were just like. I was stepping on morphine trying desperately to get through the day, but then did you feel like? Were you nervous? I was going to affect acting and oh I thought it was. I thought the thing that was gone was my ability to act, and I consistently think that then the second one happened and then I was really like. Well, that's it! I'm never going to act again. This isn't the first.
Those two thousand and thirteen or not this last, almost two thousand and eleven in the second machine. Doesn't thirteen after the first one. Do you go? Oh my god, I'm vulnerable to this. Are you obsessed with it happening again, no. The first one happened- and I was it Wasn'T- is this gonna, and again because they were like you have this one. On the other side, we just need to be aware of it, but it was more that so this this is this is my experience of being nearly fatally l? Is that you, a hospital for x, amount of time? This goes for anything you could have done so you could have a broken leg. You could be getting into that whatever is you in hospital for x amount of time, and in that time everyone is telling you that you are sick. Everyone is telling the you need to take cat ever is having the you need these beeps and you need these pills any need these things and you need to be watched and on it's constant and you're, surrounded by other sick people, and then you fucking, leave and you're like. Oh all, I wanted was a fresh air in a bath, and now I'm here
I'm not allowed to be here because you just told me for three million. I need to take care of mine. What am I I'm not safe? I don't feel safe and with brain injuries. I found that it's not just me that thinks this, but as soon as that happens, it's where you brain is it your personality is it's where you're sure it's where you yeah exactly as soon as that becomes something you're calling into question and that can be on any level with mental health as well, but especially with an injury where you're, like my body, failed me yeah how in God's name- and I am I expected to wake up every morning and feel safe within myself, so you get super protect, give yourself, because you are like I have this invisible thing yeah. You can't see that I'm sick, but I know that I am so bit by bit carefully carefully. You build yourself back up and build your resilience back up and you build your kind of your trust back up in your cell
but it takes a second yeah. When you do your bosses, because you're like hey, I saw the other side and I'm good. I think that's the thing with trauma in general, which is like that the trauma of being molested is simply that. I believe that the people on earth were all but never- and nice and then someone shatters your worldview and you go oh at eight years old, there are bad guys. There are people around that are going to try to take advantage of you. It's such a radical shift in your worldview that it's very scary. Similarly, you've never worried about your brain you're having spent much time thinking about it yeah and now, all of a sudden, you go. Oh I'm in this world where my brain can yeah yeah yeah, it's very worldview change so yeah. So it was that for a minute for a little while then I was doing the show on Broadway end of my sad medical and I was like I'll just go, get a brain scan while I'm here and while it,
paid for, and so I went in and they were like whoa there's other ones doubled in size. We need to operate now have a preventative surgery. Nothing will go wrong. So, like ok, fine scary, but ok, fine and in that surgery, as often happens, it went wrong. Oh the coils got stuck, and I had a major, please hello. There was a much bigger stroke, they wake me up on the table and the like. We need to correct you had open and and fix this con. You do that on means. So I had gone to sleeping like peace out, see you in two hours and I wake up in like v. Excruciating me up on the sincere yeah exactly and so you that was way more life or death than the last one, my mom and dad with that being came in yeah yeah yeah yeah. They shave some of your head in the they were amazing. They didn't. I have a cigar from head to head surfer. Might it to you like the very top of my home and because they.
He knew what my job was. They shave the minimal amount, so they have some hair on this side like it somehow that laugh can't tell something that now looking at you thanks and what was the recovery time from that that was mega because, with the other one in my body could handle it more. But when you have a little wind someone so brain when they get us sorry listeners getting sore and you cut open your skull and then they stitched that puppy back together. Again, that's such an epic amount of trauma for your body. Yes, and then, ironically, every time I left the hospital I bang my head and my free single sign, every taxi I got into was like douche damaged the one thing I meant to be taking care of man. I can't take care of it. Oh well, that was really difficult. I come from a family of raised to be like it, you're never allowed to say for me yeah, I'm, like I'm, not pity, is not a emotion that we have in this household. So I take it as well and with the second one I was just like
I'm trying really really hard to not be like. Why did it happen again? Yeah? But it sucked 'cause, I was only just getting over the first one and then the second one, but all of these things led me do you guys. Do I mean I lied? Sherman, like the north point, no percentile divide one of hides and to survive with no major repercussions, and now because that both done, I have more of an understanding of what's going my brain than most people yeah. So I get to be like. Oh no, I'm completely fine I should never do cocaine, that's pretty much it well. No, I don't do it so obviously as a result of all that you started. Same you, yes, is to broaden Neuro rehabilitation, access for young people after they have brain injuries or strokes. Yes, but here you've started a charity to
help people it's very admirable, and so what are the mechanics of that? How do you promote it? Raise money How do people get involved with it? Yes, So this is something that we started. It started as we wanted to get a sofa for the family room in the first hospital 'cause. My family would come in like creeks in there next be like yeah we're fine with with happy to sleep there. It's definitely find me being where you guys at Fuckin', uncomfortable domino's widow and come to light suicide is that- and I just wanted to give it back as one to give back so you badly, because I was so be to be taken care of, and I was so you grateful to be alive
and in the second half, and I was like ok, this is crazy, like I'm alive again out of that, I cheated death once more. This is absolutely insane one slash two to help people, because I was in the very fortunate position of being able to have a supportive, loving family and people around me to be able to hold me up and make sure that I was ok yeah, I'm this thing that was talking about about you leave hospital and you feel scared, regardless of what the thing is. So there is this huge white space at the moment for brain injury, which is recovery you go in and they fix your brain but no one fixes your mind and it's such a head, one about yeah dealing with that. So I wanted to be able to offer services to especially young people because there's
so much more life, you have yet to live when you then have to live with the knowledge and with the memories of an experience that I do dealing with physically old and mentally or just men today, yeah we got some were heavily exciting things coming up with what we've been seven big, big, big news, but the other part of it is the rule College of Nurses Foundation and I have partnered together and way creating a non US rehabilitation program that will train us is to do with brain injury in this new white space right that deals with mind body soul, his you leave the hospital and my goal with what the charges is for someone who's had a brain injury to someone to stand next to them on to hold a hundred. Look at the many I n guy who I can answer all your questions. Yeah, you are not alone. You are safe. I
going to be here every second great, so people who have been through it are now is that that the model- yes there's nothing more comforting than having someone who's been through the exact same thing, as you have tell you, oh and I'm on the other side of it or I'm largely on the other side of it, yeah yeah, that's great! So how do you curate the folks that are going to volunteer or help with that
yet so this was six months old, ok, well, I've been we've been building it for like four years, but there again quietly- and we raised a bunch of money with this amazing thing- that I did for there's a Spalding Research Center in Boston. That is doing a huge amount of research into the effects of brain injury on young people singularly and what are the main factors in? How can we therefore change our care to be able to be focused on things that we should focus done so ice, raise money for that, and then we've got so much incoming that we're kind of trying now to figure out how best to manage all of those different kinds of her people and all that yeah exactly 'cause. We got lots of people doing lots of kind of sports things for us.
Then: we've got this big, exciting new development is coming up and in what ways kind the people you love, so you we would in undated with something we weren't expecting all that's going to be got more off good stuff that we have- and that's wonderful note today. What percentage of your thought goes to that yeah me what happens is now. I know you for a solid fact: it'll never have another brain hemorrhage. Okay, I have a okay, but there is a minute should part of my brain that when I get a headache which is not connected with by the way, if you get headaches, you're not having a brain hemorrhage right, monitor no good for me really isn't my surgeons, where I was like I'm getting headaches and they were like soda people said a normal people. Radics drink water you'll be fine
I mean an but every time I get a headache and it's really really really bad. There will be a tiny little bit that will be like uh, yeah and then I'll say a meter is well. You see me raise Clark six times in my head and I'll, be like hey, crazy, lady. Everything is fine, Kristen was doing this movie couples retreat where in Bora Bora- and I was just there hanging and I would jump off in the morning the over the water, Bungalow yeah above the railing into the water- and I did it one morning and I hit cat landed real, Kind of hard enough where I was like oh fuck, I feel like I might get a concussion I went inside. I wrote notes everywhere all over the hotel room. You jumped off the bow at you know yes, oh well done am yeah. I just started frantically writing notes over 'cause, I'm like I'm, going to be on a loop here by myself. She's filming
and so she came back to the room. There just notes everywhere there was like you did this at this time and blah blah blah at least know what that panic is like if I gotta prepare right now, while I'm still thinking clearly yeah exactly so. The only thing that is the repercussion for me is, is a kind of muscle memory trauma thing yeah. Well, I'm contains something Amelia you deliver in real life yeah, you do really delivered yeah. You do yeah it's hard to live up to the Khalisi. Thank you We were saying whether you like the show very much thanks for you all so much time. Well, we adore you. Please come back that show with
and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, mate Monica Padman last Christmas, Amanda Small fired. Then this Christmas, for us apart, last Christmas. Yeah. It's only two verses, and I didn't even do that not averse too long, and I didn't do it is like I did, yesterday. I had a really dialed yesterday and I've lost it and you digital it is because this movie last Christmas. No, but that's a fun coincidence. I didn't know if you knew what you were doing this for Amelia's last Christmas, I made a small farm. Then I realized it Taurus about what are the real words last Christmas, I gave you my heart the very next day you gave it away. You tore it apart. I think it's
you gave it away, I gotta run with sad song, but it doesn't even rhyme yeah. Ok, in my heart. Very next day. Turn it up. No, no! No! It's alright the day and a les Paul, the teacher now Ryan wins the. How do they work this Christmas and in my heart, the very next day you gave it away. Now I'm never right about lyrics. I feel very next day you gave it away yeah, it's uh, add song ok hold on, though still let's make it about a fart, because that's why she gave his heart away. Ok, ok! Last Christmas, I made small fire very next day, threw me away because of Marty had man. That's a sad story to. She did not want him to foreign Christmas not on the Holy holidays, really upset about Jesus birthday, but Jesus,
probably far did that's a great question. The camera was the son of God, there's no reason he would have needed to fart in less God was like. I want my son to know what it's truly like to be human, so he must have gas to truly understand this. His creatures, I created ok, but you know also This was real and he far did well. Yes, there really was a man named Jesus Jesus, Christos Jesus was a nice man. Clearly, carpenter yeah great message and forgive thy name. And I'm sure he farted has there ever been awesome. He can turn water into wine, so it was now that all the miracles he performed modern man could perform. So he turned water into wine which, if you had Kool aid back, then zero BC. When you added Kool aid to water, people got the fuck just happened. He made this into wine, but it's not wine. It's Kool aid
but they won't know that until they didn't get drunk well, this is a stretch. This is a big stretch. He he turned water into wine. He walked on water. I can do that. I can water ski I can jet ski. I can always to walk on water. You want to spend from the future from nineteen eighty nine Kool aid jet skis. Ok, he parted the seas. How do you do that? I can't party but I could build a dam that would just stop if I built two dams and then just emptied the middle ok, sure is a bad example. Anyways we get called. Let's be honest bad example, the cool it was really good. No, it's not because that's not whine but but sugar will know. There's food call sugar and food coloring, that's all Kool aid and you have to imagine you're a twelve BC person You've, never seen red fluid right, other than blood sure
is, is that person is going to write down. I watch this man perform a miracle. He turned water into wine. My point is, I could go back to twelve BC right now with a packet of Kool aid and they would think I turned water into wine. That's my point would be tricking them, of course, of course course anyway. Last Christmas, yes, is a movie starring, Emilia Clarke, and you didn't even mean that that's really crazy isn't because I started singing it yesterday, wow. I wonder if you sub consciously remembered that, because We were talking about it, for another episode is ok because it's too coincidental. It just confirms that I'm in your father's simulation 'cause my um cares about this or just it's his simulation. So there's going to be lots of coincidence. Oh alright, it seems, like the architects, are paying a little too much attention to detail if they're making this coincidence 'cause
My dad wouldn't really care about this. No you want it at all, not at all so he needs this show to be good for his simulation. Ok, so he planted. The architect plan at the see to me yesterday. I'm accidentally doing it it's perfect timing. It looks like I'm a genius and I came up with a song for her thing. I mean I'm using the word genius loosely. I wouldn't say he wouldn't quite say that right anyways. I do think that this is all part of his we've been talking about the topic of genius. Lately, yes yeah. It's been a long standing. I want it's not a they were just like flushing out fleshing out some like thoughts on what is Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and you have a kind of specific definition which I think cold water yeah, because I guess I mean you are sort of a budding up against the idea. Of talent, verses genius, I think, they're very separate, and I think you think they're a little more
x. I do yes Wesley when you get into like a realm of only four people can do it on planet earth at a seven billion people. When you get into that room to me that that points to genius yeah- and I understand where you don't think so I I think the point you made, which is really good at incumbent on a genius or to be defined as a genius. You must further your discipline and break new ground, yes and you have to be seeing whatever it is. Is in your field you have to be seeing things like four steps ahead like you have to. Anticipating where the field is going to go. See things that no one else can see an also connected to that is like starting something from scratch
batch. Ok again, but this is where I'll go like ok, so frozen one. I read that script yeah. What Kristen did wasn't there? It wasn't on the page and it kind of it push that thing in a direct I think, was ultimately really positive and unique and fresh tell all her town interpretation of that written script, yeah I think there's some genius there. I I'm totally understand I think very valid point, but I think we need room for like can only be like a writer's and I even mean writers in terms of like writers of theories of relativity in authors thing. I wouldn't even call those people writers, though they had to write it down, but there me, those are not, riders there um
scientist, raiders or I guess I'm at yeah, you have to be uh to well. I think- That ingenious is creation. Do you think a dancer can be seems like some of these val ballerinas or Mikael Baryshnikov off. I think I would only categorize them as genius if they are making the dance up. Not the new discipline right they either. I mentioned new discipline or they're choreographing these. Does themselves so they're, seeing something out of nothing. But just being I don't know if Blake HAL Baryshnikov can do that. Or he's just a phenomenal executor of some other phenomenal hype. Talented dancer. I'm more likely to put the person whom created Swan Lake in the genus
category, as opposed to the dancer who can execute it. Even though I think that person is incredibly talented, yeah, it's interesting. I just think that there's very few people that could have read frozen and turned it into what she turned it into like. I don't think that's a skill. Barely anyone had I can't think of another person that could have done it that can sing and Do that and make the character three dimensional and create an archetype that would not even seen into Disney Princess movie somehow to get from that written rep that I read to what it is. I think there's some genius there yeah, that's nice, you think your wife said genius. I think that's lovely m O. I wrote something here that I wanted to talk about. I was listening to a podcast that I listen to bachelor podcast. Yes, a girl that was on the bachelor Melissa Rycroft
other one. We saw beaches. No, but that was the same season that that was Molly, Jason Jason was the bachelor and he picked Melissa and then picked his second choice. Molly. I love How excited you are the only it made me like you so much more. I get very excited by bad. Laura. You know in the in the in the river revelation that you listen to a bachelor podcast IRA law. I like it yes, Melissa and her husband Ty, and it's called logically rash, I'm going to give a big shout out my big old shouties car, logically irrational they talk about reality, tv which I'm not super up the data on, so I generally listen to the first half, because that's them just chatting and one of the episodes recently. This is going to come really full circle, because I heard this and then
Maybe they'll hear this: oh gosh wow wow wow! This is keep spiraling up, yeah, it's bouncing back and forth, but they were talking about power episode with Kate and Allie yeah. It was a huge pop out because I am a man laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep turn this on and you're the subject of their tall. You are and where you are we are we are I mean I'm not, but no, I don't come up once, but but we we as as an entity yeah are you so weird, very meta, yeah just like the simulation: yes, does simulate getting a little out of hand on the nose yeah. He got like a package like, I think when he picked a simulation. It was that you could pick between like super realistic, a little heightened or like fairy tale.
I think he might have picked fairy tale. That's nice yeah good for him. If you're going to pick, why not do it? That's the truth, who wouldn't pick fairy tale? People love vera similitude, maybe like I wanted to feel extra real. They just said Rosenbaum's podcast too Millicent. I think so. These aren't, then, ok, why do lovers rock I stopped to be fair. I had saved watching bachelor awhile ago I do this is so embarrassing. I do sometimes watch old episodes. The bachelor from that season. I have like four episodes downloaded on Itunes every now and then I need to feel safe. I watch can I ask you some questions about this. I'm serious, yeah sure so you're laying in bed by the way. I'm I've never heard them, so I'm not being critical of them at all
featuring you lying in bed, you're listening to your two favorite bachelors. Well, one one she's a she's, not a! She wasn't on the bachelor, no what no. She was a contestant on the show she won, but then got broken up with her. Her podcast is with her current husband, who was not on now: okay, okay, sorry, so, sorry, honestly, I'm trying my hardest to So when you're listening there, just chatting yeah and you it feels like, like oh they're and love, is that what the Is that the appeal yeah? What's the appeal? Well, I do like that, of course that's a nice. Well, sincerely. Your brand is only You love romance No! I love romance stories. Ohmygod issues. We watching now listen all issues that we've come together in the last six years, they're not in the genre of romance. It's not. We don't watch fifty shades of grey, I would not call that we don't want some twilight now
we don't watch romance movies or tv shows well tv shows depending there's, normally a romance in most tv shows game of thrones yeah. All the shows- and I like that- they wouldn't be in the genre of romance There's a genre of romance okay, yeah sing. What's her name's been in, that was in wedding, crashers, Rachel Ray, show me cab. Nearly everything she's in is would be filed under the romance category you're right there are certain directors, they they direct romantic movies yeah, and so I'm finding out is that you, you really like that. Well, I do I mean I love rom com well. I know you do and that, while yes, that's what something you and Mindy sharing common, oh yeah, Mindy Kaling, she loves her rom and you do too, and I knew that about you right and you think that's an indian thing think it's a um, not indian specific, but I think uh.
Growing up feeling like excluded or on the outside of those types of relationships. Yeah it makes it heightens those things yeah, I'm sure, that's all true anyways. So You're listening to them talk yeah. Are you like? Oh, I wish I was in this relationship, know what feelings are you having during it? Hornil is no, I think I'll stop being offended. I'm just saying they wouldn't like that. You said I'm sorry that make you horny no they're pretty conservative yeah, I don't know why I just for some reason I find it soo them comforting. I think it's because she reminds me of old time in my life okay, so there's like a nostalgia aspect to it: yeah they have a fun banter and I like it clearly there entertaining or you won't listen to him right so anyway, but sort of talking about the episode and I
did get really like on edge. You're waiting, I was waiting to hear something negative. You and I are so similar in that way. Well, because she was talking about you and kate- flirty Nishan. The way you communicate in how like you clearly when you type this to me, and I read the word flirty, I then prepared for a terrible outcome. Right. So yes, exactly like it was inappropriate or something yeah and she was mainly just like questioning 2x is to get, we're talking. What is that bring up and you know, should there the the flirty ness or well, with the wife thing all these things anyway, but it, but let's just make a statement really quick for America, because there were a few very, very few there a few comments on it. Graham you guys don't need to worry about Kristen. I don't do anything that Kristen hasn't approved or feel great about
no need to worry, she's, a very confident person she knew Kate was coming in, she could care less yeah. And she'll. Let me know if there's an issue so no need to really protective of her she's she's, quite able to protect yourself yeah, and I mean I think we all sort of operate under the notion that, just because something ends doesn't mean it has to disappear or that you have to shut off feelings completely and you can sort of stay in healthy boundaries and keep these. Human relationships positive anyway, but they are, but for a minute, but I was very on edge and you feel like they like. You were being filmed They were like in my house, yeah it. It was such a weird feeling broke the fourth wall. You
love it ultimately, Rexach didn't it wasn't negative, it was not negative yeah and they call and they said that they acknowledge that you're really smart. I liked all that makes me happy non. Big fans. Wait, no a big fan of theirs. Yes share, Yeah, ok, Khalisi, yes, Amelia Clark was so exciting to have her. She was so far. So fine just say that of course, will you come in or is the the khaleesi? And then you meet her and she's this young fun? Yes, she has sort of a lightness to her, which is sort of not police, no airbag ends. She didn't bring her dragon now. I was a little disappointed about, but that's okay, next time, one of them's dead or they're all dead, she's dead to everyone's dead man, or alert, so you said prosecutorial, and then he wondered if that was a word sure, still do. As you say it, it is a warrior. Oh, it is a word relate
into the institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respective a criminal charge. So you were right, we got lucky and we talked about knighthood sure because you wondered Desaga passed down, even though knighthood is something you earn right, can use be born into like a lord you're just born into being a Lord right. But that's a class and knighthood is a thing that happens, but it says It's not inherited must be earned, but knighthood grants nobility in at the instant of it, being the new night goes from being a commoner to being a noble and then all his pro are nobles and the knights, ability is inherited by the first generation of his or her offspring. Great, so that's cool. Do you think, and I'm just guessing you've probably seen even bigger blind spots in this in mind? but the thing I think I'm most ignorant about is the royal family. Would you say that's probably true,
you don't know a lot about. I don't know anything when you say like Prince Charles should turn the thrown over to Prince Henry or I mean, I don't know what you're talking about sure sure I'm not proud of everything Prince Henry is a person. Starting there, but I really am. I missed somehow I don't know how I I don't know any of their names will. Should we watch the crown yeah 'cause, we'll learn about it. Well, I know a little bit about Queen Elizabeth was that who the crowns about yeah? Ok, do you know I don't think you know anything. About Charles is one of 'em right. Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth son. I know, but the late Lady Diane Diana that was not a joke. I'm sorry to people who love Lady Diana Diana, Princess Diana Princess Diana. That was a heartbreaking. Of course that was a tragic of course, young lady, who is horrible, it's horrible horrible! You know I wish could have on Prince Harry. Ok,
Princess Diana's, Son youngest son who's just now married to Meghan, Markle, ok, but the redhead. Yes, yeah, he took those photos in Vegas with his butt cheeks out, and I was like this guy seems like a good time. Do you know about that? Yes, of course, and I was like oh he's, a normal person yeah but cheeks out in a hotel room, he's probably drunk. That's. Why I wanted to talk to him because it seems like he, probably the most has sort of butt up against this royal stuff, but he he has sort of circle back around. I think, but I think he wrote like a long article or something about maybe papparazi like privacy and the press is very mean to his wife right yeah. I think he wrote something maybe in defensive, her right, and then also talked about his mom in that and how depressed basically killed her yeah yeah although the driver was drunk, you know that I didn't know that yeah the driver of the Mercedes they were in a S500 Mercedes I'll, never forget that
and the driver had had drinks while waiting to pick them up God so that it's funny 'cause, yes, Papa Razi is a big element in it. But then I go to as well. My fear of like I take people drive me all the time I'm on. My I don't know is wrong. People drive everyone all the time now, yeah, you don't know who's drunk. I am fucking raging addiction and I think the general population had realize yeah yeah, that part scary, anyway, so I like the redhead, though he had great fuckin' buns. He was some kind of athlete to write. Poly rod be yeah soccer, my gas in the military to write. They all got to go to the military that I don't know about. I think, is with like other cadets, but now I feel like I'm knowing a bit about you actually are you're, just saying a bunch of random stuff. I don't actually know anything. I do like knowing he's invited on and I'd love to talk to you here. I'm sure
listens. I'm sure is hearing it. Yeah he's really having the moment you had about the bachelor broadcast season. This palace right now, yeah and he's like on a four poster bed. There's a pounds laying on the ground and he's like love. They talking about this or maybe that he listens to logically irrational, and so, unless Anti talked about our show, they'd was like oh there's this podcast, you check the that's my again. Oh various so bad, it's not started as English and ended his Australian in three words wow. So you said: STAR Wars was, is the biggest property of all time in film today I was looking at media franchising, biggest media franchise. Now that includes lots of things, merchandising merchandising
video games, box office and others okey. This is so embarrassing. Now I can't I'm not speaking from a place of authorities really not bogeyman is. But what what I have observed is that they're just blobs, I I mean it's so embarrassing to the world, but that's the number one fuckin'. It seems so not create their blobs right, animal they're, yeah, they're little animals, barely yes, cartoon their animated completely on complex and are they just search? squares. Look something right. We can't clearly ninety five billion. Ninety five billion you guys for blobs ok I'll show you a colorful blobs, and I thought it was for like six month olds. No, my god, it's for my ' older than six months yeah remember Pokemon! Go that like, everyone was doing later on their phone when there's no key hidden. All over my
pokmon 'cause? I'm pokey, Monica, that's a game! You can play with your boyfriend. Ok, look how cute he is yeah. I could draw that. That's problem, no, you could draw princess on it. I said: no, yes, you could Kristen. Can she drew one on one of the talks or she, did they had to draw their characters and it was unbelievable, he's shockingly she's, very good at drawing, and so are you you've been doing a lot of drawing lately and it's been really good, It's really good. I am really impressed by your You are the wind in my sails and you actually got me thinking that I might dedicate a day a week too, as I get older, I would be lying there online yeah. What I do love is, you know my processes, I draw a picture and then I have to think of what the bubble would say: hey that's what's the most fun for me. Yes, thinking of what the characters either thinking or what their plan is, and that is really fun they're funny and I really want you to
start doing it with me. So I think you would really enjoy the part where you put the thought bubble. Yeah I like doing thought bubbles, but I'm not good at drawing to an exact dream. Yes, stop: okay, okay, because you drew a wrinkle in one of the boys heads and I Looked at that wrinkle, and I was like oh my god. I would never like just never think to draw a wrinkle. Or in a boy part you really were impressed with, is that there is a gap between poor inner pane got yeah. One of the pictures was a girl that her sunglasses fell off. She bent over engine for it. Anyone could see this yeah, so she was farting and also been reading glasses and then she far did 'cause. She went so quickly those glasses yeah. We do not have our classes fell off, but there is
too bad it'll, fitting yeah and there's this tiny gap between the back of her shirt in her pants, and I was like. Oh my god. That's exactly what it would look like in life. That's exactly right, you your shirt would write up, but just a little tiny bit and you would see even the back you know, is so realistic. I think you're my mom, like your apartments, going to be all my drawings, I can't wait up all over your apartment. My mom would do or I would do for my kids yeah. I think that's what's hair my kid. Yes, I'm your son, which makes sense because you're you're my wife's mom yep and her wife yeah and her baby yeah, but I think the fact that you're her mom makes you my mom too. Turning your becoming my mom as well, your mother in law. She
anyway back to the fact that Christians, an incredible drawer as well she's, really good, so good. And she drew that on out. Like I don't know, it looked perfect really. Yes, I got to see that you can't say just 'cause. You could have drawn pokmon that it shouldn't be worth ninety five billion because Kristen can draw on. Oh, ok, it's a good point. Alright, you made it We got our cloud took a long time to get their mounted in great great argument, I will say about Pokemon ninety five billion media franchising, but one point: seventy five billion box office, which you are I think talking about movies- yeah yeah, I was star. Wars is above that nine point, forty nine billion, but it's not the most. The most is Terrence. Posner no marvel cinematic universe, include all those yeah, that's the franchise being fair. I think you could either compare it to iron man or you can compare it to
no star wars is multiple movies. Well now it is with the first three were Luke Sky Walker story yeah, but this isn't just a first or a noble thing. But if those those things those three movies adjusted for inflation fingers. What she's run away. We have to go back to my god. The amount of times you say, adjusted for inflation, it's relevant, don't you think I don't think it would even come close to marvel. I don't well, but again, it's three movies versus now, like fourteen movies, yeah, that's part of it. Star. Wars keeps making more now they do you're right, you're, right, you're right, I guess you know what you're one thousand percent right when I said it, I was referring to the first three just for what it's worth. Ok, I'm not specific about it, though. So it's my problem. Okay, so we don't know the difference between an aneurysm and and Melissa. Did you find out yeah? Okay,
it's kind of a lot of reading. Aneurysm. Is a localized abnormal weak spot on a blood vessel wall that causes an outward bulging like into a bubble or Bolin? So just the the the balloon, the vessel that's turned into a balloon: that's an aneurysm yeah, okay, not the not the, thing then exploding, although this is aneurysms, can also be night for clot formation and embolization What is embolization the exploding of an aneurysm? Now, that's she said: hemorrhaging as an aneurysm increases in size. The risk of rupture increases leading to uncontrolled bleeding, although they may occur in any blood vessel. Particularly lethal examples include aneurysms of the circle of Willis in the brain circle of Bruce Willis, aortic aneurysms affecting the the. Aorta and abdominals aortic aneurysms annual,
can arise in the heart itself following a heart attack, including both ventricle and atrium. Septa energy. Like my heart's blowing up his hearing I know okay and Emma is the lodging of an embolus, a blockage causing piece of cereal inside a blood vessel and then does the swallow swell up around it or something 'cause blocked embolism, maybe a blood clot, a fat globul lobby whole flat gob Glock WAR fat, globule, a bubble of air or other gas or foreign material. An embolism can cause partial or total blockage of blood flow in the affected vessel. Such a blockage may affect a part of the body distant to the origin of the embolus and m. In which the embolus is a piece of thrombus. Oh, my God is getting sexual
his call called the thromboembolism. An embolism is usually a pathological event. I a company being illness or injury me sometimes is create intentionally for therapeutic reasons such as to stop bleeding or to kill a cancerous tumor by stopping its blood supply. Such therapy is called embolization, We still don't really know. Do we, but my theory was that aneurysm is an embolism. Rice load. So that's deadline. Yeah, I'm going to have to ask Eric Topol explain it in terms and then I'll get back to everyone, love Eric Topol love, oh, that's all yeah. Do you think she pretty in real life yeah? Of course, I always ask you if you think the guys are handsome. I want to be equal. I think yeah you should. So pretty such round feature th. We do talk a lot about round features on this episode. Last night or two nights going, I was drawing pictures I drew on all right specifically to continue our
hey yeah one. It was somewhat objectively round features talking to someone very pointy features sure, but the guy was round features was pretty slow oh, and he thought he was a green with the guy with pointy features. Yeah 'cause I got with pointing feature set. I love Rome, features yeah and then the guy with round features said. I love sharp angles to yeah. He didn't realize they were saying different things yeah. I was really confused by that picture. That was too abstract. So do you think round feature people are dumb now? Okay, now I think they're perfect well, Amelia's perfect, so we can say thank you for coming thanks, Amelia, very calming what an honor yeah to the Queen mother, mother drags. We love you Amelia, bye, bye,
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