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2018-06-04 | 🔗

Erika Christensen (Traffic, Swimfan, Parenthood) is an American actress and one of Dax's most beloved TV sisters. Erika sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her journey as a child actor, her emphasis on clarity and recall, and the areas in which Scientology has informed her worldview. Erika details her days as a cyclist and Dax talks about his favorite scene on Parenthood, They discuss some of their earliest memories of one another, the importance of B vitamins and how bystanders could easily have mistaken them for lovers. Dax, also, reveals the location of the best grilled cheese on planet earth.

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Hello, welcome to the armchair expert. This is Dac Shepherd your house, some joined with Monica your co host and now before we get into this episode, which is with my I am ever beautiful, talented tv sister Eric Kristensen. I guess it, the disclaimer I'll say that something I've been wanting to bring up for a while, and it is kind of a context I'm hoping people will think of this pod cast in India. The thing that that I liked a lot about major in an anti poverty was this kind of mindset. They forced you to adopt so that you could understand other cultures in at the time it was called cultural relativism. I don't even know it's popularly more of that whether teaching, but the point of cultural relativism was too not go into learning about something with the goal of judging Matt thing, because if your goal is to judge it as
moral or a moral or good or evil. It really gets in the way of you understanding that thing and a very tempting thing. I quit I'm often quicker to say whether I think someone's an asshole or there is there a saint, but when you want to study things, you're mere knee jerk reaction is this: is This is evil at the expiration. That's all we need to know about it, but, as you learn more about the culture environment their living, and you may ultimately come to the conclusion that this is a very bad practice or whatever, but by not jumping to that. Yet it allows you to learn about why, when how things happened- and my goal in this bad case is to do that- is to understand why something is the way it is and from that person's point of view- and I did, the interest is in more the pursuit of key
Zawoiski and not and not a conclusion, so that is my disclaimer to say that we're gonna talk a lot about Scientology in this episode, and I applaud Erika for being so honest about it and you might be at home, saying you should be trying to prove to her. Why that's wrong, and I just want to say to you that that is not my interest. My interests is to find out what it does in her life in my she's drawn to it, and I M a thing: she did a very good job of letting us in on that and no one's tiny convince you. That's right. No one hears trying to contribute anything
and even eight months I talk about it. Oh one, more thing before we get into Erika this week, we have a bonus episode, someday newer, starting called experts on expert where we'll talk to people who actually know what they're they're talking about Nanda this week, we're gonna have a really exciting person, who's, a childhood psychologists, a clinical psychologist who knows quite a bit about child rearing, which then extends to adult life, is where and pigs it's not just for people and children. I found it endlessly fascinating ya. Gotta say it was my arm, my very favorite hour and a half we ve had a meat was so intellectually stimulating she so smart and well spoken and fun. So I really hope everyone on Thursday will check out experts on expert. This episode is bad. To you by square space. When it you normally Monica, have a lot of anxiety about the task of having to create your own website. Yes, I dont know how to do that. Daunting. Yes, it's
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acts for a free trial and when you're ready to launch used, offer kodaks to save ten percent of your first purchase of a website or domain that square space dot com for its last dax and use the offer kodaks to save ten percent of your first purchase of a website or domain he's writing regarding acquisitions in long time says that I welcomed the armchair expert. Thank you so much. I'm really excited that you're. Here your highly requested that you ask them we feel nice yeah, but we ve known each other for a long time prior to parenthood yeah. I was probably ten years before apparent thing that the other you're much better at dates than I am, but not with your and traffic in two thousand and ok, let's have a low benchmark. Ok, I have
ten years ago. So how are you? Seventeen? Ok? I met you why you have to swim, fan and swim man's two thousand Jews erect, who doesn't to at least did wish whenever This is basically at some point. I'm gonna need to make these dates. Work were you in adult. When I met you, I was nine more unhappy that I thought your heart, that's just as you are probably nineteen yeah and we met because you hung out with other seventy shoe kids yeah. It was completely my social world rights. It was a lotta people, social world I was such a hub, I mean it's it's crazy. On a Friday night and shoot night, it was like fifty other aids that we would just come
hang your hundred audience members in two hundred guess: yeah outward arouse Geier didn't even watch. The shell were just going into all the dressing room. Yes and I was late tobaccos I shot with culture again any invited me, but that was like your six or seven, so you were already well established in that that group can, I guess so because I think we shot traffic between season one in two of seven days. Maybe that early in your involve, but those guys that yet will you knew Danny for a long, long time, right, yeah, but I mean Jeanne shawl socially aware, but then it was toe. Fur traffic oh right yeah rattling, that was your gateway, yeah and so Guess I don't know you must adjust invited me like coming out on a shoe tonight and then it was like welcomed. This here. Here. Have some friend welcome to this world of twenty year old millionaires alone homes? Why did I mean it's a pretty wildly Yes, I mean less over you
probably having grown up an ally, but for me for sure, as these all these young people I've escalates and rats and share and it just seemed like the high school had won the lottery or anyone. Right, go visit like there be especially Wilma there be indifferent car every time and wellness parking spot, and I like this is amazing. This guy's, like twenty two and just living like a lottery winner, yeah and they'll have, but they are all very, very friendly, yeah nice nice welcoming include save thugs and so on point at work, which is great that that, like the show didn't suffer, everybody was still funny. Everybody is told just there when it came time for their seen, evil, other out like playing craps, yes in IRAN came probably rob now I mean I feel it. I saw some new Irish, my guys with some new guy I've, but during the show I'm not a word for our.
Yes, definitely heavily afterwards. Yeah feel like maybe a couple. A loop blew up cocktails just to loosen up before it takes I realize I remember me, I imagine it another unique thing about them is it was strive for jealousy, which I did not witness, because you had like say ashen in that. I am had a number one opening movie with just married or whatever, and then to overburden traffic and people are doing different. Things were known, seemingly getting jails of one another. There are very supportive in loving yeah, that's pretty unique yeah was is very call to win, as they are very supportive of each other and in let's just for a half a second for people who have not met Wilma while the roman real life, I dont think people have any. Sense of what he's like in real life of any lack of actors. I know in on screen and offscreen yeah in real life, Wilma could, we say he's like tops five sexy assume biggest ever live. Do you think that would be fair sure he's
so charismatic and person right he'll little I feel like the first time that I met him. He Man said: let's run away to one party or same when we look at, what do I need a brain? Do you do need to wait or certain call literally dancing, and then not only is his personality that, like very outgoing, very funny very smiley, charming, but This man dance Monica, anything Bruno Mars. The sun rise assets on his dancing. I need is an ally that it's an exceptional dancing, but Wilma is a better dancer. Let me tell you why he and his sister remind me of his sisters name Maryland. Marylin, and he grew up his kids dancing tango together, is that with danced on his way, I wouldn't say would be tango. It must have been salsa, my whiteness
he's gonna really shows her. Suffice to say, I'd never seen this variety of dancing and it was as a lack trick is anything I've ever witnessed in every time we would all go out to any kind of night club or whatever those too variously. Do some of these routines. They knew his kids in. It was like what whatever dancing with the stars is times for those two been dancing together, said Billy, eighteen yeses, Also, when you say every time we would go out, that was very frequent. Yes In writing. I was followed by certainly every Friday night and then there was the whole just Penta Sarah's weak, who was a guy promoter who kind of new every night to be at every club, Riah. The I was never tight with her, but you are very tight with her rightly I I don't know she. She has certainly much closer friendships, but like we had a love, and I certainly respected basically what
her business wisely. I she built a social structure, was like, while, if you want to see your free and hung on Monday night. Then you better go to Joseph School, that's where they are right right right, you know, and I never got to the I never got to like I've had first into that because I was also living with my girlfriend and I can only go out may be twice a week when she was working knights of the round, strand, so I couldn't do like Monday, Josephs or Tuesday. New would convey our you'd be dead, and I was God. Oh again, Acta, Wilmore sex appeal also goes back. I'm gonna resists the urge to compare it to something food oriented because again, that's that's too dicey but white, hot flame of sexual appeal from this guy yeah. It's some some people really own it.
Yeah like and he just owns oozed sex appeal like he knew the he knew that you don't be dumb pump breaks you just let it now I'd find myself even as a male a tall she knew. Just kind of getting mixed up and confused and lost in what was happening his he as super charming. Then everything is talking very smooth. I can say about him heads and then let's just get right, this then so one night add Tom. Well Merce House, I took a nude swim. Correct right now. We would you just yeah shot. Let me stress lots of women. One person was anti doping. I had not brought a suit swimsuit in mind Hence I I was drinking you and I have the we share of most people. I know professionally. I've never really drank around. That's true yeah, that's true,
interesting it so satisfy. I have actually that with a few other people, but I basically new like when they were kids, you know no one. They were wild and then to see kind of the growth, and, though wisdom and all of that accumulate and and all kinds of whatever it is, that gets them to be passionate about life in a new way to see that adult this is so cool and for you you were so immersed in this younger acting community. You must have also seen tons of fatalities. I mean whether literally or just you witnessed some stuff right where people were they sell sabotaged, or they just took themselves out, yeah yeah, whether literally or not- certainly, thankfully nobody's jumping into my mind right now right right right, but it's fine too, because I'd, I think there was probably a level of.
Ignorance. I had about what was going on. Just like you were saying, like you were part of the drinking likely if there was again going on, or is just that thing of like when you're pregnant. You see pregnant people everywhere it's so you were aware of things on a level that I just not being drinker. Yes, never was, and I didn't drink until I mean like I had a half of a drink here, and there is something like that, but I didn't more than one drink in a night until my twenty first birthday, and then I was kind of bombed about it because in effect my balance and I wanted to be dancing while I'm gonna go through a laundry list of what I think are unique, eclectic character traits of air Christians, as you are definitely my top ten most unique friends, just as a person that I'm out of the room, this wham presuming, but that right there you didn't drink right, we won drank and you didn't drink and I was wrong
admittedly fascinated with that, because I was often trying to quit drinking or maybe quitting for three months when I would notice someone else was drinking. I was uniquely drawn to that. Yeah- and I would be saying you like- why aren't you tricky? There was impossible it in you. Just can t Are you a zero attached, to it one way or another you does like. Oh, I just don't ya William. What does that mean itself panic as it is? It just wasn't part of the equation like it just calculating leaving those from parenting like had you been kind of borned like hey, Staying control yourself, don't do the other. Well, it's part of definitely parenting part of that. The warning ness, but like temper with no set like rules and potential punishments, and that kind of thing like nothing,
rebelled against essentially all a home, and so when I remember, I think the first thing I ever had was. I went to a frat party with a friend when I was sixteen Milburgh danger, and here and was looking around my case. I'm not relating to much of any of this, but ok, I can have a beer and so like had half a beer was like not taken with it was cool, got a little buzz from a have a beer and then went home and told my mom mom. I went to his party. Had half a barons as I come from, has always is neutral yeah. Had already given me a bunch of her viewpoint about essentially retaining your lucidity and and not for safety. Since, but just the value of that the pure value of lucidity, and that that I think what hit home to me in what struck me in what I took pride in and and and what I,
do you know- and you know so interesting- is that that is all All the same. I believe, while personally motive for why you get fucked up as I find lucidity oppressive, sometimes you know, like my mind, is very very busy and I need a fucking break from it. Some time. I'd like that that over clarity may be that I think I have on certain things. Are the obsessive mine that that lucidity is is, is come some for me. Sometimes. I totally understand that, and I know other I've talked other people who have said the same thing like I gotta there's an button bright, please, but I want the punch, card he occasional Taiwan, Gimme ADA, we had taken up. Do you still get your eight hours, I'm doing better? I have a magic bed right now, the tracks myself. But yeah when I wake up in the morning. I look at this app and it tells me like when I got out of bed how long I was restless with my heart rate was my oxygen level
with everything else, I look. I just basically wake up and look at christened how good her sleep was grim line in that's really all about my you got twice as good. A sleep is me last night in the same amount of time, because she goes that that headed the pillow. One sign our Isaak ass she's gone unlike call you more rigorously no k good No, I definitely try drinking the great relief. You know I never thought of having great. If the end result of this whole thing was that I do I bet I argue and becoming alcohol as actually peer pressure. I am Monica heeds us about make. She thinks I'm a bad peer pressure which I am because Monica is very enlightened, very smart did great and colleges and over achiever across the board, said to her you're gonna die, not knowing when having taken mushrooms is like. Doesn't that Bob you don't, you want to have that experience before you leave the planet. Caroline See I'm with you. Yes
Also. I meant I can justify things in all kinds of different ways, but basically like as assigned hollow just job, and I definitely cannot speak for every scientologist about anything right because everybody has their own beliefs and comes at it from even other religions and all kinds of stuff. However, I dont believe this is the first time I have lived on this planet and I basically think I'd probably done absolutely every before you don't have that panic. I have words like I've, got a student this year's tower, I got a fucking, dig, a hole that rings water or else taking Pakistan gas. I always feel declaring that be very like I don't need to win an academy award. This go around, I might do it through. A tiny minority. Images like this could be it but before we get into saying does because I want you, because you and I have had many
It covers issues over the years about it because we worked together for six years, and I like talking about that kind of stuff and you are very open about it. I love your curious about deeper things like what do people actually believe not just like yes, but he driving, and I think it be useful for me to give, because I can take her side of the argument which I'm a fan of doing. If I'm talking to people who are super critical Scientology. These are the things all point out. You're gonna, definitely correct me, but I'm just gonna go against the common perception of some things Let's just say I'm talking with somebody. He goes that person says oh, they make that they believe in aliens ok and then they say: oh in they gotta pay all this money to be in their religion and then I point out Ok, let's say they believe in aliens. I find
and alliance to be. At least I untypical speaking a lot more plausible than a man in the sky that has a beard who had a son who sent the sun down the planet. Earth only to be killed, come back up to him, yet there are still three of others. Those too, only goes man isn't more possible than aliens, so just the genesis of of both religions. You can't say ones crazier, just by its concept, even if you believe there's aliens again. This is where your Prego, we don't leave unknowns, but even if you do or dump let's say you do for the sake of this sure, ok can I think I do ok, gray. I think the I think it's pretty plus like the fact that we would be completely alone in this universal there's. Millions and millions of stars just within our cluster worm, be near zero and a close. Galaxies, that our cluster cluster closer its web. The universe is in Spain, arm chair? If you dare armchair
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and get fifteen percent off when you create your playlist. Playlist generator expires June, seventeen in terms and conditions of life. So from the get go you know it's not more proposed. Worse than any, of our main religions being judeo Christian or Islam, and then money. You gotta pay a lot of money to go, go through the ranks well To that I say my grandparents were Baptists innate. They were expected to, and did you the ten percent of their income to the church yeah what five pillars. Islam is donation, so there is generally a financial commitment to any major religions. So in that is nothing really different. Then third or there people there that are they'll, say slaves at work, for nothing to Baku and also how much are the choir boys getting how much of the guys who carry the stuff in the Duke Catholic Procession, like the the
service to your church is also very, very, very normal and then to your point, which I think we should get up from the get go and I'm glad you said it is you have your take on Scientology you're, not speaking, resigned, algae you're, not saying what everyone's relationship with it. Ireland. I too am in a group that people think there's a call which is a aid and there are as many different people that you know at your crowded bar room that so many different kinds of people are in a hey. So you could meet someone who's, a fucking lunatic, not question sure in his interpretation of aid might, I might think, is batch crazy in his ways of mine, he would think was crazy right. So I dont think either of us will be speaking for either of our organizations. Ah at all. Right, ah with that said with is also unique about you is: is there are, in my experience, with Scientologists an ally which I know Polly a dozen yeah. There are people who found it
the people there were re scientologists right and you re Seinfeld distract right. It's funny, because I like to really be specific about that too. Because it's hard to its hard raise some one as a because it something that you do is not something that you believe, and so my parents, definitely our scientologists approached parenting from Scientology viewpoint. I know I know that now as an adult, I can see that in in the way that they approached me as a kid and really trying to try to do. What I am doing now is apparent, which is trying to temper absolutely necessary discipline and rules and structure with fostering independent thought and and freedom of personality. You don't just it
to be true for you. It kid, like don't take anybody's word for anything ever basically right without being a cynic or without being in a closed some kind of paranoiac yeah, it's just the one you have if you dont have yourself so that and then various things like you know, drinking and drugs and stuff, like that, we basically think it's counterproductive. Lange right if you get right now, knew it again I'll point oh yeah, but my understanding haven't you can tell me if I'm wrong, but your drugs for sure. As an that's just off the table, forget this right. Yeah drinking is allowed yeah right, but absolutely eldest drink black, but they generally do not do drugs and are strongly urge never to do drugs. Yes, yes, because its it as the action of Scientology when you are picking a part in the chronology of your life and its effects
upon you. It really helps to have that lucidity awe and so like it's almost announcer going back to the other Tom but almost just selfish. On my part. To like, I want to be able to remember everything I want to be smart. You wanna be at your peak to render an eye, and I want to consider that I'm always just deriving toward the might best self. Yes, you were home school, was that based on being Scientologist are being a child actor or a combination of both ban actor I'll caveat. I was there was a practical thing, because our spending so much time like in classes and additions and work, and I said so- but Communication being just the key to solving a problem that I feel like that's, where my parents really also succeeded in making themselves
safe, to talk to you so that when I d go and say I am I first beer, I told them instead of going, I'm gonna be in such deep shit like. I can't do that and then deriving and my really getting into that the phenomena of justice major, dumb, aware everything they say is wrong, no matter what it is, and it ain't no one just like it, so defensive and never had to be so defensive because I was like well, this happened. You say that you did take the the the path of them. Either a lie about it or I'm gonna be in trouble. So now you're bring it very busy going. Ok song troubles long and explain to them more. Making Jenny also drink right in saying you know, I'm the only person doesn't recent your creating this entire chattering, your head is fake. Argue that's gonna ensue behind your inner ear, bolstering your side of the case right. So now you occupy here whole brain with your side of the coin.
Sets inevitably coming your way. He up or you're gonna lie to him and now you're building like one did you drink giant now, because we want to Cathy's and Cathy's mom is evangelical. There's no booze in that you like both so you're out of your completely after the raises right in and either direction and you'd. Do you dig your heels in cell hard when you know that by going you're going about my congenial to drink, it did so you can't own it can't be like I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do, if you, if you are already on the defence rights, the defeat to admit air, exactly right, it's me against you right now and I have to win this and which is always the case run with, like all of life now and then they were never like. You need to go to church or anything like that too, is like this is what we are interested in these words the things that we believe also, you were not required now, like oh you're, going you're goin anywhere you're taken into worrier you're, I've ever known as like. We think this is a good idea.
Would you check it out? You know, and always the choice and always over gusher, I mean I was a kid sounds cool me fine and then, when I actually, when I was like twelve, I started doing a bunch of the little introductory courses that they still have now that a few hours each and are guided by some type of teacher. There not a teacher a supervisor, because this between you and the text. But if you gets not handwriting something the dictionary that right there in order to help you out will ya so let us go again. This is all my layman's. What I think I ve gathered over the years yet one one of the big tenants right in Santa you're the learning technology is clearing words rights, also, when you're reading something- and you come across a word which we all do and you dont know what it means and you just think out whatever I'll blow by it may be. The contacts afterward won't help me understand what that was that everything after that moment after you ve passes,
word that you'd understand. Now all the information are going together after that is going to be a little bit more skewed. Is that my do have a right to do so, the recommendations. Is that folks carry a dictionary they have one around at all. You know boy, Agnes to figure it out to study. The absolute me should do with a dictionary and then every time you get to any word, you're, even a little bit confused about you you're obligated to really look it up really understand it before you go forward right all the definitions that are in use if there are clear definitions whatever, but just you don't wanna keep under the same word again, it's a different definition and you ignored that last time So it's a very thorough process. Ok, there's four different definitions: there's two verbs into edge. You know like oh there's this now one that super weird. Nobody ever uses it like that, but its grammatically corrects part of the english language fine, you no clear it and then you look at the etymology of it comes from latin most Li L yeah check it out, and then you get it and it becomes step part of you that you don't have to like.
Fill in the blank with you know as your reading the sentence, you know how you do that, sometimes how you're like and synonym for that word convert firstly to clearing words. I actually enjoy the challenge of. I have nobody include that order by air and sea with five more sentences, albeit to figure out what they met the air like, I almost enjoy that challenge. That's that's a fun gay. That's the Dac shepherd to pronounce totally may reply informed by being dyslexic ears like it. If I had a look of every fuckin word, I would it is never the dictionary now. Did you met. Laborious is a guitar. Did you find it fun like a like little bits of research? I think it's just have to move us just like part of like that's, schooling, inner being on the school age, just gonna made sense. I'm your man, built. A real Europe will have quite a catalogue of words in your vocabulary. Back from having done that, yeah, it's pretty good. The core loves to challenge me. Yeah, he's like there are no
No way you ve heard of this word, what does this mean in a like? I am means anything now I call is Eric, is very, very handsome physically moose dodgy owed husband, ragged into oh god, I'm so sorry around twelve, you start doing it and then you start liking it in other. Giving new tools to go through your, nor trials and tribulations as a twelve year old, like our they yeah there they're giving you kind of like techniques to use when you run into challenging situations, even at that age, sure that The names of those introductory courses are like successor, communication right how to how to genuinely communicate one person to another. Just like talk at each other in there's a really simple thing about this too, as it has been explained to me by one of our mutual friends which, yes, when Windsor and I'll just talk to people there, they are committed to listening right, isn't
like a specific approach to listening, while its literally just that it's my turn to be receiving you, even if you are talking to me. That supposed to be talking to you, I'm supposed to be listening to you. What about planning the next thing? You're gonna say why? How keen level about now listening bomber, because what whatever it is, you could give an example as if we're just playing ball great, so I can't be throwing in catching. At the same time, you ve got the ball yours to me- and that means I'm catching no one's I've received the ball cool, which is also an acting exercise that they blear of young. Factors always tell a man, but no, you may was explaining this. She had an acting codes that that kind of explained, listen. He needs
came to her by doing that on the sap yeah, which is fascinating. That's great. You would just hope that the person that your listening to can actually expressed the concept that they want you to grasp, and so your goal is to be able to grasp what it is that there are telling you yes and vice versa. You'd hope that but you're trying to express his actually grasped as it here, but it does so like your actually making an effort which has one is one of my soapbox. Things of that. You make enough to understand the person's point of view, which I dont think anyone teaches us really almost like from the second. You engage it's like you're, trying to plant your flag in their brain or vice versa. The idea comes from insecurity that if you actually let that person's point of view seep into your brain enough in really begun, but that it can have to talk to really try on that hat, that your stance may change right.
I think there is fear in there. I think this part of the reason we were so resistant to it like out. If I really do here the mountain I really am agent, myself been going through all those steps, maybe I'll reverse my position and that scaring people- oh it's terrifying, scary, to meet scary, to letting me almost what what did I just rivers. My position on forget. Really and wiser. Sorry, now it's very brave of you so stupid. Look. You have injured in something Remember we send remember, and I a guy like me, I but will have it by the bacteria. Let me right, yes, that the willingness to really hear someone out without fear that your positions, gonna crumble right under this new point of view, is just
a healthy endeavour year, alot of folks yeah. What brings me do another interesting Scientology principle, which is that any confusion also likening it to a physical thing. If we, if you're in a storm with leaves blowing all around you, you know it's it's disorienting and confusing, and when Euro losing, while ok and so what you do to solve, that is grab one piece and that's where you start and then everything else is related to that right. Like you view, zeroed in your focus and you're your literal. I focus ending era, you're your attention to one thing right and you can- and you can do that man to leave with any subject, and you can be completely wrong in the leaves that you grab you feel so much better to have leaf. Raw, and so, if someone's trying to pry it out of your hands its eve, you feel
the your realities, Horseshoe Garibaldi, and so, if you're willing to just wait that out and then does if you're gonna grab a new leaf. Ah, then, you can come back down as soon as you have a new one, but you need to have a stable data against which to relate everything, right, but it's so uncomfortable to go through the switching yet at its, and it makes you feel like you're wrong and it makes you feel like you're losing part of it. Identity, and all of those things are so in our identity ones. That is even remotely threaten. That's where the worst side of ourselves comes out, because that's what we're protecting as if it were our children are a source of food like that's, very threatening to people. That's ok, so when so then what what physical steps like when you, you, I'm sure, find yourself in situations where it's very chaotic and all this is happening and what it? What is it that you'd tell yourself to steady yourself in and build? The focus is basically like will say it
a decision that needs to be made. So you have all these factors and basically the the step by step process that I can put myself through is it's it's actually, it's written out by l, DOT, RON Hubbard and it's called the doubt formula and you can go through it, and basically I mean it's: it's like an expansion of like a pros and cons list where you evaluate what are my intentions for this thing and then what this. What are the other intentions and then did the intentions and actions of these two things match up or do a hypothetical you get offered a job. Next rank in New York City to be on a new tv show yeah What in your mind, while I have a kid- and I have one on the way that goes in the council s right doing, be travelling in New York was in new the two baby right. Why wouldn't causeless. It would be water, my intention, so my intentions, art preserve my family unit. Whatever would have elegant to you on that way round. Then worthy intentions
This show, who knows. Maybe they really really respect that and they want to make that transition as smooth as possible and figure out how to have my family life there, and all that I dont know how to find out. Ok right, but data like no make it work, ok, good zone, but in their intentions are to make their tv show under whatever circumstances my family be damned and then go through that way, and just look at all of the intentions and all of the resulting actions from those intentions and essentially the efficacy of those actions in accomplishing those things. So even you can find that you know what totally on the same page with the intentions, but the actions are really not working. Xo. Don't wanna join in your actions when you're like failing at whatever you're doing right right and you
you just take yourself through until it becomes clear, aha yeah I needed to be on your team about that or not, and you find the most that you're a decisive person that you generally can come to a decision that you feel good about and don't regret yeah. But I mean it's frank as if you are just asking, if I'm a decisive person, I feel like I'm better at making the bigger choices than the smaller choices. I dont tend to regret those like real yeah yeah, but then, if I get stuck on something, and I and it's just not feeling like I'm able to do it, then I then I have to do Thou formula I dont have to always do it right now, a lot of the time you're like gathering the information from the personages like oh yeah, that's not gonna work right! There's some instincts fuel got level too
yeah you just know yourself well enough to see like that. Doesn't match up yes or have done this in the past and in pan out and yeah right. I think I think people myself, including could get really bogged down in what the theory is behind certain things at the expense of evaluating the outcome. Right, so. For instance, there are many parts of aid that I think are either massage because it was written in the thirties or wait to God Centric for my taste, there's a whole batch of things and there I may be don't agree with, but then, if I look at the results of this thing, results. Are these people worry they're gonna be dead in prison or in an insane asylum and now their healthy, thriving and have kids right? I could
choose to continue to focus on these? Three elements that I disagree with in theory more, I can just look at the results in care a little bit more about that gets a choice. I get to make sounds awesome, I'm actually not drawn assigned. How did just because a don't do you know? This is one of the long debate We had in a car driving back from says, wedding, yeah grammar this in It was one of my one. My one is is with it was ok, so there's a book Alex by all run Hubbard right. It teaches you how to go clear right right. There is a Bible there's a guy That's all the information there is on I'm Catholicism as in that Bible right. So why is there a priest and understand why there's a priest- to tell me what the meaning of the words in that book is that that that's always been my objection to Catholicism is Why is there a hierarchy when it's based on a text? We all have the ability to read the text.
Once a better or worse interpreter of tax is, I mean, that's not true, flexibly moreover, what they read that other things being equal the Can I have the same intellect and the same? comprehension level. Why on earth? I know more about the same book that we both red and why is even. Elevated to a position of power and authority. I dont trust that tone. Allies on my great leninism at one point of yours was or if this is based on taxed, Why on earth are their levels? Why is there a hierarchy? Why is there a president? The over the only things, I think, is absolutely miraculous about a is it's a completely structuralist organization. There is no president's there's no secretaries. Nothing? Nobody knows more than anyone else due to a two day sobriety, Just a valid as pensioners I do with thirteen is amazed, that's magic. Thing I'll saves. The cool is part of a hey right, yeah, so
What was your defence of that when I was saying, I don't understand why you Erika Christians and who I know as smart as mother Fucker and has access to the tax? Why would you need instruction from someone else or why would you elevate or put faith in someone above you when it's based on a text? While mostly I don't, and I don't remember what I would said at the time why recorded in seven years ago, but basically, you you're absolutely right. You read something in your relationship as with the information there and your observation of those things as true in the world around you are not now. There is definitely a little as far as the levels is just that you you don't take trig like before. You finished your arithmetic and and they're, not gonna. Let you read it they're gonna say now finish your additional multiplication table.
Was blowing, get their right because it's not gonna make any sense. Measures aim like level as a level. Seven has has six levels, a prerequisite, knowledge exactly that that you couldn't relieving comprehend what you would be readings yeah. It's just sequence: ok, we'll that make sense here. But what I want I started to say it man, I got side what are our debate, which is on it. I know a lot of scientologists and I don't I don't they, I agree with many of the tenants, or maybe the origin, or I might not home around Hebron Hubbard the same degree that you guys do any of that stuff. Almost unilaterally. All the signs are designed now, I'm very happy for today I'll be pretty productive, pre responsible, great communicators. So when I can, I can get bogged down in like you know the history of Enron, Hubbard and certain things like this or a kind of just go like fuck me.
Twelve on their super duper happy and they're doing their thing, and I can just look at the results of this thing and I can say whether or not I agree with its totally working for you guys. We have lots of mutual friends, or am I yeah, there's some of my favorite people in their happy as hell yeah Emma End, some of them of overcome allowed to get there and an over that's, I mean that's very cool. It's very that that's really taking a step back on your part to be able to observe that bit Kind of what I'll run Hubbard with is saying throughout but time headaches and throughout a lot of his boat he's like listen. I know you don't have to believe this, but this keeps happening so it seems to be true. So look at this further from that we appoint cause. I know it sounds crazy and like a bunch of people that were doing it in nineteen fifty when he wrote the book, we're like what
are you talking about these like now? Listen it works when you do it this way right! So that's that's what I'm telling you yeah, but you don't have to believe it. How much of the critique of you consumed any of it now, because I dont think that it comes from an actual place of like your critiques of like I don't think it comes from critical thinking. I think it comes more from maybe that phenomena we're talking about a being threatened. Something goes against what somebody believes and really identifies with, and so they feel very threatened and go on the attack about something inside This thing it doesnt really have anything to do with me in my relationship with these books, ya things I do well. I met a really cool dude at the White House, correspondence dinner like four years ago, and he happened to be high up in the Huffington poster some newspaper journalistic thing and we got
Talking and then I came up that I was also burning as I'd really like your input on this piece. We ve been working on for monsters means the stages of it and it's all about the opium up. There are overjoyed epidemic and this kind of country partial use of tobacco. On this this pill, you can take that will prevent you basically from Odeon or has good success in doing that. He said, and I would like your opinion on it, and I said yes happy to give you my opinion, Solana reading all of their stuff damn generally in a were pretty antis. Some were pretty anti another pill you take to any. Does it does Get you you're. You aren't unaltered state even when you're on this thing right, and so it's like methadone. Yes, it it's it's it's better methadone, I guess and at the risk of I don't really know that much don't take my word on Wanna get sued by whoever owns of oxen. But Most of us are pretty much against it because we
really know how you end up doing the real work that really cause you to be now call to begin with, if you're an altered state right while you're trying to do that, work right and it said it's a cheat. While my my point to him was well. Let's just goes because their argument, which is very solid uninteresting, why has traction, is look all that being said sure they're not can do a perfect like you once you, but a fuckin, a hundred teenagers Medina year in Cincinnati in your fuckin, your little Hyaena soapbox stance about evolving. The person and self actual zation I'll be. It may be a good goal it. These are people's kids, going to fucking die, and if we give him this pill, we find that they don't die on it in two years, at one slash three of the raiders when people just go to treatment, try to do without it right, so that's a really compelling great yes and then I ended up saying, will Graham and if that's the bar, if that's what we're just trying to,
when overdoses, then let's go a step further. Let's just have one of these. Like diabetic implant system, You have an soon as someone you detect Zodiac from from an opium. Lloyd, just shoot him. A cup with adrenaline, so they can just keep going like, if that's overdue in the end, but I dont think any get on board with a pump that administers adrenaline when you vote deed as a solution to this problem here at all got very complicated, but all I would bring that up owing to say I read a lot: a critique of a in those pieces It also brought me down a rabbit whole reading other, like academic critiques of it, in its kind of brainwashing capabilities in its called like attributes and all these things, and now I'm fine reading that say like I can read that I can even acknowledge a lot of those points are really a good points and then
also just then stepped back and go yet, but I have two kids in a wife now, and that was impossible and before I saw you might be right, I don't really care I'm to stay on this path rang, but I'm open to that critique and most of my signed would you friends that I've asked about it which always nervous about asking and own offend anyone? But I always wonder why couldn't you just watch the going clear documentary or something because it honestly it doesn't have anything to do with
what you are doing well, yeah and honestly, with anything that I've ever learned about the group organization as a group organization, there are the I mean to be specific about that one be like if somebody has read a book red dynamics or some Scientology book and wants to philosophically Tommy what they disagree with cool. Ah like that is a totally different thing or to say, like I disagree with organ religion and I disagree with it like that's all fine, but specifically with that documentary documentary was based on a book. The book was not even published certain English speaking countries because the libel laws are stricter than they are here.
It's it's so there's so much that is actually talking about sources right. Since I don't actually says I can refer to specific data, the talking about sources, they have proved themselves to be irrelevant, and so it it's like it's like with certain political figures when there came a point where you just reached like, Oh, it doesn't matter what he says right, you're sure, like we realise that later, how it literally doesn't matter what he says he's lying right. There are people like that, like that's. What I look at mostly is the source when I get to value wait the source and go up. Ok. That person has been convicted of perjury previously right. So no there's nothing like there's no relevance room
There's a mother saying: I'm have you, though, had any really close personal friends over the years who have left as a kid. It was more like people kids that were like now, not I'm enough for me right, which I totally understand in alike. Ok, cool yes other map. This wasn't for me as it turned out right, the other man no better food than after supper. Discharge leads the way they did it. Michigan man you that long sermon ended where you can barely get through it. My grandpa slept oh brother, nine twenty times side, not weed bobtailing a man. That's the only thing that got us through churches that they healed a man, and you know they were. They were permitted to yell, amen, and so my brother and I would try it- we was think we could feel it out and we would just yell at him and it was never the time to yell at him anyways immediately after you walk right out
I'm in the back yard and a grassy lawyers like seven picking tables? It is fuckin, barbecue time game, and it was worth it from here. A breakdown in your hungry find the closest other Baptist church on a Sunday and again they really leaned into the southern fire. The here the embrace the layer often Kentucky. So I think those whether the I'm gonna go completely off the topic for one second, because on that same trip, but when we had that debate can see the exact road in my head. We were in my time how, at the time here- and we were dry into a really romance a funny liver cells. So everyone already knows I'm with christian bows, there's nobody. That really would know me at this time and not know that I'm was christian right. Also, anyone they would see us and also probably knows we're both on parenthood. Together playing brother sister were about midway from driving back from says, wedding, Northern California and I go, shall we get a hotel?
in others, hotel has the most amazing girl she's in your life. You let's do it and then I'm like Do you wanna get two rooms, or should we just get one room you like this one room get to queen beds were both frugal. He hath, so we basically the shack into this romantic, where they only be whether that are not on a honeymoon or life trying to repair their marriage and then come to find out in order to get to our room. They have to walk us through the restaurant, the outdoor restaurant in many many people are our exaggerate. How popular but suffice to save many people recognised that it was eyes they were. Being play by one guy with one key to a room and we both have overnight bags, and then we just fully checking to approve together and we just thought the whole rest of the trip. Like certainly they'll, be a story that were
and where each other's side produces you're like. If I read that there is no way that I have this leave at its true about any other. Two people absolutely lad. Our girls, Hazel Chancellor and Monica check into a fuckin but where was that we were in like out Carmel where Africa but real story, Chandler in Math appearing corn attacks, MAC Mandy bearing corny colleagues. Checking into a really romantic hotel offer than I am laughing about. Everybody in the restaurant must like are there? Is somebody disseminate care enough to? Let us try to wake up to the brass, could be kind of fun. They're dead, luring air carriers and, of course we will, even though for. We had done that. We at this hour Ben Dumb, not long after we shot the Pilar Parenthood and when we had the power,
Apparently we were up in Berkeley for about three weeks and at a certain point, christened gotten this gift card to go this out. Rageous hotel, Helstone Ranch a nap a valid, and then we drove up there to go for the weekend and when we got there they gave us the key and it was like fire poor little house is. It was like a compound that one little house was this amazing kitchen. One house was like a living room and then there was two little houses that were bedroom and we were both immediately as romantic as it was. We were like we would feel guilty just having this to ourselves. Like other people need the so called Erika. We're, like do you want to come up with is outrageous resort with us yeah. I showed we had some hot tub time. Yeah we on the hot, so we'd already really been kind of cohabiting in hotels prior to the Carmel lovers. Retreat
stories. We begin tell I love C c. This is an example of the way you can take a bunch of facts and make a story and make it. Thou MIKE what everyone an end. Some of the facts are absolutely and we fought and while thou to several time only punctuated by grilled cheese, available cheese is derisory. A girl. She is a retired and holy shit will first of all it is caught in the most. DR against shape, rumours like round on the outside, but then a diagonal Krispijn ready ever had real long about this long. Just for everyone knows holding my hands what size of a subway for long sub like I can, but this must be before my obsession with food really started to sink in now this was right and smack tab in the middle of your obsession with eating lots of supplements
that has in turn, doesn't Jane. No, you open the pantry, and I think I did ask you once how much is this Scientology related costs by the way? Here's what I am guilty of any that I may observe you do anything that doesn't make sense to me. I got separates you always gotta, be aside. Typing definitely is that are there. Supplements anything to do with that. Nothing meant nothing. There's that's mandatory! Ok, there is, will the purification program you more about it? You're a nice. Exactly you take a bunch of settlements, you take a lot of nice and which has a particular be vitamins, be three and then, in order to keep your reason balance you have to take a much of If I didn't and a bunch of other stuff that just hubs detox process and a lot of people just end up being like, I feel so good, maybe I'll just continue doing some vitamins and there are certain things that help also with the lucidity when you're working on
is mentally. What what would be one of those I didn't God Dingle well below that. I say what I think of me. I know what I'm talking about. Surely you didn't go global political player plough So the little ginseng yeah I made Hey game the, but the undesigned ology one is environment, be one! Ok, you guys love your bees Do it's all about a mile away our gauze burns up vitamin, be one It doesn't like lines. Do it or something he has somehow and so so then you have to either replenish it or have nightmares or or just take gotta, be wrought, active, be won. A deep deprivation is nightmare I really have every night like a painkiller, or maybe hear them coming one hundred but yeah yeah. When you do painkillers and then you have narrowly dreams the audience be one
all these years having leave on Europe. Yet oh thank God. I can finally go back to me I don't believe it was the nightmares of escape your way you taking a lot, albeit aids, when we were first started knowing on another year, episodes upon two I was on thirty or forty like it in LA yeah. Sure my liver was doing great at that time Abbott Urim bound striving polygamy, young we're only when we signed an Ado parent. We all agree to do that show in San Francisco yeah? I told myself at the time. Oh no big deal, that's a forty minute flight from ally, I'll, be able to fly up and then fly back down. I can deal with that in on my very initial flight up there for the pilot. I had a full panic attack. Rousing alma ata can't live on a fucking airplane four times a week. I'm gonna kill myself. I can't do this and then luckily they moved to show to allay for all of us yeah yeah, but I think it I want to say, was in your hotel room there, but maybe it just in I'm thinking of your trailer but one
So you have a lot of supplements. I can't put too fine a point on this. How I want to say that I have witnessed at least sixty bottle. I read you made huge moving boxes like when you ve had to travel. It's true, I think I said that has waned at all. I would like to reply that I think definitely it has ok but as a whole just throw away, let's not go there, because I would be like another boring our conversation. I have had health problems, and so I have even at that time like ass, a teenager seen. You know natural paths and stuff like that, and they ve said like yeah does well, but this initial help with that not to mention me just devouring nutrition books were so. There was just a lot yes going on about the vitamins
like I don't know how you found the time need all those reviewer, even Hungary, for real, referred after that you. What I'm gonna get that you could probably swallow a real handful of the air. You had a problem, not even merely mean water, how I'm in water? adding stern of the? U just fuckin chew them up in your ma. Why there were some that I want to have. Is Europe specific doctor who was like hey, you know what, for the corpse ginger am I gotta get to absorb, tell us what the fuck you you! You were born in Seattle, but you you grew up here now I write a what age did you guys move here? We must harmonise for ok Dana Brando were one. There were one now Erica's brothers and I'm sure you could find pictures of them online, and I implore you to do so. There are, as do they are, they are gorgeous specimen there. What
They six five six three was sick no our aid or even five. Hey were also compromise. At six will leave you see any photos of me with them. They'll look, seven feet and you'll be in here is probably those pictures, but these two Monica NEA s position rage how this thirty. Yeah Mozart, one of em, a single? What are your thoughts on Scientology? Lord well, they are flocking studs, their finance, their physically fit like you can imagine and then their bold weird is fuck, and I say that as the ultimate compliment they both have like really specific interests right there always like kind of pursuing something bizarre. I love that One of them is super in two: he's not shocking, oh yeah, probably probably whether they're, both in their into motorcycle
they have great style, may happen and there they definitely they like have a level of not giving a shared about any of this young like they ve. They respect people at work hard and have success name. One of them is a painter and a writer and the other ones, a photographer, an actor kind of both of them very artistic that could flip, but you never know which ones wedge in our statement they either I doesn't there's rice, that's really have you ever seen this. They must get this all the time. There's like a real estate. Joe, were these twin brothers cell real estate, embarrassing that show when a primary briar ready brother. I don't like this desire and although I totally understand dean. And brand hours are very steadily there more steadily than those guys last, but my God, it's almost the exact
thing Monica, have you seen those guys in getting a feel know what's happening, however? Those though their nodded, to me that the only thing- that's mainly that must be worth my abode among the other, but data Let's not our Latvia selling. I agree. I just know that when I first clicked on it like I was a blot blowing through the stations are yeah. Jesus Jonathan They ran down a dangerous elaborating on Andalusia. Very much more alike. Have you like this? Is it like the grandma way to describe it, but their very rock and roll compared today, these are very silver leg. Very cool and taxes, and we you started young you're in a Mcdonald's commercial, just makes me so happy. This was before that at that that what was the campaign you dear even remember, it was, were you like it
by the hamburgers, and now I wish this year it was just a sweepstakes like all Vega monopoly thing yeah, I guess you log in and then you we want a trip to Disneyland is a year like tat was the audition animals, but we did on the day of work was just like jump down like we want. Some well. There's a mom and dad wanna trip by pulling on the Supersize Coca COLA then you in Asia and using it, did a good job. I mean I got a job. Well, Don't you get the German, then you know like that. You don't you get it. Is that night, my people, I remember it so cool, remembering like just the first foray into this world. However, you twelve twelve ok in your parents, any any resistance to it or slowly support from the get they didn't tell me. They kept it between themselves, but their agreement was just
give me a shot at it and like. Let me go on conditions for a few weeks or whether right and so within six weeks, which was, I think they're they're they're like what's gave it violates re, evaluate in six weeks I had bought three national commercials, did you say that here, if you're in Milwaukee right now and you thinking I'll, go, give acting six weeks now, I know it's crazy, but that they knew very it was. It was so clearly you know worth pursuing for me and I had no doubt about it. Like I was we have this? Is I like I'm getting married to acting ass old recipes? When did you did you love TB? Did you love musicals? You love no. Now this is weird cause. It's it's a mental leap that I don't know exactly how I made by I had been performing live with this amateur group of kids singing and dancing all over Ella at, like the l, a county, fair and Oldwick Thomson, whatever Riah funeral
surely we heard a singing and really being alive pride by experience and by connecting with people from the stage, When I sing to someone they invariably will come up to me afterwards. Talk to me and my it's it's so exciting for both of us and then a girl in school, who was an actor like actually was getting jobs, getting work as an actor who can say a carte blanche. Yes, she was also a sign of my class, I'm. So I knew that to be an actor you had to have an agent and you had to actually be an actor like you had to go on auditions and get work and stuff like that and not just perform with your church group, and so my parents just started to very- like gently dig around like so what's? What's your interest in you know you're taking singing lessons and dance lessons.
I'm going to rehearsals and all this stuff. So last year although the Lamy as is that, is that leading somewhere over them, the neighbours of our work, as you are clearly good at it in you were goin to an end. I was spending a bunch of time with all of these things that were somewhat related to the end of her anyway, so I was like yeah. I want to be an actor right like I want an agent and don't want to do it. I want to go on a different network and be an actor MIKE Jackson, commercial. Yes, music, valiantly, I'm sorry music, video I get so hung about wanting to say my jack. I want to make that I forgot to say you mailed them like Jackson, so so my Jackson He decided to give you a music video or on doing the many commercials he's done. A beautiful ballad called childhood, which the really sad song, but you know he says, have you seen my childhood, but it's a very weak
he's a good music video where there are ships in the sky like flying through the clouds and and they hired some kids to be in the ships and I'm a clause. My dear I admire Jackson back right, yeah yeah you it was like he's so beyond com, prevention, though it was like we were get to meet him in any. Who can blame me without trying to find his childhood? He sent me a an autograph photo, but we did yeah. I still have I mean I, why have to storage units? So I don't have that? Ok now I want to go to the first time. I knew you as an actor which is traffic rang, and one of my eye gets in my top ten movies of all time, so got nothin you love
movie so much in you in particular, like stood out in to me, sir. You am uneasy. Other Torres like me, who are these people? We must love him. Yes, if love you, I love you for it. Which, by the way, if you follow Aragon, Twitter, her her bio? Is he flip you? He should leave right now. It's awfully beef of even I have unit is the clouds. Yes, yes, from beneath the editorial serve your deep, diving, I'm Erika, that's what that means yeah you're so unbelievably phenomenon. I think we worked together for three years on parenthood before I finally get the courage to say to you when you smoke the heroin in that seen in you look up in your eyes. Are so dilated in that single tear falls out of those big blue eyes, how the fuck did you do that? How many takes did that? Take? How do you do that at sixteen or seventeen? I think it's the most powerful image in the home which has in turn a powerful images, and do you remember where it lay acting gods? Yeah, I guess,
I do remember like that. It's funny you have certain things you get asked, that's one of how it is well, I was certainly was at the time being that much closer to it when I'm at the We pursue reckoning soberly, not so people have actually done in the past prior to me saying that yeah and it's what I remember meeting Don Channel for the first time, because none of us, together, rain right and he said how did you get to be so good? And I would like to thank you and you don't know how you get to visa. We made a relatively small banks We know that many not we are asking ok, I just took it as a compliment which is really yeah, but you just said it just happened. Right yeah I centrally I mean honestly, the dilated pupils didn't just happen. That was done that I called props and asked them. If we could talk we up and I went to not Tom Trust or whatever and got them. Those were content. Yes,
and then I was there was there was driven by you that decision it wasn't that you know what that was in the course of all my research since I had done and still have done as you know, no drugs and had to actually, I gotta yes, you have mushroomed report on just one of the ways that I approached it was very scientifically. I wanted to know everything that was happening to your boss. During these experiences and then extrapolate what that might feel like an all that, and so learning the difference between, like all your pupils are planned or other super dilate, like ok, cool and in the course of all that I think I was talking to my mom about it and she was like what you should get caught. Like you're absolutely right robs right now and see if they can do and then they did, and it was, and I see that school- that's what
I am prepared in carrying results in but am- and I was I was confused because yet Coke and math always make your pupils gigantic right, but opium usually make em pin pigeonholes right. I think it was actually by value Freemason crack in that scene. It was never the clear as I wanted. I totally unless it s not going off a trade, but at any rate I fucking love your sobered him when you get traffic. Now that this is a completely new chapter starts in your life right yeah that I mean it's it's funny, because I feel like. My life started as me when I was twelve when I got on board with like this is what I want to do and then absolutely that was come. Coo Ee, Lee different chapter I mean traffic, that's nominated for everything you wanna saga, warn you won, I loved you, one like nine different best performing own best
new performer of the year. This person is going to be the greatest personnel time. Boys, like other, allows a war. I wish I like break through stars of two thousand one. You want from cattle Oh, I guess so. I got a I got the popcorn. I got them to remove the yeah What is really exciting Maria do so at that time, Euro seventeen years our amendment. Eighteen, ok at the time in women. I'll happening, what kind of thoughts you start having in, I mean specifically career. Why? do you think. Ok, now, I'm going to do get to do blind. Did your disease, Imagination run away with you and what's coming next I'm sure it dead, but what it felt like the most. Like there's this bag, and it is pretty big. But there's is big group of people that make up in Hong Kong or Hollywood. Unlike now, I'm part of it
They, let me in the door to this party also. I knew it too, like from the beginning, when I got the job people are asking. What did you ever think the wildest dreams at this movie will be the success when all the yes like me, have you seen this cast layer that we're gonna be a big deal yeah, and it was a big deal. Thank God because it's a great movie in and it's done a lot for. You know really interesting things. You know, like families being able to broach the topic or they never were able to before, and all that kind of stuff one of the really comprehensive look at all three sides from addiction to policy making to what's really happening. That Mexico is very, very even handed with what the the cold war is Iraq's yeah, those by the first movie of that
kind, they think yeah, usually its one sided the dna guy, yeah we're or the drug cartel boss or yeah. This is a nerd out, but you're just the idea that he decided to shoot it with three different film stock, so that was three clearly different perspectives and everything's blue. When he's with you guys and everything is yummy in red when he's with Benito and all that stuff, so cool and sophisticated. So that happens, you you in these a war. It's you develop any fantasy any any. Like I'm gonna be a star. I'm gonna live in a certain house. I'm gonna have a boyfriend who is urge just in timber lake like you, because you don't you don't strike me as that type of person, I did have all already, but both from way before You know like it was like I used to lay awake at night to fall asleep. I would think about like what my life is gonna, be like you know what away and I wouldn't mind
please just like to entertain myself like just try to think of pretty things like you, nothing of a pretty house or think of you know in the details of like what is like to live there and would have liked to have that life and but then it just like all of that validation definitely seen by Well you're on the right path, you're gonna get the things that you set out to do just you know, selfishly just accumulate. I know as far as tangible things, but, but really was like you're allowed to play in this game. Now, yes, and- and I you know, was this stress level recognise ok, I'm now in this club. The stress of picking correctly was that. Did you feel that or did you not care? I did feel that, and I did care what would have been a cooler approach was to really do what I tried to do you now now and since at some
point pass the time, but really try to find the things that resonate with me yeah. What what are the you know, even if I can express why I just like I'm a fan of this script, for whatever reason you know what I think it's awesome for whatever reason at that time, I was more concerned with just like striking, while the iron was hot you're, making a great business decision yeah unlike and just continuing to work. You know, which is, which is something that most of us also still have as does your life, but I need to continue to sell it like that that feeling you had standing their receiving popcorn yeah. Unfortunately, that is a very short lived feeling is great, it feels yeah within five weeks. Your waking up. The phone, isn't wrong. You're, like the debt, even have no money that everyone forgot. Oh shit, I pass. I had it then I passed it on accident like it
your mind just starts telling you you're late you're on such a different timeframe than that real world right jack. Your days are long in your head, but They are not another rebels. Wait the heads We know that I mean the value of having a goal anyway, as not in achieving it. It's in having its. You have a reason, wake up in the morning and so that's kind of playing the long game right in what you started realise and start to switch over to, like. Oh, it's great, so unique in Spain, wonderful that I love my job and so and that it affects people positive ways and, like all the real risk, This is why you do it in now, and then you d, I just re, focus on yeah. I dont think will realise how critical those decisions you make when you get the keys to the kingdom are, and you have no practice yeah, there's nothing. There's there's almost nowhere to go to bed
down there, you have it at your leg, standing on top of a mountain. You had your mouth and leave here and you definitely can continue to read that wave and build on it. But it's so critical, and so just like. It such an interesting position and that you have to make it passed that to then be just fine, and you know the significance of every individual decision matter less. So your First big choices, swim fan right, that's the first and leading role like you're gonna, be on the poster yeah. Yes, I had done and independent movie right after that that I like, I was just thrilled that I could you know, and I then I am totally resonated with me and said that was cool and then I guess yeah. I guess than the the like first critical decision, really that people would be aware of was swim fan and I was very unsure of it:
because because because it just didn't, resonate with me and they had offered me first cheery Applebee's wrong and I was like ion. I don't even know what to do with this. You know like but you're the subject since, when Van is that right? Yes, you can become obsessed with girls, fathers out girls high school boyfriend, but we're all in high school and they were dad, was the end of the day and they are generally doesnt. Shepherd shepherd Goofy, looking guy, but you gotta have a certain charmeuse like six nine you see it. There is a movie like that from my childhood in the eighties will exert does like the best way
America Moody yeah alone, and that no one, I'm not a big there's more than one euro area many sugar? I know this was vetoes, its actual old fashioned, traditional Rachel interaction among peer. Yes, in ice, we are all whatever eighteen, seventy inward you were you comfortable, pointing like a sexy figure yeah, it's funny, because I kind of like willing to take other people's word for it. Whatever you know like it, if that's what you see looking at me in great, that's all it matters you know and and your smoking hot at the ill, you still are, but you're crazy, hot. So that's amazing. You know I am. That was the that that was the consensus. My, my gauge of that would suit
and while I was like mocha fire, but by the time the wardrobe designer was fantastic and super collaborative and and very em. Just bolstering of of my confidence like yeah. You look amazing, and this is how we gonna do it in and going for a kind of a retrofit veto. Look, everyone was awesome about it and I was just ended. Obey like I will take your word. For it Yeah, which is still my philosophy actor well, I gotta say because we worked together for six years and yeah you're the easiest person answer hundred plus episodes that we did. I think my favorite moment acting in the whole series, you and I outside the rest right loved. I do you, I love, you know, and it's all because of what you, That made it so amazing, then genuine affection? Well, unlike you, I'm
out of that that was not true. I can see that the switch, what when you became crosbie ermine, but in that moment The line was in what ended up, but it wasn't written what ended up being in the scene, and I was looking at Erika Christians in my little Bush and I said to you: it would be impossible not to love because that's how I feel about you crying how'd you right in, and I regret that it was. This is also true, visibly ally felt about you that it would not be possible, and I love you now- ever jewels going through his own shit, because not loving is really not an option for anyone but that was the readers moment for me that I can think of other than like acting with Bell a few times and run, whereas like really personal stuff, but that was like over a very sweet moment out on this.
I walk in Westwood Ally, and I remember me you and Larry displaying like on a little cloud about how lovely it with just to get to say that the someone you really feel that way about is amazing, an end to have it be on that show where they do, let us as things and or find those things that well what is it? They were really trying to express here, ass, Larry, completely being on board like will that amazing yeah, do it do add, blurred really went up come on record taken go well, you can't do it perfect her. So let's move on and you re like or you can do a pervert or so one over the joy of cinema yeah, call him. Ok, the last thing I want to talk to you, but because it is one or other very eccentric, new things. You said I M just out of absolutely nowhere.
It became the most dedicated cyclists planet, earth yeah. That was in I mean bicyclists right. There was a moment in Monica was excited neither day we're talking mother. She didn't realize that you that, when you add a cast on this, now your character had a cat. A big fan of the show is an idea that do most cast watch. Their own shows like we would watch the show well remember my trick was once I stopped reading this. Then I watched the show and I really liked it. I remember I didn't do that until the last season risen indifferent, its yet really call it so fund an exciting and if there's something that you need to know is a character, someone tell you, I would be sometimes those position right because, like I'm reading those group, as I want enjoy the show an empty Meanwhile, I need to know my stuff. Some reading I definitely rehearsing by scenes, but I will of miss that, like someone gave some x X, Brazil,
and rightly so. I must say adamant in and Christine would have seen words like your brother's still not talking to you, the blank fight ass though I have not read them and then Yet there will have a fight every time. You need a guess director and I dont want admit him. I don't read the script, so we look at his fight. Boy am I'm really mad ha reside. Yeah, you're, really matter my because man that upset me. What are you trying to get him? Tell me why I now a thing. Why am I magazine noise? You read it it somebody like Caesar's, above all, in the o, God, you no fucking, drive me crazy May women when she came over the other day. In order for I guess, I can't see where let yeah I can say what it says. You don't really believe Yoda her license plate on her car made monarch, and I want to kill ourselves her fucking life despite say clear eyes, full hearts and isn't that devastating hit the cassettes? We really bonded on over at the the blame
pilot. We started watching brain like week, one when two on the whole, we became so absurd in when you had such a crushing Saracens idea. Oh yeah, we try to get a hold of him nine days, but I was willing to say try I'll. Let you know that I have. Made certain choices in this conversation about I totally and then I've seen him in recent years means like married with children, and I told him I think I'd told him like I'm engaged. He was like that so awesome and he was telling me how great married life is this like Thurtell bed or maybe just one weekend, tomorrow and heard anyone, maybe some firms like empty and all of it? Ok. But how did you get into this bicycling think as it was really bizarre, its
It still so was armed. Ok, the sequence was, I was over at etons, houses are mutual from even simply who had lost Two hundred pounds them one literally three hundred. I think he was five ten in butterfly fact. While he was two hundred b at his cycling, he continued to lose weight after that, I think an earth we were so narrowly about it, but but I haven't seen him since, like hundred pounds, so I was just like ok what is happening here. He was like a bodybuilder yeah yeah out some what's happening and it was like, I said, right bikes and he took me to the garage and showed me all of his beautiful, expensive, bicycles and I'll. Have him on your someday, you and I will hold agrees most fascinating person, one of earth,
fucking, wonderful magic and he and his whole family extended family there just the best people. He mentioned a couple guys that I knew from two completely separate social groups. Neither one would he have any connections you otherwise news. I didn't know him journal. And we ll ride together. We go Freitas six. Forty five, a M m out right there. I know right, I know, I was never a morning. Person except for work may be only two reasons I would get up early hour for work or then cycling and I he said he said, here's the deal. This was a Sunday right. You said here's the deal go to the bike shop tomorrow, talk to Matt, get yourself a bike and then show up at six hundred and forty five, a dot m on and like done I went- and I I talked to me and I was working
so I had to come after work when I finally, I bought a bike and then they had to fit me for it. You know- and I had to buy my lycra and everything. And they stayed open late Thursday night in order to get me all hooked up for the Friday morning, ride sure and at first morning ride. I was living right down the block from here. That way. Actually yeah and I rode to West Hollywood, meet up everybody. Six forty five so I gotta like five miles, I'm so excited and and eat. I did know how long it would take to get there. And and then we rode thirty miles together and then I rode back home and I was for the next forty eight hours could not enough food, like my body or what is happening. Aha, just famished, but obsessed Yemen wrote essentially the next day and the next day and the next day and the man you rob. Yes, you rode every single day, Europe,
the apparent heard you rode home, but that would I may I draw your home once or twice a better through to later something again Marges rumour male stuff for us Meat driving time is an together alone. Who is there to witness like a rabbit, your body changed so radically so quickly like we ask, six months of doing this, I used to call you what a robber chrome drawing you dream like powerful ass in lads, amazing yeah I and its vital because it's one of those things like you know. I have a feeling that people one may get plastic surgery or their transitioning or whatever they there. There's. Something's, so just feels so in neatly like this is actually who I am. I may obviously transitioning, but I imagine, with plastic surgery and such like you see if a different face or whatever you like yeah, but this
this, who I actually m. Yes, it felt like that it was like however, this is who I actually am. I've been under all those extra curves previously and and it was I mean it was jawdropping like it was a really radical transformation that you didn't have a great body before him, but you just all of a sudden look like you could kick through a fucking steel door. I think I spend ninety percent of our conversations just talking about your calves and of what you say I couldn't I mean which, in their crazed, he's still and I haven't written a bike, and God knows how long that are you can met call through despite I didn't thing in your husband call rides. I guess is closer. You can ride to being a profession on, not for living sure. Well, I'm not even race to have a gauge again how fast your but he he definitely was deeper and
with an eye was yes and for many many years yeah yeah firm for way longer than I have been difficult. I mean it's embarrassing to even like try to claim it now because then a long time, and is it something you want to go back to it is, I definitely tat. Was it a day can write like you recognize it. Oh yeah, I don't know if I would have time for that. Addiction is absolutely because Ethan too fell out of it and then go go back and forth, but it's like a whole thing. It's all. I hope it's. It's really hard to my care: go half assed yeah, because also you who have a memory of the level of skill, and let us isn't there you once had so did training gauge on a lower level is just not fun.
It has just Rossi demeaning yeah. I mean I am the last right that I went on was four months ago and then before that it then at least that long and Bob. I was really glad that I didn't just die on the right that I went that I went on a few months ago because I was already a couple months pregnant and I was like I haven't, read my bike and forever but Mighta. My bodies that I went with were like, don't worry or and take it easy it's can. We find did fifty miles. And it was I was ok. You know, like aright nice little like joy, ass, uneasy and take it even if the now, when you crash when happen, you aren't you weren't I know I've been dynasty this question for three years and I always forgot to ask yeah. I see, but cry somewhere, Malibu right. Actually, it was on Mandeville Canyon, which is kind of notorious for being dangerous on Sir Yanza. What is that
random, redwood yeah in between Britain Palisades, So over there we were coming down that hill Rye Arab, Steep Hill yeah. I mean yeah that at the end it is it was not even you can get a lot of speed going round, so there is little clump of us. Little cluster was coming on this Helen. This car in front of us, guess slammed on their breaks were just going slower, something aha and so fully operator error on my part. In my mode across we say you ran on it I want the job you have only just ran out, it's how it. If I had I like that, because That is not the weather conditions, not their own conditions. The biogas perfectly fine but if I had just been we want to keep my core half a second longer, aha and not grab.
As for a brave, ok, yeah, I'm sure, are you can relate theirs. It was just too much and front and washed out no back we're locked up and was all of a sudden here. Ok, values, ok, yeah, it's right there. So then, I think I think I high cited and balanced and then old, though I like you, went out from under me and then went, I wish I were landed on. My right rested: that's what broke and then I tumble down Helena's like in areas like my own things yeah, yeah yeah, your ear, you I've been in many crises and I've always leave. Fines, Barbara many times by an emergency or later had, but here's the thing over nine ass you. So I knew that part of the story yeah. But then someone told me what that months after that crash Can't remember what friends like hey man, I think I saw your sister on tv, like a man
Avail Canyon, with a few other people, this kind of milling around on the street- and I was like: did you go back to the crash yeah. So this is really true I'll. My love my goodness, it's ten men on here's, where I took it in my fantasy and tell me how inaccurate I love it. Ah, I'm familiar with this concept from dying. Alex called an grams right and I'll tell you my lay persons understanding of Engram against magazine. Right, yeah you're, grant engram. So the example I believe in the book is a woman's in a house Waiter comes in, she gets right. She was in the middle doing dishes. This is traumatic, terrible experience and then, for the rest, her life without her really having any awareness of it when she sees drapes flapping in the wine that triggers Hearn Razor anxiety when she hears running water. That trick
where's your anxiety when she sees us an open door that no one shut that triggers anxiety so that she is linked. These things in her environment to this trauma that happened to her let those things are almost now permanently in her as traumatic, even though obviously drapes blowing those not traumatic and vice versa, and that the goal is to deconstructing Engram into disarray. Attach all these things you ve put onto this time, There is an accurate. That's! That's pretty accurate yeah, because everything that everything that occurred at that time, everything that you took the lead time. Yes, we were part of that, and are embedded. We illogically associated with that yet and then the only thing you have to do is examine all of it closely enough that it no longer has any power and then your fine to leave the door.
Exploring right. So is that what happened and you go back to that site to unplug certain things you may have accidently connected with the experience? Basically, it. Nobody is assigned homage of eight years. I got his regular, so the waiver it would address v. Mental aspect of it and those associations is just sitting in a room with someone else who is trained and dynamics, and they take you back and you re experience it and fill out of many details which, and then once it all is completely clear to you. It's like it's like. If you were hypnotized and old. Every time I say Apple, you have to scratch your neck, but as soon as someone tells you that you were just hypnotize to scratch her neck every time I say Apple in Bellefonte, you don't have to anymore. That's that's all. It is you are aware of. It has no power any more, but the physical aspect of it is that the body,
can kind of go through a similar process of routine meaning that trauma and then so in re experiencing that gently not to re injure yourself, ha ha, you can kind of a race that I'll bet it he'll butter. Oh really, so you in like, as we say in acting, you did like a house be rehearsal crash here you did, I did which was Are you using as a first try to figure out what the hell happened to figure out how to do it again, which is like super awkward like ok. I felt this way and then I felt- for the bike climb this way, but in doing enough times that all of a sudden there is some relief there to some sense of relief, and I do experience yeah, I'm just like you. I took a while so You did this more than one time our
No, it's all at like over the course of maybe an hour or whatever, ok, sir, but valued kind of reenact, the as yet more than one time, yeah, ok and then the folks that What are they there to do to make sure I don't get my current in the meantime, Ok, so your kind of on your own as far as reenacted Nanda, drawn on everything I mean you can have somebody if you, if you want you can have some may tell you hail exile, beginning or whatever, but you basically would go through it. I mean it's. Much work, it's interesting as such a complicated injury, great normally like. If you study your tower, whenever you like. Oh, I led a. I could aids equal, a plus beagle see yeah. I could to stub myopia more gently several times in a hurt worse at first and then it'll go away, fine antics ten seconds and it's over and you don't need anybody's help arrival, but being that it was such a complicated situation ahead. Like my mom,
but they're asking people not to hit me in the meantime. Accuse me besides, a guy can you, I might have actually been in a traffic jam problem. Lay the neighbourhood is, will not yet clearly this version gonna like driven by you at forty and noticed it was you and all the snow. They probably sawney right, a close, real love and me like acting out of bicycle accident and are you self conscious? While this is happening or you don't give a fuck him for I mean somewhere in the middle, like part of me, is totally where that looks bizarre, yeah. I mean I don't know people who know what I'm doing, but it's totally worth doing. So I don't care the absolute you know. I I have sorry out. If arthritis super sexy disease of tried every single thing under the sun, I mean everything I've been frozen. I've had of stem cells. Put in my breast I've had PR p. I've had you know every kind of western medicine therapy.
And then Christmas I you're gone. Do enervated clans fer a week yeah, my dear, I don't believe in but I got one second wild Zion. They wouldn't. I fucking try every conceivable solution to this thing and I was on a table get animals like how did I What is going on there's a stranger pumping my ass full of coffee market. I did it, I don't care. Didn't in Shadow Montana, data have coffee, Animas, hey, look, I'll try and results oriented. I like it. So is everything ok you know you're doing accurate as having a baby Naxos where you're from America maybe next I gotta do movie, that's gonna come out at some point called clover bow which not clover feel known. Alot clover, ok, zero! Really. I hope people are confused that's a huge movie clover lank, it's like it's a mafia.
Maybe it's like good fellows, as I already right yoga myself. Yeah. So it's it's a comedy in that vein, words very violent, but it's a comedy grey. And very dark, but it's a company and are you doing any tv. You know I don't know I arrange with kids into so appealing azure at what, if I were, I mean if I had ever do to parents six years, parenthood right now that I will do that. I do a hundred years apparent, but only a parallel, more if she had but yeah, I don't it's. Winter Zena Phenomena, you're talking about with pleasing the director and the producers in the writer and then and then all the Arabs, and that that whole phenomenon is the worst in network television. There are so many good
in the kitchen and for parenthood we didn't even have their no, but it's really a real tough game and when they get it right, they get it right and when they don't they don't, and so I've been I've been trying to play that game. Just hasn't been working for me and I've just been lights, yeah. What one thing that's unique about found much so great as you go away, you're in camp for three months. No one knows of its good or bad niggers fuck. It's not gonna be edited for another six months right, so we were always working under the assumption that you're making Citizen Kane and that's really liberating and fine, but we want to show man that thing sorts common out and you start realizing momentous tinker I'm in something great? But but you get the prove people star panicking around you and now the whole environment right becomes scared and trying to save something, as opposed to create something he all scary
yeah and are you going to get canceled which never have all the movie and also reading is? Is so specific, such a weird factor in everybody's lives and we never had great ratings anyway. So so it was like. Well they're, not gonna. Take you off. The air was always really, but we gotta be making our area where I live. Job people, how, together again as a value on Instagram into her and what are your handles? I loved you and my instagram is Erika Kristensen. Ok, oh by the way, I can't spell that yeah yeah as such, I would think size the day. It still is son. You know the meaning, but here it's danish fuckin dainty, but I'm gonna do I do not want to go with you there now is also not Christians and C H. Are I s t Anne S, e yeah, yeah,
good luck, hey Google will figure it out Yeah Google, her just Google Swim Pham in Baku up guys I argue with a gaze of their daily in case the last name. It fuck you up! Why don't you think you were on helping me assembled? The whole parenthood were slowly Tribune our way through the most loving cast on to my now, and you know what I realise it is certain point that I was taking us for granted out just like everybody's brilliant at their job. So there's no bases of comparison. Everybody's brilliant on this show Kate embarrassment of riches yeah x is just like everybody's great twitter. Like oh, it's not always like this, but it is right now and it was
glorious. I've made a lot of mistakes, as the one of the few I didn't make us like. This. Is Heaven this Heaven on earth for days a week say what you want. Eight hours, have you love every one, fucking get real ones that happen. If we could just see what about you, I love you for railway station. If you'd like to hear my good friend and producer, Monica Patman went out from the many errors in the pot piss Monica workers through the heirs bouquet I web, erika, wise hazy. Anyone swim fan came out. In August, two thousand two. I was only a baby you a Europe wide as oriole baby.
Hi me you or your old sped up. You said that one punked came out and a lot of them Far into that seventy show seasons wise. Then you are invited and then you had fun there and you metal those people write and upon him on two thousand three which was season six of that and he saw you were right now go You are a well oiled machine by the time I started, although we started hanging out when we shall pilot than the pilot was delayed for a year because of a lawsuit, blah blah blah Samina starting on thereon season four or five, but regardless they were, they were in their stride. They had nice cars, they agreed, and they knew how to heart. She said that she thought they shot. Traffic between Miss since one and two of that seventy show and traffic came out in two thousand and which was
he's in two August. So yes, they must have shot between those two seasons right yeah too. She was right. She had a good memory yeah. She really is Crystal clear you're talking about China. Maintainer energy is very crystal clear yeah. It was funny I am I do not actually drawn assigned yeah yeah, I'm not drawn to Scientology. I'm not gonna become Scientology right, but there are many things that she said that it was like. I really get. It Would she sang- and I understand I understand some of the draws, especially when she was talking about- our clearing words bright. I don't like that great vision, I'll probably be clearing words, absolutely Enzo you what you were having as the experience I've been having now for about twelve years, which is, I have a lot of personal friends who are scientologist, so that was by the first person you around talking about Scientology openly.
And looking at the human being and going while I mean the others I maybe there were slaves or whatever I don't know, but this person I'm looking at is very clear, is very bright and is very happy, so you got up. I put that in you now ended the stew yeah, it's gotta go into this do with all the other elements, absolutely we're a great which I think I was honest about Rachel arrived going, learn here to quit the critical, stopping the buzzer so yeah I know it's a weird dilemma right because let's say you are a part of it, organization, that's doing wonderful things for you you're gonna, keep doing man in your gun. Undefended and you're probably knock and allow too hard at some of the. Why would you why would you are happy and feeling self actualises you this thing's working? I tried to parallel with a
And yeah totally I sympathise with people who think it's called yeah and maybe they ve got you know they ve had loved ones who got weird after they joined my point kind was I dont minded and acknowledging that I wasn't a minor reading. Criticism ray I guess, though, it's it's, it's a little different with a maybe because some of the critique of Scientology is really like made there criminal criminals that exact, I guarantee you in the history of Asians nineteen. Thirty, the Durban sponsors who have molested sponsors, ease up a therapy, but valley abuse there. Neither their heightens opposition in the area. That seems more individual. Hosting institution are so I guess It is a dilemma like how, if something's working for you but potential Lee is causing harm to other people to other people.
How much does it matter know the answer that I really dont, but in its interest- and here is a great thing- we're all get to do our own thing give you get to pick what it whatever thing. You're gonna be interested in your prerogative in its great cause, you're free to do that. Yeah. I, like you, I I don't think we should all want anything to you. I mean the. I assure you. Out was eventually goal, religion or yeah our agencies, long everything becomes so fine line right, because no, I wish we can't. We should not and cannot outlining religions, and we should it, but I dont want to use this example. This is like the stupid Subject it such an extreme it I dont want to use it, but I can't think of a less extreme one, the Nazi Party, what if there people who really getting tons of
a film and out of that not engaging in any of the killing, rye or anti Semitism. How used it's still? There has to stop yeah, that's it. As you owned. That's a pretty extremist, there's some extreme there's an extreme stuff being said about Scientology. Now about to go back to your favorite duck. Memory, while wild country, what I did there, we were moment. For me, that was a good warning sign for myself was at the very end of the documentary The guy and antelope sit basically bragging that he was never outsmarted by the russian issues and that day they were following a false profit and the whole thing was exposed him
nefarious goals with poisoning the people in the thousand blah blah blah. He felt very victorious any felt very validated, but then I just looked at that guy. I look at that guy in his life and how much joy was in it and what is may be. Health level was verses. These people who had been duped, who are dancing and fucking and our thin in our eating well and are living this great beautiful life were the result of which you can get really hung up in what the process by which it bears these results. You can start tearing apart this in finding holes and you could maybe miss the bigger picture of light wealth. I gotta pick one life, I'm living at sixty five years old. I'm gonna pick that lawyer in the documentary, not the guy. Who was right because I often who I'm right, nine. Nine, only intellectually aye aye prove my point. But then the results of me being right might be a shitty life. That's worth considering yeah it's worth. Considering I mean that translates to Chris
vanity to absolutely which you are now I'm pretty critical yeah, but I'm cream yes, but to be specific about what I'm critical about is that I am. I am critical of a patriarchal hierarchies, but you are also critical of in the belief would you presume to be totally unbelievable thanks? Aha preposterous ideas were also, I think I think one of the things that bother. Me is, I think it's laziness and a total lack of belief in our own powers and competence to think that a book that was written by people five thousand years ago thought the earth was flat was that we should continue for the all of mankind to follow what they knew. Then then work work that there's no progression, that there's no more understanding that your locked into this
tax, your living, your life, based on a text that was written, a very limited knowledge of how the physical world works. Yeah, that's troubling. To me, that's unconcerned about that. I also I I I I get a little nervous when people I cherish our constitution, but I do not rovira as the most perfect thing that's ever been written in that it should never evolve to acknowledge new information. I think reverie for a text is a little dangerous Right but it's all reverie for a text reverie for a person row it all that yeah, it's all just picking a talk in to worship, and if Keeping with this conversation, if it most people their lives, are better ya because they adhere to the Bible
and they trust in, but believe that lie in rain and Amy I'll say all that stuff? I do said and then look at Rhine and Amy, who I think are to the most perfect people have ever met my life there living the best most wholesome wonderful life through the best parents, their fun there, everything and it is a hundred percent, grounded in them being Christians. That is really the driving force for that. So I now urge that Lamb, whose laughing last that I said. Oh, your book thinks the world was flat and then ran like yeah great I'm an awesome dad and I'm a great dude mirror, you know, Yes, I acknowledge that it also isn't it doesn't mean you can't be those things without at either correct, but it just for them, or they may be. Yes, yes, really great results. Since those people whose mother get their babies bit by a rattlesnake, that's how you Urim, according to their text, says the bad version right. Ok, so
so you talked about Wilma. Other I'm a great job pronounced in his name. Thank you and he and what a light he is, and then you also talked about his Sid dancing with his sister, you could not or called the name of the hands. I think I think Eric and I was Adjusted Salsa, and I don't know what he did because I wasn't there and I remember his whaler re S. Venezuela is for men is whaler and that I'm probably got pronounced this wrong. Jerome bow horror. Oh her elder Rivera, isn't so the answer Venezuela, and it originated in Spain and consists of thirty six steps and it's a dance for cup. I so it might have been what he was doing spoken beautiful whatever it was called call by any name. What is it what's? The shakespearian thing, something by any name is still awesome. Yeah I can't buy anytime.
Around a rose by rose by any other name still smells a sweet arose, by any other name. Would smell is sweet fact. Ok, now it is called the poop flower inside it in your introduced at the rose as the poop flower. You might your brain actually might boggled SAM you might you might violent IRAN cabinet in my, but it said aunt. It does not it smelled insane objectively, it smells, ok So you said one of the five pillars of Islam is donations. You're, making alms was always call charity. Parity is how would the one you're referring to faith prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage from MECCA twice but according to the Koran, I guess
Charity portion has to be distributed in the community for much it was taken, so it all that's interesting. They take it and then they give it will not only in its charity right. But what's interesting about this, which was to go to the community from which it was, it was taken or or mind because I'm reading this book called shadow, something listening to it on audible. There is about the CIA operation in Afghanistan to fight back from the soviet invasion, and we were funding a ton of the mujahideen that were fighting, but also Saudi Arabia is funding a ton of that and the reason it was so easy early says this book. It was so easy to get money from Saudi Arabia. Is that if it is a pillar of Islam so that they are
they are very charitable, and so they were very quick to donate lots and lots of money to the Afghans to help fight off the sea on him. It's not very institutionalized in there yeah, it's part of charity, but it was leaving that's Olympic Yosemite, pointing out that the the money was in Saudi Arabia. That might be additional. I might just be like. I will do whatever to foster this. These ideas. I asked, I guess, but that of the pillars. Hard five donations is now one charity, you that's what I mean if it is not the same, Donations to hurt is different than charity to the community, I see what you're saying? Oh, yes, yes, because tidying, is you give ten percent of your income to the church? Yes, yes, I got, you suits and helped her well nobler than the church distributes that they have all sorts of programmes for young aids and feeding people, and they run baby, no yeah.
Holding the assumption, is that well or the catholic Church and many aims to have kept a lot of good government in the Vatican here, but I do think the premises they're gonna real redistributed. Nothing! So maybe we're ok! Ok! When she talked about clean, Laurent, as I mentioned earlier, and she said, most words are latin, which is pretty clear, but eighty percent- and of the entries in any english dictionary, are borrowed mainly from latin over sixty percent of all english words have greek or latin routes in the vocabulary of this. Science and technology. The figure rises to over ninety percent. These crazy woman the genus and species so yeah, They are hard to remember almost save you yeah, you like now on them.
How many levels the Scientology have fifteen levels, but the church only offers eight that's interesting, yeah or any of the other seven. Maybe fifteen has attracted a lover of experts, Ok, ok, so she said going clear, isn't available in all of our countries because they have stricter libel laws. Their english and wealth law, the burden of proof in defamation cases resists exclusively on the defendant. Which means that if someone sues you it's up to you to prove its true, so does that mean that books not available in England correct all really isn't no gap go, but I mean corner. She was right. Oh yeah yeah deafening and ass. He was before I wish. You could tell us the name of the romantic hotel with great grilled cheese cause. I'm sure people wanting
there, I want a YO, YO, Yo Yo, it's the it's. The Carmel Valley range. What a great grilled cheese I want how right now yeah I'll. Take you wanna lovers. Retreat air will want to be very similar to organise experience, giving people be like all god they do apart together. We can anyone, but me a lot of things. All you allowed their brain it'll be worth it for the girl cheese cause. I want that you, a hundred percent, even if I get divorce, totally worth it in a girl cheeses that good how many cheeses in macro gee. I don't think it's it's a bunch of different cheeses them it took it. It is the barometer bread. The way the bread is is the quality of the bread way they cloud perfection and I've had a dozen there and they bombing cooked absolute perfection. I hope they give me like a free state owned, a free grilled.
She's out of talking about during the post maids from current and that it will be that crispy both and I got a little house maids sponsored Ass, its five hours and twelve minutes away by car right now what I saw the order and now have by dinner, we could be eating their at some forty tonight and barring any traffic. I really want that. I've been thinking about ever since you said it. I'll make that dream come true. Ok, I'm gonna pledge that route taken. Do you refer to going to sets wedding a lot in this and that Seth Green, correct? Yes, not certainly, Furthermore, or south row said, Myers Myers Almost at the end of their life, assess it. Can a ban really truthfully could have been set? A vat actually I think originally, when you are telling the story, I thought
It was sad to see, went to set Avis wedding. I did in North Carolina maybe she also knew that they were ass, but it set green, Lovely South South Green Seth growing, who we have had on this planet Casper. Four and is a delay as it is via the rank favoured episodes. He is definitely in the top three from the feedback. I've gotten it's a good one. You pronounced it gain co? Balboa grew can go below I'm just saying I wouldn't you say, that's enough of Europe. Try to say no, and I didn't go bull over here. He said it. I did like that version of you, like that by one absolutely rocky Balboa Balbo Island? There's not a great bell boys thinker below were grinning at norm. Vietnam, That's not what do you mean yes vehemently?
I don't know, I didn't really bray that no one takes that is like me. Having a lower opinion earth superior opinion. How could anyone that it's just waters they go like you could take, take the time to learn how to say the damn name right. That's it! That's it! That's a good complaint, but I just have I am limitations as to slay out. We are limitation with your boat, but we isolated for you what's happening right, you're, mixed M M, which again is, I think, is it is it is your fault, the dislikes editor, but maybe the vietnamese gray, the Rwanda happy night. They have enjoyed ticket terms, I got defends a near. She mentions a vitamin, be wine, right. Causa hull depletes vitamin be one. May you deny masses of what she said so I did read that occur, however,
I will be really honest. I didn't read it in an article that I'd rusted looked a lot and there were a lot. There were a handful of articles about that but I didn't recognize the validity of any of the CE mark. Always sources rack. So I could not relieved. I can't I can't corroborate that statement or dispel it correct, but I did find that I do just some fire mean which is vital to be won over, helps, decrease the risk and symptoms of a specific brain disorder called oh won a key
or soft off. I'm definitely saint out wrong. Maybe tat S ogre! That's what it is. Any aids related to low levels of me, then what what are these symptoms were? I don't know, but it is often seen in alcoholics bad dream I could not find a minor if I have it from being a knock on between thirty percent. Eighty percent about the Holocaust are believed to have a fine inefficiency walked to me that that's pretty conclusive evidence. I know you couldn't find anything, no, none the nightmares, all the nightmares, ok, but by the way I totally believed her, because when I did a bunch opiates, I would have the craziest fucking dreams there so weird and they be violent
guys, I'm trying to fall asleep, I'm just having images, and I have never had the alibi clauses, be that try gray will, but the drug would do something with it would alter my chemistry in a way that would create that so's. There's some chemicals is being depleted, are blocked or their inhibited from uploading or whatever you have rightly said earlier, we are or or she does, or something, I'm. I did a does my job here. I know you do a great, so good job banks to job We talked about Eric as brothers and ass if they were twins that I'm embarrassed that I ask that work as we have already established that there were thirty, we were both thirty one with areas like how older they thirty or so. Obviously, there twins- I just didn't, put two and two together roads. I imagine it.
Conceivable that one brother could be borne on January first and then a second baby could come along by December. When these so hard to do because, generally speaking well, but I guess you're right, it depends cause because, generally speaking, you you had kept pragmatic, breastfeeding or I am no that's true I think you're, ok, but not that you might not breastfeed I'll try. So it could happen absolute, but really, I should just none there when we talk about mad Sarah sin and that is put in Matt. Citizen is a character. On Friday night lights played by sat Guilford total Babe greater use. My favorite, you was more than Reagan's Waymore God I like you, I, like you, have a really specific. You know you like yeah regions is way too. Even
another shit together, ok he's scared. You scare me I'll be so annoyed if I was in a relationship with him. Right exists caught him for your: how to do the right, yeah, using his face and hair, couldn't get you it doesn't matter that we tackle this. So often those things just the personality trot. Set so much and hear something care of his grandmother movies, so nice and very kind to his girlfriend. The tailored child was her name year. Coached go to your daughter, Tammy in coaches, daughter name anyway. He here is a superior love for you, the area. I look at regions and I go or he's the rebel. I'm always attracted the right
Venus, nice taken the rules and he flushed a right down the toilet. Let's watch him go, please. You didn't flutter he's a little, you know drunk on Macao missing class. Nothing about that is appealing, and I know that people are really attracted to the right oh like they are, that doesn't robot without accounts but ill I, for they, like me, will ever asked first, but then once you have to start dealing with the real life is shit that comes along with the younger son, fun or interesting. I agree businesses animal will you want, is the rebel. The reformed rubble share. That's right, but look. I was a rebel who was also graduating. College rain can louder like you'd have been living with me sure I'll be drunk on the couch miss a few days but has also crushing it's late. I wasn't that's different.
I wasn't, he wasn't right yeah, but you could be a rebel whose also accumulating some accomplishments. I wonder if I knew you back now what I would have thought me too is this a little looking right had been a little chaotic, weaken, reverse engineer it a little bit like it. I think a good test of that would be if the people who liked me back then now I have no relationship with, because I'm a different person. So the fact that NATO is where my best friend through the horrifying in Erin Scotty. Yes right. I think this is a little bit yeah and all the thing you would have hated about me, I think, would have been so drinking related as much as I would get drunk and then my ego would need validation, nonstop, and I would steer conversations in directions that you would end up having to give me a compliment, and it was just discussing that part of me more, I think,
the most dreadful that was then I'm sure Nate witnessed a lot and somehow got through in Scotty in all these people, and I think I can live with that. He thinks it's me, the chaos that makes me a little I would be. I would be, I guess, you're right. I would be afraid of that. You anyway you called Erika you like in turn to a robber cry. I'm drying, I say that with peace and love and peace and love, that's it that's a compliment from my aesthetic by the way yeah yeah, yeah, and he was a cartoonist, an amazing documented. I say it. You didn't emperor new cannon, David Lynch produce a documentary called crumb. God come nineteen! Eighty four! That's just awesome! It's in my top five documentaries of all time and who is it travelled person,
you are very interesting human mean he has two brothers that are super fascinating. There are equally weird crock there there's an example. They all this really weird recipe that was super destructive in two out of the three of us. He somehow cabin on the rails, enough to be the most brilliant, our chances of all time, yeah, but anchored people to look up, but that means are maybe I'll post it. He was aroused the amazonian like the conventional amazonian woman, like huge, ass, huge TED's. He was always time me and the drawing the women were, you be caught between their but cheeks are caught between their boots or you just loved beam emasculated by these big, powerful, yeah buxom me women and he talks a lot about it in the documents. Very fascinating yeah, yes check it out Oh, I have a correction. So in the Mark Marin episode, I said the girl, then bears were the WMD,
Eighteen and a lot of people have told me that that's incorrect, then they that's Berkeley, please, Gee Team and the ok, I'm be aid scheme, as allies sparks right, so the correction? Sorry, I made a mistake everyone, but I'm only knew then, and I am glad that you corrected me- I'm happy to be corrected and I still have not figured out what you changed your mind on number. We were in the car and needs you guys are dead only now we were in the car, and I am I said: oh that's something it changed your mind on, and we lack remember than we brought it up on the pot Cason said Anne Yo pallor member by the fact check- and I still doubt because it was so stupid- it was like. I decided I liked darling. Something silly and I'll. Never
never now the run one and then the other thing that there were hearing a lot of is that is the last week you said so: hey I'm not going to go into detail but see the eagles. I did emerge Ho Jon Mikhail extraction. Of course that's the fact that his law with missing so we ve decided that instead of re recording it we're just gonna double down and from now on, we're gonna go. If you wanna hear Dax have sex with a pumpkin just check out the Joam Calvin fact Jack. That's where we recorded yeah, that's gonna, be the dumping ground for us back, ring of anything or too lazy to deal to say just just see the Joe Mikhail factor. The levy dearly review.
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