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2019-07-18 | 🔗

Dr. Rahul Jandial, MD, Ph.D. is a dual-trained brain surgeon and neuroscientist at City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Rahul sits down in the attic to discuss intermittent fasting, emigrating from India as an eight-year-old and how he redirected some of his negative qualities into positive ones. Dax wonders if it takes a certain level of arrogance to choose brain surgeon and Rahul gives a breakdown of the human body as it relates to mechanics. The two talk about modern approaches to fighting cancer and the importance of keeping the brain stimulated.

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Well, come to experts on expert, I'm your resident friend in vain. Remember Dan Javert joined by her mother and her baby Monica PLAID man. Today we have a really fascinating person. I dont know that we ve taught to a brain surgery ever gets in their tinker's with the cpu central processing. The source of all of our everything. What could require more competence or other than landing? An airplane of? Would you haven't done? Ok, yet might know now what I want to happen now. I don't ever want to account doktor raw who'll, John D. All is a dual train: brain surgeon, an Earl scientists at city of hope in Lhasa, Angela Hospital for cancer treatment. You know he's your last lining gonna get in there and cut that stuff out the it's really impressive work yeah. It is any taxes,
about anatomy and theirs, and can it breaks down in a really digestible way? It's really good. Yes, super fastening conversation and really enjoy them. I hope you do to please stay tuned for Doktor Rahul, John, the all armed, your expert is brought to you by the cash at the number. Finance it up in the app store cash app is the most powerful way to send spanned and save it's connected to the free cash card. The only debit card would boosts just select a boost in your cash amp than instantly save at some. Your favorite places like ten percent at support, lay or dollar off at all coffee shops. Always adding new boost so check. Yours often best of all booze are like unlimited Cuban, so you can use them over and over not re to switch debit cards. You don't have to cash applet. You instantly transfer funds to your cash card for free. So when you see a boost, you, like just add funds swipe unsafe cash. App is also the most convenient way to buy Bitcoin. Most bitcoin exchanges require five days or more for bank transfers or become investigate with
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John D. All what is the origin of that name born in Northern India cut here embody seven or eight we took a pan. Am flight prayers told me we just go for a day trip. It makes you know we're in torrents, California, by the four or five you nowhere looks like MAX? That's where land were the Lakers apply, so you don't have any beef within one from southern India. Do Monica Southern Indian, yet there is no kind of like North South Beef headed for this? we in Ireland out now, partly why did Mama Leave me. There is all the strife going on a northern India with the Muslim
then the Hindus and we lived in Kashmir, they'd, have to refuse and science go off and bombs go off so endeavour that Border Asia with Pakistan and their gnarly up there will attack each other. There were alike of each other's ears and where necklace it's pretty wrong and the mountains are gorgeous, but it's like the most beautiful and violent place on the planet yeah. What did they do for a living? He was an engineer so when there had a chance to come out here, they needed engineers. He took the gig, we with them when we went for as civil engineer, mechanical alma can engine with a lean towards airspace or use workin for moving and those sort of companies move this. The size or company was like the next thing after a Boeing in some of the missile parts for some of the aeroplanes are ok again Monica fathers civil engineer, but that's the way they got the chin. Our work as you have to buy a ticket in a year,
I knew the airplane. If you had a skill, obviously that the? U S desired, it helped out with emigrating here out. Imagine right and the way they learned in their books. It was english base that just like their dunwood tech. Now, if you're learning in English easier to jump over so that the education there was an English yeah into giving siblings Ivan older brother older, how much older two years ok, we got closer. Was it a battle royal at all time, both about the eyes, the battle hard and now our older and he lives in Pasadena, it's good. What did he go into is also in medicine? Is that by accident, or was that by zine. He was the first one. Ok, the way went down was I was getting a lot of trouble in LOS Angeles, was paying attention to the books He got into use, Ie Berkeley. I want get away from home yeah I just where he went so I drafted for while it whatever you did. I did what I liked it or not right that will keep people off my back yeah and then I pay get into surgery dating General Madison than I did a bunch of other things, but he sort of the one that kind of like roller derby
He swung me in a positive direction, despite Jason around or very similar and age. I think were a year and a half year term. Forty six, in fact, were your December baby. Christmas Yom January. Second, are you Capricorn? I am you? Are I don't know what that means? either of us, but it's nice on shared, isn't it won't you you're trying to stay in shape? To I see that, oh god, yes, it saw eighty percent mental. For me, twenty percent blot out yeah, oh yeah, I will go craze, my prozac, a hundred percent, the three boys Adam just What do some pull? Ups in your chill the fuck out start with that. If that doesn't work, then we can get to all the other thing. They can go that way during times all seasons of their life. Life is going good. They want to look for a party. They went in the Oscars Amy go work out bright, girlfriend dumps your boyfriend damn shoe you're half an hour damn dealing with it go work up. Yes, it works at Munich, get that job promotion, goer cork and got the job go where he got something
You know it's a cure. All I have kind of an armchair the area along in by you, tell me if you think this holds any water hunting and gathering societies wore out doing some kind of physical labour B four to six hours a day, minimally just to survive, and, of course we get a reward for that physical activity right? We get double means air tone and all these things as a reward. It now we're just a very stagnant species that a volume to get this reward for physical activity, so I think the pandemic a kind of mental illness. Really reflective of our lack of moving around it's. It's a good thought, but it's not original thought. Okay, great, while none of mine are at best there synthesized other people's ideas that there's there's something to that too. You know like when we think about science. You have to take what's out there and synthesize something that's the space in between My physical activity and even a little bit of food scarcity sharpens are mine.
Ah ha when I meant to be sitting around stuff and ourselves. So if we weren't good at finding food in desperate situations, you wouldn't procreates all those people that were sharper under stress pass their genes Lloyd. Actually so that that kind of thought is out there and there's some biology behind it to data just a jump into an animal food scarcely like so many people. The world are struggling to find good food, find food behind saved you what I mean at, but ten twelve fourteen hours, your body switches, So in sixteen hours your liver cats, Gordo out glucose anymore you're glucose reserve has gone, is our scored. Now these things got key tones. Brains, a hybrid vehicle alike, switching between glucose and key tones and hard core neuroscience literature, and it shows that people have increased cognition, focusing attention, so it does for you would coffee does without sort of the crash aft increased during Kido or increase during Gleich agenda process of
permitting fasting that switching between being hungry for sixteen hours. Let's say you skip dinner. The next thing you eat is lunch or the dinner. Afterwards, that switch going back and forth is the only died shown to increase attention and focus interment fasting. Ok, that's what I've read: I'm not a diet guy right, but if you go and journalists Besides nature size reviews we had to be hard core size to get in. There writing big big papers about this. This isn't just on pop science right in so walkest. Through in a very fundamental way. What is the energy for brain? Obviously, oxygen is travelling there via the blood and what else is happening. What's the other food for the moraine? That's a good question is old experiment. I messed with animals in my lab. Ok, but they took a die. Blue die a mouse.
Maybe fifty years ago I don't know where it is, but they inject the dye into the blood and then they like a piece of garlic. They cut the mouse up. The whole mouse is blue, except the brain, so just because it's in your blood just because you eat it and it gets into your blood, doesn't mean it gets in your brain Ryan. Extra filter there a brain barrier, very good behalf, B, b or blood brain bury it. So it demands a little bit of extra nuance when thinking about what gets through its a very fine filter from a food point of view, glucose is its main you're. Ok, they have little holes in the wall. If you have let let that through oxygen gets through ions get through certain vitamins get through and then food in its building blocks. You know get like a piece of sauce
round up now, arrest gothic warm getting through, but when you digested down a protein, certain proteins can get through. I'm dissembled your building blocks in your blood and guts. Your let through the brain and then you're put to use right then then explain quickly the difference, when glucose in key towns. Their different fuel sources that are not amino acids and proteins are actually carbon and hydrogen backed chemical compound, so they would lean towards carbohydrates or starches. If you had the idea in your mind, but there are fats and proteins there in the broken down. Carbohydrate category, ok, and so when the brain is using key tones for fuel. Is that the time that it gets increase sharpness are clarity, the switching back and forth like a hybrid vehicle, not on all lecturing, not all gas, but your parked in its an electric you're driving its and gas, that you call it a metabolic switch. Ok, then intermittent fasting creates that metabolic switch of talk to a lot of
the way we live in LOS Angeles, so many people are doing intermittently asking Jimmy came over the year, the most prominent now my fear of it is ultimately your metabolism is adjusting for the amount of calories that are coming in and their mouth, that your expanding, why isn't the net result of? This are reduced medical Great, I don't know, I'm not sure I buy into all of those reduce metabolic rate. Like the thermostat thing, I jump on a cold river. If I run around a lot I'll burn more in idle right, that's what metabolic rate is, I'm not sure I understand or buy into that completely, but the way that intermittent fasting- and I don't necessarily do it all the time- I'm not saying should do it right right, you're asking me: what's the thing: that's back by science is ignorant fasting and there's some literature body, but all the other diets does nothing about it. That says: Diskin Hell,
You actually be sharper and this isn't about losing weight because you still have to cut the calories to lose weight while yet in this is what so frustrating for all. Us in the world were looking to scientists and doctors to tell us in. There is really no consensus right. The very traditional conventional wisdom is the calories burn calories consume. That was the model right and then some other folks of come around me currently in certain no a lot more complicated than that. If you two thousand calories of pure sugar, correct that you're gonna have The insulin levels, it's going to function differently in your body, so that its an incomplete analysis, It is with a well balanced diet, cutting the calories right. I wasn't it, Diego an amendment is Atkins. Craziness was coming around. I saw so many peoples that I'm not getting the toast and just played is filled with sausage and pick yeah. That's I did it in the nineties. My girlfriend I alone on have the Atkins book. I did it, it totally lost weight, it was miserable
I remember we one time at cook. Rudy Ruhmer cookery chicken- I don't owe Are you really must out? There were a great little franchise that was all around outlay for a while, I think they ve since vanished, but my ex girlfriend debris would We put the role in her mouth and we would shoot up, and then we just spit nor napkin. In them a consumer chicken are broadly, but for TAT S. What it takes. Twenty, not, alas, add a little on your thousands of doing that. These abrupt was so luxurious I I was a butterfly boy. I was the college and some people do nasty shit like to reassure you had to learn. Pick the now answer Liane than their cluttered Yemen. Mom, I like to think we are really consider it to be set up, and in fact I will. I will add that who grew you cleared your own place or just go with moderation and don't failure plate disk, dignified plate and just eat that yeah. You can get away with eating what you want. I I hear that, and that would be the goal for sure, but I certainly no
enough people that have a similar relationship with food that I have to drugs and- and they are smart enough and honest enough with themselves, to say I will never have portion control. So, given that I can't I will not abortion control, what is the healthiest thing for me to overly zoom? Only you think food is an addiction. I certainly think all things can be. I'm addictions. How do you feel about that? He now I dont know. I will tell you the addiction I seen the hospital people who are now shooting crystal Meth or Venus, be bawling, that's a different kind of addiction, then even alcohol out, all the different gonna addiction and smoking weed and men even sick. At sea. Now and then food and compulsive behaviour in those sorts of things can seem addictive. But you do. I see I see the guy
I made an when crack. Cocaine was popping up to me at the addiction sure and not their food can't get like that. I understand food is quite a challenge, but I think it's just a continuum of compulsion, willpower and combinations and different people, indifferent I will find themselves in a different situation sure. So I would imagine the frustrating thing being someone that has studied empirical peer, reviewed things, your whole life and that's when we come to trust as I do personally to not have age genetic marker to not have any kind of indicators that you could replicate the task. Its frustrating the label it as a disease, or at least I would imagine, having a reservation to do that and starts pivoting into this. Your personalized died genetic tests for your personal cuisine. Then that gets in only rich folk can afford you know I gotta be an equation that works raw folks. Yes, in fact we have this great. She
funds mean who has his great document. We saw that I said he salt, fat, acid, he'd Annapolis. She made the great pointed that somehow this notion of healthy food has been poor, lady with a lead ism origin, evil, which is crazy, because it's kind of a flip from where it started which is in the sixties. You have all these people, the rediscovering heirloom seeds in getting into micro farming, and not this movement was a very hippy movement that was for the proletariat not for rich people and it got kind of hygiene, and it has now this branding of being elite, which is really unfortunate. Khazars shouldn't be any kind of social economic structure precluding you for meaning good food. While my boys three teenage boys, it doesn't make sense them to his town plants and protein. So I call it the fight die. We gotta Carrasco salmon Chicken Breast, a great prices are meagre, like
oh yeah I mean we're just gonna, be, moreover, the cask of this as a sign of the cross border place back left us who got chicken breast chickens cures salmon and it doesn't have to be salad. It can be fruit right, so the fight day is not expensive. New works. You not hungry it can be strong on. I just worry about the packaging in the websites in the yoga That's an malibu and people feel like you know what that's not accessible to me. Yeah, it's a very triggering, I think, people into all of us yet in general, are striving to eat an exercise in a manner that is probably mostly unobtainable Even for myself. I have goals that are not reachable. I take the endeavour recognising that I'm only looking for progress and perfection right, but some people just stop even
aiming in that direction, you aim and that rationally get their sixty percent cool. We see, and I give you the stark examples of being the hospital we see. Obesity has a surgeon at operate on people that are three four hundred pounds: whipped brain specialised beds, specialized MRI scanners yeah and they just quit on trying to be healthy. Five affair using the are doctorate cedars, and she was telling me that some reason some those vote they come in that were shut ends or what not announce their first trip. The Haswell that just some general Anastasia that would be fine for us is too much for them. I haven't heard that I know redheads need more Anastasia, that's already alone in the annex III, a world oh yeah eyes- and we know that is if you run patients light on anaesthesia they'll, actually start. It's called bucking, ok and Del Buckin flop around like a fish while their open, oh boy. You know we have this thing like patients, light patients like pages bucking, and they know so. Based on your way, based on how much prozac
on based outside she. Now opiates use some of your redhead, your weight yeah that sees its depth a dial. It's it's a gas, those like a little dial and mixing with a breath you breathe, so they have to time. It is the question we wanna justs just snow the body, but everyone in the sunken place right away. Ethically, if you do that too much in their blood pressure and heart rate argued robbing, you gotta find that sweet spot where their under but not to undermine. I haven't heard that but all these people are shutting means people, eight, nine, our paths Bobby locked in a house by right. They also have a hard time given that tube in their neck. It's kind of a left handed turn. Right hand depending on which hand to use, but you have to slither that in and there's like the esophagus there's a feeding tube and then there's the trachea go into the lungs. You don't want to put it in the feeding tube going to put the tray.
So they can be tricking heavy people right. So when I see that you know you failing to achieve your full goal, you having cheat day die just the fact that you're paying attention to this and to me that's a victory. Bouncing too many people. Just let me go just well quitting leaving trying okay and again now that to me. So if you want to label something at a diction, that's how I personally label it is. You cannot manage what you're doing they've lost their ability to manage it, which seems pretty obvious from the state you're describing that they're in they have consequences severe consequences and in the face of all that, this thing is giving them enough comfort that it's worth all that wreckage into me once that calculus is that for
buddy that means and addiction, so that could be. You know. What's the fine line between you like gambling, in Vegas six billion a year in which the line where you're going to commerce casino three times we can you ve lost the kids college fund. Now you have wreckage your endangering your loved ones, you may lose insurance, you may lose the family. Has all these things, these really clear consequences from your habitual behaviour to me once it becomes pathological, I would say: oh, you have an addiction, my hunches you're, trying to treat some internal trauma. And depression with some external things. In generally, that doesn't work and I'd say the reason it fits the discreet. Of a disease is that its chronic and it has a pretty predictable trajectory for most people letter addicted to something no, but it gave me you're right, I'm gonna, stay low is still the spectre of a hundred percent. I'm sober nominate. Oh here's. Some one share an hour ago who, thank God, I don't have that bad,
like I remember, watching a documentary about addiction, age HBO in this attic in Manhattan was buying crack than melting Antinous moon than shooting up the crack, and I was like ok they're, always be someone that did it worse than me and if that's the note with again it make my decision of whether not enter this programme at someone's worse than me, I'll always be defined. Someone worse than me. That's an interesting example, because the amount addiction that Those with combustible, cocaine, crack free, basing made cheap, is sky high. So if you had a hundred twin brothers ledger say, and yet one hundred over here, one her per year, and you gave everyone- be a bottle. Tequila left here, everybody, some rock on the right. The amount of people out be addicted. Just when I want exposure be quite different for sure There is the whole range and how addictive materialise, but then some people have a greater rush when they drink them do other drugs, so it's also how we're sensitize you, even in the context of family life and
real life, and so again it's a continuum, but there are some drugs that are just an biochemistry so ill for sure if you're someone who, as ADHD Cocaine for you, feels like medicine you Who does sleep monitoring on cocoa sugary point that will Ritalin is right. I was I was able maggot. The kid is hyper gave them baby met, yes, just a touch, but if you give too much and they get jittery and have issues with it, but that's an excellent point that being hyperactive, you can actually focus with a little bit a stimulus, that is the new wants and subtlety that is lost in the discussions about drugs and addictions. I love that year and then back to gambling. Wait a second. You don't put anything inside you, but you will still cell Mama's tv to get some money go gamble right by till the pharmacies already inside us. A hundred per cent of ecstasy does not get you hi. Ecstasy is what up taken Hibner of our two best chemicals that
Gus feel euphoric. War is what you have without the real experience driving it that you don't hit the World CUP goal when they have I'm feeling a right. You take something that simulates that chemically inside you, but it's your chemicals that your jacket up. That's right. I think a lot of people think o cocaine itself, but caught cocaine is a triple uptake inhibitor and it does something different does dopamine nazi dopamine is elusive euphoria. You can have crystal math and we'll be hyper you'll be away Galina between colonel craziness. That comes with that, but dopamine is that feeling of victory, that feeling of delight. I feel like a few if you did hit the game winning shot last night in basketball, yeah, that's more dopamine, aha, and so this addictive cause. It really makes you feel fantastic notches hyper. Why would you not take that
The reason you can't take that has got it. Doesnt last chaser diminutive, more Europe, blood pressure goes up, and then you start its untenable to other uses for cocaine. Post I've been Peru. Quite and the old timers, they were telling me like in their ancient history, it numbs things up. You know, like you put on your gums and it numbs you up, so they were trying to operate, that you Coco keys. Coco is not cocaine. They'll tell me that right but they'll spit into the wound. None the patient, but everybody diagnose it got infective. Unfair gnarly spit right. Then the other use that still allowed is still in american operating, maybe not today born I was training. It's a blood vessel shrink, her concern we would actually take these little tampons and and so common cocaine JAMA people's nostrils. Aha, But if you look at you, you know why I love this guy Rosita and it was shrink. The blood vessels goes in these Eliza Bloody and there we stick a speculative there and tap into the bottom of the skull and get to the pituitary cocaine is
These are constrictor also anesthetic in this. They didn't. Numbs you. So it's a flexible chemical and it comes from mother nature, its dark. Station is naturally built within, as we are things called nicotine receptors, opiate receptors, Canada, Lloyd, receptor LA there are nicotine receptors on the tissues in your brain body that nicotine just the key, and it could not all the tuner million other things that that, though the cigarette companies have in their tobacco, but just nicotine. Binds into a receptor in your body like a perfect locking. He is not a foreign, so Neither is you know, cocaine. Neither is the pin things that come from popular old, neither Amelia, we are one and the same with the plants around us yeah it so far canadian and yes, we see this in the animal kingdom. Elephants hide fruit until it ferments in the eating drunk
in pansies get high out. You know a lot of primates are given high. They they know what stuff is good out there for them need an experiment with in somehow they do it without addiction I do Know- is your addiction and animals or as that is the way that its offered in plants without our manipulation, just not that pop into where they get hooked yeah. So to your point back to peruse, so I had and archaeology teacher who did other their work in Peru, you're all the local to coca leaves. I was in Bolivia six months ago, martini teenage son or visiting hospital show up this coca leaves it doesn't get you high, but it does allow you to function without headache and fatigue at an altitude where your blood cells are not fully docked with oxygen. There's, not none of accident there for you, right, so it's not illegal is not unethical and my son, and I didn't I actually in something that I wrote but cocoa he's right in the side, with some Coca t, less winded, it's not as much of a stimulant has kept me. If you think he's gonna, keep you up.
A long drive across the country. That's not what it does. It does more about You know not feeling winded from me he had a high altitude. So interesting. Again, new wants to yeah. I wonder what's goin on respite orally, if, if it's actually having any effect on cells in your lungs or anything there, that's allowing more oxygen enter the bloodstream. I dont know my guess: is this not more oxygen entering the bloodstained? That's were last Armstrong was actually making more oxygen carriers by shooting Eco, the red blood cells or the shows that carry the oxygen they get low. We give equal, they get high, he his were normal. He raised him up ass if he was training in Colorado, but us being in Bolivia, there's no way that our carriers were higher. So it's something about the
that, even despite having a lower delivery of oxygen to our cranking tissues, aha, we didn't feel fatigued going back to the brain. The feeling of fatigue was reduced by chewing on cocoa. That's my guess. I just made that up right right right, but I have read about that, but that something can only throw one other thing Ok, I have taken my heart rate many many times at, like ten, a m of being awake all night doing, Coke tending MIT we sit down at the computer right some emails, like some seven, eight page emails. I was kind of my routine, so I would sometimes we are little sweaty. It's only sixty eight me apartment and just checking my my heart rate in quite regularly sitting there you know doing some emails would be like one thirty five, so I do wonder if they could get all raise the heart rate enough that it offset the reduction in in. Do you know what that's a very small point? The way our heart rate goes up is a way to
deliver more half full carriers of Oxygen Ba, whether half full so you're gonna send you twice as much quantity over quality you gonna get about the same on oxygen, but I'm having a pump more rapidly. Send you more carries over there. That's a good thought now that chewing coca leaf doesn't raise your heart rate. Otherwise I would have liked immunity and youngsters by right, but that's it. That's the way, think smart common sense about how the body works. Its mechanical man. That's what fascinates me about it. When you understand an engine in you won't run you go to a very simple checklists right. You need compression, you need fuel, any need spark. So one of those three things, it's that simple and now you have eight different parts sector, the charge of all three of those things so you're dealing with potentially forty issues, whatever it's all gonna boil down to those three things. We have all three of those things. You have a running engine, so I would imagine your heart. That's the harder you named right there The compression is the squeezing the heart is squeezes like a fast ringing of a towel
all right with seer twist, that's better ejection fraction, you get more out you're, forgetting all the water bottle. Ah ha you twisted value instead of bawling. Yes, that's compression fuel is blood inside the blood, there's stuff, that fights infections like white blood cells and allowed in the blood cancer from that, but the fuel is actually the oxygen and the glucose that swimming around being delivered till you say bolt ties to run right, that's very mechanical, miss not magic show, and then the spark is an interesting one. The heart is under the dominion of these fine web of nerves on its surface and those nerve they literally send little sparks to the heart muscle and the heart muscle compresses. Those nerves are only partially connected. Our brain yeah, not me out the Ulster Gonna, keep firing, ratify meditating taboo
this month for ten years, I can get them to behave a little bit that so fascinating, isn't it now. I wanna go into your history a little bit because night, when you come here at eight, you gotta torrents, there's not a lot of kids from indian torrents are no, but I was browns whenever saw it as I am brown yea existential crisis They never saw it as kid from India, but it was like brown gear, the rather brown kids there. I was felt connected to people. Despite my gender, despite my color, you didn't feel excluded. I didn't you know. I think that the narrative, it's a well worn one. If I We feel that we ought to want to make it my narrative, because it's convenient now. Will you stories your story? There's no right or wrong yeah, but people morph their stories. Does it think it fits a certain narrative as in a get them oppress, hit or a little me home? Let alone were pop on their website. I like it messy it. I didn't feel excluded at one time. Some shit happen and I went home until my PA
like them and they were family with me. There are making fine this isn't. That is, I did they throw stones rocks at you as you know, is I think the fucking complaining guy like do you know where we were here. Look I open minded. Everybody is here limbo, liberated people are here compared the region, the where we just left TAT he had that does position work. I was in a place of gratitude and their respective now about kids coming over. Were you ever embarrassed that it was like indian food is being cooked in the house? Any of that I wasn't that guy might my parents were super progressive, ok, in your brother and also assimilated and fit in beautifully know we had our issues, but they weren't culture and race based. Ok, there were individual conflict base. It was me not liking being underestimated.
As a person? I'm not because I was brown mail or you still have your struggles. They just weren't in the conventional Box of race and culture. My parents were very progressive. There laid back. We did a bunch of cool stuff, but did I have beef with people in high school? Absolutely? Did I have heart break up with my girlfriend, of course, those were the driving forces of my life, not, I was underestimated as an immigrant, no that's a strong narrative and a good narrative, and so there this deeper layer of struggling conflict that doesn't fit the conventional boxes, and I think that applied to me stating arms. If you dare we Europe
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you're, not why Europe and try so very blue collar, very culture of pride, lots of fighting exactly so happy to be away from that aspect. Would you know that's exactly what happened me? That's what I found here and I lay in torrents from long Beach, eulogists US duty being tense with other dude in it. Wasn't because we're black White Brown was sort of a bravado oh you're, a show resumed against other men. Aha, that was it the strife and the conflict that I wanted to escape. The barrier everybody was smoking we eat at work. Yeah. There were no cars to be erode raging on each other. Where you take the bark- and you know what I saw these and makes a dime appear, so it took six years to get through carpet to me with their appeal to go the barrier and it was great to be around increasing diversity, Was there during a time where there is the AIDS epidemic and by volunteers, Francisco General Hospital, and I was an open when I dropped out, I got tell two and took the bark to volunteer San Francisco general they like now you you can't don't cause you got a test,
tool, but it was never about intimidation. Wasn't it psychologically stifling other men yeah, and I was picking the fights myself. I was part of the issue, yet that's like it was Mr Johnny. Do good work around people will give me a hard time fell into that world in that way of engaging other people, I was seventeen went out to Berkeley, and I was I well is if therapeutic, yes, meat, you and I have now been on a mission for I'm forty four. So twenty four years of trying to choose a low weigh up bad identity. I created Bang in Michigan in its very hard for me, only that my wife of twelve years who arrive,
give early rewarding when I'm kind and peaceful and let people in- and I dont know that if I had not linked up with someone who was so expressly against my alpha, aggressive tendencies would happen with means. I met a bad ass woman ass, she said stay bad ass, ok is directed to something else. Aha, just take all that he and applied to something else. So I still channel that bravado and that intensity. Then it would make me a horrible pediatrician with the doctors around while the bears on the stethoscope and I'm just like all nuts and psycho. It does make me a good cancer surgeon when there's a tough case is a protest with the same adversarial intensity I had when I was younger. I just read directed in a constructive way how she was great that way. She's like not just turn this into a string. You just directing it to the wrong place, so I think increasing
play. I am embracing that the traditional role of the male is largely not needed anymore. It's not like we're getting attack from another tribe, there's, not a bare coming into camp, a lot of the skills that we brought to the table in our current society, art that valuable to beyond the barest by became the cap. Is we re in the fermented willing we're like guys, man? They create the problems and then upload pretend to solve them enemy, also to state for the record the whole. Just do you talk in hunting and gathering society. Also point out an anthropologist know that ninety percent of the food was from women. Men rarely caught anything they weren't, really. The foundation of the diet was not men, as some people think shellfish high protein accessible, reliable was the original farming then maybe that's where the brain start again. Bigger and better it is bigger, is better, but in the brain is not true right. We want some convolutions in a big deal.
Our tax and all these has have bigger actual cranial volts. Yes, sixteen hundred there, Caesar not around now so whatever that is, but this, implementation of my intensity. I a tribute to my wife a little bit cuz. She was always like that. I know you're good person you're doing crazy shit right now, but I know you're a good person. She believed that York or that serve better than being strict, mean I didn't respond to coaches. I didn't respond to cops. I didn't bring the best out of me. Wasn't obedient Basinger I should buy. My wife was, but we got wife now over that time she she didn't want to dial me down. She just want to point me in a different direction. I think of that. But what a lovely partner to get I am at. I have the same exact issues. You ve never seen anything more grotesque mean a t essay line. I it's the heart of a half hour of my year when I'm so am. I feel bad for us. I feel bad that we grew up in an area where that toughness- at least I put
received was a necessity. No maybe I'm wrong, and maybe ninety percent of the boys didn't go the direction I did as a kid, but I did- and I felt like it was a response to my environment. It was either be eaten. I feel that way again directly. I could be wrong. Obviously other kids didn't do that, but wouldn't you have liked if you could go back in time and input you Parliament were that that exterior wasn't even required Deniro that that I think that would be nice, but again, I'm not sure I fit into the box because my pops used to say I know you're a confrontational personality, even the old country. Ok, you just applying that to a new but in another, been that's in that similar ecosystem. Here man, he saw that a young person's response to anything competitive. Anything adversarial was something dialed into me right. He was waiting for me too, grow up and realize the tat that down and my wife
in that way that their very indebted to her, the man we had of it he was gone, where'd. She gets all the credit and she shook it most, but not all right. At the head of children's brain surgery, San Diego he's in that when James Toney was boxing, he was the cut man. He lived in a station wagon, big sur for a long time. He is not who you would expect to be a doctor. He is not who you would expect to be a general surgeon, but with a narrowly tumor inside your kids head? Were you just need a savant type cycle but after cereal focus certain surgery, certain operations, but require that, like an hurt, logger ways a complete ep up, except when it's time to dismantle a bomb in the generous like how many have you done so this medicine drifted into surgery, dipped in cancer surgery gave me a place to have those fights I was having in torrents, but doing it and constructive way. Now,
yet so the sublimation for me, not a tamping down of my energy right now, there's a zone that if a human can get into which his eye time to do the dirty work. I am agent, at least it's a little bit of a switch flips words like I'm gonna, be a little bit of a sociopath right now, and I'm gonna be singularly task oriented and I'm gonna forget M cracking someone skull open, I'm gonna forget, there's blood everywhere, not every. Is drawn to what you do back to your original point. When you go to the gym you put in work and it does something cathartic therapeutic for you for the operating room can be that way. You got a headlight on that these magna and glasses is pain in your nagged. You got your summit next, you handing you medieval instruments, but they ve got surgical steel in german design on it, it's an early, its physical and then, when you look at the work that has to be done and you realize the challenges you know it elevates you. I would say that I would have been a horrible pediatrician ever killer
copper, as it is just a coffee, just a couple of whom are dying from movement right. But when the challenge, I know it's clear, I bring my aim. Otherwise I can be a little sloppy, compiler unfocused. So having that as one to two days of my weak, I look forward to some people afford a gulf. Some people look forward to working out, but it is a physical thing and I think there's this harmony. Were you not actually thinking, there's harmony, worry like flow flow, weathers, piano or ballet, or the tumor to drill at the end of a ball. What's going down right there there is not intellectual. Be requires intellect requires high level training, but the synthesis is this metal release of energy and some surgeons. Aren't you like I mean in when I saw that for the first time I wanted to compete to be that match in getting to compete like an athlete like a ballerina
At the same time, you walk out afterwards and his whole family thanking you for helping some. But is this I shouldn't. Have it this regularly? Bad ass will be a good guy. I imagine in the moment it's a selfish endeavour for you better. I get at something I actually want to do. Yeah better. My patients. Do I compete at something I enjoy to get my complication rates lower than my competitor, but you see, layer, cedars or Stanford, and then I go out there and the patients thankful for it. It shouldn't. Be this good imagined, the better you gotta Gulf, the the more starving children. You save right people, so you trust will job your concertinas like yeah, but I drive away in my
Patients are dying, I don't get that twisted right, and so the singular focus of dedicated work, challenging work relevant were dangerous. Work is in its own way, a drug, so a column and sit there meditate about Mt Everest and get my heart rate down. I can elect to do something challenging and sort of get the same. Psychological relief in the Narses from it and the best part of borders do not operate like a little bit. Today we get blocked days. Were you do a bunch and want a bunch round Alonzo of my days Wednesday? I just wisdom, you know Tuesday night there's a certain ritual light. Jim WAR Wednesday morning, Rolin same same parking spot. Take the stairs, get little tone and legs deal. You know have my locker room where I change patient, see me and you know casual sued, Nothin shiny, but something put together. So they remember me from clinic change into my gear and there's a ritual of changing. My gear agenda seem
I wonder where I may as too much for you now. I love about those like. I am lucky underwear view no battle, underwear right and it's a wonderful Wednesday, four You, too have now. What is the feeling when it doesn't go? Well, it hasn't uneasy I'll tell you that it has an urgent kids, specially, isn't gonna easier. I do a lot of pediatric brain surgery overseas. It depends on the context. This is getting deep into the layers here, but be patient is different if having surgery and you're trying to preserve your ability to speak, but your timelines already built in because of disease. You have and you're going to die in a year, and then you hurt that person's speech ability that does hit difficult. Somebody coming in with a benign thing. Didn't live. Sixty If you shall it out, you hurt them. They're gonna have trouble talking and understanding for the sixty. It does heard a little bit differently. The each injuring complication is individualised the person as the pain that comes in urban somebody yeah, and this is
terrible analogy loans. It just makes you think if I hosted gameshow, sometimes give them a lot of money, and sometimes they go home with nothing. I can't help it the emotional ride with them. I would like you to. I wasn't on the Rhine with them, but I'm just on the right. I really can't stop it on the right. With them. As you know, I I crash aeroplanes, but I've got survivors guilt cause. I was parachute out before the crash. You now ride. I keep going and they don't some partially on the ride with them. What would a great surgeons percentage b of Success win, specifically dealing with cancers tumors in the moraine. What what would be a great surgeons number if it's simple you injure just got injure represent new, might be Herbal. Does everybody in town the average is one percent injury. If it's complicated and you end eighty per cent that actually
might be like yours. Some versions of the other surgeons account can even tackle it rise. You for you, ve, helped twenty yeah so again, there's a bit gradient. Therein lies this job. Landscape of disease and humanity there's that never get out. That can never be distilled images, simple numbers, so it is again contextual and it is a gradient, so depends on them the cancer, the disease and the age you're talking about here. Is it easier for you and you have a patient that you go. Others persons, terminal, they're, gonna dying there, absolutely dad last I get in there and do this so the risk weirdly in the sounds a little bit dispassionate. There really is no rest. This prisons gonna die of this shortly or I'm gonna get in there, and I might have to your point, maybe twenty percent chance of fixing that to me, I feel, like emotionally I'd be met,
ensuring that scenario then we're gonna do this. They could live, may be without treatment for another eight years, but you know I did eat the complexity of the changes right. If there that terminal, we won't come. Oh you won't be I mean so at some point. You start telling patients no could not even be able to help. You in my complications, are worse than you just taking your chance with fate right alternative. We sometimes hear this patient she's trying to get to her granddaughter being born. Ah cure is not in the discussion. Is I just met? Can you get me a couple of months and I'm starting to have problem staying awaken ass, my third brain surgery? Can you at least take out some more of the tumor burdens like? and make it a few more months, see my granddaughter and then die here now there terminal, but you're, not any less bested, then every patients, a new story and of cancer or like a broken me, that is a new enemy, doesn't grow. The same way, you know like Cubby brands need pops, regardless
that they always pop in the same and suspenders break in a similar way. Blazers tear in a certain way, Bartlett Pears and serve with a cancer, is growing inside. You in myriad myriad shapes house every time it's just a little bit different, and that requires creativity, not just I have completed the sixty two steps to complete this engine, rebuild right, you're kind of making up moves when you're inside. To me again. That makes me pay attention and I get meditated relief Yeah and probably your personality type would require you to do some value torrents. The idea that you need a challenge like that to keep you absolute focused, really quick question has nothing you with anything. Have you ever operated on? Someone had act. Romagnoli like we ever taken up that tumor, that is pushing on the pituitary of opera, Oh you! What really I was in San Diego, the seal programme. Electric asked us above a tumor in a sea line there like these sea lies. I go down a drop, a cough on an intruder and they real em back we'll go fishing rights.
That's a lie and died before we had a chance to help it, but there the gorilla named AVI, led the San Diego Zoo, oh boy, after some domestic guerrilla violence by silver back she had a rope in back of swords and there are no neuro surgical. That's no they're! No vets than opera and spot courteously put the animal. Right right, but this is a gorilla, and so they do. You have any nurse urgent, so they asked who could help and we put back would do it. Though we act, we gathered all these instruments. Could you can bring the instruments back? The interesting part was there was a Jurassic park, more than half of the zoo is hidden in the back and then these little flatbed trucks massive it San Diego zoo on the side, and we got out there in the veterinary was of serious in here, like a rifle any hit the kid with a that means the same ketamine that gives user raising our election? Ok special care, the new one for quick treatment of depression. That's a nasal spray! Ketamine, quick, acting anesthetic, the hit with academy in darkness,
I did into this medieval operating room where these giant gates that shut like I was a prison. There was an amazing spirit much Love for animals and those who care for animals be possessor, magnificent creatures and deserve our attention. The that thing on top grill, us that when the girl is under anesthesia, we kind of touched it yeah. It's just a fat ball that their sculpture, the round off the top like ours. The little extra bump is almost like a breast is like a fat ball. On top of that, I think is just for, like physical prowess won't, but the males right, they have the parietal crest, where it actually does doubts up at the fusion and then the or Sippel Bonn re bearded. Do you have that? If, from the only that this is a female arises, she knew her credit rest was actually just soft tissue. Oh, it was the only ever has going out with the brain and the body it on him. Do you have hypochondria now
I would have. I were army, have it, but I would definitely knew everything. I don't know everything, but when my wife was training in surgery, nobody when she's pregnant patients have HIV now It's under control. The viral load is now, but we were operating in blood that could infect dozen. My first one was in her belly or she's. Just not like that. If, if you don't get cut don't? Stick your fingers in your eye. Holier knows whole flirt your whole. It's not gonna get inside! You can dump your hand in a bucket of blood with The HIV virus in there just doesn't get in through all ports. So I actually look The other way ebon moving through hospitals across the world for decades, and I don't? U Carson Cold more than the next person so Mackey. I don't think about it that way, but really going back to the moment in med school. You like, I think, I'm the person that wants to be cut into something. Was there
exact moment. Did you have like some kind of autopsy class or something they were like? I'm handle this better or so all that they should have so disgusting. Ok, dogs, they get into anatomy atom. We want one now is carcasses smell. Moral donata means not pretty it's all just big my powers in its wet cardboard and there are like vultures clamouring. Even though fits out of interest I think it's just to outdo each other. So I was actually not going to go into surgery till I was at La County and if you fall off a skyscraper in your being in your chopard in the trauma, surgeons are hit with the pager in there waiting there for you the ones are gummy slashing gushing has taken tubes and you it's not the yard rye was as one kid even though, which gang he was an, but he was delay, Boil hides a care member, but he came in he shot in the butt and his blood pressure was drop in gaol to do any airplane, and in that sense malaysian there's like this rare maneuver, you can do held an open, cardiac massage. Then the traumas,
they're waiting there like a list, open particles, are hushed and have so much finesse to remember that it wasn't frenetic like everybody around them, just a quick sliced from about the nipple to the back, and then he stuck his hand in rotated. It was like squeezing in the blood pressure, as are the scope to the or I would add that wasn't even the work. That's what I'd like to buy rousing well right that in all the doctors were watching as I do I like that. So I started thinking Methodism gnarly stuff out here and I started thinking this is nice and then I don't personally enjoy clinic. I dont want to spend five days a week since forty pay, since the day. I think that that would deplete me of a certain energy and so surgeons have clinic, but they also the operating room, but clearly one or two days a week they operate in one or two. It sets a dentist like moving around different spaces right now, I'm in a different energy for the different environment. I found that appealing as well
so that was- and I started thinking, surgical begun of one as a surgeon. You are a medicine that only in the access through your efforts, there are operations only certain surges, hindu jar, but if you need chemotherapy the same bag in New York is the same bag. You gonna get here and allay yeah quadruple bypass, someone's gotta make that thing work be or in some people are better your flying there to get that person, yet the medicine Campi just ship to you right. I found that appealing to theirs ownership. There are moments right when your operating someone, where you have control you, have total control, and then you start losing that GM trawl right in that moment where it occurs to you. This now is a runaway train,
must be the worst feeling that you have as a surgeon. It is about to stay for vice called loan. These places uncontrollable bleeding two hours, I'm trying to run maneuvers to stop this blood flow every. So often you stop to let than as these doctors thanked the person up again. Is catching up on the damn bleed as you're trying to stucco it, and then you have to wait for the lake to feel cuz. If you get below fifty percent blood volume ballpark, the patient can have a heart attack or die, so you can't just let it flow indefinitely. You get limited maneuvers at fixing the problem. You know with the honest, easier Courtney so get ready. You take up how up how much hemoglobin is there you get up to certain nummies, ok, you do. Your maneuver as in a blood is right. Internal controls on the bill and there, like none of the black prices drop in that you put your finger and there you put in a pizza gauze and then you stop. Ah, then they give them.
Two more blood is already go again and you go again: you're running maneuvers yeah in coordination with bleeding the damn right, that's exciting! Some people are better at fixing. Those problems and operations in which those problems may arise should only be done by those people, but in Amerika there not anybody can get day whether you sucker good at it right. What I say is if you wanna be a surgeon, and you know that the pressure to stick with a single repair you'll make more money right. Do some plastic surgery don't even get into the cavity, no chance of death and there
run the credit card. The weigh in don't force yourself in a box that you think is going to give you more prestige when you're putting people at risk. As you don't have that unique skill for that has complex operations, don't pay more. We do it for the glory right for sure your own identity. Do you think you're good at in pointing that moment of no return to where you go? I need to quit This is not never like that is called inoperative death. What's it called Intra operate intervening inside operative, meaning that was. Somebody goes cold on the table, while your work I had ever had and thank God and not trying to get there, but I've. I've entered a type of surgery, work
I don't want to go there, but it wouldn't be something on ethical or necessarily a mistake, as I'm taking on dangerous surge, but on an Asia L. If that happens, it has a crime. Yes, absolutely have you prepared yourself for the impending depression when you stop it operating on people, I have to imagine it's gonna be a huge shock to your identity. I know I don't think I'll ever stop being us. I might stop operating but rack. I should hope I dont want ninety five euro version of others. No, unlike pilot stillborn, are out of the car, but they don't shut you down old timers and keep operating well regulation for like pilots really now some some people even em a mild them. Oh why our world out there tat bats. That's great news: did you listen to doktor death? No, I
at about it. You are on the good side of what it takes flip. Let me let me just say I say this is about actors as it is about politicians. There is a prerequisite arrogance which is helpful and it's almost required because who would think their special enough to do any of these things. So there is an implicit arrogance and then it needs to be throttled, ripe and need to be monitored and policed. If you listen a doctor death, here's a guy that had that arrogance and had the confidence and did not have the skill set right and I would add, there's an analysis that people having presented. We take medical students into surgical training without ever seeing their hands. We're just gonna. Take quarterbacks because of the wonder like we're just gonna take ballerinas because of their knowledge of the bowl
but whatever, ah, what they will see if they can dance there will see if we can throw, are unwilling to take them into a surgical residency, but we are not allowed to fire any of em with this up, though, what are you gonna get you a good news like this guy, aha, and then they all these little hospitals where there is a shortage of doctors and they go share the things that I heard he was doing. What I thought to myself was, I don't know, fees malicious. He just way past his death and nobody told him you're not allowed to do this. Could you not capable
because he was freaking. The F out, like you, had a blood vessel the neck when he was using these next surgeries searches, but backup maneuvers run of this idea. Do this this, isn't, though, I got that I plan be plenty blandy. He did not know the backup maneuvers. He did the wrong back up a new version that there is a certain like he wasn't train properly. He would lose a short sea was raging at it too. He is, I know he is. He is the perfect storm of total incompetence and of raging cocaine addiction, though he is offering MP blondie for being awake on top of bein incompetent. He got out a medical school in the report or calls the like dean of that school and says: hey, I got his records. You know he only participated in a hundred and fifty surgeries during his training residency. The professor goes, that's not possible any said. No, not! I have the records, that's what he participated, but that's the flood. The system he should have been lodged know. Yet this this dean said no minimum would be two thousand yards resort.
Number like that. Thirteen forty I'm in here is a guy who had been a part of a hundred and fifty so that their systemic problems with the training and then yeah does addiction incompetence. He was assaulting people, oh it's a crime and then he moved it ever hospital. Well, yes, what had told me is a while. There is a lack of surgeons in this country, because why on earth with a guy with this record be so employable, it tells me there is a huge demand for surgeons and not enough of them, and there is a lack of understanding by the administrators that to have more whistleblowers. You need to give nurses and techs rings a fun place by the way Anthony Bourdain wrote about like the what's in a kitchen, the kitchen is boring compared to offering. When we got text Two years out, we got empty Phds like myself, you don't have to have strong language skills causes their national language. We talk about surgery, I've known away patient, so while room in there? patients under anesthesia for five hours more time.
Can were hanging in our work and you need to allow them to be whistleblowers, Somebody should alleys, combine, watches next five surgeries, yeah Evelyn Ursus. You know you can get in this. I'm false passages ISM stumbles, which is I stand here the room with you and see how you do it's not hard to see what somebody knows but they're doing in the operating room? The conclusion of this pod cast seem to be pointing towards. We do need to empower somebody, surgical, nurses and because there are seen as something more observations in any one else like the day. They know what should be happening for them. This part they're, the ones to ask when you want to see was surgeon. You wanna, go to add an easy ology, send the surgical scrub test their shoulders, shoulder with you, handing you stuff yeah, they know you're not allowed to see them. If you wanna get surgery, you cedars our usual ere, you can't say: I'm thinking of mud, surgeon x Y see meet the anesthesiologist first right to see what they think. They know what I just said
listen to doktor death in gotta, tell Surgery- and I said to the nurse as we were propping up line on the bed new and all the intake stuff, and as I say, I am power you if you say so, It is a good idea, but in college, and then I'm happy the debate you please became for me, I will not let your way power. You inside you good step stay. Arms, if you dare We are brought to you by Palatine. You know, working out can be a real chance to make it funds, especially if the work is hard and effective, impel Aidan makes it very fond in it. Darn good work out now. What's great about Palatine is recycling, but you are real time watching instructor. It's the dream is in theirs. Music gave me, as you
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on dot com. You have a book called nor of fitness, a brain surgeon secrets to boost performance and unleash creativity, but to start with a very broad here's. My stupid layman's understanding is that Your brain, like the rest of your body, the rest of your body is made up of somatic cells right there going through mitosis every second of the day, reproducing your brain is not doing that right for the most part. No but twenty years ago, that's what I got my ph dot d on is a lil region. We collar germinal need that sprouts new brain cells. They particularly like to stream to fast
and smelling Anne and memory regions, there are nous brain cells being built, even though we do think that four hundred year allow and are there things we can do the simplest way. I can tell you about the brain is vs you sambo. What can we do anything to to run fast rate? You should run on a pill. Aha, you know the brain you should live, get out, think challenge it right, get into too many habits, shake it up once in awhile and oh pull from different recesses of your mind, it is that a lamentable and how you do that is up to you. High power career, great learning, a new musical skill, great travelling, great there's, no
one secret short cut one secret food as gonna. Do all these things for the existing your routine seems to be consist. Yes, it is a bird alot of fuel. It wants to drop in item, it would doesn't want to be running and, third, dear, it's a big power sock. This huge brain of area, four pounds, but it burns twenty percent fuel waste. Three or four pounds is burning Jaso by design, even though its a hog, it still will find habits. Threats of down a little bit and that's when you start getting to mental ruts in those corners that are not access, no said the widow. Maybe we don't need those to be so robustly populated with brain cells and brain tissue and brain activity. Subtle start shutting down corners, your mind that that happens. If you go blind that happens, if you get a certain paralysis that region that controls at will
physically weather, extending that you know, pull yourself left and right, try to get to all the corners of your mind and life and that's the best way you're using an area of your brain. A lot. Let's just say your of the lawyer in the part of your brain, that's for Gaston! or what a little time Using that part, actually a strengthens that area right, very important ones. Where is your biceps? Will bulk up in a deposit, more muscle cells, the ones you do have a bigger? Ok it in the brain. What happens? Is the network's become more synchronized? The way like egotism? funny if you with one dozen and everybody's all playing in a discordant fashion and then getting a rhythm with the music that same way, the electrical discharge in the chemicals in a behavior become more efficient, more ingrained and strengthened, but not in the conventional sense, like more of your brain is being applied to that. I should less of your brain is being applied to it because it's
fishnet carrying out that task and then your brain says hey, I drive to work a lot and I'm going to pay attention to it. I'm going to give it a dedicated space and I'm going to be coming fishing at using it. So I'm not burning a lot of fuel on this task, so by strengthening that part of your brain, you're, actually making sure networks and connections more efficient is there any exercises. People can do brighten. I don't mean physical. I mean like mental exercises. Whatever you do, it can't be too easy and can't be too hard. Just like video games, you got it one level up if it's too hard, your checked out is too easy, you're not pushing yourself. So if you do puzzles and all those things and you're doing it for this purpose, just go out that one level past your comfort zone too many levels past again, that's thinking! If you're old, timer you Sidney you doing puzzles great. If you have a podcast
It's a turn on a talk to a lot of different people. That's thank you! It's not one or the other, it's about just engaging the brain and what it will designed to do just think and feel and get out. Why read some article at some point, there was suggesting like take a different route places rival kind of force myself like go another way, because that disconnect forces your brain to be on line a little Gary and in that would be applied to something like navigation that that's not gonna necessarily make you more. Creative navigation skills are from the temporal lobe in those ones that patients, when they do get all samaras they whither so nothing wrong with practising yours. They show orientation. Is that that's a basic skill that people have in language is an important one music as an important, even though you gonna see the headlines, this one food will make use yard brain super food. That don't believe in that you now I dont know what I do believe is in what
it has been shown with the mind die, which is basically no salmon and chicken and fruits and vegetables, and some red wine that you get. Thousands and thousands of people's over over a decade or to they'll have a little less dementia rises. We'll have a pill for Alzheimer's S. All you ve got and then the other thing is exercised flesh. You clog arteries in your heart arteries in your brain launch off from your heart. You clog! Those in you irrigate that flesh less well. That flashes is physically whither to thinking is keen keeping the electricity and the chemicals engaged exercises. Keeping the irrigation of the actual flush of the brain engage and a proper died is actually giving it the nutrients and needs omega. Three in particular, those essential things are free, there are expensive and they work in a glacial way. It's not like I've gotta, be on a popular game. Show this we kept today. I'm gonna have some salmon rye wish it were that easy right yeah. I got a test.
Furthermore, I blueberries before baddies at just one of a blue, bear a blueberry to Asia TEST, and I imagine sleep obviously is something people underestimate right. You can catch up on it. Yes, we're saying now Orilla again that the way KEN's off catching up can mitigate some of the health risks of dementia, as well as heart, disease and diabetes. Yeah wrote the chapter on creativity at that man that gave the conventional stuff get out play whatever you Salvador Dali at this one book and he used the transitions between from falling asleep and waking up to solve a lot of creative puzzles. And I love that cause. I'm gonna do that myself, a little bit like we're all wildly creative when we leave right and so that hypnotizing kick the pompous state that ten fifteen minutes, while you're drifting off into sleep. A waking up is a good time to rotate a problem in your mind that you ve been trying to solve several people and several studies as well as Salvador Dolly have mentioned. That is a non drug base way to act.
This problem solving and creativity. I do tee him or I used to before him. He had some a writer, and I can't tell you how many times and that twenty minute evening session, an entire active, a story comes to me just like a got downloaded from the sky cause. My brains in some place that has allowed that to happen. I haven't notes up that leave my phone. I just got random stuff down: aha and when you're in one of those zones or just fine asleep or have a father to wake up and look at her write a few things and then get to my what time to be somewhere cuz once you engage that procedural part of your day that free flow thinking is, is Scott to take a back seat. Cuz you got a safe to get to wherever you're getting yeah. It's those moments where you're actually not doing something routine. That you can ask
we ought to be the best. Now you are surgeon at city of hope. Hospital tell us why city of hope is fantastic cause, I'm probably have to schedule a brain surgery. At some point it would discover cycle surgery. You can treatment to help these brain Catherine stuff. Like then addiction to oh, really trying allow these think nodded city vote, but other places in that instinctive part. The brain is if the brains of mushroom cap desert of underneath the mushroom cap there these nuclei, they look like large marble stuck in between these neurons and they can take a lemon stop obsess OECD. They can take a lemon stop a tremor trick linen for depression, railway. It's like these
emotional thermostat. If you will- and that's done through these deep brain stimulation of at other centres- knotted city- but will it is conceivable at some point in our future right we'll just where, like a leather helmet and the leather helmet will start interacting with the neurons in giving its own electrical impulses? And really we could do all the things drugs are doing electrically rags, that's ultimately all its happening when we take a drug users, some kind of electrical strengthen right. I read this crazy thing Balikh centuries ago. They should try treat headaches with these electric fish and nice. Somebody said with the bad headache. They try that within a year you, a hot similar concept, is lay out gave, but that's always been there will you must love too, that the aspects were doing brain surgery and that they were surviving home as one of my open, slides, unities since you can't go down the middle, is a giant vain, that's a whole heart. If you look at those holes, they make their home after the signing yeah yeah the first couple there in the middle there like this, isn't going,
Yeah a lot. I blood spot love, that's a laudable! Am I right in that cancer? Just in its basic form? Is yourselves we're going through my doses, time and then sometimes they dont make an identical copy and then that sell itself will start replicating add itself as cancer. It just a mutant cell right when you're making billions and billions of new cell throughout your life. Some of them will have a genetic change and they won't behave. Behave means when I bumped into my neighbors, Mr Liver, so I'm not gonna crawl, all over it and kill it right that the tumors are basically growing at an
imaging their neighbors, they lost the play book from your day. They lost that they lost the playbook and they will grow despite bumping into neighbors. They won't just hang on the liver, though go rogue and getting the blood vessel and draw to take over your kidney, HANS. They lose properties and make it a tissue, loses properties and become a malignant tissue and that malignant tissue in the beginning, your immune systems, like you're, you lost the play book. You know one of us would want to explode straw. You buy a lot of different mechanisms by attacking you or they ve got some suicide genes at already built in for this, when you can veil your surface and hide from you so right, those cancer cells that make those two babies. Now, though, they have more more cancer cells in concert, issues that have lost the ability to be detected. This is not immune system and those will be the ones to take over, and this is real time evolution. The billions of cells tried different strategies as I wanted the malignant species, just like the boa in.
A glacier just like the dark venture, the light Benjamin the factory changed the colours of the tree rye. It wants to live rise, not falling the playbook in its it is ever Lucian inside us and then it it ultimately get so big that it either takes up so much space inside of an organ at the organ can't function, and it is also, I would imagine stealing, surrounding nutrients from healthy cells. Yes and yes, the worst cancers without getting big and bulky, they sent off little enemies, let that little spies, actual pieces of themselves swimming around you and they take root in form new colonies in your brain and your liver near it. You know in other parts your by thus metastasis a cancer is a malignant species that goes and competes for soil in other organ. It's not like it's landing in the brain and saying hey Mr Brain sell. You too should become cancerous
Just saying, there's a billion of you and now there's a million of us and give us a few years we're going to be billion strong right, we're going to produce you repopulating the soil inside you, the organs inside you, some cancers, being small. They love to send those malignant cells are circulating, tumor cells, so you can have I've seen patients with a hundred spots inside them out a big number, that's metastasis, some of whom have this call migratory capacity, as some have that I've seen patients were hundreds of little spots and still alive, and I've seen patients with just one in their their struggling, so it doesn't fit inexact protocols and over to him
types of cancers so should be cancers right and cancer in theirs is other phenomena right. That they're starting to look into is that some organs seem to be in, namely hospitable to certain cancers. In some organs are not so you'll see it in like five organs and then it's not at all in one of the organisers or their setting. A look at the actual here point: the soil of your organs and what's happening in that organ. That makes it inhospitable for the cancer. At the basis of my recent funding from the government in my laboratory is environment really or just find they kill his heels love these cancers. Does we ve been trying to generally and then to fight it into beat, beat it into kill it in the body right? The approach has been just napalm it right, but then the ones that survive stronger, the more modern approach, the ways in which we are looking for potential future treatments. Is to actually to bomb. Certain way, knowing
which ones are gonna, survived this assault and then drive right into our next attack right. So, like a three stage approach, synergistic company toil treatment, rugs that work better together. They wonder I will kill forty percent of the cancer. This wonder. I welcome killed forty percent cancer alone together. They killed ninety raw similar greater than the sum of their part- that's that's today, the new wave and also aren't we learning to also given far more specific, with our own immune system, in turn on certain t cells that are good at one thing and not turn all the tea cells on where they start attacking your own organs and stuff absolute. So the story we're talking about how to fix the cancer cells. I learned a cloak themselves from our immune system. So what we do now had city of Opel's. We take that cancer out grind it up, take your
t cells. Thou your immune cells. Are your cancer fighting cells out? We let them see each other in a petri dish like almost Lane Bloodhound smell the rag get sensitize get crime. It then we put those host your own selves back into, but now there supercharged in Hungary looking for your cancer. That up till now has been hiding behind the cloak Ryan system, hence immune therapy wanting yeah, so fascinating man's go right, yeah! You! You picked a really good era to, but I warn you, be freely go by cancer. Yeah, there's a lot of cool things on the horizon for everyone by a mom had brisk ass long time ago, she's fine she's live with me and got a name tat too in Oakland, when I was twenty thinking, they get a terminal disease in living memory. Now my right arm, yeah blots amazing, why they were all really grateful. There are people like you, the dedicated self. To this and incredibly impressive- and I hope you don't get dementia for at least another fifty years seeking
ray on your work, you went I'm an old man and urinal manual crack this fucker open in starting at around, but a fun gay, great great Avenue and please everybody give your book Neuro fitness of brain surgeon secrets to boost performance and unleash creativity, give that a reed, not unlike your biceps quads trapesing Is system is think about that brain and keeping it healthy unfit thanks. Everyone now, my favorite part of the show the back check with my saw me. Did you pick up on the wall? Dance come on I'll, get your facts about the wall. Dance come on! Recognising its back up off the Wall dance come on. I do. I think I only do, though, is using that. Sometimes I do, but I know my singing compulsively when we lived together.
You will read out a bunch of words and stir it back up. Both the ball Ricky Chicken Day come on I enjoyed their thank you or back we're back or back began to talk about doktor, Raoul, yes, doctor who he, was very interesting. He was yeah, you have very often energy, he dared I've been accused. Bringing an alpha energy to think in. So I don't have you noticed, but I kind of laid off my office for long enough. The lead everything simmer by the but I thought were on very even footing. Brian Does any these subtle things are happening, its. If I weren't you were primitive tribal jungle things out, happening now, and they are right over your head net ball. They were happening now, but if we call them and asked him he'd say they are happening to wipe his manstin stupid.
I'm still act like God. Why don't act like those specific man stuff that other people are impervious to? I'm not saying that for everyone, I'm saying it was happening in you missed it. So if you miss it, I'm assuming its because you're a female of ease I also do it and I think I'm an alpha dude and often do alpha deeds get together, it's a blowhard session and they will try to outdo each other in top one another, and then I took a back seat for a while until that all subsided, I was kind of basically going. You can be alpha here and then through that. I think some trust came about in something. So I hope I am sir. Would you grew up encounter in south central torrents horns bordering all that, and I think in his name, ready to take a stance for himself and I think that's proceeded throughout his life, and I think I came from a similar background where you this whole bullshit stand our ground kind of doubt. Ultra pretty thing. I think it was just all happening
then upset use peacefully wrestle with a little bed in these conversation. Sometimes, but I feel I can we have these conversations about alpha its with this intense pride for myself well in general about the idea, the alpha and now I don't think it's something someone should aspire to. I don't think it's away to be. They were walking away from it, but I think I can ignore wage that I am a certain way and I'm not in the dark about who I am got it then you holding up the virtue at all, and I think some people through environment and then also just genetically, I mean again, my dad was just you could smell is mosque. He just was genetically that way, and so was my grandpa, and I never met me on that. But
he was to be in the genes a bit tat. We see babies playing all the time in there, just some that are kind of outwardly, more aggressive and ere. It seems of either genetics Half of it. Maybe I bristle a little bit about. Maybe we're is moving away from alpha, meaning that like afforded tech company or something for it, Apple Steve Jobs is alpha. He, is wanting. The show is dominating everybody. Virtually was offered in the most conventional sense as well, not in his physical. Nobody, but no alpha is nothing new. Physical exterior something because my dad was big. He was alpha. My step tat day was the same exact size, but he was just not alpha at all. Ok, so I am glad that you clarify that can take my head. I feel like you a quite like big guy, as with alpha, not at all, and no in fact, I would
argue many of the most alpha men. I've ever met are short ball. Harry, regressive too much testosterone? Well, maybe too much testosterone or compensation for Unos NEA there's a lot in the road We both know there's nothing of the physical signing. It means just comes from dogs right where we're just Co. Opting that term from dog packs, yet in dog packs, have alpha's and they're the ones who decide which way they're gonna chase the buffalo, manure chasen it that's the leader right now, you could say I'm saying, oh being a leader, is inherently desirable right, but there's a way to be a leader and not be alpha This is proven now. I think the current cook is not like jobs at all who's running apple. He does not seem to give me a big alpha vibe than on yet is doing just fine railway.
Well anyway, so, yes, he definitely came in Doktor Rahul came in and had a big AL firms. Energy Maybe he now that's now now, although he beady or not levying a verdict, whether ninety of beauty I dont even really understand. Eighty eight. To be honest, I do big Dick Energy Y know. It means big, Dick energy right. I think it's often used to explain guys who have some confidence, and no one can really explain it just by looking at them, but they have this incredible confidence and that confidence there saying as BT but I mainly here it in a negative contacts. O roon yeah will include it in aggression in talks. Masculinity conversations in all their? I have. I ve only seen line tweets there. Funny seems always be funny. It's what we talk about Bernie, I so I Ernie. There's no toxic masculinity with Barney Sand
What I want is arguing that he so confident in so open to being controversial going against the grain. I said it must be that huge hog and it made sense to everybody. That's how I think of beady. Maybe I don't know, I just heard it in the context the man who feel entitled to the things around them because they have a penis well, if that were my understanding, a media would think it was a cranberries negative same as well. Banged. Oh I'm not saying you're, saying anything. I just don't know what it is actually, while I definitely think the boys are obsessed with pesticides or sort with some things. We agree boys are obsessed with peanuts, their obsessed with each other's penis size
crooked, show each other, their penises little kids know when they have a bigger penis than other friends very early on in. If you have a bigger penis than your friends, your friends envy that. So that gives you some kind of boosting your confidence. So I can see it actually being a thing for some people, not all people of the island. Recombinant, etc, but a doubly see some soul searching silly way to be cut off and hoary where we went wrong about it, a million times girls, don't care, that's great guys. Do care guys care about penises girls, don't in it's stupid that they think about it, but they do. It is to the reality of the world. We live in, ok, so among their peers, if their known as the dude in the circle, the biggest dick they're gonna, have a certain level of confidence. Because of that, because of having that moniker yeah
maybe but the well. I dont think you and I may be ass- is to me a little dismissive of me. Having been a boy I drawn on the all other boys. Yes, there is a ubiquitous idea around yes, guys in their path This is and loving the size of it or not, or whatever is definitely a thing right. Do you think it transit? than to adulthood yeah for some people, I'm not talking about everybody hugging, there's a significant enough people that had effected in a positive way that they knew Dick was bigger than their peers that it's worth giving as funny name too and acknowledging right, but do you think those people, if and when necessary, not it When that turns out to mean nothing in law, if in their job in relationships are whatever do you think
deck. They re evaluate yeah now, because their friends, even in their fifties, are still bringing up MIKE's big Dick bitter, company nonstop, no matter what achievement theyve heads with workers, education, do, you know one of their friends as a big dick is gonna, bring it up all the time, so they're always gonna hear that from their friends gown. It so is cookery still in existence, Cougar, ill was a fast casual restaurant chains, realising and tar boiled chicken founded and nine in eighty eight by Ella based restaurant tourist MIKE and Re Ban, dallying, I wish to God. There last name was Kook Arup I made my said: but the name coup guru was an honour Maud appear to the crow of, rooster beloved, might appear onomatopoeia here, which we embrace it after a series of.
Vandals and ownership changes in which cookery struggled for profitability throughout the ninety nine is the last location and Santa Monica was the love of closed in two thousand fourteen. Can do that. I used to see less about either way you did, they will acquire Moon well yeah, my twenty all was there guerrilla has. Are there twice she by herself bidding take up. I got him I ask myself how much of my love for cook rules may be connected connected to having seen her there twice, but I maintain it was damn good I wish it was still around. I led a wooden leg was very angry chicken, salad, oh, they dare phenomenal. Ah, love chicken, salad, beautiful MAC, running shoes really kind of like a Boston market. Well
Let us say similar architecture from fatal tasted, better much different. I enjoyed the assembling goodbye shimerda I was doing mediocrity and I was gaining lots away. Hurry. I was a regular at the boss and market. My own work began to me. Love platter double exercise them burning, cheese I'm so hungry, but the Google Rumack currencies was real cheese that like when they scooped out there. Strings of cheese and now ass. I love that guy, which they re launch. Shall we do it? What started Kickstarter, whatever people do situation, something to get it back? Ok, so he said: redheads need more anastasia. That was interesting because I've already done some research on red heads and I do know The low hanging horrible's yes yeah, so this all adds up into a heads.
Arson rain, it's weird that they never subdivided them in their own right. Some is that of all the dumb ways we ve categorized raise that are based on one or two genes of melatonin that was one to single out as its own species. At director we didn't know. I'm comin with east asian you'll. Take them on beer, great, I'm happy to take on the redheads. Ok! Is there a addiction in animals? I read a bunch of stuff on this and it base. It looks like there is some evidence that there is, but there is not very much research and this so it's hard to make a full conclusion whose abusing what well they know it from like research when the stimulant is artificially introduced. Addiction can quickly take over and often in can, in the end, what might have been known to starve to death when faced with the choice between cocaine and food
yeah, I got your more say in the wild. Chimps have figured out suicide mushrooms and they trip every single day or something like tat. No, but I think the only way to really know is, went there in a lab and you can see their options and what are they pick gang in as their dependency and things like that? It's hard to on the wild. Let's just say that addiction in the sense that its compulsive behaviour and obsessive behaviour is very beneficial in the wild. Oh yeah you know someone whose fishing a stream it is taking all fucking day long in the obsession and to do it all over again is beneficial. That's trail! You do you think. They're the same, I think addictions level a bath obsession and compulsion. You well for me. That would just be an artificial line to try to separate them. Think addiction is compulsive behaviour, while part
being an act as having compulsive behavior, but you can have compulsive behavior. I think, and not be inadequate. Sure yeah I've been through levels to yeah but I feel like I have a lot of session tendencies, but I don't think I'm addicted to anything. I agree bar, If you know a zero, is a Tito learn at ten. Is me you're, not a wan, no yeah you're, like a five, let's say, or for something, whoever it is you don't drink destructively or pathologically. They also drink a lot yeah frequent. I would say that and also a lot- and I mean quality wise, just frequency wise you liked it have Ah, but I would pork and I guess that you're a similar spot on the compulsive spectrum
your high level higher on the obsession. Compulsory compulsion compulsion would propose yeah Spectre, ending a much higher right. Beyond the policy spectrum as zero. So far, our yeah knocker feeling I've had some light. Facial freezing at time. Why? Yes, just like in and around my eyebrow, once or twice that's Gary lose scary, but one or bells palsy people can just Like you with bells pause, my god, I now I one time had, I think I told you, in college. I got frozen in my sleep, a rumour that yeah I won't About my body was still stuck because paralyze sleep paralysis, Harare of anger and rally was near by I knew she was there, but I couldn t talk to her. Teller was so scary. The next day I was napping. I took a walk
an absent college, all growing and as napping, and I woke up and her face, which is hovering over my face out to see if your yeah she's in one way as I was stuck those kind of order, yeah sure they are that seriously. Well, she should have taken it. Won't I probably one of our milling or your Monica dynamism on time. I'm like trying to wake myself up, and I can't I'm trying to get out of its o. My lord enough, but I haven't woken up fully deactivate my body. Do you not take any? I must have seriously not upon your medical stuff now right now, it's a nun. None No, not none. I take your anxiety seriously, have always been very sincere about when you explain that to me yeah, but I wish you would take mine, we paralysis darkness seriously. It was scary and my pain in the bed again. So I've read the book.
Poison, a doll I know I would just be hard for me to go again me to dinner, to dig up twice. It's not the same thing all right. I was heavily intoxicate exact. Clay here, as it wasn't like this is where once there a narrative about you? It's gets unfair like You haven't narrative about me that I make up a whole bunch of stuff about my medical conditions. I don't have the merit of about you that you have yourself told me, you said your high blonde Gary both of Acknowledge were hypochondriacs, and I'm not mad at you that you didn't take my brain tumor thing seriously. You were right. I lizards through our right and our rules right night in her brain tumor did take it very seriously. I had a long conversation with you, but I didn't say that happened to me down with, I told you, I have experienced the same thing and it was this
thus in this, and it was those things and when I object do what do you think my motive? It's what I do that Think your motive is to make me not worry. Aha! Is it yes for comfort, you to try to tell you not to worry so much right now, but You think that works and is clearly not work, obviously now I have to also make it sort of like a joke. When I'm telling people things exempt certain people who seemed to take it a little bit more seriously, ah ouse and takes it serious, or she handles it in a way where she is considering ok hold. This could be, ah these things probably not yeah, she acknowledged, that weird stuff is happening, she also good society.
From being a medical, caregiver yeah, so she's excited too like explore. That was some way as part of her identity sure your minds, not really so I'm not that you know I'm incentivize to explore whether or not you of a brain tumor you gotta meet. You come to very dramatic conclusions of it is never like you go. I have a virus or I have a bacteria. Is always a terminal disease are concluded. Now I did it. I when I had the peeing thing. I didn't know what it was right, at first? I thought this is a kidney things. I should go the doktor and probably have kidney stones or the kidney infection which I've had before, and I didn't think.
I gotta go the hospital I just then I had a lot of pain so and another person might have gone to the hospital in the middle of the night when they peed and where it was disorienting their panned with it. Wasn't Airbus unrelated to the pain, was in your brain. Like you hurt your Somehow no line lack your bag. My lower back your labour, which is doing the right, you're doing undismayed, lower back funny by setting low back. It's fine, I'm sorry, I I'm sorry, I'm not good at that. I'm not naturally and nurture. I ignore stuff I'll have a fuckin. I should get stitches and I dont go, but he may talk about. Let's be honest, I do, but I have no expectation of what you're supposed to do under sharing. I'm just sharing like what I'm wrestling with and if your conclusion is your hypochondriac autonomy
mad at you know, maybe you for thinking I'm a hypochondriac, but I there's a lot of dismissal and I don't think I do that to you and I don't think anyone does that you. From being honest I think you get a lot of ears when you have an issue. Many you're, probably right, but here right now, everyone- I'm not I'm just not that way. I get fake it for you, but I dont think you want me to fake it. For you, I'm not actually worried about you and you tell me you PETE the bet it doesn't make me scared for you. I think you're. So healthy and you're gonna live a long time in your set. That's what I think about you! So when you tell me that you have
tumors, must muscular dystrophy or whatever. I did not say that I know you do, but what I'm saying is. I dont believe that I believe your healthy you eat healthy. You don't smoke cigarettes. You exercise, I think your healthy. I think you're gonna live forever and I dont think you're gonna have a terminal disease in your thirties. That's what I think about you, I'm not good at just gettin wound up about stuff right. It's a complaint Kristen as about me as well. I'm a bad person have a cold around I'll, give a cold. Take some fuckin, some was Suda FED in it and go to work. Don't have a tonic compassion, lay in bed. I need soup. All this kind of stuff me I was raised in a household without was not cool right yeah. So I wish I were different. A would be nicer. Did the people around me, but I recognise that limits near in that department. My mother does too, as she has admitted to me,
We can rely on that topic. I was in a roll over accident, is driving home from Toledo highly seeing this girl Jenny, I met spring break, my friend, whereon drive and back to Detroit he's dry when you know the story, is a cruise control on eighty five, I'm in the back of a Ford probe. We got the seats folded down, so I can go to sleep because I have to wake up five in the morning drive to New York for work, I'm in high school and he falls leap. We roll in the media in seven times it's insane the cars flattened. I call on the back of the hatch back and on a hot wasn't flung from the vehicle I get taken to the UK's Lanni hospice. I call my mother. I wake up ass, a mom everything's cool, but I'm in now spent all hidden I was in her runs, get next raid. We were in a roll over. She goes ok, I e mailed to do the car on getting a mom and private gonna, make it to the car. Thirty eight.
Slovenia has dry and then she hung up in. I was like that's my mom no mind you. She then became fully wake. Maybe she's We paralysis, she fully came away, and then she called back to the hospital like double check those white, but right when she just said, are you gonna make it to work at five? I was yet that's my mom yeah yeah. Any sad about that'll among a halt? All that was just. I didn't expect anything other than that from her, although you did practice where everything's fine, so idea when I hear you're? So it's not like you were like I'm in the hospital who again I said that, because in my family it would be selfish, M self centered in an act of not loving to me,
something from Bulgaria, their fires. I was really lying. I was files. Pressure is finally, I refuse medical treatment. I didn't get an x ray or anything gal yeah. He put on board the whole mine. I wrote them ambulance using back on board. I was up in the passenger, see talking to the ambulance. Ok, so he was too king about the gorilla, the top of their head, that's like sort of a point when he did surgery on the female guerrilla, and there was like a flash. He boob like substance and a bat like substance. Now, here's an area where I just let that why Papa, I know for sure, there's a parental caressed inside you, Tom sat, should concentrate clasped, Osage, it'll crisis or the perils meet saddened,
crest, prominent ridge of bone it. It is not in females, though right. It's just the Mai, Algeria that projects superior early upwards from the cranial vault along its midline most commonly seen an adult male guerrillas and rang a tangs orangutans, see reorder sir Digital cress are rare and adult male chimpanzees and female guerrillas. Oh so I guess maybe they do exist every now and then an unknown in female Jim. And these female Orang tangs and humans am bonobos of both sexes. The crass provides us surface for the attachment of the large chewing muscle mass doin and paralysis in women's who have large brains and hence large cranial vaults, relative to their body size. The temporal muscles occupy a position on the lateral walls of the cranial vault and extend only about half way up. The vault surface in AIDS is superior extent,
temporarily. Muscles is positioned. Higher on the cranial vault, because brain Ties are smaller and muscles of mastication are larger than those found in humans, such that the right and left side superior temporal. Islands approach one another at midline in male girl, then orangutans in which very large they muscles are anchored to a relatively small training about the right and left superior temper lines on only converge at the midline of the top of the cranial vault along the Sagittarius suture, but also require the development of a surgical crass to provide sufficient attachment area for the temper Alice muscles. Interesting, though probably use of furthering Amr is well below a deer available. Handled those schools and throw the areas where those always handling as well. He was but was a female, so they don't have that
maybe that that maybe that religious had a lot of fat up their view, we would be carried with our way in their head. My carry amidst she did have some domestic abuse sets a maybe Leonardo Da Vinci Marilla. You know poor girl or her gala or yellow That's all that was it tat. I never have any guess where you're in oh yeah- I don't know if there's like that- El bullet points for the system. Rise here. The only part that's not great about it is there are times or leave. I knew that was last one. I would dig in more on it and then, if I think you ve got five marmalade, Let her get now say. Deanna really know how to play my hand as it were, born back. I tell you I, like the surprise, the key moment to success.
I love you, I love you boys, wrong, vegetal grass, now you say five times when it is what sounds familiar year, bigtime Bora! This is the point of all. This learning, learning growing, evolving veil, a matter violence or unified picked this is to unify the signing off.
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