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Jon Favreau an American political commentator, creator and co-host of Pod Save America and the former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama. In this chapter of Experts on Expert, Jon discusses his heartbreak on the 2004 Kerry campaign, his devotion to the democratic ideal of persuasion and he details his farcical experience sharing a name with the other Jon Favreau. Dax chooses to see America as two spouses in a rocky marriage and Jon shares the story of his first meeting with Barack Obama. The two debate whether it's productive to be inundated with current events, they pinpoint what distinguishes an average speech from a great one and Dax wonders if Jon is the Ma Anand Sheela to Obama's Bhagwan.

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Hello. Everybody welcome to your bonus episode of armchair expert, something we call experts on expert. We have a very smart human being on experts today, very smart, very small, any ass, and I'm just to alleviate any confusion. There are two very well known John furrows, and we have one of the two well known John Faroes, but we do not have the movie director actor. John fibre. We have the famous speech, writer and host of pod, save America John Faroe yeah, and my in my wife boy were they in a tac leading up to this one on ok, Gonna tell everyone how you felt emotionally and physically, when you found out we're gonna talk to J F, always definitely hashtag mankind's boys. Big time right. Thanks have Bolshoi yeah yeah, he's very smart, very Q. That's enough! Did you did you like really
However? Your outfit before you showed up that day beyond a splendid anyway, I don't remember, I do I wanna Bellini top and it s girl? No, that's my normal right, my normal everyday use to him on Thursday lucky. I gladly well enough about that. I don't want to. I don't want to meet the brilliance of federal by war. Me with Monica my seventh grade sensibility about who we have crashes on so without further ado, please enjoy the ever oh, you know alone. I want to say more. What I also want to say is that I you know I was even a little hesitant to have everyone, even though I am a huge fan of avarice, because I like to keep this podcast apolitical as much as possible or if I'm giving up, the club penguin. I certainly want to service the other argument on the other side. Of that I, and so you know, fabric is a very left, leaning, outspoken political person, but I think even if you want-
avoid politics. This will still be very stimulating to you and we do address that very issue. Yes, please enjoy experts on expert supported and brought to you by Spotify Monica some were meant for each other fries and milkshakes you and I selfies in and face now armchair expert, an Spotify. Yes, the same that has millions of songs now has thousands of podcast on Spotify. You can listen. All your favorite shows and discover new ones to subscribe to ours on sport, You can listen to all your favorite chosen, discover new ones to subscribe. Our search for armchair expert tat, follow and get every new. Episode delivered to you, podcast, spotify their streaming right now and now and now
is anyone knows I'm talking to my John forever. Welcomes you armchair expert thanks for out of it and what needs to be clarified right out of the fucking gates, although I do in the intro is clearly p who could think I'm talking to the director and my personal friend John Faroe happens. For the time they must be a lot of hilarity in your pricing of talking about it, but I'm gonna make you anyways, no it's funny, but because I was of a new story about it. Oh good, because now now that I live in LOS Angeles Muleteer for the last three for years now, I certainly emails, and I think it's The agencies are mixing up who we are, and it always seems to be an agency's form yeah and are you at the same agency? Is him no? But I think that I think we had an out, but I think we're
it would keep getting mixed up again, email the other day, like hey. I know you're super busy with the lion King right now idea for a large early run with that you might be functioning credible, direct Nigeria, but you're that happens. You have scream playwright emails. Russian job I use do not arise. I I couldn't really do it well. Well hold on how many times you try it just once he had as its nose Ogier Tommy return. I came out here aerosol we're gonna be screenwriters, pitched ones. Green play, and then it was could be a television show an when it didn't go after a couple pit. Is we serve ticket and then apply guess they ended up happening so yeah, but but often aspiring writers? Alas, me for advice on screen, writing- and I say three shitty one step want: lay out aegis. You can't read enough books to sit down and write a great first scream, for you just have to write a shitty one
and then read him be regret. Falling alone will make that mistake this time than you make a new one. Well, that's part of the issues you you want to prepare as much as possible synergy, save the cat and all the different screenwriter books, and you study everything that you like our let's just fucking in it becomes daunting. Rightly so. Do you read story by making irony the yeah? earlier. This is technical shit, I'm Stepan into I now and it's not real, yeah? What are you doing that after the White House? Just ok? What's the willows and twenty thirteen started. Writing our pilot and then we also did some consulting undecided speed, training for people so quickly. Then sir, you like, why can't I sell their secondary Wrote for Obama was not going to have the best writing job on the earth Cv Us really tv, as your high bar of it, was about young people in a campaign in it was sort of hopeful,
you know like it was, and I think up the mood at the time. And when Obama was still president is we don't really want? So what we want dark stories, you want one the stories that are used in a dark and cynical another custom and at the time, Obama himself course. Then now trumps president's. So what any of you know if you notice, because this seems to be blowing over a lot of people's heads in this industry- is that it but one Asia. We had I Nancy Heroes during Obama, and now people want just general heroes, heroes. They do yes fascinating. I just want to have one more thing. The favor of everything which I think is so funny is that the things on Wikipedia that would make you unique is that year nickname is fabs, but that's all the Faroes Nick Mason. I didn't know that and here's another you're afraid of line,
He is also incredibly afraid of wine. I hope he doesn't mind me saying that, but I think he's honest about it, but yes, he hated every settlement. We ve because we finally met each other. Once I got out here you're that sort out. If you type I wanted now he S. So where did you guys meet for the first we hit? Will we first we had email each other. We found out Can we find a way to save him and then, when I moved out here, he was doing a pop up for chef o a hurried at an animal aerosol. Oh, he invited me and my wife and my brother went so up both Pharaoh families met each other, wife and kids and whale. Is there any genealogical connection cause you're you're, at least both from the east coast? Your Massachusetts visibly argue with me now my father's families from Montreal originally couple generations back Montreal than New Hampshire. Somehow french, Canadians and then the other day. I want to say before we get into your incredible life story. Is ivory We must look up to you. Yes,
thank you, for, I think you're, absolutely incredible. I really really do admire you and yet I was on the fence about having you on the spot cast because I made a decision early on that this would be a safe haven away from politics. Just has its inner capable at this moment I can consume anything that does. And have some political aspect to it, and so I want specifically for this to be a break from that sure and Well, how do I talked to five row in it? Not being I have nothing arising and well are you without an inn in you should be in this he's gonna, where I wanted this one when talking about the euro, you, you are employed kind of through politics right Mikey that is your that you're, both your career and whatever interest you haven't right because you are speechwriter
of course, and then you have a very political podcast and then you're gonna do a documentary or the same age as we just released the wilderness, which has a documentary about the Democratic Party. Yes, our new podcast, so so the what I am about to say exclude you. You really are active all day long in politics, and there is good reason for that, but I would surmise that for about ninety percent of us, our total output, a real total political output is at best. Maybe your voting a mid term. So your voting once every two years and I I think it is a little cuckoo that people spend a good chunk of their day talking about something that ultimately, the only outcome is that they will go cast a ballot in four years. In my example, would be I gotta Dennis once a year right and if
every time you saw me as I am going to the Denison eleven months, I'm gonna go further than I had all these thoughts anti. You think those fucking nuts or I gotta smog my car once every two years in California and if I thought about it all year, every year leading up to it It doesn't seem entirely productive for us. I think my personal opinion is were a little over politicized. How do you feel They tell me why I'm wrong dummy also exclude people who actually go out in the joint marches in her part of you know people rallies and stuff. So those people are. If we doing something but but just talking about politics all day long and all your ultimately got to do is cast a ballot, but I don't really need to talk about it for four years leading up to casting the ballot. What is the the the purpose of it? I guess I completely understand why most people feel that way, because I think in order
to care, a lot about politics and careless about what happens. You have to be able to draw the connections. Between the decisions that are made by people in power and how that affects your everyday life and I think for a lot of people in the country at four. On time and it might be changed now they I do not see those connections though politics became some. Thing where there was a bunch of people. Television in DC, who just yelling at each other. All high Eric laughed like an awful games in very cynical and It is what I saw during the Obama years was ever got really excited into. Doesn't eight about Brocklebridge yeah and they thought it, this is gonna bring change. This is something different, but there is fill this feeling in a way that is a transactional. You have politics, so it is,
to give you my vote and when a girl like yours and would go to the God of the poor. I give you my vote and then you Go in your business. Is politics, so you go fix everything with the country. I go back to my last year and I think what we realise really. Certainly what I realized is vast actual view of politics is quite sufficient, because We ended up with Donald Trump as president and a lot of people article. How did it happen? We had Brok Obama's presents a wise Donald Trump. President yeah. Well, because a lot of people in the country didn't really. Attention they didn't vote in mid term saw, which is what I mean, though the fact we didn't have we had such low rates of turn out in the two thousand and ten may terms in the twenty four in real terms is probably the single is reason. The Brok Obama do not occur Bush more with his presidency. Right as Democrats, God shall lacked.
Both of those the mid terms and we had a republican Congress. They don't want to cooperate with Brok, Obama. We didn't get anything that right and in some ways led to a frustration that moiled over and May Donald Trump President as well, along with a whole bunch of other. Yes, but again, so I think the call to action would be whether your democratic rat or Republican, wherever with the called actual, be vote every opportunity. You have to vote right right, but but but Matt what our people really going to physically do like a like, like yeah Am I made my silo of liberal progressives here and ally. I go to dinner, and I hear the exact same viewpoints over and over and over again. I already hold those EU point, so I don't really know why we're getting them out there on the table and most certainly we're not convincing any table next to us. That happens to be conservative that were making brilliant point right. Maybe this is ethical view, but I just feel like
We have our opinions, they have their opinions were not doing a good job of bringing anyone overdue either side or do I think we are doing a good job of always a we? I think I certainly right I mean any anything I'd know. It looks like we're in he said we are in a quite a bubble here in LOS Angeles, and we are both of fairly privilege. Bold, yes, and you see no be white, I am dry land, you know em and well off, and do so, and I've noticed this, especially since I moved to LOS Angeles began, also lacking. Oh heavens, and a lot of time here for fun razors with with various democratic politicians. Here you get a certain Hollywood set at fundraiser disease and they're all asking the same questions, and they all have the same opinions and the conversation afterwhile makes you want. You know, pull your Hera, but I do think out. In the country, There are organizers and activists on the ground who are going door to door and they are finding people who have never vote.
Before him never participated in politics before, even in their changing their minds, or at least persuading them that it will make a difference in their life if they come out to vote yes, and I think that you know we probably need more of that and less of oh, my god did you see the latest and smaller investigation. I raise the drives me nuts Donald Trump greatly. What am I going to do? Ok now I gotta go to hope. It's yes, my kind of, and I love my wife in she actually gives way more things done in this country than I do so sheet. She she earns. The all natural area involves she's bills, passed in Congress blows my mind. The wages are great video on the remember that when we remember the colony like us to dedicate some military funding, do that you know is incredible. I totally applaud her, but at the same time she is on the arm the monkey practice, then Sir, about whatever thing trump does each day, and I will say to her:
You still evaluating whether you like a murder, the verdicts out, don't like gum youth. Think he doesn't have integrity. We all You get it. I get it like that. I don't and we seem to be addicted to more prove well, that's also, I mean I tabled the solid each of us in the pod, like democratic politicians, the ones who were running for office right now, the candidates they are not spending a lot of their time going to different events. In talking about how much they hate Donald Trump because, like I said pretty, Everyone has made up their minds, honey. I feel about this person would their time about as like. Ok, here's my plan for expanding access to health care, right. Here's my plan for raising them in arranging a land of ordinary, get free college, so there Hoddan about ideas would actually make a difference in people's lives, and I think- and especially as Democrats, if Arbela we're the
party who believes that government through collective action can make a difference in people's lives, and so If we don't make the cases to why. That's true next time were in power. Actually passed legislation that makes that true and connect the dots for people. That's, ok, the fact that you were just able to make sure that an insurance company covered you, even though you had cancer before that is the direct result. The affordable care act or whatever else we pass a year. We have to make those connections to people that seem to be the one issue that actually got people to cross, and I am a little bit it, you saw some older voters that had been tradition, they conservative voters loose and health care, or are I just these town hall meetings, where they are pretty rough on their own republican representatives, which seem new to me. Well, it's an issue that really matters to people and we can, as part of the project, but the wilderness I sat down with voters outside Detroit.
An voters outside of Houston and the voters as how to Detroit were Obama? Trumpeters, so there are people who voted for Morocco, bombing, eight and twelve and then voted for Donald Trump and sixteen and in Texas it was people who voted for Trump and twelve and we voted for Obama and twelve and sixteen bathers stayed home. They voted for third party. These people have voted Democrat in the past, but didn't for some reason and sixteen the animal is a most interesting, the Detroit somebody s on so universally. I talked to a people, every single person in the focus group was upset and ashamed with their vote for Donald Shots. I know it's very different than the because what happens, as you know, the New York Times now, these people they go out, they touch trumpeters blot attempt. They talk to Republicans who voted for trumpet voted for on me before tromp. Those people are gonna, be with from there not really gonna change their minds, bride bunch of people in the middle who go back and forth, and all these people, like you know I don't, I think, he's
Tweets like crazy, he seems to only care about himself. I thought he was gonna fix things that can change Washington, they so many more skeletons in his closet. And then I assholes. Why did you vote for him in the first place and they said we thought who's gonna shake up Washington. We thought he was going to change things and a lot of people said we thought he was going to protect my healthcare and like that. DR alot of people, not casually what you saw, he was gonna protect your healthcare yeah, but you know when you think about what he said during the campaign he was. They're saying and went to raise taxes on hedge fund people, I'm gonna pretend Medicare and Medicaid liked. So then I say: well what do you want to do with health care now either some people who want to keep the affordable characters some people who want to improve on it this when people want to get rid of it and all these people who voted for Donald Trump or saying you know I think it's time for Medicare for all
I think we need a single pair like I can't write your trump voter things. We need government run you no universal Health CARE Leon. I think I, although I will say I think all of us hold lots of contradictory points. Yes, right which is special monitoring. Don't potential healthy? Well also, I believe That's healthy. I believe that when you are just lock stock and barrel supporting every aspect of a platform young to me it's no different than deity worship, like you're gonna go along with anything. So part of me, he says there are. Personally, there are a lot of aspects of the progressive liberal thought process that I buck up again says you know, and I think dangerous. I see people going pretty fur or far down this path, and I actually say I would argue these are anti liberal principles or an anti progressive, and
yet your choices, basically just to be all in all our youngest. That's now on. That's your nor there, but its relatively new to mean we used to Of parties where, in the demo a party there were conservatives in the Democratic Party yeah in their pocket party. There were levels and the Republican Party and this sorting between the two parties is hurting, in place over the last ten twenty years, especially whereas now the Democratic Party is a liberal party in their public, pretty were uniformly stay to ensure their experts. Experts is sponsored by cash. If you haven't heard were switching to the cash app, the cash app is the number one ranked up in finance and lets you do the most with your money, whether you want to pay people back buy and sell Bitcoin instantly deposit, your pay. Right into the upper receive a free custom cash card to spend your cash anywhere you like and now
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Here's what I know whether worthy has already authority of law, because it is not a double blind test. It here's to me that the left has gotten super far left and the right of guns super far right. Now I don't actually have any data, because I am curious is that more product of the for this. Ten percent of the left's making all the headlines are saying the most provocative things in the furthest to the right. Ten percent of the conservatives they're getting a headline. So all the headlines, I'm getting are basically from the two, outside edges of both parties, because what it appears to me is that centres, dad who the Who are the central. Is anyone a centrist? Is that even I want to start the alt centrist movie of words like ok. Both parties are making some good points on different issues in nobody's. What like doesn't anyone it you want to cherry pick the good ideas from both parties? I mean, I think,
part of. It is the nature of twitter and media, where the loudest voices, the most ride, voices on both sides are obviously going to get the headlines later. I also think I could have a big part of it is Donald Trump and what has happened to the Republican Party over the last ten fifteen twenty years they have succeeded using in getting increasingly extreme right. But we, but the left hasn't. Let me know how big it always pretty centres of you evaluate M today, when you say I guess, when you, I think it's came a novice ain't. He didn't support gay marriage right. Any of all, then he's pretty militaristic. There were many things that made him. You know by today's lens, very centrist, although I think yegg I people will argue that for sure like getting money like I haven't, I mean for my own personal perspective I haven't changed any of my views over the last. However, many years between the Obama Trump administrations,
what I have changed, or what I'm probably more vocal about is how scared. I am of what the Republican Party under Donald Trump is doing to the country. More so than I even was about. The Republican Party went about who was president, which I was no fan of Europe nor us and then let us do anything or when Bush was president took us to war in Iraq, which is one of the worst decisions in history, so I I feel like I've changed my views at all, but on policy issues, but I do feel like I'm more alarmed than I was before right. I just want to point out something: that's cute, and yet very obvious to everyone, but it just occurred to me as like, when I did said Obama whose militaristic what I'm forgetting like. I think what United is talking about an ex president and then accordingly on Macedonia,
deeds friend. Oh, I heard it all actually forgot to factor in the fact that I am speaking about your friend jealousy of friends. Well, I would always your second I'm trying to think of. Like you, I mean he's the guy run for president one of the only Democrats who opposed the war in Iraq when all other democratic vote for yeah- that's my very militaristic now so you know ordered the been lied, mission, yeah, yeah, yeah any day and growing strikes, but then, at the same time we also took you know, but ninety some of the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. So it's like it is hard to category. It really is. In fact, when I witnessed of let's say you can correct me: if I'm wrong, it did appear that his pre present and see view on it verses, once he was in the sea did of all the bear in mind, inclusion on that was only
get there. They do show you some share. That will change your worldview a little bit. I think that is exactly right right Thank you get there and when you are you're in the situation where every day and you get intelligence at recycling, the real yes I'll write your truck you're, trying to figure out as president. How do I defend the american people who I protect the american people while not starting a bunch of war, all night. You know our energy policy that creates blow back and re war yet or at least a civilian deaths. Your leads to any kind of deaths right from from wars or from conflict, and so your car Are they trying to balance that and I think Obama would say you make them s decision with the best information that you have, knowing that no Obama used to say if a decision in the federal government in this country gets to my desk, it's because no one else,
could figure out what can resolve and so both of the options. I have a shitty option and I have to figure out, which is the less shitty option and that the role of president and its that's a very like the cameras are fulfilling, but a lot of times. That's what you face when you're in the way yeah well, and then let me be unlikely to say that I absolutely Ador Obama, but it's also just my nature to be critical of the people. I adore. In addition, I'm just not on all in you know well, and everyone who is in public life make citizens should be able to make criticism of well behind the dude made a thousand decisions in eight years, and I am most certainly even if he's got the best percentage of any human alive, and it's in the nine these he made that you made a hundred bad decision right yet so I was trying to avoid politics. I got bogged down in it but I want to throw one other thing at you and of course, I dont think you are in a position to have this view. Nor should you I think there should be people on both sides that are just passionately driven towards executing some policy. They think you're gonna help people saw it with. That said,
and you look at this country a little bit when apply the lens. Of marriage to it because. Although I do think facts are vital, and I you, I'm upset. What's that misuse of facts or demanded the dispelling the facts and certain sides of the Isle there, are more things than facts, and they are all one has to do. Is get married to understand that you know your wife can be saying something to you. That just is it's just logical. Does it actually makes sense, but then you have to look beyond that girl I want important. Is she doesn't feel safe, and I need to forget this fact that I could win this points. They know them. We didn't drive for sixty miles. It was a twenty miles from whatever writing is where you have to do that to maintain a relationship and here's. Here, is what I think about America. It's very very, very divided and
if you would offer me the solution, we're okay, we're just going to secede from the union, we're going to have New York Massachusetts, California, whatever Washington, Oregon, is country, and then we're going to have the red states, be a country possible solution. Guy. That could maybe solve it. But we will both acknowledge, that's never happening. Wherever I don't think it would solve it, My view may lead to a civil war, but but there are also because, like within the red States, with states well educated, they lay all they would migrate out or would I have another immigration issue? But the point is what I'm saying is work. That's now happening. Divorce was not an option that is not an option for so. If you're in a marriage- and you recognize divorce is not an option, Your remaining option is to try to make this thing work right and so my frustration as someone who is actively tried to deepen
besides myself, because I just got to wound up during that election, and then I will like why canoes vote. I voted nets that, like I, you know, I don't know how wound up I can get about this. I just started, Thinking were so divided and we're stuck together so early in the relationship or were continuing to yell at each other's faults or we in the relationship or we sit down with a therapist and we go. This scares me the scares you I can see where you're scared. We start talking about emotions. We start talking about these things that could Ultimately, maybe he'll Us- and I just I don't know who, whose voicing their is there? Anybody whose actively Amy now all of us somehow learning to communicate a little bit. Yeah. Why do I feel, like I mean he's the other thing that I think about all the time is people like you- and I could probably can you to lead a very good life if we turned away from politics.
Unless we get into some massive Nino nuclear conflict with North Korea, yeah, barring that, barring that there's a lot of people in the country, stunner people in the country who, if politics not change mom. There can have. They tough time or their already really having enough to show if you're a family aided, give separated- and we at the border, if you are on the wrong side of the criminal justice system, is usually, if you dont, have healthcare rights or the million different reasons for those people with less power in public. Then asked that are really hurt, and they need politics to work for the yes, but I will say that the basis democracy, democracy, democracy is premised on the ability for us to pursue. One. Another persuasion is at the heart of the promise of democracy. Yes, and if we cannot figure out a way to persuade people,
come to our side to form a coalition that has a majority governing coalition and then to enact policies that are reflective of that governing coalitions priorities. Then America we're dead, no wonder you're dead in the water and when you say persuasion, it's not necessarily like I'm an Obama supporter and I'm gonna go around the Clinton, support or whatever and I'm gonna find a hard core trump voter and I'm gonna sit there, even though their like screaming races, things at me, I'm gonna go room, gonna, go persuade them wreck. Maybe that's not gonna happen yeah, but there's a ton of people in this country who don't vote who don't pay attention to politics, who go back and forth between Democrats and Republicans right, there's a huge cut order of people who can he persuaded and I think we have to figure out in this country. How do we get to us? Base where we can persuade Persuadable within a media environment does not necessarily allow for that right now
and the reason it doesn't allow for that is because most of the media environment is screaming on. I would urge, is not you know convincing anyone right or cable fucking new, it's actually a boiling at her. I think the media environment, the waiters, hurts the progressive causing them. Perhaps more so than it, hurts Republicans. Yes, Republicans, fundamentally or party that says you know what we want. Need government governmental, fuck up a one car parade, and so everyone should just go about live their lives should worry about any this and then that's what, but also there that I don't hear other either side acknowledging this either, which is in you just made a great point. So we live in a democracy and we have all these different instruments that help us come to a compromise. Hopefully but no matter what I dont you're, either side and seeming to appreciate. Is that by our fundamental design. We have conflicting goals. So we want liberty and we want equality right
and those are sometimes at odds but They'Re- both principles that we very much want to service. So we have to acknowledge where the gates is that by design we will never have a hunter, percent of one or the other. All we will have as a pendulum. That's inching this way we go on now, that's a little too much liberty and we need to ensure towards this way, and then we just keep kind of. No massaging this thing to make people happy in any current society and, I think, This whole system, not unlike science, which is peer, reviewed. You go. You have your hypothesis, you do some experimentation. You publisher paper, there's all these colleagues of yours and they, They say whether that you know what what are some holes in this, and I do think that both parties subsides, up to this erroneous belief that if just they had the steering wheel, we'd be sat and actually think both sides are required. They are our peer review, so they might
We may not agree with them, but it is their job to point out some flaws in our thinking, as it is our job to point out some flaws and there's thinking, and it is this system that I think potentially has worked so well in the past and can continue to work so well in the past, but there seems to be zeal: appreciation from that opposing viewpoint. But I do, but I do think the opposing viewpoint is critical. Agree with that, although I think that right now, we are so far out of balance towards what I believe is sort of a conservative. I mean we have been living under conservative governance now and in a way like you said, even when Obama was president, that was not, was not the days of Sdr L B J when they had gigantic democratic majorities or passing a flu is progressively isolation. Great society programmes over like, as progressive. As a liberal, if we were in power of Democrats, were in the White House in Congress and window passing a ton of government programmes, health
housing, minimum wage of this kind of stuff and peoples pointing out. Ok, if The goal is to cover this man. People, and yet the government is screwing up the programme. This way that we in the other way, I wanna hear those opposing view. Yeah right rose too much government is doing exercising here, but what I believe in is the value of having a democracy where every person is able to have a voice, make a decision have opportunity, equality of opportunity, the cost of, and that is that it is much different antithetical to both you right wing, conservative viewpoint and a complete government controlled central system, if that does not very democratic arise, not democratic at all right. It's a woman, the experiment that we're trying in this country that we have not. We have never perfect it, since the founding of the country yes, is to try.
Make sure that the blessings of liberty and equality are an opportunity or is widely distributed to every person in this country is possible right, like the stuff to be the opening paragraph of the declaration All men are having obtained on my low by right. All men are created equal life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at the time it wasn't true at the time they said, all men are created, equal rights. It was examined through their, but even at that, even in the founding there was this ideal. That was our North STAR is a country that we have been trying to reach you standing in the way we never environmental progress made exactly all one needs to do, and I've I've just by weird coincidence, I've gotten really interested in american early history. For over the last three years of analysing the books on tape about Carnegie Rockefeller in you know, corneas, Vanderbilt, all these different things, but at any rate you when you get a taste of what America's Ben, like the majority of time, spent in country its benefits,
fucking shit shall yeah. So I always above against a little bit. This notion that we're all living in the worst of times it do. You just need to pick up any one of these books on american history to realize no dairy reconstruction. There were men posted up at voting, pulls murdering black people, so yeah during Mandarin is terrible. We need to fix it all these things are true, but also, It was a lot worse. Ferryboat captains were smashing into each other to sink one another in their in their competition. For money, says a hundred percent Croatia and in the realisation that the history of our country has been an utter future lies in hope. Yet That is a moat folding, because it's not that we had some golden age that we have fallen away from. No, it is that this has been a struggle and epochs
Ruggles from the beginning of the creation of this country, lucky monkeys all sharing the same spot on planet earth and where we are trying to do something in America that no nation has ever done before, which is to have a huge large. First nation yeah, three hundred plus million people work and function as a society that make sure that everyone has opportunity and that everyone's civil rights are being respected, and we ve never done that perfectly in this country and no other country in the world now so that weren't contain. I also don't believe I reject the notion that you have to be fatal listed to be motivated. You're make a great point I guess very easy for me to say: oh I'm going in a vote over two years. So why do we need to talk about all day long in you point out yet cause you're, I'm not right now in a detention centre right which is absolutely true, but what they said.
You know also need to convince yourself that this is the most divided. We ve never been cause, we fucking shot each other more bloody is deadliest. War right was our war against ourselves, so eight Ino summit, Dorcas framework to me feels like it. It would be reasonable. Also doing the daily barometer does not do any one any good. How That is the yes. How redoubt should we be? How crate? how crazy little black sea getting anger. You occasionally need to step back in graph where we ve been since seventeen hundred right but you're going to see dips in right now. You know. For your nice point of view, this is a big dip, but I will also argue that the George Bush dip created Obama like in weirdly of any, is much as we need to. Thank you for writing speeches with him and his incredible is charming nature. You don't have a balmy. Are you don't have Bush? I dont think you have Obama wake like. I think we leaped forward a couple decades as a result of that so histories.
Tricky and you don't really know who you no one, but the outcome Some of these things are one of the things we got caught up with him, Sixteen is what we hate, which is tree and poetry, is based on production and so everyone's trying to figure out. What's gonna, the air is opposed to figure out a way to make it happen or not. We make and lives in people's energy, and I think this is what you are getting at the beginning like people's daily energies are not well spent freaking themselves out about. What's going on in the country We are well spent working to change. Our audience is a lot of you know, liberals and political junkies who can political junkies for a long long time? Yes, we also. We found that our audiences, a lot of people who young people, people well before who never pay, politics before tromp was pressed or didn't pay much attention to the House for Thomas Present and now there attention, because they're scared about trumpeter angry and they want to change things and they want a better country, and so there like wool
How do I do politics? Is? Politics always seem something that was annoying in Washington and sucked, and I want to know how to make a difference, and I do think spending your days galvanizing people who have the same values, values and views as you to actually worked arrange things is worthwhile. Complaining when I say those party is not really, let me guess I'll break out like comparative analogy, which is I'm in a typically, speaking of the request upon people on a meeting is like, we don't need to hear about the twenty years you drunk, we preferred here, but the the solution an answer. I just feel like people over to themselves to at least MEG ten percent of your conversation about the potential solution, as opposed to Just- lamenting about the problem endlessly. I made its ago of the move from pilot
it's too media like this one and also the sex at some weakened illegally. I gotta media, when no one of one of the reasons we wanted to start cricket media is because my big critique of the news is that the news it gives you a great idea of all the worse problems in the world. Then, at the end of the broadcast, it's like and now for whether in sports, and will see later on, your left feeling helpless. Cia. Someone wants made the analogy that, like watching the news is like watching a friend slowly drown behind a clear, a plate, glass, whether you unless you happen, but you can't do anything about it and I think what when we started, the pause heads compound like people will call us. Harrison for saying. Go like Democrats. Go organise go to whatever yet, but we have to give people an idea of to do about the bad news that they're getting yet has just just taking it
the bad news is that it's not gonna do anything. That's when ninety nine percent of people are doing there just taking in here and it's a little treacherous yeah the trap. Ok? Well, I once I got you a little bit turkey's your fascinating human being John Pharaoh. Ok, fabs fear flying directed made. And I was the great MRS Movie Edith ELF up a favor for every euro more nineteen. Eighty one of Massachusetts, your mother is a school teacher Joshua, and your father, you salesman. He was as was mine, what did your father? So if I, when he first my mother, she was driving at an Iser Bush. Beer truck is selling beer awesome and then he added up selling computers and and sort of the first text. In the nineties, he was like. You know in sales. At some of these tat companies,
interesting. Did he give you this speech my dad gave me which was signed on full yourself, everyone in this country's a salesman any just broke down how every single job, your teacher, your cell, in these ideas, you gotta, sell these ideas to use made of southern that Joseph. I didn't quick at that speech, but I do think that me going into politics and being interest in politics is, is in part a director. Salt of my dad being a salesman not just professionally but life for being a guy who's using areas, cells thing, there's a lot over historical overlap between right, like big, tent preachers and Jellia salesman, yeah, there's the rich history, You did you get a private school now political public school needed. Well, I do I'm assuming in you, you went to a Jesuit college, called the Holy Cross College, the lacrosse without Massachusetts, and what what why that's cool
pretty random. I haven't busily they didn't get into any the Ivy League schools, I as a great, and I ended getting like of academic scholarship, telegraph saga, and so it became vat or a couple others and it was easier to afford Holocaust and scientific or any was Jesuit. It was just what in tell us what the Jesuit approaches, because I've heard people speak very favourably t1 that are not even learnt, they're, not religious, but they valued that time they spent in the Jesuit tutelage I did too, and I was raised Catholic, ok we were a family who went to Church Chris Cousin Sundays a month and then, as we got older Christmas, indecent cherisher, my doubts as elsewhere, for that is the area of cafeteria I don't know what that's like. You can pick you up from the catholic religion, but I doubt it like my mom is Greek Orthodox, so we weren't like a super super religious family, but I never that too much out of going to church and my suburban Boston, town right.
And then I went to Holy Cross like I said sorted by accident, not because it is religious school at all, but the jet The influence and wholly cross is one of the reasons that I ended up getting into politics, because the Jesuits are very far just on social justice, ah, and whereas I think a lot of Christianity is focused on. Individual salvation. Afterlife yeah, which has just you know, be good on earth, feel guilty obeying absolutely you know The Jesuits are much more about collective salvation on earth. Doing good works here and MR that part of the protestant reformation do they have a leader that I don't think it was connect. I dont I I I this address myself, but in parliament as well, he went to school and MR and why sure is sort of this and biggest city and doing glances post industrial city. It's got in poverty and a lot of issues and So are we cross, always encourage people to go out into the community and do work
and organise and volunteer ends. I did that and it was that plus the education is gonna go across the combined to make me want to go. Yes, so you were the editor of your paper. You're on the debating you graduate valedictorian yeah, I'm in hindsight it was that punch. It didn't feel like I didn't. I had a great time ago, you, dear yeah, as I realise that I don't want to hear my when were you drunk when we're getting Leyla overthrown? You know I mean I had a guy had a great time in college. Anyone I mean it look when I look at ITALY. Cross now is small school. I gradually the seven hundred people
and you know I think, when we did our show, we did our showing in Michigan and arbour our high ground. We went to a Michigan game now. Stay big big and I had never been to like a real college, would again because I wanted to add bunch when it as they will soon sweeping the sorry. When I did. I say that as a gear, maybe I could go to a really big fun school, so fun for wholly cross. I done the at, but I studied really hard, but I enjoyed it and I never felt like it like. I was too much. Nerd in the library all the time, because someone I have kids, I am always evaluate, as I weirdly did like turbulent elementary pretty good junior high goodnight, school for two years now read on the road I might fuck this. I'm never do anything, but rode tripping is quit Think miracles uneasy light. Then I did really good at using a late but
I weirdly am happy about that trajectory because I did so much silly stuff and I always try to evaluate like I would I want my kids, deeming Gideon noise schools is cause which required a view during high school for the extra girl activities yeah real rough time today, with movement could is Avery. Wanna get a regular curricular circular, It seems like you, could miss life in rout. This other live in and it concerns me, but you don't feel that way. Looking back, I think I could have gone in that direction, because when I was younger and like high school, I was much more of a say focused on. I got a study where a cardiac
things have been driven by one. Your parents are your own internal type, my own internal Taipei. I also like I wasn't good at sports, so I wanted my thing to be yeah. Studying in that kind of stuff, did you idolizing look up to different intellectuals? Did you only or was it wasn't that you'd inelegant NOME Chomsky? Now I was just sort of lighter and I wanted to really well in school. I like school ya, gotta, give cause you evaluate, like you know it adulthood where I'm gonna shine. Do you a kind of our sightedness. No, it was very in the moment. I'm just going to dwell on this test and I'm gonna bring home the ay and that's gonna get you know that my parents are gonna like that I'd say: oh he's the smart one great it was. I was that kind of DR sizzling additive to delegate. I said what were you, the oldest and the eldest yeah. My brother, my brother, Andy's three years, younger, ok, yeah that tracks I think that respects the yellow fields and he morgue fucked around and stuff, and he was pretty good. I mean he he's now he's an actress actor,
so by the time we get to college. I had a really good group of friends. Friends from high school and then again let reference in college and you know is a much more social person at that point, and my friends are super important to me. My further point him in high school, my parents when we go to a private school in high school, and I got into a but I was like I'm not leaving my friend public school yeah, taking my parents credit how'd, you do what you want. I want to make sure you have a papua that's great, so you graduate and then through whatever many roads. You end up on the carry campaign. Yes- by the way I loved John carrying always felt like. I felt a deeper sense of injustice about John Kerry than I think any other candidate that I had one or two addressing that like even like, I had voted for Hilary, but I could bear much see. I could understand the critique and I can understand people not like him her and reinforce it wasn't beyond me. The John Kerry thing to me was like this is bullshit this
guy is so far and away the best Canada, because he isn't the fucking guy. You want to have a beer with. I was so frustrated with that. I don't even know what the consensus is on, why he didn't win, but yeah, he didn't have a game, show host personality, and so we didn't pick this person who is so clearly had a lifetime of integrity If you watch the John Mccain Documentary, it's fantastic hands in the air is so good in this. You know it's gonna, maybe cries yeah, it's gonna be a heavy again. If you watch it, you think you'll maybe understand some of the points I was born. Earlier position, which is like there's time, there's peoples so much integrity on both sides, and that's at this scares me that's where our ability to recognise that is is getting a little muted but bitterly read those two were on opposite ends: one guys a war hero and then the other guy was what we call.
I'm a conscientious objector, although he was also there was a war harry era but very against Vietnam, and then, of course, Mccain wasn't than those two came together eventually right to give some thought to go, find all the my egg eyes and account for people. It is also important to point out there that they came together but coming together is not necessarily like, and now we're never gonna fight again, because we agree legs, they went after each like the other statements between Mccain and carry like they would attack each other's the vote that we then say ok or this issue. We agree on so we're gonna work on it, even as we tear each other's shit on this other issue. Yes, just wait abbot to me. It's that, though, the role models I would point to it today in our country is, I would say, Ruth Baker Ginsburg an Scalia the not be more APOLLO ideologically in their best friends, they went on vacations together and I just feel like
I think we can all be friends and have radically different ideologies, and I, as nervous about Vanessa, more more friendships with ideology should start off rodion, I'm a big off road. I have friends who different You started John carry. You are assembling audio clips from poverty. Radio newspaper clips him at that point. I was like cutting out a newspaper, her faxing glimpse into people real scope, the palaces and carpal tunnel. I was, I was the low man on the terrible and then eventually start writing speeches for John Kerry. Yes in who are adds. I dont know what it was. You were at some democratic and then you saw Obama was about to make a speech. Yes Was it the two dozen for convention? My job at the care campaign was to be backstage, makes her. All the candidates were on message right in you,
who had discovered that heat? There was some overlap between his speech and John someone called the. Let me now I last draft of the carry speech that I saw. It did not have any overlap, but then I would after Boston? Everyone on the plane with carry? travel around the country, and I got a call from the cheese betrayed her in he said, ok, there's of you know, there's the line and Brocklebridge Speech the John Kerry Wednesday's. Ah now they care people say that carry rather Libya. In you know, a bomb is still thinks that many regardless, but I never let you in a position. Yet you have to go down the hall and thus help did tell rock Betty can't say that, and so on. Twenty one and I like walked down the hall and there was a great and I went out of alma just got out of high school. I stop here on my way accept. No, no one would tell him for me another the staff for their, though, if you go tell him yourself and I went to him and he looked down at me and he was like. Are you trying to tell me? I have to take out my favorite lie in this field,
and I think I like lost consciousness for seconds. It was bad yeah. That's a stressful situation. Labour is one year on year, as my first meeting with him and now describe your ear. What is it like to have of put DEC This is the first time in your life. You ve, probably given your entire soul to something and then carry loses, and what is that? emotionally, like it was crushed and I was- I became extremely cynical about politics. And I left Washington, draw back home, move back and with my parents. My group has been pushing me to go to law school, maybe I'll, find the girl, a school because, it's like what you said about the frustrations and the injustice of the of carry losing, because, unlike this guy Obviously he could have been. You know, a better, the indicator whatever it may be, but you know the Bush pain, took him down because of his war surface,
Then the man is a war here, a legit rider. He risked his life for his fellow soldiers. He came back to speak out against the war and they use the whole thing against him and then so after us. Like, I don't know, politics is for me because I think this whole thing is a game and it's bullshit here and then Robert gives reach out. He was carries press secretary, who was, I was his assistant. He had since left to go work for Obama. He said you know: Obama's, never had a speechwriter before he's written, always on speeches. He wrote his own speech for the two thousand for a convention speech, and but now that he's a? U S, senator he's not gonna downright every speech on his own, I'm trying to tell them. He needs to learn to work with someone He doesn't like it's a great idea, as he's the one or two speeches by. Why don't would you be willing to have breakfast with them just to talk about a ah ha
so, I said sure, tat it was his first weaken the Senate, and so we had breakfast in the Senate cafeteria. He first wanted to know just about my life when you grow up which, against questions were asked me about flagrant why'd, you gotta wholly crying elevator Byron fly out. I cannot yet, as we talk about that, while we talked about community, organizing mistook about that and common as well and then and then he asked me about my theories, be trading and I have one and I did tell him that when I heard a speech of the convention, I thought I was dead learn about it was that for so long democratic politicians had an republican politicians to believe that a speeches action of sound bites and one liners and yeah quotes that you're gonna get a rapporteur to pick up and he told a story in Boston about us, the wretched speech- and he told the story without wondering if every single line was gonna, be an applause line or every single line was gonna, be like if ie or other, and he just
all the story, one with a global, go with a gloomy story, and I think that we need more of that and I were in our. He's like was my theory to, but were at that moment had. Were you critical of the Americas, I think too, to pursue any job. You must almost start with a position of like Unlike why options here, but even if we get into moviemaking interacting there's some party you it's like, I'm not seeing the movie. I want to see you so I want to make the movie I wanna see so were you at that time going. This is bank, and I wanted to be this I didn't know exactly know what I wanted to be, because I didn't know that it could be that right, because I thought that there are all these constraints in politics of what you could get away with, did don't carry campaign. It was speech by committee in an awful way. Right there was IFOR speechwriters there was a couple: can Holden's couple pollsters allotted
lotta cooks and, as you know, the worst way to write something to him like ten fifteen people, mostly naming is yeah yeah we're exactly. You know that, like the more they send it out to more writers for more and residents, gonna end up getting worse yeah and I thought to myself, like maybe that's just the wages in politics and that's where we're gonna end up with bad speeches all the time, because Europe Likewise, sir, did you see while one country yeah, ok, so the first time that more non Sheila sat with the bog warm heart? She starts bawling, as I do not have that exploit those areas like I M, not the modern, she'll, amateur daring yeah. What. Do you gonna get infected with who? He is no way that I am in fact it was. It was over Chris. As I read dreams for my father before I met with again because I hadn't you know, I heard that
doesn't for conventions beetroots everyone says that's the moment they found them with them. When I thought it was a great speech and I was inspired like everyone else, but it wasn't entire register, my father, that I thought. Oh, my god, I have to work with person now is because it was a book that is written. So honestly talks about his drug, you, northern Kai talks about everything else about race in the most real. Or honest you no way possible end. I don't have an honourable and vulnerable ray and it also like his thoughts, not fully formed. You know like he has a lot of questions that he still under their own answer that this guy, thinks he's gonna, be a? U S! Senator and he's gonna be in national politics in this book is out there and he talks like this, and if he can be like he is in this book, even if you can even be thirty percent of what use in this book? Because obviously politics is not going to be a hundred per cent of larger? Then it's worth trying this up, yeah, That was when I decided, I really needs work and
how do you? Let's how'd? You eventually gain the trust of someone who is such a good good writer themselves, most likely control freak. If he's gonna worry that yeah Is it a slow burn or you get a crack at something knows all ship it barrel This isn't too bad. It was a bit of a slow burn. He you really are a necessity had to start use ages had to start using me. Even in that first interview. He said you know you seem nice enough, I don't I don't. I don't think I need us betrayed her, but gives tells me I I do it is speechwriters somewhat just give us a worthwhile sort of outward, but part of it was him, and how he is his means done doubles. Do everything bread, wool happy there and gave where, as I know, it mean the first, the for Ireland first, I my road as beach for him it. First big speech, I vote for him. Was who's going to he's gonna Georgia, for
I'm Louis's sixty fifth birthday and he would speak a journalist sixty five John those is Jean Louis Civil rights here, ok, marched with Martin the thing you re supposed to be our racist. I knew you'd explicitly to be raised on Latin in re when Obama, when I'm Letterman learning, so, maybe Now your letter, I let him in the Netflix Uneven Letterman. It shows what yeah, I guess. You're right, you're not arise and I gotta do not raise you notice that there's a we're part of that letter, Mitchell Maguire. They were now with China, Louis in some regions, Selma Civil Rights, ok right so he goes and arrogant. Disputes and, unlike this, is the civil rights here. A minute coming earth is right, something pretty first swing for you because it's all raise related. I have to abandon their. I may give the wise guy that yeah might die from North of Boston other she. So I leave the office in recital K fabs. I know it's. I know this is your first. Beat for me. I know you. I pray nervous,
I just want to let you know. I'm a writer too, though I know that sometimes the muse strikes and sometimes doesn't, and if you figured out tonight great and if don't come back in her own will work on it together so I went home, I sit up all night. I worked Diana come back. He comes over He looks at it spends a couple hours with it, so in front of my desk has others but it's not like. I just want to ask It's ok! If I make, of the speech what you're broke Obama after and of course, he made it out of its the speech and he wrote a lot of it. If I back, as is our first speech but that's the way that the two of Us work together and he was so patient with me. It was until he gave a speech and it knocks college. You give a commencement there. Almost a year into his first year in office in the Senate, and I wrote a lot of that speech he made at its, but I wrote a big chunk of it and after that speech he was Ike
This is really good, as I think I d like you got a man and so then we collected, but it was it's a lie out of sitting down with him spending twenty thirty, it's a figure out. What's on his mind, reading every interview transcript he's ever delivered, allowing the hear him speak. I would imagine just logistically. You are probably just out of pure requirement and you and apply spending as much time with any one else in his wife right. This is a big chunk of his area, especially in the early days in the Senate, in they can only when you're, no aiming you're making a new speech every city re everyday, those just constant and I'll- tell politicians and people in politics of it. I am the only way to really have a speechwriter on your staff, who is successful, doing. The job is to develop a close person. Relationship as you meet tons of people who are like
betrayed her on staff, but I go through my senior adviser, my communications person. Isn't he tried is just some person feeding itself and that just never gonna work yeah, I'm so when you women, he becomes president in you know: you're not gonna, be writing speeches that the president's gonna be making him. I can't imagine you didn't have a sense of history when you think of some of our most well known phrases come from. Some of these addresses, rightly Kennedy ass. Now in your country over you, you can move your country, the Eisenhower, military industrial, complex, worn eyes these things that will become shakespearian for our country, you're gonna be crafting. Some of those things is the weight of that. As a writer, my whole goal is to trick my brain in it
thinking is as low pressure as possible so that I can be creative, but I just don't know how you do it with your job. You try not to think about it. Ok, because I think we spent a lot of time thinking about it around the first. Our girl, because it is in our girl, address, since our first kind of hers, ass, his merry residents african american president and you think of Kennedys inaugural all these others go into your head and I think be too, because he was focused on it, and I was neither speechwriters. Were we almost too I too hard to think of ourselves. What the line or the phrase that's gonna, be stone here, and I think if you are too focused on that you can write. Ray. I don't you don't write. Any emotion is the emotion you lose the story yeah, and so after that speech I think we went back to just telling ourselves let's figure out the story first, even if the community
visions, team and the prestige and reporters are like what's the line wise and he quotable wanted to this right story and write it in their own right at the emotion right and if someone down the road and history wants to pick out a quote: that's their favorite quote to like h on some monument? Let them do that but like right now, that's actually figure out how to tell the story, but it is a very bizarre on a few pillows too much, but what a unique position that your your words John Faroes words we'll be in history books and you didn't have to become president- is an interesting. Like short cut, I mean, we set. You know we ve been trying to say speechwriters and we did where in the warehouse they're all his words do not arrive rapture, but in a ok haven. Monica would really, I think, of him, but more so than almost any your president. They are his words because Even if we are writing them like
dear servicing. Here is in him, and I didn't just learn how he right speeches or how he talks, but I ended up learning how he thinks yeah and leave to really get into the person's mind and how they might respond to something the and once you do that, then you, start writing things that they probably would have written on their own, and he spent so much time with every speech. Writing rewriting of chocolate question under our at a time when conversation I carry moment when he lost what was the feeling of him a winning one of the top. You know five moments of live here. It was any of my family. Was there my friends: were there were sitting in outstanding grant park in Chicago and you're, just like the amount is it was do your Roma? Do you have to check in with your ego during those? Are you like?
monitoring it at any point. During that goes for me, that's a day, that's your dangerous than bad I've I try to. I am fortunate enough to have friends family, especially friends, will help me do that, because if I knew we heard you no big deal to learn at all, they don't care, it is viable, ivy ruthlessly which, as they shed so it's fun. You haven't. You need tat. You need that France, its vital I've, had friends in this business who have become very popular and then the people they threw themselves with our, not people who point out that the other off the rails and round it seems only end up in one place right and I and fortunately married someone who will match me brag anytime, I could feel cool. She's goes yeah, I'm on a tv show too. I was on Letterman to whatever do yet camel than I call like good for me. It's the super helpful. Could you just want me through really quickly. How do you bring
the speech I saw like on the campaign trail, sometimes you're, working from five, a m to three. I am do, and I can only of how they like breaks stories in a writers room for a tv show like there's these neat techniques, and I just wonder how do you break a speech? I assume it varies from person to person ass, a great question. You know usually stare at a blank screen for like ours at its freak out and sure. But I have you know I'll. Tell yourself your terrible, Hauser mishandled. Lawyer. Writing IRAN is a writing to spend, were you're, always one sentence away from being revealed. As of right. That's exactly what I mean, I'm paying a great team. So Ben Roads, Adam Franco, Cody, can enter her words like we would sit together till two or three in the morning and just go back and forth and talk about like what are we trying to get at the speech? What does he train? to say like. I always wanted to start with the essential, the essential paragraph that the President is trying to commute
here, but are there let's get there and then build around that as opposed to starting, like you know, twenty thousand feet Are you doing this thing again? This is how it's done, at least in television. Which is like, your generally going like our reminds me of a time I went to visit my grandma above all blonde. This happened, like it kind of it, almost has a start from a personal place that you can really watch onto that emotion, so is that going back we're eventually it doesnt star with the emotion, is much for in politics, because it's more like it, sociopaths game, no more like it's. Maybe you have to make the argument. First. Ok, Eric was everything in politics as media. We need health care workers right, and so what is the argument were trying to make either for this policy or against this candidate? Yes, and what is the argument were making for Brok Obama why he can fix this right? So it's like problem solution. Why me right right, I that is so you're trying to figure that out first and then I they were
it's a speech, a good speech and not just a typical I didn't species to find that emotion and hang it on that right, exactly and also connect that emotion to history and to the country right, you're always means is back to our earlier conversation, but like you're, always try fine words and phrases and senses and ideas that sort of have echoes throughout the ideals that the country was founded on, because those ideals will bring in the most possible peace shower. Rather, the margin of error, as a consumer of these speeches to me, seems so tiny, because I hear a lot of politicians go I'll just now of the family in Arkansas Bill in Samara out here and I'm like us, so fucking patronising. I just settle it. Such bullshit.
Can someone told them like you, gotta, be about people and you ve got like. I do not agree with the last three years. Everything's like just got out of a back seat of a car with fill in Marcy Jacobs from Tennessee, and they have a son images like by any. That's really means Akron, verses being authentically real. It's a that's, a tiny little bit a wiggle room. It's a tiny bit of wiggle room it also requires you to as a politician to have, to be willing to have some courage in what you say and do not be so cautious and worried about? for Obama. We try when we told stories about people we try to sure they were stories that we're dead. Then like Susie doesn't have health care and I'm gonna give her healthcare and here's her story. You know what's like them Ex level of Susie story right leg. Let's find something actually emotional and interesting that people in the country could
lay two possibilities of value, some kind of a real person Madeline that you do in a political spooky alike and archetype rail. Plumber as their speech here. Ma's powder. It's good question, I think I mean you gave a great eulogy one time I heard But what? If that's, what his favorite speech with alarm? I did vote for about my goodness. I know their heavy lifting. I now the you know. The Your speech in Iowa their Jefferson Jackson dinner in two thousand and seven, which was sort of his last chance to catch up Taylor. And the primary aims lieutenant in one's head, and it was only ten minutes yet it keep an attack on it, and that was enormously helpful because it is harder to write a short speech than a long speech, as is true with most and we had to boil down the campaigns, entire message to these ten minutes, in our case against Hillary Clinton, without mentioning Hillary Clinton and being
too much about attacked, yeah yeah, so that was very tricky to pull off, but he didn't he memorized it and you know, gave at night when it was sort of like the beginning of the transformation, Have you any moments? You don't have to be specific, but have you had moments were after the factory like ethically, I feel a little compromise by the direction we took their oh not really really yeah like. I think it's because I'm up, you know a student of politics too, and I political realities so, like I think that the the issue where I was or one of the one the issues where I wasn't much different place than he was for, I was gay marriage yams and you have to be a part of crafting a message that you don't really believe in, but I also knew that he kept pushing the issue in the right direction, ending, don't ask don't tell I I figured he would get their right and if I felt like he wasn't gonna get there like. He was going the other direction. I think I would have had a problem, and so, while I was at the time working from it,
Unlike I wish you would get their faster, it was it. I didn't feel ethically compromise. I just felt like come on. Let's get let's get there arrived, I am also very interest on sale. I'm so you laughed, whereas I ask you gotta, be question really quick sure. How can you talk to him now because buds once in a while once in a while. You are likely to come on the package that we get a view every one of our first go so you're river is like right right before you left the White Ass, a sort of a dark. They weren t, yet we talk once while he's he's busy reigners book ok, so you know helping minimal writing either than Deasey raise it ass. He hasn t say he's gonna be, here the right everyone's becomes area does fundraising. For the part you can get your quick enough. Could you now because I felt and I'll never know about it's rough once you ve had written sixty two days of sunshine and no getting it's really hard
after you left, you said, which I thought was very programme. Is anything in politics post about all bribing anticlimactic in so you both started, which you mentioned a minute ago. You have some kind of consulting. We are we did that for lower. You don't do that anymore. Now the autonomy Tommy return. I did that fellow I. This is people who just wanted speeches and wanted like narrative messaging help, and so it was nonprofits some few tech companies, liberty is rightly that are just needed. A speech and it was like a good way. For all these reasons. The everyday alot of yeah- I won't. Let me deal with speech where it was good of you wrote an Oscar speed. I thought they were going to ask and I go out to you. I work on their. I worked on a few potential oscars yet and it was like after three years of it, it was relaxing because you don't work is hard and you know you make money, but I was like this sucks. The ep
somebody for you just wasn't from wars kind of like IDA body whose a navy seal- and he was many times approached by black water to go over as a paid soldier. And he said his corneas sounds. I dont think that Things you end up having to do things he had had to do as a seal have to believe in something a little higher than money. Ultimately you're going to have to do some ship that you really are going to have to buy into the notion of country. And so he just felt like it couldn't be done you gonna actually do the job, he knew how to do without that. The threat and so I would imagine is a speechwriter. It could be that same principle. Yeah, that's interesting! So you start pod, saves America, positive America now pod They make you think after him, ideals are doing it. You could work why pod save and not pod saves was really God save him in August Erika our
I applaud and got I have gotten out of our eyes. The name is process, something in pod. We trust you do all the garden Eric you do that kill em all at pod sort of Mount pod damage. Are you there plaudits may mark my career so much Margaret, but you start pod. Save America and he doesn't seventeen I can't imagine you had the aspirations that you hence achieved is no way. You thought you know he's such a female right, no idea! Where are we thought It was a good way to help to do our part. Alec help people get through the Trump era. And we had done, a podcast during the twenty sixteen campaign. Keeping sixteen hundred with It also means that the ringer- and that was just us talking about politics like we talk about with each other, yet woman. You know that's like the same as our text train about politics,
yeah, and we had no idea shared the same as you like what, when it took to do a package, sure, and then we decided to we wanted to launch a bunch of us high costs and if you have a network called crook over the media and we decided to yet when we want to keep launching pike us, because we want a sort of expand. The offerings beyond the four of us since yeah just robust and were pretty same yet answer how many podcast you have on this platform. Ten pike s now TAT and how how can you be in that or do you just? Are you not like me personally and on yeah yeah well we have mean we now have twenty something people that cricket media have a bunch of producers and we have developed team there hours to develop all these podcast and do you know where making sure I say we mean Donovan, Tommy Detour, that, like We are all these meetings and trying to help get these paws off the ground, but it's our team. You now have a fantastic team,
I think the coolest part of it is like sort of building a team hiring people and having this whole company law is now we router was that with regret, I had no, and I wonder you look around in your like look at this whole cruelty. We're all doing the same thing is, if not years, the fuck out of me to be as you're looking at everyone and share this whole existence and my sister a little bit, but this is good that doesn't scare you the whole. No, not really I don't. I don't try to let it scare me I mean for me, because I've spent so much my life on campaigns. It are. He is a little different, we're not linger traditional company, and so it feels more like a campaign which is this sort of camaraderie. You have with the people who were in a mission together with you, yeah and about a bit of functioning chaos, yet like you're, comfortable and probably overture yeah yeah, and we saw you know I work still less than I did, unlike the height of the campaign, was shot,
I know you're probably never, work that. I hope I hope from now on to your wife, Emily US so tell me maturing how good you guys are touring Herbert a year ago, and we just decided we want to get out of studio into them onto the road and it's been probably one of the best parts of the whole company because You know podcasting, unlike listening to podcast as a sort of it can be a lonely, experience the US and when you get idle outing, yes a little isolating and when you get to go out and see all of these people who have all heard the podcast and they make friends with each other and their more community together and its inspiring words. Just starting to taste that we did? Our first live show couple weeks, no Corona, Texas and even to an August but yeah that
the notion that these people that all came together would still blows my mine and they all have this unifying interest. It will it's really like life, affirming isn't it actually makes you feel fantastic, its art of yeah well in its also like a lot of people like well the left is angry, like the right is angry in everyone's angry. All the time and the audience at our shows could not be more different. Then, like umbrella. You know if you weren't there like screaming about tromp. An angry is aware that people are inspired. Their hopeful. They want to figure out how to get involved, and so it's really it's a war Therefore think that the joy is this, it is a joy yeah is that it is a joy and you get people who, like one woman, you know we're in Denver and she's like I'm in documented immigrant, I'm a dreamer. I drove all We hear from you time, because I want- and I want to thank everyone representing a her yet any second. What I really want to know is like do you have it
Hence the Utah. Third is really specific political question where that momentum. Everyone gets up and cheers for her and wonderful moment, and so its people this mix of like their politically nerdy and they want to know what's going on, but they also want to figure out how to Hell. Yeah, that's nice. The really cool and don't you find is like. Things, zig zag, so much so it's like you know when to movies, then that kind of stuff now and then we're all watching, Netflix and then everything's on the phone. And now it's pocket so just seems to be getting more more isolated in a weird way: yeah yeah the crave then for the shared experience going to see it live and then so the that blows up. So it's a great when you think o humanity's doom neural heading into these more more isolated states. It ironically, gives rise to this very shared experience that didn't exist. Fifteen years, the girl. So it's all can absent flows into some kind of subtle positively
you see yeah, and I think that the necessary experience, because politics can be done and password doing it together, real, unless you do a face to face no matter how much technology you know, promise does too like allow us all to have two. Wars ourselves. Yeah, you know, do all kinds of electronics it like it is important to be together in community organised. But that is the only way real change actually happens like yet to be on stage with some of my best friends in some of the smartest people. I know here and we get to see the shit about politics for an hour, an answer bunch of questions, and I can't imagine anything better do you think. That's the young primary gift of all this is that you found a way into an occupation. Were your actually surrounding yourself, like your co. Workers are a blessing, oh yeah, that's the limit. For one thing about work re like if you specialists, their work is something that you love me able to surround yourself with people who also love that work.
Yeah, and then you have that kind of connection. That is that's a gift. That I dont know a lot of you. No one can get that than you figured it. Did you see a democracy? I still haven't seen it here. I feel, like I know the entire movie, because everyone you're sure in a nutshell. We need you to reproduce of all of US ward. We John fabricated. He has already three three times: thrice thrice over purpose. Lastly, I want to tell you before you go. Is that when I said to my wife was watching the door, she, wearing I gotta do an armchair is only daganu and I go John Pharaon Chagos Oklahoma said I, and I owe you you met you ve met John forever. If she does oh, not that my god, what speechwriter John Federal and they go yeah and shoes, you
tell me she lit up like a fucking Christmas tree to change your pants. I think she said: will you tell him he is so cute? Oh, my god tat he left. There is a lot of discussion with that. There will be even more with the girls in the house, yeah yeah, I mean. I don't know that I've seen this reaction will know you're a heart throbbed elegant example, while I'm I'm a huge fan of your life as well. I heard where should I drank? Favorite television shows you forgetting their Marshall favorite movies of all dynamic in Syria. Extreme, ok, greater! look what you guys go have drinks, sure Emily's, a great gal. She and I could go to sizzler attack
Emily's fan, apparently there we got every episode. Every seems like a swinging episode designed and have him. I mean Mervyn look at those symbiosis here will jump ever. Thank you so much for coming by they. I one of our smarter guess that we ve had in it was a pleasure to hear you're really my network of life. He reported this he's a fact. Tat experts loom what my upper registers, not their clear now clear now cleared out like Bobby. We would I don't think I know that high she's in experts back chat but beauty. Lady,
didn't do she's a fact. Tat experts I did it is like I always like it check my ass Monica there aren't that many Well it's a problem when you have an actual expert on probably very things to correct yeah. Surely I I. I must have captain shit once or twice once said, why spend nothing. Nothing contacts is relevant. This is Monica first time out of her apartment. Yes, I believe Friday right you on Saturday, you dropped your vehicle off than you. Home in a man ass, the house sense. Yes, let's are four days and it wasn't like air religious exploration It wasn't a vision question. Now it was, it was an illness rye wrote knows she asked me or not.
I'll, tell you what my bottom line here. Are you prepared to say bottom body yeah well by the window it would they would have? It would have made sense that there is also some bottom disturbances with it with a with a virus of this magnitude, because it really kick your ass, yet a man a hundred percent now so this one's gonna sock just their heads of distant but she's here, and we- and we are grateful to her for that too. Thank you Monica for showing up to working when you're sick, and let this be a lesson of people who are fuckin lazy. Take it away, I can hear raising palms. All right well so he mentioned save the cat in passing, say The cat is a very, very famous someone say infamous: Hollywood screen riding book and happy
I have heard of it. I've never read it but when I saw you on this, isn't the implication of new areas in Asia was kidding, but, yes, except, I think, there is some accredited that like who is this he's written a few screenplays but MA? none there were produced or legendary. Like blank cheque, he did write some real movies. Ok, but I think that there are some criticism alike house. This person is unlike right there Laurens caused. Thank you great scribe exactly. He has this thing in the book club, the beach sheet, which breaks down the three extra for an intellect these manageable sections were to brace on exactly what needs to happen and each part so like the architecture, the physical parameters and act That's all. That's owns helpful. It is and it's called save the cat, because
He says there is a decisive moment when the protagonists does something nice, like literally saving a cat, and he says, is the scene or we first meet the hero in order to gain audiences favour and support for the main character right from the start. Read this book? Yes, I read it when I first moved here. Of course, a lot of people doing they first move here is red, save the care yeah I'm a writer of two opinions about this. So it certainly like Our good friend Jesse, saying it belongs Trump It would be the first to admit that he wasn't the strongest improper improvising. The groundlings. When we were there, I really, I bet you caught improper. You hide, I think, of it as its own word, but he would, he would say, wasn't the strongest, improper and
Yet by God did he know how to teach it like. I said in one of his classes in really knew the rules inside now. He has actually quite good at instructing people on how to do him. Prob just wasn't his me now strongest skill set right. Yet at the same time, so scenario. I go. Oh, you don't have to build a new thing bill to teach the thing right, but yet I get really angry when I watch guys on the sidelines at sporting events like yelling and ridiculing these athletes, nay themselves couldn't take like six flights of stairs without a cardiac arrest. That triggers me for some reason. I think: how dare you kill me? You know spout your expertise about their chosen spore when you yourself couldn't juggle a Fuckin fruit basket. You know it why does that bother me and the other? I never knew that about you and I like learning things evaluation and I
like that, I like the? U dont like that, I don't like that either your ray. What do I merger to aided by unless they can do it better. I think they need to shut the fuck. I agree, although occasionally I find myself guilty of it. I think why did they choose rain tyres in the motor, GPA race, when I can see the clouds are going to pass, can't daisy it. So I become a little bit of it and expert myself. Do you know about that staff? And I guess if these people wait? No, they could no more about football than even the players. I guess it's conceivable moment they could history of the game, that he plays that are out there patterns that IRAN they could be like and nfl historian, yet they just can't true way, maybe one out of all of those. What we are doing it might have that amount of knowledge, but most of them down right, but You do have that knowledge when you're watching
MOTO Jerry, I Gnp by the way. If you don't watch model JP it is, the ballet onto wheels. It really is elegant. Isn't it I think I forced you'd awash louder than ten minutes is not the worst thing. I was right when you think of motor sports. You re, like that's the worst thing I could watch. Oh god, he I remember when I was younger. My dad and watch like mask you do I'd watch, mouse, car yeah and I shook sheriff I don't get morally clouds are you? Are you? Are the choke every every swing I get closer to the ball? He watched NASCAR, yeah man. I love this guy. I really do anyway. I hated it. Ok
Well, it made me feel disgusting. Oh wow referred the matter: GPS, ok, yeah yeah towards its euro right there we ve got your interests picked a little back. That's on all european writers! You'd think that I'm not I'm not a europhile outcome, to your bout amendment as what was happening with your bar up. I've never So we were one. There is a genial logical connection between these fab rose? All right, I didn't I can't do it. I was thinking, maybe they contact
three me and they could a year it I'll find that out yeah because I think, or they could go on that show. Isn't there a show more everyone finds out. There were slaveowners. Neither seems to be the recurrent theme on the had show the exact date. The show should be called find out which family mother was a slave owner yeah, exactly I'm PBS this far yak as they might be related for real, and what, if he's like his the sun- bad behaviour here, maybe John Filmmaker made some on pregnant when he was very young, twelve or thirteen, out of hand, and so I think he is he was younger than me right, John fairer than just came in. I think he was already I'm forty three and his flowers, fifty three or maybe younger than there. I don't. I can't tell because we're in Hollywood, some guy. Seventy looks like that. I think he is
so my guests were later about. Why am I like this game? This is a fine game. You guys how much as the monarch, and I want to show we start guessing hold. The actors are, and then one person Google's all these ages in the metal bring up other people's ages are then you just start goin holes. Anthony Hopkins, yeah and then whoever's closest when they went to nothing but pry pride yeah Ok, my guess is that he's thirty five Guy came on Gonna guess he's thirty nine tat, Ernie said Van. I said that a second ago why change trying out, I was gonna, say thirty, six to nine changed my answer. You intend taking classes to go with your firm, follow your and staying. That's right, follow the kitten is that the name of the book kill the kitten save the cat anyway yeah he could have had him at a very young age.
Tiny bit more contacts, I'm sure lists. Don't you think that's relevant rob is. I don't know is I don't know why Rob is being so discreet, but Rob is keeping his shirt on its it's in their eyes inside the attic yeah. I just can't do it. I can't tom, I can't be a giant mentally, and near nearing passing out. So I had to drop the top yeah. It's God forbid people to know that, I'm so glad that we don't have an HR department at ARM chair. I know I'd be probably given spoken too often area. Asked. I ask for your consent before I did it, I asked robs well actually there when even needed,
It doesn't really hold water whose, like, if your boss ass you, please you could argue, I'm your boss in some way yeah that and if your past ass, you hate my shirt up, it is probably are asking yeah. Yes, because I almost feel like then you're asking them to be complicit, in other words the hour, and then they haven't. They are in a position where they have to decide Blake say. Yes, I won't get their prevent exit. Aren't they know then right and I might get fired or we'll just thank God. Work best. Friends and that's not me, you know and when we have a rural about that, I'm not gonna. Take my shirt off its Yeah, that's right, there hasn't been decided TBD on their ok, so you are using Kristen got some legislation passed regarding com. But it sounded like you said, call me now wanted people to know. Oh she had not. She has nothing to do with like Call me only inversely, ladies
and this was about six years the gown visible child Joseph Coney, leader of the I know it's got always get a really misleading name. Frank. Beth, happy ran around like it has to do with religion. Of course, he's not very crucial. Like I think it has the name Christian or something, Ah, I see the Lord's Resistance Army. I again is using the word, Lord probably liberally summit. Are you two liberally because he's a fucking, a monster, yeah air, yeah, yeah. Oh I will. I wanted to develop pipe in my opinion on something here, maybe a little quiet I mean I didn't have to but
and chose to in the subjects. We only had him for such a short period of time very busy man, his lawyer. He will. He left us to go talk to some parkland kids right is on my phone, you know, could be mine, Cosette, I was nervous that mean Jean Green was gonna call for the fitting of turning her now I wish what is Jean Cordell was my personal stylist? How excited would you be around you, I'm so much it's enough about Gene Cordell Mean Gene I can explain it, but I also don't because In a nutshell, Monica Jeanne CORD hours, the funny as human being on planet earth and she loved the kind of taught me with actual gone these tirades about just how revolutionary his comedy is, and I am always feeling like in direct comparison to my own thoughts. Now it happened at all
and you of all people should not feel like. As I gave a compliment to somebody else that didn't diminishes from you? True, like your Riad AL for me or is it is money, it again, some better contacts and I and I am going to say it because people can. I want people to know about him undergrowth. His name is now Jeanne Coronel Jeanne CORD Darrow same name no, and what happened is one time you asked me or maybe christian asking He resigned. Kristen show rightly at all started its no. She asked me like who are your favorite performers? It you see, be ok and I said you know even Cordero and Valor, and he I really hope giants here. I want you to do it is transparent and mostly, I need to say as a disclaimer. I hope that if Jean by some miracle heard any this that here
was I actually love him, but I'm just playing a role in our friendship, for I hate as God so just class. Let that be stated. Let me now entered into the record what, because I said, Eugene Cordero and then she said. Oh, I you know he had to change her pants Yang. Now there is a lot of pants change. Yes, she said I love eighteen, he's Hughes on whose on house a wise and the good place in these currently on the good place to his work, sounds like he's gonna, for my lady is what it sounds like, maybe he's happily married with a child Ok, ok! You anyway, you think he's perfect, so so that Listen. You said. Oh Marine corps, now formulas guy over mangy users, my jewels either my love, you wives were like getting giddy over the brilliance of someone else is incredibly finding you should
jack, I don't you see be ass. His wonderful his best impromptu driver ok, I have about fucking. I get a guy's, perfect, opinion. Fabricate have a child. You listen, I haven't immediately just by witnessing the creature. Tat means you are wrong. Raptures told us he was in winning mongering is circling my bride. He was in using the wrong. He went to Rome and within our non governmental, very view castle, where's made the trip abroad monster that was shot in New York. Oh yeah
oh, he must have been living in New York at the time and when, in doing this, he be in New York for a move that all you ve got it all. I know you do know him. So this is a little strange. It is rise was made answer. You know how I feel about teachers year. You tend to be attracted to the idea of any oh and I was gonna outside ruling out. I've travel early and attract, isn't my sickness. He said that leg. You know basely trumped or something our every day, and then workers like in this cycle of talking about it and brewery we get sucked in and it's like. Ok, we get it, we get it, but I don't like him am I agree with all that because it can be, it can be like a wife suck to get just sleep. Circling the drain on that, but I do think it's a little a little potential. The dangerous to say, like just
stay away, because if everyone just stayed away, wasn't informed as to what he was doing. Maybe we There would be no attention to this border: family separation, all the crazy creed. Shit that's happening. You do need people talking about that to cause changing. It is worrying, ok, but the border separation, is an issue yeah and any issue that has solutions should be focused on, but him being vile. In your opinion, there's nothing to fix in about ninety percent of the stuff. I'm hearing in my silo of liberals isn't really, about something that they're going to change. Also, what are those
but actually doing now, some people have hosted. Lemonade stands around I'll aid to send money to the defence fun for those families, which is great. That is a productive thing that you can do also calling year congressmen and Betty writing letters and all of those left sitting pressure on those on new legislation. That is real and not here, but I do know, is what I am asking for your honest The evaluation of what percentage of people who are talking about this stuff are doing any action. I don't know I really doubt you you're optimistic that its high well We ve seen some small changes happen as a result of loud dreaming about some of this stuff. So I can't say that but again I had for all. I am pro protest. Yeah. Let me be very clear about that. I'm very pro protest and very in favour of
you contacting your senator whatever right right. You spent couple hours a day with your friends talking about the state of affairs I dont see, is productive in and also, I would argue from an anthropological standpoint. We have all these mechanisms that have a vote, of the US: has a species to help curb tyrannical rule in one of those is in hunting and gathering societies, which we ve been for. Most of the time we ve been on planet earth, there are very egalitarian and the reason there very deleterious is because generally of one dude is tyrannical. Several of the other deeds can overthrow that guy. It's Very hard to have a very drawn grasp of power over a group of a hundred people if you dont, have nuclear arms and you don't have maximize war. So Oh gossip in general is something that is innate to us here
in its tastier? It's much tastier than positive statements. Because it's the mechanism by which we all go. Hey George, getting a little too big for his breeches think he needs his power regulate ray. You know, so it serves a very pragmatic. Function in group of a hundred humans That's why so tasty? I'm just asking people to recognise that this tasty thing is a little bit vestiges in what you are doing in the society is voting. That's what you really are doing to enact change unless you're a protest her, but I just, I would argue in more than Eighty percent of people in the country aren't involved and protests. Well, it's, but it's me yeah protests and also, but is spreading the word so that the vote changes but do you blow matter, but I do believe that any of the liberal cries about what a jerk they think he is.
Or exposing the grandmother pussy take. Do you think that is swayed a single trump supporter away from tromp? I'm the opinion it doesn't. I dont think we're They ve won anyone over to their side of the iron by well I don't know, but I thought it was really interesting when he said that you know he was in right and he was in some miles. I can't remember where it was said that when he talked to Obama tromp voters yeah and how, They all our ungrateful of that decision, and I do think that some poor you do make people aware of the reality of what's going on verses. What he's may be saying is going off like people,
vote, as so many people voted for him, who that totally voted completely against their own needs because they aren't. They want informed So it is important to say they warn informed. I think is doing the thing that our SAM does when he says you're confused on what my point is one now because there's there were people were they asked that they didn't know the affordable. CARE Act was Obama care and then right. They were on it right there the informal character they liked that, but they were against Obamacare right, that's not being in full, right right, I'm talking more about Trump, but I'm not. I'm talking about people voting people I need to know what their lot these fears about. They need to know what they are voting for, the need to know about their health care and their use,
people should be informed. I do yeah, I just don't think people to talk about politics for two hours a day, because I dont think their life is really about politics eating their life is about earning a living being apparent, being absorbed, there are a sister will all these things, the your actions in life. If you measure human being by their actions and that what they think about, then I think it was very clear that there is not a lot of action surrounding people's political opinions. It's just them. Thinking about it. And there is really nothing pragmatic happening. Well, I don't know that. That's true because I think you're our actions again sort of like he said our actions are not limited by politics has were incredibly lucky, but a lot of people's lives. Their day to day. Actions are
designated and limited by whatever is happening in our political here's what I know I gotta pick the kids up at a birthday party. That's for the pre school. All the parents are liberal every time. Preparation. For the three hours at that party is about what a turd trump is yeah, and I dont see any product a view that where they convincing me of something now, are they convincing each other of something nor the informing one another about anything? Absolutely not they're, just commiserating about something they don't like tat and I think that's a command waste of time, and I'm way rather go to that party here somebody talk about something they loved. All I went to this concert you should check it out. Are you listening? Podcast is fun like in all these different things that we could bond over that we love that could then lead to more experience in life. That's me is of value, and you know just rolling on power? takes all hours a day of kids birthdays parties, I think, is a little cesspool e yeah
Ok, so you said our bloodiest and Debbie is war? Was the war hence ourselves with the civil war which that is the deadliest. Were american lives yeah, but the world were too was by far the deadliest war. Now I'd also like eighteen million six mines. Are fifty six point formerly wholly thought tat, a lot of people as rough? so you mentioned Steven Pinker and his book that you're referring to is called a better angels of our nature and it is about how we are getting better whereas here as a society, and even though there is like the opinion that everything's getting worse and pigs are bad, but it sort of track solid, this over time and says sort of how things are getting better.
And he has a new issue but called enlightenment. Now, that's the one on written, yeah yeah, We hope to have him on he's. Never out alone. You should come on with Jean Cordell, you guys listening get on this podcast. Ok, So I asked my friends, Anthony and House, and if there was term for Christians who just go to church Christmas Easter. As you said, you thought. Maybe there was a term for that most, like others, gotta be a term for that, and they said they ve. Herb, c and ease Christmas. An eastern yeah tie and also cheese stirs, and I was so disappointed by these justs oh obvious. Moreover, you wanted something a little laugh, her right, sorry
or maybe you should get you get to. Think of some. Rural clever, and you could coin it than you couldn't. You could bring tee shirts up and I could make a lot of money on Yeah you you'd go to church has on either Christmas or Easter and you would sell your where's great aware them to church, Will they be, there was made on it or they be? I think, they'd be it said. Well, I do think it be upset. He I think those Chris it's probably are wanting people to believe that there are there more frequently than the basic just own advocates. Islam led sense of community two times ear. That's fine! this year well by large, a lot of people are, but we aren't. You know that John Kerry WAR stuff that happened during the campaign sewed and the two thousand for campaign, a political
Is she they gained widespread public attention? Was his war record? and in tv advertisements in a book called unfit for command, swift, boat veterans for truth, question details of his military service record in circumstances relating to the will of the award of this combat metals. And so that really affected his campaign. And then step, and then it was later totally discredited in an all these people that, like serve with him, said none of that was true, but you know. I'm people share something they kept on here. It am. I hate that people can't uneven your stuff It's just that there is a certain layer of shitting ass to twice you rob somebody of other war hero status, it seems like,
regular ring of Dantes Inferno should be reserved for those people yet so loud, but it's really rank near. The ads is kind of a real shit move, but you know what I mean about that like it so unfair because we live in this society, especially now that not even really then but now you put something on social media. Neatly gains heat and then it's you know becomes as huge thing and of the Roma. True retraction is never a story only one year, or even if people than right can I oh that was actually true you. Still somehow still associate the negative thing with the person and you can't like ours just hard for people to divorce those turn its very scary, I think it scare idea, you're scared of it. I think it's like a pop out scare
you think that could be the theme of a horror movie. That's right! It will use the bee sheet from save the cause of their wonderful. Now right it. One and then in it we will unveil a new term for Christmas and Easter churchgoers we should also employ said heiress to help us with this feel like he would have a great he's, gonna coming up with words, your pants! Also. We should point out that we have been corrected about the first second and third degree burns. We heard from a lot of people. We now realise for is least significant and third is the burning Even as I was saying, and I knew that I will. I don't think that we were claiming that no one would think we're. We were saying- oh, maybe the out of some about this feels like we might at my feet, descending scale as well. Yeah like this stupid, DEFCON system,
and I wanted it to be just one and wilfully yeah. We need you more than me mainly here. You want some cooperation, because I was claiming that it was stupid system that no systems diminishing numeric value, as the thread is increased. Me, I'm more evident steer point. I guess, although you did me a murder, that's true. First is the worst I was speaking of that another correction that that I came up with during my sick mass. I realise that I am was miss pronounce. I was also mispronouncing. Emily as I was Emily ravage a cow ski leather belt, but is actually asked Emily erratic housekeeper. J is silent soccer. I sincerely couldn't hear a difference in the way you just say those words here,
It just sounded realizing judge Archer in this time of year. Just like way too many continents for my brain to follow. Rapid Jake ski verses radically housekeeper Ok! Now I heard it there, but if you put an Emily between their rowing- and I will lose it again- our I won't say erratic housekeeper Taos yeah right, Caskey, ah erotic, husky yeah, but we already determined she doesn't like me. So I dont really me very, don't say her arm again. Here Adele Little Rabbit Hall on her. Will you do what you find she's married or she is and has recently men wed. Maybe she was going to her wedding when you saw her and that's why others have all she got married, Superbowl evening? She only got married to get rid of that name now. She's pie loves that, as there has been a key yeah she kept it. Nothing think of her name was Emily blunt.
As a very easy name. She probably would we have around your campaign, I mean she's. Lee really happy being unique well. I hope that for her she is, she gets a lot of attention for, for the name For they knew for being her, aha uniquely her. He said that there are trained as speechwriters didn't always saying that the words are the president's ok right, so you said he I line there is both a toe. Is that those are the president's words not theirs yeah, and I were now yeah. I want you would want the credit we said. Yes, I have a problem with credit yeah, it's one on my face. Yeah away a previously was one of mine, the user, really back in my groundlings days, I was really hung up on it.
And I think I have said this before and here would someone gave me the best piece of advice ever accept certain that someone stole a sketch and that it had made it on the tv. I think I've told you this the airway to coincidental that I had a firmly sketch running right I was, writing will firmly sketches share in two thousand to and then I turn on the- live and also there is a will for Brimley Skinflint. So I was lying. Oh my gosh that was stolen and some wise sage person said to me. If you That's your last great idea. Then you should use everything at your disposal to fight for this gift- right. It sue whatever it is. You think that's your last great idea, but if you think- infinite amount of great ideas, just get focused on those in, and I took that advice that was good it by has guided by their very relevant, life, too short by the amount of time in us, and I was strong sense of injustice, nets always very me in the past, but again
is now you're putting more energy and time into something that was already a bummer citys expanding how much bomber there is fair. You know unless you think you can win and somehow make millions of dollars of proving you're right. But black water people? Probably now, but in case they don't is american, private military company founded by her prince former Navy seal your new there I did in his family, the Prince family makes vices and automotive components and they were manufactured in holland- again and the princes. Basically only entire town Alan Michigan Railroad absurdly register, but his dad. The billionaire allow and he started black water with some dad's money, and then I believe he sold black water for over a billion
Dollars as well, there very very politically motivated huge right wing donors, If you believe that all of our wars, in the police were christian Crusades. As I saw this, you remember, I saw all day showed effects called killing machine it was all about private security, civilian and of learning and talk about all those different cool. You were it's been. We name is not black water and zoo, triple canopy. Now it was acts, ISA services I may not be saying my right. Maybe it's like back see is something else but but now it's called the it's called a academy. I think, is academy at spelled with an eye. Spelled willing on this gigantic compound and North Carolina called the swamp, and
think where they make what else have their often they have their own airforce, basically, so another they are basically our Ay Air service for higher for, like the CIA and stuff, so they make on money there, but also their training. Facility is used by local law enforcement state long. All this all these different agencies train at the swamp. Make a good amount of money there as well core yeah. Goin you sell a tv show. You just have to learn a lot about it. Now. Why else? I would have gone down that Rabbit hall yeah. I wish heads I'll show about chemistry or something that's all! That's ever yeah. Well, I'm so glad you got to sit so, close to a long time. Crush of yours, meter, We need to get some long time crushes a mine up in here for them
Could you get on that sure? Ok, great, look! I've been try, actually you have behind closed doors yeah. That sounds like you, because the best then give her there is, while other than my wife. She is also an incredible present. Yeah the both a year twins in that thoughtfulness. Category many way. Ok, I think right up died. Just to everyone knows, Rob is passed because of the he, so I think we should primarily stop now then. Take assured I peed in big assured in he's dead now, for you. You been conditioning yourself over the last four days of temperature Mamma and relieve as many manning so appeals to you. Your acclimated rob pass, and I do want to attend to his corpse right now. I love you.
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