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2020-02-10 | 🔗
Josh Gad (Frozen, Frozen 2, Book of Mormon, The Daily Show) is an American actor, comedian, and singer. Josh sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss kindness in Hollywood, fatherhood, and his experience on Broadway. Dax claims Josh has won the lottery multiple times and Josh sets a goal for the next time he visits Armchair. The two talk about how we can learn from history, what its like to be the court jester and putting their mothers on pedestals.
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Welcome, welcome! Welcome an arm chair expert aback, Shepard and joined by Dan. Rather I wish don't we only grey what an esteemed colleague I'm going to MC caully boy. Who do we have a fawn ram, bunches party time episode today so far and thoughtful, but also a mix of thoughtful, Miss Josh, GAD Boy, oh boy. What a talented M F awry. Really s shop sing like a freight train endlessly funny Improv G, yes likeable lovable he's a Grammy award winner for best musical with the book Mormon. Also little film called frozen and frozen to beauty in the bees. He's gotta hysterical new show that we watched Avenue five HBO every Sunday there's a new episode
He plays an insane person and does it show well, doesn't hang itself funny and guess what last episode we tickled junior drums and now we're gonna tickle your taste, but a little clip from Monica Jes love boy. Yes, I guess this week was with our mother. Yet you had your mother yeah, so stick a little listen about before a kick into the incredibly hysterical Josh cab. I have a friend from a mom from pre school on who just went out with her recently divorced mom friend, and she was sitting at dinner and the recently divorced mom friend, sad gimme, one second I'll I'll be right back and I went into the bathroom at the rest.
Fraud and then came back to the table and said I am sometimes flirt with this bar tender, and I often leave my underwear and therefore but hold. I won't work all he loves it ass. She loves it. They both feel sexy them. This mom is like divorced and ready to mingle, and she was feeling yourself- and I was like Yes, if you want to leave your panties first go for it and I would like to see you open yourself up a little bit more like that. Like have you ever left your pay, these for someone to find? Just because you know it's like a tree like amends like leaving a ten dollar bill on the grounds reordering you're going, someone's day. That's fine and I can see that, but you have to get their the partners for me. Is each started getting to the poor? What would happen if
just left him there. What? If you went to it, you can't get arrested for first of all, then everyone at home but would be arrested or maybe a penal sugar plants. I am no adapts, comes out of the home Debo bathroom. Having shit man says there, so many underwear arbitrarily- and so it's not enough, suitable offence. I can confirm. Boy. Why Rugg S? I really take it on the chin. There that's amounts dating shown and shoes comes up that I'd have MAX Will you have told all of the armed areas about many a time it's true? Ok, I am so excited fur Monica just low boys. Animals are exhausted, ash GAD, so please enjoy. We are
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now. You know when you came on here. He was just starting was process whom all her usual menus veins. Our nurses go out into the veins, I'm not into the veins We always those veins veins in general are you're. Ok, with my very echoes a core some more very now you don't like your vows deference in my life ok, what time did so on is that what you're the hands about is whether there is a lot of people, including my own life, were very warm up. My master, I say it's what it really is a polarizing vows deference because, I love you. I'm obsessed with. As some glue are agents is either people really love your boss, deference or the very controversial they? Would you prefer that I dont want anyone ambivalent? No, I don't want people to look at me that's ever having a ping like them to be.
Nationally challenge and it can at all of my veins yeah. I was this morning. I did a physical and I was told this morning that she couldn't find my baby. Oh really, that common thing. I guess my body typee us in does that mean multiple stabbings? It meant double stabbings? I didn't appreciate, is at a certain point there just drawing blood from under skin off from just topical blood. They stop, but have you ever had the thing where they can't find it, so they go to the top of your hand. No cause. I happen of one garden. Hose right now tend to be a nurse wet dream. Well, I like a male knock and have any issues no camels, everyone. I don't have any hopes. He's here, he's Georgie Boy working out his wait and see what he means. Any sharp corners or any lingers. He could just start spurting, but isn't it funny? We ve talked about the sun time you and I love that right. We live
We would love to have huge rainy hammer like I just want. I want to Mars I worry ever it that's the problem. He looked better. He looks Nominal and I'm proud of him, because when you came on the show he was just starting this process and he was talking about euros like we come here. Yes show them like. Now that I've done the show, I could have that's what I was exactly the right here in my browser generally, the trainers say step one gone arm Chirac's where in openly express your goals is now your accountable to a million folks. I I want miles body, that's my girl. The next time we see you, I will look or won't see you again now. So those are this. Your way. Yet somebody else will be sitting here and go ahead because he Josh's anybody else thirsty for some of that Judge Gary body. I can't wait to overcome, reside here
wait for you, I'm gonna say I heard his physical and great this year, a lot in fact any just palmed all over the walls and the floor. My guy s word, I really excited about since your question about your physical, knowing that you had the physical you have too fast in isn't what part of it is hardest for you, because I have a specific thing. I think the hardest part is not eating food in general in life, We are now iced coffee, like you, physical and I can't have naked physical or cough. No, no, you can't have coffee, not my guy. Will they not? One of us is going in the wrong if you're chosen, I eat food. Why would you mind? My dogs are specifically said, campaign have caffeine and you can have better than anything else is an ogre? Just like we need you get Collins is that's on our podcast works.
Some new we'd, all my other. We would like to we try. I should I call someone why don't you go out the dying and call me I'll answer all do this? What does he think Whittier stance and caffeine, but you can't drink a cold blue in the morning? I can do anything about it. It's my body, my welcome. Really you my lady, my joy as you have the constitutional protection to choose. Our relations are really, would you have a cold blue in the morning? Yes, you would keep yes Why is it a vampire movers? I wouldn't I just begun of the ritual of having this warm beverage too? I don't know it's a historic, you know it's funny. It is its historic. I think when I was when I was on Broadway. I did Bravo Oh you did at New York thing and when I get a Broadway been very comfortable couch by the way is an answer is so much has happened, and I feel this is gonna, be in this museum. You talk about historic.
This is historic tray. So when I was on this thing called Broadway which live performance, the only way that I can get through show without being exhausted was cold brew, call back well, let's just say that that show which I am aware of the book- Mormon what an exhausting shell right. It's a whore! The thing to do on Broadway is a musical correct. I think so. No changes just like if you measured someone's metabolic bow Aleck wreck dance, the easing the my my voice teacher once I have a voice teacher as one does his Oscar the grounds. No does it like it is that the violence is the Europe that we are known horse sharing your diary.
What like that or have we not ask? No now, I'm being cookie more vigour, hooky martyrs, your hours, you haven't, watch Sesame Street. Have you no one Oscar doesn't say anything about a known cookie monster comes, and often with a request there, I'll just variations of like smokers. Certain yet I or people better so inebriated at a bar that they're like down to just the basic desire of algae upon our mushy or yet all all key, that's hungry. And now you know it's areas where efforts so back to your voice, your voices. So back to my voice. You she said something anything. It's true is that the hardest part of doing a Broadway musical is staying well enough to do Broadway Musical re, like especially in book Mormon. You go out to find two o clock in the morning. Every night
is everybody's. Coming to see everybody wants to say I was time a shout and then and then you have all this adrenalin after you do this so you're out late at night, you're drinking tea. Can't you can't do this, you can't do that. You gotta stay like completely out? Were you ever smaller? Are you smoker and occasionally like when you're drunk used about I asked you a hundred percent I've been very lucky that I've never become addicted. Believe you in general have an addictive personality or now look at my way says: what are you? What do you think Well I don't know I have no. I have no conclusion: I'm addicted to food, I'm addicted to carbohydrates. Yeah they're, so dear so dear, so satisfier your nose delicious. They hit the fan, satisfying dominion. They aren't because you'd just what more and more I do believe, don't you feel Don't feel that
like Azure really as my number do you know that about Jack, I can. I have a hard time not laughing around. That's not now you sent me the loveliest Marco Polo all about your mom. You couldn't. You were on camel with a thirty five people were at a price. And in the pot Edward in the newly yeah pieces issue some already my ego would have been real. I was servers servers I really really only a star like this stage managers view of Jimmy Gemmill, like I didn't even get like a good for an angle we now when you guys went under promote throws the areas there is five of that. You forget the firm was the money shall share in the gallery and try to put me, as far out of the public was ill having me accountable Now, the needle that Josh had the thread of not.
Mean to Thirsty Grand bruised, both of which were happened lately I yet full bruised. And thirdly, and yet only opt in at the perfect perfect time every time he did it, it was a ten and then he did Grady single add was a tan levelled everyone, and then he has hung back for a second and its consistent with, because the really you and I only know each other through going frozen function as it once every six years we see so it doesn't have to be further. We only ever met three times, but for you and I the same roman life generally, which is where the gesture, in its our job, to kind of make light of how awkward just life is two hundred percent accurate and What I love is. I was old enough when I met you that I think it competitive with you say could have. I could have bleeding. However, very different roles. You- and I would imagine, but
as a general attention at a big, the Irish, I was adapt Shepherd all Josh TAT. I wish I could sing like you and create like you, so it's very mutual it's fun to just be dinner party with you or just be somewhere with you, and I was like what serve as you provide an run on my shoulders. You do there's so much like those are so regularly on a stage with some huge executive and that guy, like stammers through some speech, need enriches it's so ripe for somebody caught the seriousness of you and I both have a similar sensibility to about that stuff where we don't take any of it seriously. And yes, where China, what's the word for it, it's like there's a gentle Apathy or somebody ass? Yes or and I dont be frank. Is that why d Vive, what no one against or a guard disregard, what vivas a difference?
come on? It's as they want to be when you actual does Melick proud? No, that's like that. He has a certain wad, dvds which mean the no. It just means. Why d? literally there. No translation, Laszlo Water is a sound yeah. Just sounds ass as regards this. There's? No, there are languishing. It's just friends sounds yet legally he's got a whoop. Yeah guys got so it's rare Burma You really are an arm. Chair expert in everything me ass, I like to sell, but anyway he sacked the carbon I'd rather sorry, really last solely your eye, graver it. I know about them, carbs speaking of carbs. How do you start your days? generally, Almaty, ok, yeah, then I'm making a little fish. Are you guys non breakfast types
I know I've them, make myself breakfast. I dont want to: u love breakfast breaks Oh, that's, your breakfast is Brett. Well know, that's one of many meal breakfast starts the meals ceremony and then I just basically the rest of the day is innovation and breakfast. And what do you, like, literally, like my general meal Plan day, is basically like the nine star wars? Films is a marathon of thought all it, but it's not true. If Arnold into my mouth view are addictive by nature in it, and I certainly have mum relate to addiction. Don't you find like when I would wake up and take three Viking and a coffee beautiful little all bus and then the rest of the day is just maintenance and it doesn't really ever reach that in its actually diminishing throughout the day, and I feel like the carbon cycle is kind at ways like the first big thing is awesome and then it's like a dip
low energy and then you gotta pick it back up with another meal and then another dip. That's exactly out as if I had a Kemal body That's what we have to start calling body? Ok, I've! I k bud. I start every day with a big, an aching cheese on everything That would be the nowadays Diablo gay. I love everything, but those are. The perfect is a Bush day the single greatest invention outside of the television yeah, then in the podcast obvious. Then I will it have probably as a snack I would do like this is just I got a bot like if we're just going off of Kmart right, I would have just like a slice of pizza, would, like you, know, pepperoni or to wrap up. First yeah twas hold me up for Bulgaria. The little held over and
one so we're going about eleven. I am right right fan or thick crust Chicago New York, New York style again like a good with New York, water, vague water, I just hope to bring everyone to speed who doesn't living alliances and isn't by New Yorkers telling us how much better they are than us all. The time right to which I was reply, we love New York, like you, and imagine tat. No, it does not happen. We love it. Why are you love your? We ain't? We think it's a grateful, but in the litany of reasons that it's better is that their city waters much better than ours, which I think it is that's abject yeah particularly true, and that in turn makes the beggars is better in the Pinochet nowadays. Now you now, there are some places that claim to have brought in the water treatments filtration system that creep
it's not that I don't. I did that such a huge system, the water treatment system of New York, I can imagine that you can kind size it and put it in a bachelor AIDS shop here, all it just. Doesn't it doesnt quite at up to me wait lunch would be the outlets for lunch. Probably, like General, says shit. Just like a good healthy solidly, does allow Miss Georgiana played, like all the things you are saying then like would have like a little like tea time. You know just,
all about the gap in our young men. I would go out the day light with just a play: the sushi sushi yeah and then this cycle in telling yourself, I'm gonna have a clean dinner sushi and then get well yeah really focus on its employer. All we know all that would be tempting, but on the right idea, this latest me I've had today in the right there you be convinced, Justine ensues and then and then I would end the day with the same mantra, which is thank God, I'm Como a guy like that, would be apparently guy a perfect but always know deserted there. You don't during leads guy, I'm a savory I'll now I like some like a good cookies and cream ice cream, oh yeah, to wash down all those decline the failure to cleanse the power. I too am savory like I've much you're. Give up sugar then send salty self, then you and I must share this income because can I just say one thing: I am the lightest shepherd in shepherd history by about eighty pounds really yeah so
I am design physically fit. The yes and I think, opposition to be my father, like a dead location to opposite of my father, but so I've been I've been on diet. Since I was twenty years old, my first day it was twenty. Were you ever overweight? well here's! What happened! I graduated high school at one. Eighty and on the road doing car shows, and I were for GM. We had it. We expense account for food in my best friend here and I just eight at every fast food restaurant about five times a day and weight as much as we can consume because it was free and within a year. After graduating high school here in Atlanta, doing a car show. I got on the scale and I was two hundred and seventeen, so I had gained forty lbs in a year and a half- and I was like oh I see this- is Let me my father as is over, and then I went factory entire year lost forty pounds for that free food. Because that was the re ran right. I'm gonna ninety forever that bribe, and so is that, like the Atkins,
sort of there wasn't Atkins yet was fat free, so opposite actions is like investment as much bad and get into key toasters. So I did that, for you lost eventually, then over the next few years. On some more weight again got up to like to twenty or something then did Atkins with my ex girlfriend for a year lost the weight against so I've Yo Yoda ton play you look great, will think But I was going to say. The movie that most appeals to me is defending. Your life must have see God it doesn't matter how many times I see this piece of perfection by Albert Brooks the past lives. Pavilion sequence in particular consumer wrestlers is one of the funniest bits of comedy I've ever seen in my life One of the concedes, the film is, it's a waiting room to decide whether you're going to Heaven or how and during period. You can't gain way.
And there's a bunch of great restaurant, so everyone's pledges that, if such a brilliant it's such a brilliant it as I still have that fantasy of like cow. What would it d be like where I literally didn't think of women, because even when, when I did it ocracy I was like. I got to gain weight, really quick. It was written as a really heavy guy, and I wasn't at the time- and so I gained like forty pounds for that movie. How do you feel about that movie becoming a documentary, I love it. I love it's. It's too have appeared in documentary feels procedures like I I was not on Broadway like you, so I am looking at any at any hobble. I find it, but even I was gaining it, for it is obviously which I thought of this will be great cause I've the goal of actually gaining wait. I still every time I ate the shows like and I'll have to lose. This it was never defending your life in the way I wanted to be you just described here and christian bells life. All night, like literally every year. I can't believe he does it every year, but he says you clean she's done.
I don't buy it. If he got some role that required, he would do if there's no way. Why did I did a whole interview and interviews? That's permanent, the permanent that back. I once you commit to doing interview them. That's it. I'm gonna, do a really good christian Bambridge. Now guy might gain weight any move down with her. But even I have always been re, but I don't know his real wasting he's having? I was like Australian. Oh yes on budgets, but no one is more
are those more cop. Yes, we're gonna hate this Julia dumping that for the rest of my life, I hate this job. Fucking struggle order, pig to be the for combating this awful good. Eighty one just end up as it's like sitting: opposite christian bad empire, the sunrise, so Monica it is no shock that just get a successful in Hollywood because he was born in Hollywood, he's ramallie, Florida, his father is an any Jus Amanda German jus cannot wash canals. He said that almost any
Samantha, really like just butchered lemmings radiant, asymmetrically, large energy, dad that more rarely I got a bad goose by our gets here. We guide scary upon my lot, but that is a very improbable pairs. Your area improbable he left when he was about thirteen, ok that wasn't even like a voluntary leave. It was like a wages realise we don't want your people, We are not say you should leave right what Europe issues like in the fifties offices in the fifties. Ok, my parents got divorced when I was six years old and I don't really talk to my dad much we're not because he's I've, guinea has sent me They too diffuse there. We are
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But let me as your question here so I have a ton of father issues I so yeah and my dad died. It's amazing window. The last four months whose live there was in a position to be able to go back and forth to Michigan and deal with all this. Stop. I was enormously cathartic and then coupled with then having our first kid right after became a pathway to a ton of forgiveness and understanding. Are you anywhere close nearing that if anything was made a worse? It's a yes, here's! The thing is I I have an amazing stepfather. I have an amazing, never step. Father does tat. Father Stan so myself. That really was president. I love my dad. My biological dad ages was kind of a crummy father churn later
terrible husband and that's? Ok, any wasn't crazy and mosey like twenty eight or somebody who do you guys, we I mean well. Well, I have an older brother, my my older brother Jason's, ten years older, my middle brother is eight years older and I was supposed to be Jenny, ok, I was gonna, be the girl and and were now so then, if your brother is ten years older than you, then you dead was about nineteen or twenty one. He had your brother is early twenties, yeah, ok, so the two things that I go to knows. I'm like, oh, my god, There was a teen when he and my brother unused twenty three. When he had me, I was thirty eight and forty right, such a different stage alike. Right. I would have a horrendous father my twenties. I was our renders unsecured of my own body now the thing that switched for me when I hat when we had Lincoln was did he passed before you had
There is a picture of him holding Kristen's belly in the hospital that she's about eight months pregnant and yeah he's rubbing her belly is really sweet picture, but when we have like an office in the click like, oh, I wasn't the VIC in that he was the victim. If I had to choose whether I missed my child's life or missed my dad's life, I would wager choose to miss the parent to not have apparent around then of now met Lincoln and not watched her do all the things she did. Gray is heartbreaking. I really Feel very sad for him and I'm like its work, that's a tragedy. Was it you it is a tragedy, and you know I think, like I have very little in common with my dad, but the one thing that I will say is, I think, there's a part of him that probably does look back and regret missing out because by virtue
of missing out on so much he's now missing out on everything that follow right, because I just don't have the relationship with him that I wish I d get you don't have the foundation, I dont have the foundation, but I think it so it's incidents coupled with the same thing I had, which is also a door
my fucking mother. So in my story, my mother was the IRA. That's and dad had to be they in tag. My mom is a super here ray a single mom, raise three boys who all ended up being successful with amazing families, and that is a very hard needle to throw idea and we all could have been very fucked up like you know, it was probably more likely that that would have been the case, the not bite she just she was I. I am going to make sure that you guys get an education. I want to make sure that you have a roof over your heads and I'm gonna make sure that I do whatever I need to do in order to keep you safe in order to make sure that you have an opportunity to live out your your dreams, Airbus, I've I'll, show you I actually just took a picture year. Your podcast fears gets you this, because that's not how podcast, while describing great I'll, show you I just. Why went home to Florida for my twentieth high school reunion?
and I took this- I was going through photo albums psychology ship. My mom was George, it's my mom still is beautiful, but as I got gorgeous woman, a real piece issue is a real pity. Watch you fucked it up at a look at this again is she's crazy you're lucky get in there. She really really is called. She actually looks. A lot like me, the story? He looks like that actress. She could hear really short. Eventually, Algeria S help here can always she she was on big love. Maybe Chile Andrews? Oh no. I m talking about Jenny, Jennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Knowledge, and yet I think, has now she was beautiful. But again you get older. I can you get a little more aware of the power of storytelling in your head or the store you're craving about your life and you realize like no. I did slap some people into some, some archetypes bad guy, woman, bad you know, and maybe it wasn't it
I only now and like that's. The thing is my mom rightfully so aided my dad after they got divorced in me being the youngest I was the recipient, all of that animosity and anger right, and so I fucking like absorb yeah you guy really is a piece of shit. How Mamma? How can I be of your eyes with a partner mile, nodded again a throw me to pollute on a guarantee away, but I really did absorb a lot of that in the Euro zone. Cliche are not to sound like fuckin needed, but the reward of knights, where I would wait at the window for a man who is never gonna come sure charges
and I have vivid memories of that, like my dad would be like I'm coming to see you and he lived in Columbia and which is where he work, which is a whole other podcast. We should do one time, but you know he would say I'm coming home to visit you I'm coming home to see you and I would wait anxiously cuz. I love him so much and you're dumped him and I wanted to be with him and then I'd get the call at like eleven DNA. Oh, I didn't make my flight and that takes a toll, oh yeah, but it also creates some results. Then I think in a lot of ways, out of the God be sitting on this ouch anyway you're my mom store that she kind of shipment other was really really generous about not shit. Talking my dad, even though she had a lotta, he never paid child support. Didn't do anything she had. My brother and I up on Easter. He had us for Easter. She dresses up and matching sailor outfits. I had had chicken pox the week before I gotten over it and my father's girlfriend of like six weeks,
Her daughter, hadn't had chicken pox yeah and you too nervous to have me around, so he called and cancel it didn't break us up in my mom took a pitcher of us and mailed it to so. This is what you missed, and she still has a pitcher and that's one of her ones where she, like now. I can overlook this figure governor six weeks, kid heightened as an egg and bugs yeah annihilated that shit adds yet shit adds up but great fuel You said something earlier, and I am a bunch of my friends and I who all grew up without great Father figures, all sort of similarly found the same thing, which is made us better dad's who, like made every thing that I learned I used to make sure would never happening,
committing to be in the opposite of somebody- can be really really volunteer. Yeah yeah an end for me like that, was the greatest less. It is just like. Ok, this is how I felt as a child growing up in a household where my parents just clearly were not meant for each other young and seeing my Father start a new family was so incredibly oh. He did that he did that while they were merit- oh my goodness! like one of those cases. What did I hadn't family? In fact I remember meeting my half brother of sick six and a half seven and light. I want to introduce you to somebody and took me to a hotel in was like hey. What do you think my who's, this boy? How old is he he's like two? Oh, my goodness archives, pretty
I was nervous. He was gonna, be like a year old. Yeah like out of a real, had happened while he was still married. Did he have an occupation that lend itself to happiness lifelike was the on. The road safety is at our own. He was in emeralds, no shit, encore jams, uncut jam use essentially Adam sailors, Adam Sandler, loosely pointing fish, so uncle gems of Bio pick about your father? No, that was my guide. Our Chicago. Well yeah Oh that's really. I knew I do some bread amount of most of the good impressions. I do. I can't do it. Mercosur augur well filled Seymour. I did we can we can we can honour him. I won't. Let me interview him for one second: ok holy smoke,
Man you you've had such a career. I got I mean when I said twister I did not think. Oh, this guy is going to end up being one of the greatest. You know what I just want to say: twister is probably the thing I'm lease price. Why? It's definitely some now favorite is actually his monologue, but also for all of you for my s, an allegation. I actually did Phil doing his monologue from mission possible. Three words like you, have a wife, Ethan or girlfriend her
and then I was I you know. I saw you guys. I is your honor. I want to try it. I want to try it again. Only do so many will all different comrade do it all different way. Registered the entire model August Truman Raising the potential problem with your impersonators, which are brilliant, is they're all ones that are hard to project really lie area right. I do good limber. That's all we hear that you that's the thing you don't understand that night, a real piece of shit say that lightly. I don't. I don't say that proudly what I speak truth to
power. What you're specialty on discovering his any blurs, there's other gave a thriller pad cod in those voiced by now. I am now trying to think very specific annual, really pretty good potato them here. I do want to regulate this, I'm here now you do he you do. Look I closed my eyes. I can really meant Does this guy have any idea? What going on? I have to abolish on various bore about diet. Sorry, the goddamn chickens called it's like it. You can kind of like yeah. Let's hear gunman, that's why I went for. As I knows, I'm gonna give you young between a very different, oh yeah guy, when others a young pitchy, I'm gonna, give you the sweet something this is Michael, listen, I need you to go back there. I need you to stay with her stay there.
Coming, I'm on my way, okay, so young young pictures of how old I am going to tell you something right now. I'm having the time all my life on this path, I don't usually comin to do things? Were see me this is on I'm having on doing voices This is a good imposing its rise reality. This is the thing Monica most of you. I love him hurt, unfortunately, for Dax when he does them eyes. I can't look at him. All is doing its uncomfortable, but I remain very. Pressed by only man? You know it's
he's over the years. I've gotten less good at it like when I was in the ground leans. I could do a bunch of different things and I'm done about three or four things I can do, and I don't really know as we don't refine like re, if we're not like, if you dont have to utilise, that's He also like. I don't really like it all my annual impression, which I could never have we own a diverse, explain my house. I went out with a tomb applying my Andalusia. The thing is is like you don't while I don't at least howdy, anymore rain. I dont like watch people and studied in a rush, you use a study, voices and be fascinated and be like how avoid like when my Angelus pieces were. I know why the cage birds sang is such a like a specific musicality and I'm always like the German. Two musicality enjoy. Are why? But you have the same in Kristen. Does hers is almost an ocean
anything so long, we're watching tv and anyone with unique accent. She must repeat what they just said. I I do that too, but this is my point. My point is that I think we as Americans in particular are dialects, are becoming more and more diluted, the more we become in armour standards, re and we're just we're losing lasts for that beneficiary of sound. He also like I went to school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they have Carnegie my card email and they have a very thing, but with the first got there. I got on the bus and the guy with the bus drivers like you, go downtown and others like a soldier onto yes, but where I feel like the more homogenized we become delta. Has we can identify ably describe ourselves as being regional and so like? You don't have that bostonian
like musicality anymore. You don't have that New York musicality that much anymore new generations. Oh yeah, I must do yeah yeah you're right. I did a movie with in Macao, and all I would do is I would speak to him and I would just listen and then I would go home and be like drove. How are you like just like practicing my account murdered? My cockles hug me you should come over. I should compare what's touchy and on some your accomplishments, because the risk that their fantastic first, why didn't know that you are, and four Xilai which is really excited and some I always wanted to do and never got tale. I loved, let's be very honest about this. Ok, I sent in tapes auditioning all ok, ok,
never actual. You didn't do that in file on a two. They do not want that they clearly didn't. Then I got the daily show knows I found yeah, that's kind of the first. Would you say, kind of breakthrough anything yes or no. You know that I auditioned and got a final callbacks punked Did you know that I dont think I knew we have spoken about the now for the first one. Now, as I was when the year that I addition Haider oh wow wow is, as I crave early early but yeah after you does it already like made a whole and were you did culture? Remember that when you don't owe me dad oak ashen, totally remembered it yeah Well, you know I really was. I was saved by him. I think I like five times and I kept going like higher up them. Deja food Jane it. Thank you. So much but at one point I was out and then could
you're just said I don't love everyone, you guys are so I can. Let me go through some of these tapes and he found me they had another audition without me and then he was like nothing die. Guy has something, so God bless him. The Bible. Yeah, so that was one or dad didn't leave you you're not sit near and of culture. Didn't look at those tapes are all like. She usually always comes back to Father culture and again so I wanted to be out of college, for whatever reason I desperately only saw one path for myself, which was. I would be uncertain that life I wanted to be Chris Farley Chris Farley show You know cause that's who I grew up with a Europe with Sandler and Chris and all those guys- and I had this image in my mind- that I, for some reason going to conservatory to study theatre for four years out.
Like, oh, I know the best path to get on as an l is to study Shakespeare for four years yeah in Pittsburgh. Did you remember why you may you could use it know? Yet what you re seeing his efforts on him? I think it seems safer. I like I, had ambitions of going to Chicago in doing second city, or are you know or doing the groundlings in I really wanted to first and foremost, really train so that I could demographic. I have really was Ike. Ok, like I gotta, do this so that I understand what the hell I'm doing right right right. Was it that or was it? This is such a flighty fantasy? see- and I wanna rooted in something that feels very hard and regimented end- don't make sense I had a lot of success in haste. In my small little school of doing all the lead role in all of that felt like bullshit once
out into the real world, and I knew that and I was like. I need to understand what it is I'm doing, because I feel like so many of the things I M doing, I'm doing because a bitch but I don't really get one hundred, but I still don't write your right and sometimes it's best to let any ruined it. Actually. Conservatory ruined a lot of my friends because it it got rid of that impulse. Tat made them actually do that thing, which you you can't even self conscious. Mind me self, conscious, confused me right and it wasn't until I actually left Carnegie and went to Neda in Australia national Agenda dramatic guards to see like what the hell was in the water cause. I was the time like when all, Australians were coming to American to all around rustled raw Russell and so cry rose Russell from the gladiator, but all
them were were sort of coming in in doing this amazing work so wanted to see what was in the water there, but it wasn't until after I left that it actually and even start making sensory and what in it, making sense of that whole for your experiment. There are certain applicable all things that, depending on the role that I'm doing, are really good at setting a foundation right like understanding. What your character is objective is understanding what the tactics of that are going to look like understanding what the obstacle is in order for you to achieve your objective, I want to Downey one time on off cameras Johns it at first. As of all me, too self ass, it so far, but downy said he got pull decide by warm baby who I wanna see somehow was producing the pick up artist or was involved in some capacity. Any pole
Downy aside, he said: what are you doing in this scene? Thing is all pop info. Girls saying and I reader note or whatever he says, and he goes no. No. What are you doing in this? What are you trying to do in the scene and then he goes well, I'm just trying on he starts. He doesn't know what he's doing you can be late to set. You can not know some airlines, not knowing what you're trying to get me seem on exactly what you gotta know what you're trying to get in then he really took that the heart and judged had set like AIDS issues about specificity, and I think that there is a laudable shit. Look. I think that you can probably learn what I learned in a year and a half two years and their sort of like drag it out. Yet, but again, I'm not belittling the thing cuz I've watched it do wonders for certain people. I just think it's kind of like what type of student were you in high school kind that did really well with this structured thing or reality. I think it's like as individual as people are what was in wash eddies didn't efforts. I was a really forgot. Somehow
I've figured out a way to get absent decent, like second grade like. I know that Moscow and my mom threatens to take me out of the schools that I was going to with all my friends and I turn my academic career round, because I was just on want to go to like the really shitty school down. The block I figured it out. And was a pretty good soon, specifically the things that I gravitate towards history, right, English, horrible at bath and science or a horrible like probably brought down the average accordingly melon went there, but really really love to learn. Love to absorb still. Do you love history? I love history, I'm not fond of living through history has I think we're living threatening. I am an avid biography reader right now, I'm reading the Thomas Edison Biography, which I would highly recommend by Edmund Moors. Thank you
and die Monica. I talked about this like four different times. We had this wonderful guy, Adam Grant, on whose professor who is obsessed with Edison and as are many people in cells we were both like. I gotta find a good Agri food, but also to so many and which ones race or Edmund Moors, wrote a trilogy of books about my favorite President Theodore Roosevelt allows. I read the Mccullough David Mcculloch, my other favor, for Emma Colors incredible. But if you have read them these Edmund Moors Teddy Roosevelt biographies are spectacular, real, a spectacular, have you red Devil and the white city. Oh yes, in a Morgana interview Eric here, that's coming up Larsson soul! Marge! Yes, did you read the letter to tell you about very did normal. Great. I wanted around one right: the foreigner real
The change in the garden of the beasts is also really fascinating. That one is all about doubt in the garden of the beast is about. This ambassador to to Germany, a leading up to one or two fascinating insight into what was going on on the ground. It's cool re, its rate and also really and criminal, in terms of America's position, which was basically he wanted our remuneration for World WAR one night and we're just send our ambassador there to collect debt and he was ill equipped. Ambassador, but he was like a professor something to Chicago, and he that he had no expense account. Previous ambassadors have been rich, so they can. They would throw these parties and stuff for other diplomats out of their own pocket. This guy had no fuckin money. Almost like water was like a kind of romantic We have also not like why not a serious, loud fascinate,
I love any time because we have such a one dimensional view of world world to an Nazis and Germany and any time you get into the particulars of like the minutiae of it is so fastening too, because if such a highlight real of insanity, that when you get into the minutiae of like cocktail parties and stuff during that, I'm in how they were trying to persuade the rest of the world, like all that stuff is so very, very hard for me, because both my grandparents were holocaust survivors and so like. There's a part of seeing them as humans as humans that I struck especially Anna, and I think Spielberg has actually said this about like putting him as characters in his movies. He regrets to a certain extent, I think, you'll regret it, because it almost paints them as elevated beyond reality to a point where they like they look like fictional characters, meaning veal like supernatural,
They do just pieces of shit with always waited hey embodiment of evil, yes yeah and I think, which was more challenging and also more rewarding, is to get real about like now. There were a ton of normal people that got swept up Addison, that is why more nuanced- in his jurisdiction to me than almost an event. But that requires some kind of supernatural element. I believe a hundred percent the hours him hundred, I Yassin believe a hundred percent learn from there's nothing to learn from that lesson whereas if you recognize like I'm, not a nazi apologies by any stretch but recognising the table that was set for that to happen is very relevant to recognise in that they buried that country. For so long they were like in whatever you tell me is the enemy. I can't live like this anymore that something to avoid. You asked me if I love history, I think its essential to learn from history and I think like right now
we are seeing a level of demagoguery throughout the world where were falling into patterns of nationalism. The populace hobby of these you know things that should nationally and historically never end well right down. They don't. I think you can be empathetic an have justice at the same time. So this this rise of populism, in my opinion, also reflects a huge chunk of the world feeling com. We disenfranchise now I dont sympathiser their goals or what they want or nationalism in general, but I recognise a people feel excluded from a system It seems like a viable option. So how do we fix that? The causing age I suppose the demonizing everyone that skies wipe us and in the end, I think that the problem is that politics, especially in America, have become of football.
You are either rooting for one team or the other, and I think that it really is again important to go back and historically look at. Breathing pre Clinton right because that's when it really started to become so device of his Clinton, Bush, Bush and Obama. Now Trump is Our Congress, in particular no longer knows how to reach across I'll, in, I think, and in many ways, Mccain was like the last of those people who who could do that yeah and I think that if we can't get back to finding common ground on issues, ya were doomed. The one thing that gives me hope is that we ve been here before o totally. That's leading us encourage, it is a cycle and I hope that the cycle plays itself out and
We can find some sort of unity in the air. I think we, what you noted is there's a great bit of human nature at play. That's helpful, which has people to get bored stuff ya. You they get fatigued in people have gotten fatigue, am, I think, we're all kind of sick, fuck and fighting it's like. We ve been fighting with our wife now for six years or whatever its menaces like. I guess I don't care enough anymore. You know like what's this compound the fervour yeah yeah you're right, you're right, I think people are just tired. Stay to arm chair there We are supported by barium billion. Believe me and day knees. Remit of me on these now Monica Madge in your fifth grade self. Looking into the future and learning that is in a doll, you got an undies membership. You would like
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Oh Dax, ten for ten free meals, including free shipping. That's ten free meals, including free shipping, at hello, fresh dotcom, Slash, Dax, ten in use kodaks. Ten Do you know who was not tired in two thousand, for was a young Josh GAD. Tell me more yeah. He was on fire to find employment, and you know it. We ve now interviewed enough people were I more more recognise that the daily show is a path not unlike Harriet live like it and now in retrospect, the amount of incredible talons that have come out of that final. It is incredible. It's you know. It's now rivalling us an owl. It really was so unbelievable to be their during Johns tenure and it was after Colbert and Corral adds left
but their during John Oliver's, prime yeah. It was me Samantha, be Jason Jones. Why it's act. It was a great group, knows a great deal herb and an amazing opportunity to learn from somebody who understand satire in a different way. Re like sitting opposite John is one of the most intimidating propositions. I've ever been accountable to. I just would sit and watch this man. Look at the proposal for like a piece in the He would dissected both from a comedic standpoint, but also just understanding the messaging of what he wanted to get across, which just fast if there is any kind of the originator of take yeah?
lack of a better word like he really was like great. Everyone has his info. What is our unique take on this info? But I also think he rightfully so understood that a lot of people got their news from him. Right right that very serious? And yet he would take that very seriously and constantly forced the writers to make sure that they weren't only getting the joke across, but them such across as well? So that was in an insane Lee blessed period in my life, where I just got to set and learn from a master, the truth is, it was happening at the same time as book of Mormon was about to happen. So My tenure was cut short cut short in a way that I am I wish I could have had more time
and I was only there for about six seven months to traveling back and forth cuz I was living in LA being a guess, correspondent and then, as I was thinking about, making the move to New York to Daily show. Mormon comes into my life and I the child, I'm so sorry, but I gotta go. Do this the crazy show, that's probably only beyond for like two months well, but yeah, couple singers within Europe short ten year, which is you had like the war on Christmas and chubby chase automatic up all real winners idea. In my favour, one is the gun peace I did, which was my second piece ever. My first episode of the daily show was a train wreck. I did a piece with John on air that was just blocking miserable. I was so pass that myself and E. He was so gracious and was like it's ok like you know. It takes a minute. You'll figure it out.
No worries and you're gonna get a second chance. You're gonna get a second Shiloh fuck you gag fucking position. Sean's right about you, even though he hasn't said anything. I know he's right about you're an asshole, and so I was like a fucking prove myself, and I did this piece that my producer miles con who now runs Samantha Bee's, show full frontal. He brought me this piece and it was about guns being an investment opportunity like AK. 47S, all these guns, and so I went to go, speak to a lot of people who were these weapons as gifts for like babies. Ah, I like her, I thought for weddings and stuff and everywhere talking like hard core weaponry sharp enemy-
we ll have an inside did that peace and then that's when I found my group and then about us some months later. I left you committed do this musical, which no one could have predicted. It would be what he's. Gonna get mean. There's someone you red flags along the way. You know you're, gonna, echo religion near the others, is a lot of things, and I was just areas on the outside looking in from the outside, I was like God, I wonder if he thought this was a step backwards. Initially, it's weird: I had a voice in my head telling me I had to do book of Mormon, no matter what here's. What I knew I knew. I wasn't creatively satisfied to the extent that I wanted to be an actor. I was having a great time doing daily show pieces. I was having a great time earning a really good living doing like character rolls on. You know, not great shows
and doing you know the occasional best friend funny guy role in a movie. I was making a good living as an actor. I didn't feel I was hungry, so right, and I got a call when they had done a Broadway show called the twenty fifth annual Putnam County, spelling all right that where it all started. I got word about where it does not refer: Danville Glaring run one is tony and whose brilliant created this amount. Seeing role- and I was blessed enough to come in and do it, and so that opened the door and then, a couple years later I got a phone call from Bobby Lopez had written a show called Avenue Q and after having you, q, he and the creators of of Bartram at outward doing the show called Book Mormon so he calls me our basic we're gonna do a reading of this, and I would like we would love to have you do it. And I'm thinking to myself. Oh, this must be like that South Park episode about more. So I'm assuming in my head that they want me to play like carbon at the time they were toying with,
being a movie, they were sure of it was gonna, be for the stage sees it we're flying in New York? We only first acts use character Cunningham, and you know what I'm saying the music. So I start listening to music and I can listen to this first, hello. My name is like this is really the seconds on here by two like minded in my favor alone. At first sight is, did you know that Jesus was born here in the? U S, friends is drug me too. I hate musicals. She drug means a your performance of Angela, the women lyric hit me. I was I I mean I'm and in a commander but fuck. Now you know what a general about fucking makes it clear that all general blood, but you know, play their role in Broadway who Brian Terry Henry, who has gone on to become the star
of Atlanta fuckin blowing up rain and wait paper boy. Oh my god. Oh my god wow. So I get the music and I get to this on call time. Varsity Eli and I listened to it an egg. I call my age and after I can't do this and there like why and I go. It is self it's gonna get me fucking killed, like what train mad, I mean they're, always pushing the boundaries and I got no Can I play the song and there's multiple in it that say, fuck you, God in the S mouth and kind Upham mocks. My agent is like oh yeah. You can't do that the idea as to be able to vote and for whatever reason I was. Let me just good do this this reading of the small reading an intimate setting and let's eat it works I mean I I
to one thing: to have enemy the characters. Do crazy shit. It's him. Everything have real people the visa, and I did it- and I ll never forget white knuckling at during that that song and I looked out- and I saw the audience gasp and then watched as the gasps quickly turned into explosive laughter, and I dont know if we could get away with it today. It came out at just the right time for sure and train Matt. Like John. They understand satire and away a few people do and You know I remember actually saying to them once I said I M like a week away from opening- and I said to them like we have one too many like baby, rape, jokes and the song and like it?
it's gonna be one night. I think it's going to make our audience really uncomfortable and Matt looks at me and he goes you. You know what I think you're right about about the fact that were off on the the baby, rape, jokes and I go. A few. Thank you. I think we need a fuck any goes. You know If we're not being in the audience over the head, then they're going to get uncomfortable because we're not meeting to the joke. It is such a great lesson because it's like the thing that makes tram at so fuckin brilliant at what they do is They never run away thing. Never candidates, shared conviction, yeah is aiming. Chapelle has all thy God. How early was my God? I love S and sounds credible, so I think that there was a great
lesson. Animal learning it again, working with Armando Iannucci now quit, because the other king satire there's that, like level of commitment, while I had my time at the growlings several different sketches that were a kind of built on that architecture where the first three times people. Going to hate it and then the garage north time it was going to hit them and then four through eight we're going to be bananas, but doing those sketches that for the first time when your goes first three times and it's just crickets and miserable like we, I had a sketch again. You couldn't possibly do this today, but my friend Josh I were throwing rocks at some schoolmates window and we were Yelena. We do it in there. You queer clear and then everyone hates it right, the haughtiness hates it and then slowly like we have bugging call, would you gorgeous blonde hair? You fucking, we
and then you come to find out. We are head over heels and while they love, I love that. But man, it's a long lots to the barn, just gotta be got a all. Those Others are reward here so rewarding, but you can't. I don't love. You would do that. I don't know you could still do it if its clear that the person you're making fun of is in love. Yes on Europe, in front of a gay person, you're making fun per hour here by the way. Why does a joke work? Virtual works because we all know, boy. I like there was a guy, in my class when I was growing up in high school? Who was that guy? Who always was like you know, you'd much worse and queen and queer, and he you fucking faggot, there's that an end that person ended up you do do you and I, and I just think that it's a fascinating thing because it's like, I think it is a self logic
I think it's a self regulation is the idea that, like they're so uncomfortable with themselves, but it says that the distancing yourself from that link- if I don't like it, then I must not be that for the world yeah, it's just you're. Putting that out there, the domain names like that the best way to hide yeah yeah. So what are you doing with Armando I have a show an HBO called Avenue. Five with Hugh lorries. Zack war Susan Maura Boy, just this amazing ensemble, Rebecca front and premiers January nineteenth, I'm so obsessed with Laurie of narrow mad. I god he's incredibly asean crowns everything you want to be in more. Wasn't he caught a successful cry novelist in England, the keys written, successful crying. I'm not surprised. I didn't know that he's also like at a savant with music rides. Motorcycle,
to work every day, which is an absolute Lee, hard core in two cars in until I machinery, get a booze. Oh you love him. You would love him. He is he's truly like. I dont use this word actually throw this word when I was gonna shit, I don't use that word lightly. Actually is very like you, lorry actually is a true fuckin gene. I would agree with with an answer funny in the show- and I think like working with with Armando envy. The two of them wanted to. You know find something that would make him front incentive. This sets out the show I am so. I want those subject matter of it all yours, spadework space. I know this is a what Armando realized is like a tire can no longer be set in the present, because its
so like insane. What's happening right now that you can compete with Russia by a sort of setting it forty years in the future. You can kind of use it as a reflection of what we're dealing with in the present yeah. And like accuracy, which I think also you're right, we allowed to make fun of Latin away that current view, and I think that so that that's what's driving this experiment will call it it's pretty fuckin, bold and holier answers their set pieces commute accept visas that we're doing on it that I've just never seen before worms like what. How did your brain think that is really fun? And you know what I have to do after this after go direct your wife, what in oh in your in your guidance on the issue of US cartoon central part, hark and it's a musical cartoons. Musical cart and Christian says the music just off the charts rain, every single time he's com. If you like
music is so great, a tyrant, love doing now and she thought you got nominated for a Tony. It was a huge deal you're sensational than you got all these opportunities. Now. Will you and both had lots of ups and downs. It has to be a testament to that. What a pleasure you are to work with him. I ain't never understand why the fuck anyone would be nice doing this. For me, there isn't a day where I don't pinch myself and say you are a the fucking lucky. Personal like not a day, because I got word literally sitting on chairs right now: our job re all until each other and the most Chillun relaxed way. God it's a job, and this is your job by tonight, unlike their people, fuckin going in minds right? There are people who are absolutely looking up at the sky and say why the fuck can I do what I love
you do yes, but I do want to add one caveat, because there is this grand illusion. Let me tell you something: I'm having a blast doing this and I love it because what I wash cars report seniors or general motors, and I had a fucking blast doing that, of your waiting to have a blast. Guess what you're the problem, is one I bear yeah. You can't wait for the big thing do occur before you start haven't ablaham per cent. Some people have to work. Three jobs and raise children and they plant have a black is not enough, why. But I could literally show you my time cards from chosen shoots. I regularly on those shows we worked. Seven illustrate Enola regularly us putting in a hundred nineteen ours. For the week I was making like eighty hours of overtime. Somebody was you Adam S friend I will. I have to say that I think it's easy to think that the status of the job is what you're waiting forever the time. I want to say that that day order either, but I also agree with what my two saying, as is like some jobs: objectively, they earn their horror, have two fuckin work, three jobs who didn't sign?
without that, and they find it absolutely miserable, but they know that they have to do it because they have to pay them old and yeah. My point is that I fuckin got lucky. Right. I got lucky because that thing that I wanted to do where the average person, who does it, makes less than the average housekeeper. I got fuckin blessed and I got to do it and I got to successful at oh yeah, and that to me means that the at the very least I should show fuckin research think Yuval that I work with you. Ve, literally literally, had three lottery tickets. You had book, that is a billion dollar five Broadway show and then and frozen one in your frozen. Do that all three of those are our mega jackpot lottery ticket? It's been crazy. It's been a crazy guy. I know you didn't work less hard on jobs. Now, oh
or tartar right there's, isn't it there's no relationship to your work, lowered and the outcome? In these scenario, I've never done a project outside of beating the beast. Where have been like there's a guaranteed right right, like I've never been like. This is a fucking guarantee eating the bees. I knew was gonna work because eight work before the eye and unless you really fucked it up, it's gonna work there, but everything else, cyclical Mormon, will be so fun, but thick fog is going to say What part of that Broadway community is the blue air communities in a common watches show operator side, and they did it's it's a good lesson because you followed fine, you picked process resolved in those cases you had a job on the daily show that some huge job and you know the outcome here. You know the idea that instead you you knew this is something that was gonna, bring you joy, even if a month or two months, so that see a good lesson to follow those things
and I think I have a theory that in a way that's part of people's lock like Kristen his done things for the right reason? I have not always on things for the right reason. I've often did things because I thought the result would be one thing or I wanted money or everything she's, never ever operated that way in she's had tremendous success not giving a shit, I'm trying to get your wife to do something else with make. I just fucking love working with her young and hearing her process and work through why she's gonna do something or why should I going to do something is actually a really great lesson. Voyages is family, makes my grandma and, like I forget, to remind myself Of that I am really blown away by both of you. I think that you guys are you balance your personal life beautifully against your work life and then they struggle. Sometimes it's. There is a real struggle away from home. A lot and I hate it. Yeah you remember, Meeting Tom Hansen is when we began, as so Tom
It was telling me I loved that your four year old daughter is a carbon copy of my for your daughter. Other identical. We call her Shirley Farley she's, between Shirley Tumble increase Farley ears, and if we look at the reality reality, oh wait down, be the kurdish issue. Would it anywhere else and we all of our every rears our daughters, are both politically and say: yeah well pain, oh yeah. There. Volcanoes already Leon is what my older one is much more like sweet and very emotional where's. Your heart on her sleeves beyond literal, was so fuck him you said to her the other day. We were packing luggage in and eat them. My wife looks up them and goes I'm going to have to pack a lot in here, and I want to put something else in here and eat it I get a junior sent packing me and you and this bag shoes you gonna fuck me.
Last year's, like that's the way she received every sort out, but really good. Just to talk about frozen for one second again, I think you guys had a better sense, an idea, but when we watch the first frozen together, number one you know lasted, earn Kristen at each other in Maine New, and I don't know if that's not me, thing either. I didn't consume a lot of those Disney animated movies, and so I have no sense of whether you are like that's it a movie. You not like. Oh that's a once in a lifetime, a movie. Did you know as well when I saw this screening. What I knew was it made me feel the way I felt when I was growing up in some of these, like Aladdin and linking little mermaid yeah. I felt like oh feel your heart was online or so, like I remember my wife, whose very much like you or she's like who knows right she looked at me and she goes as pretty damn special like
I feel spray damn special at a really get moving. Why new? I got, really re goosebumps boost Williams. Edina, saying let it go. Do you wanna hear some crazy? I saw they showed me that six months before the movie came out- and I had no idea what the fuck we were making what is this movie for people? They don't know you make about nine versions of the movie. I know at least yet, and I ve never really know what we are, and so you see it, but they showed me that, and I beg them. I was like you guys have to just released a trailer of so like you what you did on mine, king with circle of life, and if you remember the didn't, sell the movies musical the money right all? They were very noisy Raymond. Three boys we're going tat. Nobody knew was a musical until like it came out and- yeah and ass. Clearly its genius, you know green about you. I've known that you are very active and ambitious and produce Israel and minded and create you wanna be a creator and you ve set up
The project more than I knew you set up and I do have sold about ten scripts studios. I just never got. May it again in its we want to learn to just move on. Its heart is really hard right. Couple when I read about like can I want to see that, like the toy wars thing which I have to Imagine has some really salacious fun real war between Hasbro. It has grown Mattel. It was a bummer because it's amazing story, Hopefully one day we can make it as a film resumed, but you do you, you spend so much time working on projects like that or muppets and add is heartbreaking when you just can't, but you can, I can see, were it kills writers like cause I've written things I was in love with, and I could see myself spending the next five years just trying to get that thing made as opposed to ok next thing it didn't go I gotta just keep turning the hard way and now I'm sort of in a really healthy place. Like you know, at a certain point aegis like it's not gonna work lets us,
via the next. I got it, let's cut our losses and, and this exists- and maybe one day we can brush it- often eaten by these really only do as otherwise you're going nuts yeah Josh. Love, you really could do another two hours always by we didn't get into so much for your work, because that leaves the door open for you to return five years from now and not in six seven years really on the other. Of my creator, I'll be in a wheelchair answer. Not what happened now you you'll look like male. That's right! I am only going to be veins. Ninety might be our first video release of Eliza yeah. Can we make their promises that, like if I come in looking like email, I'm sure as the entire I'll go by then am relented and its exclusive video actually no makes,
a long conversation we're having allowing everything mouths move. Yeah Lapierre is like that sounds we really do. You know where I can get nine on your face, looks like Deniro. Not only must we do in a Deniro has that ring now agrees. Deniro repression as I get the impression that the muzzle Bilbil impression is good I adore you. I adore you even a blast. Thank you. But thank you judge. Please come back and with your next billion dollar and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men gosh. I want to start by saying that the interim of interviewing him in today. Regarding the fact check, I watched his cartoon Coming out, I think, on an apple called central park. It is It's so good. I couldn't be We do. You might be my favorite thing that Christians bent in I'll
a bit like almost combination Simpsons in family guy itself, funding for the adults and then the songs are insanely. Goodly ridable songwriters right the music for its awesome, Christians song and that we can all can't stop singing in the house that I think the best song she's saying. Ah SAM yes, written by cerebral love, cerebral ass. I wish I could sing, so I could give you a taste of it. You'll just have to watch draw par large central bargain them. Even the next I moms in here will make her sing it yeah Josh GAD well done Josh great gap, great job gosh, GAD yeah he's he is what a quick witted son of a bitch yeah. Oh, so he told us that he had a physical and new are asking what the hardest part, but the physical wasn't cause for. You is not drinking coffee, he said he's all he was allowed to drink coffee and there is a big
hullabaloo about that more use go marble, Lucy Goosey doktor than I have, but let me tell you something I just called my doctor last week to sketch out little boy, mad man, I wish no, my primary care physician to make an appointment for annual physical, ok with blood work, they sat there and are doing fasting anymore. They don't have to fast at all odds exactly what the fuck are. You really have to change and make it easier to you too perfect this right before I go, I want you need a pound of bacon right before they take your blood. I dont trust, I'm still going too fast why, because I am very sceptical. I mean it's like a screen blood. It's only. You got your moment but then find out you're still gonna fast. I have it is a guy chair for you'd. He probably definitely was allowed during caffeine, because now you can do anything. Oh my gosh, you can stop at Mcdonald's and have like a fuckin, say,
guess so often I wonder what the difference is. I'm gonna ask when I go what's changed but yeah you can just eat your heart out commotion air with people this weird trends, if I'm going through, which it started with the Whitney Houston documentary and wants, wants to Whitney Houston documentaries in one weekend and became obsessed with her and then you and I watched the Taylor Swift Document or the out and we became obsessed with, were YAP in and I just want to be clear so that if people on the fence about watching that, I in the past was like If I were younger Taylor Swift with one b the thing for me because she's just so- widely accepted and she's kind of like tat. I got and nobody was Yoda Goody, Goody kind of persona in a clean cut american girl, and I think, for all my own personal reasons. Housing need up a little you're. So that's when I entered the documentary on it and I left thinking she is.
Phenomenal on so many love is right. We were just we were, does wowed by her nonstop yeah she's, so she's very self aware, which I loved and she's transitioning. It sounds like an out of China be the thing everybody wants her to be every kind of downward vat and its. Do I really cool it's? A very good document is a very good document or in them I decided by over, saw me. There's a rarity have pretty much Oliver signs. She makes the hatches music. She does I do have already like five or six every songs, and you know I love. That's all that's about me. So much so tarling away on a handsome in the early death is Harry, said I'll zone the rumour that its aerosols writing. Only interviewer off will come to find out it's about me anyways, so then the Superbowl half time show my eye orbits,
all titter, I decided I'm obsess now. Was she gear yeah? I need to know more about her. I want to learn about her. Can I say this is then a little bit of a microcosm of your life, Hausa each AEGIS get a little piece. Somebody and then you'll love em. Oh yeah, yeah. I love you all the way. I am an that's. What's happened with these three folks. Here is obsessed with yeah sure, Cura, Whitney, Houston and tailors. I think it's running is mostly obsessed with like off road racers, a motorcycle race or slowly and surely all my interests are top singing yet bobbing. I think what like about. Is there so much left undiscovered? like I share, is on the table. Yes, Sir Leon is on the table. I mean if we can get you coming around, I'm sayin that be gray. All they need to do is make a documentary about her. I guarantee a lover: it's a horde like those people
oh my god, it really added so isolated. It's their whole life there, those you are as we of it. We will. We are watching Taylor. Swift as, like you know, man just living the hotel half a year. The very lonely, isolating expert you're, not home? You know your life's, like unholy temporarily, forever thou kind yeah for as long as you're succeeding anyway and the like, but the weight and stress of o the last five albums have been number one. This is number five. Now up the huge failure of white foam of it live like a horse stakes yeah? Also, I think it's really great to watch with kids. I'm really looking forward to watching Taylor Swift form with the girls, because it really explores rely, and other people's approval for your own self esteem, which is, I think we all tend to volunteer YAP and then Also, the eating stuff here agreed good for her, for including that I now have to do that. I'm impressed by her. I am too I've ever person
also you re user. You do right, yeah, what I was thinking also is God for Netflix. I mean every time, unlike what like you know, why I turn anonymous something new leader is Taylor, Swift and then there will. I mean there was cheer there was the goose blab like there's every time. I turn it on their something new for me to get excited about. They are brilliant over. There are many issues were living room golden era. We rose the roaring tourneys envy, it is evil. Look around Miss Eyre, Buell S Army there having so everyone who insomuch when there is sitting on their counters forever. So he says is why do these and no one knew with that man? But it's a french phrase often use an English too spress, a cheerful enjoyment of life and exaltation of spirit, not opaque.
No! No! You! I d, I think, is very fitting that we have such loose understanding of the word opaque one that in a way encapsulates what the word means that it is so ironic. You cut the irony with a knife and hum ok, New York, water There was an article about New York, Water and America's test kitchen. Did some testing mine. Is it really the water and these bagel saw a girl, that's causing the battles to taste Hogarth, so my I'll just go ahead and skip all this and say Ok, that's what I was my hunch. Ok there sales procedures that none of our read this part of the cliffs at America's tests, kitchen whipped up a batch of beagles with water from Brooklyn and a batch with water from broke line Massachusetts,
this kind of funny that they did. That is similar. Name is a blind side by side. Tasting proved no difference at all next day, some samples of both waters they used in their back to the lab. They found that there was indeed a different, mph levels. New York water has lower levels of calcium carbonate and magnesium. This explains why, in other metropolitan low cows, with hard or water, the biggest come out tougher, the hardness of the water toughens up the gluten less on good, for you lack any loose gluten gloom very tough enough for me near early, two thousand and three as losers possible. Lastly, America's tests, kitchen tests of the page levels in the beggars after they'd fermented. Oh yes, the recipe leaves a beagles out overnight to firm, and this is in fact actually one of the reasons Newark Beagles are. Oh great, oh they're, leaving them out on the curb romance and the difference was menace ski all. Oh ok, all that
formation led them to conclude that New York, water can't take the credit for the finished product of the bagel, so what is it then that makes near it beggars so glorious agreeing to America's Tuscan. It's all about the recipe they have one here that I could click on. What you make me. Some bangles UK well learn that recipe a make me some bang, less woman, I'm my movies and chicken wings ass terrain. You, a lot of shit. When o I'm gonna say that the making of the battles is probably ten times harder than the making of the chicken wings ass to because I've never done anything easier than made. Those check on cereal has more steps. I now friar you just in the air for irish tourism swimming on away closed it well and olive oil spray, but yeah our continent. Twenty minutes later, the best wings we ve Abraham, we haven T we want long without batch wings spent a week while he I wish ETA and then do we are you tell me about that? Hasty tree we ve been eating, is also with it
our friar fried Orioles, all my glad they are covered in crescent raw. I mean it's the best mom prepares them treat. I've ever had a my life than you and I sit there like children waiting for pull them out of the air friar. And then we panic when we see the play among others ever another. Was I've got a knocking play. I think it's the best deserted ever have yeah. I really think it might be because the Oreo becomes soft inside. I called almost Winkie failing, but it's still in It's weird because it still intact like it look, it's been liquefied. Its Lisbon saw. Four five soft argue it became completely up is not liquid. Now it's often is just soft, but it still like intact in same shape inside the crescent wrong coo EE? Oh my becomes so guy one right of course
Ok, you too have imagined splashing from New York Tap water all over. It apparently would do not speaking of the opposite. Of this. Ok. Add kid up by a task that I can assure you that I was on. You said it's the opposite of fat, free, it's to eat fat and then to go into a catastrophe. Back inside, is a low carb fat diet. So those the rules are not going to be good on the Atkins. Okay, I think you gotta keep your total carbon take at least when I was doing in the nineties under twenty grams, a day this brutal and some of you that loud get into keep doses, but where these little sticks we go paeon rain. I would take these little sticks therein this little like a kind of atm. Corruption bottle need take him out, you go, we we or tingle on the sticks and they turn a color to tell you fear and keep doses,
and it would be kind of. We become had another matter that earlier that really really scientific here, how it s shop. In your urine. Because your urine is measuring. How many key tell you know like the strip can if it has eczema key tones, it'll turn at one color and if it has not yet it is scientific. Can t you can tell whether Europe can. He tells us or not, by using the urine analysis where you are competitive about it. You have course we both want to being could toast share. Was he laureate, successful crime now was in England. Before acting, he does have books. Ok, what are some you get some titles away. Yes was blues albums, oh, of course he does. Let them talk and didn't rain. If there ever, there was a cosmetic. God, man, oh my cats, you lorry bit, let them
Cause you thousand eleven and did not. Rain was two thousand thirteen not bow long ago lose out. I'm yours annoying use respectively and nice fast map, and then he authored the novelty gun seller in ninety six. Ninety six, you that's real house! Why we well guy ninety six of the Olympics. The Olympics or in a dilemma with the explosion. My forget about that part of their part out. That's my memory. I mean they remembered the romanian Jim nests and in time to go. There are key believing goes in your backyard, Romania, no Dingus the way I was living in Tennessee at the time. We would three hours away. They weren't gonna take money. There, ok, surprise they did they do more. Everything you wanted to know. They would never have done something. I that the story about you, cooking milkshakes, the Cookie funding is invisible
two I am I was having a sleep over with Kelly to rally was over and I decided I really needed us to have milk so. I went into the kitchen to very open floor plan of a house. The soundly travels, jerk and I decided to throw some ice cream milk chocolate syrup into a blunder than I blended and it took a wild, a blanket. That's a thick ice cream. You now and my mom the out her bedroom like what are you doing and I just scream dead. You were hard about and I was now? Can I not have that milkshake? So let me tell you away astounded by the how you're yelling mom. Is she's sides ripped off? There are some real start, some dark badges. I also once kept a hot dog in my room for weeks, oh
used to eat my bedroom, a larger and then I wouldn't want to take the play down. Of course- and in that case I guess I didn't finish- my hot dog Roy you before I got really full queer closed tiny and I left it and then she came over my heart. I have been there for weeks all boy tat. They have a smell nothin, I recall a guy, you probably got used to it. In the way that I could smell them. Brain S. Apartments smelt horrendous like an ashtray. I got. I can smell it. Yeah you get a cousin. I get scared of that. What smells? hush you as you should What do you remember me in a kid in you would go to friends houses in the second. You want, like every friend of minds, House had a very thanks. I guess some pleasing someone. I know- and I think about that all the time about my own house that it has the same thing. Those people definitely didn't know that their House Dunk Euro swells good, though
I can tell you I'm sorry my mind what I find pleasing and not placing it smells nice in there. Why is right? The vote that you know you don't run the tightest ship per se like visually of your to guess out smell than there. You might go like might smell in here, but then it is a big urges and there it is not, as is messy they. I forms ain't. If you just saw snapshot of it. Nay said rang regional rank this zero to ten away. You get smells. You know you might be in the fives you well You know just like on them, leaving hot dying on that and stuff on the floor, and you know I don't know me she and a leader food everywhere now eyes, trash flowing from the ways been none about those issues. Massey they're, just like bar,
says on the floor and you'll get closed. Piles you like to may cause of Thrace little termite mounds. That's all if you just saw photo room, listen what somebody is an three o clock, three or four clothing, termite mounds, you might just open about it. My o button. You know what it's mobilise in here He's ok, Ellison yeah. Do you think is based on piles of clothes, people think something smells yuck as you think of that person doesn't clean up. You know that their clean club but you would never know that lack a pitcher. It looks like a big mound of dirty was or you hang around my bad yeah there's some sometimes piles in the living room. All that's if they're like dry cleaner
I am a hung. Mamma will really Clee you, but again you got it. You gotta mariners, lookin at a photo. I don't know you don't know anything about. I just call piles of clothes and a few different locations, and you would imagine all those things in their low, but ah but it but that's a good news. This case. The shanty judge your book by the cover face. It smells delightful honor, I'm getting defence. You can really also getting here, because I don't Anyone to come for my cloud. You, ok, you should not have you have someone who are now you know about the true. I know you're you're wrong. Is there why? When I was your age in, have anyone that folded my clover doing as much as I am doing now, so I was you are my age. Yes, I was at any time to scripts to studios and I was acting full time at thirty two.
I was working eighty hours week of still selling ribs Now I writing tv show and I was on one folder yeah anyway well, it is messy. I have not been able to balance that part of my life and I'm not going to be less judge, read all about it all. I doesn't bother me one bit more just go in and you see a photo. That's it. You see a photo development through better homes and gardens. One of the homes as piles of closed the news and then your ass, This was great in there or less good out. Alright, I hear so, would have never left food in my room for three weeks, I'm just a different kind of person. That way, which is ones not better than the other. It is. We are different, all but thou I swear, That's that's all now defer GOSH Gad or back rhubarb, yeah and watch central park. You gotta watch it
an avenue. Five do we know in Central Avenue five is so fine honey, I'm doing. No one central park starts now was supposed to be soon somewhere. Twenty twenty some. Our twenty twenty. Some some excitement more exciting vote for two years for the summer time didn't go, get rid of that. We made our on the back very sound, tell me more. Tell me more about is hold you. Down. There doesn't get a little raises a but sliding like. Oh tell me more: did she put up a fight, oh yeah, how they got get rid of it back but we have to do some explaining to our children when they hear so here's the thing back in and eighty two hours expected that a guy would pursue until the gale had to put up with
Can we don't do it that way, any more alley now rifle for ass? I love you. I love you
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