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2019-11-11 | 🔗

Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks, The 40 Year old Virgin, Knocked Up, This is 40, Trainwreck) is an American filmmaker, producer, actor and comedian. Judd sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss interviewing comedians as a teenager, what he’s learned from his marriage and the experience of delving into Gary Shandling’s life posthumously. Dax wonders if Judd feels a loss when his projects end and Judd talks about growing up in a spiritual void. The two talk about being children of divorce and Judd talks about his commitment to personal growth. 

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Welcome welcome Robin armchair expert. I'm your house John appetite. I'm joined by Leslie MAD O one examines today's guesses Judd appetite. He is an american film maker actor in committee and he's a director a producer he's all the things he's got perhaps the most impressive list of computer credits. Someone can have yeah freaks and geeks Fortier overt and super bad, knocked up, train wreck anger, man stepped brothers, Pineapple Express forgetting Sarah Marshal, the big sick. They also produce Gary Gormans the great depression. Hbo, that's on right now and he's got a book. That's coming out tomorrow November twelve, which is entitled it's scary, shillings book, which will be a fascinating read all So John has a surprise guest stop by because they had a meeting afterwards. So we have a late joiner in the episode. So look for that so please enjoy Judd appetite
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while at the same time yourself at my longevity, we started the hour day. I be our aim. To begin with, I marvel at anything that works yeah. We met and ninety five and it's been a long great ride, but eight, oh, it's simple. You may feel this way, it's easier when you think I don't deserve this. How did this happen? You mean that that it makes you a better partner or yeah, because you just know if her fighting I'm wrong, and I am glad she still here. I don't understand why she's trying to escape, I am Dickerson. The monies are now have hers right, I mean Some level laws of California half this shit's hers and you go straight to the ass tat of orders. I did all about getting through to the how? How could we split up the money,
That's what they're just going about. I generally go straight towards whatever I fear surrounding. I look at it. Just like. Ok to God, she's got her George, the jungle stack. Then I got my Joe Big Taylor stand. We got all this had paperwork. We got celtic pride and heavyweights money over here. We, sandbag. Emu means that these are not as hits mom I'm familiar with the have Nots Williams. Telling Monica last night like yeah. The wild thing is, I knew Leslie one thousand nine five, but the but darn near like ninety seven maybe sure manner in the ground- We are both unlike level one or two yeah. I remember what she was doing it yes and I was telling Monica really confusing thing about Leslie we were all dead broke in when we went outside cheetah brand spanker New Forward Tahoe What about an hour from commercials? Yeah you do an early is essential. Back, then I dunno what Thea residual czar
I cannot really while they ve gone downhill though, but in the old days you get commercial and he'd make twenty thirty thousand dollars. Remember? I lived it Adam Sandler when I was first starting out and he got an annex calmer, Our boy was all like ban. Movie Adam buying stuff, with his first crank. I add that the Czech started role it in and we were like a we get one of these commercials yeah and I remember getting a commercial agent and I would go in for these commercials, but I did what an act that I had to give up any acting class women for this, a jack in the box, commercial, and I couldn't stop pointing so everything. Points. The guy was that, could you just do it one more time on that point, and I won't do it again, like the new jack in the Box Berger and appoint the winding and then took a roll of tape, any taped, my hands? leg. Oh ah, then I just stopped going. Do he really?
like the one that they cannot, I would not have worked with now. They wouldn't have wasted tape. On someone I took it to sexual abuse. When I started doing the commercial thing yet I would bump into these guys. You know four guys at these additions and they guessed. The ticket was the gazelle some kind of product where they just stuck with the campaign for years. Writing. I guess, like candy was infamous for that. This is in the 90s, where a guy you know some guy was like yeah. I did a starburst commercial and I Three hundred ninety grand ran for seven years and I was- and it was blue my mind, but more and more, and this holds true really at every level of it. There is a lie A war is a lot of problems. You can t keep getting these different stations in going wire or making a fifth of everyone else apparently is or is rumoured to make wire, and I make it with the Progressive Ladys me
money is shoemaking. That's all anyone in Hollywood things every time we see a progressive insurance. Commercial man is flow raking in the cash I she is oh, she is again she's a ground Lena long hours, and yet I cheat. She owns a home and stuff and I think how fantastic I had simple dreams. When I first started thinking, I get one of those commercials or or to be allowed be a warm up guy like a warm up. The crowded cheers his eye would hear likely get a thousand bucks a thousand dollars to I do. Crowd war melody IRAN's or charge never could get. Those gigs never could get by the way that that's a unique gift and who itself there isn't really celebrated in the way that may be. It should be. Oh yeah. I know it's hard because when you warm up a crowd, sometimes the savings for hours and everytime, you take a break there like we were to take a break for twenty minutes and you you gonna, jump up there and give up
kit cats and up dance competitions, Yankees crowd, amused so idleness, to a bidding, your Marin, which was fantastic and- everything the funnel into some viewpoint. I have yeah. Ok, so I'm projecting a time, so, whatever I say will support you're feeling for me I'll get it all remaining unbiased for me the listener that that will be the fog of war, I'm just so. You know because one of the two, I really really try to say, are encouraged as much as I can is like some flexibility with your your game. Yes, that's because your often loved by some group in not embraced by another in you, be foolish not to listen to whose loving you and what our great at all these kind of thing. So I just feel like you're, very emblematic of that shirt Rigour you at all than weaved yeah, you Bob then we'll her in
now. In retrospect you seem like an absolute genius, because now film has become such a crazy endeavour right to make a comedy or to move them make anything. But a tent pull movie seems very dicey, are high. Risk of failure in so now let a people are like running towards tv. They have been for maybe the less. I don't know eight years or something, but you have always been in both worlds. And again now. In retrospect it seems like our judges, who always knew
writing with it on the wall or something right that movies where over here. But that's not what happened right, you just kind of did you go with the flow, the river a lot of the time I think when it comes to going to dvd and away from tv, I have a long history, a good and bad with tv experiences. So I started out riding some tv pilots. I run by wrote one for college Queen and Mary. Oh joiner, driving a car across the country, PETE Siegel directed it and it was half reality, half scripted. This is in the early nineties and that in get picked up, and then I created the bend still show with Ben and we were so site tune in a. We were gonna make the best sketch, however, and we worked really hard and got cancel after twelve. I was heart broken. I was in high school and I fucking love that show
were one of the people watching at seven thirty, six, thirty one well we're at the very last mile of eastern timezone, yes, and so should I was so angry at our treatment, because we had a supporter at the network and then he a promotion? Suddenly he's not the head of the network. Now. Is that every thing and we never hear from him again whoops and then there's a new guy gets the job as the head of the network and he instantly watches the Manzella showed us. I don't get it in that right. There I said to myself sing. I get this so whenever you would give us notes to change anything
I always said no and I'm like twenty four years old run. I know I don't take notes from the guy who doesn't get it right, that the guy you think the notes from and am sure didn't help our survival yeah. And so then I went to movies because, as I t these unfair and I worked on cable guy and heavyweights and Larry Sanders it. And finally, I went back years later today, network to the same guy, the same guy ended undeclared and he did the same we promised to be added I am really quick when you are going back into the ring. Did you think like well now I've I've like a crude, some, sir, add DNS. Cash shade, I'm gonna be listened to this time. They never have the cashier. You think you just
all right, tell you! I work for shandling for years and Larry Sanders show. I just put out a book that is called it's Garry Shandling's book with all the stuff I found going through his estates, his journals. His photos is web pages and really well. You will you granted access to that because you had made the documentary ended, his wife go like ye are not hidden. I dont went in the house and I am day, though I you know his estates- allowed me to make the documentary than when I made it. I found all these incredible things that I thought I'd love. If people could this have this, like I'm reading, Gary's journals, I wish young comedians could read it to seal the advice and just what the jury
He was what does it feel like to be going through someone stop as their lack of that boy arisen, OASIS, SAM? It's I mean I would just sit there bawling you it's it's hard to describe what it's like to read. Thirty years of your men tours journals when you're, so in grief, but now you're getting to know him better than you knew him in life. The area that is now I'm in his head, yeah you're getting a bundle, probably a view into him that I can't imagine anyone did so sharing. Is your journal? Would girlfriends no learning that out at all, and I am reading it it'll something's years of journals in one sitting, some so having a very compressed emotional experience of all his feelings: riders, it's hard How movie and sad it is to do the ride with him. Yes, and what percentage the journals are basically
the tally of the day before him, in what percentage are music on life. Emotional entries like if you had to assign the percentages, how it's ninety percent supporting himself and ten percent. What happened is trying to give himself advice. He's developing is higher voice. So when you read the journals, what you think is I don't know what he was feeling, but it must have been rather dark basin this positive voice in his journal. Saying hey, you know it. You need to do where's my journals when I do them are just trying to get out the bad voice of the journalist all mining and complaining, I would fear my family ever read em when I am gone, because it's just trying to get out toxic stuff but carried in you also. When you run in a journal, you must have some voices, I even have the voice there. I think these potentially be of interest to somebody at some now here I just want to burn them the suit
think about burning them now, because they're, just a whining bet, there's nothing of value, and it is there not funny they're just get out the worst part your mind, yeah, the voice, telling you you're a piece of shit S, but Gary's voices drop. Your ego do things with low We seem to be on a path right of self exploration. In trying to be mentally healthy. You interviewed him. This is it really funding Montague Judd had it in school got involved in the House or was it a radio station? Yes, the inner viewed. All these people was sixteen years old lifestyle, Seinfeld enchant, linen name at you. You somehow you ain't you, he has all the tapes how that so called very fascinating on a lotta levels, but she only what is revealed in that he you know he was a writer of sitcoms and then decided to do stand up so either one of the funniest things. I you have time in the document
but very sorted out. He wrote some episodes of welcome back Kotter and Sandford son, so I'm talking to the guy who was Carrie's boss and welcome back Carter, and Gary was assigned to scrap. He wasn't on staff. They gave I need your script. I think he wrote a second script and then Gary gotten a terrible car accident. He almost died. It was like a rainy day and someone stopped in front of him and then he kind of idle fender better from behind he gets out too. The damage Wally's in between the two cars, someone hits Gary's alarm of Russia's Gary between the two cars, and so he has surgery. Yes, gallbladder removed. And he's in the hospital and when he's in the hospital, I think he's considering quitting writing. Sitcom comedy I'd just minister
because when he is under, he has a religious experience, psyche they're doing surgery on him and he said that he he heard a voice say: do you want to continue living Gary failings life and then he said yes and that when he woke up here members, everything that all the doktor said during the surgery with just one of those shared experiences that these had made him realise there's more happening than this life. Ah, there's something after that, may he read write So I got a scary tell, but are you buddy? You always had that confidence and oddly, as neurotic ass, he was no fear. Deaf or really because of that yeah, so in the journals he's having major surgeries theirs, No, oh, my god moments. It's all get comfortable death, don't fear death. So I speak to do the head writer of welcome. I caught her and he says it: Gary called him from the house
and said you know if you tell the insurance company, that you were hiring made to be a staff writer next year, I'll get way more insurance, Lawson wage is on the gradual ready at the rise of a they. Gary was gonna, get that job right and indicated that he didn't even think Gary was that good, so he said to Jerry well, but you can't be as they are right, Gary goes a gaze like ok, you could tell us that you were gonna, be that's what made I was like. The funny is secret of it. All Gary has this ledge into being this incredible staff, writer and the one guy who worked on it as it is right that we saw and those on the shoulders of a slip and false cambodia. Romano thirty resent lawyer, he advised him to Bulgaria Garden.
You know some money. I know we had ten twenty grand or something, but I think that was his. His buffer to really focus on on stand up yeah. When I think about you, I think about the fact that you're obsessed, inexplicably at a young age with comedy and stand up specifically, and you like some kid would want to fucking call you now from from their high school radio station in that sixteen Europe has some fantasy about your life. That then he wants and is it that we have this whole thing come to perpetual itself. I would imagine you really get confronted by that sitting down in going through the life of someone you can idolized and had a fantasy about absolutely because I had this weird experience of Gary witches. I'm in my early twenties, the most important early job I got, was being asked to write jokes for the Grammy's Bulgaria and we-
got along really well is to do erotic, jewish guys, and he took me to New York to watch them hearse and shoot de grandes and be on stage ride, twenty one too, two years old and now I'm on stage would Sinatra and Bonnet Gabriel Runnin by in Springsteen, and an though should bear then suddenly Gary's like hey, you should read this book and it's this Buddhists book transforming problems into happiness. Now I had no religion at all right and suddenly he's like. I think this will help you and the book as a very simple buddhist premise, which has been bad things happen. You should think. Oh, this is an opera, you need to fix something about myself or learn something about myself. So actually, every time you get a problem, you should be psyched.
Because it's gonna mark an episode of change, probably our involvement and as a guy, with no spiritual backroom perished in take the Temple once my whole life there only religion was nobody said: life was fair That's it. I heard my home that's a morning good religion, assistance, so that's a life changing moment for a kids. Go wait! A second I'm not supposed to this bitch about the bad things at the bad things are the good and right that things are happening for you not to you all that and I never considered any of it. So as a mentor, it wasn't just comedy. It was that so now, when you talk about everything reversing, I think the best thing I can do is put all that in a book, so some nineteen year old comedian or creative person or anybody right can find out what I found out and then in a way I become Gary, because I'm just trying to keep
what lessons going now then went out even the ball near the ensue. You did you are able to read that in find it profound in and try to implement some of it in your life. Well, I always have a deal to varying degrees of success. I mean that the interesting thing about areas you wouldn't say that carry was this com evolved, centred Kai, but The EU also wonder what would have been if he didn't. Yes, yes, I think that's the most crucial thing. People need to evaluate when their thinking about a person is like sure, they're. Not great, but this must be the bass version of them me down. Absolutely end and that's how I feel about myself. Like I you know I guess this is the journey is about, be journey to get less crazy to learn more to calm down. We will
From the other day I worked and Gary Gormans as HBO Special, oh special stand up special Gary Gomin. He got terrible depression where yet to move back in with his family. Thirty, seven thirty, eight years old, he was really debilitated put himself in a psych ward and then he got better. He felt better and wrote this incredible stand up routine about depression, It's called the great depression. That's gonna be an HBO this coming month, October. Fifth awe- and we were just talking about how Bruce Springsteen wrote a whole book about depression. Then that we all learns from his book. That the reason why he was doing for our shows was he did not want to be in the world right sure he wants it to be on stage, and even someone like him is. Journey of trying not to be crazy, dealing with emotional issues. Just figuring it out in his fifties and Sixtys. While we
watch tv seen Nortons movie, which went onto a scream. Edwards New movie. You you saw it yes, so we thought you other less Brooklyn Motherless Brooklyn and I'm the one line that I just uncontrollably giggled at cause. It resonated so much was when he's talking to Michael K, Williams and he goes release. You ve got this trumpet to funnel that craziness through in Indonesia, but there's a lot hours in the day when I'm not playing the trumpet and asked like the story, and you who I am. I would have these little windows of freedom, for four meaner, this or that, and then it just completely dangerous. If I'm not only met thing and do we want to fill all that time with work or do we try to feed
how not to be crazy. The non trumpet time, yes, how to live with ourselves, basically, our now or minutes a minute, even being quiet like I did. I notice that meditating lately and unlike why can I just don't want to be with myself I dont want is like that like torture, to sit in a quiet room, yeah that well was curious about. As you know, your parents got divorced when you are twelve right stayed with dad, which is kind of unique. I guess in that era what year was that? Maybe it early eighties. So that's unique unto itself, and then they can be a coincidence that then Also, your obsession with comedy canisters overlapping that yeah. So personally, I got really drawn to writing simply be because it was a world I would make up that I was. Ah then I could control every single element.
Would go exactly where I wanted to go, and I was so desperately seeking control of Aimee Little Quadrant of my existence, and I just wonder, is anything about. When you watch, people because the good ones they're, the marionette. Everyone in the audience is just along for the ride. They've created out of thin air and it's so powerful. It's like one of the most powerful things you can witness someone to do. You know it's funny. You look back and think of your. Why did I get interested in this? It is a great line from Joe Walsh. I'm sure he's used it. Someone else is lying about how you you know your life is a mess, but, looking back so perfectly. Crafted organise novel are all now that all those durables worthy ascensional- I looked back and go well what happened? I had a grandfather who produced jazz and he was just as ballsy Jew hustler guy who, on labels, yeah I'm in the book in the
What before even had a job? He would just work in an airplane manufacturing plant, take his money and higher jazz guys to record zones, brings up the records himself and go to reckon stores and sell them at the end. That's how he got in the building of this eagle as be, but exactly who has been thinking and Charlie Parker, and so there is a little like. Oh you can a hustle and you also dont have to follow the path. I won't tells you to you, no good, I school in college and get your degree than whenever that you you just do a, and that was I allowed I wanna meet. The committee has just come up with some real and to talk to them. Yellow, do radio show, but now sitting Thou J Leno am grinding him for info. For an hour, how do you do it? How do you read it? getting a good clear. These Monica, like just vaguely about them, is more like. Please give
cohesion by way of with four? Yes, there is already you. Why? Wouldn't you ass your opportunity to find out what to do things you need to use? I think me and then offer tuna D. I would have been even more repugnant. I would have been trying to show them how funny guy was out of your own o bills. That I am one of them and I don't know what they're they're good bowed for me at some common legal. I did not have that confidence. Occasionally in the tapes. You hear me try to make a joke. It there's a moment where we had taken J, Leno and Leno Euro- is a club comic at that point and he's on Letterman alive in the early eighties, and I say It is so. Where do you think you're on your career? I mean you know you doing really well, but United
actually play in the universal amphitheatre say to a nagging, but my grandma was friends in this committee and totally fields and total fields was a Joan Rivers type who was riotously funny. I went to see her perform. She had diabetes later in life. And she did a comeback tour with one leg ass I saw the Westbury Musing Fair and the crowd just went crazy for her, and I think some unconscious level. I thought I feel like someone with leg. I feel different yeah and look at Gittin standing ovations and they adore her for her personality. Liked about stand up. Oh you don't have to be the most handsome person. You don't have to be the quarterback, yet that's liberating right. Yet comedians more than any group come in every shape and size. And ethnicity. Yeah yeah inured you thought of his cool like waiting
who does or cool sad hit me hard as a little can also a total meritocracy in that. If you sleigh you slave young will come to see you in there's no power dynamic that you have to manipulate. In that way, I like that, because I was ways pick last and Jim Clan and I hated that other people decided my value. Yes, and I did think that, like oh Eddie, Murphy, the funniest guy in the world, but there's no way he's gonna be mistreated if he can be that funny. Yes, he's the wind yeah, and so yes, the meritocracy aspect of it. I felt comfortable with an inn would say what takes like ten years to figure out how to do it on my account, restarted fifteen Riah, so twenty I then the biggest started early deluded like that, but it made me motivated. There's, like you know, there's a prerequisite ingredient list for anyone to succeed in this and there's a lot of stuff in there in some of its like hard work and diligence. Monica
of creativity, bail out of his arrogance, Luzhin girl, you know like you, can underestimate you. We ve interviewed a few surgeons now, insurgents or they'll be well talk to that approach? Us is. Is there most unbridled air, open your brain, and I know what to do with your brain- You can do it it's like. Well all that y know no one can get his summons brain tanker, but you must believe that does exist at it. So it's like being always try to like wrangling, poignant and productive direction and then stay on top. Enough to let it go enough. I mean it, so it's really up a wild horse to be riding at all times because, as you said like when you co created the Ben Stiller show you were virtually the showrunner of that right. Are you officially the show around me and vent and that's the single hardest job in Hollywood being a showrunner, and you don't know what the fuck you're doing, but nothing but you convince someone else. You did and then you gonna learn in the moment, and it's all just crazy
arrogant men at arms it in the dark night just like devastated by just how stressed I am an exhausted and I'm all these writers, and if I don't put user sketches, they hate me and I was right- would sit in red management books about how to manage people because of their it. It's all built for you too. The guy who picks the sketches, bowed with seven habits of highly had meditation tapes are disappointed in the dark, and I owe you are amazed at the world and everyone in it allows such a mess. But I do think about that. As I watched my kids, you know my daughter, Maud is on that show you for a la man like I have to look at that for her like I want her to be deluded raw. Oh you want to be in this business. Will you have to be this insane person who thinks that you can win? Have good eggs, you're gonna get the parts who can show up on the set with a hundred people and do your scene with without being nervous and just kick ass and it does take them
bizarre level of confidence like I lived Sandler, and do we just a vibe around like this? Is the I write he's a chosen. One he's gonna do end in my head. It was so clear, Adam is going to be. The biggest companies are in the world, but I look back on and what was my proof He was in a room with a mattress with no sheet right. He would do phony phone calls all night because he does so bored. He would do funny phone calls a low energy for the purest end and he u what was it? He wasn't get MTV like sidekick on a game show. So in my mind I was so deluded chair as inevitable just based on his new talent and grizzled, but but likely is it we'll haven't. I wouldn't when it all happened, right, rug, he's gonna happen, but, looking back like we were just to lunatics in a tiny, nine hundred dollar month per year.
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The war of attrition is really underestimated, and Hollywood because it's like, if you look at the people that you are surrounded with, like you, you draw body, you will see, you go live with Sandler Ben Stiller is he's in its his infancy is yes, are all these different people and then slowly just over time. You kind of a growing like this impossible everywhere over somehow found an outlet psych encourage and then also really shadow. The delusion of the people that were before you that you held in some esteem right and give these more. So I guess they are fucking human labour. Just a group. Why do we just a grew like Saturday night LIVE or Monty Python? When I was a kid, I thought out of Europe that, oh, I wish I could be a part of one of those linen in your life. You go wait. I guess I was in a version of a group of people or whether it sooner Leslie and happen red or you might one navigated, all these little camps, seemingly with perfection because
Some of them are really again from my perspective on the outside like sailors, Happy Madison camps like your inner, Europe's kind of mafia? Yes and you d in and out of that, always have and then you're in Adam and Wills Camp, which is interesting. Then you kind of assembled the freezing geeks camp, that became the southern Evan Camp all this. You know it is very fascinating. May you seem to be the only person that kind of docked in and out of all those little camps, I they just because I'm built to be a supporter and someone that sits with people and those who in what way What are we doing? What you? What you want to do you have any stories you have anything and so, as a result, its ease your to move, I met the person trying to be the star in the group right on the person going. I wish there was a will feral movie that he was the center of the air, and so when, and will say we and we have a script. That's the one!
movie, and at that time there wasn't a movie that was just will renew the thing that I try to do is go well. How can we get to do that? You know how They had great, how do we get someone to allow us to do that? Tunisia is a fair. I usually it's not about. If their famous, it's just wouldn't be great. If we had a movie right, you're juggling a lot of things. So a? U find someone, you think it's funny not mind you. Obviously it's easier and easier as you go, because you ve got a track. I regard this as oh. If he says, is kid can be the leader of a movie? He can so we needed, anchor man with women and Adam against old School had come out, will want to do anchor man and we couldn't get any and to make it in this house before ALF and old school aha, and so he has a script them
that's fucking, unbelievably nobody, but the original version is even wilder. The original version that I read it was all the anchor meant. In one plain and their flying to the anchor man convention Plain gets in a crash without with a FED Ex a shipping plain, that's filled with me, keys access of throwing stars. They hit each other's wings. They both crash now all the anchor men in Wieland Adams. Original idea are on the side of the mountain, like that movie alive accurately, is also eating it. Another Andy's and so there's got gun like a snowy mountain and then every once in a while. The monkeys just attack their camp with rolling and within. It was also this a leash stone story about that he's in love with the woman, whose clearly some
better than all the men are right right and then slowly over time and not being able to get the throwing stars version made. Discussions would happen. While is there an adjustment in the story. Tat might allow us to get a maid and then they decided. Oh, maybe this story of sexual harassment did gender prejudice. Maybe that's the stories this she's so much smarter than them and their holding her down right that they were very. I mean I look at it now you're very ahead of their time in marking the awful behaviour men yeah, I see I see as obviously the perfect guided do will who has been on here. You know, he of any one of read is the biggest enigma. It's like he's one of the funniest to ever live, but he's a great dad. He drinks are phenomena drinking, but no problem. There he's
clue? Seven nice, everyone like the whole town, like anything like massage parlor hand, jobs are there any darkness lifespan allowed sign with, will tell you where the darknesses could. Finally, but it's not at dark will really does alike when people are rude to other people light as a dark. Now that he's really bad people who are not nice? Yes, it's Shaka, he's gonna, gnarly protective side. It is shocking and end either to be around. Will it Adam does nothing more fun and watching them work and improvising did you read the original August blow out? You must have I don't railways, car salesman, oh yeah, he's in same shit, there's a fuckin panther. They got a panther to draw people did the gale many gets a loose and behold a movie. It's like. Sometimes it's in the man out of the way that they like out of control, animals
as we can it's kind of a recurring theme and calmly, though, means in the hang over the few subscribed to the school that, like companies best with hers, apply that's right of death, OSHA. We were trying to do a reissued, an anchor man, so we we tested anchor man and there was a story line. I just didn't work at all like an S allay terrorist group and we shot it when we shall in any case and a ton of great, be born rank was Jacques DE in my route off and Kevin Corrigan and and and a lot of basing funny stuff in it, but it didn't track right if your hard core and you could go online and Adam literally edited second anchor man. That is that story. Is he cut out so much of it that he was able to assemble a completely different movie we put a go to DVD said that had like run burgundy, the adventures continue or something and it is really funny- but it didn't work when we tested at a yeah, it wouldn't work as a commercial version of the movie
Adam and will wrote this new material at we wanted a regime which was at least a cornerstone falls into that. Air pits rivals, zoo rod, burgundy as is able, so the studio doesn't get it at all, but understand the joke at all which led to like the bus, hilarious, fascinating meeting Adam Mackay, explaining to the head of the studio. Why bears are funding the history of bears in comedy actually to be completely correct? It saved the movie to add the bears really funny. As I remember Brill and I had just come back from New Zealand, the amber without a panel, we had a big bear sequence
him. Call me like there's a bears, seemed ailing annex, I think, there's room in the marketplace: LAS Vegas, baby superior competitive world as worried like oh shit, there's a fuck and bear thing now and anger, but you ve worked with real bear part. The bear which is in no did he kill. Someone bought the bare well because it was a bigger that will work that killed the trainer lay and when we worked with the bears in a we would go visit the bears and theirs. I can allow took fence or unwell, and tell people how tall Electric Frances it's four inches off the ground. Now it's it's a fucking wire around your ankles, and so that's that's how the bay who knows not to like run of you when you visit bears home so but wouldn't the bear comes to a set. What they do is they set up string on the set it electorate are replicated beer thing. Yes, yes, and so it's
so I was on the bare whose brown bear he he's. The one that dog, the famous trainer trained, rub it made a documentary about this guy. He was in the edge and all these years, very famous bear credible career, and I to say in the couple things bark is, if he lives in Utah. They flew him to Seattle than to Alaska than to China than down a new Zealand. He was the first bear ever to be a new Zealand they're, not nocturnal, but it was all night shoots. Would Bart they're keeping them with a saucepan full of coffee in a saucepan doughnuts. They tell us here. The rules would bark, don't ever look him in the face and eyes eyes. You afraid around him moral sense. It never run around power, and I promise you that my first seen in my very first movie ever as an actor, they Burgos. Ok, so you you know the guys can see. Bear behind you. You can't see it then eventually occurs do there might be some behind me. You turnaround look at by scream and run away, but wait the those are all three of the rules in one one thing: why won't Margie
oh because of that electric thing, that's not a lecture you and I think it was my first movie. I found you sure this is a movies, I'm safe. You don't Leslie had one under the jungle where she shows up. Work in the near here, the lions radio next year and less he's like who, who's gonna handle the lion of something happens like what. What do you have to deal with the lie and where they have thirty six and there like now, can't have anything on said it? It senses it. So have nothing. I think in terms of those things it when you look back, you think, have created dangerous situations because I'm green I didn't. Have somebody go? Don't do that by the way, and that extends to a billion things now her, especially at the rate, were evolving, which again I am in favour of a tall. Monica,
There is a scene in without about words like I pop up out of this we'd field in someone's gotta laser point around my forehead, and in this grabbed and- and I did I do terrible, indian accent about training, Karlsruhe and, if it even call to my mind, no around it's gonna be great. It plays huge like oh, that was just in my short little fifteen career. I certainly wouldn't do that now, sir, but it anyways it moves so fast, and you really do look back now. Some of these people that we work with or piece of shit like they have bad intentions in the after dark people and then a lot of us I just think suffer from like the same arrogance they got us in the room going like will. I understand why this is funny in you you will to if I execute this correctly and then in retrospect, your little bit like you, but there's a lot arrogance gone on in my conviction about that. No, I should have said no
Right or I did you know it's weird, it's the thing that makes you good at. It is also your your achilles. Obviously, this more private unique tar thing, but because you want it so bad that you don't have the other conversation in use, you start from a place of. Oh, I have a point of view about. In what Seinfeld in traffic. I have a point of view. No one has I have to introduce you to it and bring you into it once you see it, you're gonna get it and love it, but not about a thousand. Yes you're gonna failed the time I mean I ebbene. I would say you know if I make three good movies out of ten. I am rock in this. Industrial right yeah, but eventually I would imagine the way that you shock as I once early on. In that same period I was China who used to produce with Eu China Robertson who and introduce christen nicer in view bizarre ways Europe somehow involved in yes, yes, man's yeah if I didn't work with China shot. I wouldn't work with your wife
ran on Sarah Marshall. We produce in writing, Go back from that is when I met her, I get to go to set of knocked up. I was watching you guys, shoot the club scene where crime Robinson? Oh you, their dynamic bride was there that night too? Yes, it was a very visiting. Is a very cold night cause. Yes, I was just visiting Craig Robinson. He must have said ten, thousand things to those ladys before it was rough. It was rough you it! This The kind of point people want ignore is like to find the for appeal line. You must step off hurt repeatedly. Yes, psyche throat, bunch shit up the wall around collectively agrees that airlines do for her. So again, but but in an improv scenario that you're just machinery on everyone right, yes I was going through draws a while back and I found all these little pieces. Deeper and they were the pitches from south in Evan Limb, Rogan, eleven Goldberg from that night,
Oh I'm directing, but they would give him a little pieces of paper stick a modem and and it would just say like I can't do it yielded work. We remember you young man, yes, and I never seen any more. I had only been on five sets, but I certainly never seen that war zones is in a scene for twelve minutes and then you just tried a million things yeah and so it's a sea of abuse. Back in an hour and a half, I remember when Craig came into audition, I e the office just started. Maybe he was on at once or twice inside and really know him, and I thought my cod is this guy riotously funny like don't get any funnier than this and and and the theme that sustainable
mention the most into cuz. He says you're old as fuck. Is that the trigger? What's the trick of the doorman doorman doorman? Didn't it just ends up screaming and yelling at him, and then she's so mean to him and he's like I'm sorry, it's just pressure. Yeah yeah yeah we'll be such about the percentages of people. S lay all the ways out. As you know, we go to see beyond, say and J C, the rosebud of corn afterwards summits as you want to go to the party that we go to this party and Sunday GC walks in any walks. Up to me, He does. I omega that scene, doorman doorman with Craig ravaged. Let's see, we watch it all the time we watch all dummy France has run what we want less I dislike oleo dug up, and then I can you stay and because be unsafe coming and if you leave,
be mad at me, and I might oh, my god. I could cause marital problems between jazzy and beyond, say right now, yeah then Leslie walks in and be unsay run, the less egos, oh my god, german orbit That's our favorite c in it. When you reach beyond saying Jesse Laboratory showed a day you got it all down hill from theirs. It is really fun. Isn't it when you get kind of compliments from people outside your realm, people. You resurrected some bizarre way, and I can tell you might mice version of that story, which is still maybe I want my life. I get taken two layers: game, agent in its there was the old endeavour seats that were directly next to the Lakers banner, so the Lakers bench in the very next seat. In this ominous, given night was deck shepherd. I am feeling like I'm on the Lakers, because when they come into a huddle on a time out, I'm right there and I'm listening. I'm listen and they call one time out, and they also
back in the right next to me and call me standing in the rest- the guys are sitting and he's like dared. You gonna fuck, you d upon this. You I saw you, you walked out. You're not goes beyond argued, oh damn, you're funny. Mother fucker in perhaps me out in a lick, goes back to yelling at the guys, and I look at my agent great signals, I'm a fucking lake of battle. Season tickets for years, as I was, writing a basketball movie, so I got season tickets I got to see the selling Rhine, yes, the whole ride of Kogi from those seats. Let me end so Cobby is had to be unsafe. Show and he says that my way, because I used to go to the games, Oh really, getting the goodwill, but, of course we need there is often their shoes. It's like work all impact of Ireland. I would be caught staring at Jack NET,
us employ every game has just staring at me. That's a nice adobe com. Penny Marshall again lose their at every game. You transparently we're the prisoner reels they develop early. You wanna know those people. You will lose all their job. Yes, you do. You have the stewards like, I know I hit the lottery. So I am constantly. I feel like Did I end up in this neighbourhood and then, when I meet fellow people in my community. I'm it drives me mad like well. How did this- my age and up given money for this house like wrought rotten, that line and we always heartless because he lives on a beautiful street in the Palisades and always neighbours are filthy, rich in when it meets one of em. It's his age, you're, like a trust fund. Why I hit the lottery? Wouldn't you do I I I. I never think that way I don't know that's another. Like a thing with me: it's on a preoccupation gorgeous thing, but why do my neighbours not want to talk to me?
like I walk arising, Long walks, a high godlike I'll, see people oiling the prison at one of talk to mayor, My friends of anyone in this neighborhood, an occasional ignore, can someone's door like in the business. You know how Arab League James Cordon lives down the street and something just knock on the door, so? Do I knock at the door like up and I am making a joke out of it like start by unannounced? Should I go that's about to happen We live in and then make it like as a joke. Did it again, like two weeks later, does like and he's a nice guys. I love him and we're at a party- and my wife is talking to his wife- is very nice and and she's a check keeps drugs he's got some of their waste. I don't think they want you to come over here
love it. I did they loved just like sure they love it really find out. If they really do love it will now. I have a end is regrettable I'm trying to get over, but I still have this chip on my shoulder about rich people. So when I see what you're talking about, I got oil rich people liberals, almost liberals who act so worried about each other in the community are terrible, fuckin neighbours, everyone's, yet like ninety foot, hedges and all ever wants a fucking interact with one another and would never asked to borrow your neighbors lawnmower anything that happen. I grew up because we saw the Terran Tino movie. We know that there's hippies journey. You need a hedge impenetrable. Exactly you grew up your dad you. There was a successful ready, yonder restaurants, Bipeds Oda, Russia. When I was a kid, my grandfather on the record label right that might my damn worked. So we do. We have interesting experience where we were very upper middle class and then they got divorced
and you know, drained the funds rabbi being in court for many years yeah, no one giving in suddenly they ever settled. I think able to give up our after I told my you're, nothing right for after a while, yet bills split up this ten dollars. And that's what would happen in my neighborhood either you'd, be it a nice house and then your parents who get divorce indeed move into this little condo commune. These are we showed so if someone moves like we're hidden ridge like other parents once again divorce, they just move to hidden ridge, yeah, Fair Haven. Did you have fear about getting married like what might my mom married for people, Madeira married too, so I had while I had a low expectation of marriage with a lot of people to meet a lot of boyfriends and where'll friends. Relatives, I prefer the ratio it was flipped. I wish my dad would have had four wives and my mom that only two he had cuz the dudes coming into your life throughout your life, with showing up like
and I got a whole plan for this. We have united like hold up Gregg we're doing pretty good the last couple years. It's I'm working on a movie now would be Davidson and and basically about his mom play by Morocco, may suddenly dating Bill Bird It is about him traffic to ride. That relationship yet about a lot of things, but but what I related to was what I had to deal with as a kid. My parents dating other people, and it was a very, very strange thing, especially when you because no one even talks you through it. No one says you hey the way. I know this is weird: that's the weirdest. Now, maybe they do, but back in the in the eighties Haiti is no one said: here's whites, uncomfortable and here's. How will work through you re?
facing that your parents are sexual. Being yes, who have needs that a young Matt having come from that background, when, when you Leslie, we got married, you go oh, I got. I need a different game plan or what what made you go I do believe in this thing I can make this work or that it was not like that. I think I'm more thought about the kids generally, because I I felt as a little kid in the kid from a divorce family that I didn't feel that especially my mom was it that tuned into my experience is re traumatized by the fact that she was getting divorced. She didn't that coming in her life, and I think it cracked her a little bit was you and organs, or a hostess at a comedy Clara? Yes, that's how I first got in how many club- and I and my mom is very middle aged- is played tennis all day and was just very Sweden into being a mom, and then I think you should get very traumatize and angry and then suddenly she's a waitress in your shoes funny and in the fact that she is, she came from a successful families.
When she had to go work, the ass. She was not half as humane it was you merely adding to be suddenly the waitress in town, but as a kid more, what was affecting me was my mom's hatred of this. Work is a little kid. I thought I think it's gotta be a waitress. Ah I thought of the autumn that my mom was waiting tables and taking care of herself. It is those work to be proud of, like I, I was a busboy in a dishwasher. I just I didn't think like this is below her right. It was really about that during, I think, was about that. She felt like her life had been taken away from her. Yes in some way, the eyes of relationship falling apart but it made me like hard work. I just thought I hate my mom hates this right right right I think that life is hard work and it's ok to work hard and all jobs are okay. If you, if you hopefully like them, you stayed with dad Were you with she moved out, I just
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So you didn't save yourself like oh um, I'm gonna give this thing. This arrangement is shot despite I've seen it fail, because I want to have kids and kids need. That thing is that I didn't have a concern about marriage from seeing their marriage implode in the death? At what stuck with me, I had a more specific thing, them like I knew who they were. I didn't the institution was we're right. They really do add laurels in a year. They are not figuring out how to come up with a solution to this. So tat gives mom this much money and she figures out her life and that were not constantly at war. The war never
ended yeah, I couldn't believe that they couldn't figure it out. So I always thought this is very specific to them here, and so you know, I didn't have that. Thank God. I too, as I would I carried into, I might have carried into it. I'd like to do this. Well, my legs and create a world my family, that's where we solve problems in a healthy way is often is as we can. And to be more tuned into their experience, yet you you met Leslie relatively early in your career, yeah right, though very little, both Leslie and I are very interested in getting sane then being strong and figure out ways to be healthy and for your ways to communicate. Better. That doesn't mean that we have had in a difficult moments and and stuff it's hard to work out here, but I think
Our goal is the same. You know we have an understanding that we're normal people who came from families who did the best they could, which left us a little screwy, and how do we fix that so that we can feel better and then be better for each other in the family. Graduates are caught me like I'm a self help freak I've been in therapy since I Twenty one years old, I maps and favorites I loved, like the harmful Hendricks. Has these books used to be an open all the time and its books have a simple theory which is, Basically, you have to look at your relationship as an opportunity to find out something about yourself. You need to. X and, if you're mad at your spouse, because they tell you the thing that you need to fix. It's a disaster. You have to look at it like that's a gift from each other, you putting up a mirror and saying you're acted weird this way, and and you have you am, I suppose you fuck you.
Yes, we do. Second, why am I doing that? An initiative is considered a positive thing, as often as you can to exchanges things, you have a much better chance of survival if you're always resenting. What comes up for the other person- and I would imagine these skill set navigate a marriage, that's very identical to a producer it because you you're taking these people who are passionate, have a point of view and they are on fire. Your working with tons of people that are this is their first project they ve written. Ah there first movie they're gonna star and an you needed at say, eight them, your brilliant, that's great, also, there's no third act So there's no emotional stakes, you know ingredients are for some that works in you. Ve gotta help someone get to that without shattering their confidence, making them resent for all those things. So do you feel like those things parallel? other nightly. I do and in both nagging
then positive ways are unhealthy and healthy ways somewhere. I read that tat when you criticise someone, if, when you criticise them, you're doing it because you want them to feel better or evolve for themselves, they can hear it if it's done with that kind of love, but when you criticise someone so they'll change to make your life medals area, then you're in trouble. Now that's the the other, why you have to stay on the roads as it is. I think that's a gottman thing probably, and that's a tough one, and I think for me I think, because my parents were in conflict a lot and my mom was a bit manic. You know when I first started working. I was rain. Jokes were Rosanna like twenty one years old incredibly comfortable to sit with resent it felt very familiar in it, and I was comfortable for her because I knew
He was going through a downside. Compassion for her is a very complicated person. Yes, so you would be a great person to float this theory by. I have wanted interviewer her more than anybody, because when you look at the explosion of the last project, ok for his wife was races. Yet she said it's that there's no excuse for our nikes using it. When I'm very fascinated by here, someone who Lightning has struck her like three times in either. She doesn't believe people love her and she manifests an outcome where she proves it to herself that they didn't really love her. Now, whether its They love me. They let me, but I believe it would. If I do this, what if I sing the national anthem terribly intentionally, that a weed out who really loves me and who doesn't? If I do this thing that are we, it's like tests that an insecure person has for their partner. Like you get it. Has this test, a mental, really know, you love me, is it then?
or is it I don't deserve this thing. I feel like an impostor. I don't deserve this and I'm gonna somehow subconsciously, destroy it. I think, is probably even more complicated than that in ways that we probably don't even have enough. Permission to as his eyes, because I interviewed her for my book. You know I did this book of interviews sickened ahead and I had an amazing talk with her. The kind of talk I had never had with her, even as someone who is known or a little bit for very long time right if asked her, how she felt in what happened when you do, you did was the first time you have the interviews before she did at the second tat rang like what we are going through and she said, enlivened mental yes right so you're asking me to go straight from the kitchen. And then the road to managing hundreds of people, and I can't manage myself analyze paraphrasing of raising by the chair, but so she's like, of course, I'm flipped out. I'm not built
yeah yeah. I have a lot of compassion, but but I think she has very serious issues. I know she was telling me that when she grew up she was raised by very religious jewish people. Many survivors of the Holocaust, Annette User, deeply traumatize from a very early age by their constant discussion of the holocaust. Sure from like the moment, she could speak the terror it created and then she had your generation all trawler. I yes and she didn't entries, had all sorts of trauma. Yes, and so it's hard it's hard to subscribe, any of it to she's, trying to blow it up, because it's also connected to the Holocaust and Israel and the protection of the Jews. And what for is come up, rational or irrational? Was that is adducing her her right, wingers is Israel driven a lot of. It seems to be
survivors met her. She was very feminist, almost like punk yemeni assets. That person I was introduced to, and so at some points, her inclination for that to be her highest value, him, not her highest value, Ryan Right- and I don't know how much of that is just another of your average, Listener understands the Enigma that was the second tv show like they get, only five million viewers to emulate quintupled. What any shows in the last fifteen years. It couldn't be a bigger thing, the watch somebody lose that again, I'm not exceeding aiming she said or justifying it. I'm just say, I feel bad for somebody who would get something so precious and then lose it immediately
just unsung level. I go oh that person needed some kind of help. Absolutely I mean it's related to complicated person who has a real mental illness right and a lot of trauma, and so I never look at it this is a healthy mean person yeah, I just don't. I get applies at all an end to think about it deeply rooted as an enormous amount of compassion for her in her journey, and yes, it's terrible that anyone gets hurt by things that shit says, and that lie the things that she says are clearly awful of wrong. Now that I also just think of her as this woman who's been through. So much has given so much whose struggling and it's coming out her struggles coming out in these demented way, I will say no, if I imagine myself being black and listening when I'm saying I can hear mice. Going like oh yeah
when someone's raises you like they have a mental health issue or when the shooter, when issued or goes and kills a bunch of Muslims representing mental, a mental health. So it probably mean that AIDS is complicated worthy of everybody's. Some benefit of the doubt there is more hang on your face value. Well, yes, that's a whole. Other question, which is anybody who who turns violent is problem. Struggling with some sort of yeah. That's all health issue due to know to what extent are people purely evil or actually ill in broken in some way. That leads to violent choices and that's a hard discussion yeah, I mean there's. Why no one knows that movement and not just because a lot of those people there's something really going wrong.
Ass? Not that simple what I can admit, my own, that the own limits of my empathy like Mama, can I watched three white nationalist documentaries and a row a netflix near the really really great. I had to admit after the fact when I watch the guy that they ve captured that joy when the ices, unlike other guys, just evil, and he wants to kill me- and I don't know about that person can be fixed, varied. That's how I feel honestly and watching these nationals and I'm going to these were the guys in my head. School that no one ever talk to one time had zero friends they would have, they would have fucking adopted any ideology to have someone to talk to some already Finally, in my way to have compassion for them and clearly because their white, I think that, just like my own, primitive monkey brain are somehow identifies with them. That's the length of my empathy and I can start to see all this is of tragically lonely person whose now doing this vile horrendous thing, but
I think the motivations friendship, bizarrely Emily and action connection, yeah and I said De Monica, while really have to work on extending that the guy who joined ISIS is likely the same exact person and others are religious. Aspect to the air when people think as a religious reward for violence and if you ve been trained from earth to believe you me there's. Somebody will pick up that part later. Yes, AIDS, it it's a we'll go from being parents if I said the same ideas to my kid wall to wall the entire ride air capable of anything yes, that's being of actually because you said that your parents said life, isn't fair or the
Similarly, the only so do you think being told that over and over again you have that philosophy. Still I really trying to some level, I'm always fighting against the abyss of that spiritual void, yeah that that I was given they didn't just not take me. The temple they'd not replace it with anything tat. They. There was no buddhist discussion because the people to burn even talking about Buddhism Back the Agnes seventies, but There wasn't a philosophy. They were kind people who were not everyone in the world? And so that's why? Hopefully, I'm a nice place then just mirroring how they interact with the world. But when you have nothing, I think it is spins you out, so you spend the rescue
I've going. What can I feel that, with long running in addiction, we say you know, you have, God shaped hole in your shovel, everything into it and it's not gonna plug that whole nobly, even Gobenheim found other things that I feel like plug, the God shaped whole sure yeah, that's where I'm always had like it is like the failings. You know says he saw some heat from the other side when he had a near death experience, yeah I'm more like that guy, like someone tells me, goes through my good. Ok only some. Yeah, and I'm desperately looking for something I'm trying to like let go of even that which is hard yeah. So even though that you work with Rosanna also wrote a couple of Tom specials and that as a period where- and then I mean so many different personality types in character- is that you ve been able to be fruitful. With a are you a chameleon? Did you start as a chameleon and then, as you become crazy success?
Are you less of a chameleon? I think the journey for me was. I wasn't sure who I was. I wasn't sure when my voice was, but I was able to mirror other people's voices. I could sit with Jim carry on right sketches for living color with them. Would ban and figure out what his style was and then at some point from working with Gary watching how Gary mind his personality and his experience. I realize oh, this is this is what I'm supposed to do by think: I'm not interested I see, I don't think my life has been that interesting and I'd only. My point of view is that interesting, and that was my block for a long time. What what error is this that uses the allowing outlined in the nineties in the late nineties, and so I'm working with Gary and I'm seeing how he's doing it and am very impressed by I've? Just that I'm not interesting Le Gary and then I worked on freezing geeks apathy and Paul figures he's digging deep into all his stuff.
And slowly I realize, oh so my stories applied at these characters right, so Paul's parents didn't get divorced, but my parents got divorced I could talk to everyone about how I became obsessed with juggling. When, so I became obsessed with that we didn't have, as it were same Levine's, dad cheating on his mamma. He deals with it by becoming obsessive with been was and then you know we had Martin STAR being latchkey kid coming home alone and just watching share lying on a dinosaur We see what it's like to be loneliness watching comics on tv, and I started putting those things on the show and Jake hasn't said to me once you know Jake yeah Hobbes agenda, and he said I think that the best thing you
I did was that scene where bill watches Mary shamming alone and his house, and that was a big moment for me like. Oh maybe it is interesting that led to the forty old virgin is clearly not My life, but I I really related to the Shame of of feeling like Europe Egon that no one likes you, no one wants to connect with you obviously, with knocked up in this is forty to mount a yellow silence? I would say that now you are a brand or you are a point of view from that point on. It seems like yes, I'm whether things are from my life or not from my life. I think I figured out what my sensibility does the lender. Looking regardless of the yeah yeah. So, even in the p Davidson movie, I'm doing now it's it's in there and in some ways, and I'm still doing the thing
I did writing for Roseanne with someone like me Davidson, I'm sitting with him for years discussing his life, How do we make a movie at this? But there's more of me in that exploration. I mean I met warns even once and locking he said. The best thing you could do in your life is tell people your son, worry, and I realize oh yeah, that's that's what we're gonna do it at we're, trying to figure out. How do we tell our story even if its fictional, even if it's just inspiration for a different story- yeah, that's that's the Jew but I could see it mean uniquely challenging for you, because from a super early age, you start getting obsessed with other peoples. The point of view you gonna get lost in everyone else's an as you say, you're kind of adopting their thing is you right for them and that's kind of your skill set. So it's like when you recognize your skill set, is being flexible and unable to take that on. I think you'd be specifically are uniquely hard for you to to
leave, oh no. I have my own thing. Yes, it was very hard and remains. I mean that's one of the reasons why I do stand. Comedies I have to stay in touch with who. I am because re easy for me to to dismiss that. Yeah now. Look, I've never seen you do stand up. I know you'd do stand up as I've heard that you go on the road with people There's a Netflix special weaken tonight. When I called it's called the return. The return, Imagine if you had your druthers. If you had mapped out your life in, you got exactly what you wanted, that you would be Jerry Seinfeld. You ve almost singularly wanted to be a stand. Upright that was mine. Original goal and there was definitely a moment where to start just think these guys around me or more interesting people they're just interesting creatures. I'm not interesting in this way, so I'm hanging around. In my early twenty said, Jim Carrion, Athens, antlered Aden,
Rob Schneider and Farley, not company, building guys to hang around. We attitudes, I would say it's like. If you started a band and your buddy was, you to write. It took me a long time to realise that I have something to offer and I don't have to be those guys- and I am now that I'm old ideas have stories to tell reintegrate myriads as a young guy. I wasn't that unique and I didn't happen stories or polio really lived a life, yet that may be, but a further until we her point of view, I could write it all day. Yes, as soon as I knew what it was, are you able to feel Oh now that you are them like you, train, no, not at all that zero. Thank God because everything they get here at early in the morning, is complete the lack of self esteem. Is it great motivator, I mean you need both self esteem and lack of self esteem. So for the feeling I have like lately, I have a real feeling of all the work disappearing into the into just like a digital black hole. Night does a kid
I was sixteen Willie ever see that the forty or virgin wrong, and so the fact I feel like its disappearing like old Algae Olsen movie shower makes me want to make another new one for this moment. Ah now, ok, really quick on your creative process. I for years, wrote from a place of Euro lazy piece of shit: Europe, a waste skin. Unless you start typing I've, always aspired to working from a place where, like oh, I have some fun to share and I want to sit down. I not found a way to work. That way. Do you have a thing where you just kind of winked at it, which is you wake up going? Well, I'm a piece of shit. If I don't create this thing right, my self esteem is such that I need to do this to validate myself. Has yours evolved over the years? It gotten any kind Do yourself? Do you aspire for it to be kinder to yourself, I'm trying to make it evolve and if I'm a has evolved a little bit, I still, you know, fear sitting down in front of the computer
we are looking at a legal pad every every time you do you're gonna find out if you're, good or not It's a really bad way to look at it like today. I find out if I value by an you, and so I'm very fast by books about athletes about flow. Michael Jordan, and he doesn't have to think it's like. He just knows what to do in their creative states of flow. You feel hook. Into the creativity of the universe. Think Bob Dylan. Unlike for years, he wrote like two hundred songs and you have those moments where you feel something outside of yourself coming To you and for me it is the only connection to the idea of spirituality or God isn't a moment when I have an idea bread and seemingly wasn't yours five minutes ago the if it can be a dick choke argues like oh, my god like. I feel part of everything that you have all of the universe. So what I'm trying and not be insane
I try to remind myself like riding, comes from a certain state of being open and relaxing and not wanting it's in there being in your ego. That's why you think of things in the shower and you think of things when your walk your friend. For me, a massage, I get a full house. I can't get some part of some story: I'll go, get the twenty dollars, foot massage and invariably I'm sitting there and I forget about that stupid project. And then I just blink my eyes and I was- and I have butts like pretty fleshed out idea fuck it just what say goodbye to Robert Craft and the way out Roberts Guy Cuz, I Roberts guy, because I know tipper and then I gave ever Movement but- maybe that's what you're trying to get too as a creative person you that flow. You know That's why writers rooms are fun on sitcoms his you just had big conversation,
right, you're, not alone, going like come dreamy idea come. I need it now, like it's a lot of writing to spare any writers out. There is just if they give yourself time where you just start typing. You judge nothing. And you just don't stop typing anything like I'm sitting here in the Ruby. I myself am we nothing's coming. Oh, my god, why my cat doing that? I too kind when I was eight whenever that can all yet I had got run over by the facts. Guy is mom, opened the door and suddenly to stuff like a journey, again right, don't stop you just let your mind just spew and then, if you really did that consistently somewhere in it is like a great joke for your act or a great story for a movie, your Iphone on isn't saying it's really, I mean other than WAR Michael's. I just don't. I can't think of some miles who for Hake somehow could recognise who was brilliant? Who was it worth it?
You think that comes from. Is it the ten thousand hours of watching other brilliant people, an isolated? What that x factor is or what that unique thing is like. How are you able to look at seven Evan and go over sure? Those guys are going to be able to do this. I know I'm not sure, like south of justice, weird guy from Canada, I mean something just sent me: a tape of forty heads from being Coover and observe their reading the scene? I decided. I know what that is, but I want to watch that and then a wee bit south and he read and he was super funny, and we said you know, every group and high schools got one of those guys yellow. It starts with that, like that we need like that. Sarcastic energy. Like that's a regional present, I have not seen on tv, but I lived with as a kid right. If every return, yes and then you get to know him and suddenly rose
God this guy, as is a huge heart, always a sweetheart guy, Chinese, so smart and funny, and when we can figure out how to fix a scene. His suggestions are generally, correct when we do improv with him to about a scene. His instincts are amazing and then, when we did undeclared wants to work with said together, which is making a writer on the show, People like while he's eighty years old like, but I think you might be as good or better than everyone on this show Ah, it's reveals itself right in some ways that instantaneous so. Jonah was in forty year virgin, He has one ninety seconds scene, but in that They were like this guy my yes right. I you just put him in knocked up and in that's generally, how it would go. Why told
story when I had a sister on here. One of my great regret. I have a few career ass, one who being as after that ninety seconds scene, I happen avalanche with he in China, and I did Madame. I noisy nominate unease. I concede that goes. I love your stuff. I want you to be in all my movies and housing, all your movies with like woody. What are you talking about an ice? I should have said I would like that's the delusion of of you. Yeah always is awesome and in an I'm glad he got the last eleven. I was the work, my market at your dream. You could have been his gay boarding in mid nineties by loved that movie. Did you see our friend? Oh, it's so incredible, mid nineties and that's it I'm most excited about with everyone is Ike Joan. Is you riding in directing and seven in writing de I am. What did you find this because I found it in a much smaller capacity, but in a few movies, I've directed that I've got to give people chances to be in movies. I hadn't been a movies previously or Mona can Robin. I I can't
internalize my own accomplishments for better or worse, probably for better to keep me motivated, but I can internalize there the opportunities sure in a way that is so fulfilling we're not responsible for any of it, but a wheel love Jonah and, as a result, due to some weird sliding doors thing wolf of sharing. There is a bit like a parental or family feeling it similar to Maud being on euphoria, have nothing to do with it, but you'd just feel proud of your part of the story in a significant way, so that with that was one of my other questions is. Is it heartbreaking when people go their own way as expected as prudence is rude or as all the other groups drift I've had to make that adjustment as a child of divorce? I pay
checked a lot of stuff HANS who it because I want evidence they together yeah, and I also feel we will have magic together There is magic elsewhere, but is a very special kind of magic when we collaborate you always want to be in this again, maybe we're all that can do everything together, but we know what at a five or so I'm going to do it because this year I feel that way about will and Adam. I love everything that they both do, but you want there to be in the cycle. Yeah cause, you know. No one else can do that. So I mean I find all of it. Weird. I find the transitory knee sure of show business hard yeah. I don't like that. I just made the Peat Davidson movie with all these people, so I made a whole bunch of new people. You know fear and it's like
unbridled. Then his ends not like one person is the brig. It's like the whole business is the brake vs. I miss every person on everything I did you. I've been to the talks you would have on sat of keen in terms of sixteen years old. Related heavyweight mean real toward him. Ah, how we were just like this: the coolest funniest sky, ah ha ever, and you know, on cable guy, you Jack blacklist cable guide. Oh it. So it's all the same that version of people you miss I'm so sad. I don't get this it everyday of peat homes and kicker on crashing ideas, yeah so in a weird way, its constant grief, really is it, and because I do a bunch of things it's a lot of grief because I'm not sitting around running love, episodes Paul rest. Today, yeah and
in love love. We rely less random, yeah yeah. We really like a rabbit hall at learning. It made us love sick, but really because without ski funny and in its Buddhism, there's life and his death and these projects or like that yeah and these relationships are morphing and changing and at I'm I'm kind of a horrider like if you come to my house like Amerika, crazy order, but I I seem everything from ever you still have. Those tapes was telling me: oh yeah, did you ever get river? Why would I'm the kind of person that just like I'd rather not see. I just want to throw everything away. I just a different kind of no I mean I found a tape. I was doing the sharing Mary and I went. Bulgaria was building a house and he thought it would be a funny HBO special to showed the entire process because he's like a normal,
wind up in lawsuits contractors there. Let's just start taping, it will just keep visiting the site, so we did it a few times and it was a Larry's and then he stopped doing it, but is he really did get into losses, and then I had all tape from ninety ninety one of Roseanne do and stand up at the improper. Like a high, eight tat cause. I was helping over their acts and then, at the end of the tape, three on the construction sector and its human in the background, is just kind of quietly pointing out that no one's work those guys over there than in the shadowy dogs. Oh, but my whole personality is to not want things to change right around so that, I think, is the lesson for me to wish everyone. Well, and to hold on Gee. I because you can't just not the nature of things work year, setting yourself up her hour break
M and all those things you do find it doesn't appear so give a great titles of the many reasons I'm jealous of Turn Tino. One of them is his fuckin a bill the title, something so uniquely great yeah. Indeed, all around the world titles- it I mean I've got lucky, guess some things just hit. You like, I knocked up sharp August works or the forty old virgin. It does say what it as yes he has in. This is forty eight right, you know, but we ve made mistakes. Like one mistake, we made. We had the this great movie with Jason, seeking called the five year engagement, a high, and it should have been just called the engagement or something. But people heard the number five, and I Like does on your title. I think I'm gonna give you five years, this right right, gringamore, more christmases like soon as I see the first,
Christmas, unlike others, three more and I get a guess ass. I was about new. Nor will they all be the same amount of time. I know I track that view like the bugs me yeah or threats like seven wave. Furthermore, it overnight wage got a lot of ways to plug, has called the history of stand up, very good. Anyway, that was a movie where we thought I think we messed up that title and use the big sick. One we're like. Does anyone wanna beasts rye unwillingly cancer, but I mean I lie idle. I get the answer that I lie yes rapidly, dude what avoid sickness can I tell you, I am yours: go back in through revision. Is history you're a genius right? The court Monday morning quarter backing right so now, you're going will five euros, and maybe you have Inklings then, but I can tell you one words like I saw. I went to an early screening of frozen myself,
between lasted are in prison watch the movie. As I said, this is a new movie and I remember thinking no frozen people. People who want to be hold at once I was I was. I was adamant about your. I have full conviction that was a terrible title before them. Anyone I do. I represent a major. I don't know about frozen tied up with. The movie is mainly due to the heavy various who billion available that, instead of a measly one, point to Wayne. Actually, when I came to LA in nineteen eighty five to go to USC, I was seventeen years old. The first day I went to the laugh factory that I'd written some articles for the Laugh Factory magazine and Wayne. The first person I met? That's you know, that's kind of. I think how you end up evaluating people. I do at least in in life when you find out they ve got like oh eleven thousand burnt bridge
you're like well tell me about your eye. They're holding Miguel sitting, enabled we're auguries walls a moment of David Crosbie Documentary, which is amazing and he's talking about how it like everyone's mad at me, sad friends with anyone crises on the airlines, man them. He says you know normally, I would say, was their armies, but because its area, it must be made with everything. One thing I just want a measly just say thanks war, which is where we're friends was gotten south and documentary, mine, also yeah, each year's land. Then it's like. I only know what adjectives use describe it, but it is like this little fairy tale. A mere aid that they live in, creating and live in its there's something seven these about it. It's so interesting. If anyone wants to see it at its on HBO streaming as is the champion of May at last, is, could he have homemade less Rick Reuben said to me: you know you view,
some of their music, but there they're making a new record soon. Maybe you should YO documented somehow so we have no plan at all and I dont know them at all. How can me and my friend my your fans of their music like their music, but I wasn't crazed and so Rick Reuben says something about these guys life. Better when you're around them and ass? Well, what I said: ok, so my friend Michael Bun Figo, who who I did the directed the Dwight good in Darrell, strawberry, thirty, four thirty with He went down and an recorded them. Playing their new songs for each other yanza. Two brothers they sit down like and we're gonna there's what are you working on and they do in this little recording studio, butchers like in a church, and we just did an experimental shoot
and it was just magic, yeah and then for two years. Just my own money I had do, I don't know if we would took it everything I I just kept: sending might two different places to record them and we realized his nose. Aubrey here, because they're just nice yeah and then we realise that that's what it was about. It is about two brothers love each other and the creative process, and it's not about that. The old suddenly go the war that became very engaging in dramatic in its own way. How they love and support each other and end there, really gotta again sad is over hours the of its whatever reasons follow them around totally if I an empty kids have said to south. Like might still one of my fantasies of number got to live out as, like. I just want to be in your boss, four issues
I don't want anything other than like drink coffee in there with you guys and maybe sleep in a bank. I yes really want that. Experience before I die, I think you're gonna get. It Wendy's key. I hope they play when they're older cuz. I got to wait till these kids are out of the house, see my kids are old. Now my daughter is sixteen and you turn seventeen in a couple of weeks and Maude is an adult. I guess, and so let me know I think we could start doing. Those things is just happening now, yeah less it went to Mexico during the war, all my rights of man. I got five days Do you know I have ever terminal disease that right here? Don't you ever think there's only for yourself. What kind of thoughts did you have because you know there's all these varying levels like I talk about me kids Anear allow which already that came with its own? Like should I shouldn't I knew
can you play these games in your head you're trying to make both sides of the argument make sure you make the right decision, but when they expressed an interest in being your movies? What is the like? What do you even Leslie go through? Is it immediately like fuck out as fun as family or a family business? If we made shoes they be on the floor selling them? What is the process by which you decide whether or not to do it any interest in doing all that helps, I just didn't want to do it with other people's kids, so I just thought two so me kid actors in their parents and some home or nice with some of them are a nightmare and muscle in movies. When people have kids, it never seems like they are key. It's right. That was my main thing is like. It always looks like I like a weird stranger yeah, so I just thought it would just seem better and in the beginning it was literally just dropping them into airs, having conversations around them and then they don't even realise the cameras. Are they after five years of age, you start talking, arrive
in writing, and I had seen this movie by the safety brothers that Lena Dunham showed me called daddy long legs, aha and it's a sky and entities with. I am. I think that a six year called the whole movie is thy him in this kid, aha and I think in real life, it's his kid right, but they found a way to tell the whole story and clear the kid isn't even acting the whole proving ride. So just real whatever happened, they went with it sure, and I think that inspired me that you could do do that and in movies right and then at some point you have to ask Do you want to do the right light engineering sag now savings account ramparts, stealing all this money for it. Then they tell you if they like him, ok and at some point they said that they did like it and then you also
Hugo. Are they good Charlotte, Jim and my kids into the movies? And then I realize they're, not good right right right. Luckily, you never know it's apparent, but they seem to be because what's interesting is I'll, take the other side. Anyway, I remember being unfair, rose, showed dinner dinner for five. You shall I and down Nepal run out real on then show oh no kidding. Why was fruitful, but Tim Blake Nelson was answer, and he was saying that he gets really embarrassing. Is he gets stop by people in front of his kids now? Finally, getting stuck adjust? That's my time with my kids onawandah interact with anyone, but my kids, but that wasn't histories. He found it to be very embarrassing that he would be being recognised for this. What is a silly job? Basically, like he's, not a doktor or something- and I said, that's bonkers- it's one of the hardest jobs had ever find employment, and you should really feel proud of the fact that you you make a living doing this. I think that's incredibly steamboat, but then it women too He would not want to kids that. Can I at that time took the position of like one at all
other jobs, and I can promise you that this attitude, one is about as good as the adolescent gets. As I always tell you, if you can escape and and do this, a roof in Detroit and a winner do and rubber roof. Your fuckin winning sure- and I bet you do- get scared. I would have been a good what, if what, if they're so needy and in secure that they did, this hurts them in some way, because most people fail the hour and end there's a lot in the business that destroys you in your, not strong, yellow makes your regular. Yes for sure you, you know, I'd, try to float above it now, a little and go out if you want to, but generally I preach Business is easier if you also learn how to write, direct and produce yeah, just keep switching gears if you're not getting an acting job go sitting right and if you know how to do that, it's a fun career. If you're just waiting on someone to give you a kiss
Give you a film called hellish. If your way then curls junior, shall you got the commercial yeah if your entire life is in the hands of a marketing department that doesn't understand you're exactly it's very danger as oath. That's why I tell them and they seem to be going with it and generally, I just think about J Chasm and just go yeah. Yes, Dad Lawrence Cousin takes the greatest guy. The world must have the world, yet somehow it's possible yeah did she have fun on you for you, she daddy, she did it, and does she worked on a movie called assassination nation with SAM Levinson, that shows incredible euphoria. I think about it. Three I'll, let you know when I finish, I'm scared, I'm apparent, I go slow and you have you not. The breakthrough for me was because I have two daughters as well, and I was like: oh you ye it. Gary, even as an ex drug addicts who got navigated out of it still scary, but I I had a remember watching less than zero and was like.
Was able, at my age then to recognise less than zero was a very heightened world, but that the emotional troops were real and that that was the appeal, not the suck dick for crack or whatever. I think that he is a very strong anti had save your message and kids get that same reason. Why people love Billy Irish right now I lingered certain artists expressing the view the anxiety ended in the detention of this moment. What it's like to be. In this age in a very raw way that isn't exactly how we felt it. I was more profess. Said ridge about I e S, kind of person or diner, the I add the where my touchdowns now PETE Davidson, I've never met him. He does has this magical thing where you kind of love em did is dad died and nine eleven years. That was a fireman firemen who died on nine eleven and he,
twice a year he's a sweetheart guy, that's been through more than anyone. You know a yeah, it's a very unique experience to be the child of someone that died on nine hundred and eleven out of the loop. Just your grief, it's the world's grief and it never ends in a way. People are always talking about it like my mom died, so she died eleven years ago. Talks about now about its managers have complicated experience that only a few People understand yeah when you're directly tied into that national trauma, and then you have your personal family trauma at the same time, yes, and so peat has been very- brave, to write about it, both in his stand up hilariously in darkly high and in a way that people respond to and and realize this is how he survived as he developed this creativity, oh yeah, around at Emily, was an amazing Stanhope at seventeen. Eighteen years,
which is unheard of yeah end, and then he was very brave sitting with me. In his partner, Dave Cyrus, crafting a story that isn't whose story, but is inspired by all his feelings. This and all the ways that he's trying to heal from it yeah and he's dead those people that the whole world you know his rooting for yeah. Are you drawn into the like God? I want to be in his life to help him in whatever way, can I mean I they are always have that inclination to collaborate with people who a story to tell who have wounds, we're trying to work through something as even my movies, that I'm making movies at her my personal movies. I know I'm making them to work through issues. It with allow the movies, I think, what I'm doing unconsciously, but now it more consciously is writing what health would look like it. A path to get
yeah yeah yeah should our so at the end of train wreck. She learns some lessons about herself, the that changes are, but what what would have to go wrong? for her to be forced to learn those laws and I think a lot of my movies tend to be developed with that in mind and yeah. Well, I I don't think we ve gotta get somewhere. I read I've started like listing stuff. You dont, like I'm, not even in a really seen even now, having no new for fifteen years and obviously knowing what you did a still would be like. Oh, that's rainy, directed trainer. Oh that's right! Bridesmaid! Oh that's! Right! Elbow increments, whatever incredible career, clearly a genius for being able to help a lot of different peoples, points of view come to productive output of it. It's it's! It's a very cool thing. My doubt,
give yourself credit for it, but I'll give it to you publicly. It's really impressive you're a peach. I love you. I hope you come and visit. Is there a? Is there a date? I know there's not a title, but they are a June. 19Th is unknown title movie. I say, and then neither the its Gary Shellings book of your interest and in his life and yes and the Very Goldman HBO Special starts airing October, fifth, ok grape and lastly, the comedians cars with Shambley, iced islets, my favorite Jonah king of the title right, but comedians getting having Garcia with sugar in coffee. I know it's amazing and it's amazing, as it is like Is there are so many things I wanted to say to the world through any found a weird place to do it with us friend does become an odd good by its there's, a sweet, bitter, Sweet Sweetwater sweetness too, that there is your title by the one zero metre.
For I am speaking of holding on to things, because I believe it was very moved as a moment where they're talking about David Brenner, die and and Jerry Sign from says you know, but I don't everything but those jokes like what happens all those jokes and carry says you know those. We're just an expression of his spirit and adjacent to the job jobs, like isn't that enough you're alive everything again, but it's amazing exchange, but it is about hoarding verses, letting go totally totalling I, like you, ve gotta, be wiser things for you, I'm in across the country to get active working under house and now my favorite part of the show the black jack with my soul, mating Monica bad men when I get back feeling I won't factual will he yeah factual here,
oh right, makes me feel so far helps to rule Ma Ma am factual he'll in baby is good for me all. I guess you We haven't had a song and, while some than those good over me, and, while I wonder, read all the lyrics that p m m m c C. Coms wrote to me: Puffy Oh my gosh, it was probably connotes, actually p m m c c, o envy ass, an instagram. I think it's puffy PD coms, love he daddy. You do what tell me why. What is it you have about? Well, I, like I like songs, I like his making the ban, show gotta love that Shall I didn't watch? Oh my god, it was a good show and I tried to learn the dance. Mama
are you dear yeah ended you succeed, kind of I'd, love to see it, and I remember ok now what about shake your tail feathers? I wonder, then, no Amazon, Asia, your tail rather, but allow me shaky, might her anger that I see so grossly them on my side. Yeah it's here is over for a far very prone, switcher appetite. How are you but way were it had by Judd. So brat wine Stein emailed me back. Ok, and here
said: do you mean literally false metaphorically true metaphorically? True? That's is that's his statement, while the whole thing is literally false, metaphorically true, o literally false metaphor. Ah new, possibly a lot of words well either I thought of the great I don't fight with you. I remember saying these are metaphorical truths and when we are talking to him so im just wondering if he's added those words, in that he's out of those two first words. Maybe to the thing that we talked about in the past, but it too I mean I can't be less his general thought on it literally false metaphorically term, maybe when o literally all's, comma, yeah, ok great You said it as one thing, literally false metaphorically true, as I don't remember, being four words but literally false, comma, metaphorically, true, yeah, now I'm and now my board so that as well
that's. Ok, I was your drive out here- were live from the south Oh yeah, I want to seize, boils mouth which has got order today for more episodes of your fan and show the beasts and five or six more common on the backside of that thirteen regulation. Thanks and congratulations to the crew when all the great actors that got us and that's. Why are you here Mr Mann, now I am not just talking about a yesterday with one of the directors. It is the first time in my almost the first time in my career, where I am those bona fide straight man, yeah and everyone else- gets to be real funny around me character, radio in just most the time working for me, I was doing now yeah. That's true? I might Jason Bateman and arrest the development. Do you have some and secure the about that, no one. Why like, like generally. I always felt like that was on my shoulders in a senior like to deliver some
easier funny or the scene would be crazy, you're funny now my oh, not my problem, the AK. This sector is going to do this and then he does it in its fund. A watch yeah, that's true! I get off oh see none of its on my play being the straight man now for people who don't know they're, not in the comedy, ah, there's generally to characters a straight man, Anna Carers, leaders, yeah and the stray man is there to sort of bouts off and sort of reflected, normalcy, audience yep, and it's actually very hard to do it's very hard to be a statement and a comedy and still have energy and be an interesting character. Rights which drew think of a great example,
like comedic straight man, whose career was being straight while you saw it, sat at eight men bait Mania Dan ACT right. I think, for the most part, like involution Baluchi was kind of crazy and he was more. The straight man yeah responds like us. Cherry chase was
girls, and he was kind of strange man anyways. I like it yeah good yet, but I can see if I hadn't got to do the other thing I would be jealous, share them check as they're. Getting all the laugh sunset, yeah, ok, Chad's we adjourn on which is a big fish, big gap. What a resume are you kidding me? I mean my goodness of anyone's ever had a string of companies like that or that successful now has pretty amazing. I also missing casino. He has this book for Gary Shit, Gary Shillings Book and you did a documentary about ham. Here is a mentor, and I was just thinking about that is keeping him alive right and that made me sad for him. I mean an hat like I made me happy for him that he is able to do that and still sort of delve into his world, but it also made me feel like
Oh, he doesn't want to let go of hand writing which made me sat feel safe for him. Yeah man Tartu up people. That much should be doing that for somebody because even had a real, close friend in the public eye who died, young people live under for you, you will again also working on a couple years, I'll start going through my journal when you die what even it. What do you want to happen with your journals, ruined and rain, and they can absolutely will be dead, but what about people in them? What about them that are alive? It might back them in what way. Oh, I don't know it's inner germ of us, so I don't know, but if you're talking about Some. I generally don't writhing bad about anybody Don't worry about me,
how to react to starve what happened? What I'm afraid of you now sunlike Monica Bitch, robs the way you did right near Germany. You hoped I would die in your dream, yeah you. You thought I did that which I never would deal with. Nor have I, although, if you want, because this could be deployed, this is oats, if he's choice, because I have a, I have an opportunity to make a dreams can come. True, I can make your dream come true, but just writing my journal, I hope you die in. Should you always try to make someone's dreams come true, but I would never want to write that am my journal. All the owl, it's a real catch, twenty two or why do I make people's nightmares come true? Will you use your position as a dream? Because there was a dream that I didn't like it right. It is a nightmare, but when you pose it as a dream that than the wording of it sounds like you should make. Someone's dream come true right
That's an old saying all my dream, having here using literal dreams with dream of Graham intentionally area. For the sake of this being a catch. Twenty two o clock, you see how I'm trying to make it that I see yeah well, yeah. You can make a come true I'll check when you're dead see what you decided to do a deal. Would you let me ask you: this is a joke passed in new found her? He had been keeping a journal for thirty years. Would you read it
ass you were so then I am inclined to think my daughter's will read it loud journal. I think they have how much I would want them to read. I think, as they get into their twenties s when I started writing it. Yeah, hopefully, though, recognise I was struggling with the same stuff they might be struggling with, because nobody think, oh, we think of appearances. I don't even have feelings. Re entered his hunky dory near plodding along there followed a shelf was like really wrestling with some kind of stuff that related to you. I could be comforting that makes sense, but I don't think they need to find out when your dad, why don't you just tell em when you're alive like I enjoy and shared ivy yeah yeah? I think you could show
all that yeah. I don't plan on keeping me about secret year because I think, like its extra sad if they find it all out after when, like the kingdom and talk about it with you or was they hire a medium less true community with me, I was I'm dead and I get the key building interrupted. I'll be frustrate. Well, what do you think you'll be doing that you'll get frustrated disposed to be eaten right is supposed to be healthy, and it's going to be you, for. I can blissful in la love. You ve, never experience. So I don't know. I had actually houses unjust talking with your uncle now you hired me. He wants to know. If you remember where his car keys are. You were the last person to see him die. I can figure out your owners stuff, I'm not here now. Ok, I you know worked hard to get
here well now, when we get to do my favorite part of national, was wasn't fantasy or forefront yeah. My friends came from Georgia, they drove. We watch the game, the big Georgia, in their ITALY inordinately attractive. Are there, I think so I think so too the really good looking near last night, we inner viewed somebody yeah the evening, we're talkin my popularity in I look at those friends you have. They were popular yeah yeah. They were here in their groups. Are you or popular there's almost nodes? always ways about still think. There's differences we all feel unpopular. I dont think I was
unpopular? I would never say that, but I dont think, but a turn you give yourself a six of popularity. Maybe a seven I think you had to have been in aid of popularity does based on a lot of things well, but nobody wants to date. Me that's a big part of it raw popularity and we're all. But but again, this is where you- and I are you lot, which is. I am quite certain alot of people on the day you and I- and I really, but those people sent some signals that you didn't catch you earlier I agree that this agreement, I have to agree to disagree on, but that is how I explain: map Christina one of the girl. She was palms. Oh, she why? So that's a ten right if you're prom, queen that's organist, set the bar at ten. Ok well, prom queen was picked by the faculty of books and Israel, but she was very popular. That's why boots real they now Israel, teachers, poets argument, Kinder Riah, but I think,
that's the point is like these are like good kids. Would you I've homecoming court is chosen and queen and king is chosen by student body, all car? Ok, I think she was on core, always well yeah, a double whammy issues very positive Now there was a group of people in my school that were incredibly popular cause like let's say the girl was just the prettiest girl and school am, but rarely did that person then have the most sparkly personality where they would be overall pesos, zoos, literally just their looks, had him in that top strata of popularity me and they won't even that outgoing, somebody more aunt reverts in super hi. It's true and become super pop. It was like there are two groups. One was with my colleague the party group.
That was the most popular I would say. Ok, I wasn't in that, although I was friends with everyone in it sure, but I always were that, were they bf weeds as well, some of them were made cheerleading squad and yes, some Falada geysers full ballplayer yeah. They seem to get a fast pass football players in you re like they do wrong were they the most popular your school football players, Niggah self MIA? Robert? Where would you give yourself out of ten? I didn't I was for the kids, not at my school that were all like older musicians. That's a move as you know, was that a reaction to loose flame, how that how I came to be- I was friends with all the like: jock people, Elementary school Junior, high, ok, let sports, aha and then high school, kind of like a blaze are rather that no, it was a because, though, you did not feel like you're being embraced by group, because now I too,
had a satellite group of friends not at my high school, but that was largely response to me. A ninth and tenth grade feeling like no one really liked me, so they us, What's going on these gear had friends, I have a little bit to do that. Little mix match Kai rolled chicken. The leg, well. Let us all here on the same trailer, ass right, dusty, said a blessing mass and New Hall, California aquifer banality. Oh finale so many roads, leading to one play. Alleys sign that word. Yes, replied you, the IP address aboard to me as very soothing. Oh I get it back with banality. It sounds like water. I think with analogy backward finale, rose, icing awkward for an area the alarming. It water, I think I'll go finale should be a thing to because all streams lined up in the ocean. So there were all of your right. Ok, pod appetite, ok yeah just so I just felt sad for him. That
he had lost. Somebody love someone yeah, but I will. I will keep her memory alive, although maybe all day, although we will die together That is fine, but regret, warlike girl at sea. I would be a hundred into your nine be here and I already your visiting me my retirement community and calling out and I'm hammer, and even though I have agreed that I can drive a golf cart some always day and the community, we do decide to go off property nor across a pretty busy road, weren't laugh and we're in the middle of a good laugh, Budweiser truck smiles as boy turns into dust. That's kind of the dream right: So is it amends only retirement knew no woman. I can live there. You I just because your ninety you're still like on your own, you might I gladly living in the city. Still
I'm out near israeli and a double why'd. He mentioned that there was a bear on some movie that killed its trainer or all that was Stephen K, Miller the train or not the mayor girl they would give the bearer three be cool. Stephen came Miller was an american animal trainer angler and stunned double who was killed by a barrel, making a promotional video, not even a movie hikes Miller, had worked as a trainer at predators and action and animal training facility operate, advises by his car as an Randy Miller, Ruby Miller is the one who owned Fuckin Barton. Bear? No use the window owned, a New York, Seltzer Water Y, all lifestyles, the rich and fame is the dad started New York, Seltzer water, and then he turned the whole company over to his son. Only four years old, these the subject of a lifestyles and riches famous he announces a new flavour by based jumping off the roof of the Mai
dream, drag racist cars. He s pet tigers, these walking through the office enormous attacking people that guy I then went into animal wrangling. That's him so size, fucking or dad son. The London Randy. Yes, Randy had sweet long hair, a fuck I mean he is so awesomely abies in that Why are you sure it's the same? Randy mail are positive because I know he's gone into predatory animal wrangling. Oh my god, Yet the bet the company went belly up, but he will probably after this incident, but he had accumulated some wild big cats in front of him. I got so he hired is key. And I didn't know that is a big up day, because okay, so yeah Randy Miller that trains, wild and exotic animals for film and television appearances at the time of his death, nor was not working as a trainer, but was attempting to perform a bare wrestling, stunned, supervised by Randy
what could be worldwide watching a love one get attacked by a bear in your entire you're supposed to be quote in charge? I'm telling you this, I'm not afraid of a lot of motor sport stuff. Here I am terrified animals. I they are so unpredictable yeah. Every time you see like animals Attack tv show, how to be like clips of always someone on a talk show with a bear and that bear out of nowhere just goes berserk and attacks, or these fucking cats get real. Or a tiger. You can't ever trust they're, not gonna eat you a green Roy yeah, you couldn't be closer to some tigers than they were in the got mall right. I think of your leave just playing with fire on these movies, and tv inside juggling hand guns. Now I dont like good at it, but it also just goes to show like actors feel like they just can't say, and you can't because I'll just hire. Somebody else will do it. Also what I suffered from his youth
grown up watching movies. Your whole life in movies people interact with animals, they jump off cliffs and all is so like when I was doing without a paddle, I felt like somehow this has been organised in a way. That is a view I now than it was until I want to start man get her words like: oh, no, no one hears impervious to getting really fucked. I now doing this stuff you're doing stuff. I'm gonna do a show where I'm just had written the home like six seasons. Oh my goodness, so I'm just gonna napping there is a will. She won't you get out of bed like the whole tat. I am a couple times you actually get your feet on the ground. Well, you're going to live here now will see what happens so much the lunar them people associate with Spain and vice versa. Cheers like what we would call shut in so sure that you don't have the physique of a shock.
You're gonna be aware a lady, I have to say at a fat suit nods. Now, when I named, but in show business lapse after where fat suit well nigh can break the stereotype. Are you put it wave for cool, but on the way, Where are you guys know, you don't have to be larger to be a shut in me alone after you can have just agoraphobia near the bed kind of right room oh yeah yeah. I know I'm gonna get on their ogre. Okay, so use Roseanne bar right, but the The no yeah news shout got twenty five. Lillian viewers quadrupled what any should have got in the last fifteen years. Oops. I forgot to backtrack that last part of your right hand. I I don't think it's right here at the first episode of Roseanne
delivered at eighteen point, two million viewers and a five point, one rating among adults, eighteen, forty, nine, so just put them in the context, was dismissed as a comedy, yeah? It's like, I think three and a half million viewers aware Kristen Show is a hit comedy. I think it's like two point: six million viewers are right and this guy eighteen. Opening, that's crazy man case. It is six times as much as, like your other sure, that's true, but I wonder what the next big ears all the next biggest would probably be the were
geniuses, big bang, firing right, which former I only yeah, the series fell from its height and concluded with a ten point. Three still inside you're still in Seattle area, still humongous us not almost impossible ladders. Yes, I thought it was really interesting, since he knows are when his thoughts on her in her mental illness and all that he thinks I'm not thinks he's like she has mental illness. She talks about bad and you nurse Nanda, yes, and he interviewed her for his book always being that book sickened. The head is fantastic areas. It is so good. I have it and it's just interviews with all these different committees but the interviews are really good and and very interesting out. It's a good read. Only it's cute goodies returned interviewing. So many times you started as a kid callings comedians and get on the phone with them. That's true by accident, basically work
who'll full circle and he's really manifested some start. Insurers. Ok, people work infuse towards the end he brought his friend or his friend came yeah. I was confused here. Confused. I thought he had something to do with a new project that he was maybe promoting round to see at a buddy stop by the air, because I think they together we're gonna, go to the next thing. Aha, so as like come in for a bit, his name when he was so nice very nose and very funny. I think, he's a comedian beyond good. Looking colony sexy rich all the box on all the voices were checked. Ok, so he talks about
this movie called daddy long legs and it's a dad and his kid and then he said I think, maybe that's Israel kid, but it's not order was now. The kids are not his real kids, but they are brothers. There's dominated your children. Miasm ones occur, but bear no relationship to the leading actor right other than friends. I think a friend the lifetime. For here I think well, this is just a thought I had that, since he grew up around people who he identified as being so funny and stars like Adam Sandler in yours like oh, I just know this person's gonna be the biggest star in the world, and I bet that subconsciously did give him some competence or he just has some magic or he can identify what is actually says
there's something special unpeopled. I think he can identify the thing. That's what is genius. Its round will recognise that certain Evan are competent and after right there on movie yeah, you know or that all is well yeah, something that's is definite geniuses. We all recognise who's got the air, but maybe it's been started even then, just with his room. He just identified like of this person, is gonna, be a massive star and it seems like old dog is Adam SAM. So good, but knew just a boy in an apartment. Oh right, right in there are so many talented people out here to be able to be like nope this one and then happen Zira as crazy. It is crazy, but I bet it would be. A evidence builder in that at least eliminates one of the things you tell yourself, which is like. Will this couldn't happen to me
but if your bozo room becomes out of sailor, I well fog, it happened to him yeah. It happened to me. That's true, yeah proximity that success- the sitting at every anyone. That's the message and is in essence a good message. I love you. I love you. Let's put some IRAN in here. Ok,
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