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2019-05-13 | 🔗

Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers, Dodgeball, Alvin and the Chipmunks) is an American actor and comedian. Justin sits down in the attic to discuss growing up in a religious family, feeling protective of his older brother and he shares the moment he realized adults can be wrong. Justin talks about his relationship with men who are physically larger than him and Dax is blown away by Justin’s Vince Vaughn impression. Dax as Justin talk about the rare experience of dating someone in the public eye, Dax lists reasons why he is jealous of Justin and Justin talks about getting abducted in Michigan. 

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Welcome. Welcome, welcome to arm chair expert, I'm Dan Shepherd, I'm joined by having nominated Monica Mouse fell on a car out of Monica minor affair. Today we have just a beautiful body of our Just don't love you long time. Just in long is so sweet and talented, and he did your favorite. Much is double impersonations. He is in ridable at impersonation he's a bit of us mimicking savant has his veins Vaughan, So, if you can do is, are you know just along from dodgeball, cheaper creepers accepted, live free or die hard. You privileges, nor does he super funny in these cute. As all get out any is a new pod cast which I'm on a on. Then he is on ours and his pot. Guesses, called life is short with just in long life is short with just in long, but so please check that out.
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ability in its very track of its very high quality, and I wish Monica were years. I'd pay her a similar. I love the two years ago. My favorite part is the post show in a blank cheque. Roll up our sleeves and our you another? I played its great you have this. It's such a perfect comedic. I now you also sound like a bit like cartoon, like inviting cartoon character, all you have a kind of melody to your voice in its inviting it's up and she has a kind of it little. She sounds like the little minute. Your mama yes well, but when I was thing I can say to you is that I am emphasis of your kind of vocal control, because you are what I've never been able to do a bit. I did a few up a sort of king of the Hell yeah last forever, and I think that just because they like mounting unnecessarily did a good job, but I've always been pretty sub power at like cartoon voices voice over stuff that you're fantastic at it in, as is my wife,
I believe we all share, Michael Jordan of that you. I know that when you walk out only nor sovereignty for one category yeah, you can take everything. Would have because Monica wasn't here. We just did it man verily word. I would why not bid you find that when you were younger in your career, you had more bravado in that you would take bigger swings or do you feel like you're, consistent We are willing to go out on a far limb out. You see, I would say the opposite. I would be more inclined to swing more now saw now. I back then, especially the beginning. You know you're limited obviously, by what people are willing to put you in right. Yeah it'll idiosyncrasy was kind like ever. I got to do little character parts. Yeah. I really misery years as in a two. Eighty for me was Camacho for my favorite I'm a yearning was self funding. Terry was
gray. I've already you, but when you didn't know it was you made it it? Wasn't it wasn't a caricature, it was. It was this ridiculous character really dumb guy, but but you felt forum, that's a feat of well. Thank you. A guy who's like really into farming and jerking off in my German, watching out that that's based on a risk of a kind that I knew in high school. No clear talk like that is, on the one hand, of the whole try using always our hooking. When this angle on weekends, illicit, I hadn't thought we go below from
car owners of fog. Dear Helen there, like every story, I will write into every story ends with night. They find a car. He saw his uncle crashed into some is a real ragtag were flooded over the fog and dear lower LE hour. By hour an hour we thank polarizing performs a people tend to hate it or they like the. U bs me Fredo any the accuracy, and you know that that moving humanity does XIX, but we made it and she doesn't four year and its add on a shelf for along one of the things the studio thought, while the deck the characters is so terrible, we gotta get them to fix it, so they sent my can. I do and eighty are booth and I had a loop, no share my entire fucking performance in a normal vorhees. Why, which was even worse I'm not great at eighty are nothing matched and oh my guy Yazzi girls. They thought it was so too
stream, it was yeah, is annoying that he had a little figure. I mean I, I must again like people, they like it or they love it, and I happened to be doing like a couple opposites, king in the hail, and I had read that script now's I I brought it up to him at lunch, might like only fucking love, that's great, while two thousand. What was a comment three thousand was, but we see I was like a really one: auditioning all's poacher immoral, vocal like us, and so I hope they will lose is let me out there should be a world like a big big, so I was just please let me audition. I did this character the growing very
they might work all about, and then I audition and then a kind of any news of the most modern work with this important work, completely negative point that that's a great Butscha unwell, that's hard to do he's one of like a handful of people like you were you didn't you did him too vague? What we are doing that movie? You ve spent more dermody talking new year might I ask, but I asked him: if he'd do my outgoing message, I remember that yeah yeah and he messed up the first time he used in Beavis, invite her ear. He was your enraged. Justin found mean on account of some kind
that way them, even if an angel. I wish I'd that there were, but I have it on for so long and and I used to do dumb outgoing message right would do impressions of people drive ahead of Franco up, and he said after my left behind by had one which was actually beavers and butter. Obviously my friend was I not your best. Not so I was just newly sober. I get sober for idiosyncrasy. Ok, I remember being very jealous of you, because you we're having a factor area. You are having a rate. Great tat was only do one day right in your written, Austria. You know you're hanging out with MIKE, and I was I got to do coke Raw arrived and then that that night, that you got him to do that, and I was with you guys that the air and then I appealed are because it was timed to get go. I know you're soberly and then so you got
got drunk and I guess, and then I thought you didn't like on. We gotta get me to do my ongoing measures. This is when I'm missing could have an outgoing message from my give I advocate gotten lose about with everyone on this case and so much fun. We, I would never have had the nerve to ask him, had it not been for major meaning. We worked together. I was thinking about this and I don't was just that now three things I wouldn't have been able to answer that off the top of my head. We were an idiotic receive together. We an old dogs, Bulgaria, all dogs yeah, we're both in Veronica Mars. Oh ok, yeah right, that's right, but we never stuff to do now. We ve actually seemed now we're going to start at the beginning. A little bit. Take you back to Connecticut nineteen. Seventy eight June second diver
we're gonna get in. There was less Vienna Latin professor young people, they teach latin Israeli, but he need he used it alot heat also, I'm another bragged monitor, but I work and eleven he's those ancient Greek too loud, landslide ancient Greek, no kidding yeah he's like why. Why was the interest in that your question? He was really into the rappings of Catholicism, like the academic part of thousands and a heart. So the only was a kid I was like the handing out, the other, the robes in the tradition of them had reached re Agincourt yeah. I think ass he got odorants smarter, developed his brain. He was a sickly kid to so. He was inside our reading. Ok, so that's where he derived a lot of his value. He was the smart one behind think that was important to him and now you're going to listen publicly butter,
but maybe you arrays catholic as well very much. I and my dad was in the cemetery for seven year- oh my goodness yeah, so he was very very there. Quite Catholics does so even in his eye cure. Yeah city about it and never went as far as like. Or should we be continuing this? It was just he had an interest in it in Cavallo in in a thousand years. A kid I mean he was raised catholic right. Then we went to similar, I think, was We even have a lot of money, so I think there is also a way to get an education right which she, got any and all of the seminary to be a pre yeah yeah ran. You know it's hard to this day, unclosed with might ever closer, both my parents, but it's still kind of unclear why he left the seminar. Can I throw it theory at an early stage. He got a warning it won't get our idea of what the fuck am. I doing about this Horning as young man and I'm gonna shut its door forever yeah I he was shot full. A worn. Aren't you dad was a year was a
you're old thing, as does anyone I've arranged. Indeed, he did, he carry any kind of guilt or shame for having not gone the whole distance. Yeah yeah, that's a thing that sort of exploring now right, he did an end. Is the strange thing to make my both my parents. Mothers are still arrived three hundred into all my good near each other. I Italians that one is italian and why is part of the German. Ok makes a good for congratulations, unlike in genetic. Well, there's! No one in my family. That's live past forty, I mean I mean, that's it you ve made. It know whether the men one is like yours, alcoholism, stupid idea, and so the seminar you're you're, probably right thinking at horny in here. I think you want. You didn't meet your mom for Now. The latter amendment, your mom, won't be kind of cool stories like he was something about yeah yeah. That would be really good. It was the reason for the horn, GM seeds and she did the impossible.
Or gathering up. There has to be a movie where a guy in the cemetery worth it that seminar book, but there has to be a movie work and there s some merry gets mad a gal. They must be ran, then was lured away here. So you were in church every Sunday, yeah I was altar boy. While you were, we were sick really into a serious about it. It was to mercy right. I know it's funny all these things now, but obviously the tale of the pet aphelion on these stories. I never you never saw them I emphasise that lucky, the likely I know, but I saw a very positive montague. You guess talk about. Adding s is two things are utilizing things. Yes, I do that myself and I think I do it because in church I was, I was trying to get me outta. My brothers to laugh, and so I would I would address- is to some of them prayers whenever it ended with something. Let us Bower heads how Marian marries
you just add that your voice can a lingering everybody else. Is it a bit with my friend Craig Island used to sit on the opposite of the church and we would play this game a chicken to see who would rise? First. My five minutes would sit last or new. The mindset of me words like away every earnest situation. All you can think of is all the worse things. You could do yes, such a fertile place for that geysers, sows and direct centre. So its structure- and I was too much for me- I had so much impulse control it or we would just given so much trouble. My brother and I I still have even now, I'm in charge now the few times and then only oh god, I don't wanna, make fine went too far. When a deficient, my car hire a stir the pot a little bit absolutely wake everyone up here, but the one good thing that I liked about the bat southern Baptists thing over the Catholics was, you know you got through that whole sermon. He heard some a man's and it was uncomfortable. But then you went to the back yard at the church in these
other matters, so there was a fuckin sizzler. Basically that was laid out or maybe I'd chicken and almost delicious food. And then you just you: U gorge yourselves! That was a party of earlier on that that apart, I, like our version of that was doughnuts. There is a right jack. Don't you right now that now I think about yet my pity would take us to get some doughnuts after catholic Church PPM but Bobby problems that various Pepe wanted us to call him a message: Mimi, their french PPM, Emmi Midge was not going for the shaded math, but any re it and, I think, the vitally about Midge. She goes by marriage because she thinks Herndon name is so ugly. What's your name Madeline you're. Beautiful was viewed name, I let my good evening, Madeline man, but I think I was gladly mental illness like a grandma's name, she goes by the three years of marriage was the way you like. You. Don't have the middle age
Does it not merely is bring us manage? Yes, but you were middle child here, as was I ascended? You occupy the role of like the gesture where you trying to like make light of sure yeah. Your brother was, I think, five five years older Batman, so we didn't have that really fucking was I listen man? I really excited. I love it. I do you talk about like emulating, Peter I didn't say anything. You said right. Yeah yeah yeah find somebody that you that's got. Will you long yeah? I sometimes feel like I'm, I'm like a patchwork of people. You know like mad that I've met that I've really that have. Obviously my right. I can pinpoints certain mannerisms from this doc. Are you telling me? Oh, oh yeah, Michael J, Fox yeah? I do this now because he was he was my Northstar
riding with the bureaucracy. He was my guy and I are their organs. Heartily see that being the guy used circled is how that could be mean an end, pretentious philosophy terms that was like the platonic form of another person You know, every other person is just aspiring to that yeah. He said he was the fucking coolers. He while is Andy, like a short guy. Yes, it was a boss, ok stood up for himself and he got the girl and he drove cool, and so I had the first part of all the other things you mentioned. I did not happen and I felt like. Maybe that was part of eggs. I was unusually short growing up. I was in fact an eighth grade. I was the shortest second shortest person in our group,
including female females. Junior lotion was shorter than me and I desperately wonder, play football. You know I have always wished. I were one to be big, I wanna be, and my mother said I couldn't play until I school. There was the deal we made and once I got the high school I tried out. I was for foot ten, but eighty nine pounds all boy for football. You underplay yeah yeah what we do at the kicker, something right, maybe a corner back. That's what I thought at the corner, but I really is one where the uniform assure me, with a guy, isn't with a guy, absolutely goes away room a shower owls as evil eager overcome. Hungary. I ride die when I made it the two weeks of the training cabin the rule was, if you made it through the training, can you make a team regardless? You may all that is nice. So I did- and I was so proud myself. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done. I thought I'd really accomplish something, and I remember the coach Richie Mag and he looked a little Wilfred Brimley. He pulled me aside.
And he said the Earl meal up a new, more Jaguar. Another letter writing The hors d oeuvres up other data- nobody meant. As you all know, he said you know son. We gotta caliber wrestling squad here and I said I wouldn't be Progresso because sometimes forgotten, will you be in your own way? Class because no other yelled the forfeit, mostly the other winning referred while he's really somebody on the air and arguably for very, was part of the strategy. Maybe in Europe, because the other one there fry school kid, what a great listen to teach- and I support you know I can't I can't because this proposal sets- I'm gonna be honest. You're never gonna play now. Everybody expected that either, and I said what you know- I know, but also sit on the banks of the Taos. As always, I gotta tower happy end, but you I said: if somebody gets injured, then maybe I'll go in any said son. Let me put it this way forward.
If we're taken about an you happen to be driving separately for whatever some I like, that of the bus gets into an accident. God forbid you still. You know that feeling we? U you feel a rush of heart like a black bears the I remember desperately trying not to cry like do not do it, don't give him the satisfaction and the embarrassment of kids Ramadan was law. So I became an actor its away, though so he basically said I can't figure out this team, but you need a quick yeah, exactly oh yeah, I couldn't shop after that and were your brothers that, similarly sized as you know, I don't know what happened routes and usually so my sweet brother. He was just like you. He played football in high school at five for one and no name hounds. He then had this crazy growth spurt in twelve great and is is my size, but while he was real, tiny and he played in it was a rumour go with my mom, the games, and it was like not fund for her tonight
It was like writ. She was scared. Lucas hasn't he was getting levelled. He played the played any and a lot of harm, but he just didn't. Have the size and knows, I just remember, are being very impressed with his like his willpower and yeah. Just thinking I gotta see he's disadvantage. Arafat is a new, certainly Tanzania there. Now I was virtually his side she's now, because it is another thing I admire budget Europe, your fucking recall, is in royalties for quit, set like twenty nine anything yeah. Well, I'm really curious about memory. There's any science behind like. Is it easy, the great memories when your younger and there's not as much data that year swim? How does it feel up? I guess base agronomic my question right because it bugs me out sometimes out of on find that I have recall for these to the most trip.
You're like the names of movies and then there's a move. That is perhaps even more that's better than what I'm thinking of, which is like the names of bachelors and who bear Higgins with Laurent Bush now I know that I wish that something more worthwhile, we're occupying that Spain, but your brothers or what was the expand so older, almost to a he was. If I had to label them, he was smart one. Ok, I was kind of class kind, whatever Leah Unanimous little, so I was too easy target to get picked on. So I wasn't really bully boy, that's nice here! I was too easy area, but you want to be seen in the outer than had he be seen I condemn formed. Did did you look up to your brother? He s very radical radically transformed my leg. Is every nerve you? He was very ourselves when something is at your dad yeah, quite our friends with a lot of the foreign exchange student. Ok, incredibly funny and speed of galaxies. Describe
yes, but he socially struggled hard it back or so did you feel protective of herring, much zeal yeah? So there is another it likes serve intimidating being on the show, because you are so fucking insightful and I see the way you'd people you get things out of people be asked yes, you're right yeah. I was very protective and in fact I remember the first and last time I went to punish him the face he did. He would wine me up because he would get picked on shore, so he come on in color you one of your powerful years, powerless all day. Yes, you went through the same thing. You I hate to admit that there I had some Bali might ass. In elementary, the I was a bully. I've wondered ass. I was the email, but you ve got it from outside right, the anthem and as an excuse it, but I do think that's why desired like playground time it was send a rustle. It was time to wrestle me if you're the flavour of the eighth time arousal
I mean just like. I need to feel like I've got a little say in something yeah. Yeah did that did you. I mean looking back on that. You ever feel the need to economic Billy medicines college eyes. Yet there are two kids in particular. I can remember that there is one kid and it's funny, because I want to say that he was complicit in this fight we got in. But the point is, is I punch his kid in the stomach in the parking lot of my elementary school and it knocked the wind out of them and I think it's the first time maybe he ever had the wind knocked- so when he fell down, he was really cry. Like very scared, I see it. This is probably third grade and he was quite terrified and I remember it vividly in so fucking sad. I can see him like a a ball, really scared you in denial,
but I feel bad idea not not evolved enough to them apologize or I should have put, but I did. It is really a crazy crisis of conscious in fifth grade is my best friend at the time was place maids. He was the other tough kid, my the great lab and I remember saying to Calais in fourth grade: am I I'm not fighting and fifth grade music? We mean, am I didn't know one likes us, wages are afraid of us by everyone. It's nice to us is afraid of that, making that yet I'm out and he was like what are you talking about like we're in the cap pretty were running this vague ideas realized. We will they like me for the right reason, and I then I made a change. That's amazing! You have that documents held in perceptive, yeah? I could just tell like really like me like a horse. I consider their table
just because they were of rigour. Yes, now much bigger than everyone, socially, I would imagine being smaller. Did you like? Did you the obsessed with big eyes, muscles well know, but I'm sure that had something Michael J, four hundred acres, I really don't you when you think about a guy being cool at that age. He has got a factor in the way they look in a hundred percent c C, Michael J, Fox being that for you like, I did his show too, I saw that on your razumihin never got it never came. I they cancel it before my absurd. But what was it like? Working with the guy that you idolized, my god, I as you don't want to go in to heart, but I also do a thing. I worry that I am in an effort not to do that. I dont want to pull back too much. You know be right to cool yeah and becoming aloof. You know earlier, but I I was really having to temper my behavior random for the first couple of days anyway, he's gonna pays yourself right now when they're like all this was not a freak, then he unload on yeah yeah, that's gonna, my
strategy. So when you did unload on Michael J Woody Ass, I sat so growth. First of all, you will need a tower. He said. I think he was very primitive. You know it was a strange thing because he knows how much to say I was very gracious, but he would get tired in between takes because yeah constantly moving and it's gotta be deeply frustrating because he's a master iming, I'm his timing on family ties Zeit, there's nobody better. It's true and two now have your whole timing army. Your your natural timing, yes hand. I worked with some actress who, like bolder, elder? Ah, who forget line sure you re an end? They have one of two responses, which is oh shit. I messed up it's on me here I lie, will get but either way it's heartbreaking, but sometimes, though, lash out you know yes, yes,
he was very very upset. You aren't, but when I was going to say is when you were talking to him did handkerchief. They have actually was his number one. Oh you ve got to be on his show. The dream is mainly at our by the wages audience has joined us every. There were also raise backed anyways, so we need, when you were talking to Michael J Fox. The other thing I would have gotten really self conscious about is. I would have been telling him like. Oh my god, did you learn stealing when I saw a fuckin back to the future. Just I was like that's in Aragon. Through this whole there, and then I wanna get self conscious, like oh I'm, treating them he's no longer a star or that's all in your hands. Yes, yes, yes, he's you'd like no. You know I didn't I wasn't going now, because he was
can we was on his shoulder out will run into people that we like idolize growing up in it would just as our stupidly start with when I was a kid yes, which already makes them feel superior now have is immediately got meets. Yes, I bet for sure dodgeball a bunch of little kids, probably hopefully loved that movie prescribe a lot of. It was generous creepers in two thousand one. For me from me. When people say for me personally. It's me personally. I, like your fellow, do you know a couple months ago was yes with due to these grown up people big with beards for beef. When I was a kid what's yours, fire on my favorites you're a lot more, but the compliment, that's preface by no home How do I know more about locally as there it's a bummer cause? I see their intention anomaly, all your goodness wrong lights. We wanna has taken no home a year. I always like that. They are no, no homo,
maybe you're. No, no, maybe a look. I play gay porn stones moving. I say you will show your mouth regular. Forget that Ireland, aha, when it came from a friend of mine at over her that once and I was that of the funniest thing he averted Guy- said Osborne flirty, like prisons, that, ah you shut your mouth from kiss it and with the same it's Canada is angry, like a grassy area, said in a movie and everyone's, why people will say that to me and if its, if I'm with somebody there always really thrown like it, You're, saying I just said: hey by where you better showed your mother or father rhythm is always we're once got a guy, say no homo, but you better show your mouth Roma,
listen you give you surrender the right to say no you're gonna like your mouth there's gotta be deleted. There's not a modicum of you're gonna, be at least five on the Kansas girl like another deeds, mild, ok! So so now I get older brother and now was what was younger brother has generally, when there's three boys, youngest brothers, fucking, crazy museum, dared. My brother's married. She very local, very stoic yeah is the funniest person. I know we write together. We redo as very arrogant thing for me to say: he's the funniest personnel he's, probably the closest presume in sweet. You know Venza for crying out loud this guy better, be funny.
I remind you of the people. You know, I didn't you forgetting about bends the fact that micro, but he's up there. I would say if I met him and I was like he is way, funnier than Vince was verify. It maybe not is quick and balls in the meantime, our silent alpha, yet my God, when the alpha knights hanging out with no home about our sight is like it, but I want to say that everything that I met him at home or anything stating their armchair export is brought to you by the number one finance app in the app store for almost two years. Twenty four months cash up is the easiest way to
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that's ring dot com slashed Dax placed over something mommy an actress, Mama's inaccuracy outside my idea of acting growing. It wasn't glamorous was a kind of awful it was running around the city can afford it the only thing, so she would show up around the city with us in tone in them a lot of the adults like rejecting Hey years off. I thought I hated routine. Imagine riding home more from something where they said. No, thank you it had I or the way they talk to her. I hated the we agents sides to this day. I'm sure I still have a lot of disdain for people on that part of the.
Leah away. They treated my mother and she was the can access. Were she? Wouldn't you know she booked a commercial every other year. Christmas was a little time. We were poor women. My parents like provided for us, but did you workin? I mean we're right. She was mostly did theater and everyone's. Why should do commercial and my dad was a teacher, so was modest stay with my aunt? Was she in fact she stopped acting to become a teacher to make money so that we have more that's where we were, but she loved me. She wanted to insult me. She encouraging new pursuing it. Now she was deeply troubled by I imagine there has if she's experienced all this heartbreak. The last thing you want your kid is to go through a tunnel rejection and heartbreak crying. I want. I guess you have a big old those rejection and they got their life o Reilly or that grows ever swimming pool. It's interesting. I think we have a similar disdain for people with my real prejudiced against people with more money. I visited silly. It is
Sometimes it's confirmed and when he has everything with Lexus like sign relaxes will like it. I like a sigh cut off in travelling laxity, oh yeah, the Lexus. They know it's always worse. He cut off by a poor. She asked in a previous, yes now that guy's bright, good dude in this situation off and then the guy in the porch. Like always problems, waiter victimize somebody, you know that's really sad to hear about like some well, maybe I should. I don't have one and another sponsor, but I ve got one will get what you guys you should you should turn the tide for them. You can see set the record straight as it is a very nice driver behind driver Korea murders, that's the word. Absolutely all you always let people know that people and hurry Christ. Do you get frustrated when you let some and then you don't get any sort of acknowledgement, it's on our own yeah so hard for me to let someone in
I do what I feel like you deserve. Like Madam, took her to be re for reading a fag, impatient and noble peace. Proudly friends, you feel like you're, doing people a big favor. I don't like this is how no evil dry and what a nice when I see the whirling its aspiration. Oh, I wish I was more like them. My brother for awhile were two years ago worked at Starbucks in Venice and heap everyone hit a weird. His kinsey too, was was. Why would he would? He would tell me brother is the least star struck. Doesn't care about that stuff in has seen like the sort of the reasons to care, but for some reason alone would he was always Ike carried leisure words here in his eyes, Senor is guided. Does he has the analogue lemur last year in year? Out of your ass, I was, I was driving down main street and I let the porter Monica. I led
a car go in front of me and I m that and waved curves, nice and right behind that car was a little. I can many Cooper that was tailgating it. As I was going to cut me off the taking advantage of my my kind or ass, it might have one you re all right and I beat, and I did a thing that I often do, though I wish I didn't, which is to get I get really sarcastic like. Oh, please is a baby alyosha. Oh yeah, yeah you're, a big thing about it. I got a little then wave arrives, like you saw me out of the hole and gray were driving behind. This karma brother goes to silence. Those acting is alive
you wouldn't from all as you gotta, stop with large game, really weird deal idea, I'm everywhere a niche but has looking at his eyes in the rear view. Can you get the eyes? Can like darting back it, so I pull them. Next. Woman looked over and churn of law fully Eliza Word on an island play back what happened, and I realise that when I beat and was I please go, oh yes, I think he thought I was a fan whose ip Although the way he gave me wasn't like thanks for letting me- and it was- I thank you for watch- I see that use means that message receive you, ok body, that's the kind of chance running. You can have areas angles. Ok, so we ve had a few guess, I'm here that if a condom Jesuit high schools, really, yes even I obviously I'm I'm an atheist and the idea of Rina is a parochial schools, terrified.
Media at its the best feedback from these Julia goes. Did you like yours breaking them or what you know. They were teachers that I've really, like my dad taught at the adjoining University Fairfield University. So here we got to wish we re above average lovely spot now. In fact, I left during my junior year to go to the public schools all my friends, republic, school I kind of conflict doubts over to end and then they took me back the private go. So I really shouldn't say anything negative about the Jesuits were you know I enjoy my experience, the Rwanda characters and at that point, in my life I was just using tee Tuesday. There were carried out any father, so there is some real characters. Some of those Jesuits yeah there no regulations right. There is a father father bearing who looked like he had the face of Homer Simpson squinted, but output red face bald angry here. Those guys would like perpetually mean for girls. They call that resting patch me, oh yeah, of course, later
have a term for guys it as one of the key using resting dignity, resident galvanise barbarian resting dick. Complaints reaches characters, really fun studies you now. So if you want out there, how did you know given in divorce her? Well, they am I saying that the master. How are you know Vassar yeah? Well, it's a win. The Jesuitical took me back, which I really grateful. They did because I would not have got into a good had it not been for that, and I was willing to clean animation, I'm sorry making all these little movies year these little. I can stop motions that motion things, and I think that can help me get in and did you love it there? I did. I loved it. I love this was the total opposite of my preschool experience, which driven Fairfield Connecticut, which is a very typical,
suburban and so that the social hierarchy was seen are typical of the jobs one type in the rich gives an undoubted and toward the bottom, with Teeter kids, all your that become a part of them, so the vessel was the complete opposite. It was those weird theatre, kids and the improved guys. They were celebrated in Russia. In Europe. There is a comedy trooper yeah to sketch comedy group that I started doing and it was so fond and we just got to experiment and in fact I knew a kid there who played I knew for months. I knew for all semester, Cody cushion he's a friend of mine until I before I found out you like, admitted to me that he played lacrosse. Is it coming out of a clause? All right he's a good. I gotta tell you something if I am actually very cross, that's ok! I'm super what you gonna find out sooner or later physically, but you'll like it eventually take secured an exact, but at thy love that I've I miss it. In fact, I didn't have the money to be the way I was going there. If that makes sense, I was doing
the theatre in doing the improbable there, but I wasn't necessarily learn at internet too much here. Did you graduate from them? No, I left after sophomore year. It did. You have a Jew Junior year abroad, onyx daddy abroad, iterative, advice said he D brought it. Can she went everywhere there were there? I don't. First love good luck, huge, that's cool! I worry. I've ever heard waited outside of a premiere teach you really. We had to beg for tickets outside of the premiers, led. The way that you have to dress up so we'd be, unlike form, awareness, begging for gets on this. That's really does we, India, because you loved fit. You just wanted to be around so
the word. So what is your goes? You does it feel as well. You're so honest, it must be or not to be honest and you make it it's like an that. He has not tit for TAT year teams that she'd, like Fucking cinema. I wasn't even em in the film programme in the theater programme, but the film, but I wanted to go. There still can Jeremy anybody fun at those premiers you're in a picture, as I recall, was it you Kelly. Oh, that was the year, but my after my fresh me, I went to London to study abroad and then we saw for an instant invents vine worthy break up on me. I love them. Setting up for the premier. It has happened to see them, setting up like eight in the morning and furthered Vincent drove or summing up from their role in the red Haired without having at the wages we would like what's going on here and there are like our movie premier and we were like oh great. So then we just
good there all day we didn't know what premier was. This was clearly and I, my friend colleague MR there all day I was ups est with Bretons boss, s dead. It was Jennifer I wanted to so I always wondered people who wait that long. What do you do for life, food and Pierre? We wouldn't have always. We did not know, but I don't think we paid either. I remember that, but we would take terms I would stay. Kali would go, get us food or go shopping. You rolled on the four, exactly what we were right up there. We got signed autographs, Oh, they really gonna. End autograph from both of them are just over a year that so I remember that's got to build that are being one story to tell you gotta have run you the table, but Perspective Cooper, secondly, I am I want to ask about this. I cannot believe the way you want my vote
also the words it to an operation. You take your time. Is there going your highness sure in you just pull to the side, and then you go under deciding up up into the side. Is you're not gonna, make it for the smaller yet and then you just they answer on its way. You know how I know I've had a few people's sense. That episode say they ve tried it. I'm gonna throw out it's not for everyone, piles of big hand, so to fit them in at a certain point, my twenty. So why am I reaching behind myself? When might you don't write fucking here. What you don't go all the way behind you go on has just done it's right there what's your side, wiping the debate now and rear wiping he's got in point. I don't do that. You're pointed aside. Yes, oh wow, that's a whole new, now yeah, so your side, wiping the which is we ve, not even heard of you. I have maybe no longer attained that allows for this, that it doesn't get near my wife.
Love and take a lot of several hundred down? Ok, so you you go to us or any you you leave in your junior year and is Galaxy Quest. The first thing I did a bunch you can like voice over at the time there was a voice over that this kind of don't you like the slightest escape GAO. Really mountain. Do like that. I was really up, so I did a couple of those I think like mountain, do commercials and then What I do I got my age and because I I went in for an open call for the show blues clues. Oh so I rushed test, I went in a bunch of I finally got it. They ate disappearing survey so as Aragon agent with them, they needed a guy to potentially replaced the host. They were going to contract negotiation were denied. Did the same thing, families claims are you lose now I was, very, very close to replacing that rising. Yes, what was his name me? I believe Steve's. Have you got that? they were his flues. I blew my? U burns. Is that again
yeah I lose the door. Oh prefecture fact gets no inciting real time fashion. No wonder I didn't get it. I had No, no, no cursory knowledge buzek lose. They were no. I'm telling you. I got using closed that. I haven't imagine that what a change the trajectory for both of us here we were the next Steve here. In fact, I was going back the sar when I was on my way back. I was gonna. Ask two seconds master. I made a bunch of money cables. It's just. I was gonna, go back end that they called like the data fork. Classes were to begin and stuff. For me, this holding you and if it was like fifteen grand for three months, which you will vote load of money, I was delivering Peters. I was like twenty years almighty, India, nineteen twenty in broke. I mean I enough fifteen grand and
I needed an agent. I sent all my stuff, the agents and I've never heard Bible with Headshot from came out the same. Our came in sight. Aids guy called up a bunch. The agencies that it's dead tenant covered. As soon as I said, there was a contractor needed negotiating hold on one second. So, and once I had the agent, because my my mom was an actress, knew what how much that meant. I knew how different that was to get here, and I was so excited that I turned down the contract and ended yeah, oh good, for you. It was one of the only really like policy. That's incredible! At the very beginning of your email, a walk away from fifteen grand. I was so we and knowing you'd have a job that you can go to everyday yeah. Within that I got a pilot to play. Didn't number three on a show that was at that time got stuck evil. It became ed a year later, but when I audition for that I've, I come from
the audition first, when I bomb so badly that I was like I was in such a life. What am I doing? I can't do that and I hadn't really looked sides for the other one, and I was playing this kind of nervous like to have attracted my teacher student. I thought because you re you're the first line I had it, considers this weird pause, a kind of stumbled into the first line like nervously and they started laughing as if it were there I'd soy condemn and then I got them. That's how I got the audition for Galaxy question that I remember going in and there was a been too in addition like this, where there were people I recognised in its trying out stars people gotta like educate, Thomas and End culture, Turin, ah ha, you know these people it. I knew I was like our final chance these yet been in movies and stuff, and so they flew me. I tell I never I've been on a plane, like one
before maybe right yeah. They were already already shooting. When I read out here in dumb, I Mexico is movie status, be near here still friends with SAM Rockwell right, very good friends here you guys are brows yeah, so I met him doing here. I have a very few moments throughout the ride that I feel like gave me a kind of confidence that I really needed in he's one of them. Oh yeah, he came to a Sunday company show at the groundlings and then came back stage to tell us how good we were and I was a huge Sandra Van and I was like a wild. This movie star thinks I'm good areas. Remember that really being window Mysel Year, while going like Jack, damn sums blocking all I said yeah. That was tremendous. Yes, I just couldn't believe I was looking at him say those things the eyes and that that goes such a long way down, and then your
movie really is cheaper, deeper, scrapers right, while I was shooting Galaxy website. I got the summer. Can't move, recalled happy campers that damn waters who had written Heather's wrote and was kind like a hot script like the kind of dark comedy in new line movie studio, and we all thought that was gonna. Be this. We all thought like this. Is it we're after there is now a hundred percent, they were so fond issue shouted in this in the fall of that year and dumb, but again movies to bread. Rent for was a movie star to me yeah. So I ran froze asked the user bad Eric. Was he on that movie? Could you tell that he struggling or not? Yams tremendously said he was seventeen and had clearly been so damage yeah and his great. Yet again, I'm a great actor greater job
we get in his own way. You know he was. He was a teenager he was going through, but his grandmother would would signal trailer and smoke. Virginias lambs and she just collectors pay in an and was never they are known, was therefore right. We so we all tried to come to take him under our wing and in them. Common down a little but because he had so much bravado. So much of that yeah I really love Brad. I really am, I felt so bad for you know, and then the craziest Nor I mean I remember I was sober by then, and I remember that he was spotted on arrayed in and downtown yeah. Really commoners give Romania, and I just for me was very sober areas like oh yeah. I can end up there like people up their evil at that yeah. Successful people- that's right home movies, built around there too. Any so then she prescribed Genji pursued, but still very early on in your creating end up in a franchise
I guess I'll reeled, and yet a sequel to where I had no idea was just keeps growing to get a move until the lead in a movie in France for global produce did tat. In fact I remembers. Rockwell was when we do not play. He was about to do David, mammoth. Moving this movie haste, with teeth. Are you a man? Would you you run these lines will mean that asked eagerly in and we were TAT saying these. Pray David, Mammoth, I'm a guy. I want you to be is quite as an ant piss noncom tonight I want you to be quite as net, not even think about it mankind, rain mammals and Ngos. Eight, I told him about the movies. I just got it right proud of you, I'm doing what we do. Is there a mandate? Let's do yours now it's an ice s eyes any other you would run out. I remember being source of God. Is my lines miser this slightly morning. We resign coming after all, but he said to me a very important lesson. He says he's. I think he said,
Instead, I was gonna down on it and you know inside of course I was so eager buddy, front of him. I was I was gonna. Do we were here and he was a man. You got a treat dislike. It's fuckin hamlet, K, you this is your hamlet member. That an end is right. I never, for God, is a good lesson. They eat. It's the easiest trap to fall into I've, I've? U empathize with people who do it, but it's like all you want is to work here and then soon as your working. All you want is to be in some other movie that you think you should be in and then ear embarrassed your peers. Now it's a aegis, you'll lose sight, one second yeah I've! Let go of a lot of yes, me too, but it is sad because what you can do is you can you can rob yourself of this incredibly rare opportunity to like being movies? Go fuck pretend get of HIV and be with all these people and share this experience and then your those evaluating whether as good or bad,
what a waste of fighting tide is such a bad time to do this, because this is such an interesting. The can de I think you were mnemonic- is ass. How we know each other- and I might my memory- was armenian Ennasin for democracy, but you think yeah where we met at. I don't remember the circumstances. I think, but I remember talking to you about a creator of evolution. I think you would you plainly devils advocate with, and I now know that you do believe evolution but, oh sure, I'd a horrible memory. I saw some preface this by saying that I seem to recall you d, ending creationism and we got into all welcome that sounds very off brand. From a guy I made the decision I mean I ll never forget I was. I was kneeling, my grandparents Robin Grandma's back bedroom, doing my prayers as I'm supposed to, and I guess was like there's no one's listening to and then I was like why well, but I got a fake it because if there is some unless into it, I'll be in trouble,
if I don't and then I was like, that's Pascal vaguely aunt fake its. If it's an all, oh god, why would I ever even try and I never then tried again how old were you like six? That's raising. I remember thinking at a young age Zeit an uncle who is of fundamentalist, and when I was a kid I was really to the Galapagos Islands. I was really didn't totals and lizards and stuff in nature have always wanted to be a biologist, whether that was Darwin, stop right yet lop ear. That's we came up with a theory voted with because the finches I thought so fascinating the different beaks and they did the right thing. I remember talking to my uncle about this, but an end. I ask about Noah's Ark. What he noticed in the Bible described the Ark is in one sort of later certain manicure bits and to get yet sure it is a bit like NET Flanders II. As I said earlier, of every animal out of it as we dinosaurs in that
surgeon offers, you back sources, artisans ralloo. Well, these changes are worthwhile and- and he just insisted that this was a time avenue- I wasn't like others, no god I remember thinking it. Adults can be a wrong and its adult is wrong. Right tat was shocking thing too. Can give you no middle for me. I will. I will never tried it talks about a believer in God. I think that's wonderful, but but I will make an argument that that they had the story wrong. Even if there is a god right, they do have the story wrong. That that's a fact story- isn't factual. More than helping or always been metaphor, it's gotta be understood. I love the stuff they leave out, which is something that I talk to my parents, about which is a source of a lot of discord, my favorite being the one about Eliza. They were my King Alyzia, others, one where they remarking him. They recall him like old, Baldy, combat any summoned three. She bears out of the woods, but the bears Malta, kids,
all right. I've also justice was there when I was gonna, go to ok, but there's there's like three juicy things on talking about. One of them is in these are basically things. I've been jealous of you in here. When I met you, I knew you were I'm saying I knew you were the guy and cheaper scrapers and you have been like the lead of a movie and stuff like that. The one thing I was jealous of was like fact this guy can drink like you can drink any seems a drink. I kind of like I did like he likes the get fucked I like you and and now he's hanging with judge and they're getting close, and I got to go back to my hotel room like Fucking Journal. I just remember being like right were just was like TAT. I was I was finally occupied just instead, so we I had a similar. Whatever that word is about you cause. You were doing the wrong. You add and, as I said in my mouth thought, you knew judge so well that you didn't even needs. The hang
I got were already. There are genuine interest gap, I'll see him on a day off. Maybe me, I made up a daily reasons, but I was my only operate. Really like tickets, brain on and well and then so. This this carries on, though this trade of yours, which is your also in this, is gonna, be my own doing. I know it has to be, must be my problem, but, like I remember like Vince VON loved you, he loves, you still loves you, presumably yeah. You guys did dodgeball together here he like really took, you wonder, is weighing it always right. He took you on the wild West to or even how many there were he was. I ve always felt like he was like a man toward me yeah. He we had their relations and in you're in the break up, and I just was like cat all these guys who I wanted to like me, like you, use dance between all these little comedy camps where there was my job,
the girl was Vince and ban. Are it was the very Sanchez guys like they'll all like you we're so likeable? are you: are you would have your secret, except where you like, it's so weird thy on a very base level. Jealousy monopoly the war, but I myself, when I wrote down a bunch of these things like I, you have this that I want you have this. I want to find them and read them you'll like it, I'm not sober with a clear perspective of sobriety, but I wish I were I'm not married to Kristen Bell, but I I was sure everyone I dont have kids, but I wish I didn't mean all these things, but I and a very base level your size and your charisma are two things that I have always really wanted. Grasses always greener too that confidence and- and I wonder if they come- and I always thought
they became from size. I am sure that in that I'm sure how to get to like a big thing, but with Vince. I think that that had a lot to do with our relationship in events was when I'm around people that these amounts he's a mighty board. Members stood next to him, but he so when you hug somebody like that, even if some excellent, a very emasculating nights, I dont think I got necessarily in a bad way. I'm ok without oh yeah. I like feeling like when I hugged in Austria like fucking others feel so good. He has to be little in someone's are just pictures with you outside I was little. I was literally within helps you like a little by little and that's all. About your dynamic. I get a sense of you're gonna, like the big groups January, asked sweetbreads all false advertising, location,
much bigger and stronger and more resilient, but Vincent had that. I think I think that we had that Canada and I think he knew that I looked up to him and I remember, being at the sky, was twenty twenty one and at the chateau my mom is too. She knows I'm when you're twenty, why near with and at Vince is holding courted is back when you could smoke inside vicious, holding port at a table with youth and Hawkins, really good about a new name at all these, like super cool and he's out alpha. Every always tell me a story in Uganda, city and the guy Caveman and outline stamina, and I got the other guy and he told us that it makes my story, but he week. So we shall we be at this table with all these guys and I'm just taking it all in you know, advances Tommy stories, my face working life and there were a girl, inevitably would would approach that
people, a beautiful b. I never seen growing up another plan, the people that Mick Jagger Data. Yes right. Yes, they have only seen on tv study what beautiful end and the line was always. Could I get a cigarette as the only light and without missing a b. It still be in the Manila. Think he'd flip his pack up, like this name just on for it to her, like that, almost without even looking analysed the coolest thing I'd ever see and they would take a cab confuse cause like Can you see me? These were girls had never done otherwise, Turner thought was a move. Is now ok. I just didn't care about them. He kept so here's the point about him, which is with beautiful. He cared so much about the digital worry in the good times and then and then they would say it stand confused. I can get a light and as
it is about my there's, nothing like their hair on fire with a start and end. Then, if they did Sandia usually go away, but occasionally they would say because they still confuse there was or can I can. I sit down or send some gesture that an- and he would say version of like I'm so sorry, have a good time with a gun lazier tonight you know, but I'm sure they're lovely you. If you get, out. There is a lot of guys other would want to get their hands on ever love, oh my god, and they were just can- and I remember thinking if over it wasn't, you don't really know Vince, I didn't feel I knew him until I played catchphrase with his friend.
We are with his sisters, both of whom are you think, they're Maza? There are some yeah Viktor, you think Vinci's corridor bitter either way it just like a little bit higher bab. Maybe the greatest about time. You yourself, it's just a. Why sit back and watch those go is? Is it done about him at those? Girls are so involved in his lot. He was so loyal. Libya stay to share their. We are supported by joy, bird furniture
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but it was a better Bradley role. Yes, yes, but apparently throughout the the alpha up, jockey out, you know four, four cheer for oh, no, I was being alive. Bulgaria has so far uttering a yoke now fits now approved for the use of the sun for our entire. Who knows how early earnings lives is the best edition of my life that I'll ever have again and again I didn't get it so I can tell this: didn't they stopped the tape out? They were lap, everyone's laughing so heard very bursts into other boat. But- and I say, should I: are you kidding hugging me? What's your schedule just sign up for waiting in this? Are you available so well known about it? Did you signed a contract that tells you signed the contract? No, I haven't you, ok,
we can make it work, lava, hugging, the dark and so leave. That was a Wednesday Thursday. They had to see other people is that they may agents they already set of additions. Friday I call nervously now the agents to calm down is happening here is lunchtime, data different town, just it's ok boy. He at one o clock. I kept calling frantic there my hearing back and then they started saying things like we useless terms were inside. We think it me you going away from you like we're going out to combat way was there and they have all these soft ways of theirs in another direction. Yes, so I panic- and I can I done dodgeball within this summer before he had said something like you not given, eat anything. You know him so generous young hesitate to call on a handle,
but I needed to do that because I didn't want you know if I wasn't right for the part of a runaway him to you not to make them put him in awkward raising it. So I am sorry call the men in its ok hey. I got a call, the big guns and now you're new and that he call me back. An hour later needs like I wish she had called two hours earlier. I called a maid offered its some guy down on a line on you know who that is at an end. I was so man you don't it's embarrassing to think about. This sounds like bullshit now, because since I am happy for friends my who get things eat things that I want, but I have to say you are there and I was a who the fuck is this so upset in them? I call my mom. I was coming to work with Christopher Walken. It's one of the reasons we do you and make your parents proud, and- and so I remember when the two to add insult to injury when they started shooting the movie Vince would call means that you guys come down to Sally
I'm here he's almost on you're gonna happen between you and me, and I will just made it so much work so now this guy, it's a little like protegee, as I e occur. Vaguely mean invited to hang out with your ex girlfriend new boyfriend he's around it. Yeah he's gotta get gold where last saw telling you you'll be happy is so when he wanted me to do the comedy turbans call me I knew cure was doing it. I showed up, you know with a thrill chief, I myself and I'm not kidding within five minutes. We were doing bits and yeah. We were laughing key and I was a wonderful do she's, the best I was like. I knew you'd want your best wonder when mother Iranian, so the end of this term is a nice, because what we and we now laugh about that story I ran into view, so we we would want maneuver
there. We did it in Accra, see I'm trying to think where I ran into that. You told me the story. Well, here's my memory is that you and I, at the exact same time, were both dating really famous women, the oak and I'm not talking about Kristen and I ran into you at home in our earlier yeah yeah? What do you think's? Let's just say that we're in Michigan yeah, your girl. I was making a movie Michigan. Why was to actually she was making, if a movie? Ah- oh, oh, you were making movies where I was making movie in Birmingham in you went out drinking somewhere in Birmingham yeah. You know, in fact, if I feel kind of ok telling us, because it's been so long em with you and you ve loved me into a state of utter charming, vulnerable and big scary, scary, yeah imposing the level yeah I was in reality in Birmingham I'd been out, it was a tell them.
I am sure this tat happened. You around that time were things started to get weird in terms of people's recognising me, I guess I'm here damn it was dying or a lot of it, because you are in a really public relations. Yes right, yes, it's not because of the back to award winning. It was yeah. I was just in these bs outlines that have arisen, of which I didn't have much of a except for the photographer around. I wasn't looking at that stuff, and you know this or a great, so we differ already here, so I twos and tabloids at that time. For my fate girlfriend. I was aware of it, and I saw you I what this was thirteen years ago here I was thrilled, I thought it warms up. I believe I, like my dad, would more. We like go on Walmart under bugging in as well who looking good, this is all this is like this is being
what being famous, because those magazines were proving the world that I deserved. Someone like and so I was letting interested me up an interesting. I myself esteem here. I'll look, I'm sure I got some injection of that. I'm sure that did you me. I mean it's hard not to rumours of cork has its it's the most popular cheerleader school, orderly and I'm the forefront. I'm gonna yeah about it totally, but that's not to say you were with her cousin that that whole part of it He got a real, confusing her interesting. I wanted that gone idea. I hate
yes and value is impacting the relationship. Well, I hated what it did to her of right or soldiers. The threat of these fuckin guys from speeding through red lights and sub, was his prisoner. I cared so much about those protective. I wouldn't. I guess I hated I hated them. I hated any of the by product of that a high hated the fact that mother was sort of into you. I caught likes supermarket bragging, where my mom would love to go the supermarkets in subpoena loiter totally they broke up. She would send me it's to this day. My grandmother sends you know. Who little did you hear that so in so doing a movie with all the others still into we're yet exciting was excited various. I totally so for me that the added layer that made a complicated- and I felt like when I saw you I just I didn't assumed unknown
about you, but I remember just being honest with you about meat. We, as I remember, a kind of being done with the relationship in my mind, going well when we break up. I certainly know what the story will be. The story will be that as person dump me- and I am a piece of shit ass and of course it was a they should never balance. This whole narrative spun out in my head. I felt like maybe I was willing to stay in longer just so that part didn't happen. That is incredibly miss W, and I saw you one point eyes and I don't know what your experience is like produced media. I I felt like I'd, be the
user that everyone's, like that person finally woke up here, I'll business being with her in my arms. Like the shame of that kept me less than objective aid must have factored in the budget, but I think the differences that I would not having that tabloid stuff around was actually like really refer. It was really nice really, but then I went on to you now I got back into relationship. There were two with people that that kind of status, so it may have as something I've talked abundant, thereby it may beat. You know it's a very hot in here. Look, I'm very bizarre. Unique situation defined oneself they our year, like with somebody you knew when you are young and felt on the outside of something he has I'm not. I don't know who can navigate bat flawlessly, but I certainly dinner here, but the difference seats we got along so where I
really loved bad rather and to this day, is one of my favorite people. I never really is weird. I never had a whole that many preconceived notions about her. I am not going to pretend, like you know, when I beaten fantasized, about becoming an actor I didn't think about being in movies and like a red carpet and being in a magazine, shit touch of court and it's a little listen to emit now, but it there was a time with that that me, I thought I was yeah very exciting. You wouldn't be human if it be of character. Failing if you still chair fish, that twenty year running their either you'd have to do some self every flags, but it would almost it would suck if you didn't enjoy vat at the beginning yeah, but we gotta get back to the store. I thought I saw a young remove your land Michigan in you went out for a cocked. Ok, so we because this was the digression
right. I was saying the things in my life had been changing and people been looking I mean it made me feel really uncomfortable. It was weird place to be so I would go to routine was like it. When I go to the bar, I would take two shots. James just to Canada Ease just to get into the weariness, because this was Birmingham Michigan, where, if you didn't episode alone order, people were like who oh shit, that's the guy rises up, so they Michael J. Since there are yeah, I always offers, and we should move home. We could be the bread and Angelina if we just stayed there may really be out of here, aren't really Brad and organise anyways Gaza. So yes, why I gone out with Boop Steeple. Show me a couple night earlier and Steve gets it worse than anyone that I've ever seen, because but such recognizable say again, you don't go. Oh that guy looks like nobody looks like right, yeah, it's totally so
we have been out and a guy looks like an android, the giant front. Nepal. Maneuver NOS seven, nine suited the thick arrogant action it. So we got so crazy that night that they put us the any steepest a nice guy in very kind of, very humble and so people are coming up to and they had to move us until I get back room just so we could hang and ironically- and I get too I it's ironically Deep told me the story about them: the Nordic Airline or through and when you get onto the fence born, and if you don't know that you, maybe you could talk about enough, I wanna take I'll, go and fetch a glad stabbed right gets down right. He got seven net going ahead and never came within a black, a millimeter of his jugular vein. Scotch eyes is crazy story. Gum show you
and in the lesson being he was seeing how accommodating I was being with people. I wanted people besides you're like I want people like me, something I still haven't really come it working on it. He was imparting this lesson to me an end em like have boundaries, have boundaries exactly as I was feeling guilty that always send those people away. I didn't give them enough and they were you know so cabinets later I buy came back the bar in this early empty and was my last night a shooting this movie and I went out with one of the actresses end in these two Piazza Guide, a girl and, of course I can go to the bar get much shot and these guys sidled next villages remember the feeling of their sound, so new asiatic, but I did they had disappeared energy. The dark energy condemn, they sit with what happened to you the other night, Mr Big Shot ass. Well, you may you be removed in the sunlight fancy area like calibre, and I sometimes do, of course have so. They played right in my vulnerability, which was I've just like you. I grew up in a town like this,
and I M so sorry adds to a shared together and they must have sense that that was my weakness because they kept coming to our table and you guys know the big shot arms to Hollywood, notably so at the end of the night. If only we were therefore couple hours and I was a little, but you know imposed in them. We re leaving in the guise kicks. It is two in the morning in Birmingham, and they said you want to go to a casino we're going to a casino and, thank God, the anxious to know when we go home and the PS again we're gonna and I was eager to go because I love plain black jack and I have been there. I ve been to those that Detroit kissing. I thought you in the morning kind of drunk with strangers, so we're going to have to pay his car and they said the tap the direct compounds. With second story does not did you know that guy the terrorists who one week I'll take the same? Our view is willing, I said, and this is where you think we're gonna do something. The howling and isogai guys come on we're gonna sing
we got in their car. We they drop me off the hotel for setting the game. I put him out again with got back in a war haven't seen out they civil really great. When you're in your room as any party, you goin, though no note which is great good question. No, I'm like it with my money. I get your waiting here. You wanna about you know they were out of a deeper waiting, so I run now to get my money and we they stop at their handout. So we can make a stop. I forget why and as we were going and remember, they made a big deal ever take turkish salve going. Quite there are rumours that was sleeping, took my shoes off. They took out a boring and they they passed me they live in them. I don't know you know, I'm ok, we I want my wits about exemplary blackjack and he so you for RO and you are now united, smoker those programme on software. I got everything like a huge task: yeah you're filing a tiny out.
I knew you were issue ass, their confirmed, yet they softwares S. My take a big hit it as an end of the second a hit my mouth. I know the taste was kind of chemicals. We can clear, tasting written, describe it and- and I repeat this crate in them and my mine action under the feeling of like Lou, immediately losing control of my, but not the virus. Should my pampered, like where's. My way we gotta get even today using up one billion factual. Why not and in TAT I put my mind, wasn't working is the strangest thing anything was angel does well. I've since told the story to people in is one guy, in particular, in private, skirting Heathrow TCP the idea that voters at the same time, the outcome and yet so I'm panicking, ended the good. But the pays didn't similarity to the girl, ok and she at this
looks like a demented like some cartoon characters like a Tasmania Runnin simply cannot frighteningly over the top, and I'm not thinking myself am I do. I look like this new right. I feel like that and guided, and he had been drinking and say or Norton was saying what then I pass the ball back to the Thomas and they were studying the colonel. I look in looking at each other like conspiratorially like is it working coming in and I said: are you gonna small but probably came elegance whom Eagles area, and they in this and on our brothers, were straight? You cool the frightening you're, probably having arts, I'm navigating. What's now paranoia? What's really how totally yeah cries, you brought your studies in certain bunker doktor to say gave you some that there are not doing yes but you're. All single impact. Romania me,
paranoid, there's a hurry s, there's a party that is it I'm like hoping the idea that drug yes, just the drug than this keeps getting worse than they say. Oh gets could get Sean's could wake up to the roof. It'll get here that you sleeping at one of them stood up to go, get the roommate and I stood up and the remaining townie started doing these karate kicks at my feet, like it was, I can buggy nights. You know where that crystal Meth scene, where I am he just using I will work bro, you will sit out, combat karate kicks. Am I and that did the room came out fully dressed, wasn't sleeping and he sat on every said: oh yeah, you're right. That is the guy. Let me you're my camera law? This is our horror story, but I do not know of nightmare. I hear you won't, even though the punchline
so now, I'm fully panicking, and this before everyone had cameras with them. Mercifully dislike thirteen years. This is two thousand and seven ok. It was two days before twelve years life be for those joy second another, remember air weeklies birthday and he was there. He could receive you, you would love to have what are needed and we were coming like a whirling nervous. We get around the city, so we are convinced that the two to drive me back and they were gilding the whole time like instead things like what are they do? You can issue we broke over that movie. You do strange wielder etiquette mentioning this will be strange one and that we get the car I'm in the back seat of the two pays, the girls next to me, the two guys you're driving their in front and they can whispering back and forth in their texting. And dumb and their sanctions a kiting visit. You know I could hear snippets like yeah we're. Ok, what can become a reality and they would lean back
Sad eyebrow we're we're gonna, make one more stop and there'll. Be it ok. I just didn't: do they said they start saying: ok, strange wilderness year these they started saying like other. We make another move even been a movie for teams, ear yeah and I'm panic and one night and the girl I keep it senses the senses that I'm panicking she. It was probably clearly why don't hurry up and she ll. I remember this is the worst, but she leaned forward to them and said I m. I could hear everything web weakest, doing, he's freaking out. Don't do this to him. Are you doing this and they shut the fuck up in order to do this thing, we got it without energy and she leaned back to me because it took just in this authority will take you home evidence in Messina now now she's the girl, as is this I wouldn't other Pierre who there in the kidnapping movie they're the ones who are like guys we're not really doing this. Are we come right? they were locals. I didn't really know, have been working with them for two weeks now. Like them, but yeah. I didn't really know them, and so now I think I'm gonna die.
That's where I ask, and- and this are saying how much money you take up the casino, how much money you gun falling off. Argyle must start now she's getting. I thought by giving them, but this is also my body at this point. I like the idea of taking up my own and dialing numbers. Is it possible fleets yeah? So I'm just I gotta know what it is. I started like Tut freaking out punching did the seat in front of me in the worst part was they said they tried to mollified me? They would like oak. Oh ok, just calm down. I take you back, it's gonna, be ok, sure now and I knew the town one of two: no, they had been going in the wrong direction and then the rivers coarse and they started going back to the towns and sweets. Tibet monitor- and I was somewhat relieved- and I remember thinking oak. Thank I referred- I mean ever get. Is you want to see me scared whatever end, so we started going up there with how they slow down and then here we go and they kept going and I said what are you doing, it was back there. It's ok, we're just gonna, make one more star lives that they want
me com, and that was the scariest part. So, I saw a red light come here and there is no one is three in the morning: the ass, no one on the road. So I'm coming up to this red light and I think ok, I'm gonna get out and I'll just run to the Brenner and they go right through the Red a blue there over the red lies because they stop sized. They turned a corner in about thirty five I I I when the door and I jump out of a buggy movie, Carly F, oh yeah called savers, but it knew and I'd seen it on tv movies, not the you just wrong, you're, all your land you're, happy Mr Spiderman, so I rolled and end. Of course they rolled under the aren't. They ran over my leg. Madame totally over my mind, I role more I am a member of Yad. It should have been what the fuck, but I just remember thinking it was one of the happiest. Mom
so my life that Ray I'm a right after I got run over I stood up in my leg was like that just bent twist and- and I remember looking down first, there was I looked at my genes, and this is a weird thought for me, because I care about his little about fashion as you can and I never looking down at seeing blood, just pull it like seeping out of decides in my life. And my genes and thinking oh, I love those genes ruin the written so we're out of an attachment to end up, but also filled with deep, a law in oh yeah, really free free and that swing I'll. Never forget that major neighborhood they just kept fuckin motor and right. Well, I didn't want to deal with having run you over well, I I don't know that at this point and I I had seen a car coming for headlights coming and I found I'm paddling towards flag it down in an weirdly was a cab and I got in the cabin I locked the door and I said to take me to the towns.
What's the notary and- and I remember cabdriver I gotta get these pants and water. I hold water and in the guy, was what is going on. I'm not being raises now remember every what is happening, but they get My car, didn't you don't want me in there and I cannot. Am. I must have had the craziest energy sure pc p broken leg. I bring like the woman living room with your child, my eye, and then the peers came up here and he wasn't moving and abuse came up and I'm panicking I'm telling you what if they come from, and they start they did. The dubious came up in Serbia and the window a freak freaky, especially the grow with easy being racism is breaking out yeah. I remember she kept saying and is it, but this is just what she said. She said I M the repeating. I thought we killed him,
but we will do that and the guy was kind of freedom, one who had been her calm and he was freaking out a normal and non picturing like the driver, telling the story. Like his point of view, no, I was lucky he saw her. There is little geological literally credibility, so these deeds want certainty. Conti dogs, if I can just jumps out of the car I like a guy s above, is therefore the cab driver. All I'm sorry, sober pure orderlies by linking these areas do not get a completely dogs and waited in fuckin long in law. It was innocent. Could about their way. How much money you got enough money are a dog did a little worried about you like what you need money they do on the spot you for oblige totally all in my head, but so do I saw they were then. Yes, yes, I said you can gas yeah than they were
they wanted to run away. I would like to hear some hair and now he's her and I told him a jail yeah. They must have a freak out till I made my way back to a really good. Why get out of the calf? He wasn't it. He wasn't going anywhere. I want to deal with now, and I saw I got the sense then that they were They buy their react, they were, they seem safe. At that point I can- and I was so close though tat he was moving, so I had no real joys right. So I go back. I wake up six hours later in more pain, then I've ever been implied all over the sheets and down our boy. I made my way to a doctor. I broke linens, see us a brilliant and satisfy the criteria. And then you go to the hospital. I don't ok go. I went to a doctor, Are you ok? I don't. Why has actually welcome Yosemite doctrine? He x rated, no broken bones, which is crazy. That's right such bad
of damage that to this day and I never dealt with it because a couple days later, but I went through a break up, so I was dead. I would like this shame pleadingly right sure you ve embarrassing this woman there was to be. Possible yeah, undue taking your machine but also over me was for me. You saw a nowhere that I, in the wake of this thing I when I was supposed to be healing the leg I was just at dealing with the Georgian, and I remember the funny little like it. Then I had to do one of those babble, those MAC Commercial afterwards, like a week after and my leg was swollen out here to the point where they had to get special, the big guy James. You don't like my buddy speed, muskets payment nothing at all. I love love. So much talk about a gala making out for your hands up. I know I know I always see beautiful beer
yeah. He, my grandmother, who I never seen behave in any way guide. Scan with so three big like ninety three mass downstairs, but as we know your heart, when old gales early headings are way your half line, for he has you decade, he is he really humming entering the tattoo. It was so sudden this thing, also confused by it that I was asked everyone for advice. You know those moments where you again, in New York and illegality, Sir Riga, not too good I was just ass like, and so I was of you if your data, like an ailing, elaborated by the fact when I ate it
the airport right after the break up I'm going back to the airport and in the end its in somewhere and I couldn't get a flight out. Remember was July. Fourth, and I can't find any flights. I found a flight in someone, Ohio and I'm driving. The first act put a little pressure on some of your foot in out there and Agatha key crutches back end. I still got lost before the gps and remember driving the sun was set. It was beautiful out an that's coldly site, elevator libido yeah. He was tat love if such an uplifting in their little firework displays going off. The small town, America we felt so I have this morning. One today, driving down sunset in the sky was so dramatic, so beautiful so grateful to be a lot. You know, and I and I just almost our aid two days are aware, as I I'm gonna be ok, you know right things, look I'm alive and Eric
yeah a week. Two weeks later, statements help me out like him? I, like my wounds and in trying to make sense of it, and I'm doing this apple, commercial and James Carville was Guess ranging K region cage a love the raging yes and dumb, and he said I can call everyone horse is no one horse, and I was I well not too good. Personages are either and I was a girl you broke, but then he did say something. There was kind of useful and in turn out to be in fact be right. He said be because used in such a status missionary, so also you gotta, look at it like he she broke out. Will you write you go look bad days at the other. Is that true, five percent chance you going to look back and a few months later she done with this job. Try to take you back, but you don't want you back and all that twenty five
fifty percent chance you the way. I see it as a twelve point. Five percent chance, you're gonna, get back to get angry cry about ITALY, and I was pretty great. We turn out to be right. There was to eat, he was right, but then the next guest was Many robins ah love him, and he did the same thing to me. I just a nice to meet. You has again well not to go to islands and of course, I load on him and gave me the most. Is the advice even went on and on about this really great step, and he took the time to direct this. These pearls, wisdom and all I heard in my head. All I was thinking was fuck this guy. What does he know he's this he's like this massive handsome horse
a man with a big hands. He plays a huge debt and he's got this beautiful family. What does he know about what I'm going right? I was so angry and liked it cut off from his zeal for him to say here about a month later tonight, later when I was coming out of it. A month later, I got a package from him in the mail one of the nice things that everyone's given me this day and it was an ipod which I thought was weird at the time, because I was I Frazier? He would give me an ipod. Doesn't he probably assumes that I get that listed the scout, thereby to do so, and I can't stand it aside. I say it's really nice and- and I then plug in at one point- and I realise that it was all of his stuff, Anthony and programme. It was really sweet and I were all of his psych advice and stuff that I'd since I have been listening to.
There is very great variety great all in all, I think he's mostly about being honest with there's a yes that kind of stuff which is tricky and hard hearted to do than you think. Then we give credit for now. What is your relationship with parting and general Bia, because you like to do it in from the outside? It z MIKE year, have any wreckage or consequences or anything anything that you evaluate or think about, and yes- and there was a time where I was drinking too much- I argue that in fact there are movies. I look back on and think, and I really regret be a big having gone out the night before I should have cherished what I was doing a little bit more than your respectful of an and buttoned up. It's interesting exits. One way to look at it, but another way to look at it would be no you're real life. Isn't the fucking movie that comes out I'd your real life? Isn't the poster while you're real live, is making that moving? If you were like just allayed, enjoy Phil
want to go out and play with your CAS members and have fun, maybe that's more important, but not your deathbed, maybe but not indefinitely. In fact, I think, but not to the detriment of the work you not right. That's when a garden like waiting is approved, sample because we were example because we were out it leaves neurons are for some have been to New Orleans and we were going out every night. We justified it because it takes place in the course of one day after the night. If this big parties, we shall hear this work that I looked back at that moment. I think I'm sleep walking through the isles of such great memories of May. I have a real cooperation, but it is so good at impressions I mean I didn't know. That was a thing I didn't know. That was a thing about you. I guess I should have known that the think people now that's nice, like that. I like doing it
its people also that I admire ILO had been I've, been I'm gonna work and you because I've been listening to you. Do you go home and like candy, their voices or like Kristen address mimicry? Yes, tourism are usually line of attack were in. Monica can substantiate this where we watched these shows together. Anyone who's got an accident or anyone who has a weird speech better. She repeats quietly in. She doesn't think we can hear him and we love it and she gets Ferris, but she has her PETE everything God this is the site. I can't load from eyes. She did it similar. In fact, it's it's more embarrassing, because I do it with people in power. I do. I just walked in London. For then they do the whole makeup. Do your trail had the best accents ranging they were in Yorkshire? They re like people from up there and there were labelled and do a deal Liverpool. They were lit opinions and I loved the different. If Charley three miles this actor, who had law eighty receive proper aid,
Oh, I got the proper fucking great and I would if they say how did you do what it should be developed, sure and aside I go to us it out loud yeah yeah. I do more to the people and it can cause for serious concern these are real and awkward but up, but I just love the sound. I have to tell you this before I go, I I you know when you add Kristen on, I was so curious to see you preface
at first episode by saying something along the lines of I thought about, not including this. I thought about not hearing this and I was so curious to hear what your version of a bad exchange or or something that you are insecure about the point where you you almost didn't release it well, I've by no means think it was like a bad five. We have bad fights in real life, so I didn't think it was that right. I definitely thought of this thing. People like about Christen, I is, I give her a sliced. She cries yeah like that. They have this idea. Of what we are, which is always funny in getting the lawyer in the it was very much a power struggle, the first half it and then, if you don't it's way out, which was gray but mostly my own embarrassment, I wasn't necessarily critical of her, but I just felt like I was so control as I could sense, which she thought was happening, which, as I was going to try to get her, did it meant something or tells
story, she's, never done, which I wouldn't try to do so. I was frustrated. Her guard was up here and us and then I'm like what the like. How could you think I would but I am now defensive and then I'm like trying to control this thing. Ok to me, it felt like it there's something so romantic about it. I I'd love, seeing couples might well or hearing in this guy another you are fighting, but there was any discord at ancient China, India and end. There was something so romantic about the ease with which you guys navigated, that and I could tell There- is prostration. I could tell it that was clear, but but at one point she said you, you know not you keep checking in. Like I love you, I love and it wasn't a throwaway thing you it meant something in, and I love you even when you're annoying rate about listening to you guys as something so romantic about it couple of nuclear right well and can
have a guy. I felt like I'd be remiss think you might have in practice. Quite often is well on here now really makes people scared when we fight people, don't like it that wouldn't Mama man we find our way back on these. We don't end with that lobby. We gonna happen one time and we gotta lotta comment. We worm added each. Oh yeah, I wasn't they were right. You want what we rheumatic each other's several times. I would say that that's positive The other means I very much care if she's disappointed to me and she cares if I'm displayed in her. Yes, if she's yours very mean yeah, I don't I'm panic. The cheese must not be understanding what I'm saying correctly and then am frustrated overnight. No way you with that is about me out. I really do wonder what I'm so glad you came anchors. I really adore you and I always have thanks. Why I love you. I love you. I m your cell phone and wonderful in your voices and serious. I really am.
Such a fan of yours and you are yours together and I love listening to you guys. You really like kept me company. That's We also appreciate a guy. I can't do this again soon. To be great, I love it s ear and now my favorite part of the show the back check with my soul, mate Monica bad men on our side lands dig now on all our road garner, slow urban deal. I can't no more chance dig now. No town road, gonna slow urban dealing can't no more. You really try to talk me out that song eating is divisive, I'm not leaving that he has now also chewed throughout the whole thing is I that's. Ok, that'll help distract people from the lira rightly, and I sing a song about serpent, someone's dong. No one knows who I am talking about. Is they deal cleaner,
two and two together now all right, I'm gonna mugs, Dignan, all down road runner, straw organ they lag hand, no more even worse yet, then you added a hand. Gesture isn't that a handy is was advanced whose MIKE and that scenario feeling like whatever. Might you wanted to be? Ok, that's nice magic MIKE. What have you like? No everyone will know it's magic MIKE Mike. I knew you were
and everyone knows he lived an old town. Road. Ok welcome, I'm here today with a beautiful man. I care. Oh yes, and I failed the task yeah. I asked. If you lie to me, you said no, I hated noise like their Baden. Now, what were used now than you'd tested me he's a which side is better resembling fit. You held a both hands and I couldn't tell the difference. As I said, can you tell difference between this and this and get you said now. Basically, the pond g pit of questions, I was death. Doomed of law to fall into those bamboo spike in a little leaves covering up the whole, a harsher quicksand. You and I wrong just talking about whether quicksands, real or not yeah, that was essential, scary. It was such a huge plot point in the eighties. Every show, if someone algebra sad yeah,
our union's island manning the Brady born ahead, while the cartoons rely on that in my prayers up section of my prayer is natural disasters or diseases and included that is Quickset was saying tat. It was, I guess it was a pandemic quicksand in the eighties, and I got eradicated. I guess maybe it's one of the few benefits of global warming. Maybe I got up a heap of new ivory here there they re ever hear the positive side of you never know we're here to bring it to the masses. There will be positives parts of it. That's what's. No one wants to talk about well, the true Navy, while moraines California, that's one of the. I don't think that's positive at all. Are the number one fruit food growing stay in the country? It's pretty good that we have rain, ass or feeding the whole of cheese, acid rain. I don't think it is a thing I used to be afraid of acid rain. Will that was another big thing and Eightys and Ninetys was running a finishes of cars. The clear cut parlour
around the world were panicked about it for you what he was saying about? What was in the clouds? There was more about this that finnish air, so just then he came in here who is here. I missed the beginning of Episode MIA. What were you busy? Human labor had a couple additions couple audio and he was actually very upset. You, right right. Well, then, what money is that's all recorded. Ok, that's good! So I went back and I listened diving landed at this sum. When I started, I got to hear all that there was some nice step, but really only thing I remember physicists how it goes right, turn great things and then one per annum is not. I think he did, but you guys we're talking about my grandma.
Ah ha, and then he said I want to emphasise. I said something like why don't look like her and then, when you were alike but you're very pretty, and then he was like laughing in whose, like you were, I don't think you're picking up on which I don't think that's true. I dont think I was trying to get you to save and I looked like her. I don't look like our but and then you said well, yeah Monica is gorgeous, but she does not look like for grandma and I don't look like her, but for still for some reason I didn't like that. You didn't larger. Ok. I mean they didn't know it. Wasn't you look just like your grandma? No! No. I won't like you, you don't look like you're grandma and gorgeous. Thank you and you're. Not as gorgeous is your grandma. I'm sorry, no woman I know I was like an old woman. I ever need to hear you say that I know it's. The truth no woman is gorgeous. Is your grandma not not a singer? Woman ever live other than your grandma. These, the only one hundred percent point: zero, zero, she's, she's she's, a goddess, shack. Yeah
It gives the true- and I also don't need to hear it right. I I understand what you're saying I won't say it again. Also if you, if you said my Papa Bob as attractive as your grandma, if you said my Papa Bob was hit more handsome than me. I'd be really happy. My papa Bob, ok because he has such a sweetheart apparently ram, is a bitch. That's what I just learned that the rats- and I am saying this because you would take it that way- doesn't mean in that the way I took it is being corral known, annoying living you in on how that would never crossed my mind that that could be offensive because I'm coming from a place where I would love it if you said Papa was handsome. No, I love when you sit around my grandma, it's only when EU worrying compare yeah, that's right. I already, of course, wish. I looked just like her. We all want looked just like her. I want to look just like her.
I would be the big cities Molly, my like I'm grown up with her as a person, a real percy yeah. I will say this about Papa Bob, much better biceps than me You talked about that among gifts to bowling balls, air gives it a big fat, fuckin stomach, you're, pretty happy. You now have the well known as he basically has always. I wish I had deltas Light three. Nobody knew she had a big talk verbally, didn't jiggle issues is big dome and in these built shoulders like fuckin rip delta its strong back here. She sheer she looked like she could powerless like a strong man behind we dresser as one and following one year later goes the strongman, though moustache and feel a little
I'm bell. Anyone talk about a much bigger biceps. He was probably I guess. At its height he was probably about tuner eighty pounds. Never ever ever went up from a size. Thirty one inch waste pants. So we have this huge upper body belly and this narrow way snare. Yes, very unique random. Will you say radically sex was? It was a very foolish to build their limited edition veiled by speaking of that, you said that there is no one in your family who lived past. Forty thousand Jill does a girl, an ally, but it was a lie: joke ok. So since his dad member has that went to seminary his doubt went to become a priest, but then he laughed and the news that there has to have been a movie where a guy gone
like Lord out life, some sire Roman. I couldn't find one where a guy wasn't seminary Inga pulled out, but there are two pieces of art people can consume. If they like doesn't idea, one is called the crime of Padre tomorrow it has Gale Garcia Bernard Sexy. Very yes, very sexual lot of sex stench. Aha him exudes too. This is about Father a morrow. A young roman catholic priest is a new arrival and a small mexican town assigned to help the old Father Benito Amara gradually discovers at his elders. Not only involve them in a fair but also building hospital with help from a local drug. Czar Maso were blocked. You're going with war war. What we're right that DR temptation in sin in its own right, a moral begins romance with Amelia and beautiful teen good
but the relationship has dire consequences. Wa loses a murky plot, Charae like it so that the wording was weird. There goes like he discovers he's having an affair and building a hospital unlike well, that's great, there's other I bear in then oh from drug money. Let me say that I want to say that such doesn't want big pet peep of my ok. People think they're burning someone when they found out they took money from sounds like they took money from Lena, there's always left, and the right there always doing is like zones or took money from so and so and their very disapproving of the people. They got money from here's. My point I, way, rather take money from my enemies that my friends, I want all my enemies money. I want all the drug dealers money given all me. Ok, yes, but then you are tied to them. No separate thing now: you're accusation is you're in the pot
of the more that's what it me. It doesn't mean that, though I could easily go, tell jokes the new ruler of Saudi Arabia. I can be completely you now on aligned with his politics. Go over there tell jokes, whereas Birthday Party take his three million dollars in. He calls me Ngos now the other day that you think women should go to school. I go now thanks right. That is their problem, but that's maybe you wouldn't do that, but a lot of people do because they their working together and sent me someone scratch. Nor can they got a he now. One of the big thing I was Hilary gave speeches to Wall Street. Yes, yes, so there was an exchange come give a speech will give you this money. It wasn't, will give this money stay at home and then we'll call. We want to favour here there's like a clear exchange there. I give a fucking speech to anybody with money yak. It just feels hypocritical. Tippit thought yields
hypocritical, but I would argue: it's not taking money from your adversaries. Is the smartest move. You could make a look. I don't care about any this, but I get the rationale behind this because energy, how can tat corporate? How about taking your priests and you take drug money to build a hospital where what is the moral dilemma their thick? Some of that tariffs No, because now they're gonna be entrenched in the drug war, the breadth of the drugs lords aren't gonna advertise. Well, there's priest took our money, so I think maybe we should build deal accept some preposterous garage. Tsar is now in charge of the hospital and then he is gonna have things he walked stud
like what is illegal right now. Maybe then I think we should take all drug dealers money and use it for good thing. Ok, you said you were curious. Is it easier to create memories when you're younger, Harvard Health magazine love that Magazine Harvard Health? I dont know if it's a magazine, scientists used the scientists used to think you know used in used its tricky. I hate to be passed, tensile view there should be something like a little pink dot before the you if it Uranus, if you need to say,
used or used. Ah you now there should be a pink. That's for sure. I'm an event that there should have been at all while you're gonna, Margus Yucas Pink. That is obviously a food delivery. Okay, it won't be called that science is used to think that brain connections developed at a rapid pace. These tragedies case of the gurgles comparable I'd hate conqueror. Ok, scientists pink that used to think that brain connections about that arise, but pace in the first few years of life until you reach your mental peak in your early twentieth, your cognitive abilities with level off at around middle age and then start to gradually decline. We now know that this is not true. Instead, scientists now see the brain is continuously changing and developing across
entire lifespan. There was no period in life when the brain and its functions just hold steady. Some cognitive functions become weaker with age, while others actually improve. Some brain areas, including the hippocampus memory shrinking size. The mile in sheath, you love the mile and shields will impose a tax that surrounds and protects nerve fibres. Where's damage can slow the speed of communication between neurons some of the receptors on the surface of neurons and enable them to communicate with one another may not function as well as they once did. These changes can affect our ability to encode known formation, India or memory and retrieve information. That's already and storage. On the other hand, the branching of the den rights increases and connections between distant brain areas strengthen these changes, enable the aging brain to become better at detecting relationships between diverse sources of information, capturing the big picture and understanding the global
locations of specific issues is the foundation of wisdom. It is as if, with age, your brain becomes better at seeing the entire force and worse at seeing the Lee your neural network rivalries, that's cool. Also, I could have some increase cognitive abilities. She had heard of me, I assumed I was on my decline already gear. You have some wisdom time, ok and speaking of because you said mile and sheep, and you said that a fax am ass right. So you said, Michael J Fox has em ass. He has Parkinson's, ok, so that's what he had something wrong saw him Michael J Fox, do think Jays print checks, Michael Jackson, Vincent Far, President Vince, and thereby make a gay Michael J Fox. I'm sorry that I thought it was a mass and its Parkinson still have to be sad about a regretful morning. My mistake, his mental names Andrew
that makes zero stands behind remain. Get up now, has not shrill Michael J Fox known professionally. As Michael J Fox, no maybe does Michael Andrew Fox was already in the union, will certainly Michael Fox was so many a dead letter, and then there was plenty of Michael a fox. So then he went with Jackson, yeah. Ok, how big is the Bible say? Noah's ark is courting lean. Noah's instructions are given to him by God. The Ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. What's a Cuban, I guess, if you would serve honey, I'm cubits means whatever you want it to mean. So how
now, as the black rely all those animals fed on that arc? No, but listen to me haven't been space. No, no! No! No, no Cubans must have a regionally have some kind of real dimension to one foot six inches times infinity. Ok, so only three hundred of those applying to fit a blue whale on their, although you have to put a blue whale nerve, it's raining courtesy had this, I think when we had to come on the know, anything that was living in the water would just continue to live during the flood. He wanted to get off that's that's chair, yeah. Well, I don't think they could really last a flood.
No baby issue is like mammoths loss and North America. Did he say I'll over here and get those and then very the bow it's where they post mates to ban all that makes an yeah. Ok said the story about Steve. This show me getting stabbed. Oh, I didn't get damage and fell, but Actor Steve. The champion, Vince Bond and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg were involved in a bar bra last Thursday night last Thursday, as old as low yeah. That resulted in for rest and nearly killed Fargo STAR Bush Emmy, the Hollywood tree or currently filming the aptly named met again. Not currently, domestic disturbance, unwilling to North Carolina to local man allegedly picked a fight with the filmmakers on one of their girlfriends began, talking to swing or starve via. This is what happens when
Torres Dick to charismatic gets into trouble. A scuffle outside the bar is reported to have taken place. It too, I am a bit the police on petrol broke it up, but not before Bouchet me have been stabbed above the eye and in the jaw wrote an ah, oh, my gosh threw him. He was taken to hospital. Vince was may still. According to reports too,. They ve already twenty one was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon for the Bishop me knifing and other local man. Twenty year old Kenneth Ferguson was also arrested yards each. Why would they did not rule out the welcome map for them and Wilmington now, and I doubt, though, you see returning to the first in flight stay. Probably the first and fight was the call play song viva le visa.
We greens are that's Heather weren't that many who is a very in the best way story, heavy episode. All those are the boughs memory, roads memory rose, you haven't even ever been down, but their great, although still great roads, third beautiful Rowan owner, learn miser on our roads and I'm gonna throw open deal. I can't know mobility, and so I'm boarded singing the real words on a chain. Do you know about changing the worth of to do certain phased talk like this and make your puke maybe puke on your shirt? I can see a little bit of your eyes and their clothes I gotta close or can't do this voice. Oh you're very come back. I guess
it was always designed to be on radio. I couldn't do that character in a movie. Mise would be closed. The whole time, that's very to you, found your place in our idea was a circuitous Throughout here aren't will good night, and I love you and thank you just in long think it s and listened adjustments. Pod yeah listen to his pardon for a long time, but life is short, so listen to it for a long time which, in a short life without his club, it's called life is short with. Just in long rye is a word play. Their short and long leather word play me. Two are ok. Let me I.
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