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Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Finding Dory, The Mick) is an American actress, producer, comedian and one of Dax's first friends in Los Angeles. Kaitlin sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss a childhood accident that sparked years of insecurity, her need for perfection and her struggle with balancing motherhood and work. Dax and Kaitlin speculate on why they got kicked out of the Groundlings, their mutual undying love for Rob McElhenney and a drug-induced adventure that ultimately resulted in Dax getting bit by a seal. Dax waxes poetic on the character qualities of Kaitlin's father and Monica and Dax debate the color of Lori Loughlin's hair.

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Hello, happy Monday or whatever day. It is your listening to this. I'm Dac shepherd in this his arm, chair expert. Today we have one of my oldest friends coming in she's increase. Redounded she's, beautiful she's, just all around wonderful, great mom, wonderful wife, from what I can tell from my buddy Rob Caitlin then you must certainly now her from the mic or it's always sunny in Philadelphia. She is one of the funniest people. I've ever worked with, we weren't growlings together and we all gale you with many stories today. You will probably get to hear some man behind the curtain stories back before I was sober as Caitlin got to witness on many occasions, so that your cup of tea, please enjoy my friend Caitlin Olsen this. Episode of armchair expert is brought to you by Spotify Monica something We're just meant to go with one another. Peanut butter chocolate, I do like there me and motorcycles,
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really. Like. I should take them off cuz. You guys did, but I haven't gotten a pedicure in a couple weeks and it's just like Isn t I go on my feet. I wish they make complete leaks added in mud and you're like a shit? I'm sorry, that's not me that ISA subsided lots of thorough wiping out. As you can see by the state of the carpet, not terribly concerned about how I didn't see you baltic issues. Often I noted that and I'm I'm ignoring Finally, I am self aware. Well, we also had a couple weeks ago when it was you know torrential there, It was a mud, bog and people were come
over like you, I fancy open house there like waving through really slippery deep mad, and then we had to take her she's off because it would have made out a thrown out the floors. I guess what you ve done Thank you. Caitlin also welcomed the armchair ex where this is it good for Islam Super excited about this, because your I think my along oldest friend, that has been battle of Ben ON, but but but but it runs the risk. I'll tell you what scary to me when, when I, you have someone on, then you know really well, as I know all this stuff about you yeah as you all this stuff. So like one hour my way here and I'm thinking about like what what areas I'd like to touch on light properly, leave that out I was thinking the same thing on the way over you. It's rare that you know too much about somebody in interviews. Scrutiny, iron, Rhine yet, but you can ask me anything artists. Julia, warlike line, Pastilles great, like I'll phrase things
I have done this. Who did I have on where I had to go like what I was doing drugs? I dont know whether you are, but I certainly different drugs at that time, that a part of you are also. That is what I was doing in the party. Was you and I and my living room, but again I can't remember who participated in the drugs, but you are you're you're kind of split origin right between Oregon and Washington well sort of I mostly Oregon kind at once. What is very Sean its fashion? Russia to make us out a lot. Benazir Bhutto was no more shows real. Why does it sound so lofty to make a systematic fashion? so you say it correctly. Vashe on and let me go. Let me remind you, we people would get in their boats and go
fishing for salmon if they wanted to eat dinner. That's that is more that very high fully I wouldn't colored fashion. Was there a a burberry on the island? What's a burberry? Isn't that a name of a closely story? No perverse incentives, he how unfamiliar? I am what you mean. I don't know what it is about you, but you ve always triggered in me. I feel very low class yours, it's these pointy. She well funny a year you ve always had an good fashion that you ve always had good Bush on no way thinking. You really have you. Ve always had good style, and then you also you speak so articulately in doesn't even know what I just said: articulately and unite my memory of our our relations. What we sketches about it. Were your teaching mean as a mediator? Right? Let's do well, I know about you, but that's you. Ve got a very adorable regional thing where you ve got some words that you say that any I like that you stick to them.
Yeah yeah. I saw drop the GEO, often a lot easier. I energies oh, like getting o getting Our right or wrong. Get is not right or wrong. You do you talk a lot about the yes, I was. Sometime self, conscious about my on my diction, but I do think its region on this mixed. A bit with, like a learning disability, I think these here Your poking funded a disabled person. What I was doing when I, when I'm uncomfortable around someone I just go on the offence- and I like to emphasise- is the book you apart, yes, and that is something I hope to get into it. When I have a very similar, so that has been given as it seems we're baggage, but we know each other because we met in the groundlings dead gap and if you
not from LOS Angeles, the LOS Angeles arguing about push back. Ok, the groundlings as it is, is a theatre comedy theatres, already self love this creature. Having me yet groundlings is like second city or you see, be its Escutcheon Improv Comedy Theatre. It takes years to go through. You, take these classes and you get really close with people because you're spending it on a time with them over the course of the years, and we became really close and we then were in the Sunday company the other four year. Yes, in substance boiler then. Subsequently, I kicked out to get an idea that I found the sender which I think we played a mutual role in that yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, so your mostly from organ. What? What age did you move to the radio drive of the Pacific Northwest Russia? Now, I'm? from I grow, so I
born and organised and quickly move to Spokane Washington and was there when I was very very little. I don't remember that and then we move to Vashe on when I was like no kindergarten. First, great I'll, get him. How long were you there must be like three years it felt like more but in short time and again, here's role, exposing things I know, but you maybe it felt like more because you're on a little island in your mother is very healthy. Gear for survival have both, again. You don't run much by no means moving around you. I really do that's raining. You're older eyes has, but your mama's really very healthy and explain the type of sandwiches uranium as a kid who came, she is always been very healthy. She was an emergency room nurse and she was the man that tried to pass off carom for chocolate, which is also a jerk. I mean. Yeah. No, I go back. I dont like or nine outside. You love her, but you don't like it. I get it. I got it. I would jump merely pusher out of it.
I know that, but then ass she was via what a pretty fall. Zionism lay my iphone those numbers in Lima The nicest pursued really is she's a very big heart. She one must be healthy. We would eat like our lunch has had a full carrot and in the south and some eighteen whole grain, bread with peanut butter, that you would grind yourself at the whole food store at the house, not whole foods from the health food, markets. Rights is usually aren't. She would go up there and she would deposit like a big scoop of rob, He needs and then yes, fuckin pulverizing. I was led us flip the sweat and then fill up the tab,
I give you a little ownership Leah and then took like fifteen twenty minutes to chew one bite of this, and that the only upside of that, I guess, is it hard put on way when you physically can't eat one of those savings or more than one of those. In a day right. We were very healthy yeah about that yeah. It were you aware of that were like. We are looking at other times. They had like whatever the eighties equivalence of snapples were real. I D ask: what are these Like Bologna man is white bread, it was so delicious the evil Was the nicest sweetest quietest kid I've been in one site in my life, and it was in second grade, because this little girl used traded her cookies, Madame of my traded, I think she's to give me her cookies are there was anything I had, but she might what the fuck really one day she went over your grooms grains, but one day she wanted to keep her. Yes, I know yeah. It was our night. Those are our cookies and by our I mean
My cookie, I don't take my cookies from me. You know it now. You you and I are both raising children in LOS Angeles. There is a lot of progressive I'll call them. Child philosophies out. There's some. I agree with some. I don't machine. My boy, my kids, no no I'll get about, Where was she also imply any kind of like progressive, apparently technique, or just just doing it no, she was very protective and we had a lot of rules and we weren't us also assertion Vashe, on which your upset. With, but I was never a couple years: everyone, nobody lock their doors. You can go into your neighbor's house. He walked down the street like we could walk down the street gather my brother and I like grab something from the restoring Yahoo for later. That kind of thing, all that's fine. Yet it was like that China very very little island yeah yeah. So there wasn't any kind of like right. Technique. Knowing are now aware of now. Ok now lit up ledges touch base on your father, who is a fucking stuff
yeah he's the best he's such a steel. He just was here he left yesterday. He was here because it was grandparents day at school. Now Lou down that damage the kind is yeah is just right at the gates, this motherfuckers, what six? Three six? Our three six for all in his handsome is all get. Aurelia now needs a strong man, full full thick head of hair. But he has my sugar now get hungry for nineteen shocking images in Libya. And I'm he's a very smart guy. Yet when I met him, he was working in the newspaper business button. Is that what he's doing your kid? Yet? You might yet be Allison and then on the regime not already yeah. Burberry. He did their magazine newsletter about averred. He worked in Seattle. Mary media, that's kind of why we lived there and there is another
one thing, I think most daughters, just kind of love their dad began on top of your dad is really Tom Self worth being head over heels in love with where your daddy's girl, yeah yeah, you just loved him he's the best sees the best person I now yeah and you ve always had right from when I met you, you and I have always lamented that when we look in the mirror or not Pont, none earlier. I do not know, I've never had five, my image in my mere no. I don't love that my pictures being taken right now with these things are not going to get over. It was one of those layers another go and try and focus on what you think of me. I get that yes and now he's these are on our profile, taking pictures of our noses, Yoyo God, what's funny, even when I look at your nose, I think it's very attractive, but of course you feel that way about your knows that I feel that my military now just granted too much knows right Florida, it is shocking when you see from the site was not used to it. You know what it's weird is. I act, we prefer my nose in a profile than I do dead on really
because it's so heterogeneous both because my nostrils a different shape and then also its members Maybe I could cause the fighters its cookies in, so it's a fucking mess up what it looks like someone through Plato. At my fate you know: does it from the front for mine loads for some reason it and when I see it But an aside, I don't understand why it needs to start between my eyebrows and drive. Right out? There is no gentle slope before it decides to come out and that doesn't make any sense. I don't. I can breathe just five. Almost zero. About. That. Is that you? That's not your nose, what you just described but but but but again, I'm not gonna. Are you either of our delude rank as they are? What they all this time? That's what you see I look in the mirror yet yet, despite that, right from the second, I met you, you have now whether it's it's true internal competence. You do have high export. Stations for yourself yet, and I would imagine that's largely informed by your dad- I mean he will he thought I was the greatest thing in the world yet ass. You know again that maybe
that is where you hear a lot about you that adds its for real and bombs. To my mom also thought I was the greatest thing or that they does. I had really good parents who thought that I was special and didn't that I didn't mean that I was you know and you ship that was a mere absolutely no, not at all like I'd fuck up and have to fix it. But the truth is I wasn't a kid who was fucking up. I was just trying my It was a protectionist and they said all that- and they didn't like that, because if I just would put too much pressure on myself, so I think they wanted and more, to tell me, like your enough, does the way you are in your mom clearly instilled yet another great set of values and cool attributes to you, but I'm just specifically with men. I have not seen you been the victim of any kind of abusive nurse or like you that you had a high expectation for what you deserved. You had been treated
in a certain way by somebody? I knew were aware of what it was like to be treaty ethically wrong. My boyfriend's, where like it was just laugh a box of us like I don't know but it is like. No one's gonna be your dad and I get. I get that and I well we're gonna get to someone who worry you're, not really close, the only guy, I think is, is steadily as your dad is robbing the outcome. I know I found the one. Guy is pretty great, be such a man tat. He really is, but that's it thing about my dad, as I always felt like my dad Add was like really physically strong and emotionally strong, but he was so kind like. There was nobody kinder than my dad I or more respectful to people I mean we're just go out of an organ. You can't pumping around gas, which is maddening just for the area by, although I think they change that this, they did ya think are the growing up
company on gas- and I just remember and on a wire member this, but he would always rolled on his window, have a conversation with the gas station attendance. Always thank you, sir. You have a great day I contacted us. Was it was important to him to be respectful to everyone. Will you he's kind of alpha mail to point out yes he's like the evolved alpha now he's a boss, total the boss, deities kindest FARC. He sets everybody at ease, he can have a conference. I wish I was sorry, that's not me you want here. I would love to what's so funny, as I you know. As you know, I got to hang out with your dad yeah location without you at all. I know back when I worked for General motors. I had to drop a car off in Portland and then I swung through being well. Do you want me to expose where they live. They were an unincorporated clamorous county. That's where you, under the guise of moved, I got to hang out with him. Just you know, to browse the hand I had it
top cars. What I was deliver an emu is pumped then there was a dinner party. People had some drink some men, you daggers, let's get met, fucking car hard, put some road behind us and others like absolutely. It's me Finally, the last thing you normally want to show a dad female friend two years. Is that, like you, like hot rod and yeah Yet we are loaded up. We loaded up in an unfortunate there was someone in the car that I made this scared. Somebody in that I felt terrible that that I successfully still think about that. Like your dad and I were blarney and then one of the females got a little nervous about the whole thing, but that's nice. Arriving too vast we were fuck. How announced the flashes of some kind of a neighbouring country, a country, road It was a twelve year old dream come true, so you do you do great in school, you're, a good student, just a pleasing.
Oh, I was fine, I got asian bees, but I know I was fine and you will admit that pathologically and somewhat oh yeah, yeah, please, oh yeah was so. Would you worry about like what teachers thought of you or what people you wanted approval from thought you or any worried about what everyone thought about me? Really, Well, that's what your brother in the next two years he's also like the sweetest kindest person ever he's also when your life here he's a year and a half older than me, he's really cool. We have opposite personalities, yells, more comfortable in small groups yet, but he's he's married he's very Chile's very smart he's a computer programmer and he was protective of you in through the ride through schools yet were reversed. Sort of we were so close, an age that he always wanted to be like big brother, but
like we were more like twin ran, so is kind irritating, and then he had his own friends and I we we would. We played a lot together because we lived. I now have moved a tiger because we were. We were an ambition for literally like five minutes. So mostly, I grew up in a little tenets of Portland, so we built into this big school for us, as we were coming from a tiny little island for great, as is a third. Is it a tough transition? Yeah yeah yeah? Really thank you third grade yeah through it. It was like the one of those defining moment of my life where you gonna therapy and there like war. How far back? Can you remember feeling like that? ECHO is when I moved from bash onto tigers right like suddenly, there were clicks. I didn't know anything: bout popular unpopular. Have that ambition I needed to address certain way you need it. I was told I was. I was walking around on the stay at recess. There was a little girl playing like wall ball by yourself and I walked up and start
playing with her, and somebody else pulled me away from her right away was like do not play with her, and I was like she's, not cool, understand Is it really the first time that had ever been introduced to me and it just like rule? Did you say good lookin out you ain't got away from her a thousand viable falcon evil. We are monsters or look. It's right. L gather the worst yeah. Well, how did you find? Would it when you eventually clicked in there? What was the route to starfleet comfortable? How can never happened or really exist I put such an awareness and my head that you have to watch every little thing that you do because I didn't realize you couldn't just walk up and start playing with someone. So then I was well what else, You do, and I just remember, becoming very aware that there were rules that I did not know, and it just made me extremely self conscious, and so I did from then on was trying to like do the right thing rather than just have fun.
We have socks. I wish someone would have noticed that and talked about our right away, because that continued for years, probably in all the way through junior high. So what did you latch onto? What was the thing that you did well that you was like a source of confidence for you the steam well, nothing. For a long time I mean when I was really Well, it was just about having girlfriends and having them not be mad at me, and then I got that big accident in sixth grade my letters, a bunch. I felt my bike punched a hole and they had so I had on my head.
I M going into seventh grade, which was junior high ideal. They would accept for their that's it it's over. It's a relocate analytical so that such an that that hope there, the next like for five years of my life, leads us to know what these. Let his shadows riddles freeze on the right over here I did remember. There was some big physical trauma yeah. I went straight to never ceased to their. Why are you so? All of these, like first six, were still attached, but like shoved into so like an emergency room. He added grab them an utterly pull them back into place? All my good me was horrible. Horrible, basically play hockey to have that expired, yeah. I have a very vivid memory as twelve, I'm a very that in memory of in the middle of it happening. It was so painful that I was well, there's no point in like even being upset about this anymore and I just kind of went dead,
it was a loud and yeah. I let it wash over yes yikes yeah hand. Maybe you didn't have any residual issues from that at least cosmetically. Did you know a hole in your head? That's a big scar but my hair, ruined my life. This threat that my top LE pen, like crazy scar tissue for the next five years, so my top lip was huge, color gorgeous, so I will marry, I went Angelina Jolie would have been lovely about. Why not I looked at it, I do easy Johnson and lunch line. One time in the seventh grade after I was out of my wheelchair and back and all my fucking God, you're in a wheelchair, was allowed to walk for awhile cause the worst.
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wait go to dot com before you do anything else. Click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in day, acts that stamps dot com entered Dax, that's the acts in case my pronounced diction, throwing it does not make its our more exciting Monica. I got me some slack. So, then you stay in the same room with the same kids and go to high school, or do you yes, a now we're all in high school. My hairs grow. Now. I was too scared to do theater and junior high, but I really wanted to sew and high schools really where I found theater, and then I found a bunch of good friends and then from then on auto sign right. That was the thing we're like. Oh yeah, here we go yet found. My me, yeah yeah in our boys when the boy had No, no! It's not
all the way through high school MA. I was. I was scared of boys, any work area. I hated myself. Assumed everyone hated me. No one area that son. I was very comfortable or maybe I was it was, did you have crashes on guys or did they were all terrify? You did a cow now yeah you're, even posters in your room. I didn't and posters, I'd nomes. I wish I was like real. I'm sorry, you, a seventeen year old me was kind of like fourteen. I was this uri I just I just wanted to be with my family and like my friends who were nice to me, loved MAC, Callaghan, now he was a boy and he was a boy he worse deuces. All the time, Don't worry, no real added ugly introduces we're gonna like an extreme lifestyle. Around was a blonde wound down yeah, I'll! Tell you that I have
I have later observed that you have really eclectic taste and men which is exciting yeah. Has it cause. I will think It will have thought in the past that you had a type now and then an egg and never data in the newly fifty cent on a nowhere. Somehow we are, you know we asked there's always a bunch of anomalies. Malo in approach is exciting first. In the same way, I don't love. You know this about her, but her top five hall passes are Vincent in Austria that may souls and t either ever ok, the guy, let's put on his hat for five governing the night, knows all alone and you're talking about oneself lonely place once she's gotta, she's, tiny, yeah, he's ransacked standing here
british vaccine, and where is our man? She's gotta bring a couple pared down Greece. If we launch a shell with him and I met him on a rag carpet. I told him my wife wants a fuck, you so bad and I think he like first of all your let me how they must make all the time right, like I assume the thing, I'd love to hear what someone else would love yes. So if someone said that to me there, wouldn't I wouldn't want to hear that. I that's what I think in my head stupidly, naive, realism. I think Frank he's no design. We do. They have a weird sex game where he wants to be jealous you what's the right answer. Yes, I see standing right yeah. That guy is another controversial. Well, in truth, I was helping her. But I'm not gonna dad's an unconventional relationship. I can see how he might be confused. Yes, so I'm just trying to
the silly. I had heard the door absolutely and innovating go out. I don't think it is not just to recap, Vincent Enough Rio. Six five yeah makes sense. Fifty eight years old result mad younger Pecksniffery Tee. I wrapper unimpeded English yeah desire her top for there's another one in there. My point, is this. How can we not jealous again? What would I even sit at home and worry about by this is the limit. I don't fucking know who it's gonna be right It's always my timely. Having considered all right down. Even try it. Don't wreck your brain to figure out what could be norm from cheers could be rapid and everything is that it there's quality. It's a quality that you fall in love with. You can't just look at what people look like and God bless Swimming that will then, when men and women are like, the men are like. I love that call assuming she's hot.
Hoping that that quality equipment and the most beautiful package year yet will starters yes M physically attracted the arrogant and now oh bingo, they haven't the personnel knows where the worst solely sidetracked, but buddy you're, you're you're cases ointment eclectic. So it doesn't. Rise me that you're in love with a gloomy and high school, and were you the rightful did you Edison. Any signals are no just forget you loved him from afar, and I was there. I think I thought. I was sending him signals, improvement. Ngos are staring at him, that's a signal Yazzi! That's how I ve dejected. I've encourage Monica too, to stare at solidarity, not blanket. Because I remember in college like I would like look over Nancy Gales, really just she's locked
you shouldn't be locked in. If she didn't like me right, yeah, exciting, endlessly Horner, something which will the nose didn't. She might have been suggested as a powerful knows that was before us, this growth it by anyways, so love your nose. Thank you so much. I love yours, It's a you end up going to university organ, yet you're a duck, yeah yeah, that's right. We let loose because you were there yeah. Do you, as outstanding grades were Other schools you want to go to. As you know, we go in there, then really care about college just wanted to have a degree, and I just wanted to move delay. So, ok, that's what I'm curious. Why not just go to I just wasn't ready, like I said, even graduating, it was still very, very young I just needed to. I wanted to be a little bit away from my parents, but not too far away from us. I wanted to be able to come home on the weekend. If I got scared and yet it didn't happen- a look- I loved college,
open up the door dear, like wild adventurous side, because when I met you, you release his immediate and strike me as someone who was sheltered or scared me around is it is Josh Nathan and mix? Oh yes, I met Josh at college, mutual friend of ours and we love. Yes, we matter needs the Growlings Mass, but before that my best friend from high school Heather, who was very outgoing, went to college with me home and she was very loud for some reason. It just open up a whole new world, also just being in a place with more people that high school was big for me, but in reality the big at all. You know so another all kinds of different people are drinking yes and then I started to realize it not drink in high school. Ok! So yet, when you're drinking, if you have the isms that we have yet opposite in your confident radio
over thinking? What are you suddenly? I was hilarious and probably everyone wanted to hang out with me, but only with I'm drinking sure knows started in the correct way: Sprawly, while you're yeah on those with a beautiful. You know it was the air. Does the pitiful hair that I used to have just distracted from the nose. Probably when I was drink. Yes, also, you that's what gigantic blue eyes that are beautiful. You in your, like fuckin bailing out these rockets, yeah season is going to make you so uncomfortable. But as soon as I worked- and I was like she's so pretty soon, I really that they're here That's very nice debate is particularly the eyes the like are. Even if I watch your tv show the mink, unlike haha, What are those things I bear and my brother has similar eyes in that it looks like we are lit from behind. Yes, liquor there, blasting blue light. That's nice! Thank you. I appreciate you so GUM Heather is your ambassador. I imagined
you like night life and that we also we lived in because our hooking up and stuff together these and we need that if now yet, but we also lived in this kind of adornment was it was right across it had a lot of football players in it and it was right across the street from a fraternity, and we just became friends with all of these guys, not a women too, but college, especially that age like women are not still not very nice to each other. So we had more guy friends. Then women, friends, and we had no interest in being us in a soaring, send its fair to say that your voice seemed to have got along really well guys really easily that true yeah yeah, and I also have lots of really wonderful female friends now to buy. Why wasn't I say that not just some gales do well. Ruby guys and some don't just in the guidelines is very male heavy. At your very comfortable there and yeah yeah you're, not a male France and like sunny and surrounded by men. Let us not do maybe too many there right,
they one too many all that I'm not gonna. So you love school right. You and Josh. Earlier from the stories you told me last fuck him even for you, they arrive and was so fine, and at this point I am able to now. I've started feeling confident. And sunny, and so even when I was feeling like physically and secure, I didn't that didn't matter. I was doing character, or so it's hard to be a little bit more comfortable, my own skin and just I started like getting great roles and all these great plays- and I started feeling confident yes, and then this is a little bit of a dicey observation to make, but I'm off I can make it anyways. There are people who are nervous to let themselves be ugly, honesty, yeah. And you don't have that now is amazing. Like your play were released and our experience you play every day, I think I leaned into a because all of a sudden it was, it was fine, look ugly and I always thought I'm much look. I'm sure I had some sort of dis morphia
in the bag accident did not help, but I never wheelchairs fuckin, skyrocket yourself, snows, mostly the mostly shaved head with their hair around the perimeter. Yeah like a hurry, Christian or your guy was. Does this part? Was shave wanted to shaven off offer me for real thirteen. You were baseball game again tried, but I didn't have tried pulling the front hair back to try and make a ponytail. Let you know that don't work. I really wish. I'm sure my parents tried to get me to save it off, but there's no way. I needed something- oh in hindsight, my god I'd love to see some four This is because they have a picture. I've told the whole story to John and Dave Turnin who run the mic created the mic. They ve got a picture and it's the it's. The picture comes up like
itself. Now I'm a real. I write a larger. It's very sad, oh boy. I worked well that the advantage of that is that you could never fire somebody if that's the photo. Sweden has the fire burning. Human are you? Are you be like this? Is it I can't fucking life's too short? Now, I'm sorry, Jesus every little girls, girls, so so colleges of glass and then a GMO directly to alight from college. You don't stop Magna home in Asia. Are your parents is support everything else, I think they weren't nervous, but they never said anything. Of course they were nervous, beaucoup or near. They were always very supportive, and at that time were,
you thinking I want to do comedy or I want to be on Saturday night live or were you just thinking? I want to be an actress, or did you have an idea in mind of what you halfway through college? I figured out that comedy was something that I could do well and I love dramatic stuff too, but I worked at it and I had like technical things that I needed to do Let me to a certain place comedy I didn't have to think about it at all, and I was just like doing extra stuff and having fun yeah and it was for. When he was so not confident. I die death. I never had any doubt that I would be. Rights, including here in doing how many I don't know why I just ever crossed my mind that wouldn't be successful at it. Yet, So when we met which I do not know the year bad at this I know two years the high school I graduated in colony to anything else is a blur getting, but but maybe around
thousand two issues, something yell member Dublin last routine has had two was tat, is all you in the Sunday, but I ain t guess it. Maybe it was like those values underlying united, but when we met which I think we met in the fourth level of the ground, you already had an agent you worked by my group from where I was sitting and yes, I think you are already eight reorder young curb you had an anchor yeah maybe happens on using the shortened black azure. Is this curve your enthusiasm, the Ipad agenda? Couple right, ok, end you at all so you were in a movie. You are ready. I autonomy on me. I remember the flame is about man. It was a good female. Revenge sexy bar movie yeah was called sexy BAR could serve. It may available, once again on his early ugly coyote. I loved that. Indeed you I've heard that before
a longer before I was getting customer number two I think Monica. Can you tell us what about that? Movie was wrong. I was in this surely is downright there. I was one Europe. My baby sitter was letting it one. I wanted to see, bring it on that night, the whole school did. We all want the movie theater and then, of course, I didn't get and bring it regards the days of the tickets sold out there. So then some of us had to seek highly ugly was already at the movie theater then we all loved it was like rowdy and everyone was having so much fun. It's a fun move It is a fun movie and did you think like me, when I grow up, I am a hardy, in the title remind me what coyote ugly mean? I think it's a bar in New York Ray
It's a real bar in New York, where women take off their brows and like throw up on stage. They becomes part of the decor. Will there is a bar, but it's not called Coyote. It's it's in the meat packing District Ngos shot there. Are they shot through? The rebuilding guys would park there Harvey's in front or in the bar right wheel of manufacture, excess show figure that, but at any rate, we did you see that here in Europe. Those here it s, gas, ok, we're not gonna fly need to be better cost numbered cynical but real. I will go back Monica for once in my mind you she and I have an ongoing thing works like a good. Did you see, and she just preemptively goes. I was a bit when I came she is really cute ashes and much harder than our she's, not much older than she and you look young budget year, also not old, she's. Thirty minutes, it's great right. I reiterate my idea
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word slash tax, I will they not getting through to you I'm so, yes, sir, you are working, and I want to point this out to people, because if you're, an aspiring actor, brilliant uninspiring, aspiring anything being counted, gives a fuck. That's literally, you know forty percent of it topsy are. You were very organize your very driven you showed up. Whenever you had to show up, you would drive across the universe. The audition like you, are very hard work. I recognise that wide early on all appreciate that yeah. That's what that guy pilot season is being in the car and I'm so all that there was no like navigation on your phone. Thomas guides you're like looking up great, durable Directions anyway, and we, like you, pulled over the side of the looking in your Thomas Guide for waste was to go
You mean, I must have ended up. Sixteen thousand had shown yeah stapled your resonated back its. It gives me anxiety, loving sale. My I've had started sweat sobers because at the growlings, once you get into the sunny company there, they have everyone's headshot on the wall and everyone's was a professional headshot and mine was a timer photo run over and you know what that really stem from one I was. I was broke new This could not bear to spend more money on it had already done it once you may have been a little bit, but mostly you're, just super stingy. Yes, I was reviewed and spend money on anything. I did not spend money enemy, we have good for you. I met a man who had a third like childhood thing was. I was
convinced everyone was trying to take advantage of so the whole racket of of Ariane photographer and for some reason, these motherfuckers owned the fault. The fish only have to buy it yeah. I remember that it is ridiculous. That's fucking, bullshit tat. When you mean you on the phone is, if you want to get had shut, you had to track down Jason from North Hollywood and then ask him and was a pain in the ass any charge you every time you re, ordered tat, even your right and It felt like this is a scam. Their prey upon me. They're gonna make me so a lot of it was Like my yeah, my own childhood stuff, getting in the way of probably battery my chance in the address he asked, new stuck with it has, as usual, that joy of lebanese I've heard of you didnt pay. I do think that's the last June I ever got. Billy myself, Timer Headshot, it's pretty gray! Thank God! Yes, but you had your fucking shit.
Either in you had a really good manager who really believed in yes, don't ever her. You still do that makes these I've also Jesse, guys now she's, also working at a Ike earning nodded described that store on charlatanism, yeah glistening. What what would you call that a home? I resumed? It was trinkets yeah like press little gifts solely animal like it's like chat skis and we did give basket from the holidays and right. A new Gmos and Yet- and so you work there all the time and it wasn't like a glamorous job and I will now swing through their occasionally. I also was a recruiter for a biotech company for a little while parliament. I'm had no idea what has taught about, and I am with the receptionist, a hair salon and sometimes two or three of those at the same time, how, at all all day, long and then wrote at night and partied party like crazy the important point,
you still found time to party. I am I'm good at prioritizing yet and the hum- and I too The parties have allowed at time our party together, and so there is a lot of writing sessions like that start, which is a shame, abject shoe my hang over here. Then we just have to push them, how it through to see how hard workers they were. I do wonder sometimes what I would have got done if, like three of my days were Let me now I may tales terrible hang over or we discussed together to write and be like. We should probably go see a movie first get aspired while one of the finest writing sessions that everyone awry was. You came Where are we were gonna write? I assume I suggested it. What's ecstasy and putting out a middle of the afternoon noted here. We should do it and then we should drive and our south comes out of the beach to go to the beach began. Our friend. Just had a discount at Gulfstream
restaurant because he works at Houston's eyes. I we went down. That's it exactly why women I mean I went down there. Do accuracy. I know everyone else's didn't go you love a good free meal. Absolutely answer We we take ecstasy right. We gonna answer whatever that yeah Little Beach Redondo Beecher. Somehow we end up on the beach yeah. What happens next well with first of all its probably one of the best days of our lives were just very happy and were in love with our surroundings, and we it's a hitting us all at once: family, bad fucking, California, it's in the sunshine, watered, never been more beautiful and lo and behold here's the thing about Dax and I we really we love animals and we assume that all animals love us and I've always that's my whole life. I've I've assumed that we look over and there is a God, damn see
working towards us, beautiful, Jesse, idle, beautiful seal on the sand, a big, beautiful seal hanging out an end. They weren't a very loving me. Oh my god, oh yeah and an eye they had already made out adjust ones at that point once or twice she, hydrogen oil per per his above all the things I ve always wanted you to do, acts they give him our primary you're, gonna kill Siano care, Kantos Kan, you knock it off. Others feel you're, making the zeal income so, of course stacks, and I think that this they'll, probably wants us to go over and say hi to it and then Dax Dead, I had this whole thought that oh a seal is in this moment. I don't think this. Staring out. But in that moment, as things a dog yeah yours if you do it all right, you put your hand now. Yet I can smell you, gotta nephew. Yes, it's gotta be, and then I don't know your sentence. Be one hundred percent come to vote. Yes in annual snuggled. Is the gas drafts its better yes and so
am getting closer and closer to the seal, and there are many people who are watching the ceilings is a rare, citing, as you see on the middle to be, I think I'm so excited about. What's, let's about to happen? Yes, some people are screaming stay away from it ass. It became clear, retro smoke, so I put my hand out ensure enough. It takes a couple snap and almost like a disbursed, and here we go and then a fuckin just. Some guys like stamps now and then it goes right, Ma Enneads yelling at me. I wanted you to give a proper. Why? Yes in they'll, probably always there and there are people, it's kind of arms It was a divisive moment for the people to be introduced. Some people are going, that's how Ebay say, hi like a positive spin on this right and then the other half the people are not. Yet. How are you going? the wild, while no man, yes in, and so I had a horrible yeah by market or my family was a gunshot wound. He was a deal cash and the thing about
Puncture. Will, the God Damn thing's gonna he'll over and it's gonna get infected the very first mother, fucking thing: I'm gonna: do you like at school I'll, take care of it as well? my dynamic insurance? Remember, I know there's no way, I'm goin out upon a cavity furthest seal by I mean I was like this is not like you know you, in an attack is a little rusty. It's it's a seal from the ocean. Yes, you gotta go. Get that looked at in this is the part of the story. The people simply not believe in that. I'm fine with that. But a few days, later line just randomly watching the evening news and theirs. The story about why these. Seals are coming up on the beach. We were witnessing. What was a phenomena at that time they had an illness network. Yes, it was sick. Sickness right in your house has any got infected. Of course it did. I told you it was going to yes, you are right, then. How did I handle that you remember yeah, you cut a big acts in it with a knife with a butcher, Nigeria and then got in there.
When things are the vacuum left by the way that the scars- they'll very visible as it was. We said he a great story but but yeah. The fact that I didn't lose my thumb over this or that have it. The lake started travel arm, Ngos under great scale game with Rome. Yes, yes, so and then you know so I get it a sealed. Then we go to the gold because- and I was in a very in I'm sure you always found this amusement amusing. I was sober, then all you don't you remember. I didn't drink, oh what? Yes, here, that kind of over here I mean what are you drinking Roma yeah, but I'd anything else was good yeah. I didn't think either drug problems may have a drug promptly turns out yeah, but that day it was just a ten for so many hours, and then we got this restaurant in our all kind of coming down. It's not so bad, very uncomfortable. You didn't even get as are allowed to
Frank yeah. We have you guys elves through you got drunk and things were fine, but I'm the I'm not I'm dealing with seal injury and I'm coming out of this without any alcohol to help here Don't you see, food law eat rarely, they learn. We say to stay home and written sketch, yes and then so much is quickly give out there that, and so I believe it is my theory, I'm very well may have been kicked out of the Sunday company because I simply wasn't talented enough. I'm dead certain new and Joshua talented enough nay around now it in and go into the main company. I think one of the issues and reflection, is many. Many of our sketches head you and making yeah yeah, I don't think anybody who wanted to see it now. I will say very funny that we only lot of successful scourges and might not
Men have been the sketches where we were making out and it was right. Wired, but the right I'm some sketches, where we were basically background players that we thought could be funny. Here is a start making out that's funny, cooking up, upstate, GINO my guess. I just I didn't have the yeah. We were just trying to add the scene now, and you know we both have big lips like a real away wonder what it felt like you disrespect for. I live. I would hate to look back and think those wasted years yeah I mean I don't regret a second now, but I do sometimes think of some of the sketches winner meting out and I'm going to have to be that wasn't as it may. We not for the audience is much, but the groundlings itself is this community. They didn't like that. No none of them are making out every sketch we clearly were and we're both in relationship may
I think it made everybody. I come to my lesson. We don't do that. We know not to do that. We know not to do that, but again something I'm someone else's sketch. No, no, and if I go, but I have a time machine, I do the same work as I don't regret and then and then also add. We were kind of a click, but I didn't think of us as a click you Josh and I am but we the most and we were kind of a click, and I think that was probably polarizing for folks yeah. I think look at a certain point. It was very, very challenging to write seven new sketches o week. At that point, I think by this Second, your son, accompany. I was doing the drew carry show for there were times when I was actually working right, and I would so be expected to bring in seven to ten sketches, and I was trying, but I just didn't, have the time and so was easier to write with people who I was with whom I was
more proliferate illicit yeah, yeah yeah, like nice, kissing sketches, they just wrote them and they are funny ever everyone, like ok lights, up working Alas, it was How about it? That's a classic com. There- is a great fled ever everytime, I loved the groundlings. They love the training. I love those two years and I hate it getting kicked out and but for every one other who doesn't quite, nor does everybody either gets kicked out. Becomes, a main company grounding. Members of those people are getting kicked out. We probably just should estate in for a couple more years, had we been doing what we were supposed to be doing. Yes, we're not economic, another manner by Dixon, even more responsibility. I have this alpha chip on my shoulder, so I had a very hard time like paying homage to the people ahead of me, but other men I felt like I was a little confrontational with some of those, but I would say that I took it in, I believe, just to harder than you did in that's probably cause you are on a pretty
I too working- I took it really really hard for about two days and then I felt liberated I was so relieved to not have two, because honestly, I learned so much and I wrote so many sketches that I was proud of, but the fact that I was forced to write seven to ten. There was so much shit that I was writing that I wasn't I'm too much of a protectionist for that. I would rather sit down and belabour one thing and work on it and turn it into something great before I show any one year, so is very hard for me to go up there and do ten mediocre things rather than to really great things. So I was relieved to not have to put myself through. All of that, our I think, maybe for me because I had not gone college and acted there. I had no success. Having done any of that, I've learned to act on that stage. Yet having passed those levels, with such a source of self esteem. For me and pride that I read they became reliant on that now, when I stopped passing those levels which is basically what happened: radio free.
Me and I was you're acting class? Yes, yes, and then, as luck would have it yeah upon got ordered right when I got kicked out so ass, like oh thank God, this happen, but it took me a long time to a kind of get over if you go back to do is show there now I did I'm so bad it improv now it's about varying. Is that I again I- and this is something I dont like about myself, but I'm way way way too hard. I myself am too much. Protectionist and I only like improvising when I'm in the middle of a scene- that's already funny like on my show now right. I love improvising in that situation. I do not like improv Games, I dont know what I'm gonna say. It makes me scared. I also feel like now. I would go every one single fuckin person, the audience and like all my God, this is gonna, be so funny and all images let them down, but ok, so drew carries a big thing for you. That was really exciting from me. Play when I was watching it because he was a very generous nice person and he was very inclusive and made. You feel part of that team right and then took you on a US
two or which I remember mean so jealous of yet I was really cool and meet. The tour itself was great again, it's just a very recurring, I felt very secure. I we were doing improv they they all had worked so well together before I came along, they were doing who sign as it anyway in Havana and then I kind of an sort of myself and- and I wasn't from there you see- be school of not so that their kind of a different thing and they also eaters laying in a brand new band and not being that great at your instrument. Just trying to like do your own thanks. Oh I disorder felt like oh I'm just here cause I'm like the girl and once I figured that out, it was a great I'll, just be I'll, be the girl part of this ends disk. I was in my place and in a hurry than so now. Here's where our will really layer on the compliments, but your mom is your mom's, a very strong, outspoken, competent waiting for my perspective in she's a bit of a feminist
yeah and so in. You are as well in a great the grass way possible when you ve had to, as you say like on the girl here, what what? What? How is that This outcome with reservation: are you sure, you're, confident, nothing or who gives a fuck that I got up and somebody's apply them? it saxophone I got it was what it was at that point and I loved the: U S so tour side of it. So I was fine to go and do that. We went over Thanksgiving. I met troops. I we know that when you wanna Virginia the whole time Look I told you I was supposed to be the girl. It's also like comedy in general or historically there is this kind of competitiveness. You! Let them additive yeah and this may all just be my. They might be here this and be like y know. We weren't sure is my all be me. I just was feeling out numbered. So important it think about, because when you feel a certain way, the only dad You then receive is confirming that your hunches right totally. Yes,
like MRS probably a bunch of rights to enable me to lobbying things at young, and I think I saw you so if they go at weren't. You enter third, which has nothing to do with anything yeah of course, and enter. Thirdly, yeah yeah yeah I was there. I was just I was very insecure, but again it wasn't my wheel house, something that I loved to do so right was also what's this: what's the secret ingredient that has you often in those situations feeling and secure, not competent enough to do it yet you show up and do it says it is like a fear of failure that so strong that you like well fuck, am I felt this. If I don't do this, I'm certainly fail overall. So it's a zero sum think I'm Rosa I dont have any doubt that I'm talented or funny I have real, hang ups about improving games in particular because
want to know ahead of time that it's going to be funny, because I know what I'm gonna do so like doing. Curb that's a whole different story, because I know my character I know. What's going on, I'm gonna be to the sign rightly nor spoke. No one's were lying on me to move the story for it. I already know the story I just have to. I just have to worry about like my character and my dialogue at that's like I'll. Take it from there. If I have to figure out the other stuff. I want you to leave me alone with a pen and paper and sit down and all come up with a funny story here, and so then, after that you get. This show, which I can't imagine anyone in the world thought was gonna, be anything when you got it reaches its always honey of Philadelphia. How do you get that in or how do you come to know those boys and eventually make love to one of them one of them of silk celebrated on issues of museums. So I did this show got Cason. This like hidden, cannot nose like a sketch.
That was a have honours. We did that and then I was like I don't wanna like punk people, because no really mean kind. What I was there was very funny what I would have actually kill people on tv just to be on tv. At that point I get it started to meet them iota. Sixty nine seniors, I totally understand, and then I did that I didn't show called Kelsey Grammar presents the sketch show politician kinsman than my Skype. We they took it England. They told us moving to be making the american version of a british sketch show, demanded I've forgotten and they were. I would think it was therefore like three months and once we got there, we're like ok, so we feel like if we change this up here and there no we're gonna, do it how it is, and we like, oh no night, no knock. This isn't funny. You wanted us to make it anyway. I came back and I remember thinking. Ok, I'm not gonna. Take anything just
to take it cause that I was in place and I just wanted to be on tv. You got run super yeah and- and I was like forget it- I live in a tiny apartment for the rest if I just want to do something that is fulfilling I feel like I'm doing something special, though that was the pilots why I read sunny and I loved it. It was on a network had barely her was a network yeah like your liver, air was a decision that was on the network may live tat, maybe I think so next and attacking the shield. I think that was at the talks, so I I didn't for it. I loved it my red a couple scripts and I said I wanted to do it, but they had written nights till the stormy and times what they had they didn't have, No woman really have her yet so so every other part was written really well and then yet so My addition scene was actually they had taken a Dennis Charlie, seen o typed it up as DE entirely so I got two mansion was with Charlie oh that's right, know about, and you got your
Skype, not I was evidently emergency. I like before we start doing. That was even my scene of the answer. I told ya I called me I'm, whereas at the dog park- and he asked if I would not go home in my macaroni and am I said I would but clearly could write really well and that I would do it if you would write the dear old really well yeah and he said what he said that actually their intention. They decided to cast it Pherson into that immediately. Habited that take time as well. Well, so far it's already been written, so I kind of hard to swallow that you're, the first four in Vienna there so funny you're, but yeah did happen immediately after that right, and he could have just been saying that I have always believed that a million a year and then we shall soon. After it errors are you like our?
You know people are noticing you you're like six years, maybe five, I'm not as expressly yeah yeah, but you're you're, you're you're, grateful, though so grateful I loved it. I wasn't we were in Heaven so season, one, not nobody watched it right. The network came to say ass, but I had nothing to do with this year now it would be ass. He has done it wasn't came to Robin England and said all right, we'll know is watching over. We love it the people are watching. It really love it. So we want another seas, and we want you to cast like writing an extra care. Anyone who wants to be a famous person, so we can draw numbers and they were like, I know absolutely, no other. I said yeah arrow and what we have now that do not have that dynamic at all yeah. That's a very jarring suggestion you for that.
It was so that it was really gritty dislike for friends running also. My appeal of it is like you ve, never seen these people are real people. There's a verisimilitude to the whole thing tells me to get shot out of a cannon yeah I was there was a terrible idea to them and they were like. We dont want to do that and they were like ok cool when you're gonna have to me now The other shells were held. I think, that's not that that's our fix for this right, like it and believe in it, but no one watching yeah, so it has to run a bunch of names and thought of Danny in when the guy's due to the network did both. I think, ok, I think John actually came to them with Danny's name, because he knew he knew Danny yeah and did you get the veto bump people dead STAR watching it, but still not that much people only know, because I know that for a good for five years down the line just really believed in the shell in Catalonia, s back and he's a very cold do an amazing man, any so smart. Now, then resumed of ethics is only here and now you look at their content and I just think they have such amazing and he's totally a champion of someone's vision. Absolutely
yeah. So he incredible it really is and they get into the business side of it, which is causing interesting to fix. It up now become a came around at the perfect time because Again there. So many networks, you can have a smaller audience that can be enough and then the show happened to do very well overseas, rightly any it was. It was celebrate in many many territories and very inexpensive show to make so that a model existed to make. This thing makes sense for a fact right, which is very lucky just timing, wisely energy yeah, and I think they were one of the first people to because you can't explain tone in a meeting rob was like. I just want to shoot something into reality is so he shot. You know a version of the pilot first into showed it to them. Yeah, waiter yeah. So yet, let's just arrived for second cause, you of the biggest crushing the world on him yeah. You know me,
EL, the you even tax him like. I don't love that you love my husband more than me now. You idea a couple years ago, your honor me, so I figured it out but, as you said earlier, I dont think I love him or ok they get more. Thank you. I, like you, know them. Even here flip flop all over the place. I really do ok, but but how soon after start working together. We are like that, like this guy, so definitely not right away. Half way through the first season, talk about like types he just first of all, when I measures a robber whose livelihood he was not a beefy rapporteur, he was not a big dumb meet head, there were still seeing now we made a mistake, a blue at noon. Familiar He was just so easily in charge
Yeah he's an effortless kind of hearing. Only just has a vision and he's he's just a wonderful boss and he's a collaborator, but at the end of the day, he's very comfortable making an information and is making a decision under there is a real internal confidence, which is, I hate him or the huge our he looks in the married, does see Brad Pitt. I think when in here actually does matter. How you that, MRS back, when he waits forty pounds less, this aim, is Cuba recirculated a little boy how human and my arms would rap all the way around him and then back to myself like I can't be in love with him, but I just love yeah, I just dumb and then his real twinkly smile He has inherent to me as a tonic character. Right, like he's, he's a principled man. He has more disciplined and then
any person. I know you also. Is it like a very ball person right so he's like very pro gay rights, even though, as I could Philadelphia do, with tattoos who's been unbar fights, yet in very embracing of everyone right yeah. That's a track learns to do. He dislikes sees they want everyone to be happy His mom is gay as brothers gay. So I think that probably helped, but he just dumb. Yet he just everyone just do it. You want to do and don't you know near hurt people and then I'm fine weather, the so you're starting to notice, he's kind of a boss and everything in your slowly getting attracted and what you like but wait? I can't be attracted him he's, not my type where when does it, when is it get blurry as fuck? Well, you know you have to go to a Fox party or something where there's alcohol in trouble and yeah yeah. Then I would just like sneak in there. You got to ask him to start very embarrassing. I didn't I was.
It was not you make the move. Yeah guess you do. Yeah, ok yeah, but he also like scared me. So is it Missus very awkward, just awkward moves? I remember going to a game night, Charlie and Mary. Elizabeth and he was there and I then drinking is that's how I handled being nervous around him, and I would just like move into like sit at the game and like back up- and between his legs. Now you like move myself into the lingua. What are you doing? that's my rallies anew. Leave ably direct a dishonest to a fault, not afraid account will not at all. Now. You know just flat out what he doing right, oh god, what I think I know about your like pass and people you dated in the past. I think, We have many other like twelve year, yeah yeah yeah somebody eleven twelve and you and I both we may kind of erratic, departure yarn. What we had always been with ran
at around the same time, yeah in Sweden. Really did anyone like Kristen, who was you know an eternal optimist, just a good person did the right thing. Her heart is, I don't know how effortlessly makes the right decision and believes in people all these things that eight were so counter to me, yeah and then slowly like economy argue with the results in a kind of broke down my world view in the best way ever pressured me too. I just started going out. She moves through life, a lot smooth, happier things are easier and she's rewarded and yet, like she doesn't give a fuck about money. She gives it everyone, and yet just cascading back towards I know you got a horrid. I lay now gonna, u gotTa Junior as urge its true. You are a much different mean used to tell you but you're much different person than you were Yahoo for hope for the other,
It's amazing, when I think about you know one show that this is so shameful. When will you know I lived in the house by myself when we met you, I didn't know what to do yeah, so I had follows. Stills for movies? I had done never everywhere. He ain't here, yeah, you know, and I didn't know I gave them. You say you thought you could put a mine. I was proud that my country, ITALY, and in so she came over and she's like like an actual lot of pictures of yourself, but like You might events? I dont have a dog. I dont have a girlfriend who else would be in these photos of yeah yeah, but when I think about how embarrassing organisms houses just photos about himself, no, no, no, no yeah! I do
crazy, loud car. When there are so many things, you're going to re observers, so what things about Rob I mean I can think of one in particular where it where he just said you look, I'm not a jealous person, I'm not gonna micromanage you with Egypt, I mean that's less time, you'll talk to me right. That's that's how this is going to take us forward is very attractive, right, yeah, totally and not an and what a great way to go through life too. I mean it's the ceremony boundaries here. This is, but it is also IDA. I do not need to bend over backwards to be anything for you to keep you from doing anything like this is just too I am here, and this is this is how it's gonna be for me. Then it was. It was very attractive that was much later that lucky it took him a wild to realize it was a very and missing dynamic like once I fell in love with him. I realized that I was deep like deeply and with him in a way that I hadn't been in love with anyone before and he and we started like secretly.
Getting any really just wanted it to be casual, and I was like ok and I had this for some reason- uncharacteristic confidence because I was like this person is completely in love with me, and he has no idea right was on an earlier. You just can't awaiting the item to come on. He had not. He had no idea that I was, I call it was, but it was no problem for me like you are able to just casual and confident yeah, and it wasn't even like a game it was dislike. Oh you don't know, you have no idea that, like you're completely wrong, a cue nets, the carelessness of agreement, even though I just Bab casual Dislike Dayton, you're calling me every Friday night under spending- and I understand through Saturday and then to stay Saturday night, and then you see me at work on Monday morning arrived. It was great because he lived with when at the time and that it is always regret. Yet none of this is, I think, when I met him. Probably NEA and I don't know what's going on and one would come to work jealous and robbers dislike it just out there a bars like leading people
every boy goes. Doesnt spends the neither now exists with like another gallery: Noriega Omega. That's how long was it a secret, the Isle of the second season, so it wasn't was it was some time and terrifying. I was. We were so scared. They were gonna hate us, I mean the rest of airline yeah. I can't you cared yeah yeah and then went and when you get married, I went to your wedding and I hate weddings yeah. And I am glad that our I later when we came to her wedding to people like ourselves who hate weddings, yeah, it was at this some fantastic property up and Malibu in their elected. I imagine, there's a draft when you drive their wild. I'm all right. There were wild animals, yeah, maybe a drive. Maybe not. I don't know that say there was an orgasm yeah. This is AIDS like that this person nuances robbery takes in exotic
serve as though it was like a winery Yemen. There were analyze giraffe habits, we were told sanctuary. We were told afterwards that a white stallion galloped past, as we were saying our mouths, which Sweden seekers is behind a real area. So I guess you're Zalm like all a wedding for ten hours away, a male lovable. I don't want to be there and I get there my giraffe again. I think there is any rabbits and then we sit down on my our Josh's here. So it's getting good. It's getting good! I fuck and see your dad walkin yoga I owe me: what's: as wine, so we had a gospel acquired, you might be amended. The song Ass Stevie, wonder as the gospel choir started the whole thing off credenza. It was a different like gospel song. Then I don't even remember the name of your own, add this because it seems relevant you and I have always had an almost identical musical tat. Yeah just Romero says we worth matter
well now I was recently I was watching. The episode Wordy gives birth de was pregnant to show and I was playing with Axel. Saw its also motion, the song that this woman's work something: oh yeah yeah, my personal man. We really like that. We really liked called play that was coming out at the time. Bright, yellow, yellow yeah, but maybe I like him more than you would like more representative like it doesn't make you happy. We had a good thing, so your dad's walking you doubt me and I'm just staring at his face, and he said it was a lot from here and now you have seen little girls I ma am I aspire to be a day like he is. I want to know why me you want me to weigh well, in fact I have
to call my father in law and apologise that we got married at the court house, because when we got married, the courthouse Lincoln was three months old. And I wasn't really thinking yet but I now awaiting the thought of linking getting married me not getting larger is fucking heartbreaking. Don't even think of that before you have kids media, and I was like that- wasn't very cool. I'm sorry. I shouldn't around do you have something that you know because my forget ended up, not wanting attention you're, really, really evolving. I'm proud of you! I've gotten looser what the strings. I will say this about we're painting a bad pitcher me. I am generous with friends here that Monica yeah you're extremely generous. You always had that, but I'll kill myself or no one spend too. As you know, is time anything on yourself. I will not listen to their what's the up, we all like pandora. What does ninety nine cents a month yet not for me now almost a thousand commercials look. Ok, so anyways the great news about all that
it's always honey. Is it's it's a huge success financially in its great for you guys in you could have just done that for the rest of your life. Right I mean you couldn't creatively, maybe yeah now a creative. I love it. The great thing for me is that I do that job two months out of the air, so its purpose job because I have so much fun. All I do is act. I have no other responsibility. Is the player on my friends and yet what you know four rob financially. Yet he owns He's the shouts. Oh yes, I went on you, you wanna lobbies, to I do now, yeah your servant or something yeah, I'm hip towards going around my research. I I've been only hanging out rob for the last ten years just for this anticipate this. But what what brings you to do? The MAC? Well,
When I was on sunny before I had kids, I was loving it, but I was just working a couple months of the year and wanted to keep working than I had kids and was a really great place to be because I didn't want work. I wanted to be a mom, so you know for five years go by and my kids are now it's cool grown up and and Preschool and John and Dave came to me with the nigerian wine with armed. What's in the morning, You were saying Mom's in ideal after your trainer lives right, actually work out. We just where the clothes to look like we're going to match a move, you didn't work out, clause for school drop off, and then you go home and in part, because no, I I did
no, but I wanted to take on two things at a time, but I just really loved the script right. Am I loved the idea of producing at and being having some creative control over it and how much of it is planned to be as follows? You got and how much it was like. Why did I fucking sign up for this It's a lot of work permits it's just night and day. It's a completely different thing because, but I mean it's it's great and I love it and I M very excited to go back to sunny in a month and you just act ya had better experienced recently to or yet after chips open. When did this flicks movie, and I got there as I wait. Let me get this straight. I gotta stay and then that dot and say some lines in camera and heads, and I don't give a fuck that set catches on five July problem liberated so relaxing because you know you don't you go home at the end of the day and then just like chill. I've been you're producing something of thinking about a constant and you ve gotta watch the edit and you gotta do all yeah and I'm like that of acting coats too
So even when I'm in a scene with someone, we had to figure out how to shoot at so that I could cause I'm I'm trying to act and watch his acting jar and take note so that I can remember when we cut to gives its just at all, it's a lot, my brains just never been so full yeah in it. For folks, you haven't seen the mic just watch the pilot Europe abortions and so you're our Monica, we watched together. I was fucking on war. I really was. I would compare you too has already wound apart length. Fort I will come to an end. The four I don't know what to do in their eyes recently. I had enough of it and I can only compare to a lane from from signing.
Not so nicely, I we arrive at Yale Julia Louise Drivers, who has this uncanny talent for being super believable crazy over the top when it calls for it and it just everything attractive. All the things are there really you're, so fucking good in it, and I am glad that you ain't got the chance to just do that may be fucking showed up and went for. Thank you when you were doing needed to feel awesome. Yap John Dave Turnin wrote on sunny for a few years ago. And when they wrote that they kind of road it for me, I do think they were kind of writing it to stuff that they liked watching me do yeah, but I did oh that pilot we made so many changes and do you know they listened and they took my boats, and they worked with Fox and took their net, took their notes. I feel like it ends up being a really good pilot which
it is you hard, ran, highlights yet it's very hard to do it's very hard to introduce that many characters ends and have it makes sense and not be real. Expostulatory, and yet I was. I was really proud of the pilot United straight into the funny man, while you're learning about who these people are yeah. Great. Thank you now it's gonna work yet indeed wrestle like Kristen. Does was every mom. I now do you have this like your guilty, if you're just at home, with your kids decision, not pursuing your work and then, if you're out workers guilty that you're, not a human being among yeah, and I will go a step further and say that I am guilty when I'm home with them and dont need to go back to work but feel like I love them so much. But is this all? There is a high because that's just it that's the truth, and I think that one of the things people talk about. It's like I, especially in our line of work. What we're doing a kind of constantly get getting rewarded yoga ends
and you have you're doing it. Will you start in you gotta make a funny three minute seen yet it's not there. You have to invent a yard of the creator yet and if you do it that the wash of that just the sensation of having succeeded at that is so reward, yeah and great feedback in all fields, approval approval, Riyadh and Southern. When I go home I get to do bedtime, I'm really excited. We have this great night and it's all wonderful and then I get to go back to work the next day and then maybe next morning. I'm doing breakfast and getting off to school and a very patients- and it all goes well, is wonderful, because I get to go back to work and then you're not working. More and then your home doing all that stuff and then a patient much lower, because you don't get to escape in a couple days ago. You know like Austria, which is a constant balance of I again like I want to be a perfect mom, just like I wanna, be a perfect actor. So it's just a lot of there's a lot of pressure
and I feel I don't ever want to be not there for them when their needing me and yet it's it's hard, but I think that's like that. For any industry, I can't say it's just is someone who has. Maybe this is the right word to say, but like control issued at your more comfortable, if you can control things, a lot in kids are just there ultimately, uncontrollable rigour, your anxiety, yeah yeah, yeah and my I have a lot anxiety and I I mean before kids I would get nervous and ain't you angry before I didn't. I never knew what anxiety was until I had kids That is when that, when something's wrong with them or ETA, I can't be there to fix it. I can't figure out how to fix
I'm dislike. It sends my micromanaging controlling into like hyper speed. Aha, he has very uncomfortable in our you'd. You ever get resentful because guys are just completely free of that. Yeah like I don't feel guilty. If I have to go work yet I work on like fuck em. Look this among spring break my I can enjoy like an eminent at home. I think I'm a really good dad them super involved and I'm not bummed about not been at work whatever cause. There's! No, you know my knee goes on attach any that stuff, because society allows me to not. Did you get resentful at all, like that? say, Rob probably can just guilt free. Just I dont have every thankful I get it. I get jealous similarly respect it and I feel like there's a way for me to be able to do that. I just haven't been able to figure it out. It's true, I dont know what that is biologically, but is it really?
Does he wasn't under there's a biological gotta be harnessed, and members are very huge societal component, because I bet when you're I've noticed I started noticing this a few years ago, maybe with Amy Polar Something, but do you find when you're unread carpets, you get the question. How do you manage with two key asked? Nobody asked Swahili manages nobody. Now. No one's ever asked me that I've done a thousand interviews right over. How do you, and also that sort of an insulting to you too. I would imagine because you're a very active, but I feel I can say what you do bedtime you do. You know you, yes, Sir Harry on ASEAN yeah, so tinge and render bikes before they're supposed to that's adorable I don't know that there's never no one is is is is is suggesting that maybe I'm not doing my rental duty right by working right increase
Think it's ass it all the time. I'm sure you get ass at all it all the time. Yeah, it's really bullshit yeah, don't like it yeah it's. I think it's like. I said I think it's insulting to both people, also insulting to like progressive marriage, because I'll say well, he's writing right now. So, if I can't be, therefore bedtime robs the it's important to me that my nannies aren't putting my kids, Tibet and getting up with them in the morning. So if I am not, therefore bedtime he's there for me, and everyone's lives, like all, that's so nice that he'll do or human language use their dad yes. Well, even there's a weird is lacking You can learn so much about a culture just by the language they use, and so guys and I'll see them tweet this like. Oh, I had to baby sit on Saturday, my wife, I didn't think no. Page. That's not what year
you're, not babies, now fucking parents. Now, I'm sorry. I had to watch my kids and I didn't want to, and that happened sometime, yeah, yeah and so would techniques to employ to help like, as you can't just be stuck in this situation and then hope that we're going to wake up- brings eighty one morning right. That's not gonna happen. You now to politics, some actions or something we talk about it. A lot I mean I think talking about it with him helps a lot. I I tried lax approach for awhile. How dare go it was great great, but what it did was allow me to see the difference between being on it and being off of it. So and I kind of just don't want to live my life on medication, so I can and not on anymore, and now I can recognize when it's happening and at least like take just take a step back I know when it's coming on and what I do. I just start like four nit picking and migrant Ethel. I shut my mouth and bitterly little projects that you can control at that moment or like what would? How does it
I also think we marry one else is a fucking idiot and nobody can do anything might except me you're just now, and then I have to point out like that's, not the right. It's address, I'm mad at every one, who's trying to help make us no one's doing right, and it's just it's. It's ridiculous, powerless There are worse yea and for your positive Scottish shut the fuck up and take five minutes myself, and then I can. I can recognize what it is. Calm down, tell myself that MIKE kids will have to be perfect end like it's actually, okay, if somebody sick, It's ok, somebody's unhappy there, I'm not a bad ma, am if they're having a bad day. Yes, if it back and in fact it's almost suspicious that you ve been successful with great loving dedicated parents, it's almost like you can deprive your kids of any drive having spoken perfect had totally and also. I really think that having a major accident happened to me when I was a kid is a huge give reason is a huge get. It
defining moment. In my life, things aren't supposed to go well. People are supposed to go through something and have to figure out who they are on the other side of the yards really really tempting to deny your kids it s me anything that would require coping mechanism right. You know like you to make their lot. Kind of yeah so easy that they they will leave your house and have never dealt with a problem our disappointment or yeah. It's funny. Are often people tell kids like. Oh it's. Ok, it's ok, but don't be. Sadly they. It's ok to be sad, european from being sad in this sad to hear so last thing I want to ask you about: is we all have like the dog? It's open to us? You like holy shit, I'm actually at the party. This is so exciting in the new global fuck. If this was possible, maybe that's pass. Yeah where's, the party that makes me feel good evil, there's a right that yeah. When, when do I look in the mirror, rely wooing, did you you crushed? I don't know that there is ever that place because
What I'm wondering is is cause for me and again it helps you and I are in a very similar situation that, thank God, our partners also make money yet our relevant and that take big load off my shoulder a which is a man is a weird thing to have come to it. Took me a little while ago, like I'm good, I've got a partner crashes and I don't need a fucking be sweating this as much and then also I had my my aim set in a certain area that that didn't happen. Then those fell by a little disappointment. Men than it was found. Now where I'm like, I'm so delighted with where I met this guy, I dont have aspirations of winning an Oscar. I don't think I've ever gonna, be welfare and there's a lot of comfort in that endeavour to get off the the fucking hamster wheel. No, I'm just gonna do things that are found in the no vote. The results will be. Who knows what they are in an m. I feel really good about.
That happen. You were like you were trying to be. Who are trying to be. My was a little different where I never really had. I never expected I wanted to win any awards more, like do big movies like be a star. Ok, so that part I never annabel across my wine. I just wanted to. I wanted to do something that I made. Special and I felt really good about it and I knew shooting that particular take. That's the one I'm proud of that. That's funny. I can't wait for people to see it, and so since it happened so slowly on sunny and because nobody was watching it for literally for five years later, I'm with a joking about like getting recognized and season for five years. We were just so excited that we got to keep. Doing it yeah. So I think I got to feel that early on and then be really proud of something that was
so small and underground, where every single fan of sunny who has been a fan since the beginning, is so cut throat and die hard fans and they are literally shaking when they meet us or hold onto them to take a picture in their shaking, and try not to cry like it. That is the that's all I at aunt, Yo Yo, you yeah You know what I wanted was to do really great site. I always thought I never want to be that we live in a way. We see actors all the time. I never wanted to be. The actor were somebody point. It was like isn't chain actor yet on what she's, from bigger, I wanted to be like. If you saw me it invokes some sort of like I love whatever you. I think I sent you Charles, like eating that islands or something I sent. You know a picture as those like six deeds eating and they all had matching sunny maritime yea and they were just party in there may were it was the best fan
I've ever seen in my view, is better the scene Harley people around their crushing islands. That's always Sonny, I'm sure it was so great the city. I thought what a great fan base yeah it's cool. I really feel good. I like that's what I that's. What I like and honestly was really important to me to be a mom and have kid Sonya, I'm not sure, there's anything else. I need to do. I do have a fear of having an all go away sure because I really am liking it, but I'm not like I've. Gotta I've gotta do huge blockbuster movies and I've. I've got it. And I ve got. I don't know about that. Are you loving this? Oh my god, it's the it's perfect for you! It's the yes and I found out. You were doing a podcast one of the things I love about you that I just Amber from early as we would go anywhere. We would go. You would strike up a conversation with people's like we be a grocery store. We just be buying something and you'd want to get into a full conversations with strict with the catch you.
But it was so also because you just wanted to like make them laugh and make their day in, and it was and they loved it, and then we would leave and it was a right under buying certain getting in the car. Your Mozilla evolve and there's somebody crazy, but I about you re just like talking. Do you want a new day? It's my hobby offloading and then sharing has generally about our emotions, feelings, everything I most Indra today. I have to be very aware at all times, or I will slide into the ditch I got just take for granted. I'm gonna be in a good mood yeah or that I won't be negative. Remember Mr Gretta have to really I need to take steps daily to stay pausing. What are you? What do you do? I have to work out. Yes, yes, fine work out a mindset is about nor, by the way, robs giving them very good shape and is making me a little jealous.
Parties, bench pressing over three hundred pounds. Now, young thirty pull ups or some it's insane yet insane. You could give a fuck right now you like my life, yet My wife has no idea that my wife is weighed his fluctuated over the less eleven years I've gotten crazy shape for movies. She doesn't know that oh yeah yeah he's doing a very specific thing for sunny and he is taking it very seriously and who I am definitely noticing, but I it's not my favorite running parallel careless and also like I like it. I like that middle road. I thought he was. I thought he was. I liked him is fat, MAC yeah. I think those those areas yeah. What would we come to find out as a guy, which is really discipline, is like congratulate for moving your convince all these girls here behind you and the other people say Do this. There is the men how'd you get them
filled out like that. I now, if only man you are noticing that he suddenly, as others given on an airplane ones, scenarios bro. You were back in ripped and went in Rome and not for you guys could always back to yes work out yet any and then- and I help due to a training- it's over. That's very piece of the puzzle, a general every morning meant for you again. It's no use no feather make, as I do that or a miserable to be around no. I am when I'm not working, which is right now. I need to do more of those things because I love seeing my kids in the morning. I love getting them up. I love getting off to school. I love saying about it. There too little boys, they still hugging kiss me good, bye and rock my we hold hands on when it's the best, and then I get my car and, unlike o, o K, who am I ever I dont have at or my job so I've got an. I know that I need to meditate. Yo Yo no, but I need to work out.
And I don't do either of those that he shares. I don't wanna, of course, no wants to now. The good news is of events, information mood at home and pessimistic and misanthropic, and I hate the world I go. Those were the checklist behold. Anyone you don't want to call today checking on them now. Did you work out unless too, isn't now I didn't you taken a walk now, have you know, and I go through this check list it's almost honour presented. I haven't done those nice, so at least I go, you know how to fix at least do those thing and then and then come back to it again. You know there's probably exceptions, but I've never met someone coming from a Jim who just order for an hour whose in shooting mood I just never seen, and but do you like working, I know and you dont know serum hate it, but again it I'm trading one hour of misery for fifteen hours of of liking. Myself know you you're right, you're right what you're saying
right. Ok, when I love you so much I'm so do I lost all the way across the rein in the no less. It is a big hike and I appreciate it in your visit and I love you so much, and I am glad that we have taken this ride together. I'm proud of you. Thank you for having me. We ve had some moments right. We're like I got to come to the problem. It's always sunny one to come to all your premiers yeah. I didn't count them anymore. It's really fun because we lived in one bedroom, apartment s right and did exercise. Are you going to see a nice yourselves to fix it? I love you stay tuned like to hear my good friend and producer Monica peasant point out many errors back check. Papa Berber, Lee rubbing shockwaves, gotcha, scream and punish me. That's going to your new control for the fact check. You approve it fact check
burble Lee. Rubbing your shot grows, gotcha screen and punish me dyke Beth. You think it'll forest You don't think I'm reverence. He knew hot tubs. Yes, as we know, Everyone monocles got a real chip on our shoulders hashing. Here we just had a bit of a car. Emily here and they asked the sun is just blasting. From above Keziah Skylights, and we try to hang a blanket raptors in them just of snow. The storm of dust rain down its is disgusting, and here I reserve of for trying to solve this problem Yang. I deserved covered in Micron of there is in my eyeballs. It's in my homeland. Your passageway. My die on this fact check. I'm ready rhetoric Eddie, are you ready? Ok, let's began. Ok burberry.
A map she didn't know, a burberry. Was you kind of didn't? Let no one now? Ok, They were very well as very accusatory, but good, your step because you didn't now. Ok, Barbary is a british law Jerry Brands established in guess what year Road, USA team, forty eight eating Thrifty said Oh, my God, man, you forget to our ears that ensure by was referencing it's now. It smells a bolder and your shoulder. You want the net that suit how about you you want me to be so wrong. I do It's really weird him. Your desire to be embarrassed and ashamed. Why don't? I just was very surprised by HIV. Six when I saw it either. You know it's not as you rhinos, gonna gas, eighty nine, ninety nine now you can come up with
prince in the nineties. There so tradition, all their traditional. They have to have a very specific trade market share. Pattern like tat and brownish tan red Black White more and more, but I one time was leaving a trip. For. I was in Europe and I want to get on a plane. I had all these euros in my pocket. I you know I didn't want to deal with bringing them back. So I went you are Burberry store and I bought a belt and I don T want it. That was my favorite belt. I ever had I wore anything around it was. It was just all torn the Smith arranged by the time I retired was it a trademark check, yeah yeah, those little. It was great. It was growing aware or quite a bit on the first he's an apparent huh. You know, I said a cloudy. Wasn't very good Cosette shrine. Well. But I again I wore yet hard like a really war that Bell part. Road motorcycles in it,
on a grizzly bear in yeah we're not but it all, but anyway I was very surprised by eighteen. Fifty six, I thought those I would not have a guess. I would guess the fifties. Nineteen fifties will you had four hundred ninety with a view to just the fifties, european right in your own, you said articulately and the new said does not even a word then is a word. Order is that's good news articulately. It still sounds wrong way. I can imagine saying some was either articulate, lay an adjective right if or they are taking. It is something a verb. They spoke very articulately yeah as the outlines that if they were so articulate, ok I'll bring it back, not happy. Sat Fremont has a further ends,
this fact chickens. Yes, why intend to incorporate it articulately here? So we tackle time like add nazi after March the groundlings on this pod cow by you guys talk very smooth If we say about the Sunday company and do unable or more context about what that is, yes Shaw. When we both went there, you would audition to get into the first level, which was an improved level than there is a second improv level. And if you pass that, then you into the third level, which was a writing level and you'd, you wrote a monologue and you wrote some sketch and then you had a show and theirs improving the show and then, if you did well not you went to advance in advance was all sketch riding with the in there and then you have a big show and then you get voted either in to the sunny company or ass, repeat or or aid
next and then once you're in the Sunday company, you voted on every six months to either extending the Sunday company or move up to the main company, which does shows on Saturday Friday and Saturday. And they want you in the main company, your tenure debt have relied yeah. You, you gotta, you gotta, leave on your own, recognise the knock on boot. You, although I dont want one person, dig booted, ask and asking me up. There was. Think it's only happen once, wanna justice best friends. You can ask just about a very courageous, tell you're such a success, because it was her, of course, she thought up boy was naughty. Yeah kicked out a guess why we are used browser naughty to what she deal
between her and the ground. How rarely, but I wouldn't want to say and be liable. Ok, that's interesting. You mention ride. Technique right technique is apparent in technique brought to the. U S by infant development, expert Magda Gruber in nineteen. Seventy three rice rise are. I e stands for resources for infant, a jerk. Errors. Oh boy, don't know that I love that they coined the phrase educator. I now think imagine ears at Disney, but not cool. I love a man, love imagine ears and I feel like that's what they try to do, but I don't think they hit the mark with educate made. What was it s you care to cares? Yes, life is the same Garber from the Garber book. That's for our urban! maybe for my west, but now it's not a girl and maybe a lot, but I don't think I know
The right technique seemed really consistent with what I know about grower baby food yeah. I don't. I don't know that rye parents are giving their kids ever made enjoy them. Certainly are definitely not because that their whole thing is like treating babies, kind of like a doll, senior citizens, giving him respect and independence and out in talking to them like a doll in that part, I'm very in favour of, I think most aims. I'll bring up Brian. This you'll hear me with a tone of disparaging yes, my voice, I do think tons of their principles are really interesting and exciting, and I think some of em are claims that have never been tested in a double wine scenario, there's no sociology or anthropology backing these claims. He asked and they dump even praise. They don't want, encourage kids,
like performer trying to instil Noma Self approval right yeah, which is a great thing to want. You, kids, to be self approving my issue there is it under counts that we are social animals and that we do need each other's approval and that's how we that's how we enforce are commonly held moral. And so, if you are completely self approving an you or me, don't care what you Group is saying about you. I feel like that that could lead to borderline sociology, yeah yeah joint one way to find out. I gotta go in a time machine and I gotta is you know why I am, then, I gotta go back in time as you. Oh he do so you mention and quote edible thing. I think most people know what you're talking about, but just in case you talkin about
more complex, which is a term a positive Oedipus complex reversed, the child's unconscious sexual desire for the opposite, sex parent and hatred for the same sex parent. The negative Oedipus complex refers to a child's unconscious sexual desire for the same sex, parent and hatred for the opposite sex, Pat, oh you want to marry your mom and kill your dad boy right about that, but I dont think I think Freud borrowed that from something shakespearian because in Shakespeare. Some one was warned that they're gonna kill their dad Mary there mom and then that happened in the in the planet. I think there's a place called Oedipus S, national experience, not Shakespeare, fuck? Here we are again therein, that's worse, that is where Freud's getting it from he's, getting it from either some famous Greek play or had him. His is a play is like an old Greek. Ok, in that place among
marriage and mother and kills him. That's why? Yes, that's where he's probably borrowing the apple, exactly that name from yeah, but here he came up with the syndrome. Yes, a lot of people think we're Philistines wins, that right away like what a bunch of dumb domes to the melee Kennedys, because you said Shakespeare than I thought, maybe it I'm a mining waste recycling, Shakespeare's Greek, asking those raised in England and that all his writings, You gonna do anything about the ground these, nor they get their name. Groundlings. The groundlings war was the name of the area that was sold in shakespearian Times standing room only at the bottom for the riff raff was left handed so their receipts old, and then they let all the Bozos in down at the ground floor on the ground called the groundlings went to a play in global theatre. Thank you for remembering you. I went to play there and I stand on the floor and Kali my french colleagues there and she passed
out. Oh wow yeah. What are we trying to steal focus from the trainers and wound monkey ally? Not your time. You can pump your own gas in Oregon now This year, two thousand eighteen January House bill twenty four. Eighty two said retailers and counties with the population of less than forty thousand are allowed to have self service gas pumps So only if your town as or your areas, let our does because I had I had read it. And then I, when we talk about it with with Caitlin many winter, and I was so excited about. My own guessing is what I was unable to really, because apparently the area was in had more than forty thousand forty one forty one also drivers and fifteen how can our pump their own gas in time of day, while those in three
the other rural counties can do so after business hours between six p m and six seems like there's general lot. I think it is a jobs programme which is nice. I mean it's cool, but look how much energy and legislation is dedicated. Wait like is now. Why is that there is a gas, is virtually the only gas station to my mom's house in the airport, where I return my rental car and I have to be no bring it back for because they charge you three hundred. Five dollars a gallon yeah. They feel it, and so I want to have this yes asian and in always it's like fifteen. Twenty minutes and a Mamma whether the airports Morty PAN fifteen minutes. I would now like really don't like you. I won't get really Epps. Use a glass door, so they get peel out of a gas station is deal with the three Eleanor beyond price. It will not be afraid, because I already- let might like right now, my gaslights on. Yes,
letting all those about you for letting me all the time. Occasionally when I drive your car, the first thing I do is fill it out matches nice of you. My doubt, would be really mad at me ass. He was. He was such a stick. Claire for filling up when you're like a half. Gas, Sir I've tank be safe. I know what you are areas in some dodgy neighbourhood and he then you care about you, but I then I say past tense and really swung in the other direction, but your way of rebelling you got Greg. Isn't it everything by the book in the your big fucking was it you driver on a year that is so her high school crash war and she panted does cease, do see near like you knew what that was well, there's Abram! Yes, does he know tat, you see called doozy other than the make some pretty nice garments.
What is worse, do see an oak with always I knew always is the eye what am I wear. My gear sunglasses and stew see I had never heard of in my whole life, the clothing brand created in the It is by chance, do see, started out as software and now for a transition in the street where hip and he married the one of mom's on full house who, which, what's her name, I didn't We were Jody Jody. We now know, it also. Now man, oh, no, no there's only three sisters NOS one of the parity and assume lorries, love ya. Really. The lorry laugh when I believe my uncle Jesse's were am Beche DE hot one. Girl should not blonde hair when this one, the ANT Beche De Mer, blonde hair for current well measure, was full
ass. No I'm not! I just know that she is a very famous nineties actors and I did a movie or there and she so lovely in Amerika camera blossom. Most it on her love have echoed fuck it man now is ass. Never talk about actors on here. It's it's humiliating. How little I knew what we don't know. That Shakespeare. We don't know about anything now. I know about cars and involve time. In an distributors and stuff like that, that's worth all my thought went to Laurie Laughlin, is her years now blonde hair and really been what the fuck is going on about photo. You bring a closer look it my dear oh, my god, I'm not gonna. There is blonde hair. You, is its blatantly blonde hair that looking at her
it will not claiming her routes are both I and my hair is matches richer Becky on full house. Ok, Mackenzie! I can help you. Yes, oh my god. Monica I is bore her hair is blonde. That is brown hair. It's a light brown. I mean what is right here mastered her white shirt. Tat is not full house. That's post! your house ma- am Becky. Well, you boys is everything. All this out. But the point is lorry lawful and is married to Stacy was when I worked with her point. As students married, the Stacey was married to Stacy and she s brown hair. That's the walk, that's the take! Always mine. Huh, that's doozy about his name. Is science do see
Mars. My long long be wrong, but Savior ever gonna confused you brand names Jesse in Moscow are pretty darn clothes. No, oh, my God MOSS and those like a fancy brand yeah I was using a nice Stacy is like she's married, a most somehow Massimo Matsumoto She married a mossy moto, I'm just show you what stew see clothes. I know you don't need to show me. I had a sweatshirt its duties. What do you think? That's yes, because I have a mass and mouths sweatshirt and they were very similar in there. Maybe I'm thinking of not ass, a mere think. You know what you're thinking of I know exactly what you think they so that a target Mazzoni, let's we gotta, cut this entire leaving at. I know, you're, not leave me alone, so we target- coyote ugly,
Aha, they care, and then she said it was based on a real bar in New York, and you said it wasn't, but that it was best up enough, a borrower guys parking card now. Remember the name of it as you're. Talking, hogs and heifers. Ok idle tried to find that I couldn't find it, but it is based off Coyote ugly, Israel bar ok, totally saloon, obey nineteen The three New York and Kalen played a bidding customer in that movie, and she said you took a bra intrude on the bar, something I think an unseen? Well, an effort in the meat packing disregard of it's still there, but you go in. There is bars all of our broad all over the bar and the ceiling and whatnot guys would Parker motorcycles and their own stuff that's gone. She said when she was at, listening Serbia's Thomas guides for our young list. The nurse atomic
guide, is a series of paper back map? Space ATLAS is spiral bound in its bid and it's always a couple pounds like when you got a lawyer Your Thomas got around tat when I was a motorcycle messenger that things have to be. My backpack took up so much space, The air was the only work I just would get a random address and I had to figure out where that was in there's no maps. I'm really happy that technology has taken away paper maps me too, although it did divided separate the the boys from the man as they say, I imagine some people dislike were how what I find that place. I'm not gonna go yet. I would have been right, o Reilly, cut down on traffic a little bit Let's go to that address. What? Where isn't a fashion, there's no way to marine twenty. Twenty nine. These Sea Bream Street could be anywhere
So I did a little research on seals and one bet you elaborate seal is incredibly dangerous. Me it's a predator, old, powerful, curious and had been known to hunt People- oh my God knows, for although it normally targets penguins. But ok, if your person in its path, it might take out yeah, while in nineteen eighty five scotched explorer Gareth Wood was been twice on the leg when a leopard seal try to drag him off the ice, an end to the sea and in two thousand three elaborate seo dragged snorkeling biologists, Kirsty Brown Underwater to her death, You almost died, although I don't think it was a leopard seal bad. It sounds like you're home when that, when I heard penguins, I'm assuming these are in the southern hemisphere, Will you feed the seals on the beach, no The ices never be offered food. It's a legal and its also dangerous.
Are you an the seal? Seals can become ill from the food and they may also become dependent on humans. For food seals are wild, animals can be aggressive and bite, causing major rounds and possibly infections to humans, or your balls were got a wound in pressure, but just for the record, I wasn't trying to feed and austrian apparent in them. Ultimately, sadly, I thought you were trying to feed a sandwich. You yeah because some other bozo gave it like some leftovers from our visa or somethin since it joined to a game at Charlie, Mary, Elizabeth, that's Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Alice or they married yes, oh great entirely day is one of the other create or so, but always sunny, very funny, Yasser Arafat. Of our funding is ok and tells a little story about cookies and second grade minded me of my experience with cookies.
How are you gonna bring up cookie? Oh now, that is a different cookie. That's a cookie that we met and taxing cake. Japanese, stay cow, japanese, Rabotchikh rail and he looked a little crazy heard. You Adam Glasses, on that, where the size of a standard, microwave ovens yeah and my would oak glass your glasses, like, like gum, carrot, top glass yeah in here trying to make the kids laugh, but of course, kids were very scared of cookie. The whole thing made me. It gave me a lot of anxiety. I was panicked inside when cookie was doing, is routine robots experienced in gaol
brave for ass, lived in it and taxing gay. Unfortunately, and a lot of that's my fault cause. My all of our birthday parties grows at the japanese stake House in Michigan. Everyone was expected to pick that is their restaurant on their Burnley Gallery, one loved yes that one year I picked boneyard, my whole family was upset at me, but anyways. I had such high expectations for that experience. So far when I was a kid, spun? I went last week with you, my family. When I was home in Georgia, we went to Benihana Lisbon and it was fun, it's a fine experience, but would only a new story about cookies. Oh right, first, it is the only year of school that I was a bad kit, Aroun yeah
and really started with these cook. He's girl had cookies in her desk and she had to go. I think to a special needs. Classroom. Ok, if I can remember me or maybe an ear to meet, you share to go to a supper classroom for part of the day you came here, so she was she laughed and then Ay eyed her cookies in the desk, and I really had to have those as there is not an option. I was gonna eat those european impulse controllers. Had it were so good, they were these. Really small, regular, vanilla, cookie, but it had a like a Hershey's kiss. The centre and it came in this like strip of five. While they were small, they were sober. I saw a member site. You you got into that desk in you just stall or cookies. While she was learning something fundamental and of their network
furthermore, skills not now at all RO it she remembers sweets. We cook yeah she's, doing fine was being done cookies, every nice, delicious cookies. Ok, I ate them and then she came back and was looking for her cookies. Her smack and teacher was look, around and asking everyone what happened when sea and, of course I was just lying in lying lying lying among like and that measures looked at my door. The rapporteur Still there? Oh, no, he had hardly had hid the broom. Now I didn't do the job and price dont denied it. Guys. Oh yes, insect to it, then those are my parents, oh really Yanza, not only she stolen cookies, but she's a bold face, wind, my
and she still lying about it. And what did your parents a member We must remember that a hunch. I know your dad said when he said Monica keep that gas tankers full. I don't care about these cookies mob guy You will be of driving age soon, and I have to have that guessing yeah, that's funny. I love you so much.
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