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Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar, The Namesake, House) is an American actor, comedian, producer, and former civil servant. Kal sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss developing his stage name, not being able to please everyone and lying on his resume. Kal talks about his time working in the White House and Dax asks about balancing work and stereotypes. The two discover that they are the same person and they discuss the worth of a Big Mac.

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Welcome. Welcome, Wilder welcomed armchair expert. I am sitting across from our recently decorated Monica Patman. Oh, could go so many ways like decorated with metal, decorative metals yeah. But in fact it was decorative toenail power shattering. But I'm gettin. I got a real premier view of them. Oh yeah. That's all right has re. They look fantastic now. I dont believe he had his nails done recently. We don't now we have Caille pen. Didn't I tell you kill pen what an amazing story. Kehl pen, you know you probably know from Harold Kumar Fan Wilder House designated survivor, but what's really crazy and interests. About him. Is he left all that behind to go work in the White House in the Office of public engagement during the Obama administration? Yank would have shown I now cash so jealous of it,
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I mean, I think we both know in generally what it is. Well, I down actually hot most, goes what you're going to sit there and it should be and should be right. We have an even ventured into the tunnel round. The floods start by saying the reason they become hot button topic is that we both love each other. So much you would love to have the same point of view on things. So when we don't you think it's got an elevated wait two at year end, but this reminds me of a very good friend who I worked within DC: she's brilliance, He is an environmental lawyer and found out recently over drinks that she's not entirely sure about climb science and art. But why are you talking about you? Well, what are you? How was the- and I thought you was joe- for the longest time. Animals like I dont, understand worse. We use this can't be too.
Right right and then another is this like. Are you want these people who doesn't think we went to the moon either? Yes or no? That's ridiculous! Of course we went to the moon. You know what I'm glad you're defending all of these people, these as environmental or India, I think we're just gonna have to let this one b by itself. So we talk about tacos. Well, but look I say fuck that hold the painted a relevant. Why would we be using a resource? We knows finite? Why? What's our daily activity be figure out which one is infinite? One of my favorite conversations that I had when I used to work in industry was with young evangelist goals who didn't agree with the guy I was working for on, like any issue, but they believed that they were put on gods, green earth to take care of it and so whether they agreed with the science or not was irrelevant because they thought. Why are we using finite resources has no reason, Andor, eight polluting? Why don't we just being good about it? Let's have fuckin, so
or everything in wind everything as it just the wise smart thing to do. There is the priority when you're binding with a wife or something and near you're fighting about the silverware drawer. That's not the issue. Generally, a supernova no they're, not silly taco funding. We know you professionally is cow pan, but that name is what we would call a stage. Yes, but interesting. It is also your home. How do I say your birthday, kelp inert, open, Kalpana Carpet Open, is like I actually pronounce it. This is like a Hassan Hudson, yet exact yeah right up these meetings, I need to know That are too accepted our visions of a word like there's only Dax to my now but yeah, but what's the right comparison, I always get a trouble
Rock of so gulping is it's a good dropped. The word or right, think could drop the if not sons further indeed, but it means the object of a dream or the person you dreamed about how high so because it's not an english word. Obviously we speak. English is our first language and now you're gonna, say open, turns and the competent sure. That's not wrong, necessarily if it is all right, but it's not like it's all here at all. It's more like saying that advertisement versus advertise meant right or wrong. No one is like that in England in one is said here, so I don't know it's a lot of money. Catholic running way is origin of where this year signed only aware advertisement or advertisement started, but who, wherever it started, is probably the correct, I think look yellow me. Maybe more crucial culprit is up So the real pronunciation of gold aim type Mcalpine is fine. Yeah. You feel I feel fine about yeah, but you know it
It's us screaming. Misstated M end it when I first move to allay in nineteen eighty five degrees yola, you wait you it's usually do brother, we bow graduated in two thousand, I think about it at any. Well, we worthy air without saying why I didn't know you, No, you knew where a forty thousand people, but you you were souci algae and film. Yes, and I was anthropology. So I think we are on the same end of loose of the camp is right and I'm maybe even had a sociological. It's very likely. We have crossed paths yet numerous. It's likely we have the same class at the same time. Yet that is possible four hundred person lectures. Yet what kind of student where you? Because I think we shared this- that I was here to be a comedian I went to College- did give my mom to pay my ran into make her happy. So I wouldn't live on campus
I wasn't like fully Mars. I guess was their learning taking destined splitting. Will you having the college experience? Yes, I so I moved from New Jersey to go to you. She lay so I moved out there when I was eighteen. I was in a triple in reaper, which was awful. I loved the dorms, but I was in a triple room which men notes in the size of the Julie, crafted for one human, and with these we are both Beth, but I loved it man, I love being. Usually, I ultimately decided to go there because I know- get into filming tv. I grew up in New Jersey, run out of New York City and I loved theater. I I should have thought if I get into an allay school yeah, that's gonna be my opportunity to go out there early and Macao and to get an education, and I liked actually that usually had a diversity of your education experience of the huge school in all these experts teaching random classes. But if you wanted to do your own thing, you could, and you could kind of pick and choose almost a huge nerds.
I took, for example, there are. I tried to take Ellis to this premise- life Sciences class as an elective, ah m, and failed it and had to drop in, but I remember being in class- and you know not under and examining the professor said and asking the kid next him enough to look at my paper, like all of you to raise your buddy. Elective, I'm not competing for medical with you, but there was intense shit like that. I'd like you hold. This is like, as much as I am here to be an actor like you guys are legit doctors and yet others in training. Now, therefore, phrases side note unrelated Monica. I watch this documentary on. Why nationalist and one of the things they suddenly. My leg with, I think you'll have the same shock I did, which is when I got to you see allay. I was like ok, I think at the time it was like forty two percent asian thirty nine percent caucasian of just at the most multicultural place. I'd ever been in my life. So when we watch is white nationals documentary
I started tracking people that had Bennet Charlottesville and then found them at other rallies and then found it who they were kind of exposure identity. One of them was a man student at you see a level with a government clearance at a weapons manufacturing facility out here in California. In of all the things of all the fairy tales are made up about my classmates while sitting in class. I would never have thought there was a white nationals there. It seems like why would you go there? You know if you can,
every year, you're coming to one of the most diverse schools, Lana in your white nationals, is this I was just like. Oh I guess you really don't know anybody. He became a way nationalist after that experience because he had some bad in our action. Although we cannot conceal know little about my baby, he had the wrong triple room and reboot yea. You get the wrong two guys mindset. I bet I remove actually out so I was an array. My third year I had a resident who came to me and they they teach you the Senor retraining. And you can rule your eyes, and this would never happen with. Theirs is training scenario, where what would you do if one of your residents comes to you and says my roommate drew a swastika left it on his desk and I how Does this training I grew up in enormous obstacles in New York City was a fairly diverse community, the middle school you gotta bar mitzvah abutments every week and like the idea that some
would hold. These views was so old to me ass. My third year when I was an hour, I had a resident who came to me and he was very upset and he said my roommate left the swastika. His can I dont know what went down and I couldn't believe that. So I mean it is shocking, but I do think back and legal how that that happens Caesar anyway person was scribbling, absent, mindedly or this seems very about on a dangerous lamb. Well. When you started, I was going to make a joke about the old sanskrit, their hindu symbol. This was tat. We ve covered that then you, kept going- and this is not a joking type but no hidden. It is what he meant by it and nearby was whole intervention and what was done care, remember entirely? I think you know they. They obviously reassign the room, because it's one of those, the racist kids right to express himself is also something
that's a thing that needs. We consider it of course, but also I mean come on what right? That's, not the kind of thing that you mediate on your own when you're in all right. You have to keep that up to all that's girl supervisor, but I remember telling my supervisor, like you know, I remember sometimes when one beef happens with my didn't like somebody using a word that the other person finds offensive and and I'll tell the kid whose using the offensive word like no always data, will that's my right. I've, a right the right to use that word. You can't tell me that I can't you like do total. You actually have a right to use that word. Do you have to be an asshole right here? Right now have the right to be an asshole while, like where did you grow up that you feel the need like somebody's taking something away from? You is long and do that you also have a right to shit on your dining room table every day It is a right people on America. Have that doesn't mean one should defend that right to shit on their dining room table a slippery slope, then why that is,
You see allay yeah. I just have to give the shut out because that's where you asked about the screen name, that's where it but I came together many a late night in the dorms like sitting in these stairwells and talking about nothing with people who then become your best friends things my send my second year and we were talking about you know what I was trying to get auditions. I would every Wednesday I would go down to this new stand on gaily avenue and get backstage western, oh yeah. What now, I think only online right already out you hardly yeah. I always felt like I was participating someone's martyr plot. When I was submitting a lot lately, I've met people in one better. My part mention roles, the owner percent there was it not appropriately arose partly left? Well. I guess this is fine. With this. Guy could be a producer director who ended in those days seriously date myself here, but Kinko's was
Deeper than usually library to run off resume is oh sure. You'd have to physically run off copies of Erasmus and take off workable our year, rightly ten, not eight and a half by eleven staple them near headshot, get the envelopes then take them the Post office and that should cost money when you're eighteen, nineteen years old. Yes, you save up a lot. Further submissions are really so. I do that and you know these guys, who are still my boss, friends, you they're like accounting, majors or science majors and somehow one night. We started talking about three names and they said. Oh what unit you know, Whoopi Goldberg, her name is not will be Colbert, it's not ran Louisa. We looked it up on the internet which we did have dial up end. They owed Chevy Chace. His name is not Chevy Chace thereafter there, out here, I there's something right, there's other than the charities road that runs all through like Pasadena than into Eagle, and I think that's where he got the name. I sending Maryland rate the tribune
Maryland is similar. Now there's something about that anywhere. Not they said what about you know, but one should come up with a screen: it kill it. Would you guys think that could be interesting, maybe get more additions. Can Kelvin Modi is not a memorable name, organizing catchy! Well, that's one take on what you there was also the you know, type casting there was also does my headshot look enough. Like me, there's a whole year is full of things that I think any actor, but then, particularly, if you don't look like everybody else, you kind of car raising her head about and what he they would about Cow Partido, as bringing help achieve a few, not germinated utterly Kelvin was always shortened to collect Joseph becomes Joe and right and so were like all. What? If I just put my first name and half, I was getting headshot stone that same weekend, surrender the had shots with this screen name and obviously. Such a very expensive. So once you have that set you wait until all thousand of them are gone,
six months later. To get your new set printed and in that six months and agent happened to call, and so I have the name on those headshot, so that's what I happened abusing yeah I'll add under their that. Do you remember when the technology came out, when you got your head shuts printed, you could have the resume actually printed on the back yet late smear great. What was it grace and then what was even worse is. I would get a thousand to your point. Keziah did bring that unit Cassio Alot first, my recipe was all lies. He had. A hundred percent relies always and then I would actually do something, but I was too cheap to go, get new hedge hats and now it now me their position. I've I've wrote things in hand which looks the air about, or have gone back to steeply new up dated recently put hundred metres and alter the building. Was this? just one. I just hated that whole part of that. I got my set card by lying. You did. I do
oh great yield. The special skills section is like anything. You tried once at camp goes on that thousands of doing so basketball was on there and my this agent, who you know after my second third year whatever, but was willing to take me on who, by the way, Barbara Cameron Kirk and came out. We were a age was already hammer and I got fired by her and I kept the letter. What I have in my files fired letter writer of Sheep fire, you I see that you owe me. I loved her life with oil. It needs to be pointed out that a listener- it's not like. We both were at sea a or you two year yet Barbara Camera with permit primarily specializing in younger children asters because of her child Kirk Curtain, Kantos Kan
Did you go to the weird house that way the further up the mountain, the little house in the West Hills? In the back of her actual house? very far life. As the house knows a drop box in the valley somewhere. Further you to pick up your script, see as that Laura would as you are, all our lives are assisted as possible, but I should have met a thousand times. Yes, when I first went to ride for her, I think I read for Laura. I read for both Barbara was there? Ok, I remember rising to this West Hills address. I had paired a monologue from Henry the fifth perfect right. Now, the listener moving to allay to be an actor. Nobody will ever ask you to recital.
Syrian monologue everywhere to those movies. Come I once every seven year yet don't worry about it! Not only that there is no preparation. I had to read like some toilet paper commercial same when when I got there end what when I went to that owes, I thought, after all, the years of the backstage west stuff in going to people's apartments. I put up to this house, and it's so beautiful and client knows this is porn This is how you get tricked into doing right there s, nobody and then you walking to see the full house and growing pains posters like it's either fuckin crazy porn or we're fine things right here. This unblock your grace easy my ladder. Yet my letter was again is it's going through my my filter of having been very embarrassed by getting fired terrified now cause that was the first age and I ever got and took me eight years to get that one. But if I were remember correctly, it do Billy implied that I wasn't putting the same energy through my career. They were putting into an earth
something along those lines. I think, as I was stubborn about, like eating digital head shots in pain, for that, like I was always a little reserved about all these things out was to be buying on top of area. At any rate, I was fired and I was much less of all then and spiteful I saved the letters solely in case I ever made like twenty million dollars on a movie and it was in the headlines, gonna send that back to vote? Yes in a healed from all that, then I would never do that now, but, alas, I still have it. I have a rejection letter from Abrams artists, oh sure, where I had a friend who was ripped by them sent the headshot and it was a rejection letter and they called and said. We just want you to know, because you know you're a friend of a client of ours that we think you're fantastic. We just don't think there's gonna be any work for somebody who looks, you in which might be honest about that, and I was appreciative at the time in the kind of a self loaded
doing with my life way, yeah that Europe but I say that letter for the same reason why I thought one day when I work, I wanted just take this letter out look. And it knows I or I couldn't learned a move on here, but I saw the letters and Eureka you you come to realise that it's a poison, your drinking hope for the other person. I want to know before I buy frame this, because I can imagine one of either two scenarios. One is your happy to talk about being, first generation, indian and and all the different ways. That's affected your ride and journey here, or I could imagine being like. Do you have a funny ass a start up period, a funny actor, I'm sick of talking about that component. The reason I'm very selfishly inclined for the forward is that a half this bad cast his first generation indian. We talk about it all the time s true they're, just a ton of things that I think you being only two years younger than me and the nine years over the Monica you spanned something you don't seem like the difference,
twin when you entered and where we are at today. You actually lives on that holding at first hand, and I think, there's a lot of interesting stuff about What does your overall opinion about? Having always talk about that, both I mean, I think you have to know who you guys are an exemption to me, as the latter is always drilling for most actors like man come on, it's gonna be funny. It's gonna be funny, then there's the more appropriate times and places where actually actually fits into like the narrative of workers have been talking about in the since then. The guess you out on so I guess, I'm happy to on I read about your story is Monica. I listen this great episode of Malcolm Gladwell Podcast, where they talked about the power of the token. Yet, in the end, it is really all about Sammy Davis Jr and is about like basically what he had to do to be the first one through the door and what women who are the first one through the door go through and what their ass to do before it evolves, and then, unfortunately, people than an end up getting judged, especially Sammy Davis in it he gets then judge
by a different era of how people were expected to act, and it just a little unfair in a little unfortunate because he was the first one in he is like the first one through. Unless I am I an articulated entirely where workers when we had hastened on he referenced Harold and Kumar. He said that, for him was the first time it was like. Oh I can do that or if a light bulb for him so yeah. You are definitely at the precipice of this whole. That shift. I think we ve all had the look for me. That person was with several people, but it was mariner. When I was in eighth grade in Mississippi, Marsala came out some movie, she directed Denzil ends that children and I remember seeing that as I was gonna win. If eighth grade went to the movies with my parents and cousin- and it was the first time that I'd seen people who looked like me, who were a personal.
Tool real humans right, not a cartoon character voiced by somebody who was not actually salvation. American rights nor somebody eating monkey brains and lack of reaction movie now are serving Tita. Indiana Jones has happened again, that's a technocrat, but let it when you don't see yourself is when you, when you notice right, yeah you if you grubbing yourself, I think you yeah, like don't necessarily feel what, So for me it was that movie when I was sitting there, no great going. While I already know that I love this, but maybe this is something that I can do and then there were plenty of other people who had done it before a judge. I do, for example, on office space and, ah so for me it was all of them. So interesting, huh first time seeing something like that was was
Show me tomorrow. Yeah, that's crazy steps along the way. That would be different if you were replicating your whole thing today, so like even the name, so they were being generous and saying it was a hard name to remember or something or it wasn't a cig but can't name you all you to my real. Just unusually yeah I mean it was a bunch of things at once. Right, so there were obviously was. The aspect of my headshot is what I look, yeah see I and my name is what it is my birth name and any thing you can do to get in the room. This sort of universal of many actors you're gonna, do it yeah right down to the lying in the special skills such a mule extra later been so one aspect of that
It was the name yeah. I definitely part of it was whether having a less ethnic sounding name would work cordon quarter not, but it was also the new headshot. It was also to my college friends at least I dont think for them it was entirely and ethnic conversation. It was also a cow pen. Just sounds catchy: well what a doll Berg I forget her real name but like it so look at it, such a Roman came. Can you look up you're carrying jars carriage answer? Does not have the same house in hand the same thing so so to them. It was that rates almost different factors, but yes, of course, part of it was whether Cal pen sounded more a little June casting director or an agent and in the case of Barbara, the name had nothing to do with why she brought me in or so I was told, and I believe she was yeah. Sweden, honest,
till beef until she fire you does he questioned my work. I do want to know what you lied about to get in the side: basketball, signing up a Basque, wandered, special skills and Laura calls to London said: hey Honey have in addition free for four Nike commercial, and I had just taken. Tell me if you took his glass actual moldavian music geography class, but it was Socio cultural geography, the any now is it Swarthmore. I think you'd, like a cool young professor, who used to sweat on his students like if you were sleeping class, stand over you until a drop swear, not book. It woke you up, it was gross but whose us how they are undeniable income
you don't say legal. Also, a genius waited corporal punishment. City like I have I swear you. Some got arm had just taken a class of his where he talked about how Nike was manufacturing shoes in China and he because he was this attractive white dude in the suit. He would talk about how he would go would go to inspect some of these plants and people would sell your and academic inured this good, looking white dude and would give in his word. That would give him all this access and all these managers were joke with him about how many people lost their hands in these machines making people show so he would share these stories with us. When Laura called about this Nike commercial, really gotta call this week, as I am going to say. No, because I need horizon going to change anything by not going that's audition honey. I just want to note so you you play basketball right course cannot. Just for everybody, no, I cannot play basketball, I love it sure, love shooting baskets.
Terrible. So she sends me the information and it's the second floor of some casting office in Santa Monica and they go hey. So listen. The accounting from downstairs complained. We ve been dribbling basketballs all morning. The audition has two components: you're all dribbling and you're talking trash. So we just one one make sure before you go on as well as group, audition wanna make sure they. Everybody can actually play right and all these dudes idea courts. What by would ban no count like half course. That's an calcutta a case of this, like real basketball, commercial, we go up, the stairs were were shown, the basketballs untold, please don't touch them, pretend you're dribbling. I can talk trash. I can improve in his work some basketball skills. I owned this addition at the heart of the most vicious tram from New Jersey on the most vicious trash to this group of people. I just wanted you to know I a hundred percent audition for this camera. Did you
yeah. I was, I lay eggs one where they were deserted, describing as I d up and I remember the whole, no balancing the Bowery lies in the same group presented a very hospitable. It was you. This virtual exists on Youtube. It was the ninety ninety eight and be a lock out commercial with Samuel Jack's, that's a great, come it's a great commercial it. So she called and she's like so you book the job you're getting beside cards like ok. This is also my show up on set in its Kamal Jackson's. There? Are these? Ah, who can play basketball? Oh they're, all these Nike execs in suits and like all some high top making snake, of course all I thought about was that professor Vietnam enables hands, had been cut off like a shot and then we start pursing and there like shoot a basket, and it goes on. The roof of this house were like cling. Thus one injuries front you're on the on the joy and they all look at each other
and they like art. Let's take five, our voice, and somebody comes up to me and says you really. You really can't play like. I mean this I play I'm a little nervous, maybe I did you make the spot about how bad these guys are playing. That's, oh, my god they had completely one aid by the way. Funnier. If you guys, are altogether ass, your terrible they the real the way they got away with. It was by saying shit the basket, but cover your eyes. So it looks like your missed it. For a reason, could you couldn't even see? Oh, this is getting very complicated. Now wearing a brown hair. He said my face chasm covering my eyes. You see the other two guys in the same Jackson says something like three guys play and horse aunt aspect. Not my sad card got away with it. I think this is the first time of publicly told the story thing that I remember do
I was trying to. I was such a nerd. I wrote down that you know five hundred dollars or whatever you get for doing a commercial, and I thought when I like have money that I can donate. I want to donate it to somebody that Josh, when will David says that I should donate it to for their sneakers, but the I still don't wear Nike because of that class. Rail yeah and I dont know their labour policy. Now I would like to thank its evolved, but who knows I am choosing to assume it's gotten much rhetoric, as I wear, because the main he's gotten better overrated, seemingly great, like practices now that they promote on their commercials about women.
Behind aggregating opening up on Cavern ACT area growing up mom was she was a perfume kind of inspectors him. She worked at some perfume factory, there's a big pocket of them in New Jersey, right, yeah, New Jersey in New York. So she got her masters in chemistry and got this amazing job little. She would sit, sit a a room that has no smell like a neutral nouveau, yet more manoeuvre where the call room they would give her little samples of the thousands of gallons of perfume. They manufactured she would smell them against the control sample that she would also smell and write down. The chemical formula and whether it was off or not, but all my goodness and you can do that. Hers, thirty hours or the gown and knows is apparently still more sensitive than any computer that we can make and women have way better sense of smell. Oh Ben, and men, but document, explain why men far more than women
Well, perhaps I could never get a fort past. My show you what I mean. I know what you I know you would not go. Opposition, I'm not kidding authority would go on to us ass thanks mom. You know when I read that about her. I went straight to did you ever read fast food nation year. Remember the guy writing. The book goes to one of these perfume trees, which is where they also make the food areas and they make french fries tastes like french fries, guy sitting in a room and they just hold a test for under his nose in not only Disease Bell beef. He smells beef cooking on a hot grill like it's more than just the media smell. It's the smell of meat cooking and that's added. Do a hamburger at a fast food restaurant- and I was like this- is an oral like. They held it like an Oreo. You can save the exact products, but he said enough. They held the Oreo test Strip. Honours knows unease like tastiness, Oreo, wow, that's and have always been
so furious. They have not infuse that Oreo sent in to broccoli like I would love it. They could get a broad say. Second oreo yeah stage If you dare We are supported by our group out. There broke Monica really, you really whether cover my is it the began, the noise gotcha it sounded like something PA, hey, I God, why Monica hiring
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the starter kit as everything you need to start building a ring. A security around your home just go to ring dot com, Slash Dax, that's roaring dot com slashed day acts. Additional terms may apply but that, like she would have all these crazy stories- and I remember just the idea of these companies investing in the psychology of how something makes you feel or a Mcdonald's product. For example, the marking the goes into a happy meal and how that's it lifelong consumer that they're trying to build into. And yes, I feel like. Ok, here's a hot button. Worrying, wrote my sleeve how much bigger, based on taste alone, tat only taste. Ok, how much do you think a big MAC should cost may sunt haste hair? I think seven dollars more. I think sex. Ok,
yeah. I think it should cost fifty five dollars a ha ha. Is I don't. I don't believe me, you level right, northern Iraq, so I did, but by bit of editor of Rwanda I'm sure I cheated and I have added an early moss at sandwich that you know tens of Millions of dawn of research dollars have gone into verdicts exactly. We just described these tastes and these they're all the same Moreover, I none of them are real manufactured thing. You're eating it's worth those hundreds of millions of dollars and taste wise. I feel like that takes way better than anything at any fans twelve dollar burger, couldn't agree more I've dollar. You know to question no demand more balls. I for her, is ask her what she thinks. The value of Burger King Rectangle, chicken sandwiches
the because waiting up the reality of what is the value. Monica violence names, haste alone, twenty dollar, ok, yeah, because you gotta put it in the Houston's chicken sandwich category of landfill meant. Which is, I got, I don't know it's between new seventeen and want to seventy five dollar that uses. That is not we're. Not its aim at twenty dollars is others. Do you like it? Eighteen I haven't had the bird you want it, what's the difference being that, unlike the windy, spicy chickens at its centre, without thinking about a thing about whatever is worthy of diver directing resemble is Loretta Fan Chicken and then you pull out a man is in catch up on them a little bit a lot. Is we got one recently, the lettuce didn't travel. It was not so fresh sesame, but I dont know what can I say it all comes together and re great pride,
well I'll. Add that these the batter ratio with me, because it so thin, it's quite high. It's like a one defies, whereas we are Wendy's want it's more like the one to twelve, because it is a thick you should chicken umbrellas. It is, has been ground up put into a pattern really the molecular integrity is destroyed. I had in impossible. Copper yesterday way made against possible operate just started, and I have some friends work from possible and have worked with him before us. Come I'm super site that you're actually like a mainstream. Every burger king in America gonna go try this and my bodies text music, the kit they're, getting the consistency right as they put them in each burger king. What did you think? Did you get what you get it would cheese cause the fat helps, make it tastes like a real whopper like dude, I didn't get, it would cheese and I was blown away all why had like. I want to do a side by side. I want to cheat one day. There was a bad idea, I'm alright
an implausible Ambrose like TAT Night Semi Cheat. I want you to go to Emily's in Brooklyn BAR, that's the best burger in America and Europe as price. At five hundred now open air that real dollar big MAC. Would you agree year, while the story we ve tolling, here's Monica I went there- we had heard of his Grey Berger, I want to say, was twenty seven dollars on the menu and ice when we ordered them. I was like this is a joke. This is fine. Highway robbery, obscure, Bolgia Bob. I took one by, and I said this is vastly on Christ. I got one hundred percent spent fifty dollars on. That's what makes it since you described the burger King Chicken so so beautifully what makes it worth five hundred it's very it tastes like french onion soup, has been placed in like a lot of harmonised onions and it's like wet it is the only way Oh, it is, I think, about it three times
while the up there's this orange fucking sawdust over the carmelites unease, the bottom of the bit of the principal Bonn, the best parts of one I've ever had come in then it's his damp and I was saying among the next time we did it. I'm gonna get two of em in a bowl because I don't want to lose us a bit that reason. I remain the same Oh my god, we're wasting! That's ok, wait! I'm a lawyer, eggs, exciting story on this murder. I and now dad- and you share this income with Monica dad is engineer what kind mechanical can make?
I only vaguely when it struck her mind ass the eyes structural engineer, wended be moved to the US with your parents can be key, came when in his twenties and my mom came into a sex. But what years? Oh, oh you're welcome, which was six year, awhile cool. Yes, she grew up in Savannah. Hooker you're dead seems to have come around intimidate easier. Before that, I think many pilot seventies. I don't know what you're bombs parents come because my grandfather, Giza Professor, and he came against Phd in the sixty must have banned and her father came. Does he had killed somebody and had to worry law no simpler? My daddy, I asked I cannot be invaded. The reason was asking is: I'm always super interested in the this huge influx of asian immigrants overall, but south asian immigrants in particular that came post nineteen sixty five zero improper, getting the wording wrong ism remembering all this, but the Asian Exclusion ACT basically prevented
people from asian countries from coming. Ok in the mid sixties, it was repealed and people were allowed in because we had a shortage in the: U S of doctors, engineers and a couple of other professions. So my dad could come here because he had gotten into an engineering Brad program right outside in New York City and that's a comments, where you from a lot of my peers parents generation NEA, where they they were allowed to come for that reason for shock was, is telling us this last so he came in that same manner where you had a scale that was desired by the. U S, senior, let leaden he said, but also what happened was there was a huge influx of the means that had been living Ugandan. Those folks came in at a much different thing where they generally had money, and you could also come in if you could invest a certain amount in the country right when you arrive rather than it was his other influx of people, then in her dad was saying last night that for all why all the professionals that had come kind of look down on that group, but then it turned up those stores. They bought the convenience stores, the small motel chains. All this
does that after a while, he is like millions of their kind of crushing now and he is saying how that was kind of a transition that happened with different groups. I came in for different reasons. Yet then, there's like the post. Eighty, your post, eighty five wave of immigrants that came under family reunification, that tended to be more working class also are legit. I think it so interesting as it really is Monticola you you'd tell your version, but in General Monica was mostly around all white kids induce. Like I'm gonna be white. That's my line. I'm going do I was very anti being India and I was avoiding any that made it seem like I was yes, I was really trying to be as white as fit in be like everybody, and then, when you were seven from Georgia, when you were seventeen, what happen something happened when you're a seventeen percent, but this movie,
came out harrowing through model? Was I seventeen year? Two thousand for it? Wasn't it wasn't heralding whom are for it will open ended back in this is a horrible thing, but I like I don't like that. I was the opposite of normal people and I was like I don't like that indian people on screen big. Why he's just be doktor? Exactly those brown people you shouldn't be on screen cause? That's gonna call out
that I am being very four year. That's gonna pollute Mozilla, you guys been Indian is, can you just put it in the cycle and then I will be able to avoid that. Can I ask the seventeen year old you something torso was the issue that it was an identity film like would you have felt the same way if growing pains had a neighbor names Sima? No! No! No! I think. I think it was because that was part of the store, yeah. Ok, as part of the narrative that, if that she was India, I someone I wanted to be an actress by then so I was not like. It was cool looks like the neighbor? Was you and I guess I wished it was an indian girl neighbour named Michel though oh it's like I, don't even want you're bad. If ok on ya know, I remind me to tell you a story about the characters of my new short named, certainly for reason bogus has yet so that was what it was. I just like did not like that
These things are getting expose, it was blowing my cover and away encourages lunacy. I mean that's movies. Well, though, it's your exact feelings and historians there's no right or wrong, because this becomes something that I do. I do want to talk to you about because you ve had moments in your life like twenty four is an example. Get the tell me about the conflict of twenty four, so I actually like twenty four there's an article. I think it's here as you know, something that I I did this interview, and I I if I remember correctly, it was like a little snippet that the journalist took. It was part of a larger conversation where they asked me about ritual profiling. The thing that keeps re emerging that people keep asking about his. Oh. I read that you didn't like the role that you accept that on twenty four because of racial profiling was not at all. I had this four percent argon. Twenty four, where I plead an American born kid who was radicalized and becomes a terrorist, takes a family hostage. So for four
Besides, I'm holding a gun to this family- and you know two things: it terrify meet terrorists and guns sure as shit out, but I remember, but in a booking that job the time a book that job we did not have America, born radicalized terror from people who looked like me yeah right? We had them from the columbines of the world and from you know, sort of white supremacist side of things, but we had yet to experience brown folks who had been radicalized in that manner, but the UK had experience that before that The ark was written, so I remember doing a ton of online research, unlike googling stuff, about who these guys were in the UK and what these chat rooms or like and after, like three days of doing this, I called my manager in as I am about to email you a full list of links from my web history, just because I would like there to be a digital trail on all the more because I started worrying like what am I doing. This is like That's right wing, like your Lord urgently,
if there were a red flag on your keyboard, knew just kept hearing it over her idea, so that new ones that I think was cut out of interviews like this was about that journey and how, unfortunately, now we are dealing with things like that, yeah at the time we Weren'T- and so it was an interesting thing, we're just as an accurate and a pension identity. Conversations versus I just wanna be funny. I just wanna, be not e f, so in that sense it sort of like will what's my role here, you can look back and sale that there was a stereotypes
the Thai we didn't have homegrown radicalization, that looked like me in rights, or does it think I've always been really sympathetic to generally I've always thought of it with black actors. Is that a it's already harder for them to succeed, if it's much harder everything stacked against them and then should they somehow overcome all that? I feel like there is an inherent obligation to now represent the black community and be involved and always evaluate anything you do as reflecting on the broader black community. All the time- and I have always thought is that
Oh unfair! Now, do I respect people who take on that role during their heroes? Absolutely there is that great episode of master of none were they gonna go into whether or not they should do the axe. Ia in, as these has one opinion in his friend, has another opinion, and I just feel like what drag that. As you said, there were a couple people you saw of Daisy descent on tv in you gonna lucky enough to be one of them, but now you ve got to evaluate the entire implications of that. It seems like a lot to put on a twenty, through here all alone. Reactor is also super fluid ray you're, whether that that episode of western none reads like a documentary to me, oh really, oh yeah of stories of Catherine represent and it's funny that people asked what the twenty four episode of luck has took. That was one of those were like just site to play a character whose such an animal human being. But you know this can t be comedy space
sort of our thing like you're playing a likeable nice guy so often like give me an asshole, I want to play a despicable human being yeah, but that so that conversation about like whether to do an accent with iron, Barbara was actually very helpful to me at the first movie. I did I did this move and wilder with Rhine Reynolds, rancorous movie. I didn't couple after college, so you know I underpin. I was one of my best away yet, MR ok, I had a blast making that movie Laura Barber, Caymans assistant called me we greens is already were in an attic. I work with them. This added, elevated libraries, alien or not. The submitted so will we both on our marriage, christen, Bell, village or ones away from so Laura called me and said. Hey I've got this amazing audition for you, I'm so excited it's the supporting lead in a movie. You have to come to the office. I need to talk to you about the script and you know this office in traffic.
Westwood is like a two hour scenario way, so I said why don't you just leave it at the dropbox and I'll cover tonight. Tell me what the character is that I'm reading for just email me some of the sides, and she doesn't really. I want to talk about it, I'm I'm so tat. It is a supporting lead in a team comedy like now, I'm excited. Send me some of the side. What's the name of the character does just please just come in just come in this went back and forth, like I promise you I will come in. Just tell me the name, the character and, Besides she's, ok, the name of character is Ozma hole and ethical, Nepal,
yeah. She called me back and she goes honey. I figured you might do certainly study theatre nor move out here to go. You see later play in a guy named TAJ, Mahal fake. So much for the opportunity now go to her and she said I really need you to understand that this is a big deal. This is a supporting led in the studio comedy with right. Reynolds whose on two guys girl in a pizza place, I will one day be dead boy if one day and terror red whose in American by and you need to addiction for this movie, because if you get it then I'll be able to pitch you for a different caliber of projects that are currently cannot put you for, because you don't have those credits on Erasmus. The up and she said please just read the script, so I
read the script and, yes, it was phenomenally stir it often flinging get him thought mall with a sort of exaggerated accent, insurance lusting after white girls, who he couldn't get like sort of every stirred in the book. Also interesting Lee every stereotype of being an eighteen year, old mail or like over sex, can't think thinks with his dick, like any other type of that right, the up, then I stopped realising that the plot doesnt advance absent this character. So this question this goes back his reaction conversation. We oftentimes think it's kinda, reductionist books, Mckenna play a cab driver and I want to play a store clerk right. Well then, you get this weird territory of- are we just saying that, because their working class jobs more, do you. Actually mean that there's is something one dimensional about the portrayal, the historic portrayal of these rules or that they don't advanced, applauded the film or the character doesn't have an arc. There's nothing for them to do right. So I called Laura back. We have covered
her with barber about like well. This is really interesting because I remember it being less about me being personally offended at these stereotypes right and more about me feeling incredibly board I m sure right, unlike there wasn't a ton of comedy free to do exactly Elliot was lazy common. Yes, that's interesting! Yet you you, you could have been more affected by just the cheapness of the joke as opposed to the racial implication. Exactly right, maybe it was both, and I remember calling one of the casting exact. I think she was a VP at NBC. This is twenty years ago now, a unicorn she happen to be indian American having to be at in the cash Department of NBC that had a general meeting with her a few hours prior, and she said you know if you have any questions, feel free. To give me a call- and I thought I am very conscious that email to your point about african american actors, you're always being told you have to choose something based on an entire group of people, and I thought maybe she would have some
site into this. This role, and so I called her innocent there's a script, and I told her everything that the priorities, namely TAJ Mahal. She hung on call back because it well so look. Barbara is absolutely right with everything she said. Business was. If you get a real like this, a hundred per cent. She can pity for things that she can just thinking in the room for right now, pilots and it's no secret- that any woman in any performer of color has to have ten times more credits on the rest may justifiably also Europe. So, yes, she's, being honest with you about that, how many things in the script offended you or did you cringe worthy patterns like thirty, and what is the road number eight are just like any was anything in the script actually funny like oh yeah, like there's a Thomas stuff like this dude back
will it on fire not kind of bone. This woman with trees, super Indian, would eat screws up, but it like goes beyond its very animal house. Ask in that regard took us a select that part of it excites. You sick, oh yeah, like if his name was fill and he was from the mine and I could go out for this. I'd be super excited yeah. So she goes. Ok! Here's what you do pick ten of the thirty things and if you get that part sit down with the writers and the director and talk to them about those ten things but an hour, to do that. You have to come up with ten things that are funnier than what the riders came. You gotta replace yeah yeah yeah. That was the first time that anybody told me that I had any agency in these conversations and all right up until that point it was just a fight about. I don't want to do this accident. You have to do the exit tribunal.
Horrible experience on Sabrina teenage, which I remember our high were so mean, and so, like your doing, that acts it that's hard to do for good, but I love your shoe. Did Matt went through the audition process, the last audition, I remember I walk into the waiting room news me, another guy as Ike right. I wonder if the stewards got the same. Killings as I do with fake. She asked stage, namely me ass. His deal does he feel comfortable with all this I walk into the waiting room and it was a white dude and brown face What was it me? It was not a guy, but I was not a shock. Why? Because I had seen at a ton in auditions too for that- and I hope- and I ve seen it a ton since that right again not interrupt your flow, but I did when I say that you were a part of a different era,
as really and the minimum. That's not how I had said that air. I never seen the last time and I have seen it happen- was she asked over a decade ago slightly over a decade ago, where I saw it on a show is working out, which is five minutes ago likes it. Yes, yes, votes. The reason I say as we like to think these things are leaps and bounds, separated from, but even look even some of our friends of The monkey sharks are like there are scarcely. Can I just admit that, embarrassingly and in two thousand three, when we found that would came out in two thousand for there is a scene without a paddle word sums get a laser scope and then I get up and there, like you, ve done your for it in. I immediately do in indian accident in the script, and I did it. I thought that was. I was proud of myself that I thought I did good yeah version of that acts. Yes, because I had heard it on some total
Obviously I would do that today at an obviously now I'm embarrassed the bad happen, but they happen. I was twenty eight. In fact, I did it and I was my first movie and I would have shit in my hand needed on camera. If they are, let me stay on her breast. Your perfectly teaming up- and I was about to say, which was my beef- was not with the guy in the waiting room. Your breath is never with the other act, or at least this is what I believe I was mostly fascinated. Did this brothers who it at home having arrived, the others would grow if so digging up, although her three days did you do it in the bathroom? Did he come early, go to all of the three casting sessions before in brown? Did his agent tell him to do it didn't come up with your it, so we're just having a common they wouldn't even using is that standard may learn really nice guy, but I told myself when I saw that that he was not allowed to get that port right any of the Congress
she's out, I had with myself about the thirty things or the conversation would sony about the ten funny things that I could come up with or feel, like I hate that I need to have those conversations at all, as I just want to be funny all one out the window, the when I saw this dude and brown face. As I know, you are not allowed to have this right and saw MIKE I'm good it would ever have to do to get this part. You don't get that credit on Erasmus, grandma. I want audition for pilots next year, because I did this movie right and in the audition, like Ryan, is an incredibly funny guy. Oh yeah Andrew, was awesome the director what Becker was really fun. It was a great improvisational room where we had fun and look. I think, for a younger generation of performers of color Listen to this? They are cringing and rolling the raw going you're such an old man apologists. Ah, a movie like that, I get it back I gotta get those Marjorie of that position yet, and I am not going to fight you on it. Yes, I am,
during my experience, which was at that time. This is something that was a real thing, that you need a credit on your as May to get worse gray ass, a win win heralding Morgan away Castle came around. I was at a birthday party fer, a mutual friend John, her wits and hidden Schloss Burger, the two guys who created the franchise and rode all through movies and our hilarious of mutual friend introduced us and John Hurwitz came up to me and said: well, you don't have an indian accent. It was the most off putting thick right. Europe buddies birthday party can allay yes, I'm douche bag is lay a good living. Indeed exit. Remember saying something like well: you do some like an asshole some here and you know what I mean was you're, so hilarious and Van Wilder I'm a screenwriter. I wrote this movie called Harold Kumar GO to White Castle, but the one of the leads is this kid from New Jersey. He doesn't have an accent, but it you know
indian those like umbrage, neutral movies is you're from New Jersey from New Jersey, sensory. This script and I called him and us, and by the way, was the funniest. I still stand with funniest thing. I'd read. I tend to not left out loud when I read things I laughed out loud. Immediately and I said: do the script is amazing: you're, never gonna, sell it and allay, and when don't sell it. Please call me I would love to help rate find how we can raise the money right in calling rich people from the bill. Rich doctors. My dad knows I'm sure I want to raise the money. I want to play this part and he goes and are we talking about, but were selling this movie do studio unless it yet but they're gonna. You know I have friends who had written movies with asian american leads and they were told by studios will buy it if he changed the authenticity of the leads, any anyway? Definitely right and they said no in the movies either didn't get made. Her were financed independently and John. Her would said: well I don't about all that I can tell you that I am going to sell a script called heralding a market away castle. I am not making movie culture
and Jason gotTa Mcdonald and felt ass to it. A week later he called me senator which by forget what what it's called now, what company called senator sold it line and Warner brothers had picked it up. So negative, pick up any said now. This audition process starts and they read people in New York allay London, you know Vancouver and it kept getting whittled down, and I as you guys know, there's no shortage of actors to play these parts right right. The issue was always is the lack of opportunity. Your beef is never other actors, there's plenty of talent, so finally it keeps getting whittled down, in my view, is that I got this part. Ultimately, I am proud of the audition I gave, but I was the only guy who went in who had a supporting led in the studio movie before because while they need
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stacks so you and are doing a movie. That is really quite a huge step forward in heralding Kumar then required this thing that was opaque or wouldn't have had that credit on my resume and had I not done held embargoed away castle, I would not have had the chance to doom of called the namesake, which I loved some a novel that mere and I are directed. Who was, if you remember the reason I asked her to be yeah cause. Her son was a big harold and come our fan and was essentially the reason why I was allowed. Hudson sees hurling Kumar and how it is. Adam Howard, to become house and self. So I get ten percent of everything that also makes to your point. It's a it's always a fluid conversation right to me. An accent is never a reason to do or not to do something. Historical, it's used to match.
Some poor. Writing. Yes, Markham and its tricky to serve navigate what that means, and I think it was mariner who said in an interview that she is not a fan of cultural ambassadorship, and I thought that was such a great way of describing this notion that one individual is allowed to decide what someone's experience is or what something means to some one. Now that said, I I think it's a little bit of the nuances of I wanted just be an actor in a comedian, and I dont want to have to be mindful of the images that I send out into the world, but the reality of the thirteen year old me who would get bullied because something like the Simpsons or Indiana Jones in the Temple of doom was the only frame of reference that kids in school would have
I could say there is also the reality of what John Show calls the fourteen year old me with the fourteen year old may be proud of what I'm doing right now. Yes, and there is no right answer, it's all very fluid. There's all also to nuance. John Show has never played a stir typical role, and I admire the shit out of four. It won't do it I wouldn't do it now awry my path to doing that. Buddy comedy was very different than Johns bath. And I admire our peers, who have not made the choices that I made. And I will say without a doubt that I had a great time improvising with rain Reynolds on very wild idea, all things, and we will try to make these things binary and their way more complex than than just that. I think it's just like if you feel compromised or not, and even if you do there can
we'll be good things I come out of it, or the experience can still be good. A firm before defining our lives by the experience is the sound like the experience was good on that movie yeah. I'm not. I learned a lot I had with the first day the first seen that we did was Vanka Bezukhov. It is fantastic, I'll actor. She was she and I were not seen together where we are trying to make love a high, and I have all these scented candles and massage oils in my back catches on fire, a fitter for a prosthetic back, which is a tiny piece of silicone that goes over your real back with little holes in it. So they can a like the fifth back on fire and then be when the directory ills cut, shoot ice water up in between o, because otherwise you ll actually burn it'll go through the silicone and the first day of of any real movie. I done some smaller firms,
and there are. The entire crew was distributed. This fire retardants gear and right right there, all, unlike a housemaid and I M, a boxer shocks earn hurt. Loggers neuron underwear lit a lot of bad there over the fire extinguishers nearby informally in and then I look at you Mancha. Who has nothing at all, and I am I am it's my first down a set and we we do the scene a couple times, my being they like. My back and parts of full body burn which, by the way I I've found out later you just don't do with non stumpy right writing, but drew and wall wanted a wide. Shall boy Sophia. I was very expensive, two thousand and two. So why don't we just light this new act? Fire and he's gonna run around here is some Gozo.
We got a guy and brown face at the crafty sale. At the end of the day I asked waltz. I said he, I just you, the watering drink remembered so came in catch. Ask you something you know this is such it such an intimate, seen it's a stunt. None of us know each other. You know that's my first day, I'm like a movie is also crazy. Why did we shoot this? The first day it was anything goes well, I mean, if I lose an actor on when we have to reach the whole movie right. Am I welcome my heart and I get old Lord reality making a movie. I so appreciated his candor, the identity orders they were so for me it was a bit of the opposite. Where I always thought it was weird that other people were trying to suggest that I either was or wasn't it
enough for them. So I'm bilingual. I grew up speaking English as my first language, but good dropped the as well. What am I grandparents, my dad's mom, didn't speak English, so learned primarily to communicate with her and then I did some study abroad stuff her burden on profit, workin, rural indian I school in Hawaii fluent in, could drop the. So I remember my peers. It you see allay the salvation peers who would look at me and I I run for these two shitty kids on my dorm. Or who would go out of their way? Indian kids, who would go out of their way to say you're such a sell out? Man like how are you like an uncle Tom? Yes, I understand from our parents generation you're an immigrant. You sacrificed everything to come in America. You only know careers like medicine and engineering, because they quite literally where your ticket to come to a new country and have a different life for your children. I understand that pressure. You wanna tell your kids to conduct years. You know,
do not understand our generation replicating of bullshit cultural attachment to a profession, and so for a very long time in college. I was weirded out for the opposite reason where I was very confident and in who I am or who I was yeah, I'm bilingual. I know all of this stuff that I know who is I'm not the right, because I'm also trying to be an actor and I developed such a chip, My shoulder for these kids. It you see a lady's Broncos easily that I went out of my way to not talk So it was. I think it sounds like the same result has done with a very different paths of getting their own here. I would have received that from, but I just was avoiding them. But now you now is in a doll in recognising probably the pressure that those parents their parents had put on them. Probably now, from this perspective, you can go well. They were probably quite envious,
of your conviction in your willingness to break out of what they felt like was expected of them. I would love to know I I don't know that that's the year, I don't there's just straight up tribalism too, like there's all these things and then there's just hard core. Your primates there's tribalism in vague, closer by making you sell out it? It's all so yeah. I know from some my parents, friends who had who had question things back in the day that they ve since said it was not that we were ashamed. That was the wrong russian. It was that we were scared, scared, raw and scared for you and you don't move to America for your child to be an actor, and so I get all that, but it, I still don't know the answer to like the p. There's a version Ryan, I hope you're right tax. I hope that was the audit there. Whenever I triggered a lot of people I score. Am I forever thought they were Dixon? I now recognise like I was a man who wore a pony tales and hair bands and I wore goofy overalls. Inland
I was annoying, but underneath that I was annoying was like. When is this kid get to live out loud like this? Let you know I'm sure some of it was like. Why am I playing by all these rules and he's not so now, I'm mad at him. I just thought they were dicks, but now I recognize they might have been envious of my perceived confidence to shirt. That kind of stuff? There was something I was gonna. Tell you about the characters in my new showed the reality that contains the name shall all right ass. You are to play Michel, so I'm not taking a side on this Think it's fascinating in tow the valid on all sides, but I remember when I got the job on House playing Doktor Laurens Cutler. There was some chatter from the brown folk. Why do you have to play a guy named Lawrence Cutler? Why can't you be a guy named Samir or something. While you can kind of can't win legacy super bed and play dodgeball as we would all agree, is yes and then, if you play my my Johnson, that's bad too.
Men no way implying that I know it is like to go through with either of you have gone through, but my break out rolls were on Pont plain white trash cause, so I was playing the cartoon version of white trash. Quite often, I too am like taking that low hanging fruit of whatever that stereotype is too about white dress. But what I was going to say is different is that I have no The cold dilemma about it at no point of my thinking, I'm representing white people and that just freedom I had that you down in that is part of the unfairness life, and that also comes from their being different interpretations of whiteness right. We we see a variety of characters, sharp such that that characters included
I think, unfortunately, southern white folks are very rarely depicted in multi dimensional ways on the no, no, no, no they're, always domino. There are forgetting their sister yet area in its problem. I dont at on the macro level. You if you look at something with like women, are or performers of color it take the brown folks example. It's like you can count the times your allowed to be in on screen historically, which is different, as you know, the full breadth of characters, right of which many are included in in all sorts of spaces. The ass, I feel, like that's always been. The differences, it's like the baggage that people assign sola when there are like why'd, you have to play Lawrence cut nerve. I remembered the writers from the day for one of the drafts had changed it to an indian name, and I was the one who protested and said I earned the part of a guy that you wrote to be a jewish sports, medicine, Doktor name Lawrence Cutler, right
That's all. I want to play. I'm not trying to equate these to browse. Remembering my high school acting teacher in Shakespeare, and it's like you, don't change Romeo. If you're playing Romeo, you can just play Romeo riots, and then you play a character who does have an indian name and brown. Folks say how come his name can't be Gary re? Oh, you won't need it. I just wanna go by the number eight year. My urges them is number eight, so or Sunnyside, which is my new show yeah. My characters name is Garrett. Modi Modi is my real s, name be out and movie and you're getting these at which you normally
yeah and analyse the thought. My parents would be pleased- and my dad was a by worry less now- would be to continue nobody's gonna be confused. Had a quick look, I'm Indy uses her first nailing people use their first nations on shows. Right fell the as I felt Eustace last name: yeah you're, not Seinfeld like what they did so very good point, but still so the reason I named him Garrett and I think work programme funds. Suddenly, the last episode of the forces in the back story is that when his and his sisters names Mallory, you you find out that when his parents move to America they loved watching a vision and they loved the facts of life. They bought that MRS Garret, with such a hard working woman and as an immigrant there like dismisses guard, is the reason we watch the facts of life. Then they started watching difference and Missus Garret is also from strokes and there were like mind blown this. Almost the artist working America. Our first born son has to be named
we have of Amerika S Mallory, because a family ties that shortly followed goes. Mallory was also very studious and an hard working and the Azeri Taipei, so I've I wanted to take me now. I'm talking about it's, not quite so quiet but like I wanted to do quite hat tip, that conversation yeah, that has no right answer. Well, I bet by giving them both the every one of us. I don't need you happy, you almost would think of it as a hack. It's like it's well remembered this. This all goes back to the seller comment when back tc allay, I dont often read my at mentions on twitter and grants best. Not somebody did slide My dear calling me a sell out because I'm playing a guy named Garrett in a new NBC, made me think of these indian gives it you see I have like, but I mean I laughed. I sent it to my co creator and Marina. They came in this dude totally took the bay
Moses on showed Moses and also I love him and so happiness it had hidden peace whole areas here he does this crazy thing on the carpet. Where he's opposing things as First TCAS Jack, it's such a wii, you're these signs to my pose coach yeah during those like crowd ass, he entered day he found on getting images that you can buy a photo of the weird pose for five hundred dollars. I plundered laundry dollars and I hope somebody by alliance with even a deluge of Ireland, the rights for what what network is that generally embassy? Ok, MIKE's
I get my oh, that's are so make sure is involved with you. What is the premise of premise? Is I play a guy named Garrett Modi that disgraced New York City councilman, who is kicked out of City Council because he is wasted and tries to bribe a cop pukes on a cop car in the Bt Near City and realizes, as he gets kicked out of office that he has no other job skills. He was the youngest ever elected mayor of city. Councilmen does know what to do, puts an add on Airbus and be experiences for fifty bucks an hour I'll do whatever you want out of this group of immigrants, hires him for a day to help them study for the citizenship test. Oh Obviously they no way more about what it means to be american, and that is less than he does Gazelle decisions task, I've seen or ninety percent of a magnet born Americans yeah we have now is the real life. I don't know how much, but so, essentially it's a group of friends right. It's like the shows I group loving and watching, like fresh, Prince and Seinfeld and friends in port class back in the day right we're going for like that kind of a vibe so too,
a group of friends. With that, being the backdrop eyes were open and honest and the show I will say that I audition for at all and he was going on inside. Thank you. Oh you remember. Yes, although she granted to the very end- and it is self I me video is it is it's gonna be grey or were you auditioning apply cows system Ok, I can tell the Mallory the Film it is now our annual. So you know it's funny is about the whole accenting. Monica is expressly will never do the exemption claims. She can't do the exit among what you could learn the axe added value for money Agnes I gotta learn digging earlier, but that the real, like the Sophie's choice, really happened for her, which was amended, was doing a show and accent required about people that are newly emigrate area, and so I said demonic, I'm like that. There's a god is fucking with you right now. It's it's the most tempting now, particularly and use its neighbour the things I don't want, my
I can teach you, I know it from him. Without a paddle, I waited at all, of all they send somebody and somebody would find it. She said exactly what, without power It's like you see as an indian exit and Michigan ACT, just say inverting, but it's called Sunnyside in its on what day on NBC Thursday nights at nine thirty. But I do I just one: it's just that you can't leave here without saying that you know kind of at the high to your superpowers. You are, you know your midway through doing the franchise of Harold Kumar in your own house, which, by the way the only medical joy ever loved that does show. I watch I loved your great on the show you and then you, bounce yeah. You go to work at the White House. Tell me how you got to that
point it sounds chipper random, it's far less random, then I think it sounds in two thousand and seven and I was on house there was a writer strike, so the w G had labour dispute and we can't shoot anymore episodes after the ones, were written were gone and writer on that time was when all of the primary were kicking off. I was conscious kicks off the premier season and I had read, I think I'll bomb had one book out at the time. Homing the second one had dropped it, but I'd buy liked his book. I did not like politicians and I had no interest in actually working for one and alive you wild knocked on my trailer door. One day before we wrapped fur
but the strike and she said: hey. I've got a plus one, two and Obama like event that he's doing you wanna come look. Well. What is it I chose to those in force. Beach thought there was also mode loved, a pure him, but I like what's the catch so well, it's fur about fifty artists and he's basically gonna make an ask to see who can help him in the lead up to the oil Caucasus, cause he's running for prisoners again on a matter of an interest in that sick. Why not? You were against the Iraq war like yeah. Both parties got us into the Iraq war. But oh bomber was against the Iraq war like o k, but he wasn't a sitting senator at the time of his went back and forth. I'll ultimately went with her. Let me back up again in Peter Blake, who was one of our writers on House, said: hey if you're gonna go to this event, you might be interested in going to a fundraiser problems: exist people get roped into shit. I am not one of her manner area remitted to think. I'm a nerd I am going with Libya wild by coworker does yeah, but you know he's gonna make an ask wanting to see what is actually like in front of his donors. Theirs,
breakfast of he's doing in Malibu, it's only twenty five hundred bucks, a play by almost only one of em property market happened is ok. I can get you in for twenty five bucks. As long as you don't eat and the food. I have immigrant parents amused me right. Easy and deal come yeah. That's definitely a fucking good meal. If it were twenty organ, seventy but I'll ever see that such a breakfast, all of which only made me cynical and as a goal of course, this guy's, just like everybody else and using the rich people breakfasts, but at that breakfast he started talking about climate change and clearly went off remarks and was calling people. How for driving hummers too and not very popular. The taiwanese people seemed a little uncomfortable and I thought there in other there's no press here. This dude is clearly going off remarks. This is now what my Polly cyclists said, people do right right, you don't do this infernal, your daughter alienate donors that there was a morning event this thing alive. He invited me to us in the evening
during the day I you know, I got my tacos and read a bunch of nerdy policy stuff about climate change on his website is policy papers and stuff. It just so happens that if your Fuchs prior, I had read an article about ethanol in foreign affairs magazine and talked about how so ethanol can be made from all sorts of things. But this talked about corn based Estonia and health use corn to create fuel little drive up the price of corn in developing countries and people will be able to feed themselves if they rely on corn as a staple. So I was whereas I got I have read these articles. I am going to ask him a question why we're gonna be in a room full of actors, and I'm gonna be the smart This will be awesome and I go to this event. It was, very nice. He didn't make any speeches, he just sort of worked the room and getting to know people, and I I said the senator I've got a question for you. I was at your thing this morning. Farmers that was very funny you're gonna go report out of that you're things morning. That night did not sound like an lay back;
I would like a nerd thing was fully open and I said and you know they say that your plan repulsive when talks but investing in ethanol. But you know, corn based ethanol, drives up the price of food for people in developing countries. So that is your plan account for that, and he looks at me in Gaza yeah. I read that article in foreign affairs to my plan is based on cellulose EC ethanol so that you can use things like grass clippings and leaves too
it was well Lou Ridge Bridge to cellulose ethanol o this agenda when bearer subject make mother partner yeah, he is obviously wants. You run on, get us some white assets on ass. I may I nothing this. Is Europe even knew the article? I read that wasn't on his camera AIDS website, but I thought it was an interesting interaction than he had said. Some things about the role that artists play in America and sort of said. You know you guys give people and escape, and I would love your help in making people's lives better substantively enough. He was asking for. Can you help me in a week a weakened of campaigning in Iowa, so myself, Olivia and unnatural she's, fantastic new meddling it. You can walk away my favorite person. She is also I love Magdalen. She so dope yeah Christmas on a show of her, she's is the most she saw earlier. So the three of us non political surrogates, a circuit of somebody who speaks on behalf of a candidate so that
they can do a rally you can be in another state or another place in the same state to speak on a person's behalf and the Obama campaign had set up this infrastructure where they were reaching out to new voters. It's called expanding the electorate, so they did some Math David Bluff talks about this a lot in his book. You do the math and say we can't when this election, unless we empower people to vote for the first time, so that can be young people who are turning eighteen. Our people and young people in their early twentyth when voted before it can be communities that have historically not voted, zoo, rural folks, communities of color, whatever that that demographic is- and we want this campaign to be for everybody. So one aspect of that was student outreach. So the three of us went on this Iowa Winter Iowa toward a bunch of college campuses for three days, and I totally fell in love with these people on the campaign. It was people who were a little younger than I was at the time sleeping on couches or in campaign officers working essentially twenty four seven, because they really believed in our ability to change the country,
the better- and this was a guy who I know, I'm sort of preaching the Kool aid here, but that at the time and instillant book campaigns, Obama wasn't taking federal lobbyist money. He had been against the Iraq war. There was all bunch of stuff that now we look back on him and think, while this is how it should always be, but it wasn't always that way. Of course, now you look at our politics and realize it's not that way again now, but this was like a little sliver of time where I thought this is very cool and you have to remember that was when most people can pronounces name now. So if you wanted to work at the White House,
If you weakens I bury they click it didn't open Barack Obama, the gauchos name. Isn't there a Hussein and let her somewhere? Who say that they knew how to pronounce Hussein? Fellow Democrats, ransom campaigns using Hossain to try and get people to law, but at the time you, if you wanted a political job, if you wanted or the what else you worked for Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. Those were the two campaigns that you worked for right and so all of these scrappy very dedicated people on the Obama campaign were people who I related to because they also detested politics, as is the way it wants re right and they also didn't like they. Never envisioned it would go and work for a guy who's running for president also didn't think that you was necessarily gonna win. You just did because it was the right thing to do so in a fast work. Little began of winning the I will caucuses. The writer strike happen, so I was able to go and volunteer more than just that weekend. Yeah Mechlin was on a show. I think that had more scripts think on CSI at had the time at way, more scripts than we had Olivia was married.
At a time when so they both went back to allay, and I was able to stay so I stayed and abundance of winning the I will call kisses, and then I went to twenty six other states on behalf of the campaign over the next forty year. I guess maybe a little over a year and then he wins the presidency and there was an opportunity to. I was essentially working on outreach to young people on the campaign a little bit about reach to asian american communities and then the campaign had an arch policy committee. At the time I was doing a graduate certificate in International Security on the side. Sort of a jack side also has a distance learning. I'm a big myth is was reading foreign affairs to begin with, and so those are the three things that I was kind of doing on the campaign and there was a bit the office of Public engagement, which is essentially the outreach office of the White House that a bummer retooled from a more our cake version that it has since returned to was looking for one human. They had the they had forty one thousand dollars a year to pay one person to coordinate outreach to young Americans and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and
our community some sort of three different jobs under one bucket, and the reason I am mentioning both salary and the job description is that we tend to think of politics as this monolith. The same way that we think of Hollywood, Hollywood's never contained Hollywood is one thing beyond politics, as one thing or the White House is one thing, and it's not, and that was very true and very apparent when I was sitting in this, you know it by a shared in office Polly, this space of your attic. Maybe even smaller, with five other people, our desks or on your like back in your dormer. Yet basing in for the two years that I was working at the White House, I was a junior mid level staffer at end. These these folks had all also taken leave of absence from their private sector groups and people who were lawyers and
pediatricians is, is the first time in your life you feel like. Oh, my goodness. I have a purpose because that really gratifying will, I think it. This is also a sound, very cheesy. I felt like the aspect of it that really floored me was how much of an impact people can have in general when they actually exercise their sort of democratic value, spy out of the idea that we can do something like yeah. Maybe you need to spend a couple hours on a weekend, phone banking, congressional race and a state that you don't live in because that's gonna be a swing vote on an issue that you really care about. Right. It gets actually not that hard. The numbers were there, we just don't do these things now and it seems insurmountable yeah and yet not insurmountable, being surrounded by a culture of people. The believed that I think that fuel to the fire in me that I didn't know that I had before that remains this very,
you can call it idealism very considerable, your eyes, Billy outlets and hope we change you shit from back in the day, but it's true that that the numbers that are there in the issues that we care about, if we all sit there, just send really incendiary tweets which, by the way I feel and TAT Stay Sharia, but not like slam dog does actually moved the needle. We have three branches of government that move slowly on purpose the up and am at learning. All of those lessons was actually pretty empowering. So when you ask about whether it brought meaning, I think that the meaning was being there for seeing things like the affordable care. I get past or meeting people whose lives were going to be changed because the programme was doubled or better college, affordability, yet at something is as as non sexy as attacks credit for kids to go to college. Anyone to go to college, really that you could claim to get twenty five hundred bucks seeing that pass and me people whose lives we're gonna be changed by the NEA was. I was crazy. Yeah absolutely did her to be there when they got in London to
but a year. So is it fair to say you became bodies with Obama, the here's that shares the here's, the political enter the wheel? Yes, you look. The friends that you make on an early campaign, I'm very lucky to consider them as friends. Valerie Jarrett was my my boss. She and Tina Chen who are reported to at the White House soon, as you think of like okay, that's a that's! The president senior advisor for all eight years, she's an incredible person. She just had a book come out. Actually it's a phenomenal read you think of people stories as well. Well, that's something I could never do like. I don't think the pro thought that he could be president when he was growing up. I don't the Valerie thought that she'd be sitting there for eight years as a senior adviser. I think when you, when you hear the story of like all help ends the stone reactor whose, like friends with these people,
yeah. It seems to make sense if that's how you caught a fire. But then you look at the reality of this, this guy with the funny name him as he describes a new group in Hawaii or like a woman from Chicago and how they met and how they know. You know how they got to this place. It's kind of the incredible american story, whether you vibe with their politics or not, is wholly irrelevant. The fact that that is who we are as a country that is who we can be yeah man there's something kind of amazing about that. The tipping point for me, as I like others, I wrote an autobiography right before running for President Missy. He did coke, let my Amana I'm in, but it may be the first one. I believe a bush talked about, don't go to deny but is recovering, and there is a whole. It was an unavoidable you're hoping I don't think he would have chosen just own without being grilled about. It knows accusing Obama having known coke. I was just like what is the new spent
I kind of like a Mite mine. My biggest subjection is hypocrisy. That's like the one thing that drives me insane, so they all this guy is that's telling of his integrity weirdly. That would be the thing I hung it on which, as you are speaking, I was thinking well, what a time and place when the accusation that you were not born in America from your fellow Democrats, before, even the Republicans is worse than doing coke. Like as let me, let me talk about that I mean I was. I remember when I first want that first trip actually with eleven Mechlin, so we and it was snowing quantities are
Orton Moline Illinois rode over the border. From from Iowa we landed and one of a bottomless communication. Staffers was sitting in the front seat of the Van and before we left she turned to me into a high cow hi hi, I'm Erin with the communication seem idea. I just have to keep looking at her blackberries like I just have a couple questions. Just one question really before we get going like, I knew exactly what she's gonna ask me as I care in I don't smoke we'd enough in real life. Ah, what you're wondering was? Yes, users can be press that I just do edibles horrified at getting getting. Look it's just a movie. Yes, I'm not gonna talk about edible or weed. I actually would would love to be here for the right reasons, but I found out that that morning, Paul two's, who is this credible guy, who ran state director for Obama's. I won't primary. He hadn't.
At the memo of the fact that the three of us were coming until that morning and he freaked out because he saw heralding margaret- why castles in my bio jar and thought that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton campaigns would hit Obama for promoting drug use yeah on college campuses rise, so he was gonna, pull me and send me back to allay Egg linen and Bolivia do the rest of the tour and now he's gonna. Now he's a friend and unlike me, I heard the story from a couple of: people, but it's kind of insane right, you're you're, talking about the coaxing, but even even we'd, even the things that people are sensitive to in campaigns of the times. Just don't want any missteps and you want to be on the snakes are the highest of this day yeah. So, while you had the job in, you lived in DC you're, making forty one k year before taxes, your definitely losing money there, not just in your loss wages. Yet your price spending more than just an bear, her height. But you you worked in the White House yeah there a couple from building-
the complex. I worked in the eyes now executive office building, a house which is this massive. If you look at the White House complex its massive building on seventeen street with a little walk way that goes to the West Wing, which is a phenomenally small place. Yes, all the bosses sit in the West Wing and all of the staffers sit in the Eet, yogi that as now building where your parents, the fact that Ebay they moved to this country and their fuckin kid works in the White House or are they like? Oh my gosh out, let me bring wine just a half a step to say that my recollection of the last time that I was called but my parents to say at least get an mba or at least get a real estate lie, said, ah at least get something which stability was probably the end of the first season that I was on I was a luxurious just to give you an idea of parental vigour
and I think it's totally valid fear the idea that you do not have a stable job yeah, I'm sure part of it was that I was playing a doctor. If I wasn't actor in real life, so then cut to this end. I I remember before actually taking the job for the conversation about job happened. I started late asserted in June, two thousand and nine the six months into the administration. There was a concert during an operation that the Obama said on this so the Lincoln Memorial and I was asked to read a short quote, their bunch of actors that red short quotes from previous president's and then like it's like Jack Black and Ashley Judd and then Bruce Springsteen was playing bonnet was playing couple country. Music acts like it was a cool thing and you got to bring your parents and- and so my my parents came and they were sitting in the audience and the green room. The whole room before you went out on stage was in the basement of the Lincoln Moral there's, a civil rights.
You see him, and so there are these lake. These heavily armed secret service tactical dies down there. They had left above the exhibits on said, there's this black and white footage of black folks being in o beaten and hosed and and dogs, and now in the whole thing, and it's just such no be saying anything she just like taking all of this in before you go on stage for the car celebrating America that happens to also be the first black president being inaugurated so afterwards, my mom just looked at me and she said your grandparents would be very proud
of you even more than saying that they were proud because my grandparents had marched with Gandhi and they like there's a whole history that you know that I have always been very mindful of so. I got chills from that, but then, when the conversations about the job happened- and I called my dad to tell him that I was taking a sabbatical from acting, which required me getting killed off of house to take a job that pays forty one thousand dollars a year at the white elephant he lit and then burst out. Laughing ha ha ha. That's outweigh of all of the things in my head and how he was going to react that wasn't on a table. It was decided not to honest. Why are you laughing because. Well what do you want me to say? Mrs? I don't know, look what are you? What are you thinking? It goes. Well, you ve already made this decision as a yes, I have
because, while I was wrong when you said you wanted to be an actor, I dont know what I would say. I just hope that you are doing something that you enjoy and are you? Is this a career change for you? I said no, no. I want to do it for a year to my first love is always making people laugh and acting in storytelling through those means, I just feel like you dont, say no, when an opportunity like this presents itself, I would like- and I would hope part of his laughter was just like that. Look at this kid's moxie, my goodness like it's, this kiddo fuckin make any decision
hope. I mean I mean that I have to imagine as part of a lot the lad. My my fear was book ended when so, when you leave your gear, Whitehouse job, you you're, invited to the oval office to do an exit photo so photo that pizza takes of you and whoever you want to bring with the president in the oval office at the White House is very small place. I do see the president's senior staff, often but you're, not necessarily interacting with them, unless you have two brief him for coming, in particular some yeah, I camera, but what it was, but like a month before that exit photo before my last day. I had two brief, the president on something- and I mention, as I can answer might my last days next month- is you bring your parents and right? of course, and is a good, and I said I I am. I just want to apologise in advance if, like my dad says anything that would ensure that the current Ali music is in India GO. I do not want to give you a tip,
unlike our in policy or the economy, are not what is. Stocks are doing right now. If I want to give you tips, disorder laughed and goes. I would be disappointed if that didn't happen. That's what parents or for yes says I go, gave egg you, but in my dad did say me things like very, and these things are so quick that didn't have a chance to be out in the back. My head, I'm like he laughed at me when I took the job he bottling off its own things have to be able to say that in its reply- and allow really does mean any parent, but especially indian uncles, debating Paul to look at husbands. Show me none lips of like oh yeah, he's advising amounts that when he decided is it not about politics, indian piloting not do that so real. So maybe this is gonna happen, and so is fine, but it was. It was a very special time I really enjoyed it. You wouldn't what a special day
Who are you talk, I'm really envious and happy for you that you had the confidence to do that. Cuz. I think you, I think most of US actors operate on the assumption that, like it's all, been a add mixed up in they're, gonna knock on our door say we just realize you should not be doing, as I think all of us are very insecurity The order of the we are yeah, but no manners. I really think that the big take away from me was that my story, I understand, got a lot of attention cause. I was in the public eye and I was on a tv show. Them is my you're kind of the Pat Tillman of acting- I don't remember Pat Tillman, who played for the cardinals, so you just re up in his contract. He was on fire. He quit and join the army in your like. Who does that, but there are thousands of people who there were the piano worked alongside an in jobs that you'll never hear about as they didn't leave tv shows, they loved doctors, offices in law firms and ranks, and two into their teachers mean that sort of the most beautiful thing.
His eye by. I totally get why the stories like. Oh, he left a tv, show to go work the White House, but it is truly scores and scores of people. Do this and its it's a testament to like what's possible. I think in income, yeah, I'm kind of better, better angels of our nature. Did. Was it hard to get out of the contract over they only under Oh so they had you first the vagaries of armies. Right I'm. So I called my some managers still the same guy at a different age and at the time it was not Barbara proven, and I called the agent- and I said Anna told her what was happening at church it when the Mandarin and if it can, you can talk to them and see how they feel about sort of like getting out of the contract. I feel really weird even asking this, but it means a lot and she call back and said absolutely no. Like oh everybody said this is now you will not be led at your contract right. So sat on that for a couple days, and I thought I
how do you tell the White House that, like you're playing a fake doctor- and so you can answer your country, riotous feels so lay my at least I don't feel like I've done everything I can do, but what about the big? Maybe maybe just the idea of talking to my boss directly somewhere, I went to David Shores Office and I made an appointment with him and ass a David. I know the uno, the answer's. No, I just had to sit down and meet with you and sake. I love the charges. I have an opportunity to serve our country and I I just would love for you. We consider and he goes well. This is the first I'm hearing of that's. Ah, he had even Leon yeah, so don't fully know whether it was the ten percent or even of the agent, not even asking. I do want to lose that income and presenting your salary there or if they had asked someone at the studio or someone who were there is thus no lawyer calls the business very. I go now this yet again. Contracts of tidies yet so David was like. Are you not unhappy? Other shallots winterbourne deserves no manner.
Kidding. I finally have of series regular gig on tv ass. Like I love it, I love these people, I loved her writers. He said ok, then than night. I bet people hell, you're, crazy and I said yeah it'll be some variant of a former. Remembering this correctly he was a lawyer in Toronto, and people told him he was crazy cause. He said he wanted to be a screenwriter and then he finally just packed up unmoved outlay and became a screenwriter rights. He says I who am I to tell you that this is crazy. If you want to do it, you have my wild need some time to figure out how it's gonna go down and what a wonderful them ah well, carbon close, open called the carbon basement such pleasure talking the likewise yeah. I really. I can't believe how many ways we intersect ear and yet him not sent down our station. Remember camera thing is: sets gets craven using by two thousand was already outside this year, and that's the now Barbara and I got a hunted, doesn't end there, but that the barber coming for the
listener really hundreds and hundreds of agent- I was submitting thousands of headshot summer Years- have ears at least for she was the only one who called me: brought me in and was so sweet and end that never mostly Laura, we agreed mothers. Most of you are going on. We have to look. I thought I was on the nice treaty. Our point person, Laura yeah well so awesome having year likely amazing mandatory, and we appreciate you indulging snaky. They can. I be good
now. My favorite part of the show the back check with my soul may kill pen yeah what a guy, what a sweet sweet guy. I really really liked him. Did you so much truly so much where I thought, like? Oh others still hope bunch of people that Gaza met most of my peers, I feel like now acting o begin. The comedy world yeah, yeah yeah. I mean really he's around a couple that I haven't met and he was one of them and I just would like reminded, but should I could have been stuck on it the path with him and that would have been found yeah. We were doing the same things at the same time, yet literal, oh god, has it earns how all the way, yet that was mine blowing. Do you think You guys are twins sir. I do and you make a whole be I'd think we do. I mean the fact that we both drove to the house.
Barbara Cameron's how crazy it's really cool. You guys definitely cross hats. At some point I had I refer, you knew each other because you know went when Bob's Cameron was submitting to die all she's doing her five comedians my age. Certainly we were there and then graduated this development just missing each, how they are whole lively right. We kept zigzagging we're running from two different alligators, but we intersected finally poignant. That is so. Really profound and deeply. It is every I now or make now, but I think it is kind of recently there are people in life that you're just barely it's all yours, it's kind of right. Like a love story, I hope that's. My love store. Lay star Crosser, yes like when you finally meet your husband occur to you, you are all the same places using the same premier in London scene
Jennifer exactly all my go you gave us are looking through each other's pitchers. Click like weight is that the premier for along came Polly, know what was the movie maker oh right, right right way way I'll, be careful. We knock how my husband I'll write. You write your area. Where is Europe, from ways like from a place that you wouldn't be, then in no way at la like a random leysen IDA. Her oh and I assure Idaho, cribs your wonderful yeah. Well, let me look at these two pictures of view.
Oh yeah. This reserve tween this. What are you in London yeah? I had this embarrassing phase where I used to em, I would go back out of your home. He won't tell you. This is the goes to hand at permit is like I would stand there. The entire death lie and I wanted to meet people, and so I did this and then I got photographs with that. I'm so embarrassed way only this what Christopher Ok to your looks like you about two or three feet back. Are you gonna do to disclose air yeah? That's now, who is there all my life? I've been this excited some six impeded in the term two thousand ten state cheer jammed. Wait a minute. I was a spotter, ok, Ferris bottom you gotta get
Oh you're not actually found out. What does he have to be now he's like a sturdy base, obeys the houses nothing really just watch the whole. There are then gymnastics yet a spot that, like the co like Archie or when you're lifting heavyweights, you get a spot. Her husband is Pelee, not can be a gymnastics cuts, because now I'm a little scared, of those people? No, no! No! No! No! He was in a coach. Your news is one of the, but now I still feel like a leaf gymnastics coaches on the table. Ok, good! yeah yeah, that's a sign almost silly. Nor now yeah yeah coaches are like touching
a bite body lawns in your chest, young girl, right. I had some really nice ones, though some nice man coach off I'd like you to give your boots, because I just said I got it goes right in your bonds or your boots. You go. I gotta tell you. I had some really nice boy did. I did at Iceland's vice cop what if you just get right now, real cuz you're regaling right now you have this sweet, look on your face and do imagine that you're remembering your breast is so funny. I was yours, video of it and just gazing off into the distance. Just thinking about those suckers wow, prepare my goodness. I wish I was more grateful. Now still fine, I would say they're pretty much the exact same as they were back, maybe while a little bit better. Oh we,
age thing on a little better or more sophisticated, all sufficient guys urged area elegant, maybe hooligans comes with age. No. I can't believe you pen that phase as a happy face, because really I was sick. A horrible memory you were decision has said. I show you what your basic like what you are thinking desiring. Ok, I can see your face doing I am has it was so embarrassed saying so you know when your embarrass, you kind of smile or my case cry. Yeah, yeah, that's what was happening. Ok, ok, I got me period. Do you get my lead I can't go on. That's the whole story right has gotten a period of my life was a white leotard. You did someone else point
up to now governed? Now I discovered it later. Ok, afterwards, yeah, and then I shall like it think about- was that my my coach of course noticed mood be empowered to say no evenings, and luckily say he is a man. You spill to blame Europe for gas. It on your body grand old friends that bill. Why anyway, I felt horrible for him for the code, Well, that's worth what benevolent memory cause. There's! No like sadness of your embarrassment. I will go straight two year. Sadness for the car It was. It was more a bare who I was embarrassed because I knew the he had did then Oh yeah, oh boy, cry right. Now is the time to get your period
there was new to my period at that time gone. How I didn't know you aren't always pop out up and off their ability to irregular, though no it's beginning, orderly, vehemently around a good school, They are some gales either period than they don't go before me out. That's true, and you just don't know about time like you're, not like, think about my days and weeks: yeah, Vietnam, birth control, sir. I can't really, So can you help him coppin carbon opening his name speaking a bat like how to pronounce his name and stuff it we were talking about. Where did the word advertisements start? As you said, a herd is an hour advertisement. It's actually old french and then laid middle English took it from there, okay, so old, french, but then old English
before American Middle English yeah yeah. So yes, advertisement is problem, my worry under tall near there. I guess most of the words if we really thinking about it of where's your english legalism. First scientific and biologic contributions from that scientists in this country, In short, it yeah, there's no words be except for common. You know thirsty and shit right legs. I gazed where Xyz cloak wheels do things Zeit guys is a word from, I think, tells Germanic who does yeah yeah a bet. It's a straight german word: cyclist is India's Ike iced. It is well totally air nonsense. I gazed fifteen years ago I got real hot, I think about ten years ago there was an reminds me of the same Harris observer they're talking about the word. Fractal had gotten really big in the eighties.
Well now I was just a tiny baby. Well, nor do you remember that episode out now it was the guy talking about scaling. Oh you more interesting episode. I've ever heard about how you can scale up almost anything you can apply to cities. You can apply. It ultimately did you know the entire earth, but it. But if you look at her microscope at a tree as Selina Sliver of a tree, Sal you'll see that it is almost exactly what the tree itself looks like from the outset grown up in its that's the fractal nature. The insight is exactly like the outside world. But for some reason that that term fractal really was super popular in the eighties people in really even know what a mass their disdain yeah. Like literally think how many people said. Literally, they don't really know what the word literally me. So people were using fractal like they were.
Using a letter by we're leaving Y yeah, because when they brought it up, I did remember in the mid abies it being on tv shows and stuff like law. Type they use it in a sentence. It like a naughty naughty scientists would say. Well, that's, what's weird is I can't? I don't know if I can form Bialy how're people using it, like Seraglio Acta, totally fractures off again some supplemental research. Are you keeping dragonize as researchers have committed the derives so much real? What was he doing? Lights went out and Chicago he out. I think there are others bent. Ok, so you when you You see allay was forty two percent asian thirty nine percent caucasian cock a sword. I could not find at ninety ninety nine diversity, smelters, rule yeah could end that's workers when you apply
school and you get the little brochure and tell me what the demographic, but I couldn't see- ninety nine, but today it may lead to the its twenty eight point: six percent asian twenty seven percent white. Twenty one point: seven percent hispanic eleven point: nine non resident alien while hold them, though Levin Point, nine non resident. Alien heed to say, is asian sairly well for sure that the bulk of the international students or Asian Boca like I landed in Toronto, to do buddy games and I happen to land on the day that the students come for their visas. There were, oh, my god. It took me like four hours to get through this. There were just thousands of students, they are all from Asia. Put what about carbon-
poor Tom Inshore went to Harvard from right from Israel. Yes he's israeli, he was a non resident alien right. The outside your singer, all asian. No I'm just saying I think it's. The huge majority of at Missus student Visa, I think, are from We could figure that out pretty like that's an old hand per cent. Let's say ten I'll, give you ten out of eleven point. Ok, so that would bring that twenty eight number up to thirty eight p m. And then according to this was a pie. I love departure. Yeah. Can we bring one sliced, the pile up a little bit, make it, baby. Oh sure, yeah, that there was a very
a small percentage african American very and little bit tinier than that sliver percentage, Edna, city, unknown unknown? So far, there's been a couple claims but seem preposterous, but I could see a gaining momentum. Transit from the city. There had been a weight. There is the famous woman who was the head of the end, doubly cp very high up, and then the cpu turned out to be white. Who had been claiming to be blacker, Hawaii and said. I feel black am blah blah. We all kind of agreed that was crazy yeah. They did collect
fleeing? But at the same time, if you listen to the sincerity of her testimonial, I believe her that she believes that yeah. Oh, my god, I can't wait to be indian. I often happens in my lifetime. Oh no, I'm gonna be half german and half indian. Why drive a germ of fire? No, it can't be like I like Germans and indian people, so I'm that from the outset I think I can say it about my side of the street and local policies on the other side of the street. But there are certainly a good number of white kids that are identifying way more with black culture than white culture. So I could see them doing it. I, but I dont know what black guys like you know, purposely acting like white guys in all the stereotypes looks like and if that's the thing,
this isn't ethnicity. This is culture. This is a completely different. The topic I mean that's what we're placing on why people do this, but white people don't do one thing or another know well that therein lies all these rocks necessities pursue gap was drizzly very bright, addressed all others all overlap, but that's why I think it would be potentially be uneasy yourself I'll blow you too, but you don't think I could feel swedish like I've. Always just felt swedish now, like everything I like is swedish every thing the way I communicate is very sweet. The way dress the Swedes. I've always felt sweet okay, so that now that's not you feeling swedish, it's! U connecting with that and then taking those things, but I actually feel like I'm in the Wrong country Oak even move their great. I put now. Ok, so yeah, there's no real peace all knives in his right. There's no stakes in you. Let me go, but now it's taken from Sweden's point of view
So I arrive and I go. I'm I'm not know what to tell you. I'm swedish. I was in the wrong country, they're gonna, say tough, tidies because Desgas, you feel like yours, citizen their country as mean you are a few points, this. If you become a citizen, then you will there not just in a welcome me and give me because it isn't Shin he'll, be because I I identified with being swedish since I was born and always felt like. I was in the wrong country that, who was preposterous mine now, and this is all crazy because I haven't ethnicity there. I I'm not like. I feel indian right, I'm a good person to talk to you about this peopled of veal, the ethnicity that they are if their culture is separate right. Well, yes, I mean we you're, saying as cultures, much stronger than incredibly city? Yes in the way we ve divided? It what city is nothing without the culture right, it's one of the defining its
five. The whole thing gayer, so you could say like if, if now aliens came here and me we're picking ethnicities, they would probably divided up, but the people in Chicago share. All these similarities and they would be defined as an ethnicity, and then you know it be regional, but define deafness. Because they re my culture in the same year. Point like your Andean in Georgia, Z, you feel white. I did though, but not everyone dead and people who din and probably had or of the indian culture there. How loud, but not the ethnicity, yeah, the culture of India. Was it more prevalent beyond else are in their world or whatever this is God
opposite was raised. I want you to think it was, may be silly. Sorry, those silly ok is Chevy Chace named after Chevy Chace Road. He says only Maryland, then that's what I found actor in Comedian Chevy Chase was born. Million, crane, chase, I've, Toper, eighth, nineteen, forty three, his grandmother, nicknamed him chubby chase after the wealthy Maryland community and there's some stuff about that. Oh I gotta. We completely made up name taken from dead wrong. Yeah, ok, so member he did that basketball, commercial He lied about, though. Yes, yes, here with similar Jackson, listen three guys play it horse it did you get a job
someone improvise in nature, the embers sure they found a gap solution, so that was there. I remember that commercial without even the turning towards me. Really are the removal? and you shall see cow Put- has put his hand over those. Are you ok? Oh he has put his in so far as I know, you can't even they see as well. Ok, he overcame opposite. First commercial experience than you. You want to do that mermaids scenario. They may do even more.
During this and they dared yeah yeah where's. The boot covered his face. Yet it was kind of a similar situation because Idas women there and I don't like swimming and I'm not very good at it. I still did it was so I guess it's not the same, but it's kind of the same like I think they were on me to be better at swimming baroque, wouldn't think as the real number. But you could do in the tread. How long you ve read water by then I get caught a panicky now also a rule out any pan, overlays height, hypothetical. Our fifth mean rule out. I could go forever Bell. You save Europe, they? Is your pants yeah? The mental hang up? Well, ok, then, forget that, just how long do you think I put in a pool right now? Is it there? Is it
million dollars on the other are largely a million dollars. Oh, so I like really have to be moved to hope of Ngos to high fifty Now, that's ok! How is it that over on a number of theirs a modest role as a car involved. Here, twenty minutes. Twenty minutes- I don't even now to be honest, we should try it. This week, will I can only warn you when, if there was really that kind of money attach so that way, you're off? Maybe I well worth it to find out here, and I can probably really just like five minutes- and I repeat, happy with five little talk about near here I'm good at it. Proper level is two things You said Emily's burgers, twenty seven dollars its twenty eight o overgrew yeah one he ate the bargain. That's why they are so
she prices on that Bert Brayley S, every burger, Moscow, my nose got really stuff like ok by me. Will you always lotta your and our yawning? Yes, he is leaving the week, has caught up. Ok, so Oh, he tells a sort of startling story about nine keys manufacturing in people's hands. King cut a ha yeah, their current labour policy much better for the people. Still I mean I have this long thing here, Bulgaria, you can't stop yawning. So no, no, no, no, no less areas or draw no! No no really enough. I'm so sorry For my part. I know I don't know your yawning know your sometimes I will be of no better there's a lot of like minimal,
wage issues currently with them by, but they ve come a long way because they got really cod. Big time arrived for. Some of these practices have come a long way, but there is a long way to go with wage, but I do like the cap ethnic thing and they d like a really cool commercial, about like fee EL empowerment recently, unlike that they're doing that I mean obviously not wanted to just be the like the front facing thing. I want them to be doing good stuff right people who really meta yeah yeah, you know,
I don't. I know nothing about that subject being on a summer, I'm not taking any position, but I will say I don t entirely be honest without acknowledging that people's love for a brand really explains how much follow up will be over. It causes people fucking love night, I know like is whatever they do. It's gonna be a lot easier to boycott book and a visa is then Nike yeah, it's like when, if you find out MAC did some bad generally. People are like wound still by in a fuckin I find now in weirdly that becomes some of the measure of how quickly people go down to the artists, like Michael Jackson, that it was on the water, so so so so long been accused in the eighties and an just, we loved him so much his music as product that we weren't excited to boycott. Yes, Obviously, the level of sacrifice gets four hundred
yeah. I mean like right now, there's like some stuff going on with the founder. Equinox. Oh right, right right, right, yeah, though I know I know a lot of people who are like
yeah? What do we do? Love, Equinox, yeah, ok, we'll just so real quick, so, for example, in Vietnam or Nike has ninety one finished goods factories and over four hundred thousand workers. The minimum wage is approximately a hundred and fifty? U S dollars per month. Basically the price of a pair of Nike fly nets, while the living wage is estimated at two hundred and ninety dollars. Those those conversations are always complex because the people that are there the wanna work and want those jobs in. If we protest on our side of this ocean and make them pay a price that eventually makes it will, then assistance cheap, do it here or somewhere else than they lose all that thanks for the help he has really you're complicated, I think obviously wish repaid. That's all I'm SAM landed brain. It still would cost astronaut likely more to do it here. Yeah,
as opposed to paying to fly soon, I'm here now anyway. Ok, so he said that women have a better sense of smell was egg. Yes, that's right, and you ve always known that word always vote, though it you said you might that might explain why men far more vulgar, which May I believe I can find evidence of their royal on lawyers. I still think that's male arrogance by e mail arrogance boys will be boy. Maybe we do produce more farts, though, is that possible? You feel a little less angry at us if he knew that we biologically were producing. I wouldn't should be surprised about that you, I guess I am. I really believe that the case, because Kristen more far is much. She wants around me and you and your friends,
There are far too wonder fifty of mine. You may recall those eyes yeah quantity, now, the qualities there when it happens, I'm not saying the quality is now fierce. What I'm saying is the quantity is Green because ought, but now, when you, when you're with your childhood best friends, who I presume you would all feel comfortable for I love you. I don't fuck around people, you never fired, and I mean no one ever but by acts an accident for sir, when you like jump into the air, you probably let a couple. Oh yeah, I want your whole body. Last year's halted. Those smell stays up there, but you ve never so far, no were unfortunately now and turned the how about your parents do foreign free barons? You must like no. I don't you I don't it's not like. I'm like you're fired
the more now, although you meet a hard fight, I mean, like all the hardest part of my life Oh, they happen immediate aim, for sometimes I have that it's rare o once a day I have to brutally all as I'm the guy Oh you, dear House, like fucking, I've got an hour and a half of that funding has been so hard and I guess you just for it without having a great place to do. It was loud There are so many people that we could have, but you can anyone aimed at you fired in front of me. Eeg, thereby thing I was pretty confident was gonna be odorless if I'm confident that its own sure I'll of crack. Those I now have been happening because you are fighting after we had white CAS you're right, that's very cocky yeah, but I can feel when the White Castle has taken effect. They knew they had. But route is remember when I got out of the van
RO, the pig carcass away the huge bag. Yams. Remember when I was out that trash can afford it, and when I got back in the van they said they turned ok, ash and I knew the I had led several out before that trash can cause. I could tell the trash, can ah there's a difference, tipping positive in temperature. To this anyhow, you may my have more far it's in your body The Boolooroo I ass right, reinforced so much so much, but if it's one of these things there's another theory. What, if the more you do it, the more you produce? I really think that's true, because I do very little and I dont have very many farts ha, and so I think it was like a life. Time. A body is just gotten used to not do you re absorbing those gas?
as you have been letting farts out since day, one like non while I was gonna go the sibling theory which, as I have a sibling to siblings, yeah, my daughters who are siblings. They fired as much as I do. Those kids far neon stop right and then Brian had older brother, but I've sibling a sadly but eight years younger You didn't really go through a farthing together. Faded did your kids don't far because of each other. They far because of you, because you're always high level. Article, two of that? That's why so they're gonna learn. They're gonna learn, I fear the horror I ve talked about this year. I ask of you really, you mislead your children, because all people with Turkey, fired. I mean you have to Lebanon. They get into a class in it some guy.
Aid without any warning they let one rapid everyone thinks they are the most disgusting person alive and we didn't have warned them about that at all. We celebrate therefore, We laugh, but yeah it's on is because your family's far zone smells better strangers. Farts like when the girls far it is mother me at all, even their stinky fry them. Bother me beyond me with your kid. I'm sure they're Kitty S friend, Yam Krizzle, bother me at all. I can extend that to you know, that's what I'm saying maybe can retrain your, but I think I'll potiphar. I don't like the idea of your body absorbing all this has now. It seems like it should be expelled Don't you think near dashing just have bubbles, gas, roman or on your body? Will I think it's very? Might everybody I am here? Does I do have a good, I really you that we think goodbye goodbye, I'm ok anyway. So there was a study about this.
The team calculated the number of cells in the olfactory bulbs of these individuals. On average women had forty three percent more cells in this brain region, the olfactory section that hasn't them in the mad when they included, only neurons in the count that is leaving out other cells like Galileo or structural cells. The figure went up to nearly fifty percent. The authors acknowledge that, just as finding that just finding this difference is not enough to prove that women have a superior sense of smell aside, even up to explain the findings of previous studies, but differences, inability to differentiate, identify and remember, sent an odors. However, this professor suggests quote, generally speaking, larger brains with larger numbers of neurons correlate with the functional complexity provided by these brains. Thus,
makes sense to think that more neurons in the female olfactory bulbs would provide women with higher of factory sensitivity. This is so you see the launcher. Evolutionary theory on ok, which is a woman hundred fifty thousand years ago, has a baby she's out gathering. The right, she's always sniffing around for a buck and fruit energies. In any view that that's a sense you have their tightened hearing and bring in more food for your veiling and passes genes on time being obeyed. Well, that's a real thing for women when they are nursing their sense of smell and pregnant. I think maybe nursing only. I don't know pregnancy nursing, one of those both I don't know, but their sense of smell gets really good because of being able to sniff out like poison, while yeah right, interesting under so ok. What year did my dad come here? You said you thought made eighties
and I said no, I don't think so, and I really should have been more confident about that, because I was born in nineteen. Eighty seven Mean Devil had been her way longer than two year around here nineteen. Seventy nine o wild her saws voice years old. Ok, so it s all about the Asian Exclusion ACT that prevented preventing Asians from coming here and then in the mid succeeds. It was repealed that was the immigration act of nineteen, twenty four or the Johnson Red ACT, including the Asian Exclusion ACT in that was United States federal law that prevented immigration from Asia, yeah and then it was
repealed reversed the immigration and Nationality ACT of nineteen sixty five, also known as the heart seller ACT sign in the law by Lyndon Johnson Rejoin took away that policy. Oh ok, so he said he named his character Garrett, because his parents, in the show that his parents liked the facts of life and then bring Europe's VS, which is funny because the me that's like a fish, can all part of his story, but that's like men, these kind of real store, all real yeah, because her real name's vera, ok, it's very men De Monday's, her middle name and Morgan yeah aware of its that's really cute. I now isn't like. If I moved India's, I will
and I follow this key tv show and there is, as young Q Earl honour later her name and gave it to my cock. As I hear that make you know they That is all that's all yeah right. Well, let's have a really fun weak. Ok, ok, because it is your birthday month. Oh wow. I wish I knew that the beginning of the That is the end of Menachem, starts on your birthday a month. That can't be that's how it is really how we do it, but there is still a birthday is happening after mine leg, guesses birthday, and you are sobriety birth name. Those are next in a couple weeks, ya. So those then take president, are you a present, a real love? You, I told you not to do their work of TB tank you're welcome
I love you. I love you.
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