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Armchair Expert Live from Santa Fe at the Lensic Performing Arts Center. April 20th, 2019.

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he's not. Guys. I want my light- is overly Nigeria. I wanted first, I want to thank New Mexico. True sponsor Van Ryan out here. Also. I just want to thank the kind folks, lazy boy who always what they do is they they make sure I'm always come from
I've always wanted. Then we don't need this habitat for humanity. I want to thank ways by two. We are truly Julie excited to be here. We first were nervous. We thought if we go to Santa FE, can we fill a theatre, how many people in Santa Vague. How many are under eighty six. We were very very touch to see the response. I have to say I have to say something heartbreaking. So we read our hotel tonight before we left and we bumped into a family who the flu Denver to come to the show on more than one guy and of course, when we were in Denver last night, I felt very bad, so Monaco refund all the money you guys have span. She has a briefcase follow that speaking most beautiful woodland creature and all the bring many
south, so tonight. What am I really good friends was kind enough to fly here from LOS Angeles and we on paranoid. He did an episode of parenthood and then I did it. Beside his show and you probably know from about boy he was in bad moms, David Wall needs. The handsome is funny guy. I now put your hands together. Just last week the commercial every kiss begins with K in other jingle, every keys.
Begins with us like a horse shit. Is that that's not true an idea. I was not realizing. There was the letter K. I just realized that as well. I've never understood music lyric in my life, good love- and I was like two to love, you know those kind of things sure what I was reading a book about ten years ago. In it said you know, this animal had eaten and a corn, and I said to christen on what is in a corn and she's like fucking a girl. I can explain to you what that's like what is a glass of water? I need more l like big, followed old trees. I guess squirrels MIKE in egg. Corn. Many a lot of sense to think it was egg corn coz its shape,
by the way happy Easter tomorrow. Timely story also also happy forge wanting I hope some people are stone. Waldner your little wound up on the marijuana to this occasion, I have it at tonight. I have been enjoying it throughout my stay you're insane, whereas I also to young children. Being recorded the hearts of it. You you are from Boston Massachusetts yet, but a suburb I would imagine, Sesar, he'll right we're Boston colleges in what did dad do these a real estate developer. He was he retired like ten years ago, but he was a company called Legged, Mccall properties. And was it like commercials that someone Mccall some about building a from like
My call what it is amazing girl, yet a successful rules. They company that had office buildings up and down the EAST Coast yeah. He was a successful Do you ever have anxiety about acknowledging that I am? extremely nervous for an if I need an adult who was a kid with rich parents in there not a piece of shit. I find it so much more impressive than like poor kids. Turning out all right, you know I'd take pursued This is why the deck was stacked against you journey into a real asshole. He was successful and honestly I had every privilege. You know that words being thrown around a lot obviously- and I truly did- and so I I guess, I'm supposed to feel what a bit of shame these days
by saying anything you ve accomplished you have now. I think we have said it on progress before I found white privileged to be a triggering word for me, because I did feel like you're saying, like someone knocked on my door and said: hey want to be on tv, and I said I guess: but when it was explained to me that no your life will be hard, but just being white won't be one of them since its hard data. Does it Nigger you at all, doesn't I'm not to get serious, but I had started to really look and be like. Oh, I have had extraordinary advantages. Yeah, and I just learn this word intersection out. It has everyone know that one which you have none of an eye. You re at the intersection of white and tall male of we don't watch your step. We might end up to be president What do I do? to get a gander at wantons profile
handsome we're middle events no one really talks about either is theirs. Obviously, whites of privilege, males of privilege, I would say tools of privilege, TAT lady privilege, because it feels powerful right says: there's some like and made power that comes with looming over people. Scaring them, but like you do guys. How keen desire major mouths looks you gotta, I'm new headband. Last night I got this is a gift. Yesterday, it's a cherry, many mass headband yeah, I'm wearing Ok back when you are white privilege. Where were we yeah, and I and I realize now talking to you- I think I hit it when I moved to LOS Angeles, because a lot of people in the entertainment business aren't coming from this sort of classical. New England Old kind of patrician thing, and so I would feel sort of a shaman, and I would try to hide that in know. Honestly, I
go to every private school. I wasn't a spoiled kid one of seven children but, like you know, if I wanted to play saxophone there like yours, Zack, there's a gold Zan. Here's a really nice access is a golden died and the fact that we bought from the cold trainers He has here, little Lamb on it, you spoiled prick No I'm saying you are so uncomfortable volume of Mars Monica expose that we had flown on a private airplane to Texas and I almost left the state. I was so nervous of what people would think about me yeah. I think people are right. Really angry, at which people and I would sailor, Lama rich. I was a rich person or anything like that. Honestly, as a child, you know your life is but like. If I wanted something in the toy store, I would never get it and it wasn't silver spoons. Have a train or anything like that. They could hide, and my butler never gave me
yeah, but you are one of seven in what order are you in that? I'm fifths? Basically a two half brothers, so my mom had two kids. She married my dad. They banged out two girls and then I can along the boy. Finally, my dad at a boy and then I think what basically happened was we're all three years apart and then like when I was six month old, my mother took my dad to his favorite restaurant and broke the news that we wish you pregnant, but she had twins and he'd. I think belted back about seven march in a sense, seven shows and those are girls, so I was gonna, be the youngest sorted doated on yeah, but what I ended up becoming was sandwiched between double amount of estrogen, but your dad really gwig me. He must have been a bridge cool do that he met a girl with a couple of kids. It was again sign up for this, not some
That's not how I honestly, I dont know I ask about that time. My mom was and is very beautiful and my dad is a handsome, charming fellow and I think that generation there in the seventies and really late seventies now and it. It's a different time? It was sort of like you're beautiful you have away about moving. I want to marry, who are these people those are yours, Dep children. I think of my mom got married a ton of times and she had three and I want a testament to her looks we're terrible children on top of it when you matters something was viral out of woman. Woods money right when I met you, you do strike me as someone who had older sisters because guys gin early who have elder sisters are just better guys. I think in general and your very comfy with your feminine side can we say that
I think that's where we get along so well. I feel as though I we kissed Well, I think there are a lot of reasons why Europe has done the mouth. Did you crave attention with two super needy twins? I'm sure that's hard is held. There was tough, and looking hindsight on that, I was sort of lost in my elder sisters. Like kind of tortured me, you know in it of your old girl has a lot of hormones ripping through the sheriff share, and I was like a cute little boy. There is doubt already catering, my ass, I mean an incredible amount of pinching mass, so the one that was three years older did like she have sleep overs in the girls would like. Sneak into your room. Well kiss you I mean I would. I would raid my three year old sister. I would raise her. Underwear drawer, allow with my friends and be like check out this bronze pleasure sure shares share
absolutely and who has and she was kind of close enough, an age where I wanted to be her age so like well. I saw the high voice she's fifteen the girls, hang out with mesmerizing associate, like I'm, going to play spin the bottle you are not allowed and I would be begging and she would say you can play next time. She's very good at lined but then the idea like in the room and playing in the bottom of your sisters, disgusting right wall. It depends what else on the table, like I get through it and by one of your friends is young alyssum alone or something seems very good to me Thank you. You they run on each other. People would understand if you didn't follow through. I think we bring it as a sibling, pass yeah rising, rob you never kiss any of you your sisters.
Please I'm telling you now that they are, I area later, though, like lay at fifteen and eighteen year like right, shooting college and I was in high school and I get yeah yeah. She be like very upset with me because should be like that growth is not enough for you, yeah! She knew a lot about that particular didn't you ever date, one ear sisters, friends, secretly I believe I yeah well you're, the guy I dreamed in train in your living, stockings Xyz Box, wag, I our sisters, older friends with their profile will get you
where lad battle will truly chaos and that, as of now used almost crying radical amount of motoring in my house. My best friend rain Hansen has three daughters and I have two daughters and we all we are together nonstop. He and I have been sought. In a way a little money to get an apartment. So as soon as everyone as of age of age, once cycle get sink down, this violence for three days and be like good luck, rebuilding tell us our works out. Now you into a series of private schools were were were any of them co at. Yes, so I did my first nine years or at the school called Dexter in Boston, which is actually
J, F K went and Neil Armstrong. It's got a good old lady offer that act as a kind of my question was what famous people went to your private school, but it was an extremely strict nor its programme single file. Couldn't I sort of catholic base, but you didn't have to because it go, but thousands years of all boys and men. I was a very late. Bloomer didn't hit puberty till it till pretty so my mom evidently was like you're going to go to your sister school, which was a co, ed, private school right literally across the street, and then later in life is like. I didn't want you going to boarding school, which is kind of what you do in New England. I don't want to go into Borys, go without hair, your balls. I real good, looking out the ass lake, is communal showers, which we can parlay there if you'd like
what you played hockey right was that your sport growing up is ever come. You're a hockey player certain kind of girl who likes hockey players, I'm married to one of them, yeah my sister's all like occupies they like those big yeah, powerful challenges and hindquarters sit. So in that setting that the hockey setting sure you're doing some showering now with the guy with the gang. I cannot be this way anymore, but Dexter that schools telling you about. You went full communal shower from kindergarten. Quit your teacher swear to God those like Boys can say, I knew swear to God, and I remember this because my teacher was hung like move out
He was a wonderful guy. He really a trustworthy one, although I still known to this day he's a good man good good. I wouldn't worry about your Hale area, all staring it like this. Anyway, you or preview best. This is the weirdest JFK went there Now, when we meet Mister Jackson- and indeed it occurred to you like them, see him nude in a few hours, but like anything, your kid just completely norm. That's no you're! Just like I know your shower. My teachers now may make the mermaids you're, going to go hit the showers clean up. Why the fuck does teacher even need to be worrying at school because we have football practice. You know that famous JFK picture regional face analyses wherein the helmet yeah that's what we're doing we're playing football.
The showers, but again that the teachers not breaking a sweat telling you to run that so far. The showers. After this I blow the whistle forty times there, if reason for that man to be taking out a correct is a solid, hit the showers gotta keep acclaim gotta keep a clean you gotta be, but at a certain point did go away right to a boarding school. You went somewhere in New Hampshire. I went to same Paul's where there are a lot of people. Mahler, MA rob. So what let's see you go into the boarding school? Well, discipline misconception. I don't know if anyone has it feels like brain feels like punishment, you know or like you're, a bad kid is he going to go in New England, maids actually very commented it like where they teach you how to hide your money the other by your way. Out of it here. Killer me Why exactly?
even back in the day like at the turn of the century. You would go there and you would just sign up for Harvard dealer Princeton. There was like that re literally fill it out, reality and then you would go fast track. Yes, so that's what is it all now now it's a truly a wonderful school. Almost me line you no meaning in or whatever Your financial circumstances you gonna, go, get an incredible education on two thousand kind of pristine acres in New Hampshire. So it's a really, obviously still steeped in this sort of current I'm at of like you're gonna get into Harvard cause your dad donated? The building is still that, to a certain extent, their share out. It's moving in the direction. It should be moving, and were you scared to go? Do that to leave home and not even close, because all my I'm one of seven and every single one of them want to boarding school. Oh really, I was just like what you did was now as apparent, though, do we have a daughter and a boy can you imagine just kidding then for four years,
right now the area sharing a hotel room for road. I think he's becoming aware of what a finite amount of time it is were. You're gonna shortly only be seen them at Christmas and that's heartbreaking. I can't imagine going like. Let's move it up for years, I know it's hard, but at the same time I'm dealing with a fifty year old girl role that I've Dave. I don't know why they will be in a kid. My kid, but I just had that moment- that sort of sad Roma right she's, my daughter, Sis II, is about to turn seven in June fourteenth and show half way to fourteen which is sort of when you go away yeah these places, as I am halfway there. That's that's tough. Do you would send I work, you know, I think I would probably have to move closer. I don't know if I could stand ally in the energy
Well, did you already think you wanted to be an actor? No, I can add that effort mentioned communal Shower school Dexter. They didn't have an art programme. It was like really just latin in mathematics and that old school thing, my origins, DORA becoming an actor was Lord of the flies was doing a nationwide search. You know that movie or that book or the fire they were searching for all these children and I came to Boston and they went to this other boys school of president. They didn't come to my school and I remember being so rich shit that I hadn't, opportunity to do it. I was like nine or whatever, and I were that anger, often angers a good teaching like it. It's a sign of something, and so I could sort of held that and then, when I got to this simple school, they had a which held a third for employment is a freshman plans. That was my first things, those like a first opportunity that I could ever act and it's just died there. So it's like an idiot falls very in time. Are you wearing a wig and stuff and of those same pulses very much colored, Oh it! While you,
oh you're, living with girls here showering with your females each near me right ray. I also are they. They were in like on the same campus, but different oh yeah got inner visitation and you're allowed to go into their room and closed the door, highly reckoning, yeah, I'm! very jealous you living with your friends. It's an incredibly fun experience, so you do he's a nice girl. You enjoy that and then you get into brown. So you must have been a good student. I would presume right yeah I was pretty good sort of did the bare minimum. That's always been my really sort of terrible motto. Honestly dislike yeah do the least amount to. Charming, and you know what did you major in a brown secretly here? Psychology I don't know I said I'd like that: this is it. Maybe that's over truthfully. I
I was very liberal shortsighted. I didn't have any kind of passionate whole passion thing like do it you're passionate about never really wrung true. For me, I M not sure that's the best advice for people of different like isolate what you're action is well. I don't work a lot of people. I think if that was the case, and everyone become professional fortnight players, I mean they're like eyes, are passionate about the most. That is the model as an end is a lot of people that don't have put on Peru. Passions of passion is becoming were that so like used in its await oddity yeah. So people like is that really a passionate like it? So I just find it to be a little bit him, I'm not sure it's the best advice. That's all! Maybe I'm a concurrent known I've, I think, there's truth in that. So major in psychology and now at what point do go? I think I'm going move to LOS Angeles and pursue acting.
Well. I moved to New York right after September, eleventh actually going to move there on that day, and then it happened. So I waited a month or so, and I went there. I moved to LOS Angeles with a television show, so I got cast in a show called cracking up with Jason swordsman Molly Shannon, and Mcdonald's yeah in and how did you end up getting cast on that? I did a play in New York that a Fox executive came and saw, and she liked me and then brought me in for a general with marshmallow man, who's ahead of Fox casting, and I was a nice another time. I've cut corners and myself great product grant great excellent product for forty gauge carbon stainless steel, resin handles nickel plated rivets, really great great product and ex girlfriend of mine sold cut, go knives and I don't think I've witness anything cuter my whole life than watching
saw a pop can in half and then taking its tomato and cutting math is so too can search, so you are you are, I have to imagine. You are moving a lotta cut, colonized another one eye sales with a month of February. Two thousand three. I do. I don't know well. I found a woman who was borderline psychotic who had a black American Express card, and she didn't you. Let me do that damages I got by whatever you wanna tell me. What's going on in your life, I'm pretty sure she bought about twenty four grand and knives. I got a little help. Low help. That was that about you and me. Look the truth is the knives seldom so brought him yeah, ways of martial showman. I sold her studios no lie no way in the casting meaner than general meeting with the casting woman I sold or for peace says, and I started
she was tickled to buy and she was like this guided solely for knives like I gotta do something for him, so she we would call a holding deal which is on her which one evening I was living with two disgusting men and eight for walk up and dry Bacchic is not to be rather the privileged thing, but like yours when you got your college in my family are cut off. It's not like you get anything right, so you know I was struggling and I was grinding and then all of a sudden she gave me this like huge holding deals. Basically, they give you money just to be with foxy, can't go to sea BS embassy. ABC that's incredible. To get something. What Adrian that point? Twenty three and little they flew me out to allay and town card me to auditions out My fear is that strong in it it was making, and I got the show- and I felt so cocky I felt so like I'm amazing. It was actually the worst thing that could happen to me because I was like I bear
we try to get it in, it all happened, and so for the next year and a half I was just I'm just like made of- and I do not work for a single minute. Second, I mean I ran all the money that I made in that thing dwindled away and my nice said I you know you use that money for all of a sudden. I was asking people to room with me and others are now- is basic operating fraternity house right now, so that I Only paid tuner bucks a month, but Marcia of your listening. I hope those are our work enough for you and if there are no areas of forever guarantee on the basis of. Go what's great about David story, woods interesting about it is many times you must have thought. Oh it's done. I did it among the fast track, yes in so that show in particular right that was created. My MIKE way yeah who has just done school Iraq. So in your mind you must rethink and what is done
man, this thing or that seven years, our start shop and for about a man yeah. I was a dumbest like they both cliched, DOM reaction to that kind of thing, onset and work for a year and a half and I went broken a girlfriend at the time. I went from like sexy like star on the rise to light now she's visiting in there's like for strangers in the house logging. Andrew honestly. She gave me an ultimatum in a way she was like. This is not for me like get a real job or the smear problem. She wasn't the ripe obviously grow from me, but at one point I was like I'm quitting and I'm Adele that one, though, is Jennifer Amazon, but I was I going to quit and go to the job that all basically my friends in community, not many actors that come out of the world, that I grew up in
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than I share an affinity for certain drugs that we think are mean. I can't take it anymore, but he still can cause he's, not an attic, but we believe that mind. Expanding psychedelic are kind of a good thing. We were pro those right, I'm excited that that stigmas being released and that their being exported on this that there it gave way to are incredibly complex, psyches what it is. Eight hundred people in area all of you snowflakes and infinitely complex, no seriously, you're, all really truly beautiful people. We all do similar things and we can add patterns of behaviour, but I believe that all of you have incredible layers to you that generally don't get revealed and without a little help, and certainly therapist can do that, but psychedelic have the ability to pay, things away and giving insights yeah? Now I am not at all can be used by how you sold so many knives cares.
Toxic I've been trying to get Montague do Molly for two years and foreigners: I move illegal at all, but I gotta you should pick up. How do I look? I think, honestly, so- this is what I'm DNA is for me, though in college. I would do it just like any kid in how you do it at a club or something just have fallen and dance, but nowadays its being used in their possessions and ass being well, Michael, Poland's yonder amazing book about it right now right how to change your mind me. That's all
more about the psychedelic element. Them do. May I'm not sure how it classifies, whether it's pure psychedelic or not, but it's considered. What's called a heart opener, you been in a mood where, if your grumpy or something and then you ll, watch a video or use your ear here, song or something you know, a kid will do something in your kind of feel your fears, self kind of morality or feels felt more generous and and that's what in what people call heart opening and you can have incredible insights into relationships, so people are taking ecstasy now too, like if you're married to someone you obviously is incredibly rich history of buried. I dont know strife and you get defensive and empty a may in that kind of setting. There is no chance of defensiveness like nothing, you can say, can trigger anyone, and so ultimately, intimacy into me, you see, which is a nice little way of describing intimacy, becomes guys.
Master class, I didn't know my God is appears now. My guy set him up for those like he's, gonna speaking to earth drugs. Don't think I realized the depth of which you could almost bonds or in about six minutes. Keep going HIV and design on stage. Are we sure about this? is my body. Walden union cocoa, knives. You do it together ill. Give you insights, they can truly change your life and change the rest of your relationship. Especially ones that european and well that's why their use it allowed an end, the life stuff, because people are dealing with the death of their ideas.
The and they go on these high dose mushroom trips and, and they start feeling the connected nests in in the barriers kind of melt away and that's just kind of a really powerful thing. I hate that I'm an attic, and I can't do it with you and Monica, but well I'll exterior with you on that, because grey but I'm gonna put javelins bigger, found Jeff on alive. No, but in all seriousness They're using LSD, for example, for addiction yeah people and aid workers struggling with that sort of thing well bill. W famously did lsd therapy, while still sober. I think he I've thought this through here's. What I think would happen to me convince myself as a great idea. Then it be tripping. Balls and all to be thinking about you don't have fourteen years, if you like, I just think it with you would steer. I dont think I could
but on the rails, although well yeah, you know yourself and I would never pressure your blog. It lets I do apologise. Let's get the boomers actually goes on blotter as it does, because you use them the way I did initially in that is just a fuckin. How fond right, yeah like bond with your friends, there's like some tribalism, too, we ve been told, is very dangerous and scaring it's something you can prove to your buddies. That is The element of bravery involve like theirs is of many many layers to experiment team with drugs. I think, but you we have now- and I think, because of Michael Pollens Book right, you ve now done where you actually take a shitload of rooms, NGO fucking sit in a room by yourself. It hasn't been ok days of my life, better honestly, cocaine is a red the best
Reset all was good sooner Now there's a value I think I mean I haven't done what they call the hero. Does that's considered, I think, over five hundred micrograms of LSD, or a quarter rounds of mushrooms, allergies and that's where you lock yourself in a dark room with an eye mask and do that much and that's where I've done that that takes a certain amount occur and probably contingency plan from a loved one right. It's all interesting to me just because I'm fascinated by the EU. Psyche. In my general feeling- and I dont know how to articulate this, but it's like that- we're all just kind of looking through this little pinhole and that we think these five senses we are our yet and I think they're, just such a small will actually
none of the other day I was actually thinking about hearing, and I was thinking if none of us could hear thinking how abstract hearing is its vice. Reading the matter in the air and its bouncing off these eardrums, and that's how all this is happening. And I just started thinking if none of his head ears completely impossible to imagine that sense, and so I started thinking like yeah I buy into the notion that there may be a dozen more than Can you imagine all the minutes really just like do you believe in the unseen? And how can you not? What's beautiful is now science talent what all. This was late. I have I knew you'd be great for them. Oh, really, go
I'm with you know, but I find it fascinating that science now is this sort of new age, woo woo stuff, that most people yawn at or scoff at and there's something happening, we're basically quantum theory and all all these things are starting to like merge with the whack on the side of the street, which is basically like. There's a unified energetic fuel beneath everything and nothing is no difference in my hand in the world we need drill down into it and everything is essentially some sort of matrix. I honestly hate myself for talking like this. A share of shame. By and I dont know how to do it without feeling of your five percent. Less good. Looking it be. It myself the citizens of all. I get the allergy I'm so allergic to this stuff, but I do know that like something, what is happy What is really going on? Are we doing here? Ok, so that drugs I wanted,
about that and models are qualified opinion supplements. Do you really not like to call them drags? Well? No, I just don't think it's very useful at this point because its way, determine like your time, psychedelic that guy do drugs. You know damn well, that's true. It certainly different from smoking crack My experience I made life, have you done crack? Oh yeah, there's no feeling quite like looking self in the mirror the following morning, the next two days. You realize your lips are a bit Burke signed. It is demoralising, I wonder, this'll even weak remotely comedic I once I want my pals from Detroit. We went downtown going out some of that delicious crack round. In ways and we re. Inevitably then I was like it's time to for me to go back to my moms I visiting Michigan, and I was like China sneak into my bedroom at home and I opened the door and I forgot dear grandma, mage will stand
I was like there's no way I can talk to Grandma Midge right now, and we did. I sat on Bed and grandma. Imagine I just chatted for about forty five minutes. I don't She has any idea I was on the devil's pipe apples, but is it the best ten seconds of your life, or is it never done why? I think the results speak for themselves and you know why I made a logical thought out decision to smoke crack. There was this HBO documentary Series called hookers The point do remember this. I do not. It was a great great programme. Most logic begins with fuckers the narrator was so weird. I don't know where they find it, but he was always like the Ladys are working on the point.
But I was watching that programme and I was seeing what the gales we're doing to get crack and I thought that has to be a very sensational failing to be willing to go through that. To get that, I like thought of that. Yet I thought I dont want to leave planet earth within. Knowing one that is like very. Gender estimating the addictive quality of it, but I did this I don't want to leave your not knowing what that feels like. I dont encourage any one to make the same argument nor had but at any rate lookers on the point check it out. I think you can find it still uplifting life reaffirming documentary Series now, whereas going with David, overarching story, which is probably a more common one than the ones we become aware of, which is you ve had seven shows in the first six didn't go to a second season about a boy was the first that went to a second season were great show David, so good on innovation, and
that's a hard path to be on. Oh I'm still on it do that I'm gonna! Third susan! that I'm in its, I always say like life in Vienna, fell right, but it would be very easy to the thing I say kind of like a broken it is your in the NBA you're, not Michael Jordan, I'm not Scotty Pitman. I'm in the NBA yeah you're on tv regularly almonds international authority, and it would be such a shame to evaluate the experience, buys some comparison to someone else as opposed to on your death bed. Go fuck. I did that I made a living, I tried something nearly impossible and I did it. I made a living. I raised a family. I got to express myself, it was at the height of that, but I never fucking enjoyed it because it wasn't. The thing I was comparing myself to shows not going in all seven seasons or whatever is at the golden, ordered parenthood go so
ex fuck you dare. I dont bring this up to try to like embarrassing about it. I bring it up to hope that you could impart what we all most. Ninety nine percent of us have to learn witches perseverance in not letting this racket in your head, destroy you and take you out, because that's what happens to a lot of folks the same in every thing in its process of a result, do good work. I've failed, truly failed upwards, like every failure has led to something else and you shouldn't care about the result. You do because you humans, I'm getting better and better it just being like competing with yourself, as opposed to other people. When you got your first show and you probably if you're like me at all, did you surf forecasting and the future like? Oh good at this sad and these are kind of building? an identity around the future. You it's like this. Why my sister's also an actress in my favor human being she's, the most beautiful little bunny rabbit, and
she'll, have an audition and I'll just stop her before she goes in I'll go. Let me ask you something: have you already thought like I'm going to get this job then I'll be on tv every week, then I can buy a house and then blank and blank a blank look at this you're going to go into a room for ten minutes and you built a lifetime. On top of this ten it's. You can't do well, it's too much pressure for any human being to do, and now this thing that should be a small little trunk. A time in life becomes a mountain, is gonna make or break your life, and I do that. I mean I bought a power Baltic, for five hundred million the entire day was daydreaming. My way, I couldn't stop us like you're, fucking idiot, but I couldn't stop as like dreaming. Come on home to my wife and being like we did it. We got five hundred. Actually it's three hundred fifty Atherton. We took a big
taxes, but there is still not three hundred male can't buy a sports teams. But we can have for rosy. What do you mean? you were daydreaming about what kind of silly stuff to do with the money you just get out of debt so what is sexy vanity, but we may you did in episode of parenthood, I think was the first thing that happened across over episode: Jason Games, a greater parenthood, also created about a boy in Friday, night lights. Genius, but he said our shows in the same world we lived in the Bay area and then you came on a shelf and then I went and did your show as an actor and then I came on and directed, and I think that's where things really took off. You know that's where the hugging got a little uncomfortable everybody. We would kick each man enough with a minute and a half many more long legs yeah.
Either release dissolves details in the lab hormone. So I can I tell a quick story but isn't rehab stuff for myself, but I will is a place called the meadows as ever family member, but basically there is, is hell's angel type. Three hundred like you did you see him on the street terrified run the other way, extremely scary. Looking at them, he was our leader. He was an attic, he was leading the thing. He was like every man needs ten hours a day and I was like oh shit and as I do, you need a hug right. Now is a good day, I'm right, but I've that's really resonate with made. My hugging game went way up after that. I have actually started ago experiment with a heart to heart, normally in obedience to peanuts kind, but you can avoid that and even up the power by just go and left alone but you are our view that guy I'll try
it was you later, but actually like the hip on his part. To me. That's where I know someone Assyrian serious about you strike me and I have always admired you as like a fearless person like a guy who makes people happy but doesn't seem to me. The people please and away like you. You have kind of have a superpower like that you're, obviously enormous talent, but you have fearlessness that I admire very, very much. Thank you, David, If it is it down on the bed with Grandma image and talk to her post cracks or a couple, a crab how's gives a manageable idea: another really terrible drugs, origami monuments, surreal experiences, ever had. My life was crystal. Meth was not a thing of Michigan. It was That was not a thing when I was a kid and then a motive of Borneo, wasn't thing and then some friends of mine from
Detroit want to try that. So I brought some in on the airplane home for Christmas and we did a a bunch of it too much of it. You could say I could not go to sleep for three nights in a row and by the fourth day I was starting to really think I was never going to fall asleep and I was starting to lose my mind. Terrible go to my brother's for a big family dinner, sit down on the couch and watch tv. It's a sixty minute special on Crystal Meth addiction in its a story of a young drummer who just couldn't stop in the drums on Crystal man, and he gave himself such severe, powerful tunnels syndrome, felt like here. The footage of him was trying to eat and star in my family members really. Could you imagine Can you imagine- and I wish this light My god, totally gonna, look at me and go. Oh. It's happening right here, in other words,
kill you get have is one. Crystal Meth Extra Mosaic with Morally shaver mother, drama boy who ruined his car bulls anyway, in good times So you? U one time were going to take on a role in a movie where you are going to have, to have a real, the Boston accent, and even though your from Boston Eden innately have that access, my parents were from their side, and exit right newer at the fancy boarding school. They have that thick acts and their rightful lagoons, we surely would lose their growth more than that.
So. What did you do? How did you prepare for this accent? One of best friends in the world is Lou Coppedge. We grew up across the street from Catherine Boss and he's a sports nut. He knows everything about Boston Sports, so I was calling- and I just moved to Boston, to shoot this mark moving? My friend is a huge pats fan and ninety five is the radio station, Boston Sports and that's where you gonna hear your thickness accents. It's just absurd. So he's like you know what you should call in practice. You know, and then I go well. How do I get on the radio? He goes talk how you want Josh, Mcdaniel Z, offensive chlorinated for the patriotic talk. I do wonder if Josh Mcdonald's is gonna, be the next head coach, so they pick up and they get real address. You got what you question and I go This is Billy from Revere, and I just want to know why- and I just want to talk about Josh with you and I'll see. If he's there apparently Belichick and he was like
I stand alone like an eye texting Lucan, born it happening than just told me to stand in these like what're you gonna do to give us down. A New York is streaming it and all the sun they go Billy from reveal what your question and I might add Billy. I wonder if we are working thoughts on its judgment. Gales beer apparent Bela check. They just hung up on me. Like my axe, any shit I just they, they saw right through and right, so they hang up and I'm spiralling and I call Luke picks up he kid he's cry laughing. It's like been fifty minutes and there's still talking about the question. They do not want a better man than I can at a conference that really do a mediocre job in the film
Good But you are a big pants fan right very much in you and I share. A yours is different than my mind's. Purely aesthetic put a love for Tom Brady. Well is The guy is, lamentably, geysers supermodel, you love the man right. Like I love, More than anything these items such profound joy and easing readily good, looking guys, six, five or whatever just beauty to twenty lay meeting takes care of. His chassis never eat anything in flame. Tor notes. None, I Chino nitrates for him, but you you, you got to meet him. Oh yeah, yeah I got to meet him is a big ol and I got to sit down with them or up at this fancy dancing Bob and allay- and I'm sitting at a table like this, and he sits down
just ran up, I didn't know he was there to know he's playing, and I guess the guy I was with was friends with a guy who's playing with it and all the sudden I mean so you just sitting there in your hero, sits down. I went into a state of deep, deep shock and everyone started introducing themselves to each other and I just stood I I took my hand out and Brady, like you, you're, pretty good eye contact guy. I almost half the local for me so main Hugh, creates issue my career tumor, especially when Singing are doing But Brady Brady is not afraid of eye contact, and so I remember in my state of shock just saying to myself: you do skin, look away from Tom Brady. You take this moment. We own it and you look at him. I and the truth is I don't
whether he is like done some self help thing. Where he's like. I won't look away I'll wait till some looks away. That did not look away I would not like fucking happened time listening. I need to talk to you I want to see if you felt it to honestly was thirty five seconds. Well, David Walton, I can't how much I appreciate that you would fly with your old family here to Santa FE. These on where does give broad inside good allies in our unique. Is in our layers appreciated so much. Thank you so much
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and now my favorite part of the show that back check with my soul, Maiden Monica bad men, working nap that fact Jack gentlemen now work and that the fact Jack but Mamma bump bump I'm on a guy, I do in grey How are you doing great how's that Emmy go and still last? Oh, yes, Ok, the reverse. Their decision I stood on having at me I'm fingers crossed, will get a reversal, sometimes like its exposed in the Olympics, said the athletes reducing. That's true, and then it rolls down hill, the second place, be ironic, because the one no one was an opium would Oh yeah, they got caught doping yeah, I guess actually would be allowed cause,
right, but there was an exploration required them to know what their subjects rectify the product dealing with air. I don't know, I don't think I've ever saw. That's ok, David Wharton can I just say for a second when he got into his explanation of drug you, I was captivate yeah you where I had never heard someone that knowledgeable and dedicated to the mind expanding properties of how loosen jack's yeah. He is a big, add the careless ain't. He should have a broad podcast where he gets other drug experts on or enthusiasts they discuss it and maybe sometimes they even recorder
goods, while on ass, many unplanned ya, see what they get. I could be interesting sure is mean just I can imagine, being productive or linear. My thoughts at all. If I was on that stuff now, but as you heard when creating Nelson was on, he would perform on ass and on live television, and he was good. Maybe I guess I don't know. Probably cap working, that's trail. He has shown its probably different people, indifferent brains. Yet no famously the guy who pitched too no hit her on ass. I do know that whole story. There is a major league baseball player in the seventies and eighties hee hee pitch to know him and he was on ass it because he had been given the day off any was on the beach with some gals. They had dropped ass. It then he was taken off that be, to go pitch in San Diego. They are on the road, Doc, Alice Doc, Alice. There's a documentary about its pretty fast,
He was largely unaware. The fact he was pitching and no hitter oh dear, I wouldn't like that. Do not be aware of pitching to know her yeah. I wanna be aware. I thought it kind of made the argument that it's the thinking about pitching and no hitter that prevent you from pitching like you, be really easy to get in your head. Ninth, any you ve come so far, only a few peaches laughed You're right, I don't know- maybe that was the trick. What's with you going out with you. Nothing are you distracted by something I mean I was working on a class word puzzle, so maybe I'm distracted by that. Maybe your thinking in those terms and you're doing crossword puzzle. You start thinking in the terms of the crossword puzzles yeah. I like that. I mean I just started. Crossword puzzle is again a few days ago, a very frustrated by crossword puzzles because you know Jusan, namely greater them,
I don't know all the answers immediately. Yeah right, I was very happy. You asked me to questions. I didn't know one of them, but new, the other, why it was piastres, infusions, the up and up about some people will get it or yeah yeah. They made up car called the Fiesta real time you little Shit box in the eighties and then now the focus make fusion fusion, while they also make focus failure of ours, and part of that was I had it all worked out well. That was a good clue for you. They picked a good word for you, yes or was it didn't, seem like, because it seemed like it hasn't been: do spanish harmony, these are yeah as where my brain, why I started there. I started working party is of fusion or party yeah apart, like a new killer party. You I mean us here few questions I can answer. India will see how I do This was the Monday near Times Crossword puzzle which my right, it that's the
easy that any EU vs repressively harder throughout the week? And you know who was just an attic for these New York Times? Crossword puzzles me, Whitman women was always working on her crossword puzzle. Till I am. It feels really good and you figure one hour after a long time of not figuring it out, I've been enjoying I had a little period where I did crosswords. I started doing them in the Bruin, the, U Seal, a newspaper in class and our top that Bruin out going on it. Yeah Saturday, maybe is the hardest and Sundays is the large, be your whole day: Could I mean this one, this easy Monday. One took a lot of time. I didn't even finished okay, so some of the ones I'm having trouble, where ok,
should be so easy outer boundary. Five letters outer bound ruin and is not edges. Thence now number advance border? I tried, ran back rooms too short ring. A third letter is M and the last letter is tee you're sure about that. I'm correct on, though other words I really good- and I do so few words and in M T known third letter is M. Last letters t there's five There is far too like some, maybe something Matt one more time with the clue outer boundary, outer limit, my god.
Boy, you trim out some that was grey, see I feel stupid. Now. I will have to fear that this was gonna, be there actually refers us all help her she'll be happier like now She'll be upset, I'm upset, but I wish I could a figure that out on my own right, I started a new one today only because this will misgiving slow. Well, I just for Brazil to its Monday. It's over it's mine. He cares but really Thursday. Also Thursday stir us. That's true, So these are all arbitrary distinctions. It's all in your head. Anyway, Jaime Knowledge ended in a loose there. It's a big change, its illusion. Lose situation singing, and that was the Olympics. The winter Olympics at the big game. Of last year be it's always even yet
when I last year- and I feel there's no way there was an Olympics last year, but it must have been at the beginning of the team yeah? Don't worry not the living actually like February eighteen as rye, kick those things off feels like so long ago. Doesn't it seems like a long time since I've seen some olympic action, but again The winner, for me, is always a little lack lack lustre em all about that summer, tracking field stuff, I bet lacklustre gonna, be. Why am I clean? I better Wilfer sure so, David David went to extra school, but she said J, F, K and Neil Armstrong went to now. I hate to do this to a gas o Neil Armstrong to MECCA Baxter School do but JFK dear Kay did watches I'd rather lose Neil Armstrong than J F K. Well story. Musgrave is an asset.
And he went there. Ok story. Oh yeah, yeah story, Musgrave, that's his name and he's an astronaut. He went there. So I think, may That's where they can usually make sense here, Cavalry Musgrave one astronaut did go there. Maybe even day was like day of Cane story Musgrave with their. But if I say story Musgrave on a stage, we will get think it's a joke. Let me just change it to an extra. They are comparable. Well Armstrong. He probably did that arms, yeah and David's name- is on this list on Wikipedia or free music These are no early attendees, so he should be excited. That's why I bring its very ladder? You think I'm on any of those lists. Would your school have awake a pdf,
mad, I doubt like central, I must do all schools have Wikipedia is, I don't know, turned to know. What's all on Wikipedia it's very big glance, pages marginally correct to all at the exact ok says: Saint Paul Boarding School of assets. When, after all, that's the one where he said, Robert Mauler and Robert Mahler do go. There grew that's good news as really good news here and Archibald Colleagues, a Watergate special prosecutor When there's a lot of these leg, special rules pipeline for special brought it dang next door also went there, my goodness, what did he say where I now and knows? No, he might not now next door directed Sarah Marshall you'll see
Did you get him that the greek government agree some other staff, he dork, he's prolific comedy ran a thing. One was very first jobs ever isn't onset writer was without a paddle, he always Zealand and who knows what it was where's onset raining job, that's called addition for one of his piles this year I didn't get it then I don't like him and now we don't like him anymore. Ok, why did like I'm a lot until I get a swell matter anyway. Also a few of the Vanderbilt went there, I'm obsessed with the Vanderbilt O, because I read the Cornelius Vanderbilt Biography. The first tycoon, which is one of my favorite in August this fought people. Why, while being the richest man in the world, I dont like life, it was also kick his ass in the streets of alma. I think that would be Tat no wind deserved. I love they. He is a peaceful
Why didn't he lives in a very modest house? I love that my dad lava that about him. Yes, yes, he does little modest house and he doesn't spoil as children. No You know the interesting thing of. Did you watch the HBO? Is it HBO documentary about what buffer I didn't want it now or its great, so his wife, who was a very intelligent, driven woman? as he was growing Berkshire Hathaway at one point she said you know, I'm not gonna live in Omaha for the rest of my life. I love you, but I'm gonna go to San Francisco and she went to San Francisco and she told her then good friend, in one of their neighbours. I guess I'm please cook worn dinner if, if, if no here he won't eat. So she came over and started making Warren dinner. And then that ended up with her. Moving in clearly had some kind of love affair and he still loved his wife.
Stayed married and when his wife got ill, he dropped. Everything and went was by her side, but there was definitely some kind of progressive, interesting relationship and warns life. I remember you telling me that story, but I dont remember being about him. Are we sure it's vow him? Yes, oh those, similarly there's another case of their immense Jerry Weintraub. That was also exposed in his documentary too high or he and his mistress in his way. All live together and are quite happy hour. She caught him at the better, Hills, hotel, I believe, having little situation and then she then asked told him to buy her something nice. He bought some crazy ring for her, some that patch things up and then slow. They just all integrated, allowed idea, and I think there are better friends. Then he asked when either on the very young evangelists arrogate no interesting air. Anything difference. Interesting to me
Ok, so dimension! Lord of the flies. Everyone knows, Lord of the. Flies? Everyone had to read that in middle school will know. That here is one of those books that I know it about, but I have a right it you generate now. I know that a book, but it's a bunch of kids, young maroon and an island and then all of a sudden, the kind of tribal leadership takes over it's a cautionary tale. Yes about abuses. Power its by William Goal dang he might come up on my crossword puzzle, o likely very likely yeah, I'm in nineteen fifty four but you say you were required. Radio. Just didn't you mean I was require you world. The Georgia school system requires what books to you after aid- had to, I mean generally feel like you got to pick a book and do a book report on it. I guess, of course, No, you know the ones that were assigned him. You know anything about of mice and men
Well to I back, I wouldn't have picked the honor of my own loved it. What else did we have to read scarlet letter in really really know what my sister did. I recall what about all man and the sea no coming my head Even worse book. I've ever read my like any Hemingway Bhopal. I never anymore of corals. After that, to be honest, I don't know if I finished it, because it was so excruciating, it's a very male wars, maybe one of the most may. However. Well I, like male voice, is my favorite book. For a long time was the lords of discipline by Pat Conroy was said about the true. Now it's about a west point all going lords, a disciplined sounds like a really cool down. Troop does is sure it could be in some bad. A military school based off of West point out is all about boys boys. It was a really good, but
he's now gone. We lost him yeah he's path as tight as over anyway, so I hated warm analysing Ernest Hemingway. We had very great gatsby course all your ring. I did the average. To be honest, I read that as an adult really again because there's books that you can get a sign and then just now read write. So let me just tell you I was always pursuing the hardest math classes. I was not pursuing hard English at all, I was so bad at English yeah, but this secular business over a choir. Some thrilling. They do you they sure I did. I mean I can remember things. I did book reports on all the ASEAN books. That was then this is now tax outside or rumble fish read all of em. They were all about boys and generally some mischief fighting in I kind of honor he would have liked. This sounds like I would preserve fistfight, primarily at our member, that
are probably even more like the shower scenes and stuff. I don't know I've stereotyping me the best, but we ever had to read, was to kill a mark. Bird. I love that, but just bought it on audible. Never run eight five days ago no, never at, but I know about, his french and I really want, as at an early age. What would happen was there is a sixty minutes segment unjust, Daniel scene? I love share and is currently doing to kill a mock Mockingbird on Broadway hard. I think I want to try to see it even though he plays I love him so much. I decided that I'm gonna try to see when I'm in New York. At any rate like I should read that both before I go see the incredible back one of my favorites, it's pretty revered, yeah every one seems really love it whose random yeah really good wine com is empty. I may considered a pure psychedelic
m d may is a synthetic streamline drug known calmly as ecstasy, although not technically a psychedelic drug empty. I may have psychoactive a fact. Rule may I hold a radical impersonal benefit from any So no, no, it's not ok. You know this thing. That happens. I know of talks. Some people have done it in annex ass. I've done it in excess, of course, in the at a certain point when, when I've been unlike five or six of them, you get this can a shudder. And so like. If I looked from you and I passed over to rob to my right instead of seeing a smooth stream of transition, I would see. Click click, click, click, click, click like five, six frames that brought me over to rob and I have at times of been with other people on the same. A mile in ass, like your vision, clicking in snapshots, and there really.
Ass, a kangaroo there were good zone in its having other people. Tat now would, like you, decide that gap and on the identify my vision and snapshot far out very pleasurable really feel a certain join it, and then I'm just kind of curious. Am I the only one experiencing snapshot thing and everyone else's, and I got it's kind of cool. Everyone agrees. It's gonna cool again, I acknowledge, is probably a certain mindset that makes that cool and scary yap. You have to have cut somewhat of a disposition- probably I guess rouser on drugs, so yeah yeah that probably making you feel like it, scared, yes, but two it's not about drugs? There have been a couple different times were things that are happening met are scaring. Some people are exciting me so, like we had the northern lights. One time when I was in high school, like twelve grade were often I heard tons of people in my neighborhood yelling like on I come out, I got a keyboard is yelling, oh god, side in the entire.
Sky was lit up bright, green, raise crazy, the whole sky was bright, green and many of the people were going to the worst imaginable straightaway re sides, but I would I atomic bomb- and I was a me like fuck Yeah- something news happen it when I meet, in thirty boring, seeing the same old shit. Every single day in the fuckin skies, all rain, now Right- let's talk what's next are their aliens here are the inner like? I was very excited just that something different what's happening right, that's just my
sure. I think I think so. Yeah yeah, I think you do have a lot of ass. Oh, what's a hero dose of cell assignment Terence Mechanic describes a heroic dose of magic mushrooms as consuming five plus dried grams fifteen to twenty grams of their fresh of hallucinatory mushrooms in silent darkness alone for many hours, I'm so curious would dosages I was doing, but when I took it I certainly have no clue. I know you're running Graham's, homeward woes. Then again I know I bought a pound in Santa Cruz that time where air me an error and we went to Santa Cruz only bought a pound of mushrooms, which is too gallon size that block bags of mushroom yet and we'll cap half and sold half how much money do you It would be hard for me to remember, but I know that, basically, what happened is we doubled what we spent and we got a half
For free, so I guess that when we started for four times what we got it for you, that's a good profit. They're not very readily available Michigan earliest. They were not, then super available in Santa Cruz yeah. Now, in retrospect, the crazy partisan errand drove cross country with a half powder mushrooms and his back see sharp, probably had a wise decision, probably now it's a lot hours behind the wheel. Thinking about getting pulled over is really very stressful for him. Oh yeah, yeah Eight, the HBO documentary Series you or saying hookers on the point is actually hookers at the point, all hookers Okay, two thousand to two HBO: is you sad and
You were talking about the narrator and the director is the narrator name was rent Owens, oh wow. He takes us to the streets of HANS Point in South Bronx by candid, documented by the local sex workers period period, while I'd love to have in mind, as we could hear his voice time, the girls all work The point tat. The point you haven't, I feel like using on railway duration, but you know maybe he did a play on words for the title, because the areas called the point but when he was narrowly was talking about on the point. It was really is that they would never narrate documentary today, the way that was narrated how come because it was a little bit like those early pimp, documentaries we're gonna celebrating pimp this, you know, like gum, pimps, oppose down. That's a very famous I've, never heard him. It's
liberation of pants, half yearly Yum convention and they award like him the year right. In fact, some of the dialogue and any accuracy is directly taken from pimps. Oppose down last year, but now, of course, now with it, wouldn't be seen as very positive documentary. Yet I mean I think if I was also very popular, rap music to reappear yeah was it is in fact a new dog hung out with the legendary pimp, the arch bishop, the Bishop Sub, many always carried. It were all green and carried run chalice. All the time you took him everywhere. I've met the guy in sniff, Canada caress, sometimes hand. He called himself up any talk about a stable and stuff all things that last p. I M p hard out here for a pack up lots so yeah the tightest turned culturally
there. I wonder, though I still would be interested in it just for the culture of Siena Convention about pimps. You know, and I this, even if I recognise that it was a destructive thing in the same way like watching dogmatism, KKK, I'm just fascinated by their organs. Asian. What does it look like? What are their stupid ceremonies? All about ray? I get in bed stuff, his own interests you, if you're? How do I get a judge? Men all about it? junior wherewithal outwardly some paperwork to yeah yeah, I'm interested in income of interest and dark things like open, lassie, German, a lot. I think its interest and dark things as interest in why people behave the way they do you, how they behave, I'm interested almost in all subcultures, regardless of what
Outcome of their work is less interest in it because their different from, but are you I want to know the mechanics of what a pimp does? How does he get the girls to you know like as right at the gate, your asking yourself: why on earth would a woman have sex for money and then give most of that money to someone I painted half sacks for the money, so you just starting with a question. I certainly want answered yeah when then, when you come to find out as it's just her renders manipulation and, like Father figure stuff, our athletes feeding on a terrible, yeah kind of control that the Patriarchate, so it's exposed that but anyways. I still want that question answered that. As you know, I did a commercial links yes, I do, and then there is the second famous person and that spot shower of jar, yeah yeah yeah. I didn't she was. My mail campaign burger King result.
And you admiring at her name and he had to work in a working alpha, yeah in your own snoop, whose like exude very cool, your pop coolness and you're in a burger king, but I didn't you know I didn't feel like. I wasn't trying to impress you weren't bunker. I would have been like via done a welcome commercial for burking thousand, the Fuckin burger king outfitted been killing me did she not his look? My back. I can see there s about. Maybe my best look would be in a working off. Maybe more icy! Listen! Here's! What's going on with the feedback, I told you. This will make him self conscious so spend the wheels coming out. Yeah June twentieth nine P M on Fox check it out. It's a party so games
oh and for the game, show I decided. Why should kind of look like a game show, so I slipped my hair back care in others billboards all around town there. Some commercials, many of our friends, are coming up to me to say to me: oh my god, you look so good on those billboards or you look so good in those commercials, and I think I look stupid in them right my all slipped back. It's it's becoming obvious to me that I am wrong about when I look best, I'm clearly wrong, because people are way too enthusiastic about how we look on those billboards and on the commercials leading me to believe everyone hates how I looked normally. There would be so emphatic about how much better I look in those billboard yeah. That's not what people think at her. Yes, I'm sure- and I think that they'd, just probably they notice it because it different normal thing to me, it sounds like they're saying. Please look like that in that how you're looking
You're a real life. I like the way you look in your real life will you did tell me that made me feel work better. I like both the other options also good, because I think what they're saying Oh! This is a good look. Ok, bye instead of deer, we'll just nobody said this is a good look on the bus is met of course everyone has their normal LE baron. I had the same odds got me in my head. All die and I've been like stairs a shave and cut my hair of using the mere dislike. Owing with your eyes hundred nine soggy baggy Lusaka babies, regulated only got. I had this idea. We were watching handmaids tail last night and there was a scene where she was washing her face our lead actor
And there was no mere on the wall and for all that makes sense, they don't give the handmaids mere saw her, and then I thought I wonder how much better everyone field there? No meares, and I wonder if you could actually start a country or a state or a community or the like an island. You got you go you create a society on the island. Meares are forbidden on the island. I was. I thought this holy It took a look at him in a vacation while we are watching the show to consider all this in like that would be the only thing they really screen for at the airport to make sure no smuggling meares and That's I think it would be really funny is that people would inevitably be leaving their houses where they had of mist fig tree
of what they shape and everywhere yeah here would be like backwards or whatever it see yourself. So maybe would start off with your neighbors subject: all Mikey get you miss needing need. Shave right here feel right here in the maybe even assist that person and helping with their appearance or whether one is really. Oh, everyone works all fucked up, stairs backwards, patches and step. So who cares bright with? Is there isn't easy? Maybe that can lead to like a utopian? If you just had to know, I do Look like in your experience than in life was never looking back at yourself who's just taking in the info. I did think of one from driving. You need mirrors as equally. Well let of a mere, and here in this attic, that's wrong and that's not because we are trying to do an experiment. That's because we just never got one. We do have what, but there are so many moments where I want to look in the mirror fur. Something like do a food in my tea in your now yeah things like there. They are
embarrassing and people. We are still seeing it whether there are mere as are not ride, so you mean mirrors to check up on yourself. I'll bet was singing. Those people not in a relationship would be at more risk of having like a bigger, hang. Another knows or flaky skin, under their eyebrows or something they whenever partner in the morning telling them oh honey. You ve got some passengers on your nose hairs. I I think it's good for people to look in. Air and have to deal with what they are saying. I think makes a banner who maybe just at some point forget that you even look anyway now because is under like everyone's blind, knowing obey you would wish you to be. So what I touch with what you look like you'd start to forget that you even look like something, maybe ex. If you're still looking at other people, see you're still come
herring yourself. I think the comparison still happens where you see someone you like. I want to look like that person whether or not you are seeing it, but again them. You don't mean going back to like how many years ago you move to the island like saw myself four years ago. I wonder if that's how I look very Lucas Is there no way to find out? I guess I should stop thinking about ex I'll, never find out. Maybe if you like, it could be liberating mirror less land again rid of reflective services to yet no water where we are I think that you know you wouldn't want to take away all the drugs from the world. If you could remove every single drug, would you
There are ones I would remove and ones I would not dare. I would remove crystal math as much as I'd hate to see a God. Remove cocaine, remove heroin, I'd leave so simons I would leave ass said I would leave Polly empty. I may I would have guessed you would have said: keep them because I feel like with like they have such do more managed returns, but I really we ve had a conversation before about this and you said, is not on a greater good to take care of that. It's on purse responsibility, willing, mostly, I think it can't be done. So I think all the all the money spent in trying to do something that can be done is a waste of money and much better spending that money on prevention and or treatment that that's my opinion of it. But yes, if I could wave a wand and get rid of crystal Meth, I dont think Christmas bettering any one's life
at any point, you know, but we I'd keep bows, even though booze, I think, is the most destructive of everything on the planet. Just numbers, wise accidents, health law that certainly the worst. It's you say. It's like crisper language, a cut out the bad Jean, even though people are benefiting from the hat, those things, all good regulations and unequal. Tough. Thank you, oh go watch. Episodes of parenthood was David and he was in season five episode. Thirteen called jump ball in case. Anyone wants to watch that tonight. He so cute memory came over to say hi to me, and he was in the kitchen in Europe the living room working, but he couldn't help but look over every now and then of cutie was Germany. Allow relate I spoke here.
You will remember that. I remember it. That's not what happened here Their talk to you. I wasn't living room and then I came over and set high met him. Then he laughed and then use it is any so q. Ok, I love you I agree it is so keen on better. I was not China sneak glances at Hem, because he was telling me about his squat routine. If you remember, ah, he was up and down, been dies, guys nice battle, muffins and back I am almost muffin pancakes, which is the opposite of what you guys got off I'll cash or maybe add pancakes any work. The mountain areas, muffins yeah pancakes more my department, although increasingly less. I have been here making. My friends have been met and focusing attention on my muffins. Ok, you said Tom Brady, six, five and David cities to twenty. According to the internet, he's six four to twenty five,
one inch up five, that's That's it yeah and an Anti Brady yea, your favorite keeping the theme of gorgeous guys alive yeah. We went all time yesterday for breakfast and there was a guy in there that was so gorgeous. I was like, If Brad Pitt had a brother was a welder long, long, hair, big beer gorgeous tat beautiful little daughter with couldn't stop staring at the sky above all meal. My yea look kind of like us mix between Jesus and Brad Pitt. That's a good combat, yeah, very sexy view why I have seen that guy our burden, you won't forget it I really do think I've seen that guy reckless unicorn children store o with his kid price
a blatant yeah. I think I ll S on their king. He looks like one these guys just get a great physique innocent, never exercise in his life. It's just from chopping would, unlike carrying water, pails of a hill and stuff. I wonder if it's the same guy Jesus work, cause unicorn is close to all type, so he might live close by be doubly looks like he lives in the neighborhood variety, feel. I well yeah you very well. I love you. I love you have a great rest. Your day.
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