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2018-05-21 | 🔗

Marc Maron (WTF with Marc Maron, Maron, Glow) is an American comedian, actor, podcast host and the impetus for Armchair Expert. In this episode, Marc discusses his trajectory toward success, the license that comes with playing flawed characters and the particularly intimate connection between podcast hosts and their audience. Dax and Marc hash out an uncomfortable text exchange they had a few months back and the two of them question whether achieving success has the power to heal wounds. They discuss the importance of having a flexible identity, the emphasis stand ups place on paying your dues and Dax warns of the dangers of chess.

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Hello welcome to the arm. Chair expert, I'm back shepherd, I'm joined by the ever talented and beautiful Monica Patman. Now an entire I've got more coming your way you have just started drafting them in my head out Oh yeah yeah way. Mildly. Go run on additives too soon, either yeah. Before we get into this week's episode, there was some blow back in I'm happy. There was blow back needs here about the lack of a factual, on this vital Mackay on the beefy Joam Calles episode. The reason for that was ah my beautiful lovely stepfather of twenty seven eight years David Barton had been battling prostate cancer, and I had to go to organ for a week and he has since passed, and I was there with my family and it was some.
They hard weak, Andy, beautiful weak because my family, so fantastic does it that I addressed the ball guys. I was unable to get the fact check in the right spot at the right time. I'm not gonna. Let you do that, not gonna! Let you take credit for- Are they going poorly? I think so now, as we would have gotten together much earlier record, those spots discovered this and we would have figured it out and or recorded a new one you're right. It prevented us from being able to to fix the problem, but you didn't cause the price, it had nothing to do with workers. We have recorded the family had her accorded. It exists in the EU there, but it's lost and one day will find it and we're gonna posted on record. Because really are. I have all the now. We just love doing that fact check guys it so much fun. So
oh that that is the explanation that we owed all of you and if you know so, it's my fault calling them. Monica is not all my fault, my, although I do proceed through life. Thinking everything's my fault, not here but with all that said, we have an amazing guest today he's a titan in the pod causing world the titan. I would say there is the Howard Stern of podcast. He really started the whole revolution. Who else is interviewed the damn president? ours is yours. So, you probably know who that is with those clues. That's another thing we're just are doing is giving you gotta listen to eradicate of bread crumbs, to find your way. Some mariners are, is our esteemed guest and I think you'll get a bang out of them. What it took to git him here, and thou what he and I went through emotionally to make this happen, and I
hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy talking to Mark Marin, host of Deputy F podcast This week's episode of armchair expert is brought to you in part by square space. Monica yeah without airspace? We do because our own website is created by square space and its gorgeous data. I mean I hate to brag publicly, but this is one of the dam fineness websites out there on the web, maybe be best. I think it's the best website and on the web theres many, websites not all of em designed on square space dot com, but they should be because you can do anything there. You could show the products that you're selling the services you provide. You could publish a blog, you could promote your foot, the co or online business. It's a great great tool, lots of lay out very decorative. It's a party doing it right so easy to use
guess so guys go we're square space that come forward, Slash Dax for a free trial, and when you are ready to launch use the offer Kodaks D, a acts to save ten percent of your first purchase of a website or domain that square space not come forward, Slash D, a acts in Code backs he's saying its wording in the lot next door there he asked yes deserves our markets, now that we are in the ground, zero construction project, motivated by my what oh and by the way like when I, when I text to do I never text people what I texted you. This is one of the things which is completely backfired, I've had hundreds of people on my high? I never assume
familiarity, aha enough to even text people for anything, but like a guy, went to the sag wards and New hosted Nicky, you Joe, I mean, I really think you she's never run. The show wiser adapts article does, I think I mean Dax are good enough. Yeah yeah! I urge you to my text. Absolutely I shoot you taxing you like, Well? Is this a little awkward that you completely blew me off and MIKE what the fuck happened? Yet, let's unpacked this whole thing, because you should first know that my most hated fucking thing in life is, is putting people out to a fault right. I will not ask for help, the big problem of my right prevented me from getting sober. Furlongs rise, can't receive help right yeah. So for me to ask you to do the podcast I know that you probably get asked non nonstop. I also know that you're, a fucking lead of a tv show knowing of your own pocket. So, for me to say, new. The initial email saying I would love to do my podcast. Our delete on tv show flew away a wearable disdain for
Ok, those who are listening. It's the Betsy MRI Merom presents a glow idea, so I'm I'm already feeling I'm sending you that Ray I so then you don't respond right and I never. I never veer into like resentment at you. I just go, of course, he's very busy any dinner, but then yes, a few nights ago, you tex me: hey loved your wife in the pot kiss you think that could happen, and then I'm not totally proud of what I said to you but it also, I admit it could have been much worse. I genuinely like you and I think we have a bond sober right, so I get it. I get acts in a semi professionally. So I say this is interesting in that. You would ask me to my wife and your showing you ignored my request. So as though it was pretty Brady, it was definitely teed up for you to be a fuckin asshole like I was half expecting you'd to fire back like we know. Blah blah blah
dad. You blew my fucking mind to the point where I screen capture the incentive. Hanukkah said: can you believe how this human being operates? totally impressive, avoiding new immediately girl holy shit, I'm so sorry I get really busy. I probably forgot you sent that to me and now I'm an asshole and I'm sorry is there a way to make this right like straight into solution, didn't get a friend. When I was ripe for getting defence, Why do you know where he was at either like I'm like like when I sent that one and lacking in the even though, is like five minutes between my he's a loose? guy. I'm just saying that there is about ninety five percent chance of that entire exchange will go really wrong right and I ll give you the credit for it steam very peaceful in nice. Why been acknowledging that part myself recently? I no longer I
it's her emails in my head. In the moment more I go. I argued back to that. They just go way right. Of course, it happens a lot even with tax like I'll get a text and I'll be like oh yeah, ok I would even text back disappointments like I'm, I'm on my way somewhere and the like. Are you coming to my, Send that tax, I just, but it was like I've, been feeling bad about doing that because you, after a certain point, you, you think you're going to revisit something it just you don't share more. She gets heaped on the pie, Ryan, you don't get and I feel bad because my guy, like you and United, NL was other issues like I didn't know. I know what what the deal was. If you and her and oh, my God, Christ it but the whole way about it, was like. I never do that. United! That's my producer MIKE. I think I'm just getting texting ass. If we could do it
at least I know, there's interests that way. Like everyone else, I check through someone else. You hi should text. You know some has been on the shelves, so some people might friends, but you know I don't know you that way: don't don't you think it has something to do with the sobriety bond, yet agenda beds. Oh yeah. Definitely have you different level, you with you, wouldn't you do you think we would behave soberly, but but I dont know you that well either rightly, I don't know better than I know. Let us over people that are fucking either my I know if you as you know and have worked with me, I was like, while man, twenty years sobriety in yours, still of asshole that everyone around you that's crazy. Then you get assume they must have been much much worse. Maybe I mean people sometimes get dry and you know nay, they they actually are worse than them when they were drinking. But I eventually may, hopefully, that Tom Amends would happen, but it could have been months. I mean I'd you don't.
You might have now. You might have acted soberly eventually. Yes, yes, yes, and I might have eventually world. This is gonna dietary. You from ever texting anyone ever again asking for a favor. I really hope it does No, no, it doesn't because it was even a favour, was sort of like day ass. She lay in right. There could yes we're gonna, she was young, and so you are right. It was soon that, because we both sleep in the marital bad, they have lain your act. This fucking were again. I'm giving myself like a on the whole thing, because there was another version of the text that was much more aggressive. Did you have recheck. No, no! No! I I know I know when I don't want her input like it would have been. Why is to lead her in August? She always pulls me back about thirty per year, but all in all there there was a much meaner too, the response I have composed my head and then there was a much nicer wonder I composed in any kind of just went down the middle and then again you're a man. She too, I took debated,
yeah like yours. Amid do you you want to make this good or you want to make this work because we can go either. Acts were both up for that too. I assume right work. We want mine grenadine, I wasn't. I wasn't because I was referring to you because I felt inappropriate to begin so like Who is more of set that I like that? I do it that's what through the cracks had? I not email. Do you a month before it wouldn't bother me at all right, that's not to say that it wouldn't bother me in the past. Just like any now, some calculating upper I'm up and down on whether I am annoyed by that or we'll used by that or or don't care. That was the other thing now is realising you know, because I think the entire evening of that when I was actually texting, I was driving with my a guy was on my show, commuting your Dave, Anthony out of you know. I don't know if funny guy and the eyes do its part that the comedy store you know when this was like in progress and, like you know, I think when I got the first text from you, we were driving and am I
pull over and deal with this, oh my god, this is of your words and wars and were not really you really nailed. The response was so benevolent. I will hold on I added full over to do. I rarely pull over and tax that I want to make sure. I got a right right rack and there was, I think, a weird there. At one point there was a big gap in that in the correspondence beer you we had to wait till the next day. No, no, it was that night. What had happened was, I think you sent me text, but we had gone to dinner and we were watching the finals episode of picky blinders. So I was just I didn't look my phone for about three hours, so it properly looked like I was. I seen you out on Europe for a while. Yet so you maybe have already had filled in a bunch of stuff. Ah, yes, Eliza forget you. Or that ended in my head, we're fucked jack. You not. I mean it's right here. What do I give a shit? You know, so what about it's going to make me password Emma Yak is your right. In fact, if I had to pick my like what outcome that the last on my list would be you just fucking ignore
That would send me and do that to you right in nor what I do. I just was it you and why you didn't remember and then, when I Look it up. I was lucky. You know we just have one sentence Agnes. Had no recollection of it. When I read I realized I had read it before and maybe I'd said like I get back to him and then just one why, So I'm glad it was months ago now realize it was. In fact I sent three like Monica was like you just got a fucking man. Up and ask your friend I didn't ideal when I started mine eye to eye ass people's friends of friends in and out of the people that I was dealing with were comics and they were not your big shots in any way like when I Conan on there was a big deal. Romagna do that. Did you feel bad asking what nobody? I felt that in this sense it like, like I felt like for that whole first year, so that most people right now
in trouble is doing, this project is not known even over the bad guys. While I can say is, I can compare this to when I was on punked verses when other people were upon. So when I was among the issue had never aired, so I would you put these people in a situation where they were usually scared. The end at the end of it go you not just joking. You got Pont, oh by the way, pulses, show that all air in about six months- and here is the premise like there was enough- it was it was. It was bad news followed a long explanation that made no sense of them, whereas it leaves the people after me got to see you got plankton. They were relieved right, right, you're doing a podcast in two thousand and nine. They don't even knows what the fuck that is yeah yeah and I really felt that like but but see the benefit of that is. I was free, humbled and sort of like you know. I had no choice, so it wasn't. You know like how to make this work and I had a sock it up in just eat my pride, because there was not much
went on for me. You know like this. Was it ever? Am I right in that? You are on AIR America right yet a few domain chosen air America and then right, but that that that's not very glorious. You know like in enforcing carnation. I was there at the beginning, and I we're done radie before and I was out here. I got married the job nothing What's goin on here, I'd gone through a deal with a couple scripts with somebody, so I went after I had an apartment in New York, and I started doing radio for the first time in my life had six in the morning liberal talk radio and I was a reactionary person. I'm not a real political thing, Why? Why are you? I showed up at AIR America with like a democracy for dummies book. I need to learn, but I was too funny. Guy was to be the funny yes, but then after enjoying sketches and stuff. How lie we did a lot of stuff for the latter writers. It was great comedy road. Eventually I, became like the driver. The show like I was the guy and I have a lot of very soon our people around me to inform
me, but I had to learn how to read the news: keep up with the narrow J out the Senate works. Why should I like this guy, not this guy? What this guy do like there but to do that? All day, long story, where you pressure to joint, where you free to have your own take on an original, is better off he. I was better. I had my own taken by what I found this time went on, though, that if you're doing that stuff every day that it will become sort of on a avoid, or that you are carrying water for somebody in the sense that you know if you are progressive, there's the umbrella too. That this way, I believe, tat if your way left this, what you believe your centrist them- crack this way the IP trim things you get away, laughter who is sort of like theirs? no other way than doing a beacon. We socialists instead using machinery I also like us. They gonna pull back from there, but but no, but you you find that your servicing, a narrative so in that started, start above me out, but I was there for a year and a half per year and six since then the CEO New guy came in and cut us out you're twenty years.
Silver next year. The sooner you don't up, isn't it ninety one August, nineteen and then next year between one right right this August, I mean we're right. We were really ahead of ourselves in Europe was to do that. Now, that is to say that's fact, loaded engineers. I was sober, sober with silver and married and, as I was getting up to thirty three in the morning because I had to get up to speed on the news I get to the office by three or so because we were, we had a crunch, a lot of shit we were opposite schedule ever stand right I mean I would drink like like two large Duncan doughnuts cotton. Oh yeah, I e bags of Emily So I was wrong. I outlined nobody's veal around the noon. In those they know you you're fucked, yet because if you do the show, sixty nine and by ten M hadn't home, and you just like doing basic shit, I'm going, and then you basically filigree, flew all the time I can I get you like, and what are you in about five p m now? I would if I didn't get to bed by eight thirty or side panic. Yes, I hate that
and I do comedy and weakens our is always all fucked up and then I got gap morning I euralia get away to live with it that pure normal rhythm, I was at my heart manner. I was she was out here. The new house at All- and I was running our marriage of across calling her up when I got to work at three in the morning. I time midnight here like where the fuck are you what's going on here. I am so now it is. It is it that is to say that I am how one at least for long distance relationship now did you tell them on their whereabouts, had blue eye but anyways, so that new guy comes in Gothenburg and he runs me out. He is right after stern and with terrestrial, but so we get fired, yet what happened a whole Yang odd way? I don't like it any Goldberg, any credit August ISA might he'd. Give you really fucked me and our minds in Vienna at the resentment of my neck. Oh shit, yea. I agree. I agree we did
Rachel mad out the prime morning spot art riley, my partner. No, that's where I came from his air Marrakech, oil hired as a news reader, oh Adam, America then became the third on a show, and then, when I was fired, she got her own to our chunk morning and she was great ammunition. Still grey eyes it I'd that that's why have cable is to watch her right, but but so I got pushed out a came back here. Continued the bad beyond the marriage, on going had we but here's what he was the fucked up thing. There was a faction within our America that wanted to keep me around here. There is fighting faction, yellow they come out here and set me with my own show on Katy, ok, but it's at ten o clock at night show and it's gotta go live and the station manage their hates me put me on in Siberia at ten o clock live show that would was contractually obligated to the women's basketball
and yet I'm being or whatever the team is here earlier there with them. Then there is the clippers to write off. Is that the women's? But they are not? It covers the male we have big covers the layers and amends, and then I remember the ala either way was like you know it's that game ran long. We were sitting there waitin. Yes, now what seems on? it seems hard for me to imagine. Knowing your personality bit is that you basically were fired and rehired by that organization. Four times right tired and then, like you and then the week that I got fired and they put me on the evening, show yeah, and then it was the third time I think was only three and you are able and all those times ago, like a book because I have to a man in your initial responses. Fuck you you fired me, but then you are able to talk yourself off that, like I knew the old rich guys, but now that thing was guy, get gone through. So much guard
after I left, but now there's a new rich guy he's gonna, bring it back in and make the lasting. I really want to get back on his work for them at all right, but Carl's ideas. We do a streaming. Videos show that's the thing now streaming, video be like a daily show yeah, unlike in I'm, barely functioning. My wife left me of emotional incapacitated comedic Liam the up, I'm just like onstage, you yelling and crying aha, and that I think, are capable of doing you think, but I need the money to save her, keep your house to stop her. Oh cause. You needed a lawyer know how lawyer by the year, but I was the one with the money and her lawyer was killing me for nothing yet dissatisfied sure, because she thought she deserved the house, and it was in my name and yeah whatever, though, that whole thing we're when you start talking about how quickly, as the data sheet or large rate changes, he hates me inane. She, I choose one
we don T need to talk about her anymore, but by the deal was their America there's a new rich guy. I got a guy's gonna say answer me says cannot, will do streaming? Video it'll be funny. I could daily show on the computer and am I I need this my money up front. So I can pay her to stay this shit, then I need this amount of money do a job and they did it. There are still up their break room live we citing this guy, this idea we build the studio would be in the studio, we're like no, these being the brake room, so we're literally in the bright yellow Madeira. America are like coming to get love, luncheons, exact idea in their pay me, like hundreds, thousands hours were in the break room and we knew the days or number we do. You know. I just, but you Think because there was a web element to vat, that that's why you were comfortable doing the pod. Can
Is that the dog that is like no one watch the we were way ahead of the curve on stream video, no one gave a shit Youtube, wasn't what it was. We would just dream it live and we get like you know. If we at eight hundred fifteen thousand viewers we're like we're, kill in Rio and gave a shit. I wasn't watching a thing on the internet in two thousand nine course not now, so the two thousand out two thousand eight you have no way to arm chair, you dare Monica. We are blessed with some pretty great sponsors. They are now an armchair export is supported in part by hello, fresh, the meal kit, delivery service that shops plans in delivers your favorite recipes and pre measured ingredient. So you can just cook, eat and enjoy misreading laborious trips to the grocery store. I am compiling lists and recipes in your head. You not gonna. Do that,
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all the way through like I would do anything without that right. Right, he's Jean. I people like that, my life, yet Monica being one of them, nice yeah, did I hate you more political, doing, Matt or less or a no, what ultimately, what really transcended for me and what happened on the original AIR America's. When I talked about my life, my cats, my weird struggles, those were the the segments of resonated, then for, like writing in seeing eye tat, was great story so, like ice, to realize doing them They show that this was a good format for me that, like you, not everybody, translate into this. Anyone can talk on a MIKE, but what makes people listen? Who knows what that its yeah but if I lock in I can do that. Yes, so so that was a gift. Was something I got from our America, talent that I didn't realize. I had that I really like you and once you learn how to handle a MIKE your own just sitting by yourself. That's a very transcended thing. It's like finally
and the third ball up in the air, when you tried no warning at a juggle, you know you. I can do this. Yes, Europe, your preamble on your podcast, I feel like, are like doing stand up with no audience and not necessarily finding you just have to have this tremendous conviction that what you're saying will wool seminal fine valuable. Also you just have to be in it. That's the way. I think that an outline, what really do as we did you have to like you- have to be able to sit by yourself and talk to that right out. Like he's that's a weird thing, I was tariff, like. If I had any don't let me do basically just let us hear the other voice in your hand, do have a conversation with yourselves, you describe it. I will I just sort of start on the topic and hopefully go somewhere like that more of an inch. Propositional thing later, where you're hoping something clicking. That's like thinking out loud more than hanging on Brazil at this early when you're like who I'm in a sweet spot right now sure yeah definitely now, and I think I actually will say that or laugh it myself
do you get a now? Is it annoying at all that there are so many podcast now, no because you're such Madame now, if you're really going there was a time like we ve had weightings you like to get back to what happened I got fired I'll, get you where you want to go, I get fired so and we're there I was in New York. My divorce was pretty much over and you know they didn't kick us out of the building. So you know I said to Brendan. I said: look you know they're these guys doing these things. Can we figure it out you know. Yet there was the man who had you, heard and heard anybody New there to do in a new and new Corolla did it, but he came from radio sets in my gotta, but there were guys we're doing specifically Pike S, cabin Psmith, Jimmy Pardo Jimmy Door. Like not many there, but they were guys I kind of new, the other guys in my game. You know there are a lot, I guess a really great ideas. Levies, I'll get you weren't, you
your money back is that about walked down fuck all the sheep. We don't need a run down, one no, Ok, so Brendan figured it out an apple at that time was like wanting people with some profile or some ability, because ultimately the then maybe even now apples mean reason have podcast was for their equipment. They weren't they weren't providing server. I was just a portal, so anything that would make people use ipod. More. That was what it was for. It was really about the equipment. Right. You know it was early like you know they can sell something that there was nothing to do on it. That's all NATO's videogame council. How did we get knew? What can happen? Podcast yell by but certainly when we started up, you know I didn't. I was very aunt. I e you know
boy a social mediating like Facebook. I still don't write. Your twitter was sort of nascent in I was I gotta get on you know, but like I knew enough to know that in order to get people louisen, I had to call on my friends who people liked. They don't really know me. I think a lot like I made a commitment to not do politics in the pod gas daily at all, a member being very excited when we have fifteen hundred downloads that first, but the first twelve or slow shows you can hear. We do know what it was debated for this blanket idea that we were doing see a radio style segments interviews were shorter. I would have to interviews a day. I may be a phone interview at a guy in there sometimes Matthew to talk about movies, to her trying to feel out what we wanted. The show to be yes, and I said I tried to set up a studio. I had these MIKE's on those widows. We had the table, taps, tangier and I'd have people, and it was in. My grudge was not set up as a studio. There was a table.
And there were still shit like grad shit, but, like you just my garbage and I had a mad a book. I didn't never mixer. I dont think like. I would do a longer interview, Doner Monologue and then there was a third segment. That was usually we played is sort of a Kafkaesque Faye guessing. People offers real or not. I get improv actors. Radio network I'll show you Jerry minor. There's got him David Waterman that used to do on Paula, shears, wife June. Yet she was with what did one with Matt. There were great yeah now have doing and cause people did not know right like if it was real or not eventually, just evolves away from that third act. Just became conversations, as I was having these conversations with people, I knew young apologizing trying to integrate myself back into the community yoga Neue yeah, I'm free the divorce and strapped comedy careers. Nowhere near my not nothing is anywhere guesses. Apart,
car park as I have really I'm doing stand up, but I had no, I could sell tickets and bright. I always had some amount of people respecting me. I could give you were gonna. Can I ask you, don't really quick or what were you basing? Were you getting any kind of metrics on why the third act was the wondered. Dump. Are you just nine from your report? You felt was working. Do you have your dad and to tell you you know download. No, no, no, we didn't know I just it just became a difficult to tell it came tricky to book, basically making it available debate your being picked by improv people like you know, I what but he got the idea in your calling up these improv improvised a thing he guiding. Point do on the radio there. The guy gave a water me. I don't know he would do like these characters it. There was a two or three of them on the Euro chosen just nuts I keep it made a guy who smoke. That's obvious of all we need is called Algeria is a team Steve here.
No. No, it would ignore that stuff. That gives you we can now say no yours argument. It was videos on people who we are and they would jump out a window or whether they have massive always unusual losing for here we did that on the air with real rights you know, but people be exert real and we any did as other thing of of this guy who tracked me down from elementary school on, face Could I in turn out to be a sociopath? It was. It was pretty These are all archive they're all available yea. I didn't We are not a no no you're right now. The archives of the most recent fifty are always free, like since their free for six how can they go behind them? The pay wall, which is howl? How that fm to how's the archive? Aha so they're all either all available he's got join how for like a box whenever it is, but to get to your other thing, your monetizing in metrics, or the only metrics, and also jealousy so
going metrics among had Elsie for me the night, my main kind of you, I was crazy, I'm crazy yeah, I think so by we look I'm imagining myself having been a pioneer in something. Two thousand nine and then all these people have interviewed now have their own show. I feel like it would urge me a bit but again, depending on where my own self esteem was that they may be I'd be happy for the maybe I would but I do want it, These are certainly not the case. What was not the case, the being happy for some? It is never the rarely option illegally. It has been like you're. My life is changed. Nothing. Certain things have happened around my self esteem.
Because of accomplishments. Let enable me to be that way now, but not that right in so I basically what I want to tell you why I have one cause you're, largely to credit for why I started one because I've done a bunch of movies. I've done a few tv shows in people. You know they tell me what they think of those things when I'm out in the world and those those interactions are never really what I want them to be for whatever reason either. I think. Oh, they just recognize me them what else to say, so they gotta say I love blank growing, rather be in an awkward situation or of myself deems really high, and they say that was great. I think gray, but I know that's going to fill up the whole so that what it doesn't matter right point is of all the things have done. The way people of tar
to me about my interview on your show has been really profound. It's made me feel wonderful in a way that no response at anything cover done really have love. That's a your show in SAM Jones. In both of those were like you know, his is an hour long format. I don't know how long you and I talked, but I've had people say to me like no man out of checking what that episode like every few weeks or really rye, and I got a holy shit that that means a tongue domestic. As someone didn't write that for me I wasn't a great director or but it's not the you know, I didn't benefit from of super well choreographed anything. It's just who I am and while that affected somebody that that makes me feel really fucking good in any of the other stuff rise, and I I thought fuck about I like that that feels nice. I would like to do that more in its early cause you so I can at one time I could see, were if hurry Herpes
awesome. Do you hear these started the millionth podcast, but I just want you to know why I would want to do what you do because now it is important yeah very flattered. I am glad that you have experienced. Your choice is huge reach, which I don't have to tell you about, but there are different things were you? You do them in and may surprise you their reach one of ice stern like when I did stern. I my holy fuck, so many people listen to start or Emily's, judging basin, twitter, reassurance and stuff right in their people them with him. For years the yeah their whole life ass, some people, you know and am in an E. Your show is very similar to that, because if people they listen to it, it's not like the they listen to us as they would watch a tv show right to an F men. This is like a part of their identity and some weird way it that's true for some,
oh yeah, that's really cool in in their therein a relationship with you. Yes in in they can they don't have to be entertained per se. They don't have to be. You know, there's all right there. In a relationship with you and they enjoy the relation right and it's very unique and cool. It's wildly. I took a long time to sort of realise epic young people come up to me. They're like you now. I know you really well that yeah me it. Ah, yes, and I'm like that's true yeah, I'm sorry that I, I hope, you're having relationship with it, while I had and thought of that. But but I'll say that, wouldn't when people knew me for, movies yeah. There was a big separation right and then, when people knew me from parenthood, it was in their living room and actually could feel that what people talk about his eyes off here, peoples living room once a week. They do feel like they know you even more,
and then, of course you are that character that carry yes, yes, my girlfriends be governed deserve one of her things. She watched who's your girlfriend right now, Sir Kane she's, the other painter yet but uh, but their jealousy thing. For me was it, you know one of the guys that did the that have. The big pack has now be a dead. What did come after me around the same time make new hardware Rogan Yellow a little after me. I think they are both a little after me really right, and then there are a lot of people. They can't you just P. Hardwigg, though, is so genuine. Don't you agree? Israelis is clearly reeks of like a genuine interest in the thing he's talking about. I guess, you know, I really I've always had a problem. We ve had problems over the years, I've had problems at all them over the area. In my own mind, you sure you know but I had them all and I try to reconciling yes ordains only the other day that he, you were instrumental in him getting so
That's right! You re no matter what thing you do or don't have with him. That's right, yeah gives you ready. Ultimately, when the first person, I think he Remember when he was pudgy, sweaty and drunk yeah Galvin, I in Venice. The I think. That's when it happened. Tat were used look he's all right. You I just. I found it to be I've title, Louis face. I said you know what I think is what he tried to me than nerd Rhine. See. Crises like I would love to be back. Do you know? I guess I mean you know he's a good broad castor, easy, good personality. You know he he is broad enough days appeal is, is that you also seems to have the unique gift have been able to juggle amiss, these things at once. Like you know, you know much guy, I'm the one I have to be singular Canada? I can't even answer an email from you. I don't know, never manage my email account yeah yeah, so
I have to be so singular focused on something I just don't do a very good job at it. Maybe I'm impressed with his ability to He knows how to deliberate power. You know I he'd delegate right. And there he delegate trust me. I mean to say that to correctly I do not think that's right, yeah. I did I hear onwards out. I don't do that. Well, do you delegate No, I don't hit me and my partner at Brenden. We we don't and we think we didn't, we didn't build a network were not part of the network and we run around shop. You know because we're very control, freaky about you and the quality of what we're doing You know, I don't know that you necessarily become rich like that right, in that way. The Chris wanted to be rich, like if you want to be a real. How important is being rich to you. Both me I'm glad to make money, and I'm glad you know the things worked out for me and that you know I'm making a healthy living, but it was not never it's an obsession of no! No, no, no, ever from fear of economic insecurity. I do suffer from that, but
but that doesn't mean I won't be rich. I dont want. The economically secure yeah, but what does that mean? I may I guess that Why dont want to worry about money via, but I dont know I don't need a hundred million dollars right? You don't lay in bed going fuck. I gotta get this number. If I get this morality, safe, noble their zap, but it's not that big, a number. Ok, you open, like somebody Louis seems to have a similar relationship with money, or at least, if I am to believe him on stern, which is he doesn't worry about, it doesn't think about it. Does he cares about? Yes, he just be spends it. He means to spend money to make it like. You used you know like he like if he when he makes bad financial decisions it horses him to work right.
Those guys, I'm not! That guy is not going to lose everything given here to force my hand on generating something else, was the probably the unique ability to just go out on the road at any given moment right now, yet he had had the unique ability to at any point go fuck it undisguised ago do tat, AIDS or rats yeah, I dont! You know we have been talking. I have reached out. I don't you, I don't know I was feeling let things media before this shit hit the fan with him. Yet he could do that. I give you a hand, she had it's kind of a superpower, its evils. Good. If you have the floor, we that's about an audience, but the jealousy thing like White will Chris obviously had a plan to take over the world Christen Hardwicke wanted to be in. You have a an empty it also and assets it. He could sell Nike. That was the plan. I know other people Japan your people and are you judge mental of that plan? Are you like, but no
I am to have it. No, it's fine with me you're. My problems with him are ultimately around like. Are you a comic rhino and do you give a shit like what are you creating? Is this just a brand? Who are you in their yeah? You know end we welcome. It seems to be interrupted. This seems to be a theme with his within stand up right. So yeah, ok, exclusionary to me right because I did sketch calmly, but that wouldn't be a comedian in your book right, no either. I e, but I did it that, but that's not the point you're not doing comedy. Do you not going up there being a stand up like? I would urge you know, like you know what I mean I knew Hardwicke when he was like you know it s, sort of like drunk eat, Brodie. Host on MTV right. He came to stand up later, but by this point certain paid. His dues and he's got an audience and you know he can do it yeah, you know, but there is always something within me before I when I was younger was I stand of state.
I've been a certain way it we pay our duty as when I'm wondering is it that you like? Is it? Is it? Is it because there's there's so much suffering ins doing stand up for from the beginning, however long you do it there's a lot of fuckin, pain and suffering. Right if he be covered some people, the that's what I warned of after doing the show you can't generalise and a lot of great comic mines are or are not fuck up here, like the others, while people are very to do yet welfare on someone, but nobody I mean people come from different places. I've I've I've loosened my bitterly in judgment around. But how does it was, as you are not true of your experience was a tremendous amount of pain and suffering and logistical leave just paying your duties was not appear suffering that you know in there was a waiting to be a comic, and now they D doesn't exist. That training does not exist in the same way, right
the boat, but I'm not a musician xo. I can. I can certainly understand if you're a musician and you watch American, I owe you go. This is bullshit. This is like you're taking a short cut right but you could also lose sight of the fact that will carry oxen still a fuckin amazing singer right like so. You know at the end of the day it I guess what I'm when I'm curious about, is that I dont think you see in, like you know, for I don't know what occupation were As other people enter it. We have known for their their mad that other people have entered this so for Chris he It has the label of a comedian and that doesn't feel earned. It did for a while, but like I think what he is a host. Ah, you know what comedians job, it's one, the jobs available to comedians backing. I think he's always been a host and yet the comedy thing was good gum, some chops go on tour little bit. I was nerd stories but United.
His job of his nerve in show business is a host and he's fine with that job. You know whether it's a game show host or talk, show host. You know, he's a house guy now, when you we're doing stand up in you are looking at others turnips they, the trajectory, used to be right in the nineties, as if you were a break out, stand up. You then got a sitcom. You got a deal you know, I mean that was the model for awhile, based on a few people back in the day then everything there is an amount. Where you get you can just by a comic with a point of view, you give him a gimmick. Deal and then get a writer with him and yell at sea. We get it up and going and you have yielded was that a path that you saw yourself, which is something that you you know you expected in work hard enough Like where's my deal, you know I gotta you're back then you know in I wrote it out for a couple of scripts that never went to pilot here. I had some small dealer to coming up. I, all those opportunities that never when anyone right they pack has with the IMF.
Me everything I have and that something I did on my home. You know I put some guys, you know we're like fuck the deal's who went out with it always amassing use. It is that I got us it in full honesty. I was blown away with how good you are and low like sincerely our friend Jack he's on the show, so we were compelled to check it out and as working Can you not to watch Jackie? I'm going Factory Marin is its, your balls, I, if you're so good at it in, I think an outsider who doesn't know about it would go always has been himself which, as someone has been doing this for twenty five years, the fucking harnessing the world to do yourself. Weirdly. It takes the utmost confidence because none of us think were interesting. Enough rises be right MA. I think that with him with SAM Sylvia you're having done forest, Is it my own show and your weight that night came because the package you got me the following got me: stand up attention. It got me. The tv show the last book so ultimately on some
of all, not you're, not so much glow, but like I always wanted to do that by no wages, our that due to you that I now are you you read for it. They didn't. What they want it in. You know I was really looking at just finished I shall by wanted to do some acting and they sent me a script. My manager did now my I do this guy and I put it on with video. Did Rhine idea. So it's and at last his on self taped were put, it will cost shirt on. Maybe your glasses. I read with my. It's not trainer, lady wise, we monitor how good and because it could be that zero interesting reading no, she did it, and indeed they cast me your Genji liked me. I they show runners were initially sold from what I understand by Genji, who is producing a genji call. Him was like that's your guy, so, but with that guy, you know that parts of that guy with me? You know and also that guy gives me license. You know too, maybe, like your exploring,
your sexism and in any sort of being a bully? yeah, but also being fundamentally insecure and and someone who is, why is life isn't working out for right? So I could I can identify with that. But I make certain choices in that character. That are not me I think that what you do eat just mentioned it. You have some cover fire of it being set in the eighties right. You're like you can, as you say, you can be more sex. As you know, it's written outweigh yeah, but isn't that liberating in a weird wake, as I think do you like myself, you kind of in a weird way you? U lament the that basically any kind of racial observations are at the table now any kind of female male observations like com. He has been stifled the bit lately right, I pushed through you know like you get push through. I think that you know that this right now, it's volatile there, there's gonna, be a balance.
Yeah I mean it's. Gonna, like you know, what's happening is is righteous but, like ultimately you know we can walk around you're, completely self censorship Ryan and like how the how it shakes out culturally with them men and women at yeah. That's that's! Always an ongoing project layer but for me to to let you know to be able to do that. Guy you're, going to find a heart in that guy and to find a kindred spirit in Alison's character. Like I just you know, I will talk to him. Actors. I've done, I played myself. I know I weren't I'll, be on Cameron Stuff, so that stuff was in a great education. You, through the hundreds of hours you ve done of the podcast in you, ve gotten a response that says you are entrusting. You know you are you, you haven't quality, that's worth paying attention to. Do you think that
you, a confidence acting we'll. Oddly you, I was very nervous at the beginning of my own show, but walking under I knew I like this is about. I shoulders are not producing. Not writing not like. I gotta put this guy's pants on an and find out. You know who he is. You know, which is. If, oddly you know, you put the pants on, makes a big difference. Shaved, my my soul, patch off, but the glass on my hair go in and I read the script, and so I wasn't that nervous, maybe the first day or two, but going you go, seem forest, me compartmentalize, like I'm able to memorize lines like I can do that. I was doing to show my show. I was in every scene, writing it shall I do you know em, we didn't have a budget and we were shooting you were doing two fifty way easier to memorize your own. Writing is in jeopardy.
Really my writing. The writers room out of it still, but every scenes are like I just got into a system of like you know like you. After some point you you can't do the night before shake as you can familiarize yourself What's going to happen, you can know the story and and and read the lines and maybe, if you got a big speech or something maybe try to get that in your head, not ultimately you're going to do it. When you're there you and your with your co stars, yeah. Let's run this what's right, let's run it and then you know, you're gonna do serve several different angles of coverage and you can work it that way, but like for me like what it's more get a sense of it. Look at it read it out loud memory if you can but you'll be in it the day I'd it is liberating, isn't because I went from doing a couple year long bit of work where I was only acting in what I had written and directed right here and then I for the first time last year did another person's movie, and I got
oh right! This is fine. I guess it's just concentrate on this moment right in that's really far and whoever like there was an airiness to tourism learning to have like eight year. Then there is the element within the other person worry about the full story. There, drawing I just gotta be honest about this moment. No tell me if that doesn't work in the false. Exactly that's nice. That's the way to look, gets a good way, look at it, and I started wicked that more that way in the second season. But for me like it's like fuck with these have been here three hours, Yeah yeah, but, like I'm not complaining by you know, there's a lot of things I do and theirs part of acting when you, when you're there for the day, and you shoot one scene and your downtime is like five or six hours, yes wrought where you're, like sort of could have been doing. You know it's my number one trigger which, as I have
it being a part of the bad plant like it for a moment of friends house, and they want to move up a couch through a fuckin doorway. He I can see that the person calling out which we too tilted is doing its. I find it insufferable. I just can't be a part of a terrible plan and quite often on a set Europe part of this really poorly laid plan into their Read it like. I didn't live far from Saxony, like there were times when my, how long does it is me three hours you think like that if you would tell me in the eye and they let me know it wasn't it, which has made a justice to a lot of being on a sad is waiting Do you know any? How do you spend that time? But, like I generally sit on set, I watch the other people work I'll. Let you know I'll read a bit I look at my phone and I like a kind of revered there. Is it like a fun thing for you to be the old Member of the cabinet and a lot- I don't know I don't know and the girls. I ve got a lot to do the women of gather wrestling and there, like a sort of doing their work. That's what's amazing about it, my theirs
king fourteen women there, just in there in a cast in their working, reverence working here. We socializing staff by but its intense, you known in there. Jobs are of little more intense. But are you happy that you like this second seizing like there are times when I am I doing the guy or might just be me? so. Can I just tell you, I remember coming home in season two of parenthood. I said to Christian. I don't know I've gotten lazier, something like I feel like I'm not putting in the world right. I just have this weird pang of guilt that it was too easy and she goes on that's what being on the tv show as it gets progressively have use your every year. Gives you just know the character so? Well, you don't have to really think about and she was right. I got better as after what I was doing less and less and less, but it was a weird thing, Here you ll get you out of your most. Certainly if you have that feeling, you're getting better at that that the roll ogier in in by you know how many I hope for you doesn't seasons the edges,
it even easier and for us like six year I was like I could. Reach the scene in the make up trailer five minutes before we shall it be better than when I worked on shit for today my son saying yeah yeah, it's what I held right and then you can also that muscle you can memorize it way. Faster least I could. I could you could hand me a scene I could do it. That's right, I don't think everybody can do that, but I mean it's a good thing to be able to do. I ass. I really assume everyone can do it, because I was so bad at memorizing when I started the shown and others anxiety about increasing Gophna honey, we you're you're gonna, be it's gonna, get really easy for you and I'm right now, but I'm dyslexic- and I won't be that way for me about it- was it was exactly that way. For me, in a right I was generally ha beggars. Volante by jealousy tit, Is that like it's in it, it's not nearly as bad used to be ultimately over time. Once all this store figured out how to make our shows around
the living added or make some money to do whatever the hell we're doing. I became less obsessed with other people. I just do the job I want to know, because you ve had a fuckin pretty awesome last few years right there and I think, if worse, or, as I think we are, you tell yourself all growing up like if I have this, I'm going to feel this way. If I have this amount of money, I feel is where five this amount a successful, feel. This way, I like myself out myself. Esteem, will be good. You, you said some Merla. That goes contrary to my experience, which is it sounds like the success has healed some stuff, for you is nothing, that's accurate everything it has yeah interesting. As might my my experiences. Ok, I got this stuff. I wanted. I feel the same exact way about myself again in the things I ve discovered, that give me self esteem are not related at all to the things I thought would give me self esteem but something's. I hear I understand that I'm sure
you hear that uses different. I don't know it's different. I think that the things that you probably find it give you self esteem. I could probably use more because the fundamental insecurities or tapes I tell myself around, you know how I look or or whether on funding that, though that's that's tempered a little bit like I did. The thing that's happened for me because your most of my career self, designed whether be stand up or the podcast or the show, is that I can see very clearly that I've gotten better it all of them. You know which means that I've worked hard and you know I can now see that I can do things like I. You know the limitations of my talent, but I also know where I can put it a little harder and I'm ok with. I have a certain myself acceptance around. My short come right, yeah so by the way that that's in esteem, a black getting better at something improving on something working hard at something. That is something that can improve yourselves thing. That's but by going to the saga wards in- and I don't know, Billy Bob Thornton says hire you
for me. Like you know like I, there was a period there during the show where, like people say, like you showing me like, you Aren't you stand of two like a guy. Can right was like this default you're, but then it became something I was very good at me and then became respected at it. Here- is for some reason. I had a knack for talking to people and serve That was uniquely mine, and so I started to accept that now I accept like I dont, ask people when they say I, like your show, my which he had no idea? What was your will one day and I made my tv show glow podcast what what? What? What do you like? Because I want to know how I feel about it I'll just say. Thank you, yeah unethical. Rotation continues. Usually I can figure it out, but but what? Ultimately you know, what has happened is that you, my partner and I we were not entrepreneurs. We did not set out to make money. We had no idea how he was from gonna be a career guy. You know and said by radio or or ORD Aura, a news television of some sort
and I was gonna do about around for whatever, however long and be rooms, whether so the fact that was we out into this medium early enough to tell where it was nebulous. People didn't know how to make money and not lose the listeners. How do you? How do we do this? I mean I was packing envelope sending swag packets of people that donated you're on pay pal right in the first year or two, so we evolve with the business and we built a business and we run a business, and you know I am very proud to him and YO he's guenaud. He came full time with me for years ago. You know like he was working he couldn't even say he was producing my showcase, who is doing it your and on his own time, working on MSNBC shows you doing like he was moonlighting on your right in the fact that, like when he said, I'm gonna come on. Oh my god, you at all yeah yeah. I can go down, but you know you got a clear goin down me like tonight: lighted the research jungle.
I voted yes, so like the fact that he bought his first house in your own eye. You not I'm part of that that the of that estimable to me that we built this thing. They gather young, would not knowing anything in India in a new medium and then like the fact that, like I dont get scared, I'm not scared, stand up anymore, not scared, acting anymore, I do get scared when I have to talk to people, but that's ok, I'll catch, you don't know how I got an ago her. You know I mean, but so that stuff, but the party, your story that I do think is on people could could gleam something from our take as advice which you would never give. But I just reading about you. Last night I saw in you someone that you put a million fuckin pokers in the fire, like you tried a million different things and you stayed active in you were obviously it's obvious. Now you are open to whatever what weight of the river was flowing. Ultimately right like so. You had an idea of where you were gonna, be I don't know who that was Fuckin Richard prior something and then some out, but you stayed busy. You didn't bunch of things.
Doing radio, you start a podcast and then you're open did the fact that you might be great at something you didn't pick for your like. Like day I'd like to it have been as unpleasantly frame busier. Bring it but like it at what happened to me is that you want to be committee, yeah yeah. I want to be a great comedian and you don't think I'm a pretty great comedian, but the fact was it when the Pike S happened. I had to fully accepted my heart because, if I didn't I would be delusional that you're, I probably wasn't beyond tv, show I pray isn't gonna, be a great comedian wasn't gonna sell tickets that like I'd Peter Wall- and you know- and I didn't know what to do I didn't want to be a no name, comic doing be rooms. For the rest, my life I'd rather die yet so so, like I had a let alone, she goes identity, shit right, you, you had an identity. You you had this. I worked out with the young because it was worth It didn't work, it didn't work
and doing comedy for fifteen twenty years that point it didn't work, but that, but that takes drank the net, something that I hope people? What kind of think about is like ok? Well, I have picked this identity for myself and but but but I would encourage people. Be a little fluid about that and be a little open to that. Maybe we're not the best at picking her identity, that's right, but my flexibility was always you know who is like. I knew I was always kind of like gum beaten. Yeah like it was never like. You went on to hop going. Ok and I'm gonna try this known now that ideal radio, because I got Nothing going on yeah and work, But one thing that's obvious about use you. You have the crazy, fuck and drive on all your warehouses, surgeon rights in Taipei and some the audacity priority. But you have this incredible: drive your indomitable right. You ve had your asked a trillion fuckin times and then you keep starting over
Maybe, like you feel, because I like the weird thing, is that for somebody doesn't think about money, you know when someone is taking all your money, and you know you would like. They're really does become this weird kind of grown up moment where you like how the fuck am I going to survive, and what am I, what am I going to do like I'm, forty, whatever it was when I start the podcast, like I'm not going to try to write on someone show, you know if I can't you not eat, I really don't want to just like spend my life on the road not being known We think this is like a powerful representation to some degree, but we had a lot of shots. Anita enact I'd seen when you're in this business, you see it go badly for peep. Oh sure, the people are often there were. Four people all. This makes me icy when I'm witness that a bunch of times my short ride in what I
generally see is kind of this. A lack of flexibility like that they were, they were not able to, they might have been able they may, namely how into it you who the hell knows whether someone stubborn they just can do the other thing I mean. I was fortunate enough that I dont know what it was Dax, but yeah flexibility, out of necessity, yeah, but you know I give your encouraging people to do that without having being desperate great, give it a try the funny thing is is a pride. Getting the parade so to speak in determining what you see yourself. As you know, when is not happening in any way, can completely delude you yeah, you know end. You know it now, yeah, so waking up in your still fighting regarding a wealthy mask on you, you just can't see in and everyone else sees. It has very obvious to everyone else. Look that guy's gonna closer. My my very promise last question is
can you be a victim of your own comedic persona and I'm gonna get us a very funny bigger point of view. It is one of you but the years why well Miss Vassili. Were you ever see that Bobby fish documentary on HBO just champion, so he was a grand master and here I champion and then eventually became paranoid right like a clinical paranoid and he's gone batch crazy thing. He lives in Iceland is an anti semitic now and I'll disgraced up, but in that document really said, oh all, these all these passports, masters have become paranoid, the reason being as all day long. They sit there and they forecasts doom right. If I move here, he's gonna move here right. So the part of the brain they're using eight hours a day is giving strong stronger and stronger, and then they can't on unwired their brain now, they're always forecasts,
doom everywhere they go at right aid, no matter where the rat, but they also need to structure the world in a way that they have some control. I think they're paranoia creates its own dogma. Like you know, like you create a system that makes you believe, you understand how the world works. Yeah, that's what chess is deep, I just know me I offer button, but the reason I was thinking of it is I'm. So I've done. Lentils like car show a couple times have been on his show right, not bend was garage Leno, and he told me at one point like you know I so where's your wife how's she doing he's at oh she's, on a vacation. You know I got you ever go with her, I'm a gay. I don't go on vacation. I gotta work right in so that is his persona. Is that he's blue collar any works a lot, and I get it it's very successful for him, but then, at a certain point I'm pulling back goin. Yeah, but you should go on vacation, Confucius, women, your poor. You can very easily become a victim of your
persona. Oh yeah, I know I didn't yours is a little bit grumpy right, you're persona, and then I just one nor how you keep that in check on fighting I gotta. I really want to be grumpy like I just in view of a fear that if you transition into like a very happy grateful person is out of school year. I think I, like no other things, are merely conscious. As you know, you got a way of being there. You know, is sort of home base for you for most your life. So like it's a little harder to its hard to just decide not to do that anymore, but the flexibility thing. I think you might have no awareness of it if I had lived with Chris in the last ten years, and I watch some undoing virtually the opposite of what I do me in every situation. The Emma growth in check Do you like that year and then giving these rewards that I was searching for? I give reassess with gum shit. You, like, I just bought a new house. And it's really like. I waited a long time I have. I have lived in that same house, then I lived in
You know the only house ever by was that one, the other I pod get started. You know and I finally just really fuck it again- the wife again, no kids worming and do I can invite you again. You house, you idiot now live life, and I love the new house. Aha, but like I'm still little hung up on his are a little voice here going MRS dangerous. No, the voices like how much I get paid his voice cleaned now right you I like you, I do I can I wouldn't like it. I'm never think of myself as somebody who earns money, you know, or that's going keep earning money. All though you know so that that makes me nervous, but I get over that epidemic obsessed with like to get the right chair is this. The right chair that can go on for months why they get their fuckin chair right. So you know, through his dress, shares. We select big and bring it out there. Why? I love him We are in, and I really glad that we navigated that taxing exchange and again I'm gonna, give all credit to you, you're, you're, very sober and a response and applying it's all yours
bears lie of IFOR. I've tried and I appreciate I love you too. I when I wrote their response, like he's a silver guy goin sober. I gotta go straight. I take responsibility. How can we use almost put like now for nine months. Without God doesn't ended up, maybe ten be at hand. You pretend next to it, In ways I really like that you came so quickly after that existing outstanding and I gotta get over there and I actually had anxiety. I would if I forget, and then there just be worth some time where nothing like. I will never do this now and they both gonna hate me like traffic, unlike all gonna, be late? Oh my god, I'm full American. Birds, do it and retribution. Why I swear to you here publicly that I'm gonna personally drive her to your how vested right, good,
And then we're just gonna hang out jerk off in my opinion, they do if you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica Batman, point many errors and longest serving Monica Badman Back separate Mark Marin. What happened? So this is kind of a weird factor, but I'm gonna do it. When you're talkin about your text exchange, he and eyes yep yeah. You went into my phone without my knowledge, now it's sort of earth. I know that I know the details of this conversation is. I was involved kiss you. Equally rapid rise, you like a screen gram. Yes, so Mark said he waited until the next day to respond in you said no. It was that night because we had gone to dinner and the way to watch Biggie minders, and then you responded so much been three hours later. You said, but he is right or wrong. Yes, because it was
after day that this exchange happened. This text exchange Sunday as when we all want to dinner. We all our spooky blinders. Saturday. You guys had this exchange after during I don't know, Ellen's birthday party, ok and then it must have been after on law. When you got home and then you fell asleep, and then you responded the next morning. Whoa whoa. I d, all the AL. Qaeda. Ok, ok, continue! I was under Skinner, I'm gonna! Magna fact check your. U can I haven't I my fun to cause. You sent him to me. Ok, don't ask me for sending you by the way anyone who ever tax me. I am. I screen rabbit and I sent it directly. I only like, as you told you said, that in the episode yes again herself and ok, so I'm disco,
I see so the text was sent Tuesday November 29th to that's now, that's two thousand and sixteen that's that's not it: okay, okay, so Saturday February, tenth, two thousand and eighteen, he sent me a text at seven hundred and seventeen p dot m. I responded at one thousand, one hundred and fifteen p dot m four hours. Late yeah not the next day, be you responded with your antagonize yeah yeah he's talking about when you then said when you came back around he waited until the next day. To do that, you did. He waited until the morning yeah, I guess you're right, you're, right, you're, right, you're, right, yeah cuz, he is ice, in one of eleven nineteen that risk
There was no no you're, not shit, but can you imagine my point of view how that feels? Yeah right, that's gonna, neutral, loves me vulnerable can imagine, I feel better. Now is at eleven nineteen and then he responded eleven twenty five and I was at that point. I shall have the as yet at your age a year I and then an eight. Fifty two in the morning I wrote first of all your working, the shit out of the programme that you for the apology. I would love to have you back ass and I'm sure she will have to be on yours. I think we can all be happy heart ok, ok, I think I might have been confused about no response period. I thought he was saying I did not respond in all those first text until the next day, which at that that's where my confusion is ok through he couldn't find the name for the women's Basque about T R. He can remember the Delay Galaxy note, the California Golden Bears
This is, I believe these names are so insulting. I about, I said any of this. One on one merit- and I were talking about There are loaded, patronising these names for the Dublin, and yet it was like the sparkles in there may I be golden banger theirs? Is the fuckin mask out for a sugar Chris Super Sugar dress, like images, people, errors, yeah you're lovely bears you're right and I love it. He's talks about smoking, sowed the end. It is he's right, it is South Korea, it, sir. It's a plant species that has transit
psychoactive properties, european energy, raw hers. I can't recommended I've never done them. I've never done that either because you notice about you and I we have a long standing debate. I desperately want you to try ecstasy before he died and mushrooms yeah. I don't think you should leave planet earth before in again it is his vices only two Monica, I know her she's a responsible person. She has no addictive qualities, I'm not striving missed everyone, but I will say Monica Patman. If you leave this fucking planet without dancing on em dna in holding someone's Hannah kissing, it's a fuckin tragedy. Are you yet everyone else can make their own decisions for me. I don't think it would be a tragedy, and I are, No! I know I apologise, MR and MRS
admin for holding firm on this others? Also, data that doing mushrooms increases your long term, creativity, s, pretty good support that now and ah, I think you need to take a walk through the woods with some friends, and I know a lot of heat was I've done my ship, I don't find a be super, create, as our eyes did not say it could make all people creative, but it can't you can improve your own personal potential for creativity yeah. Whatever years already is we decide ten percent to eighty five percent share? What would be great, though, is if you have a venture where you down and you do it, then you can report on it here on the bucket. I could continue Mark said he knew Chris hard it when he was ass. An end, me and I didn't know he was a house on MTV when he was on singled out Yup singled out a date and genuine authority. Were she also the other
Yes, she was Malo, similarities, cousin YAP exactly and it was it was about fifty men and fifty women and they were competing for a date with one main content of the opposite sex and oh yeah. I had an idea so he started hosting her early on year, given the boys q, if your computer, you it was kind of way up to be a house on him to be yeah exactly using, is very welcome and going at that groundwater. You thought we had him on the package as and when he laughed Monica was short of breath. I was pretty enamored by him. Yeah, that's great! I liked what the sooner will. I know this is turning
to me getting embarrassed and I cried the girl. I do that, but he he's so smart crews, hardware yeah, it's very off Mark Marine topos. Yes, he is incredibly difficult.
Probably eco. Probably he deserved eleven. This pine Cathy Abacha has Mark was now as I and as he could have been yet, but I think that's marks sound it and it's his opinion in his experience with him you discuss ours is the friend of yours is different. Anyone I love Chris Hardwood is awesome, hurried him very much. You talk about the Bobby Fisher Documentary on each be, oh, I hope to God I'm right about this, because I tell that same story. All the time, and if I'm wrong busier me a big bomber from dont, think you're wrong. It's it's confusing cause. It's nowhere to be found on HBO. Now, ok, an HP old stockpiles, their steps like. If you want each be oh, go, you can find all their thing well, the ones that they produced so there's a new document. I've seen under that are recommended.
People that that vanish from their like I'm hot coffee, was when I loved that I saw HBO her and it's not on their anymore, and it's it's about tort reform it. It's phenomenal. Just you just witnesses on each Ba aired on HBO, but I don't know that it was their original documentary that they don't outright lies cause it's not there. In mine. I couldn't find very much information on the dogma Amy. It's called Bobby Fisher against the world. That sounds It's very on he's gone berserk he's dead, that's part of it always does. As part of this, and he was a nice one though right you were, you is living yeah, maybe an ice and definitely in some some far away. I am aware the area and the arctic circle he died in two thousand. Eight he died. Ten years is not up to date on him. He is no longer present with us test. As they say, how did he die? Valley Fisher died of kidney failure. Ok,
unrelated to his paranoia. Unless maybe he was so paranoid you stop drinking water, ah ha or is exactly that joining safe. You could. He was led yet something crazy, eminently renal failure, but yeah eleven ice, and indeed he did happen. Clinical parent or any wasn't anti some semite at the end of his life. And then you said, all grandmasters have paranoia. They don't all a cobbler, they all yeah. Ok, I don't. I said it's common, but really, I hope you are, but I bet you're right. Thank you said they may. Better story. When I say all, he has more of an emphasis, which is why you said it, but it isn't true some of them- do allow them of had weird stuff but think they can't really. They can't correlated to check the big to body Fisher and Paul more fee to big ones that were paranoid.
And- and you had Hudson psychotic but highly grandmasters? Are there to begin with, so it's gotta be a small pool, Sweden we're only sent a bears. How many fifty years ago, many of you mentioned at the end that marriage should put a number ten next to the text from the top step programme and said: do you wanna say with their number tennis people don't now now to go, had read it? I want the right verbal. Almost word number. Two
and out of twelve in a tub. Steps is continue to take personal inventory and when we are wrong promptly admitted tat, yeah, not super close resemblance and regional things for thirteen years should be really off book. On all that, I just condense it too, when we were wrong, we promptly admitted that I think is my head would become yeah. I get a lot more is very clear to say my understanding not discuss everyone's got the round, and that is the media just want to say one more than other plug freight. Is it's a it's one of the few social structures the structures that has no hierarchy the zone in charge, neurons allowed to say you're, you're interpreted correctly or incorrectly, there's no brass, yeah yeah, that's gonna, take a gal. I really do there are open meetings, They did says there
If you look at me a meeting guide it also whether it's an open door closed, meaning of its close, it means only alcoholics, gonna turn right. It's open now, interesting! Yes, there are open meeting, I didn't know see they were talking about a new mentioned this a few times throughout our ten year that that sort of life- if you, if you're sort of doing it right, requires inflexibility of identity, you have to be sort of flexible and that this has remained me because I what I think the best piece of advice- ever gotten in my twelve years of Life- S love the thing that loves you back, which is that on some things, I love you back here. That's all I got a bunch near its awarded the song love the wander away.
That's all that was it.
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