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Mark Duplass (The Puffy Chair, Jeff Who Lives at Home, The League) is an American film director, film producer, actor, musician, screenwriter, author and old buddy of the Armchair Expert. Mark sits down in the attic to discuss his happiness living in the B+ range of his industry, he talks about  a recent conscious uncoupling with his work partner/brother and he contemplates the reasons behind his workaholic sensibility. Dax details his writing routine and Mark reveals the trick Ray Romano taught him of how to make a joke land. Dax and Mark reminisce on a joyous time in their life when they would get together, watch old movies and dissect the male form. 

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Heller. Everybody welcome armchair sport. I'm Dac shepherd joined by a bad ass me, she's, manic, bad man, jeez Matic, bad man, I'll, be you get so popular that you are the focus of a popular song where they call you a bad man. Might I hands and I had man? Oh I really like that emigrate but he's a mine during Dawsons Creek, they wrote a, they wrote a song about Katy Katy, I'm SAM Katy, Home City Hall, yeah. They wrote a song about Katy home she's out the themes I know. What's knob wrote a song about hers, my friend Jason daily on. I tell you about all the time. Anthropologists his genius and k using a punk ban. We're ecology wrote a song about her and she found
out about it. I'm dying for someone to write a song about me. Was a big musicians. Give our man songs are gonna, write itself they today nor palomides here yeah, two plus yeah. You may know him as one of the two deplore brothers correct. We talk about that. Sharing and identity are working identity with a brother to audio me stuff. There I discovered March through the puffy chair this great, create little tiny five dollar movie. He made that I believe went to Sundance and I saw it and it's one of my favorite movies ever in them asked and we all have our lunch with me in here- J, did and now we became pals working for him on a movie made called the freebie. Would you like to elaborate something? I'm plugin my own staff yeah, I'm just trying to make this personalized surfer- feel some can help here it on that the south connective tissue anyways
Laws has a lot of amazing projects, even apart of ink- and he has currently, one or foreign HBO coming out November night, isn't very cool idea. All separate individual stories at all take play the same hotel room one or for its very cool yeah. Please joy mark do plus arm chair is supported by vital farms right of farms. Pasture raised eggs there better the gate free Monica bear their bullshit free, that's different than cage free cage free. One square for space basher raise hands. They Roma around outside hundred eight square feet a sunny space per and sent me, and you can take it, difference right. My family, Eads Bullshit, free pasteurized eggs in Europe. But my family. In this weekend we went to the sand dunes motor sports egg all weekend, it's here, because you and Bell had prepared Kristen, isn't very into software.
All the eggs right now and it's like her thing- yes and she made for, does in vital for harms no joke I'll all share its now and already eight soft boiled. We transport it out to the sandy gap and we ate, I think, pretty much all of them, I don't remember loading many back into the fridge. I think they were consumed. They were law of by all the idea that rich Orange Yoke, look very appetising taste what it means to be bullshit free to get York Youporn for vital farms. Pasture raised eggs head two vital farms, dot com, slashed Dax he's you're wrong Lazy- and I don't remember that criteria do in one
story. I don't know you're comfortable telling, but if you arts is one of my favorite stories, you ve ever told me, I think it sums a lot of things up just about life on planet earth and that's your dad's bowling team story. Is that appropriate air? That is totally yes. So as it is the story Amis its its particular to a time and place nineteen eighties southern mail and how he wants to be a good father and be a person who can cater to his own needs and desires, but has oh emotional awareness and zero skill sets and other areas and a round right. So it's the cave man making his way out of the cave towards us, but not there yet share, and it was actually one of my father's friends. As is the story. Has there was any joined, a bowling league and it was lovely because every Wednesday night he got to go bowl and he got some time with his friends and he got it for the time to himself, and it may think
is go around and let us be honest time away from the the racket of clear that your life and everything TAT S, really what you what he needed and then there was one night where the bowling league was not going to meet and he is ready to go. Tell his wife. Us is a night I'm going to be home and a good friend of his hold. What were you doing anything that we organise if you go home now, you're going to break the cycle you're going to break this wonderful streak of ones nice that you have overrun and you're gonna break it not only for yourself. You could possibly work this for all of US so there's a large thing if they air so he's a what what? What am I supposed to do ass? I tell you which was there, you know get their ball, put in that bag and you're gonna go in your car and you gonna drive
down the block and then you're sitting your car that bombing by yourself for hours. Then they go back in the house any did in Ireland. Illegal ivory himself, all of his friend s good for her, where they all independently sitting in their cars. Have you at least get together bowling alley itself had been demolished and a half years before the wives it now, but if we were made the aim of the assets or we would do it's funny. You say episode isn't funny. We used to say everything any I d you had was always a movie idea totally and now you go. I announce a show white and in an unknown monster of a yeah that'll, be the Weber sewed awry s right or that this story begins to ruin, dabbler, something you you were quick to
race that I love. That trend mission, but I have loved all transition in my career and funny. I was taught him others with someone the other day about how to describe it better. But I find that respectfully alot of my filmmaking companions and peers have an entitlement about them darn. They feel like they have a vision for a movie and because they believe that its good or interesting the world should give them that money. And autonomy? That vision is like. I want to make in incest drama with no stars, and I want my fifteen million dollars. I do it in this world socks that won't give me that right, whatever reason growing up in the south going up outside the industry, I just never had that it was always like. Might there possibly be any place for me and started out making micro budget little movies that when that started,
challenging or I was able to do it the way I wanted to do it, and I saw Spain open up on the tv side or whatever was for me, it was never Damn, I am not able to do what I want to do now: get a pivot and fuck. All this is that it was just like there's. Another spot where, where they will accept me- and I can get to do my thing- a map shows great for me just yet That sounds liberating now. I've never been like Ireland idle to the movie marketplace of right now, but at this damn I have had a couple thoughts, one being like a vital my exact, a career in ninety ninety, I would have made a few million dollars a movie. That's what you made on the lower middle wrong of the lad, a hundred percent yeah, or even I had my during here we were walking in the car afterwards, I said: does it bother you that? Have you had your identical tv? career and ninety ninety you'd on the Red Sox yeah, like you love,
small he goes yeah. I think it can often have but yeah a sane or side of yourself go still way too much money to say words in front of a stationary camera. That's basically how I feel and I also add have that added thing of like a kind of fun. This need, and we used to talk about this, a lot of like acts daintily, realizing that, like making things cheaply was not just a way to get to Hollywood, but was it own ecosystem that could be financially sustainable in the long run at once. I figure that out through, like the puffy Geryon and Baghdad in and when you and Katy made freebie together. I was just like arousal at all. Do this for a little while and struggle until Hollywood accepts me yea, and then I went away my first studio movie. You had to have had like the soda Burg Map at out ass right, I didn't I make them. That's that you'd! Only now you go to the Sunday
was sex, lies in Algeria that when yes, yes here is interjected, yes, then you make out of sight. Yes, that's right! That's what I thought was gonna happen ride a kind of did, because I got to make Cyrus light. And then not is the most important thing I did to make the movie I wanted there, I get so beat up in the process, as our never gonna. Last like what what it s like motionless, spiritually Qana destroyed through the pie. Access of like well essentially the studio heads believing that they knew best having to explain every single that I wanted to do the death of the fun of creativity through that process of her, to put into words everything you're about to do as opposed to that unspoken thing. Where J,
and look at each other. We get an idea. We just go. Do its share way that, like you, innate used to be making you stop, it just makes you feel twelve hours and sounds like if I have to like take two years. Talk everything out every time I make a piece of art, I'll, be retired Thirty five lass. Well, it is Yet is interesting. Nothing is for free, so yeah you want more money, you want crane shot, go beyond a helicopter, the Algeria, but also now. We have a lot more say in this whole thing, but the weird thing- and you know I would love to I was like smart enough to engineer this, but it was just gonna happen. Stance was thou, was this in time. We're like a really wanted to a lot of acting staff, but I couldn't get really good rules just yet. Aha, and so I was going out of making these small movies, like your sister, sister. Would lend shalt denied this movie the one I love with Elizabeth MOSS, and I made them like a hundred thousand dollars right and I was doing
At the same time, I was making like seven million dollar movie at the studio I made way more money, making the little move ass, taking them and sell him at Sundance Ironic and our way, a man. This is wonky yeah yeah and that's kind of what shifted me over to his dear point of like fuck yeah, Maybe I could have made a lot more money back then in the hay day, but now for me to underestimate the part of the job that in actually think you're, seemingly pretty good at that a big component of the directors general. Is how good of a car salesman. They are because you're going to get a note on your project and you're going to walk into their office and explain while why your idea to really have to be very persuasive yeah, you can just be like. You know,
now I know, I'm an artist bob. What you mean you can be that way, but you're not gonna go tat. He has taken a great and certain people, and I call it judo, like my mentor, is always been fab Rove because I worked with them in these in the way he just handles all whose layers and how he treats people and in the judo. He does it's all just Jim and it's so much of the job is that yeah, emotional, spiritual karate, it's great, I gotta be good at that. I I feel like that is half of my job when dealing with like MIKE. Remember that my people and like being sensitive to their needs and keep them happy, but I have actually completely extricated myself from the need to satisfy his studio heads are any executives to give me any money by making things I figured out the price point right where they won't have to
ask I was here. I was gonna get to that because when it one of the impressive things, but when we started beginning actually, I saw the puffy chair, which I just still maintain, my top twenty one set of you fucking great movie. It is so much of it because of your acting maybe you're, just so sincere and that movie it's so good. Coming when you go in your serious initiative. They gave the ones in charge you. What does your bonnet charities area only? I was just going to be a high and you're serious that was so great. Then I stupidly was like. I want to meet these guys number. Gimme me that every other act, or else who suffered by the chair, because at that point Jonah here had already seen and want to meet you guys their eyes, we vote, but it wasn't like we were being flooded, were at work when we, our first meeting together. It wasn't like a fuck now, every It wasn't me, that's it with. No, it was. We were excited to right. We loved Tom cruise
We not only work with him. How on earth are we turn him down for media where's, Jackie Gimme, Jackie Shepherd but you were gracious enough to meet me at cafe. Wanna was right, you and Jane. I all map and presumably will buy your own amiss can it wasn't a later like you happen to stumble across, let's go to prison. You, oh, you can actually argues area, maybe have you maybe we could work to do, but when he took the meaning, your knowledge of me was just like super broad comedian very little interest in many me, but we go to this break best, Nan boy. Do we just hit it? I wasn't that, whether that time it was a really fun breakfast. What does that's like two thousand In fact, I want to yeah twelve years of twelve years ago. That's bonkers, none of us have cares not resort on your married yeah. No, I sing libel yeah yeah, so
We start hanging out and we have. This is enviable. We'd have these movie parties where weren't unease wish there's a handful of theirs. I was effect. There are specific part that continent more specific in. When I fantasize about being like single and no kids there's only like a handful. Things are really miss. Those parties are one of them. When you have children, now, when you're concerned with how to make them good beings and in a very complicated world you don't often make time to spend five hours. Eating pizza and watching really great old films. That happened as show a lot of great gratuitous male noted. Indonesia. You can all enjoy them. And make jokes about them. Yes, it tends to go alone on the pecking order, yes and Even when you were saying grey old films, people are probably thinking we're getting together to watch CASA bloggers out in no. We were why Jeanne Tango in cash. We were
now the robot movie was it. That was a banker sulky outright if you get out of our did, I was really the even delivering on the communism. No word. What is it for a robot robocop? Yes, Robocop, very violent, though that part was holy cow splattered, hands, yeah the high water mark from his tango in cash. As we all know, it is maybe even how it started. We didn't, we want hot learns. Gaston yeah, eighteen, eighty one, family, Turner, gasoline Turner and William hurt. Let's call it that norland no Florida and it is called a body it's out of their peoples. Remy, rather have you ever spoke to me in this region, so we watch body he which was so great because
Meanwhile, are sexy sexiness first, but just a great movie this on its own worth, watching hunger upset Secondly, there is a lotta nudity, which has great innate talk, is uniquely skilled at discover things in real time and what he realizes. There was a moment world or bill hurt, gets off of Kathleen and their bolt nude and his penis actually is. Talk to her skin and actually gonna stretches and then releases in its first roll up ass. It were limited only three or four frame the know how we caught it: he bow wow and then, of course, we pause and we go back frame programme and we are so delighted I mean by the way. When was the last time you watching a movie paused and went back there.
Something that ends when you're like twelve years old, particularly when as nudity you're sure you know that, wasn't that's how it s all. We were by the way where blowin right by the boobs Monica when animals are disinterested in boobs or that the female bonds we want to male bonds, male penis and hopefully male balls- had the really short but unchecked and loud out, building Can I think, that's the apex of audio just beautiful, because I don't think we were aware that that scene was coming our waste others. There is like aid of us in this group. It was you your brother bankers. De La Julian, why Matt and then we had made and then we had Larry for a little bit for a couple of them. That was nice. He has in his sight note to the whole thing. Was that nay talk? had an email address that if you flipped his nor mine, odd, It was another night tat, Helen drown,
No there's another NATO within their email. Our oughta give either emails out, but suffice to say you could flip When it was the same, so we had the wrong Nate talk on this email chain, or about, and he was responding, but by the way- and he was responding so subtly that he had sustainability on his mind, he was like I'm gonna, be in the years to come, as it was not a one in done like our act, like humanism, crazy, he was weighed until someone throughout and address of physical injury. I didn't know what to do and he's like I'm not coming forward until I got that address and then at LA bench, There's a night like this is crazy, mean it respond. Blank things like I don't even know. You their plan and I think you're on the emails I shalmaneser. No, that's the others. He took so real mate, tugging reaches out to fake night may talk and they communicate
and then we he reads as that guys we're like we need to get this guy into Hollywood and right he's only ran about real out who was unbelief. He got into the vote of the real night tat he did. He knew he knew only respond to two of every three emails. That was very nice talk like really had it voice anyways wait, an impostor which has shown great caper if you're out their other NATO. We salute vows about We do so anyway, it all built to us Watchin, tango in cash, which I believe was banker sulky. Yes, genius keno. He knew we didn't now there's a kind of innocuous shower scene. If one can be innocuous where our Lee characters I stood alone and curt. Russell are showering and may be talking about the case. I think what it is there in prison
They have to do their showers. Ask is whether they get framed. I mean barely enough, I remember Erected is a little bit of like slide the sky whether they should do this or not and what happens with the dropping of the soap, and I think it's like I'm sure, he's like a French, overs from behind, while their shirt less yes and then they step into that wonderfully extended frame for us allow the reveal to have him may walk away from camera. For a very long time bear a very long time, the only but shot I know that's more gratuitous on a male as- and I was just showing Monica this weekend in Toronto- is Sway- Z in Road house, an incredible one. The eye the high water mark. It is I'll tell you why he gets out of bed in a wide shot did you see his bonds in their mothah charts? Perfect Jimmy looks like a m. The dancer banzai,
Answer- mine slice, gymnast. We asked this there's some bulk to his whole body and you like. Well, that's a real big buckshot like men slam, we cut to a close and their close up from the wide still not over the escalation. He then squeezes enclosures his cheeks, you remember that part. No, he fucking clinches is, but in the close up. It's all it's so perfect in its so telling he's like now. This thing was this was probably story board this with Drawing of the clinch law all great movie start with an impulse and leather, it isn't a mad and that we will meet again here, the other, the other, whether the story might have gone down was the assistant Attard abroad, everybody and it said, listen. We got a bunch of really great that's here, that we can use as a wide as a medium to put them on a string are obviously we're not going as all these pick, which one you want. You can't use due to resolve and then everybody wants. Then they said yes,
its Bergmann devalues assembly of yet at the end, Asia so internationally, I mean I dont want to publicly say who had this this short but cracked but entangling cash. There is a very short, but there's one shores wants to live labour me, meaning the crack starts a mere inch or two above the aim. So it's kind of wax cheeks, but the very varied like if you were to measure the whole but crack and can do a better job or private, three or four inches. I think Truth of the matter is, we can talk about this all day long, but until you go and just see, you're not going to really know I'm in it has to picture of what a guy named that'll be. I knew cause again. I know some critical all, but cracks are cute and beautiful and wonderful and they are the generally, for you should also zoom in a way that does not reveal the actual the holder of the bug racked somehow Kay. A great idea and lamb gas turbines
you're being complimentary. So it's fine. What both guys had much better asses them any about hundred arrests of you have. No questions need to be tested as your player pants down and give a good no, but I'm shocked we dinner. I think that a free ride like five his younger yeah. Lord. Certainly if I had still been drinking yes, I stood next to the actor I got this allows them. There was some good fun. Great days. They really were men really innocent, like when you think of like. I think a lot of people reflect by high boots you miss going to a night club like me, no meaning some chick. Your Zambia and I'm like I'd love to be in that couch, tonsil, Lucifer's pizza, here's something I Just you know your your kids are little younger than mine, my daughter's or ten insects and we're in this wonderful feats,
is a reintroduction of fun movies together and you know lotta, like Friday night, like we make pizzas and there like whip out one of the classics on US ass. I find going guy aware, as we said in our of course I was like so protective of my ten year old and what I would show her now my six year old under like while she can. I can watch anything, that's what happened solely and we watched television nights, the other night, all white and there's that wonderful scene. Where will Farragut's blindfolded and, like you said, you had to drive through spirit and they know their hailing. The comedy coming they're getting excited now MA am excited to watch with them and you know share their first. Viewing something amazing happened, which I totally forgotten, which, as you know, there's a watch out and the car like bunks off like three or four Carthage crashes into a house and they laughed and they giggled, and then my sexual get said again and Oh, I remember the time in life when you would pause in Rwanda scene and watch it fifteen.
Times when they get progressively more funny, and you are kind of even force the laughter to keep it your way and be in that, and so we get to do that now every night in that that's it we're gonna, be the return of that for you to assert that innocence and that foreign car, because we that so we did, we didn't do roadhouse all together and we watch the scene with John DOE shooting the sharp eye on the labelling of all its single. Biggest moment there. You have a series of pictures of it and you're. Yes, young woman, obsession with John DOE, it had the best pay off really because we discovered watching roadhouse that there's an actor, in the film John DOE, who was the lead singer of acts, hell yeah, yeah, I didn't know that when I watch it the first time I was unaware, but nor nay, I saw them
most amazing reveal for us, as we just are watching a movie, and I don't know whether Nate saw it or I saw it, but there's a scene where time at non date. He has the eyes for this firing, a shotgun and every time he pulled the trigger he brings. Is me up in the air and then slams is foot down any its choreographed to what there's no right. It is a gross understate of what that is that world ass. I mean you when you see horses, damn that's exactly what his leg looks like while he's firing this gun it. No one would ever make this choice in the history of movies and he's a glorified extra in this. These are what you'd call a day player to bring in a few days for the whole movie in. So it's such a spectacular choice that we think fuck we probably miss some other grey. Choices he's made. So now we start going backwards through the movie in just two scenes before he scratching his back with. Aramis shot like a very serious Zena, we're not oh, my god. He delivered there. We go back to another scene and he's in the bar and he's got this straw in Egypt
and were I'm a windmill, and then throws a rag somebody's somebody, so every single senior was in he stole. So then we're like. Ok, this guy's a genius We must find out who he is, and we must watch all this movie. So now we are going through the credits and when we get to the fucking, the punchline of all underlines, the guy's name is John DOE, not even a real name. How can we talk about auditing ottomans? Then he shows up in a lotteries and buggy night. Good girl he's been around man, so always for two minutes always in so I think I made an. I told your great ideas that we were going to try to hire John DOE. We can try to make a whole movie. John DOE. Does it know, he's the star well yeah yeah yeah the end of every night. We go like great work today, John or bring any back tomorrow, and then GIS he'll be in all thirty days of the shoot at then we get other. The actors to be kind of in the scenes always push pass. That yeah anyhow
and he wants the premier the movie and realise that the guidelines are the sewing ways. When I was working with creating Nelson, he was also in poltergeist cod. I didn't know that you a wider Georgia. Its textbook, John DOE, he's in the back yard, is a part of the construction crew building the pool, and he has rolled up some place and any just shouting that people in pointing the plans at other people in the same towards another story like myself, the foreman like that you baas Woody, eight himself, the boss and I said to Craig Tee and like there's no way you'd remember this is thirty years ago, but you remember working in the Scottish on until negroes. Was he the guy with up plans have visiting us or you betcha ass. I remember him. I was keeping my I knew. I was
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Alfred the man himself to show up before the yeah and my niece at the time who is six like as soon as she's, whereas it what's goin on common. You know and then as soon as he showed up on the screen like men at forty she's, like that's e Yeah. She looks at me with this like this, he says he looks like a big steak- Look. I've got over those like he. Finally, like a well done. It sounds like a good is like a good boy. Like is inevitably some moments like that, but mostly I find if you do like a little like what I like active viewing with the kids can gate engage with them like Truman Show, is an act of your one where, like my ten year old, could get the new That's my six year old? I was just like. Let me let her know clearly that, like this guy is being trapped by a bunch of people and is trying to get out so she has that elemental
and she can hang onto our but man also them they get something out of it. Well, here you know the one: that's! Billy boy my mind. The only live action thing that Lincoln wants to watch because they play it. They played a pre school. Last year's thing lay golden girls, so I have bought the whole Catalogue of golden girls are fully watches golden girls in laughs. It's the weird, It's not me. It's the same element of why we all laughed when we were fifteen when it came but why anybody was laughing completely outside of the age bracket. Why is that yeah yeah and I don't love you. Like the sound of the law. After the last track by laugh ex queuing heard alive and she just likes watching the old Ladys talk. I can't really can't figure out what's really happening. There is also something
but the truly like well done- sing, songs, snappy dialogue and the pace of the that at that up. Oh, yes, that is, like sharpest, unnatural, which I dont understand. Any of that have never been part of a second, like your your closer to that one. This year's, but my first time ever on that Multi cam show with allow I've audience and I had a lot of nerves about going into it, and I have learned. Written on gas, and it's almost there. Tremendous, like occasionally polar writers. Aside now go like look. I know this jokes gaining a laugh, but I dont think the logic behind it just a rhythm of what I'm swung, one hundred percent in you can slide things by almost oil. A little cheap is that it's not fair yeah. I see a movie with Ray Romano earlier this year together to have a single body moving very small movie and He was very incident coming into my world and just
from us with the improvisational process? We didn't have a script raspberry out of his element. It was really fawn s incredible as you so, but there were moments when he would see that we were struggling to land something and he wanted to be generous and also a student of what we were doing, but I can look into it as we like. I know a land this. I know exactly what to do the end and I would be like we you just give this to us, because we need any and he would literally saving. So, like you this need to end this sentence with a hard consonant view that it's going to be funny and it will land and he would do it and we were like. Oh my god, it's crazy see. K noise at the end of this sentence makes the Joker let's move on war, and I say this with a ton of love and I review and got to know and worked with him and think use a genius so those things yet at Random Williams. I would sometimes watch him on talk shows at the height of his powers.
And he would go well. Yes, I received a vulgar one. I rejoice in any you dislike, be clicking through the voices, yeah, really really quick, a hundred kids hysterical and then they go commercial and then I would just go through the actual words that were say. Yes, I go there wasn't any Joe since there was just kind of random words and great voices. The delivery mechanism. Yeah was right. While their weapons. Now, I would say you ve kind of navigate the as fifteen years quite well. Tanks yeah, but I got to imagine you ve had a bunch of really difficult decisions to make in so far that great offers are hard to make whatever. Yet we will acknowledge how lucky we both her. Yes, it is very, very fast. But you ve got all these zigzags where you're acting but then you're directing continue producing, and I wonder what your thought process was. That has been as we share that in common, whereas, like I don't over three years,
directing now also backed acting full time. I'm convinced every time I make one of those shifts that its forever me, because I'm black and white, and a more on my therapist, very give me about playing at stuff at work, I'm just like man. I think I'm ready to retire. You know all I want to do is just like. I want to like work out in like be of service. The community I like it and get my pool and relax and let us be badges and great you going to do that and of forty eight hours. I'm back to me when you're, tired of that and we'll figure it out, but I have done a lot of those the shifts in or at a lot of those have been sort of lifestyle all things and in all. I think that the phase I'm in right now is like variant. Writing and very into producing, but because I can do those mostly from home or from anywhere rye and any sort of the just the ridiculous of the twelve to thirteen our day on set as a direct-
an actor while I have a ten in a six year old is like very apparent to me, yeah and like I can always do that these are very special years and I'm never going to get those back been a lack of directing, unlike acting like full time and a tv show like I love going like, I did totally with Jason ripen fully six days and we have this great time together are and then I get to go home like that. That's where acting is for me or even you were on Goliar. That was great cause. You know your disk and new ones as it one season on loves, rides on weird shit. It was closed, Larry's, afraid we're fine. I got to do scenes with one of my heroes, ability Thornton is in respect. He was alarmed or full. You know we got to these places where some of our scripture coming in a little later. Workers like every tv show now is in tumult in some shape or form. I don't know that I said tumult right, but I'm ok
I don't know what I mean so much to modulate the multitude ultra was ness, so the point of that is that we were getting some scripts. Our written the night before and Billy Bob is in place in his life, where he should just be like fuck this. This is in Greece, yeah, you know yeah and he was so kind of all- should is labelled the Falcon way to work and any would bring rises in the trunk. Your car, one of the climatic, scenes of the season? He and I just improvised together and put up to cameras and figure out together over an hour and a half felt like some you and What do you want to go out and our move now yeah loved him, so that has been in a really good place for me was trilling shooting episode trailing was shooting that appeal for guide be at the helm me for that kind of her fillets, fuckin, let's shoot from Mozilla figure it out the idea. I love him. I love him, watches Larry, trailing. We love you so much. We do, and I almost did that role do you know that about now? You don't need never told you that is so. I got a call going like so hey, there's basic.
These three shifts in the kitchen YAP. One of the three chefs wants you to play this role. Would you do it and I'm like I would fuckin do twenty episodes of a pizza, commercial Larry, trailing Yet who came Simon yeah, I'm I don't even need to hear about this heritage does in fact Yad or if I get the goes, spend ten hours a day with Larry trailing for a few months. I'm in and I was pretty pumped about it and then it was king. Couple weeks there they, like so they're, not gonna, hire you the other two chefs really like marked do plus, and I was like, while that's good, that ok yeah, that by the way. How many times has that happened, whatever They should not actually knew, and I bet it has. Oh maybe we don't know. We have no idea now if you're out there it I've been debated, Mart arises. We does I'd like to now, and I can say for certain that we are close enough as where we can honestly talk right here. Openly about the pros and cons.
Each of us and what you get, what you would lose all absolutely will do a second part cast on that. Yeah! There's a million things I could talk to you about. I mean there's something big, because we ve shared this thing. I know from me I am just like you like, what's interesting about my experience and chair so you have talked about here before, is on one hand I made the exact movie that was in my brain. I just feel laid it with that. You know I'm saying good, there's an explosion Ray forty five seconds tons of male reality, its everything, you can remember, as you are Ben, who wrote me a note that was like. Oh my god, I finally saw yes, everything is is straight. We pause. That was with all of it, so there was that net felt great and then, of course, to you, when it's going well, there's view highs, like actually being honest, set directing the movie were shits working, It is incredibly high bar and when you are clearing it, it is euphoric yeah
since where's it with our schedule was like. We had issued all of our action set pieces on two days and weakens we could shut stuff down so that every week in there is huge challenge, and if I was, I've been home on Sunday night, we got everything I'll just be like fuck is exploring to touch how's your an athlete, so I did it just felt great, but I made this bad choice. I, like my new identity as a director from I'm, a writer, indirect your movies and I'm gonna do for ten years, and the only thing that right, you ve heard about it not performing was like. Oh, I need a new idea, maybe the admin wearing an identity for two or three years, and now that's out the whistle feels back. He as I've gotta go back to the drawing board. Isn't that, like you know, in look, I katy- and I thought my wife, whose an actor and dioxin Katy didn't We together new passenger and it's just a few time. While you said at the end of October, I gotta tell that before we leave
I'll get you in the under the bed, the correct, remain at twelve thousand Alabama together in our bedroom. It was great, but you know I feel very fortunate that most of the time my identity is spread around in a bunch of different places within the industry, so that I have six eleven like twelve to fit things going on. We have a company of like ten people, and so when I take two era one in the leg and one in the bud projects here, I'm buoyed by the other things as opposed to them. Taking me down, I wasn't that for a while- and I totally understand yet he of such shit man will because wisdom earth here now in for me like it should have an obvious to me like. Oh, I can still act but because I hadn't been, I didn't audition, didn t. I mean those like for two or three years. As I just really wasn't in the market of acting. I had that panic about. Oh, if I left for Is it over yeah yeah? Well now, because one acting here
Everything in your good and your back, but you know to that end up like the idea shifting and where do I land? I mean the biggest shift that I have gone through: oh, is in the last. I would say to you three years is J and I having some version of a conscious on coupling as a true creative do. Oh oh yeah, and that preserving who don't know just from the get go. You may puffy chair with your brother, J yeah, and then you made several these thereafter. We have made a everything lockstep, you now and so I would act and things a little bit, but ninety eight percent of my creative identity was locked to my older brother, who I you are known as the Dew Ploss brought as yet, and we always knew that there was. There was going to come a moment, and I am sure that you and NATO probably had some of this at some point in time, where
the little boys who sleep in the same bad are gonna, have to figure out another way right yeah that has been really huge for both of us because Jays bigger, pollution is that he got cast on transparent and discovered he fucking loves. Acting a hundred proves that that was a big part of it, and I think that a big part of it is that and we wrote look, we wrote, all of this? We wrote a book about this basic law. You wrote a three hundred page book about like what we have gone how we banded together to try and get here and how that closeness almost killed us at a certain time, even though we needed at right and- and I think that the long and short of what happened with J. Is that he's someone who is for you older than me who I worship for ever. Then, at a certain point he kind of realise, like my aunt, is moving at a speed that he does not enjoy
I am I'm wanting to make all of these things and he's feeling dragged along with me right and then this awful thing happened to him, which is that I was the first one of us to like get on television, so we would show up at a party yeah everybody will come talk to me in the eyes of so I'm the their brother. He had them. My little brother is like the face of our like enterprise and in order to be in a creative relationship with him, I need to be like dragged by him. To these things Yan and he basically had to to me and say like I need to brief and I need some, any my own identity, I knew my four bang and and transparent was a huge part of realizing that for him, but that almost killed me. I mean I spent six months cod but then, like every break up, you like on Santa Deadly, want you back, but it still heard they had. So we had to create this. The space with us and in what
that has led me to even I fought for little bed is in an amount of joy, where I now collaborate with like tons of different people. I was in essentially a monogamous collaborative relationship with my brother right and now I have things like room, one hundred and four that we do, which is like. I realize it's like. Oh, this is my destiny. This is what I'm good at I make like twenty four episodes. I right half of them and then I give them to like a twenty five year old films early in Warsaw, Julia Bud, argued by an iron gray. Musical. Let's go do this thing and you bring your energy to it and I'll bring it and- and I never got to do- That's because I was in a marriage in an area that has been so great for me. You know that I'm kind of in this new spot. Now I, like I
don't believe, I'm in the place where I am ready to kill myself to author, a piece of art actually rather enjoy my time with my kids sure what I can do is launch it into space and then like be that that rocket ship that, like breaks out half way as the island we like here, you take this and go baby irate you're, the first engine on the first engine yeah. That's what I'm like really good at right. Will you also you're you're in credit Lee Entrepreneurial? Don't you think I think I am on shore? You are in weirdly in our town. That seems like a kind of a gross word yap I, but I yeah yeah, I've known about you, but like writer, the gates like when I got a lawyer. And I knew there were contracts ye. I wanted to read the contract. I want to know what all these definitions, man in what it would other people give, has all the artwork and I've had a fascination with studio president's. Unlike while, how does the present
I want to know about every single aspect of this curious. I, like cracking models to that's, been a big part of the fun of this. For me, like almost like that, gamesmanship and the or the gambler and may or sometimes I've always loved the idea. Like all right. Take two million dollars from this person and go make the movie I'd so much rather make it with my friends for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If everybody likes seventy five percent of the profits and go take it to son and see what we can sell more yeah. It's just so much more exciting you to do that, and it just happened to be at a time of the industry or like that when that are being like good thing Yasser now. Our whole Our whole ammo is just like studios are expecting to make things for acts, and I figured out there If I'm willing to only take point three acts from them. They'll, let me do whatever I want you and then, if I can go make that four point, o three
What are our know? How to do right and all my people around? We make a ton of money, and we share in this sort of like socialist communist way right, and I got a little corner. The sandbox yeah I just so happy there. Yes, are you got into bed with, HBO on what was the first project? You guys had the the big thing had started. It was togetherness in together. This was a traditionally model television show and a certain group. People really really like that show, but it never blew up right hand, and then we realized, after, like two seasons like me, they're grossly overpaying, as for that show knows what they're cheaper shows for what we normally make things for eight and their opinion was like. If you're going to be one of our Sunday night STAR shows you kind of got to like deliver. You know how come we're gonna. Why would this movie? You gotta? Do it yeah? You know- and I I like, I don't either a I'm, not the kind of person who has a sensibility that is good
make something that will be enjoyed that widely or be I I don't know if I want the pressure to have to do that. Will it lets me out that's a great I wanted a home in a hard won jacket is it is a very bizarre it one can have that, like I Why do something great? I am confident in it I dont know that a lot of people like that thing I do that's. Where is very weird little I made hit and run on, like I feel like I made again a movie, I I would die to see, but then I admit well guys you, like parties, we don't I see a love story in women who want to see a love story. Don't watch cars job so whose I give you know like. There is partly that we are now. I led Ross over an admin diagram and if it is made at a certain price ploy, made four million dollars or comment Louis you weren't going over there. He asked yes, Agora, name, twenty more those I and for me the answer was not too like siphon off,
originality of what made hit and run hit and run. It was actually to say well. I like making hit, run so now, I gotta find the model that works for it and keeps a sustainable and you- and I now both work in a new era of film until vision where you can be a niece voice thoughts. So I would just like people are lamenting the the eighties model will you be making all this monopoly? You also can have this very bizarre point of view that night thousand people are going to find and that's a plenty being a tiny sliver. The pie and being valuable has saved my life yeah that that is that's that's. The key is so great right, yeah. So after you're, so at a cartoon, are you still haven't our twin animals on HBO? Yes, our lungs up and running. That's the one. The three years, and that was another great gamble where you know these guys were making this cartoon in their closet for seventeen dollars making shorts.
And there are taking meetings around away and they're gonna get the development deal like guys come out here. I'm gonna write you a to better apartment for fifty. Two hundred thousand I'm going to personally pay for us to make an entire season of television. You work on the whole thing, you're own, a huge chunk of it you'd, awaken wave way. Money and be totally creatively satisfied. Doing your own thing yeah, and then we too, Two episodes that Sundance Uneasy bought two seasons from us and it's funny because, like we technically that for no money movement has it's done, the way that the guys want to do all the work. They still do all the work. They make more money than if they were making Bob's burgers shall physicists their own thing. Nah someone it works out: I've got it doesn't always we're get away with that will not allow one was great when it works out there. What yet, but so, then, in your time, an HP oh, like me, you start asking a lot of questions. Yeah, yes right, so walk me
so your weight, you where you get curious, yeah, oh so togetherness they come to us and they cannot say look. Maybe we could continue going with the show, but it's not quite culinary that's kind of expensive and I'm just thinking to myself. I could have made this so much more cheaply. Why? Why? Why did we do this bloated level of it? I'd honestly tried to get them to. Let me make it as just an HBO go only show. I don't do that right, another guy and they like make it a picture, will go in enemies, Well, we didn't whammy, so it's gotta be a problem, and so right after that I was like okay, so now. I know that if we make these shows for like three million dollars in episode where people are making them for unless you hit your your kind of dead, you know yes, but what? If I'm making them for like a fraction of that costs? And I can just below Mr added value for you on Friday night right
that many people are watching, and it's cool expectation that, during our little lower of lower export, very astute, I love to greatly satisfying everyone, as a b plus in the world will not be minus was common. Ah, I love it at the very last leads sweet spot. You know and Romano for came out of the game. I too, and so I started yet that result from what I know about it- it was reverse engineered, yeah yeah that was at us like, ok I can do something at all takes place in one room. There's one set we're gonna build is no major cast deals, causes new people you every night. I can do you know a really great. I mean look HBO like has diversity problems of running behind the camera. Great what is higher everybody out a film school, that's new and interesting, and while different voices yeah and they look at it like a little bit of a lottery ticket and they just like ok, this could blow up that be cool. If not I'm
busy trying to forego the next came from visas. Gonna be early yet, but I got mark over here in the corner. Make me some like well reviewed stuff that may or may not do well reacts almost like a farm club. It's a hundred sent a farm club on double lay over. There were really single. I single is where the new big, exciting self comes from out has yet how many of us of yes, and so we did twelve in the first phase and we just shot twenty four and our second season is. It is a group of those twenty two and three in a row of good, like I was it back to back there, some cheaper to make yes, oh looking into amortize cost us such? I never expected that, like I love those such like very artists like floating in the world and unlike started to get put, to a corner and was like, I think, the way to fight my way out of this corner is not to be allowed or artists would actually be a smarter business person about this thing for sure
Luckily, like have that in my dad, I don't know you but like you and I don't have the same sensibility as far as what we would like to make ya yet one of the things I did. The most amount of pride and chips was like. Oh five, major car chases for twenty five My advice is, don't see no one's get now I like, I walked away when I got my oh, my god. I know how to do it like you. I know how to make it cheap totally and it's a great idea, great pride. Great pride. You I mean America doesn't give a item later sense like I guess it, smart meter. Because I know I need more money be ass. You cause they're gonna fuck, the gathering and Blair Plot committed. That's probably the wiser thing, but I do take is bizarre pride in the pattern of its amendment be rejecting but like for me, and I don't know if it's the same for you it's this feeling they get older of like what's important, where Bobby spending, my time and really wanting to feel valuable and like when I'm in that spot in Romano, for and unlike some
he's gonna write a twenty five minute. One act play then takes place really well in this room and get to good actors in their it's. This thing now, where I feel like, I am uniquely qualified to do this on one of the best people to do it. I've had so a situation. I'm sure you have written dislike. I don't do that job, unlike out dip I'll make it work, but there's like about a hundred and fifty other guys who do this just so much better. I spent a year in in situ. A situation you now and like my dad and I worked in Khartoum- be ok of Jesus. Some sitting. What am I doing here? I'm not does not what I'm supposed to be done. That wasn't me writing a Willie on somebody. I directed a commercial wants another out God what I'm just a worse person for this year, but like two of my dad and I like watching the NFL when I was little- I remember this like so specifically, we used to always like you watch the game. It's fuckin twenty to twenty this. This fifty seconds left in the fourth quarter,
like multiple three hundred and seventy five pound guys been killing themselves for an hour and then a hundred and forty pounds kicker is gonna, come up and decided The whole agenda dress that he must feel look in his helmet and he's never stressed and he's never cool any wants the ball and my dad like like them and he just like you'll, know you're in the red spot in your life. When you get at that moment- and you like, I want the ball. Oh, that's it rate, waited them. When I mean when I'm in Romano floor and the heat is on when you that dialogue rewrite in that thing, the annex of the interesting happen in one room into a new way, I'm just like Gimme the ball yeah. I never one for the commercial, I never won over any other things in, isn't it it's it's funny to its really counter intuitive. When you're younger. You think you are like the biggest widest canvas, yeah humanly possible right, but isn't it does so much creativity can come out of constraint, ass the story of my life? Isn't it
it's so counterintuitive, but it's like. If you force me into a little box, I can figure out. You know I have. I have so much experience with that. I do it to the people that are high on room. One hundred and four specifically, I say like. I need a story like this. That has the sensibility, I'm only giving you three actors and kind of need to be about. A pages and it needs to be set in eighteen. Eighty, seven here you go awry and they do so well with a fighting so the yellow, rebellious regular angry at that inspires now. There's a stir- about your servants key who is just like you know this unbelievable, composer and he, when he was like twenty two learned so well what he could do with entire orchestra and parallel because of a sea of infinite possibility of what I could do destroyed him, so what he started doing as invite people over to his house, and he would put down a piece of paper and say: ok, Dax, radon instrument, Monica right down an instrument, and then he read out, like eight
Then it cover them. It's a! U right down a number. You write down a number any walk away, but ok, I got eight bassoon too, it was one violence x. I always had a drum and then he would go have to write with that. And as the only way he could composed in, alas, great gonna tell you we're off top This is why I love fixing stuff at my house. You not I'm. I work on cars. Yes, if I never had the right stuff, yes have exe The matter. Is little tray migration and fixing bizarre stuff, like kids, toys that are breaking this kind of stuff and there's nothing age or more than going. I don't have the right parts, but this this would allow us to do that. Nothing feels Monica had to sit through this whole put his car stereo in my car a couple weeks ago. They didn't fit and if four days of staring at this whole in my dashboard till I finally
and I would not go to a power course. No, no, no, no way rise in its vitality. It's really is when we made the perfect chair. We are that same thing. We're we're like. I want to make a feature film. What am I That's what I have around when we got a ban, we got this far. Have we got? Doesn't member like put it in a bucket like? Isn't it we're gonna make a movie with IRAN and no is never more inspiring in that region, armchair, dare We are supported by twenty three and me. We talked incessantly about twenty three may we do. We love it. We went into and on this trip to the dunes yeah we started talking about years. Stinky wet year, colleagues the wall for his words. Odorless ends Secondly, I dont think you're dry, your waxes superior. It is because, when I put my headphones is not covered in K, that's enough about that. Do you even know why twenty three Amy Monica, because there's twenty three people in the Emily over the guy who made a note, the arts?
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Do not come slice dukes, that's the number twenty three and me dotcom slice d, a eggs now back in for once again now imagine, there's pros and cons of having a partner. One of the pros is its kind like doing sketch coming instead of stand, maybe shit the bed up there. You guess we'll both leave and have a good laugh backstage by sharing Matt failure a hundred percent so helpful, a hunger, but particularly on that climb up the first mountain of life. You know like really, oh my god, I'm so terrified. If I stumble you're there, I need you. When we were going to pitch meetings together. We would call we would call it like the dolphins because, like basically like, I would lead and the like. You know you see the dolphin coming out of the waves her, just as I would start to tag bag. He would take right off again, like you could never get through a pitch by self arise that, but then I would imagine as a mean amid twenties
human being on planet earth also The cause is, the glory is then shared I didn't, have any of our dna. Now I really didn't at the timing is because your brothers and you loved each other I giving it was another dude you'd met in college. It would have been that easy. I can't say for sure. I do know that the DNA of Irish with jazz very, very special and that we weren't threatened by each other, and I also think it was tied to the fact that I really believe once I chose to be first, a musician and then a filmmaker, but essentially and artists coming from the suburbs of New Orleans with no connections were all my friends were going to be high school and doing a different path that I I I kind of had no business being here and that if I was going to get anything, it was going to be a miracle, and so a that made me feel like I needed a time myself to Jay to double our chances of success and be it just feel like. If I got any scrapper morsel,
such a wild unexpected victory that I never felt like. Oh it's it's less than I hoped it would be. It was always more than I hoped it would now. That's it wasn't all, and it still is that way to this day in, like oh, my god, we a re Romano to come to a movie with yeah you now, whereas, like areas like, of course, he's gonna come to, remove you you're you're, an established filmmaker awry is not a self doubt or it's not a self hatred or anything like that? I don't deserve it. It's just. I just didn't really think I was gonna get there. Now, that's it hasn't really left me right. But having been the face of the brothers. Cause. You're on was there I was on the way. I was on a legally binding league for a while. I was easier on me. There was on Jack right, that's what that would be. My guess. I was the baby brother and then I was the guy. Get all the attention at the parties in our yeah. Did you feel
like a codependent guilt over that yeah, I do you know I didn't understand. I would like to believe that, unlike us again, emotionally enlightened Percinet goes to therapy and talk about it all, but I do understand what J was going through until we went to one of those party the year that transparent came out and nobody wanted to talk to me and everybody thought the J yeah who did want to talk to me wonder I talk about Dick jokes from the league of you, wonder: TAT, Aren, T J, one to talk about the problem, civil rights movement of France- and I was like He'S- been dealing with this for ten years, yeah, what the fuck yeah it's all. I can be really hard on relationships to lay. There was a period where I was still with brie, and then I was slightly famous there What was so weird is that for the nine years we had been together before that peoples.
Certainly remembered brie more than me, yeah much better, looking in had a better personality and then on a dime. We go to places and people would be meeting her for the third time and forget- and I was like, oh my god this is such a one. Eighty, and if it killed me, I couldn't I hated it yeah it makes you hate other people for doing things that are kind of natural to them, access to them which socks, yes, there being human and then you- We are another thing we have in common. Is that your bride is an actor yes, yes and see among the Katy side of it. I guess where my wife's more famous than me. But I have also had enough fame than I am delighted to hear it. There's no problem, but I'm like for you talk to her yeah, I'm happy as fuck
yes, some of which there has been enough to go around. I have got filled up while allowing time. Oh yes, sir. I actually take great pleasure in that, but is that Turkey is a hundred per cent. A key year. We ve had a really long journey with it that began them we had our first child where Katy, and I both bank naively thought and told each other. Fifty fifty egalitarian pay getting here? We come on. The woke. Dude now get changed divers. We do all this stuff and I did but my career was just two steps ahead of her see at that time, and then a massive gulf started to have, or we had come out of the public they're kind of many others. Here I was slightly ahead till I was like the right Herr director I could get a little work. You know and what happened as I started to get that work and it was there and was available
needed the money and I started going and she basically got stuck in the caretaker oh yeah, and then that almost killed Her I mean that was so hard for her. That's part of why we made the freebie together if those you dont know Dax and Katy did this movie the freebie? This was, I guess about a year the point I'm talking about right now, and that was Thank you, and I was such a savior for her to be able to like express herself and do her thing. It was a wonderful thing, where my mom came in a town and like state and our back house with or our all this, while I was around on set as a producer in the three of us were making this thing together. It was so beautiful and wonderful, but those moments have been few and far between. For her. Yet I have predominantly gotten to do what I want to do.
We ve had where it really is like a very easy decision. When you're in that situation, like will one's gonna pay more yeah, so it's like well, we know what the answer ass. Yes, even between Christen, not if we were to both be offered a movie at the exact same time, she's gotta! Do it and I'll go with the kid simply that just the facts yet but we don't operate like that, any moral right. You also get to a point where you don't have to make that doesn't of money around now, where that's not the most important thing in the world We now have to like make a different set of priorities, and was very very interesting is that we also have to do things now, where we say. Listen, it's not just about is Mark marked to take a job in October, which will then preclude Katy to take a job. Sometimes it's like we gotta just leave
little space for the magic of the universe to potentially fill this has sometimes it will, and if I just continue to generate things at my breakneck insane pace, because I am a bit of a work hollow yeah working on that I will suck up all the air and there will be no time space. Forget it to do her thing, that's something we work on a lot and talk about yeah Balinese. Well, I'm definitely again, I'm also five years older than Christen, which is significant area. I see the once more. He does I have my parents. Are my dad died Super Young this as a whole different paradigm for me, yeah, but yeah like I feel, like occasionally like tapping on the show like who, by the way, is all gone by lay out. This is really happenings blown by YAP. We ve been invites workers in it's funny cause. I had to recognise its my own thing.
It's like. I want to do an active policy at our house that no matter what we take a two week vacation at the end of the summer, I don't give a fuk who offers you want yeah if we can't make that commitment, we're doing it wrong. Yeah. Then what the FUCK yeah- and it came time, I think- maybe even a last summer, the summer before it was like that two week thing all the sudden was getting to cut down to ten days to tell you had some offer and I took it really bad. I was I took his like you know, This was our verdict on the USA to add. As at a certain point of being really mad and fighting about it. I had to go like I made up the two week thing get I made that up. The changes in Vienna in
force into this thing that I've decided is the right amount of time for ten days by whatever. But yet those are hard things to juggle and we do a lot of those little things like every three months. We go away for a minimum of two days together that just a few of us. That's a bet, something we ve never done it. We had kids, we have to do it in a hurry and look each other's eyes and try to remember the thing in and then we do things where we plan or vacations just really tough for me, like six months in advance, when the flights are too Spencer Hotels. Aren't you a good deal because I, like a fuckin good deal, sure, and I gotta do it- we got wanted. What are right on our I want rise, learn how to pay like Hulu for stalwart pipes, all inclusive. So we have to do those things and marked we're talking about right now, we're gonna, take our goal is to take a month this summer and get away from it-
in our kids are really interested in getting on the euro and just John trains together and doing things so yeah. So basically, we're like well were booking this trip now on the other extreme. Is you our unlike look if Katy gets a massive opportunity and once the bank that she gets to do that at this point, ride took a big bullet for us as a family and like being a primary care, take her for our children for a law. Time here and like net. So now something really good comes. She pretty much gets to take their yet your time, and it's my time to make the world go around. You know and I'm a making it sound like it's like some big, like sacrifice. The truth is I it's so font right now with the kids. Right aid is gonna, go to a movie on and off in Texas, for, like five weeks coming up to now as one which is probably say out loud that I also recognise. Ninety nine percent of Americans can never even pay the two weeks on believe. So you are I'm complaining, but idea. So I just wanna take once it is
It is now urgent to you to be aware that he's thing, but what, if you, you got a therapy again What is your conclusion of why you are work Alec, because I already have an armchair theory, so I have a couple of them and none of them feel very clear. The most clear thing to me is I was raised. I am very thankful. The way I was raised wishes Marty plus urine credible, and you can do anything right. That gave me the confidence to come to this town and do the things that I Hoddan yeah and I would not have been able to do that without that upbringing gap. But what happens to you when you are twenty three, twenty, four, twenty five and you are struggling and you are not living up to these expectations that you have basically put on yourself, but they were their message to you. Yeah you started
he'll real bad about yourself, yeah, and so I started revving an engine which turned out to be a quite powerful engine. To get myself up that mountain he and I had to ravage at hundred and eighty miles an hour to go two miles an hour for about ten years. Right and now I am trying to pull my foot offer that gas, but the rhythmic revving of that engine is very difficult for me, yeah to pull off of that one theory, the other theory is I'm just one of these people who has a little hole inside of them and some people have that sure and have a sense of humor. I understand what it is because it gets partially filled by so many things. So you have depression Yeah have depression saga about. I can take medication now and you get a good handle on that right, but it still doesn't take years to figure out exactly like was took me like TAT here's figure what it was like. Oh oh you're, not hungry and tired. Your d.
Another area that interbedded not uncommon exiles when we are slow buzz. I was like thirty. I got my meds dialed and I've been there and animals, but it doesn't fix it, but it helps it's a net. The keep me from tanking, yes and your size and hundred percent that had everything sleeping the exercising the eating the endorphins. All that's at my life is I'm so fucking bless to be in the marriage. I am and have the kids. I have taken the career that I have so all that stuff. His booing me in this wonderful way, but their own, I dont, think ever be a moment of my life where I'm not sitting in a chair. My foot isn't slightly tapping sure about something sure now when it is so I do I had that that you know I was the guy the child. In my mom thought I could I mean really thought prior could become President ya. Out again is awesome. At the same time, when I'm twenty eight still unemployed, it's the weight of that failure was exponential
so, as you felt array of tremendously yeah, I was dislike it in doorway, it's my kind of armchair theory for why all these shooters are why They think there's a lot of white guys that are like wait, I'm supposed to be spectacular, yeah, so the whole system, it must be failed because I know I'm supposed to be spectacular. It's like we that's a lot of trouble. I refer you guys have like justice born entitlement anyway sets aside. Now, I wonder, for you cause I've just recently discovered it about myself very attractive to situations I can control so as an actor when they action. I mean control of how that scene turns out, no matter how it's written. I have to go through me and I'm in charge of it, and I can make it something, and I can I can steer it now. I can not steer a conversation in my kitchen with Christian yeah. I certainly can't steer conversation with my three and five year old, yes,
cancer. Your conversation in any part of my life other than on a sad. I can make it exactly how I wouldn't want to adjust them, and then it's only amplified by a trillion when you're directing some pizza, or even sitting known or write, something I'm going to create a world that I'll yeah a missile happened in it, so happened with them will be just as at the end, like all that control is intoxicating. For me, in fact, I'd have this little each I'd- give myself on my way home from the editing room during chips. It's like I'm leaving a place where an early, my opinions, pretty valued yeah, it's gonna, be bargain at least try the thing congestion. And on the right alma go you're about to enter into other ecosystem, your account or opinions as valid as the three year olds in it's a big adjustment. Yeah. I've, that that does resonate may and in aye aye Algeria's again. If you have depression, you're, not incomes,
role of your emotions, which is infuriate yeah you're at the Whimsie of your biochemistry and that's frustrated is and then here's. This thing were. You are in charge now and I think that that's huge for me, and particularly the world building aspect of it, and I don't know how you feel about your creative flow or your creative brain and how things come to you in a, but I find that I tend to be real, the creative in times when things are a little confusing to me in life, and it's not like. I have to suffer to be created with that, but when I'm in on more than a little unhinge little uncertain my feet or half off the ground. I attend to coincide with the times when the muses, like kind of flowing through me, sham sigh. I really enjoyed going to that place when that but what am I doing lately with my therapist is that's a drug for me that I don't wanna be addicted to right? Yes,
we ve been trying to build a system of like we'll get. You can almost subconscious Lee, be unmoral yourself, a hundred percent rise. So when we talk about now is like how can I let those things flow through me still like honour this, like big creative flow, I have that the work hard wants to make a project out of every idea comes yeah, but not like be working all the time and Miss time with my kids Siena, because right now, I'm gonna schedule, That's basically, I don't work any more than ninety three p m, all that's three! Every day for the homework and the fall in the media ass, you know now do emails at night and Suffolk outwardly shouldn't, but I do right and so what we do is she's like ok, she was brilliant she's like a good life coach. For me, when you get an idea, you get to me out with it and make love to it. For, like forty eight hours like me, meet someone, I can weaken just ain't all our rocket crazy here we get here. Weeded of jealousy meeting has just do I run servicing, go not
and then you take that document and you put it in a folder and your desktop and came, and if, after a month you can't stand it, you have to go back. Two it sure you get to have that. Ninety. Percent of them were just those weekends and a bargain. I just needed a like, but I have to be careful now because in you, probably identify with this is of noxious. As the sounds, I met a place, my career rather access enough that if I could All someone, then I say I have this idea: I'm gonna go make it. It happened right, other or better forward, so that we can put him away and they come back. I'm doing a lot of things like that. I have a weird little rule like that too. It's like. I come up with an idea, kind of flesh it out. I tell a few people ass and then, if, like three weeks later, I'm still telling a few people are bouncing around I go like oh. This has lay. Is a common organ like yeah one I'd stand, like romances. You will often find that some of the ones that actually in the first two days,
The sex wasn't what you thought it would be, but then it turns into something much deeper and more sustainable trade lovemaking who now either gets well. I have a similar. Her struggle and mine- is I'm mostly motivated out of the voice. In my head that says, you're a fucking lazy pieces, Shin you're gonna, be penniless. You still had a voice, that's how I work. Oh my God, Jackie I go well I've done better, as I am aware it, but but but in general my whole work life. Is you go that Fuckin hotel room, you're right and eight pages day or your piece of shit? you're a failure and then, when I'm at that hotel room speaking about control, I would love for some minutes to film how I write day. One I wake up and I take a little walk to get my brain. We know Workin sit down a force myself to write.
It is, and then I generally and I don T, get the big bugs me down and then at night I like to do an hour of exercise I'll just jump today. Five day five is I wake up. I jog two miles. I come back. I ve only knots Irene I stopped in the middle. I work out for work out here. I come back, I write more and then go back and I work out again. I have become a robot, yes as more and more control and they need another layer of any up. It's so free. When I write I love being that we, even though you enjoy that time, I dont even enjoy any of those activities I'm doing, but when my head hits the pillow, the narrative Dax goes all your life. What year did you yes, you'd you're going against? oh you're in cases to be stagnant in India whatever, but I feel I give you left me in that hotel for unnecessary weeks. I would be dead, I would you might be
yeah yeah and I want to learn to work from a place of joy in fun, in collaboration all those things, but I find it very challenging That's interesting, yeah! I share a lot with you. I don't share as much of that that pain or that that forces that process I actually genuinely get kind of happy when I write it's hard, but I what I do share with you is the rhythmic nature, and getting into that, structure when I write I go out to palm springs me, do an ice I mostly in either swimsuit or pajama pants, and I write until I hit that first wall and then I go and like sprinter. The block three times I jump in the pool and then a jump in the hearts of and get the and get shaken up and then come back in and then I go against my own little cyclical stance. Yes, and it really, I can get so much done
and I like love when you are lasting through power, got out his fucking boards gas make when it's like, I have lost count of homer gets us. Is where my goals always a day, the ambit of the days when I go to benefit fourteen that peace in those random feelings are incredible you are to say why you're urinating, Madame with the kids it's the current eu- oh pretty soon, they're, not gonna, want to hang out with me, like I'm bothered that they want to come into. My at nine year and then there'll be a point where they will not even want to hug me for a few years earlier. This yeah and I think that I've close with a lot of people who have some older kids. And the one lesson I'm getting from them is like. If you are very worried about the fact that they may not want to hang out with you you're in about as goods. How did you can be too have kids who actually want to hang out with so you're? Probably gonna be ok. Yeah What what's happening to me as apparent now is like very much.
Like- loosening the strings on life- lessons and frameworks that I feel it you're going to help them, and getting into much more than a gala, Terry and marriage with each of my children, does it mean I'm just like one of these parents who just wants to be their friend. It isn't offering guidance, but that's just gonna become less and less helpful for them and less and less helpful for our relationship, so there's a lot of asking questions about how they feel about things as a lot of flag oh man. I don't I don't know like this is confusing. What should we do where we try to figure things out, and that was the best things my dad did for me is like a confident young male was he just put in next to me at a certain point, a high and when I would bring up issues even now,
yeah figure this out in a year and the more I do that with my kids. I start to see their Chester Dyke pop up and they blossom and and and then we have, of course, the dialogue that goes with it in the intimacy. Yes, I am hopeful that that's going to be sustainable, but I am encouraged by the fact that I always lie I'll be with my mom but yeah. I never went through that. I would go to the movies with her in high school senior in high school. I'd meet her on a Saturday night and go to the movies with her like. Can you figure out and Look at the dna of what was happening there, some tools, the first all usages, awesome she would the most open minded there was not afraid of sex was not afraid of all these things. Just very open minded. You could say anything you to talk to her and harbours. That's big yeah and then said at least some dysfunction, which is. Single mom. Occasionally we were the spouse Y, see what you're saying about me in a marriage I was,
times her emotion, all stability MIA again not probably advisable but loved it loved it, but I wouldn't have wanted a different, other yeah, and you have you relevant and useful to her. I feel that with my kids, when they can offer me something I'm a one night where I was exposed to putting them down to bed, and I had to get it done at a certain time, because I want to get the sleep in before school. And I was so tired- and I was stressed- and I didn't have it lay down on the bed like girls. I don't have it tonight. I don't know what they like looked at each other like in this surprised, whether like eight for at the time
and then they like rallied around they got other stuffed animals in autumn in the bed. Next to me, like you want some advice, would you gonna do you now and then they like went like not themselves ready for bank as they like new? I like needed you now, the as I do. Can one are you guys read the story tat I just don't have an I sort of like gentle drop out of the president. You know as a language really awesome, Vietnam, our lives Eric design up. I was really just like yeah you're out, there's no, no Fiona tank there. I remember specifically- and I bet you have a similar memory and three years old- two years on forty one and forty three okay, so two years so the very first time it hit me like a ton of bricks like oh Jesus we teachers are human beings, was the space shuttle. Oh god, I remember Were you guys? Why was in that? We are watching it that we held in the tv gavel thing where inane, an assembly were watching with all these teachers that happen. I can't even remember understanding what else
basically, is I think, globally, well there's a bunch of Such an authority has probably less desirable than we hope today. Is that both those there? I certainly not going to oh there's teachers on board and Bob are well aware as more like I was a cool explosion. Maybe I don't know if I can. I was very young, but man, all those teacher started bawling sense that hugging each other and housing or flocked like the greek workers, was the breeding Part of this whole thing. Are you mad at such a great moment? I am we talk by this lot as parents, but like I was lucky enough to grow up in a household of parents who loved each other, but it was the seventies eighties, where there was some slightly unhinged behaviour of like parents drunk not really looking but for us in the middle of the night them falling asleep first and not putting us down and us, and so like that that safe danger of like what do the leaders We must do something I think really good and we like cannot carry on like
engineer, some of that stuff for our kids alot now in out. Just like you, gentlemen, It is easy to think so and why you psychology is likewise he's a smart guy. You know more generally on at any time. You need a smart person here he's on so he was here and he would say and how he had read a book and he was seen how vital it is that children have completely unsupervised time where they really gotta or some shit out and yeah how the hell he is started. The institute and it's it's hard as hell, but like you start they live in New York and start sending this kid like down the block to go to the grocery store at eight, and he said what was the most bizarre thing is for the kid, because no does that anymore I mean I was on my own all the time Jane. I were just left absolutely wonderful, vs lighting, fire and the words that you now right yeah. It was great and there were is everywhere that work
others. None gap. Kids are never unaccompanied needed. The hardest thing is for the eight year old is every adult. Been going like. Oh do you need your parents total. It feels like a freak. Going to the grocery store across the street from his house. I've only camping as one of the best things you can do it like that if there are campgrounds that have like You know fifty two hundred square miles at our sequestered and I can't get out- and that is the many domain with which they can get all Lord of the flies without actually getting hurt. Yes, that is the best thing. Do you guys don't go domain? We don't go as much as we used to have a lot of the the cousins over their kind of grown. Ok and moved away, but we do get some of that and now crazy hike out there right yeah, it's a hall for us and welcome bizarre happen, your house, which one do you guys little house there? May we had housemaid what we soldier is over someone living in it or something I find someone else everywhere. You have other, maybe it's possible, but if you do find out about it, maybe the same person ceiling water from your figure it out.
I was so happy- I want to say- was nay so the first emotion from this house around here, that's under construction, we go inside hand, Ryan and his reign knows renounced the second best o Brien came to a cup. I think one or two of these the movie watch burst at any rate, we're walking through the house and all this, and I go there's more stuff in this room. Then I remember there's like some Kansas spray pay, and there is like some more hangs rise whatever, and I just at this moment, where I go, I think someone sleeping in this This is the best part is. Do you think so and I go, I promise you this happened ago. If there's a shipment bathtub someone's levy, the waters turned off totally so that environmental had been remove. Yeah we walk into the matter. And there are several human dumps, and I will never end. It was his weird
juxtaposition of being so excited. I guessed right a hundred percent in so concern there were lots of human eggs from it in the tub of our house eye on you now that is a story, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this might be a truly definitive story for you in terms of how you have lived, life and and and how you should continue to live your life, which is, I think that there is a deeply old Solon you somehow some way shape or form and our member meeting you being like I'll love this guy is the is the muscle card guy with all of this old soul, miss in him and your instinct that there was a man. Shit and the bathtub about whatever, and that you were right. This means like upright instinct, it's it's.
Practice. He didn't now knowledge based on his own irey. I beg you just need a promise me that next time, like big decisions coming to you, will close your eyes and tap into that person. Those things are going to lead. You well! Well, you know what I did is this. You know exactly what I did. I just imagine I was living in that and I thought at some point also. I discovered a bunch of rags and the trash can that paint sprayed on now hand said acetone as, like all this guy's huffing stuff, so he's high. He's gonna have to take a share in his pocket high and it's not his house. A walk outside asking to go should not tell them to shut the door like I just
That's what I would does some basic detective work very, very great. Like Colombo, wrote a rudimentary but good idolizing on ass. You before you go is you didn't have it with J, but if you ever felt a sense of competitiveness with your peers at a really good question that the first Adena wives comes to my the first answer is that I got puber late, ok and it was really difficult on me that big one of my best friends was like. I was kind of guy who got the girls and then he got the hairy legs in the pukes yeah. Unlike overtook me, ok- and I remember the unlike- we hang out and I was like When I see anything again, down there until I get that up, it's like the biggest partner that was the biggest competition for me. I was late to git cubes as well. It hurt why, because you thought,
when girls want to see their or just made you a man heard. My eye was free, even girls, being part of it is just like of the four different deeds that we were showing our penises to each other. I was I asked to get here. The bald eagle, that's right at any rate, is not great and on an old. Why that's nigh to manhood no identity in some way, shape or form, but that was like the last like real viscera like competitive. With appear thing that I can. I can remember there have definitely been more whence where there are people's either careers or something that I have thought about ass, a man now be so cool, but but about when you feel, like you, ve carved out on me, and then you see someone Qana coming into it at all normal da now, If you come in here now, I dont have a niece yeah. We have read that honey. I don't feel that that I feel like this.
Probably showing a lotta ego but assist on us all to say it is just like there have been people who have told me. I talk to loudly and to open. Lay about what I do in this industry and how I make things and that's my ip and I need to be more protective and shut the fuck up, and my feeling is like, I dare anyone to try and do what I can do, because I'm the special person who knows how to do this, you can, you can read the math on this basic, takes a certain kind of person to do this. I want the ball in a is. I can feel like em I'm I'm good where, where I'm abacha, the very specific yeah, and and not them, and if you can do do it the way I do it's, I feel pretty good yeah yeah, that's wonderful! Here. The healthy ego ass or something I don't know, knowing your value, probably yards guy here I've The recently got their yeah or I literally and finally like I will be absolutely fine,
you're going one way or another of I'll, be there be writing something for a obey, Jack or shootings like how long his Christian been telling you this yeah a lot. She ran she's, definitely wind my sales at all tat when I first met your guns, India, or when I met her with you, that's interesting, as you know, I think like. If you ask Katy like oh, what's the what's, the thing that mark needs to know that he doesn't know is, I like you, don't have to let go out and try and show everybody how cool you are to get their respect in the EU will actually be a lot more likeable of you're just like human and silly You are with me yeah and I think one of my lessons you know, and then I look at Katie and I'm just like as a similar lesson to what you had just learned, which is like She has so many goals and think she wants in her career and- and it's very soon what you're telling Chris images like we're about,
Now this is going to matter in our yeah gonna, be ok. I've even gotten do a place. That's probably gonna destroy me, which is It occurred to me this notion. I have that in forty years some teens are gonna pop on breaking bad in a watch it it's not gonna happen yeah. So my desire, like my many to be on something that all of its gonna go in the trash. He is great, even their best things that we love? It is? Is letting go of this silly notion of being somehow immortalizes something are in, and I'm just gonna do I think, that's gonna, leave you to some place a little dangerous but ultimately transcend at. I really is I've got maritime doing things sometimes that I will never watched yeah, I'm just enjoying the process.
Which is almost heading back into, was not about the result, because I dont like this thing now, but The process is a make. Money has in that's what I'm aspiring to love em in law. If this process another results value- God it's really a marketable, I love, you dangles you're such a sweetheart. I also love J so much to carry him. We can work together. Now we are accompany and we do continue to work together on certain things, but there is very much like like I'm gonna go, do my thing and that occasionally he'll come in and consult on it. He'll do his thing, and men will do that and then- Someone's gonna. Listen this podcast two years from now on these now, because they just because they just directed a movie together, because nothing is permanence. Even I think it is right in our breathe and separate landfills. Good yeah, that's great well
both you and I really. I do still hold out the idea that we will get on a couch with many pizza. So we were a baby and we will. We will freeze frame on a penis stuck to someone's ab demand and we would just we will be our pre putrescent twelve year old cells and our hairless penises will become hailed. Error will be over exactly I was gonna habitat. I love you can't we love your bad, come back and watch our room one or for one is a comment of ember nigh on HBO November. Ninth on each year are in Rome. Lastly, Desgas we love Julian, so much what's his name don't call Julian's episode is called Arnold, Buddy young man who does not like to go out. He goes out and he wakes up the next morning and room one hundred and four soaking wet and does not remember what happened to him and makes his way through the night and his memory by US song and is a musical episode. Starring Brian
Henry of of Atlanta fame, We love and yeah yeah. So about that kid, you're, not gels. At that kid. Donald phase. On the final phase, Lubber Donald, very great benefit. All right. I ran their Donald, Our dialogue lovers got so much pressure, he's a resident of a kingdom. That's a good way to look. I get a float around in a pool with love, handles and drew the boy watch him saying in love. Land. His emu is easy. He's having a moment, but at a certain point, he's gonna fall well, her, really bad ass, a good way to be avoided again it when you just have b plus cruising around Third, a note someone's below there
for real, though I love you want love you leave, and now my and now my favorite part of the show checked with my soul, made Monica bad men. This is a big swing. Tat let's hear it loomed doomed couldn't do cause. This is back Jack back Czech town and no one's going to save you from the girl, that's jack. In fact, you know it's back Jack back check time, you we burn down in Ghana, that was thriller. I know you recognise the shares this. This person was nice enough to ride out the real lyrics next to the fake while I like, and they do that. Yeah was really helpful, but I still don't know if you ve got it. I totally guide. It was exactly perfect. Kick off girl tango in cash,
yes, I allow new Tugela very short, but crack Brian, Ok, we're gonna say who on this issue, but I am opposed to picture. Oh Adam oh well, I guess: well, they can look it up and they will and they did, but we want well their heads up again I'll. Give you that. But I won't look. Here's a thing. First, more general bad. I would feel someone posted pitcher of short by Craig career and into me. I would never show my bonds again in a movie. Where would you listen, visible, lemme tell you I think you're wrong. I dont think is buck. Crack is short. I think it's the angle in There's still he built angle it is and wide there's two people in this picture to gorgeous men with great physique. To me, the buck cracks, don't look so dissimilar.
A while yet- and I think it's the angle- and I think you know what it thinks- weirder a huge long, but crack all really my brother long but crack of long said this the ideal, but crack would start at the shoulder blades, oh my god that would be the ideal robber combat crack. It goes shoulder blades, but crack for about two feet and then little legs pop out. Do you really think that ideal in school? Who cares onawandah establish ideals, I'm just saying if you're but Craig started in your shoulder, blades I'd be cool, I guess it be cool, then you could reach over your shoulder to wipe now it's time the butler right. A whole would be built, you're right, you're on your own. Really really started off in a dirty play in the gutter. That's what happens when you start on thriller. There's money in star wars.
I wish I were to say one on them, how weak tokay number to item after when your grandmother number two my number to item in my time machine after I wear your grandmother will be to go back and do thriller. The fact check for Halloween weak wow. I've got weird privations egg. Yeah not gonna die apple stock. Before I fix that fact anyway. My point is, I think, all, but cracks are beautiful and I think it was the angle grinning, so I dont think its three or four inches I'd kill the look like either the guys about photos yeah, ok, John DOE has been announced as seventy nine acting credits on I M d at forty five for soundtrack ocean, Work is using the backs for writing in performing forty five credit. He way way more extensive.
Clear than myself, plus seventy nine acting right. It's go crazy, no go go where Math Odin I mean it. You hit me with the numbers. I noise gonna be doing quick, math, forty five plus seventy nine. Ok, that's ease That's one! Twenty five one, twenty four, I think one twenty four should be yeah when twenty five, those pretty quick yeah, was quack, less click. Ok, so he was born on be wary. Twenty fifth, nineteen, fifty three held a z fifties rule forty zones or sixty seven. Sixty five k. I haven't done them my head, so I should have done up beforehand. I should better Do as you eat. You should at all these things up and then you should say: there's live, as I said. Yes, sixty five is what it is. You should say you should say that you should add number and so on in episode, use and then just add, like three
numbers, and I never said that would be against my role. Ok, you! Now there would be bending you're out when their when there are tricked when there are times like this week into the loud math K. So anyway, his name is real name is John. On Norman Sin, dude shock the cock Duke. I wonder what kind of Muslims, maybe Eastern Europe means, do conquered the chalk lucky isn't Mugabe has new guidelines on the worst sounds like do number do, yeah, ok, but it might be do chalk. I don't now tumblr com. As to your pretty unremembered cock. Now the politician he ran for President Michael right, big eyebrows, oh I've, eyebrow game was,
on point. My eyebrows need some more right now, Norman orgasm. No, because I went to this place to get my eyebrows done and I'm not allowed to touch them for six weeks. Also, then get a good Are they gonna? Do the string is how you do? That's. That's Angela, waiting thrown. Oh, that's called threading yeah, yeah you're right, that's with micro, blazing with ease make little incisions on your eyeball, so they get more air in there now try to mindsets, how they dry out your eyes now microbe lading is eyebrows thing that they do they like fill in with kind of like tat to oh, ok, yeah? What about he's getting electrolysis on your eyes. Would you already there? Were they burn out the follicle permanently I, like harem of all, that's right. I would not do that on my eyes now because will because I'd be a fool
I like him, I don't die or which incorrect dangerous. I used to have super super than eyebrows cause. I was the size and now the styles, to have nice thick areas which are good for me, because I have that. Naturally, I loved you have so many options. You can have your eyebrows style, ah good review, but right now, the way weeks and then she goes in and then she makes imperfect and she's training them to do that on their own natural. No, I promise it is, I believe- and I believe- and here changer genetic I'll show you ok, you should see her eyebrows, the perfect they probably That's cause she's trimming them that one out there doesn't stop growing. You can't make here. Yes, you can not in leisure bearing up follicle. Now your hair- does get trained at on a two hour longer to into it, but it does get trained programme the movie they need with Ray Romano is coming out later this year, so far doesn't have a title. Untitled deplore.
Brothers, Re Romano Project great describe as a bitter sweet romance about friendship, mortality and made up sports o everyone should have on behind the scenes. Fact at the power went out in the middle of the episode. That's true here I went out right in the middle of a new we're talking about Robin Williams and we said maybe it was his Robin worms. So that's a fun fact for people. The looming behind more behind the scenes thing: BT us it is a beach. Yes Mark, a Quaid Ed. I don't remember what it was his life or something to a farm club- and he said he was single- a I didn't know what that was a farm club. I thought it was like this game that Jes friend, Jes plays on his farm bill. It's called farm bill. I think it's called there, but he had
the farm on his phone and he tends to it like they were also rail area. He cares a lot about it and I thought this was something akin to that occur. Europe we are pretty off. I was off for its term. In sports, a farm team farm system, theatre, team, pray. The squad or nursery club is generally a team or club whose role is to provide experience and training for young players, with an agreement that any successful players can move on to a higher level at a given quite yes, the minor leagues in baseball are there teams, yeah yeah, he's a farm club so is confusing if he had set fire to my wooden. Known exactly you now another I definitely wouldn't have known. I wouldn't have none at all. It is thought that it was like on the farm They have worked for age clubs like for ages of farming club, but I would have more thought like on the farm. There's a team that
the handles the pigs and now as a team that handles the chickens, Sancho sure yeah. You know, but I feel so good to move up from a farm team to her we were just watching the World Series in one of the guys his plane, the very best on the dodgers was on a farm time. We got brought up this year from mile merely ass the american dream. It is gas listen ranch. You know, and I started My trailing squad here I was an alternate, ah carry great. I was on the farm team behind you earlier spot yeah, because a girl broke her shoulder. Said that he did you polo vaseline on the ground where he knew she with her spotter was the lad. I dead yeah yeah. This episode talks a lot about the brothers and the brother dynamic and how they would go to party
is for so long and everyone who want to talk to mark and J with countries like be their wishes alive. Don't you think we'll invisible? Yes- and I experienced this recently yeah, yeah, pretty bad to an event with Kristen any felt, pretty invisible and they put in a pretty beds sittings enjoy yeah, we arrived there and then there is no dinner for me and they put me in a deserved una. Your nobody yeah. We only serve dinner to real people arrived in you're, not a real person. So then they put it here for me next to her, but there wasn't lies that will enable us in space of the table, so they had it in, like the aisle were all these in the middle of all these
labels and I was just sitting there and then a bunch of people, because they loved Kristen, understandably or coming up to her and wanting to talk to her and then some security guard came up to me and said so. Ledger here think cod You can block her from all these people, despite the fact that my rural yeah, exactly anyway it was it here a ball. You really didn't. Even that was right before Toronto, yeah yeah to Toronto and you're still shaken that off oh, and I want to be really really clear. Ok that Kristen had nothing to do with the feeling she was doing her best to alleviate some of this. She was feeding me food off of her play. Grabs should put an amount, can change for on the war in Lebanon either? No! No! She
feeding me foot off. Her plain shoe is introducing me the people and she kept her dissing, the Papa she kept talking about the pod cast the people. She was not really doing her best new innovation. She didn't need to be with you. A flock aiding my hair about me. Even though, is wrong or really cute dress undoubtably. Undoubtedly anyway, it's just hard to be that person. A really is, is it is near, so I just I could just commiserate with that view. Yes, that's it you're, gonna, say one thing and that you're not here a feeling I have you ever been in a vision of, certainly, but I, I've had enough attention, I'm delighted. If I'm with someone who has won that now that I mean we knew, we didn't have attention it. I got you everything I think I remember is like in a shooting the pilot
hunting going out to dinners with ash and sitting next to him and tat people like basically standing around me to get to him, but I think I was just so pomp to be with him somewhere witnessing what fame looks like in real life. Oh interesting analysis excited to be around the whole thing that's because any new yeah I have that when I was sitting there was like. Oh my god at one point in time, I would have been so excited. Just be in this room, and now I'm like could care less, about being in that room and I just want to go into a burger king. You eat them,
chicken saying and had a seat at the table. Heavy manages yeah like really like I'm not impressed by any of this anymore. Russia's good, I guess the wonderful thing to know you don't care about anymore, yeah, ok, so, sorry to take a term but the Challenger Space shuttle explosion, yeah explosion. We talk about that yeah New said there were teachers, but there's only one teacher Kristen Collar yeah, yeah yeah and seventeen percent of Americans watched it y yeah while so to do so. Quick math, that's around fifty six thousand people mean fifty six million. People are watching that there was a nineteen. Eighty six is that still awry aeronauts populations violently to seventy, then, whatever so still over fifty million people still fast man, a lot of them? Children
you mean like schools or watching exactly like doubt. They were watching an auto zone. They pray Impala tv in there for the employers to watch, maybe over teachers. It was a big one year, So sad, it is here, because really it's not. Adder than previous times. There's been a but it's funny, because you will all have an astronaut. He d decades is lie for she dedicates her life to be an astronaut. She knows the risks of they die. It's up for some reason, a little less sad right, but a teacher like, while why I don't know why this is then in the filing cabinet in your head. It makes it a little sadder, Ev Ry all things, are all human death or equal, probably yet It does get elevated. Let's put it this way. You a boxer dies in the ring in a fight. You feel baby girl. That's what happens
you're, a guy out with his kids, gets poncho nice room, parlor dies. You got your your heart, Brian! Exactly ass. Same thing. I'm gonna kill from upon dry, but it is, it is. Ba exactly your ear, assessing the risk factor for the people who are making that those decisions. Now it is all sad further back or who are afraid of doing things, it helps came from them their right to not be arrested or like a parachute, as a result might well yet what yeah yeah yeah, you got common or something like that leading people. Take some joy and when people risk takers die, I dont think as their narrowly ma. Nor can I dont think anyone take sold by their guide. Jump died. Jumpy! No, no! No! No! I don't think anyone things that I think they think labour no. I think they think- and this is what I think, that every time I hear about a car accident,
I'm was not wearing their seep l. I am, I think, oh god, that's awful I'll never be in that position, because I always wear my. Bout. So it's more like it's not like joy or anything. It's just like. Oh, my god, there's something terrible things that happen thats on a terrible thing. That's gonna happen to me because I don't do that right unless we seem of the parachuting Ike that's awful, but I'm never jumping out of an airplane, so I'm never going to be the person who dies that way, but ok, so great, sooner We kind of a way back to the thing so yeah Einstein was astronauts type. Everyone girl- I wasn't. I haven't me: I'm not an astronaut gathered Are you going? I am a teacher while I could end up on that thing in anymore, so yeah, maybe that's the thing. It felt a little more plausible happen in their own lives off up all sad knew. How long is your backpack
I'd rather measure and tell you than thing estimate on a pitcher myself like in the mere I'm feeling like it's eleven inches twelve inches. Others are real about cracked back there. Because, while he was doing his leaving is packing up, we share that you made a far noise sound affair yeah. You did a fully it'll forward Now is like Fred Norris from the stern bromide southern done eleven, am I gonna have to put up my backpack somebody gets here. That's all the anticipation of little pay off have to do things mark mark mention that someone was stealing water from our fridge, and so there is a caper happening. I'll just say in the attic were water keeps us came from her fridge deal in Gaza, weird so where we get no sign of a break and exactly we can't figure, maybe there's a little mouse that lives in here under the couch and we leave little mouse gives a water yeah and then recycle.
The outside yeah, lessons possible varies very definitely conscious mouse and then also referred to Julian Alai joy yeah? Who is your friend and a composer a really good certainly composed songs in hit and run and in brothers. Yes, sand in baby director, and maybe director yeah yeah more now that he's like a spectacular dad. Yeah. I was here with our Wanna Murano MIKE, I think, disguise unit. Your job to me. The angers me little hand will doubt time, for my do then yeah why He is I'm gonna say this is gently as possible of your arm, Jerry, and there's a gas that you see promoted. You don't like that guest the farmers. I think I'd listened anybody like one sternly people on all the time that I think I dont like right disagree with their thing, I'm almost more interest in those people like I've loved you,
here stern interview, rush limber. I would be like on the days to hear that, so it is concerned so I don't really understand, choosing not listen to somebody. You disagree with what they said in the past year. All that aside, you're free to have that opinion dome beat me or Instagram messages to me about how much you hate someone how terrible they are. I just like that I'll deleted Europe now has it do you know Some positive reviews feel a negative you until your body at home or some meaning to put it on the world publicly. First, that person a red, has not cool The thing I want to say was one other thing remaining to say I'm here. I guess I forget the other one occasion, a member for next time, yeah, when I bring my son sure rain May Rowley instrument, we can't wait.
Get em sad hollowing over I'm sorry, I think skimmings coming up. Oh, I meet a voice for that. What you ve, everything's, giving third I dont like thanks, giving all that much. You don't like any of the like the stuffing. That's my favorite part by far you're, like the sweet Potatoes, your fine langmore, you know I like the roles, I don't care about. Cranberry the turkeys always dry pumpkin. I don't understand why we make a pie out a pumpkin. You know He has gone through a ears. I like, I love those roles, those Our answer, rules with a nice stick a butter and then the stuffing, but this is not a hundred percent carbs. I can't believe you don't like the sweet potato with marshmallow can I would favour the up. I should like that. My love, here's another word thing: I love potatoes. More than anything, I can't stand mashed potatoes. They destroy all the structural integrity of the potato.
It? Just mush when I'm wearing go even a step further and turn it into a drink. I drink up of me now melt yeah I'd be happy to, rancor alone and avoid a mix, I love you. I love you.
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