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Matthew Lillard (Serial Mom, Scream, Scooby Doo, The Descendants, Good Girls) is an American actor, voice actor, director, producer and human lighthouse. Matthew sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his early experience as a mime named TTAM, having to reinvent his life after an inexplicable period of not working and he labels his ultimate pursuit to remain artistic. Dax decides Matthew was the right man to date the love of his life and Matthew tells the story of how he was cast as the man who stole George Clooney's wife. The two of them travel down memory lane in a sweet recount of their love affair despite Matthew's insistence that they would never remain friends after Without A Paddle.

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Question and we knew that we must speak with Matthew Willard. It was also now been a friend for over fifteen years. I think everyone's gonna be so delighted when they listening they are these such a revelation of kindness and fondness and light. Why? yeah he's a really wonderful person and it was so funny talk to him. He sits down within two seconds, even d, like a name and store that I find completely entertaining the whole I'd through oh yeah, he's also in good girls, which is NBC, show and its returning. This fall on NBC sprang what whatever he's on good girls. I don't know when it comes out, but when it does come out, you should watch it cuz, it's ten in our favorite resident Bb Mae Whitman, along with other people, so everybody enjoy my old good PAL Matthew, Willard, guys
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not a hundred dollars off, not not not eight hundred out thousand dollar incentive on Chrysler Pacifica. That's a huge discount, forearm cherries. They gave you four thousand dollar offer visit Pacifica index dot com and enter your information, he's not what if I fail whatever they do, this right now, there's no family values, not an option for you have all these charming funny people yeah you, I'm gonna, put on your headphones. Verse inform us that we will be. Some ways in order to reach other than then I just got it. I smarter you just sound dreamy but met lizard. I welcome yet you find that. Is you get older, I'm like I'm up turning into a fucking ferrari like if I don't put the exact right thing,
into my gas tank. I'm gonna be broken down by the road like you're, just saying that you eat garlic now, and it makes you fucking depressed garlic will jack me up for days. They I've. There is a tendency to beat it. Child if I've had got pretty much garlic on it makes my poor why I mean it literally. Cripples me Yeah, we'll settle, say to people time, I'm allergic to grow, like others, no garlic in this, and then two days later, my lie storming out of the house, guys miserable, but it's humiliating to me because what would happen- and I don't know if it's because I've cut out so many things that I actually have experience, what it's like to feel good and now I'm just really sensitive to when I don't feel good. So, what's your point, I don't eat garlic. Is it in flames? My arthritis feel, like my Neal start burning two hours after I eat Chicken my Neil disputes on fire? Really, yes and then, if each sugar, now I get the thing you get from garlic were like a miserable for two days. I'm, unlike an pessimists,
dick, I hate my family because a sugar yours so I'll look, I'm b I'm becoming, I feel like in twenty years, I'm just gonna water, or did you get so dialed in to physical, and we were just talking about the fact that you were a shredded as any human in movies, jobs, the wings? How glad you notice No women noticed only other guys know they talk about it now and that's not true. It's true. Let me tell you some ass, uncomfortable comfortable, how you I've gotten shaped twice for a good for movies and in my response from both times. Not a single woman has ever said, like you or your body, the good that movie with one another the governments have come from other debates like I was given an airplane as walking down the higher, and some do this house first out negroes got diesel one in Rome burrow in like put his fist up and like why wanna girls say that to me, I want it so bad underline that now not Europe. I know I'm just like you, don't see again exposed
oh, no, no, no, no hatred Today. You are a monogamous man. I've witnessed of witnessed it with own eyes, you, you are ironclad monogamy I'm very impressive. Thank you, I will say this: I treated it view when we were doing without a paddle. Yes, I do as inadequate Why? If I start, if I know, if I do at once, unscrewed yeah once you open the door, forget it rightly all the horses I just I just would be there would be no good bye, but you also like approval from people like I do we share that common. I think I enjoy the railways are yet another. I enjoy brew, but I will say that the I feel like. Eighteen years of marriage on Sunday. This lesson congratulation. Thank you
which in Hollywood is like fifty seven years of marriage. Absolutely in an age of twitter Minster its, but I dont really. I don't know that part of me is kind of its. Yeah in a really kind of sad wayward second, by getting in shape and lay out is a part of me is like says, I'm on the show with May young girls good girls Christine Hendricks place my wife, and on the show she falling in love with this guy named Ria with his character and embryo, which is play by his golden money. Many montana, ok, he's he's gorgeous. He had down, as he's he's, lovely and hispanic beautiful and in the show their getting together and as they get together, I'm getting jealous, you heard I realized. My here is my leg. Everyone online is like. We can't wait for them to get together, that's about.
Yes becomes is things like we do SEC at? I am forty eight amendments. Fifty men are used. Walk into a room and they used to be impact. Would walk in a room and you be like you know. People would notice. Well, Let me end. Let me elaborate on that, because I worked with you at the hide your powers. I think more. What I would thank you. We're like your average man. You had a family, you are making a good living. You you're, you're, taulas fuck now. The people realise that You're telling me, as the first comment, everyone's by a hundred percent two point, two percent yeah say while you're tolerance life. Yes, when you walk into a room amid people are aware of it, It doesn't go unnoticed. Yes, ok, please can I wasn't. There was a precise answer. Whether the time when you would be the guy walking in that room who is in scream at the height of screamer. In you know, whatever movie you identity,
are you with an you would have some kind of sexual relevance jar. Some so my right at all here you'd have capital. They will gather older I've gotten the less that travel. All these is is transacting or not, and you walk in room and it's not the same thing, and I do think that there is this really interesting junction alive. Where men and women become sexually irrelevant Yeah and I think that's a super interesting- plays its dicey for your identity. In your ego, I fear, and that's where that mid life crisis can comes, will now compound what you are experiencing with you never left Washington. So I had a great conversations, one of my best friends and he's been married for about same time. I've been married and we went out to dinner one night in he out of all my friends like
through my twenties and ally. Every girl was in love with him. I mean hands down. If I was by him, no one was gonna see me because they were in love with him, so I said to him: give a hard time be monogamous. You know even married for eczema years and he just like it he's so frankly and egoism, that's a man on tv, so it's quite. Can easy, not my girl, wife I married able kids put on some pounds. It's very easy for me. I was it is not a challenge and it was a pretty good wake up call for me where I was like. Oh right, and if I was back in Michigan just at forty three, no nobody would carry yes, it was a good now ready. We can absolutely it some guy did sir. It's tricky right but are you going on gay, getting old and also like? I do think that there was a time in my life where I was at the height of my power and you know not
at that place anymore have admitted that place belonged, This sort of the old look. I was an actor when I was twenty one, I was doing a movie yeah and that sort of fallen the under it, and there was a moment and I owe my agent of my manager at the time like an apology, cuz I would I would obsess about it my next job I would hold on to what's coming. What's next? What's next cuz I'd always worth and at some point I was like taking a movie was a lot of money, but I take it because I'm like I got a feed, my kids yeah analysis. Amsterdam is a youngster busy and that's how it to find myself and that was like you know, x, amount of dollars. Yes, then the next time you need a mummy job and money. It was less a high, yet you're either opposite. Do it- and I am now taking jobs not for work not for created sort of empowerment, but literally to feed kids yeah and if it was, you know it's humiliating humbling
It's that thing where my father, my who I love to pieces, said to me. You know because we were struggling and we have colleagues have made a lot of money and can be too right. I mean it's alright, shared the time decided well on a house in Pasadena the of the great and the House of Basic data. I know you're finances pretty good idea. You're, always Canada is general. That was your is still your thing out on his mind. You I Dennis I'd success in that way that we all that was the indicated, a hundred percent- and I remember we would have conversations about that has like it was self. Funny to me at that time during without a paddle that that was your thing. I'd like it won't be that for long well and I had been penniless for ten years- were shown when I went to your house during without a paddle I saw where you live dosing, how the fuck there, you are building a pool in your back like this guy's like
Thurston exit was mine. Blowings me, that's a larry! You were, you saw. You sold me your pours to add a new Bmw. Seven. Forty, I am- and I would just like to look at- is life I do not have to brush his teeth in the morning. I have one minute I put you were the total fantasy of lying Hollywood success. You know it's so weird that probably focused on someone else to ascend, never looking enemy. Whenever this, whether progress and a woman from permit I love my house, it never works than ever. I looked, I mean you look at it. You live now as we raise. Green and you have no way to sort of to articulate. I mean it's really hard hit by an. I do think that something about that something about six so the about my life was always about the latter going. The night around. If you are looking down in this business, you're done, or eight armies are anytime. I stopped in my life and like I can get into his club, hey, I can get to Vegas.
Any time as I go. I've made it like. I wouldn't work and also you idiot nothing, your shit, you suck, you have to keep going. It's a terrible paradox, because at one time your brain, rightly assain, hey, stop and appreciate what you got Yes, and that is how you should live your life in general. If you want to feel good, yes is like take stock, have a gratitude list wrecked? nice. This is the analogy you and I used to fight about all the time, and one of you remember Remember, I say to you: you're in the NBA Matt shut the fuck up like you're, not Jordan, who can't you remember you get so mad at me. One time as I said you know gonna be Sean pen. You remember that. No! I, though, kindly ring I have terrible memo. Guys gonna think would even when I say it now is a trigger you that I was unlike fuck, that I'm gonna be sharp and factual pen. That's right, and I again I had a perspective on your life that I've never had a my own, but I
I'll. Looking at you Goin Dude Year, crushing near the leader, movies in their successful in you're, making great money stop looking at John PIN, under all the road. You have a jersey, terrible, I could see it in you, but it was very higher than one. Are you the minds of coming off the bench? You maybe the guy in the fourth quarter is like Gimme, the boy yes and I dont one- and this is the problem with my life, my, but my problem with my life is that I would rather make no money be in, but FUCK Timbuktu, and doing a great part where I could be an incredible actor right. Making a lot of money and is doing whatever part. Yes, you in you from day one since I met you. That became very salient the dad is what you wanted. You took acting very seriously you when the two, what circle in the square, It was the ugly veneer. I can't believe I'm remembering the studies crazily. Fifty years ago
I can't even remember I can even remember now that I'm staring at your face that you went to a you're in zero mafia, like when your first roller right, and then you just some lecture and entire Philips asked you a question is rather than this has only as a two things. First of all, I do think there's a part. Your brain like records Motion right, I mean obviously, and in this sense of fear, for correct there's. Also. This thing is written that that's in me that this, DR about years about never working again core. It's about like I got this. How to find myself have been a kid doing in my whole life, if I, if I don't do it any more than what the hell am, I yeah by an inn Gee Lake in Syria, mom told me the lunch one morning. One afternoon agree first got down. I just left a lily walked into my my waiting job and I could
on Saturday night of a guy like where you're doing your movie, so what you come back about I'll, never come back with a view to cover yours. If you never going back- and I don't care attracts you, I've never been bandied you flow out of the restaurant. Galley alone is like me. They all my friends from school came up. We all got drunk, you is awesome, and you're going to circle where another time, and how is it was just the inner circle scores like last month the school, and when is it my way around in your programme is my third edition of your life of my life. I might have I mean this is kind of like my decree had a crazy clear, because I, I would walk into a room. You same thing you. I have no problem talking anyone. I could talk to anyone vitamins skin. I will do my job and do my work if it goes well for you great, if not. It's not gonna go my way. I mean yes, are you spread? And yes, I want jobs, but I'm gonna come in
energy hungry come in blue collar on an outwork. Everyone and gonna do about ass job, yet they worked yeah, but I was of a just got my first movie, I was in Baltimore Ricky like took me to break lunch, and she said at some point and I don't think she meant in a bad way, but she said in others a lot of people that only do one movie and never do another job. The air and then the back my mind to make. I can imagine that what would I do I mean, what would I do? Yeah, in that fear- has always been a big, is always sort of bananas. Baton helps the first time I ever saw myself on screen was at the Museum of Modern ART in New York, Todd Philips sitting behind me. Our guy is like hey king. Those good work, congratulation like this, the first time I've ever seen by solving movie like what's your name using TAT, Philips like you,
every member. But three years later we are Sundance and he's like I we met. For a while. He remembered others pretty cool, win, that was a John Waters movie right yeah you have, an awareness then like what John Waters was now right now for you is the headline: was it's a movie? Oh yeah Kathleen Turner rise am waters. Then it then you this thing where they had these things called on. There was the pages in the heart of the book, reversing the things you ever seen a buck. There's this away, The book is like getting you go in and then you would have these words. Ok so when you so when I got this John Waters Movie like there, the thing hoping flamingo announcing. I don't know what that is in those a guy named diviners like who is that, and so I went and bought a book about John Waters life.
Before you sort of whom we have around like film, you know before, because I was going down there. Weren't meet the guy. Did you scared? New became aware of his work. Keziah, yes, a bookshelf full of like see join Gacy painting in it a bookshelf of serial killer, books and louder chair audibly, without without doubt the most eclectic interesting director of all time, don Loris edges as a year and lean right at the top rule or regional, like nobody. Lazy, more life is an art installing a hundred percent. While I had seen from pink flamingos consumers really big punk rock world, was John Wayne Gacy wearily like so I was. We watch pink flamingo all the time, What is this thing so? But, but if I had signed under a movie and discovered, I would be alone Still I rented pink flamingo if you ve seen it Monica now. I think I can just give you a high,
I have it that obsolete. Let you know about where you expect a man gets in a weird yoga pose at one point in his bare naked and then he just he makes his anus go all the way open them push out and in all the way, when you just sit there, they hold on that shot for quite a while in your scenes of needed. No, that was anatomically possible. Very movie. It is a real live elm adieu. Mariner end. It wasn't like us an important rising, but our mouths shut up and there was a chicken seen ethically area big did his anus get so scary, big things you'd like to be truthful with you, if you're standing across in you through great fruit added. Thank you at a landed and now that we have to remember, remember there. I remember that in Blue really isn't it was it was it was. It was allotted to him for more armchair expert. If you dare,
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about to change like so you thought I'm in this movie skies limit, which is you know. Of course, you thought that we all think that way, but then all, There was probably people around you, goin you're fucking, killing this movie. Where do we go job. Everyone is comes out things like because that was happening to me. I was out a paddle serenades, zero expire. I saw my I released. Thinking. They must be right, I'm with there being Adam Sandler. It might be we were well. They were right in that. I have been lucky enough to keep going, which is following awesome, but what I was hearing- is that I'm literally Adam Sandler or that they were can firm in this fantasy, I had that I would be a franchise comedian welfare where those guys yeah, like I think you were looking at more dramatic actors, have your oversight. Your norstar was by different them, I'm a little like. When was that your welfare, or, where I mean in a way a kind of irony
isn't it that you cause one eye for little unknown? We start a couple things at the beginning of our relationship. Don't appear to want now. One is a first saw you act. I, though I did see serum mom. I dont know that. I remembered that, but I saw scream and I was immediately very attractive. You I told you that when we did without apparent like you were a break out start to me, we ve got famous during that time idea. I wasn't like ski orange, never blew my dress or whatever sir, but watching you and scream out like all. This is what Nicholas Cage would do today in its rare for me as a man to like it's a dick pardon me Maybe I don't want to give it up to another tall mail or whatever the monkey is like. I never said I mean you have that sort of competitive thing and you have that testosterone things ever fell, not, I don't think, and our job
but but just for me to acknowledge that some guys, big and loud and also Manys, pointed off, and I cannot avoid that's my gig miser right. I do acknowledge some one else doing it and actually love it and support it. I just think it's a big companies, It's a big bang. So so I like I liked you more importantly, I kind in a way that you'll never understand. Even though you dated her the way I love never Campbell Watch, forty five will never know unequal. I would sit on the bed and my fucking heart would her watching the show, and I would think if we don't end up married, there's been like the whole life is a disaster like well so strongly towards her right. So my friend NATO keep this is as movie I'm a basically an extra in the movie. Never never campbells in it. I've told a story here: I'm trying to impress her I've
up all night drinking with some of the other extras and maybe powdery my nose, and then I find her at the morning. Breakfas bar and I just stern like what are you gonna get man, I think which will be cool as I go, I think I'm gonna drink, my breakfast she's, like ok, I've been there is the other eyes could have been worse approach, and an you showed up, who came to set to visit her an you, sat in a room and you place before. We knew each other way before we know each other years before we knew each other. You are. They're playing chess, your or or poker? Probably Jeff? I think rather yeah, so you travel nor the chessboard criticism made of the amount in itself, but I did the corner in like she was like next to you, and I saw you and I, had this like oh wow, is also a beast on top of it. I knew you from scream within it
live on, like Hungary's he's really handsome in real life, very charming gregariousness and you were dressed really cool and you're fucking playing chess. What a move- and I was just like yeah he's the better man, like I remember my had they dream can immediately way cooler than me. Successful playing chess he's, got close in these taller than me a job. I like it so great. Course reviews on me. I saw you, you would never know that, but is burned into my mind, see no. The EU cool huh. What kind of a cabbie Zuri Gillian
before you had your crushing. We then worked together yeah, and then we found our that's my journey with you. That's hilarious! So long did you not to take you to leave New York and come to light, so I left New York to Edition was a rear in hackers, so hackers was a movie. I did with Angela Jolly and jointly Miller, and somebody asked me to do. To read across from actresses in the room events with glass into our ha and by the end of the second day, I'd read as the lead against all these women noone softly who's, the driver is like. I want you to flout allayed test for the lead in hackers. I didn't get, but that weaken that I was now. I got three different jobs and like one like in one week in one five day period, while was a movie called scary movie:
becoming scream. One of them was a powwow scram was causing your aim. Then they did scary movie and then afterwards, There- and so I got there jobs they while clearly have to come back to delay? And I just got a tv show I did scream at a grove of a long time and we broke up and them out never write afterwards and you're. You grew up. Weirdly in a town not grew up, but you are yarn like eight miles from me in Brighton, Miss crazy right you're home from our hospital to brighten Brighton any of their, what six or something so I always a term, but it's like sex yes where and how we do that while I was to make as eight I think that many people it will grow up and I always say I was in Detroit- not Detroit, now north
offered worm from, but I to say the truth: I'm gonna fuckin take an hour to explain a female louder than they drag either. Is that thing about? I do think that thing about Detroit people from this again are the MID west. There is a sense of pride, thou should have and what other places yeah and you moved Orange County right. Yeah, we move George, I'm a moment. I moved Orange County and I was this kid with United, a sister and my dad start his own business. My mom worked with them and vague the handsomest dad I met a lover is over. It's not that I have never here. Yes, you are not resign. I have one job as the handsomest. Those are job known in real life, your hands start. I saw you in your with my girl and I waited approve, so I know you do know to come.
But that is the earth they were with my lady and I would rather than for her, I was like you Josie. I do well, but as we came closer without a paddle. We all started exchanging kind of embarrassing stories. I've had a bunch, I greatly bears. I had a lot of embarrassing ones, and you told one that really just wasn't mapping out the guide were so now in the make up trailer that had many mine where's that, words, you just in a very unique category, right out of us out Montague did you know my mind, but I know my men. Of course we know about mines, but I don't know any minds I ever met on line until I wanted to review its one years old, the worst part of that being that mine was that I was this a beast teenage
so you are a little heavier when Europe has yes, yes in Europe I'm name he had a my name. Millwards was his own name backwards, which was Tam o God, you remember these things. Your memory is crazy. Will you have to imagine a my memory might be good or bad, but imagine what you would remember if, without a petals, your first movie I know my first movie. There will never be an experienced in my mind that takes up as much data right, because everything was now meaning you meaning south, like looking up to you eyes, learning the ropes for me that all that Benin, Fuckin rivers, jumping off cliffs, like the whole thing I later discovered, was very nick in and of itself of a diverse, wasn't the first man ever been a movie. I've never been any and in close to the I've, never work that hard that's it. I'm not we're we're Alex Day week. So we travelled on the seventh day we weren't cold ass water,
several hours of the day and we were too Emmy. I do think that there was the fellowship between the three of us out. There was a sort of I've, never experience accents no in a part of it, and I want to come back to tat part of it. Was this really cool thing that I think irked me at the beginning, which was we were there very early when we were there a few weeks before we set filming, we are again is also unique. I have not had that sense where they sent me out a month earlier. Whatever and we all this training. So we would all learned a canoe together in the rapids with Oghee rocky I'd, sweeties sweetie ate up humiliating directions at us on the site on the bank of the river measures interweaving down in a canadian two new with sir. Talking in them. So what would happen if we get on these rapids and who is a jewel straight adrenaline? me, I won't get frightened rumour, he said, look availing is wrong. On the river side if your own life,
there is, nobody can be able to save you, kids, it's a river get advising you have put, gets caught, it's you and nature. He's gonna learn here, you can't help guide. Yours of over two somebody in a class Ryan is like you're stuck here, you gotta get out, and so every single time. We either reverence like I'm for sure gonna die, but there Is this scene that had to be God, I don't think I've ever experienced to highlight this sense on a movie but there is a scene where they had to shoot us navigating this light class three rapid and we had to get through in in in paddle out of it couldn't be cheated, no not remember the. So we went down this fuckin rapid. I must we must have gone a a dozen times we cannot get through it. There's a new way, there's a big wave at the end of it. We have to get through it We Kiley of five for violent when you were like in a flap item, canoe and every time you collapse, and they would go guys
give you what you had to do right. Unlike me, Charlie, you, yes, I am trying to stay in the canoe because I don't want to die, so we would either capsize which happened most frequent or we would just sink the fucking Canute we'd. We wouldn't capsize, but we would just submerge if we take on some water or can we be paddling like and we have your shoulders and your feet or pinned under the the sea- and I just remember going oh my darling stuck in this damned new and when we finally got at which We never really. Even if you remember the one that we finally got, that right is in the movie. The canoe is got about nine inches of water in it like we're not fully buoyant, but Irene but we got through it. We re had us above our heads because we were not tipped over and we weren't fully submerge may in
The relation of herring tried that many times and gotten through it to any remember, having sat with sit in the middle and so reserve we ve got is a passive doesn't help aimed at all. He would do to get away from his adrenaline would talk so huge I'm shooting my plans in the front. Has fear what we are saying We now my garage- and I found like all these old video tapes and a gun. Transport over and one now is, that of us shooting those It's only really are they put together like a best of head? Oh, I would love to see thousands I'll bring it. We ve been meaning to screen the movie. Now, for twelve years Man sat have been many tax change, and we ve broken down and we want to launch the second one. Is they made a second on without any of us in it said, is my question to you? remember. I said this thing specially back then I would said everyone ever worked with? What will never be friends yet it was your kind of thing that was my thing.
As there is almost like what you do to like a girl's erika or something you are like you're. The gaming me ass. I got accept your challenge. Mother, fucker I'll, be your front for luck, I will write a diver you broke, but you had done enough movies that you were like listen. I need to warn you Dax. I can see you're at camp in your haven't. Agree Time but worsening ever get his friends, yeah. Anyone almost said it like, like a mantra said it all the time we're never gonna be friends. Yes, it's weird in that weird and they didn't we got a self fulfilling prophecy. Oh, I think it's miserable me. I don't hang out with anyone. May I never see you never ceases to amaze me. But I see that, but I will tell you weren't a leg. We weren't you seven, I worked same. Isn't Armando magically we're going all each other as you don't do call em up Pesetas go do something I have met each other out. No, I make it a point that at least once
you're either go to his house, or he comes to my house. We get it together or we'll have a lot. We do we want no more than a year. I don't and then yes I'll go do his cartoons or whatever happened. Then I I've into him, but I had the same thing with him that I have with you, which is- I can probably see you in thirty years and I'd feel zags exactly the same, but I do think me: we was a self fulfilling prophecy really hate that about me do you think that you had been burned on a previous movie in use as a wall of protect? Others? No doubt look in so going back to that little piece. Your emotional memory, SAM Waters, didn't I play chess every single day in Sierra Leone and as the week before we wrap them as Addio next week will play in New York and his cigar, but you'll, never see each other again then, as I also you cut, do I have never seen the same waters the bill in the widest sense everything, ok term
nineteen, nineteen, eighty seven, let us go back. Let's go back was about eighty seven, who I graduated high school and alien. I use no idea before. I really think I don't think Did it my senior year of noise, the ugly old enough to drive so like six? Eighty seven year is out Where is your junior year? Probably right this story, Monica yours, so nothing so I'm just I seen, which is that in this is by his his account, not mine. I never saw him at this age. He believes he was overweight at the time that's relevant to the story, obeyed gets very pertinent. Forget his profound his name is time here.
Not a great because it is a woman's needs and the latter is a pretty clever. There isn't gonna go you. Couldn't I knew you were nine names you are not doing is of a single favour in this year you, your ear name, was town, ok and then just tell Monaco what you did at the school fair. So I thought it listen school. It was the George Mozilla, places really accepted because it was like I was not. I was in the drama grew me. I played sports going up as friends while jock eyes my sophomore year, like full drama, the time so and I was like right around then real fat areas medea. So I felt like I felt. They put like grow. Was a new development have likewise not just now around Gizmos honours response, as like some guys, gonna drive
like. I was now like yours new and I had quite sure that were I had a yellow stripe down the side of my bike shorts. Now I did I not all mine eyes it now. I did not bike and never bite me. I don't know why. I had like grow bite shorts, I'm sorry, force, noting that big for it's a big but bread, enlightened, and there's not a lycra. It was summer who is. High. Musicians goes hot and I loved that mimes always maternal next signature. I love the thing right. I had a bad I turtleneck black, like resorts with a gold raising a throw up like that as drivers, and then I will accentuate my is a poor. My I pull me. Sleeves up real high economy? Look buff
like pasta here in a kind of hung off my chest and then mice. I looked skinny. In the tight liner highlight and then I would apply my own make up. So this is real gwig does my you're in high school year applying pancake. Why? a little lips the already and then, like you, know, you're adding a lot. I learnt that thought. The high line are really exaggerated, maybe eyes with I hear you can communicate with right at work and then said the church had affair. They didn't know nobody invited me to show up, whether you like, I regret the balloon guy check out the merging badge you play a dung tang, developing everyone's airily re airfare Celebrate Christ. I took it upon myself to donate my services as well as tail in the name of Christ.
To set out my church and do mine, and then I had they come at a boombox side sell my book, box and then I did my mind, libertine uninvited. How long was the routine? It was pretty good. This study and by the rue de my stepmother D. I once saw as a complete ripped out somebody's others. Imagine what elsewhere area, but I would mid suicide, multiple ways during my site. Run the sword pull out my intestines and hang myself with my always read about in the name of crime. Is everywhere I love so there I was uninvited with a boom bugs doing mine at the other end of the fair that nobody you really want to buy, and it was populated with the latter ass my earlier hundreds all the kids from his high school. The government they popular is very popular to be at the church.
Right and also look. I went to the church where my town, I didn't even go to church, as it attracts everyone or otherwise, of corn dogs, you're gonna show up here and there Could the hudson- and as I remember that again, I don't know how divergent you wanna get, but I remember part of the story being that you became kind of prayer, He died because, during some of the mine routines, your shirt was coming up. Best verbally was taking over the lycra sure, and there are kids from this normalizing and it was. It was a little restaurant Bavaria has not got that story. I already liked your tongue but no one. I heard that authority in a mega trail ass. You I saw on our fall on his sword for this guy You don't want beginning. Did you? Did you take a cloud Are you know known of soft on self heart? Is something tat, the little man I don't know look. I do think that
Do you think that there was the moment? I looked back on a now right and I love the fact that I was a kid percent committed yeah, you know me like your activities has no peer like, and I will say that about social media. My kid would never do that now because of terrified that somebody's gonna, he'll, be a record of events. Misfire not only like look, let's, let's assume best case scenario at least fifteen kid saw the tamarind team pressure then talked about it, the next day and science class or whatever on Monday version, but they pull up a video of you yeah. Anything I only lower than ye ask is that the kind of thing is you could destroy it yet it's gonna limited risk, even those very ballsy I still think, is one of the more but isn't it when it is now that you have kids like if my son was there. I saw him just before he left the house, an eternal MAC alike or on the something- and I knew you staying how many who's going to go to the for all of his classmates- is going to be
you and I re I pray. I would say to myself this kid loves. It Well, I'm gonna go. I would one I ever saw for me not to be protective, show, listen man, I'm town, It was thought vat is my no blink if getting ready stage armchair there. We are supported by cash app if you haven't heard, were switching to cash out the cash is the number one ranked app in financing it lets you do more with your Deniro, whether you want to pay people back, buy and sell Bitcoin instantly deposit. Your paycheck right into the app or receive a free custom cash card to spend your Janeiro anywhere you like, and now the cash card is more. A powerful than ever with cash. Apps latest feature, the cash cards
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parents as they are best. They were waiting for things. You know they were working and they started their business, and I do think that part of the problem with kids these days mean I love my kids. I three kids, sixteen thirteen in turn they never you're bored, part of you doing. Mines cause your boy. I mean you just you know what you know you figure things out. Are you you get more creative, your more engaged! You take away these Ipad, you take. These things and also my kids are writing songs, and you know that amazing things come out when you just let them one did even me. Last year, a Christian. I went away for like on nine an ice like who are heavy sales pitch, unlike let's not use less leave our phones in the car when we get there too. I hope my sister can call the hotel if there is a problem of the kids- and I didn't have my phone for I want to say thirty six hours and also his eye
I want to draw a picture like I haven't, got wandered, draw a picture in so many years, but yet was fuckin board and I want to do something with my hands and, unlike I'm, gonna draw some pictures right and I just saw oh yeah. That's taking up all that my my actually my nation. This stave off boredom. They say like some. I was reading something that is a view spend two hours like just on social media rhetoric. Day the end of the year. That's a month of your life in two hours. Good morning you have our earlier Bernie, do have our after dinner ready for me easy array and then I'll send you like. Oh, my God, at the top of your life that is the actual dropped as brutal, but but when you have kids, I guess my singular wish for them is that they would just catch fire for
anything I don't even what it is. I would just love to see the spark of passion enter their lives and watch them pursuant to her. So parties like it would be so. Funding have a kid like you who is just weirdly in his room. Learning murmured and putting on eyeliner and stop it so bizarre, but you'd have to recognize. Oh, my god. This get as a passion. There's no doubt my kit, mom and dad to their credit were like you're good, You're, not a great actor, This is not. I don't ever want to see. You know comrade angel with you in it again by they would support me anything
or at some point we're at play. Soccer my whole life- and I was a pretty good going as before I had puberty grew but they're like in high school. I left a sport that I was like. You know, professionals good and that's it Jake. It's a game, changer liquor in high school sports- and I said you look, I'm doing dieter could do it and after you, I didn't go to college, went to college for a year and nineteen unit theater arts like two units of math and I failed math, and I got a's and everything else and I finally looked at my mom and dad like what is all I've ever done. It's all I've ever been good at I'm, going to go, try it and if it sucks I'll come back and look. I always thought I'd be a kid doing, man, a la Mancha in placenta, Amir! You know
somewhere in the world doing like regional theater. I never thought I would end up making a movie that alone. You know how to start your career. So it's that thing where, whatever your kids after the more you can pat a kid who's lost on the ass and say, you're doing a great job. I think it's super powerful so scream is you're, doing fine you're making a living. You don't have to wait tables, then you get scream in your whole, twenty four twenty five, twenty five or twenty six, which is funny because from my perspective, at the time you ve always been five years older than me. So you are very much a man in you that was a brawl. Someone should occupy like you are grown up. I was twenty when you did that right, but of course how in hindsight in retrospect, you're twenty five, sir that's bloggers and I imagine giving twenty five year old Dax any level of success like that. I would be frightened for both of us re so you're, twenty five, that we becomes a it's just gigantic right.
My memories. Correct right, yes knows. Your memories, wrongly, I think, was a financial disaster was much yes longer. That's crazy button but scream Jackie. I met with the voting. Is that scream West S Wes. Craven. Marianne, like than weekend, came out and. He said: hey we're, gonna have a celebratory dinner and we may like ten million back among came on Christmas day. Oh wow, counter programme as they did. All of this is the sort of started with all really and and they were like we're having celebratory dinner I'm like, and this is before internet. So you don't have access to box office like you would call in a phone number and they would ever recording of box office, which is so easy, but he was like a were we're. Gonna have a celebratory dinner and we had this dinner and he said were huge hit a were now:
play huge it in my wife and tricks. He said that every exit poll that they had was the highest sort of rated exit poll and they could sort of project that out to be this monster and sure enough, a month later, you know is doing the same amount of money you cover they re I'd, crushing immediate, distorted, crushing ever like for six weeks. It increased box office, and I don't even know if that I like to wish that there was room in the marketplace today for that to happen, but I dont be alike that can happen now, will certainly nobody makes me not movie with such a risk, the time I mean West Craven had not had a success in a long time. In an era where people were not looking across, promote and every demographics of the idea that corny colleagues and never Campbell with our boat.
Stars would start a movie was sort of like that's the counter It would have been ass. You you're doing a movie with a guy that has Edgar movie with women that were from a television show any like the scripts good they. When I read the script I distinctly remember, reading described in this back house weed, I just come to allay sting somebody's back house and I started to read it, and I think this is terrifying. I literally the meaning sequins, where spoiler. If well, there's gonna be a window. How do I gotta twenty years? Fuck you write. It therefore deal she gets killed them. Oh my god, and I put it down this kind of a genius move to wage which- which I feel like was a paradigm breaker, the veranda men, and they did it masterfully in in hurt locker D hurt, locker yeah he's the movie starts out with Guy Pierce right he's in the Irish Sea, come in half way through the
we only have two stars in it and they killed both of em right away. Rep, Ray fines and- and I believe, a varying any guy. Pierce was the first game that hurt locker and oil. Guy Pierce have seen and a bunch movies disguise leader the movie and they fuckin blow up as energy These are some of the other recognizable aren't you kill me to go? All the states of this movie are real Togo. Anyone they just killed, the star sure can a genius. It was a guitar did there I feel at Yale I mean definitely was there. I thought at the time I was like this is incredible and she shot the hopeful this week in her heart and she was on all the posters. Remember the images her on the holster. Did you know may the behind the scenes how they got me what Martin get that is to get to approach. She was a big Are then to go right here. We're gonna, kill you in the first five minutes. She was all other uses, game guy. They killed her and then yeah reading the scrap knew about it down near alike, lied, airy and then what yeah, but the fighting about
The movie is not that movie blew up and I wasn't really you know I was like outside of your perspective. I mean I like I was a guy from scream, which was the defining moment, but that Movie Neff I became a overnight huge. She became a monstrous you guys, meat on the side of that yeah. Ok, I'll call you the big star in other. So many people, like you, know, my name is on the poster anywhere wasn like it was my movie to ever was like. Oh, my god, scream change your life for my dean. Actually it didn't like. I was still doing small moves, small parts and small movies and getting scale send it back. At some point I had you know, I found my wife and we are getting married and I didn't have a job and I didn't have you. I wasn't making ends meet and there's a movie called summer catch with Freddie, Prinze, Jr and Friday night. Just done like three movies back to back and I'm like dude, I need a movie
bad. I need you to call this director. Aha and put in the word is that's the baseball Maria. I also watch that one after without a paddle yanza support, so dear dear confusing right is No, my dear, can I get you but you were, after after a while Garcia my perspective of the scenario so different. So after every meeting just get offered a banal, things really never been offered design things really, even in the inn. Scooby do I sat down after school. Do I sat down with James Gun? Turns guardians again yes, and we pay plastic man really as it s sort of like yeah Can you remaining right? Placid, didn't you're ahead of your time, AIDS tell a story. All the time limit
you and I, and with our Lord Bach crossing the front in front of us, remember that any just stopped and they say the boy do they will and you're, the guy was a dull bore, no running it regularly boy Don't worry about what the fuck are we supposed to do as far as like we're very new attack, he target locked does tat in those guys a little bats and they are running with the bats, are hardly matters. So all the signals I was receiving is like a word ass. A guy like you, ve got the merely yes, you ve got. The train goes up. Remember that guy with a track. Yes in the the story I always tell from that. Is that the view we first seen that any of us had with bark? Was you and set facing Bart in me with my back turned Bart? Oh yeah, he made a z, yet us up or that ever happened. I don't have your member this book Bart just up and not a knower tore apart. The fake tree and
you guys can see it and I caught it and guards my hind feet behind mean always in your guises eyes, get really wide embargoes. Just regular gouging that big trees or to shreds of EU is on it was on a common cause men called doughnuts doughnuts, but would also they told us right going out there, like the three things you can do. Is eighty can't look him in the eyes way. You can act afraid around him. And be never wrong that those are the three hours down there they arise very foresee is me Turning around looking to marry, I ask I mean at the top of my lawyer and running this good weather. Those were those really three rules, because I have to bring all three of them and room. I kept
when I got his partner, not actually scared legacy that good of a detector of good or bad. I remember when we at some point. They had remember that a guy come in and bless the river they re all into the yard and to work on the wire wrecking Oh god I see I would get a wire, do remember the dinner we had four Bert Reynolds the day does the Basle Retailers are so happy ever seen. Anyone so happy to meet. Anyone in my whole life I don't think I did a day. It's always my number one. I kid I still just trying to be were runnels. I mean that ship sailed, but that's who I was trying to be on the pillow and cars and make our Sally field then make a bunch of money. Is the person who is the best in the lower our normal. You weren't you so humble best, storyteller of ever to this day, I heard
Do you remember the story told about how medium whose most legendary, not man ever to live, and he directed all those movie smoking the mandate, Hooper Darkies machine, I think Bert- might have directed charges but vs IE direct, any direct gator bunch, just a legendary do they were roommates at at at Bertz height of his superpowers biggest donor in the world in these two knucklehead lived together in in only then drove a ferrari around whatever, and he said that he never saw how ever her he would never acknowledges. Hurt me came one day from work. He said to burn their room. It's you gotta. Take me to the hospital bird's eye. Ok was gonna use. I broke my back Burgos. What you gonna broke, your back when they walk in hearings Bert I fuckin broke my back. Take me the doktor right now so Bert takes into the Santa Monica Hospital to dissolve Bert.
Not mine HAL starts flirting with the nurse, and he and the nurse have something going on our house asking for her phone number. The doctor comes in and Bert's assessment, the doctor and the nurse had a thing going on, so the doctor did not like HAL Needham flirting with the nurse, and so the doctor at one point said after the examination you have broken your back and you have a bunch of fluid in your lungs and I've got to drain the fluid out of your lungs right now. So you need to put your hands up against the wall. You said he got this huge needle out. He said You may pass out when I do this: it's happened so he had the nurse hold hell, mediums legs and how NATO was wearing the skirt you wear when you're at the hospital gown. The woman's under him holding his legs. The doctors got this huge needle. He plunges it into the house back and how shits all over
diarrhoea. All over the do you remember that story. All those things that I now or gummy immense story. The very last thing was the ones I was how's shit on. Theirs is any man I was like what did it all up? I think I remember having the moment, whereas who cares nor Israel is what a storage seats all that at the first dinner we all had a letter. Is I just want to you what I want to hear between Screamin without a paddle, you did many screams right, north korean, ok, you got killed, killed a supposed to do scream three and then they, the month before we started the shoe
combine Highschool happen, and the idea was that I was still alive revealed like the last act of the movie and those running high school killers from jail answer not happen, then it is not a good time to do. The story. The line in the world changed this, while all got while the so that yeah my marriage completely wrong. I felt like you're in a couple of those nowhere does what Screw you miss the bigger pay day. They now have Oliver. Now that means giving them. You know, I mean on the screams, guided by three or four dealers, yeah sure went up incrementally area of they they did. What year did he do? Scooby due to the day, came out skim. Anyone came out the day. My daughter was born, ah two thousand too, and she brought a huge present with her and they had a studio counted. Congratulations and my guess is beautiful, cremate Scooby, due to a like. Yes, oh
but its ways that they really did. Student is scary to three.
And I was so I used to be so jealous- is to be really easily really competitive. Aha ere, I still am competitive, bracer get really jealous, really worked up and scurry. There came an fragrance junior made a lot of money, and I was clear that I was like you know. A big part of the successive skimpy do and I was like I wanna- get paid ever fragrance units because they were at that time. They were trying to do Scooby you three. They wanted to do both they're gonna pay, negotiate three zero Hindu jar trilogy and they will not come up to his number and I'll take. You know why I'm workin awe and my agent God bless him and my manager, God bless. My lawyer, God bless him were like you're. The glittering, ok, ok, bye and my lawyer match answer. Call me up right after the fall of the almighty is like a man like you did on behalf of your family,
Lotta, like you know, what's gonna happen for three and you know what's gonna go and that's not happening make, but it's bullshit of so absurd ass. Yes, there was in getting what he was getting yes in its it's, the cancer we all had really horrible, Had you gone back in time and tap tap on the shoulder. Instead there's gonna be a moment. We are aiming at over legislate with two million dollars to go. Do a funny voice in a movie tackled a fucking shit, his like review- and I believed you wanna- believed it now, but the second week imperative something else. Now. It's all everything changes right, move literally living might Andrey. Yes, but my ego is very preoccupied what somebody else yellow, maybe even your maiden well above bodily. Yes, so I learned to do it's personally. I was aware of it. It's so funny, because the eco audit,
myself here I am in without a paddle, it's the biggest break my life, I'm at what an honour to be equal parts of a movie with you. Guys have been working for twenty years. I will, however, many years it had been in even at times as well I'll do the same thing in these guys. Are making four times as much as me by this fair mind you, when I got I couldn't believe they were. Finally, whether Europe areas like oh, I haven't made that much in ten years combined. It's amazing, it's amazing lives, great and then a cunning sus out. Will you go they're making now all of a sudden, I'm underpaid year in its so stupid. What luck? I will say that, as I teach so in this moment of my life was like struggling to make it in. I had this this whole thing where I was having a hard time after without a paddle. Wasn't working didn't work. I didn't work and I really wonder about that. Yeah. That's me feels like a humongous years. Is that even if I feel like a huge injustice, I can't imagine what was like to be in sight.
Oh yeah, and if I feel like, if I were you, I would a fucking hated my guts, your guts. Yes, no what was I jealous yes, but I would have been furious no, but I was but I don't You liked me enough, there's something I know I know I know. I know of ill will write. But there's a part of me this like what what was an injustice, because I was knew that was excite. Sure you are not new, but we want the same movie you're, the technically the lead of the movie or store romantic guy going. Yes, you get the girl at the end, it was your move and as the high that was like the first time in my life I had a movie and they open and we did grades. Yes, when I way back to this day, the most successful thing I've ever been, and literally you know after this rob off of the cliff I pray you like. I'm tellin you from the It is completely unfair, but that still do
is never made a lick. It was weird. I know I don't know why that happened. I don't know, and I think of it. A sky super nice. Everyone else worked with you like working with. You have never they thrown a temper TAT Mike. I'm not a petulant knows where it was weird using a weird was a very clear fall from grace, because I have to imagine if, if I'm, u, the movie does great, I'm the lead of it here we go here come the scripts. Here we go yeah like you were often running. Why? Wouldn't it be often running so? I do think, though, that the industry was a tiny bit more fickle, then turn it is now for sure. Look in the back of my mind. Oh my gluck. I've always made I've always been successful going out of always you always jobs, always worth of always made enough money to feed my kids at the time there were no kids but united I'd done well, and this moment the height and I'd gone like wicker part skimpy. Do
Sammy I'd garlic for moves in a row that ended in without a pat on the Gonna take time off, that review, Three years later, I hadn't not really worked Ryan. This moment came along my life, where I was like. So I end up as a start, but this before, but you need this moment where I wasn't working, we're living off of your money had made on Scooby and we were spending a basque Zob like well. I'm gonna work and you're gonna, make a big movie and cut, do not make a big movie, not working and having kids and sort of like not having any fear of buying anything right, eyeing, new cribs or whatever was and hubris like this real sense of like that. I had in my place and that it would come back and
this sense of security, so long story even longer I'd. I somebody call me up and by way the whole time I'm calling my agent, my manager Webdriver. Where am I what the squire was going was going on? I'm calling three times for tended daisy: hey. Did you guys follow up on this thing and the trades like I am on it generally panicking and not having the capacity to be like what am I doing, and I have nothing else to my life and my manager said my lawyer by my agent said Why don't you go out and volunteered help people whatever you you give you forget, I have a job and soap I call for whom I have observed when I'm jubilee when I will go and ear so I go and I get I get an offer. I get a call to see if I'd be interested in dancing with the star sort of at the height of dancing stars not offered it.
Hopefully get like sort of like. Will you be taking your doom area and my agent calls me my magic calls me as we can. I think you should consider it. And his right after my father was said. You know if you sell pharmaceuticals, you make a lot of money, has been having been stolen and is a sign. Your struggling go get a job in the back of my mind, as I have made thirty movies yeah I'm not going. Am I going to go, sell pharmaceuticals and want to do that? I'm not going to take dancing with the stars and cuz in my life like as a kid, my goal has always been Onawandah Academy award, win in Emmy and Tony crazy may now, but the
as a kid those a motivating factor sharp and I'm looking at my life and I'm looking at this moment in the stock markets. Crashed they were in. The middle of the whole world is one part of this moment as, like. My entire life is built on my own ego near my entire life is, I feel, like the o owed, something very like I'm, a bigger start that I actually em I feel like this is all bullshit, and I'm struggling and I can't get a pilot and I'm broke and I have to change it instead of going into another crap movie. I literally said: oh, my wife is we have to change our life. Had she been the gods and she s sake. I totally agree with solar house. Aha, we got rid of our fast. Cars are high and we changed how we live a life competent and just was like I'm going back
start teaching acting. I will live on that will. Let me just also add your painting, a certain picture of yourself, which is, of course accurate on one hand, but then, on the other hand, you also had this always this crazy love for acting in theater and you even at the height of that mania. Maybe would have readings at your house, all the tighter you You love love reading stuff you love performing, so I will add into this recipe. It's not like you had been had turned your back on the thing that you loved her that you had enough became only interested in the monitoring of all that. Like you,
at your course still a halo. Can you tell me, I am very you of a pure, pure love for it, yes, which, in a time of that identity crisis, it would be hard for me to recognise that, but, but I can see where you should go like oh forget all this. I love this thing. How do I actively do this thing, whether it's in a teaching capacity being in place. It places that I'm not proud of the theater, but whatever who cares? We will have this fire in me for designing get refocused on that yeah. Anything of like how do I tell my kids, how do I parent my kids to chase aims. If I'm gonna go into dance with stars and completely disavowed celebrity means not any literally going back to I'd rather do an incredible part and make no money. Yes, then you know- and I wouldn't have even imagine- that the dancing with the stars appeal was the moment in in the spotlight is messages
any measure they offers a good amount of money to do browser, we the hours they met with a bad man. You're like ended idea, like oh you're, still alive, and there is nothing like. I was a kid that came up and I do think that Scooby do as is weird moment where I was thirty, two years old and thirty four years, all paying attention I would like it. I like the little anger crackhead enviable. I grew. We don't really need to know that thing like that transition to being a kid into a man I was really tough for me and you know- and I will say that that moment this moment of definitions are changed. My life back to teach. You went back to class like taking a make back in acting class and whose awesome, and then out of that came the descent and which was a movie with George Glennie, aha Wedge, o ye, I bumped into you right after you shot that
Oh, you again, I remember being so excited over a year and then I want to see you are asked to jog down the beach like thirty, both as exact same while it's her limbs. The tie in that moment, for some reason, is because it I just had a kid I think I'd put, unlike all this weight, so I am. The story goes like this. I get this call on Wednesday say: hey! I get contours hissing going to mind me Alexander Pain, for New George goodwill. Unlike He had not working or medium unknown, unbridled Hauser like where they change your life. Oh, yes, of course I want to do that. So I go in and I had this moment where I can either I just started doing the voice and the voice of shake I've been the voice, a shaggy for the last fifteen years.
Like in the cargo. It's a fourteen year anyway. So there's a moment where I was just on my first movie for one of others like the video, the dvd and I had because my kids downgrade school and they were little as gonna. Take them to go see this the other screening at water. Ah, so as a big deal, we bought the new outfit or where they get a lot. Screening is not dumping of deal, but we had made a big. Out of it as a great sizes moment, they use at six o clock on Friday and they want to see me at five o clock in Santa Monica. On my elbows Unbosom Ass, much of a helicopter, so I called but, as I have just tell among other common earlier right towards change the time until they call me back, they can't do it. You have to go in a five o clock. Insist too, it's gonna be a make us. So when I try to get their only because a traffic it takes me forever from Pasadena Good Santa Monica. I shot at five o clock some sitting on my
far- and I have this moment- I can right now go upstairs in it apart and never again, I play George gloomy wife lover, yes mites, I'm I'm the guy that George Goonies wife is doing Ah I you're the guy you're the guy on good girl here yet this is why you deserve the yes, unlike where don't like I'm gonna get, but the goose going into this thing you're, never going to let you know, you'll George cloning heard the ever like no way, but I want this job. I want the opportunity to work in front of Alexander Pain since five o clock. If I leave that moment, I can get them to hold them movie for half hour. I probably get there some liberalising its harmonica, like I'm, my it so pick up the phone call major my k, I'm gonna bail out of its audition, just reschedule for next week and she's, like you can't do that you have to go inside and go see. What happens is my innocence. Is that my agent,
now available make a cash. So I go upstairs negotiating a fairy prince Junior candidacies like another, but she is so walk in this room and there's like seven Adonis, they're like seven beautiful man like that, I guess I don't know, I'm the knowing that they are, but that deeds we're just that dude as ads, then Shin of a God never getting lily turn on my heels, like I'm walking out in its I'm looping phone like I'm just gonna. I'm gonna bet that rescheduled some point and she says to me now: you can't leave, they didn't want to see. You didn't want you'd audition, we had. Somebody else, though, is scheduled there. I couldn't make it so we you're going to slam. You in so it's either now or never. You never get back in that were oh wow. So I Louis double my tracks and my well
What a moment, what am I doing? Well before you guys? Are they don't want you? They hate you not in a way that all aid rather dry pass you ve we're environs either road anyone here before you grew up, I regarded these do the gorgeous, so I I guess I say to the handsome clan, my guys, I have my kid, I'm taking him to a movie. Do you mind if I slip in, and so they all say us last night so walk in the room, and I said I was going to paint on my clock. I can't I'm super charming. I promise you I'm nice can we just audition? So I can take my kids, this movie thing in the valley, if I, if you don't mind and he's like yes go ahead, and so I auditioned and I worked on it really hard. I wanted to be sure. And he said that's the best audition I've ever seen now. Because glaring something again
yeah. That was incredible. Whenever end up as it to patent incorporating this job like in the vague. Why would say that my glibly about base dude, I'm not the guy's deal include his wife I ever and the casting righteously. Why don't you get out of the room and go take your kids and I did, and six months later, a phone call on weight it that zig mile my takes forever to six Later- the illegal wars. In your mind, you did not get back now. Is that why would I have any ahead at some point that a month in you, I got word back that I was being highly consider like I'm, never going this job and though it six months later in his old thing, is he's he's really interesting. He takes forever to cast he'll, see everyone who wants to be in the room he wants to see the mark. He takes a lot of different takes, so his lot is a whole power to cut from ethics for ever
I'll Railway Year Hill as long as you once awhile, and he has the kind of power and he sort of craft the movie he wants out of all these options, but back to the beach he did make you run down the beach a couple hundred times: urea, always Adams, No down the beach was down the booze down the beach, and I warn at your best scenario, had ass, yet our having so have. I thought my answer forget here towards goodies wives. Lover movie that I would put on Twenty five zero aiming at a low life I was doing, but now you are, is almost or think of yourself. Well, we need an ex wanting so I'm so opposite from him. That's why she was attracted to admire the way there they want in times like him, and you think you are, but I think that's true for all of us Yes, I only uni you're like this. Last year. My money, first of all, madam, is well he's a lovely guys, so very gregarious. He army but for my money I met a by talked about you. I'm definitely going home with you know hundred
and I bet a lotta women feel that one oh well represent Montague back me up on this. What you like about him, I don't know anything about now you have of tremendous person, yeah, you really has real smart. Listen, my! I think your legs, here's what I know, I'm a woman. I look at you and I look at cloning. I look at you and I go. This is gonna, be a party. This is gonna, be a fun life. Look at Clooney, I'm like he's thou of the good hope it mean I have high status. Do in its. I gotta keep my shit. I and I'm gonna be afraid, I'm losing him all the time. Yeah, I'm going back to party time. Like one times really fun and wonders seems like status leads me in your life. If, as a single man, you are fine unbelievably, while I'm here now because you're tall and super funny, I do think that funny
in charge in Africa, where men and your leg, confident in that space, yeah yeah, I was relatively confidence, biscuit yeah. Ok, they earn points out. Clearly you go into the job you're so grateful to have it. There's no question Riah and yet, on the twenty fifth time jogging down the beach forget about the train, they just around a lot on all your hitting. Thank God I put on choose their age when she was a notion that makes you and I- and I thought I super heavy, so Superman secure. They wouldn't contriving guinea and among those I only at, of table your renown. No one would ever. There was a moment where I have this moment. Clooney way say I love my wife and every single time I ever worked on a low. My wife and I find my whole body lights up with like an energy.
It's like electric or just while you're real feeling how to set your hundred percent in every time it comes out of my mouth. My I literally like trying to hold it together. You which I thought would, really serve the theme, so I get there that day and I feel nothing I might take wanting to do any de la takes on a MIKE. I feel nothing going on so you to my close up and we have now been on the scene for a long time, and I, like George, like he's great, but it's not like you know, we're not said it was like the first day we worked together, we're not talking in I'm, not goin. On my camera, there's one try moment I did the sea was like you know, and I start to go off impractical I want a white myself after a numbering, a mega, bring about a guy who's might believe and then come back. You who I love of my daughter, Alison Hub.
What the fuck are you doing? Why are you doing one with us What are you doing? Are these people, including, like big eyes staring at me. Why I was trying to train really hard to be active. You never got rattled, you are able to recognise, or this is his process. It's not about me. It's about that uses this his process and you never took a personal ads awesome now. Do you have a perspective now in eldest start with my thing so for three years straight pretty much I directed, I did chips for two years in those working on Scooby for a year and I created this identity and this narrative from myself, which was, I know what I'm doing the next ten years. It's gonna be directing five more movie
Sir and MRS, how my life's gonna work- and I am now a director blah blah blah blah blah when ships comes out in, doesn't do well. Ah, the hard part for me wasn't or that the movie didn't do well, because I still loved the movie I made her is all you can really hope for, but it was that I went. Oh fuck, this identity, I've been wearing for three years, I'm a director. This is what I'm doing for the next ten years just collapsed, and that was the very hard this thing to get past deserve you're, not gonna, be here for the next ten years. In fact that, in order to help him, who are you now writers I've been wearing this half for three years. I'm a director, my wife might be making money, the man stop stuff, but I'm not bothered by cause. I'm a director lecturers. Weird side
Kennedy I had for myself her and adding any time you that thing shatters in you ve now gotta figure out again what your identity is. It can often be a blessing for me. I think it was a complete blessing, as if I've been dragged over the next ten years, I'm missing a lot more, my kids life's then I'm currently missing any women through no fault of my own, just very time, consuming job in I am now on the other side of it feel very good about everything that happened. I'm sitting here talking to you doing something. I absolutely love. I always end up doing something. I love it's all fine and even more proof that my dentist should never really probably be my job so having gone through that phase, where, after without a paddle,
were frustrated, is how you went back to act in. Did you zero in an identity, that's more stable and maintain a bomb on your proud of? So first all I love that you have that you have the capacity to articulate that, because I think that so many times that people listen to our stories or you read the articles. That have peace for three minutes on earth him tonight, legged all bling, you look at your life. You have your wife and people. Like always gotta made there's no problem. It's all good, and I think that in this moment with this this catastrophic moment of my human life? There is this moment of humbling right in this moment of what am I as a man, and I Its changed my life completely, I mean my the least I don't talk to maidens my managers anymore and not a model
Rachel I love my show, but I just started Dunstan Dragons Company, with five of my best friends, are hardly whereby for twenty six year eyes and other no, we launched in June. I just I started this thing where I had this moment where had I was receiving an award, is a philanthropic actor from five acres and as I am receiving this award and I feel like a complete Ah, you know I'll tweed or I'll, throw away at a party and its garbage- and I was away at this thing called Hatch, which is this collection of people in Montana they're trying to save the world- and I had this vision and I, like I'm gonna- do I'm gonna start a poetry slam for kids living in Maastricht. Ah I brain is world class poets and we work and we implement this poetry programme for the course of the early. Do the slammed, poetry, aha, single greatest thing in my life
and then we had an actual esteem double act, which is how you get self esteem, which is how you feel good and you and your Eamon here only actually is its awesome. Its ego and its money area into job yeah, I know ended its ears it so it can evaporate cause. It's not! It's not real lives than an actual thing, steam allow you never have like. You, never have a guy. You never pediatrician going winds. My next Coming as I do you another scientist I needed a patient is. Why does not also also if I dont have patience, I'm no longer pediatrician mediators, but who will certainly not an actor being paid that so in miles? So in my life and my teaching they the very first time I thought I came up with this analogy of antelope, and so is the dumbest analogy. Everybody uses all time our job as artists,
With what you are, whether you were born that way- or you have made yourself away now- is- did try all across the Serengeti to die with the other artists. My whole goal is to be with the other artists. When I die so as a meagre, and what happens is that here you go laughed in, beside you, like I'm, going to take the side, job and young actors like I'm, going to yeah. You come out of school and you're like on my way toward to pay for acting class, but then they make you a you know the manager, then you're a bartender and all of a sudden. Now you working four nights a week, you haven't been an acting class in six years and you're still call yourself an actor, but you're. Really a bartender you ve gone off the path rise. You ve been eaten by the alligator watering hole on the way across the Serengeti. Our goal is, and we all get lost.
Only way to make it across. I think the Serengeti to deal with the other artists. Is it travels a pact to travel with a bunch of other people like you and that's what that night. A reading of my of plays my house is about, has nothing to do with being a dad or being a soul ill or in this business about being surrounded by other people like you here, and I think that that for us is a really hard thing to understand. As with so individualised, you can sit in your house, like, why am I not working in your loss is not till you get with other people that are like you that you realise all this is what I was born to do. Do you also finding its it's sad that our families can be a back up plan, but I think it's also very common, which is in that moment of identity crisis. For me, what was so nice is like. Oh, no, I'm still a dab like
take so much pride and pleasure in esteem out of being a that serves as the greatest Jeremy thing and I think, even getting through the chips. Experience was so aided by the fact that I had a more primary purpose, which is, I gotta, be a observe in India. You find that to four years later that Canada Cornerstone of your your identity, honesty, leg, you, sir, but you can't leave yourselves team there either right, that's it's that there's always I leave my plan is for them, as they were the only very ones it gives. Every fucking letters on them ever met either bedrooms alibi like shitty deeds, com, live? There will mean that the older they get. I mean you, kids, how would you just three and five year so you're in the inner was last we address you that may have a sixteen year old method. The old and their home emission is to break up with you
really! I literally, unlike you, can't give The attitude I'm in love with you. Why don't you just this is what are you doing? Why? You know my son is easy, soccer player and like is below, but he's a good software, and we share the soccer together. You know we share we'll go to return in warlike sleep in this animal sleep and are in hotel room and it'll give up their budgets. It is my favorite of audio at some point, he's gonna, take it away for maize, even like I wanna do is causing you, and this is what is this. Joke is polarizing joke, but I'll say it anyways. We went to you know our conditions and then we went to her wedding. My eldest daughter at the time was probably to have three
And she saw Erika in the wedding dress for the first time since the first like her understanding of marriage and where, in everything and we're walking to go, get our seats in she said, I'm gonna marry you daddy and I set. I can't wait. Increasing she got me, you know you can't marry our daughter and I said, are you kidding? I be the perfect husband, I'd spoilers answers. I never want to have sex with her she's, my child. What mortgage she s or just a sugar daddy who does it ever need, is leaving the same bad avenues in that the dream not entering an area that has stagnated. I you know it air learn from you in so yeah please. So I will
are you the in my life there very few times where I get quiet, the guy? I will be the proper to the president. Again, I will engage and the two of you were so fast and so funny, and so charismatic there I tried so hard. So many times compete with the two You will be a dinner or will be in a moment, and I would try to keep up, and I realize is a very for is the very first time in my life tat. I was like, oh I'm not that fast, and I'm not that funny, and since that I mean the very clear where I was very clearly aware that I wasn't as passengers funny and to this day. If I get rough, I cant do sit com. I can't do it a showroom
funny Bunny Funny Marilla, but yeah, because I get really we really like around, like we re really y know. Can I tell you, though, that I will during that whole time too, I was going on Cosette. I can't think is fast. The south What then is really more she is well. Can we talk about I'm pounds per pound, the most beautiful man on earth jar? Now those out he looks like rabbit. Invite lovely is about those eyes. Beautiful eyeball, real green is physique and without a power you now we're going to the german shit when he was going to shut me every day. Yet we don't push of non sab overdue. Imports on the Ceta gather, the fir tree House Ear says I candy and stuff he loves can do any of the following a pack in the great deltoid. What's going on here, really unfamiliar tall you may find areas is there he just the most is the best. Has any so lightly
It is incredible and when I was during the movie until the last week. If you recall We recall that last week, It was. The thing where you were is no as the switch its flapped yeah. There's no end. Now then I really isn't. There is now and I remember I was hanging out the stunt guy the. He had been in the Lord of the rings movies using the biggest guy answer is huge and I ended up. I like day three of being awake, rustling just staring at him for three days and finally, we a rustle. I gotta find out how I would do against you can use a monster. That's my mind and crystal meth in accessing everything he and I were take out like we need the Falcon Russell, my apartment right fight tell you there were terrified, and then we went to the rapporteur and I choose my lips. I remember my lips rolling five times the size of they are now. They just been goin on them for seventy two hours. Why wasn't I mean?
We are diseases. I do it's like that's why I've? Never? What for I've, never around like when I would never. If I had seen not. Instead, I would have stopped short there. Is that thing like on measuring Emma during our drinking and you have this thing and I'll never forget it. You are like you know if, if here's the deal when you're drinking you'll get you'll be done before the end of the bottle, ass to have never drink a bottle of anything in my life is again. I will go and then go by another bottle by another bottle and then I'll drive to the airport. Yet did by other things, to keep going growing economic, oh my god. It's so yeah. When I latch onto a feeling. If I have the power to not let it go, I will not let it go
That's weirdly when addiction is for me if I reach zone that I enjoy into a wall of fire, will not keep me from maintaining that the I dont want it to end. I read I used to go to bed and have to deal with it, not feeling that way tomorrow. I guess I'll just go until I collapses, yet very bizarre, I'm not that way, sober I'm very responsible, but yet once I get that feeling I will, I will maintain it, but my thing now is my life back- then- was ones or tens. It was either hours at a ten four seventy two hours or that a fucking one, then, for the next four days in my life, which is ones and hands ray, and I had to learn to live between like four and seven. So I dont even let myself I try to police myself about getting to anything, because I will then try do
I maintain that you know even simply write this our greatest guy ever he and I are the same. We have the same brain right and I ran into him we're both doing the show, and he goes. I weren't you addicted to awhile for two to motion and diet. Coke things yeah, here's exactly what happened. I one time had a motion in a diet, coke and for whatever reason, pry unrelated to the motor. Night coke. I had a great feeling and for the next seven months I was like, I must get that feeling again and I'm just keep I did not arrive. I so relate hold one time and I haven't and feel great, so it a million home. No, you didn't. Oh, yes, fully addicted to halt four legs so my wife was scratching your had going. I dont understand I dont fully either, but that this will now do you have its eye that were made it's a worried in talking even talking about so worried. Silently it'll be fourteen years, since I drank sore, I think we're morality
now. You can never say that a guy you're all never why we can say that yeah. Oh you say a little about before you guys Y know what you're wearing a Michigan her gown was that for me, some let no, but my cause a meal, give it. If you want it is. I do love you my cousin Heather. She took the special Olympics, kids from Michigan, the special Olympics in war in Seattle and the third. All that's airplane asked about all real so that, as a good is the greatest had ever seasick I'm sending you have all that wonderful, superb out of her, so be very good good girls. When does it come back on the air? We come back in the comments you have made. Women there. I've. Never the bus yeah I wake up. I never was
I was saying earlier today I was talking to someone who just matter and I'm like. Oh those six years on parent, had ideas. I can talk to her wall, the wall for fourteen hours straight. I disagree, law of talking or she self funding? Isn't she she's she's awesome? I dont his magic she's magic. However, like dogs, Mercier Dry, you know where a sort of I'm sure the same apparent that your separated, the ever really seeing them. But it's so great when you get working like live three lines were made it a we're. Gonna have a blast, all dies and the do miss Baronet are so much the numbers is early like I wish I was still on a river water beautiful six years loved everybody, easy schedule close to home. Just awesome, I love him out. Well, but you're such a sweetheart said lady came down and talk to me that I'm glad you asked feeling left out o you worry over as they
I'm sorry, I am happy to be so funny just one second, I'm mad. Now that I am on the side of it all these thoughts I had about chosen stuff. I now realize it just like what you ve directed things area. Would you on that side of it right. Does it so many things that you thought were happening? You recognize that's not at all what was happening, no one who is talking about my relevant heard. Anyone else that I was. I look he's doing to show their Seth already available. Now, then, I don't want to call it say: I'm I'm I'm around. I would love that by the way. At no point in my city immaculately, you lose not big enough to be On the show like they have evolved with you and the others are going,
no way! I know I was a hundred percent gonna talk to you and because it because I talked incessantly about without a panel on the spot, gas is still my most formative. Crazy is best experience. Working in so comes up. Nonstop there's no way we're not all talking room glad beer. Thank you buy me. Whither are now I love the amber and you'll come back come on that Europe, I'm telling you now you're invited back and if everyone, the real money, and now my favorite part of the show the pact check with my soul, mate Monica bad men, hello been a while. Hey how by you. That's a song! You when I listen to ride over time
may I won't leave my head Hulu, it's been a while, since we check those facts overnight- Dana fact check here why this is the interim? Not now. Ok, we are doing I love getting you off kilter. We just got money a pad man with her pain man. Ok, now you with your pain Oh yeah, you can throw a curve. Bala me that I want at least can act with Y know I'm your knockabout apart, but I'm gonna make contact with that curvy from using a sports metaphor, do you like it? It's a baseball sportsmen. If one I'll get you no pictures, have a curveball share. I like to call it a curvy Mona named drop for a second now, it's never mind, I'm not gonna so growth
I'm gonna when I was doing any ogresses, Luke Wilson. I had this non going bit worried and we want to improve we're gonna warn the person we would go. I do you like hidden currencies of the versions They lighted and carries within Europe an emperor I now I don't regret telling a story gets it and it's all the same story with the same impact is left out: Luke Guy's name. I was just not to say that not all over of conscious about name dropping. You don't have to do that. You can tell your story without it let's break down, name, dropping Nokias, it's a nuance topic, just like anything else like. I think I have done this in the past. I am, I am connecting myself with someone of higher status so that hopefully my status will improve, but with some of your the legitimate coworker for four months. Are you named dropping, or is that just the person in your story.
We are not trying to increase my status by Saint Luke Wilson in that scenario, but definitely fits the definition of named dropping right. I guess if, if we're talking about, if I'm telling you a story- and you don't know personally the other person, I'm talking about Then I please don't say the person right, but if I'm now it disagreed like when you tell stories about your childhood and land, I am hearing all these name is sometimes I say my friend Jean about really. I do that because you do that, but in life I don't, do that or do you even you to say my friend in Georgian I did blank, I d say yeah, my friend and I were at the park and Lee smart to me, that's always better when they're so specificity, and I got a Gina now, I'm following Gina that maybe Margaret going to enter the store and I'll be hard to juggle two different people in the story. Like my friend was, and I went to the park and then write my
a friend showed up and then so my friends? What are you gonna go into? My cameras IBM equate the friend that showed up with a friend you arrived with. I understand yeah sure I don't know. I just think, depending on the type of story for you founded distasteful. When I said look Wilson, I didn't buy now that I know that you have this thing with name, dropping and eyeing, and I do think it's nice to be aware of that. Sometimes it can not from you, but in life it can come off, but you know what Tell me: where did you go anywhere? I hate dont white, I was. The final straw is done here. I hate you know I I think, because it's maybe only name drop
being if your status, air yeah, but that also doesn't feel fair, because I'm telling somebody a story about you, I should be able to say your. M. While certainly you should because quite If you're telling a story about me, almost one, it makes sense unless it was me, I'm saying like if you like, Oh my friend gets bear naked in in in touches the wall or toilet paper or something bizarre about me, it almost no, but if I'm just like back. Then I went yeah. We're went to the damp. We would do those things Maybe I don't want your money. Just came down the phantom illness in the last ninety seconds on the ride over. Maybe this is your excitement about me. Having installed, might new car stereo so elegant eloquently that's elegantly
elegantly. Was that it where you were you a little bit of a high just trying to tell you that you did such a nice guy? Thank you. I spent the last three days frustrated installing the stereo that doesn't fit. In my view, a road master and I'm just it's a combination of stubbornness and- and I won't quit so. Tonight. I got it out of the box. I held it up to the hole in the national government, not the right size. Its now wide enough the hardware is gonna Bolton correctly, there's gonna be gaps on the side. I need to return this get one that fits in then either Nice are trying to pack it back in the box, and I said I can't do that. It will never go back in this box. The way it came out of this box. So then I'm going to deal with some big problem returning it I'm just going to live with this mistake and make it work and then cut to three days of fabricating weird things: it couldn't be more sloppily,
ambled, but now it looks good idea right and it works fine. It does. I now have bluetooth calling in my twenty eight year old car, yet gradual, exciting, and I was plain, some exam radio over it. It just was doing it all right, I think I can make my maps come up now on the screen. I was still ill ban, you were ah you but you're on a little bit of a high When did you come now this illness? I have been feeling even failing hell for the better part of what a couple days two days, maybe three just a little ok and we all had the catching up with gastro intestinal issue in Texas yeah. So it's been a real rough couple weeks for you. I know- and I was sick before that too I feel like I haven't- been healthy and six. We do. We need to get your tea, so cow.
A little mermaid order, something I'm having outsider, give idly scientists. In fact, my goodness this others, starting to feel like name dropping, What this is but these seeking you like it all. I can accuse you of abolitionists ever broader conversation where you're, not the guilty party, but would you agree that sympathies seeking is repugnant is name dropping? Yes, I think we all have an aversion to any kind of like attention. Getting, even though we all do it just trying to get a little taste of that attention and then just certain methods we disagree with like go, get first place enough. What race
and then people giving attention knowing no minds back, shall I owe you earn that you went out there in your practice and then you finished first, let's give this person some approval and attention, but then, when they get all that approval intention, I think that is why people bump against, like reality, stars like they didn't deserve. That is. If anyone deserves a ton of attention, will you I think I think some activities are more worthy. Attention than others see sure, but carrying cancer is probably the most yes, they should get all the elevatory worthy of course accomplishment, but that is certainly not our our ranking and how much attention we give people here, backed up. There are cardiologist that of save thousands of lives and I'm probably any more attention than that person that that's an injustice. I agree yeah, I feel like you're you're doing a long term inception me why I will discuss yourselves. Martin cunning in machiavellian
and I just even you mean sick today- is I'm probably walking into a trap. You probably feel a hundred per cent. Why? What? you're, like ex machina. I think you're gonna kill me at some point. Maybe don't you think that's possible now. He, I think you're gonna kill me because one time you almost killed you net yeah. One time you almost killed me you. I thought you were an intruder. Yes, I wasn't closet in your house and you are an indifferent room and- and I could hear rustling through the walls- yes, thus putting some stuff where Christians closet and we were putting the girls now and then all of a sudden you just charge in with your fists. Ah ha ha. I was ready to go in anger in your eyes. Did it reminds you of any of that footage? You ve seen from the Congo of the male silver backs, protecting their territory the dead,
that's what I want to look like. I know: that's. How would you looked like what I was like the old homicidal scary yeah. I didn't like it. I'm sorry and I was sorry Ere. I didn't mean to scare you, but I I got the intended outcome is. I certainly would want to scare them in Router, that's good to know that, my whatever I and traders, a tiny girl who can defend herself than yeah worked, that may be the queues I was sending the pasturing, use the biological posturing use or were probably by work across the board. I would think now because of its aid. I can do anything in that scenario. You could shoot your parents are always we've, friends of mine- and I are in our you would talk about this like- is that a would that be a good strategy to defend yourself like if you're on the the playground
and you get surrounded by, like thirty kids in you know, you're gonna be the recipient of a beating. If you just at that moment, poop your pants. They are not getting. There's a smell, and we shall go on a touchy. They don't they no longer want to touch you. They want to get away from you. That could be a survival strategy. Even if a guy, like you saw guy approaching with a gun, is quickly put your pants and he got there any any said I give me all your money and you said I'd love to you. What's your name He could tell. This can take a wily whose figure out what you want, but it was gonna take a while and you had put in your pants. He Michael you know a man, I'm gonna steal someone else's. Why he could say. I am happy to my wall. Mainly by and have also shit up. If you want this wall against Gonna come with some shit, you can have it I think I've heard stories in making it recollect imperfectly now, but I feel like people of deployed that as a strategy of getting out do you eyes
like the cops on their way up to the window. They quickly put their heads and then, when they rolled on the window, for so you can smell alcohol market. Are you can smell is duty share and then also the couch. Now, in such a precarious situation, cuz, no one wants to be even communicating with someone who's got a hot, a hot evacuation in their slacks. You want to just be done with the whole thing write. What you know cops are human legs. A cobra starts. Would like Saudi? No ISIS. Oh my god, Ok, I'm getting another call and do you think it seems impossible if it could it yeah, in certain circumstances, sure, depending on how strong that cop sense of smell? Is that a factor that area, but they don't have a good sense of smell, they won't care, they won't hear you're. My father had my father. Benaco isn't zero sense of smell
a very good sense of smell brag number one. I want to get a buzzer in here, like first of all, Europe on me a Bragger today and attention seeking for an illness I am of appointed myself the person in your life. It's gonna, keep you humble, oh my god, no cheese is you don't need any help stain humble Europe let's talk about some are you still want me to do the intro? There is, if I get ok, oh ok, here's a fact: women due notice, your body and chips and
what the hell did. You gather dont colleges, my girl at ease soccer. They do but think about its much easier to tell someone the same sex, something positive about their appearance. Then it is a stranger of the opposite. Sex is. What are you woke horrors there's? No. There is no threat of of anything. Of any good or bad happening yeah. I yeah, maybe a more inclined to tell a guy. I thought he'd gotten great shape for a me, but I also tell women, all the time like I used to tax Eric all the time we would christen. I would watch the the Parenthood programme on Tuesday nights or whatever, I was on an always like made episode that always be a scene with Erika where she just likes, so beautiful was overwhelming. Like her eyes,
so beautiful and I would immediately taxed her elbows you're, just the most beautiful creature. So I I feel, like I'm spreading out those observations to mail female. Ok, but you know maybe more brazen, maybe I'm a brazen you're, not my mom you're abnormal outside the cover fire of being known to be married. Probably that's better cover fire so compliment also. I think you ve been around when I do too. If we have a server at a restaurant in their server has beautiful eyes, boy or girl. I'll always tell them and but I'm with Kristen. Yes, there's like no threat, like I'm clearly not hitting on yonder, telling letting you know you're beautiful eyes. Yeah not usually goes off about hitch, although I did that too. I did that to a mom are pre school and I felt like it was a lead bloom, this was the first time that ever happened to me. What did you say? Well, her daughter, so beautiful I remember was obsessed with her.
And then I saw the mom and I go. Oh no wonder she's obsessed with you guys, look so much like you so beautiful, but I was in front of Christian, but I saw the look on her face. You, like, I, don't want to be told by you, I'm staying. It was interesting. It took me by surprise, but then I could also be misreading it. Maybe you just like. Oh what a unexpected things come on your mouth. I don't really know even how to respond. Maybe it wasn't discussed. It was just like you mustn't discuss, but it could have been discomfort sure which is again I'm trap to my own perspective, can imagine being upset. Someone told me I was beautiful yeah that people are different and people it's hard to tell a strange air, a cop, a compliment about their physical South
Ah, that's fine! That's why that's happening. I would even, but, but but the latest counterpoint this for one second, no move on. I would almost see like one I'm around out in Amerika and I'm on a plane fly into I see in the due to tells me. I got a great shape I would assume for that guy. He is nervous that I'm gonna think he's gay and hitting on me. There's like there's a more present homophobia and we can all acknowledge between man. I find it even more shocking that a man would be willing to potentially come across. As is, are you know desiring my body yapping depends on them
Hey there saying you? Normally, there is armed with a sound row. The undertakers signally me a little bit brow a boy Scipios Eliza over the head and ever more careful Russia. This and I want to see you throw operating now. I am, I think there is a difference in the way people complement each other and if it feels sexual or romantic or her charge and more charged socially charged, yeah yeah, oh You said that when you, when you have this pattern in the fact that I love, would you like you read one year, facts in you go. Oh
and I love it's almost like- I get to witness the first time you learn, this is happening again all as is the Tec. I'm gonna stop now, don't ever stop you said when you went to Willards house that you're amazed in your like this is like Thurston Hill Thurston, Howard oh gillikins, island, o lovey. I looked up Thurston here all whose Thurston hell I ran a very well an actor. Oh, when our old guy, but I couldn't, I could not decipher what you had seen of this person. What you could be referring to
Thurston. How finger was Thurston, how the third in his wife's name was lovey Louis LULU, let's go to the beach movie. He's wobbling like us speaks like that: the character on your rock radio. Now, having he's doing Thurston how impersonation I see, and he was rich ones, very rude lobby, the pink for mingle movie. I tried to find the scene with the aim of the big all the whole and as by now that his has it was a guy, and I find it happy for even fine. I found some other terrible things in my search. I bet you did of Yad Divine, like steel stakes in that movie, my putting them between her thighs were his eye. I now I know the problem with interest in his back.
They called him divine, but we wouldn't call him divine it now. We would call her divine, he was he was. He was a transvestite back then he dressed as a crime like Grasser, are one of the old distinction or but still the distinction, but a transvestite was someone who dressed within the different gender and then a transsexuals. I've had some kind of procedure, yes, sir, and I don't think that that divine had had any surgeries to my knowledge, If anything they referred to divine is him was divine ever
You ever see him in his mail persona right, never ok, yeah yeah, but he eats a turn off the street. I saw that part of dog Pooh. Yes, a dog poop to any and yeah that's wrong. It was easy and it was really you could tell it was real. Yeah I'll. Tell you what sparked my elements- or maybe I looked at all this morning, but Woods Crazy is that John Waters had that movie in him and then also had crybaby in a man. Cereal mom he's a good directive that just a wider same so interesting, then is his home town is, is Baltimore he's like the the resident
artists in Baltimore celebrated again he just as equals or know whether you like pink flamingo, not most people, I'm sure would find it distasteful in general, but he is a great store talk about a guy who picked his lame Not a popular lame, openly gay every trigger you could have an just stayed the course and then became kind of a celebrated here. I'll say yeah. That's me ma am I'm another thing that happens and that movie is cookie and crackers took care to have sex wild, crushing alive in between them yeah yeah, not everyone in hold up to today's rigours of it as peace. Seas, the less pc I would not pass now now. Peter would be all over that film. I wish I could have seen the inner sport and just to see how big is. This is the appropriate for really
what offended there, then I do wonder if it how holds up for me it's been thirty years since I saw that said. Did you like myself? you, I I liked it in the way that as a kid, I also like the faces, a death movies or I like any saying this is a pattern of my whole life. I, like anything net, said: oh here's the system for this system do whatever we want. I was always drawn to that punk rock mentality of don't take any system for granted in the end. What everyone without I know as ever and hurting people but And what s interesting is, is I told you I had lunch with Eric Weinstein's and he was learning disabled and his brother- was loneliness able, nor both prominent intellectuals now in our country and
a clicked for me in that meeting, where it all comes from which, as I could see it best in him, where the system he was in told me was stupid for ten years and then he graduated top of his class in mathematics from Harvard which is impossible to do that. So I think when you have that experience you become a, namely our perpetually a shooting of all systems share, makes like on the most formative system. You are a part of was flawed air. Then I think you just have this inherent distrust or anyway of all systems frustrating to be around. I think Kristen finds it frustrating ma. Amselle said it depends it. Then it depends on how its executed, like in this case, with this movie like it just makes me just like people need
back to attention seeking right, you got. It was unnecessarily provocative yeah, like all other things, people are doing to get ultimately to get attention and noticed, and and to me seem assure outside the box and outside the system and yeah poking around just just car fuels. So arbitrary to me, so we're gonna role reversal right now, I'm gonna take what would normally be your point of view and I'm going to tell you that here's John Waters he's found this community of people of weirdos and rejects in disenfranchised and people that are not mainstream. Everyone in that movies got something weird about them by that day's definition of weird share. So he has this pocket in this community of the broken toys island, and he says you know what we deserve a movie to we're, not like you, but we deserve a movie too and so on
and make that movie and when you think about it that way, it's kind of empowering them in sweet yeah, but I also like what is we we, those five people or we, the thing gay community like I. What is we mean because I do. I do not think it's it's a mass group there. That relates to that movie? Well, I with them. I would argue that the facts speak for themselves its forty years later, and you- and I are tied It's a coal closet. It is so if there was an audience for a lot of people saw that in whether they stole meet between their thighs or dressed up like a woman, they at least identified with feeling, like you, don't in all fit into this world.
There were it didn't have to be the exact example of how they felt that way, but there was some recognition of oh yeah. I feel like a complete freak in this society as well. I got not fitting into it. Yeah. So in whatever way the people that watched it wants it over and over again took some kind of pleasure out of it and they won't do it over and over again but normally you would be on this side of the argument I be on your side, all sometimes they. I think people just get pleasure and get entertainment out of absurdity and ridiculous ness like the room. That's a huge call classic and not because people are relating to Tommy, it's because its eyes, but that one that one didn't have an intention. Where, where I had an intention, but it wasn't, it wasn't what was achieved. I think John Waters had an attention, an intention that he had seen
you'd like he wandered shock, he wanted to make mainstream, feel is uncomfortable as he feels about the mainstream or that he has been relegated to feel moving through life and he wanted other people. This fear, put that yeah. So then he achieved that go. I think, how many wise always trying to make a fatal attraction yeah? And I don't think he hit that mark right. I don't I've had that many or basic instinct, such as sexual movie, Killion Murphy, is killing, with the hard k k we work well with the sea, though right. Yes, I would venture to say, with a hard k, sound blockbuster video we might have some young was hers. You don't even know what blockbuster video is.
For the moment like starting with the song wow, what a difference black Still you why a world of difference? Black Box, video I don't reckon I have heard that those their theme song wow, what a difference. Buster video they had to be inside what an interesting choice because, while like they define themselves, wow. What a difference there were so different from all the other which how different can you be? They were they had a lot of titles? Did you carry they had an impressively inventory, and they are quite a snack bar yeah. It was a video store to rent videos, VHF tapes yeah. I don't even
did they at day day they lived in a dvd lady David, had laser discs, Rome between DVD and envisages doesn't exist anymore, but I spent a lot it. There was a one exists right in Alaska others, as always undrawn Oliver one blockbuster left in Alaska and its now being celebrated. That's right at spray case. There's one blockbuster video laughed, but it was a copy for him pilgrimage. I used to read so many movies at once. As far as the movie you would bring home was Bruce. I always inexperience and allows yeah, because you would you'd ran a movie. I had no idea, but you never heard at your basing its solely on the cover the cover now the time all the time. I now so great that we like a hot person, and it may be that for me,
Would you like a car in the background how bag this big, hot girl in a muscle, car yeah part of this move is gonna work and my brother and I were obsessed with these gang movies, where kids, I, like the Bronx warrior, resemble the movie. The warriors are the wanderers. And there is one where the sky it was in the Bronx they're all posts apocalyptic in a guy drags another guy with em motorcycle with a chain. We love those money, so we would just scour the video store. Looking for like any guy Billina baseball bat or up tire iron or a chain where, like this, would lose his regrets. The hours fan, ok, two hours a day on social media, does equal out to a month of life, even more, even more yeah
members are actually higher than among ok, yeah, we'll, depending on refilling annual holidays in the month of her, but so that less glaciers, anger, not good. That's good news, so Shaw Shank, you said the terrible in financial disaster. Shoppings total domestic grows was twenty eight million and we at the weekend grow September. Twenty third, ninety, ninety four with seven hundred and twenty seven thousand. That's a bad opening! The audits yeah! You dont want open under million. You really don't want open under ten million yeah you're in the hundreds of thousands stubbornly shooting a brick huge director and big stars of time and Stephen King property. So I think there is some expectations, probably too opening shot a Shawshank is so ass. A movie ran Taos Lawless movie, yeah cylinders become it.
It's come to be seen as a huge hit. That's why it's a trick in your mind, saying was swingers like Swingers it everyone has seen swingers, everyone knows swingers and you didn't make much when it first came out. Just had a great life yeah idiocy. I think six hundred thousand dollars or something or that it broke a million man on quite a lot of people sought. Yeah loser need that. Well, I hope that still the trajectory of movies as things of all, I hope that things can find a secondary life yeah. Ok, there were four screams. Ok were hazy on that. I have such a vivid memories of seeing a belief screamed three in the movie, and just every one it was so it's like the best movie experience. Oh yeah, oh my god. Those movies you're laughing in screaming and everyone's great, like the whole theatre. So alive and
yeah, fine hours, real, quick. When you are talking about the things you weren't supposed to do with barked the bear here. He said a you can't you can look I'm in the eyes, be you can act afraid around. A man be don't run, you said be twice: oh, I do range. I was fixing their. What is people they left their me really couldn't figure out what happened in error like he said there were three things were going to be, so we must have always said two things in this. Second third thing must have been one thing here: it's kelpies it's hard for version at a polar car over the side of the road, just think about what happened, what happened
What exactly we things were going to be no bees. The second letter and of doing some man in every other part a piece of paper and actually railway a b, and then they count that one on Gmail. That's too does not equal formula got three written encircled. Slash through they write down the three sentences yeah the beauty. Mine or those who so on yeah there's doing that they probably couldn't everyone got themselves in a car to begin with or pushed play on something. Sadly I don't think that's trail arriving. There are people on the street who get stuck on something that their mission, the industry, that's really it. I just thought that was a very fine and surprising interview. You know you never met him in real long down and would you I agree with my assessment of him that when you meet
in real life. He just as a big presents like a bad, attractive present. Yeah he's yes very much so very kind and war yes, it's easy. There loser after very inclusive yeah yeah. I was grey he's a real special guy. I liked him a lot I have to imagine. The foundation is rooted in. Time like when you were Tam and then you become famous and successful like. I just think. That's the right place to start if a good story, every bit ham and then be gas, if you're the quarterback in high school and then you also become a movie star, is Gimme hard for you to be a gracious person, probably maybe yeah. I know now and then how can you put me in a little
of an idea here, golly situation here you are, you really do was uncomfortable little bad. What You know why did I miss read you I thought for you. That would be the easiest thing answer just knowing who you are in use sitting next to him. I thought. Oh, I know what Monica answers gonna be, which is why felt safe to ask if I now, but it's still ok, circling back to our original. The opening of this fact check here, even if it's true, which it I think, you're ultimately right, that is true, I would probably peck Lilla YAP, even though I know I was here. I don't know George they were not allowed to meet him Sahel, but why just know you and I've met both people, so I just, I feel pretty high nineties, confident that you would pick Willard yeah, but still that's uncomfortable. For me to say to him
It is, I think, be uncomfortable for you to say Clooney. While I am yeah all of its uncompromising, uncontrolled, I don't pay committed its uncontrolled. I do Peck really. I would think it would be you'd be excited too. Tell him who just said? No, no one would ever cheat on cloning for him, and then you have opportune to go? That's not true! I would do you Jefferson feel so good you'd be afraid to do that now, because this is exactly what we were talking about earlier it eight day. You feel totally find to do that because I don't know. I don't know why, for some reason you feel a safety in doing that, but most people do not feel a safety like that could definitely come off like I'm attracted day ham or which is also what were act. Really saying there and he is a humans married person sitting there- I'm a single young girl saying I would I would deaf-
pick you think, there's a single person on the planet that want and enjoy here yeah his wife probably would not Heather is chill as a mother, Fucker she'd be fine weather in life. That's on come tat could be I'm comfortable hearing item is uncomfortable. If you were saying I would pick you in what are you doing for lunch now? What are you doing for lunch is an issue yes, but there is a fine line in the way people perceive things and hear things, and I'm not bang like sure I think you're, probably I've been going around me, I gotta be. I think he would probably like to hear that, but I it's it's still. It feels like
its crossing over it's out of your college, unprofessional, we're just by and it doesn't need to be professional. This isn't professional. Obviously this is a safe haven for on professional. It is, we have to spend their whole life supreme, promotional measures, but we do not you and I know other people do yeah, but it could cross over Inter people feelings weird- and I know put anyone and opposition it? Could I don't deny I could, but knowing him, knowing whether it wouldn't have just made him feel good. Why told him as a tremendous personality yeah
anyways, he was lovely, I'm really glad he came in and the immediate so sweet their wonderful like you Monica Patman thanks a lot about how have you hope you feel better suffering up my illness now you're make yet another you'll love to trap me. That's why you're gonna murder me also that's what I was going to say that I would never circle back to one time you wrote in your journey. I hope Monica dies in your dream, not in real life. What's being ultra clear on that, you had a dream. You read my journey. It said I hope Monica buys, which is such a crazy dreamed.
Was it a dream, or did you say you are a if you? If you said you had a dream where you are in a three way with a blue whale and a squirrel, that's me would be more plausible than you write in my journal. I hope you die. You must have done something really bad to me that I don't know about that. You think I would want you to die. Did you break into the attic do sleep here some time I love right, loving, remained.
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