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2020-10-26 | 🔗
Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, True Detective) is a Golden Globe & Academy Award-Winning actor, author, and producer. Matthew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the red and yellow lights in his life that he turned into green lights, why he loves delusional optimism so much, and the art of running downhill. Dax and Matthew bond over having to navigate fighting their fathers, how they aren’t who they are without the love of their mothers, and growing up around “by hook or by crook” ethics. Matthew tells the horror story of his year abroad in Australia and Dax confirms that the two do indeed have rhythm.
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Alright. Alright, alright, are you going to puke? No I'm ready for this all right. You got to close your eyes, then. Okay, all right, let me see if I can do it. We welcome welcome to arm chair expert, your president expert? Damn shepherd I'm John, but Monica mouse? I do miss mouse. Let's go that's good! That's a good mouse! I would imagine you ve already guessed by now from that's dollar impersonation. Their Matthew, Mokanna, Hayes the show today I thought you were going to do the whole thing as him. I didn't know if I could sustain it. That was good yeah, I'm a dog in a matter of days You know Matthew Mcconey, who who it my my god this guy is the most fun loving good time and where
It all well Matthew. Mckinney is a golden globe, an Academy award winning actor author and producer. His credits include Dallas buyers, club interstellar. True detective, I lose a guy in ten days, the Wolf Wall Street dazed and confused magic MIKE. It's got a new book, bring light available. Now, let me give him some real service. You got to check out green lights, it's his new memoir and I have read the bulk of it and I fucking love it as you'll hear he a rare bird. He is he's a unicorn he's a unicorn, a unicorn, always good? That was in character? He would say something I feel like he would you'd say: unicorn he'd, say tweet tweet and it would make sense out of his
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tune in on Sunday November, eight th at three p M Eastern on NBC for the NASCAR championship race. We just interviewed a formula. One driver yeah, we sure did- was obsessed with NASCAR and took his name number three. After legendary Dale Ernhart again, the NASCAR championship is November. Eight th at three p M Eastern on NBC check it out. I can't wait he's Tax and that's a deep dive. Where'd you get the Randall as a project of my brother. Sheer executives spell my brother. Does this all the time he was like yeah man, who's calling this is the Pat okay, thank you, slows everything down and spell it out now. I really wanted to do this in person. In fact, I think it
one point I offered a fucking fly down to us and because you tell me you agree think we have rhythm well you and I think we got rhythm too, and we both noticed that sitting into like little wicker lawn chairs in front of a lake at a friend of ours, birthday party one morning or evening, I kind of think it was a morning. It was a morning and I'll tell you from my point of view. What happened, which is you know you're? very attractive charismatic guy. In a lot of people give EU attention so I kind of slow played. You gave your space Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning, saw you in the morning discount now the shower, and I said that you feel, and then you go. I'm building towards it. I feel like shit now, but I'm I'm around the corner from feeling pretty Gerrit Zalm, Anna, learned over the years get in a rush. The frequency will come what's problem there on yeah, now guy remedy in raw. Basically, what happened is we were just
about to make love and then rob don't blame rob. Just rob also know that you and I could go back and say the same things, but take two always sucks compared to take. I don't believe myself take two. I buy it. No, I don't either and I do it in font of the camera and I'll go. They know I was bullshitting. I was an acting right there. I was acting, I'm always better. The first hit me too. That's why I have to improve, because I just don't believe myself. I got to see something a little different or I I don't buy it okay, so this me say hello to you in the morning as recall built to unite. Yes, sit, not allayed people like you know they had packed up their staff. Russia. Now we talked about this that slow exits, a hot and both of our love for long road trips? And then You told me a story about your dad that I think of I've said out loud my head, probably twenty times since then talking about both of our dads died of your die of cancer cancer right making love to my mother well
yes, he did for him. That's true, but I can't imagine that was the cause of death was it. I mean it caused a death. Obviously his heart, the heart attack. His heart was unable to pump enough blood to the rest of his body to keep him alive at the time of close, max and that might have had something to do with two and a half to three packs of filters. Camels singing see smoke today and yet still coming back to us, while he smoked one and had another one already lit in the ashtray, we go poppy sure you're supposed to be smoke and he says oh yeah, doctor says I got the heart of a twenty two year old, harder Monica. How many times have I told you that I got the heart of a twenty two year old yeah, it's the best reference. I think I've ever heard back to this lake chat. Another thing was, I had been dying to ask you this. You know, since I think I've been aware of you, which is. One point. I just said you mean you have some
constitution. Right because me, you know, I haven't drank in a long time and I I couldn't handle the mornings I had to drink in the morning then turned into like three day thing and I see you fuckin jogging every morning- and I just like you have the key, institution I wish I could buy on a shelf. Well, thank you. I mean disco I'd, say probably some people close to me and say that would be one of my strange I mean, and there have been one those people that the next proverbial next egg. God never do that again, while bull shit yeah two arrows so and also I'll check in the night before going okay. What do we got morning you morning? What's the situation here now. What do we got tomorrow? Morrow? We don't start to eleven e, that's pretty easy! Oh we start at seven. Okay, okay, risk reward here, what do you imagine the group, whatever
pouring this night on the way down or are we about to switch into thirty year and go up, and then I'm gonna go okay and if I choose to say okay, the Rockets are gonna launch here and this could go to sunrise. I get my mind right. There go ahead off that night, look in the mirror and go hey buddy. This is kind of suck tomorrow We will talk through this. We're not gonna, make some excuses. We're gonna get up an own after that. We're gonna go run and sweat. This Dan thing out and tomorrow's gonna be hard, but are you in and we'll shake on it or not? And then the next morning just go here? We go man ride the baseline. Oh that's great! That is great, and then I also told you a story. While we were sitting there, which was a good friend of mine, was with you on an island on New year's eve. Guys we're having a great great time and eventually you outpaced him and he had to shut it down around. I think he said three or four in the morning and he could still hear you at the campfire and stuff. He then crawled out of bed like ten in the morning returns on the tv to watch, the? U T game and all men,
you Mokanna, hey, sit in the fuckin sidelines of he time travel. How is he- and he said you looked amazing- full of energy, bright, eyed bushy tail and I was like what a constitution you know I mean yeah. Sometimes we do need more than twenty four hours in a day, but they just haven't been given any more than that. Last I check How trying to make the tally? Oh my god! So I'm reading your book, I'm a slow reader, but I'm too extremely severe, truly enjoying it you're such a good storyteller. Thank you man. Thank you. I've been keeping diaries for thirty six years. They end up in a treasure chest. I always have them with me next to me, daring to say, hey one day, I'm going to open those up and look at. I pass and see things worth a damn and I never had the courage to do a really justice,
I'm not really in static. I always like to sort of move forward a don't look back what you did you did a part of that I think cool and the other part of this. I was just too scared to embarrassment! Oh my gosh. I was glad we forgot about that party or whatever. I don't know maybe it's coming on fifty and I sat there and I had a few weeks I looked over at it and that the treasure chest was barking and said, come on quit talking about it, big boy- and I was like alright, and I told Camilla my life issues like this exact, which need to do get the hell out of here. those diaries. Go pack up here, you cooler and you may go somewhere and don't come back to. You got something I start like hey, you know our move on in more maybe Camilla or a good friend will open those up and if it's anything worth sharing they'll do it, and that was also kind of a chicken shit call too. So I took off with all those to I went off to the desert, all my own, with no electricity to kind of same thing on that next morning, as it we're gonna take our time. Let's see what unfold? What comes out of these pages- and I got this idea- is, can we
very academic stuff. I'm really think at all. This is gonna, be like an educational tool. Well, after about four days, I'm at them going that's not what this is. This is stories, people places prescriptions, poems prayers and shit load a bumper stickers men, so it was philosophical, but it became much more. Eric and storytelling with much more story, tat narrative to put together chronological, then I suspected want to add those categories that I just rift off to you. There the central theme that sort of x was itself was man. You ve had a lot of red lights and yellow light in your life hard times or bumps in the Roma guy, but you found green them either by turning them into green lights, denying that there was a crisis at all and in the first place or just wait it out see, and how do you know the red light death of your father? Actually, turns you into the man that you become because you didn't have him alive is a crutch anymore. So
over time going through the last fifty years of my life, there's no GE a lot of those yellow and red lights. I had turned into green lights and been talking to people. I see that happens with a lot of people. Yeah that they will turn green for seen in this light for the next tomorrow or on our death bed. So am I I related related to you because I have kept a journal to very from from about price: seventeen to to my late s. You know just checking in occasional but then I got sober and I got kind of superstitious about. If I can't dedicate many minutes in the morning to writing this fucking piece of paper right. How much I really willing to put towards his skull. So I did it sociopath thickly for thirteen. Years, never missed one morning I wonder why you journal. I journal because I hadn't sense of purpose. I thought I was going to be special. I wanted a documented if I'm being dead, honest and you are correct terrorist attacks.
Adventures, I was on like a six month road trip once you know, I think I had fantasies of being crack or something, but I was just curious what even motivated you to write down your thoughts in your life. I thought I was going to be special and all those things. Oh god, I've never been in a movie theater. I don't remember the Damn movie. It was- and I remember because certainly in a movie theater laughing stuff, but I was the only one laughing. not laughing when the whole crowd laughed? I was always liked. I like the subversive, the second underbelly joke or the way it was delivered. I would laugh pause that pregnant positive. Like that and not maybe the punchline, then I would have said, albums, I would listen to your music or also films. I would watch that I would cry and then one else was Likewhat. Do you curl hat? Do you cry? What's the thing I was like, you don't get that man, you know, and so I'd find something sad that no one's content. I get ticked off at things that other people are like. What are you mad
but that four, but I wouldn't get mad at what their mad about yeah. So I started dry this down ago? Are you? the core Nyamagana high or what is this and then got competent to say? Oh other p, I feel that way too, but you need to jot these things down, because this may B and window into who you are and as an individual, and I want to be autonomous as I can. I dont want to just say: hey what do you suppose laugh when it was first cry? We must also get mad when we're supposed to be happy and almost our job nose down and sort of become a private investigator on myself, yeah and just that and then all of a sudden was like war with theirs anybody to being interested in trying to understand. No better person than ourselves, so that became alive project very sociopath about that idea very early on notice that you typically go right in a diary when you haven't trouble jarring you're. Looking for an answer right,
and I learned after about eight years of doing. I was like. Oh okay, don't just go to this diary when you're like oh, I need to hide out and figures. Something make sure you take that twenty minutes when you're flying high, and you like, I got it figured out a Arcos there's a science to that satisfaction. So, let's right down, what are we ve been doing? Who we hang out with what we reading? What are we eating, but for me it's, like you, also catch your ego. It's like a great time to check your ego because I'll be like ruminating on something. Then I'll write it on a piece of paper and I look at it and I go. Oh my god, you're repugnant, that part has helped me yeah, but but don't you think that's also, I'm not gonna, think the ego gets and of credit in Vigo we don't have any. We I've judgment, we don't have discernment. And there are certain things. Trust me that I've written down that I think. Oh, I look at it the next time, I'm like no, you- and I
that morning and talking about, I think it's a brand of comedy that eyes, my favorite, which has got delusional optimism, summoned it's one of the best things for comedy the delusional optimistic character, the one! Is it just like you're like going you're, not yeah in the blues brothers right when that woman? blows up the phone booth there in and they go sky high and they come landing and when they land the thing breaks up and there's a bunch of quarters and they're elated a great response to that all affirmative. Now it's been
useful to me to have that I've only really consulted it to be helpful. Once in my life I was starting a movie ego, no, no journal, the journal got it. So I was starting a movie and I had an audition for it. I just got offered it right, and so I kind of just was putting off in my head what I was gonna do and three days before the movie, I'm in a hotel room and I'm starting to think I'm a fraud. I'm not gonna be able to do this. I'm terrible and I just had the force. I just thought I'm going to look at my journal from right before I started the movie before I go back, I read it. I'm a frog, I can't do this. Then I read day one have failed me on the back, afternoons ever lived on such an asset to this movie, and I was like oh, this is just my pattern and I'm just in fear right now and that help me just go like yeah whatever I know where this is going to end up, but I need
so you're! Writing. You know it was helpful in what about the fact that you also saw that. Oh, I gotta see, give a damn enough to believe I'm a fraud leading up because I've got butterflies and what the hell am I doing I'm in the unknown, I'm unbalanced and then all of a sudden when they put me in the game I perform and go you damn right. Yes, wait hey better than the other way around. Oh god! Yes, I know a lot of people and I've been in times of my life, where the lead up. I'm like oh watch this and then showed up- and you know, eight shit is like now your childhood is spectacular. I think I have some overlap with you, but I just want to start immediately with the fact that your dad early divorced parents right, I have early divorced parents. I also dad was a big big figure, big guy at my brother, Define em. He wandered Why me you want to fight me
is. He was about nine hours out of a hernia operation, so he's got a shirt off he's just shut me on the bed in his stomach is just staple together and my excuse. I was so happy. You wrote it the way. You did that you're honest that you fuckin you're scared me who are ready to do that, because I didn't want to do either. But I had the excuse of I'm like dad I'll fucking kill you. If we fight I'll kill, you know I'll rip, your your winners are gonna fall out, so I always have had that it's a crutch, Selina but truth be told. I wanted nothing to do with it now. Under that, your father or you're in doing that your ear day was six foreign to sixty five, so that yeah that's a hell of a scrap to get into yeah, it wasn't gonna be much of a scrap. I mean I was like. I said the story I mean I pissed my pants just the idea- and I said my fists were like in paper Michel than he offered. You know, put his jenna come on board my one.
And it was not even in my mind, an option that I wanted to engage with, where's your brother rooster, whose similar sized you he went to the right here. Well, that was his right of passes. He did earlier and from TAT Day on him and my dad we're best friend but dad chow his loyalty to the So he did a similar thing with me and I would say it's sort of when he said destroy to me when I asked him. If I go to film school and he goes don't have facet that was sort of him Ah you step that align and your bold and to go your own way. Well, when he was with my brother, rooster and is the story about going to roll the pipe They had always done that in there quickly on his dad sold oil piping. and then his brother rooster, whose considerably older than you how much older as sixteen years elder. Ok, he then two became a salesman. He starts crushing he lands is huge account with a guy. In his day I was like, let's go steal, some pipe, they had done in the past which they had done in the past guy.
Says, let's go steal it from this. Guy he's got the account and Bruton and my brother's, like oh, that, come on and then all of a sudden my dad starts to thing away, but where's your loyalty, with me or him and they're pretty drunk at this point, a lab enraged it's like not doing it you're not going to listen to your old man and they got into it and two by fours were swung and rock was slung and and roster almost knocked them out. Finally, and dad couldn't see of the ground and that's when dad cried and hugged him was like that's my boy. Oh my god. But me you bucked me, you told me you told me no one can wait dad. I ain't doing it and I'll fight you for it and that's what my dad was like from that down. Never another argument with rusher never like you ought to do that. They were best buds because ruser bucked them and said uh what a mental game yep
now, when I'm reading your stories, man they're so some order mind. So my childhood was, you know, there's a good amount of violence. There is a lot of divorces. There was, you know, I saw my mom get beat up and I can tell the story in a very entertaining fun way. Then I have for you and to me some some of shit shit that I is really funny troubles, other people or- very scary, and I totally with respect it, but yours, stories. You know a sense of levity to them and you put them in in this context. It's yeah. It was really messy and it was fucked up, but it resulted in something I'm quite proud to have been get out of honor to to to now within that you're smartest shit, and you know you- we've learned about aces like you know childhood trauma and they have a pretty profound effect on people. Do you so a sense that, like yes, some stuff, maybe was a little too rough for human. Is it just your point of view and life. That's like everything have it's for you and not to you or have you ever could that are like. You know the fight you,
I, between your mom and dad, is insane so dad comes home. Once more mashed potatoes mom thinks he's a little too heavy foots the table up in the air, she knives. It's him in the face with foam breaks is no like this is that I tell and at the same time I'm going that's a very stressful situation for a kid yeah Sir, look I'm in at the time. I was just young kid for food cried mom and dad are screaming at each other fight and I've. Seen with this could go no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! You know and the fact that twelve inch blade was pulled out. Probably didn't make me go. Oh, this could be mortal, but it was just another had heightened the circumstances and it was no screaming note and remind you oblivious to me. This is a great thing about my parents, it's not like they were going to become objective in their own people. and go? Oh wait a minute these over there. Maybe we should send him to know no stepping out of you got front row seats, the rodeo good from you. We ain't checking your idea about how you are here goes: live
There was also no in our family now later on. Hey can we talk to you about that top now. No, you didn't dive because what was the last in the last image was the green light after their bloody she's swinging, his blade at him, their dancing around the kitchen and all of a sudden. He swipes this bottle of pines ketchup, he's like this anymore he's like slathered you're, a casual. And dancing like a matador. It starts going to shade to share nothing, gets out of a Bukowski story, she's a she's, getting frustrated. She can't catch him with the blade and she's covered now with ketchup, mom, sudden she's like no drops a knife, she's crying and dad bloody nose, all gonna jobs a catch up, and then they just go wow
each other down. Afore make love in the kitchen floor. So there is always a there is always you know. That's it's. What they needed to communicate was it was wild and violent in front of me and something you go well, that's not really for four years old journey one's eyes sure, but it was you see the reference in the honor. I have to tell the story and there's unequivocal love and my friend that's what I think supersedes all of this is the halo around, Neither the events we knew we will have a new mom and dad loved each other I knew I was loved. My brothers knew they were loved. We had a saying. I love you. I just don't like you right now. Well, that was, NE of the times where they didn't like each other. My mom to this day goes: oh, I don't regret that fighter, the other twenty of them because I need that to communicate my mom, there's middle finger is broken for time goes like she's like oh yeah. I started those fight
Papa I M in the head. I need it well, I'm, I don't need that like she does, I'm glad my wife Camilla doesn't need that she does. I don't want to get into that. One to that state that my dad would have to get into with her, and I don't want that Rocky ever relationship but that it also, I think, is part of male generations. Well, what I was going to say it's in a context in so I groped Seventys is well now. Also group and very blue collar area of Michigan, where that kind of stuff was pretty regular so didn't feel alone or isolated or unique, because because it was happening a a lot of my friends and seemed normal, so that's relevant as well. I think never done me cycle. Analysis on any of that stuff. That's why I'm here work through I mean I'm not in denial of it. When I tell about the love love, my family tell about the times that we were disciplined or the times when mom and dad got in a fight maybe because it so vital and so alive in it
ever became something that was above the app loot, love and passion, and I'm not, here to judge it. I'm not here to say you know that unfair and you should a Gull job protection should now none of that shit. It's what saw and and when I tell those stories I light up you're, not in fear that on paper, like you said earlier, you go through but when I'm telling it or I'm writing it, my heart swelling, I'm beaming in love and pride and honour to tell those stories because they had great value and I've bought, and you got through them essences really is like challenges are inevitable how you gonna react to them resilient. Big thing. I mean, if anything, that something that is really ingrained in an hour, Our whole upbringing is you get up. Does You can you move on you? Forgive me, forget you don't go to bed, you grudges, you end up the fight blood, our let's make. Let's make love before we bed go you know. I mean whatever I've gotta be with you. If we can't sell it tonight, forgets go tomorrow, we'll stay up,
all day and night and deal this work this out and to unite. Can hugging hug it out and drop a tier and head off, and we will never bring this moment up again. I can't hold a grudge on you. You can't play added up with me. If I bring up two weeks later, will Dax did now, I'm in trouble again for bringing the damn thing up, because we settled that that was over. We ve moved on from that Pat gets busted with weed. Its violent. He lies. You know how it end, we take a thirty five minute truck right across town to the best burger joint to go, get burgers and shakes and bring them home. Put them on tv trays. Watch the Tv a while we dinner, which we never got to do unless someone got trouble and stay up past our bedtime and all go to bed hugging and never another word setback. So there was great resilience and we could move on quickly now. The loophole in that I found in my life is, if you're so resilient, that you just hop back up and get on with it quickly. You never take time to actually get introspective and go
why did we do? How do I future yeah yeah we're also guilty of being repeat offenders yeah. We just we just so quickly hop by up and go yeah we're good instead of going like what. Why did I step in that hole and trip and set myself running downhill? Maybe I need to check that change up the next time? Well, will not surprise you Monica d learn that there were divorced twice. And married thrice isn't that wider number thirty nine years yeah I was, I was live for, one of them and other two brothers relive for the other one. We thought they were extended. Vacation and they kind of work? Well, I just want to have one last thing. I only started re evaluating some of my stuff. Now that I have two kids well, I just kind of look at these. Are kids and I know the ages. I was out when this or that happen, and I go that be a lot for my kids to handle absolute a whole lot, I think It would be more for them to handle than it was for me to handle in saying, but also
For me, was like this great forgiveness for my dad who kind of split at three where I used to hate him over it, and I look at my kids now by the way it's why loved interstellar once you have to, The notion of missing your children's life is the most saddened that That's the last movie. I cried him that movie, but he missed whole thing in the notion of missing the whole thing. For me, I'd rather be dead. So right, It also lead to like forgiveness. You know I'm also unlike critical at one point, but then also there's a bunch of forgiveness forgiveness. Those two can be part and parcel. I I I say this in the book. You also find out when you get older, that some of what you, your parents, were the messenger and the message or two different things made me angry after my father passed away, and I found out certainly way where he lived by, that he taught me that that no no, no yes, he did know he actually didn't. You know how first with anger, but very quick
for whatever reason I was able to get to okay. Well, even if the messenger didn't follow through one hundred percent on the message, don't forget message, even if he did Rhine and iron and there's a former forgiveness in that, and it also it's our I d, give each other little break, cannot forgive each other to worry we're human, stay too. If you dare, we are supported by figs. Recent events have reminded us how important and awesome healthcare professionals now this time last year we were cheering for a favorite sports stars. Today we rightly cheer for nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, text and more figs has been cheering for health care professionals. All along their mission is to celebrate healthcare prose and make sure that they have the awesome scrubbs they need to perform their best. Now figs provides the most comfortable scrubbs I have,
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Eight years old I got my best on made out of leather best tassles, I had to go down there than their taxes, and we would do. The questioner and we walk on and on a horse and stuff, and and I'm pretty good at all these things- and you know when I win the trophy there's a frame picture of me. It's trophy and mom puts in in the Kitch you on every morning. Look at your son there. You are a little, Mr Texas, our one and only little Mr Texas, and so this it's going on daily weekly and then her introducing me. This is my son. You know he won little MIKE. He is little Mr Texas goes on, and now I'm just like yeah. This goes on for you now little decades We are not here. He was little. Mr taxes well. I was little, Mr Texas. I was a little MR text until now
happen to zoom in on that trophy name: the plate on that trophy one day, just a couple years ago, runner up! No, oh, my God, runner up, look what the gifts she gave you she did and she always to this day. I find I called her out on it just here recently she was like. Oh well, you were a little MIS Texas that someone in the family had too much money. They we able to buy that Threepiece Centership form that you're a little MIS Texas. She still denies it her mind. Yeah! Isn't that great? By the way this just me now, but the greatest asset I was given, and a big burden was my mom thought I was the second coming. She thought I shit goal and
it made me. I mean that gave me way more confidence than I deserved. That was like the original Bde was mom thinking. You were the shit yeah. What? If you didn't become you, because you just thought you were runner up your whole life? You might not have become you we're not talking. You know, I don't know it's more, it's more than a male rock. I mean it's little. No that doesn't happen. We're at Garos Matthews puts our enchiladas on the table like that guy's pretty fucking handsome. I can't believe he's put wonder what happens. I wonder who is really little, Mr Texas? find out he's out. There. He'll comes, I want to do an investigative journalist piece on the real little MR taxes and just see how it works. Yeah, yeah cuz, you know his mom didn't tell him. He was running off and she probably didn't tell him that they outspent you either true, he's probably having a horrible good trip about the whole thing in
okay and then another great. Like really thing was you know, Matthews in seventh grade in there in there is like a poetry contest, yes, anyway, his ass off on this poem, and then he reads it to mom and then what does mom do? Yeah? I go back write this point, I'm pretty damn proud of, and I showed mom. She looks at she's like yeah. It's not bad. Go back to TR, try some more go back to my room, work or hard for another. Two hours come back to excite yeah. That's not bad! Here have a look at this one, but she pulls out this book start earmark. Opens it up. She goes read that one I got this book and I read it and I go if all that I would want to do, would be to sit and talk to you. Would you listen good because you like that one go yeah, that's really good and shorten short. The author was Anne. I think Anne Ashbury. I think you like that yeah, because you
understand it. I go yeah, it's like it's just you know cause like loving somebody. Sometimes you just want to you know, take some quiet time to talk and she goes yes, you you and you and that I go yeah. I completely understand she goes write that, but it's it's. Budget again does not got to write. Might not because I know, but you understand I got it- would give me to write that sign an ass She was no listen. You understand it for you, as I guess you could. Then you write that insoluble there we go so all right. If all that, I would want you to be to sit and talk to you, would you listen Matthew, Mcconnie and Ali, and on that, of course you did. Oh, my god. What doc did we just watch where something like almost like ten full did that happen? We watched a dock recently, I don't remember, Oh, it was Lance Armstrong. It was lamps Armstrong because he was
too young to compete in these triumph, alarms and so parents just said, but you're, eighteen, you're, eighteen, and so they start it off with a little bit of a thin and he fucked in one triathlon hen, your laggard, did. Okay. So all right, that's info You have a very specific, oh my god, you're, that's exactly what it was mom was she'd, be message suit, teacher she trading become the substitute for my cousin. She also taught me kinda guy, but she was the teacher that, in my view where this is why we are so that in a chapter outlaw logic, we're like very tee the real disciplined you ve gotta. Do this better than you better, be honest, better to cheat lie that that by tat men have Mama's it serves to teacher. I come home she's like
here's the answer to that test tomorrow, it's a stupid subject and don't even read that, but she come in there tell me, don't shut that book, quit studying here's the answer, it's a stupid subject and you don't need to spend your time on it to take. The answer is gonna make a hundred I would like to move a mamma. You know so to be like harder? Because my mom, like I don't know why they're making you study this, don't even just shut up, but don't say here's the answer, but she was also you know in a garden like you know they study trains and she was like what are we doing looking at these damn books? Reading about it, everybody come on loaded up a bus drove a bus to Amtrack, put all the kids on an amtrack and like took it to Curville. Like didn't even ass. The principal nobody landed back, like eight p m, that local news is there, the parent or their words? You take our good luck, no teaches assistant, nothing wrangle by twentysomething kid and just took a monologue. She's like the best way you learn about a damn, railroad track and train you go. Do it read about it
ok! So so, then you and I love o ownership, but you are about it because you're just a charming Fucker in your handsome is housing it the high school. This is a good one too, you that I'm going through all these are so fun go for, Okay. Good, I mean we can be talking about your whole acting career, but I think we know your acting career pretty good. This is more fun, yeah yeah, these just stories of. Why became an actor yeah he's a good looking dude he's got some light light acne. You know if a couple people, but it's mother is involved in. I guess we call now multi level marketing company, where she Selwyn Mink oil. Oil is also oil of anxiety oil. It is a topical face solvent, so she noticed
Young math, you struggling with a couple of pimples and she says son. You gotta, you guys start using this product, it's revolutionary, so he starts applying it liberally. I would assume yes and religious right every night right. Four bed: oil amen all over my face, says it will bring out all the impurities and watch? It brings about they're gone and then for the rest of your life. You have beautiful, clean glowing. Skin shares Our gets better. Yes, yes, darkest before dawn here and you're a fighter, your going to put in the work you already demonstrated. They amended delay gratification, I'm up for early pain for long term gang okay, so that, as you, I guess the the pimples are increasing in both volume and quantity got a lot of impurity this, is great stab. Look at all these impurities servicing.
And they now become. I guess cystic right, you use now. You got a real problem on your hands. I have a real problem, I'm kind of unrecognizable and yeah yeah, and so despite his mother's, urging he seeks counsel with an actual dermatologist who shits himself when he finds out Matthew's, been rubbing oil of mink all over his face, yeah, because it's for people for forty years and over not a fourteen year old kid who's just going through, lesson. Two already has some oil coming through his port: it's blocked all the pores completely So for the last month I swollen up- and I have severe act- severe acne says: if you don't, after that, and we don't get you on Aquitaine right now and you are ten days away from Heaven. Ice picks for the rest so I get on the Accutane yeah yeah, so so he gets on Accutane and now we all know that has its own side effects right, so a very dry skin cracking all this kind of stuff, but here's my favorite part, because this is exactly what my dad would have done. His dad takes a look at the
and he goes we a God name, lawsuit on our hands. They ruin this boy in the dead takes. To a lawyer. Is the lawyer says have to imagine you're in great emotional distress from this any either my bright boy, so he looked at me and he s a half high, emotion. Districts had been doing well with the ladies. No, no one will talk to him for a high school confidence is shot yeah and he's now recording this and asking again I'm gonna go again. Are you have you been under emotional distress? Yes, sir, Mr Major, emotional distress is your confidence down all my confidence is much lower, sir. How are you doing with my girlfriend said, the girls used to like me, a lot more. It's like they're, just not interested in me, wants actual people. Look at me funny when I walk I'm not doing near as good with the girls either. My dad and the lawyers siting there and guys, like oh shit, Jim we're gonna get fifty grand open.
Still easy man, I mean look at him, he's all show up. Can you Rick as a kid I mean I mean it doesn't say a damn thing on this bottle about not giving it to a less I get it. She said that this company is irresponsible. Oh, we got fifth grand easy all right. So I go to the Accutane amount. All this stuff talk. You know you get the dander Baba Baba, but it works, as you know, in law suits go on awhile. About a year and a half later now, I'm a senior the Accutane worked skins, great we're back. I get called in for the deposition now with the defense attorney right back and Jerry hairs of the same way, office? True, like fifty grand you all swell up, look at you! So now, I'm in there and the guy crossed table. He says he goes. Oh, my god, so four, four boy most so emotionally distressful, wasn't it and I'm like. I can't believe he just used our term slowing me. A softball I'm gonna hit this out of the park like yes, heavy
emotional distress or confidence was, I bet it was. I bet you weren't doing near as well with the girls I was like no sir. I can't believe he asked me that question to me up, I'm not going to no horrible girls want nothing to do with me, Mozilla, and all that then you get that Danvers do. Is it was horrible, I'm sitting to thinking this is the worst. Defence attorney in the world he's just played all my hand. We got this guy, we're gonna, get fifty grand or more reason the table pulls out this green year book opened it up turned it around slide it in front of me and goes who's that I look down here in this picture. Was myself next to very pretty girl named Camisa Springs. across courteous. She had a sash said most beautiful ass. It said most hands, one most handsome Oh so it hits you I'm like Bob
We blew it. The case is done, and I looked up at him and he goes so emotionally. Distressful oh you know, and the face was thrown out: for Rick in the year going God damn you boy, I mean I'm telling you. We got a case where we gonna make fifty grand and you gotta go off when God damn most handsome, damn it. Why didn't you send back that where and I Patsy per year yeah. That kind of brought me back to so my dad to my dad was involved in many a lawsuit and then another thing was he had all kinds, of businesses and one of them was you couldn't call selling. It was under a charity guys and it was a hugs, not drugs workbook that would be distributed to children to keep them off drugs.
So when I was fifteen, he kind of wrangled me into this, and he wanted me to start making calls to try to get donations from people and people donated. They got a little ad and the hugs not drugs book right and in Scala, to me actually going to like rotary club meetings at fifteen in lying and telling these people that I had had a really bad history with drug abuse, and if I had had the drugs, not drugs book, I wouldn't have seen all those dark days and your dad was in on this story. Oh yeah, he helped me crafted it so is scoring Oakland County making these really impassioned speeches about how wayward I was and how I would have been saved. If I had had this hugs, not drugs workbooks and I crushed, I sold so many full page ads Matthew that book never made it out. I think we sold a bunch of ads and I'm not sure that there was ever a distribution of the books. So I
so how ironic is really very real, but I don't know that the hugs not drugs book would have helped. I mean yeah. I love it yeah. I love our parents, you know used as solicited us to like go yeah. We gonna make us to make some cash on come. You know well yeah. I grew up with a different kind of ethic, which is like by hook or crook. We got to get some money, child labor, child labor. Oh that's great, that remind me, though, I would add that they were my dad was out the bunch of his friends at a ranch thereof and who could pay the highest contest. Yeah. Let me break this down to yeah. This is news to me. Like I said what they would do is they'd stand against the wall, then he put a little in over their head and they had to pee over their own head. Basically, it was a shootout and dad was six four, so that was an impressive heike sure that was the second tallest height. There was another guy there. I got Fred Smith, who was about six seven and so dad had one. The six four
no one could be over his head, but then nobody could obviously peak. No one could go higher up to six seven. They couldn't get that high and they were late or, for instance, ain't. Nobody can piss over my head and then my dad gets an idea because he's got his eye on this little miniature dirt. Bike in the corner of my son can I gotta get. Why no way daggers yet again. Well dad had to drive one hundred and twelve miles back home at whatever one in the morning to pick up my brother Pat wake him up out of bed and, of course, what do you do in your kid? You wake up the middle. The night you gotta go, pay does acknowledge, hold onto its put him in the trot gave a beard. Did you just sip on that and feel that bladder up? Well, one hundred and twelve miles back? It's now about five. In the morning, oh my God passes underwear and dad shows, and they're all kind of hanging out just to about to go set to get a wake up boys. Here it is my son's gonna piss over your head, Fred, Smithers, Fred steps up there put to mark and pack it over. There
there's about five inches, because what you had bet what he had bet with Red Smithers that I didn't have the story was. He goes I'll bet you that little motorbike that my son can do it. Why did he do that, because Pat was asking for a motorbike for Chris miss, but my dad couldn't afford it. Child labour reloaded up the motorbike taken Compact got a motorbike. The Christmas anyway journeys kick your ass. We yet, and we may have areas the maybe it's a mix of child abuse and super Yea mixed messages. Ok, so you graduate from high school Matthews mothers suggest that he goes study abroad before he goes the college in so the rotary club says yet will do this will send you down to Australia, can do a year in Australia. There's one thing all these.
People we send want to come home and a couple months there lonely whatever they come home, so we needed we, you gotta, signed a contract us as you are not leaving within that year. I'm negative, sonic object, say I'm not leaving me. I'm Tellin ya, go on for the year on the negative side It feels weird to signing I'm going for years like now, so I'm telling you everyone wants to comeback. Everyone says they're going to go or the whole time the all want to come back. So you need to sign, I said, look no going to sign it, but I'll shake on it. I'm going for years. That's my full intention. He agrees so next thing. I know I'm on a plane headed off to all you really quick. Can I just say what you're fantasy is of one year where well picked all straight there. They offered Austria and Sweden. So I'm sitting there go on beaches, waves, L, MC, fierce and fishing speaking, Austria. It is a good idea and cholera. So bad I'm off! Here we go now. I've got a family, that's written that can be most them
and there are no were so good so glad we have become old man. You got a great little spot here on the outskirts of Sydney, speed of all get sandy beaches, she's great you're, gonna love it while Sidney Metropolis made although the Ale Macpherson, probably there somewhere here, we go man while show up land get a plane in this family out. You help me what did tells not to do because it's a forty three minute story. If I tell it for the Dualis meet him and how old's the boy they have a son. How old are you it's about twenty six? Okay star dry little brother, how you, very excited there. The sands new little brother amazed
driving and now all of a sudden Matthew notices, the skyline of us, it needs is pretty far in the rear view a year and a half of it. But ok, I still see the beach than they get to another town. Maybe seventy thousand thinks this. Is it not now look a little while later, ok? Well, this is getting a little dicey are now in a town of two thousand. They paid now said: that's where they basically live and as they go through that town he's thinking. Ok, I can still see the beach and they go. We is a little bit further. They end up in it. Eight hundred people completely inland, not by the beach three o five, population, three ova and these people are locked in weird? they are fuck dude. It sounds like a horror movie. It sounds like a horror. The dad is tiny and rotund. He wants to act, posh and elevated and smart, and he tells me You lead me, you know why you make us dinner nieces, great, I'm gonna, make you guys hamburgers,
an he goes. You know, I'm gonna make you hamburgers. I don't make you cheeseburger, because the man who invented the hamburger was smart, but the man who invented the cheese burger is a genius. Man immediately takes him to his office and he points to a picture of Winston church. Only says that. May a Jane yes and he doesn't want you using that word. What from now on and you duration of you stay, you know household, you learn to appreciate fine words, fine cheeses and not the voice, your opinion for the masses which part, because a of oil, you stated did not question stated: its men invented a hamburger, men and reductions. Was genius. Maybe that is merely your opinion. Ok, cultural difference with what it is just a phrase, Mattew, as I said well, Juliet look. It basically means
cheese progress more than him, as I said, do you understand and I'm like wow, what's going on, okay, yeah? Well, quite a few other things happened after that, that were it gets weirder and weirder, and let me say one of the things that's probably sensitive, but the twenty six year old boy also has a girlfriend. There did she have a crush on me or did. Did the mother gonna want us to gather crushing each other in front of us? their son who's, twenty six in front of everybody and the whole family lined up one day. Saturday and they're about to leave and I'm washing dishes- and I get called in the room they go- give her a kiss goodbye. Oh God, a kiss on the lips, I like to hold out really quick. Just two weeks ago I was explaining the Monica that in New Zealand and in Australia they love baby talk so Kitty's I just was excited you're, not kind of confirming they love to do at ease at the end of things, yeah yeah. So you know, and this
in the room with with her and her boyfriend Y yeah. There's on my big brother. And it was just it was. It was off. It was rude, I'm confused what's going on, does she have a crush on me or wait? Is the mother trying to set the situation, here. Is this just a bad joke going wrong whatever, anyway, I handled the situation and this cool way as I could with myself and her, and she thanked me for it, and now I was okay. But again I was like what was that What was that, all this time, I'm telling myself after April in these situations? Ok, Mccoy, sculpture, differences. This is cultural, different Saki taken the highroad, I'm not judging any. One until the night came Miss about five months in over dinner, five where we had dinner every night. Mind you by this this time I don't think I'm going insane. But when I look back my I was, I was coming a. And let me just say this is a part. I really related to you because my year in Santa Barbara I just up and said: oh I'm gonna be fat free and I just started jarring, and I
no, why I got down to like one fifty eight, I'm six three, in depth same like I'm so out of control that I just wanted to control whatever. I could something: some sort of reachable discipline to accomplish a day to keep your fucking sanity, yeah yeah, I'm running six miles a day. I've decided I'm gonna be vegetarian. I don't know how to be vegetarian to basically eat a head of iceberg lettuce. A night I get a knife of fork ahead of iceberg Let us abolish catch up ketchup, a that's me, I'm celebrate I am self it. I've decided to know that when I leave this year here, I need to go to South Africa and help free Mandela. That's my calling and then after that I'll become a monk, even though you went there for a fears in things really, L mcferson version is way in the rear view, mirror right now, you're gonna be foster, serve boards and Macpherson, and now you're goin to Tibet. While the first letter back, was hey mom dad those regimes on the Barbie love you humanity now running like sixteen page
minute. Writing you way too way too many is and adverbs just imploding. I don't notice it and I've got to three aims: Maxie priests, Maxie priests in excess, kick and are you ran around wrong? rattle home one when a great albums of all time per cd, I ever owned, really damn good choice, good choice, I so here's my rise no. This is still when I don't think anything's wrong. We dinner at five five. Thirty. I cleaned the dishes, then, as fast as I can get back to my bedroom bathroom I'm reading a lot of Lord Byron, I get the bathtub nightly ray, Lord Byron list my Rattle JAG off nightly have a yank work. It out you ever.
Right areas go another drawn right, you're right, it's where and how great I'm in the audio. You are opening up your culture horizon. Imitating up. You went out there to get world League in your fuckin. World became a pin, oh my god, a close up, so I think I'm fine, cultural division and maybe half way through the sheer trip and one night I get the dinner type Matthew. We've decided that for the duration of your stay here in in u- Le refer to us is mom and pop. Isn't it the horror movie, but again I take it I wrote and I go well. Thank you for could it be that way- and I remember you loved this tax, I remember saying- this line, and I remember is clearly in my mind, like thinking I needed to give that comments more context. I go thank you for thinking that meant that way. But
got a mom and dad and they're still alive. I remember throwing that little like that. Weren't in battle win the argument they'll understand if I say and they're still alive, yes, yeah yeah. Oh and by the way, now you understand right, and in any way they, as I said, to the duration of style. You saw you here to this moment pop well, I got to clean the dishes. Major. To go, call everyone their name, not mom and pop. When I said good night the next morning, my alarm clock was a howling shrieking voice of MRS duly screaming. Cool you believe this is so horrifying go, you know to her and our men. I really liked her. She was really carrying lady.
I go to her and put my arm on her and then we just have a cry fest and I'm going man. You got your sons, you wouldn't want them. Call me one mom on that. You wouldn't want me and we tried it out and you're eighteen and you're comforting an adult. Yes anyway went through the year. Finally, got the call real real, quick, real, quick. He eventually, thank God, went to the rotary club. I assume and said I'd like to try another thing, not because I don't love it, but I just want to have as many experiences like I didn't, sell them. Unto the bus or anything- and I just said, look I'd love to. Is there any other families that could take me in a got a year here, because, maybe I you know and was tough times over there. The commune with great you taken it did. Another change soon got another mouth, a feed. Let me check into well, the guy who would manage the bank that I worked at earlier as it as a work expense shopping creed. I like to his family. Like me, I like them. They took me in all that all our whole out there's one great thing, so he gets cleared the leave and then
He tells his family, the Dualis that he's going to leave. How is that going, and they just basically ignore it for a day or two? They don't bring it up in there for four days. So this comes up. We agree on this. That I'm a move out. Mr duly agrees. May MR, due in the presence of the road of talk it brought up in the Thursday night Rotary meeting off microphone in front of- nobody? I see a man he's gonna, be leaving the duties and remove over with you don't and everyone here here and thank you to the Julie's for pain to strait host yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and thank you to the town toast for taking the next video. Now then, we meet afterwards hug out shake hands, see you Tuesday. The guy is going to pick me up that I worked with in the bank. So pick me up Tuesday at six p m, great all set. Then I ride home with Mr Julie. Not a word is said about we get home next day. Not a word said dinner silence the next day
not a word said no. The family knows now, but not a word said the next day. That was Thursday, so Friday, nothing said Saturday, nothing said group over for the family to come over for a goodbye dinner for our exchange to me on that. No one's there just start by five. Thirty dinner, nothing set Sunday again, not a Monday. Not a word is said: it's just silence, I'm getting a silent tree, and not one word of oh you're leaving Tuesday night is come on Tuesday. We're dinner find my final sit with the duties. I've got my spark letters,
there we go. I've been packed since last Thursday night. Now I packed up that night when I got on once we agree and I'm just sitting on one. This is so weird. This is so weird. I go back to my room after we eat it's about five. Forty five, I cleaned up. I'm quadruple checking my bags. Man make sure I got everything which I do and all of a sudden I get it off on the door open and there's. Mr Doli. We have decided that the duration of your stay you'll be staying with us, so unpack your bags, you'd be staying with us for the duration me stay in Australia. Again I take the high us. Oh Mr July. Thank you. Oh my God for offering your home and your family y'all been great, and it's my year over here. I just want to make sure I get with other families that have a different expert.
As I said, and pack bags you'd be staying with us with the duration. If you stay here in Australia, well, I I I lost it. I threw a left hook through the door and it was a plywood door. I'm in my arm going all the way through the other side, and I ripped it out and apply would have cut my eye all up and I blood running all down in wood, shards and shit here, and I'm just fucking shaking probably got a piss spot just started on my crotch, and I sat- and I said, MR duly you get your fat fucking ass out of my way right now or I'm gonna. Take you out the fucking back door and drag you down your gravel driveway you're going to be pulling fucking rocks out back for the rest of your fucking. Life turned around and scam it off down the hallway and I'm going what the fuck man he found. Your breaking point. Congratulations, a break point! I'm wanting to sweat off my brow. Go clean up! My arm pull the shards out going what's going on all about. I don't need a b b, be look at six o'clock. Guess who's here to pick
my next family. I get. My Hocking bags down the hallway pass that office where he took me to tell me you talk to Winston Churchill the living room out the kitchen through the garage into the and there's my my man makko. It is there to pick me up, in his land cruiser and around him glad handing and hugging and dry and tears, I believe that my and I roll my bags up and they help put him in and they're, like. Oh he's such a great young man, oh god, this experience has been great. We're gonna, miss you so much and I'm going yeah yeah yeah. Y'all two men, you know! What's going on and even MR due's drying a tear man? Oh wow, go we're gonna, miss you, man, you get in the car we drive off. They sit at the top driveway wave, all the way to the back of my house and I'm like what the fuck out wow cut to five months later. It's my last night in Australia, the last five months we're
easier and less ass in tripping yeah, I'm ever found out, but still we re everything everything went well accept, maintain being celibate actually, and I came off the old iceberg- lesson ketchup a little bit and ran three miles instead of six but a little bit of weight and still thought I might be going to South Africa to free help, pre Mandela, but that may be a monk wasn't my way in life, because I wanted to communicate like people again. The so We're on the last night, do what we always did drink in port wine playing Reading Woody Allen, side effects laughing our ass off telling stories and all of a sudden one of the families that I had stayed with. They were all friends. The last three families I say was a fine one. Goes hey Maga, how the bloody hell you stay with the daily hello. I was like what are you talking about? What
it is like a half mile agitated what I based heart laugh and a gas gone. You fuck you and they laugh even harder now we're all roll around and I start laughing- and I was like- was this a big Ozzie probe? Was this a six month bit wow? I say it in the book I mean was I in a crisis sure, but I was denying there is a crisis in the great value in that I wouldn't sitting you're talking to you right now. If I didn't have that year and that six months with those dude, I was in high school Roland, you know popular, money in my pocket a for handicap little Mr Taxas little little taxes, you still think you're a little MR taxes, building a little Miss taxes right and then all of a sudden, I run into a great amount of resistance and enforced to go inward, because I have no crutches. I have no friends, I have no cars. I've got no girlfriends. I got noth nothing and I'm there at the dol.
Simple, but it was good overall and- and I honestly know that I would not be sitting here now. I did not have that year over there yeah yeah stay tuned for more Armer expert, if you dare you're, supported by frame bridge frame, Bridge Monica's favorite place to put her beautiful prince into a nice nice frame frame bridge, makes it easy and more affordable than ever to frame your favorite things without ever leaving the house. Gallery, while your home office or send a perfect gift from art, prints and diplomas to the photo sitting on your phone, you can frame bridge just about anything. Here's how it works. You just go to framework com, common upload, your photo and they'll send you packaging to safely mail in your physical pieces. You can.
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Four eleven out. Ah, you know to take that role and make it what it was and then have this. You know time to kill experience and then being a ton of hugely successful romantic comedies and then go like okay. Now I want to do something else. Those are all hard things to pop out of pop into other things, and so you have some resilience and I'm curious. What is the process and, more importantly, in those periods just before you made these left or right turns, were you feeling humbled by it, or were you feeling scared like what were those feelings that led up to those big jags, a lot of fear, but a lot of sleepless nights, not sleeping well with the life that I was what I was I say, work wise or or where I was heading to a lot of fear from that, because I go between I'm sure. Like you man, I mean on one end. and Thankful Yang opposition. So I want and I'm gonna who the hell do you think you are too even be
like. Oh, I want to get out of this year's success, but what you do you're making money look at where you live so one end. On the other hand, I'm like when I want no wait a minute. I still respect that. I'm not being disrespectful to where I am right, you're not being on I fall now gonna be arrogant with it, but I know I want something different and I want to try and get it and either I can go to it or, like I did before took the two year hiatus with no work. When I got off a romantic colonies, if I can't get what I'm going toward a minute process of elimination stop doing what it is that I am doing what is coming to me YO about basis where I didn't really and I unbranded by just go on pressing full stop and I'm out. No one sees me. No one knows where the hell I am so all of a sudden. Two years later he becomes
good idea, a new good idea. I've been pretty good. When I look back at saying, I got to get the hell out of here, because I got to get myself think I don't know who's wagon who whatever happens, I don't care. If I fail it did this crew. What I need to be wagging the dog and not on the tail wagon me me yeah, almost like the analysis of when to leave a party right you're like okay, that person's of the party that person's out of the party, I'm still standing here, yeah, I'm for me to find a new party or be the last one standing here
well, and the hard part for me, probably in particular, is that my greatest strength is resilient and I can look around with those people are partying on why they quit so soon you stick with something, and so sometimes it's bowling through to the other side. Just persisting and doing I'm going to keep my head above water until I come out the other side and things will change for me. Sometimes it's like no I'm going to back up I'm going to readdress this, I'm going to make a different decision and there will be consequences that come with that and consequences that come with the persistence. Part too. I think as much as I act celebrity this! Never for one! Second inside of me been like: oh that's who you are. That's your identity! That's your existence! That's what I mean when I say we're. Just keep living comes I mean that's our right as humans. First, maybe it's a spiritual side. Maybe it's a family side, maybe self respect side of going hey. Are you being as true as you can to you right,
now on okay. So what I really relate to is I'm from a family of hustlers. My dad was a car salesman. My mom started as a gander built a business like I'm all about the hustle. So yes, I've been in these moments where I'm like you got a much your house and you ever supposed to have. You got. The cars you weren't supposed to have so shut the fuck up, but then I also am addicted to challenges you know, that's really what I'm addicted to is I like that that that's the sole feeder? that can value that. That's it right in the try it out and then I'll know. If it doesn't work, I can look in the mirror and go yep guilty. If it does work. I can also look in the mirror and go yep guilty. That's a great feeling, it's the other. Unknown when you're being wagged you're, like how did I end up here? I'm not feeling any demarcation between events. It all feels like one thing and my feet are really on the ground that limbo it is a gilded cage right so that what you're getting offered in that point in time is very hard to turn down. If you have the battle,
you add, or that I add which is like who the fuck em to say no to that many zeros? My family said that to me Camilla, but my blood family yeah I do, will I ever get those amount of zeros thrown my way, because while I've been seen as ungrateful and all these things- and what did I did- I jinx myself did. I get tacky, why? Why did I jackknife my situation? It was going well everyone on the outside go. You are catching green eyes, but then that's for each of us to only each of us can answer what our own personal green. it is you know. Would I be right from the outside to say that it's kind of Wolf of Wall Street- that's the breakthrough to where you wanted to go creatively as an actor? Well, the first thing came through. As twenty months of dry no offers came through nothing first, it was just romantic comedy said no to and then, if she's, nothing for a year and then came my way was, I think, killer Joe, maybe like
over the years that little run killer Joe Paper Boy MAGIC, MIKE Mud, Wolf, Wall Street then douse buyers club, which I had control douse bars. Clubs is no one to make it with me and then It was a run there. Like. Oh there's, the dramatic fair that I want to talk about it. In the book I mean the romantic comedies were great. They were fun. It just got Where I felt like? Oh I'd, read them and I go like oh. I could do this tomorrow morning and that's cool. I don't know if I wasn't getting complacent, just wondering I didn't know how to do any more real. That would make, and that's the theory of in the book about the art of running down hill. There's a lot of times where, when it's easy we should be a prison. If it's easy and go do not make the straight line. Crooked bro. You're rolling down downhill, do not trip yourself in face plant and you're, also making a living doing this and you enjoy it. Don't get our heavy on this situation as other will we go? I need a little resistant here
I need some gravity here. I need Europe against something that I've second mould something different of myself. So it's fun, when the measure in many many different circumstances. What think I told you, when we were sitting by that lake mud. For me. Is that spry, my favorite movie there's something about it. I think that from where I grew up and there's a lands kind of vibe to it, So great everything, so patient Anderson They have real, no hurry. It's so awesome. That's a very special to in and probably know it's one of my favorite. Maybe my favorite, because you know my dad's, been Then he moved on to ninety three. Five days after I started my first role in days confused, which was kind of serendipitous that his life overlapped with me starting the first thing that would not
more than a hobby yeah, but mud. I've always seen my dad, and I see him my daydream many times coming to me and going hey Buddy, you seen this movie mud. My mother said: oh, come on we're gonna watch it it's a good one yeah. I can just hear him with his saying. Oh, it's a good one, and that gives me tangles. let's piss some people in Austin off right now. By talking about how great it is, cuz everytime I do people get pissed, hey you're, going to make more people live there. Maybe I'm lying to myself, I feel like. If I could that's where I would live, there is something there. It's Barton Springs, it's Barbara, its liberal hillbillies. I don't know what about that place with the second, I stepped foot down there and I see the grass grown up. Between the concrete and all the cool man? oh covers are all different from different everything about it. I'm like get, this is where I'm supposed to be. At all times, is the people there? It is that mix! It's the blue bird
in the tomato soup of Texas, that freedom in progress, progressive thinking that Austin has next to the backbone being the capital, traditional legislation and surrounded by a vertebrae of red counties, is parliament makes a bit of it that was surrounded by more blue? I don't know that often would be the place it is. you're right? There is a unity there and at the same time, come on, come on. All you got to do is be yourself place, it's not saying stay out red counties right, oh no, we're still wearing boots and scrape. We should have our boots and often do you know what I mean it's. So it's a great push port university. So you got fifty thousand students right here at an institution which has youth coming up, liberal arts questioning things, progress and across the street. You got the capital and there's the suit and dies in the backbone of the legislation that has been around for a long time, tradition and where those too
reach out and engage and play is the honey hole. You know what I mean that push pull. If the capital wasn't there and we weren't surrounded by the residence, our identity could sort of panned her out and become a little too obtuse yeah yeah yeah. I know it's a weird one, full Yang matters just palpable when you get there. My last question for you so have many times on here expressed deep gratitude that I don't have sons. I am so glad that I don't have to be in the position where I tell the sun. Listen you just going to have to knock that motherfucker out. I'm sorry, you picked on me what you can get picked on the next eight years or you can blast this dude wants in the nose and I will be there. I don't want to be a part of that cycle, and yet I don't no one other vice I could give and I also don't want to fight my son that I'm so informed by my childhood that I don't know how I would transition into this world. I certainly want my kids a living, so I just wonder we
you having boys, how have you set? That course great question. Could I'm in process on that obviously sons, my twelve, the twelve that one that came in and brought me the to go seven and then they have a sister in the middle I would say that is one way right there. They have a sister in the middle and some form fat boy you're going to be younger, living soon, you're going to be older, Levi and you're going to be in the same school a lot of times, yell look out for your sister, in whatever fashion is she's your sister. Now you look out for each other as well and yourselves, but that's just. your sister look out for her and you're going to know the boys that, like your sister now you be real honest. Do you condone? Do you approve? Because we're going to go to you when your estates first date, I'm going to go to you, you know, you know that boy too good young man is he worthy of taking your sister out. Give them a sense of that is one
I've got one child that disability is very much a pacifist that he's gonna turn the other was turned cheek every time with him. I plead with going hey, that's beautiful. At the same time, People will try and take advantage of that and we'll sit there and keep pushing it. If you don't stand up for yourself and fight back, and so there will come a time, probably on that proverbial playground, but you're gonna absent me physically, do something or I've said this, and this happened before you know what your answer is to that kid. On the soccer field, that's picking on you. You go down right now and scoring his ass and just when you go I dont go your order. You go guard him tat, you could you went to guard him yeah in and then bade him and bade him and also work that, as your word, the other child is much more fish. And have him he's more than one among other gone you'll have to hit. Yeah. I mean talk some of these out too yeah you can and he's by no means a brute or a bully, but he's much more physically confident and would be the one that would much more
oh yeah yeah and you seem work it out between themselves a lot to the, especially in these covered towns where were not on the plague of everyone in the school physically. You see them work it out. I mean our youngest one is tested, our oldest one, because he's actually more physical and we'll come at your harder and the oldest one is faster though, and a little smarter at things and I've talked to him. Alright, if you don't want to engage with Livingston on the physical side just out within yeah June, just tee it up to where you trick it and he'll be like How'd, you get the last piece of cake. I thought because I knew where to put her whatever that is so I mean I'm still navigating year by year, day by day, Janius with and, as I'm told it's about to get all more complicated because those teens come up and we'll say: oh yeah yeah. Well, you got to get that oil. I make all the makeup maybe start conditioning that skin get it glowing.
Well, that's you know the other another big question here and you know this man and being in the affluent we're in coming coming. Similar backgrounds, where we had different resistance? given to us in different ways from the where we live to what we drive to how we were raised, disciplined everything else. How do we give children, the right amount of resistant to be autonomous individuals, because we're saying yes all the time and going yeah just use all the is two. We are it's, how life is yeah, we're doing them a disservice? I think about all the time I'm like I look at my kids. I go they gotta god Damn Swimming Pool nor backyard annual one kid I town with a swimming pool. You haven't you What do you mean you're bored board, but will that good, now go figure You're not turn on the two. You know wherever that. I also think like. Oh my god like
grew up somewhere where I wanted to go somewhere. There was a Shangri LA and I wanted to visit, but they're already here. So I'm like, I don't know where they gonna want to go. You know it's all interesting and that the in time. We wanted to own the affluence that we have I can only false modesty like now, my dad mom aren't they are there not know? Yes, we are yet the out your chin. I someone says I bet you live and biggest don't get shot and go. Oh, don't feel guilty about this own. It and acknowledge your privilege, and now that you ve got a responsibility to help people that their debts, that you know I had a responsible and try to go. Get all this shit. Now you gotta responsibility to help other people who don't have the ship gap and take it up. Not in another way. But what are you know? We talk about this until our down our family? We all- relevant, but we need to ask ourselves first relevant for what you know and what's America say successes right now will generally fame and money chow
well that value systems a little out of place which are the targets is not about the bigger thing is better always that thing, the book that, when you can ask yourself if you want to before you do, yeah. You know you get all these things I grew up when ways where, if you get offers something you go yeah I mean shoot. I never had an option before and then you have to go. Wait a minute. Do I really, like my jeans, pressed no and also I am sure you had the same experience idea, which is like okay. I got all these things. I thought we're gonna magically make me feel a certain way and then I had those things and said: oh no, I still need purpose. I don't given myself purpose that me saying lines in front of a camera. Ain't purpose right and I think that's beyond going thing and I mean I've. I've got to hear that links in huge poem America. Yet, really been taken, in my mind, was so much about not just for America for the world, for each of us individually to realise that we never arrive
right, but we just stay in the race and commit to the chase and ah what mean we're trying to achieve the achievable and so just keep trying in it to stay on the adventure of it. That's when, if your boat ever that's where I think God going Erika yeah, I think lot of their general anxieties fantasy, that we will achieve this utopia and then we will build a wall around it, but that is not how this is all working with every single generation after he's, gonna wanna, take it somewhere else and that's the given. Yes, indeed, your awesome Your fucking book is so well written and so fun to read. I cannot wait to finish it because I got to find out about the peyote and the cave. Is there an audio version yeah I and I do the eye a me. I'd perform a lot of those characters. We were talking about pointed that out the odds, I think, the same day October October, okay, oh, this is great all, I could hear utilised, or rather the air was fun.
Do the audio too, but they talked about it now quite enjoyed talking to you. And it's been too long since we sat around that lake and said we were going to do and here we are and next time I will do it in person. Yeah can't wait your one before we do have rhythm. I was right and I can't wait to see what you're an axe For any bigger and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soulmate maiden Monica Admin Here we go, it is check, fact, check time Mattie APOLLO. I don't know, that's that's not a song. I just put together about your words and they barely went together. I thought it was at the sign that you love. I'm lost in translation midnight at the. U soon put Oh to back. Oh, my god,
though I give me the worst feelings, Ickes, really Ikey feelings, because I think the was staring in the bill Murray's eyes where she sang that quote. Sexy song and he just wasn't sexy yeah boy taken a big swing, I'm being sexy is scary. I know, but also like necessary. You got to do. We got to figure out what is sexy and what is just to perverse. Well. Sexy is authentic. How about, this no you're fuckin audience well yeah authentic. As a great thank you, that's probably the key yeah, because if she was, trying to be sexy. That's what's cringy yeah! That's the rough part also again now on to step two, which is less important, know your audience agreed you know, but if it's a stranger in that case it was a stranger. You can't know your audience. Wasn't about ass, you go on. You go
midnight at you? I just can you imagine like would see pretty quickly and then you just try to play it off like it was a joke. Okay right, I'm down with that, but then what? If that, guy the audience? Actually hates jokes and so then you have to so take three okay, okay midnight to a bad look. I'm just kidding, can you imagine and can you imagine if I make jokes all the time that'll be the worst? I hate jokes, let's fuck, okay, you! I steer. It was a parallel park. Parallel park parallel park, that's good your buddy Kelly's in town, yes my b at that your Aaron Weekly is in town and it's lovely, and she's living in London in London, And I asked her for some intel of bout. Your theory
ring had so. We asked her about some intel about the brake. Paddle did he's been there for since January, so all gone on ten months, yeah yeah, and from what I heard a tank of specific but from what I heard it seems very true. It's It seems a little true that the more hard for you to admit I'm gonna, say a little true. Okay, you leave a little wiggle room. I don't know that it's that the women had don't have a brake pedal, but it does seem like the men do you have more of a break pedal in the english culture than a here and just act in general? More of the role that of female would play here conventionally. Yes, anyway, I just thought you'd find that interesting, because we can never really find real data on that and she's doing some research for us yeah. We got a nice piece of anecdotal data that supported my theory. Do you take her
to your new house, I'm taking her today. Ok, I tell you something that you have to get it. You knew how yes, you're you're gonna, get annoyed by this cause, I'm in love with the entire product like but another thing delta. Tell me about part. Three. Listen, another thing: Delta, SAM Delta faucets. Is this class renter? Okay, I gotta say: oh, maybe I've seen one at a restaurant. What is, before. Okay, let's just start with the problem. My complaint- and I know you have it too you want a clean out, a glass you cannot get the sponge in there and your hand to get the corners that seam or the base of the cup meets. The walls of the cup have A particularly hard time doing it with our blender bottles that I shake up all my there's. So much residue left. So what you do is, then I resorted to getting this big stupid, long scrubber that doesn't
either nothing in it takes up way too much room on the six months under the sink. The whole thing is a pain in the neck, and I hated the glass for answer. All you do. Girl is use, set the glass upside down on this. Sprayer. The glass register has a super hype. Power, water jets and it reaches every little corner and I urge you set it down and you look at the glass in its bought. What all my eye I want that my coffee cups, another time that I really hate hey clean those coffee cups, put it on the glass renter high powered, yet done also. I really wish we had it when we have baby bottles. That was because I have so much anxiety that you really want to get your baby bottles clean, obviously, your babies drinking out of it. You know Ottawa Duncan there and those are near impossible to clean, because the mouth is so narrow,
If they are geniuses there, the revolutionizing, the kitchen, there's no question about it: they're also incredibly easy to install. You must have it at your new house, okay and in fact, I'm getting one for sure when we build the new attic, You are. We need that for two thousand dollars mug. Well, these expensive lefty mug just floating around us at a dirty. May I say that because we don't have a glass run through here, but we're gonna get one. Yes, take her their drivers and then I'm probably, I would like to figure out a way for us to eat. Houston's. Oh, that's, gonna be Turfy. I might have to be a pick up which doesn't sound fine yeah. That's that's! Gonna, o o o o o. That reminds me I bought a new car yesterday, a new old car yeah and I had to arrive my electric bicycle out. I didn't have anyone to get me, did yeah well cause you have covid. do not don't say that, but you had Kelly there and you haven't. You had better
but the results were in yet yes, so I couldn't hang with you. So I had to ride my electric bicycle over to get this new car. Well, it was out in Mount Washington, which is which I was not far from Pasadena. I could have just kept on going into Houston's, wow. That is a long way. You rode your bike. I rode it even further. When I dropped off my last purchase the four hundred and fifty four ss when I dropped that off or further away than the airport, what Yes, you don't know, I told you the story and then I rode my bicycle. My electric bicycle back twenty six miles through a war zone. Remember I was saying: oh, my God, the city's got so many facets to it, I remembered it was that far this was not far. This was only five miles. You know the Houston says the crow flies is probably only seven and a half miles from here? But you know, through the pie way system in a way it can be a beat out of anyways to drive out there and get it. I don't know. Tbd are not supported by want to
but we are mentally supported by Houston's because we loved so much headache brings us joy We do. I have any there so one it breaks my heart. I like the environment, the food is off the charts, but the environment is really spanish, she's very sexy in there debts. Where the woman could have saying that song and it would have worked. The context would have would bolstered would have benefited would have would have buttressed images. Before and at her perform the lighting. When do we just muskie enough that you believe Dunbar, but I meant put your camel debate. Why does someone put their camel to be bad? That mean you took it in and two options, one you misheard The likely likely and to the camel cigarette put it out. O noble an oasis is exists in a desert. Where you write camp, across it's clearly arabian nights, nights theme song MID,
in the ways that isn't put your camel's back? Could the oasis be I'll club and sang lights out? What to call last call call call let the the door hit in the mass well well, the only that that was in area area growing up was the standard gas station oasis trucks where Timothy Mcveigh planned Oklahoma City balmy. Do you know that for real real, you know these are the Michigan militia in this gas station is, was just five else. From my how do I should stopped it if you did to time travel yeah, I know you're going to go, hang out with my grandma and do naughty things that I won't want to hear about. Although remember I amended that- and I really just want to take bread it back with me, so that those two can make love and I can witness it that's true, but also while you're like in route, can you stop Timothy Mcveigh? Would you okay? This is it. This is so,
This is a trap, but go ahead because I'm gonna be there going to be an ethically correct question and there's going to be what I'd really want to do questions? No. Do you feel like? If you could time travel, you would go back and change something like that. Something big man is it's, it's always so hard to say I wouldn't you will you wanna kill Hitler. I. Yeah, it's hard to say, because I can people be mad at me, the movie frequency. I don't know if you remember them movie with. I think Dan Quae Quail Quaid Dragon Quaid you think it's damn quite know. The budget is not its Daniel weighed the did. Then. Quade, okay and Quaid brother Randy Quaid Dennis, oh, my God, Eve sorry did
this is a great actor who I like a lot, so he is very clearly that I got great balls of fire. He played surely Louis he's got a great body boxes You don't need to know everything about. Embarrassing was married to your girl from you got mail every four years here. Really you got it. You got mail, you got it male, okay, well, frankly, saying so in that movie armies communicating the signing of an array of radio ray and he's dead, he's a fire fire, nay dies at the beginning. Of course, the sign wants to stop that oh yeah and its turns out you shouldn't do or let's take a lesson from back to the future. When Biff takes that sports almanac, like a list of victories in any become super rich, and then we came here. It's really are to say, because you know well World WAR
to it's hard, but you know all you have to do. You wouldn't have to kill Hitler. You'd have to go back and kill the assassins of Archduke Fernand, there have been all over one right, but here's the men were just what they're probably would be a world where one like the Hungarian Empire probably would have invaded some shit, they have an excuse. I don't know it's hard to know it's so hard to know, but what, if you killed Hitler in the second, you stabbed him in the gullet. You vanished because somehow, but healing has it led to a different version of how we discovered the nuclear bomb, and maybe everyone had it at once and then maybe it was all a nuclear assault, the first time they were used, and maybe there's no humans here exactly that is a lesson from frequency can bring one person back to life. Some other people go what a movie, what a great tale a great lesson.
Honor may be bore like on the fence about whether they wandered time travel or not, they saw them Well that settles and I'm not going to do it. I mean I kind of thought thought about it. You did well, I would definitely time travel. I would just try to not to tinker with anything, but you would, if you bought Brad If you brought Brad every breath, he hears you rat broad tat. If you bring him to my grandma, you are you're gonna vanish me. He took his hat. She won't be able to get enough of it. Obviously Is it that I'll vanish you or you'll be even prettier, because you'll have half of Brad Pitts DNA and you it won't. Be me you Dan, bat right like you blow you exactly you, but you better already motorcycles. Now wonder why I think this is
the kids think a lot. I think I was telling delta about this way too young, but she is a very big brain. She could understand it, not the faucet to your daughter right, we're, not supported by delta. The daughter. Just so will we are again like were supported by his sins, we're supported by them. Emotional, okay, that's true! So does the daughter said something about then that person would be my mom or something said, will actually know if mommy had a baby with a different person wouldn't be you, it would be a new. Listen that's a mix of mommy in that prison and it wouldn't be you She didn't care, no good yeah, but anyway. So if Brad Pitt and my grandma engage in sexual activity, sexual Congress, which is wisely, oh god,
They saw each other, even ok, here's the thing! This is how slide it is, even if they do and my grandpa. My grandma still have the same life like just just one night. She has a little secret. This keeps tight in her heart and at night she maybe she lets the face do do the and remembers that evening with Brad Pitt who arrived in they all things or they are doing, is remaining while it used to be a phone books aim for the yellow pages. Let your fingers do the walking And their logo was two fingers walking because people go through the pages they inflict the envisaged. Ok, So I'm now using that, please don't sue me. Yellow pages existing still. You could let your fingers do the war is a euphemism for masturbation, your grandma any man I to get renovation- I guess they be grandma- They re, I ask starvation. Grandma
masturbate yeah masturbation grim masturbate has only grandmaster flex a little bit. It sounds. Little raunchy no it sounds a little like white supremacist grandma starvation, something about all they re master yeah, oh yeah, with all the clan member Eddie, I'm crazy titles like Dragon Master and exact role, imperial knight of the seventh king but I guess I could also think of in terms of Harry Potter, I'll think of it in that way. Transposing so, My grandma Brad Pitt engage a move, which is why in time random night still the mix of over the egg over The egg that would have been that would of bad mixed up with my grandpa's sperm, to make my mom hold on a second she's, not getting pregnant, but Brad, I'm going to tell bread pull out
and we're gonna visitors around a moment in her cycle where she's not operating. This is gonna, run off and was really my other. Maybe a war of course employed was over for the Berlin baby, not a baby, but what it because she has sex with Brad Sheep. She doesn't cheers appeal, okay, okay. I don't know how that's going to affect up, because some eggs are going to get released during her period. You mean why this for I have because ok, I gotta tell you I hold on bread, can affect your grandmother's population monetize only one hour period when Brad comes over. A Friday night- he's gonna start her period on Saturday? Ok, ok! So she, instead of having sex with my grandpa, to make my she had sex with Brad okay Friday and he pulls out everything's fine. Then he leaves he comes back to twenty and she has her period. To be clear, is coming back to ninety ninety seven
swing in and get legends of the fall, Brad Pitt Sex. I'm sorry! I got a couple of stops on me, okay, so then and she has her period. So then, after that she has sex with my grandpa and makes a girl But that girls, not my mom, has my mom was the period egg goods filled to make anything get there now doesn't care because the egg- it's coming out. One period is not the same as the more a different eggs? How does Brad Pitt effect? Grandma cycle, I told you It is so easy to follow. Call your theme and she had sex with Brad Insincere on the day of consent around, and I know I can look up when normal. I was born, and I come back to that. And I'll get read in their before they that moment, I was so easy to do correctly without any butterfly effect, butterfly factor
one hand. This is a really well worn thought. Experiment is here I didn't in no we're diving into a lot of well worn material, all right Matthew, Mokanna, hey speaking a movie stars speaking of hot hot movie stars those few people Well, there's no one! I would want to trade lives with I like mine. Yeah, but if at gunpoint I was either get it d materialise and never have existed or jump into someone's body yeah. He be high on my list. About Brad. I think Matt's having more fun wow, I think he's having a lot of fun of met, his wife, she's, absolutely stunning and nice and smart lovely. He lives in my favorite place, already through the drink, successfully faster earlier. Could do worse,
You re my wage gap and by the way we should commit some real time too. Who would be our backup body? Ok, awry light on his and him in there right now, there might be others that that and passing him, but I can't think of one now I would trade bodies where was not just trade bodies am near them. Ok, if I'm them they'll go through better Ginsberg she's, past yeah. Oh, do they have to be alive of good yeah. I can't pick like stolen well, then I would have lived that life and I would have felt happy, but I don't know well, not have stolen, but no, no, better, Ginsburg. Ok, let me think someone alive thriving comparable age, preferably maybe Michelle
oh really good yeah. That would be you could sleep with your dream: lover, yeah and look mine's the opposite of yours. I'm not picking a life, that's easy I know you want to be proud of yourself and I want to have a great time. I feel like I'm already burdened with trying to do that. Thing and it seems nice. They just have a good time. Yeah, I'm not interested yeah. You don't want a good thing for a good time. Don't call me Oh, I know who you might be Michael Jordan Well, I hadn't thought about boys. I might be Tom Brady. of our desire that as much fun is mechanically Jordan. I would not pick I might pick Zazzy beat, so I could stare at myself in the mirror all the time.
I would never need to do anything but stare in the mirror. You know who I pick who well. I probably I was going to say for Afghanistan, ah you wouldn't let alone for I would have been unfriendly married bread, that's right or Dave Chapelle, you wanna be home, I would definitely want you'd, be real, proud of yourself for him. I'd be so proud of myself. I'd be enlightened, I'd, be magical, I'd, be a genius that'd be exciting. He sees you have a good time, Ben through the Ringer jail he's been yeah and he made a decision of high integrity navigator right out of it, a calmer web waters and whether I was thinking about him aside, as I was falling into my slumber, and are you that this is a boy girl Friends when you like someone that much are you horny for them. So I am not horny four days, Chapelle
but I am you want his respect more than ever and I'm never going to get it. No. What would he be? No? Well, I just don't think we do the things that the people that he's seen I'm an admirer hold on are like really talented, hip, hop artists. That seems to be who he respects a lot. He hangs out with a ton of hip hop artists That's why to libs friends with he hangs out with enlightened people yeah, who also can slang great verb. No, Can Bradley no and their friends. But he is a better actor than a much better actor than us. Okay, I'm gonna quit Everything. Then I'm going to start a new profession where Dave Chapelle respect,
may we gotta find out what it would be. He, of course, would respect you, I'm having fun. You don't do the things that I feel like he's drawn to he's probably not going to cross pass with me. No, actually, I'm not going to say that I'm going to will that into being okay and we're going to be friends. Okay, great, would you be satisfied just being best friends with Somebody doesn't respect you, I rather as not cause pads, if that were the case, alright, here's your options, one is, he has the most undying respect for you like he's, listen to all two hundred and fifty episodes. Things like this is the best on planet earth and I never want a meter or you are best brows with day Chapelle You hang with him and go to his live, shows in the corn field in Ohio. He like runs material by you you get here. All this interesting points of view on every little topic under the sun and your besties. I think you would but listen think I'd.
First as horrible It is the same, but listen that is eager, but I also smart enough to know, which is why he respects make some smart enough to know there so that the situation you just laid out is impossible. Why you can't be he especially can't because he has such high integrity, he can been that close with someone running material by them and not respect them, I am, zero people in my life, who are in my top, who I carry in this hypothetical I created. That is the case. Okay, well, they're like who do you love more than anyone he'd be like Monica who's. Who's the most fundamental Monica jurists, beggar? That's one! That's how a guy Does it wasn't me or respecter? I like her. It was important
question I'm breaking through more stuff than your therapist. I think I pick the second because he'd want me to pick the second. And I gain as respect or okay. So I only have one fact for Matthew, good goods. We ate up all the time with a bunch of hypotheticals about red flag. Your mom getting remarried my mom, I mean your granddaddy. Oh grand fucking over my Granddaddy grand masturbation, which maybe is racist. We don't know the glass prayers unparalleled. Okay and now we're here to Dave Chapelle and my respect. or Lyra balance. Ok, now, Laura someone fact is was the real little. Mr Texas.
Oh, how is it known? Listen. I can't find it, but I can find he was runner up around us another again, if I took over his life, has also been runner up in a beauty pageant. I don't have a shot That in my realize You can find the real life little mulatto. I saw a list of the people, but it didn't say who is the winner and there are few people who were like my brother. Was in that pageant Act Mokanna, but nobody is claiming. Because the windows disparaging about their advantage, their financial advantage. There embarrassed, man. I hope this leads to us finding If you know the real winner of the little. Mr taxes is a little. Mr Tech, that's right, I'm! So sorry, if you Are the winter. I don't mean to laugh at nineteen, seventy seven of Europe. The winner of nineteen. Seventy seven little Mr Texas pageant
and or you know one in better. Yet, if you're associate in any way- and you can put us into contact with them, will interview I'll say that right now, we'll do not a factor Ryan, We need photographic evidence and shit, not that you and I would know if it was fake or not. Oh yeah. We're gonna need some hard core evident in order by Dave Ship, he can a faker second, because I respect you at all. Go on every every vacation takes takes his life with you. Well, look. We got to get Dave Chappelle on here if, for no other reason to settle this debate, he is my number one guest. That's a really good number one guest! Thank you yeah! I for me, play between him and Bill Murray. That's it! That's our rail at that's a tough line! That's a Sophie's choice! I get back! Oh I never early rapid,
railway. So he was on the letter. Men and review show that Unnapped legs I washed it last night, so I went to Bed Dave, Chapin NEO Marilla gave Chapelle and I went to bed thinking about him. My slumber, no, I was not horny for hammer. I recommend a lingering, but I did think wow. This person is in a novel okay, and he is a gift to this earth. Is I well I've just yet you are teetering in the deity stand. Well, no I don't think, he's living idiots and worse I don't mean that he here I wanna be that he's and make that very clear here I wanna be anyone's Leir or anyone's anything is not everyone but bits because of that already aired my grievances against the Dalai Lama in here. If The time I'll. Let you do that that's all
I love you good night,
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