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Nurture vs Nurture: Family #3: Joan & Todd

2021-02-23 | 🔗
Dr. Mogel answers the question: Will our children hate us for a bucolic childhood on the farm? She also teaches us new words: poronkusema & mbuki-mvuki Make sure to subscribe to weekly episodes, dropping every Tuesday only on the Nurture vs Nurture feed. Just search “Nurture vs Nurture” on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Or visit bit.ly/wendymogel.
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We ve called this podcast nurture versus nurture because there are many different ways to raise sturdy. Exuberant, educated, kids today, you'll have the pleasure meeting a family with a ten acre working farm Joan and tied and their fear eleven year old, daughter, Sasha and gentle eight year old Son Gus these children live the principal, avoid educators, call experience chill learning, Sasha kind. EL, when an alpine dairy goat is in heat, turns out, they fled their tails. She knows the lineage of every animal on the farm and how to talk to them using subtle shifts in town this system. their use, their environment and imagination to practice life skills. If one goat pics on another, they are taken
go to court in the manger, where the children present argument on behalf of their clients and use a hammer as gavel to wrap up the proceedings. Yet Joan worries- or children getting sufficiently civilized for the real world. Are they too much like wild creatures themselves? They leave a peanut butter knife in the middle of the count shoes were someone might easily trip and frequently forget to flush the toilet, even if they ve pooped in this episode, you'll hear The eleventh century philosopher most is my monarchies has to say about effective strategies, for getting kids to follow rules, it's bribery and its different. Young children and teenagers and you'll find out. Why, I believe, along her to our belongs, a farm even when mom says we already have
so many animals. I couldn't even tell you the number two days. Untranslatable word is finnish boron kush, Emma P, O r Ann Kaye, you ass ye. May it's the dish Hence a reindeer can comfortably travel before needing to take a break to urinate boron mean reindeer and crochet. My means beat by also introduce you to a ban to term used in Sub Saharan Africa about joyful self expression. First, a disclaimer. What you are about to listen to is not a professional counselling session. Each episode is a one time conversation and the advice I offered does not constitute psychological treatment or services substitute for professional diagnosis, intervention or behavioral health care in order to protect their privacy. Our guests.
have been given pseudonyms, and some personal details have been changed. If you have concerns about your child's well being or your own, seek out guidance from a medical, our mental health, professional good places. To start your child's pediatrician, the counselling staff at your child school, and the american psychological associations comprehensive, guide to finding resources, indoor state and now onto the fund.
We got one means we can mean whom I thank you much Joan and tied. So the reason we do this is for the kids sure I do when you tell the audience what I just saw so tat outside your window, its knowing and I saw two small creatures- walk by together
They look like dear, and I assume that that Sasha and jagged on their own outdoors, doing something right now without apparent hovering. sir and peering at them and sizing them up. This is somewhat true. just described their usual day, but today there actually we hosted farm camp here on the farm and we have a small part of covered free, Keds that come here and get to play on the farm masked and socially distance and there's a teacher that doesn't totally hovered. But he keeps everybody say, look talk about this farm situation Joan and tied live on a fireman in their application to be on the shadow. Here are some of the things they talked about, that their children get to experience living
farm learning about money and a financial profit and loss of the business of the fund. learning about procreation and sex without necessarily having to have a third party book explaining at life and dash caring about sick animal. the seasons navigating on their own, these are also things we wish. So much for kids to have a lot of children are just naturally deprived of fast because of their living circumstance is now and then At the same time, when you described some your frustrations or the things you wished they would figure out. You did mention pooping and then flushing, and although this is a
really really common problem that you may not realise how common it is and how all children are before they can get that habit. These days, and so you fall squarely in the mainstream of parenting, frustration, to me about the advantages of living on a farm that you didn't anticipate because, has not been a life long environment for your family. Is that correct? That's correct here I mean what sir, at last, I guess, fifteen twenty year, fifteen years, how long's it been recently been farming's, yeah, started. Officially two thousand five, it's been a whirlwind, I mean really. I didn't of it that way at all. We went into farming because of our love, her farming in the earth and wanting to connect with where our food comes from,
and I can use a firmer culture sense of things. Can you talk about what a perma contrasts sense of is both in the literal and this symbolic aiming to you of that. What does it mean for them issues of your family sure its balance, it's a whole circle of balanced swear. we have chickens run behind our cow was because they can. He grabs until in the soil better eyes, so one moment telling we're grubs are for those who don't know. Oh yeah, so drab, sir, that little start of a fly or or any sort of insect for that matter. I guess I'm not sure. That's a technical term by flying on that larva, yes, votes, the beginning, stay each and essentially, when feces breaks down a couple of things that are happening. There's a lot of science and half that
part of it is little creatures going in there and lay their eggs and hatching so that they could eat so those Kids are in a little movable chicken coop and they go behind because you have already built- and it might be a hot day, So they go in the main they mix. It all happened I get into the soil and many eat the grubs. Here's my lot flies and there's just a whole balance. So then, of course, once they leave ass is able to grow up. There's more carbon sequestered in soil and it holds moisture better, there's a whole balance in permanent culture, farming So essentially you don't want to do a model crop. You want here, just blasted with fertilizer
you're using the earth's natural systems to create your food and you're meat, and all such things you want to add to that. Yeah ceramic culture is like what it sounds like permanent culture say, are trying to create a balance, closed loop system when you're producing food, and it goes beyond just nutrient cycling. It's also you want a model, natural habits, human habit, so late, For example, we position are guarded right outside the window of the kitchen, because we want to be able to run out and snip some rosemary will more cooking. Those types of plants like vegetables that need more maintenance are also located close to where the tools or cap or the fertilizer is where we're going to be accessing a lot and then the crops we grow that are more long term, like the perennials in the fruit trees are little further out from the house, because we don't go to
every day they don't need maintenance. Every day we harvest from that once a year, and so sort of the way you design your landscape and playing your crops, your keeping in mind natural cycles, neutron cycles, your keeping in mind human, you're in habits and then you're also tried to utilise natural systems to your advantage, rather than always working against nature, which is what most of agriculture does by spray and did you try buying the soil and sterilizing everything we actually try to utilise natural systems in our farming? The idea is to keep as much of a closed loop system on the farms possible, bringing in the least amount of inputs and keeping nutrient cycles balanced. So, let's jump off from one animal will benefit the other to talk about the family, yes,
so moving to hear you describe this because reminds me of students taken environmental science class and then there's the quiz lit and the flash cards and the phrase carbon sequester. And enable true or false, this is low by doing and it absolutely the right children learn best using all five senses in the three dimensional world, and You also mentioned Joan about the changing of seasons and how the children are to that and learn the rhythm of that, so one animal benefiting the are there in your killer. Family described to me, then,
challenges and reward of, let's start with Sasha. How does she benefit and tax and challenge the rest of this system right? Well, I would say: Sasha is, are observer and are alert system for the family, she's really in tune when somebody's hurt or sick, because she's always hyper guest on anything being out of balance. Essentially, if she notices is a change to our rhythm, a change to our habits, she's, the first to say. Why are we doing this lesser? What's wrong about the situation in style were used to doing the same goes for outside on the farm she's the first one to come running an insane there's an injured There is in the injured, goat. She comes into the house and she gets to say that satins MA there's an injured, absolutely
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