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PREVIEW: Barack Obama

2021-07-07 | 🔗
President Obama joins us to discuss the expectations that were set on him from his mother, being guarded by LeBron James in a pickup basketball game at the White House, and Dax has an update on where you can hear this full conversation plus all episodes of Armchair Expert for free.
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Welcome welcome welcome arms. Your expert is now only on spot a fine, but we had to share a clip of our episode with our dream. Guess: Bronco Bomber or, as Monica says, one sexy cat psyche beast we love this conversation must specifically, I love this moment where he is our economy bragging about his basketball, say let it was so endearing, like most people, brag about that. I shall be put off by a, but I just loved. It also has made a really humanity has he's like I hit the big shot. We also hope you listen to the full episodes which is available on Spotify in case you ve missed the news we ve moved to spot. If I, so you can listen old and new episode of armchair expert there. It's a hundred percent free and issue a stain exactly the same. now. Here is a bit of that conversation with President Barack Obama, so we gotta bring us that we have to have your anything like me. I don't wanna be recognised rain things. I'm good at actually is
to be recognised for these things. I wish I was great at so knowing you love. Basketball was the greatest moment of your whole life on the campaign trail with by didn't bite, and you picked up the ball and just drained of three just so casually, and then it made the rounds on all the outlets. Was that your greatest moment? Well, you know at the risk of not sounding artificially humble I mean the truth. Is I had hit some shots like that before, okay, okay, so the first time I campaigned, I took my first foreign trip and we went to Afghanistan. And Iraq and before going in Iraq, we staged a wait and I walked into a gym we'd like three thousand troops in shirt, sleeves and one of the soldiers toss me a basketball and said, let's see or jumper her and Finland was recording
There was nothing but not brother or our baby. You bend down this road, the war or this was not a unique moment. I had the big shot. That's what I do like Jordan in North Carolina, Jordan, North Carolina yeah, we gonna big, finally got enough. I was critical of yours like you can't that cool you're, trying to help your body Biden and then vitamins he does head ago like great job, and Bessie guys are best friends No use physically on a day, he was at a day in This dream girl and you did not present, but you know the best part of that shot was. If you go back and you look at the video
there's a young woman in a mask whose, under the basket and she's the one who gave me the pass gap, that is Joe Biden, granddaughter Maisie Biden, who was one of sites just best friends and still is growing up, no wonder the same school and I coached those girls when I was president vipers in their fourth grade, regulating Oh and Maisie was like the La Brown, the league, I mean she died. She was great. And we went under faded. Vipers ruled so things went full circle. Parlor risen, Joe didn't mind. It was because his granddaughter she gonna says she got there. First, you drop it. I'm dead, but a right in your hands and the way it was right there
just vanished. You can hear full conversational Barack Obama for free only on Spotify simply download the free spot. If I ever sign up in search for armchair, experts will see there.
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