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2020-01-06 | 🔗
Rainn Wilson (The Office, Six Feet Under, The Rocker) is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, businessman and producer. Rainn joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his feelings about The Office, his experience with the Baha’i faith and his familial connection to acting. Dax commends Rainn’s approach to comedy and Rainn talks about using the position of celebrity for good. The two talk about overcoming the need for global approval, Monica admits a big confession and Rainn explains that we will all meet again and on the next spiritual plane.
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he's right. Welcomed armchair expert Malka, hey good to be here. You guys in the attic span task the host of podcast of our house of more than one point, a kind of em you are yet so the big one that we ve been pushing recently is metaphysical milkshake. And that's where they with Reza Aztlan, whose scholar and personality and all about kind of political, gadfly kind of dude, ok, brilliant, brilliant author, so is that one political in nature? No,
literally metaphysical, and they all villa Sophocles ideas, yeah psychological concepts, lyric. They emerge a lady S, yeah yeah, I another legal barriers, a big overlap in what I think you and what interests gonna come. I want we want not so my hand is an interest in the matter of physic is over Only the letter is Grammont over there. Now on luminary media, which is its own kind of like ecosystem kind of podcast world right, like Netflix re subscribe to it, ok, so we definitely would have a lot more listeners, if we were not behind the hay wall there is. There is an anger out there about, like hey we're on luminary and on Twitter is kind of like what the fuck are you in a bank or dollars a month to listen Yeah
well. We were stuck in these right. These mental paradigms, which is we grew up in a narrower you watch tv it was free, was paid for by advertisement three channels in so e expect to get their eye on some level, expects again and entertainment for free, which is a kind of a Bizarre notion, brave you really break it down a campaign for every other thing. I enjoy it on a great free meal d show up at my house yeah that no that's that's true that that's very true, but in the price we pay is, we went with an ad based internet service, and now there is a lot of crowd holes with Model writers can be easily hijacked by places like Cambridge, Anna, The guy I grow awry gas images, that's the pressure, gonna pay. If you're, not painter too, he has upset Riah. That also has to do with Facebook being just just,
Corrosive Lee. Evil is not having any kind of moral compass whatsoever as a as accompany it. Wouldn't a little bit have to do with that was so I would help I would love it for you do illuminated for me, because I dont think I have a really cursory understanding of Facebook having never used it. I understand a billion people, are on that's clear to me. I understand that they bride generate but could really dollars and three or four billion people are on it. Oh out, ok, I think, like half of the world yeah. No, I dont know I dont know too much about all of that I mean I've done stuff in social media, and I have this company saw pancake that I found it about ten years ago. That's a digital media company in and what not bought. All I know is that they took peoples personal data and information the owl sold. It made money off of that without telling anyone that they were doing that, and that information was you. In the most grotesque ways possible show
Ryan kind of like rig actions in them: disinformation, information, fake news and an mess with people's minds, and it all worked. By the way, there's this common thought that, like on the left, which I'm a generally in that camp, is that that happened to rightwing people. But I dont know that everyone realises that it would happen to left wing people Where are you won't? Russia's goal was not to corrupt the right and make them think that there was a pedophile ring running out of a pizza parlor sure they did that young, but they also create fake protests on the lab, yet applicant, attended it or the ultimate goal was by fear occasion. It was just splitting us remember. I really don't want to get into politics too much. It's really not my domain and I don't do it at a horse made, but I will say that their believe it
There was a very large percentage of trump voters that we're o Burma voter old. I am also the whole Cambridge analytical thing to really affected that law. But I'll go further. Ok, so that they mobilise the left in ways that were so extreme that Your moderate centrists, whom we have voted for Obama they now start thinking. The left is fucking insane because some of the things that their instigating appear to be insane so it that that in itself can drive people so don't even just that they held a carrot so tasty out on the right that drove those people over there as much as they also held some some stink bombs on the laugh yacht, which draw people away we all suffered from that whole thing if no in Its- and this has happened with the kind of segmentation of social media and the divisions,
the silo realisation of information that is driving people further and further apart and into their little segments and even in the political left right now you ve got like centrist, MID westerners, like in a battle with with left us. Cities about general health care and matured selling out and yeah. It's it's pretty nationally, and this is why we wanted to do this pon really entrance. Elvis part knows that, as you know, I'm here should be any adding with an attic so we ve now like resin, I and soul pancake as accompany you know, life's big human questions are what you know. Thus all yeah and then what happens after we die the choices that we make in life. What is the nature of love? Do we have free will? All of these kind of questions have been debated?
since they were shamans in caves. You know the dawn of time and they can unite us having these discussions, and I think you probably find that on this podcast took as I imagine you have people from all over the political spectrum that listen They just want to hear great stories and great ideas and they went to dig into that stuff. I agree that when you strip away more the surface level identity. Markers though, to me are really like a foot down into the ground as your shovelling and then at the real core of that is like a dad. Now I have more in common. Then he dad, then I have in common with any liberal yeah yeah probably have more in common. Why certainly more in common with common with any attic, then I have in common with a fellow anthropology.
You know just its is interesting as you peel back the layers of identity, which ones are kind of unifying to your point, what happens? What's the point, what is love? What is what is all this stuff? Those to me start becoming bridges to other people! That's very well said because you know from me in Hollywood, like I don't know, to say. Other actors like I don't really hang out with actors. I don't let go have lunch with actors and talk about shows Europe auditioning for you know, who's getting cast here in what shows? Are you watching, and I just I don't have much in common with that whole work? So I'm the reason I'm saying this, though, is as I really like what you're saying, because as a father s husband as someone except wearing big ideas, as some one member of your face as a member of my maiden as someone exploring spiritual ideas in the world and that sperience like I have we more in common with people that want to talk about that stuff, right, Ojo bits now quickly back to
best runs out with you I'll tell you about how well I just wonder what ingredients are in that session, so one is it just getting older was there? period of your life were. You did want to sit there s all about what was a great company who is good? Who was bad? Who guess what ok so there there? While I was obsessed with my career, oh you're, twenty or thirty years- in a really toxic, unhealthy unhappy way. Think yeah tell us how you and I will really bond over the ok good. We have a similar you and I have a similar parallel trajectory and eyes now in the ways I point out will be. France, no not in well, but what we're both one here wonders. Why we're not before we both had a shot? Not not. Everyone gets a shot right right. We vote, had shots, were they said: ok, you're, the leader this movie, and what your name above the title here legally of your Adam Sandler, not in
case. I was, and I was not as well. Ok audiences didn't they wanted to see me, play Dwight Sea and have a weird hair cut and eat beats, and they did not want to see me and other roles in feature films and pay a twelve thousand fifty cents to see me, but you, for some reason. I agree. People the barrier to end free of getting your car driver reviewed to see me was too much. You turn on the tv people. Single like that. I've only had succession watches M soup great they like us for free, you totally form, which is why people are listening to your pot. I guess I'm not listening to my podcast as I'm behind a pay was now it's all earlier, egregious cracked, the whole thing, so that in itself is you're. Looking I don't know, what's that get us down to maybe a couple hundred people, you're nice experience where you got successful enough to have a shot. Yes and then you had a shot and it didn't go the way we write whole gas. Did you put this in a very tiny category
course. I had to navigate my way out of that because, like you, I was obsessed. I don't think you can enter this career, not Heaven you have to have a certain level of narcissism and drive, and competition and envy goes along with that fuel source at times, yeah itself and its or it can be really really toxic. It was for me yeah me too. Wanted number one at the box office I want a number one device of Sudan. I could do three more things that would be number one of the box office agonizing. I was gonna, make twenty million movie and I had a whole. You had it all work I had it all work to be Adam, Sandler in Brentwood. It's interesting it's interesting when I did the movie the rocker that absolutely devastated me. First of all, everyone in the office was doing big films, obviously Steve They had done anchor man and forty old virgin right in the first season of the Hamas whose come all
Eddie a movie star at that point, but I had this opportunity to star in this movie the rocker and this script was. It was a great without well. If we bring on a great director and have a great ensemble, we can elevated and making a really great fun comedy, and some people, like you should Do it the scripts a little beyond those like this? This is my show. What are you talking about? I have a hiatus and I have a chance to have rain Wilson above title, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go for that, That's random! I tell you I worked so hard on the movie and I worked so hard promoting it. I just work my ass off and is one of the biggest box office bombs,
american his well. Now I can't imagine that's true. Now, look at the numbers. I look at the numbers of all the move because what ten million mark? Well? It was fourteen million dollar. Ok, so I ran out of the gate. I'm not talking about losing money about agog water world losing honour and fifty mind. I'm talking about purse screen average number of people that actually went shut up. And where we can. I say that so it open two thousand screens and literally like. If you look at the numbers, is like twenty one. People went to every showing an opening weekend. I'll, never forget like I had incredible expense. I went on you, know, cabin and being right up de Jason allays biggest rock radio station huge, you know, and promoted, the movie on there, and then I was driving into the office. It was like five twelve. The morning among the one or one driving to go to shoot the office.
The weekend after the film had just armed Overlain Renee we now but I'm dead devastated. I turn on cabin and being on the radio and the like oak. Give it to me in the so termed you know really early in the morning, then, let's Look at what happened in the movies this weekend, case have above all open them. Tropic tumblr was number one in step. Brothers with them are in level below, and there like reading the thing like wait, wait, wait a minute! Didn't range movie, openness. We count. I forget it. I think it open Where is it's not even on it's not on the list? it opened in number Well, it made two and a half million dollars, my on two thousand green rain. So and I'm I'm literally tears are now. I am ugly crying on the one awhile twelve in the morning going who worked so hard on this thing and it was so
there's a lot of factors going on here. The way was promoted, though the fact that the released the opening date got moved four times and you got pushed further and further back in the summer and anyway, on and on, but it was devastate. When I go into the set of the office and everyone is on eggshells, and hence needles cause. They know, like rains movie, just shit, the bad If it was me now- and this happened, I would come to me, like everybody gather round, yeah. My movie bombed, took exacts that's life love you are, let's make you don't have to worry about it, yeah, because just go and like all thanks yeah? No, I now yeah, all have another. I don't know just the whole were, but someone but tax. This is this is the thing this is where I was now, and I really I view like. I've definitely had addiction issues in my past that have been pretty severe and one of them that people normally. About his work. A hall is our and anything that we can do to escape the kind of the pain of being alive
some way shape or form or soothe ourselves, and I got all myself esteem from work and I didn't from summoned internal source. I got it from like. Do people like me do they want to cast me? Are they laughing at me and then how much they value me. What are they gonna pay me word that rank you go there as well How absolutely I guess then, but then I remember talking to a friend on the phone after the rocker was like few weeks later- maybe there's some other movie or to that I did that. Also bombed and as I can this thing with film and my love and he's, I maybe you'll just be tv star and you just never be available- are any was like someone stabbed me with a harpoon like a harpoon in my ribcage, which now I looked back on, liquids,
what get over yourself well be such a weird, needy, baby you're. Also, you gotta imagine going back to twelve year old wrangling Washington in going to guess what, but when you rob you're gonna be will would ended up having european the biggest show of a decade, and even I love you and you're gonna get paid to do that you to ban like oh, my god I was now also being on my wildest tree ass air. Isn't that the bar keeps it just keeps going up and up and up it's hard to avoid that you like on a good show, so I know there's trajectory you're the now I do this in the early part of it is you go? The other thing is like you're trying to a responsible business person as well you're like ok, so I have this opportunity now. How do I capitalize on this and turn it into something else, like you just naturally trying to build your business, so party just feels like some responsibility to do it. Yet so there are healthy, aspects to wanting to build your business, provide for your family and to get increasingly better jobs and to be valued for the work you are doing and be able to have more choices that in that
all good and healthy, respectable, and that was definitely a part of my experience. But there was just this really unhealthy part as well, which it really view as an addiction and it's an addiction to status mom ends, and you know how it in show business like. What's your next thing, what are you doing leg and how uncomfortable it is, if you have. No next thing is just like: I got nothin and isn't it funny that from the exterior? It's like, oh here's, rain with. Sin whose Emmy nominated on off as it's a huge show and he's had this big acting career and oh, he just start in this moving over movie didn't do well, but oh, my god, and yet you know from the outside its like this guy's He'S- got it made. I was so so miserable feminine the life's big question around this, and I know you you're an atheist, but for me I have viewed in terms of a spiritual journey, and it is this journey of said. Arthur said, Arthur
The Buddha who had everything was the prince and whose parents said they didn't want him to see or experience any suffering and every time he went out into the world said Arthur Buddha, actual historical figure. They would hide everyone who was sicker and firm and when day. He went out and accidentally, though, an old man got out there and he saw many! So why does that man lost like this for decency and alien without opening and there like a well he's old and which old? Oh that's when you die, what is death and all of us and he was off to the spiritual races and that's when he abandoned being a prince and went often did all of his fasting people don't know about. The Buddha too, is the reason his fat is. He went through years of starvation and like self flagellations and the mutilation and when he achieved Nirvana understood. I dont need to physically deprive myself. He ate a big meal in that.
The fat bowed in his eye? You don't have to starve yourself in order to achieve spiritual, enlightenment rise. So, but in a way that's my spiritual journey and yours was like and then you can go too far with that we would be glad nice ourselves did ourselves with famine in status and a just unceasing craving for morgues. That's the buddhist idea right leg at all. Suffering is connected to craving into wanting of things, and I so wanted kind of status and to be to be, wanted, and it was driving me mad. So is that the turning point after the rocker? What when did you make the decision to let all that go because you know I seem to have it now? I haven't effectively
let it all go. I mean I would like to work and my job opportunities and stuff like that. But it's been a gradual process, has been a lot of therapy and spend a lot of meditation and prayer. Another kind of spiritual activities to just to let go to realize you know it's like the serenity. Prayers like what's in my rolling. What's not in my country on help and what's bigger, which is which and what's not in my control is like a lot of people. I want to pay to see me in a movie. Theater and studio adds dont want to cast me in their movies and big directors. Don't wanna Caspian their movies and then that's fine, that's completely out of control. I had to take some responsibility o or this happen. To you, you didn't go to the rocker. Did you know I'd wet actually many times, because my goodness momentum? Well, I worked for and small advertising agency in Atlanta. I in Turn Baron College and it was a movie advertising agency. So we had all these move.
He's and one was the rocker. I was one of the people who was sent out to promote the movie. Were you in at the time. I was you look so young. I now she's all this. They sell out until nineteen or twenty ok and can from you didn't do I were him. I would be anxiety, ridden the right here. We were talking about this and she said rains the nicest bet you back there, so it is late because, when anyone's telling a story about me from fourteen years here, there's they like are they gonna, get to the point where I was a dick rose, so I just want to do you that is the first fucking thing, pr firm and Lana, maybe leg nine of your pressed you're like or what horribly inappropriate thing that ideas or say city I visited. I mean I don't really I'm really impressed that you were so nice. Knowing you were going through this at the time rags. You knew probably you know you're working with them
new and, in my view, are incredibly nice to meet you one day we you're doing some press thing and I was there, but you know part of the problem, as you have these keep on other cities. Like me, a nineteen year old girl who has like a stack of passes and we're just like going places like right, and in places like do you want these and if they say no, then we just went to the mall. Yeah. I, I repeat, a larger movie: publicity knock, not we pay for your enter. I know so you're gonna get what you pay for you're, really you're, really nice, you enough or inside of a person's famous person she had. It was the first general France in it Vince Fond biting calling them all with their in them. Real life for the breakup premier, I was outside the premier, so I only saw them but you're the first person. Then I spoken
that we shook hands yeahs and long long Hog she Tom and now really now longer not an appropriate appropriated my hand greatly, such though I would have been so excited about it added at that time, but I loved the office so much it was that it was a big deal in you delivered, now. One analogy I just want to throw a you that has been helpful to me over the years is you're, not Michael Jordan, but you're fucking, Emmy MBA. That is the exact analogy. My
their past, you why I may add that is there that they were unable to later. He and I swear to you the exact analogy used like two years ago and b s I think, he's old, so he's like you're like Robert Ory, Robert or yeah them that motherfucker one a lotta games behind that three point: one! That's what I've got right, that's right of theirs! That's a great analogy! Oh you know. I just want to hear in the big league. Wonderful if your pillars for one second, which, by the way, need a new couch letter to many people have said here and there have been some heavy ones because it's very simple dragging I really was in love with the bridge office in a way that I dont know that I've been in love with too many tv shows, maybe the sopranos the first new. Now I just love that show in a way that made it very difficult for me to
two to watch the American One, because I loved all emotional all it was. I love how dramatic it got in when I watched it. You're also plain this weird gamer fallen in love with these other characters and now they're, basically being played by different people, just want to say yours was the one that I was like. Oh, this is for me a whole new. In and I and joy it and I think it tops what I saw- and I just was I really of the whole house I was like now now we ve got something that can keep me on the show. Just as someone who came in with baggage that dancing taking away from anyone else on the show. But you just you really took that archetype and made it something that really never was. My opinion on the british version and just was incredible- that's very kind. Thank you. I thought you played the documentary Enos of it,
is perfectly as it could be played otherwise yeah cause. It's really airline line. That is of walk. It's a fine line between believe billowy documentary and at the same time you gotta get you ass. You want to make me laugh, you gonna forget its. There are not yet to make it. Possible, you'd, be honest way in front became. I appreciate you saying that I think that Mackenzie Crook was played Gareth and the english office. I am so grateful for him because I basically just stole his best bets and then I thought a bunch more. So his whole thing of like seeing the most ridiculous things with a total deadpan cereal based taking them with Ernest Deathly seriousness was. I had never really seen actors do that and I was like oh, I know how to do that. Delicious. There were so many delicious things he brought to the mix than I like you. I am going to say
deal them, and I think I can even improve on them the hour when given a chance, he only got to make what six eight ten right wasn't utilizing. The way you were. We have no discredit to him he's phenomenon, but I am curious when was only about yesterday. You know you grew up in Washington, gave her the majority the time and you were in banned. You played the basin, yes, with very sexy, from a sexy that- and I am curious phallic, because I want to get too how you ended up in company to begin with, because it seems at least from your education. You were a your aims straight up, more kind of classical theatre, yeah yeah yeah. Do I never thought of myself ass, a comedian people introduce me like comedian, comic actor, Improv, garlic, that's actually pretty
alien to me yeah. I guess you know just going back a little bit I'll say that your group, we suburban Seattle, we were pretty poor. My my family was like. I was telling the story the other day. I'm not try like get my poor cried, but someone was talking, washers, washers dryers now, just remembering, like couldn't afford a wash. Your drier ran. Every week we went to the laundromat. I sat in the courts in those kind of like moulded plaster nylon, whatever that. What is that material chairs, reading science fiction books and that's kind of them now I remember my childhood but when I read about your dad, it almost sounded like the description of a con. Man have known Nothing about him. Have you never heard of you talk about, but he was an artist science fiction writer gap as a business, consulting the others too. Many things. Is there anything else as it gives you see I operate hours. He may be a confidence man. What a lot of different pokers in the fire. He would love to hear that my dad is this
to kind of strange where he is really a brilliant artist. You can see his artwork at our Wilson ART on Instagram and he puts his paintings he's fantastic and he would write these strange science fiction novels we, like eight hundred pages, long, really imaginative about mutants, invading the earthen time travel to ancient earn and all stuff, and at the same time, you really felt this like compunction to be like a really like solid business man. You know he watches like Fox friends and these like up in a moderate conservative, but really like he always wanted to be in business and be a good business person and systems and dislike. Like he's cool parts like Salvador Dolly the end, Mr Enow, Steve Bomber Business Man, or something like that great Sierra,
reference by the way that all have brought it around hats and brain? What time did you grow up in a late force park? Is too slow, suburb north this yellow? It's near the north part of Lake Washington, oh right yet right which is gorgeous as that is the bill gates. Lives only know yet he lives in the fancy part of on the east side of a Lake Washington World people. Have their homes stay to arm chair there for years Ruby hams. You know Hymns Monaco to its one: stop shopping for hair loss, skin care sexual wellness for men. Now, as I've told you before, sixty six percent of men start losing their age, thirty, five oopsies sea and its way better to get on top of it as it starts as opposed to
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Right now, that's Harry's dot com slashed Dax. I first need to know why you would think the bassoon cause. I picked a very bad instrument for my walls, yours my was trombone and I picked it simply because they came in fifth grade and did a demonstration in them and I want to do that once in my life, and I should just done that at a music store. Instead, I got stuck with the transfer started clarinet? I have no idea why, starting on clarinet, but I just did and I wanted to play the saxophone. I also played the sacks and I was like. Can I please to the ban? My junior high ban teacher can I join the sacks. Phone section. They are so cool they get to where sunglass. Why ensure its? Unlike do that thing, but it merits parliament's conduct, while the Bill Clinton saying wilder and there cheeky yeah so and the ban teacher he condiment, you literally was like you know. We ve got to many sacks players, but you know what was really cool. You know what the
cool it in a hot. As you know, one is playing radio one is playing and- and it's amazing supper soon, any like assembled one and showed it to mean it's big and it's kind of impressive and housing. Ok, I'll write, you had these visions of being link at the cool guy in the bahraini, well cigarette holder in the back playing the wrong and that the pursuit has an inordinately long kind of peace that connects to the aim. Yes, it was also but with a holder, it's called of Boca Bill C, hey I'll know than up, and that's the thing about the bassoon. It looks awesome and yet the sound is sounds like it. I draw it, you don't get the trauma boner. This act upon thing going at all, so, yes, a win all in on buses are you'd still. Can you play the bassoon? I can play I've been fucking love to hear. I would say, I've been thinking about like by need to just jump off and just by one I just needed with their sub damage.
Since, if we even meal, I snuck housed pretty well on entry level, Bassoon three thousand, oh my god, and entering into a click of dollar one examine you can spend twenty fifty grand on a bizarre. Oh my! U sure, as I know, you're a nice is a Ferrari Stradivarius. Then I can go on a fifty two thousand dollar instrument, somewhat of a rag in an ethical sag. How pointer rang other authors? I want to get a bassoon and in fact, in our EU inspired me when are you gonna leave here, nominate, get if it can be so good. I dont know where one would go: they don't have a mega tar centre into that. You know in immediately I thought like. Well, I'm a celebrity. Maybe I can write one of those bassoon companies or absolute box is a maker of bassoon and be like your poet. Can I be the spokesperson soon's? I bet you after we release this yet
Let me call now drive you really. Yes, like we're. Talkin mother come and go gas station chain in May Where is he? I one sure you know it's spelt, K You M, which rough. Yet that is run area like a mixed with its God bless them. So we were complex, sucking spit motivational mexican today or rayons daily in these centres. One ship might is one of my favorite tee shirts. Now have a pink come and go. You gotta come and go to use. You just know now I really so what're couple the manufacturers of yet another smart use. Locks is one and I think, Renard, worrying and r D. That's really nice, we're gonna, say a campaign arm cherry campaign, everyone just at these company, I ask the two: men must blow his ok, so you you gotta, you dub in you in your mother. Your mother was
You dub in you in your mother. Your mother was a yogurt. He turned and actors. Well, here's a crazy thing. My mom left me and my dad. When I was two years old, I didn't basically sincere again tell us about fifteen. Ok when I was in high school, I started get interested in acting and my dad was freaked about it. For some reason he was very supportive of me being some kind of as to the one I started acting. He just was very weird and put off by it and not completely supportive, and I thought that was kind of strange anyway. So I get I go online, I'm going I we move high schools and I end up in Chicago and has a really good, acting programme and am acting therein. I gotta underground plays at University Washington and I get in that the graduate program it and why you, which is a really intense after training programme and by this point, I've gotten re acquainted with my birth mother and got into
our and stuff like that, and I say to her at one point: why did you leave us and her face got bail and she stopped and she's make you mean you don't know nothin I said when I would ask my dad. He would always say- or we disagreed about them- things we when our separate ways and he kept a very vague worthwhile nice of him that's only night after him drawn parent who doesn't shit mouth yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it by high teaching to not gossip or back by about other p well, there's a virtual teaching, which is interesting. I don't think that's in any other kind of spiritual tradition and I struggle with it believe me all the time but anyways she said so. You notes- and she said when I Had you in those days in Seattle, in the late sixties, I was an actress and I had an affair with the theatre director and I left your dad to go- have an affair with this. Like outrageous theatre, directed remembering Annie Hall, when that guy's, like put your foot
heart I die. I want to be torn apart by wild animals. I picture like some guy like that that you she Loney years, her senior may be ass. She and she left us for this guy. She was a kind of crazy bohemian, hippy right woman and then all of a sudden, a kind of explained everything possible. I always had this predilection to try and be an actor. I didn't know really where that came from. I didn't know many actors or like that, but when I would turn on the tv as a kid and I would see the characters on sure on tax ear, Bob New harder, whatever the show was. I was just like our We do that right now, when I saw it as a profession. You recognise that these were people who were doing choose again tell him I like being in the NBA. I didn't know any of my dad never made any money from his art. I didn't know anyone who got paychecks to make arts right to like write a poem say, hears three hundred dollars or pain, a painting and ears, three thousand dollars yeah you get to act and you get a salary every no new one, but I I wanted that kind of more than anything sure, but it
That seems to be a genetic component, because my mom was an actress. I had no idea, she was an actress and that world was so toxify by a fair that you'd had that my dad was kind of like gonna put off by its it's interesting when, when I think of whatever pain that a mother leaving you would cause in my mind, it's much stronger than the pain of a dad. In that my dad split to when I was three but guess what all of my dad dad split. They they were that age and that's what dad's did in so it would be hard to take it super personal, just discos, fuckin that dad suck and that out what they do, but for some reason a mother leaving. I feel it would be much more wounding an I guess, I'm. Finally, I find myself be more judgmental of her just hearing the store than I would be. If I found out your dad laughed and that's just,
possibly a layer of like massage any, which is interesting. I think the maybe there's some massage any there. They think there's also a biological component. I mean the dependency that a child has on the mothers actually in the first two three years. Yes, for life is way stronger. Media need em when what we have one son he's fifteen now, but it was very powerful for me when he reached that time when he was to end like seeing this little guy much he needed his mom, unlike where is she like, lay on his own and then every like three minutes in forty seconds, he'd be like a Mamma, where's, Mama, regular lifeline. That yeah flying and the amount of fear of being away from that imagine two year old lit brain. Does it doesn't help you comprehend, because I think we all have this thing. Words like just keep moving forward yeah. I'm intellectually aware that the stuff- how me I'm not gonna, wallowing in whatever life's fine but doing your appearance.
Cuz I. Similarly, when my daughter turn three, I'm like no shit, so my dad looked at this face yeah, I'm out here with bloody Greg, We're gonna move together, be roommates help me get in touch with like honor, that's heartbreaking, cuz, I'm just like whatever. Why don't you remember? Who cares and I didn't miss him cuz, I didn't remember it Bubba Blah Flash forward to rain driving at five hundred and twelve in the morning listening to Kevin, in sobbing, and some of it makes a little more sense. Yes, like now. I need this love I wanna be loved. I want to be pre shaded I wanna be looked up to. I want to be desired rights in a way that no one would leave me yeah, I want millions to adore me because them and how my mom staid, and maybe they work- got some therapy and worked on their marriage and stayed together or something like that. Maybe I wouldn't be an actor I'd, be perfectly content high school history teacher. She with a really happy, well balanced life, but I'm it
even deeper, which in this is a little corny, but to true it is a true parallel, because at that moment the rocker comes out you, basically how the off. So you have the American telling you they love, you you can choose to just focus on that, but we find ways to test because we don't really trust it yeah. So it's like now they're gonna leave and then you manifest some situation. That confirms your belief Oh, you know what I'm saying so I set myself up for a kind of intense rejection. I was rejected by America. Year was rejected by my mom when I was too, and I certainly let us do either, but I do think there are some element that we do do that Alex because by the way I did the same fucking thing. I got this script. Let's go to prison, I'm the lead of it sure they're. Only spending three million dollars on that sure I know movies.
Million dollars. On that sure I know movies it cost. Three million can actually come up make money, but war just keep going as yak as its on the lead of it, and I get active and I get to be a prisoner. All this definition edges ignore all these red flags. I don't listen. Anyone is telling me might not be a good move when you have this opportunity and then I have now come them you would expect, because on some weird level, I not too good to be true now going to test it. I don't know, there's something in their yeah by we find our way into confirming our fear. Ah yeah he's now but there is also a layer above that in that who cares that people like let's go to prison? You had a good time doing that movie in you met people. They are your friends now on that movie and ultimately that was a good move for your life. You're, absolutely right and when I evaluate it for the process does not regrettable rain. I well you waited for the results was regrettably yeah, but we should be aiming
to not be evaluated based on results now soon on five, how much? How monsieur cpu I'm wishes? You may be sure sooner seventeen an hour of a double I want to do. A new do rock chair, conversation, though a little Geraghty dollars and now it's gonna be, did turn it is trying to buy the house across the street. I am I have given. You want to live in this little eyes. Joy, I'm auction in for it tomorrow, Morrow winked auction by handling crazy thing. They hawks for houses is its improved. It is a family are like tragedy here I want to get in on my saddened that eleven, I am shocked at the corner at eleven an there, are you ok now
I'm gonna make some generalizations by you. I could have read your book. You written a book. There is a committed outside by graffiti. You got the bassoon king the blessing. I came persona it's over. Give me for not in it, but I just I go to my architecture from being from Michigan and if you were heavily vested in banned. You know that was a strata that was a group there would that was a tribe yap and I have to say most somewhat similar in Washington service. It's not like you're, not in band and then also at keg parties no August, so we can observe Animalism LISA. I just want to know when you go to New York, it so foreign from Washington Lula's Foreign from Chicago suburbs. But when you get there do you
the sense of like oh, I am now writing the story of my life and look at all these people that are here and anything's possible like there. What was theirs the sense of like? Oh, my goodness, I can be anything while that's a great way of putting it and that's an interesting question owns ever ask me anything like that before, but of trying to recall being twenty and moving to New York City and nineteen. Eighty six, it was grimy. There was still spray pain on the subways. Subway tokens like it was time square was real Dalia. Didn't you didn't really want? You couldn't go in central park after dark in writing, but I didn't have the wherewithal I was so buffet by the world at that age. I was just like a ball in a Pacheco machine. I was thickly twinkling Cunningham. I mean I had at that point: Segue Wade from band geek
dumb into drama club geek dumb. Yet so that was my tribe right, I will say I really wanted to live a bohemian life in New York City. I don't know where I got that idea: I don't know if I could eat writers, Ernest Hemingway or Wade, Sir yeah Jack Kerouac, or something like that, but I just I wanted to dive into that completely and that's when I left a grew up a high and I left the by faith and I went to New York City and I was just kind of run. Rum Springer, I was, I was like that's essentially what happened was like an eleven twelve year rehiring, is a and I like, picturing they kids like driving the tractor at forty miles an hour instead of what is a great documentary. I don't know if you saw, I saw that I used to Detassel corn in Indiana and Southern Michigan, so I was around Amish, kids, all hell yeah.
Gather dying of all these strange genetic diseases. I just read this article about this doctor in Wisconsin works on Mennonites and Amish. Ok, people because they ve been inbred last century, adding their today having we're genetic things where you touch him and they start to bleed from poor enough a strange. A strange strange disease I, when I felt really quick what the essence of behaviors guess. So I recently people can google it if they want. There's an animated by high introductory video that I created that just came out a couple of weeks ago. It's like fourteen minutes long, throwing check it out, but I'm not here to train converting by faith, but I will say that in a nutshell- and it's a very large and complicated religion with thousands of books in tablets and yours and wholly writings, it's hard to distil down sure, but some of the key points are, but I believe that there is only one God at this is not some kind of old white man on a beard helping you look for a parking spot
a cloud and judging you kind of God, but some kind of force that is in alignment with science behind the material world and that this God educates humanity by sending down spiritual teachers every like, let's say five hundred or thousand years or so ok. So these Rachel teachers like Krishna, Abraham, Moses, the Buddha Jesus Mohammedanism, incorporates all these different. This is God updating humanity's kind of spiritual operating system through the years, because humanity needs to grow spiritually just like it needs to grow materially and technologically, and so behind. Also followers of a man who went by the title, but how will law? That name means the glory of God and he lived in IRAN in the MID eighteen. Hundreds and his central teaching was we're all one humanity to wear sharing the planet. We need to be in unity. We need to be in harmony, diversity is a great thing like a beautiful garden and every behind teaching,
seeks to incorporate unity in harmony and to be of service to other members of this of one try of the one tribe, the seven billion tribe on planet earth. Yet so one God one religion, because, although spiritual teachers- yes, they had different social teachings applicable to the geographical area in time, but ultimately the essence of what they taught was the same and then one humanity. So that's it in a nutshell, nice that isn't really in and then you you of one thing I I think I read that I really liked is that there is no cordially right, there's no hierarchy within the church. I like that bug it at that, but you ve left behind at that point in New York, yeah I just when I left behind, but when I realized taxes that, like ice show, believed in the theater like art in the theater was like a agent to make you that provide transcendence, yet
sentence and escape and also service, and that over we tell the right stories to the right people. Do the right production of the tempest in the right like the hole in the Wall Theatre for with an audience of seventeen people like will blow their mine us and we can transform the world through storytelling and that was actually a really fun million. I mean we were preposterously arrogant and you know so we're really pretentious lot at the time. And I thank god- that's exactly how you should be as a yeah when you're twenty, you know, but we are trying to change the world in your pretentious and you'd like doing a deep the theatre Leah, so that was my home ill you so you know. Obviously I was more gifted at comedy errors most, so I kind of like sidled into comedy, and I did Theatre New York for my ten There's really United Shakespeare ended check off and I did Eugene O Neill, and I did comedy stuff too
must have a real aptitude for language, because I'd that that everything, you just said, scares the shit out of me really, oh yeah, Will you be? I beheld lay down a reed Shakespeare. When I read it, I mean some really has to explain to me. I'm lost Kate repeat after me to be to be or not to be or not to be asked the question: is the question now good good? I will watch that was well know: you'd watch it at home on tv. Don't how did how then do you end up? What do you got? A galaxy question remains at the first comedic thing. You do professional it. Was this crazy thing where I was like pounding my head against the walls in New York? I was doing a lot of theater, but I couldn't breakin any tv or film. I can't even get broken guys on law and order like every year actors on law and order. Yes, every one is just like Have you seen this man, gotten like you're, like you're, taking fish out of a truck.
Or something like that, like he used to hang out here, but I haven't seen him in a long time like I couldn't even get one of those jobs and I can to allay, and I just I got really lucky right out of the bat I've one tiny question before reality. I never know cause I up. This happens to me. I throw one thing out in an interview in than that becomes part of the story about me, so I don't love it's actually. If he did it once raided often, but we did you more your mover in New York, Sayer moving. I was a mover. Yes, I had my own moving company. Ok great, so here's and soon out I read that I went straight to did you look through people shit? I never looked through people shit. I never heard that
I'm so nosey. I was strangely moral about the will not violate someone's privacy and gather your area hardy daylight we took I'm are we got married me? My wife got married and ninety five. I took twelve hundred dollars out of like the three grand we got for our wedding and bought a vein, and so I was a man with a van the then I was dealing with life's biggest questions. It was called the transcendent moving company, and I added I drew little cartoonists at a man of an a sense of higher purpose, but here's Morality work whenever looking people's boxes, but I never pay taxes on any the fuckin money. I mean as a move as well as I got Ashraf, the books and it with such sweet gig. I would set up my own hours I charged fifty. Oh, my That's so on professional, you noted is access founders where something is getting delivered. Those reason it's on to begin with, but this will not happen while rocking chair
I'm Rollin chair conversation relations will reign and Monica you know what with Mama and really look skin. We are called on Turkey about nine occur, less the rain rain on me like this on south of so many rain signs of gaming. While my other question was so just moving, so one was: did you look at people share? Second, do people ever hover over you in Micro manage Alla time and at any point, did you not want to go like hate yours, so
valve? Why aren't you just moving it now? I didn't really listen. I was we were not a white gloves. Moving Trent founded, open company. I put flyers up until among holes, literally with the little tear off our numbers. You lost your dog yeah, exactly hands of the people. The clientele had futon ugly and lamps stand and boxes for my key and what not, but you move to allay and you took while you bought that Van debate Make make it to la no way a one thousand two hundred dollars la, but it made it to my wife, went to graduate school in Iowa for a creative writing and we drove it to Iowa and she had an Iowa for two years and then we went back to New York City and literally collapsed and almost exploded. Has it arrived in lower Manhattan from being half way across the country? And now I think back on it. I can't even believe it made it that far but it literally like the engine caught fire
sure on Lafayette, appalling back in New York City, and we knew it was me time to let the vanguard was. It is Chevy. It was Chevy, I've known, I could feel it about them now or how do you get in the car german theater. I did drama comedy stylized stuff contemporary stuff, but would for tv and film I saw oh, why can play these comic characters and I think I can most of the guys we're like stand up to have just done improv. I can actually create kind of like more of like a character like a fleshed out character, yeah and I kind of saw in my head like that's kind of my leg up, I'm gonna do comic characters that- and I was always weird looking and when I actually less weird looking now them I was younger. I was really skinny and weird looking and so is just a character guy, and I thought that was my niece. Well, one thing that I've always liked about your community acting is you're never in on the Joe, which is my number one
that takes me, I hate us like a year. Never aware got your fine yet, and I think that's certainly my favorite Munich at nine trap. Monaco anything. I agree. Ok, she's, a huge office fan huge what waterway and at night deliriously and stuff. So this must be like the greatest moment of your life right. I'll, say it. You are my favorite guess if ever been and what we are doing this we are show working like that. I'm poaching, how China do it I owed, and do I stole from my life's used only when I, when I have come into me, yes, was my nature, as it is a kind of common character actor and I think the theatre background helped, because my whole thing was like I want to make these characters living in breathing in and real, and I wanted Dwight shrewd to be funny and kind of extreme and weird, but I also wanted him to
feel like this could be a real guy, and I have bet if we followed him home and is trans, am and went to his farm and see him cooking, an omelette and and doing whatever it is that yeah it does and now being show like the office where you ve got like some of the best in the world. Now all occupying a space was it a mine fought for you or was it pretty easy or both yeah. I would say that I kind of realised a few years in that there was still I did really well in. There was stuff I didn't do as well and like Steve, corral is one of those like once in a millennium kind of talent, especially as Michael Scott means a great dramatic actor as well, but you can throw literally anything at him in the middle of a scene. Windmills.
It'll of a script. Three page scripted scene, we ve gone over to much times and in the middle of the scene. I could say to him: I have two fart and he would have just take that completely and stride. In respond as the character respond, as the character would go on a tangent about it and bring it right back to the scene and the scene would be even better Then it would be. You could not throw him off in any way shape or form ever and his this total aptitude for all he his improvisational a nature was like Stradivarius, it was just like watching Yoyo MA play the challenge, and I realize swiftly like I'm, not that I have revised pretty well yeah and I can come well off with some great off the cuff stuff, and I am really happy that a lot of the Dwight stuff has lasted over the years, the stuff that I improvise in there, but I dont do what Steve does, and so it really I was able to just relax and say: let
Do his genius thing, Ryan I'll talk to him, the ball, I'm standing by his side and that's another thing about Steve, and I think this is from all good improv actors as they try to make everyone around them. Look better right. He always made everyone else, funnier he never like sucked energy and just made you look at him and we didn't let other people You wanted the scene to be funny. You one of the to be funny, wanted everyone to be funny around him. Yeah very, very generous in you directed a few of the offices yeah I dared yeah. Did you enjoy that idea, much, I want to do more directing the idea I really really like it. In fact, I would say that act and I'm interested in this for you to like this. Hold the same, lower their red for you five or ten years ago. That's all I'm feeling like I like it
I'm doing this new show for Amazon COM on next year and that, although some movies last year in number do some acting here and there, but that overwhelming desire and drive to like both further my career but also like I lived for acting any kind of wool like what can you get mean? What is this part, and can I transform and peace like I had such a hunger for that. That now is like I enjoy it, it's a cool craft, I'm lucky to get to do it. I mean I'm doing this recurring role with Alison Janni on on mom and general pleasure working. Her she's she's, like corral she's on this whole other level of acting ability that I'm really in awe of. But I know
have that yeah that same hunger? Really I'm with you, it's not what it is for me is. I can act in its fun. I enjoy it to your point, but I just don't have any aspirations I dont have like. Oh, I hope I get this and then under become Matt and I'm gonna get in this kind of that. To me, is this like? Oh, I don't have a clearly more. I have a job and basically just want my family to have money and be comfortable. I don't know that's good about. It feels healthier to me. Yeah, that's good! I can go on, I enjoy it isn't for us, is it cause our movie starship assailed and we're just not going to be met? stop or there is a certain reality of a second it's an age thing, gallic. Ok, you come to the re crock thing from a gondola or it's like. Ok. I can't remember the star that guy huge at forty five,
yeah, maybe there's one or two, but it gets less and less their poor rhyme Crampton Brien. Kindly when I can think of that, breaking bad to movie star transition in late forties, early fifties, even yeah, and so there there's a couple versions, but also I have too little kids. I dont desire at all to be away on a movie set at all that, also, probably because you guys had such a tight grip on it for so long. You can't sustain that kind of energy over your whole, lively, that's gonna, hafta, dissipated or you'll die. What effect that's a great illegally, because I almost look at it like alcohol drugs, which is, I can't moderate, that thing Oh me, they're all land or I'm ambivalent, and I happen to have been ambivalent for a couple years in it's going better than it was when I was crazy bout it and I don't ever want to get crazy about it again. I would like to tell store I'd like to be a part of telling stories. Somehow by now I dont need to be in front of the camera. Bugging me by my camera. Even write the stories
Other people tell the stories. I I don't want to be a part of telling really cool, crazy, kick ass, north stay tuned for more. If you dare, we are supported by mind body. They believe that one, comes a wellness, isn't about how much you way or how often you work out and it's more than checking a box. It's about doing what makes you feel. Your best in you're, the only one who knows what you need, both mentally and physically, whatever it is. The I body app can help you find in book. It may be for you, that's fine, the last minute, Spain class instead of scrolling Instagram or heading two yogurt on wind after a crazy, weak or finding ninety minutes of peace in your hairdressers, chair from fitness classes, the salon in spa appointments. You can use the mind howdy, apt to find a book what ever wellness means to you wherever you are so what waiting for download the mind body at today at mind body dot. I owe slash Dax, that's mind, body dot. I owe slashed acts we are supported by
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Word out and publicizing, etc, and so I started getting involved in some nonprofits one called the Mona Foundation. That's all about education and we went down to Haiti and two thousand and nine to visit. All these schools at Mona Foundation was supporting, really fell in love with the country is a tragic country, but is also very beautiful. The people are amazing, just funny march, imaginative, great artists and two months later was the earthquake. So, oh you were there just before in three hundred thousand people died in the matter. Unlike tenant or twenty minutes, I mean it was three hundred thousand people there yeah it's a city of twelve million people and that fall ran right through the city and All the architecture there is like really cheaply made concrete bricks on built. On top, of each other and on hill sides with loose soil, so the earthquake hit and everything slid down.
Just imagine living at the bottom of sun and just all of these corner railway cinder block like poorly made houses just tumbling down the hotel. We stayed out, fell down the hill and everyone inside of it was killed. While we had just been there tumor before so, we knew we had, they do something we're like felt this kind of like. While we we love this country, we were just there. We visited these schools. This incredible amount of devastation like that of the world and almost never seen before it's one of the greatest disasters of all time. I hate to politicized, but I do this one I do use that sometimes, is an example. Haiti for everyone is like get rid of governor. Oversight in you like when you want to get rid of regulation, that's what you're getting rid of oh yeah. We have an example of no oversight and there's a lot of countries out there. I like somalia- and there are a lot of eyeglasses country that want us to lessen the in Haiti get richer and
sure and richer all the time very, very easily, because they can bring their way out of stuff. There's no government regulation taxes are essentially lower. There's ways to like hide, funnel money away from taxes are so there's like six or nine families in Haiti that control ninety nine percent of the wealth, and, if you wanna be wealthy in Haiti. It's a good game brow, it's a good game right now, so yeah, but it's true, so we
he had an opportunity. There was a programme that was launched by the: U N that went and taught the arts to adolescent girls that were living in a tent camp. This was the ten camp that Sean PEN was overseeing. Ok are forty thousand people were living on the eye. Nine whole golf course in Haiti, the only golf course and eighty forty thousand forty thousand people. It was a nine whole golf course over forty thousand people, so we went and did a ten day workshop. I taught drama my wife talk, creative writing. We were out of tog refer and the woman who helped run it. We saw how effective these workshops where, with these guys
and how transformative they were and she was willing to move to relocate from Malibu California to Haiti to do this kind of work and we're like we gotta do this. We gotta give back. We need to help these people, the women and girls in Haiti. Earth really one of the most subjugated populations on the planet, there, the last to be educated and they do the most work. You have eight nine year old girls in Haiti, getting up at four five in the morning to boil the water to clean the shack that they live in two go harvest from the farm, subdue the child care to sell in the markets etc and their schools. Last- and you know the slight forty, some per cent sexual abuse and girls in haiti- and there really subjugated and no one pays attention to them- has a population and so
We did arts and then we added swiftly literacy. We teach him to read, and now we have a mobile computer lab. We do you know who the ring camps with thirteen camps with eight hundred girls right now, and we do scholarships for school and books programmes with a mobile library that goes around, and now we starting an apprenticeship programme, so their learning job skills, called transitions, transitioning out of our programmes into learning, actual job skills and stuff like that, and these are just one of the most paused and abuse populations on the planet. So why has been great in at an off? You know much about what's going on in Haiti right now, but it's a centrally and in a place of total revolution, its chaos on the ground. It's almost shut down as a country,
You know, there's a rebellion against the massive corruption of the current government course. Every government there is corrupted in it's got a really screwed up constitution, where the president is this figure had and in some ways he's got a lot of power and in other ways he has no power is completely gridlocked Congress like it just all grid locks and stops, but it is a democracy and has been for about fifteen eighteen years or something like that. Ok, so well, God bless you because the situations like that in particular can easily feel very overwhelming like to feel like it chipping away at such a huge problem, its impressive cause, like my wife and I went to a country, I won't name but words. Looking around Canada looking around at the sanitation, the way the waters working the way the roads are working bubble, and you know we have this term in show business, which is a page one rewrite which, as you have been asked to write a script and then you turn it into the
studio and may basically say page one, which means throw that in the trash and start over gap, and we were looking around for over the course of a week or so, and I said I mean the place into page one rewrite like our needs from the fucking ground up,
and it says so were well mean yeah. It's a really put your finger on it and it's hard like I'm not trying to be like arrogant American like oh. I know how things should work better whatever, but these systems are so colossal broken like there's garbage on the streets. You like, ok, well, you need to collect the garbage and take it took arbed, dump it so well, there aren't really garbage dumps cause. How would you do that? I'm in there are places up in the mountains like a gully where they just kind of throw the garbage? Ok, so will it go with that? Ok, so they need garbage structural how'd. You get garbage trucks in Haiti, there's too, as it can be shipped in on a ship, but the ports are really corrupt and it costs a ton of money to get something off of the port, even like medicine, we'll sit there for over a year ago, the guy at the ports waiting for his pay off my. So you can't get the trucks in to the country and then when they do get into the country like who pays for maintaining them like who's gonna pay,
this garbage services we pay waste disposal of California or whatever and they take, are the I'd pays for everything, but the Haitians are going to be able to pay for garbage, and so the government's gonna pay for it with what tax base don't have the money and then right and the roads are good enough to get the garbage trucks around and so people are their trash on the side of the road when you drive at home at night. In Haiti, in the middle of the night, like its lit, not by street lamps but by garbage fires, so it's the most haunting thing, one on my first trip there, where the most haunting things I ever saw, which really solidify the need to do something or try and do something was a street side bonfire and a little girl with her homework, holding it up to track it enough light on her page to finish her home or no from a garbage fire with, like this plastic smoke, billowing over her head,
I'd like ten? At night and she's trying to get our homework done life, so yes, so all these systems are really broken and it does. It needs a page. One rewrite it really does, but but at the same time we also have to look at like what role did the United States play in breaking all these systems? Because you know they were a slave republic and they rebelled against the French and you know created their own country, and so we blockaded them because we didn't want slaves, rebelled and no country would do any trade with them. We would lend them money, but we wouldn't do any trade with them are. One side of an island. The other side is yeah dominican, yet Dominican Republic as one side and end dumb Hispaniola. The name of the Island Dominican Republic is like to
Third of it in Haiti is like one third of it, which is insane right that the staggering difference between life in the Dominican got him than dominican is still poor, but is has incredibly successful. It like exporting vegetables and got the reward resume rate tourism in a pretty successful le spanish speaking and baseball playing your country and the Haitians, french and creole speaking and soccer playing country very, very different. All the same, I a man, why anyway so yet we know we're only working with eight hundred teenage girls there that we should be working with a thousand or actually should be working with eighty thousand, and we always think about like how do we make an impact mean? Eight hundred is so much better than saying like It's too much and then was one of those eight hundred kids with my two daughters yeah, exactly it's everything
yes, it is by high help what that it must, if you're a member of the World community yeah well, so our programmes are not behind at all. No one involving the programmes would even know that were buys, but I will say that one of the principal tenets of the by faith is at the highest form of Nothing is to be of service to others is very much in line with the twelve step right that being of service to others is the highest form of both prayer and the highest form of humanity me, I end, so I'm not I'm. Some great servant, humanity at all, I'm just a fucked up, suburban dad trying to get along, but I do feel a motivation to try and do what I can with what I have, and I was in a we- don't try to run this organization leave. I dont know from education. You know, but with this woman has a phd in education on the ground with an raising haitian staff there, making these choices. Basically, all I do is whore out
Dwight likely right now, selling on this white paraphernalia online, and I take that money and I pray push it over to the poorest kids and eighty year. That's that's one thing I can do. I know I can do that. Yeah I like that worry, but about a lot of people feel little overwhelmed by the scale of much of the devastation around the world and on this podcast metaphysical shake than I do with Russia that you remember. We talked about an hour and a half yearly do ya some one of the first episodes, whereas with this guy I ve Roun Sony, who is the dean of religious life at USC and is essentially the chaplain at USC, Hindu, Buddhists and he's one of our first guess. Not so does actually free, and I have to go behind a wall and we talk about loneliness and he talks about thee this young generation, the epidemic of anxiety, depression and suicide and
Theory is that it's based in loneliness that these devices and the social media the alienated and disenfranchised us all from human connection and that young people are feeling more and more alienated and ostracized, and when I speak, I speak a lot of like college campuses and stuff like that, and I see the pain that a lot of young people are really and this is part of the pain, is like there's so much suffering in the world. Poverty throw climate change in the equation and the ramifications of it for our children and their children is just is horrific and you ve got this young generation inheriting this mass and that's a big contributor to the to the anxiety. So you know what's what's the answer I dont know, but I do know that it's it's not doing nothing at Roddy answer so yeah every one can find their way. You don't have to wait to your a tv celebrity to kind of find your way and that's. One of the big regret I have in my life is
Why did I wait till I was a fuckin tv celebrity to try and give back you I couldn't. I have done that when I was a struggling actor and I did volunteer here and there were a few little things here and there, but it used to be that when I was a kid in the seventies and eighties people like hey, listen, do you best as long as you're, not hurting anybody else. Your fine have a nice day, enjoy your family living. Your cul de sac you're not hurting emails. It's fine and I think for a while for humanity that kind of worked. I wouldn't they may be from the fifties through the eighties I worked, but now with like climate change and social injustice happening in a lot of the issues on the planet, we have to do more than just not hurt anyone else. We have to actually do something positive and proactive for others as a species. If
we're going to survive thrive flourish flourish while its intricacies at it. I had this thought the other day, which I don't know. I had never put these elements together, but as an atheist, if I die tomorrow morning in my worldview, I won't experience that I will be gone. There will be no suffering on taxes and when I die tomorrow right, the suffering will be had by the people. In my life who love me you are going to miss me and so I kind of reversed engineered in my mind. I was like all the only value a person can have is the value that other people give to you or care. For you, and so I think we are Where of that on some level again going subconscious level? Are we immersed in a community that will morn us when we passed
or are we going to die and no one will notice in which are our life really had no value because it had no measurable suffering attached to it and no measurable flourishing by other? So I think it's parted the despair of not having community. That's. That's. That's really interesting that so that super thought provoking, because up again, I'm gonna, I'm gonna die what dont more me I won't be experiencing death. You know not disguise that's not what people will be morning, though, be morning the loss of tax. Or loss of what Dax adds to their like fright, the bat that no longer will exist right that that's pain and if that's important EU than and if others other atheists. Listening than isn't the alleviation of suffering of
hers. She wouldn't that be kind of high up on the not just go to Heaven and get some kind of God. Brownie points an angel wings or something like that, but simply to have a legacy of alleviating other people suffering were, however, that is it can be through science. It could be through all kinds of ways to to serve your yeah, your community largest In the high writings, powerless says. I have made death a messenger of joy to the wherefore, Dost thou grieve, that's
we're all souls inhabiting bodies for a period of time just like when we were babies. We rode around in a room for a while developing our toenails in her eyebrows and our elbows and arms, and feeding, eyeballs and stuff like that. That will need for this world in this physical reality. We are developing our spiritual eyes and ears and elbows and eyeballs that will need for whatever the next plane of existence. Is that we're all going to buy the way? It's not like the chosen ones, go to Heaven and hell, there's no heaven and hell in the back writings and so for me, I would want people to joyously accept, not mourn at all say oh he's on to the next the next phase, Ryan. You know what, think of an eye working to join him there and will all be together doing pod ass in whatever the version of Podcast Isn T in the next dimension. Well, I've never ever one to be wrong. Again
something more than that. I all be Dax daily. I did. I am going to see you and the other in a high five. What we're gonna do. Another podcast we're gonna wait for a little bit than Monica will join us in the attic in Ireland in the book ever this next phase is beyond the material meet suit world. Trust me we're gonna be I want to see you and if you are right, then what very well gave up its don't worry. I my version. Doesn't Zog either exists now, whatever caused you to read, to live a rich, varied service oriented the fun imaginative love connection, filled life right. Yes, I agree with all those browser principles, rain think waitin for you. We I have one criticism. Ok, you're, ok, stop referring to yourself as a tv
celebrity you're, a celebrity you dont need to keep putting tv and why it is that it is the guarantee that a hold over from our feature film failure? Yes, it is you're holding onto that, you don't have to qualify or celebrity. You are one and you are one well. Thank you Monica I'm just saying. Ok Don't do it unbelievable that car wash her from Detroit and moving away. I river or any kind of year, leader from land, wretched seems. More predicted that medicine with becomes exhilarated, surely really stated two times. Were you tiny cheerleader that was at the top of the pyramid and they get flipped like forty times in the earth, the wire shining eyes. If people call her by her vagina. This is a question I finally at Asker clear It is growing, as you would think. Like you, son is clean. We just
I'm going to do everything in your profession all day I didn't get hands, are gone up asses in my time sometimes, and I would urge you not to make it did you ever get like a finger? Almost anyone just like on percent and use. So, even if you like, I just like going, I bumped into whereas others seconds imagine being a dad watch. My hope I think they caught her by her fine weather. Ok, let's get going well rain thinks a million, and I want people to listen to your podcast with which you have two of one of them is called physical milkshake, ass marathon, luminary, metaphysical, I have another one, that's a high when the high blog cast that I talked to behind about high stuff and has like seventeen people. Listen to I list no alarm paintings. I listen this morning to her a gentleman who teaches blacks,
Daddy's, yeah, Derek Psmith yeah, occasionally to nice, trade unions. You listened to the wrong podcast in preparation for this interview very on various brand. For me, I think you re was such a pleasure to be I'm leaving the show and congrats on all your success. Thank you all right, now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul maiden Monica bad man. Oh, my goodness me excited to be looking at. You know. It's been two or three days salon days. Thirteen too many You returned here, origin, yes, and you had good time. I did have a good time. Assassin. I saw a lot of family. I read a book. I did a lot of we did. You read. It's called nothing to see here. Nothing zeros out about was fiction. It was
Van tassel really is actually no. I have a hard time with an I know You did so sad about that yeah yeah. I took a break from fiction and I'm back on it and I am happy I'll get. Will you the ultimate? I mean the hope Potter Series of such an indelible mark. It left on your be it's true when it's very attention, although we don't know it could be real just models. I think there's a twenty percent chance. That's true Twenty preside? Yeah, that's pretty good air! Why miss you terribly? I now I missed you, I'm so glad you're. Here, need sale and what so interesting. I think this is kind of normal as you and I were commiserating, I guess you'd call. It is the way thing about these holly breaks is like you look forward to him so much tat. I was for sure me, my oh, it's gonna be euphoria, A man you know it's normal life in your like us really look. I put my expectations are little high, yes, and then I also realise, like I think, I'd like my route
more than I think ideal, oh yeah makes you feel very grateful yet very interesting, and I have to imagine it's pretty commonly experienced by me. And I asked Wabi web. How is break wasn't is fine but the same name, You re looking order and was fine well being whom is tough Europe, yet we are dog demanded before yet being home for a long period of time is tough has fallen to your old family diamond. You do- and I was really thinking about it when I was there, I'm just not used to people asking me questions all the time, virtually. Why aren't you a lot of glued out, though, because I was thinking that I was like? Why does it feel so smothering. I think it's just because I dont really have any one in my life, who is asking me all kinds of questions will there's no one in your life. That's not all caught up on your share,
like, I know every single thing about you pretty much yeah, so I'm not like. I don't need to catch up. On the last year that I haven't seen you Eddie, that's what it is. I think that's a lot goes this idea was like there's an expectation, as there should be that I should explain what my years been like, or what sure the men for some reason that feels a little don t hear cumbersome or no. I think it's just it's just these dynamics, everyone just fine, they didn't like. Where are you going? What a millionaire who was there is, if anyone else asked me that I would be happy to answer, but a year bowing low ignore meddling. Gower you have to know everything you're. No, I didn't know every Yemen a doll, I'm through two years. All that's when I really kept making was like I'm too old for this panes and of a just by those living with my parents. Again sure sure as you were, it is really interesting because you have, role in your family. But then you go
in you create your own life. You may pick a different role. I might have been a case. I picked a different role and they want to go back. I'm kind of all right. This is my role in this dynamic air and at each is yeah It's also just so funny what environment can do cause. I started to realize the towards the end of the trip that I was feeling really anxious and fearful we were walking in the restaurant. It was all come of. Was raining and I was like dad don't walk here like I was just very on edge that something was bad, was gonna and I don't know- and I think I grew up feeling pretty fearful and anxious. And so that environments red triggered that yeah so strange? Will you knew the every year you do the new year's eve at Grandma's Ryan than you list stuff that scares you there isn't it. I know it is just that you have to be there. It would be
back there's a superstitions. I release as you start the year with them you and the air. What that's right! That's that's what it is. Ok, so the funds does. I can soon yeah because I want to say I love see my family. My love me with my mom and all that this will be clear about that here. Baronetcy my brother and sister in law, nieces on the right up we consume to pod cas that I really want to recommend. One is route of evil, yet the black Dalia murders, Yahoo Lee one left. I think. Oh you, you got into it, yeah yeah, you love it yeah, it's one of the dark. Things have ever ever very hard, not that not the murder part the sexual staff, whose walnuts raft Bulgaria via For me, I was just like that sexual stuff, crazy, really goodbye gas there, and then we listen to the Jeffrey Epstein one
it's. You know. I have had a very cursory knowledge of. What's happened to that guy knew he fucked under age, people or size, sexual predator, but really analyze, rich and annoying. So that was a really good. The mysterious mister Gibson a pang really good, fascinating again do there's so much sexual deviance, an fuckin pathologies goin on and I had a kind of launch- a theory- is really interesting as we are losing the black Dolly one. You no kind of goes into their. What was happening with this guy. He was doctor and allay was the first like headed the VD programme. He adds Conniston some leverage over people. It seems from louder than this they for sure was wealthy. He wealthy he was like selling treatments that people that need was a and he hung out with Alice these surrealist artists and he would have what these orgies gap in either they all had this very progressive. You on sexuality and staff and so on, until it gives to the part where they, the sex with his daughter, which is for them
progressive views, but there also very massaging as their very massage mystic here, but I'm only too well was owing the or you can learn that they had orgies right right and so on. Talking to criminals, like you know, it's weird there's a part of me that is over sexual eyes and I go like yeah. That's kind of cool orgies, in sexual all day long everyday life. I'm in meeting that that part of it appeals to me. Nine are all that's research. What's a mixture or something who knows, but at the beginning I was kind of making these cases like I can kind of relate to just going like I do, but as the story progresses, I was like you know the problem with it is it's an addiction like any other, and it has two top itself. So it's like one, I've sacks allotment if you get to have sex with a lot of people, that's cool and then like army, multiple people in your watching other people have sex. That seems heightened too, but you know once you're there what
now. Let me know what's next time. I know that's kind of where there's a pressure available. I see why there are some some norms that temp that down, because you just got a top it so having sex with numbers, is on us. There's gotta be multiple nuns, gotta be all at the same time, and then now this fuck industry. Steam guy as sex with his daughter, and I M just gets it and then you realize all will eventually all roads lead to murder if you're just helping these crimes- the UN, breaking societal norms. That's the high I'm getting is breaking his norms. Eventually, it's gonna leave demur like all the other guys I kind of should examine. While we ve had this conversation. For similar conversations about how progressive to be with you, children about sex and I sort of believe that children are mentally capable of handling sacks. I think sexes way more than
physical euphoria in raw, so much emotional stuff tied to it. That is hard, for, I think, even grown ups too way comprehend, and I think it's really hard for kids but yeah. I think what growing up like these kids in this story- oh my god, you're just like could walk into a room and there was an or exactly my eye was normal, but now that part, never in my even weirdest high now argument was I love was I thinking I should be hosting orgies at my home with my children, yeah, but I'm very young, very pro sex in generating the year we ve had. Sex to, I just think, there's more weight to it than I give a girl. Sometimes you give it credit for a moment the residual. I don't know that could be and then also, I think, there's a male female perspective. That's a little different. There might be. I mean I think people should have sex whenever they want to, but I think kids naive to say, or maybe not naive. I think it's a lie.
A bit airing on irresponsible and to an extreme sociopath egg to just make it about just the physical activity being was not just the physical is now your own benefits are infinitely better women's respected. In reciprocate, Jim there's, an emotional in Germany as well as the physical on young people have also. I think people can have sex just for the physical connection if they both no it's that want it to be that there are both entering in the right state of mind, and if I can just be dead honest about it, when I think of that orgy, I dont think of me. Orgasm weena bunch times that summit that that's not the appeal. The appeal is like getting approval from men people at giving many people pleasure them thinking, I'm good. I like that. That's unhealthy yeah, of course, that's the whole point,
does even someone who loves it in whose pro there's something unhealthy connected to allow young Maoist wreck? It is because it also fuck em, why sure yeah? But anyway, so you see listening. So that was great. So what happens? We drove over the whole family, yeah and God bless him. They spent two days in a car with me, your favorite thing. I did not an updating the Pacific, I just wanna beyond all you didn't. And of taking Called Durango S, R t a foreigner and eighty five horse power tone. A trailer you'd never knew that trailers binding was awesome. I get so much pleasure, outages driving the fucking thing for two days. Anyways. I recognise like these three people, probably dont desire to be in the car another today so is allowing us why Home naval home. So then it really put some real behind you know I drove the whole stretch and thirteen hours- oh my god, yeah. I dropped the girls off at the airport at ten a m, and I was at home in eleven p m wow with one pull over
Why do you uphold here anyway? then I listen to to live and die in a way which I had read got like best podcast from O d or something, and it was really fast One is that about its about. A woman who goes missing here. Rub ten blocks away our. I think she was romanian,
she was out Beynon, culturally and ethnically, but they lived in Romania and she was here living now. I, for like eighty months aspiring actress, goes missing. Final she's got this boyfriend, she knows from acting class but that guy's engaged in all this stuff. It's incredibly riveting thing. The one take away I want to say: is they end up this journalist? He gets the password of the sky, the the alleged killer, Google Account, and you can type in. I forget what it was, but you can type something into Google and they will send you everything they ve gathered on you. They have to now really everything you ever fucking done for the last five years or six years is documented,
the second, so they got to go on the day of the disappearance they followed. His Google history, which is checking in every like forget, cellphone tower pangs, are useless. The Google thing that knows your exact location to the point where like if he pulled up we're down a dirt road. They knew he was around the car walking around the car for forty five minutes, like they know, into a hardware store. They figure out. He bought shovel. I all they know everything. You ve done either your record. I don't is I mean, of course I like that. It's helping murderers get discovered, but every single pit. Stop you ve made any law exists. You could just get it right now. You can type in this and they give it on the pod gas they give the web address. You go to you and you type in your thing and they send you everything. They ve gathered on you but you have to prove the euro. The person driving you have to give your password to Google. Oh wow yeah. Oh, I mean they stopped at this gas station. For six minutes? They stopped here. He went
range for forty nine minutes where they found the by Emmy, my ah well, ok, August comment murders in two thousand twenty eight UK again and again that phone at home, is what you got to do: to get tips to people and how to avoid getting caught, but did you don't fuck with cat oh no, I saw than on its networks. Report What is right? Is it what is re? It say three part doc about this group on Facebook that comes together because a guy posted up, horrible. Video of him killing a cow. I think I know about They all like go on basic this witch hunt to bind him
IRAN entailing. Oh, I got a wife yet really get I wash it twice. I watched by myself- and I know I shouldn't I pants really good about that. You want something. Other thing I consumed on the brake, which is great, is uncut gems and went to the movie theater and sought on Christmas day. Really wanna watch that's good, so that he's so good, so God, ok, good that was some light housekeeping Do you have any resolutions, although it's your birthday for five years, all night fan? Thank you very old. Now, forty five, no that's parliamentary resolution. Variant stories on young you, I Araby, I'm old yeah, I'm young, you look like you're. Twenty, no thank you so much You sure do oh resolution is certain people migrate sleeper? I love that beer dry. I think it's such a report
nor was it I don't know, I'm used to evolve Also in this is so I hated this about my dad. Media was intercourse, miracles and so burns, and all these special things- and I was a young, cynical bastard yeah, any a affirmations on his the mere city reply? Yes, but guess what I'm gonna do? you're, gonna, win your great sleep Roma mirror. I like the others. Can women who story I'm a greatly Romania hit the fuckin bed foam solidly. You know it's connected tier resolution for last year. To not a non compliance, so I didn't do a great job. Why should I make a matter? We can? I forgot about em you just like it. Such muslim memory to start talking yeah. I my other resolution is to love or a man. That's good the job and I dont always doing filming some like
so many hours a week, and I get grumpy about it at occurred to me like what a waste that you're gonna love wherever a man I had. So that's it. That's the other one firelight that what are yours I didn't make any, but I have a lot of things I wanted. It was so this sort of resolutions, but they're, just habits. I want to do this year I have a new eating regimen, oh, what is it regimental regiment. Had I think it's when it was what'd, you said regimen. What did you say regiment with a tea? I think it's regimen monitoring is in that region. You're has ever announcing. I hope he doesn't have it now. So I'm going to do. Is the ok one day, vegetarian, ok, some nervous, big swing, but now it's not on Tuesday and Wednesday, vegetarian two days meet only
for one meal. Ok, dad I got from Jonathan Jaska from thing and then two days I can do whatever I want you what's going on those two days. Well now it's goodbye has than those days are my days off yeah I believe that really is what I'm thinking is like. Ok, I'm going to dinner on Wednesday night that day of use- and I'm not really started this till Monday. Ok, I mean Sunday, but the vague and thing is, I think, an a be hard, but I'm gonna commit to animals, do it, you'll find the things you like. As you remember, I did it for a year I now just done. It can be done. I've seen, I know humans done it. There are today it was good. There's a good resolution, that's my diet,
I am also going to start meditating every day I used to do it and it was good and then I stopped and saw metrology would certainly did you use when you did. I use apps regret, and I got this journal for Christmas from a friend that actually the happiness project journal, hookers you're supposed to write down. Something from your day, but I am going to do a great everyday, something I'm grateful for all goods so that this regime, that's a lot, sir Journalism you're gonna revision. Today's we had at their own development has the journalist The journey is one sentence: doable yeah, it's one sentence: the the diet has lots of ways for me that it's not so strict and the taken will be. The trick is part of of make had a habit year, the acts together we go wiggle earlier or double Forbad NEA Zone. One then you can do. I guess you can do that
like safe on the tea. I'm thing is, you do are right when you wake up for inventing cover any thing, and then you do a five before our roughly five before dinner, Senor bellies emptying outlay digesting that's kind of the intellect midday reset again doing. Ok, I think you will I worked at allowing us home. Were you running yeah yeah and then doing an apple bad exercise? Oh, it's called apple boy. I didn't, but yeah exercise yesterday, you two days ago on the town, and it gave me a burn. I didn't like it, we're gonna love to of an organ, and I was squatting, Alonzo, really focusing on my by ETA, yeah and as our resolution again, bye, bye normally year. I wish I wish and I thought all do this tone oxide lifted heavy yesterday in this will be easy. It was
Nor am I am logs urban sore. It is good. We're gonna, burn Babylon burn Apple, ok, so Ray what a sweetheart. Oh, my goodness, I enjoyed him so much. You know, there's been a few people that have come in that when they leave. I just have been thinking about them alive, yeah only heard homey and rain rain said this lovely thing about us meeting all again and doing a pie cast on the next spiritual plain. And I just love ideas. So much I mean I'm not saying I believe, that's gonna happen or I don't believe that's gonna happen, but my shoes to believe that it is an agreement in this this year, twenty twenty one. I have decided to take the reins on the story. I'm telling and just pick the best story I can near I'm a great libraries and meet you wanna spiritual playing one
I know why not do that that does it. That's kind of like their undercurrent of the new year's resolutions, is pick. My story now be conscious of the story. I'm telling you tat in pick one. I like yeah right now I'll have to confirm that my theory is correct. The error we a good ok, so you set a billion people on Facebook and they generate a quadrillion dollars and add revenue, not Google blocks of money and rain said he thinks is three or four billion: half the world. One point: six: two billion people on average log onto Facebook daily O. My Lord. I forgot to look up at revenue that occurs having its own. We'll plaques. Ok, ok! So he said the rocker was one of the biggest box office bombs in american History Zone Andrew, I know cause he's all he said per screen average number of people. Went to the movie, but nobody is calculating
also the movement and cost a bunch. Does it He has his own metric in his head for that, which is not what anybody else's evaluating box office bombs on, because I that up and I'm not going to read what they are. As I always do. That reason was no reason but he's on the top hundred there is little yeah there you go back, I always say chips bombed. So now the tab hundred either also like across twenty five million. In a made twenty six million yeah let's not that there is a video. So it is push here straight push yeah yeah. My head is a big this year. Now not of arousing six arousing success. At the time of my fucking was in some life, life win and lady
to a lot of amazing thing: you're gonna, fuckin hosts talk here for crying out loud or cry, and the british office was twelve episodes. There was some confusion about how many regulars like a Christmas special, something I never watched and, as you know, Why do we watch out again? How can I watch his splits? I envy, but your brilliant overrun yeah you're someone the same thing I had I now but opposite. Oh, he said second about by high and how there's a teaching and behind about not to gossip, and he said he didn't know who was in any other spiritual teacher but there are some like the bar able. I saw up of proverb that says a perverse man stirs up dissension and gossip separates close friends.
And then there's something in the Koran. There's like a few things then allude to gossip being bad in some of these other religions as well, but maybe they're, just not those explicitly yeah here or it's not a tenant that there really putting a lot of stock. Exactly also you know, they use lake hardly understand language in those books. So I can't make some sites like Shakespeare is yeah. I can't do it Ok, so he said that the Amish are dying of these crazy genetic diseases of disorders, and there is this guy James Delight and not die doctor. This doktor James, the line hands he serves, the Amish was concept, so he has come across all these really rare diseases that are in back community in pretty much that community alone on it. Don't often need to go through all them, but their seven. If he's really comes
about a year was the top one. The first is called Galloway MO at syndrome. First aid one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight a little more than seventy cases of this genetic genetic disorder have been described in the medical literature. Ever this disorder can cause a range of symptoms, including early onset, kidney disease, significantly smaller head circumference, boy, YAP Mouth formations of the brain seizures reduce muscle time throughout the body I now I wanna be ripped and smart. Those That's the outer sailor yeah! One of them is like this horrible one with the children are born. Rigid, oh, like now Taxable lake done I'm now. Let's wealthier, we don't algae Bush anyway, I mean resort oversees good eggs,
accurate yeah. There is a fascinating episode of sixty minutes a few weeks ago, and I had of this Harvard geneticists son. He was saying that their working on this app, where you would upload your genome to it then it would screen everyone else on the daily map, an excuse, food anyone that would also have the same recessive Jean you'd have and that their scene it within a generation of using this app they'd, get rid of open all these recess, my guys that come up isn't fair. Why that is so interesting. Hum man, I was a great upso, reversing aging grading dna chain that no virus can live in, they could add to your dna and a virus simply come do I got a knock elation from every single virus amber simulations, real, my dad says Lastly, I am he's got a plan. Impact. Why you paid, which is ironic, honor talk for two hours about your dad simulation at the helm,
some of you did yesterday on New year's. Would you say why I was just making a case for me being an avatar in your dad simulation ass. They were very confused by that my theory I I'm computer generated, but, unlike of course, for the job, rated you'd have to believe your real. They couldn't not think they're real saw horse, I'm fake and though he was like what your stories you know and I got but but a showcase better. What I love Michigan and came to Hollywood a chocolate yeah. So there's like the Iliad or the odyssey. This is a saga, but we're ok, ok, now, I gotta, get the details a little back her. We is he so my dad is paying poor avatar Alison, your dad is hooked up to a machine somewhere correct and he bought it package. You oughta store yeah in the story, he's gonna to go on this journey and all these things are gonna happen. Sodium knows going and well
now because they have to surprise exiles and your dad is unaware that he has bought this package also part of it. Yes, so my dad is in his own simulation. Yeah he's hooked up to a machine somewhere in his brain is on line the living out this fantasy right and I'm a character and, as we ve Gaza and gaiety in this package. He had two kids and he moved here and he became an engineer all this stuff. How share its all all preordained, but he doesn't know about it yeah, but think. He knows where he bought like. I think he just bought a liquor, a good Pat lingua impiety eyes, you're, making platinum? I wanted to be good. All the way through was some struggles within some big vision is very yeah, but we also came to the conclusion that its current likely, not unlike these people who play fortnight. Apparently they learn this for my brother and in my nieces than that,
people were winning fortnight or they were placing high enough and so a little bit of dissatisfaction ones, but the game was ever to hark serves all these. Other people are really good at another. Robots in it. No, I don't any. This is true, but is now bots that were created that are just kind of average. Players are not very good players so that the real players can feel better. I dont have any that's true, but I was told I pay so then its currency, a if, if that's true in fortnight, as is a mix of like there's, a hundred players in only three of them are real and another seventy or by it's it's likely than in the simulation theres many real people that about into the same thing, so Will you and I are real and while you are very real and then other people are Botz Lake Fortnight again, allegedly, I prefer that at every prefers to think you not a computer generated to be a real person that that really likes me wasn't designed to like me, but we will now have who cares? Well. Where's nihilist view of it all? I urge all my kids,
computer generate. I want them to be real Betty their real, regardless anyway, Do you like the idea that there's like there are some real people here and some reason that doesn't work is the real people might screw up the simulation. So I dont thinking you we can have real people and their cause. They might just go Willy nilly and then screw up in that they run in haste to get his money back about platinum package will Eric when a great you launched a great theory, which was we know, which ones are the abattoirs and which are the real people, because the avatars would not be talking about a simulation you'd be in their code, never make a case for this being a simulation not good enough. Now they ve definitely thought that that's like steps does want one. Oh yeah, ok! So look I e! We talked about this. What when I saw a sixty mincing, unlike if they turn of aging yeah, they turn of aging and what are the odds that in a planet that's five billion years old? I lived in the forty five years of that five bill
and where they turned off aging impossible. It's a simulation down now, one that's a five billion years span. I was born in the forty five years. Were they turned off a gene you're like all my shit, you that in the best simulation my dad's is the best one and I'd argue even you miss some stuff. I got to do. That was an 80s thing. You know this leaves more while, while whilst when I grew up, it's gonna coo EE, oh I'm talking on the phone line. Finally, did you go you? Oh? I do agree that and so great for the time I lit? I grew, I guess over everyone, probably, but the one thing I thought of his like young, aspiring dangers, young men who want a girlfriend. Reason I a girlfriend is I had a fucking solid phone game. I could talk to a girl on the phone and seventh grade for three hours. Thank God think that there is a on work and win them over on the phone well text. Now it's texting, Virginia women,
all over with I'm. Here I think you can. I think it's not great, because people can be good at texting and not be good and lie alive, but there were these hawks and my junior or that they have no phone game I love them in the dust, and God knows prior hunks rule you it's a good time to be a hunk page of the hunger forty one on each time. Ok, so he said three hundred thousand people died in the Haiti earthquake. The number I found was two hundred and thirty thousand some. It's a lot of people into its all right, too many people, and then he said forty some per cent sexual abuse in Haiti. I couldn't find that percentage number, but there is a lot. I mean there's like a hundred articles about the insane
in sexual abuse. There is a real problem to help regulate circling mail in your your optimistic about. I wish I were more optimistic about this. You believe that if we socialize boys correctly, that that isn't there default setting right and I kind of think guys default settings as they would like to have sex every person. I think it's both. I think, there's a lot of society. Its mainly societal, and then I think there is some biological compose Do we have in our waters while we want, if you could have sex daily with strangers? Was zero zero complications from it or her are anything just happened in a vacuum. You hit paws on life and you could do that. Would you do what you desire to do that?
That's fine! I know. I know guys that I don't know just proved anything Andrea, curious. If I I know guys: thou wouldst not say yes to that right, and so I don't think you can say it's every guy. I think it's just like anything. It's a spectrum of sexuality. Everyone is on that scale ensure away wall the wall on our terms, I got brilliantly knowing, I guess so that's all that was all yeah, oh god dormant I'm! So I wanted that break would get you know. What I wanted way more is to be back doing many yeah, so grateful meet. The happiest here need here I think I love you. I love you are we want a happy new year to everyone? be new year endless. Let's really commit partying hard this year, two days a week, we again
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