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Rob McElhenney

2018-10-22 | 🔗

Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Fargo) is an American actor, director, producer, writer and one of Dax’s idols. Rob sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss raising young boys, he ponders celebrities role in social media and he details the multiple times he’s drastically changed his body. Dax exalts Rob’s discipline and in response Rob explains why he often sees that trait as a vice not a virtue. Rob and Dax talk about Brazilian jujitsu, they mutually gush over Kaitlin Olson and Dax is obsessed with Rob’s gym.

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Welcome to Andrew expert I'm getting prepared for how we I see that I hear it yeah, because its Monday yeah and we are but nine days away from the big day, Halloween trick or treat smell my feet, gimme something good, Monica isn't nine days away, wow thirty! First, from Wednesday Gray Wall. We have another episode of a twin arm its were that's on Halloween I cut you off a little. You always deal. I was. I was hardly winding up my voice before you start talking, sire
now at around him away. You know you're just saying I remember I was gonna say you can be mad about that. You are right to be mad about that. If you just can't control where so, Sir if only out of outlet, where I got to hear my own voice a couple hours now. Oh you poor baby, don't get to listen to your own, sound Do you wanna, try hollowing intra how does it include doing a character, boys, car, doing in character and song? Oh sure, scary, Kay days, gases, not scary. Now his man he's a baby is a super talent. I talk about often on here. So this is a long time coming. Yes, monnier idle, he's one of my idols. I really look up to him. His name is. Michael Honey- and he is one of the raiders, ensure runners of It's always sunny in Philadelphia. He's also got a new show is put together
over at apple. I think we talk about that. A little bit he is a mega tale of the Son of a bitch was on fire. Or go. I now, you know great honour to now, but a kind of maybe management should I love him and reformers are coming man you're, my favorite you! I want to be on my favorite dumping, jealousy your friends are doing well, you- and also you are saying Philadelphia around wonderful. While he is from Philadelphia and his name is raw micheletti, and he is very talented, although got embarrassing well. How about a little way I for all to you, your blue broke. I have all too dark to rob that was very good day. You're. So embarrassing me enjoy I'm not going any armchair, is supported by ring Monica. What was your experience like with ring, hasty if you'll see
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is wrong when he said that he was in a few episodes and maybe stumbled across anywhere, I'm gonna going into my affection for you. Yes, well with my wife well sure, but that is not the only time night having one time will with I notice with Kimmel, but you said something about. You said something about me to Kimmel and he just moved it. Quickly panic as it could now would be a great opportunity here were Kimmel thing and I did I didn't do it that way, but I bet happened was that was my first interviews and I was interrupting quite a bit in the early stages of this and he was probably mid thought on something, and I interjected something about you. That would be my guess,
I will say that I I heard your. I heard that critique you. Will you brought that critique up that you heard from other people that you were interrupting people? I didn't Well, what was going on a little bit is that we didn't at it in the first ten apple doubts or sell. So when there was a five minute, five met. Five second pause: I was panicky like him brand new doktor, then I would think would tie better just talk forbid you just added. Let any store God forbid, there's five fucking sacking Smith. Voices. It does steamroller everything, but but have also taught knock. Is I've talked about working out with you, some of the near when they had mentioned your physique yeah. I you really have come up a lot. You I gotta go. I want to say it's five plus really you definitely on the fact checks. Maybe maybe that's why? Because I know- and there was one fact check we were talking about Charlie Charlie- our national earlier from my
Europe cannot tell mom, and then you are also brought up in that conversation about that. In fact see I don't I don't listen to the fact checking because I like to live in the dark I'll get you! I, like you, I like to just assume that everything that was said was even though one I can Sometimes I'm listening and unlike now I best not correct, but but we'll figure it out ever find out. I want ignorance is as they say, usually when I'm I go into my pitch about you, what it involves is there? I really look up to you really yeah. Quite a bed and I don't even know where I have my theories and why look up to you so much, but I really have this gravitation towards you and I We admire you in a lot of ways I think first and foremost you're a man of incredible discipline. Would you accept that compliment with grace and follow humility. Yes, in some areas of my life, he s not all, but in some you know that. That's why
her strength, yes Youtube. Once you start by saying you, I can't get anywhere at forty pleasures old. Having done anything, not it at least acknowledge some here. You know your qualities. Yes, yes and put focus your energy, and on that yes, I I I I I am fairly discipline when it comes to certain aspects of my life. Yes, in work, work in one of our main, yes yeah and I tried to explain this People the other day, an episode that the true heroes? Like the true super heroes of film mentality, in our shall runners- and I don't think in America generally realises that we think of like oh the director that somebody who must really have their hands full, but as your honour to ex books. I'm I'm tempted you but you're here in your assurance that tell me what show runner does show runner It is essentially the person who is making sure that these show happens
Oh he or she is generally writing them. A majority of the shows our these past rather than he or she is in the writers room as much as he or she can be to make sure that the crew, direction is offline. In the right direction, is in the editing room is on set as much as he or she can be really there. It's the last line of defence casting. Yes, and and that's what that's the that's the job that I I serve on its oversight. And you ve done honoured, observed at this point done like a hundred and sixty one sixty something over here. Jeez Louise, so you I never knew what to show runner was either unlike some of my favourable when you had the job problem, yeah yeah, I know what a waiter was, as I have done enough, but no but like growing up, I would I would watch, now: you'd watch Seinfeld for example. Then I'd go. Ok,
see this name. Larry David come up lot and I don't know who he is, but he's got something important to do on the show, but I don't know what it is. I just know that the I was about Jerry and I know George and I know a lane and I know Kramer, but I never really put too two together that there was a person. Behind the scenes, are there you sure that the show was being made well and even I wasn't arc about it, long enough that it was it made a lotta news, win Larry David made eight hundred million dollars or whatever the fuck number was right, and I remember going we added a guide. Was not on the show, make eight hundred million dollars or how did he makes the same amount, as is Jerry sign for that exact that year I remember reading that Jerry Seinfeld was the number one highest paid person in the entertainment industry that particular year more than Oprah, and the number two person was Larry David That is the same old like who's that guy,
Is he getting almost the same? Jerry sign for he's not been a single scene now, I also remember, I remember at one point being in high school and watching the show and it felt different for somebody. And I didn't know why felt different, but it wasn't that it as good as funny just felt a little bit different, and then it was until years went by, and until I subsequently understood that that was the year that Larry laughed so he laughed and actually Alec Bird took over allocation and Jeff Schaefer took over an independent and the show was just a little bit different, not not markedly so, but just a little bit different that was the last season. I can't remember after my head, but it was like second to last or something and then Larry came back and he came back and then I heard a behind the scenes why he came back it is at all, is a little bit different. Let's get where I think he just got burn burn our senses. It's an exhausting wool and just
thank you know how hard you work in you do. What ten believe we are doing is yet most we ve ever done his fifteen, but now willing to ten, and they were due in twenty four year. Riah yeah, that's insane schedule right, and life, and they were doing there were shooting them. You know they were taping alive, so that's a whole different other levels of pressure, whereas we were shooting simple cameras, stiffer yeah I think maybe I wonder if it was for the same reason. I didn't give Seinfeld a chance when I was young cause, it's what everybody was talking about. It's like what my uncle HU, I wouldn't want to have a conversation was talking about you now and I thought but this must not be cool. It wishes to mainstream for me, try We need to find myself as an outcast to openly admit that I enjoyed what were the show. What did you watch television and Highschool yeah hi cool. I was obsessed with party or five.
Donna, Martin Graduates will show what it has done. Its best bet nine to, and in fact you dont say you, you did you, you grab headed towards the drama you know always to this day, like I will sit here, where the fuck are. You I've been on your show only watch three episodes have almost zero interest in watching comedy. I can't put my finger on it, but at least him comforted by the fact that I find a lot of us entering comedy dump consume much comedy is: are you the same exactly the same yeah exactly the same. It was just maybe last week when I was like. Oh my god, it's the bad place holy shit. Bad plows, you giant like Austria, three years behind only reason that I was watching. It is because I know so many people associated with that show, and but even that then, and it was because
amen arose that under member of this of the staff of my current shows, like you really. I was like basically feeling storylines without having seen the show right, and they will acknowledge this on the good places like I want about this, though they do the doing that a good place. I am like fuck, I gotta watch the good place because I'm in it stealing from them, so everyone watch and love. Of course I'm going to say you stop right. Yes, no, I don't watch. I watch very, very little comedy I will say, because I'm working on this new show that I've been true to watch as much as I possibly can of what's of what's working now elastic year or so in its the little arrogant or legal maniacal too, to position at this way, but I if I had a really breakdown them, why dont enjoy. It is exactly that to me, like watching algebra, be crack like I, can see the mechanics of it's so much. That is almost hard for me to enjoy. That shows that the companies that I have fallen in love with are master of
on a view watch that I made spoken beautiful regretting that shit, Oh, it seemed to me. Has this like richness of any hall inequality is so romantic that shall I love that show yeah they. So as Lana I've been wanting aloud and landings yeah well- and I maybe that's why am I respond and I've seen every episode of Master of non I've seen every episode of the land, and I think it's because they are so different from from they thirty rock, which is very similar to the show that I make you that maybe I joined communities same way. Maybe I just want something little bit different from what you're doing all day long well and I think I think you and I enjoy the same kind of common earlier. We set out to make the same kind of harmony which it is you want to hear about it. That second married. It's me to stand you like, but after we got some explosions, is that then I really want the comedy to come out of a character I wanted to be
Is this person so unique? The way there just moving through everyday life is going to cause some problems as opposed to the world's crazy. Or that the punchline are insane. As I know the persons crazy, the world's pretty real a person's unique, no war. The rules of the world are real, but sure that's the end, and that's what That's what we ve been doing on sunday- and I think that's why lasted so long- is that the world the world is the straight man and Arnaud straight men or women on the in the cost of this, of the show, the joke, as always whoever it was gas cast, wines are being straight prison, rightly asking you might be able to come on you guys before yeah yeah yeah, but I but I but yeah I just I just don't when I get home I just don't want. I just don't want. Although I've been watching a lot of deep recently, which is again freedom itself, fucking
incredibly that's. What's your favorite YO comedy now your favorite show or my favorite show of all time his friend. Sure. That's my love, my landowner, Bayer, that's incredible show I know, but it feels it feels like. I should be saying beep, although I do love I think it's the best will know you're supposed to say that while the right answers the wire However, and I became It's not a wrong as mere incredibly my job three, but have you say when you say you're embarrassed, the general use to say the wire How about for? You is sopranos in the pantheon absolutely I dont I've watched it. I watched with all the way through three times and an end. Its legitimately bad, like their episode, other actors there's direction. There is writing than in it that I feel like it.
Legitimately bad and it does it matter all. That's the thing is it's my first, it's like the first show that was took itself as serious as a movie wood, and just was so in love with it, and it was like a paradigm shattering experience to watch it and I'll never have a feeling about show like I do about that you yet about acting. I think I've just ever since he was how old first season this again a while now I am, I know it's a trick. I mean, if you ever if I was being sincere, I was sad. Guess said he was fifty one, the first he was thirty six years, and you can check that. I will check that when they shot the pilot of the sopranos. He was thirty six language, yes, but but, but back to you so any, was swirling around and why I am so impressed with use person is yes, that's it
today I am. I want that to be the amount would be a love letter to you this whole many. When one of my idols, oh all right, I appreciate because I feel like it's gonna- be a pretty boring podcast. Otherwise I mean you know I here, because I you're, having a thing with Monday right now, talking about really when I am. I know what I understand her perspective like I you. Yes, I big because I am a fan of this show awe and a fan of a lot of other podcast talk shows that I feel like. I am not a guy. I would not be a good guy. I will not be a guess. I will not be one person that I want to listen to that issue. That's how I met, but that's about it. That is that is not foe, humility, melody and yet that such bonafide insecurity now. Ok. Now I regret him. Yes, no idle figures in insecurity. Ok, you think, is an accurate appraisal of your yes. Now that
course it because you one of the most well spoken people I've met. You have an incredibly interesting childhood you of created something out of come now. A thing you're married to a famous girl lab in love, What more do you fuck a need for an interview that now I've, let it all exactly to where I want to die? That's what I wanted to hear I needed as that of everything we would need. Let's go back to Philadelphia. Ok, I'm work for years older than you, I'm forty one point years over that that helps a little bit is it injured. Since then I, like you so much yes, it is I mean I. I appreciate that you that your life, you, like you're, a man, you're a man's man guys, but what things are Kalen. I always discuss with regards to you is that you are a few save with your
emotional connection that you have with other men and you raise for other men alarm, you love, I do love, we all do our absolute we both muscle so much, namely I went there and I well. I also don't have any. I have no compunction, I mean I guess I grew. I grew up with like around tough guys. And they were always incredibly affectionate. My whole life isn't like my my dad's actually put my my. Other end, my father. They came from ways of nine and ten at respect. And they and their full of light blue collar tough men who drank and smoke
and spent some time and it causes or replace, ensure an uncle, might wasn't around Christmas lots of cousins, uncles and also just people in the neighborhood and things like that and who, were that, would they kissed each other, that was. I just remember that, from a very early from a very early age, all his hugging, always kissing, always like telling you I love you telling me. I love you, and so it is always grew up with it. I don't know if it's just like a culture I think it's also a month, my friends- that I grew up with to like the the man they also came from similar families. I don't know if it's a catholic thing and Irish Catholic thing- or I don't know what it is, but but we're all very affectionate with other men. Yes, and you really appreciate the male form sure yeah, who does Well, some books are is in new, it is you and I find it fascinating going to say. The best thing is when ever look you- and I have had this moment- like maybe ten times over the last decade, where
I see something. That's muscle related like a documentary. Firstly, a new text. You in this has happened, were you literally within the last twenty four hours of just consume the exact same thing? Well, you were, I think you would talk enough. Baker. Maybe it was said about the funniest seen that you ve seen in a moving along time- and I remember Actually, you thing I've, but I found the funniest thing in the history of movies, and you said I already saw it because when the guy falls off the horse, generation, iron gray, eyes, an masculinity hilarious, it's really weird right, because you and I'm both can recognize the total danger of it that its potentially toxic and quite often his terrible and in fact, when I'm in bars back home with a bunch of deeds jockeying for the alpha role. I can't stand it at this point in my life, yet I'm really fascinating that I find it equally magnetic now arrived Repulse and magnetic, as is that so
I don't know assistant its infused into money genetic code, here's what I knew I was going to like you is Caitlin. Basically said I you know, I think I was one of the first people to find out. You guys were dating. You and your two friends created the show. It's always sunny and she was cast in it. You guys got to know each other, then you started having steaming of a fair and it was under wraps known, really knew about it, and then you may became out season two or three something like that yeah, but something oh yeah, I'm anyone the guys from the shore or guy, and I met you guys, said Rob, and then she has sorry, but you guys been in a bar in Santa monica- need some friends in town visiting given legal, situation we can talk about ass. I did they get another link. I've has passed. You know that this in Rome this happened in Rome and you didn't have risen from them, but at any rate a scuffle broke out new lastly, outnumbered yes, but all of a sudden shock
my full attention, I might ok, you like a guy that, if, if outnumbered into defend his friends, will go to the falcon limits. I think I, like your style. That was my first in that chair. It can recognize that there was no reason like a guy, but I really liked that about you I'm really glad you're going to be with a guy. That will you know well, let's break that down for a second. Is it what? What is it that you liked about? I'm very attracted to courageous acts. So it's very scary to take on five or six dude. If there's three of you yeah. I'm really attracted to acts of courage, again probable. Be wrongly, but I am. I can't help it yeah. Well, I've heard you tell me, We have told the story to me many times. Have you told him on the on on the pod cast about the guy that, through the the check with milkshake or a soda at your car, and you ve had he pulled over and you haven't found an
and I did have legal troubles. Of course you can advocates for that, but there's something about it. It's a it! It's like what why it's it's safe for me to hear that story and to love it, because That is some level there's some level of justice right I am I'm. Am I recognise that in real life you are potentially putting your spouse? in browser they hate, you were you or potentially hurting another human being, which I know you don't want to do. They deserved well, of course, You are putting yourself into legal and illegal concern, but also potentially a physical cancer and by the way, the real real talk. Financial fuck I'll go to sixty days in jail, I dont want of damage was done and in every way, and yet it there's something in intensely satisfying that justice prevails here certain extent you have mailed it yeah
years ago when I heard the story about the six deeds acting fucking tough by picking on three guys. I go Oh I love they got there come up and now that's that's justice. Yeah yeah! I'm really attracted adjusted yeah, there's something about that an end and that you're living vicariously through through somebody else, because you know that every decision that you made in that circumstance was eventually wrong but justice, still, sir. This is, Vigilante ism is is not allowed because yeah because we get it, we get it wrong. Quite often guess I got a wrong again. It's the attraction and repulsion that I have two men in masculinity and in general yeah. The whole thing so fascinating to me. Do you d of an obsession with dad's acts as a real obsession with dad? I think I noticed the on Caitlin episode goes like this is a theme
you love dad's, yeah his die or heard out, as is the greatest anyone would probably feel uneasy about her air add is, is the greatest. I mean to the point where I have two boys, but each time I thought I assumed I was having a daughter, and I really wanted to have a daughter, mostly because of the relationship that I saw with my sister and my father, and also Kay and her father me, which is very similar, he's just the absolute greatest yeah yeah I had the the jackpot with and by the way he is somehow navigates this. I call em alpha to point now. He some hours, the guy, that's not gonna. Let anyone get hurt around him, but he is no toxicity to a zero. It's really of All these are really really sweet, gentle man, but I would not far from here yeah right you're not coming into his house unanimously. That's the ideal! That's like the! I that's the ideal, an idle!
I don't have. I don't have the ability that he, but I look up to him. Yes, lower energy, Norway, their yeah, but he's from If he's generation. I agree we should. We should Asian started beyond well, mothers. The same way. My vote is incredibly pacifist glad, but come on we're relationship that fathers that sound our fathers were. I still believe that probably he could kick my ass and he's turning. Seventy next Oh really, you still have that yeah like I believe- and I believe it and I dont know that it's true but there's something I lizard brain that won't allow for it. I don't think it's true is my hunch, but but So you can t, do you remember ever deciding could cause? I decided that I'm gonna define myself in opposition to my father, I think that's natural time was up. People seem to be chip off
the old black, possibly guy I'm an eye. It was always my experience. I mean I I certainly was exceptionally confrontational for the sake of being confrontational. Up from the time I can remember, yeah, and so why do you think that is, I don't know. Probably trying to define my own existence. What what birds order. Are you I was the first born, but then then I had to say Then they had a sister and a girl, and then another boy than my father got remarried and and there was an older sister that moved in ok at thirteen. I was interested. Didn't we you're their dinner. She was there. I was thirteen. I think she would. She was fourteen, oh so all so now I hear the thirteen hours old and you have of it. You have a new fourteen year old girl that man,
in with you and your sharing a bathroom in your or says this is your family member. This is now a year. I had the same thing little younger, but I was head over heels, a mother I was bonkers. Do you have a crush on your sister? I just never being very soon and she was very attractive. She is very attractive. I just thought The thing was very very strange because there is also a it was just like you thrust upon us like he here you go yeah! Good luck! Here's a lot with everything I was all just four years ago and the rain the middle puberty. Yet in Europe, puberty yeah, oh boy, This is really the promise for a lot of borne out I'm very honest about my sexual proclivities on here. Yeah, I'm not a big porn watcher. Now now you know when I was younger I enjoyed like when I was first accessible at any moment on the internet. I think I had a little spell a bit, but, in general. I have a real hard time. It's hard for that to fulfil my fantasy,
You have our time buying into the fact that there are at the females yeah. Well, what about like home? aid or ok, real life, amateurism that outlines idea that, but I would still you into a correct reality? That's a good lay, miss start and nearly I'll use told us in one of the fact text that he he thinks he's a real boy you're like a real one, because he was sit in front of a window for three hours. If there's gonna be sex to watch, even the slightest promise of it like someone is hardly give up in New York, just just the start of this year, they could have we any one else, would walk in someone objective who's not already suck. That mine sat would be like that's not gonna happen. Look what they're doing there like they're getting their bag ready to like they're leaving young right. His chance that it could possibly have science is rising. You dont like poor and one percent margin yeah, but that's but there
that's very reality based rightly, look into someone else's life where we all oh yeah yeah. So if someone a male comes into that scenario, things get frisky, you better believe they both want end. Use them back. You know, I would just want to say one thing: that's interesting, science, science speaking you'll never find out what it is right or wrong. She won't listen to fact check, but what have there's between siblings is that your olfactory sense picks up the scent of yours. Deadlines in registers it in your brain and actually kills any potential for sexual feelings. That's outworks, assuring olfactory mechanism kids, who grew up in really like they play together. Nonstop generally bell register that citizens and not be attracted him. That's why you hear these stories of parents
I've, been reconnected that have been separated in there's a kind of shockingly high rate of them hooking up because they haven't register. Each other's pheromones and yet grace reaction familiarity and we're genetics? It's very interesting, mostly the korean lobby, There was a agreement. We had explore that one of the best of the best Baskerville, that's likely remade was was oh, but some boy, oh boy, all boy that wasn't normally away give anything away. Mill about wakeful should go watch. Oh boy juicy movie and credible waitin for more armature there arm chair, supported by Brook linen. I love Brook linen sheets very soft. She yawned. I love to travel really why we loved travels. We love checking into a nice,
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Send five dollars to Bokassa Colombia Gorge, which is a wonderful programme, helps kids in MR care, it's a true and winds or download the cash Epping git your cash card. Now now you you want to. Jesuit, school, ass, an end again, you know I'm pretty outspokenly against the parochial, though he called sharing non secular schools, but I've. I've now sat with so many people that word Jesuit schooled then they got a lot out of it. I loved you loved it right, yeah yeah. What were the I loved it at the time, but now looking back on and I I have even a greater appreciation for and what are the principles that they successfully stolen. You are a constant state of curiosity We are always asking you to question your own belief systems due west, authority and to be exceptionally disciplined in doing so. Right
set up, so you were allowed to have an opinion about anything you wanted. As long as you could back that up, pinion up with facts. So you could come in and say I think this is bullshit no way. I beg you, what you teaching is bullshit, I mean obviously respectfully so and then and then the item but then they would stop and say, ok, why? Alright, let's go out why? Why do you think that? And if you were lazy, that that was like late laziness was just not something that was tolerated right. Intellectually lazy and physically lazy, but little It was just something that they just wouldn't except right, because they were like look. You You have a tremendous right now. You have a tremendous amount of opportunity and privilege to be at this school because not a lot of kids get get, get that privilege and you're, not gonna wasted
and if you wait- and if you do then we'll find somebody else who wants a lot- and I remember being taught that at fourteen years old and you took seriously despite being a bit of a contrary- well eater yeah, ass? Because they accepted it- and I remember that on a consistent, Bosnia goes like that, just as you felt well, you know what this voices minimally, just if I, if I of I argue my case in I'm right, they're gonna, acknowledge that and they were in. The school had been has been around since eighteen, fifty one That's so there used to a fresh crop a fourteen year old, punks coming in their four hundred and fifty years right, so all run out. I got their news is tat. Every one of them you're one of em thinks that they ve got to figure it out there. The anger, young man and you know, and and there and their original and their new and their takes fresh and you're, not the same crop of of fourteen. Oh boy there are common in four for that long, so a were ready for me
ready for all of us, and so anything that I would anything I was out of them, they ve heard a thousand times and they had a great way of transmitting. Into a lesson that I would then learn myself as opposed to lay down you, don't you yeah exactly as opposed to them are teaching it something that I always deeply respected about. My mom is best idea, one in our house like if she would let you argue with earn of you. If you proved your case, it swayed her. I was always frustrated when I go to my dad's. Unlike the logic would be breaking down. I'm like now, I know you know. I hate that feeling of by August is rose some younger, yet another Europe justice or logic. Why I remember very early on the eye, was small, really small. First started my fresh me, your high school. I was I I wouldn't like eighty seven pounds. I remember, though I was wrestler, and so we have to weigh ourselves and though everybody's they're, trying to cut way,
to get down to one or three and I'm trying to add weight to get to one o three? So I was really small. Because why five one of I have to say my wife's size tat. I was a teen, yes and that doesn't fly for of thirteen or fourteen year old boy you so I went I, instead of being like timid, I want the opposite direction and became allow mouth like. I just became like an intolerable asthma. Because because I was I got this- might a defence mechanism right as a supplement to survive and so that Armenia, for my entire life is socially certainly with my parents and then also it in Oh- and I remember this- one teacher. And subsequently became my favorite teacher, but very early on. I said something now said some some kind of crack and looked at me- and he said you know, Mister Macaroni, you're insecurity is no excuse for your hubris any
the way and I would like first of all, I can understand without men. I've ever heard the word hubris before right, but it stuck with me- and I was like when you know what else security men and I know what the tone men so I left and I asked somebody else what is hubris mean and as it was explained to me, I'm like this guy, just basically told me like he just pick me up art in one sentence and laid it out and and and I didn't get in- Trouble- but I was admonished in a way that didn't call me. In front of entire classed as the only use may also you and they heard no one else would have gotten the exact and also it was very specific to me, which was like. I know why you're acting like this, that sitting readily precise way to some you up in three. Were I mean? That's that's incredible, yeah, the obviously He had experience absolutely so. It wasn't the first time that he had met afford a fourteen year upon year. Thought so was some doubt that he wasn't five eight yeah and that and then
That would have been a dream. So it was like those kinds of things that I would take to heart and then recognise like I would always just come Back to that were I would go ok, so this wit, whereas this coming from. Why is this bay? I still do to this day say: ok, I'm feeling Agnes Rice said this right tree. I treated person in this circumstance a very specific way. Why did I do that? What is that is coming from ego? Is that comes from insecurity, that coming from, because I lack, I feel, lack in some workers woods oh crazy. Is that I'm sure in ninth grade prior to him saying that it probably had occurred to you that that was motor banning all your behavior. Now I wasn't I wasn't. He were felt than everyone in insecurity, but but I doubt you connect the dots that then you'd them behaved as civic way in response to that yeah or even if I did, it was in a way that I thought what other people wouldn't recognise that
think I'm a tough guy, I'm on the cool guy around the funny guy or whatever it wasn't like. Oh no, it's because you are terrified that's why you're acting this way? Yes and all of a sudden somebody illuminates that for you not only that you that you know it, but they know it and everybody else knows it so can continue with that behaviour, which I'm sure I did to a certain extent a but along along the way it's already been now it's because it's been introduced. You can't on here that right everytime? You would act that way. You are least semi aware of like now. Do that fuckin thing he said: oh, yes, and because I'm fourteen fifteen, sixteen all the way through high school. It's not like all of a sudden. All while I had this like a penny of my life changes just that it's just that that began the evolution you know processing still going through now, but at least it it started at an early age, yeah and then was compounding that. You also have the unique story that your mother and father got divorce. Yes, and did they specifically get divorced?
does your mother knew she was lesbian, or did they go what's the order Of course, everyone knows there a lesbian! Well, that's mine my mother, wouldn't even consider herself lesbian, not said she's got, she would say, marry her my stepmother her. Why of forty year. She's gaze help: am I not not. She fell in love with Mary, interesting and so so now you shall say, like I'm, not attracted all women, I just my ass, you say I felt I fall in love. I form of people, I found my father and then I fell in love with Mary, and so in turn again, like eight ones, dad kind of forty years ahead as a binary. Option forty years ago, yet gayer your straight a threat She kind of sounds more like what's a young person today would sound yeah well an end she because I mean she was. She grew up in a very impressive well, what was an oppressive in time that she was gone
in terms of e mail and gay yeah in a very blue collar. Section of catholic section of South Philadelphia must be tremendously difficult, so in terms of a timeline, it's really funny because my father at sea we celebrated there ask Oh, my dad and they're all really close. I sum up my dad and my and my mother, you I've been at events where they're all their oh yeah. There was a period of my dad went through a second divorce and moved in with them. You get this so excited. I love that everyone just stay cool with each other and didn't fuck and burn bridges in mind. While it goes back to my father being just an incredible human beings. I because my mom essentially left for a while to go figure her shit out and what age free. I was in the sea, I might, I must have been nine ok. My sister
eight. My brother was six or seven so that you know look was tremendously difficult for us. I can only imagine how hard it what must have been for her having kids now but no it was impossible not not to write. Die she's been it's just, not gonna. It's just not gonna work and it's gonna, it's just the she's, just not gonna be here Being therefore, none of us will be happy, so she leaves for a little bit jeez. What on her, her oxygen mask and may airplane, and before she put yours on exactly MIA, These are very helpful way to view it. I would feel very abandoned unresentful against irksome shell. Well, of course, there's. A part of me that still that still there that feels that right, like guinea, can't really run away from the nine year old that still locked, and why did you- and I too have a similar approach with women in the past, which is like a mountain, a second
that's kind of my mother, my new killer options like I'm pretty good at gone out and I'll just cut the core, and I think some of that. Well, yeah I mean so that could have been very easy for my father to do. Who was presented with with the scenario hey I'm leaving. You gotta take here the kids because I gotta go figure my shit out, so Oh, he said what are you gonna do he said? Okay and to his incredible credit. She comes back of course and says I've. I figure this out. How long was there will that's that's what strange, because you owe me different. We all have different recollections of work of of of how long was it felt like a very long time. Of course, when you get everything feels its time has expanded, I'm so felt like a tremendous amount of time, and I don't really know the exact time line, and they don't really. We haven't really sad to discuss, but by my other said: ok,
the kids need a relationship with their mother. Let's figured out what's workin out, what do you need? What do you? What do you think is gonna work and that's what we wind up doing so very pragmatic, incredible, incredible, and so did the solution involve her staying in the house, but in a separate room. Now she really now she moved in with Mary like oh in that time, she knew Mary. I guess it ass. This is this is actually the funniest farther it so much. Years later. In fact, like thirty years later, I all my dad, they say we gotta get a gift for mom and Mary. It's their anniversary is coming up and he's like. Oh yeah, you know I wanted on that gives them again their closer and I said yeah, you know it's a big one, because it's there, it's their thirtieth anniversary in March, in their there at their. We are celebrating the time that they First time that they like fell in love, which, what exactly that met and my daggers I don't know that? That's that's not right and I go yeah
no, they said it's the third threats, the thirtieth anniversary does no that's impossible, it does it and I see em like go through like the map in his head. He say where's Is it finding other ways sooner or later, while that they were merry they were married and that the timeline for him was much lot overlap? Yes, you ve figured of course, and now thirty years in the river mere, and he thinks it's hilarious, which of course, I thought my Desmond most none, the twenty five That's not bad, but, as you know that this has been going on for quite a while, the g g G, work we'll get these people in their twenties. I mean like so there's one is in the eighties invalid off, yes, twenties, it's like I. I can't magic can imagine what that's like offers walking imagine having three kids in my twenties, I would have done Shires Para Madge ago. The my patience is a just got. Patients like five years ago yeah
Samantha and they were sending, and my father figured out a way to send me to this Jesuit, to send us to judge with school, which was incredibly expensive. Yeah it. Wouldn't you Dad do he's in social services. Yeah, so he's not so he took our regime. No! You took on obligatory on a day take on another job he took on a second job. What, if I can say, is pleasing we need to do so now. I'm says what his day, because normally it's it's a women's dad said this is good, but leaving there's some kind of them forever. JANET, you think, there's a perversion at play, interesting yeah! So I'm wondering a well known. Was your scenario in your neighborhood and at your school? Ah many people. You that your mother lived with another woman, it's funny there was period in which we were sort of in denial to a certain extent, wasn't like that. We were like oh this, isn't here,
It was like a mom. Has a roommate. Mom has room she move, we note, we know that they were divorced than she has a roommate yeah and- and it was something that we didn't really like talk about and then, and probably in like eighth grade or something like that- and I remember I was with a big group and my friends- and I just said I don't know why for whatever reason I decided this is gonna, be the time that I was gonna like bring it up to my friends- and I remember there's a bunch of like eighty eight of a supremely and I said you know. I think that my mom is gay. And my one friend Carter said: yeah no shit, and I was I You guys are not when they're like she lives in the woman. Like I M and I realize, like they didn't care Not so I didn't care and then from that point forward I mean that was really it. I'm really through high school none.
My friends and you know where your your identity is half his group in your school yeah like those. These were not people that you know it isn't it just fell like people, never really. I've met a few of these logs and I, like all gathered like this. In Minneapolis last year I meant who's the surgeon, Joe Dwyer, he's doin. What, so George Wire, it was in the max. So oh yeah we'll hit my fresh me, your high school. He was the one hundred three pound national. Wrestling champ. Oh, I was like wrestling him. And he was decimating desk. But he was like he's one of the toughest people. I've ever met mine Tyler, that was the thing I like, a nice guy. A hundred percent looks like hedge, MRS know, I'm in love with this guy, but he looks like he is working on the back of sanitation truck and he's one of the best he answered. Oh yeah he's very successful, but he likes depart
go to football games. I mean he's a good man around their yeah really breaks the stick, your time yes yeah. Well, he was He was always see that the wrestlers are always the sneaky toughest guys on the in the bar. Right are alike. At the high school party yeah, you know, ease haughty was small on an three pounds: yeah and I I would see him mall people, because there would be these big, tough guys from other. Schools, and they would see this little guy and they be Gawker when a pick. A fight with these guys- and we believe you know, send out your best, They re they would send out a goliar than we would send out a Keeley David mixing mine and I sat and so and he would go out there and just slay the giant minutes envy. There is really no matter. I believe, like that, when you're young and you do send out your bus, ours was Jackie.
He was errand and eyes best friend a junior high in he was. He was so unbelievably tough and we got his place. Can't dear worn, and it was all a doll story are. This is amazing, I feel like you and I this is so sad. We have told me the other two have we fight story now, as I can tell you, I can tell five fight stories that you you that you are personally Aurelio, yeah. I know this story, I know because he's gonna small, but he did like an opera caught that he not like us. Six foot, three young, now a nose like two tanners young and he just any we're thirteen and he beat him arm wrestling and then I will pay and then he call you made fun of his weight and then it was just like. South, and I just remember thinking or whatever, superhero like we have Super Euro in the group. We can go fuck with adults window anywhere. We want in this town and injects there and we're safe again was just the MILAN large a special kind of capital in in high school,
Yeah, but that's supposed to go away and like, and it has right in so many ways, but it also kind of has well I This thing this is this is one of the cap. We, I have an ongoing like just chisel away at a couple, different topics in my house with my wife enough ensnare. Monica Andella these and I just can't find any traction they want. This. I try to save us to. I said there's something about the fact that it we're living in a very simple way or moving around the city were following the rules any moment the law of the jungle can come out. It does from time to time from time to time, I'll see that, Little agents with these huge egos weapon a guy off at a straight line, in just going agro the way they treat other people nor office, and I was on this guy goes o guess what mother, Fucker not playing by the rules these out his car- and I got all I guess- justice thing, but something about it.
Like that, no matter what you achieve theirs is little sub text. There is little rumbling of the jungle still out there yeah. Well, that's what I think is the biggest difference between. A lot of east CO citizens say LOS Angeles, which is that I see a lot more aggression from male aggression. Lastly, in LOS Angeles, tough guy, attitudes, in LOS Angeles than I ever did in Philadelphia or New York, and I think a lot of that is because we're locked in our little steel by ox and everybody thinks that their protected in some way, but in New York you're, not you're, walking the streets together, and you know I'd like to think that. Maybe I I hope- and this is the this- is the the better angels of our nature, maybe, but that its that that the Price- somebody to another human being, reminds you of their humanity, and so you have a certain level of compassion or empathy for them, and I
there's probably some level of truth that, but I also think it sphere, which is man if I push this guy. If I cut this person off in distress, there's a chance. He might punch me in the back of my head as a whole in a car I can drive away real fast, and so you boot, you don't have that instead of eager and you have that false security, and so the tough guy comes now, and then you lash out, like a child at me, like a child yea This is basically Lamb was added to the matter to the mass going to make a big Louis I just want to state for the record. I think Utopia and where we are heading towards, like you, have two boys, I'm very grateful. I don't have boys, I would wrestle so hard with this stuff at some point. I've gotta leave behind the blue collar Michigan routes, where you did Saul things that way. I dont think violence should ever be the solution to something
If I had a young boy who was getting bullied at school and he was, it was ruining his life, it would be hard for me not to go or it will. Here's what's got to happen. You got to punch first guy who lands the first punch. Ninety percent going to win. You got to be that guy like it would be. I don't know how I would navigate that. I'm very grateful that I don't have to lie. I don't think, maybe I'll be in that scenario, but it if you thought about that, like you, you have the boy, Jiu Jitsu, yes, yeah! I haven't going to do too, but that feel like a safe compromise like yes, it does to me I mean, but but but not necessarily because of like a the self defense, about because it gives him a tremendous, my confidence, because and that's why I always have noticed like the people that are most ready, he too to devolve into that toxic mail are the people who are scared or the people, were feeling and secure. And so and so, if the, if you're walking around certain Artie that the the people
who I've noticed in my life, who had the least amount of aggression out on this out on the street and are the most secure are the enemy fighters than I know, because I believe the Castro de Castro is a great example. He can be benevolent at all times, because he knows he camp everyone, Yazzi consumers at least zero insecurity. Yes, an analog knock em up, but that's aside I can't wait for him ask as an oily our Mozilla and open. But yes, I got I have the boys were involved in that, but you know I, but it's really just about cuff confidence building and having something physical and, most importantly, I know for me why I do it is because it helps to trans mute. Out of the natural aggression that I feel and the Ngos anxiety or whatever it is, and I'm gonna I feel it rights, I can resist it, but that's just stop sit down or I can try to get it
in sum, in some way, so that's like exercise any kind of exercise, but there's something more specifically to Jujitsu. That is Certain level of aggression spur specific aggression with it, whose also willing and you're not sure hurt. Somebody is a really good communication and happened yet lean you in your partner when you're going right, yeah, I mean borderline spiritual there's. Something does like a respect for one another. Absolutely. I can tell you that when I leave that place like an hour later, there's I'll that that is the best feeling that I have throughout. A day, really wrought yeah, I mean it some I know you and I could talk about pumping iron with Arnold and new authorities that again it's not like that, but there's something about just the release of all of that energy and you just feel an and also that the, the fact that you have for the teacher the respect you have for the Jim and also that there is none of that like mystical, bullshit
right, you see in like a lot of like martial arts there that they they got rid of that the Brazilians got rid of that. It's more. There's so much respect, but its very it's it's just very physical and and yes, there is. There is a mental. It's it's also incredibly mental, but it does surely have anything to do with like jujitsu or spirits yet better em at all, and now it's just about. I'm does this physically work, and if it does, let's, let's do. Let's do that is gonna it's kind of physics right, yeah, yeah, We are thinking man's color, yet what it's like physical chasse. If, for once, you get to a certain level, which I am now no words even in yeah, yeah, yeah, Your boys seem to have the same gravitation towards like muscles stuff now, but just what there made eight insects sex buddy. I aid. I was starting to really look nice not wanted.
See Conan the Barbarian that yeah, that was like my sexual awakening. I didn't really at all tell you honestly. I haven't really become as obsessed with the male form, as I am now until my thirty's. I think all right oh yeah, I don't know why. I don't know what it is or why or why you didn't. Love sorts, a nigger, I mean as much as a year but a but I wasn't as fascinated with their physique. Ok You know as much. I don't know I'm I feel I'm getting more and more juvenile, as I as I grow older, sure sure you finding the time but Jim, but just this morning I was talking to my son, one of my favorite things in on planet earth right now, is hearing. My son say that I have a question does. He has so many questions and that's so much like I get asked when I think about it, because it's so that six so much fun because you're, u realising like a while! I am I
the conduit to him understanding the world right. Now you out right now and eventually that's gonna go away. So this is thus a trimming. This responsibility and something I take very seriously, and so I want to be very measured in the way that I am answering because I want to allow for him to have his own experience, but also for me educate him and you know it anyways. So he said he said what is what is can convey. Brian mean I so Cambrian. Where did you hear that he said I heard mom you, contrary rare, I contrary, and he said yes- and I said oh that means that no matter what no matter what I say you you will find a way to disagree with it any started laughing and- and I said why you laughing he said that sounds like fun. I said I said guide is kind of fun. I said: do you think that you're contrary? And he said I want to be
and, unlike oh wow, that's like that's for small, really, incredibly cute, but also that, like he's he's recognizing things in himself that he's like gravity well personality traits like that defining personality, trade. Yes an end. But I'm noticing is that my other son is come lately different completely different, which to me is is like the most when I, when I think about the differences between my two children, it is probably the most inspiring aspect of the human spirit that I can think of that, like no matter who they are. Clean biochemical, which is almost I completely identical because they are the progeny of two to the same people and they have essentially the same nurture. As well that they could be two completely different human beings
says so much about like the I dunno, just the the in the incredible. Compliance, it complexity and originality of each one of us yeah. As we are imbued with something that is greater than some of our parts yeah, like I don't think it's metaphysical or other worldly, but we may have a spirit like they re just have some character, get em right right out again yeah illegally, while it's on at all, I all we can do, or least were. I feel all we can do is give them the best give them the tools to be the best versions of of themselves and alive for them to just become whatever that particular thing is staying to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported with love and affection by fab. Fit Bonn Monica you just got your fat fit fun fall back
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all of a sudden there now famous and rich- and they have better diets and they have stylists- and they care a little bit more to and they have a little bit more time and money to maybe they have her teeth? I've. No air about air is all right in and I just thought well, are our show eyes. He's been sort of the Anti sitcom Anne and and beyond that it wouldn't it's not realistic to the way that the characters treat themselves their alcoholics and there there are horrible human beings, and if they live with that kind of stress that they would start to look, Sarah and then beyond that, and I will say a step beyond that found myself in the in the editing room one year and looking at myself in one of the shots and by the way we shoot Sunday in a very specific way to where we don't light it very well. It's where's it's kind of supposed to look crappy. You have a lot of the charm, and so
I remember watching myself and going at one point the editing room like I don't look very good. I wonder if we should look for different. Take an as I thought that I I was instantly humility because that was that's, always been the opposite of what we're trying to do, and I didn't want to fall into that trap. Of being, you know, look we all. I will walk around certain. None of it. Amount of vanity, but I try to I try actively to destroy that. With my show and too and two and to create some level of reality with like what these people would look like. So I decided I can't do this anymore. I'm going to look as disgusting as I can for next year. I instantly thought that and then in the offseason, I'm like how my going to do this I'm going to do this about having to You like here and make up and sure- and I thought oh wow- not we should all do it. Ok,
Secondly, how does one with gay incredible? It would be if we ve all put off the whole care, like fifty p m just for entire season and not mention it at more help tsar which, by the way his When did my friendship circle? How did she get at times? I was that we will for eight friends, myself included fluctuating thirty five forty pounds over drinking of course, so I pitch it too. The body and the veto was the only one that would like I rather like not you, you will die. You lose cards even though we turn that another essential areas I am not going to do that. So I said. Would you mind if I do sure.
Oh, I put on Gamma sixty by why it is that for us the details of how you did that yeah, just eight everything or will originally I try to do I tried to be as healthy is possible, so I I consulted nutritionist, unlike how can I do this in a healthy way and and he and he rode up this The programme for me- and I remember, turned down the first Roy Yourself programme. On the first day it was like ok, you're you're, your lunch will be three check and bread Three cups arise in two cups of vegetable. Social rights are like China, muscle this down like Mary and oh, I can't do it. So I go to my doktor Barton. So I go to my doctrinal MIKE I wanna, be I wanna, be monitored through this whole thing. He just for committing be funny he's. Ok, so I said ok to eat. He said to be clear. This is not funny, don't do
don't do this. This is a very dangerous, not unlike what I'm gonna do it so help me, like? Ok, I said: what's the hurry the best and safest way for me to do this at an end. He said there is no healthy way to do it, so I went back to the nutritionists. I said I can't muscle this food down and I said: what's the caloric intake like us particular meal, and he was I get away with sixteen hundred calories recent. They enable x. You can either do that or you can eat too big macs, ok, so I did so, let's start doing that. So then I had come be cream down ass in every morning. I would eat for those, and then I would have you know, and so instead of doing it the healthy way, the young, healthy, fine white, the fun but it. But at a certain point, it's not that fun bigger harmed by the afternoon. I was
banking ice cream. So I would, I would take ice cream and I would put it out how to put it out on the on the counter and in the morning and then it would melt, and then I would and then I would put like weight gainer into a drink that every day gone, and so I was drinking heavily. That was the great excuse the Danish, your wine and and then This was the key. This was the king. I found out that cottage, so it was I going it wasn't going. Ok, but was going like rather slowly. I was just like I felt like it was made. You work in everyone's eyebrow. Writing to this is not happening. I added I I only had three months to do it so you're like a zone of this is gonna work and I was gonna work and then I read deck cottage cheese matter I realize is really slowly in your stomach. Ah so so this hey dad. I was like the last thing. If you eat cottage cheese, the last thing you want to do is eat it right before you go to bed cuz it just
I believe so slowly home solves like that's what I have to do so I started eating cottage cheese in them the night, so I would wake up at lie too. I am, and I would eat this car but she's, and then I would and then and then one week later after that I I I can man on a Monday, and I just seeing the guys on a friday- and I came in on a Monday and for whatever reason it was like I popped, thereby all this work is all gonna work. This works. Yeah I went from my yoga like once sixty two to twenty well, you know it so it's so rare that two people share this experience, but I did the same thing for eighty accuracy and I didn't see a doctor and up and up the part where it is He got a little. I guess concerning was I go to sleep at night wake up in the morning and I roll over unlike sums under my back
was this inner lift, lift up my back their zeal, snickers Wrapper and twigs wrapper that I had eaten and when I got up to peace in the middle, and I have no memory of new Homer Simpson walking violent bourgeois. Let us yes, yes and Yeah, but I only gained thirty seven pounds. I went from one eighty two to seventeen in did you ever like. I was like his great dole time on my oh, this is great. I'm doing this for a role at some point you go away. This is for real, though I'm gonna lose this well. What what I was also doing so what happened was. I was seeing a lot in my gut, but it wasn't really moving around as much, and so I was I I don't know what to do too moving this wait around. So I start so I went to a trainer and I'm like I literally want you to do the opposite of like what, if I did some like powerless things so I could get it in my ass, legs and back and stuff. So that's what we started doing like I will go.
Heavy heavy heavy. Where would you like to wraps- and we would get to the point where he was? I look he was like I want You too, I wore a fuckin One of those step you Alex Step, watches over Are there any sites? You need to keep this number from going at the obvious reason, anytime, you get to a set of staff anytime, you get to send steps. I want you to stop and Louis slowly up the Ceta steps as you possibility that heart rate don't get that heart rate up under any circumstances, so anaerobic activity is death to death and at any point where we doing like even like the heaviest lifting, we wouldn't do more than two or three wraps of anything, because it was just get my heart rate, arms and then my doctor, my doktor, was like a man like just just recognise that that's probably
because you don't want that. Aren't Reagan too too high, because we don't rescue, but how did the two friends so at so I'm not going in for regular check ups and and it's all, this is the craziest part- is that my blood pressure was fine. My blood sugar was fine, that's hard to believe what I fatty liver. So I was like ok so fatty lever. What I want through that our way out and he's like light seals knock we're all gonna reiterate, not funding, not their fun. I dont fine, it's not greater animals and for how long? I said I said by the way a recent value out like well. I like, I, was a christian bail. You know like christian bill. Goes from like a hundred. Ten pounds in the machinery to bat man he's like back and forth back and forth any goes low. I
disguise it cedars, neither you nor the hippocratic oath. I can't say much, but I can say this. I know christian vast doctor that is not healthy. He's doing to himself is not like you should not. Looking at him as a paragon of of health, flowers, star Northstar now in terms of his like acting ability, and unlike luck that got me to hear it does Hollywood low, but I gotta he's got an opinion on. Am I just don't get me wrong? I just am I healthier also you and I both are like my brain, you're not gonna, get to the acting level through their physical thing. Yet I can do Deniro enraging boy. I candid acting exactly minimally hanging the way I can do the stuff you know, so so anyway, I want wanna, go the fatty liver, which then subsequently went away. When I, when I stop at losing weight, was, was easy because I stopped I mean I think of it.
I was drinking essentially almost four. Thousand calories a day or two thirty, eight hundred so may gotta daylight. Stop. I just stopped and you didn't have kids yeah, that's probably part, and I did, You do I had a had a one year old, yeah, really yeah. I didn't interfere anything well! You know with that. That's the the the the thing that, having a child, that they d people, don't tell you besides, that it's like the most miserable thing experience you go about, which I tried to tell as many people as possible like it is literally the most miserable thing you can do. It will ruin and destroy your life yeah better at that. For me, yeah rush over the b, but it's true sure and yet It runs the life you have exactly exactly and I think you just have to come to terms with that once you do than if everything is easier after that, but again like look what research so for me using the life I had to be on another adventure in the bigger
listen in it like it, it's all wrapped up in like why you want to know what it's like to feel to be two thirty yeah right leg. Isn't that like? Isn't there a romantic element to that holds information is a completely new experience. Yes, yes, in its it's, it's the the pain is in the holding on to what you owe to what your old thing life was, or an expectation of what you thought it was going to be right. You can serve and I find that in all aspects of my life, if I can shed that then the action. We'll thing whatever that particular thing is, is always want a great opportunity to explain something: new vs. So anyway, what they also don't you don't tell you is that you're spending so much time at home. But there's not a lot to do except drink right.
I like no, that's not something that you sure were partaking n. I I love that I'm picturing like year, one year old, pulling a knife off the counter and you can't even run to help thinking yeah, I just sort of let him do it. Do not learning exporters but the alcohol honestly. What was helpful because there's so much sugar, and so I would and because I was gaining so much weight so quickly, my taller, was was skyrocketing to like a drink a bottle and have two bottles of wine a night. I was under the giant, we're I'm just like booze, sir and lagging a virus loving and by the way, the strongest I've ever been. In my entire life, I was going to ask and Amy there is. There is a point where you got really strong. Yes, any fuckin loved. Yet I was always because maybe this again why I'm now, even now, more today with men's position, because when I was
hunger. I I didn't hear puberty till I was like sixteen, so I I didn't have the above. All my friends were like jocks. I didn't have the ability to like create a body like right and then, by the time I was in, like my late teens and twentys, I was just cigarettes, and, like I just didn't I just your care drinking coffee right and so that matters that then as I grew older and I was like a wow. I can surely now maybe transform. My body and soul. Using I had this weird thing up into my mid twenties, where I was resigned to the fact that, like oh genetically, if I just look at my the shepherds for three generations, we have guts, that's it I like genetically. I will never have a six back, but then I I well now that I could, and that was like this weird breakthrough. Unlike oh, you actually can make Europe. You can turn your body in any shape that you set out to that felt very empowering invalidity that that's that's! That's exactly right so that, with the overwhelming feeling that
I had throughout the process and then and then directly afterwards was oh. If I, if I devote a tremendous amount of time and effort and energy to something I I can accomplish that goal I mean you. It first is Silly as it is your hundred I've changed my body dramatically. Informal and then changed it again when I lot when I lost the weight and because I became A strong and I was never strong before I became for a reason I was. I could bench press a tremendous amount of weight which is so that I in my thirties was so proud. How much I could bench press. Would you tell gay allowing you got home from the germ line I would put up so they absolutely, and I would take like videos of look look at this and she's gonna. That's three heights! Unaids. One time, one time, one time,
I was at the jim- it wasn't century city and its right by the Fox lot and at one point I was bench pressing and there was like every once in a while. Like is obviously women, don't give a flying fought and most man don't give a fuck, but there is right there, some men in their sort. One point finishes say like grunting in the whole deal, and I and I am an Michael Urban, Michael Urban, global anyway, I'm ok Hall of Fame football player. The Dallas Cowboys walks by and he looks at me and he looks at the plates and he looked back at me and he goes and I can't log in- and I was like- that's that's that's all I needed, although Caitlin admitted to me there were, and I'm sure would have it expired, but did she did she got into a low bet July? When you are big
wrong ha yeah. I was a boy or a bad had like of thick of real fix frame land. I've been, and I was much like a ward hog you're, just like a superpower, fire like, like runs very old Greece. A pitiful now but like by ready to die not sinewy muscle. You know alone on one last fight left in one has a gill. Yes, gonna win these good Diane hour after the floor. Yes, so that, but it was, it was it was just ass, it was an overall and I so I felt great- and I think I fellow I do you can induce- suggests that it's really you and I are both pretty drawn to control. Yes right, that's if one hundred percent it, and that is really what I ought to be able to actually control what you eat. How often you are, wraps on. He said so much way, all this shit yeah, it's just all control than that.
That's why I guess I was a little reticent to talk about discipline because I feel, like I feel like there. That's a virtue You want it's really Rudy S, and I can I talk to a lot of people about about it because, because yes, it's looked at as a virtue, as I often times, will look at it as as a right? you know well, selfish, ultimately, absolutely and and about its so much of it is rooted in me controlling my environment. And the end. I recognise that I can't control my environment, so what I want. I can controls my self and I That's why so many of the things you ll lay out for me, like some system, Yuvan acted in your life. It's so appealing to me always unlike oh yeah, there's some even you took me in your basement. I almost cream a gene like look this physical area, you ve constructed it is a single purpose which is to lecture your body. Whatever direction you wanna go, there's daddy
if that there's this wait doubt machine and I'm like you, went way beyond just the appeal of the room I was like. Yes, this is a chamber for control, you get in here and it's like clock in when I was into that room, I gets hard to describe I'll. Do it like in the middle of the night I'll be like? Oh, I forgot to turn the light off or something I'll run. All I run down there and I'll I'll feel something. You know what it feels like a rush of adrenalin or the smells very specifically, not rather it's like a rubber rubber smell and I'm like a what, when did? I mean it's not like I'm like we'll meet had cause. I'm not right. I am certainly not athletic. It's just there's something about there's some. It's just control years a vice!
Believe me, it's not something! I'm proud of me. I want to say something really quick, because I think it's ok and healthy to recognise that a bad quality has account or good quality that it's not one thing right, so you have control issues, but the good side of that is discipline, which I think is a good thing when you think about your bad qualities that if you'd removed that bad guys, Are you remove a good quality to that most bad qualities? Have a double edged said. It's a coin. Sure yeah. I mean yes, I mean it in this. Whether like fear, I mean you can look at it yet at anything. I anything taken to the extreme can be dangerous, yeah so like I mean, there's, that's ok to have a healthy amount of fear or healthy amount of security or health him out of you, even confidence or aggression to a certain extent. You know it's just when its then in others, aspects of our obviously that are detrimental, I dont know
the day has passed since you showed me your basement, Jim, that I haven't thought about it. Like we left there said to Christian that little trip may have just cost me a lot of money I need a little area like that in my life, the chest perfectly. Swear everything's in its place. Well there is a slot, are everyday theirs and there's a judges who area right and so to me and here's another thing that I love about your jets, who or any like discipline like it it's in seeing we humbling insanely humbling. So when I think about that particular space. When I think about isn't, isn't: oh, think about all the times where I've, like role, does somebody there were I've like one. It's actually all the time I've gotten. The shit kicked out of me and there's something really liberating about that right, which is like I doesn't matter you can can try and control I can get
my own body, when I'm lifting wait such say are running or trying to gain win or lose weight. But when I'm rolling say steed de Castro, your fought on Fox, no matter what I can't control him all. I can Do is try to keep try to keep up broke. My ribs just play fighting I guess something interesting about failure when it happens in you can like own it. No, weird way, is our fear events in our heads are so uncomfortable. And then, when you ask experiences fingered terrified of and you recognize I'm still here and everything still find there's there is something like that, at this moment longer testing ships company and I went down this warm or mid test it. We decided that we were gonna tests like a forty in fell were like this autumn Take this it's over. We, never get to make a movie again worry. We ve embarrassed ourselves. There was five minutes of
shouting about how bad we shift the bed and then there is Twenty five minutes of euphoria worry like. Oh, my god, it's over we're done. We never try to fulfilling. Here, we are we we did as bad as you indeed, there was some bizarre elation that accompanied the huge failure that I was just like. Oh I finally minutes As for the thing I was afraid I was gonna be and I'm gonna continue on in life in that's gonna. Be fine and then we tested higher than we had. We were completely wrong and lady enable back at you. I always out they love as validated my book. It is once again, you have boys I am now around a lot of little boys as we gotta play dates or whatever and the, there is no excuse for how we behave, but I'm not making excuse for how men behave but when you're around little boys- and you recognize what they're just programme to do, it's pretty stark, it's pretty.
Obvious. We have some wiring. That makes us want to destroy everything and conquer another boy. It's just in there and. Our society. Thank God, is evolves so far away from our useful wiring. But you brought up earlier that you need that. You need to be able to let that aggression out- and I just wonder as we evolve and as we should evolve and are expected You should get higher and higher of men as they should I don't hear anyone proposing how we deal with this kind of bad wiring in this poison we have in our body, which is testosterone like we're, not gonna, get a new biology because our cultures evolved in so
Isn't it a little imperative that we have some kind of outlets in? We have something to do with this programming to fight another fucking males coming into steel, everyone's kids, you know yes and finding finding ways to transmute it yeah, because we can pretend like is not there. Yeah. I just that's what I'm nervous about as it we're gonna pretend that it's not their yeah yeah, I mean I'm, I'm I'm doing my best. You recognise that it's that I have those feelings and that I know that my boys, why those feelings and that we have too few you're out ways in which we can which we can use that an and change it to something else. Judo the energy positive, yeah, yeah turn it into something productive yes, because it inviting people need to be thinking about what that is, like obviously, sports and stuffs great for kids, but I wasn't in a team sport, so I was out be no winning glory in a car.
Parking lot doing, doughnuts or whatever the hell I did or fighting whatever the thing was be. I think we need some kind of constructive. We went away and Monica knows you can bet. We also don't now, as this is the first generation of kids that are going to have their parents will really be cognizant of what they're telling their boys. I think my we haven't had that up until now were boys are being FED, a very specific moral instruction on what to do with women right or left well you'd hall, but I know I don't know how in in my even grew Our fear is that you're just saying the boy? Don't ever do this? this mess, you're not going, but look did I know how you're feeling like from the time he turned twelve to eighteen, you're thinking about. Coming in some way or another unkind,
Ultimately it is the zoo met. This unformed brain is gonna. Taken that influence can affect their oars. As recent measures you know, yeah We need more radical. Allusion edges you do this to me just feels like telling young boys were catholic, not to me swimming. Actually all you do is setting up some scenario where they're gonna be like Google written in shamed here for being what they are again. You were. I dont use willing going through this with our sun right now. Where were we, I noticed a marked difference in his behaviour when we just in the way that, We respond to his freak out self. For example, for for a very long time he wakes up. He says I I want to go to school, I hated, I don't wanna go and I want to go and we're like aright great You gotta go to school everybody's got escapes shit. You know like along they like that's just the reality of life, and so then me He would react accordingly, right being contrary and
and he would fight along the way, but then eventually he would go to school, but just like this, bull, and we want a talking to a therapist and at one point therapists was like always be on his side. No matter no matter what dont invalidate. What he's saying So, for example, if he says I I really wanna I feel like I want to pay LEO Brain. I would normally sets our youngest son. I would normally say you can't hit. No did that's wrong, don't hit LEO then it would just build and building bill and what a therapist was saying was like now. He knows he's not supposed to hit LEO what what the best way to handle, that is to say a wow. That's that's a strong feeling. I know what that feels like that feels terrible that that must feed make. You feel like the that you I've seen very angry level, is something
making you super angry and and- and that makes you want to punch something I get- that I get them and then literally walking away I will help you gonna, learn that he shouldn't hitting his little brother. An end. It was like he knows that he's not was the head is little brother. What telling you is, I feel something and he wants God, which is me actually area since these eight years old. To tell him it's ok, to feel something, but what it's not ok to do is then react the way that Europe pitching that the way the union react and since already knows that, because you ve laid those laid the foundation just try that What happens? I shit you not the kid I mean like within a couple of weeks of just Almost treating every scenario like that, I'm gonna always be on your side. I am to validate, how you're feeling by saying I understand, or even just recognising it. I will now ever validate your action right based on what you are. You know that
based on. What are you feeling I'm going to I'm feeling this of. Therefore I'm going to do that. That's not open I am and that an but but but it can't we can start to transmute unless we're validating what's going on inside of them, so I think that's what you're saying, which is awry, recognising that, yes, it is, it is not right, and it is wholly inappropriate for a lot of these men to be acting the way that we are all acting at, but we have to reckon is that we are certainly feeling some of these things. There are by law ethical imperatives that are inside of us and what we need to do is right. Knows that and figure out ways in which we can transmit it. Yeah, I don't know, someone's probably got some strategy out there that we don't know about, sell you you mean Not you mean it's not like a couple: a bunch of actors like better gonna finish. I wouldn't put it asked us so, according to whether we have lots of opinions,
too many too many early, distinct, acting were told you, so you got you it through, and I have grounds I agree tomorrow that by the way I was just having this conversation on Saturday, ok, I think we should stick to our two hour. Ending you do you. I think I agree with you fifty percent industry with a view to present and tell me why well what's the first thing is counterproductive, Well, first depends on. It depends on the messaging that you're trying to get through on the under the social media. I certainly would not advocate, for any time that it's a message of inclusion or love or you are not alone or I'm with you or others, a community. Out there for you, that is open arms and putting that no
it out into the world and so that an individual can read that and accept that. I think that's wholly positive, and I completely understand that, and I feel like that is beneficial to the world. I think any kind of- sticking your flag in the ground and saying this is how I feel about any particular subject, and this is how you should feel, because is right. I think, is ultimately whether it's right or wrong, I think, is counter productive and I think it does. I think it doesn't work. I think it's as evidence over the last few years of a lot of people in our community who have who have made their opinions abundantly clear, and almost singular. They made their opinions yes and an end, and so the argument right on the other, Is you have somebody say: hey man you're an actor you're, not you not entitled to an opinion I don't want to hear and right you're right, and I think what were we to
to do as we hear that we say: wait a second I'm an american right entitled to an opinion just like you and I ultimately, I dont think that criticism. That's coming from that particular person is, is you're, not vat, that your opinion isn't validated. I think what I think what underlying is what they're saying is you're breaking the social contract, we're already giving you the platform. You're, watching your movies were watching tv shows were listening to your music. We eat that are our escape from all this, yes or and or if your changing hearts and minds. I feel like its incumbent upon us to do it with in the platform that we have been given by that by said, can like you and your show, do it in my? Shall do it in your music? Do it on yet we know doing you're writing. Do it in your acting. I feel like way more has been done for the less said, the gay civil rights movement through through
will we willing grace right? You know then, or modern family then has any, body on twitter telling you that you have to vote for game orange because its there's some moral imperative, and I think it's because we have the ability to change hearts and minds through empathy and supposed to store as yes and story as opposed through teaching lessons, and what ones are happening is that I think people feel like wait, a second, It's unfair, that we think that we give you this platform to tell your stories and then you take it, an image of this other platform by also telling us how you feel all the time, but more that, more importantly, how we're supposed to feel so. Do we have the right to do that? Of course, we have the right to do that, but at the end of the day, is it going to actually benefit
the culture or is it going to continue to create a larger divide, and I think it's the. I think it's the latter, while identifying Lee so that the Baha. I agree with a lot of that, my personal reason I used to treat a tunnel political staff and then in post election. I stopped. Because I d ask myself: the very simple question is my voice needed is so I felt very compelled to be very vocal about gay marriage. Increased an. I led rallies in. We didn't get married till his legal and we felt like that, all needed our voice, and I see a ton of like male act. Tourists who had maybe like a dude following like I had like, I also the the prison argue, that's done more for gay rights, anyone else's Howard, stern use. It doesn't take much for Christian to convince her friends of that. They already thing.
That way. Now. Howard's audience did not think that way. They look up to him and he had a rare opportune. We need to go now. You guys trust me listen! This is fucking nuts and so That case over his platform through his platform, now grant His platform is saying is opinion, so it's already different, but I do think in general you're right that you're not evincing. A single person on the other side is not happening. Review good job some data that that that are winning over people. I would be probably more in favour of it, but I just think your further entrenching your own the people on your silo already in giving more ammo to the people on the other side. So guy, I'm half again, I'm with you, but yet there are things that I I will get involved with, just because I don't think anyone else's saying it reveals I'm compulsion to, because I do have a megaphone
and I want to use it to say: hey, give money to kids and foster care. You know well sure, I mean gas me. There are certain things. I was a low blow out, the actual nationality. I take up me. I guess I'm I'm thinking more. I'm thinking more specifically like put then in in political matter. Yeah, yeah and- and I also Don't think. I certainly don't think there is anything wrong with donating. Your time efforts, energy, money to causes that you believe that, of course I do I do that we all we all do. I guess I'm I'm, I'm I'm in responding specifically to cheat twitter and Facebook yeah and just the espousing of your beliefs and every day you know, reading how you feel not you, but how set actor feels about Cavanaugh or feels about Donald a poor feels about. I just at the end of the day it doesnt matter whether it, whether it's it's right or wrong, it's is it effective. What are you
I want to do in the point I really agree with you on is that we have the ultimate weapon, which is the most powerful thing for humans is story and many of us have figured out how to do that? So why not use this incredibly powerful tool? A tweet is not a story it does. Ever hear own and antagonist, and all these things beginning middle an end, so yeah does not merely powerful user use your big heavy Excalibur sword and tell a story that can move the needle. It. Ultimately it just feels like it's more it just more effectively, and then I don't know. Sometimes I want to talk to you when a physical? Why are you doing for them in the cause? Are you doing it because it makes you feel better because it makes you feel more powerful I feel, like a lot of us, feel so powerless right now, and we say I dont know what to do. I what to do, and so, therefore, I'm just gonna spouse. Belief in Europe as a whole that that convert some people
yeah and end, let him, and even though you know that it doesn't, but it makes you feel good and get that little that little response you know, and even some of the negative response that you might get it might like click into that, war is Andrea. Blinking bells: well, I do, I say this season of sunny. It's it's currently out right, yes and yet again you did something spectacular, which is this time. You went the opposite direction and you got incredibly in shape I like you, should be in a marvel movie there and I had the pleasure. Of working out with you, in my view, far less impressive basement and you think I got a little contact high from your Fermo. While we were lifting yeah cause, you really did it in fact first saw the physique unveiled at your pool, and am I waited the pool as like? I feel pretty good about swimming today
I'm a pretty good shape, and then I saw you and immediately said you ve got a lot of work to do. You showed up to a fight with a stick: yeah yeah. You really did it this really something. I want a hundred percent, I want a hundred yeah. I made my aunt everybody. I want I don't wanna talk about this without kind of spoiler alert spoiling it, Genius. Behind this is is in my opinion, is, how little you're gonna show it that's right once this is done a comedians joke. I don't know that. I find this is brilliant as it is, but I'm minimally six months worth of hard core yeah, just body building, but but training as well. Yet we won't say what kind of training sets that would. Yeah? But you dedicated six months, you, your life, do something ultimately be displayed for what,
two and a half minutes. Like it was all born out of the same. It was blue out of the same kind of fascination that I have with actors and male physique, then I just got to the point where I was I feel it. Every move in television show I seen now. Men are take their shirts off, like normal guys, you're, not of course look hems worth or what you're playing for. Are you playing in her manner? Something that's gotta come on, I'm talkin about the guy who's like a chicken delivery guy. You know in the movie air mechanic, and he knows the actor knows. Oh I'm having a love seen, so I'm gonna get an incredible shape on guilty of this. Ok, the truth. Is that there is no human being on earth that has adds unless they are working towards getting apps right and generally chicken delivery, guys, don't that's generally Riah all
chicken delivery. I met mechanics. I have never met a mechanic without unless he was, going for that right going for that look. So if it's not up, if it's not a character trade, a guy, that's like a gym rat Look like that right and I ll Jim yet, and I feel like I've been seeing a lot like all. You lot is so I wanted to do. I want to do my version of it because I thought it best stupid, to do something like that and generally, when the movie. You see with a shirt. This physique as a huge part of us you see Yemeni, looks great for the entire movie and I just funny, if I did and then I showed off in the first like to its the other characters it's really stupid
not really get it? Why did you do it? Did you lie like will? How can we use the body and the care of sharp act on, and then I put my shirt back on and then never taken off again. My am, and so that I don't know I just feel like that, would be funny and does his tremendously funny and have you got any response on twitter like it is, is my hunch true that it's probably not percent of the response of our eyes, all its though debris element all made so depressing, all men, yeah yeah I haven't a graveyard Romani women yeah. Ok, a couple, but maybe you're, mostly mostly it's like it's a little ma, it's too much about what you're hearing from women. Well, I went for very specific. I went for a very specific body right and that was
ok. I will. I will say that I hired the greatest sky is errand boy by and is is the we love, and yet he is the trainer of these, the Hollywood male body, trainer yeah. Aunt JANET Tatum at the Emerald love chance, your body he does magic. Myron gets all over that body. Yeah Gosling, he does all the key does a dynamic. So I am also a friend of Steve Castro offer mentioned so I I sit down and now fire engine. A boner like less wordplay. Those are the things, though. Women comment on this. I hope I used it correctly. You did. I get here in fact Jack. Please look about it, so I said: ok, aren't I There is a very specific body that I want to go for because it because this, because I'm trying to do something very specific, it's the male body that I want. He goes Brad Pitt Fight Club. I said how did you know that goes literally?
every guy I've ever worked with regard as I want Brad Pitt and he goes go back and watch Brad Pitt in Fight club. He is not big. He infects using. Readily skinny. Yes, so so skinny solely he saw lean. It's like his frame. It's like he's gotta got a great frame railways, so so he goes but here's here's the thing, man, you Brad Pitt. Looks like Brad Pitt right and he's like so so we're gonna work do this in, like it's just gonna, be your body re like it's gonna, be a version of your body. Size and ok. Great saw go for that. Let me now will be really funny to is like, even if you were to get Brad Pitt body, you stood up Brad Pitt face. No, in fact almost need his face to pull off that finally repast exactly I haven't guilty of yes, so I thought that's even funnier is like that, if one character, if I'm like- but don't you see, put it so
my son, I have the same body Brad Pitt. Therefore I look like bribe underlying MAC back. What about usually the most important literally on the railway, my Wharton part of his body and my well kind now not kind of not having club not even close awry anyway. I I I where I went for it honestly, when I talk to my doctor about about this one, because I said all this is like a better version. You know cause, I'm gonna be healthier and he's like this, isn't necessarily how your changing your body in very short amount of time. It's not necessarily great. You know, like they would then make sure were monitoring powers. A starving for a period of time promotes longevity, so I might disagree with your dark eyed. He
I think the concern was the was the delors decreasing caloric ning intake. I think it was the dramatic increase in a heart rate that it take to create that life was like three and a half months, and so anyway I was mine, through through that as well and that it turned out that gives our right yeah, but but I I deeply felt better when ass fat, you, dear yeah, yeah, but I remember when this all concluded. I said you are you gonna, keep up this regime, this regiment and you're like it's, it's tempting because, you're moving through the world, and you say people are responding to you differently in your forty years. Old is yet bizarre to be inhabiting a new body they gets just just people can't resist there. Is there having a reaction to your physical presence? assets involuntary and that their vocalize- and so I have this-
in thing when I was fat, but it wasn't don't no one was known was saying so I would. I would never because it was partly experimental this fund for me was that I wasn't telling anybody wives doing it. So I would say simply by and seen in a long time, and they would sort of like be like talking to me and like I got, sense of what it might feel like to be a war, a woman yeah who was like well endowed or something like that that they were like looking down at my body as opposed to my eyes, because they're trying to take sneak up what's going on. I was happening with a man like oh yeah, like women. No, oh right, they can see I'm watching you watch my by you know like and so on would be the guy now? Things are good and you know that our he's like he looks terrible he so fat, but but when I'm it, when I got an really good shape, it was four point conversation with every person than ever talked and they would it would instantly I kind of felt, like I can't say for sure
what it's like to be in recovery, but I can say that my friends who were in recovery, I notice that a lot of heat or will come to you with like their especially They're drinking beer at a bar or something they'll, come to you and be like man. I know I'm drinking too much. I got to maybe like get it under control and we are, I would hear from every single person in my life they would come up the big ol man. You look great. You look like you're in pretty good shape and I really gotta we work like where what what's routines, I really gonna, get I'm I'm thought about maybe getting shape and, like I dont care and shape or don't. But how did you do it like I run three miles a day. I work out five times a week with a trainer. I eat right, Amene secret well, but this is what was kind of cool about. To working with errand, because Aaron does for a living he's like things that in your life, like aspects of your body and in real life that you would
traditionally are what like look cool and a male physique, don't necessarily play on on care camera. I e pit, probably a hundred equally well again, Fifty pounds in that body. So skinny Piazza, really it's not about size. It's about symmetric right, so creating the right frere. I can't believe we're talking about such great data, as is so this is. This is exactly why I did it in the first place, because this conversation is so fucking lame to me. Is anyway. Errand was like this is. What you want to do is build this, and all that and dont worry about this to an end. The first. He said to me which broke my heart. Was we're not gonna do Kenny Chesney yeah yeah. I know what the chest doesn't matter at all in like that. In my thing I can I can bench press so much and he's like. I don't care how much you can bench pressing like this is how I impress people he's like no one is impressive. Dax is derisory
as you can write about this conversation is its. It debunks this new notion that men don't have body image issues. Oh, why a hundred percent! I have this morphia item obsessed with it. I will give you don't give their much credit to men's body issues, but their real. All that is what money is, is very well aware of the the way that Hollywood does obscure. Fuck up women's exe. Occasion of their body, but every little boys payment. De I go down to is that they have the eggs, the same proportion is swords and Agar did you know like you. Definitely is a little boy. You want to grow up and look like you know, yapping you may not ever be able to look like so to me it was. It was It was fulfilling. It was satisfying in so far ass. The eye could justify it all the way through. I was due the most vain thing. I could do right when you create this like
male physique and I was getting all the benefits of that, but also the eye could justify all the way through by saying I'm making fun of this yeah right so that, like so that I'm an Collins, I really yeah and I'm Charley was like. Why are you doing this man in his eyes? This actually like, because you make found a better because you want to look like this. I'm like I, if I'm being On a per cent honest, I don't know, but I can't I can't extra- Kate myself from the reality of the situation. So why can I not actually what happened you started off in on the joke, yeah, and then you, did not in the joke. That's what makes it even five, because I I, like I said to you like I. There is something in executing about looking and feeling better and well though I was like all I'm gonna, because this other show I'm doing a macabre game. The weight of Ghana me, I'm not. I don't want to do it, yeah, there's something about that for you.
Go and then there's just something inherently, I'm just competitive, and so I one of the things it would help motivate me was was was being like. Ok, you The same routines is like Channing or or Ryan and yeah, maybe like ok. Eric was like this like pull up push up, squat retain right, and anybody ok. Well, I chant does this in twenty five minutes. Unlike fuck, I'm gonna be chance. You know like like, as I could. If I can beat Jane, Tatum than therefore, but it still the same problem. I still don't look like Jean Claude as good as it is like or really just doing this, because we are stuck with these fuckin face exactly never gonna. Look like Channing, I'm never gonna, look like Brad, never your baby, so I was a bit of time. Yeah well Rob MAC Lenny. I hope. You come back because I'm also curious how you're so seemingly self actualize involve. Yet you don't to my knowledge, you not interrupted
step programme and you know it now: you don't do it Miller therapy right now, but I have a male yes, it is- I can just with they may we could be- could have that waving. Leading to just talk about K. I forget talk about myself too much, one thousand Ivan. How did I get my mom says with you, but but yeah before you go. Let's just say that One of the loves in my life is your wife. She so spectacular. Incredible She really got lucky a grand slam, yeah Grantline yeah, it really just fell into your lap. Do yeah she audition for Shall distant for Sonny you're. One of the examples I use, when I say will people should be able to date in the workplace when we say and we can't not have people died. While the fuck I was going to meet somebody yeah when we will end up with two children because of it yeah. I mean I I look up to her. She's changed my life and in in too many ways to count. Somebody who is so
singularly good at something that is just intoxicated what yes! So this is what I was gonna get at. Is that you're, a tremendous comedic writer in your great comedic show runner you on a stage next to Caitlin she's gonna mop, you are below me away as they perform She is infinitely better than you right, yet I would say about my wife yeah. What, without it yeah I mean I would say that about every member of the castle I mean I got. Was I never thought of myself as funny I this? This was never my ten I do not want to do this right, I just sort of fell into it and then, Sir, how did myself with incredibly funny people and and Caitlin is to mean the funniest woman in the business. I just dr per year, as is Julia Louise Dreyfus,. It's me. Julia. Louise drivers is the number one you guys, Z, Kimball any,
off. I believe anything she's doing Fashionitis knots O Louise, Julia. We don't we During Louise we instead it right now a casually really hydride real time. Fracture, yes, she's incredible and I think of Caitlin I told her when she was on that first episode of the MAC. I was like forget it if you too, earn her loose. She can do everything and she's beautiful yeah. It's pretty crazy. I remember being in high school and falling in love with with Elaine Benes, you know and be because she was just so I mean she just so original and so funny and I've never seen anything like that before all due respect to the cost. Friends, why think will mean less? Who could row is incredibly funny? It was just something that like and let that Let me just as harmful yeah that was doing on that show that I was I fell in love with that idea. And I never really thought about it again and then,
and then I am? I met my wife and I was just watching heard do and we were free you know for awhile as we were cast, it's, you know on the show, and I was just watch her and just be mesmerized by somebody who is it's just so singularly great at something yeah and Anne and so content, and she has that thing where she just never. She cheek she is constantly trying to get better and quest joining the decisions she's making and questioning whether this is the right path or questioning she's, never questioning her own ability. No. She can get. There is just what's the path to get there. That's that's so attractive, yeah and she's, also incredibly compassionate number reckon hungering for giving in to the grape juice everything that I want to be here I mean she.
She fills in so many of the emotional gaps that I have an deficiencies and and He has helped me and contain is to help me. I will continue to help me be a better person. How can I help you find a better partner than that? yeah, you gotta have a partner whose whose crushing some areas of each of their life that you're not so you can aspire to Canada, its good and live with an example that you can grow towards. I think yeah I mean pick up every day and look at this person and say I wanna, I can be more like her. In so many ways? And everyone rightly over you happy guess, Maelstrom, that's right! The world would be a better place, like my immediate world will be a better place if I can be more like this human. Who is directly in front of me this guiding light principle I love to dismantle with logic as it's not her. Strong sue now right, well,
it means- will win that's right when these arguments and I'll leave an ogre. Oh I'm right, but some she's still a better person, the measles. That's right, fuckin right! That's right! I will do what we'll have intellectual right like lot, because there, oh I'll feel superior rail. I got out of only her into a corner, intellectually, India? Okay! Now? What do you think about? I shall say I suppose that youth, I suppose you want. How does that you know if she's like you feel better that you've diminish me? Intellectually them like, I feel worse and she's like I guess I want if she has a I'm sorry, I'm doing up to what she had the day. She has this wonderful ability to win a fight every time by taking the highroad but her higher. Is is really like, devious emanate, so will be in a fight and I'll. Think. Ok, Can you tell me to go to sleep in the other room? Are you now get the fuck
way for me here I know she's gonna be miserable and an you know we have. This thing were in our bedroom. I, like it much, is very sensitive I like it freezing and she likes it. Much more. Radical travel, so is just happen. Not that long ago, where we were in this big fight and run like fuck, you fuck you, you know, I hate you or whatever. This is miserable as she goes up to the room and Imma stay downstairs, and I'm just doing and I'm like, I got to go up there and you know she's going to be high, and passed and I gotta go make up or whatever and I go up there and the room is sixty seven degrees turn it all the way down to make it perfect. For me, which is really sweet now, which that's right about my heart, my heart, like melted, because I was like this human did something kind for me. Witches which is incredible, but also she completely Outwitted me in every way, like checkmate, Jedi jet
at night and then all and because of that I have so much more respect because she's she's winning you winning in every asthma, emotionally intellectually, I mean in in everywhere. Yours Logically, Groton around Gallagher lagging a knock on the door down a mat goods. It is of great seventeen watchin you, my basement, put in place while a medical honey. You're wrong, you're, a great guest you're one of a handful of idols. I have- and I hope you don't do anything- the fuck up that status. That's a lot of pressure upon that was my goal. I appreciate I love you too. I love, I am. I love our time together. I love talking to you, Thank you for him. I am honoured to be here. You we'll come back and we're gonna do a show where we do like Deca tran. Would all these different steer radiologists? Git? Let's go!
Jackie man. Let's get a couple horses at the pinnacle of it gives it should read as we know, one takes into account is like yeah you can put on at any given time you could put sixty pounds of muslin her tendons aren't getting any different, now same tendons, that'll beholden. Sixty the muzzle the Stallone movie Expendable expendable, unlike the guy's, the older guys Dave somehow managed to stay fucking Jack. If you notice there not moving quick, well yeah there's still imposing, but there's no spreading any more than the fights are we slow in Immethodical because his tenants just are getting. Healthy or no, more but anyway, I should think about why you can beat up your dad yeah. I thinks I think so I think I could probably at this point I can take
I love you. I love you to come back here and now. My favorite part of the show the fact checked with my soul, mate. Monica Batman Everyone was that jack, fine, being hi ya, Mama girl was found. There is a need to do and we were back jack, I mean doo doo, Doo, doo doo Monica was fast as light mean doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo. I loved them another yeah. Another I'm cherry request. I have a question about these requests. Are they when they were classed? Are they? telling you what to say. Sometimes you sometimes now in this case. Yes, they took the time
actually right out the lyrics I should they did such a good job. They really did predominantly they don't do that. Ok, that's why so many of them stink. When I do that I am preparing the EU doing out of flying fly and early checking to see if the syllables mad ya now the rhythms there- and I were now now rhymes anymore, now, Molly you, this person did a great job. They really did. I mean the part that they killed was monocle, fast as like everyone was back check, file name, delete, believe didn't. Leave did Monica was fast, as light mean they even added the high yeah, and that is why this from Anthony male. Don't nada man!
Oh, don't Malvolio Maldonado now they're, not oh yeah, Twitter, Anthony Maldonado. Thank you and you ve been a mountain audio or my gathers. Even eight upheaved included a of video with the law, your eggs. I can tell you now, since we now have this aunt Tony really thought this sound. I thank you tony pigs, tony thanks, Tony the tv. You know I never said. I know this person really does a man. My high schools, ass, numerous Maldonado, and I remember what his first name was always marks are now, can you show Anthony doesn't go by market? Could the lobby will name Anthony, go buy more, that's true. It's a common neg common. Do you understand east? You blew right pass it in the end trial that you're, saying Philadelphia Wrong, says you well now says, says Fairfax.
Said first visitor and says spelling guy tomato tomorrow off here, Philadelphia filled the Althea It gives them like wondering wearily or a came from while Europe, Philadelphia Noses Philadelphia? What are you what he's IRAN, its Philadelphia with a key? Forgive me for breathing, I'm sorry, everyone in Philadelphia, you tested. I am wrong. Bob Robbie Rob now Wabi. Why but different rob raw tobacco him yeah. He is a hard last name. To spell it's nearly impossible, its incredibly hard to spell smell of spot to run along,
and I'm very good at spelling bragging number one okay, so he said he said he things As a hundreds there's been a hundred and sixty episodes of TAT way, sunny, there's been a hundred and forty four will be. You know I is. I know he prior sixteen. In the camp, no it this includes, then the ten for this season also do ok, just one word attempt to defend them to their love so much. I think they ordered three seasons at once. So in his mind, he probably knows there doing was easy. That's my guess, but anyways one one, forty, what you say my very far as pretty darn good, guys, yeah, pretty good, pretty impressive men. Do some quick meant that seventy two hours of content to redo plus seventy to one forty four
I was a half hour to have our legal drama. Ok see. You said: Larry David made eight hundred million dollars his net worth was rumored to be eight hundred million souls alike. It was in his life, he may, when opening out it mailbox and have a check and so that said, I wonder now he didn't are eight hundred my, although they do you get checks like that does the weighty cells indication is they'll cell, like a five year Blah Europe's indication in some, like I remember that one I remember was: was seventy show the first cycle sold for like seven hundred eighty million dollars. We will dig it checks for hundreds of years,
in the dollar, but he was on Howard, Stern and Howard, asked about the that rumour, and he said the reports are insane and it's nothing like that. It's not merely that amount, it wouldn't say exact numbers, but he said it so untrue. Half of it went to his divorce. Ok! All right! Do you think he is a lot of money? The yes, I think Larry David had a lot of money, hugger great idea, but it's good for me to say that, because eight hundred million is a rumour and he has sang. That's not true. Yeah, but he also ease including a divorce, while his net worth is how much money you up here. So he is not Furthermore, that I heard was like he made eight hundred million on Seinfeld right, that's not trail and now that's the whole point. What I'm saying
didn't make eight. However, an irish aim, Howard, so your rumoured to have a hundred million dollars and he's a that's crazy. It's I'm close to it. I gave have to my wife you're your network is rumoured at eight hundred million. Is what he's yeah. Then that's the deal was the rumour wasn't my do you hear the rumour? Was he may that on Seinfeld, a rumour I heard was Eddie media and annoyed oars and psycho about that? That's not That's not the universal we'd. Both could be correct right now, so he could have made five you gotta, maybe another milliners and Seinfeld you couldn't even half of that money to his Ex wife and Howard. Could you said your network is: were? Is eight hundred million? He go now, that's on him close to a minute worthless cause. It's half of that does he gave have his wife. So all things could be true. His network can be my son, not nothing, confirming that he made eight hundred million on Seinfeld, talker gray, ok, so
he left after the seventh season, and then he came back to write the series finale, Larry, David and James Candle Fini was thirty seven. When, when the pilot aired of Sopranos awhile, thirty seven not sire rob you naughty might have been saying. You just That leaves thirty someone. An air yeah remember is that when they are advancing, I now ok. So you sad the reason that we attract into our civil things is due to some olfactory sense and there was a study in two thousand said been. It looks like about this, and but the that was with animals. They tended to avoid eating a base on recognising specific smells
but they couldn't really. They couldn't really a tribute that to humans. So there's this western mark hypothesis, which is a finnish sociologist to first noted in in a book published in eighteen, eighty, nine that children reared together do not often end up being sexually attracted to each other's. He was like the first person to say that, and there is different upon the surface of why and these different cues like if you saw, if you saw that person getting reared by your mother. Then you then that's like a cue. That's a cue to not be attracted her, but then they said that it would only work for us, her sampling, so they said, but for younger siblings would have no opportunity to make this observation. Another q might be the amount of time spent living with another child, yet
interesting now granite. I wasn't the scenario for long, but I different was attracted to my stepsister. Then I observed all those things observe my mom caring for her, but not light. You're, saying not leak from infancy, an intimacy didn't merging. My steps is right. I think that's in India dinner of why this does make sense, because up Listen just came in to your life, you didn't see them getting grow up with them and then all of a sudden they became attractive to you when I was a drugstore out school and she became my stuff oh yeah, this is nothing like this, and this is now in the case of the israeli here, but some collective farms, cubits kibbutz, didn't set say he is, are we gonna go yeah for his parents were gone, his it sooner
well? In this case children were reared somewhat community in pure groups based on age, not biological relation, a study of the marriage patterns of these later in life would be opened out of the nearly three thousand marriages at occurred across the system. Only fourteen were between children from the same peer group of those fourteen none had been reared together during the first six years of life. This result suggests that the West or Mark effect operates during the period from birth. To the age of six also supports my olfactory. Fury, because there around all these people, so they imprinted, even though they weren't biologically related warranted the people they around, stop right. So, yes, this is a room. We members, but but it might not have to do with this in my very well- might have to do the smell or just might have to do with what they are saying. Activity when proximity during this critical period does not occur. For example, when a brother and sister are brought up,
separately, never meeting one another. They may find one another highly sexually attractive when they meet as adults or adolescence. According to the hypothesis of genetic sexual attraction, alot of formal, zero out there Sir, why not with their lives save can he's having I've. What about it on here so have. I said, I'm not generally interests in pornography gray. I can't buy into the fact that the women are actual actually say on this episode. How much longer ok, they're yeah. I know you don't really like porn, but do have like a go to that. You go you like a video, I mean oh no, no, no! No dinner! There was you that there was this. There was a video at one point. I would circle back to cause. It reminded me of a sexual encounter.
I have had. It was really the video itself as much as it reminded me of a real of it. Oh, how do people do that? Do? Do people have a video that light their video, thereby unwell, hunting where they can watch it in their head and stuff. I can't really speak for. I don't think so. I think it's all about like quantity. Ok She's gotta worry there now, like an old days when you're younger yeah, you get your hands on one or two porno: tapes, Rhine obviate, chess, porno tapes for them yesterday probably you had a waiver tabling certainly had a favorite scene in the shape, so yea you'd wife said seem over one at I had seen yeah CUP honoured Times, but now with the internet it just up. The lot of the image is near general dagger
asian? It's rough, ok, Steve De Castro comes up a lot in this episode, Help people ask us, no you just you got just keep saying his name but yeah. So deep de Castro is a stone. Ma am Start coordinator and director. And he starts coordinated hit Moran and he starts coordinated ships, but he also acted and brothers, just my first movie, you beat me up here today. You and I hated having to pretend I was that much of his wife, that leads me to my next point or what for years. Look another boy! Oh this cherry led me to the last year: yeah masculinity
alright. This would be a great time to bring up the movie wide going too, because I forgot but when I was listening back, it is, and it is a Eads are a lot of conversation about mask lenity in man and body. E mail and yes yeah and we have just had just watched the mask. You live in The mask you live in a documentary about masculinity and where it really come. It's from and why we have societal, led this obsession with MA am in ITALY and Mass yeah. How much we just beat it into a little boys, heads and girls. But everyone be won the hour, maybe someone's beaten in a girl's heads too, but boys, I think that's. The point is Everyone is falling into this trap that men should be this
They should be. This girl should be this, but but the girls are also falling into the trap. That boys should be this everyone's fallen into a sheer and in fact the like, the first things in the movie that was really compelling was a psychiatrist clinical psychiatry, saying we think we loved to focus on the differences between men and females anymore. You really look at biologically speaking as one chromosome and if you, if you give them broad psychological task, you find there's! Ninety percent overlap in the way we think every rented the movie today. So I find that exact statistic. I dont think you says anything about a chromosome. Oh you mean just than just the gender chromosomes exile asked, but by this daddy, is these psychological tests on fifty thousand girls in it? It results in a bell curve and then they do with fifty thousand boys at also result in a bell carbon
when you superimpose those two, it's a ninety percent overlap and is just these tiny shoulders at the edge and those are the places that we choose. As to how and Anon as boy and girl, yeah yeah lower listing vastly more similar, different, fascinating yeah. But it was really funny as we are watching. They basically outline like the four or five ways that we prize masculinity in this country my immediately were alike like oh, my God, taxes had figures cliche ever it was like sexual conquest make money boom of fighting. Yeah. Ah, excessive use of alcohol was like any way. I could show I was mass, you I'm not hand at around and let me know I was here. I was racing too to prove myself in that were needed check. All the best
I was really proud of you. Fur acknowledge acknowledging and realizing? I really was I I guess I was wondering if you are going to miss the everything they described was like. I know, but it's it's! to see when people are pointing out something negative to see that you have fallen into that. Oh sure, new is funny funds. I feel no shame or guilt over Cosette was like that's the road map I was given and as I can, achieve this standard and I think I do too. He has a greater awareness of this paradox that he hates toxic mass super drawn. Do it yeah he finds a fascinating guys, but he was clear to save it. Thinks it's crazy and that at all needs to be like transmuted into a different thing which I like, but it is embedded in our
culture and its. Why earlier you said he says something about man's man building yeah, because that's exactly it. This is exactly what we do and we say a man's man and this message it just like leads to these crazy expert. Stations that are real. And he added. Document or is so good is really fantastic. Everyone LA merely really watcher, especially of your raising a boy, but I think of it. Yes, of course, if your raising a boy- yes, but also, if you're, just a person in the world, you should watch it because it's we're all part were all part of the problem here by a gear and Xavier raising a boy you'd find that daily year reinforcing those things completely unaware that you're doing it yeah yeah yeah. I mean it's an hour advertising into ever. It is everywhere from day one for you arrive. They already bought your blue boy, good open
exactly, oh, ok and then one other thing sort of tangential to miss. Robbed me. The connection to the fighting need this like need for justice ah, but I do think a sort of true. I think it's true. I am also obsessed with justice. And have no inclination to administer justice physically yeah eggs. After eight years ago, have not drawn to man but boy I know it's interesting, but you feel like that, because an rural areas of life and another conversations you can write denies that when people are doing thing me, Don t. You are calling something our whatever it's not about you and it's about them.
And that's a sad existence for that person. You can have some empathy, but but you don't have that in these cases, like I'm smart enough to go, oh the bully, that's picking a fight with me at the bar has a lot of problems and issues and ease the victim of probably a shitty dad. I can recognise all that that can be very present my mind and then given the choice to be a victim of that person's bath algae or do fight back into feed them. I always pick that but you do it then the problem is, it does not have to be its. Those aren't the choices. You believe that in your experience, that is a choice where you can walk away. In my experience, if you start walking away the guy fucking hit you and say the face than you following search kicking you in the face- many many times in my life. You can't walk away if you walk away you're just going to get it blindsided and then that person's going to beat you while you're on the ground. So I disagree,
you think it's me. I think it's more rare than are giving a credit for someone to walk in LOS Angeles thousand percent. I could live in LOS Angeles for another thousand years and never ever have to defend myself? I maintain isinglass, I'm just saying here, culturally hundred percent, I could avoid ever getting her in LOS Angeles yeah. I could not have avoided in my childhood, getting her I stated my house bigger, Aaron's us that story, one errors as he my first trip to earns house too, Is it him as a new friend we gotta play hockey and I just show up up immediately I step up her mother fucker. I'm gonna kick your ass. That's all! We haven't? Even he doesn't even know my name. I just want I'm an outsider from their neighbourhood and that do z, they're, going to kick my ass or I'm gonna fight back. Those are the two choices again, probably terrible childhood. I can have tons of compassion now, isn't it
in that moment in the snow with twelve other boys around. I don't regret fighting back, in winning, I'm very happy that that was the outcome. Will I do I'm, I guess more speaking to adults, because I think the reason these things happen with kids is because they see it happening in adults, EU mirror all these things at your seeing in your parents and the people around, and all of that. So that's probably true. As a kid- and I agree at only know what else you could have done in that circumstance, but the reason it's happening, I think, as because of a vote of a bigger issued that adults, I don't think I think it's probably very rare for an adult to be in a bar and fur some one to come up completely lately out of nowhere and am pick a fight where you had literally nothing to do with it and no,
this is the rumbling rare opportunity where I can say that yeah. That was your experience. That is Finally, not the experience in bar culture in Detroit. We most guys that they drank enough in bars in Detroit. I've had some Stranger come up to them. In literally start a fight out in our cause, they're drunk in horror it occurs them they're not get laid, so they shift mainly to then I'm kicking someone's ass in there's a ton of those guys out there. Well, that's also, part of this problem. Then that, like going in drawers and expecting to get laid and getting upset that they're, not in its own, like that, these are things that we have done.
Of change in young people absolutely. Ah, there was all well then run such a heart. No.
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