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Sara Bareilles

2020-09-21 | 🔗
Sara Bareilles is a Grammy Award-winner and Tony and Emmy Award-nominated singer, songwriter, actress and author. Sara chats with the Armchair Expert about her awkwardness as a kid and how she found her place in community theater. Dax geeks out about the two attending UCLA at the same time and Sara tells him how she wasted a year of school credits abroad. She discusses her obscure overshares on stage, the bipolar lifestyle of musicians on the road, and how she feels a little like a superhero because she had covid already.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcomed, arm, chair expert, you sound like a miniature man. I am miniature house today. Bodies and I talk shepherd. Oh wow, you're, full yourself at sea must have we He had the funniest conversation with cerebral us. I loved her as a musician, I'm in love with terrorism. Position, I'm in love with her as a song rider and then just got completely bowled over with who she is. I know really hang out with her. You're really going to want to hang out with her to SARA Bareilles is a Grammy award winning and Tony and Emmy Award nominated singer songwriter actress and author. She was in Jesus Christ, superstar with John Legend, and she also wrote all the music for the hit Broadway Musical, waitress and she's had a bevy of wonderful albums, careful confessions, little voice, kaleidoscope, art.
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He's here s my guys that affairs, We were a like in like we could get your audio by heart, for whatever reason that turned off the MIKE, you need to go in another eighth of an inch. No way most things mean to go in another eight. I know now, in six months we ve done. I don't know any of these men. We can't figure out how to talk to you. It's really jello nothing sample. I didnt pay with my airport that allows like embrasure him, the king and his microphone. I haven't made quite a you know. Only twenty is a b and I tell you the funniest story along the way, a good friend of mine,
we joined a zoom may a meeting it was morning is really early, so he's in his coffee and everything and he's heavings is videos off his autos up these arts, carving. Many bodies a smoker right. He goes that I am making noise is right. Am I really trying to get it right at this moment where he is like? Oh, my god, I almost got his breath through active, takes fucking computer and into the bathroom has a full explosion and starts here. People laughing from the zoom meaning and realise the into higher thing has been heard everywhere they weren't close man. May I now, needless to say, he is not return to that. A resume our you doing. Are you in New York, New York? I think you know problem the purpose of I'm doing? Ok at the moment, the raw
going the moment this year has been my experience over I'm like can an even bigger within a day, I'm very prone to the peaks in value and then obviously animal show yourself right now, I'm like five minutes a minute. The monitor- and I were talking last night about how, like you, have your normal life. You have your normal challenges and struggles that everyone has, but I think we keep forgetting that it's happening within also this kind acts of like crazy uncertainty, but you're not aware, and then there are other problems, are taking the shape that are so profound. While I normally handle this and then you just you, gotta keep reminding yourself, like others very atypical and is very stressful, yak, with an I found that I think, because of the severity of everything, like all the real issues that are going out into the field does any of the other matter any thing matter, other than literally live and die in this election, like the recasting,
it's true but yeah, there's like half the countries on fire theirs. A global pandemic. There is an election. You know seconds away a lot it. It is allowed to much about some would argue, Tomb some would argue too much, and I would agree with that start with the fact that you wrote a song that my wife then saying that is by far my favorite thing, she's ever sang. I can't tell you how often I forced her to put on superhero. Oh my cod. Is it good? Oh, my God, and the girl singer and it's such a goose bumps maker in its on central marking, the cartoon how'd. You end up working on that. I came through Josh God. I think he reached
an author Lauren, because my friend Calvin, you worked on Bob Birds with Lauren and so worn and dash both reached out asked the guy was interested in writing for lesser animation is like the big bucket left for me, though, dream come true and then going to write coming for Christian. The thing is, I can get a sweet and that characterises the lizards and then just getting to be really play, fall and imaginative and trying to imbue humor and awkward death of her age, and I had a lot of fun and they were so collaborative. There really find easy kind, and back and forth you do. I'm creatively. Connor's share some connective tissue in that there's like acuteness, an awkward ness and then yet there is also the perfection of some section of the song. There's like like that's what Kristen does so well and frozen or something where she can be bumbling and insecurity,
then, really brave and all these things- and I think you ve creatively- are kind of some are now that's my setting sail. It does really I got through them version and how people do other people that I can do. I get gravity towards either people that kind of approach, life that went like I'm so not cool and collected. We cannot ignore the people, the kind of move through honestly. That goes on to me, because we're all kind of like a little bit of a mess and trying to hide it most of the time yeah collecting secrets along the Y yeah you're from Eureka, which is an intriguing placed for me to think that you're from simply that we drive through their often on our way to Oregon. We ve stayed there where the day I'm superior. Where did we stay and Eureka in actual video did you camp? Where was it? Do you know what I want to say that we got some coastal poor? I can't remember We ve been through there a few times and I'm kind of obsessed with humble Coney.
General. What is called the like emerald triangle. Oh, is that what is called a good going away their yeah, but the weed I could care less about, but there's also like crime and there's like people disappear yeah. Oh yeah, their words, I document only like motor Mountain there's. One thing you did you watch, you know, I didn't see it accurate. I should tell you watch it but which I think is kind of hungarian, because I've never heard anybody refer to efficient murder about like they made it We are caught them. Another mountain, exactly accurate! Now, watch your destroy my fantasy of murder, mountain you're. Here he is like. Are there a lot of methods everywhere? It's very
it's really interesting mixture of super country, Bernard projected liberal minded net and very conservative redneck. You know people trying to live off the grid and stuff yeah, some of that and then my country music, lot of ugly like little minute southern accident, sometimes that close to their I'm such a fund for the place. But is it really unique place, which I think is why you know I was telling you like go for it a beloved and weird play. My main memory is like driving through. The town on our last trip there looking up healthy restaurants for my wife, clearly not for me and I, there being like thirteen great options for organic food. And, let me say, logging trucks pass. He knew all this conflicting stuff like in lumberjack wardrobe, and then all these are healthy restaurants. It is really unique yeah,
got a really cute little downtown. It's like an area that use They have really robust industry, logging and fishing being the main lines, which is why the community, through a build up and then a lot of those jobs, went away, though it haven't really figured out what's next in terms of how to sustain economically we're doing it? There's a lot of homework that there is a lot of people just cannot make it work. Ok now your mother worked at a funeral parlor, which is just fantastic. I guess I got a few questions about that. What role did she have their guesses? Let's start there. One this sort of brief. It wasn't like sixteen underwear like I went down and the dead bodies. All right writes about ugh moving back, I'm she like intake, though in a family, would come in and she would work with them, designing, left hurry
she really loved it for a while. It is a hard job for obvious reasons, but I didn't get made her feel like she could really offer support in the difficult times of people and she's really good at that. Oh she liked. And then I think actually, my corporate and they started getting pressure that uptown like get the grieving families by the really nice carbon and like I've, always liked them early perplexed by, of course, it's a business and of course they sell products with. It is a weird time to be really wrong is element just somebody I know I wasn't like the amount you spend on this coffin is going to be a real representation of how much you valued this person
yeah, but you know me a couple their old. I don't think he needs the Ipad attachment. I don't I don't think he's gonna watch money more, just use it. I heard how savage I wasn't. My father died. I was dealing with over the phone. It had happened in Michigan, and so I'm goin around like we're just need a cremation. Ok! Well, we can remain in this box or that box might put him in a plywood box. I don't mean to be rude, but what are we talking about? You gonna, throw this thing in the fucking oven. What why would I buy? Something? Nice is a cardboard option. They won't mind were begun. I'm gonna go out for the environment. I only I'm with you. I'm gonna be ok. Now at what age would you say you start getting interested? I now. Obviously you didn't musicals in high school, but does it predate batteries high school european introduction to when you start
hanging performing singing and performing maybe a little earlier than that I didn't community theatre away when I was twelve, but I felt a pang piano, I'd really like SEC, and I took my for a little while I didn't like it. I didn't like when they were like, do them in different with your right hand, and your left here I like best with hard. I didn't. Heard through imagine, but I never fell out of love it and if I did a lot of the afternoon, on my own got involved in the choir and stuff and I go. But community theater was maybe my more introduction into performance, and I just love that I was the total hams and awkward kid and I made fun of at school and I thought you know you ve all the weirdo to go to the theatre community and will take this beautifully inclusive wonderfully diverse group of people like left each other like this is the magic spot for their jobs. Like I really missed out on. That
They would have done more in it. When I got the college, I was it We can't major in kind old, I've, that's going to be the bulk of you and I because we were there at the same time, I just figured out no young, we were YAP. Let's put it, pan, because I really want to eke out a man now community, theater and then high school, I did a little trouble. Corazza height coordinate was like a peak existence. Member for that production. But, seeing you now, I feel like it be hard to think that you have made fun of Yeah yeah, yeah, you're major by one avow, just like awkwardness or I was a chubby TED. I was a catholic school which is just the whole other separate million diamond but yeah I had like the new kids in my class and it was such a small car
and you just like, as I want to say, like maybe even the second or third grade, you kind of get your role third year. Whatever the stereotypes about you like they're, just indelible and they ve been change each year would pass- and, unlike you guys, com that anymore. I have this rule I would have liked. Crisis of identity were like. I would feel good during the summer, and I beg work really are, but anyway there was no upward migration out of your class strata, and now until I can go about when the public going eighth grade, a minute changed by the body does morphia and all of the self image issues those are doing about being here when I think you're happy Apple, did you have to battle to get in do public school without a hard fight
I assume you wanted to go to public school or now. No, actually, I have try memory of a really good conversation with my mom and by good I mean she was like rural calf love with me. On that moment, I would come on crying by all the time and finally, she just like what are you gonna do about them? Are you cannot come home crying from school everything I do want to quit school. There not only decided when my my best friend at the time named animosity, sheep which go through and we like, went to political and then would you get it true that you, where everybody listen Julian lounge row and very stressful, my mama, the exact same experience, so catholic school updates great then went to high school and she's, like oh, my god, what is fashion? What I'd want these shoes and you? You pain your pants and like just total panic of
What everyone seemed already have figured out how to do it. I wouldn't body season. Flannel is really what that were of a crime and my like junior high grunge nineties, Grand absolutely of it now. This is very exciting because we started you see, lay the same time, despite the fact that I'm for years older than you, we started in both in ninety eight and what I love about. The fact that you are come major, My main memory of the first few months had that schoolwork every class they'd kind. I ask you what your major was. An eighty percent in the class was always like. The holy like I was every and what this would people want to be in calm? What's going on, you made, the clock is very exciting about. I was undeclared my first year and then I knew communications is like this impacted major unemployment, you. Finally, I didn't you realize that, like oh, it's because all of the jobs all of the story girl, like
every back like everybody's. In the thing I mean, and then you get to the end of your near the study. Like totally sure I studied anything, I can. Tell you what we learned well. That makes me so happy to hear, because my first thought was just like kitty. Study commute Katy for two years I mean I have like a one com class. You learn interpersonal, interpersonal and interpersonal on that. A rap on communication by Irene, We had a couple of the Arctic ice that I really thought were interesting, but I The reason I like that is because it felt like it was just studying human behaviour. But I can tell you about it yet now, coming from Eureka, your Catholic school them public, that's a big leap and then you leave Eureka. You come to use ie, like did you wanna, go to you see light just as it was
Why I didn't even want to go to you delay was all set to go to them is good day. I think one of the things about growing up in a small town that I have learned about myself. As that I tend to be very my optic about. What's right in front of me, I'm not really like a big dreamer that way and that can do the thing might economy and I had a lot of family in the Bay area to San Francisco felt very logical next step, and I had my own with that addition. I had additional four thousand. This could be a guide enzymes because they and ass. It was getting like a little vocal scholarships go join these programme there like two thousand dollars or something- and then I wasn't even going to apply to use IE schools because the money and they were expensive? And finally, we want to put that urban on the family and my sister gave me a cheque for two hundred bucks issues. I use these two hundred are applied in schools and the users
and I got in the usual way and never in a million. I think I would even get in my english teacher at the time of the father she pulled. You're tired. I shudder there except in butter. Thinking like I'm, not gonna go here, but this is cool. I got a nuclear issues You may not not go there like you, can I get any? Usually I'm not gonna? U delay! I won't allow it why so I went to see. I saw your sister in your english teacher the people telling me what to do that. My whole life, it's ok! So now I want to destroy the one thought when you first like fuck piano lessons. Your explanation was is hard, which is a great one, and I can relate but yet you seem to be open to like suggestion or trusting p. There's, no known humility and the fact that you listen to your english teacher or that you listen to your sister yeah. I got struggle at correcting my got on thing.
And I struggle a little bit with answering that question that feels like it should be so simple, the question of what do you want like? What are you aiming at? What do you want for yourself, and sometimes I find that question to be impossible, but I can't possibly know So I tend to do what in front of me, because it's easier than like figuring out that very tragically topical question yeah. I think I trusted them. Certainly, my english teacher was a really close component of mine through school and I loved her so much and it was just serendipitous tonight accepted without going to see the campus and then I got, couldn't orientation and would like to end my doing here what Beverly Hills, nine odds. You now Oh, my god. I remember nothing, beaches, warfare and rules for the first time and my group, nor about you, dress like this to go to the beach. Yet in its of dark brown, in the water he already nine degrees there like. Shall you go in
water users, walking your dog or whatever, and then I go down and a legit baywatch down my mine in I do. Move delay and I move from a town similar to the one you described, which is like it was very blue collar all automotive workers very high hillbilly contingency, even though we are by Detroit deeds with access to your point inapplicable, a crazy happened yet tons of violence just fights every day, everyone's violent people challenge. Other burger, king and everywhere else, and then yeah I to allay allows I. This is incredibly different and in whatever thing that I had to find myself is cool, is not working here. People people don't want to earn you fight stories and smoking on camp is no one smoked everyone's logged into dry and I'm like coming out. I'm a fucking dirt bag. Here, I'm a complete their back
I remember feeling like tragically inadequate, because I didn't know what anyone was talking about like I got to school at sea, like all the girl had these Kate Spade bag. I had. Heard of it. I didn't even know what it was like. Why is that thing important like you cannot? something that is good in Eureka, wherever they doesn't exist, exact my horse, understanding of the world was completely, can like I want to put the kids about this. But where do I still don't care about it, but it was mine, Boeing and then I'm going to find an alien. Did you try to care lakes was areas as section of time are you like? I guess this is how all assimilate so all get the bag and I'll do it and then, ultimately, just Oh, are you were just like now? I did. I have a little about his time where some of my dear friend still all joined the same priority. Fetch me. I made a close repent groping and they all rash, enjoying the same authority right when we got their fresh meat.
I didn't join and by the end of the year I would like these are all my friend their own. True, like my authority for anyone, I mean really know what that means, and I went. To a Russia that, first of all weird in the room government perfectly nice to me, but I like turned on the real like bushy day like I'm, like I just went through the body pledges thing. I know what happened and I walked up. I can't do that. That is too crazy for me, but they're all deeper super sweet to me in very unclear but I went through a period of time out looking for my home and then I met my archipelagos, and that was like a rogaine ginger for me. Where I started thinking it was again, it was like a little bit of em. I miss you know like a coming together. Miss that's about dry felt, like I belonged way more than any well. Here's where you start rack up the victories you in Toulouse
doing things that you see ally right, that's pretty all you ve done your home. A lot of other pod got well. Let us be honest. I go through Wikipedia and by the way I find out thirty percent of its wrong in every nerve yourself. If the begging your mama, that a funeral pyre allows, I pass that hurdle of bridges, interview dumb, Keith Urban. As I look me in, I just want to say I love people who paid their dues in the fact that you performed everything. Summer. Echo other wave pool in Australia makes me like you any like like I ended up, We would be talking about like there's a waters lied park. Noted he's, perform Arizona like now. I don't know what you're talking about. There's no orders I blog on like that was the thing I thought was awesome.
Here. I think that today I want to sleep in dreams. I have four Keith urban from whoever added that doesn't and by the way it wasn't even illegal. There be an obvious incentive for the owner of the actual wave pool or were waterside prior to start there. But they would add their name, but it you said it was like an indiscriminate right as when she looked it up in the fact check: yeah. Ok, so you become friends with the maroon five guys thereon. Like eyes, right, yeah, yeah, they're, all eyes and a lot of comments about what together high school milk or which is like eighty five feet from you see allay exactly, It's I to know if eighteen blocks totally I met all the truth. Breathing breathing is like the talent show. The springtime talent show we had. Mr building was the judge the first year. I know why MR building some say by the way
and half gun yeah I was a big safely- was a judge where you going advance and I'll go with a very resorting to pick up on a high level of all the same. This was. How can I tell you my level one of the groundlings there is a guy that had been on hundreds of episodes saved by the bell in a very small role. I think you are at the restaurant with an owner? Further bears myself for forgetting who we're talking about. You know he was older than the guy's. Yes, I'm ok and he was in. First level, the groundlings and he had a convertible Jaguar and Obsolete and that's the shit there, are even driving Vertebral Jaguar too, like level one groundlings to learn improv. I was blown away, yeah, but I don't know about the first place. I put my money, but that is decisive now you're fine performing or do you have do you anxiety, like I imagine spring saying, because it's a competition like did you have a nurse
serves. I mean it is interesting to do an art form, that's competitive, totally and that what we do we do in curbing that. We will learn anything in this area and we make it a cancer yeah. I wasn't sweeping eating. I was like really really jacked up would learn, but the first year my pleasure near I additions to perform, and I was too nervous to audition of the soul. Ass though I understand that you do out, but my friend and we didn't get in. Because I didn't get in. I joined the company because I don't want a sketch group when bury who is all very good friend the man he was in our group and he was the collector
to all the million five guidance that further, but how I ended up meeting. So many of my really could spend a miserly days is not getting into facing other performer Daniel second year I dominated an ivy. Did your boyfriend at this period you data Bruin? No, I didn t well, I made out with people cause. I was drunk apple, but I did not be at all in college. I was I lost my breath. I wasn't that I didn't want today. I just could not get anyone could pay attention to it. I can rely on a related. You didn't gave a quality that I've barely date now for the same reason, but yes, no, I did not, and everyone was dating around me and you feel like there's something wrong with you yeah, and then people ask you questions like why didn't you day, people going? Why haven't you
my eyes, then am I dont want to be so glad. You said that one does I've been out that a couple thousand times and unlike well that cause I wouldn't kill two no part of it, makes shut up mom. Ok, so you get out of college in at that time. Are you certain you'll stay in LOS Angeles or what are you thinking once you get out of college yeah? So by the time I got out of college, I had started playing some little shows in and around town a lot and westward. I got what's with brutal, what I was doing a lot up, just like local marshes and had just started can bill. You know I really lobbying and loyal candidate that we're kind of silly base. I had started having fun and so sprinkling was definitely like a big pellet point for me
getting a taste of what it felt like the thing in front of a big crowd was like, though intoxicating I knew I wanted more back, and then it was just about writing more material and trying to get up the courage. I spoke purely pursue it much more seriously began I knew I was sticking around away. I offer my finger the five year than a graduate and poor, though I did my third my junior year in ITALY, and because The I'm, though, intimidated to talk to pull factors. I didn't get any of my credit to transfer. They may be like Toby Year off, went to school in ITALY in Italian and then went to like me? to go into the office is to ask them to like right the credit, but I've been normal. Fingers will do as you go away the school, so it's as, if my dear you didn't count you any happier within Europe.
In which I went to school. I got my first question is: do you have an explanation for it still wondering about. It requires like why you wouldn't have been able to muster up the confidence to do that. I mean come from the same place. That makes me like a little murmured. Quite called order pizza like that same part of me that, like this anxious about having any kind of interaction with a stranger with I've gotten over quite a bit but yeah, it felt too complicated. It felt like doing my taxes or something this is gonna, be too hard to many forms to fill out. I'd rather just go to school for an entire other. It's like you, going now. I dont want to use my second hand on the piano at a different rhythm, so I'm out here, though, I gave up two issues. There. We are supported by zip Router zip recruit before even tell you about this. I do wish
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I was an italian minor, utilise those com, major italian minors. I own language cloth every day and I lived in Bologna Averages Northern ITALY Palm of Do Cati. I've been yeah and talked about one year later. The food is incredible. Incredible incredible the I lived there for a year. I just didn't have been like the nine months of the school year, but it was amazing and also, I would say, one of the pivot points in my life when I was in ITALY, I realise that some writing was not just a passion aside they put. It was actually like a really important of my identity. I The camel nervous breakdown by was there. I feel it is so important for everybody to feel foreign. It is so important. You see like build empathy and compassion for how hard it is to be in a country that you're, not thumb, and I was
extremely home back, but he took it out and then I started really channeling my feeling through you that that was a big checked for me. Better mine offer once the illusion we literally were just talking about this two days ago was a friend a Monica went out on her own Is it somewhere, and I was saying I once went to ITALY and my friends did no right through a series of drinking the accidents they didn't show up when they were supposed to cite just by myself just for three days in vain, and on day too, I was like. I am all alone on the planet. No one! Ok, if I die, I can't talk to anybody. I mean the level of loneliness I felt, and then I just I had brought a book. Think fucking God and I read an entire Balkans. Today's because the pain of that loneliness, I was not expecting I'm outgoing Balboa, so you aren't you a year that I have to imagine a retrospective incredible character moment. Just a little I mean it was a movie, and I looked back and a good thing that I have my leg,
got a big deal. I had an american girl with my roommate and then we will have to live with three other Italian and you get two weeks of like you, live here and then you have to figure it out. You have to find an apartment figure out where your class would mean the whole thing was just like. I do not believe I got on that point like has an eighteen year old, what an idiot, but it was the ordinary and living there, and by the am I really my palm America is certainly but I love it here. Am I being now? How did you take an italian lover? At any point, I was so scared. You were going to say now Now that would be real tragic because you know the time manner down the clown and they are not afraid to chat up a gale ha. However invisible you felt in New Zealand
Imagine was like a light such where you're, like oh every light, is pointing at me I think, beginning. I just felt like out like a fella chow, my and then by the end of the year and my mother Fucker want you shut your mouth where you dont, like I did not ask you to comment on my appearance culturally imbue in in them that the men comment on the women equality in. Secondly, to a point that I find to be really ugly in and attracting an unhealthy now I don't know about change with the boy years ago, but one of my professors in our final Oro advance. For me, I gain weight by with her finger at that time. Boy might call me about battle. He wasn't while every child, while yeah, I dont, know what sentence. I want you to say in Italian, but I just really want
You say like I can you describe my looks objectify me and I won't now should be as hard as you'd like to be visible. And then for whatever its Helen listeners it'll be really her now never find out. None regarding some of these areas a better, but we need a gay good say. Ha ha ha I can remember lot of in a row I was tall, I'm right is that was what I put into it Why are you speak Italian? I guess I jumped up by embarrassed christened so bad we did a movie that shot for two weeks is that we are both anywhere in Rome and I was infected with that place in everywhere we went. I was to radically. If that's a word like I have treads, I do have a cd in some impulse control issues everywhere we went,
When did he don't, but that does not do that. Failure to be in that city health sitting. Just under my brethren, two acres, you got a fucking. Stop people are we adopted. My vice a couple of telling deeds in elevator Beverly Hills, and they are like a welcome to the country. We never have agreed on that, but yeah everywhere, and I believe they do you Jabez. I mean ITALY in the light of my boyfriend, and I went to Venice together, could you ve never been in ITALY at all, and so I felt like really see dumping quintessentially italian in Venice is extraordinary, and wrong is probably my favorite city beside me, your city, parliamentarians city, on the planet. I think, It's unbelievable! I haven't.
Funny memory when I was in college, I started singing with a little more time and just like a striped with part of like white like reclaimed music, I met this guy, who is like an act, Pat american guy? That was the conductor for this job orchestra, and then we are doing together we played a wedding and I was sitting at the reception and they played that song from them. And ever lower tariffs as the couple is coming down. The hill, unlike a tractor, ever make I've never seen anything there's an art. Do you understand the work, because I saw you there really particular choice for a wedding The great you return you step reforming locally, and then you put up your first album. Did you kind of self produce and sell put out actually come on? Let me archipelago, had worked with hidden Gabriel Man he's a writer Oh there, he actually did all the music for modern family with what you don done. Remember another now good friend.
Wherever he proved my protracted, whereby we do like five form, but I scraped together enough money to you. If you some color and then put that out, my buddy them learn five invited me to call my first tour, and so we did the two weeks with them on the EAST coast and it was a game changer in just every way shape and when I got a case that what it felt like here, they have really care about government bodies, and I just had the time in my life and then I ended up working with them. Manager eventual now. I can't go through them. I got a manager and we cannot let the road of doing showcases than I did tens and hundreds showcase with reliable lawyers, and nobody wanted. We know we knew what to do with me that I gave you my cabinet words, but above all the heads
and make an early that your thing on stage and I have never been able to get over the tremendous sense of awkwardness, but I haven't had very present on page and now it's become more like you know, but they were comfort zone for me, but I think people experiencing it for the first time it like you, swear alive, and I don't know what you're talking about your period so when you get nervous. You just start like just every thought. Just arts kind of common now We re malaria and I find that, like my mind, hardly disguised like really obscure, like strange, like over shares. Could I think I can I make people really. I don't even know why people relax knowing about my man like all by the judiciary.
You have one is put me at tremendous later. What happened? Let's have a bizarre that many more than half a little then we'd like to go to the doktor. So Yeah, you guys and about numbering us. I think, which seems a little bit interesting about you. Story, and I might have it wrong, but you did so much kind of I don't want say high level, but like big tours before per se, your own album warranted vat is at an accurate assessment. I think I m a humble goodbye toy. The moon got my being one of them especially outright. With my manager, because I didn't get a deal untold quite away that should I buy. It was always a good philosophy of his that you really believe in grassroots, like tour tour towards were enough. Why Moon five? That was how they felt such a loyal lifelong training basis. They spent much time to do that so much time on the road
and it was a good girl collect. I played a lotta local hundreds and hundreds of showed before getting idea. It's a bit like jerked italian experience in so they give this incredibly high connected feeling with thousands of people, and then you go back to your hotel room and your kind of high from that and then its lovely. It's very light switches. How did you navigate apart, the parts you'd like didn't like yeah. I don't feel that way about it. I think that's why so many people get really unhealthy and- drink too much. Are you sure you that all our way you know whatever it is because the roller coaster it's a bipolar lifestyle? That's what I want the eyes like, even if you're not mentally, have anything the actual experiences. Incredibly, I polar totally. I didn't really confusing could feel like I'm so valuable in this one space and then but then everybody goes away and
interesting thing that I've found is that as you grow in in the public sphere in some areas and I'm going to walk down the street and have any non payment like that, but in the times like tour people do sort of treat you a little differently to and thereby increasing inflation. That is built around you and it is extremely lonely, very isolating and can using a new start feeling like you're awake. Normal here was always like your insides. Are not matching your outsides yeah right and then there's these weird little potholes too, that you dont, anticipates a you gone stages. Is amazing sperience between you and the crowd, and then you leave and there's a ton of people that have now waited for you and so now, you're too much different dynamic where you're like. Why want to give myself to these people? and also we're gonna. Now four hours of us doing this, and now this could go on forever and then there's guilt, like eventually
get in the car and drive away, and that's just it was like oh wait. I was on this high and now I feel kind of guilty cuz. I guess just a lot of really heightened feelings. All happening within four five hours and then your back in a hotel, and you don't even know it sitting here in the can you order food and blah blah here and I do but you know, the relationship to profound change changed so much, especially with social media and there's like this sort of proceedings I see that happens and there are people, but I do know their names, because I see interactions happening all the time, but you know back in the day we were given a concerted doing to talk or, something publicly. There wouldn't be an expectation of like the run off to war.
Beyond guys, like you, did your job by doing instead is showing up and giving a thousand percent, but then beyond that, but that is it like required meeting by anybody now and now. This I think we're very similar in that is. Your songs are very emotional, but Kristen just loves love song sheet, and not only did she love love song, but she loves so much the story behind wire storytelling is so I'm believable I've such a huge scale. Armor is one of my favorite ever love. So much and yet the way you weave language is just it's incredible. Thank you so much. You really really appreciate them so that things that your singing about connecting the people on this very emotional way I have to imagine people are coming up to you in there soon after I heard you
song my love, my husband or you know, I'm saintly something really really important in their life beyond in your like. Oh my god. This deserves all of my attention in my compassion in my presence here and there you're just a human being as well, whose only got so much of that to give think over the years you can enjoy a little back from that aim, the book of Athens Handle and hears about that point, and I did one little book tour and I thought I not often do this. I got shows not a scenario where every person who wants to say hello can take low, but I did that on on the back toward. I know a quick and people move through, but I was so struck by really what people wanted to share more than like. I love because of music. I thank you for whatever they wanted to share their pain, and I was so truck by that, and I would just come home from these events, and I would like a bigger budget that is
a way to hold it all and I'm not even equipped. I think everybody should the tablets for therapists at all time. I love that important people by certainly being on the receiving end, is it is happy you're, really it what tools, if you employed to not go down the attic road or the self destructive role, because again too, I think for me, so I add some level feel fraudulent. He often like I don't deserve this year about impostor syndrome, everyone I now has it especially like shockingly, every very successful programme as a whole, as it does on degree. Whether just like how I got here- and I dont think I deserve it. I vote a couple were I'm like like, and I don't know this about him. I met Matthew, Mokanna Hay and, unlike man, this is the dude here he's he was built for this, and it is rather like. I just could feel this. Mother fucker was built
for this, unlike a happy for him by yeah right, you know what I'm gonna my car. Let's go for a ride. I didn't I love it. I think it's better than the other way. I think a lot of us feel like wine I norm darker than you know, I'm dark, or you know you know. I know not to say I've been in therapy for I still talk to my there was once a week and I have for ten years and meditation is a matter of fact I get got. I haven't really. He got close to had been bad habits. I think that weren't growing on tour, but also as a singer I just physically couldn't abuse myself and then still thing, but I think there was. I got a limitation that took lived in my world in a way be as I do, love to drink. I'm forty that train kind of get me by, I think, but yeah. I think a lot of thought, reflection and meditation
then the life they buried for me have you watch the Whitney Houston documentary either of the two I don't know which one I watch, but I thought you had a bad. I was by the mere MAX one that shows I want. I like more. She was performing in these stadium tours As you know about Whitney Houston, she doesn't have one song that she can take off or recoup right. My song is like a hundred per cent in. She is coped. The MAC she's, not snaring. She super skinny in she still going out there in doing it. Is I've never seeing someone with a forceful willed juggling what she was juggling and also went on. Level of performance is like I unimaginable in heartbreaking. I know that, but I remember about the one that I thought I We want our words, but everyone has documented earlier ass. You so angry the people around them to wait. You're like you're, you.
Thing: there's a person you're using them cannot prioritize there. How did you know such a crime? And you know we have this thing? Hang it up, the studio or normally in the attic, and it's a cut out of me. It's as would you date Dac Shepard and like I is seventy eight percent say no in America. Right like this was a pull that us weakly and so on. There is the matter of light. I just can it like embrace this, so it hangs in our studio, but the other day marking wherein the and I were in there was some downtime in the other side of that is aiming wine out in its a similar Poland. The pole is, do you like her style, like eighty percent? No, I hate her style and am I you know you're part of your part of what killed her, whether fucker you evaluate you know. Why would you have a point Oh and take a full page, add an fuckin burn, some human being about the yeah really hit me like other. A lot of things come in her way that you just have to feel bad about totally. I mean this industry,
oh toxic on so many levels, and you know to the celebrity of people eclipses, those humanity so quickly and then like we buy it carrying about all the wrong shit near like oh this matters, but you realize, especially in a mere like twenty twenty. Like no other matters, I got you sad absorbing off with me, but will take effect because no go along the law really locks. The lab love song. There's a story behind that re like weren't, you right, I'm assuming everyone just noses story behind that. We need to tell us Brian. I think if so awesome go. I think the story that kind of live is not a total true, but it can go easier to stop fighting it through the new Quicken dirty trees that, like the regular label, told me to write a wild thyme, and it's like you now middle finger at the label thing, I'm not gonna, let you
What kind of really happened with a sort of less interesting is that I just wasn't getting the green light to go into the studio. I find my view. I was working with LISA copywriter. I thought I had all the songs. Go, and I was like I dont know: why is there not letting me start recording, but I understood they were waiting for a single. There was not really a lean single yet, and I was on my way to my little studio, which was a storage una. It was literally like in a row about about things, and so I will work public storage in marine underway and was driving man. Are you listening to the radio and I caught myself, China like cop what was on the radio and and the like? that's right, that's kind of sound like us and then I was furious with myself. I like this is not a king, how I rule- and I got into the studio- and I kind of just like that approach I beg you please. Let me remember me because I'm just I was
time. I cried the day. I remember could record deal. I was devastated. Those like I sold out. I was always fearful that very gonna take something from me, but I didn't want to give them. The big capital t know about me, but I am, but I was oh shit, I fell for it. I started doing it and the song just poured out and wrote it really quickly, which doesn't happen very often, and it felt like a spiritual moment. Actually, I was like I'm not going to write you the thing that I think you need. I have to do that for me and I have been here, but I have no confidence in the farm. I bet they're gonna be mad at me either they were gonna, be like how dare you but mother, fucker, yeah yeah. You got plan the beauty They believe that a note was about man. They were like all over my mind, is the opposite of yours. So vein, design is about EU. They did not think the song was about that.
For a moment YAP now. In retrospect, when you are telling yourself, I don't want to be a sell out. Do you think now, from this vantage point, that what you really had a fear of is that you would get a big chance and you want to deliver in that? The story you told yourself in your head was, I dont want to sell or do you do you still feel the same way yeah from making temporary, where you know Britney spears and Christine Regulation and Jessica Simpson and Katy, Perry and and Burma, you know even from an aesthetic. I didn't see myself in those men and they were very, very very successful. I think I was really fearful and honestly, like my body image, you my relationship with my body, my hope and feeling bad going ugly and, like all of these things are ill so alive. For me, your own farewell mainly beautiful, like her interview, I'm like you're, so overwhelmingly beauty, No, not really. My favorite thing is when you turn
the left or right, and I see the profile of your nose it's my face. I thought I had to learn to love my nose. I haven't. I had you like shoes, yeah I'm bored with what God gave me like. I had to decide. I had people in interviews being like. Don't ever got a nose job and, unlike a thing, I would, by the way, Monica
still eight hours so five years ahead of you- and I am still I still fuckin- would blow mine up with a new fuck. You decide at some point like I'm gonna, be on my team or not and like I want to be on my team. We had this hypnotists on in his goofy, as sounds this guy said the most brilliant thing Monaco to so true, like we underestimate the value of uniqueness. We really do. We don't ever think we're the only person that looks like this. He had just being the only person that looks like this is intriguing and attractive in interesting to anyone who likes you re cowboy. It's really hard cause. Every one looks pretty similar on television. It appears that there is an exception. Static, but then, if you really analyze your life, that's not how yours circle works now now and the people that I find the most intriguing than a suitable there's so often like it's a quality that had absolutely nothing to do with their physical, getting
You mean love, confident curiosity journey into its authenticity. There's somebody attractive elements other than the golden rule proportion yeah, but I think I your point That's what I think that was a big part of what I was afraid of is that I was gonna, be all this pressure to like become something different and the truth is There was all this pressure to become something different and you just have to keep thing now. Keep going I'm going to just grab sneakers and I'm not going to wear the high heels and I'm going to just like not where the we thank God. You also like had the experience it. You see, I lay with the girls and their handbags. That's essentially the same thing, so you kind of head practice being like. Oh, I tried that for a second and that reality didn't feel good yeah
grateful. I had the job painful experience in middle school and in our country school is is, I know what it feels like to feel left out and I don't ever want to be someone who make somebody feel left out. I dont I'm not here to lake weapon. The balkan Popular game like they're, fine, they don't need me like me more who might need me as the person who feels like there. Now and now tat. I want to just keep telling them that they are ok, we're fast forward a little bit, but after little voice you get nominated for two Grammy's egos number for its very, very successful, and then is this part right of wicked that you did experience a little writers block after the first album curry. I immediately know that I personally would be like. Oh my god, I've I might have got lucky enough. I can replicate this. That would be my fear what,
Your fear came, nobody myself, included label included. No one thought that that first record would be successful like it was kind of an accident in factors like those very sure. You got story that happened by missing when the president of my label that my product managers, but I had to do these guys at the label that were like my homey, like we were Cooper die. They took really good care it was my product manager and on my own I gotta go find me so Peat and Scott we want to bring Europe together. The president of the way about the time that my product manager, fifty thousand dollars worth of advertising money that I wouldn't fell a certain number of records that was an I'd like to he was betting against me and What ended up happening is like for his own business. I know that
Then, when the record became successful and we were all like going, I don't I did not do that coming, and so I don't know what to do with that: the whole thing happened and it hadn't happened so quickly, but the I guess, that's for the leads to the next level. Did happen quickly where I went from being through it like touring, locally and feeling pretty much in charge of myself to flying all over the world and singing you know for strangers in different languages that was all very new into the lake is coordinating the merest. Definitely stay to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by Express BP and what
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ten percent off their first month with the discount kodaks, so get started today at better help that come slash Dax. That's better Ici, LP, dot com, Slash Dax! Now how did you decide you wanted to get involved with Waitress I had done three record. I realize very quickly that the cycle of being a requirement. Third, the bill really monotonous, really quickly, and I started this- I think a little claustrophobic about the idea, but you you write a record recorded. You go towards you come home, they take a break. You write a record you accorded with my life. The really look go that way in a way did not feel to me at all. I want, unhappy you come really have a cute little house in Venice, like boyfriend
friend by out fine virus, but not a wise, salutary and I always want to like no more what up went off without that went up. Can I do like what other coffee shop like I love this one? I know that I love it when I come back to this one by one and think is there another copy I took a month and I did a little all bring New York and I came to New York for a month of my sister and I way than I hung, and I nothing but just like having a nature, and during that time I took a couple and meetings and one was with Diane policies: the Director of waitress and I had reached out to make the actual agent thing. Like I'm curious about the very future project, I grew up on. I I love theatre thinking. I I would audition for something in a show for awhile, and I had a meeting with Diane and she was
glee, really intelligent, but the opportunity was to be a composed there for the show which thou leg beyond even I would have never even considered that as well as a place to go as us very scary. Specially for someone like you who I can tell is not going to force creativity you're going to wait for it, and I didn't know what I was really saying yes to, but we we had such a nice lunch and I basically said you know I haven't seen the movie yet I was like. Let me watch the movie and let me see how it feels, and you know we can agree to like like in it suck out you'll. Let me now like shake hands a move on and I watch the movie and I liked the movie a lot. I didn't. I now talking love the movie, but I was a slow burn for me how I watched them movie, and I think that was actually help, because I dont think I said if I had felt really intimidated by the movie. I had it have hindered my ability to sort of feel like I had something to offer young worthy of it here.
I feel like I'm not worthy alive, but I just thought I'd like the role the played in my life but yeah. Why rose and she used to be. My mother was the first time that I wrote for the show it was watching, carry Russell in Germany, holder in them, german, that scene and sheep despite go broken and so, if he night that was like the first finally came out, and then it felt like that was again very spiritual moment where it was like there, the connective tissue here that aspect you go towards boy. You guys are kind of similar earned. Carry you carry Russell she so down that's right. You so collar yeah never met her. Ah, yes, my diary call by looking at the time. I don't know if that's how you have not met her throat, guys varieties. She showed up to our added with a six back and she's. Like you mind, if I could kill a couple of beers, While we do this fog here, girl, shockingly normal, that's great, so once you had success in that and it ran up until this year right
did corona have anything to do with it going away or just was going away anyways. Thankfully a Broadway company. We had an official like closing date like I am, back a man if you like such a gift to have been able to save it. The show I mean it was hard wrenching, but we had almost four years on body which was an extraordinary ran beyond any of our wildest dreams, and you got nominated for told me. He had borne county nominations for the show and my core that dominated little show, calling I was an open came out that year and if you like Brian Wilson, coup elbowing, what's it called the widow of Russian Yoda complete many lives. I may in a way I feel like I was actually such a gift to the whole theatre community, because it shines massive spot, all in all the new interest, unlike what was happening on stage and I d get revitalize the community in such a way
yeah, but I feel, like my life falls into two categories- is before wages and after wages, everything about my life changed because it got shelf and I'm like forever in what way, and that you have your foot in the door of a different avenue. That isn't is tat sooner repetitive. Is that what it is? I think it has to do with at the time in my life I needed to be reminded about the vastness of creativity and that's how rewarding it can be to work on something because you, enjoy a birthday. I think how many Broadway showed that are in development and have been for ten liquors, no guarantee that anything, in the light of day, be successful in any way, shape or form. Monetarily unpicking, but like try gamble and the beauty of theatre, which I cannot say enough, goodnight about is that code deeply collaborative and there's like investment. People paying attention. Let me just say really make sense,
I just made her fingers. I, like the time, less than a quarter inch was her fingers How many people are. I just imagine someone. I would like to see older hands completely apart, like the worlds made a dent in our environment, better things for the better The odds are coming into this medium and becoming richer famous. I just like you have a motive stays kind of pure. I watched Hamilton on Disney plus there are not a sponsor yet my first greedy thought was these people work so much harder than I worked on television and they make, I think, an eighth as much as what you would make on tv, and I immediately I text Josh GAD like what is the star of something make and the response. I suggest you quickly really
like others before a lot pure me. They are just doing it because they loved and there's some great about it, so rewarding by no fucking. How did you ain't showed the weak? They need to show that day twice a week. It is incredible that the perseverance and the dedication and discipline- and then you know what I also love about it- is that it's not as competitive as it feel like in the music industry, at least to me, because I've been used by crossing paths with other people in our community. You know shoved go on forever, so you ve been in a show with somebody I came up with somebody, or that was your lighting designer and now they're working on this other thing and is a small community and in that way, like the Tony's, by far the most Fun award, show I've ever been to our relative.
Did they are the ones now so yeah? I see Kristen enough, she went to musicals either school, and yet these people have hung under the feeling that there, the kids in your high school theatre like they, where is this, where its yeah misfits, whereas like the movie business in the television business, is more star driven, he adds more popular driven, it's more alpha, driven, there's all these components, but yet seen like even when the these musical creative people get tons of recognition. They still just seem a lot more humble, I think, than other actors. I think I mean they go out of them. Quite that means an amount. Per capita is less ass for her but I am, I just think you really relying on people real time in such a way that you have great appreciation for them, cause you you're very aware of how everyone has to do it in that moment or on a tv show. Someone can show up like either still drunk.
Or not Shaw, prefer hours late. I can shoot my side. Will I get out of here so long as there's all these way these were you're not dependent so much on everyone else I like the imperfection in theatre, because you have to do it every day and live and ship goes wrong. All the time. There's just think that pressure in the way that big maybe fell murky or music can feel, because there's nothing could capture perfectly united Fugitive back again with what showing up on that day, yeah. Ok now. The last thing I want to ask about is while eighty wrote a book- and I just want people to buy it. So sounds like me, my life so far and song, so everyone should stop pause right now and by that book, pardoned by I thought, you'd be done within about a half an hour. We agree that the pause it buyer read it and then ok, so everybody welcome back hope. You enjoy the book.
Right one now you did Jesus Christ superstar with John Legend. That seems having met you now, like I you'd swing, for you yeah getting operated at all was like. Are you sure? Are you sure, but thankfully I was just I mean I was in wages at the time how do I get my may, like they d muscles, were kind of at the moment- and I couldn't I have been a lovelier group from every person the creative team to every person on stage it would go much fun. Japan and John and Brandon Victor Dick them by the way playing Judah. I mean these are heavy heavy role. I made this kind Damn politely guy got like Wall Mary Mag doesn't get there, have a panic attack when you have one. Are you really I'd like to thank you, gonna, just relax and a thing like you can draft on may be John Legends confidence.
One day. I did like uneasiness that behind you, let you suck me through this yet pocket. Yet exactly so, you have a new, bon coming our record or an l, p or a piece of vinyl I have an album. I just came out and it costs more love and it sounds a little boy he's a man, so I executive producing created a television, so the J J, Abrams unjustly Nelson, my piled on my trip and is about. I'm fine weather in New York City, and I wrote other regional music can sort of loosely inspired. My life except her life at all, like all my life and death of their back whole season that pursues in and out on Apple Tv Plus, an o again. You worried me at this point and so the album is the music from the first season of little voice exact. We did a cast out, I'm kind of somali to how we did waitress, where there's a cap album and then I did
version of the farm good, while some of these towns were written when I moved back to date back to my personal, and we called little boys that we talk about that had loved by night and I had a dream when I was twenty four twenty five about writing the song as this is the sound, is gonna capture. Right? Now it s really important, and then I tried to put it on the record and they were like us, not good enough and so it didn't end up on the record, but I was so attached to the song. I wanted to name the rapid little boy, so we did and then only fifteen years later or whatever it now. That seems on unchanged is the theme song for the show and sort of like the little feet of its people statement for the show. You know, though, the outcome is a beauty who saw it really hurt forward and hopeful and trembling a star Jack about New York because we shot it being a pre colonel. I saw it Senegal and very hurt forward and that got really get to put that out this year in a time which is just a juncture.
Hell yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Now here's my question: I've thought the early on now. This is of all for me, but early I was like. I want corona virus. I want to get it over with one if you like I've, a superpower- and I want to like go Everywhere- is known anywhere, like I thought you had it right, yeah super Superman. Thankfully look I but I do. I must say I do feel a little bit like a super girl, even though I'm sure you can totally We learnt evident term report the people getting at again but yeah I had it and I had the anybody so I feel currently face. So I'm just looking at my ball at the point yet so interesting. I do wonder when we get to appoint words like you and others, so many people, that of I don't know what percentage that would be, but like an hour, you would you allowed walk round without a mask? I dont think yet I don't think we're at that stage yet I wouldn't do because I think the anthem after They're mine yeah! I just really
there would be no reason for you to. I don't think we'll. Never I didn't you can get it again. And I dont you can get it again and I think a cheerful ass chance but I mean I know it seems like we know everything about the virus and we're really organized in like we have our ship together, but on the off chance that we missed something lay off low percentage, yeah yeah, I'm just gonna, be safe. One day said so little voice, you ve just Red sounds like me, and now: you're gonna go listen too little voice and watch the shout, unlike the passage out while Huemac Is there a recording of using superhero? I have a demo currently demo we'd like to find it.
In my to do that. I'm all right. We have the best on ever written. It is isn't it gives me some fucking goosebumps its meaning that amazing song was also every time I see my wife sing. I saw crime, it's like its lights out, every
That thing comes on. Our environmental girls ran round the housing in it. It is so we re, but a beautiful song, think sorry you're. So wonderful. I noticed we ve been trying to do this for a long time and am glad that you hang in there with us and that we got to do it Thank you so much. We want to meet you unrealized yeah yeah, when carrying out to hang over the tank you in Canada will hang you. Thank you so much so much ban the Go Gogh Brian's now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica Batman favor I stop was an exam about song. I now
I was jogging yesterday listening this, I repeat, and I ran the unseen on the tried all why God you citizens and then Lincoln, came down. She was this dance and in front of the mere, and we were both just doing unseen. Our sound nice idle lava, lyrics eyes saw her. You know I have a really hard time hearing lyrics. Aha Mitchell, you too, and I've been so selfishly delighted. You have from two because I live with three ladys who can hear this enough to times a year it so better, listen to it on the Red Mill fourteen times in a row and I'd already listen to it about ten and in the early part of the morning, and I just now heard the part of yeah how the hell did you get all the day and blame and I was like Etsy. So what so get it? I love you love it, because
The female yeah, real, feminist anthem, London lately by men, are feminists. You know I posted the video we shaving my head to end. As I said in that pose, like I'm genuinely grateful that she gave my daughter's an anthem yeah and then she gave you any gave Christendom at them, and I just so also power. For me, I tell older than I was a fan, but I kept a kind of cool sure. I'm a huge fan. The biggest used as long as big, as I said, to her the her son writings impeccable inform unlike not conventional and not boring in any way those different places and and is always like at least one line. That's pretty profound, but also just her boys is so unbelievable. The way she
like forty notes in two seconds yeah. Well, you know some people you can. I can sing along too and I can pretty much match yup by she is almost impossible because she's so, like you mounting, arouse Amr get back in new and mouth. I love her. I love her too. When I got home, I ass christen, if she had the version of superhero from her and she dared yeah and when I realize, interestingly, because I think she wrote it for Chris, since voice and not her own the chorus I like, since Corazza, but on the track. She has a thing part to part when she, when she sings part of all she got fuck nasty, like shooting nasty, to know how much I like dirty master, you like nasty there like that down South Georgia Fuckin just somebody fuckin what happened here
However, during the Hilary campaign, nasty woman was a big thing. There. I had a lot of pins and start nasty woman. That's gonna money goes. Both sides took their their negative, moniker and owned the deplorable own deplorable as him than the left owns a nasty, at and since you gotta, do again. That's a ding, ding, Ding feminist! oh yeah, meaning- and you want to say I have one political message: I want to say: ok, wow and is the boat people it's the boss? I bet it's ok. Yeah narrowly, but it is a good, is it's getting dangerous, That's what I want to see the divisive yeah yeah. It's getting really really dangerous. A lot of smart people. I really respect, are concerned
and I'm not wonder, generally get fearful about this stuff, but in an also watching the social dilemma act. Knowing that's ramping us up in it. Just I just really big everyone to just breathe a bit detached identity. Just a little bit Oh yeah go vote. Were democracy no vote and also just unplug a little bit. And remember way more than left or right, everyone's a human here. So that's all I want to say there was a close sweater. I saw that sad humankind, be both light badge by via its like four hundred all over for you, so the BT ass behind seen its early for oh my god, it's so management pretty drowsy morning, Sir she's gal, leave the door open, and you know just what I'm gonna be hanging. Just scanners is fading in and out until you get here
So I got here- and I were in your bedroom in your all fuckin, bundled up in your ears novels and then a I basically crowded kid. You right Mr me, Oghee ass already grabbing your feet, jostling your body around can radically is an interesting than I was moving. Your legs, a euro baby who have gas a man like lead and rallies. A pretty fired up right, so we decided that perhaps I'm gonna start waking. Monica up with some light calisthenics- Imagine is how they wake up Kim Jong boom. Is that little baby Sidney, not bad he doesn't want to get up and be a dictator common, unlike flap, is our and get the blood moving in, stab movies had left and right go blood flow had it is so that things like he does the vat at nine JAMA. I suspect he sleeps relate fourteen hours of night. He is what worries me. Is the gotta returned the baby.
Yeah yeah, that's hard to diminish. Any of trust. It is happening on the human rights not at all now. Ok, Sarah, Sir Okeechobee, okay, so Sarah from Eureka, you said you stayed there, but you can remember where thought with some sort of coastal ace, bestowed on now right? You know the more I was talking to her. The restaurant part is definitely accurate. We might have stayed like on the coastline. Drove into Eureka Morning the head or up to organ, and I think we ve driven through your again eaten there. A few times are not actually know that we state in a hotel there. Don't you may sound like a specific hotel there. You know what We space it up, a region like sometimes we have taken the coast will make like too is of it and will go up through like redwood city and then out under the water and then up the organ like Coos Bay, and I will come back. Sometimes we go up towards Nap Valley and stay that really nice hotel Castro, the ranch,
and then continue up you Norman novelty attics. So I just want some new experience on the same thousand mile drive that we do often will centre stage a little camera intended for me, because I want to get places of asked well No, I just mean you also like the major yeah, very conflicting, you're right. It's like what ideas I want to go to all these places and but then I want to eat at the same restaurant I ate there. Last night like I want to go back to enchantments, so fucking bad. If it's all I've been thinking about, or two weeks the ass, a hotel, incidentally, that we went to when you were doing top gear, and I want you burn hamburger everything you need to wait. I want to say the boy any that hamburger every day that places fuck? I cannot encourage people more than go to enchantment and sit down and that's only recorded with Rob Corridor yes beautiful Bobby. You know what he was back home in Boston around calls on Bobby
they do. Yes, it. We had one episode of top gear. We are using heavy machinery device. I suggest that we have had different names for that episode and am in Rob, was Bobby and Jethro is Jim. I will review, was I pack some tough salmon like Steve down on a cure. Remind me. I won't, but I do want of Russia JET and Bobby, you'll, be ok, the Emerald City angle. You thought that was connected somehow and she didn't know what that was so emerald triangle is in California, Northern California, named as such, due to its being the largest cannabis producing region in the United States. The region includes three counties in an upside down triangular configuration. I guess them yeah Humboldt, counting, yep cascade. Now, I'm really impressive, humble How do you know the county? Well, on organic humbugs, a very famous we'd thing
I guess it's Humboldt Green is, as I understood remember, so I don't know. Ok, I followed him into good guess. What were you? Ok, I'm many of you have one is a restaurant. We like oh yeah, not stamp county. That's now now now hoping think. Like salad, sandwiches were not stamp like Jones, the havoc him but I really have urine and they have a salad you really like. That is of the chinese variety Joe. Oh, I like the chinese chicken, salad, yeah. Ok, I bet they had hurried coups oh men, the Signal county yeah. I could have come up with that. I now
Then there's gonna be the northern one. That has something to do with some mountains, maybe or somethin I was the last one tragedy would never got outweigh off about Humboldt Trinity Mendocino. Should I look up what county Eureka then it's in humble he it is ok, so you were right. I feel like. I should start check. You should humble cow, bull, counting, it's a hand apply now humble Coney, Humboldt cow, good job You know that stuff, it's not it's not that ambrosia! I love you going. We listen so that everyone knows it no, no one knows it, and he was that that documentary murder mountain is terrifying. It's like ghosts world a year is its is creepy people disappear there. All this. Ok, when talking about Maroon five guys we're all from Brentwood. You said it was like eighteen blocks from you see. Allay is three point, seven million, ass, a line rapidly. Eighteen blocks,
Is that how many blocks is a mile all while our blocks that's standard, because a New York, the ones that run north and south or way shorter than the ones that run Eastern Zactly you now man, I most knee, I too, two. I was thus encouraging the christening to take up a play which have always been against, but after talking to Sarah funny enough, I was like sheep right, that's such a cool community, how in it so special and then just lifestyles, Ike to try to find one in the summer and then in monarch- and I will just go- we can record in New York my shall we go. Live their summer. You ever like, I probably like months as one of their it's, the only city, I guess, except in check. And hotels, Sedona that I I get a longing.
For years. I get my hangs for Europe like a lover. You have been yeah up and once you, nothing about enchantment. They are not as search is what be clear about that it is. It is not cheap. Now but compared to allay or California in general. It's about a third of what we would have to pay to have that hotel in California. Re, like I just kept going like this- is the best bang for your back I've meant in the last five year, yeah yeah, I'm ever just the tastiest burger, not as good as families I would say that it is not as good as Emily's. Nothing is as good as mine, but by God you're not expecting to get like. I think it's about the fourth best hamburger. I've ever had, or maybe even a third expecting that in the middle of Arizona, poor food tat they had what I carmelites. Brisket is that what they are describing the ammonia crisp onion USB Daniel man? What a meal I'm starving
screw Sedona Verloc? Ok, you enter groundlings with someone who you said was saved by the bow and I'm guessing. It was MAX, and I was just wondering if I said the name you'd now add Alonzo Yup, absolutely absolutely Atalanta. In fact, I'm really sad. I didn't remember that, but that was twenty five. Years ago, but it was that many was very awesome. Dude that sell. But I was just like I was totally star struck out like how could I be in a class with that guy who's been on tv forever. It was very exciting and again he had that old, like a nine, these Jaguar Ex jail convertible, twelve cylinder, lack of black related here, Pacific, those speaking a blog on blogger blog. I have made a car purchase, ya, gotta, Dodge Charger Health care,
Why? Because I reviewed one on top gear and it was out of all the cars are reviewed. It was the one I thought was the most ridiculous. I have a question you may car purchase a hearty you ever had by remorse: I've never had buyers from us, but it an odyssey. Let's see, I bought my pickup truck new in two thousand TAT S, the first new car, I ever body my life and then in two thousand fifteen. I got the new that Merci Station wagon now. I love that Mercedes station wagon. So much that I dont want to rack up a bunch of miles. I, like that's a car. I want to have the rest of my life, I collectors car, so I gotta stop driving the basic law. So this I was like I'm gonna get this annoying, DR lease of never least a car so I'm reason it for three years. Oh.
What are you nuts cool, so we did mention about getting covert twice and just in this science magazine, scientists have found. The first saw. The evidence of people can be reinforced with the virus. It causes carbonate. Teen. A new study shows that thirty three year old man who is treated at the hospital for a mild kiss in March Harbour the virus again when he was tested at the Hong Kong Airport. After a turning from Europe on August fifteenth less than five months later, he had no symptoms. This time, researchers had sequence the virus, Sars Co. We too from the first infection. They did so again after the patient second diagnosis and found numerous differences between the two boys during the case that the patient had been infected,
Second time this case proves that only some patients do not have. Lifelong immunity is more than a bummer. That's a robber era. We love Sarah, that's the last fact that we have to say is over. We lover, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's nothing else to say. I can't believe someone said to her: don't keep that knows, fix I now move people you people try that people have been an hundred, they let us they bumble that, but the execution I wish people with, think just a little longer before they taught myself included. I love you. I love you and I want you to have a really good they're gonna help back in that bed. Probably fantastic valiant enchantment
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