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Seth MacFarlane

2020-09-07 | 🔗
Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, Ted) is an American actor, animator, writer, producer, director, comedian, and singer. Seth chats with the armchair expert about how he first found animation, luck vs. effort and how he handles criticism. Dax brings up a lingering insecurity about Family Guy and Seth talks about the first time he drew a nude in college. The two talk about the future of animation, Seth’s involvement in philanthropy and Dax is disappointed they haven’t read any of the same books.
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Welcome, Welcome welcomed armchair expert on Deck Shepard who joined by Monica Pad may hi hi. How are the Emmy nominations gone? I certainly have the wine ok, but I'm working hard. Again more you're gonna get more member. That we were maybe gonna get a p body. Why we're gonna get a plebiscite in a moment of complete arrogance and grandiose or so human speaking as someone who probably will win body Seth Macfarlane. You know him as an actor and animator writer producer director. A comedian and a singer: he created family, guys, bananas, Nineteen, ninety nine twenty one years, a marrow, can dad the Orville and TED. Why then too he has a new album, is also an incredible singer. His new album is called great songs from stage and screen circle. So please enjoy Seth Macfarlane. We are super,
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Tax he's says, you're kind of like in the imo is the arms dealing veto. Travolta movie get Shorty right, wasn't the plan that he wants to be back. Let's see, you can really see him and be more intimidating. You have that right. I'll, tell you what my boss did my face. Yet this is hands down the only room in the house that doesn't sound like shit. Now I want to tell you something: Monica I looked so much better orally or today, sorry we were interviewed someone earlier in and they cancelled and we were bombed because we notice that we looked pretty good gorgeous as far as zoom cloth he goes. I think at this point in time we're all kind of before giving the Mars wow? I dont resent you right now that you're wondering do you know about
This thing me Sophronia now, what's out, ok, so at first we thought it was horseshit. Our friend Ryan had a and he's by my estimation, just really intolerant of hearing noises come out of people's mouse yeah. He was slain about legos of real medical condition, and we were suspicious of it. But then we did twenty three me and you get a genetic marker back for me, Sophronia, like it's a luxuriant, Fang intolerance to like mouth sounds, and then I got a lot more compassionate about. It but, while about listening to people eat serial number, you might have a little better than TAT would have your attracted to the person like one of its a girlfriend venom, fruity pebbles, that's, what's called the hearty compromise in. Does it kind of map, like all things do like if the person is kind of unkempt than it can pounds a year? It's like a dirty car, like you, can tolerate a certain degree of mess in a car. But when, like your feet, aren't touching the ground and you sit in the passenger seat, which has happened to me, then it's too much that's old Mcdonalds,
there now. This is neither here nor there, but my father used to sub police cars in Detroit and one point he had suddenly to vehicle to a gentleman and then the cashiers check he brought turn out to be fraudulent, so they went Report, the car six hours after this person had bought it when the driver went to move the seat back. There is a full bucket of k of Sea smash down like half of the chicken was and just bone. We were like who, within the six hours of owning their cars. Ok, I'm gonna put a whole Babangida fried chicken under that takes a great degree of confidence in your purchase, yeah, I'm I can only imagine what the car would look like. Had the person owned it for six months or some almost unimaginable day ones, chicken bones under the car, they got it out of their at the right time. Now. Are you still working in quarantine? What's your schedule
I mean I am, I'm still doing a lot of writing. I guess you'd call it stockpiling script, it's a very strange time, because I don't know whether any of the stuff going to get made. I don't know if any of it can conceivably get made with given the restrictions. I don't know. If we're ever going to be able to crowd scene again in the near future and in all you can really do, is just keep at it and be optimistic. Now, on the animation side, I would imagine that's the best business to being currently right. American all go on without a hitch cannot yet family guy in American that are still in production. It still more. Ideal for anyone like the Zoom writers room, is something that just never really worked for anyone that I've talked to adjust doesn't cut it. You know this except of course I wind up hating everyone on every zoom call, I'm on like very quickly there. And inhumanity to it. But did you have a period
I'll tell you how I was misled, so I'm I'm in a and it's a big pain in the neck to get the car go to meeting Babo brought into being like a three hour endeavour when it's really only an hour, they are to do that on zoom. Do yes! So with his first, I my regular Tuesday night, meaning switch to zoom and the first three weeks on like this is revolutionary. I can turn on my computer. You know thirty seconds before it starts and then I'm really just one hour Man. Right can see myself going to lots more meetings and then about four weeks of it. I was like. I don't care about anyone in this meeting european law, but I know our care about them. I don't care by myself and I really now. There is definitely something happening in person right, yeah chemically that is irreplaceable, even being able to get up and walk around the room and stretch and still make eye contact. There's a physicality it just goes away, and furthermore, we re the point where no one's really paying attention to the zoom therein, like people looking after their phones yeah,
you know they're doing other stuff on the side? It's a very flawed and ever and you're a writer and what you and I sharing common is lots of alone time staring at a computer right as a writer. It's sure lonely as shity as job someone can have absolutely I don't know if Harold Ramis said this or if he was quoting somebody else, but it was always one of the most true statements about writing. So there's no joy in writing, but there is great joy and having written. I love that one and then Lawrence Kasdan to I think, has the best quote on writing. I've ever heard, which is our writers, are people who have agreed to do mark for the rest of their life really related to that. We're, like my wife and I would be in a vacation in more both supposed to be unwinding, relaxing, but all I'm thinking it's like, oh and three weeks. I owe that fucking draft and I should really be doing this and there is no freedom from it now now and there is a love when you're working on approaching the writing a project here, the fact that you're thinking about it- because it's something you are passionate about so you're, not like your thinking about those financial reports that you got a finnish and for short
and your boss, Admiral Lynch, there's a passion there. I do and the good outweighs the bad, but there is a lot of stress associated with it. Certainly- and I would imagine in some ways you and I are or more practice that this than other people I gotta know it. Your move is when you really got a finnish something, but I married and have kid so I go away to a hotel for four days. Yes in the room, and I had this whole routine, so I certainly of practice a bunch do like you're a little more rehearsed for this lifestyle. Others, possibly. I have nothing that I would classify as a routine. There are some days that all right all day, there are other day that all put around and procrastinate and then finally, at ten o clock at night I'll be enormously productive. It I do know writers, who have a very, very rigid system that they go by with which they write everyday. I'm not one of these people is gonna comes when it comes up. That's fascinating! I would have imagined you would be a creature of habit like so many
riders, it's very disorganized, ok, element on a nerd on writing just a little bit more and everyone will turn out. You know Dax, there's no tv or movies right now, so this is another thing out there. So there are parts for me of writing, met our just joy, That's just generally, when I'm writing dialogue. I fucking love running them. It's the structure that I hate. The story, breaking is the least fun. That's where its polarity irrational. Right once you have that and its great. I know what the scene is and what the arc of the scene is now I just gotta make the puppet stock. That's when it gets one I'd. Imagine too mild advantage. I've had just I'm also an actor is. Are you so when Writing I'm talking out loud. The whole time, I have to say, loud- and I go oh yeah that doesn't sound right. So I need a tweak here. Absolutely that sort of meeting with your ears, which totally this medium is hugely beneficial. The trap that all fall into. Sometimes, if I don't do that, is all right son, bring it to me is from a literary standpoint, feels really
smart cool and I gather, is gonna. Make me look good and I'll say it out loud. So this sounds stuffy and no one would say that no one would talk like this I couldn't agree more all right, like a chunk of dialogue, that you know like a nice one thousand two hundred and thirteen sentences and it's very likely what wish, I could say out loud in an argument or something the iron and I just think it so pleasing to the eye, and then you I say it out loud: oh my, while no human being in the history of mankind of spoke out like this, the biggest challenge, to remember, seeing an area with rod. Sorrowing guess was taken in the seventies where key lamented the fact but he felt like every one of his characters. Male and female also Like one person him now, I talked like him. This policy come on out of your own head and you're trying to guess how each of these different personalities is think it do you find having like a compartmentalize life aids in that, in other characters, point of view.
Because I think we all on some level have many versions of ourselves ride, there's one that goes back home for you to Connecticut in Europe or whatever you are as a son, and then you know you're as a body, and you have these little persona that really you have in real life and I think of your kind of aware them do you think that can help tap into other points of view, or is that two lofty did I just go to lofty? I think you're. Describing is much more of a theatrical skill set than a literary skill set to be able to act. Ass, all those parts from an on camera standpoint targeted make it. I think, as a writer, you can shoot a little more yeah wives, seen actors onset GO I get the line. I just want to hear the writers Sayer. We're just gonna buy amazing. You it's like. I love you, you couldn't It is not only a human being and if you can then I'll buy it now I do I'm so curious about your home because you basically been unbridled to my knowledge by any other input which could go to.
Terribly wrong or it could be eaten, meaning you, oh no home, I presume, and you you're not married, and I dont know that you have you had any real long term girlfriends. That would have a say in what you did at your house. Yes, oh you have ok, I mean as far as decorating most my These have been decorated by a professional decorator that Hamas smart out. I would never trust my own taste to be something we want to live in on a daily basis. I gotta tell you when Kristen came to my house for the first time again I live by myself. I didn't have children, I just knew I had a house. It was a new house and there are lots of empty walls, and I thought all useful support. Pitchers up, I He really know what to do. I don't have pictures amazing what ended up being in my house. A lot of his so embarrassing was like many stills from movies that Irish I'm in person was like, while you had a lot of pictures of yourself hanging up her in the just the man, but she said it was like the blinders came off and I only get is so embarrassing. Yes, I have mostly pictures of me in care.
Again, I have a degree from an art school and I still don't really trust myself to really good art from bad art right like can tell what that is. That's a peasant woman, milking a cow and a half that looks like something I want. I want my wall, I guess, but certainly idyllic can be dangerous to be successful. Two in certain areas like, as you really start believing clock, while yeah get the creative am I did this tv show design the whole world and the hours. I give you our organ improbably. Now you can like most guys. It's like picking out furniture. I just don't know there are pull out there who have such strong opinions about those things, and I don't so it's like that couch looks good. Will that couch looks good too? I don't know if you talk to somebody else and there's going to be a huge discrepancy, so I find it best to just keep your head down and write. About that's carried you like maintain,
one single rumor. You were like okay designer this is going to be the ugly room that has everything I want on it. Whatever fucking toys you collect or bullshit, like that, not really, I collect old books, so I had a library that sort of functions as that, but the only stipulation that I have when it comes to furnishings is just not too much form over function, be able to sit down at the end of the day. Yes and you know able to slouch like Archie Bunker. I gotta be a sink into those cushions. Absolutely you need to be embraced. The day, my current debate that I have with my wife. Who were building a house in them where the decoration phase, and just I'm out of it for the most part, but I will say, could you walk me through how you're gonna use that item words currently located, as I just don't see that it could possibly function in a way that you know like what the logistics of this thing. Ok, so I want to know how much of this is apocryphal and how much is real, because I recognise the slippery slope of doing interviews a kind of throw some off the cuff its
point the maggots brought back up and your like all that stick around and that's kind of now. Ok, I gotta I certainly over myself, there's a few things around like will that got out of hand you have to perpetuate the line. As you. Can you bring yourself into a corner? It might have just been a throwaway job. The first year I can explain it to the next winter- leaves a billion, so were you actually able to draw woody woodpecker and infrared Flintstone at the age of two. Well, that's what my parents tell me. How can I have catches that my father has saved from. When I was a kid I can't keep. The chronology myself obvious for obvious reasons, but I've been told me times over the years yeah you drew this when you were too you're like print a copy it off. The tv within stubby baby cared angers muscle, and so that's the official story, whether there too for not I I don't know, but I gotta figure well, why? Why would you lie about that other than a million reasons
right now, five years old, you are actually making flip books and stuff. You understood conceptually how the mechanics work of a cartoon and that in a very rudimentary way out, there was no reference material that I could find. If I remember rightly across one book at about eight years old, it was written by one of the professors at risk. The around that are going to college, and it was my First, real education is exactly how the stuff was made, but yeah I was doing flip books at five and there was a show when I was a kid colonial, that let me more used to how is called lights. Camera action. I vaguely remember that it was about filmmaking. What not- and I remember the interviewer student who had done an animated film, I think, was called back there was a cell animation and looked enough What I was saying on tv that like no wait a minute, I was this changes. The whole ball game like right now, is to raise just done by shadowy figures out there in Hollywood, using special paints and cameras that I can
dream about. Nothing was truly I opening wow. This is an bill Hannan, Joe Barbara. This is too some kid right. It's not a magic trick. It can be done divergence. Think about how astounding, in is that you could have even found this shit like you basically got lucky that that episode existed. Yes, I mean now think about. If any of my kids express any interest in anything within five minutes, we ve got the world record holder. We watch videos like grip. If you want to know about who did the most cartwheels bike, others a fucking do, did a whole train a cartwheels, unlike under two minutes, he's like sprinting it, but back then you're. Just like you have this interest in you just cross your fingers and Hope there's an episode of your show that makes it down for you here. It is for now the resource except ability that you have now. It is even just the ability to create animation. I remember my: parents buying me like. I used super ape camera things like eighth grade. You know it had like stop She capabilities, you could do one frame at a time yeah. It is
trial and error. That was all I had to go by and in some ways I'm gonna glad of it, because it taught me what works and what didn now this. I guess who's is very easy to substantiate that you had an actual comic strip in your local, or at nine years old, the up now here's organ and a duty, Hauser territory that have already been cars? How do you go from sketching shit of being in the paper? You are local newspaper, which was called the Kent Good Times, dispatch sounds like a paper that be in the Anti Griffith showers. Yes, exactly what it was. There was one competing. Labour for a while call the weather van. Remember, we basis, I would sit down with the editor, and I was nine, so I wasn't completely doing this on my own right generally was a political cartoon of sorts bigots. He would suggest, something that might be a funny angle on somebody was gone and I would sketch it ok, so you were executing this editors, initially air and then about a year or so I started to say, hey one. I just do a few, my own here, that you have nothing to do with in our current events.
Silly President Carter exactly We do not present a gardener yet so it was sort of an evolving process. It was all town. Everyone with super support of that I do remember very specifically like it was a small enough town that people knew that I did this and now wanted to do in the nurturing of the community was again it is all very Andy: Griffith yeah, how are you doing in school? were you social? Did the kids think that was you know you a published cartoonists today kick your ass for that what happened? I was gonna write and somewhere in the middle, like I was by oh means a Jacques. I was not in the sports, but at the same time I don't recall I'll never get my ass kicked. We are cute you're good, looking well thanks d you're? Welcome you well listen. I think we're doing ok with world doing great, but when I hearken up an image,
of that nine year old. In my school there are a couple of and right we had like a coin collector that some hours grandpa got him into that. That was his life. It was such a I the lady in pursuit via you know, even if people want to be friendly with them, These kids are pretty in their own head. Where you were you that way. I had my small group of friends and I was close to, but in I wasn't out partying like some some of my classmates whereby I was. I was social enough that I had a normal trial that I was definitely obsessed with what I wanted to do. Yeah you not having enough luck with experimentation that again this was probably unbelievably idyllic compared to what a carbon bright eyed remember even from like classmates people kind of having a curiosity but what it was, and I was an eighth grade. I made a little animated. Film is my file project.
You show it to the client, yeah yeah, that's a level as a comedy writer. I wish my childhood had been worse because jokes Camelot easier by a little butter yeah. I think it would be such heavy lifting ok. So what were your favorite cartoons in that area? what were you consuming, that you thought was the high water mark. Basically, everything I mean I was watching farmers gee, I Joe the Thundercats, our shared Smurfs Jason. The Wheel Warriors League of Justice, super friends, so Phronsie idea, but particularly I never was a while about the Superman, only episodes or the bad man when they would get everyone together in theirs peopled, weird powers like one or twenty here when you got green lantern in their eyes firestorm. He man masters the universe and all that stuff that Saturday morning, special that ABC used to do the Friday before here's. What common this fall. I did
a dollar yeah it where you also interested in comedies in general, yeah, yeah, no, surely, planes trains and automobiles, I mean it's a wide array like I was very into Monty Python. Guy Togo, big Jackie, Gleason Faint. I, like looked for anything that I could find with Jack. Listen and thronging the bandit, our honeymooners, more honey, There's era yeah I'll be for tee justice? That's where I live, right. Every line of them movie you forty just on rail. Ok. So when you go to Rhode Island School of design, when you went there Was your fantasy or dream I'm going to be an animator? I guess what I'm wondering is. Writing is such a significant part of your success. I wondered where you even thinking like I'm going to pursue
and I'm a writer or were you just thinking, I'm an animator. It was a little above when I started there. I was hell bent on animated for Disney. That's what I wanted to do. They were having their sort of second golden age, with no loves you, the little mermaid beauty in the beast and and those movies that we're just gonna, rewriting the rule book and was all. At the same time, there are several things that happened at once. I started doing stand up when I was in college and the Simpsons prepared and once again rewrote the rule book. It was a, this time, I really was conscious of the fact that all this is actually making me laugh out loud. You know it's not like I'm watching bugs Bunny the flintstones or another shows that are comedies bottom, acknowledging its comedy, but it's not making me laugh, but I still love at first shower and that was what chain opened this whole new world. Oh god, I can do animation now for people, my age yeah. I was going to say price. Did the Simpson ever imagine I'm I'm no historian and animation, but that's the first time that you could write for adults man before that it was fish police that was it, and when
when it beavis him but had come out. That was around the same time, I think wasn't Ryan. Was again another thing we are like. Oh, this is an adult cartoon groundbreaking. So is that, like a good school for animals I would have no airy. It's very good program. My ignorance is it the best, isn't, isn't cow. The one out here in Pasadena, really good color is good. Kellers is very good Ok, so where's, Rhode, island in that hierarchy. I initially wanted to go to college however, the time they had a very good training program. If you wanted to work for this, you're using a pipeline right yeah. Exactly I just didn't want to live that far away from Connecticut. Yeah, but what I found with RISD that ended up working out well for me, was it really wasn't one specific style that they were training you and we learned without innovation animation, we learned cell animation. We learned Clay Mason in stop motion. They taught us everything, yeah and then said great now, figure out what it is
The doing go, do it and, as a result, I think you come out of their with some options and real sense of how you want to apply the skill set in the real world and it really help with my trajectory, particularly with everything else ok. So I know nothing about this. So again, forgive many full pie make, but you discovering in that process for their other artists that were better than you Well, if you are looking like I'm not at a plus at this aspect, yeah most people I'll get a life drawing! I did ok, I was in the middle of my class, but I do remember the Chris that first day of life, drawing that that, if you haven't drawn a nude model before is just Oh jarring. I had Iraq and I think we did it. We actually put this in the family guy with Peter what had. I was just sweating bullets Gazette like instructors coming around like that. Are you supposed to draw the journey? site there there, racism hang in there yeah. I am I supposed to drive yeah and I looked over and there with a kid. Next to me, I just drawn like just a very kind gesture. Oh I better you
Laura case. Who was it a fundamental right that guy it was a guy like that painters and halls great writer, there's a lot of there's a lot of rendering to do. If you choose to do it. Can I tell you all I would have drawn was the penis monitors to goes again? I know for sure. Well, that's what man you, what you would have heard deflected from the rest of us? Not me! I thought fit you dry, you do you like it can decide. Did I do I did I did what my neighbor was like a little just a suggestion just suggested. The pin Do you remember if the guy was welcome? not because I got imaginary one that would volunteer for that must feel a little confidence. That's a very good question. I don't recall, and it is like ninety three dollars or something I need. This was ninety one, he is Harry, I'm sure he had all over ninety one. Yet I think they're probably was a bush. Yet the height The eighties and Seventys like if you had enough air, you might be other cover everything I guess I'm staring at the people can see it, but I'm staring at the
behind you on the wall and it looks like in my fair lady, where Henry Higgins would map out his fanatics. Our guy, like that, it's a map of spoken, hence grit. You're gonna love is that their? I think this is a first no one's brought up the picture number one Ronnie about it. Does that my wife uses our space? Let us be clear MRS Monica eyes attic. She takes that down every time she does press or anything in here. Ok, because it is a combat vehicles of the. U S, oil. I our guys it's every plain and we'll vehicle and Hank. This is, as your way states in art, this. Is me obviously this will get down deep down. I don't want to be seen as like jingoistic or pro war, which I'm not either. I dislike monetary history they'll come on, so we No she's been in your working as it's always shoved into the corner. When we return. Luckily Monica has taken a position on it. I'm a war war to buff myself. Oh yes, I have you read em rise and fall. The third Reich you know it. I just
recently ordered on Amazon cause. I've been I've been ashamed of not having, rather than their William Shire, yeah, it is sheer it's incredible. I listen to it on tape and I bet it was a year of listening. I mean the guys you won't quit. Yeah yeah phenomenal. Ok, so when you leave Rhode, island. You ve discovered you're, not the best star there, but I have to imagine it became clear, you're, probably the best writer there, or very funny that the content you can accompany with your drawings. That's your strong suit. Was one of the only people who was working in narrative animation. I do remember that I wasn't working in Abstract, I wasn't doing an art film. I was doing something designed to get me a job and in the commercial sector, and so I do remember my structures who amazing amazing people and subsequently came around. Is that our right? This is what you should be doing when I first Green, the student film was rough version of family guy Life of Larry, and they said we're just worried that you're taking the one chance you have to make
that one film that special to you and squandering it on what is essentially a lot of bathroom, humor, sharp giant and then we green it in and it got enough laughs that they set our right. You clearly have a direction here, go for it will you have some kind of resolving conviction, because even back when you are nine you in a comic strip, you did something a pitcher of someone communion amass. Can I get a sight of fries with this or something you became a little bit controversial in your small towns? Ok out, clearly you for whatever reason your wrist acre. I guess my nature yeah I've ever getting an a letter from the local priest, saying, shame on you for insulting the almighty God and those who love him, ah ha look at me, I'm pro anyone that believes in God that adds value to their life, I'm so for it. See it adding value to a lot of people like the one part. I just can't help a push back on his. U worship do that's that vein.
In my case and about the nine year old, making a joke at his expense, and I went to a very religious schools. I too take three years. I was not religious, but that was part of the curriculum yet to take three years of theology, there's a lot of very human characteristics prevalent in the bow, I believe that God displays, even in the worst of the human characteristics, yeah yeah, what particular in the old testament yeah like that Kennedy and insecurity, kill your son approval of me. It's all yeah, it's that's that's! The trouble that I have always had is that so much of it feels like it comes from the human hand and economic have friends who are very religious very close to, but there are a lot of hiccups there for me that our red flags, I just remembered that cartoon came from I remember, being taken to church when I was a kid and just being so freaked out by communion just seeing the people go up to the altar kneel down, be fed this little.
Wafer, yeah and then everyone drinking from the same cup, which I do not know how to do that. Now I remember asking I don't know whether my parents are the person sitting next me. What is that, and they said it- it's the blood of Christ and I was like, oh my god, you're in no way be worth the price I could during the goblet of blood, meaning the body of cries. Isn't it was? It was a very jarring experience as a child I too attended a lot of catholic masses with my grandparents and my mom for a spell, and yet I was more just. I want to know what it tasted like by justice. Or India was likewise, is nothing good looking and make it look good yet, and I think you're you're nice was a you like yours, was the universe, Get into it uses a kind of let us pass, because it looks like an echo wafer yeah MECCA waivers, give depending on how you get good or a. I know a waiver, another method yellow wherever all member the way for family that's hard to find a bad waiver.
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combined with their daily greens, it's some serious nutritional insurance again go to athletic green dot com slashed acts to claim my special offered today. Ok, so you Lee there and then you get a job with Hannah Barbaric now had you at that point. Come off need a little bit or restart IBM Anna, barbaric or by that point I had veered away from the Disney side of things, mainly because I it was all about primetime animation. At that point, that was really what was again the Simpsons adjust rewritten everything he I was. I was thrilled me working out a barbaric a because of their history and there what better placed to learn television animation than the company, that, in did it but also had begun the programme for what a cartoon that was deliberately going out of their way to seek out very green.
Brand new, untried young animators and to give them a shot at making a seven minute short, which would air on cartoon network. So the timing. For me, I've worked hard throughout my career, but luck is also not to be underestimated. The timing of a lot of stuff- it's like Mr Mobutu drive in the car and that struck comes in at exactly the right place, so he can drive across yes, it's a big part of that programme was, I couldn't come at a better time, not a bride, but we does interview bill gates and yeah when he starts talking about a number of variables that had the line up perfectly for him to be home. Bill Gates is not just that his aptitude for that would have gotten him worry. Rice is so many little things that enough,
it's all of our egos are inclined to write that off cause it's not as good as story boots, dry story, yeah for all of us right luck plays a huge role. You do have to sweat, like you, do have to work hard and follow through with things, but it's for sure combo did you all the things and then get lucky right and have the luck? Yes? Yes, I know it is. It is for sure factor into. That process you, I guess you hadn't different roles right, you you're an animator. You also did story boards. You wrote what did you learn their? That was vital. All of those skills, if you just mentioned I'd start it is a story born artist action. No, that's not true noticed. They figured out pretty quickly that I was bad at that and so they hired me as a writer. I was writing for. I spend most my time writing for show called Johnny Bravo and did a little bit of work on Dexter's lab and cow and chicken, which are now, I guess, sort of classics to a certain general it makes me feel very old, but from then I got gig running the writing staff of ACE Sven tour. The animated series which I'm proud
anything I've done in my career. I don't know if you're serious or not, because I, when I read that about you guys I was like I didn't know- there had been an animated version of his. It was a a valuable learning experience and I'm glad you had it. So there was that delivered a writing for Disney for some of their television shows and then, while I was there, the Turner Time Warner merger happened. So you had all of these people. Did you know what to do with us that we're all sitting in offices taken up space of electing page I didn't want to? fire their whole creative team, but they didn't know what to do with us, and I just remember there was about a six month period where all you had to do was pitch something once a week and justify your paycheck I was working on the family guy pilot, and were you try and do protect it from that pipeline like I've? heard. Stories were like more Michael's owned your characters, if you ve done them more than twice yeah Vienna's another. Some weird thing and some people held characters that they were.
The later due in a movie yeah, this was sort of a grey area, because if you look at that short Larry and Steve Whereof, the two characters in the enemy is rather different of our bear the similarities to Peter and Brian, or are undeniable. I mean it's got two completely different visual style because it was a different audience and a different tone, and but in others there so many similarities, those characters, and so that was where it was kind of a grey areas that I managed to preserve the characters that I had created and done serve an alternate version for that short. So I still had them now again. Another example of a whole lot of luck to have six months where you're getting paid because a company is in turmoil, yeah and they dont know what they're doing with their team I seized on together. A job at my was animated like crazy. This is the only time I want to have to do a film that at pitched too fox, and they give me a budget of about forty grand yeah. I read that that end as any average budget of an animated episodes- oh yeah million right side, even five cents on the dollar gap. Again, it was a confluence of events now
you became the show runner of family guy. You were at that time. It may be. It still stands, as the youngest show runner ever in Hollywood and I wonder, what's like interpersonal struggles? Were there being a twenty four year old boy? in trying to run a writers room and having not done in all these things like. Was that a challenge for you? It was as much of it challenges it would be for anybody out. That's where I credit my parents for having given me the political skills to know what it was it. I want at the same time be conscious that it was a collaborative effort. You know I struggled at the beginning to learn that on the job I was surrounded by people every one of them who are a lot more experience than I was. I was with a show running partner. Who is a lot more experience, and I Those first few years there were some clashes, is the only time of my career that I remember having that many clashes and I think it was growing pains in retrospect. There were thing that I'm glad I held my ground on and other things. I just haven't learned yeah yeah yeah, and I think you know with any job,
you don't get to go in day one and tell people how things work, also, when you're twenty all right, you're willing to die over a lot of stuff that you learn later in life is not worth it, but it's exactly learned that the hard way pick your battles is, if there's one lesson that I learned in this town. If it applies to everything, less, is more and pick your battles. I would say those were the two were seeing at on large scale. We're in a country where every battle, large or small, is dial up to an eleven. Yes, so the ones that are important and that our big are diminished, because everything is that level of intensity. So that was the most signify Thank God. I learned whether you are starting around company, or whether you Hollywood or whether you're in governments. If it's your first day on the job, you gotta listen as well as talk yeah, now I do intend to spend the rest of this interview. Just talking about south grain of your comfort. I just adore him so sell my. I got to do my first movie with
and he was just so generous and kind and taught me all the ways to act, and he just the most lovely guy in the world, and I wondered when you cast that show like you're too much from position now like if you, if you were to cast a show now, everyone wants to be in it. There's some likelihood that it's gonna go three and fifty episodes you know, but I have to imagine at that time, you want to see an ever seen dad now I just I just countered your arguments. Whopping, six and a half as well when you were cast, Were you getting all your dream? People not necessarily have an idea, at that time. Having a sense that I didn't want to cast a lot of celebrities, I did have a sort of a dim awareness that, when I was in seeing Pocahontas in this was Miss Gibson was in their righted. When I'm thinking of no, I don't know, but the boy arrives in Europe, even though no voice and programme sets out, even though that is not a sound right. Let's pretend that that's ok, yeah! You know I am conscious that I'm I'm seeing
character. Moving his lips, but I'm hearing male gibsons voicing their disconnect right, because I know who miss Gibson is for better or worse yet, even when I see him acting now, it's somewhere in the very deep background. I'm here in the rant and malware thy us it s exactly in the background. I can hear yes now it's true, but you know when watching king of a hill or the Simpsons or Beavis Butthead. You know I'm not see and might judge, because I didn't know what he looked like right. He right fame, in that way. I was completely immersed in those characters and and that that was a distinction that I remember making at the time. So I didn't really want to populated with a bunch of famous people. Remember William, It may see auditioning for Brian, a while back and in retrospect, unlike what arrogance I had to say now, it's not working just gonna do myself. While I was gears about that, if you did you getting push back,
network level or studio level for doing as many voices as you did. They want you to focus on the creating. The only reason I didn't is because I had a piece of film to pick them that also function to serve an audition and it was working. They were laughing and the others who have a handle on it. So let's not mess with it yeah. But you know in Alex Borst Ian who does Louis was suggested by one of the Fox executives at the time. So here we have really talented comedians, I'm mad tv she's willing to do it. Part of it was sort of this hodgepodge of people who were available people who they could get not have to pay a lot. Yeah soft green. What was cool about what he did was either designs, were all complete and I didn't really know what I wanted. Christa sound like. I just know it wasn't anything that bright and people would look at the design you, don't ninety five percent of these additions where people doing surfer guy voices. The design of christian guys go longline areas get the hat? Is surfer, yeah and so be a lot of like a lot of like ninja turtles kind of stuff, rubber. Exactly exactly, and so your come soft green,
who are nowhere? Does TED Levine in silence when I was told me private land- I listen he's told you easy. I knew it just made us laugh and it was different. It just felt freshen. That's that story. Yeah about media will merely came in and sounded like a teenager and it just fit the character and felt real felt. Authentic and so we gave it to her and she's been don't ever since. Okay, so now, as the show involves- and it becomes successful, I'm wondering this is a potentially a trap. I'm going to ask you to say what you're best at, but is it the writing, or is it the voices? You proved it So quintessential on the performance side of it- and I think so much of the success of the show is built from that, but also the writing obviously is kind of king in that form. It would
you think you ended up thinking. Oh, this is what I should bet on it myself. As far as leading into the to writing as a career, you just that you have all these components to the job right. You're doing you now overseeing the animation year running the writers, room, you're, writing yourself, you're also, then performing, and I'm just wondering which of those things that you think you proved to have a real knack for that's a good question. We look, some would say, none! Ok, I love all of it. It's a tough one. To answer. I guess what I'm wondering is, which who sings shocked? You did any of them shock you like the game, you start cuz, you love to draw, and you want to. You want to replicate what you saw on a tv and then it just keeps evolving into these other aspects of the career, and I would imagine some of them had to be like kind of shocking. Like oh wow, this comes really easy to me or not. That's not even something I was really any of. It comes easy in the Orville is probably easiest writing job that I've had, because I am not swept over Joe
The other thing about animation, as is the one art form that encompasses so many different types of artistry minutes: visual art, its theatrical art, its musical art, is all these different disciplines that are mixed together or even just you know, the use of an orchestra every week on family guy still remains, arguably the most pleasurable parlor, all browsers, that stems from your own proclivity right. Will you love music and like foggy? I can do this, I'm going to do this yeah yeah I do think there is a difference in college was aware of what shows were doing it in and what weren't. I was aware that the Simpsons was using an orchestra is aware that one brothers was using an orchestra for Anna Maniacs and in other damage, as if they were doing tat, and I could hear the shows that worked, and there was a difference, and that was something was very very important to me. I think it's the only reason that family guy is able to do those musical numbers out that people would sit still if without them trumpet right now, as this show become
seems crazy. Successful. I think all of us in this business start becoming aware of what an insane amount of money or making you are. The highest paid show runner, maybe he's still are had that been apart. Any of your fantasies. I did you think that that much money would accompany this endeavour. I guess prior to groaning and some of those handful of guys, it's not like people became billionaires and animation. That's the arts with the Simpsons right yeah. I note that was something I did not predict at all, not the highest paid your honor, but thank you you're, not whose above you, oh god, I gotta figure check right or he'll. Make more money may write Chuck Laurie. I don't I don't oh well I'll. Look it up for the factor. Oh yeah Chuck lorries gotta make more money than I am. I definitely on the top of the list.
Everyone like you that I've interviewed that has a mass like some great fortune. I think I'll hundred percent of them we're not pursuing money. It doesn't make it any happier if it helps not that I'm going to happy but doesn't affect it. It depends on how you let some people take it and cocoon themselves with it. Ten. Not to do that. I mean that the house is a bigger you cars, a little nicer air travel is the only thing that does get lost he's right here the amount it just depends on how you wanna treated. I mean it's like if your hoarding it that's one thing, if you're finding constructive things to do with it, giving the charity and all of them that's another way to go. I'm not a harder, but did you derive any self esteem from it. I mean I just look at Howard Stern, who I have always worshipped, but I know want to serious right and then it became kind of public knowledge that maybe he had gotten some hundreds of millions of dollars. It did perception. Wise click came in some other zone where I even people, maybe that pre, ITALY would have gone on a show they come in and they kind of revere him in a way it be naive to assume it doesn't come with some status element to it
Did you derive any self esteem from that I supposed to us a degree I mean who wouldn t gas a little bit of an extra boost specially for somebody who you know who was sort of an introvert in school, but not significantly interlocking I've had enough projects, it had the ship it out of him from critics. In that humbles you properly, I dont ever recall at any point in my life being super confidence in your financials exotic technologists period. There are creative things that I've been confident like. I'm the confident that, if I'm having an argument about, does a story point we're gonna. Do we need to change this? part of the script, there's confidence there, but as far as an overall self confidence that sort of alpha mentality is something that is that foreign to me, oh guiding, that's very healthy. I think I'm perceived as somebody who has a lot of confidence in a one off a dozen I'm offered acting roles is always that character. That's like Qana Cocky and has like that's like a lot of swagger, and it's always really hard for me to lock into when I'm not doing a voice,
right and character voice. One of the things I thought when I was learning about you today was you I never had it made in that all the upside of this business. In my opinion, are like the many great people get to work with, and collaborate with, like that's worth a trillion dollars: thou yeah, it's not the part they fantasize about, but it is the part that shit fantasize about it. So wonderful, so you had money in you really get be around every one, and then you went made yourself famous, and I just wonder was that the right move, I think, of Bill Murray's my favorite quota. His is rethink about becoming rich and famous. I just recommend the rich part yeah yeah there. There is some intelligence that I mean. I don't know that part of it is fun to my sister and I both drew up doing a lot of theatre when we were kids. Most mostly musical theatre, the performance part of it is fine. I had a blast doing the Oscars. That was what really Tipp the scales for me. As far as
once I do. This is no going back and it was a blast. Oh you aimed for the fences I got to say I don't I don't know that anyone had seen you perform and then you sing and dance and you all this stuff. It's like, of course, people think you're, a confident that took an incredible on a confidence. I think what did it was it I'd done some hosting, but not anything the speaker, and I hope that some comedy central rose, but I think what finally took the scales I presented at the Emmi is- and I did show up for rehearsal. I hadn't walk on state had no idea where the MIKE was a targeted and though I was standing here and literally like next to me. Some producer, backstage like raised MIKE up from the guy, I could speak and I didn't see it. I didn't I next month and say: oh it's over there I walked over and you know the whole time I was kind of privately panicking, but I guess it was hidden enough for their legal rights during a crisis. He's gonna look at his feet,
so what you learn there is you can survive the experience yeah yeah, that part of it is funny. I loved making that western and I've had a blast due in the Orville at TED was fine. You want to be able to play in the sandbox with other actors in a ok now imminent, when most interested in on this show is you know I can't relate to someone who wins enemies. I dont relate to gold manner winners. I relate to we'll get humbled a ton. I've had that experience alot. Well me to media. I think you can learn the mouse about life and the person with the humbling things. So I do wonder you were on such a trajectory right. I mean between family guy being so says Romena American, dad being so successful, you're gonna every three hundred episode of that and then you do TAT, which is the biggest our a comedy I think still, which is incredible- that still not equip ethically been knocked off Jugglery on twenty one June street Microsoft ear the buzzer sounded sire guy, ok, well, surveys, essay ridable run, and I want
No, your internal monologue is at that point, as I just gotta say personally. If I had that many hits in a row, I would really pretty much thank oh. I know what people want to see and hear. I figured it out. I think you'd be votes, do not think that. Well, that's where the longevity family guys, unique it's because its animated? because it's now, you know essentially self run in the same people that I was working with four years. A shower now running it yeah, it's an enormous luxury enable the ability to do things like the western to do things like the Orville to do to experiment with things that maybe I might fail at, but there is that safety net. Yeah, if family guy ever goes off the air than I'll, probably have to reassess, Why do I want to find some way to give milk em at gaol, but I think it gets a little dull for me to be doing that over and over and over. I, like things that scare me a little bit things. I've tried things that I could very well, we fail at. I would imagine, for you, do just having an excuse and a requirement to learn.
One is always wonderful right leg. If you just do the same thing, you never ever forced to be a student again and so The most pleasurable moments in life are like really taking on something new. It fun fun it It's scary and it's stimulating. I mean I have no idea what I was doing when TED begin. I walked on Saturday night. I had to project this air of experience and authority so that the crew would feel like it was worth their while. But really I had no idea. I wish I whispered to my deep feeling. Ok, so what's an over, you know, what's the difference between this lens and that like what's a fifty fifty, they always terms that now use every day by no clue yeah and is it easy for you to acknowledge your ignorance and ask for help. Yeah Luckily that part of it. I was well aware of my I know I wanted to look, but as far as how to get there with this unfamiliar technology yeah, the idea of coverage was foreign to make, as I had come out of animation, where you play
every shot a year in advance, and so I didn't want to shoot any coverage. I was like what he talked about. We got that's how I'm going to cut it together. We got this shot the closer we need weary. I judge that was something thank God between my dp. My producer is trust us Let's get it does no harm and having it. I far preferred to learn that lesson in the editing room- Where are you have nothing going? Are you kidding I didn't she? All I shot was a. Why boil it? I cannot even if nothing, this is it ok. Now my own personal experience, I would write when I was at the growlings outright. You know six sketches away. Some of them were heads and some of them eight shit and I have to say I was not a good judge of that at all in the ones that were here
I felt the exact same way about the ones it not one person related to. So I learned quickly. It's like. I know what I think, it's funny, but boy there's a broad spectrum of whose responding to that and I wouldn't even know how to what one to bet on the up to this day. I have the same experience that audience screening. It's like work shopping, material of your stand of comic, there's no way to tell it and in ice. Should the are so I guess I'm in again. This is not to like in any way try to embarrass you, but when a million ways to die in the west comes out, it doesn't reach the bar. You ve sat with tad. What's the fall out of it, Four months of being blued, you are you quick to write it up because you have the safety net like what's the experience of getting over that there are several facets to that that I had a process at once. One was my friend, John RO pointed out is look you're gonna, get to a point where they're just gonna be gunning for you now and it's gonna be your time to take a beating, an Oscar is in the western. That was my time to take a beating you just gotta. Take your lumps. Did you get beating from the Oscars in other numbers were great in the crowd, was good
but the next day the people writing articles, but my cousin due to do these deep dives into a box office whose eye but wait a minute Brad its movie, seventy there an opening weekend of twenty million in your move, because forty million and you had an opening weaken of seventeen. Both those movies our heads are both or failures can be one of the other yanza you got shafted, so that was I write. What, yes are? Obviously there is some nice sharpening before it even comes out by was also more than that, it was that they know tat was a blessing and occurs if TED hadn't done what it had done. The bar wouldn't have been set so impossibly highly. I could go my whole career and most likely will then not do something. That is the monster success that the TED, what
it was a freak nature and its and it's like again, there was luck in there to yeah. Was it hard for you to cast that movie or was because every Avenue Azure drug Toil Debut and you get Wahlberg whose on top of the mountain at that time, was at challenging or was it easy? We both have the same agent who believed in the project really, I think, encouraged the two of us to work together and it was just a faint ass. To experience you mentioned you're, not very alpha in, and I've met him. Oh god, I'm seas is incredibly Alfie. I guess in some way, as he does have a very subdued side, like there's a very quiet side to him when he's working, I count on one hand the times we ve just got out and just socialized for the of it are working relationship is like an absolute dream like it was just the smoothest thing. It was clockwork. He was just fantastic and so
funny and so genuine? Initially, we wanted a cast a comic in that role. I go in a welfare or a south Rogan jar in a weather would have worked as well. I don't know, but we mark he wasn't coming out from that direction. It was the very heartfelt was very earnest and it was very dramatic and waterways and it worked so well and even when you watch the footage before we put the baron these so invested in it that realizing as brilliant that the effects work was like how much of it was also the reality that he was endowing this thing with yeah. Oh, you gimme. Brilliant him. An eye heart honeybees is just incredible, but I do think it there's like back to the luck thing right down the fact that you're probably not super alpha and that their no competition for what lane either we urine and the fact that maybe he felt a little voice
we're bulk as it was comedy and much different swing. That's the kind of thing where you can orchestrate that again goes back to look a little bit like, maybe just a perfect pairing. In that way, I've had a lot of good luck. If you call that with collaborators and in this way, I'm traffic, if I've worked with anyone, at a terrible experience with it. I can't take a one while isn't that it says a lot about you right. I wasn't a stir in the other day and I love Steve Miller and I was so bombed. Every single story he told did the punchline was that person was an asshole and tried to fucking over, and I just thought you had some point. If you got sixty store worries. You might maybe you we analogy. Yeah I've profit because I've had my ass kicked after writing, indirect demons are in and in information was a very hard regroup and I think for me, a lot of it, and I would imagine it to be more tempting for you, which is like too much of my life is easier. Do I need to go through this, be now
You know I don't know anything you can help, but ask yourself that question when you do take it on the chin. Use like oh. Is this worth it putting myself out there this much? I mean it. It's also the thing that, a comedian reactor every directive, a writer go or you can get a thousand good reviews and one shitty review, and that's the one that you focus on, because it confirms my own story about myself. That I'm a hand worthies Macedonia, you're right right, gives you think. Oh my god, they know they ve discovered, I'm a fraud and it's hard to read negative reviews. The things that I've written or things are directed and my brain does gonna go to the place where man, this guy's got an axe to grind with me personally I dont know whether that's really the case or whether it because it's being written about me that that's how I'm perceiving it. I remember when TED came out with really good review from Roger Ebert, which made me so happy Now I ve been a fan of his yes, everything. There is a move in the eighties. Came out, go back to the beach, with, like Frank
I have a lot of that food. A shallow reprisal arose from the beach movies and it had a pan that, as I recall but broader Ebert, I'm ever wrote this great review of like here's. Why this works as a man, this guy collar, thinks out these marches to his own drama is really, is young you, is on critical thinking, skills and not just going with the herd, and so I wrote him an email and said: hey. I don't know if this is like a faux pas in this business you're laughing like I was very cool to get a good review from you and he wrote me back. Look if it makes a laugh, it's funny if it turned John sexy. That's what Cisco used to say and TAT made me laugh, and it was just like the best response that I could have gotten in others that there's a Pulitzer prize for criticism there yeah, that one shocked me: oh wow, that one shot, oh wow, I did. I had no idea where now I want to write some criticism, see if I can't that's the only way, I'm going to win a pool today,
the horrible since it a hundred percent unwrought tomatoes. I have nothing but the highest regard for the work of Hollywood, Riddick, Anne and their very right in that other, when they couldn't be more right, if they could not be more now. One thing I've liked about you and I could see this going. The other way for haters witches, I'm sure some people there like wait now you're gonna sing I or singer night, I'm the opposite. I like oh here's, a guy who has stayed true to himself, which is you have this whole world of success and yet you're a fucking space nerd, which idle of ensue, like I'm, gonna bring cosmos back. I think that was so great. It actually made me very interested in you as a person simply because of that I thought. Oh, this is great. This is counter intuitive and I too share a love for that. Opportunity, and I had a really funny screens- were on the fox lie and I went to grab a little bite before meaning and I'm sitting there eating. When I turn I looked to the left and there's a monster eating next to me at really cute monster,
If we start chatting- and I was like you- gotta still love this about show business like you can turn near laughed in. There might be a cowboy around it and see what the Amazon area there isn't really. All about it in. She was on your show inside think. That's I learned of Orville you'll, be starting your. Season whenever that yeah we're halfway through our third season when all this started, and so were currently trying to figure out like When I was out of their gone again but yeah there would like to finish. But again I really applaud that. You were like nah nah, I'm going to do all the things I'm interested in and I'm in a position to do that. So I am I'm I'm going to do it and then you know it's successful or you got it Verne Emmy last year, yeah it for me that show was like I just missed that kind of show on television, I you know, look huge success. What do I know now is of hunger games to out with like the negative list. Opium like this is how horrible the few who's, gonna be and yeah great I've heard the cautionary tale about a thousand times. I hear you loud and clear. There has
so be room for the blueprint for what can be achieved. If we do things right, if we go the other way and that was very prevalent on tv in the nineties- and it just is got what guy growing up the shells were influential to me. Well, I'm sure you ve, heard the explanation in this- I buy this explanation, which is in generally in times were or very optimistic in feeling positive about public life. You generally will get lots of anti heroes, work right and then, in the times that are very scary. I e the cold war in other shows it you're talking about organ, cold war shows and then now people are very scared. There's lots of divisiveness in, for some reason these anti heroes. Kind of went away and now kind of more positive stuff is being raised. Dubai into that theory, well no, because the Ninetys were as prosperous a time as I can remember in recent history and the likely era. Yeah yeah me just as far as like the economy and my colleague even in this town, with the deal people making, it doesn't happen more right, but
post nine eleven you started getting a lot more shows like twenty, for which I was a huge twenty farm. He asked ass. I love that show, but I don't know maybe there's a. It's a hard one does because at the moment I see a lot of dust, opium fiction and disturbing world. At the same time, daylight, yeah, we'll handmaids, is pretty uplift yeah. I guess I'm a good, but there's no musical numbers, and there is a lot like glee, gonna morals, that we should pursue. Mathematics two issues there. We are supported by the sexiest minivan enemy. Its Chrysler Pacifica I own in Dr One I'd, never feel cooler than when I'm behind the wheel of my black on Black s, appearance package, Chrysler Pacifica, that's got best in class,
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I was in dollars for being an arm chair it for its hotels. Savings of eight thousand one hundred and thirteen dollars right now for every Pacifica sold Chrysler will support no kid hungry and providing up to five hundred those two kids in need, we are supported by wonder E. I want to tell you guys about this new show from wondering media called Bungle Bunker, what a great title yeah it's about the life in times of an infamous italian politician named Silvio Berlusconi- and let me just say this guy stranger than fiction hosted by legendary comedian. Actress producer writer, multi, hyphen friend of ours, Whitney Cummings Bungle Bunda. Is this outrageous true story of how the former Prime Minister of ITALY manipulated an entire country for decades? Question is how do you do it? Well,
turns out. Italy is totally used to corrupt politicians, so all he had to do was promised that he was a good guy in his charm, insanely large bank account and Self Tanner did the rest. Once he was in office, though it was a telling in politics as usual, and by that I mean he was throwing wild sex parties blackmailing government officials and re running the laws to make himself even richer, and the craziest part about the story is that everyone in ITALY knew that it was going on and they still voted for him. That is until two words brought his entire empire crashing down. Bungle bunker the money is available on apple podcast or you can listen early and ad free by joining wondering plus in the wonder, YAP download the EP today. Ok now, Do you have any reservation about being public about loving, to sing in pursuing an actual music career or you were you nervous that people would be? I prefer to call of you
who did you have any apprehension about that? I didn't because it wasn't something that I sought out. I had done this virus already show. I hope, I'm getting this timeline line right, but I recall it. We did. This variety chauffeur Fox, Alex Foreseen- and I was like a one off and with an orchestra- was a universal public records approach, means that hey you wanna do some kind of an album with us. We liked the special I support. What like what needs around or whatever you want. Mr well, can I just do like her. I just a bunch of songs like standards or the f, and they said sure whatever you want, and so it was presented to me and I snapped it, because it was a big fan of that kind of music. I love Sinatra: Love Dean, Martin, Crosbie and victim on and melted man, gourd Mccrae, like all these vocalists, and so I
took advantage of the opportunity and loved working with orchestras. My whole family had song my bad saying my mom say my sister sang so is always a part of our lives and part of my childhood, and it was something that was too good to pass up and did well enough to keep it go on. I said: go away: this can be a great kind. Aside, gig I enjoy it. Yeah It's not gonna be what pays my mortgage, but but you are nominated for Grammy yeah. That's phenomenal! That's incredible! Are you almost and eager now you gotta win. I think three ega now who's this guy, if, if not nations counted. I guess. Ok, yeah you're, no guy I'm, but they don't. I was I've, never been nominated for Tony Yeah That's all nominations do not count, so I'm nowhere near being any got. Ok, so I guess what I want Things I'm curious about is all what's up really quickly. While we're on the topic, you have a new album. That's coming now really shortly here, right, great songs from stage and screen that your ex album- yes, ok,
you see my share of that? Like yeah? I died I can rise. I was the end of the second, the fish yeah. I guess my cadence can be misleading. Sometimes, is that you're talking to a scottish guile of sudden? and your news on great songs from staging scream, songs from stage and screen it. Fun series of up tempo tunes and battle that are all from a show of somehow to behold, film or an old Broadway show, and some more well known some more obscure. It's very light to very light. Album dude, wherever you like go perform. I have that may not like a regular till. I do what I have done in the past. For number years in a row actually is to sit in with symphony orchestras like I'll. Take my conductor, John Mc Melian, our rhythm section and will do a show with the Boston pops are the San Francisco Symphony or the Chicago Symphony, Ear Philadelphia, symphonies, the we ve been all the country with orchestra.
Things we bring all of our charts and you play those songs with a ninety piece. Ensemble, it's the best. You feel some safety in that like to me. I got the reason. It's appealed to me more than stand up is like if I died at least that go back stage with the people I died within a b. Honey. I would imagine that having that armament around, you is a little bit of a claw. Oh my god, yeah yeah, you can in it a mediocre fashion and with some of these orchestras, it's ok, it's still a delightful night, I'm still a delightful night because they sound so good. Yet it's a musical pillow. Ok, now your output of work is so enormous and, as we ve learned- and I was already suspicious of its monies- not driving you some curious, what is the engine for you why it depends if it's something that I'm taking a personal interest in then it's just purely for their creative pleasure of doing I'm in things like tat things like family guy. At the beginning, things like the Orville. Our shows that I've been directly involved with and of an even Cosmo
that was endurance, baby and she and brantome Braga, were the creative muscle behind that of cosmos. I was more of a conduit to help get it promote and get it on Fox, but have developed a personal friendship. Would Neil digress Thyssen yeah? As a result, I met Neil through this organization of Science and Entertainment exchange in Hollywood. I believe started by Jerry and JANET sucker. The idea is to introduce writers to scientists yeah, because so much of America gets their science from fiction Jaso. We might as well get it right. There is a sense of responsibility, so I met Neil you that I had lunch with him in new york- and I said I'm at a point where, a little bit a disposable income here? What can I do? how can I help yeah to expand the enterprise of science and he said well we're talking about doing a reboot cosmos for the discovery Channel
Why wasn't I said? Ok? Well, maybe I can help there what if it was where a lot more people who need to see it with, and so that was Fox and the time at Andrew, in whose probably the smartest person, I know, o re about saying a lot. She is, I would say, gentlemen genius, ah ha, and you know it is a labour of love and so something like that, it's more of a I suppose, it's a public service so that your interests, some call to your can money is validation and there are human it doesn't. You don't hate it you don't hate it set, was Emmy. Look that was something like cosmos, real validation comes, and when will we see an improvement in that facet of our society? Will see more about interest in a trust in science than we have in recent years as a public works right, yeah that showed pushes even a small amount in that direction. Then it'll do some good yeah, ok, now Gonna air one of my own in securities? Okay, you ready for this church
Oh, as I'm sure has happened, many actors you'll find out. You were made fun of on family guy rights of criminals like tweet, you basically rights, I'll get like up arise. If the family guy makes I'm running a water yeah groundwater, unless I'm gonna grab a grab, your arm heart monitor in a water right. What do we do? What are we doing? Well, I'm going to I'm going to try to walk through this in the most AA way as possible. So I'm just starting with acknowledging this is all my baggage, but okay, so I that, I was made fun of on family guy and It is true that can't even remember what it was given. Here was- was I there was. I got this was probably seven or eight years ago I was gonna, be ok, my good friend Bradley Cooper. He became aware there is a whole episode, basically against him and the capacity that when I was there for So here is my thing. I was fine with it I think in general, like family guy, makes one of tons of people and pop culture right. I guess. When I looked at
all that, and I know that that was part of the bread and butter. The show you know I'm smart enough to like you you're, totally punchy, not it's not like you're making fun of orphans, be you know or disadvantaged people or anything so clearly, there is really nothing to feel bad bad about that. Your man, in front of celebrities. I've happened to see where it did hurt some people's feelings. I was fine with all of it, but I have to say when you hosted the Oscars I was a little bit like will hold on you, can't skewer everyone and then I also want to be in the group and be friendly with everyone, and I felt this objection and I think I ve that two people like will now you pick your lane either you fuckin want to shit on all of us or you want to be a part of us, but rise shouldn't get both but again iraqi Jerome. So you're Billy Crystal yeah a little bit. You know- and I us, but at the same time as a human, unlike will, of course, you'd want to be accepted by all your peers and, of course you you are in that grew, so it's really hypocrisy but for
ever reason, the whole thing was bigger deal in my mind and probably deserves to be, and then I just felt like I want to share that with you. Yeah be part of it is the atmosphere of, and I don't know this is the case for all comedy writers. Rooms was certainly the case for our writers room like it was roofless in Georgia. It was like you came in. Permitting with a new hat, and it was all this talk about that data. Ah, you got a very specific on a haircut, and that was the conversation for the day her in some ways it was like wherever this is like everybody, does this right now, coupled with the fact that my experience hosting was roasts, I hosted comedy central roast yeah. That was pretty much the extent Yeah and those again legislating over I'm coming from, I think they're. I that can be done there just now for me, like I've, been invited? A lot of those have been asked to be a part of them like no, I'm a sensitive creature like you, fond of my nose in three weeks later I'll still be thinking about it. Oral make a joke
my wife and rural bottom, I'm just not thick skin enough for it. So, just my own personal weakness in that category yeah I get on the one hand like when Ricky Jervis takes heat, I always have to Roma, a little bit like what again, as you say like these are people at the top of the fucking food chain. Yes, they're, fine yup there, ok, yeah, they're gonna be able to take it. I guess it's the tone of it. It's one thing when it comes out of an animated characters? Mouth it's another thing when it comes out of a person's Mouth South Park is a good example. Is there to partner that they did about family guy thought was very funny. Those guys are very towns and very funny there was a two part up, so they did. I can always call, but it went after the cut away is allowed to have their say that their beef with you is that you do flax, so happened. It was like you are a hunt. Percent accurate, the other half was that? Doesn't I call foul because the cutaway?
himself in a look ass with thirty rock, the oh yeah, that's the style, the show they got it as backward the little bit. It is a lot easier when you write to expound on a theme page after page, rather than having to come up with a whole little many world, essentially cutaway its. I creating little far sighted button, bright, a lot more work than a thick yeah, but where they were on the nose is the set ups we're getting lazy like family. I was like making these left turns network just not we're not yet, but so non secular that it was like this gag is so funny. It's gotta go here, and it doesn't matter how the fuck we kept me back. I was that is one or two percent fair play. I had read in view of those guys years ago, where there were some less than kind thing said about writing staff and it's like when I wait a minute. These guys relate making
money than you there. They don't have the megaphone that you have yeah take shots at me, but not on my staff, and so that to me is a difference. It's like when it comes to. You know how you go, I mean lucky. You could very easily make an argument that Bradley Cooper Gag was so uncalled for. It would take me a minute to figure out. And struck my defence again. The only thing I can really point too, as it that's what the showed does that's kind of its style of comedy. It just takes part shots at famous people. Here the way I can. I can I admit to you, I did it. I made fun of the cost of the expendable, because I movie coming out against it, and I was saying that sure their muscles are big, but I dont know steroids. Do anything for your tendons. If you notice they don't ever run, more they just gonna like over here and lay in my bed and I'll. Do you up?
his whole kind of impromptu unemployment. When he I and a lot of people going like you fuck, you know they're, so Madam Mina might really I can make money so Lazarus alone, the all too often isle of Hollywood or but that's where Hollywood kind of each itself, that's where comedy is being sort of annihilated. I mean, if you make a joke about anybody in any capacity and ethical that mean like about its fine, the rich there. Billion is the year I agree like I said you were always punching up. You're dealing with people were at the top of the food chain. It's like, I think now, I'm having trouble come from the celebrity that I dont upset. I think John voids gonna be ok, yeah, he'll, live ill of and guess what I lived- everything's, fine, you! Nobody was all here. I can get closer to that in a part where I can acknowledge my alone thing, which is, I worshipped, Vince VON in somehow, in my worshipping of him. I collected stories about him that I would hear, and then I would repeat them to people and we're derogatory in general, and it was this weird makes words like I worship this dude, and I think I felt
very intimidated by him, and I can't do it. He does and I'd like to be a duty does so I'm like perpetuating We are brewers about. I'm in his I ve come to realize so fucking embarrassing. So you are the person starting those room. Yes, I think I said, while I may have projected to you, which is something I suffer from, which is like I felt excluded from this club and I gathered kind of details about them and I would be critical of Havana very much want to be embraced by them. The annexes, my own story, so I guess I mean I'm retracted that on some Donald Trump, Jenny Tromp, that's a weird dichotomy when it comes to him, as I do think there is a secret desire to be embraced by those people. It would be so easy for him. Young be so easy. Just do the right thing! Yeah! It's so simple! Are you happy abroad than upward the Magyar uncomfortable No I'm at this point, my career time, I'm happy to talk about anything other than the usual questions. We put it. That way. Have
whoever had, though, like Stern, has run into this over the course of his life as his status ratcheted up he's now like at parties with people that he secured you know or had public feuds with he's, always been very open about when they buried the hatchet or this or that- and I do think in his defence, because I love em. It's like what you got a separate. What was the bit on his shirt? Oh he's gotta fill four hours a day in what he may really feel about somebody and then there's been these come to Jesus moments, worries repaired. So I just wonder if you move through Hollywood, Anne and occasionally bumped up against it was sincerely hurt by the showers. Something yes like what you have just described is, It's a very nuanced thing that is not his brow and why does as I once thought it was a lot of it depends on context. It depends on what was said what the joke was theirs.
Many factors is someone. You know somebody dont know a script will come through oftentimes on family guy, that I'll be asked record and it's got some job in their at some one that I that I know or no well or who has expressed to me that they love the show and it's it's like. I must not do this this. This person is yeah. I don't want to look this guy in the eye and and have to weekly say well. It's not me, I'm not there anymore, but I will say ninety nine percent of the people that I've run into who have been made fun of on the show have been super cool about it. They had a great sense of humor, often times what happens is bill and up on the show, all railway, damn Marley Matlin got hold of us inside HALO, make fun of me on the show. Can I be on the show really coming on the show will in my own case I gotta say: there's a part of me was also flattered. I'm also flattered I guess I'm I'm irrelevant enough that you could make a joke on family guy about me. So in some ways that's a huge compliment. I focused on that. I brought you feel great relay ago. It's like people, know your soul. Like you talk to somebody who I have not written on that shows about two thousand ten. Some really.
King, backed like where my mindset was when I was working on it, but that is the good thing. Is that nine times out of ten it? It really is met with good humour and a good attitude. There was one instance I was at a party. I just seen. Scenery splice, which I thought was really cool and really different than fine approached Adrian Brody got nice. I said. I hope there is no hard feelings, because we have taken a couple shots at about family guy you about thrilled. That is our goal and I just never boiling turning forest Whittaker was standing next, whom God help me out for guys right like I'm stand out and so that one instance them again, I'm sure I ran into now. He would he would laugh about it. Ok, I want Those things up with. I just want to come to commend you for a couple things where one is Alex Sulkin. I only know him. Twitter he's one you're, writers, yeah is up and running framework. I oh, he runs it. Any objection to family guy
I was joking in twenty. Twenty is the guy to talk to these people. I just discovered on twitter and fell in love with, and then I found out, he wrote for family guy and then was like. Oh, this is complicated. I think I am my feelings are hurt by in this. Guy might have written a joke and I think he's brilliant. So what do I do now and I think it's really rad? I think it's something you see, maybe in people in their late, 50s or 60s or they get married. They want to do something but you're very involved in your very generous with a lot of different organization, and I'm wondering what compels you to be that benevolent as opposed to malevolent yeah I'm just like. I said, I'm a selfish pig. If it wasn't for my wife, I would donate nothing. So it's just my family, that's how I was raised. If you have money, that's what you do. If you're able to help you help yeah, it's no more complicated than in every foundation you ever yeah you ever foundation appropriately name the Seth Macfarlane Foundation. We both loss parents to cancer,
I do a bunch of work with the prostate Cancer Foundation that wasn't, even though the bran that took up my dad but, alas, I am so. You are heavily involved in helping fund and draw attention to cancer research. Are you optimist? like I am. If I may really honest: I'm not usually optimistic about the near future. Only because something like covered, for example, is requiring
what we just talking about with a military, the military, through necessity through the fighting of wars, inadvertently, generates technologies that then become useful in peacetime. So I think, is it possible that something could emerge from the gun to your head necessity of developing a vaccine for this novel virus yeah, it's possible that there could be some side effect that we can predict to me. Cancer always seems like it requires some sort of absolute ground up, rethink of something that we haven't hit on, yet it out or to fight it and look. Immunology is probably the newest science in that regard. There is that lab in Houston. That does groundbreaking work when it comes to immunology. Unlike the using of your bodies, defences in a redirected fashion, you're getting your body to identify cancer as a pathogen right, yeah yeah, but it's tough. We live in a society where people wanting to get their flew shots, they're, gonna Visigoths. Be, they will give yards yeah there, terrified of vaccines, So there is a long way to go and part of that is education and the more edge
Here too, we are without staff, the better chance we have of another more educated. We are more we're. Gonna be invested in trusting science to get us there quicker, yellow dot com, a part of the same Bala wax. If you read em the emperor of all maladies, no o the two books. Now that I haven't read recommended I know in it, I ve done. If I do a summons, very smart, I thought we're gonna geek out on a few book. I'm gone down right now. There are a lot of books out there. They were turns out. There's many books. Well point is a history of cancer. In fighting in it's the most well written book. Somebody people recommended done here that I finally got it and I'm almost done with it in its this. This beautifully written, really comprehensive history of the battle against cancers is fascinating. I highly recommend it after you, re rise and fall of euro rise and fall yet next era. When you finish that book next year, that's a beast at the base there
Ok, my last question for you to end things and thanks for all your time, what does the future hold for animation? Specifically, I think about the fact that, with the streaming platforms, there's really less and less. Will there be us indication window or foreign rights window right all these revenue streams that major show so proud. Annabelle. Where do you see the future of animation? And you see this is helpful or harmful? We get more quantity, but less quality. What's gonna happen, creator of its more quality unless quality, I think it's more period and so more greater odds that something inspired will emerge. It's tough to say many think technology is gonna, play a big part up till now, two dimensional animation still rules until vision. It still king, that Pixar siege, I'd three, the animation technology hasn't really been harnessed and television. I dont know why. That is. I think it's just what it requires to hold people's attention is something you can only do with a film schedule. I mean nothing
animation. You know you watch Bob's, burgers or family guire, big mouth from any shows that are on out there all kind of existing in the same visual world, not that different yeah. So the big changes really gonna be something technological. I think you know as far as the formula I'm a big bang theory is. Is that show that looks like every sitcom from the Eightys and Ninetys amid succumbs? They don't change right. I think at the moment neither does animation. So it's gonna be somebody overturning Iraq or somebody just completely rewriting the rule book. The way the Simpsons did, the nineties, the elephant room to his it's very hard in the age of twitter comedy exists on pushing boundaries. It exists, annexing Imitation. Remember hearing that Dave Chapelle made people put their cellphones into a bowl and he was workshops, stand up materials if he told a joke that didn't fly. He wanted to know if it was too far over the line before the world saw it. Yes and that's why you workshop things- and so you know animation historically, is certainly since the Simpsons Television Automation, that's been, its m o is to dip your toe across
line and see where it is, and the only way to do it is to try it and see what sticks and, what's too far, and I think There is a lot less of an ability to separate fiction from reality. The number of people that I read online, who watch family guy and think of this, must be who this guy In effect, this is fiction. That's like saying, oh normally, or must be a racist, because Archie Bunker was a racist. Now is a character rise, not real. Real again his mouth chef? I think that began with reality shows and became more pronounced with social media and then came to fruition with tromp this haze of. It is a reality and in where does fiction begin, and I think that's one of the things that really hurt comedy and made comedy convert challenge at this point, because who Let me look at one of the reasons that I love doing. The Orville, I'm not even taken their risk anymore. I'm writing sigh fire, loving it I don't have to worry about waken up. Oh, did that joke go too far. Am I gonna be cancelled on twitter? Why think we share this right. You cause. You also give money to a lot of free speech causes, and I thought
were probably unique on. The left is we're both big old fat liberals right yeah, and yet increasingly concerned to your point that should a show writer a crater, be on twitter and say something that somehow whole. The whole empire goes down around. That is a little troubling. It is troubling and by the way it gives centrists who we need to win this election. It gives us a bad name. Yeah it is. Does it makes it really hard? It's really do we really want to give this up you do we really want to come off like lunatics, when we hit these people to stop a much greater evil and its also it's a who, as the energy, I can't ever remember being angry about anything that I've seen. In fact, but I've seen a fictional character utter I dont ever remember getting angry. You know I member when, when the are Supreme Court overturned the Anti gay marriage law and that Kentucky a county clerk that Kim Davis with denying people marriage licences- same sex couples and I'm ever getting really mad about that,
I was seeing an injustice perpetrated directly on a group think that that that really upset me, because real you're, a real person doing something real real people suffering. This wasn't something that was infection. Oh you go that's offensive and let me know if it's a movie at a tv show now, Someone make the argument, while the power of television and the power movies have the ability to influence cultural norms in a way that can be understated, so you do have to acknowledge that responsibility, which is also valid Jaso. It's not. Black and white. Is anybody painted a very nuanced thing? I think yes and I would say- One of the things I'm nervous about disappearing is the troop of being in on the joke right of actually securing a kind of repugnant point of view through comedy and through a character whose embracing that, like, I think that there- the nuances this is private the easiest example, but to say, like you know, there are many people. I've been in arguments about it that think Andrew Dice Clay was Andrew, Dice Clay and at that
and I persona stages, a that's a little frustratingly like no, no he's playing on the fucking induced up, go no in the Trans am what the fuck you know he's he's not so rating he did that's the joke in. I worry that there's no appetite for that exact approach to it without that licence. What you then wind up with characters who are all perfect? Yes, characters were all just live in a state of perfection. Again, it's like Archie Bunker groundbreaking character, because liberals watching knew that who he was was what was being marked now: people who, more conservative at the time would watch and thank God, damn right. I agree with him about time. Someone said which is not much you can do about that, but the idea there was a reason that show had such power, and I dont know that a character like that could necessarily exists now and get past twitter and, quite frankly, get past the critics. I just don't know that that would be allowed.
It most certainly want it be, but I'll go even further and I've started notice, even the villains, the antagonists they have to operate, in some kind of semi, pc, ral right, even the bright had why you're so the hay each unit violate some of these precious tenancy there. Yet because it's a lot of fear in it, inability to separate the writer of the director from the work it's like no Norman Lears, not Archie Bunker, they couldn't be more different and it was through that character that he was showing a part of society that he felt had not been looked at with a critical eye and so its context, its nuance. It's an intelligent way of looking at something gonna. I think more people are capable of that now, but their shouted down so much by the few that did express outrage to make it about themselves. I think there's a lot about on Twitter, you
a lot of response, a thing that yeah you're not really mad about that. Your kind of wanting to make this about you. There is a lot of that on social media. Yes, also wheat. We like credit. Those people with- maybe that's an opinion they been me lean over for six months and we never just think of their board there's a lull. They can get right mix with this sentence. Yeah yeah we're give, and all this credit that it doesn't even deserve it very true, and it is a problem and even in politics, before social media. If a politician had something to say a statement was made, yeah and now it's like shit, if I dont say something today on line I'm irrelevant, but half the time didn't have anything to say, there's nothing to say now. I think of myself, ass, a centrist and in many ways- and the thing I really think is happening is that the fur this two percent of the left in the furthest two percent are the right- are eating
about eighty percent of the coverage yeah? Any that's feels like consensus like. I definitely think if I was a conservative and I was hearing the stuff from the three percent on the left, I been out there. Bat shit crazy as young as Ike, sometimes mistake the view of our three. Son of the right is being mainstream right and not at all. I just think we're all. Very mislead about where we stand. I think, is a lot of truth in that I've never considered myself a centrist honestly. I've always considered myself, liberal and fought and centrist in presentation. I think, what's going to be the ideal haha right, but don't shouted at me, yeah. Why I'd argue that one percent on both sides pushed me more towards the middle. I probably was more left before I sorry hearing the insanity lived to your point. The thing that I can't stand about our side of it is the fucking eating ourselves. I managed, as they can rather either ally than their enemy. I do feel a lot of that at times to come. We will wait a minute.
On your side were all on the same side. Default mode can always be rage, it just can't Yankees. There are some things as we know that are varied deserving of rage and other things that just require conversation yeah, and I do think you're right. I do see in certain politicians on our side, certainly on the other side, but on our side to it has to be said that at least that method of communication is very intensified and very amplified in a way that sometimes seems unproductive. I still think at the moment there isn't really a comparison as far as when you average out the aggregate of behaviour of both parties at the moment
I don't really think there's a comparison. I think one has gone further into crazy town. What you don't think you and on Israel. I think it's just really about communication. I do think you are right that the loudest voices are shouting down the majority, which does still have the ability to communicate with each other, and when you get people face to face, you see that still your right there's not a hopeless situation, as is the year when people communicate over this platform, its curses its anonymity. I have talked in a number of conservatives who I disagree with vehemently, but who are able to have a conversation with with at least the hope that I can change their minds on some issues or whether works are not enough. But the communication has been just utterly decimated by these new technologies, so a effects for it. I well, if you get one when you come back and tell us, goes we'd love to sabotage the world Sherman, I'm one set of very much enjoyed,
talking to you and I, like you and you're, a nice person. At any moment, I was upset was literally oasis of a moment of my life that I didn't need to have Dax. I like your two, oh god I was hoping, doesn't mean that maybe you'd what we would like me by proxy with south. I was thinking I have said the proofs of me. You must give me a shot. I set real good times, Macneil, I look forward to bumping into in real life. When all this passes May I say my I figure already. And now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul, mate Monica bad men. Can I be frank with you. I'm really enjoying my tumblr I made in your kitchen. It is a Mason jar with three hundred fifty ice cubes. Maybe I'm
for us mainly my little athletic greens in some water, shake shake shake and I feel you may call tat. I know I feel like I'm having a classy cocktail Friday happy hour in the content. I have. I had two compared to one I would say it would be like a blame Mary bloody marries. You feel like on getting healthy, Khazars tomorrow juice, and here is a trick they're not from me they're not know me, I'm surprised at you know, because they get so artisanal they really and how they may vary greatly. Some of em are absolutely mine, blowing why'd you border? Can? Why does is making it harder near? I thought maybe, and your foot was close to it. I don't like you, I've ever had such a gap in our internal temperatures than we have over this last week, casualness sweatshirt in on payments. Yet when I enter lanky top I'm in a tank job and short yeah and I'm all warm in your old chile? A more
by your iron level alone in a little cold. These days. Does that yeah, my blood work done just now see it's funny. You know, I always argue about your health, but the you? U care a lot about something that I think are what, when he worried about that and then our years we have some like this. It's me feels a media. You really need to get this check. You're, not really! Listen to me. I I had a doctor's appoint me as o speaking of aid was thinking. That might be a good idea to update armchairs because some of them one they check in with you, so I had an appointment with my neurologist. It was the first appointment I've had had since my original appointments are right after the seizure and it went well we're going to run some tests to see if the occasion is showing up in my blood. Ok, if
nah we're gonna increase. My zoo, shared with a rule happen said the pills we have right. I think we have. We must have just to recap. You see them visibly in your stool, sometimes yeah yeah any kind of concerns you that, through your bodies, not process But then you brought that up to your doktor, which was that a humiliating conversation? Of course you know anything. I often think this about you is you have a ton of integrity. I may I say that often about you, it's true, but also I can see you being a hundred percent honest with you, doctors. If you like. That's that's who you are you. Are you now? Ok, I'm holding any of us, our hunter resign. What you seem like you're, really honest with your doctors. Sometimes I mean a fuck. You become a careful eye on abstain. Your car can now that's ear. I owe my mash is sound,
I guess it's like following the evident following certain these moved so fondly I just like a really nice. I bet people are getting thirsty right now, but their pavlovian response there salivating, like rocks. Ok, so like when you ve, felt the form about I mean how much you drank, and I always lie about that you- what you woody? How much do you cut it by half? Now I just say: like a couple of drinks: are we Oh my god. Well Sometimes I mentioned couple doings nightly now: that's just cause of now because of coal. Ok, sometimes it's it's true! It's on the cup you think you ve got a week we'll drink to drink, to drink and my wife, I'm saying within like the last five years here too great
We were playing Catana law was in drinking very much then that's true, but I always remember. There's always like I felt like during that period. There is two nights a week. Were you in just went to mess hall right so to neighbour lie, and I probably had to drinks there. Ok for drawing the eyes and mouth is over because that really just one day of having drinks for you re, I'm sure there's been an. We absolutely no question now, so I lie about that, but other than that I I'm pretty honest, because I want them to have all the information. Absolutely yes, so the pills were in my to all, and that was scared. Yeah I was like. Are these getting just pass through undigested? I don't think I've actually told this on earth. Has you embarrassed about You're, still, every single human, a does look at their store and be. You should you're still yet it's a great indicator of certain things: ain't, exactly a blood nears. Do it's time to go to the document yeah I did
because you're mine, just like hold off on pooping like for four days, so that it would deserve never ok, I've ass. I can't do that. I don't know what I'm saying. I know I'm so impressed with your movements, the fact that it has spent the Monica spent the night for two nights this week as they were working on some plumbing issues above her apartment yeah, so Monica will not in this is with great frustration from Chris and now she will not poop in the main house. She goes down to the basement. Yeah Ngos pooty in a jam back in Oh, you went at six thirty in the morning, your body it what made you Monica ways around nine Riah. Yet so Europe, two and a half hours earlier than you should be Can you to run all wheeled tat looks now it was lie, but I think it made me light headed of cars, jumped out of bed, so quick and hundreds, and it was an emergency below that of an emergency
who's, she woke up at six. Thirty in the morning ran to the basement and unloaded, and I was like girl just go in the toil, I know, but ok. I was saying in deltas, Rome and was nervous that she was gonna come in to start Squaw and like five minutes after the pooty drop, but that's two hours before the brooding. Perhaps these were now. I don't know. I didn't know what time her school started. So I'd like the one of its started at seven, and it was six thirty, she would go here, or will you more worried that the parent accompany her to the zoom? Would take a enough now, I just don't want anyone to take any snare. What if it like, went somehow through her zoom like what options? ill teacher, Miss Emma it's still so my room Miss Emma Miss paired men with beauty in my toilet, sting and then all the kids laughed they would love and they
try to point you, but you be nowhere around salute care all to say I couldn't ever wait for days now, and I'm doing great, I'm doing just great you doing fantastic or deal or medical housekeeping given medical housekeeping, had a medical issue, Nor do I really good, I think in fact, a man at myself meaningless and attacks for, like two days now, I've been wanting to send a text to my doctor, Doktor Ryan, about what a great job he did on my shoulder. I can just feel that he did it perfectly well. Everything's and alignment. There's no weird feelings with my tendons that they're not They get all that thing like it. The perfect angle and a reaction barely tell that he was in there. That's amazing, yeah like a really successful surgery. Shadow to my doctor tell his name. Is doctors
It's ok an hour and he's really good. Neurologist is studying yeah solution. To all our good doctors out Yang serbian doctors me off. I am so grateful people dedicate that much of their life to something I need to help us maintain. We have moved a seismic far south he's here Graham S, sad, there's, no joy in writing, but there is a great joy and having written and then South was saying he had no Harold like made that up or took it from someone. And the quota is, I hate, writing I love having written and that's by Dorothy Parker, whose Dorothy Burger New York Ass home,
I know that you're gonna, like give me- and I should know this prominent female writer- did anticipate Laskin I down now. Ok, ok! So, ok, you said that there's a guy who did an entire track of cartwheels. Oh yeah, it's a guy who's the record, for I want to say most cartwheels in many demands, but yes, I have you launch the Falcon video on Youtube. You can watch it on Youtube, unlike nervous for he's doing so fast. Past Yamaha, like he's gonna, get an aneurysm resumption. He did seven detail aren't wheels in a minute, that's more than one. Second yeah, that's crazy! Ukraine should look it up cause it's it's pretty amazing. What should they searched legally cartwheel. How will record cartels in a minute cartwheels track lots of things autopsies. His Miss Jabbar Ali to Strong, named Jabbar yeah? That's here, as I said,
name. Nay, Tiree, I follow a minor instagram, it so wild those seemed into a man. How old is he now I'll, get it wrong when he appears to be like seventeen or something he's like he's, a good looking man and so wild I've. Ever more and more thought that I should be in touch with him or cuz. I was a part of child that I always thought about this? I was like enough for me. This is six years out of at the time thirty Five years of my life is way less significant up at her ease spent like I mean a lot of his formative childhood on that set when your daddy and I really loved acting with them, it was so far is paid John settle, I guess is primarily as mother and she was it. She just lovely but whether these mommy and daddy, our lovely, but I mostly was around the Mama keys- was so keen on that shall impossibly Q
yeah there's no way, but what about my son? No, actually, I think they did really good job rule. He does look like he could be a combo of you enjoy your guess. We rejoice works just lifted everything, She was a professional model. Yeah she's easy a beautiful out the unifying omega more fully. Only good update everyone than a Monday for of no did he assets to day. For no doubt you had your sobriety birthday and, do you have said ten years in a few weeks of have fifteen years of cigarettes and I've got four days off dip. It's only reeling. I went back to dip after having a year. I had eight years off them
that's. Alright, we go onward yeah! Okay, when did Beavis and butt head come out and was at around the same time as the Simpsons Beavis and Butthead, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and Simpsons one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine eighty nine yeah. So for years around the sun, Thomas, a Porsche only got a weekly and I love Beaver some Butthead. Ah my home, I'm sure you did the part we like the most is they had a friend Todd? Who was like the cool guy in town and they worship Todd and he was so mean to them. He threw a party at their house and he like pulled up in his hotrod and gave him a lawn job, and they just thought you was so that, however- and there are some I'd like it, but now I think you would be funny. Did MEL Gibson do a voice and Disney's Pocahontas? Yes, he was John Smith algorithm.
Sense. So now what I think that was pre that was pre roads out, I add harnesses yelling Disney when touch him with a ten foot poke on stuff. Ok, who is the highest paid, shall run. I saw a few different things ear articles, but this is a hard figure to actually because you have both their up front yearly fee or like vague and have a five year deal at NBC worth three hundred million dollars. That's getting split up, but then that they their ownership of the show when it sells innocent occasion? Might them rocket them right? Losses is hard to know whether their referencing they're back end or their opera fee tat said the less the I saw that the high level partner here these buckle up everybody are the highest paid, people in Hollywood lack all the directors and actors, and everyone would like bozos Hey so number one is Gregg Berlin, tee
really YAP four hundred million a year for years for your deal four hundred million. Oh my gosh Dawsons Craig brothers. Instead, stirs ever word river. Now, while that some that's interesting, yeah, Gregg, Berlin, Tee and second Rhine Murphy, ok, was his son begun pull that's what's up, also had guessed right, Murphy, three hundred million for five years: ok, we're Netflix, shoulda, oh good, for her. The rhymes hundred million for four years of Vienna I agree. I agree. Play seeing the gap, but I will say her
your ship of graze has made her hundreds of millions that that's where we're getting into the part that might be Missy. Now, that's trail, yes, she's, I'm sure she's in the hundreds of millions, or that is five years, but she's getting Paul right next hey monk. Well, it's weird they check lorry is an already at the top of this was not on this list. Ok, so then there's someone he must just take off his money in the not up front. Something bad that delaying the years a billion dollars he's gonna, be yeah. You oh My shirt beer MIKE you. What does it say? It says one: twenty five for five years at universal good from mine yeah, isn't it, and I think it would be interesting to people, though, that are not in show business to realise that these show writers are the ones that are making, though the lion's share of all the mine.
I now they should they work. Oh my god to hurt us job. Yeah, show business here, but it's hard to say that its inner someone, whose rights and directs a movie and they go act back to back like it's hard to imagine. Anyone works harder than Christopher Nolan per SE as chair and his work is so brilliant. That's it's all about that! occasion money than the early- why it's all happening. Lots of tv at this point makes more money than movies. Oh yeah, so they're gonna kill me now. Plan has for years, yes, they're gonna put their eggs and that basket absolutely in the National Gigolo picnic somewhere, where the ok, oh, had used to have the biggest box office for an hour rated comedy. But then he thought that that got knocked off and he thought
Twenty one jump stream. I want. I want this up I'll, just like the highest grossing, already films and general. Ok, it's kind of tricky because it's like what counts so the highest grossing orient film of all time, Colombia's version of the Christ Nope Joker, oh sure, yeah, that was this year two thousand ninety up here. I didn't realize that be a billion dollar already moving and then number to which this is sort of calm here. They're considering, even though, is dead poor too. Oh sure it is so funny God, your balls as mills are really funny and number two dead, pull to and number three is dead poor. We love Rhine Reynolds. I married you top ten TED is eleven. Ok less, but for companies are now
all right, I'm ok gap. Ok are rated top eleven. Can I just really quickly? I know it is worldwide or domestic thralled right. Ok, great number, one joker number two dead poor to number three dead poor number for the matrix reload that number five. It oh tat, thousands, seventeen. It is number five good further now, while number six Logan, ok sure and then seven past. And of the Christ I or that sucker make like eight hundred million six hundred and tat guy number. Eight also independent, that's the eyes, grossing independent, We have all to allow for this whole episodes kind about now oh, my gosh tie a name Bingley, meaning number. Eight. The hang over part
oil, and that also is about tat. Can that's definitely comedy nine. Fifty shades of grey and the Mermaid I don't even know what the money is on chinese moving money one year, Chinese, it is girls. I wasn't races that first, but now that I've been confirmed, it feels good, Asia than eleven instead of eleven. This sounded like us at eleven as ten eleven is TED. Eleven his term in twelve is eleven twelve ism. And cyber o b C brothers got a few air. Does jogger producer, the Joker and he's got hang over what a b, nine hundred BC rarely call the cap. Begat knows how to get in there this afternoon. Ok now you let me know if you want to hear this, but I looked up there family guy, joke about you owe you found it. Yeah, ok, just one line the mob.
Who was at the doktor and said if Brian doesn't have the surgery, will he be all right? And the doctor says I dont know is deck shepherd all right, I don't really get it Why just means that it went bad for me somehow whatever their dream, what search and on I just. I don't think that's even that funny, or I mean obviously it's not funny, but it's not even that, like precise of a joke, doesn't really make sense. No, it is its need, though, the idea that a doctor would reference me at some point in discussion about outcome. Yeah yeah, it's wrong failings, It did at the time, and now it doesn't that doesn't now you know right now, but I was, I feel, I'm sure is, as many people have felt, which is like you hear that in then. My first thought is that what I do too that guy or those writers like Y yeah? What did I do to them? They would want.
Yeah, but now I am of the opinion that its to be grateful for because, as I said, I'm somehow, I'm you can say deck Shepherd Anti, the only one who the fuck. You know the debate. Now I'm trying to see the young, the glass half full aspect of it now yeah another one with Bradley was just, I think, just me yeah. That's why I want some super jealous Bradley, lose all coming back: full circle, dinging, maintaining the maker we're getting meantime. The South park two part episode that makes finer family guy. He can't remember what it's called. It's called cartoon wars. Now you see to have a good, positive reaction to that he kind of dead right. You is like one things more shit, the cutter yeah, hard Yazzi, but he said they were We write about something I've here. He could be candidates.
What about Austria? Maybe he must feel may be flattered too, that dream Matt even took the time to make one. So emperor of our maladies. His name is said: Arthur Mukoki, Mukwege, E yeah and that's it. That was all that's all for sir those who are often facts because they were like about money, how much things may damage people got paid. Yeah, you loved, are bending her eye and money. Me me me me me me me: I love you. I love you.
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