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2018-10-08 | 🔗

Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers) is an American comedian, writer, political commentator, actor, and television host. The Armchair Expert travels to 30 Rock to discuss being beta to their female alpha counterparts and the uncomfortable competition that happens among friends in a sketch environment. Seth talks about the time Brad Paisley saved him from having to dance at his wedding, he discusses the balance between work and family and he details the highest moment during his day. Dax puts Seth at the top of the "hardest workers" list and Seth reveals the secret to getting Lorne Michaels to like you. 

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Everybody welcomed arm, chair expert, I'm back Shepherd cross for me is Amoco Pad man. He always now you always remember your name, and I appreciate a thank. You have a very good memory. The f, especially for your name, I get a little anxiety as I throw it to you that you are going to trip. I might forget the there's always a chance, Deborah Patman Guph, Monica you take to you and I and changed out Monica for Debray. I wish I didn't not like my name really yeah. I think it's a great name thank Monica yeah, sorry, Monica out there. I don't mean to hate, but it's a bad name country. The funniest thing about my grandmother actually already know this. I think we pay, but my sweet. Grandma Madge down in Florida, loveliest little lady, her birth name is Madeline BAR beautiful, there's a book series.
Called monopolize cookies name Mattawa share whatever in She found that named a peace, so grotesque that she went by Midge see that major was much prettier than men. There's so much about her. Is everything about or was it about her her generation, because she said that was a good grandparents name, Madeleine yeah. I believe your name Bertha right now, you're still residents as a grandma, but maybe in eighteen years, Berthold imbued if they do, circle back Young AIR Marthas, just kind of making its way down barriers. We on our trip to New York, where we did a couple. I've shows in Brooklyn, which was so fond cell phone. We then scan
Albert, around the city and just picked off people. We ve been Dinah, talk to but live in New York. That's right and one of those folks was the esteemed South Myers. That's what is it A guy you guys there was a very big get, is very generous of him. He's a very pack scheduling Airways Vassili Ambush the off as we did. We can adjust burst through the doors of the thirty rock security. And then I'm squatted in his office. That's answer he was He was very quickly. Oh, yes, and to make time- and he set us up in the conference room, so your four element and we had a very tasty pizza while he waited yes thousand by does little for when they start a shirt sense, any format pathology, lethargy, mythology rather think lethargy
yeah. That's the ceilings are jack. I was lethargic again. There is a little bit of lethargy going on matches. The cheeses fall not year. Hosts chair blamed the cheese that's Myers, amazing writer on Saint LIVE, amazing, weaken, update host and then, of course, is show spectacular. You know it and you'll. Hear me say this: I have such a boner for people who are hard workers. He answered my ultimate turn on media disguise, one of those before we go to South, I just wanna. Let you guys know that there is a bonus episode on Thursday in a few days. That is the first release of our lives shows. We we'll be now doing them out. I know a lot of people are anxiously waiting. Some people they found out were guess, and we are now Getting to those guess so sit tight in and get ready for. The first of our our life shows that will be in a few days Please enjoy South Myers is
forty with love and generosity from twenty three in me. I don't even know why we have to read and add for twenty three me because you and I just often veer and talking about twenty three me I've been waiting for results were kind of joins Raymie geeks, because what we talk about a lot is I found out that she is superior to me in many ways. She has a muscle. Opposition that is shared by elite athlete correct, which explains her dominance in sheer. It's not surprising. I don't have it well I'm sorry, listen! There's a bunch of cool result! She'll get about your ancestry, your health, your wellness in your trade but firm for me, the fun conversation stuff is like bitter taste report, find out whether you're naturally drawn
sweet or salty, unlike what kind of ear wax you have dry or where he is, and you liked remind me often that I have where yeah you really like that the ideal I have nice dry wax order, you're too three m me: health and ancestry service, kid at twenty. Three in me, dot com, Slash Dax, that's the number twenty three an me dot com slash Dax. He's, not how many have devised sixteen on reuniting, given that many people to carve, we should talk about that. Fact beget eyes when you started your, shall we You, the position to have till I call in favours or ass friends in at the beginning, yeah
I had no luck or you do real well, it was really for like the first week I'll car, I should say, had no luck. I had a little bit of luck. The first week. Gan first show work is polar and vice President Joe Biden, the first show. That's really bag, and did you have any kind of friendship and binding no, not now so that was nice ended the jar Brad, Paisley and friendly with Brad Paisley, he did our first. We Kelly Rapid dinner. First week, friendly with her ah ha, is a very nice guy right. Paisley. Do no story about how I knew brand paisley now Brad Pitt, You know my sister in law Ariel Ash. That's right! Christians, best friends from collared Christians, best friend from college, the week of our wedding our yell knows Brad Paisley's wife's sister.
Do you that asks my wife, the huge country, music than a huge browsing then asked from our glomeris online. Isn't malaria, I'm New Mexico. They really mexico that kind of councillors and explain it. Then they are sure since this? Would you want to play? It sets Myers wedding? I do not know this. Man brought it right and he says sure My huge now fan unhappily do, but I need to hear from south. I do want to just show up and have the groom be surprised. I'm coming yeah So I had the email lemon say this would be great and he and his wife and Kid Williams who ironic another outlay. I should say I, coincidentally, I went to college of Kim. I didn't know but she has India. There came Williams, who was father the bride and
that when she was in college you she was the biggest deal at northwestern awe, and so they flew themselves to Marthas Vineyard and my father in law. Had them stop and pick up all the way out here in the area and we ve been friends of them every sense, but it was a surprise, my wife, and it was such a boon for because my wife and I have gone to one dancing class to do learn a first dance and I'm a terrible answer in the only person who are worst answer than I am is my wife Alexey and I was just: adding it. I was dreading that we had this moment during our wedding. I've spent oh career, trying to avoid the things I'm bad at charger, and I didn't in front of everybody. Wanna do with Ngos bad at and then our surprise was that it was bred paisley and she was so in awe and shocked that we just kind of rock back and forth while she watched them- and we totally did not have to do that. Firstly, all, that's wonderful and where it is working,
guys go to take a dance class somewhere in Manhattan. We were sent somewhere like a bribe, Destruction arrive at another year, a private instruction where we, the choreograph one specific to us. You did. Yeah, ok, can I say when it's over the plan would be for the dance instructors. Say you category great enough. The park, and ours was very much so you guys been into practice right, right, right, right, you're, going to run this a couple: it s! you mean what's interesting as I fancy myself a good dancer out again to brag for a second. Yet when I ve been in a movie where they ve had to do a dance number, which is up in a couple times, I'm very bad at taking me. Instead, in December the Mirror image of it all like they're, moving the right hand, man I'm can view yeah when daylight it's hard right, yeah we to do that and ass the now and then Is it that's a situation where there
a lot of great dancers in and ass, an ok, ok, I think they're, probably some pretty comedy dancers, but every now and then, when they will, cars are great dancer wholly greatly as our aid. She would do a very. I think she would be one of the go two's for if you needed a backup dancers for a monologue of the few times I had to do that it was. It was gruesome, like hip, hop in general. She can kind of yes the really be able to deal, and she came in a really fun era. Hip hop where there is an actual popular hip. Hop had was damsel, that's right now, and there is prescriptive. Answers like I remember as a kid, even like the running man, yeah yeah, spend an hour to doing it, and you could learn you didn't really whenever out on your own, you can adjust, could do these set dances. There's that interesting thing right now we're. I pardon me thinking here. That doesn't happen anymore, but then I realized. If it was happening, you wouldn't get to me yeah yeah. I guess it there's! No! they're probably are prescriptive dances right now, but I
guys out of it seems we want more people, move their hands one way and their hopes, the very popular well now I dont player, but there's what's the game that everybody other kids play its it's a video game or dance here. Revolution known affords twelve years ago. Yes, that is that for at night and its strength of a lot of my friends have older kids, the mine cedar, kids play it. There's a dead, and sing element like if you win the game. Your character does a dance all that, but you pay I'm again for those listening. Oh yes, I apologise to the owners of four and I were there very happy that another. I think you can buy dances like that's a wake. The game is free to play the way they get. You is today you wanna dance, pardner, yeah, there's always away this illegally, I pretty much hourly now it's occurring to me in your were roughly the same age Yathrib wherein it up.
In so many ways and crusty mad helen to what I remember older men to be like yeah. In its very confusing, as it gives a lot of times, unlike o the world's changing for the worse and some given topic? And then I go now. This is probably just what the world chain Jeanne feels like amateur what generation your and re s then nobody. The world is no longer aiming for your approval rights, so there the river. The world issues you are. We are now on now that interesting to the world at large. No, and you and I have spent a great deal of time, trying to occur. With some things and achieve a kind of living, and now we ve preservation mode. Almost like oh wait. We that That was the dream and I got it now: let's keep everything cool, so I can enjoy this firm and yeah you're right. It's. It's actually transition from the chase to the maintaining believe, we're aid
Dangerous Y yeah we're a football team playing prevent defects, which is a very dangerous it is but Letterman Show which I got so excited to watch. Netflix becomes out, is clearly a great show does know it's it's a great show, but he and his gas are in reflection, preservation mode and how they should be at their a great like to watch. He and Obama cottages preserve. All this amazing with good reason, may be, such a great job. At the they want to protect it, but I'm I fell in love with the letter men who was building a thing yeah and breaking the rules and being dangerous. There was a great let him in both the came out a couple years ago, and you just realized that the breakneck pace of being also so inventive, aha, is an impossible thing to maintain its unsustainable here in New York in Estonia, not with any regularity but a huge fan.
When I do any of you heard Letterman on Stern yeah, he seems to have this great awareness once he had a kid that he probably spent too much time I see nothing shall sure- and I would a man in its nearly impossible to avoid that trap you work a shit load right like you and you and I are friendly. I haven't we friends, friends with more were actually notice. Life looks like yeah. Oh it's! It's an incredibly hard job. It is, I will say a huge benefit to my career. Was the job I have before it was always worldly hard. This is even, though, is half the weeks. You know it's a twenty week. Job S analysis, this forty weak job It's amazing the difference of doing the work on Saturday by how much worse, that makes your life yeah when you only have one day off and you base your job ended at five a m on Sunday morning. So that's the other element. People don't reckon
as others have said, there's a twelve hour seller. Have a show and It's the reward for this terrible thing. You pull yourself too. So it's even though people what they want. You just one of those weeks just knock over the party. That seems no one can rather had around, or certainly I ride around my had run that I'm sure that people are healthier than I am to go home. I renown it, but that the other thing about this job offers that job was every day here. At least is, the same in that come in. At the same time, the meetings have at the same time the show tapes at the same time answer by get used to it, which is the other bad side of S. Analysis. Every night is different. It. They know. Their names after all nighters and had their days you're getting super early for a pre tape right you. Never your internal biology, never foliage, and you can't schedule right. You just never know, never got a stake out, put a flag and a day for a doctor's appointment uniting or the die. Sir, how long we had as I was every twelve and a half years, you were holy shit,
I simply risen again all time at the time keen and has since passed. Me down and out, but I'm still I mean I think that shows them at all. On a long time for me to follow the top tat yeah you're like a key theme, Abdul Jabbar. He like yeah Ernie's, I'm someone circling like a lifetime points, namely he comes back up on the board right at any minute. His name right now totals everybody's very listening. I was about to say who came the larger ones, whose also up their tease badly both out there in both of them deserve for their accomplishments to have their names at least closer. So so, by comparison this is manageable. Yeah the only thing is, I think up. I think it's helpful. Someone like me to hear Letterman say stuff like that, and you know what am I huge fears coming into doing this show was that there were.
You know we already knew a lot from books about this stuff and, from you know, the Bill Carter Books and from tv movies, like these jobs, she'd people up, and so the main came into. It was trying very hard not to let that happen in trying to manage the show in a way that look it's hard and there are very few days that I would categorize is easy, but, like life, happiness is still the main goal for us, yeah. I guess you when I had. I had gone from doing movies for several years and then I got on parenthood knows on that for six years and to your point I love that I went to the same. Place every day. I am I you know I could predict my life a little bit. I wasn't out of town, I can make a doctor's appointment and yet are we really nice, and you know it was a good project like that's the other SAM
you know, you are less and less about that now, but the word right, yeah yeah, but you know it's a big to how lucky you can be in this job like this is a consistent gig that I also like mean. Certainly we ve seen people or you can tell them, people who are maybe on wildly successful shows adviser arm Israel yeah. It seems the almost be equal to the amount that are happy Morgan Edition of people who pursue this in the first place. Right in just the idea that any success me have. You feel this whole business and certainly people represent you make you think that every success is therefore leading you to another success and no one ever says hey. This is this might be the success. Represent yet, like just. I was just talking to Jason Bigs. It's like, he had american pie in the head and four of them, for a minute. He was resentful about it, but then you must remain yourself. Also many name.
A nine percent of people dont even get an american pilot that India itself is a lightning into to be frustrated that the lightning and strike over and over again it's it's really odds wise and then It's interesting! We do especially with someone my reply. You realize that has just gonna keep coming around for him as a thing or life. You do something like I. Obviously this is not the night is past, is gonna be police Baronne livingstons on a show tonight- and you don't just going through the roof- I urge you realize I office space is something that Europe is the rest of his life. But you know it Can it be a thing that you ve the represent yeah now or something I didn't realize? Don't Nato's reading about you, as people don't read about their friend I wouldn't recommend inclined to add that I didn't and on the shelf, but we you you Michigan for four years or something
not quite a little while I am, is ever going to turn alchemists openness. Michigan you into elementary school there, Pia Edgewood Elementary, so I've like maybe we have similar experiences with blue collar. He around violence. There was, I mean that there is some playground violence. I don't recall it is. Particularly dramatic our guy, just when my mom was going to gradual mischance day, and I did maybe like three or four years ago. I did somebody Michigan State and it was the fur I drove by my old house, which I had drew my I've been there for thirty one years. I think an hour. It was credibly surreal, mostly just how you know this all of it with so much smaller, my head. We had this football size field next to our house and then you go and it's just a corridor, seven thousand square for yeah. Just enough all that stuff, the wonderful
My mind was Larry. Le Clare was my seventh grade english teacher and he was most certainly six. What seven there's no question about it? He was six what seven he was also the coach of our basketball team, fifteen years ago I was at haunt you know back in Michigan, I'm in the grocery store, like look so much like Larry Leclaire, but cannot be Larry biogas, I'm taller than real he stared at him for like five minutes rise, I oh no. He just wasn't six seven yeah you're down taller than Larry Liqueurs, freaky and then move to New Hampshire, yeah and what's the big like there than on compound, was shot when a precisely. When a were you close to that of our now. We really two and a half hours away, but I feel like every Everyone knew at least one or two people who had a lighthouse up there. You. Are we one time when on vacation there there's also a huge motorcycle race in your hand, yet every year that one of the bike weeks Antonia yeah and it so I've been up in the lakes region when that happens, and it's really line right. The changes, it change
the state, when I was a kid. My step dead raised motorcycles and where we like we park, the Van were walking across this huge parking lot. And down the housing just blew up behind the civic. I mean they literally blew it up life without in any way about Beirut, and there is a huge mushroom cloud and I was a with my mom holding her hand on light or organ die in this motor cycles owes its pre intense it. Really. There are a lot of elements about New Hampshire, because I feel because of stuff like on golden pond, and you just Soon there sorted this pastoral New England quality varieties like there's. Some real, I want to say baggy, although they did blow up a civic. Yeah, I mean I feel like with that piece of information, but there's some backwoods to it. I the way is theirs. It was certainly you know it's become a little bit more swings day, but it was a new. Very red statement has grown up and also there is the beaches.
New Hampshire, I like Atlantic City, it's very Jersey shore, I assure me, is, I think, we're not Marla room now known on its that's the fourth thing I've the pronounced, unsuccessfully some gonna, now back off, my syllables killer gave a real simple going forward, so you, and going to college at Northwestern India, which is very impressive too, because you went right out of high school near yet have really Ray grades the given on high schools, I tested very well. I did a very good tests, I think, had pretty good essays. I was I was a good good, not great student. Yes, what color strata where you living in high school, if you had to I was kind of aid, I would like I covered a lot of strategy and I was on you.
If I had a lot of friends who were comic book friends, who you know, I think you know even say, stereotypically Noirtier endeavours, but I was also it you know. I was a popular enough that I was a class treasure united. I ran for office in wine. I will say it is the means, the one who did a you know said the one everyone's raising their hand for right. Do you know I walk? I knew who the most popular guys, I'm kind of like already lying under President vice president. I was again gave like the mice bill. Speech was mostly just quoting ass. An owl sketches Aurelia, I'm like I got into it. That way, so you lie, the common EU? Oh yeah, my parents were huge, free fans and uncertainty that really looking back that incredibly kind. Of introducing a two at a time that was not age opprobrium that helps you develop of far sensor. I feel just tat An appreciation for the most people, my age limit, I think in the end like that, was it there was
your friends that I was most drawn to is the people also things I've, money, python or funny right in an era when people didn't I could see you running cross country where it lay dead right granted. You really do. I promise you. That was just a guess. I don't think that's on your work I ran track. Was the only sport at my school that didn't cut you so loud. Ok, I was. If you cared enough to be on a sports team, it has no skill. You could run so. I ran cross country track and spring track but you also have the temperament for a long distance runner. Your kind of applaud her aren't you, I would say I am a plotter yeah. I mean the twelve years there s another testament lauding. I think I sometimes wonder there I have to remind myself, I'm plotter, because some time when you are surrounded by sprinters, yes
never. Has there been a stable of sprinters like us and now its moral you meet in one year later there making twenty million those or fucking Eddie Murphy doing on his sure. Do, the biggest still already coming the history of cinema on a high aid is from us and our right here. I levels cover me. It was a veto. I remember Sandberg showed up, and you know just pay at hey man, let me show you the ropes and and being that sir, the guy who was the pro helping out the rookie year and then the Christmas show of sandbags first year was lazy Sunday and, however, on the near time as this year- and I had this real there- we're all- we all have different places here- and you don't have said this before, but I wanna make big regrets. Looking back, get at it at some of my worst years of the show were that I had. A sadness that came from comparing myself other people and people that I really like
and were good to man, and that is so. It looks there's a time where I just look I got my own then, I myself that I'm I'm stolen embarrassment. Well, it's it's baked into view, because I was in the groundlings just its unavoidable that there the finite amount of real estate in the show, there's gonna, be thirteen sketches in theirs. Fifteen of you writing matches the unavoidable facts here, and they are your. Strands you're spending your time with them writing and then ultimately, they're gonna take one of those very really valuable slots. Yeah I mean it I said you know it's guys who play professional sports have to some degree. You know there's only so many minutes ago, round, eyed the one thing that happened to me and this is Also that I want to make clear wasn't like I have this incredible moment of our to be better. I have to mean I have to be kinder and more giving I, when I got Wigan up aid Irene,
then always, and I was a guy who got ten minutes every week. Yeah and now I see, and then it was a thing of oh, you know that way took some that nice happening for me to realise. Like all I've been a real dickhead and I did redouble my efforts, as had writer to treaty help everybody else. You know get their stuff on bottom. It was You know that was the greatest part about do enough data. The best life it s now, because you just had your time, you knew no matter what could be a now exactly land. It wasn't like it ever went so bad address that they were like we're not gonna do up day. She had eaten your arm chair there, arm chair is supported by Hallo, fresh Monica Europe. Hungary little monster. Aren't you member Hungary mouse you again, you like. I know that yummy food down idea in here,
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he's a surgeon, but of course he who boom Chicago came. I ask and of course I was fascinated with notion of living in Amsterdam layers. It was the bodies and I sent him my assumption. That is you a dork. Ninety minutes- and I, rather than the rest time, was pretty much yours at how long did you do womb sugar I did for two years right out where's western, premature vaginal. I done about a year killer, Andrew and improve stuff in Chicago, but maybe maybe even less than might have been about. Ten months after college, I went over there and didn't you and specifically to go. Join me, yeah audition, for it with my friend peak gross, who one of those sonic guys. You know those two sonic guys, Monica Sonatrach zoo he's all! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and he neither limiting about fucking ban only the honors of like, of course, there's
Virginia Electronic Group Name Sonic that he also is right here for cold airport and he's really funny. Guy we were college remains an he basically said one day: hey there's this addition for the show that takes place in Amsterdam, and so we additions and there was the best never a country I had to get a passport for the job and it was the money on their backs. I'm so glad you had that before you got on the conveyor belt that lead to hear. I mean when I think back to that Do you know I was again I was in my twenty is why serve us and you would think that would be the best time in your life, but the those two years right. A college where I lived in Amsterdam and work. Full time is an improvised and there wasn't that you know that the press she had, then, as you knew you were in the place you're gonna be like. I knew I wanted to come back to this day s, but I wasn't my best years. I why I laughed I would come back every now and then indirect shows or or just go back and hang out. That's when I was there. That's when my brother were there, they were roommates end and
it was because I can I did not overlap. He was actually one of the group that came to replace my group, the left, but we being an Amsterdam with. I was just ass. One could imagine anyone theorized himself again, I don't know you all that. Well, but I have some a lot of assumptions about you and all of them are wrong, but here's what my ailed tracks that I really did. I quit there, but I I have a sense that you're pretty Taipei. I think you have to have a pretty type a drive to be had writer of anything. It's such a grind, yeah and I would imagine that it's a little bit liberating to be in a place like a sandwich. Nothing else free to explore like if you have been doing that, show Boom Chicago in allay. Will you show, and then you, knowing your your temperament, would probably like? Oh now, get felt this other time of productive sheer. Yet in it that's the environment, probably forced you in some way
What were you gonna do get a secondary job in Amsterdam. Nothin else going on. There was no additions. There was nothing yet there was no need for american comedians for any other job, but in the one I had yes feeling. Ok, I'm doing the one thing I need to do here and did you from my geike, I do think anybody have fun like. I think anybody has the biology for that to be saying. I don't think I can our very similar yeah yeah annual high constitution for yes, I'm good I thought mine was really my constituents really good. Then you meet, I can, but I'm here I mean they look. I did stuff there that I'd never done before that. I haven't done since that. I enjoyed a great deal and then there was another great thing of because it was it was this? other place. It was very easy, not bring it back with media ass if the ito, because all of a sudden, you things,
do there you, the people you met were a lot less creepy than you would meet. If you had to do it here at yeah as again a different time like, I think things change, but you know I came back and ninety nine and it was there. We are bridge person, there is doing ecstasy once in awhile or doing like professional people yeah and it was, and it was to do it- was to go dancing with friends. There was a lot of your best sell. It wasn't like it was on the lights, go out with a bunch of guys to Ljubljana make it was like. Going out with all your colleagues, and it was a guys and girls and in just having laid these really fun late night that ended up. Go and as some weird breakfast plays in buying hot roles and then go on someone's bow in just as a father to ILO it. What you know we just did Ike use protect. I gather we got back from the twenty fifth,
presumably we just talk to my three weeks ago. Yes, we in June, we went back for the twenty Fiveth anniversary of the UN, and that was because just realized. Oh, this is never gonna happen again, because the only way could happen was. We all got to say to our spouses- it's the twenty fifth, but I couldn't say: hey Miss Amsterdam. I can me and my brother and a couple of people going back for three days like ongoing lies area, I'm as a lot of shit. We all they ran. That's I mean she was saying about this when either, but she understood, I couldn't mess it right and what did you get? It little taste of what it was like, or was it it was more now with all the day, was harming the hardest thing. For me, to be honest, I would love to say. Like that's not me anymore, I was really the burden of knowing how to come back. It was like fly. The big crazy night was a Saturday than flying a sunny, and then I had this show on a Monday, and so I just couldn't I kept thinking about. Yes, I don't want to be
sleep on my couch and have my staff. Well, I think we share this in common. I bet you're, like this code is much. If you don't really know about Lawrence Chasms famous quote is writers, who are people of agreed? Do homework the rest. There lies in there's, no true or sentence and prison I'll be on vacation and she's, really footloose in fancy for yeah, and then I'm just. Thank you. I turn him fucking reactors. Like there's, always some goddamn in task until a man about my great fortune but No, if you can, in the other, Let them is a lesser dragon cuz. I don't want to put the thing we signed up for anybody else, but it's also an impossible thing to explain to people who also are requiring your time meaning a spouse. You know there are times where you will see what I have to finish this script, and then shall say something like how much time do you think it'll take anyone say: oh this, I'm not being coy, I'm not, who now
I dont know here a minute, Sir Three or like the other problem is you know he was very kind of you to call me an alpha earlier. I do not feel like an alpha around my wife laxity because she's such a super alpha. She is rendered me a very content beta but may delay she says things them look here. So we have them. We have four five minutes to say I can't just opening up the computer like that's. I can't just like hid it hit the ground running. That's like how you blow your achilles I grant you got us, you gotta, look at some online and cuts. Tell yourself you're, not gonna. Do that how do you have a routine? I mean you know this The nice thing about writing here is its built. It's gonna procrastinate approved because we're sort of chasing each day, and so we eat
I think now with this specifically with this show I can go on vacation. I dont think about this. Now, that's gonna end that only other stuff writing wise I'm doing now is that, shall I do with bill hatred for Amazon documented dial? Yes, so either way, just to digress into that. For a second it makes me so happy? You guys have that chance, for you guys get, makes me just delighted that it's the kind of thing you would just always talk about with your friends and then Heaven. Opportunity to do and then do it, there's something it's like we are bought. Us together three houses like we as adults. Really, let's build a really nice tree yeah, because it is not even so point was in the best way possible pointless. The ratings are now they're, not as it is
we'll come to this- show every night and their fans of mine, a hundred people who are fans of mine. They travelled to see and every now and then I will mention it during an audience. Cuban ay and five people will collapse, and that is if it was more than five I'd know they were lying right, but it is a bit that's something I eat. Oh so, every now and then I'm working on one of those and I was working on one of those two weeks after our second kid was born, Alas, it was so tired and her so You know she is very supportive of my career in every aspect of it that in she right she had a real case to be made that that was a bad time. For me to be yeah, exploring the strength, I'm drinking rebels and stay until five in the morning. Trying to crack is your hand. Tape on Documentary
Well, that's what I like about is that I'm so Gore entered. Might imagine your very goal, oriented yeah to make a decision to do something that has really no real purpose. Yeah is, is it exercise. I would imagine it like is away to force you to remember that you like doing it yeah. I think the other thing, is This show is so temporal and that I dont think leg we're gonna do show to night? I think it'll be really good. Show it dont. Think five years from now someone's gonna say we should go back and watch that at the same rate you do it and its by tomorrow. It's where has half its value and by the next day it has, as you know, a fifth of its value and so it's nice to do? A then a bottle type show that also You know what feels the rush to see it assumes a combat. I'm listen. I MIKE happy like. Oh. I made this thing that it will hold up, because you know this sore
material that were parenting is already from nineteen sixty four like none of those bad talking about gray gardens or what yeah, so so that it that I think that is also part of the ego part of me is like now. You also want to make a thing that people go. Oh, I saw that ten years later and I really liked it sure. Is there a favorite document? Are you guys have we didn't one called one likes race and chicken that was based on Here- a dreams of sushi. Oh and it's free will you actually went with Colombia to foment again just I couldn't go by Fred is a guy who has the only Michelin, starred restaurant- that is an hour away from the closest road. Another great Don't you feel like one of the best gifts of this whole thing is, is to spend time with those
for like bringing about the product like it really helps to learn to enjoy process. Doesn't it when you get to share with you and the other thing a process that is a great gift of Essen Alan's, not just seeing how people go. From the seat of an idea to a finished hit sketch, but watching all these people, you know or cave was hit sketches, fail, so I'm watching the glory yes, you did here too, believe it. Failures of people like will Forte and Fred Arson and Andy somber on Wednesday did the table red either? Those are some of the moment. I look back at me. You know them you know, and then you learn to forgive yourself your failures, because these people, you look up to and have seen, do such great work. You realize all with at the best were heading three hundred. You know well, yeah
That's the thing I try to save folks is that, like every week I wrote skip sketches, I was a hundred percent certain they are all of complete equal comedic value. I liked each of them yeah equally, might end, then what someone just fucking, clunkers Ike, I dont, know why yeah like a weird thing, like you. Have this broad sense of humour right in really is when your hollow turn fear. What of this broad spectrum is appealing to people. Look bs you and internally unama they're, all equal. I they yeah, I mean I think it's nice to meet again. You know this is where I am really lucky to work with a staff like the staff here, helps you refine, because that is not just my own. You know I realize all day I by doing this thing, but I can't help but notice that of the twelve people, narrating staff, none of them like writing it. For me, I really has a maybe that wasn't as good as they thought it was, but that the other thing about us now, the true as bounce that that reach that table read on Wednesday. You know no fake laughs. No,
the Palais last, I should say, polar the great tabled laughter and now I don't know it just comes from her natural effervescence or if there was a kindness that came from her last bit polar no one. No one play decide. When some pullers watch, which is one of the great kindnesses she brought to their place. Yes very generous person, very generous, Garcia. I've got to axe next to hernia everything. It was baby when you first man or did you know about through, will all right. Let's go to prison and Yeah immediately in the next, basically that for some from it. You'll yes well brought me to us now and I met you and you are very nice, I'm glad of open, and I would like you know when your new, you really remember, who stops and hallway and says that I own eyes the here yeah you're intergroup of like Firefox that were quite generous and my first memory of you is going now willing. Aimee had a place in Venice one summer. It might have been a he might have been living there because it was doing arrested
and there was maybe a game night of some sort and an EU handler coolest curried ever see. Oh, you are there than another doughnuts. I we have the donor in rector. Was there right, yeah yeah, Cassandra you set up all the time it was as we want as easy as we first came out and it was a stick shift and the reason another told I am a total blowhard forget it, I'm a total blowhard, but also if you remember, will in our by tiny, we did. Let's go to prison employing broke. Illinois owes the boring US place for us to be for six weeks. F, every single madam he kept nor and I will go to Applebee's any dinner and then at the and a dinner. I we go in the parking lot and I would you twelve minutes all they just satellite we're in high school thinking and soda while I did go, etc, telephone balls, just everything alike, so frequently that the bartender bowed his is brother in law car and then he d, don't it's one night, and so I think we might have been telling that at the poker nigh escorts, I felt obliged to them
form the on going through an intersection, I think in its hard for me. It is I'm so not one. Not a cargo to therefore dont have any of those blue the skills that one requires either, and it was a real life watching somebody like if you'd gone back and you gonna undone ballet industry would have it as as impressive to me, but there had to be huge percentage of your brain that was going to throw away any second, did you think, he's gonna Crean into a carcass I seen you seem very uncontrolled. Also, there was no fear on you right now,
yeah well you're learning to take tat, really acceptable as they are. I know from my dear friends, etc. Embryo reminded the Michigan, a big state, lotta different childhood, sound, really happy that that something, if you think of when you think of me, because that's kind of you know we talked about this on hearing I'd love to hear any realizations you had, but we all of our identity, were often quite wrong about it. Yeah. I'm very wrong about it pretty regularly. My wife helps all my me. If you solely as any part of you that you ve come to recognise like all: that's, not I don't know that I would have had a very interesting thing, and which is that, when I went back to that the union in Amsterdam, It was really brought to my attention that I used to have a reputation as a real hot head.
Really yeah. Yeah, like my early days, is being in browser. I was not a. I was an hour ago of fun partner seems like my disappointment in add. Choices was really evident to people. And then you realize, like you you, you know, you changed the way behave and you get better at it and but the people that were therefore that they don't you know they have been there for the rest of it. They seen you on camera, but they don't the view. Better off gamble on here. They, like oh he's, he's good, but he's an asshole now be totally fair for them to say so, a lot of people going like. Oh, my god, you ve mellow, or they are trying to find euphemisms, say you're, not a prick anymore. It was not even that it was like things will happen, lake disease to be her heart had about stuff, like you know near with a bunch of improvised, and sometimes you just be the group dinner in the wage has come over with our meals and someone be telling a story, one stop and I'd be the baby. I hate we have to tell this person
We have all these, and so there were few times where people like that would happen, as some of you like. Oh, I should stop cassettes here, and I had to remember that that was a thing that I used to do and then also remember. Oh, you know, fifteen years after the fact, people are remembering that. So obviously what dramatic, I cannot agree. Go on that guy to unlike what are you gonna do as they stand with a play. I always will write his way out, and I appreciate it. I think that just could have done it made them more kindly. I think that I should go back think I was wrong about anything in those days. I don't think I got better about being right. The lesson learned is that you are right all along with that. You could hear you can be a little bit more patient with people waiting for your arm chair there. Guys. Armchair expert is supported by Robin Hood, which is a very cool, investing app like investing
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I would say he really instilled like get the most out of your talents kind of situation. Don't let laziness be that thing that doesn't get it for you know, there's a lie: there's plenty hurdles that are outside control, but dont. Let don't let your own lack of effort be the thing that you look back at an and lament yeah, so he was really get that an you wanna. Do you needed their approval? Were you yeah? I am still yeah yeah. I went back and forth. You were a new Hampshire to do a couple, stand up gigs for this charity man. Today. This charity their involve with- and I just really ran on. Why am I shall list, article nine aims, and oh yes, because I have neither there, even though there are so supportive IKEA was still you wanted to be. You know better than average when dinner yeah, it's pretty fantastic,
is. Is it? Is it ever laborious that whole thing? It was super hard. When I was in the first two or three years of ESA, just cause. I was the first thing I was doing that not just where my parents watching it, but you know everybody watching in everybody, you can't trick people into thinking that it's good, that you were not in the shell on anything. Wait right round row. I think a lot of it was my parents trying to be helpful, but talking about in a way that was very we I want to say them. Oh no, I'm I'm all where that this is not great and I'm dealing with a kind of constantly So I love for us not to also talk about her and you join as a writer I did. I joined the gas members that they then that I think moved in the writer of this is, I thought it was. The same. Trajectory is Chevy Chace, but it's actually the polar opposite at I think it's the only I'm the? yeah, I said
cast member and re me: do then I'm gonna be higher myself, but again, like we talked about the other people who were in the Kalis like they were great and a lotta I did was never to this day. I'm not somebody that has a huge range of skills that the great people in the history of s now have. He asked I can't keep myself live by writing my first. For five years and then, when Tina was leaving, Lauren asked. If I wanted to join the writing staff, which was both, I say goodbye the credit to my writing and also him saying, and we will be fine without you Robert and were a able at the time that you became the had writer to recognise what what rarefied there. That is an argument that is, or were you sold spoke, has done something else that you're it's still. I think the thing I'm
and from the day of happened, it was a thing I was proudest. All that's creates the title in my life, but I think I will be because I saw you. I think you will be its such like the people that I revere It's really interesting. We're talking here today about EM people, peoples, even the general world to know what a director is uneasy. I think that's like the thing you know like Steven Spielberg and I was gonna, try and explain that people there they want to show runners a show. Runner is the MIKE Tyson of the industry LE yeah, you have to be such a bad motherfucker. Like many came. People aerial, I think it's I mean the guineas. I think it's exponent, furthermore, known in the last ten years, re sure sure, because I think no one knew until you know a Yahoo be. He became a famous your honor, but you, I guess we because they sort of being the shoulders were also in the shows like him in these cases yeah, and he had just you know, yeah. I guess it was you realize
David Chase doesn't directive sopranos right. You know what I mean, but he's the guy weirdly. Yes, that was my first realisation that, like oh, that name is why the sopranos is the Supreme yeah he's and it was not. He was genuinely just too busy to direct that would show runners or too busy jittery do that's right. They would love to, but I am going on hi, I'm we D go look out alone. Yeah that title of head writer of sentient live is just too needs. Most gangster thing you It is the very least that united and it didn't hurt the dinner Tino. Obviously, who become both colleagues here or mine? Was the person had it before me and people like me? K and people are Jim down here. So it was em. You know again, I should stress that you are any had writer is fishery of the cast their doing a foreign I'd swear by the cast. I think that history will show- and I have not put it myself-
because again I wasn't in the sketches, but that group of people to be able to write for them, and You can be Beethoven, but if your orchestra is made up of Zeus yakking exactly how goods are gonna sound, so that ways- and it was just a really cool- an exciting time- north were you what things make you nervous, because I saw you one of the first times. I have like genuine anxiety for you and then saw crash was the White House Correspondence dinner yeah, like I saw you get onstage and just like I mean I'd, be really nervous to do this were you nervous, yeah, I've David?
is the most day ever felt as those sweating through attacks, where you could feel that the actual tuxedo fabric getting heavier cars that money matters, but I have we had really good jokes Dino, Neil Brennan. Yes, I do so near Brennan was with me that afternoon at a really good group of people with me that afternoon and we had writ, we worked on the script for three weeks and I was in a hotel room and easy with Brennan, with John Laney with Alex Base. Is my head writer here with my shoemakers Marin producer hearing when we're done reading it through and again it was you know it wasn't fine. We were, it was an but Neil said he's he's. I'm jealous but you gotta go tell his jokes now own idea and others when a nice thing to say, because that was a reminder of you know. I think we all think about Worst case scenario, until Nielson that I really oh there's also a best case scenario, that these are great jobs and that we find to say one of my fate.
Things. I've ever watched comedic lays man, the fucking jokes for sober. Was the Lou gothic one? Oh yeah you, it was a bad. Have bad Obama looked after being president for three years, and You you started looking like the space guy and now you look like Louis assets, senior see it was so next because currently someone's that Lugosi Junior to start with yeah, although maybe now I think it might be. It might have been Maloney. Who is the kind of person that would get it we'll get Louis, because nothing here immediately on the third year, swaying and then how about golden globes Thou the most in line with their level of nerves. I felt for the correspond Then I would say between the two. Nothing had made me feel bad nervous. Yeah. Also the correspondence dinner. The downside is walk out. It's a terrible room.
You know you in the worst room and so anything you get. You think, I'm doing pretty good. You know I've been in the globes room for, maintain as three times, and so I knew you could crash day Our uniquely gray add who I was well. We when we're sitting then right. I was I ominous they're my eyes, and I want to thirty seconds, wanderings lame, not good. I put myself, That's because it won't be that and so not gonna know you guys, like you early, you deal under four merchandise, see higher like there's so, especially the symmetry between they know each other for the finishing each other senses, and we Is energy reminded watching and like all these solo, that was the beauty of sketch coming to me like I wanted to do, stand up, but I was too afraid yeah, I dont, if
bomb or someone else, there's a certain joy and having shared forever. It means that you get more guilty of that. Don't you we cited when we were back in and shamed varying and women. None of us would talk about ghettos, because we also- I don't know. If I mentioned, we did a lot of corporate theatre, he did and so, but those that was what we were laughing too, because we was collective, it wasn't I when bombed at this place, is I well I can I bonded this place yes, a real bonding experience, as I mean siblings in it in a childhood trauma, yonder extra clothes. Absolutely yet the gun out alone, and then the other thing about the gloves was just you know not to mention the fact that the lights are on. It's not I'm going out and see it, or did you stand up where the lights are dark? The lights are on and the people are very famous yeah and you just have to make its decision to sort of look over the tops of the heads of the time hankses operas as opposed to really rolling thrilling down on eye contact,
I need say that the island I've done very little hosting, but I hosted the TCAS one year ass. Her I mean millions of new jobs- and I hear great job great, just like that I have actually say out loud, great joke, great job, and it was Tom Hanks which I didn't. I just heard a guy's ingredients and then, when I finish, Christian was like a robot. Thanks for your great jugs, tiny doesn't go, there was, am I really would have stopped and stared at him? I like that even Tom Hanks knows that I he's gonna he's a person who has every right and just Carte blanche to positively hackle illegally the positive, has also tunnel thanks you so likeable. He could totally get away with that decision. That's nice, you in vain. He really is you know what I am before you go. Preside, love doing your shoulder Why? Thank you you're such a good talks to you know your great aunt Shaws. To your question. I I want to ask more people like: are you aware that you bring the goods? I think I'm a good guess
yeah. I do a lot of them know like I generally like if someone cancels and I live an ally and in most of those guys, though, call me so that to me seems like a good indicator that I'm a little dependable. The thing I Russell with is there a very fine line between being a good guest interest steamroller. If it's very hard to again. I sometimes leave going yeah I'll have to be honest, I don't you there's no. I would never think of again two is working as having steamroller. Ok, that's I get to talk the whole night. When there's you don't want to in so doing the challenges, realizing how those different kinds of guests and just making sure some people need you to be called a hand. That's fine for me too, and then other people But it is I'm not just say this. There's other thing you in and what makes I think of my favorite Natasha host is guest. The audience is immediately comfortable. Like they're not worried about That's their like. Oh, this person knows well he's here to do.
I only have a couple strengths, one of them ism, mildly comfortable, my own skin, on which our river Amy telling me with Lauren, Lauren seem to really like me for some reason on baby what an eclipse figured out I dream in life was the answer that I never was in whatever I have all despite, but he was really nice to me. I don't know why Lauren in Aiming goes just he lays report. Control neurons cared for in kind of the actual thing that he can recognize So what Lorn doesn't appreciate is that even people who are comfortable in their own skin tend to not be once they meet Lorn. You makes you question your skin, yes, and no and it's a lot of people who were until the day they started there, and then he pet he's he's sets of this world where every day, at the end of the day, you like look at your Scandia like I feel like this. If you could be better educated people, they can get through Lorn and can still be comparable. Neurons can I think it's are few and far between the out as the going on ass you before you left is, has
kids did the magic thing happened to you or it's like the whole bathing shrunk as far as light the priorities in the inner desire for all that the personal stuff did it can. Finally, Yeah, you also notional, as someone else's future, is more exciting than your own. Isn't that liberating knew it was something so afraid to let go there and ever since it happen, I'm like all right, yeah me this thing or go well or at wound in. I guess who gives a shit Well, it's also, you know, look being apparent hard, but it some ino feed is do that the right stuff. You know you get so much out of it either like their days where you I feel, like I put in a hundred percent the Show- and I don't get hung back, but I feel it with your kids Elise. Up to this point, I really do feel like it comes back exponentially yeah and we're
son ashes doing the same hour. You get you I just kneel down at the door when I leave it gives me a running. Hugging goes as far away runs and now he's decided to add a running kiss, seeing it running, and then he says now in case any runs all away went and I just like it a strange thing than no, because my they're asleep when I get home from the I was so that's the last time. Assignments wants more money, and this is we're thing to know: I'm gonna go off eminent. You know how my dream job. I worked with these people. I love reduced offer a great audience, I can't wait to do that, but this is I've already peaked. Today is p yeah, they're, gonna running Helga, my running kiss, and now it's just a now justly this really lovely denouement until tomorrow's rank, as all gravy after yeah imagines firstly, when he's resetting screening Would he also goes around a corner so and then it's like waiting, wait too long. Our way or look I'm going. Multiple rooms, away, as everyone has the f while I'm very happy for
don't ask implement. Only refer ego is, am I gonna hold you in this regard that I really look up to Conan for is there? Are certain people I have so much admiration for just hard fucking work like you're such a product of hard work. I hope you're able to own all these accomplishments because it is the EU busted. Your assets, very obviously, very impressive. Thank you grow began. You say I was really lucky to be surrounded by people who are helpful, but on Vietnam really happy or I do. I love like, and now my favorite part of the show, the back jet with my soul, mate Monica bad men. Welcome too. The fact check, with Monica pad men and Dax back Dax Shepherd no guy. What are we hey, I'm sorry guys for the no song, but he doesn't have it today.
Sometimes you around I'm crunch nor wanting to know that that's a true behind the curtain, but we're in a bit of a time crunch and I would like to dedicate five ten minutes die they're coming up with a poem or a song, and I just I don't have that time right. There's no time does not enough time why to see my mommy, oh yeah, see my sweet mopping up in Oregon, yeah or again, as we say in Mitch again sailor, I got what have we said Michigan, who that sounds: a word, MR gosh yeah, as regards Bang on from Detroit Michigan. Now, like a guy? Ok, I'll, stop right! Now no, not to stop. I'm just saying I don't like get yeah. Oh you know. Can I point one fact yeah- and this is very rare for you to say when we leave someplace but you're in an. I got that wrong more intimately
goodbye, sir? I was an intimidating that use very gracious yeah. He was not scary, very approachable. You know most people are not most people. That's not being intimidating at all, but every now and then there is a human though we encountered that is legit spied sure, adrenaline, yeah and I'd in it has. Nothing to do with their celebrity, obviously, because all these people are celebrities if it was just that everyone would be intimidating, but it's not it is, it is their personalities. Don't you think? It's also compounded by like the specific person how much you'd want that person's approval, you'd? Think yes, but there are other people. Would love, sets approval dear? I didn't get it, but I would have loved it.
And I know that you didn't get allow idea by. It might be a fact or I don't think it's the factor, Olga Gray. I think it's it's how they threw themselves. Yeah personalities, very scared, pop out personality, half out Ali Baba, ok, how many episodes of we die and we ve done. This is the real or de sex episode of armchair expert, but we recorded upwards of fifth day nine the early, Easy Apulia, and that is why I wanted to be more specific in the middle of my sentiments about this. In three hours from now will have done sixty there, that's fine last year as a fun fact. Kay the dance move or you move your hands. One way your arms one way and New Swinger hips through that's called either.
Glossing or the backpack dance. Oh, not the dodgy. No, no, that's different there can you doggie is at all when teach me added that huge me out a dodgy air. Can you doggie, I'm not sure what does I think so now I forget, now I am thinking of the stand. Gulag yeah somebody followed up, I cannot forget it, but I think I could do it at some point. I can do others dance. Now. I can't I really can't jump through my leg. You know that and really are, furthermore, desire occasionally say this to somebody and it's always been five or six years since I've tried by a tyrant, you'd like you, I'm gonna do colonies in with zero practice. Involvement. You guys is about to happen. I'm a well! Oh, my god,
I am against this war why? Oh wow, though, is a super easy and I used to be doing. Mid dance does now the now easy and you did- do- did you know you're, not barium market mix of impressed in embarrassed for me? Now No! No! No! No! The Lord of the play dance, which I could do the whole thing alone: I see that two. Why need a partner says where you go at each other and new? Kick your Mozilla! Allow me both snap five, your fee menu bar you go back and then span, and then you jump through your leg. My yes great greyhounds, routine fine. I love a dance routine, yet song. That was why I think was roll on roll in Rome were getting play. Yeah I am very impressed by that move or thank you. It wasn't yeah.
Brian doing a back for is a which I think for me as a ten What is this a sexy not to take any, away from Rhine Hansen, but I've seen a lot of flips in my life. I could at one point, do that riser your lesson less press! You know it makes Ryan's impressive is like he too would have done one for a very long time and then I'll be drunk and like the first time I ever saw him do it. We were in line at certain so lay in LAS Vegas. He was drunk and he had about a foot and a half to pull this thing off because we're in a line at a marble floor is jumped up and ripped up fuckin backfire bag. I got heart, is a rock I now I love. I am very impressed by his ability to do it at any. No man does them Miranda, my a law, that's right in your right,
is very impressive, but this skill itself is less impressive to me. Just because I'm I'm I'm more used to I've, never seen someone jump through their lag and my why? Oh, my goodness knows how I didn't think you'd ever do something you had never seen, yeah, while in person right there, maybe we will have to film. Listen posted on Instagram so. Did it in a very nice new, sweat sure that I picked up on our Toronto wives. Yes, fucking love it. He loves. Sweatshirt has a big nice, robust, maple leafs on it, and it said as the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now I brought up a little ethical conundrum here cause I was like you're gonna buy this glory Geronimo, yet so you're gonna by this What about Detroit? Aren't you at Detroit yeah led redwings Well, ok, you're more than you Asked me about that years. What I said I reject. Ok,
favorite worth I reject like car lovers, who are like I'm fuckin mo par shabby sucks, Ford, sex or almost Chevy guy I Ford socks and my already the seventy mark, one socks, adding that crap? You can like a lot of things. I think you need to get all tribal with things that are great look. There's a bunch of great more powers is a bunch of great Ford's, a bunch of great shabby tonnes, a grave Breweries, lots. It ain't, lemme, guess why tonic great women more great women than any other thing, but the Maple Leafs Fuckin rule where the second mouse winning Stanley CUP team out there behind the Montreal Canadian, their mass god, is the Canadians mantra. I'll Canadians watch your town, we're lucky. I love Canadians by, don't you wouldn't I'm not, into the mascots of Canada have, to be honest, the maple Leafs I am the Navy in this- is the coolest logo aside, while we're walking through the air,
I immediately was pulled too well. It's a beautiful leave, share it's fucking gorgeous in the white and blue eye. Just it's not a very speaking of intimidating is isn't it. Very intimidating news is intimidating. Is the Toronto Persians? Would they would now urging higher mapping rang could be like saying was caught the Wisconsin Americans. You see how there strange you and Christian. What really bump up against their sure yeah Hale is another side note about, I know no one asked maybe the most multi cultural city I've ever walked around. Yeah how'd, you agree, tat, it was very diverse, was also fucking minority most the time. Well about last number that power structure, but in numbers I was any Hale. How came back to dancing fortnight that game set is
right, yeah you buy dances because I guess the player have the ability to use different dances to taught other p. Bull after they win a battle and you can customize and customize these avatars, but epic games, who is fortnight, I guess, makes fortnight has earned over a billion dollars and sales from fortnight since its launch in September of last year and it's free to play. So that means that its coming from things like his dances and these other things that you can buy from attaining these talk about. First hit free right, yeah thing: a billion dollars. What would you buy? A few billion thou ironing now lie after a hop, sure how diverse first things first things. First, I have to buy new tv, my tv on the
nor am, I would buy me a billion dollars. Without that, what I buy, only by the Ladys I law, the Montreal canadian. Now now I don't think there's any thing besides house wares, and there is a purse I want, but I'm not. I'm gonna buy that today, like I buy stuff, I was worse. I have like a laundry list. I tell you right now: you're gonna buy cars and start well, that's just goes with it, saying, but I would say I'm. I would definitely order immediately a pre both motor home with her stagger, trailer, romanian and then about by racetrack or build one, but that my own private race track in my back yard and then just beyond that a lake,
I could have a fast boat, so you wouldn't why? So? You won't like one place with everything. I want multiple places, guy and all and of course, I'd be fine. First class thou be great will a billion dollars you might want to think about. Applying now know I'm happy to fight. Commercially bet, first class. Ok, I'm the only good thing about the plain its it. It's a horrific environmental yeah, but let us put that to the side that the thing that's cause you go like you know what I'm in the mood to go to Jackson, Hawaii Army and its core to ten. I can be up in the fucking air twenty five minutes. That is true. That's like a superpower that is true and I do love the Non airport member we fly fleet as I've at one time with you guys to us bag is that we, the ad
Yes, I know that you wasn't you their commitment as land now inclined to say that a studio centre exactly and it was so nice just driving right up to the plate. Dr right up, someone put your bags in the plane, for you don't have to touch your stinky big bags yeah, it's just not going to say thirty or so nice. I now that part you mean their and our early is very nice like we were watching. Time Chris and I are a profile and sixty minutes of TED Turner, and he bees basically answers the question. What would Dax do if he had a really nice, because he has a playing a terrible wandered, us and he can't be anywhere from more than four day find. It was saying hardest borrowed be married, MRS every four days you gotta get on the plane and go somewhere and I'm like all my thoughts, then I would love to just never be anywhere from more than four days. Okay accepted, that's the opposite of what
you are also saying, which is to build everything in one spot or race track, and the way in all of these very my hob agreed common in and out of their vega put a landing strip. Ah bear so I could describe my back door, but why would you need to go to Jackson Hollis you if you're gonna build Jackson Hole in your backyard exactly why this isn't something you're super conscious of yet cause your thirty one, but I'm forty three and I'm really into slowing time down, because it keeps moving faster and faster and one of the great ways ass though time down, is to have a different environment. You manoeuvres when you on vacation, first, three days feel so long and then slowly you start getting used to in the last few days blow by I always am in the three day thing I'll, be slowing timed I'll, keep it then, when I'm telling you as you dont need to, build a race track and a lake at your house. You can just go to the race track on go to the lake. Now, on my own
a strong Eu Mass. Our I can so he said he was the seconds longest person at Essen He had the first person is Gerald him and throw him, and he was on the chauffeur fourteen seasons. I'm sorry, sir. Yes, sir he's, not so keen and just surpassed him surf, no Keenan just surpass Darrell him too. Keen in is the longest running Gerald? No, not Darrell. Ok, I visa Gerald Twice Gerald Hammond did I think so there Darrell there. Maybe eight resolutions, maybe dad, ok, Darrow Human was the longest. Name and then keen and just past dear? Oh yes, and he had fifteen seasons, are he has fifteen Seasons Andrews Bout while its impressive and so that this third Beverly Hills cop is not the highest growth,
being operated comedy, is no is not adjusted for inflation. That is, Ok, what you make those reactor will, as always a caviar, but that the highest grossing already comedy. If you Google, is dead, pool it's dead poor, Brandon sixty two million if he also go to box office Margo and do all time already comedy adjusted for inflation, Beverly Hills cop is way beyond all it made. Three hundred some million are to enter Navy. Some million made two hundred and thirty four million a nineteen. Eighty four. Yes, Yes, yes, but that's not what people are ranking they're, not doing adjusted for inflation, they're doing on the box office numbers. If you google it it's not that coming up, which means that's not. How people are evaluating it. Will I don't really care
people are evaluating it. The question is: what is the most successful already comedy of all time? High it is grows. Young is not, is not was successfully said: highs. Bioscience grossing is dead. Poor, ok, money! changes, so you can be measuring it's a different denomination. It's a deer using like inches in one in feed and the other, and you can't do that. If you want to know what the most successful are rated comedy of all time is it is it is Beverly Hills caught by a long shot. You just did it's ok, I believe you, but if you're too, talking to someone in your saying the highest growth, in car, outdated comedy is Beverly Hills, cop and they might say no, it's dead, pool their all their rights, sure you're, you're, absolute,
you're right, but is the point of having the conversation to evaluate what was the biggest already coming of all time or not because that's really, why were even having the conversation that goes to ascertain what is the most successful already comedy of all time? Isn't a sailor what today you now, I know that my motivation yeah, but I just don't want this- is this is a fact Jack and I dont want people walking around in their head thinking. That is true because its technically not true dead poor be you're right that you have to take into account inflation. That is quite common standards. Dead poor is the current highest crossing already comedy be. I can see that it's gonna, like people saying avatars number one, although I have a term may actually, but by them the most successful movie of all times gone with the wind near
oh yeah, there is, I do feel like. Sometimes I give faxing your and then you you're in there is always a caviar Well, that's a really relevant caviars. I wasn't bringing up Beverly Hills COP, just say that it made more than dead pull the point I was me in his here is a nineteen year old guy who happens to be the leader of the most successful already company. In the world of all time that that's the point of making, so if you say that I didn't make that point, I have to defend that point. That's what I was saying that he was in the unicorn of all movies at nineteen or twenty years old, and you go while not really Ryan Reynolds was in the unicorn right I would just golden that's not! I don't agree with that. Point K or really have enough now now- and I am afraid I just like I sometimes I think I can say anything within you didn't say, adjusted for inflation
then you're right. I didn't say that which I mean. I guess you Polly, wouldn't. Why would anyone be so the subject, but I could easily do is changed the way I could easily change from highest grossing, the most successful Now my head, I did you even say highest gross analogue. Maybe you didn't. I remember either ok. Last one here, oh, do two things so one you said, writers are relegated to doing homework for the rest of their lives and that you be on vacation and need be thinking about that and Christian would be. Having like you know of fancy should be footloose in fancy free, but I'm just here to say that the Christian has never footloose and fancy free on a vacation that she too has a lot of balls in the air
yeah they're? Not they're, not writing balls their day eyes, but There- yes, yes here and they are funded as her wife, I needed to be clear about their new. Did you find her near those good of you? That's it they're. Ok, I'm so sorry that I got heated back there to my love, LEO earnestly to has again we ve overcome our differences and I will make contain dead, pause, the highest growth saying Kommeni NEO maintain Beverly Hills, carbon. We can be piquancy differently, Alma, remember, be just fine, that's rage and carrier. I love you. I love you.
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