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2018-08-13 | 🔗

Seth Rogen (Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Steve Jobs) is a Canadian actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, producer, director and one of the most prolific humans to walk into the attic. Seth sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss how karate gave him an incongruous level of confidence, he talks about his relationship to marijuana and doing stand up comedy at the age of 13. Dax commends Seth's healthy relationship with money and Seth shares his personal feelings on the Sony hack. The two of them discuss working with their wives, Seth details the benefits of not procreating and Dax shares a story in which he passed up an opportunity to audition for The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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information he's David Harbour was here what gave it all he told story about dimension? Is the bad guy emigrate horny? He was living at your house for a minute reiner you staying at your house. He was staying at my house for awhile. Yes, vow we're so we're idle. We remember baby he just told the story. He was, he was very clear to say, you're at no fault whatsoever, but he had been so beforehand what they say twenty years at that point, we decided What is more, we like basement we're having a great time, remember that, yes, he did but at any rate he so masculine David hovered that I insisted he's in this area is a big masculine man. He is, but I brought him to his knees that
emotionally spirit very pursue. Remember that, the trend. Remember one is a undermine crane We were not what about you. He was dating a girl who Laurens Friends Weapon and they stayed at our place in the beach for, like I, don't even know how. Honestly, like we re at a town, he was a few weeks or so right, yeah I've known him a really long time he envisages so masculine, I'm so attracted masculinity argue as my birth, for I felt like. I was actually going to think about what you're as a kid today, as I was reading about you- and I know that you ve been in the colony since day one, but I was
wondering, were you not also kinda, like Conan guys with Muscles India, and I did karate? Oh, you did yeah base and whooping instigated by the Karate kid orgy of woods. Body is, and I actually was thinking of others recently. I think you know, like doesn't add up that. I have confidence in any way, shape or form one of my forthcoming website. I do, and I think karate from a young age was actually something that gave me a lot of com yeah I like it, you were in confrontation, physical confrontation, all the time, and I d crawling with adults, largely when I was a kid and they were like men. Like the need us up
karate kitten algae. What I saw he realizes that, like we were the bad guys, we were cobra, copper, wire, the guys who were like banned from all the competitions and at our teacher I think, could only get a place to do don't go in the jewish community neighbourhood and he was a japanese guy. We, yes, but he he's taught it jewish community center and does lot going on. There is a lot that all eyes are on them, but I did karate from a young age and I think that is, but so I wasn't going on. I plead rugby all of which is a very physical. It might be the most physical swore it a pretty, for
because what the I gotta, I have a personal story about wrestling, a rug we player from England. When I was nineteen year and I felt sure I was gonna manhandling, he chess made a fool of me in egg. Never felt someone so strongly tensile strength, pounds per pound. It was unbelievable, their top it that's. Why stop? I was always pretty big, so I played rugby of the high school in our team was really good. Instead of football teams in high school in Vancouver Others, rugby team arrives egg sport, it's funny, kind of wet, do like movies experience of high school as it as an example by the fact I wrote a movie about my Eyes Yang areas, but sports were not at all pop. No one give a shit
sports and now that's very we're yet like no one cared at all, and that was parties. There was all this I mean. Super bag is largely based on what happens in all that stuff happened at our high school exception. Then the only thing that wasn't like the John Use, a kind of thing- was that no one gave up fine talk about anything there and you might undefeated three seasons and around like no care. I really dont know how to people get like supreme social status if they weren't the quarterback of the football team. What what? What word that the attributes that were being rewarded with poor, that means. There was every one kind of poverty need to. Why that's ok, ATM myopia united with in the parties. There were four sure different groups that conflicted heavily with one another, but it's kind of like. If everyone you note there in every group there was Ben
men who would hook up with each other hers memory wearing class, one always girls. Yet there was every class in category of that yeah held but like its it yet, but that's the one like I, my wife is from like varsity blues high school, literally like like where the foot like the whole town would go out to the football team effort we gave out, what's like she's from Central Florida, I'll fuck the earth and life and end her highschool football team, was like one of them stimulation for years in a row and she was like a cheer leader are also lie like energy lily reality, it was worth of our assembly had me that is like. There are things where we saw you in high school, unlike their things from my high school experience, that to hers, just like so fucking crazy. Yet, from my perspective that experience of high school, where life everyone cares about with the sports teams as like insane that's
weird you. I would have loved to have gone in it in their school you into TAT. Had that is like the? U is crowning achieve? No, it was. Way better, I'm very happy hours, not the case. The hours was much more centred around. Drugs like already in and things like that, like you was its yard party, he gasped people, it was a partying centric school while, but then so is your high school secular? Yet was a public eyes? Ok, you went to a jewish only let your school had with horror in the title, Thomas Homeward, Torah yet whole matter so, but what graded you then transfer to public school junior higher highs? We don't have junior high in Vancouver source. Not so you hit her, though its weak, ok, through a lab, no exact, knoweth tat through seven and then eight nine ten eleven twelve is high school awhile.
Oh, when you're in eighth grade, you are going to school with twelve a little dodgy as UK, beads crazy well than theirs. Eighteen year old man, one hundred percent muscles and Harry that you're going to school with and that will forfeit girl your ass up fast, like that was something at the time you only get. There was a guys with beards change. It automatically rebuke care is like this. Guy looks like my fucking dad had a subtle Julia had classes with these fucking, what a lot of them lived alone, because Vancouver at the time was like a shell for money, before I call on China, and so there was a lot of people who went to school, whose, like parents, set them to Vancouver go to school English, newsroom, ongoing or or chinese goods from hunger Chinese for signing yeah like, and and all over China, and but a lot from Hong Kong and and they would buy house,
Does it make Hoover and send your kids to school in Vancouver would live alone, wild it? Beverly Hills, nine onto the kind of was like that. It was weird and the other weird thing that I've learned a strange about my high school is we could leave, can leave during the day and and it was very easy to get like free periods because like starting, I think most of my tent, like I think ten eleven of great. You could have a free period. Some way of, I am at your own discretion, exactly formula that really read or write like you did it you, you, you needed less credits to graduate than you did to get into a good cause,
college. So if you decide you weren't gonna get into a good god which ideas from a very early age you it afforded you some free pirie of TAT you on the Non College exactly, but because of that you could leave the campus like they would let you leave so. There is like a constant flow of kids coming and going from the school basically sounds more like a rock festival. Then it does anything swing through at the time as like you was heart like we could all just be like. Should we leave reveal again then we would just leave and there was no one stopping you from leaving and while it will end- and these are the things that none The first new were weird until I've taught two more american, while the rapid, like institutional, all, schools that we would need, we had a strong desire to go out to launch yes
we would you all the time not allowed city not allowed to the point that you would get detentions and then eventually, expulsion from doing so I've friend, brambles and I used to this not a joke, we would lot we put our seats down flat and then we would drive are the parking lot like peeking had very well and hopes that the security guard that was stationed in the law wooden see as Europeans are high and we all what our high school in a neighborhood, where there is a cost: seven Levin across the street and like a Mcdonald's down the block and like a subway across the street and like at there was a news, video stores which is like I honestly everywhere the reasons we got soda movies as it was to die video stores directly crossing our high school year, end like we would go to them every day, Just like just walk round the Isle of sounds like what you told me you when you were, there was great where their fists fights
all the time, ok, good tunnel, great yeah, ok, I would hate for your broad violence that we deal with these large eyes. There was yet like any high school. There was like ratio. Louis wholesale S, other is recipes that, like ready, where else there was wrong racial tensions as Inter group to ensure guys only be with other guys girl, exactly all that stuff. All that were there to groups that seem to regularly square off when it wasn't, racially motivated like because they're, not jocks. If you didn't have the strata of jocks, it sounds like Generally, this my school to jobs for fighting the burn out, There was like not that kind of thing. There was like fancy Forty thousand, you really get Sosa kids. I think there was more like a rich higher g per head lay out. I was not, but if it's out, but I was not at all rich, so I guess maybe that's why I wasn't one of the more
I ve pillar kids in school work. We! I worry, what was your like social standing? Well, no, I mean I live. I went to high school on the West side of Vancouver, which is a rich part of town, and I lived on the east side of income. Not really excited to harass the high school in my neighborhood was like I don't know anyone there. It was known during a very rough, dangerous, high school and I applied to get into a high school like Cross town. Basically, and so I went to high school like six high school away from where I technically should have been going down. How did that impact year, like friendship circle so near neighbors. You aren't going to school at any of your neighbors and right now they had applied as well. No, but I lived in a neighborhood that was a hundred percent EAST Indian P, oh like from east in our region, I was the only wiper sit in the entire neighbourhood at that time, and so it was like not get. There was like. I had some friends
through the community centre, like I played on Socrates through the community centre, the neighbourhood, but again it was a lot of like they were like insular new immigrants rights country like directly in my neighborhood base, which I get just positive made it just harder as a key year to make friends you know yet, but but you did a lot of stuff. Is I read about you? You did a lotta like extracurricular all I would say that regular curricular yet off right, like, as you just said, you're doing you're doing martial arts ideas of comes great shock. How many years did you do the karate alot until I would merely like nine, maybe from when I was eight, till I was like eighteen or some years, probably good at karate? Is that I'm accurately politically cop, I would say it was like a very like streak fighters type of cry it was like it was like dividing
scratch our boy like it was dirty again. We were the covert guy where I went one tournament, one time we were never allowed it to turn. Events like the like that either I have, it would die. We all wish to a turn of together at I instantly got disqualified for punching a guy in the throat of which I had to get like. I know it was you know my radar that link was not appropriate. Standard has the right and arab, rather than just go in there with me. I want I want. I want to get into that out of fear or out of killer instinct. You can you remember what motive shoots writers wet or I will just like I was it: did you get into them for an opening so you're since I was for use from Japan those up it was not from. I don't know he was the first move. Users, ok, but did you get in whose personal story like why he was attracted?
Grady Erst Macciota. Like the eye of the interesting story he did. Actually, he like had been involved in gangs by we're in when he was younger. I grew up in Vancouver. He worked as a bouncer for years. He was saying ass. He had got size. Gentlemen know he was. I would what I would call a diminutive. What he was like so dangerous seeming was crazy. Israel with us, do you think he is my. I think my mother causes Vancouver is not the biggest city in the world, but my mother, so my mother runs into everybody on earth and I think someone she knows, or she ran into him somewhat recently. He's not like killed anybody? I don't think so, but he would talk about like. I remember it was things like if your skin, like you, would literally tell you things like a cat like again, I would to publication, so I would say
I was scared has like there is lots of fights and shit like that. I'm just going to try to rob you and take your shit. Take your disk man and I remember he was I was like what do I do it? He was like he was like at all Whenever we go to seven eleven wants natural, like everything have haha you haven't met all the drug dealers were there. Car like it was like the hub get the second behind every second bite. You everyone should we behind it and like this loading doc like for you, that's all revolved around the seven eleven, but I was scared to go there at four. DR evil is leave. I remember the first week of school. I was afraid to leave, I like being my friend Avenue I went to high school through, I still work with like we would like sitting, eat lunch like you,
we can readily we'd like eulogies today, the day we go to several ever as I am afraid I want to go to several epitaph people. I do it you get randomly punch in the face of which happened. Everyone tired, I wouldn't want I'm having more than once. I think someone just walked up empty stemming the fate that, having made no worry in any way shape, I've been relaunched by a stranger several, as that was at that. Actually, I think one of the guys you positive found out. He was reds with aids, older brother, who went to high school with us that we are also at. I was realized. It was. It was a weird scene, but when you met Evan you I want to believe that I that your relationship with him is one I have with my best friend air Weekly, which we met and seventh grade, and we met drawing these. What we call a ball set cowboys, so they were like they were. We withdraw penis balls and opinions, and it was
Orson than there is a little, but cowboy that would ride on the ball tat covers then. There's ball sack obviously hours starship pilots in that, but that was a dick and balls at we turn into like an airplane in. We just do these pictures impasse and makin word, but at any rate I was using this either data Monica because I just saw me, went onto Michigan some there's. Nobody on planet earth, I feel closer to India. There won't be any one on planet earth. I feel like something happened meeting him at twelve years old, where we virtually became one person how, as we were figuring out, who we were we just kind of melted into one person. Do you have that with every year? I think it will always like we met at a very young age and we ve spent like a crazy amount of time. Together you were the last like twenty three years or something like tat and so yeah. At this point, it's like there's a way Shorthand yeah yeah yeah
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total of sixty dollars off. For yet we met improvements were class, and then we were twelve new, both already liked Kommeni right, you're doing stand up already. Twelve years old. I was just starting to do it and he was writing it, but I haven't yet performed. I didn't perform stand up for the first time. I think that after my bar mitzvah as a boy, you had more exact, it only whole, but he work wrote short stories which like a twelve year old, don't meet a little a twelve year old do like, and so that was something we talked about. I remember end and we had a third friend Fogel, whose represented as the third guy super bed like love and who we are. Are also postal, good friends with the young inventor bar mitzvah class, and then what happens the year. You go to a bar myth that year your bar mitzvah. Is you go to the bar mitzvah of everyone in Europe
lets the clocks and you are thirteen you're through twelve or thirteen. Ok, just real click on that weird age to become a man. Isn't it do? We know anything historic like about why life folks pick that aid is you very early. I think an old days the life expectancy of articles, thirty and thirty. Yet, have you like about your third genial? You gotta get your fuckin shit together many rights. This is, if we had about it every day, is a gift from here on your halfway there side or take anything regret here on a good theory and they have been updated. They should update orbits from aids to coincide with new life, expect yeah the lie. That would be a good answer. Yes, environments for Class Algeria, burbage we're? We mean environmental class, it's called Tollison to fill in bar mitzvah class and then you go to the barber. Was every weekend sent you for a whole year.
Everywhere, you you're a party you're out a bar but mitzvah mostly what you're doing that year is like drinking for the first time, smoking weed for the first time and kissing I call for the first time and and at that time, and that would mean Evan like really started, hang out with each other, and then he went to the high school that I went to. Did you like cause your d brought it up, but like your confidence, which is always a mystery to anyone who has it right? For me? It's a hunter personnel weekly like I met him, and I said among others, another one of me, and, if I get, if I have his approval, I'm fine! That's all I needed in. I was in then they took huge swings because he thought I was funny. Oh yeah. That was just enough for me. We did for sure fee. Each other tat, probably not always further. That's too bad! We definitely do you mean, like a force field, can it like, when you're you're in secure? It's like? Oh ok, we're
the team offers about. We were very much of our union and we were very codependent yeah. I think the dynamic and super bad really reflects exactly what we were like, basically only inviting them to any human being, as I get a best friend at twelve year, and let that person like help yourself, a city like yeah, it's it's true. I think it is very helpful and I think, a lot of people. You do most to that. That does not everyone ever best friend when their twelve. I, like most people, do I don't like what alternative rice friend wrote. The most lovely note to the friends use obsessed with friends in her best friend wrote the most loving note ever too. The clan and a friend of your ram and actually got like sign photographs of all of them males are her in Georgia. In like you, I would imagine that's that
right. That's why you're my best when you? I think that with different, is a lot of people, I think, are not friends with the same people. They were friends when they were twelve years earlier and and if they are it's not like. I see Evan. Every single icy Evans is much now, as I did when we words wealthy result had like it. We there was a few years off. There's you went to college and stuff, but like it's, it's been pretty consistent, yeah in have of the two of you whose change the mouse. Do you think I mean he he is. He is about to have his second kid how, and where is? I have no choice it shot. So I'd like that, I'd just circumstantially much bore his change yeah for
It shocks me that you don't have kids like. I have an outside understanding of who you are, but when I see you in real life and stuff, I think this is a guy. Who would really like me a bad or would be you know yet it seems like you would want were open to it. Your opens it's nothing. It's an active. Conversely, we have a class. We run at my how yeah real it's. Ok, we talk, went guarantee a pregnancy within three. That's perfect distresses me, it's just seems it seems like a lot yeah. It is. Is that the part that scares you or is it the do? I have something they'll want to a little person. That doesn't worry me. Ok, I don't question like. I honestly think I would be good at it. I don't, I don't think like. I have much stupid her friend. To our good, that's not by concern its work
it's a life's. It's mostly just a lifestyle for yeah like me, and my wife like enjoy very much it. Why it's one of those things that became like a passive decision it now became by is like bore just due to age, an active decision. We react like we ve gone from like people who just haven't had kids to people who I don't have to add at, and it also makes it more funds like man now. What do we do with this shit? You're pellagra yeah, we're just do whatever we want, not that we do that, but, but even doing does the about of nothing. We would be Marvel. That I'm like we do so much nothing like my word. You can go to the movies deregulated you go. I did a puzzle for Ours is a worry we'll just watching piggy blinders like if you have kids, that's like psychotic to think about I've been building like a lego ghostbusters they just for like weeks
I give you have kids like you can't do that you'll kill, destroy it like you, ve got to get all fucked up is just one in a million things you can do you're absolutely right, but it's gone from just being stuff. We do to stuff, we actively appreciate and we do honestly. We looked at each other a lot and we're like kids. We could not to reject it. Rather, I will just say this now. I was regularly going out with friends who had kids you added at a restaurant in going. This seems like my worst nightmare. Yours is terrible. You can enjoy. Five seconds of it, but when it is your own kids, it is drastically, therefore, that I totally get yeah like another step that seems on the outside. Like horrendous work, isn't I don't even know why I'm trying to convince you to have kids other, then a lot of people do seem to like their kids like if there's a movie, that is good. You all people to see it. I think it's like people get joy from.
Then they want they. They feel as though I don't have that, and I appreciate that pretty piece you aren't like. I'm not sure one of these annoying geysers only really two of you. I think I haven't the categories. Are you and welfare? All that comes like your companies coming from a beam of sunshine of in it? Not is it all about rights? I am, I feel, like I'm not like, throwing oh, not in turmoil over the fact that life is comprised of of and it's something that I know is the reasoning for like all creative expression, probably at the end of the day, and so we cannot, it still hearted thoughts and terrible. Sad things happen like it. You know, but I have also been very lucky, like I've had a very good like I've had a very good life in line with great parents.
Our wonderful who are together renewed, who emigrate relationship. You know like at I've pad like I've, got success like a pretty young age. We speaking, you know, indeed that lends itself. You know, unlike you know, I'm a white jewish, dude and Molly will get a lot and that lends itself again to just like what do I have to be that of set about you know it doesn't seem like a programme. Yeah just doesn't seem endearing as other people who should be bore upset about shit, but it also has its almost impossible to have perspective when you're young, like you did you have perspective of like. While this is happening to me quite young, this is lucky you couldn't. I felt that way. Could you of your dislike I'm working hard and now I want this and then work setting my sites on that when I had been working for you,
here's by the time I was on why I like to have made a lot like relating both to mix it s. So, like I start doing stand up what I was thirteen and did it very regularly and then I got Cason, friction geeks when I was sadly, in an extreme jaso, but like three solid years. Instead of comedy love for someone that age and then I put my the one, that's afore of your life at that exactly and so exactly so. By the time, coincidentally, every kind of traditional time anyway, like I was in great eleven, which so I was about to finish high school anyway- and people were kind of about two move on media anyway, and so it felt like. Ok, like all my friends are going to college and I'm going to allay to try to be on the show both like, I felt super fucking lucky like I remember. I fucking believe, like obviously the closest to that sea like that
I remember that doing rooms with my father, and like, unlike the Remember so vividly being like right before us to move to allay, unlike the like, like like sitting on the couch, my friend and like this and was coming up after, like all night- and I was just like- I can't believe that fucking moving their late ability. I love that Europe prepping this big role by doing right now it gets its ally prep for every something I would have done dresser exactly at so though I was very appreciative of it, I think I did get for sure was like frustrated times. Creative William was like someone who like had a chip on there, shoulder like a lot of people. I you know I you know, but I I will is. Is it it's rare that someone would have so much passion for something and then, of course not be the victim of that passion of occasionally its? possible right offers me when I hear that much about it to have done what you did
how on earth? Do you not think that situation and one to be exactly what you hoped for exactly and appreciates cancel the Van Miert got cancel than those were too like things that were just discouraging, I guess, but at the same time I appreciate I could just see the figures and it's funny about. I guess what you would call Hollywood and it was one of the funny things about going right from high school to Hollywood as their very similar in a lot away, as I like there's a real social structure, there's popular. Here's popular people is people. There's almost every now had an gory people also there's like the crazy people, the weird people, the people everyone pretends to like, but doesn't like me every category, a person and in any is a lot like high school and- and I think I very it was so in a weird way. It wasn't easy
transition in that regard. Right, you are already kind of I wasn't. I have the nights were getting ready, yeah and in general. I was the better social standing Hollywood that I was in high school and it was pretty good. I was the general like I'm like I'm like a working actor generally and the fact that, even though I went years unemployed after these tv shows, the fact that I been on tv shows that, like we're well regarded and like the other night, did you stop at that point? Doing stand gallic when I moved to allay, I was like seventeen and I would do stand of comedy sometimes at this place, like an westward college gypsy.
I should like that, and it was one of those things were like like big fish in a small upon kind of thing and like there were some things I really felt like, I could compete in like I've felt like as a writer of like screenplays, I was like: ok look, I'm reading what else is out there ass we had written super bad, pretty much. Points, and I was like I feel like this: have you can pay? I got computer that and, as an actor I was getting better. I felt like people again like. I knew I gotta think. If I get a hold of this, I can be funny, but I would just head of comedy and I would prefer like at this time it was exec, often access and Sarah Silverman, unlike Camp David Cross and Paul I've tomkins, and all these guys were like the regulars these places. Then I would go up and I would just feel like I'm I should not be doing like a year. Are they are just like. I'm not like that at this either of onset. That they're, like that's there,
That's not my thing like I'm, ok at it, but I'm not like I'm not like right. So I just couldn't do that through I really I mean I was like not. I don't have to do everything right, I'm ok at this it doesn't mean I I I was enjoying doing these other things that that was also something I realize reflect the fact that I don't I if, if I wasn't doing it, I wasn't feeling this like deep internal agony Roy like on Requited expression that, like that we're not going anywhere voice exactly instead yelling. I would just like no other, I'm just doing a lesson. I don't feel bad about it after preaching geeks and undeclared you. U at that point we're like- or I can just be, a writer yeah you're as focused on being a writer, is true or not yet for sure, but at the time I plan I was gonna, try to use my writing to facilitate my or acting like the like. I was supposed to be the star of Super
and that was like my my master plan at the time. If I had one was, we would make sue legs alone, you're exactly how alone it reminded us an upper bad and I would be the star of it and a lotta comedians, though we're like making giving lexicons and stuff just like. I know I don't like that. I, like movies, so maybe I can use my comedian thing to get me into little. Like I love like independent, like I love like Heaven, Smith and yeah you know, Wes Andor, like we were in high school obsessed with like bottle Rock Island Garrison and Rushmore, came out when we were in high school and we like love those movies, and that was also very inspirational, because there is a real sense like we knew they were inexpensive.
Films and, like you just read, these kind of there is hardly a time to be wanting to entrepreneurs and so much break out stuff, exactly gas. So we were like it all seemed like like view nice girl today, what what on earth are you thinking? Your odds are because the only things that are getting made really argue Hurricane Netflix thing, there's so much love you well. If you're nice called today, you can make your own ship and the wild I could literally in height like if, If we were young today, we would just made super bad, We would have made it on our fucking phone zoo at that would have been. The difference is we would have just? May you d been empowered and at the time you just needed,
by its yam, resist shit, beach, venom elite, hundreds, thousands exactly exactly, and so, but even that seemed obtainable. So that was really like. My plan at the time was like all try to make super bad at worst in, like I'm out regionally inexpensive fashion and all be the star of it. And we try to do that for years and years and years, stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare armchair expert is supported by when he threw in me the dna testing service that can offer insights into your ancestry, health, wellness and trades Monica, we ve both shipped out our samples spit sample. We spit in a little tiny test tube. It was so easy. I mean creating a lot of spit, wasn't bad easy but easy enough easier than a lot of other things. Yes of the of the many
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calm slice de acts we wrote pineapple Express throughout that tie a really were trying to get super bad made and Evan would come allay and we would talk on the phone and we wrote all of we wrote Pineapple Express in that time is well basically trying to make them both. Basically yeah yeah. It's crazy! I'm a cheat you had in the chamber young once things happened, for you will get things happen, really what's crazy as we made knocked up and super bad and Pineapple express all in one like twelve month period. That is my wine yeah. It's crazy,
really, quick about freezing geeks, aunt and and undeclared the people. It's like the outsiders here cry. I have heard that it all the time, but but not just an acting front. I think most people know that, like you know, you and James Franco came out that, but on the writing in directing front like the fact that Jake Chasm directed that pilot hung ample feed the up and John? I have Hamburg Data episode here. Show right next door was a writer Gregg Mottola was a director yet John Fabric, directed at the last episode as users of undeclared yeah, you get it that way right, it's a little bonkers. Isn't it yeah? I mean it's a maze, it's crazy and, like I mean, One thing, no one cannot say about your appetite is that he doesn't have like an amazing eifert.
He had suntan, it's it's completely yeah. It's truly uncanny the amount of people that he was able he's like wrangle from earlier, like Lord Michael's of the West Coast, almost yeah, unlike like it with kind of movies in television instead of sketch comedy. Basically, you know your end. I think what what what you could obviously deduce from the fact that you then went on to work with us all those people I just listed yeah. Means that you weren't director period. We could easily event like who's this guy and I'm a bright and Barbara Blob Woods very obvious. You now work with every one of those guys rights are your voice in five euros, linking yanking harmless like every one of these people you ve got dollar Amatolas yeah, a lot of them yeah I was,
I was I tried to be. I was a tragedy that is, and I was very, I was a very hard work. Like I arrived, I also I wasn't lost on me that I was eighteen years old in a room full of you know, twenty seven too, fifty year, all who knew a shit load moviemaking, writing and we're just older, and just you know I m, so I tried not an end but from a very young age. From the time I was thirteen. I was like at sitting at a table with a groan stand of comedies the cocoa begins in the back of a club, yeah talking, and I learned from a very young age to like understand. Hudson should not be the annoying kid to like to navigate that you know, and because there was also another stand comic, whose around my age, who did stand calmly, sometimes who nobody
Looking like an he was actually going to do. I could point do as like the fourteen year old comedian- and I was just like that- don't act like that. Fucking guy genres, like so entitled, unlike like it at all. I think it says a lot about your own self esteem, for whatever reason at that time, I would have below yeah. I know I would have, I would have been. I would add, the hardest time: Jews, in my role being beta in just learning, I will be trying to impress them about all the shit I knew I would have. I would have blown that I don't think there's no way yet it's seventeen or eighteen or nineteen I wouldn't have tried to impress them in at this terrible way, Well, I'm sorry, I'm sorry about yourself. Why are you sure you didn't hurt yourself? I think they knew that. Maybe you just knew your work was going to speak for itself that you would just you would write new career.
I also think that I was at an age when, like education was a part of the process young like it was like, I understood that it was like an amazing opportunity, like I was like a dog with a book like I was like you know, there was like fingers like forty. I don't know how many episodes of undeclared there were maybe they're. Sixteen of them. I think, as a writer, my name's only five of them like and I was acting on the show at the same time left. I was just like. I was like all stay here, I'll sleep for one fucking, our ran all act all day and then I'll go in right until fucking, four in the morning and then I'll sleep until six in the morning and then we'll go to set an act all day and I'll. Do it all again. The next day, like I was just like, I wish you to show people that and myself that, like
he was willing to work harder than any was basically like the, the thing I knew I could control. I was last. I can't all I can control is my I my. However, I sound how I found. I miss taulas, I'm yea, all those things are predestined yeah, but I can I can control how much effort I put in, and I can make sure that I'm telling myself that I working harder than everyone that is trying to do the same thing I'm trying to do, because I was also like hyper appreciative. I think again, maybe try through do instead of com, because it's a little competitive, you know. So I try not to be a competitive person, because I try to be able to tell myself like work as hard as I humanly Chan. So no matter what I just know that that's what I did and- and I won't even Why, when I win, if I lose my lose whenever it is, I just know that, like You won't go away going very lack of efforts. It will be for some other thing
am. I really. I do feel that way why and an eye, and at the time I was hyper aware that I was like I'm just gonna work everyone else as like, as I just gotta show everyone that money. I will work on limited amount of time. You think that was something that was taught to your that you just genetically earth hardware. That way, I think, Something I knew that I needed to do too. Do what I wanted to do right. I think it was more born out of sheer necessity. Like I knew I wanted to from a very young age like I was able to express myself through comedy, and I had an instinct that I would be able to express myself through movies and through scream play writing and, and to me like, it was just like a very clear route.
Having a life that was like not the worst version of life and maybe and on the contrary, like a good version of life, and I was very aware of that from like a very young age- and I was just like you have a theory and why you wanted that so much? No, I don't I think it would cause. I was kind of like a depressed kid and I was a kid that today would probably have been put on like a lot of The linen shit like mad right right- and I think I was- I had behavior all problems not at, but I think it a popular you're hyperactive our hyper I've always getting kicked out of class and shit like that, like I was always like, I was just like every I made my teachers cry so I like it s like when I was agreed like three: like that link not out of being like mean just out of being like, I would push them to the brink of their liberty of mad, and then I think I, to realize, lay oh, this is
Like a way, I can express myself it's something I Where were you when you smoke part again, I'm into his arms over, I can be more pro drugs. I did mushrooms everyday for five every weekend every Saturday for five years I love it. I would have loved to have kept you in it when you smoke pot for the first time, did you get a sensation of like? Oh, this feels right cause. You just point out that you probably would have been medicated and then have talked about this once before on here. I read this amazing article by a psychiatrist saying that when he sits with patience- and he asked them like what recreational drugs they do and then the response to those drugs. He said when I have a patient that does cocaine and they can go to sleep I go or that person is ADHD. We have our own drugs riddle and that we would put a member that people find the drugs they need the ass any in interest.
He does offer different drugs in in so one of the things was when people who smoke pot, who get energized in productive and creative, that they typically have depression. Yeah, probably I will we I've always been astounded. Like you're one of my favorite stern interviews, I think you must have done that show what four times at this point more broadly yeah you're the greatest stern guests and went yet when you go to your routine and how you can write, stoned and you do all these things stone. I think of that must have. Something to do with. What's going on, probably yeah I mean I get. I think I I did start what interesting as ice. Guarded smoking weed at around the time. All this stuff started to culminate Y yeah like what I gotta die school when I started doing set of comedy when I started. Writing super bad. The Ike, but I've also never felt like impaired.
Right and I never very clearly not really had to have one every that AL like, and I've always thought like the honestly that connotation or that even association was, you know, like misleading bother. You re, like yeah the the association with impairments, yeah and weed. I dont think that that is that there are now yes well, in every few years like like anything there trying to make the public dislike. They kind of have to reinvent the reasoning for it. When the previous reasoning is proven It should not be valid for exactly so at first it was The illegal fer to very different, like people have let it first it made. You go fucking crazy, and it made you turn into a criminal. Then turn you into a lazy, useless person. Then it's like and thence.
Only all those things are kind of debunked over the years, and you know- and I think luckily now people see much more culturally, excepting fit. I think, and people are realising that it has a lot of but therapeutic purposes. I think everyone has These things you know- and I think like it's not everyone has like I hoping mechanism, has lenses through which they want to augment how much negative you watch me in jail exit ivy. They got down so I found nicotine like I mean I've been off of it. I dont think is clearly I'm grumpy. I lack energy there's all these things. I don't know what it is about nicotine, but it's the drug money, I've I've lived, live off of it, novel of life on it and I far prefer life Certainly I ask you these questions, as is like a myth that there's like this baseline level of like purity, everyone can maybe strive to achieve
if you work hard enough, you'll just need nothing, but like that, it's not like! I don't know. That's real cause, then look. What do you eat it? Maybe what you're eating is making you feel up to it likes, even if you need nothing you're reading, something maybe that needs to counterbalance not everyone can afford, Food or think its weight to simple? It's like this laziness to go like well. What are we really concerned about? What I'm concerned about his someone is depressed, their unproductive and that's, leading to all kinds of problems, and, unlike those are problems that are worth being concerned about for sure all you know trying to regulate some insight, emotions with outside stuff and it's not working in its creating more havoc in your life. Those are all things to work, but just to say, crossed the board. Wheat is good or bad, I think, is a kind of a waste of time. You're better. I can, and I link
It should be available by the very fact that I would say across the poor, in illegal regulated way. I totally agree that, like like again, it's like saying anything else is, you know, is coffee, good or bad? For some people is good for some people too bad, people get anxiety, embryonic attacks from caffeine, yeah some thrive exactly so I would, I would put them in similar categories and you get sick of talking about the weeping, I honestly, I sadly I get I've. I've probably reached the limit. Only joking like making making work where this central hilarious joke is the illicit nature We may sound, but that being said like it, no I'm not because it something honestly that has, in my opinion, like facilitated a lot of my functionality, which I would argue with
quite ha ha throughout the budget worthy of my life long! That's why I would urge you to always talk about it because you're the better examples of how some people, yeah version and that's another reason. I am more than happy to talk about an issue that I understand when, because when I was young, add just I I I mean it's also there is. There is far more important causes that you could say this powder, don't pretend that this is like ass, not to die like chemicals in our childhood. Exactly like it's something that I do think a lot of people be you know it again. It helps facilitate like a good function. How does you have for them, and I felt a lot of shame about it and I've you Dave, I was yeah times and and at any time I stopped wanting to use it regularly. It was purely built out of shape. It wasn't
like, I don't think, I'm doing a good job. I don't think this is working well. It was always like a man like everything is telling me that this is not what I'm supposed to be doing yeah and then, when I would hear about other people, I remember you dear little technical. Since most we all the time, I was like, oh I say among other here, like example, I would you, would you like a layers and forwards with greed? These people jumped weed, and I remember it was weirdly like hugely validating, to see what oh, there are people that have made. It too
yeah respectable places in the world who have functioned on a day to day basis in a way that one would consider compliant with society about beyond those expectation and smoked we regularly, and I think that was something in the same periods. Did you quit ever for long periods of time? No, never as I reading off where you feel bad, but then you cannot do that. I've never go like a significant amount of time without smoking weed unless I'm like in a country where it's like highly illegal so days or weeks, I protocol six, they chunks because of like travel? Ah, you are you. Are you edgy in those days like? Can you feel the lack of it or is it fine? It's probably
I'd rather have it. Of course I want you to have it. You want to have it before the volume of penalty. We wouldn't have the zoos you got in here today. I said I want you to please Magua wanting. I will probably be. I can't wait, but I only ass out of curiosity like you do, do you feel little edgy when you don't do it? What's he is, and I'd like like someone who is truly reliant on something I feel more anxiety going into. Knowing that I am not going to be, I then I do once I'm. Actually there again haven't you know in annex it's like I'm, I'm worried like. Oh, no, I'm gonna be fuckin miserable. What's it going to be like, and then I get they are not like whatever its bills. That here I know its, not that bad and one of the funniest stories I've heard talents termism you're. How many days did you guess toaster like was a hotel I think I'll just one day which to me that
might have an issue with views. Smoking weed, I think, is far more cured. Said: there's a show in the morning. Where he's these really get it. Did they get in monkey they go for. Our has. I was appalled I was nothing short of. I was on your right always again right, you're right, I don't smoke real we'd odds, fucking screen right. I do not like it, it would be like if be if we were smoking, we like we, don't we don't do that or you don't do that now because of how many takes you have to do in that you just use. There's a crew or rang like has its cause. It's not route, because I think its rude see that largely what you you'll acts down. No right, I do yeah but not like. I do
three. I find that honestly. I find that I look like I physically will look a little stones, although I try, mostly just for like physical reasons, to lead the advent of buffer that I'm not like really baked off. My ass. There have been two like has been scenes here and there all well like Albion, editing, banks, as if I were a character goods eventually note what you're doing Steve Jobs yet exactly ass. I did not smoke we'd when I read the Steve Jobs, but you get the Kazi Lean, Howdah, yes, and what time in the morning is it gave nine, you're like what do you want to drink? First question: what no out there they draw to trigger. I don't know like what are they drink? Oh just
Why like this? And what like, we re doing very big, less, allow those right. Well, I like a sore point: glasses hold around how it all up and they just fucking and, like I will report back a bottle of wine. I couldn't leave. I really dont use wine. I care, I think, about how to the year is out there sit like the little boy respectable areas of pardon me would really dug it where you like fucking. Yet, let's get let's get hot cheeks. I wouldn't warm ears on ice. None I told no, I didn't water, I feel like. I did ultimately end of saying something. So like we wanted the editors of energy but weekly or something that I should like. I do feel like. I said something to one of the guests and ultimately also go about that beer area with not greatest play in the world, but even as it
alcohol at which I was yes, it is, it is a unique feeling to get drunk at eight a m when I certainly did it. It's such a different context than I do you for it to night, like not that I don't drink that much in General Reich and I will go like months on end without being drunk in any way, shape or form, but, like I do like drinking during the year, if you ever go, camping like as it were, is teens we would camp another camping drip. You wake up and drink beer, and it is the neatest feeling a bit like starting your day with line tasting is the adult equivalent to one. So did you because that must have been your first time in the morning. Do as you are aware, on television yeah, it was very, very, very strange with an enjoyable those see, that's the kind of hot I went back, Just me and hotel. Ok, which was cool, must be clear holders cool, a hunch out, to say Cathy least,
I don't know either way I went back on another time. I mean Cathy Lee had a little bit of. Like our say, education. That applies musing physical happened. So tat. Lamp contains a car and honour confrontational. While what topic about two different mission of the word, flash legality of the word escrow. What do you think the debate? Well, it was it's a big part of the movie neighbours and I was on their promoting it. She kept he claimed. I was wrong. You're calling my use of the word escrow in what was your use? Consultancy, famine in her camper yours a hopefully we can have another confrontation. I was just
soil. Earlier I was so my energies, it is, it is AIDS apparent. Yet there are already a banking where they hold the money during which time like expect insects. Inspections are down on us right. You purchased in all the paperwork is signed on and then it goes entered the seller, yet account yeah, exact and wants the stipulations of the nerves are lifted. The s rose before we'll catch cold, she did not feel that the disease that she recall in her position on escrow was. He did think, that's what it was a and I don't think she thought it was like that happened. I think she thought it was a baby all we happened to California caution, and you know that tells me- and I say this with my full admission of my own life- that mean she is a business managers
oh fuck, you you haven't down by a higher like sheep, has pointed to houses and then said Anne I giving keys and there's a lot of shit. I don't know I would argue about the dynamics of how to pay an electrical bill. For example, who knows it's not something I've done. I myself someone wants it up. How do they do it? I picture I picture the things from monopoly with it would use ably electric company, but because our admittedly I've had a business managers I was seventeen years eighteen years old. I could be wrong you're. The next that you read about B is that I've been robbed blind, but Fred, one of those guys should be like he they, he didn't know anything about his final of eight. They took everything from him. I have. I have a friend in Tennessee who works for fireman's fund. Any investigates claims right, he's a super smart hillbilly and he just randomly said: music. So you have your money with the business manager. Nice did, he say Jew,
yeah? I got a job. I think it was implicit, his angry. I did so he goes. He goes. How often you have the all out at him and I go. I never have. Have an eye Alderson felt really stupid, like oh, my god, I'm being trusted with both Christian ICE financed I'm not doing any due diligence. So it came home and I call my business major who, by the way my favorite person I work. I've been with him the longest trust him. Oh my guy. I wonder if it same, but at any rate a jewish, it might well So I call him up and I go so listen. I've decided
We cannot at you and he goes great. I know we ought at other people for our clients and I'll know exactly what to give the person great. I use this guy out of Georgia, who doesn't know who we are doesn't give a flying. Fuck you just as a forensic accountancy seventy. So this guy goes through everything over the course of like three months right. He calls me up unease like you're gonna. Go everything, looks veto perfect. I my great so then I call Howard and I say hey. I just hope. We know that that was in any like vote of distrust. I just felt guilty not monitoring this because unite all. I understand and I got do people do that often he goes in twenty years of doing this you're the first hot us- and I was like oh my goodness- we don't pay attended. I wondered how dangerous genius, if, if Ireland made to feel like such an asshole but I'm auditing my guys got the perfect every day and all your guy, he won't know who the fuck you are metal. Grace unimpressed he's inside guy the deer.
The guy you're auditing suggested the guy the nose to order. No, my friend from the other guy did it does a lot of auditing. Ireland's fund has a life as an assassin in Georgia away. You said it was so nice. I can use that exact wording with a cage. I love you want. I love you, you ate the reason I started to feel guilty. I haven't audited you that's how much I like it. I think I want to prove your reputability two people were. You just was effortless for you to turn that over to somebody yeah, I was totally never like. I money was never like, highly valued in my family, I want at all about egg, like I, we by parents like we're, like socialists, essentially, a radical jewish yeah. I went to like a summer camp. There was a socialist summer camp, like my parents, metal Nigger, kibbutz like which is essential in the army on yeah. Like so an end. We didn't have a lot of money, but, like we weren't you didn't fantasizing
oh, not at all and then like. I know a lot of people who grew up that way and am again it's one of those things. I think, as you get a little older you're like. Oh that's, nice, that's that I wasn't something that I was no it's completely, like condition to think was the go and all of you didn't impact at all. How much you are making like when I thought about it, nonstop idea about somebody didn't it didn't you more money than you got by not thinking about it, and I never think about like, I know a lot of power people who, like ascribe and it's one of these things it happens. A lot were like they ascribe their own, that they there there's some equivalent to like the deal's. They are able to get an and how far or valuable their money is income. Paris into other people's money and they draw a lot of worth from. As general people think
I got the best deal on this, for how much is this person paying a lady less like my paying more than everyone for, and I am one hundred percent- ok with that, I'm never like their ripen me off like how dare they have always like you. I have more money than a lot of people. If your written me off a little bit, but that I would expect China all that's kind of par for the course it doesn't work. I feel, like I'm sure, here is a result of their ground. Reflect on me. If I buy something but then I see I could have opted for a little less body if you'd fuck, I'm a european yourself. Now I don't care like those the things that I see itself it's obvious, I'm sure to people, but those are three things. I see people with huge amounts of money. Really put a lot of
energy he'll. Do you crazy? My my things is its to fears that feed one another. So one fear is that you would not think I'm smart, big fear. I have another fear is money, so naturally I have to get a good deal chasm obsessed with money, but then also I don't want you to think I was in I left money on the table or I get taken a lot of money, but I'm ok with that. I don't think I've killed Jake you're ready to know how really body of the table. I already have our body than I ever thought I would have if I have a little employees about taking all my body and then I'm a prettier, it's not the worst Europe is really lovely. That's how Kristen is too and I think a lot of people, the other thing like yeah I think a lot of people like put a lot of like you know they ve they feel like they have, especially in Hollywood. I think they feel it if they are not getting treated
the measure they look if you're not getting treated better than everyone in general than they are not as worthy a person is they hope they are. Are yes in general absolute end, and I think money goes to that where it's like well fine paying this for something, then maybe I'm not as but as I think I yet words it it's an industry of like very fluid value and Bali waiting yourself. Preserving that you're, always raw who put in his changing our early in so there's a tunnel insecurity just in general were chosen is understandably yeah as your like you do one we in your number one on the call. She then you do another move your number four and then your. Then you have this trail and then you have a different route like it. There's all these little little flags planet all around that you could, if you cared mo yet evaluate yourselves and its super dangerous, a hundred percent. I fortunately you seem to be very at peace with all that stuff.
I mostly I'm at peace with that stuff. I've chosen to boil it down into like are my movies good and did they do well it had. I have chosen to focus on those two things. Basically, like I've dumped all my anxiety by entire career into two buckets. Basically, are they considered good and did they do well enough that I'll get to continue work? So, yes, it wasn't. So it was so in one. Something doesn't do well yeah how hard you take it out of ten It depends if it considered good or not whether the double whammy then that Islam, I've had a few and it's a bummer here. What's the young recovery period, for you on that depends on generally until the next thing, like I'm, probably not fully healed,
something else comes out until I'm able to honestly, though I think before that for me, if I'm working on something that I genuinely think will lead to that with her I'm wrong you're. Not that usually makes me feel a lot better like just having an idea that I'm like this is going to like the interview was very traumatic for a number of reasons you know, and that like really wabbled me, I would say yeah, but, like I just we just kept working in like we were in an endeavour, make stuff that we really liked more excited by an even though it it took a while for it to come out, and it was stuff that, like as we were doing- and I was like- ok like peep this. We then it'll be This'Ll, because people were like this. This won't be like- or at least I'm excited by this. So even though there's like its billion up, but that
now it is always they let you ve had even when you're coming off something good you're worried off you're worried that the next thing isn't let it be so that's also something but like, but I'm going I'm working on something I like I'm generally preamble. I could see what's interesting as I can see. You're you're your previous year, your career before the interview Unscom It is yeah, I'm so bad with had had. I could see it going one of two ways like in my mind, if you have the interview, but you ve already had pineapple, express and super bad and for your virgin all these things. My mangoes, like we ve, had some success. It must help in getting over something like that, but then, at the same time it could see going the other way. Words like you feel the pressure to keep succeeding, yeah and we were lying no good now been off point for something that goes. Yeah like, and we were worried that, like wit, what will people just forever
filed away in their heads alongside something that is not funny like it will. We seem like people who are just like how dare they try to make another movie the last time did, don't don't they see what happens like. I was a little bit of that also where we were just like we'll people accept more from us. We're they'll be like all right like we give you another euro, accurate guys like you, you you, you ve shown your hand and we are not happy with it. And suddenly that your perception of what the the the global perception of that movie is accurate. Because I have highly suspicious that it's not he even hearing what year that, what you're saying right now, I dont believe my hunches. That, though the world doesn't even view that thing the way you
did. I do. I don't think so. That's the thing I've learned over the years also, I think, just at the time like it was read, it was the first thing we made that was really like, even though, like it didn't pick up the grand scale of things that it wasn't that, We received it actually, probably, even though it didn't come out in theatres like financially didn't do as well. Some of the other things we ve turned over the years, and so I think those The barometers that I've generally kind of using is like is viewed as good, like not as good as something not as bad as others is it was it a cut, failure that prevented us from working in the future YO, but was really like. It was the first. I made where people were like they shouldn't have made this and that
but but but that's where we re told yes, but also that that's an advantage. They have after the fact, because they could have probably said that about anyone, your movies had they not work yet they could sit like oh, they should never made knocked yea area if it didn't work, but that's bullshit, that's his people. Jumping on after, but I think what it was was also was like the margin of error for this, knowing that lake, the best versions, another good already copy of the worst version, is like nuclear annihilation. Maybe there shouldn't God into that a rebirth, knowing that was the potential margin of error lichens. I love my my might the first time I heard about it. I was taking a meeting at Sony with an executive, their woman who loved you guys. Yes, and she explained what you guys were I remember being so happy. I was genuinely like in my soul. I was like God bless these guys that they ve been given. They ve been given some opportunity in their doing exactly what I pray that
would do yeah. It made me so excited that that's what the movie, everything that came after that yeah I was just like fucking balls e punk, rock cool move good for them. Yet now the thing that I feel like, if I were you I would have maybe felt bad about- was the crazy unforeseen fall like this hack, that I don't feel bad about. Does you would think, because the head of Sony, Michael Colinton, like was explicitly warned about the likelihood of a hack. Oh, he was getting spin and proceeded to do nothing about ok and, like I only think I probably know as much about it should even bring it up, but I only know that, like Amy Pascal someone who have met a dozen times
and I just a door, her she's great yeah, lover's lane argue with our several move. Sis is so lovely, and then I also can only imagine if you through all my e mails. Yes, it would work What hurry males? Where would look like doktor goose compared to things I've said Anne emails, I would be dead done her life, the army. That was a reality I had to face as well in some ways, but like you I mean I do. Feel I mean I how you know if it's my fault and now it is, I don't feel guilty, but I'm only saying I can imagine myself taking on that quite sure, got what I more guilty. I didn't cause you're blaming the victims at that point, like that actually like. I was actually pretty angry and like to me at the time. Like our just remember. A lot thinking like all right, like a crime has been committed, North Korea or or by some hacker who hate Sony. However, radio exact confirm that it was a north korean, nothing there's
There were Russia, hackers what it leaves law allowing these. I conspiracy is digs right. People is the thing with like hacking. Is it's hard to definitively say who did it Air is people who say definitively with North Korea, and there are other people who say that it wasn't North Korea and the truth is like. We go. I personally go back and forth on thinking like who did it and why rise and so do the other people involved in other one country clearly would have the clearest motive, but its way the right of all the other shit. That's happened like this is what North Korea tax pack, someone over like in a man the way like not like it just see. There's a lot of aggression, backup, Portland, rebirth reality of our boogie was the most reaches ran, like example, You know what I mean and so again
I don't know, I guess it's something I go back and forth on earnestly, but the hacking itself was like not something we took on because it that was like solely, was always getting fucking hacked also There are two points we hated by hackers or anything in the nineties. I think, ladies early nineties, where they people were like ripping off the sea compact cities are, I am, and solely create, he did like Napster stuff yeah. They were burning, doesnt shit, Sony created ones that would like destroy your car fewer. Why have you tried to copper go out in a way that was illegal and now even that hackers just fucking, always hated them, and it's why the play station that work is always getting hacked, always like. Oh, why disproportionately from the other like videogame like X. Out of it, I don't know if the Xbox network has been attacked as many times as the place. They should one, for example, there does
own fascinating, accompany hackers, don't like which, just again, it's all a conspiracy, theory ship. But again there was always enough views about it that it was not something that I like fully was like. It's our fault. Sony got hacked me right I don't know what it's really weird, though, because you have the kind of personality that mean again. I don't really know you personally, it would appear to me. I could see where you think those things really funny like us but I guess when you're in the in the middle of it is to me on the outside. It was a funny. It was like this is a really kind of punk rock outcome, there's something about it that felt very. Like of all p. To get in an international who could I do like there's something about that that I find a kind of reflected the movie in a funny way. It was, it was kind of it was
was a lot Moselle, why it was a little much in its the kind of thing now looking back on it at the time like it was the first time that I had been that probably the only time that I've been this. Let me now, if there's been little Dipson the water here and there, but it's I was the subject of like the news, like the present, like Obama, was giving like entire Prescott outsize about it literally in the air was like Never like a press conference happened when it was all happening and we were like. Are they going to ask about it like maybe they wrote in the first five questions were about and less Rover Yea Parliament talk about it for, like fifty minutes of language and like that
but a moment, and it was kind of cool. I guess he ultimately was like on our side and like it was. It was like it was just a little much. It was just a lot to process at the time. I think I will. I really want to get on mushrooms and replay that whole think as it would be so yeah comprehend. Yet it really I'm kind of like its bit rattle little. Why, like? I was, I wasn't sure how people would react. Were you having a hard time writing at that point? Did that like affect your desire to sit down and right now, because the whole time we were working, sausage port like that something we ve been writing like for almost the last decade and so like we were just always working on it. S like, I didn't have time to like not keep writing. You know really right leg and gaelic. I bade the stew drowsily, what right after like it,
what happened in December like I was shooting that movie like in the middle of January and then like. We directed the pilot for preacher in April and then like we, we were making neighbours to after that, like it just like kept rolling sickly are so what? But it wasn't until the next movie came out, which was the night before which again, like it was like, but like it didn't, do that well and that it was well enough review that I was like happy with how our overall it was perceived, as you seem to think it was funny, but it was good enough the houses like baggy, how they were passed, the next one we're over the hump like that's what it feels like. It's like it's not the worst thing is not the best thing. It's back the kind of business as usual a little bit, but I hope the time it'll be funny to use if you- and they do have a kid at some point- and you say you're twenty year old down explains. Why is that you?
you still international crisis. I think you'll have such delight in telling one real debt out that is just funny is like now no matter where I am and people are like in the world and people live What like I'm an actor and people like what I know you forgive me. I might have made this movie, about three and one hundred percent of people, oh yeah, river, that I was you so it's given its given, be one big but everybody's the I do you have those conversations yeah you run the people that are like. Well. Why are you not seems hard to believe I happen to it? happens. A lot like what I believe is very long. Mongolia, the lot so. How did when you did Steve Jobs movie yourself, fuckin good and
Thank you. You really really really were amazing in Danny Boil direct that yeah. I was that it was great You love me. I just worshipping amazing. I loved. It was like to me those things like super educational and I'm like largely. You're in the direct studying what the directors doing it, how it's all coming together in an and I'm talking to them a lot and and and with the UN and the actors I'm just trying to like due to seek the best of my ability is not fuck it up and like that was. Basically, you know little intimidating yeah. I will answer ass if, if you like, it had anxiety going into that at all yeah, but not much I wings in a way it was it. It's is in many ways I think, easier to dude. Your comedy, and so it is
and also look right after the universe is when it happens like I was I the little wobbled. Unlike the notion that I didn't have to like improvise, fucking jokes for twelve, our data and instead I learn Sorkin dialogue and say it like that to me was like honestly, like our huge belief answered. Yes, you have to get in the mechanics of filmmaking for two seconds if you make a joke in a movie, meet me doing this low, pushing on you and those like eight or re is that gonna get us there. Originally, though, there are a lot of tricks in a drama, none are at your disposal that just aren't there in a calm and know it's true. You could tell the audience what to think a little you. I can just plenty. I can film you're dead, plain phase. We are pushing on it, long enough and slow and absolutely the right, this motherfuckers gets you don't go on yeah daddy.
Fills in it feels it in for a lot of gaps. Ya can't Phelan Comedy for you became, does make up a joke in their head in that bono, be great they would be much easier for now, but yeah. So It was an improvising. We, do it less and less, and I think people are getting a little sick of it, which is why, when doing it was like, I think it's something that we hoped usher in and now it's something that people have grown to two little bit of its metastasized. I dislike it's become highly identifiable a little bit like. Actually I just what game night, which I really loved and I could tell just run away with sharp that it was not heavily improvise just like knowing about the mechanics of your erect It is not only an older, they couldn't have sought it like this. If they were improvising, it was incredibly specifically shot and it was. It was so refreshing it was like, like yeah, it was nice that you could tell me like weren't just ripping.
Said they were yeah it. To be honest, I was bumped in the movie, a drama I don't like shitt on anything but very popular drama, and it had some well known and prophets in it, and- and I thought the I noticed- the other actors that are traditionally german. I could see them doing it like all. They wanted in an area that ITALY has high tax, have an indirect priority, love and others like none. Oh! No! I don't I don't like this like. I can feel it in any someone trying to keep up. We, I dont like any just taking me out of entirely yeah. That's tough in that seems the and also improves a little more specific of his skill than I think. Maybe some people are recognising, which is anyone can say non sequiturs, that's fine, but by actually driving a story forward or a hitting the same beaten the scene. That's that's, not a skill that
Ninety percent of actors in sag have no and also understanding the technical aspect enough to know when to improvise yet went well and when it could possibly make the added yet like shit. That's something like a bead is like as somebody who both is improvising. Having to deal with the fact that, after the fact is like something, I've become highly sensitive to ask just you I just so many times will see people do stuff for them. Just like mother fucker, we can't you many of us shit. I gotta get out those like you say it, a barber for me to tell you drove everywhere that Malta should useless actual everyone thinks so fucking funny, but I'm sorry like you should set the ship Also, the did you have this extremes to you like once I started editing staff I shall I was like. I dont want ache,
great options, it's already hard enough for me to pick between the top two options I have like. I don't really want twelve fucking things that are yeah. Who knows which ones better know it's true. It's something that we grew like a little light. I for sure think we started to shoot more specifically as we as we go on and animal, and then we ve been directly lotta tv lately, which you just have a lot less time and rise, and we actually like that because it forces you to think of things very concisely and because in editing on television honestly allows I'm you don't even have time to go through all the Olsson and find all the improvisation, so they kind of stay away from it a little bit more and uneasy so you're so confined by the outbreaks and all that stuff exactly right. That is the economy. So how exactly, and so like that was has actually been. Very educational and enjoyable is directing yeah going
from having like as much time and freedom as we want to having to work in a very confine box. Yeah yeah has been, I think, what you said. David said areas on, and he was talking about how he has page limits for himself and that's it in that he loves having page limits yourself you now. I think I work very. I work much better with like confinement. I think it's more funded tried every girl how to play within the box. Weirdly right. Thank you. There's no box in the skies and limit than actually everything has to be the greatest thing. Ever You see a lot of a lot of creative people like make the rules for themselves and like the early great ones, you can see make the rules for themselves lay within those rules and I think, like food is probably the most easy to identify like representation of that, because it's like you, know, they'll use. Only like you know it's like hears beef. Five ways. You know: here's a tasting menu, but it's all local ingredients, all vegetable yeah, it's going
through each thing, you just see like others, there could be more defined, set parameters, parameters that this person is working in and it's almost the better restaurant. You go do the more of those parameters. Yeah there are creating, Both the EU and an ordinary person can hit, and I think that is like what's good about a lot of again created parameters are for us like that, movie we may was also one house. Basically I am. That was like really helpful for us. Like you, gonna get inventive ladders really yeah. It allowed us to really couldn't have been a more liberal example of king within a box you now, as we were working within a box and and we found it- very freeing in a lot of ways, because it it it made it all of one piece. You almost no matter
What we did, the prolongation unified the whole exactly yam, which, which I think is was helpful. What did you? What did you pick up from Danny Boil was anything in particular. You are like that's interesting. That's part of his secret sauce, gaffer sure wanting. I love that he did. It makes you hired is compose Do the next thing we directive, because we liked it so much was he had, is composed. Right the score like before the filming, even start so am throughout filming, so they were never using tempt for how can and I hate tempts laugh. It drives me crazy and and your own. So you ve got like a Jew, raising our yeah exactly and inevitably start dissipate will know when your editing, like you're, trying to put some music in these scenes in you, donors, like grabbing us emotional, seen lets you what's the best emotional scene,
made exactly you know, I've seen you lose that will use the end of the note book. Then we'll go. There's an excite idle, rather use will use globally in runner, yeah like its jaws, and then you watch your movie in its
fucking misleading, because you have like ten of the best pieces of music ever written in your movie, and then you watch the scenes without that new, like we had a little, but will that its unfair to your composer, I find being as they are constantly chasing. You would feel as though, like you blocked every acting scene with Morland Brando, it showed a cheer act hour by hour. I guess we're gone for something like this and the actors are right. So I got an ant exotic handled, it is done. Yeah like this was our do suggesting that it out like data of live over the table and like not only not. Is it what that person's instinct? Probably is it there chasing some like impossible to achieve standard often, and so that was something here that we started to do, and we ve done in the last few things we ve done. Is we ve gotten the composer right music beforehand and will say right right, like an emotional peace right like a thing Ryan's we'll have them- will have them right, a bunch of shit and then will use it as the term score. Basically, and that's extra Danny did and and
We just straight up stole that shit troubling, but also soul from Danny there's a is what what his camera wise did. You notice anything then he use different formats that I like it was a lot of values, multiple different yelling at it like it's in three areas, the movie, so he did like sixty Millimeter, the first era and thirty five, the second era and then each day, the thirty five hour I without as fascinating, was fuckin cool that you were fascinating more more. What use when I see when I was working with him and people like him is you're just like all they really like power, the artisans that Dave that they have high. And they really work with them- react to them and bring them into the process. Of his almost so weird paradox, though, because
being Danny Boil allows you to get some people that you really should use in power in reality, but as your building a career, I am you're not getting access to all Academy Award winning crew members. So I'm imagining dunes, There are more of your opinions. Emigrants like a little when I think about Spielberg yeah, making a movie me he's a genius undoubtedly, but so his costume designer Hadrian, I'm there can't be words. The piazza, Janusz Kaminski, I've got you know so you're you're, definitely starting in a better place and is far easier to empower those people. It is a. I find it's actually horror, though, to get like I've worked. You know as a director with like very new DE piece of done very little and very very establishing peace who like shot some of my favorite movies from my childhood. You now add that Actually, a lot harder in a lot of ways
cause you if it takes more courage to say like no. I think the shot looks better from over here, like I know we plan to do you like this, but now that I'm here I think we should do it on two percent differently and like that was actually I actually found that, like there was a certain freedom that I enjoyed like this, the end brand entrust whose our dp, who we still work with to this day, who shot almost every movie. I've been like associated with since this is the end basically, but he was like younger than us, which was crazy, get time and energy. I didn't Sean alot of movies that we're like of this scope by any stretch of the imagination. But what was nice? About that is it made him like a true collaborator with us stead of it being like all this guy. You there's the dp it made it be like ok, like you're, one of us like
and all of our asses are on the exactly exactly an end, and I found I and it's my own personal thing like I find I get like intimidated by people and I'm a little less willing to like exact my specific Thea vision. Times, because I'll just second guess myself for the reasoning behind it, but I've always regretted almost every time don't say I think, I'd rather cameras over here. I like I'm, like I wish the jet rules with a view of Europe by chance this story about Paul Thomas Anderson and India. They Louis on there will be blood if they were on Charlie rose talking about this. If you ve seen that by train, So Jolly rose goes I'm so guys. I never got anything from any other filmmaker.
I am not about to want to hear it. I don't want to fuck it here. Early rose goes, so you guys had an interesting first week of filming what happened in you can sense that neither of them really wants to tell the story is built, What they do is so special. They don't even want to kind of even address how they do the thing they do. Understandably, but what happened a shot for a week. Okay, well apparently after one week of shooting Paul said to Daniel Day, Lewis, Dan Lewis, I want you to come watch dailies of this week in in Dan Lewis said I don't watch dailies and Paul said. Yes, I know but you don't watch the aliens, but I really would like to come watch it. So they sit down. They watch the whole first week of dailies in at the end of that Paul says, I don't think your character works and then you d lose cause. I thought
you're right here in a completely reach other ages. All I took from matters like, I can't imagine ever having the confidence to basically tell the world's greatest actor. Yeah hey. I dont think I think I might know more about this thing than you do as the greatest actor like. I know, because I I would be probably tempted to go fuck. This doesn't feel right to me, but God Damn Daniels never been anything but fantastically. I'm crazy know for sure. I think that yeah that I've been in similar situations were to me once I have at my head that something's off yeah, it's a pretty hard to convince your heart not to do something about it and like four yeah, we ve done things in our movies. Where I mean the smallest example is like Incisors party, like Nick crawls character, was a hundred per cent of character and then in one day we were just like we should have
represent redo everything you ve done over the last year, but he had hardly even bring that up that so hard right, yeah crawl who's, the nice. This guy I was like he was a fucking. He was like if you got it. God bless. Him was like if you guys think it'll be better like this, then I a hundred percent trust that- and I will come in and I'll, try in ten percent to do whatever new thing we come up with tat unlike and he fucking did and like it was, but it was. It's one of those calls, although I will stick bore prided changing my markings. It's like the boar. I work honestly latterly. That becomes the thing that, as I look back like displays more bravery and aims. Angered had been going along with the programme yeah and if I have regrets it's in the past about creative thing,
that have happened that I looked back on its mostly like that we ignored some thing that we all kinds of new is the problem of hearts, although we just like either kind of wanted to ignored, may meeting quite thing, it was Robert, didn't put enough thought into it, which is the worst or its added a lot of. It is right. You don't wanna hurt summits feelings, yet I haven't sometimes like. I think at times has just been like under scrutinising some tea house and that we put our shit through more scrutiny even like, and we get other PETE like we. We seek a lot of external input. Being you yes, a lot because, like at what point in the process. Every point in the press, I, like you, have mentors that you or people's brands every just said he put here you ever obstetric x, two at any given moment like I will just yet like we will we'll tell people are,
He is the movies reworking of movies. We're considering writing will tell me what do you think this is something we should organise our names or yeah yeah all the time and then than when the script is done, will send it to people and then end.
Two readings, will do table reads, will have round tables, will invite people to sit around and talk about it. Well, yeah, yeah wool and then yeah. Then that will continue through every step of the process. Is a? U produce and major. You got shot the pilot of preacher right, which is, I am see, a hot yanhamu directed a few episode slick throughout the an I can sense, and maybe I'm wrong budgets from the outside. I can sense that you care a lot about that project is a peculiar because it's, the first, is the first several things for us like it's. It's a comic book that we love growing up and it was like one of the first like properties we tried to make when we had like any success in Hollywood and an just kept. Not we just we're, not the people who were appropriate to make, even so like our first meeting, for it was like ten years ago, like that's how long it took us to like eventually get going, and so yet every just love the comic and end.
Me, you never grew up reading comics, and so this idea that, like you know it's interesting as comics became so popular in these marvel movies and ship became so popular like every the anvil at all about that. No, it wasn't resentful because, like I couldn't I have less desire to direct those. But there was. The thing about hey, like we ve like this ship forever now other people who maybe it isn't like it, is much more for his long you're getting to do it, but then there's preacher, which was like our thing that we light that we got to make and then there's another one called the boys that we it's our thing and where he got to make and then there's an we start to realise that others tons of comic that are just not more full that we like in and now work just. I d make all of those least outlets co, op yeah, but I can imagine like a ino growing up, loving psychedelic furs and then all of a sudden, now the whole world's obsessed with
mean going like now. This was this thing that decided here somebody here we are at This is something everyone's in the idea of more something that I didn't realize was such a neat thing like we did so much rooms throughout high school at that I assumed everyone did a ton of uncontrolled arise, but I had no idea that, like that, like I thought I was like you drink beer, you smoke we'd you, get a volume just like could tell the eggs. I dont understand that that was like what everybody other than that and weigh less people see moved on rooms the bottle I rather like a levelling forty year olds- are due. Troops, are the first ivy creating like entire philosophies around that which is so fucking. It's as someone who started doing that, but there were fourteen, is just like body to cede some. We others all movement backed by science. There has of his life in trying to get Monica to do it now, for three years, I've been like make a case for heard really ever done. Any colleagues
the site I hardly can, but I want to tell you my rooms and I would like to see or do Somali before she passes. I think it s a experience that should not be missed for sure I mean I mean if you don't want to do it, don't do it well, if you, even if you don't want to do it, my hunches while it when you and when the Molly experience starts you'll want to U Molly's a drug that it's hard to have a bit like if it, if its, not if it of quality, is backed up by future. Your girl, I exactly it's what those legs it's like, it's it's all just is good. It is its objectively good. You done. I Alaska, now but a lot of my friends do you have any desire to try it? I don't know I've, like God, pretty deepened hallucinogens. It's not that doesn't seem fine. It's no one, that everyone I know who has like no like who has never done too much drugs came back from and we're like. I don't know, I would do that its
it will affect people very differently, like one of my very best friends is one of these guys who's gonna like sixty times, you know and goes these retreats, and for what ten days in a row, will do it every day and night for him it's just like purely therapeutic, and then I have other good friends who, like you know, I've, never seen the limits of their intake, and they came back like as though they were in fact nom or some other there. They are not quite the same like that. That I think, but though I will, I would mean I would probably do yeah we're not a strong desire, because I hear people talk about and then just my natures of persons like. I don't know I want to know what everyone's talking like I want to have. The time for me to hear about an experience that I haven't had exactly the same way. I'm the same way, especially like I get drug envy. I don't. Even a trip of some of those all we went to this country was amazing. I don't have. I dont, have as much as I do, but yeah I get yea
People seem, but then we are like you, people see, but also about like at the same time, just like you'd like do they really. Like they ve seen some fucking learner. I don't even know that european aid is distorting the druggist runs about, so it seems. Never did you find like chat rooms. Did that did ever take a turn for you, because yeah my last time doing, shrooms was the first time I ever had a bad experience and it was. It was bad enough that was like. I don't know that I mean I ended up getting sober anyways, but I wonder if I would have gone off of it: anyways cuz when it goes south it can be memorable. No I've gotta go every which way like what Yes, I did them recently like got up thousand times more fucked up than over it and had a need to know
And it was allowed their Newport. What like I was like I've. I haven't felt like us since I was in high school. I was just like this. I was I live, God do real about function out like you'd, like you would take me to it save asylum. If you happened upon me end yeah and that had everything with like that was at both its very terrible home. It's very great and a moment's. You know, but like I don't know like to me. It's I think to me Personally, I find it helpful to light confront some things that made it really just to make its like look: under its looking in every draw. You know like it's really TIM like I've, that I personally have founded helpful for is like the. If there is any, Yours you're sitting on that will probably it in some capacity, a huge amount of mushrooms and- That, like that's something that I've that yeah, that that that I've
and it was something that I was like I feel like. I should do shrubs I've done them in a few years of like a lot you maybe my brain could use a kick in the fuckin got and then yes, yes, then I did them and I got a hundred million times more fucked up than I thought I was going to, and I did ask for the first time recently actually hours there. I tried at one time and it didn't work for me, so I feel very me worked. It was. I found it to be like a little, the generic ok, it was a kind of this vote like Drug like amicably dry, like it was like somewhere. It felt like it wasn't quite as hallucinatory is like crazy amounts. That's great, amounts of three of which are like outlook lake and it was also contrasted by the fact that, like a few weeks earlier, I hadn't rooms and, like literally like the universe, melted billions. It was like it was a high hallucinatory, We borrowed it hits, but it was
It was for the last or super fucking on time like how long that well, thou twelve hours like I took them at four p m and like force myself into bed like or a m I was like. Did you Brussels, probably like hallucinated, almost the most as I was lying in bed like out asleep yeah. That's the part that doesn't appealed to me when, even when I have my fantasies about doing drugs, Latvia, I wasn't it I was literally a bunk bed and even was pulled out one. So I felt that I met this morning and I felt a hundred percent. Ok, you know that's great. I was really I'm assuming you're in his house in his children's one. And what are. We ran ass bunk bed, we rented a house looking
this is fantastic, was wonderfully well. Is there anything because, like welfare, I have a fantasy about him and used you occupy it. For me, too, any dysfunction for you, like your ears, use current I'd, die all the time that parliament, I don't think that others have that. One. Many would argue that that is. I want, and I would say I've corrected in that area is why, of course, correction. I guess the waterways, Are you that I guess gotta be more curious? If, like theirs is, is commotion emotionally d, Is there anything that you like you? You actively work. I, like you, know what I got a really you know simply because you're so high functioning work wise and then you ve been married to learn. How are you guys been together for Thirteen years thirteen years yeah, like you, have a very successful relations along a very successful work. Life
to me on the outside seems like you, you you're almost perfect frustrated by either. I could I try to see. I think I could communicate with my friends and family. More really yeah I've gotten better. You have also let me I just want to eggs. I want to bring this up and you're gonna, get you out of here, among his heart, that I was privileged to buy, seen the speech you made about Alzheimer's. I can't remember where I saw, but you made a kind of public speech about Alzheimer's over you. I don't like couple yeah yeah and you are very emotional and the one I saw an eye. I was like a while also a really sweet human being whose taken on a cause that isn't immediately his it's his wife's So your wife's mother, if my mother yeah, and I was like a disguise, a beautiful person on top of all this other stuff, it's nice and it made me
a little there s a little bit more but you're like you're in touch with that. In your ear, you have the confidence to be vulnerable and in an all that- and I really applaud that- probably more than anything else that you do like that's a related cool thing that you decided to take on in you, you used. What's the thing he started to to help raise money for some four comedy, clarity for dirty hilarity reiterated those are charity, yeah yeah, we exactly, I mean we made it me and my wife, I mean it was mostly born out of just like few depression, him wanting to feel some agency over something that we felt very powerless over. You add the mouse, Powerless Riah exactly and so, but it just as of my grandmother had yet to me. Just like it's a sinking ship it just taking a more more more water. Yes, really nothing you can do, but watch has a huge bummer. So honestly,
during that stuff was the fact that I get credit for for it in any way. The fact that people think I like a good person for it. The way is like to me just proportionate to the amount of energy add unhappy It causes be like it's, it's mostly really fun to do. I don't put on it like I spent. A lot of time doing it and I put a lot of effort into it, but I'm I it doesn't feel it I also spend a lot of time doing things I and other things that that is out of things you do. Do you allocate your time? Do you think you do you have any symptoms of like me? No work a holiday. Like you, think, are very good at shutting off like I was just on vacation for a week. I I was like I'm not one of those people who, like can't put their phone down and like needs to keep like going while you never feel like Lauren's, like really dude. You got to go today or you have to drink that episode or you don't ever go.
It sends a mean sometimes, but not. I think it's more just like me like spending time together and so hammer when we can't spend as much time together as we would like, but she herself you know she does the exact same thing. I do she completely understands how you know how important it is to be able to express yourself, the Airways and an end again. If I ever felt like it was derailing things. You know we I've. You know we ve. We both there on your mazes languages and a lot of time you kept very like the last year was for sure, the most Anita like five exactly yeah. You talk about Emily, which why you're in it. I have a small role in it: air wife, Lauren directed and she wrote it and directed it and and and and working on the last year and it was a location in Florida
Lord, I am your young and I ended up. You know three weeks I expected because I've hurricane, I know it so crazy tat. I was in Florida for a long time and give my life. Walls and exactly as you ve heard they attend collar. I called that spring break. It kind of was you say there was a sense of like I can't we will get away with this shit. I was so in favour of what the young CAS members only comes only were doing edibles in the morning I might go get. It was great yeah my way up, every woman well in accelerated c. Is writing that and directing it? I guess, is she using you and that's not the right were, but you know what I mean. Is it like? She needs you as a collaborator.
Golly. We both are very relying on one another for input life. I I harasser to read everything and cheese, made huge impacts on some of the movies we ve made over the years lie. Like the only reason lives. It is because of the seas said about tab, our input she's. Given us, you know an end, and that goes for a lot of like Evans Wifi. We, I could easily that you know the exact same thing about an and other people work in a company like, but yeah. I sure everything I write and every script of a movie that I might be, and I asked her to read and every joking, for I go on a thing. I ask you to we hope that its great, unlike we used,
I think, a little more early on it was a little bit more of an awkward dynamic and we use electronic separate church and state a little bit more alike. Shall we worked together should not mean we should work together. Maybe we should do that. Maybe it'll seem. Maybe maybe I better do not do that and then A few years ago we were just like what the fuck are. We doing. I wasn't there weren't my wife. I would want to work with all those doing is like giving other people the offer We need to work with you and also baby. The project is going to be as good We would work well together, Ya'Ll in favour of suddenly weird hypothetical that, if I'm Loring as I've had this is me where I'm I've done a bunch of like I'll, do a cameo and Christians or on a comparison, Yo Yo God, you cameo or tv, show that what's really funny is because she's more famous than me and more successful when she does something
I project I feel like people are going. Oh, she had to do that because they're married in there, when I do it came even her shit, Ivy League, we learn thinking. Oh, she got got him a job, no matter what it sucks. My low self esteem Yeah- probably no one's thinking any of those things at all, but did they do crossed my mind? So I'm just wondering if legged I'm Lauren, I might have that, as I certainly have it with Christian around like. I would just feel like I'm a little nervous people are going to think our people. Our thinking is like I love this and then there are representative, was something that I think we were like overly sensitive towards was like. Oh, I will it's. Deem like one of us. So daring the other ass and success in so capacity but then like when I was also thinking of also like
I'm always having my success, facilitated slashed, facilitating other people's success purely based on the fact that I like them- and I think the talented and its it is. It was almost like again the guy was excluding. We were excluded. One another from each other's yearn for completely made of reasons, lively are probably ultimately because of, or at least for me is what strangers, who think like yeah you keep coming like prison. I constantly like both of a step and it publicly. We have every six months. We send a tweet or something every hour. We stir up some some bees, and then we have this like mantra we have for each other. Was not stepped in the behave like a just remember this, Anyone in your family think there's about you now. Does anyone who your friends think this about now? So also everyone in your real life doesn't think anything in ages, Europe to kind of actively remind yourself of that. No very much so yeah its super exactly and I would like I've been did I came here just now.
From a pitch that we did with Evans, wife, who is also a writer, LISA and she's a great writer created. It was another thing, were she was out there like selling projects that were fantastic than we would like there to be written off the butchers you live so and then one day we look back or what the fuck are we doing like any. What should we do? We get it's actually the up, yet it of one hundred percent was, and so we ve, since railway I wanna get on our own? We only have the sense that we want to make an honourable with really funny about that. I didn't make it am I I know I'm hanging back that has in culture being faintly ass, like it just means Stranger, whose famous is gonna have a hundred percent. Austria was super, a weird it was. Very weird moment where I think we all looked at a bad racks, Polly Good, like it's probably liking,
Urgent and nepotism and in a meritocracy, is probably good adverts Underwood. It is ironic that you're just gonna get that from someone else yeah like who just say, anyone's opportunity is based on merit necessarily like. I think you have to be good in order to to actually exceed ultimately, while the land that who, though, come out yet exactly at Turkey a few times exactly, and so I think that is is looking back. It was. It was an odd shrieks, but I think I mean it's nice to be Laurens Movie because its, but it's all so. I understand that it's probably meaningful that I'm not the star of the movie, because that, I think, would again as silly is all this stuff. Is it's probably a relief to not have that associated with it as much.
Yeah because, again or evoked halfway to the real goal, which is who gives a flying, for example, it will I may now. I worry about that, but I do think now I would just like now. I would be more than happy to start. I would again like her more than most people. So why the fuck, not one of them, will become out. We should build on this third August six August thirty, six on things actually Lissouba has the ethics. Twice on August thirty August, yet your wife, right in my life. Storing and thank you so much for making time, and are you crazy, busying of course another thing about you? You do everyone's theme. I tried People stay here it is. It is trying to be of service to other people because because these are little hearers. Thus, unlike again, it's one of those things looking back at the figs either the report aims I've gotten people to do. Amazing generosity like it's actually one of the things I like most people
in a lot of ways, looking back is like who is willing to keep working with who is willing to trust. That is the real TAT Anna ran and I'm so thankful for that. Any of these people that I consider so skilled and and and and talented and and an amazing that, like the fact that they in any way would trust anything with me in any way- shape or form- is just something that I am. I know how thankful I am for it, so I try ever I can do something for people that I respect that I like what they're doing and then and and and It seems like again that the kind of thing that I get I just try to be available, but yeah, it's really admirable Don't you right? Don't have kids exact you'll ever beheld? I ever get another part Kensington. If I guess I would not is no doubt about well. Thank you for coming,
you're? So far, I really really do look up to you. I'm gonna tell you one second story: after idiosyncrasy, Judd asked me to come meet with him for forty old virgin for the role you did. Oh that's where he and I had just done without a paddle where I was third banana without a pat on then identity acts. U S, third banana that and then it was very arrogant and I was like I think, I'm ready to go down. Third banana. I want. I want to go to number two Vanessa sick and I have a lot of risk that for job, so I dont want to waste your time that was made by the way I'm five minutes in the business getting off. I don't know what I'm so a scenario Hulu, so I thought I was being generous to his time by saying I don't want to meet him cuz. I really want to be the second banana in the next thing I do, and so I never did meet him, and then you, of course, did that roll and you were fam
pass dick. None of this would happen to me. There was a moment when it already era when knocked up came. I was like the size of this in the bed and, despite I guess, what I'm trying the point I'm trying to make is that it was. Oh well position for me to hate you, because I had fucked up and I should have met on that movie and knew what a programme in any way is an aim suggesting that, but then you also did I really. It was all set up on a platter for me to dislike you, and then I just fucking loved you, and I thought you were so we re, headed Hurlbird, then I loved you and knocked up- and I was- is watching this career- that I thought part of my brain,
I could have been won. It looks like we're. Gonna make the movie disease. I can we make movies I've written in this way that I still is able to shear we're like Larry. I would, I would have voted for by reconstruction. Well, just that's. I audition radiography and do not get tested. Oh you did too Frida I my rondeau, just in long life arising for what's funny, also actually about without a paddle. Is that there's a scene in it where you guys like it's about a weed? the old guy area hour I had written pineapple express at that point. I was convinced that without a pedestal not, I know I did not think they stole, but I thought it ruined o ye. The movie, I thought, made it that no one would make pineapple express I'd just out,
not because it like not because of any like when I read the script, remember cause Jason Siegel was audition for at first I was highly jealous goods acquired. I was like my whole life, and then this is credits. Trips, adjacent seagulls, fucking dining table. He was auditioning for than I was to tell us what is happening at dead, yet and I remember reading yet it ever actually think he was like. As I told up our you'd read by networks, recipes advice will be as a seed really like opera we'd failed and I was like oh yeah, and separated the time in. That's all I thought about, like oh fuck. Why I'll give you a great examples? We had a bare seen in our movie by south, gets taken by a bare, and I
on a say anchor man came out, but I commend as our air cigarette inability and remember City Brill, calling me like we're all in a huge panic. Zulu boys are the better seen it is like at the end of the world and though we will never work is now they now. Don't you the shit now and when I watch shit I don't even fuck like. Did you see that all to no ok is very funny I assume you some Gruber. Yes, my favorite part of a group or ever at what a breakthrough calmly the yet was when he takes twenty minutes to symbol, the eighteen Ojeda and they ve elzevir, and that happens in depth with the exact same thing and I loved in both the german happy, they did it eggs. I like that's all it's the first time and at no point did, I think they stole
many one. I were in that situation. I'd be, and I hope it will do to have had a shell shutting, I don't care of its aid, undermining the hearse, reflecting on the dial it hundred percent itself. Plenty of that stuff mean so much to you at the time yeah. It's like I'm putting so much in every one of those movies that I would describe for. I never like being like thinking like not getting cast. Some light final destination was like the old worse thing. Than ever. Gonna be like not being an idle hands was like the worst of all my life, like it so funny. Looking back routers Oleg, like I'm
Oh glad, I've got it knows how weird would it be if I wasn't final destination that could be so strange. Yeah we're just like my audition, like that was, was the first fantastic, for they were released, a real script that they gave. You gibberish like a scene that was all sigh five mumbo jumbo like you, could not be memorize. There's just no way you could met because all fake words they found a galactic and- this is the only time it's ever happened to me. Audition I get half way through, I'm not pronouncing anything's, I'm objectively terrible and just in the love it I go. Look Iceland, I don't think any of us does we see more have this is going to save all of us, the next three pages it thank you and I love, and only then we did, but I rumour driving ongoing lets a rap on these then are you going
bailed out of an audition midway through, and that as well as issues like no one gives a fuck those people that you remember. That should happen by my two hours later, the increase in our business. Thirdly, when you go on the other side of it, you recognize what that processes, it so informative of, like oh, yes, to stress what exhaust emotionally draining while, unlike this, which was a goddamned pleasure, lays out. Thank you so much for coming thinks we have, and I hope that, like fathers amazing, I love that the preacher winds every awarded it won't yoga highly distracted. I hope that in the end is strengthened ex stranger things it'll be great and have some kids we in writing. We are ever to get her out of it and now my favorite part of the show the pact check with my soul maiden Monica bad men she's an arm chair fact check been they d been she's
Jack, Jack I can't hit that no, my voice, I voices hanging on by a thread. Where's your voice hanging on by a thread will monitor things. Asking idea, I'm shooting my game show spin the wheel, and today I filmed three back to bed. Episode, so I am really revenue everyone up, I'm trying to be high energy, I'm yelling, probably more than I should I'm not protecting my instrument and now paying the price everything from your diaphragm God. No, I don't even know what that means. Prison told me to breed from my diaphragm when you fucking brief from your long now. There is a trend. Now he breathed friendlier diaphragm. You need to take one acting class, but explain that you breathe from your lungs ring. It arrived and put your hand on your stomach. Take a bite but then and make your stomach expand. When you do it or not. Now I can see you're home up where my fucking bellies popping out. Why Craig to medicines and poltergeist? Look, I don't go so
when you ways always referred to high fried now or later I my voice is protected. Ah, you always protecting your voice. Yeah, you never know when you'll be called on to those three episodes of our long game show one afternoon you never know you just don't know you probably also be more responsible, but the yelling I get caught up in them now I would be yelling during a game show for few prevailing waiting on a million dollars, Goebbels Zirk and exhort running around, but I'm afraid I'm gonna rip. My suit my suitors, so tight, Lou nice. Is it yeah? I think I would feel so. I would feel everything they were yeah really hard, it's impossible not to cause the stakes are so, but I tell you my boy us who I love out. Another have liked a boss. More ever Andrew Classmen heating my arrival at your wiggans, we can tell me shit. You know any said right before we start egos, my god, you look like Daniel Kragan. That suit
oh boy, I can't imagine, being told something nice. Then you look like Daniel Craig in a suit I mean I think, uses pumping me up, so I'd feel confident. You know. I think it was a mental trick, but I took it that moment and made me feel great and then I shrouded on the stage The thing is in this scenario: it's a good thing. We ve got up and down that circular stage is a good thing. Facts that we are stumble on two October. With South Roby, while he was here. About how his wife went to a very quick to send sure, american high school, oh right, and do you said he, and you said: oh, she was the legality, so that's from Friday, night lights for people who do not offer a virtue
which was a little confusing cause. He was talking about our city blues and then you said she was like the little again. So I don't want people to think while a garrulity is from I simply believe she's from fine he's from blues clue. Now don't spread fake news long while she could have been I haven't looked it up of Meda Kelly was ever on blues clue. I think we would all about it. That's a measure of how much we ve talked about blues blues clues tat, She is a good show. There is a great show and she was so cute and show how YAP either the chemistry between her and Riggins was on Fuego. Are you thinking of the other girl now? the blonde, the blogger the blind girl, isn't my leg and I now yeah yeah yeah yeah rigging, you are eating. Rare Riggins was dating lie, legality.
And and put it in they dated they have the real romance. There's a whirling in us all this one when it we're gonna requires a ladder, easy and well here's that I'm glad this happened. I know that you didn't finish, and I did I'll tell you why I'll tell you why, before you, I note your insinuating I'll tell you haven't finished riots in be in the same way that I have not read the last Bukowski book. I have a bukovsky book, It is true sitting in my bookshelf that I'm, not gonna Rica's, I can't live life. Knowing I've read every week, Halsey Book in there's, none left and I can't live knowing I've completed Friday night, like that, sincere that's. Why have rarely as that's why we ones you dont know there s so much happens in
have the luxury of finding out they are you gonna spend hours right when I get diagnosed with something terminal in turn that on an open up my because you have a great last couple weeks might, and I too pretty sad last season, it won't be sadder than my terminal. Disease has anyway oh he said in kind of passing bay. He said Vancouver now the biggest city in the world, he was talking about how people run into each other. He was just saying that is like a phrase not that big city in the world. But the largest city in the world by population is do, I guess yeah exclusivity now, but I think that is probably pretty high amendment no two as dynamic tuba warheads. Ninety five million when I was in college and you yeah and above all they lost a bunch of people there. Oh really, yapping in all
I don't know, that's all they moved out the highest now the number of that. Are just city is less than twenty four million as a joint via what is it what's twenty four nine Shanghai Shanghai? the city in the world population, twenty four mill. Well, I can't do it now, but on a future fact checking and find out what Year Mexico City had a population twenty five million sad they're, losing folks, I mean now. What does it say? What do you have? Therefore, Mexico City population is crazy. There's no very laws and policies.
Fifty percent of their inhabitants. Why have a guy you're aware, as I just said, the Mexico City as nine million people, and indeed, as intended, had eight point eight or something so, my god? How can I thank them all year? I knew this was wrong. Parliament, beginning as soon as you said, mimics so still I don't believe it. Oh my god, there's been so many fatalities from this narco war. They kill now. Sixteen me, rather than just accept that you're wrong arms, well, you're wholly MA. I'm super wrong here I could be wrong. We are not. My fucking far won't work. Ok, it's trying to protect a brain yourself. We is ok, so we we're talking about? Bar mitzvah was, and you
Why is the age thirteen the term bar mitzvah refers to a young man who has reached the age of thirteen plus one day, a most reference as to the age of thirteen come from stories, the rabbis told about characters in the Bible at thirteen. So there's all these there's all these boys turned men in the Bible at age. Thirteen so that one of the reasons yeah. Ok, they all. Although you all these guys, turned into a man fry a man at thirteen. Maybe our boy should be men at thirteen, still seemed awfully young to be considered a man yeah some eggs, plain that the fact that the age of maturity is twelve team is simply an oral tradition that God imparted to Moses on Mount sign. I now mental or twelve year old, don't seem like the transformations complete at twelve. For girls, and girls are more mature than boys, but still
Wait you! When you wander the halls of a junior. I wish I d Recreational just checking what the youth the year, Lily anyone there, the junior high there is a man or a woman. I just tell everyone, that's not true, just in case they think you're, like what d ya get into some kind of some of the speeches it? You know I could find business there other than just being a creep like I could. I could talk dyslexic or Somethin Do you think I should do that if you're wandering around the halls dislocates dislikes well what about just wandering routers annually by you decide? What are you doing? You already give whole test yeah yeah,
the youngest age at which someone is referred to as a quote man in the Torah. These thirteen Europe in a day correct. Thirteen on the first day of thirteen is not thirteen. You have to have had a full day of thirteen to really be there. Team. Everyone knows that. Ok, I didn't know that issue for telling me bill. That's any age like when I turned thirty, when I turned thirty one and a couple weeks I won't really be thirty one until the day after ok, Mother Bactra, here is my fucking number. Thank God. I did Mexico City metropolitan area population and its twenty one point. Three million
It says, according to the most recent definition agreed upon by the federal and state governments, the population of Greater Mexico City is twenty one point three million, which makes it the largest metropolitan area of the western hemisphere in the tenth largest. Agglomeration and the largest spent speaking city in the world, at least I got close to my twenty five million I mean I would seem absolutely insane if I- if it were eight million- and I said twenty five how many people in Mexico City eight point eight five one million in two thousand tat year, but if you do Mexico, city metropolitan area population, at twenty one point: three million up, that's my house first to be doing at all think as a future. Go him if you type, I only was trying to answer where I got that number Monica you see, but I know they learn that number. Among the number college, but you understand that when used
hey there and then its Tokyo in all this, and I have been well. I can't keep it If it's wrong still right that the reality of zeal, Shanghai and you just said city, you didn't say metropolitan area. I know that's why I'm this was a sight conversation about how on earth. I have that number twenty five million in my head- and I luckily found me answer, which is its the metropolitan area: Mexico City, that's twenty one point: three million! I feel what better I felt crazy, yeah. That was crazy. See me. I was off by a factor of three hundred percent that I can't that margin of error and still call myself an armchair expert, thus chain. I'm glad we clarified you mentioned again the article about drugs that found there. I know. So what is it yeah? It's about time. I say what this article is: Lou, ok, so
The title of the article that I often reference is: can nicotine be good for you, It was in the New York Times and it was written by ANA Fells. F, p. L S and yeah I'm. Voting, if a patient tells me he falls asleep on cocaine, I wonder if he might have attention deficit disorder, a patient who dogs, marijuana to calm down before important business meetings, leads me in the direction of social phobia or any other anxiety disorders. Yes it goes in and also tells you the pros and cons of nicotine, which course I'm always tremendously interested in as a deep, deep nicotine attic, what year was a written. That is a great it's an outstanding question and in its not readily available march. Fifty thousand sixteen great is always a written in the eighties half
this cholera there or another couple months. The pot Mr Anderson, Daniel Day Louis Movie, you're talking about, story maidens, who movie there'll be blood there. Never was that or they do another movie phantom thread right. So I didn't I was recently random thread, so it was. There will be glad that you are talking about their Wazir hooker. I was gonna teach me about that. My allotted taken still call myself sober now. I don't believe so. One of his for medicinal reasons surf again As the main. That's up to you. Do you in response to decide? That's right. But it does make you like Pew Canal, diarrhea and expel everything you have a huge purge.
The added I did. I bring up the episode of Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show where she goes around does weird shit. She went and did Iowa Scott camera, and they were all being very early warn that some diarrhoea might be in their future in there was toilets close by as very communal does so that art was. And have put me off. Did you see it? She he did not experience dire, freer, luckily for her being on Cameroon, all yeah, oh, but also I gotta worry lack of vanity to put herself in a situation. May diarrhoea cameras. She puke. I can't remember, she peeped, but you know how I feel about puking. Psych know what it's like coughing to me. So I want minded if she Butte, nor even filed that into of like oh crazy moment out. I just thought I am she sneeze
price anyway. So it's pretty hard on your system. I believe this whole experience, but people have huge breakthroughs. And it is supposed to be a spiritual, Madison, dissolve the sense of self I think that's the goal, and a lot of these a lucid agenda access to take the area of your brain offline that deals with ego and identity and self help you feel connected to them I see the world yeah, it's it's in Anthea GIN The class, a psychotic substances setting induce any type of spiritual experience aimed at development, so it does have up, does a positive paramour. One of those developments may be diarrhoea. That should be mentioned lots and that before you go by some yeah off somebody at your local seven eleven parking lot,
I mean, do you think? Maybe that is having the recent delirious from all the fluid they ve lost. Like some lessons have the flu. I feel like I'm having a spiritual experience, really like I've, not in a normal minds? and was data of mind. Does that help you feel, though, connected with the rest of the world? I think that's where the spiritual component for the rubber meets the road. When you start feeling They were all interconnected and we're all a part of this big stew of molecules. And there is really no division or delineation between Monica Patman back Shepherd its unromantic notion, but be placebo, it's like you're doing these drugs, knowing that this is coming are wanting that to come, and then you're also delirious from your dehydration will allow large yeah. If you, if you're
vomiting and diarrhoea. If you have the flu because of this, then you are dehydrated, probably don't you have any water, and the terms Make diarrhoea verb cause. You decided, I say, do diaries. Dozens happened, You want to be other make it over, but I don't know if it makes its favourable, but but- I can tell you someone who's been mass amounts of hallucinogens is not pussy I'm not you you don't know. Well, I will. I do know that after hundreds of trips, that the probably the placebo effect would have worn off here and now- I know you don't know here- your hate lunchrooms its Hannah, although I you brought it up in the thing that you want me to do it boomers. Why would I do it if, literally both the view said that
Are you definitely said that the last time you did it was just a terrible experience aiming SAM said the same thing when he was on. Why would I do that? I convey my first experience on it in exactly why, because when I order a hundred pieces, one those pieces sucks, I get food poisoning from one in a hundred pieces I would still advise you d pizza. It's amazing now that over a hundred great experiences, the reason had the one bad wasn't my partner and crying Josh LAW. Still shit and took us together, two hundred tart dark? Well, its Zaire if you're that. I'm gonna, be there, I'm gonna be with you all. You take your boomers and I'm gonna keep things very positive. Our european regime around. That makes you so susceptible that someone next to you is behaving. Certainly that makes you then have anyway.
Really terrible tat. I just now I can tell you that sober being next to him in a cabin. I would have had a terrible time because he was trying to pull his hair out of his head and so it was a gruesome thing to witness high or ever do something that make someone want to cause who were here is my belief that judge already felt, like you wonder, poles, hair out of his head and then the drugs just facilities, yeah. Well, I don't think you want to pull the here. I don't know I'll find an idle. We know what the offers off the table a written, the offer K. I will not be your showman as you wander You were kaleidoscope, landscape, on boomers, I'll, find somebody else now. You might do to spite me, maybe diarrhoea in life.
Father came out on August third, not August six and its Currently only dont want tolerably. Well, I'm sure it had. We just found out. It's done incredibly well go watch it stream niche now flax, that's all that's it yep we're gonna, go on the celebratory note that, like Father, has performed admirably on Netflix, yes was the thing that set was promoting that we're supposed to remind people of my father, like Father in the preacher position, he drank. Yes, I don't know when I don't know the timeline of that, but you just don't, but everyone should watch that too and watch everything set does cause he's very good. It's always blocked up is on my favorites use, love that one, Did you were able to easily see yourself as Katy haggling? That movie is that why you you're able to connect with the female protagonists in a way that allows you to
periods it. Furthermore, now now I've never Van accidentally pack, man, so yet yet yet, yet all right. Well a lovely Monica, they name.
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