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Talib Kweli

2018-06-11 | 🔗

Talib Kweli is an American hip hop recording artist, entrepreneur and social activist. He sits down with the Armchair Expert where they have an honest debate about many social issues plaguing America today. They touch on all of the topics one would generally avoid at the dinner table including race, gender and religion. In addition, Talib talks about his place in the hip-hop world, his parents' emphasis on education and his counterview to Sam Harris. Dax and Talib reminisce about an altercation they teamed up on, they talk about their mutual worship of Jay Z and Monica discusses the gender patterns she's observed from working on the podcast.

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Hello, hello, I'm Dac Shepard, and this is the armchair expert. Today we have a very exciting gas. He someone I've kind of rum admired looked up to from afar. I ended up a kind of stocking among twitter and we became chummy and he came by the It was a boy far one of the most stimulating guess we ve had when you agreement again most in my opinion, yet quite an The Santa live is incredibly smart. He certainly bested me on many points and I just want to say going into this episode. You know I try to stay out of politics, not cuz, I'm not political or don't have opinions, but I just feel like there's tons about. Let's there's a million places, you could go to your political opinions and this is just kind of a try to keep it a sanctuary away from that. With that said, it would be absolutely shameful to have to live on. Who is a social activists and not get into some. These causes that he cares deeply about I do want to say I
fear, because I ended up eighty as you'll hear I end up taking someone's, position on an argument. That's actually not my position per se and I was quite nervous that I may be said stuff that I was gonna, regret Mnemonic and I really hemmed in hard over it and what we ultimately did is left at all in. If so, what not good at doing what Monica always pointing out to be a need to do is. I think it goes without saying that I believe certain things and in fact it doesn't go about saints or, as we enter into the portion of the past. When we get into Charles Murray it was a guest on same Harris talking by his controversial book of the Bell curve, I kind of ended up taking a position of we must defend you, whatever you'll hear at the point is after debating to live in this episode, and it gave me pause. I thought my on the wrong side of this any do investigate further and then as luck would have it the episode. That's that's under
fire, otherwise, a follow up episode on same Harris where he had as recline on and then when I heard as reclined point of view, I I have to say I have reverse my position on it, so I just want to acknowledge. My opinion has been changed by both to live and as raw, and I think as I I was educated more on who Charles Murray is. I don't think I could make the statement he's not a racist. The way I did in the episode you're about here all that to say just gigantic high five to call for common envy and really educate and important to note that these are all opinions based on personal truths and facts and death, and so, if you don't believe what he is saying as truth to yourself? That's fine! You still love SAM, so you know you're here to live, does not
salmon, that's fine and in the last listener warning I just want to give. Is we get into this debate about Charles Murray and I go a long way before I say something that I thought would maybe be obvious, but I should have said right at the beginning, and I just want to say it read it being in this- that I do not think there is a single variation among racial groups unintelligence, I dont think any group is more or less intelligent than another. You'll hear me say that, but it just it took me a while before I I threw that in their suggests, I don't wanna, be listening thinking, oh boy, what is he suggesting cause? I was not suggesting that ultimately the reason that all this stuff was left him, because I think the much bigger message that we want to send wasn't the particulars of these debates. But Bigger more important message in my mind, is listened to, eyes who, on opposite sides of the the road talk with respect and love to one
there. You have a different opinion and get up and how each other- and I just want to that- to be an example of its just plenty, fine for all of us to disagree. We can still love each other and not feel like us in them. So big big set up, I hope enjoyed to look well leave? This episode is brought to you my ring Monica you. Moved into a new apartment and there's a lot of new people around you in your little bit nervous. You don't know who's who yet right, yeah, you use ring. I do I feel so much safer yak as you can check in with what's going on now hall and yeah yeah video there, how there's a little there's up side I don't want to keep my eye on that. There is a lot of surface area to cover sand the video doorbell in its security camera. So you can, you can see- and you can talk- through its end, its two way, audio, which is amazing, abbott- and let me tell you why I love it. I abide
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His visitor or someone dropping off a package. You can actually communicate with them and as a listener, you have a special offer. Any ring starter kip available right now with a video, doorbell, emotion, activated, floodlight came the starter kit. Has everything you We need to start building a ring of security around your home, just go to ring dot com, Ford, slashed, Dax, that's ring dot, com forward, Slash D. He's not really live welcome to arm chair expert. Thank you. Disagree, great name us you an orange here. Yeah experts is like an pack has about armchairs it. Well, you know, specifically, I'm no at all and I make a lotta huge generalizations,
I don't go. Do any research, I dont gather data. I just I'm an armchair expert s ass, like the internet yea. I think this generation really respond. What I'm doing here take so too, but I've been offended years for a long time and I just hit the jackpot. As you happen to be in town, you know live here. You live in New York, I do, yeah. So I didn't I went and saw. I saw you sad and I felt like Saturday night for me cuz, I have kids. I saw you on Wednesday night. It was like adults, Saturday night, I'm still fucked up from that. Tibet at ten o clock every night and I was shocked, but house like I was loving it and then those also glancing at my watch like yes come the age where one when I go on after ten, my twitter feed is filled with people. Saying: hey we're you have got a painter babysitter. Thus you two were all you're wrong right, yeah to rely like how many days a year, two hundred to interfere. Today's oh my
yeah yeah, I'm trying to slowed down, but that's deftly my bread and butter. That's what I do is right a blues? Madame alive, travelling musician right, you're, you're Yorkers had so many different peaks in valleys and all this up and down and the reply times you love touring, there's five times you hated touring. Is there an acceptance phase where you just go like? Oh, whatever this is what I'm doing here that accept his face came a long time ago. You not have embrace it, you know touring, you know it. It can be very stressful and hectic Joyce relationships and run away. Yeah yeah, oh you know you have to like you know, I have grown children who have grown up while I've toward Rhiannon, and so is like I've had to be honest about what it is and how often when they come. My kids toward me. Often you must say you just missed my son. My son is now at the age where's my he'll call me and like I'm in Oakland, unlike he's like an outcome that is shown like how did you
it's ok, I am, but when I was twenty one years old, I was taking buses and stuff. That's what he's doing now? That's really fun! You is a gold watch. It is, it is not my kids. Are they actually live in the apartment next door? To me, will you do in New York which has thus been about the last year or so, and so I ve been able to get closer to women really see get to know them as people. You know, as well as a teenager, you're still trying to figure out what, when a person you are always have now my daughter's Nightsy muscles twenty one. Now they are who they are right so now I'm getting to know who that Percinet yeah and as the stress at all dissipate. When your apparent you're, like you know, you put a lot of thought into man. I hope this is where we got him on the right. You know, I'm a little stressed out the light. You have less control now IBM, but you know what it is like is stressful to watch your children do exactly
but you did that your parents told you not to do some. My parents told me not to drop out of college repulse. My kids did this obeyed yeah, ok son has a song. We talks about smoke we'd when somebody Twenty one star smoke, we'd have fifteen smells like what am I supposed to say also theirs, There is a right there's, a historical record of you. Yeah you lived out loud that's why you can only lie so much. That's right, and I can't you know what the crazy thing is that I can't I can't I just cannot I gotta let them you they are my rule. Is I can't smoke we my son, until he's paying, is only a hooker. So you just eat. You said your parents were were were concerned about you dropping out I would assume impacted a lot by. The fact that your mother was a professor right am, I was in your father is where now my brother, my year riots, your brother like all star fashion or he's a clear constitutional law, gives a younger he's younger uneasy
I had to learn at it. I went to the fortieth birthday party and I made a speech by half a stop, calling him a little bit he nodded and clearly like my mother, would then have an awhile ago before you admitted it up, so he's just crack smart he's like the I, unlike the beta of him, ah ha, unlike the beta version. I was test, yeah yeah. I got it right with him. I'm two years on all your two years, other of its now he's what forty three are. No he's. What we want is forty he's flee dump. I guess I'm forty three, I don't know There are forty three anomaly down: Draper purchasing the birthdays, but where the same age? Ok, that's how you know the area But I have this weird mental thing. If I've revered somebody for whatever reason is in my mind their older, So I'm gonna erasing when remunerated like. Unless we are, we were kids at the exacting time you now discovering stuff right very that you know the same time in space. Can that's interesting, because I deftly Coloma brother and asking for advice. Like he's my older
absolutely yeah and wounded that start in high school, My brother was in her to Carlos High school. When I was dropping out, which is like the best high school, you could go to come down here to see me my friends like smoke awaiting debasement. It would just shake his head. And he's crazy over, we were Yazzi Wednesday. Anyhow, he went to the hall, first Nazis. If any became a sports reiner, because I gave her my baseball cards like smashed as subject, he wrote for sports, illustrate for a couple years real, and then he decided that he was never gonna be the best sportswriter we a to Yale for law, school study cost. National LAW got started work for justice, Stevens and would just Stevens retired start. He was the Supreme Court yeah yeah. I will see my brother C Span interview men like you, know, grilling, Congress menaced up, and now he works that Colombia, that is, while in your parents, I've been to write a fucking book. Yes, Europe, you know us
are lacking pop m c and then the other sons, professor at Columbia, They did some shit right. They did. They did good. What did they do? What was a secret sauce? I think education addicted thirsts their focus, like almost laser precision like focus on education, went to museums and libraries. Every weekend we read in the house was books in the house. I feel If you don't have books in your living room, I can't trust you yeah yeah yeah. I think I saw an episode of cribs, your eminence, on MTV? Yes, I did and I want to say it was either Moby. I think he was Moby, but basically the full tour of privileges Bush he's like yet seen so many abuses as the show of never seen any more the bookshelf in their house. Yet very troubling. To me, it looks, are gonna, be like, like you know, aren't steam power cars Yeah, there's gonna be like art. Did you hang up yeah? You know
like well and in fact that scene there's an artist. I don't obvious here now lie, but I I know some people that have his hour and he does that. He makes these crazy kind of on statues things out of books old book there in an initial yet, and it has a gravitas to these books, the edges do something about it. That has a wait here when you see like this dopey emit movies about the future. Never any books books are like commodities like a book. Eli type of thing, like you're gonna, have to just like no stuff in their head right. There, go back unicycle back to when everything we learn was told to each other. I yeah yeah, exactly that's how we pass on all these they elect grows. So what now went when both parents are professors, I imagine it easy to repel as well. By going like
No, I'm not gonna, be an academic attempting army I mean if our generation was the first sort of generation, it become adults and realise that what our parents did. What Paris thought about education at school in college and particular might not be accurate. The idea that you know my pay special.
Being like black parents or yet it will go to college. Like that's what that was the myth in the fifties in the sixties. Maybe you could just go to college up. You are guaranteed a good life. You are guaranteed. A good job is guaranteed for one k, yeah and that sort of you know that that bubble burst when we became adults yeah. So we had the unfortunate job of telling our parents look. Your ideals. May not be accurate for this generation yeah and I might have to be an entrepreneur on, went, have to do something different and just work for somebody from a whole life to just end up in debt, I'm already index and went to college and then and then I think that its only gotten truer post our generation, he mounted Zuckerberg and always people they dropped out
in other huge bompard. Entrepreneurs have left and most of these guys, even touring, suggesting people drop out a college. I forget which one like as much as I appreciate it, because it's my life story is dangerous and meet me. Haven't a young children who are now becoming adult scary thought like my conversational, muslin and open, like I'm glad you're in Oakland. Let him rap on stage, but you need to fly back home. We get a fucking jockey you do that inasmuch as it was a difficult thing for me to be in a position to
I must say you have to go work for some guy well, compounded heavily by the fact that their father didn't do that, like I was reading a book about using a mountain Gladwell book in a kind of talked about and to what degree money does make your life better or easier, write him and then what they found is that it caps out at around like at least time of this book, a hundred seventy five grand aiming pass that is gonna plateau for a while, and then it's gonna start going down actually like how do you know what the children running and turn out like in one of the theories? Is it's really easy for parents to say? No, I can't buy you that by cause. I can't afford that by then that's easy to say to say I could buy you that by
but I'm not going to buy you that by cause it be bad, for your character is almost impossible for parents say yes, it did there's deftly levels. I've heard stories about James Brown, where they Saint James Brown, didn't have relation when any of his children, because his childhood was so hard growing up what people to be able to lean or his name offers, except he what he really things focused on. You almost to a fault, will that's the song boy named suiting on at Sundown Johnny Cash song? It's really a shell silver steam poem, but is dead, leaves him and- Mommy's young in what he does before. He leaves the names of Sun Sue because he knows that I'll make some tough so that he has aggravated round they make an excellent name. Soon will get a mare s. Song saw any costs it now in
Brooklyn where you grew up and I would just be fully speculating, but even when I tell my story now is out in public and when you grow up, I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and it was probably the last time were: people have the town still drove to Detroit and work there and then just to the west of us became farmland. So it was a weird mix of straight up. The kids got on my school bus with shit all over their boots cuz. They have shoveled out the barn that morning.
And they were kids whose parents were engineers at General motors and fork. So this weird mixed, but when I'm telling my life story, I'm focusing on the part that we live in a welfare apartment. On my mom first love, my dad. I guess it's this. You know I can avoid this bootstrap story like it. It's a better story right. I hide skip the part where my mom build this great company. We live in a pretty damn nice house by the time I was a senior, and I was I also was really drawn to for lack of a better word. The bag. Kids like I want to be the neighborhood where there was no curfew. I was drawn that, and so I was I I wanted to be that in a weird way where I ended up downplaying. You know that we live in a nice house. I have. This is weird kind of social barriers were to me that you can't hide certain stuff. So I'm curious having
Super educated parents in Brooklyn hanging around in Brooklyn was that something you tried to downplay ordered you embrace it. That is an excellent question, so lotta layers that a question and your also being honest about Europe, bringing young and asking the question of reason, things to happen. To me, social media is you, you see me such meetings and by the way, but this stems a little bit from some of the arguments. I've seen you have an eye rising people attack you one of the attacks is like what the fuck do. You know, because your parents were professors and right now, there's a lotta layers too, with one first. Is that a lot of racist? people in this country associated education with rich in white. Yes, So if you're an educated black horse- and you carry yourself as if you received in a high level of education? Somehow unease p his eyes, your less black yeah, you have learned of large communities bump. Whenever I guess yeah why people too?
because I'm not black people or attack on me from outbreak is the premise mostly were taken me from operating, because they're like why you standing for black people. You went to border school, your parents are professors. One idea that professors are rich is of. Clearly, flawed idea shares most recently in New York City. Absolutely like there's this there's a small number of professor that might live make more than a hundred thousand dollars, but the right now right now today into enough the only reason I notice could have had a look it up, bolster. My argument seems like the average salary for professor of any school, whether as a city, college or Ivy League right now is ninety eight thousand dollars. Now, when you take a professor cools working at an inner city college- or you know like an cowhide Brooklyn are best, Brooklyn, like my father, worked at college into a show of forestry and best I Brooklyn grown up, my mother did his day works at major efforts. College graduates, these a summit
poor neighborhoods in a city, the city colleges. These are not rich institutions as so take that average number? Ninety eight! You have to cut that in half and then the fact that these are black institutions. You have to cut that even in navvies more and then, when you take it back to effective. I'm talk about ninety seventy five nineteen. Eighty five will not talk about so so one is died. Professors. Rich. That's just a lie yeah this. Secondly, the idea that. Somehow parks, low Brooklyn has always been the neighbourhood. Where you know me, given how lives in my life is not always been unable right in I it's been gentrified, have absent only when I grew up and parks lope. It wasn't. The park slope of nowadays was we'll, nor was New York and generally you're a general and obviously to enable it in Brooklyn that are far worse, such as Crown heights and pets tie a worst imports, but ass. It was never this place, we're rich p
lived now what I will say it. We have to acknowledge our privileges yeah. I am more privileged to grow up and walk slope than a black. It grew up a browser. I am more. I have educational privileged as I've. Heritage, educational privilege of being born in a house full of professors, yeah most people and the distant wraps about he was born in a house of drug dealers, yes, sort of foreign, his conscience formed. Will he wasn't the as individual state for war arm? Chair of the air armchair is brought to you by zip recruiter. Monica don't you find it to be. Intimidating, hiring summit. Finding someone is actually great. The I find them to be few and far between
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I lived in a room, a brother, we're bunk bed. You know by the time I was in high school. My parents bought. The first house and then my parents were so far education. When I was failing out of Brooklyn TAT, they put all money into centimeter, born at school and be Would you not over the speak about this? Is often but it a broke them. It broke their fine since it broke up their marriage, it was a tough situation. Realer in I'm really really thank my parents were for taking me out of the the inner city school system. I dont everything they could to put me in food chain my life around, I probably have been Jerry yeah and what are you into a boarding school in Connecticut It did me and James Vanderdyke went to the same school get out of here really, your account of the beak. Were you friends we were. He acted in the first place. I will get out a year. This is very good. MRS, like finding out that data Pinket Smith and in the tube,
and to render, like all the data of pig smithy in this relationship, Jane Ivan Tupac, so you you leave Brooklyn in you got you go to a boarding school and what great as this, this is tenth grade. Okay, so yeah that that's for that scares the fuck enemy. Thinking of that I move schools and ninth grade haunt the new high school, and that was very hard, yeah yeah I had this whole identity perfectly carved out, and then I showed up this place. They had better shoes and I did everything, unravelled, pimples and bad hair cut. You know whatever is this: is it safe to assume this boarding school in Connecticut Lot more? Why people now yet was a hundred and thirty seven kids
the whole school there were six blockheads. Five of them were there to play basketball in New York when I was not wanted wandered out into yea. If I was in drama. So when I talk to joy on here, she had a very similar experience, so she grew up my fuckin. Why can't I remember the name of that Monica or Chimera Brock's Bronx she loved the bronze and went to a Connecticut Borys goes well. Do you know One idea: public lay them in lacrosse. You know that was your sport unemployed across how you did it. I play baseball. Ok amply based, but I did. I did pick up a stick and learn to basically was moves, will hurt thing? Was I'm not gonna come? Basically, we're going to come here. Saying like I know you don't want me to run, track and play basketball, but I'm gonna play with cross. Ten is their sheep with the specific aim of shows all aim traditionally you know I was in blue key society was enough. I was on. I was
drama was in um yeah play baseball. I play baseball. Brooklyn said I was a natural fish are well what's funny, as I think she said them by her senior year. She's like fuck it I'll run dragon in Japan is ramp. Answer is was intentional. She like, maybe I always was yours or you just those are the things you liked and say you know me It sounds like she was more attention to those who deftly my interest, but I do have a murmur mister Casson of my first day the basketball coat he came to me was in my ear for half hour about going on about must even I don't get it. I said, I'm I not like you in so that when you go how do you fit in easily it took about a year, I'm so of raising these cliches, but I I think there's I'm interested them for four reasons. Downriver, which is, are you codes which, in your now learning to go back and forth between the Bronx in Connecticut end in sight, in both places coasts, which is a great word it s exactly. It is that what I learned
I learned that if you make it, both indispensable that you can do anything you want and by being the black kid who was like not on a basket being the black he'd who was on the road of Aachen, play yeah yeah yeah, I'm a minnow. I was it. I remember I was, I was seven part at the school and you know border school of any boys been border school. You know you get kicked Africa Raw, the white Skype or selling drugs got kicked out, They pull me and how to me- and it was like you- have to stop all reporting. Luckily, we can't lose. Can't afford illusion your do import. Yes, that was a learned, a lesson, but I was alive less and I was like. Ok, you just gotta these.
Don't matter. Ah right. That is a kind of important something to observe early on, which is like ok, yeah, there's an architecture all this, but you can also get outside of it right. I think so much like people, you see who make it to say Bill Clinton right. He runs for governor of Arkansas and you're too young. There can be no unknowns every minute, young many he wins. Then he gets booted. Many runs again like no one's ever come back. So if he's ease gathering all this this, this data. That says: oh no, these rules, I was told dont, really apply to media. Then, of course you did you get a blow job annoying because you ve already given that, like Maltese rose, you ve been told a pretty fluid excellent point you now so in in and what is your favorite part of that experience of of of being? In that way, I'm really to education, learning how white people deal each other spending, night like make friends why kids go into the house is spending sometimes again. I wanna go home. We're gonna, spend spend a weekend at your friends out.
And just seeing how white family? with means operate and how that was different from where I came from. Yeah is like chapels joke about are going to his friends house and thereby to eat it out this time. It is exactly that exact, his daughter experience that was tremendously easily. You saw that special right. I did. Did you love it? I did. Some good friend to him. So I watched him develop those jokes overtime, I'm all over the world watched him in London in in Ohio San Francisco, developing those jokes, and they were so many more allow worse. He ran from it s, got a special break, alot eggs, earthly fans and has ways Grady Aspect. We were taken aback by that. He also in it in it. Some are there so many political things you and I could talk about eventually, but but one of the cool things about him like when you're talking about what you picked up there and codes which, in all these different elements, can put someone in a very unique position to makes
observations that most people can't right. So we're at there's something about Chappelle, I think, being black. That allows him to do some things that I can't get up on stage and do you know there's some observations that he's saying that I'm like? Oh, I'm, so glad he's saying that cuz. It's really not my position to say that. But I have the same thought. You know what he's getting into the fact of like look. I can think something's weird and I can make fun of it and also really want the rights of that person to be protected, and I want them to the same opportunity that anyone else has- and I can also say I think it's weird funny, but that's just taking as its aim. That is a white do, nor should I, but I am glad that that that somehow buys him some latitude to do that. You have talked him, thus somebody's somebody's jokes and an arm in arm. We ve had discussions about you know as I can Gideon you're allowed to generalise to a certain degree. Yes, your ear, you are a lot of these allotted great comedians. You know whether
vice clay or Chris Rocker, Chapelle or SAM keenest it is like it's based on Cuba, weeping generalizations women do this man yet by women who shot in the eye and- and you know any ethnic. It gives it a point, working either become cliched or can lead to very astute sulphur commentary depending on which will you take yes what he has the of the mouse artful way of weaving in really poignant historical stuff in I just think above all skills, that's the one that he just incredible thinkers rug. Does it too pretty well, but but good boy, Chapelle, really fucking like you, can actually be choked up in the middle of that thing. Yeah yet is especially does he has special gift yeah, so you get out
This boarding school do go straight and why you either and why you at some out, I got out graduating ninety three and I started in and why you, my roommate was John forty. We start together and I was John Forte Job Forte as a rapid that I grew up with. Ah, he became famous because he produced on their first food use, album on the record whack less staying alive. I can't afford you saw cowboys and family yeah, but he famously got arrested, First selling drugs men did eight years in prison and then George Bush, lasting George Bush did before he left office was part in drafting you're kidding me so he's been out since two thousand, for I did not see. I coming yeah I've already able to pardon and what why I'm? How did that ease? He was very good friends with Taylor. Forget two guys: first name James Taylor colleague, Simon son of France, which are fourteen. We spent a long time Crawley Simons House in Marthas vineyard. Next door is orange, Hatch
senator from Republican from Pennsylvania. Orange hatch falls in love with John Forty as an artist Jha. Forty goes to jail or an hatch as despicable was. He can be spends a lot of time and George Bush's ear like gotta get my manager, forty yeah gotta, get about you gotta get about yeah, which are four days no John Foretaste, just like me, he'd, say policies of me, but he's a guy who's pardon by George W Bush. What a wild story you and now he's got blasphemy The lives of Mordechai Vanunu has brand new baby, his instagram it. Full of joy, every day is him in his baby and walking. I ask tag. Thank you George W now, but you plan something gray, and I think this is something lacking. I think, as is, is carry you know, and you and I are both on Twitter and I and I see your arguments a lot and I get in them myself, but I think we
really more than ever been forced into this binary opposition right, like so the Neighbour Marthas Vineyard, who was in Georgia, be bushes, ear right. So right, like you're kind of force now to either you know, soup to nuts hate us a person or soup, and that's love a person right and indecision. That's love! A person! You gotta now started using all the human shit they do to simply not hate a person. You got ignore some shit like whispering and George W Bush. His ear right and people are so complex right, whether this is amazing virtue and others despicable deeds in its is this up. We all this way right now, if you gotta pick on my whole life, there's shit you go about. That's a bad person ran human being is no go. We should throw them out, but it is one big thing we gotta get to be able to pick what things we like and dislike, and not right, not shut everything down activism and speaking, but most people are not activists. No an activist community is deftly, which
this must have a part of yes is. Definitely a which side are you on conversation is like either you're gonna be down. What does the solidarity, dowagers, intersects reality or a mini treaty? the enemy is so I get that got instinct. But of does nuances and there's new human nature and there's there's you know, people grow and people change not everybody agrees, so you have to its is: very, very young social media has made it harder for us. Adam conversations, because now everyone is volunteering. Their bullshit before was like. You really have to get to know somebody to understand really that thou wouldst. Her enemy now mica could just say something like you know. I don't like that. Ass. He wore dressed like a pampered suborn. You like fuck, you forever, you could not know you could be at the grocery store, see that same person. You hate doing something with their child. Riga, like among our that's just a good human being, looked at the right care that they're giving to this other person, I think, is grow advocate. That's just growth, the ashes growth in pig, paying it
yeah. I think, if your focused on growing as a person, you're gonna be aware, those things and the people who make arguments in line with strangers, they're just completely not aware of any innocent people jump in and be like, I'm gonna tell you might opinion. I know a lot of most. I would say most people who come at me and say something that I'm like what I was really racist. Things never make all the races in their life and they never even thought what they were saying. Weren't their intention wasn't racism. They just would like for something that should get them for some reason: jar and they not understand and their privileged situation right and they're. Just there just expressed their doing what they ve been taught at America. You taught the true special. You know that you are entitled to your opinion, Eureka tattoo say whatever you What is a free country you're very, very encouraged to be an individual above all thing. Yes, Europe, you almost you're almost hard wired to be provocative. You you're happy now probably a little further than your position.
Maybe even is- and this is one of my issues that you and I'll probably disagree with, but I worry about the term racist. I worry about the term homophobic. I worry about all these terms that have no gray asian in them, and so when I see them used, I think a little bit flip. Only I go. Will that really undermines what were calling David Duke if you're gonna call the do who made you know something? I was. I was just insensitive and not aware of the privilege of verses, a man whose goal is to strengthen the white practising get everyone out of this country. We need different words for that, even in the ME to movement in Matt, Damon came under fire for this. There is a Difference between wines, dean and Frank in Algeria, or you know, pussycat they gotta think, madam, is a good example.
Because here somebody who you know there's some bias here, you you aren't you you might be friends were met him and you might I'm afraid I've never met the man. Super fan of his work, love is work. Right I've, seen him do things as Satan There were a little insensitive like it was a hard thing with the project green light thing and whether or not they were higher working people of color in November. The details from that, but I remember, reading it and be like you, LISA Education in that area and so moved with me to come at wow, technically woody saying, is correct the way he said it and its position of privilege in this situation is what made it incorrect because started with. If I remember correctly, private could look it up. We started with I haven't been paying attention. That has been said. You can't start like that. You can't come into it say I haven't really been paid to harmonise our on this target. I hears my opinion of gray S. So, as opinion was what you just said, which onus on the surface I agree with, but if you're Matt Damon-
Damon who worked closely we're Harvey wants D nor many more media projects. Yeah like Harvey, wants to have been very involved in your career. You ve broken a lot of bread. What am I made? A lot of money would yeah you probably. Should you shut the fuck up on their subject matter? I dont think Matt Damon leaving his house in hosting the press conference he's out. Promoting something completely unrelated ass, they are only asking him that, because he does no one seemed so now is. Options are to say completely silence which you could say that you're supporting through silence, or he's got you wait out into the waters and say something so he's easy and in lose lose situation round the gates, because he didn't come to this press company promoting John get gas whatever for, but I think he came in and have an MRI outfit. Obviously it s another point. Ok. Now, while I watched them, why does the moving? I forget the name of the I washed and movie and as much as I do and joined the action scenes as big a fan. I am of Madame and
Do we need to see another fuckin white, Guys Asia like what? What is this? Why is you just kill it? Everything is like you, you do NL you're like hey, you know what I think you is. I think what he should have done. Yet he had to do which he didn't do was because you are so close to lasting. Is your duty to inform you so but what's going on? You can't show up at interview be, like I don't know, what's going on and and I've learned the hard way because I've what I did on Twitter, I had an argument with a with a feminist collective of people that I took this day feel like I'm owed an apology for and felt like. I was right in the point I was making, but the thing it wrong was I've self declared myself an ally to these people, and I learned online that you can't do that. You have done that. Yes, I've learned the hard way that, as as I've, untilat quality up, I'm makes forms of lifting women. I got black or pain and in all these all these all these positive things have said and done for women and end the ambient
tat, parties, feminist and and unlike my first reaction like hold up on your outlaw yes and that's why I fucked up, and it's because I didn't recognize my privileged situation so whatever, like ninety percent of what I have said was right, because I approached it from a privileged position. It in dismay. Everything I say in ASEAN, which was which was hard for me to swallow, because it was such a good point. Yeah, but I've seen in several? Could it that's true, but we can't like I'll, take the meat to movement, because I'm a woman, we can't do anything without male allies. We can not. We have to have people and same with the raced up. You have to and people on both ends. Monsieur agree with that really, oh, because because could you guys tweet is to each other because, like if I, if I get the foregoing, forgot, a white guy come on, come to me and Twitter say: hey quality black people say Nigger. Why can't I seen it and I explain it
and they said she. I don't agree which you and then my next thing is. We will have to greet me. I don't fuck, I need your opinion and I really don't need you like out. I tell white people all the time will tell me. We knew need white, alas, no, I dont need allies based on ape on they color. I need allies based on their allies, but I think the point that Monica making wenches unavoidable, which is fifty percent of the country's mail, so sure you can do whatever you want it on your side of the street, is a woman but you you're, ignoring the fact that fifty percent is country is male, so that ultimately we do need men to change. We remain silent, we gotta knowledge, there's a problem and and also help probably meant or other men, and how to fuck can do this right gesture, but they cannot really be an ally until they do that, so somewhat hasn't done their work than that person, you don't need you need. The person has already done their work yeah, but I guess to question ever or trying to get.
With what? How do you get someone to do that work? If the first interaction is confrontation, yeah right- and I think- and you can speak for women aspect for black people living for her Louisiana, and not out, will you can speak for yourself aspects for myself. I think they D got reaction to for many people. Color is what you just said. But we need other people to do the work. So your gut react- she was somewhat comes you'd challenge you to do the work that you been doing. You're fucking life is like fuck, you get to gotta you, I'm not trying to heat. I should declare should go to what is being races in ASEAN states. Arm chair, if you dare our show, is also brought you buy Spotify. You know I get a lot of beats from people wondering. How do I listen to armchair expert and, of course, if your hearing my voice right now, you ve already figured it out, but I think that noise is here there in what where'd it now exists is Spotify. Did you know that every
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your booty. I in my lab song, ya gotta get some called on on that Spotify on Spotify. You can listen, all your favorite shows and discover new ones. Just not a toned down. Discover too many that you gave us an armchair expert were whom we chose to subscribe to. This shows search for armchair expert, tap, follow in get every new episode delivered to you, podcast on Spotify, their streaming right now and now and now, but, but I also think we we definitely lost the nuance in this country. We ve lost the ability to hold two conflicting opinions. At the same time, we have lost the middle road between anything. You know what no one would accept is so my little sister, I fucking lover you just matter she could kill twelve people. I might think she needs to go to jail, but I also will probably say I love
her? I will love her, no matter what she done. I love her. So what what? What what Matt Damon probably feels conflicted about is. I love Harvey wine. Steen I've had this relationship with him. There is a side of him than I know intimately, and I love in a very bum, but this is another part of him, but that doesn't mean I you pulled my heart. I think you said a lot with other committees were friends with Lucy K like you have this whole experience in life with somebody. Then you find out something terrible about them and I think the outside world wants you to say I don't love or care about this person, this person's Yvonne they should be put in a whole, but that is not realistic, that's not there's no nuances that there's no reality. It's like all things are true. This is despicable, I'm so Bundy did this. I also love this person would still push him out away, betraying like all things, happening that want right will look at em, Adam Horowitz from the Beastie boys. What happened with whose father was a professor in New York? and it just recently came out a few months ago that if there was a bunch of
sexually harassment, assault allegations against his father, he's named after his father, so era in add rock and obesity is named after his father. He came out immediately was like. I think my father did all that I am still my father, but I trust and with these women I've noticed in the public sphere. He doesn't identify what his father's last me as us. So I think that's the dvd tax or counter to the war. I loved this person because you can't ice, I'm I'm sure you to love his father. Is there anything your kids could do but there's nothing. They could do right that whatever make you not love, not love you! You know absolute resident, I about these crazy hypothetical conversations where we find out our oldest daughter. Is killing and even people- and she says what do you do when I say I take her to an island where there is no people. All of the rest of my life and maybe said I fucking him dedicated like I love nothing happened. A human spirit allows for that. We all relate to that, but I think would when we talk about our responsibility, you have
this to the society, especially as a public figure, it becomes a different Ngos like despite everything we would. Great power, comes great responsibility. It out. You ve, lived a life that you ve attain is great power to celebrity or mean famous, you gotta be careful where he willed. Yeah and what you say- and I am you know- that the delusion Caitlin his interesting to me cause I'm a huge fan. I'm a member fan Club Day that dust of came out He was just announced, leave putting out his movie. I was about to bide five dollars by the movie and there was like it I think, Mark Marin. I think his his real response was was that I was able to look at and relate to yeah and understand your arms and prayer. Using basically said about right, like all I can say is: he is a really good friend and I'm really sad rivers, but he also tat. The thing I think was import from the says. He said that I was friends with these media. There were accusing them of this. I made him feel confident, not comfortable enough to tell me right so
what am I doing wrong that women are friends? What can't come to me with this? Always at the end, he's like Israel was really interesting proceed. He spoke about Louie and he spoke about how he didn't like what he was also said: Lily like him anyway, you still his friend, but he was like you These I looked around and what I do. I don't women, men and my work. Any said it made me he's, I'm I'm forty. Fifty some euro is old and I'm still growing as a person with this issue. How can I be? How can I made it to this age? Is still be this ignorant about my own relationships, yeah, and I think I think one when you start growing. That's when you die John Stewart all it had a very similar funny response to being accused. A slight or some some online magazine that his show wishes the boys club and all this he said, the sun
turn any and he was so offended by right. He was so hurt is again he thinks of himself as a real tat. They have lost our women right there and he just wrestling with it all day, all night, because of the writers room the next morning he was. Can you believe what this woman said MIKE John You hear this Phil did you right, ok is right, osier rose shit there, she is. She has a point right. I think I just essay for Medium a book called free speech or die. Where I'm talk about how the I feel like the alt right, as is weaponizing free speech, to shut down speech, they just don't want to hear, and one of the points I make about the me too thing and say spaces and trigger warnings in committee is like our Chris Rock who say go to college is anymore because to politically correct yeah. The first point to make is one: I don't hold a comedian to the same standard. I would hold a politician or more richest Spencer. You know I could come,
we talk early committees are, is based on generalization. So I don't. I don't, expect a pre comedian to be politically correct, but at the same time the people what these colleges, two kids at these colleges, the french Revolution, the counterculture movement is sixties. They ve all spending a re, sad history. So if there are wrong only accusing people at things every once in a while. We might just have to take that as a society like em collateral, Yet this dump, you know, there's somebody who might be called a rapist was not really a rapist. That's gonna happen, but I think we have. I think, because, because of what women have gone, but can I just say I'm on that point, which is that's hard for me to swallow, because our entire judicial system is set up on the opposite principle, which is we're. Gonna have to live with some guilty people get off so that no innocent person goes to prison. That's the idea that we ve kind of re all collectively agreed upon for me no three years. So for me, that is hard to know that someone's gonna go down
down. That's innocent! I dont know why that's really hard for me like this is fucked up it, but what I'm saying is that it's like it's like the rotation in South Africa. Rain is like white farmers that there's there's the nazi propaganda. Is there Farmers have been genocide. It is white genocide going to San Francisco cause people would take a retribution for the for the land that debt there's. This dollars like there are going to be some innocent white farmers dodo gonna, killed in South Africa is going to happen. You know how many innocent black farmers have been killed. You know my innocent blacks, when you, when you, when you look at the numbers came, is just a fact of life that that is, as is, I don't know how you guys believe karma in I'm saying, but is com? Is chickens coming home to roost? Yeah is so so yes, woods, what's often at play is that there are contradictory, three motives that we all have so even our constitution. This country, we are based both in liberty and were based inequality. Both of those are explicitly stated goals and often those two things are in direct opposition.
Yeah, it's a we're, never gonna get a hundred percent liberty, nor we gonna get honeybees inequality because I happen to you know we have conflicting principles were trying to pay lip service to so so this this. This little pendulum is swinging back and forth between liberty and equality. In writing. It can't be in one place and likewise you're bringing up something which I agree with, which is a utilitarian view of the world, which is at the end of the day. If this results in change. Yes, some some innocent white farmers die a ton of black folks dive. It's all gonna come out the wash. I agree with that state member. At the same time, I will then have a county in view of the world and go now one innocent man cannot go to prison. I do not accept that. So I have you non juggling two different, almost always in philosophy and the same as you. I am the same issue and out and as like F there's gotta be times when went is unpopular like, like diseases. I'm sorry is a great example where historical,
out his people he was accused and our culture is like you believed victim immediately. That's you know you have that's what you're supposed to do right, but when you look at the blood was a babe dot net. What what kind of what kind of reviewed. Is this blog at the stories on the person's anonymous? When you look at that site, every other stories, gossip story was like it's not like that came out of New York Times on their reports and gave their name, so can it be credible? Well does, as these add credibility to it, because he deftly did text as women back in Who knows and what did he persists? It was like all these, they ask you and I think it is definitely his word versus frozen. None of us were there, but at what point the habitats? The conversation is like at what point does it become credible? Does it could become credit, credit
a book on the accusation, or do we actually look at the facts and I think that's really would conversational and also let's at this. This is something that I don't ever hear brought up, which I think about all the time. If you and I leave here right now and we go to the grocery store, we spent an hour there and you ask us a week later what happened in that grocery store? I will promise you you and I will have a completely different experience, because I have all these triggers right I have fears, so I think you know I grew up on a special out. I think people think I'm stupid Saul remembered this moment between the cashier and either I interpret as him thinking. I was too dumb to find my car card, you would have not seen that right is a totally different because I'm so impressed by my lens, the it is by I'm telling you the truth,
in your telling the truth, and that is hard for us to acknowledge that two people can both be telling the truth. In those things not meet up or die, it doesn't mean one person's line. It means that one presented a much different experience, yet it in diseases very cool. I think he's handled this in a great way, which is like, when she started saying that was really disturbing to me it to me, it seems like he pretty much said. While I had such a dick experience. Rather sorry, let's talk about this right, which I think is about as good as you can do in that more than us. His personality day developed was comedy yeah and Israel guy yeah, you know I'm easy, he placed Tom. Have reading, plays Randy any place these these. These sort of massage MR characters to make fun of them and a stand up. A lot of a stand up is awkward moments with women, yap, awkward cook at moments, awkward dating yards, and so it went a wet that that that exchange was like these sort of
Like them to double game version of him, if you to believe anything happened, what I want to talk about is that we in ninety ninety three- I graduated ninety three as well in about ninety one the two on discovering Jasmine Taos, which I think you and I bonded on yet When I came to see you too to times ago, Donald Bird, that that open me up and down a bird, I went on a doll bird rabbit Hall. I am also loving de La Solon. I'd be one right. Maybe three million rising comes out and I am their fucking. Sampled, stealing am, I know I know you. Things are happening at that moment. That's right when you're kind of coming of age as an artist- Why do you starting to go on gonna? Give you this right very golden kind of period for you right yet that stuff all inform what what me
absolutely leaders as absolutely do those at artist that I was looking up to. Did you like arrested development? Oh yeah, yeah I got in there are obviously you like tribe, called question on gelatin, and so is it is it is it? Was it helpful to have those exams goes? I touch on an earlier, which was at that time. What was being monetize at too great success is the kind of gangbanger lifestyle while that debt or hip hop aesthetic was that that nineties error doktor address new dog or probably the most popular act from hip hop in early nineties. They broke through. Tv in a way that nobody else did. But tropical question platinum, Cyprus, silver, platinum, docile we're platinum gangster nicest move. These were data, so every by when plan yeah platinum million seller to millionth remedies in Burundi is underground aesthetic, but I will go and Justice platinum instigation of West Bank right. You have.
Your exact same career and nineteen, eighty or ninety you're selling a ton albums right album sales of just precipitously fallen off since those day here. Pete Dr records for the money is ensuring that their become the business. The monies always been adoring, because even people did by record. They were paying to wreck accompany, not the artists as though the artist who became manoeuvres that only able to wriggling really get paid are few and far between as mere fact when the Forbes listed just came out the three highest paid musicians right now, in the in the world are Jesse the doktor drain or people who We're a smart enough to go independent twenty years ago, death row I saw gray documentary them. You're gonna want when they had five hundred million. Now is to define what is while Thou, almost fuckin fanaticism You have you have enough s, arm, isn't much you wash or too. This is my. This is the highest compliment. I can pay two things and I often worked like email someone. I seen their work when you make something that makes me feel like a piece of shit like a use.
Was unproductive hungry. You please, I said yes, I, like you, had a good document. Ok, I was due to fire ones and, unlike you lose live in your life. Just so impressive. All the stories that they go through he'd really dig it as musician, even like Bruce Springsteen, who of course, our respect I didn't really know what his work programme was his word yeah yeah yeah, and you know let me I love you MOSS yeah in Jimmy, I being was really educated through recording an album right was brings in yes in learning that work ethic, and things like that. I really pick up that. I love it's like. Why can never sing like Bruce rings thing. I can do these things. Boy. I can add that work ethic right minimally. I should have that work at the right. You have that work ethic. Does is your sixteenth album that you're you're out onto a was right? Now, yes, radio, silence? Yes, how are you so prolific, Cutty, stay creatively kind of spired. I love it. I you know I love it. I was doing it whether I was successful added or not. I've I'd start too
big money, you're half answer started because I love it. That's really aspiration and then unrewarded from it, because I could pay mobility, charisma, kids, so, on top of loving it there people do things because they reward it greatly rewarded for participate in your first successes, black star that yeah fair to Syria. And how do you know my stuff tries to hunt anxiety. I get when I say certain names, no names, here's the fuck, I wasn't so I wouldn't saw you and tell your friends were calling you call right as a core of one day, I'll decide to go anywhere. I met However, my saying there are yeah yeah he's now Yassin Bay, but in America stoves two answers to most half hour. Fanny his he was a guy who had a record called group called urban thermal dynamics. And then he had a single as most deaf any, which is a local local hero army. Malcolm my worn out, spinner chauvinist Cosby, Show word: Theo's character was you're from school and most characteristic Sanders American Express Commercial or most
in the commercial this before career started? Yet so he was like a local guy makes good so he's acting acting. He has you know he has the only copy mysteries at this time. You know you're a real, close relationship with the whole house being that crew and we just was a guy Brooklyn would freeze down a park with us, but then leave and go have a job in on. All of us were broken out of his head or working he's being paid to wrap and act at the time when I was a teenager doing yeah, and is he your mentor at that point is to a certain degree of learned, so yeah now he's really special have learned so much from him. I I learned core from him. I learned stagecraft from him MA. Am I learned my worth from him? He would walk into meetings and b b like we need x, amount of Dallas novel, Ok much nobody told them, they would give it to a hamlet, oh shit, we're worked out yeah who says I M Lord even had a just stand our ground and a business meeting for most and is the black star experience. Zero, sixty or
the slow burn. Not it was there. It was pretty more serious if it was some, he became a fan. Margaret was coming to the bookstore that I was working at. I was given in books to read and then are we had children at the same time. Arm are the mothers of our children, became friends westward hanging out with him at his house, but I'm still a fair, yes I believe demo tapes at his house, and then what did you call me? He was like TAT, listen to your demo tape and it was really good and we need to make we made a solemn together and when we may, he was sign of rockets at the time we made us, gonna get. I took the sooner we made to rocks and they were like. We can put this out. I believe him, a bunch muscle list of today, like any other I played and saw her almost empty like this. Is America no end people really less called fortify law. People like the song so much that when I was before the open MIKE's most will show up when he was due shows he would show up, and we d but this camaraderie on stage that my predated, the black start thing, but the people of Iraq has noticed it. They will
they were gonna put out a record me hijack and our most african, but they said they asked us to make a record together. The sort of put our names out there more yeah and that's what we came with the idea of black star. So we took about a year to record, we dropped it and I M from the time we dropped it. It was treated like an actual rap yeah. You know, and I was like eyes- adultery you, twenty, maybe twenty one holy fuck, what happens to your ego at that point, my ego. They really take off until they three four years later, the reform to be like I'm, the shit yeah that, in almost all tricky to give young people write a level of success. It there's no training for that. Right, yes, see. I was we were famous, but we weren't making a lot of money and are still never I've never been. Oh, I'm never made a million dollars, and in this I mean I've overtime but I'm not I'm of emigrate working class musician. You know that you could probably do not go to bed.
Dentists and make more than me in himself like a nose. I like a great cry, structure yeah, you know like you could be an average danced yet as does absolutely correct, but what I have as cultural currency, I could walk into any room. I want to walk into. You can walk in any party when work do and what I at the most working class people to have the privilege of being lab is even more working class musician. I can just go out there, create money, whereas working class people have to wait five years to build up, I can be like Ok, I'm gonna go do this. Do you also have something that could only occur to you in retrospect, which is by not being the brightest flame in the lineup username burn out rise out like you're vanilla ice has this one song catches, Zeit, Geiss, random, nothing there beyond that. They are you just have this. You know super deep bench of of work and always being relevant in that,
weirdly in the end can shock you have like all. That was the right lane to be made right, and it brings us back to the de LAS holes in the game, stars and world the ADI? Everyone has like. I have two or three hit records, but I'm not considered a one had wonder right. I am by people who only pay attention to mainstream. Like the white Supremacist Romeo, Where did you like? You only have one hit, but you don't have to pay attention to music. You know that I write but to people beta, I'm not a one. He wondered because that one hit weather is get by I are hot thing over the blast there poor laid into developing a cold family sets. What blew my mind on Wednesday witches you do this cool thing where you go. If you were born in the seventies, put your hands up course. I have sadly put my hands and then you go to eat. You know if the eighties I'm thinking. Oh they'll, be people here in the eighties. Oh shit, there is most evil Vienna eighties, and then you do nineties in that was almost the same as that the abs and then did you
you thousands and there's like a fuckin eighteen year old kid in the ADI rationales like that. That is very unique. Also crazy, diverse crowd, yeah! I am proud of that crown yeah. It's really cool, mostly thinkers, I would say by am I could just kind of generalised what I thought I was seen. There seem to be a lotta thinkers idea. I think that month my music attracts thinking, people but you're, now you're, you're touring, and in so you say like three years later, there has to be a point when you're young that you're, like my god, I am the fuckin shit and everyone loves me, and this is going to be a rocket ship to two hundred and ten was a time I was in a club in New York on a streak of forty flavors and MOS Def. Just reminded me of this recently, we just did a show at a sold out show in Denver he's like memories to in that club, and I turn to you. A vip such into club, we drink a champagne. I was like colleagues were wrapped stars.
Beverly when he said in his answer was deadly like we vocalize between each other, yet in we're in your also in place- and I don't even know if you could have awareness of this because you ve only been you- ve only live there, but New York in particular has a really if your famous or if you have cultural capital at New York, it's It's different experience like it really the whole city can open up to you guys. I used to go there all the time as someone who was not famous and then one time I went there, I was feminine episode upon for some reason. Ashen was hanging. Without puffy all the time you want to harmonise our yeah, then, all of a sudden, I'm in this long. Jane of Suvs and we're going in and out of places in the places is stopping unknown recipe. A thing all these things- and I am now this is an experience that this does not happen and ally. Is that, like we could you and I could get some town Carson sinister cruising around it be so
Britain not pay a bill, but this was happening like theirs. Is we're kind of like meat history of New York? Words like they like their Sinatra's, they like there. Billy Joel's, they like you, have its thinks himself as the Black Frank Sinatra. Yes, yes, even those living. Even he really thinks that any mentioned it in the get him to the greek movie. He's, like I'm frank, I myself am francs, and so it is even if it could be even more confusing because that city in particular, can you will. You will find yourself in a vip section drinking champagne at twenty six years, all where you profess buying a happen other places in. So what is that due to your head? Does that make you less patient with a life with with with girlfriends wives with kids. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who the writer here and in Hollywood just yesterday, she was telling me how we should deal with Artists have
Revolving around them- and I was like yeah- that's accurate and it's hard to explain that the people will not doing art for a living, because it's in a lot of ways you have to do it and when you try to explain that you have to move like that, it sounds callous out of touch yeah, I started my career workin for four, did he tell you had enough liars go into parties so like a uniform master flex? Indeedy like these guys, I was around when I M, when I first before What are known as wrapper, When did he sees me now he's remembering me from when I say flyers was parties year, an ongoing issue shine back year. They never said this to you and you are not like that. What was interesting is there was appointed We me most deafened everybody. We were known for conscious, music, the unknown to me. Under a cat, and because I came from the ditty error. I never was comfortable at that level
so I would go out of my way, and I do it less now, as a forty three year old man, but I you know, I was the party fucking king, for, like ten fifteen, go to a party or anywhere in our lay, and I mean these support. All these parties are here resiny Xenia. But he's like ice bring Prince to the party here, an hour later, I've I was voted. I would go to turn to buy in London like I, was to party fucking king by out the ball. I bought a vip upbringing. All my friends in and it was. It was almost like a way to tell myself till fit to not put myself in a box. We I'm I'm going to show up at the rally going to be activists, but almost going to turn up, and you can't put me in that box. Yet it was a focus of mine to go to all the parties and be and that was just that was also knew no I've grown or tomorrow skin. I dont have feel a need to do that. No more broadly, a lotta years buying a lotta champagne
at a bottle, the has had trying to prove that I could help drinkin our party, everybody YAP, and is it done to do you think that's a product of em? We just as I think, because we are these social animals that were designed to live in these large groups, that we are very, very consumers status, its it. We cannot divorce ourselves from cause. That's how does alphabet in all these things in so invariably you're you're, always comparing yourself to somebody cause, there's a certain level anxiety when you were in a group of people, you don't know who's who who's the alpha situation, your who's, the boss, who's this in your so you're you're, always comparing yourself to people because you you fucking hardwired. Do that that how could you not be comparing yourself to all these other people? They do the same job as you yeah deftly came into the business. Competition minded a high get everyone, even my friends as competition and not in a person away or bad way, but just like ok,
you gonna escalation away, yeah. Ok, that's what he's doing. I can do that better. I, if I Carver MOM Rushmore Bill Marie's on it. They were Letterman's on it Jaycees on it. I just I couldn't be more of us what that person could Jaycees. It is a good person to be obsessed with an he say the line he he said in one of his songs. He said a skill sold truth be told. I probably be lyrically telecom, which is one of the highest compliments up in paid in mockery? It was great just got goosebumps when you said about your boy, he remembered that then he would say he was retiring. Is black album that he said this on our own? he said this, my last album and on his last hour more Sancho moment, clarity with first song is about first verse about his father, which eighty never talked about his father and his whole career is second versus took on me. A common. Haha, I'm studying Jay Z at this point- Jay Z, at this point in when he said it, two thousand and four he's the zeitgeist. He he is the culture it doesn't get bigger.
Better than Jason is easier, walk the line any would J, he's talent is he's equally as good as being an An m c as uses is a businessman which is rare. No, she got her not made forty million dollars recently on some thing noises. For now spend his career. Being a great M seat is be heeded. Focus on a business yankee focused around when he became a grown man now, ok. Now, I'm in a vest and the great bismuth Josie started out like his first rhyme was like a bet, a trip to view Yes, the universality, starting out like I'm, going to Vegas on my first job. Yes, you know that at the point in his career were Jason was he could get better than jazzy anything. I'm gonna stop and he's thinking about me and stigma. Common yeah that fuck me up and it may have made me feel it. I was doing the right thing: does that not just cement yet exactly that going like I, I found my right lane and I should stay in it because I would just told by somebody that there's someone I don't even think
borders on where yes isn't that, so that that to me happy with you, which is I'm obsessed with you, I have been for a long time. I was just trying to think today. How are you in polyglot turned on you, but you did one of those red hot albums yeah that must where I found you, although it likes it lacks dar, but I didn't actually cost with there. I think I'm writing this book, but that red hard thing is as a proud as of participate. Mozambique is a very small small, small footnote, but those red most must have meant a lot to people, because Yoke is red. Year. Like my my my my editor for my book, a turn in this the book I was too the forty chapters he's. I can you write more about the red hot thing anyway, why does a tiny little moment. It means a lot to lobby, but obviously it does. I think you know what has happened. Is I think I what I went down the jasmine has rabbit hole in it.
Somehow it just ended up into that stuff. Had a lot of jazz, fusion's yeah on and read out Africa with sailor yet- and I think that's how I found it, so I'm upset with you cause, I'm just assuming for no good reason, although now have come to realise a lot of wrappers are super into common. For whatever reason I urge their yeah, don't know what it is, but I can use always at Largo inch. It seemed kind underground. Yet how many right these trends with disease he loves coming. So it makes more sense to me now, but at any rate you I followed you on Twitter for a long time, and I think I just can't said something on common and on something, and then you wrote me something really nice and then use at all. I've seen most shit you're in, and I was like that same thing out our labour. This is not possible. This can't be. How could
this human being, who I look up to be aware of me. This is weird can't resist those that those butterflies of being recognised by people. I look up to, I think at first noticed you ass soon ass. I saw you on punked. First noticed you and eighty accuracy raven. I followed my judge from like you know only billions I'd say not just like anything, my Did I will watch over and over again in this day and age? I just use. Your range was
are you press to me from four in a first time you live rant, and I know it's focused on forty characters, but it's like assistance was incredible arrangement. Thank you. Here's what you ve worked with Conny Right and of Madame I I I sometimes will will will defend him. He doesn't want me to, but I will defend him with a certain theory I haven't. I want you to way and on it, which is, if you look through recent history of the most influential musicians we ve had, I believe, generally they were people who saw the world differently. That's why they were able to create something new.
And I think there is a that you pay a toll for seeing the world differently. I agree. I think it can be painful, done comfortable to be out of step with everyone around you, so you're out of step with everyone around you. You have this unique point of view and in every one else seems to be on the same page about all these things and there's a lot of discomfort. That comes with that there's on making art that comes out of that in so I have defended, can sometimes going this guy is in arguably a genius seat. He really has a unique unique point of view in life yeah. I think Kenya is on my desk Four canyon is interesting, their canoes so great, but we always have to defend his shirt and a more developed economies. Kenya so self aware a source or of himself so confident they makes people who don't have the confidence feel uncomfortable. You know an end in a serious conviction is come here somewhere, conviction that if you stand for something you feel really a comfortable people to lash out against Kenya are people with no conviction
The people who stand in the shadows, like Seth Macfarlane, said I'm not the hero on the guy I was in order to make a funded here sure yes and affect us out, because he is always the hero in a story in it. The Chinese, that a lot of things that I disagree with Germany said a lot of things. I agree with the only thing that I pushed back. I'm telling you that I will say in public that, unlike that, one thing it's one thing he did. I did not agree with was him of showing like amount of support for tromp in visiting Trump. That's the only thing I don't know about this here. Can you visited trumped the week that from got in that so punk rock though you have to admit that is so against? What's expected at the end, I think that's why I'm here dad is here: MILAN, o o blonde hair and- and I think he had a play- I think he had a plan applause in art, installation, that's brilliant, yet yeah, if you could look at it from
Thirty thousand is as a fucking art installation, and this is the next level. It's a mandico mission. I wholeheartedly gotten trouble for that. He we weirdly said he kind of regretted that, as an owl monologue me, I was with him and that moment, by the way to outside will focus on this. What we got, let's give him a chance. Yeah he's ready, saying in a little while ours had kind ever kindly regretted, visiting delete. It always Trump tweet, but I guess I think it is the same with statements do the US or Steve. Are we talk about why everybody, madam, like motherfucker like what are you doing like you can't talk which rob I know you get. Miss Universe, money with him, but I think what it is that, where there is presentment who was an artist who went to sing for trouble community manner when you're that live, What famous you have a bubble around you you're not participating on the twitter discussion, you're, not on Facebook, you're, not on the ground. With the activist, I have a unique perspective. Cuz, I'm on the ground, with the activist, my famous friends, were famous like a Kanye or Steve Harvey and like that they don't
aware of the languages being spoken or so wrong when word, twitter sharing stories about Trump said, like People are lazy. Trump said this trumped they're, not paying attention to that. If you're famous can't you for certain maritime. You been in a room with not a drop of. He shook his anti took individual rights and that's your Europe. Your standard spirit, you known from this liberty, apprentice, yeah you're, not really aware of his housing problem or their father, was in a cake. Ok, that's for the people on Twitter Facebook, so these celebrities, therein these bubbles and they they think that they are different. So that's what it is just as just being unaware will you also I mean this is this? Is the mistake I make. I often think that I understand the other side better than I do or that I more centrists then Maybe I am- and I think oh I can. I can be the person that actually conveys our point to them, like I'm in the middle enough that maybe they'll listen to me and I'm always wrong about that. But ass it s, death,
does it interesting admission, because that right there is the central problem which centres thought is that too often, when you, when you, when you're, when your goal is some movies for free speech and I'm a centrist your? U you often fires unwillingly unintentionally, Us aligning where people are used extend tourism, a use of free speech for some other bullshit, you Do I want to know why, because someone I like about as much as you is SAM Harris and are you in some kind of SAM Harris WAR I, not like Samara talk about all the radio and I will not make an apology to him about that. I love you and oral. I make an apology to you that I let him. But what is your guises beef, the monkey aware of his car layered. First off, I'm not an atheist right.
I'm someone who has a belief in God my belief and got a strong enough to, whereas I don't call it a belief. I feel like I know, God, it's not the God of the war beard and a heavens looking its is. Is that thing that connects all of living things about the fact that I breathing oxygen Aubrey carbon dioxide, the trees take that in they create oxygen. Is that symbiotic between all living things? Tat to me, is God not the Bible. Disclaimer some of my best friends were super smart or atheist in general, I feel like to arrive at atheists, and you have to be pretty pretty smart, Then you have to have paid attention enough to see the floors or religion to be able to call it out. Too often, atheists and the atheists and I'm talk about is not the whole school class. Eighth, isn't gonna fix Classic atheists M is, I don't believe in God? not a fringing of you believe I just choose not to believe in a myth or a fairytale. Yes, I can understand that, and I agree with the proper
measures that you have a generation of new atheists that are influenced by Christopher Kitchens and Richard Dawkins these people, the people that bill more loves. You know and he's one of em call you. I grammar I'd like eighty percent, I feel like you can beat. You goes to harden Muslims and I feel, like he's he's he's he's moved intellect sort of the White nationalist ideal of eighth ism away from where he was when he did religious, which was more all encompassing the I'm gonna critique each religion? Equally, yeah he's moved to this. No islamic early worse than anything else, and that to me is not based on a working knowledge Islam, but is based on prejudice against brown people. The same reason why Sikhs and people were not Muslims get beat up by Islamophobia think they're muslim. Could they were in a turban yeah? You know, I think, that the rhetoric that say a Christian sometimes be more and its people ill. It asked that- and these are these are older rich. Men knowing that they are not dealing with being profile. They same Harris won't get profiling
airport, not someone SAM Harris, writes a blog called in defence of profiling, he's defending races. Because what is saying is that, based on stereotypes, so it really quick was that the trigger we'll know I'd ups that wasn't a trigger. I didn't know anything about same air soccer. I just knew that recently, I get attacked by white supremacy groups online and they first like anime stands and then is like Emma. Stand, and then it was one theirs machine was stands right. Guys like this. This is this: this Muslim guys ex muslim machine who was propped up by white nationalist groups as the Anti Islamic well look disguise to be radical. Islam is and now he's down what us he's propped up by SAM House, so these white supremacy trolls they use Gee cause he's a brown person and trot a weapon I am against me. I didn't know anything about budget are read up on him. Yeah don't agree with him. Either. Magee jumps in trolling me, along with these white supremacy and then ought no widespread here
getting his money is backing from SAM Harris, while he was on Myanmar, he famously Arkwright Ben Afflux, rare For that you have video so here is the first treaty ever sent me. He called me Anne S, J, W Anne S, J D S Estate w, a social justice warrior the term that gain popularity of fortune and ready in a white supremacist deal storm front bench appeared. Early wire like these ought right term does met to disparage p we will fight for social justice I don't want you to lose your rhythm, but your retention of names is pretty as how have you been having that Monica around like a cat at him and held out his many names can really proud of what so as to job yes, because what you are saying is you're, saying that there's something wrong with social justice, the people who use that term their quick to back it by saying I'm, not dissing real social justice workers analysing the regressive left, which is the term, made up a same hairs. Yet he made up better.
Did I term so I'm guessing the regressive left that that does really do social justice just try trigger right wing people? The problem with that is that with someone makes a critique. Asked him the point out their social justice work men. They can never do it. So if you're gonna critique me, saying, I'm a fake soldiers rather walk the walk. You better show me your social justice work nannies people could do was to SAM Sam Paris in the first week. To me, call me and asked: w said I was appointed a regressive left. These are all right races SAM Harris has aligned himself with the all right interview, Charles Murray. He would disagree with that. I know you would Israel is a liar, well honed areas, so that, but let me oh generous notion, okay, so SAM Harris, when he writes ways calling a black activists and s J, w and appointed a regressive left terms that are, Lloyd by Nazis and white supremacist. When he's writing a blog saying in defence of profiling, saying we should in profile the eighty, your white lady, but we should profile browned our money, metallic quality I get.
Probably being black and have a muslim me. Your wipe, waning sameness, Elmhurst till you go to when I go to don't fuckin, defend profound, can't defend profoundly law enforcement agency say we don't catch criminals from profiling when you defend profiling, of defending stop in frisk you're defending things have put my life So when you call me regressive left when you defending profiling, when you will you bring your pockets, Charles Murray, to overthrow the bell? Could you listen to that? I was not good unawares fuck, which Osborne Charles Marie's races that using nazi anti diversities. Did. He see saying that I Q was as a correct measure of intelligence, which is not right in saying that Black people naturally have lower accuse. If you give a prof wanted a guy, I can fuck wit ye. Well, ok, boy! I dont really well, defend Charles Murray, but I listened to him on the same thing and I would say, were were what you're saying differs from what he saying is we're doing all of this broad testing and I choose, and I now
Data and do I, as a scientist, pretend I don't have that data Set SAM was very critical hymns of saying. I understand that point of view, but you must ask yourself at some point, but why? What's the end goal right because I dont think Charlemont is a race for the Ngos, have blame, oppressed people for their own oppression, ass to go to state a black people and people color there is not. Our fault is just science issues biology. Why are you better wiping? Russia's borrowed you naturally not you have low eighty and we're not when I get attacked on Twitter is a straight up. Not you can't does not does not mince words. He is put people, namely himself after poor meal in his people, saying we need too. We need to build a wall, a kick or people call out the country. They are the people, their quoting Charles, yeah Charles marvelling MOB debug by every scientist, tat side of America's psychology today Harvard Yale everything
for all of us. The same disgraceful shit yeah. I dont really trying to defend him. I had a much different issue with it. Unlike you, I was willing to say that's fine that might exist they that those those that might happen, but maybe Blackfoot, do tat. Lower others, ain't asian folks, tat test higher than ass, a mother s, another Nazi point, the motto minority myth see what they do is it is about putting pitting asian people against black people. For that. For this of white supremacy. The first thing that a lot of these white supremacy, all of them have japanese anime avatars. They always trot that one f wage and people's tests higher what those are age, people whose Paris rigid do recognize, though, that quite often good intention material gets weapon eyes by a group of people that they weren't really trying to us. That happens all the time on the left and right o absolutely, but you have also realised that when it comes to discussing oppression, attention, never matters results do well. I'm with you
Men a and we say people aren't judge you by your intention, their indigenous. I, your actions. Of course I am in a position to do this because I am of a control white guy. So let me first acknowledge that is that this Eggs of this argument, or nearly as high as running, is funny asshole, because, as another thing is not to say to me as the sea have a lock you, they quality is short. Clearly, I'm not sure, but that becomes it or talking. I'm saying I'm most president's have been tall, yet only a my man, not only my wife, a muffled it s, not all pray. A gentle like you, you you're, naturally, is
you mean I am more leadership, qualities that maybe I do like this is like the blues Brothers movie winch when she would go up to the bar, the boss bunker. She goes well you're, the tallest. You must be a chart right, so so so let me just start by saying that I can. I can evaluate this stuff from a very disengage position, because I I'm not gonna get pulled over cause, I'm driving a Mercedes in the middle of the night and get asked what do I do for a living right? All that being said what I was willing to think about at least being opened up to think about a lick, let's it'll, let's just for one second say that that was true- that those is also true in that test is even relevant scientifically. Let's just even say that after this is hard for me to do that took a so culturally buys. I'm with you is so you might be right that that's not even hunting, let's Is this your guy for five seconds that what Charles Murray actually discovered is a real thing? That's empirical and could be peer, reviewed and
we think for me. I then went to a place, and this is where I was critical of the discussion with with those two words They are also in the same conversation admitting that intelligence is probably fifty percent biological nature in fifty percent. Nurture do. Can you go along with that or I've enough of a scientist who does not to speak of well again. We after was soon now that this is the case, and so, if your acknowledgement that fifty percent of intelligence is isn't is in natural, in that black people are testing, one standard deviation lower than white people, then all you have to prove is that the the nurse her in this country,
socio, economically, so little opportunity. So all these elements, I definitely believe that the the environment could be to stand or deviations lower than what white people are dealing with me. If I, if I want to just for five seconds, say that that's what's happening these test scores. I yet, and I at least now have the option of a solution which is okay. We need to figure out why in the Black sea, de there not getting what they need that, what what are white kids, getting that black kids aren't getting and now we need to fix that cause. Like my based, my baseline assumption is an anthropologist as there is no intelligence difference right, yeah, we're all just the same speech. You then I don't buy that in so
that's not an assumption. That's not an assumption when it meets the trick is to truth. Oh yes, but from my point of view, that's the truth. I'm not I'm not repelled by some disturbing information like that. I go into the mode of ok. Why still circle back to the fact that I dont believe any raised, which is even terrible indicator of our differences, is dumber or smart. There's another explanation in that explanations worth finding, so we can fix it. Yes, it s a very privileged position to take, because when you say because our the luxury definition, because the same science pseudoscience that Nazis used to say less killed the juice That's the same science, the cases Jim Crow. Unless hangings, you know, so I don't have to have the historical perspective. In order for that to happen, you have the one suspend historical perspective. Pretend history never exist,
create this imaginary world of. If and maybe possibly, and then you also have to assume that SAM Harrison, Charles Murray and Jordan Petersen enriches Spencer and all these people pushed it. Bullshit, that they have black people's best interests Emma you have to assume but their attention is justice. I can assume they attention is Georgia. I have to now not just a sober look. It look at the fact that this guy also, What a blog on profiling I said profiling, is ok after look at the fact that all the but he's come to me. I say you have lesson, Elegant black blackmail, Charles Murray says I have to look at the fact that they use that to justify exterminated. No no say so. So it's like it's like our own invokes yet only we'll go when I was when I was nineteen years of work, and I think you were books, the Bell curve came out. I was work, and had an african american Bookstore when the Bell curve came out our community twenty. I don't know how hold house in areas as guardian authorities. Right So many of our age, I so when I came out like
a lot of these young new Nazi types who were at their unite right. They look up to Charles Marie they. Charles Murray Sham Harrison. George George Petersen Bench appear. They use them as see. Look, these guys khakis and ties and there's more encouragement. Let me just also say both sides. Both api and religious folks are also using. Einstein, quotes certain yet I D say: yeah everyone can make any bit of thing fit there. There narrative yeah, but this distant s. Not. I can't really do the both sides thing. Ok, that's why I would feel I would. I do feel compelled to tell you what I think SAM Harris's messages on Islam in and tell me if you can see any true to this statement, which is the left. Has it wrong about Islam? The right has it wrong about Muslims I disagree with that, because you do because every single addressed that out I've heard this argument before, because what they say is our problem.
Once I our problem is not every Muslim follows ITALY. There is a difference between ideology in human beings, not see ism is evil. I dont think every German in nineteen thirty eight was evil, thus force because every Muslim is islamic, every German is not a nazi. Every move, does believe in his will. Every Nazi was a Nazi every. She was a Nazi autocratic ideology. Equivalent would be. I would, I believe, a good and evil ISIS. Well, it's not not Muslims took two people could acquire acquaint Muslims with nazi things. A lot if Muslims were like not seize this billions of Muslims and why don't I don't wanna equate, but I'm guessing. Can you not be critical of an ideology and separate? Absolutely I'm, not I'm, not religious, I'm very critical religion as well. You I am too, and here's what I say. Look I like taking both sides of all these arguments. If I'm wrong, people who are super islamic phobic. I would like to take your point of view.
Nobody around you. I want to take this point of view, so just know that what besides, I would say, is if you look at Judaism, Judaism's, the oldest right. It is five thousand years old, my point and if you look at a significant percentage of the rabbis in it, real uneasiness, ok, and what you see how you atheists rabbis, you believe in all the traditions you believe in the teaching. You know actually believe, there's a god up there that ordained all that's! Ok! So that's I dig that they don't like you ve you ve kind of taken. What you think are the great teachings of it and you don't actually fear a man up in the sky or that you're going to be sent to Hell, so in my mind again on the outside of all three of these religions? I see that Judy is a more than any other one has left the literal and become hugely metaphorical. It is so metaphorical, I'm friends with somebody jewish folks here that still will celebrate the holidays. They'll do the baby naming, but they don't act.
Its it's only kept metaphorical and then, if you look at they alot of MAR Zionists, who believe in F no state an hour and not a biologist. They did overseas yeah, but button much safer, When is conversation pre? One thousand. Nine hundred and forty five because we could get bogged down in that, but let's just say that it is pretty much a fact that Judaism in the old testament has largely become now metaphorical data. They are the least literal interpreters of their tax. I think I see us it's hard for me to say less per ten was not as pre ninety four to me, you're, bringing something that has nothing to the topic on I'm on a topic of charging religions, how literal they are to their tax and how metaphorical they are, what they people, individuals their day. Or do we dare jewish people who are super literal there? Then we could hear knock down in the exception or we can get that into the majority and but where's the date. To speak on a majority like earnestly,
a majority apply? Tell you the data is that fifty percent of the rabbis, our atheists- that's that's pretty profound dad up and now, if you look at it, atheists and you're in Israel, and you still support, as rarely government piled policies that are saying they're doing it, because we're doing this for jewish people. Can you the claim. Your native to those people know people who think they have a biblical claim on property. I think is a very little interpretation so yet you're saying I have a biblical eyesight rabbi rabbi whose living in Israel is acting on. Actually so, if you grab. If you call yourself a rabbi, you live in Israel. You could say you an atheist. I would. I would do that. Leave Israel not say you a rabbi for me to believe you for your definition of, but but what good would it ever were again? Do you have a five thousand year old religion that is in you don't agree with this is become. The least literal of all the religions, then in the middle you have Christianity. That is two thousand years old.
And their solemn are still pretty literal, but largely, I know, tons and tons. Christians are like yeah, I'm not into Hell. I don't believe you shouldn't lay with a man, I know, but the lights. Less and less literal and that's it. I think that just a product of time and then you have the youngest of these men three religions, which is Islam, which is fourteen hundred years old, and I believe they are still more literal, but why? Why are they more little hot? My my hypothesis is its hind thing. I don't think it's a time. Think because because, when you have no resources The society becomes more little, went out. I would say that America, we have the luxury of making an a gay policy, as opposed to cutting gay peoples, has withdrawn I'm off the roof of sand and the policy we we have it
logistical christian lobby that for fifty years, has been bombing poor brown muslim people and justifying it by saying you know Jesus coming back to that yeah, you know available. So is what do you think you're, so you're carers, what Iraq, a bomb or United States, put your nowhere? Here's where I get a little frustrated those sometimes with the this topic of islamic terrorism and all the stuff. It is pointed out quite often that Christians are bad. It's me this is like when you you, you get. Creative measures will only healthy as you go to drive. You get trump dead. The rights on a thing in his responses will bill, Clinton, did accidents like will know mother fucker. That may be true, but we're talking about you in this moment in time. If I lived during the Crusades be screaming from the rooftops, this is fucking about Crusades until Moraine. Now, ok, because we could you can't divorce or concepts from it. There's a context of the of the muslim world, there's a context of the Middle EAST and how poor brown people have retreated because of imperialism, because a west
a periodic, because a christian imperialism is at an end and to say if there is anyone oil to an making. That argument will Muslims are worse because it is the same on Walden. Worse now, it's a pejorative. Now we ve stopped having an intellectual conversation, we're trying to label some. But a good will, which one would you use said worse I will say more literal. I wouldn't they re still believe in jihad. A good percentage of them. They still believe in thought was a good percent, but this this argument is made to justify this autumn is made for black people want from to say what we know. What about black on black on wireless, people more likely drugs, and I think that is about what is the same for Islam. It you kid force Jim Crow slavery of what has happened. Black Community Fort for four group, like the nation of Islam, to come out of it for good? for you know safe what it s almost crying for you can't divorce was happen. You can't divorced
happen from the region like these people are bombed all the time. Yes, yes, I can start with going. We are paying the bill we backed a totalitarian regime and I ran so that we can secure our oil entry, What we do, and they were all over the world were thrown by the Ayatollah than the rest of the region. Get so scared that the idea that that their there, their populations can overthrow their monarchy spread. So then you have will Hobbes are hobbism, yet in Saudi Arabia opposite and embraced by that regime, so that its to prevent that so, yes, you're looking at dominoes that started with us protecting oil result. All that is true, and unfortunately I find that these are humans are. None of them are willing to blend. What's true on both sides, so you're saying a ton of true stuff, there's a ton of geopolitical issues that are not underpinning all this and we have add that one point two billion Muslims at one point two billion the fraction
people who are radical Islam is the problem is being radical problems, not Islam. Yes, the problem is radicalism, the vast majority of Islam with Muslims and world are not radical v. Majority muslim world at the world a great gray way so yeah, that's true and run a speaking generality. If a significant percentage of people have an agenda, you don't I dont believe in this binary opposition that you're either Prawn Anti Islam to admit that there Islam is in London and I'm a guess: Islam Lemme guess a radical Islam Ass data. I stand up against radical Islam. The same I'd stand up against radical Christianity. The only difference is that the radical Christians are rich white man, we're suit and rock bottom Scotty normalized that right, the reigning in assisting systemic, yet These have to do. People have little rocks. We only have to suicide bombs, it doesn't animal say, is better or worse, but I dont I because of that. I can't I can't give credence to argue but that is lamas is more literal. When you have.
George Bush saying you know I got told me: I have to get rid of Saddam and then his using all the weight of United States government or the way is connection with Israel or the weight of their. They all the weight in that region. To enact this christian philosophy that the default is Christianity in full as whiteness yes, and so some Mamma. I guess what my argument is you, don't you dont have to embrace one thing to be critical of the other. So to me it's out of your dead right that is dead right and that is not enough. Double and we should fight against that. George Bush should not be making any decisions based on got round. His is ever taken of a born again Christian guess. That should not be happening specially in a country that is by designs, separated, church and state. I even got untruss order, money, yeah and you can't be a President elect a Christian in ASEAN like it's, not gonna happen its country anytime. Soon, all my thing as an atheist, we'll have a transgender
That would be lovely atheist present ignore on until he is that we will have a transgender president before will have an atheist president. Maybe I think that is the one thing people were not going to accept even just Christian now it would be very high like anyone else. Yes, I dont know how to pretend he was a Christian in order to get a, let us yes, yes, men so convincingly but anyways unfailingly enough. I would urge you as much as you are absolutely right that so many of the things that same Harris says do end up getting weapon eyes by the right. I do believe he is in the middle of both those things and he is very critical of all ideologies that he things entitles people a sovereign entity in the sky, and that's it that's a privileged position to be in because, if, if, if you're in them, and all of the people were. Marching Charlottesville assaying Charles Murray's right about black people and the people say: hey, please, don't kill us, you ve chosen, assign you can't be in them
of people horse over saying black people have low accuse and black people saying no. It can't be in the middle You got you gotta choose aside at some point. That's where I come back to the with activism. Eu community is dead. You know that active is community, has a lot of discord in a lot of people who are unfair, a lot of people who exercise and keep people out for small, infraction obvious, that's called truth or there's two criticisms that are that are that can be made. About the left. Absolutely I consider myself a liberal. I consider myself. A democratic deficit must set up a progressive only because up once what I'll put that labour me, I now have to be responsible for things in people. While I saw your ear expected, then adopt the entire, ah lock sale version of the platform which you mentioned You ve no option any mortal evaluate things as they cannot suddenly. But the fact is, when you talk about the left and the right, not just in the country, but in the world in history, the world has always been.
Services and people were right. Wing supported, genocide, slavery. I mean across the border So when you say I'm in the middle between left and right, it's hard for me to take it seriously. Say an n n n a debt doesn't mean be left you. I shall use also like I read a lot of large, obviously Aris along a red half into posts, but a real what a great assault, because I realized, when I read- is things there are going to have a left vice and they're. Gonna say things that that their propped up their point. There are no leave out information, they might leave out apple down and other think they might do that. Absolutely they might do that. I tend to trust. Put things like near New York and Washington Post a lot more than huffing into posters. Late or someone read these things. Could they say things I agree with, but I've read em like ok. That argument is based on high purple, and people like SAM Harris who are intelligent enough to use words in a fair way. They can. They can sliced those those hyperbolic arguments up and which is why I think people liked them, but at the end of it
it is not and is not to me about whom weapon us in our work is the fact that this guy wrote a blog defending profile. This no defence for profile, there's no defence for use ass of social justice warrior when you don't do any fuckin social justice work. None you know he doesn't know so it is mine. I would imagine he does feel like he's doing or in his mind, but a kick in it because why are you selling books is changing? Selling books? Is capitalism now add two. That's too narrow I just wanted to say, sat the opened the door. I love I'd, love same errors, but I do think the problem with his argument on this is it's not so Lucian, based by saying they're, more literal he's not saying so. We should add more education, we should add more money and that those are the things that change world types of. Radical ideology and one of my favorite episodes by the way you know I like him too. He opens himself up to criticism, so he would have you on and he argue with you and that's the people. Don't
People was shady ideas, don't open themselves up to that. So there's just one thing: you'd have to respect about the deed, regardless he has long time adversaries on so high. We disagree with that too, because because it is because it because Isn t eyes now, let us take this alibi, rather Bays buddy, for red on free. What's his name freed securing YAP, which was great, it was great great, great, great great because they just both have to fill a Sophocles differences in May when they both respect each other's reads very well, spoken and unilaterally. Yeah he's everybody he's gotTa Sam Harris at having a debate or that's. Why can't be a politician or be news? Enkindled like for red? Has to be respectable, Reed had not anymore Bugsy leaped up, but even so what he's build he's he's built up this respectable? I'm a fucking wrapper, get to say, fuck synergy comedian right. As for those people who I am like to see role in more in an end,
our Claremont Hill, I would love to see, was gonna go on same saharan? Those guys get did they talk, hasn't tv, they have to wear suit and have to be respectable and they have to have those debates like up hate. Don't deserve a debate for me rising, but but but for real, position was that he does agree that moderate Muslims have to lead on some is free Muslim. Yes, yes and he was right, muslim practicing organised, but he grew up and Muslim. So we give to me it gives him a gives us like Agro Christian. So I get I get criticise Christianity, the cause I drew a christian yes for Re Group as a whole Our muslim me is often for redo, say moderate. Muslims need to yes for someone who's, a white boy who never grow Muslim. You ain't got no dog in his fight; you don't get it
to decide what moderate Muslim? Well, that's very, very high old, arrogant things that we disagree on that as well, because that is the that is basically the party line with intersection reality that if you're not in that group, you have no opinion on that, and I simply don't agree with that. I think are certainly like there's a lot of things. I'm gonna blind spots two men can understand, but to attempt to actually state that some of the brain who might be intelligent, who can conduct experiments. You can do all this stuff can add to it one of those things. I think it is so that you can add you can have, but you you're allowed to add. I'm allowed to simple what are your credentials? What is your experience? I might be a scientist whose white non jewish studying taste acts, disease which plagues recessive, gene that plagues jewish folks, at my opinions, fucking
valid european is valid because EU credentials. So if you're going to add to the discussion, I'm gonna need to see those damn credentials. You're gonna advocate discussion on Islam. You better have told me you better proven to me that you have lived this islamic spirit read the Koran and you know a lot about, but let's go back, read and SAM are gay man and I'm going to be paraphrasing for both of them and I'll, probably suck it up on both sides, but for Reed's basically saying I do think there has to be an evolution in which led by moderate Muslims, to do confront this issue and, as it is a sizeable hunk of people who are extremists by our definition of extremists, and so you are moderate Muslim to do that in the eyes I want, as in basically both of them want the same thing now. Sam is again he disagreed with me. When I brought this up, I thought he had a very kantian view of it, which is the first thing I have to do. We have to. We have to expose certain scriptures as being erroneous, bad, cancerous blah blah for
Islam and not just us yet seeds for everyone else, but the others. They were specifically talking about his one zero I swear it s where it loses me because, while allowing gonna get, I'm gonna pay you off on a scratch. Your back freed says that is not the way you enact this change. We both agree on the change that we think should happen. What I disagree with you salmon is is how you an act that change and I think you go into the people who believe in it and you let them lead this right and you don't point out. You don't start by pointing out right so flawed about their ideology, and so what is, on the surface, a very hot button topic that is scary to have if you start refining both their points, view. There really are two different philosophical points of view more than they are any kind of geopolitical racial Ma Balboa is: is that of SAM Harris? Has a proclivity a perversion for the truth. He can't get beyond that right and infrared has a utilitarian long view of this work.
You can ignore the falsehoods which had come in the back door, which truth that we shouldn't kill gay people or that we should not have wholly wars or that we shouldn't you know, can list any number of things. We all agree on our programming, bad parts of the scripture again that are also terrible parts of the the fucking old testament defected to God would make you kill your son to prove you love him. Is he fucking preposterous? No, yes, I would like to start by having them get written tat part of the text, and it's a? U guys, you're fucking nuts, if you believe this, because no one should ever killers unapproved that they love God but then for Reed was taken. Another position was that's not how we're gonna leave people away from the aspect of the text. Yeah I mean that it goes back to the fact that, The default is Christianity. The default is whiteness. We we live in a world which has, even though this more Muslims than any other people. This more brown people we live in a world that call.
Reality is normally. We had the cargo when we were arriving women when soldiers were arriving in Papua New Guinea, they were just landing on the beach and they never seen white people and they had ships in in boxes and indeed they called it cargo that network. So how did your God give you all this cargo, yet more of their cargo. Yet did the world Ass, ICES cell seminars books him a website or really before I've realized that he's in line with this too ought, when we legislate their aligned with him. He might not be alone knock as he's using he's, making up terms at their using and he's retweeting numerous having them want to show and he's alive on their website, he's on daily worries on daily caller he's alive with them. He's he's I would then I think they're alone with him. We can agree that ok, so love you to live a marathon last, but when, when you guys like a bill Mars a bit more, That I think, is a better example. I'm I'm in I would, though, more on several several issues.
I am not a lie with him on him. A Greenwood SAM airs him him him go and he's he's become a dogmatic, atheist, hee hee people like him is like these bully tactic. To say what's wrong. Well, can I mean atheists in my complain about their approach? Was, I think, you're wasting your time, your energy, in your spirit, to try to convince people. There is no god that doesn't matter if people believe in god- and they should be encouraged to believe in god- and it's not you it's such a waste of time. You think it's worth trying to destroy these patriarchal systematic liar article religions that we ve all been an absolute way. Women agreeing on getting stuck with it. We ve been here for two: a thousand years ass, a species and for the last five thousand years our brains been hijacked by a lot of this ship. Protect us that we're we're sitting here in this in this in the space and is a beautiful attic, attic we're in
Hollywood yeah above men of means of living through a credible handsome favourable for my liking guy. I know we live in a credibly, privileged life. Absolute, we ve been educated, apparent, educated, your educated anthropology. Doesn't it credible amount of privilege for sustained have these lofty debates about atheists, em and religion were very privileged. To have these to be absolutely. Meanwhile, you are people who are growing up in very poor destitute situation obsolete or if, by the way there isn't a heaven. This whole thing is just a torture. Yeah yeah I hear you I thank them the more miserable haven't. How is right here on earth? It gets a lot more appealing when you think I will be relieved at the suffering that one right so work. If we wish to have these lofty academic debate when the wind went when the debate becomes. We're muslim. Take it more literal. So, therefore, because it out logic, I come to the conclusion that anyone who looks like a muslim Russia profile- I won't Joanie there. I want going you there and die and I think, there's a big sect of people that are being ignored, that dont joined them there. That's where I think that would be the right:
the same Harris's hang its head on a sort of we're gonna have. If we defend Semi SAM Harris, do we have to defend the thing he become famous for which a saying profiling is accepting? What can I just tell you this? You told me that, and I believe you that I did not know that about him. I don't think That is what is known for from people like me, but exactly who have no knowledge, you're good. At doing this acknowledge earnest, Uranus Silo Eye, witness it on twitter yeah. You are people on the very far right love to fuck with you, so I do think you're getting out waited view of what is happening as I am getting enough weight, but just as someone on the outside of your life, looking in, I would have to imagine. If I'm, u, I would be. I would probably we overestimate I'm them going to Frazier. Yes, I don't agree in its high percentage, that high volume, its latest fat, what you think you're you're over
assessment but less move that out and focused on he defended profile. Ok, here's this will get your correct about that, but the reason why there able to point to guys like sand, hares and guys, like Charles Marie's, because the p when a middle the moderates to progressive in Santa, as are the ones uplift in his people like Doktor king, spoke about this often I'm so fucking guilty of this. He says beware of the middle class liberal, who will tell Are you the time frame by which you should expect write, something when I sent a letter to Birmingham jail because he was running into people he s here, Did he sees himself as a peaceful? He called it. A negative peace versus positive peace in ASEAN is like you're here as a negative pieces, saying you don't really want peace. You just want my silent ASEAN is like too often people have not studied the subject matter wax philosophically on two of them. Like people were not, I don't have the experience, that's what like, like. I as someone who I used to be. I was I was partial too.
Five percent nation, which is like offshoot of Muslims in New York City, had great influence hip hop, I'm not downloading I'm not doubt, and nation is low, not religious at all, but I still have above magazine, Bays Muslim, he's a good friend of mine Day, chapels muslim, he's, a good friend of mine, yellows and most limbs in my life, and so was like when someone is is: is there not realising The same way, the trump does realised the danger, these the pudding latino people in when he says batteries, you don't say his eyes, and this is what we're speaking on his intention. Verses result. I don't SAM Harris is potentially erases monolithic. Doesn't its intention to be races you probably a nice fuckin guy is is the result was happening, is what's here meaning, is like you could there's no gonna like the mood fun fact. You know his mother create a golden girls see,
even a no eleven adding level who personally love golden growth. Our gotta watch your good agreements, appreciate you so much you're, so fun to talk to you and I think you just went out something that people really need to be reminded of which is like you, don't have to be all in or all out on anything I like. I, I love you. I love your voice, I don't decide, I don't agree with you on everything, but I can still. I can focus on the thing I love about you and I can be open to the things that you've certainly broaden my horizon on things. You open my eyes, things, and we can all do this weekend? We can. Let me say this. I can have this conversation with you, because I know your predatory. I look at work. I'm aware of I've seen things that you say on Twitter. You shows modality was sir movements. I know this now you so you others, their sovereignty,
but you said that I don't agree with you, but because we're in the flesh and because we have this a mutual respect going in that makes a common it should better when you all social media and a deal Strangers, does no mutual respect. No and a lot of or not, and this is what the desperate happens or social media that, and I will be the first to say that I'm up, I play defence, a lot because someone's coming to me, anonymously, they ve never show me any love, never shut mainly respect Firstly, they say: is your cock in Europe W Sam Harris's right, maybe like fuck you tat. It was like this is. Its is, is about understanding that respect is not. It's. You not entitled to my respect. Yes, you ve earned it
the aims and because you ve earned my respect. I could debate you. John Henry Clark is a famous african american scholar. He said I debate my equals. Everybody else gets too. I also, and I don't think you're this way too. I'm not arrogant enough to think that my opinion is the only one required in this country to run it correctly. So it's like, I think I think you need me. I think we need you. I think we need all these things. I don't I think that there is one you know. As we said, we have opposing goals. We want. We want to be liberal and want to be equal suggest, knowing that what are the gates as we need decide the target for liberating beside us argue for equality. So you know we were all needed in this, which is great, The last thing I want to ask you is because I often argued people on twitter to I noticed yet not as much as you. Oh my god, this is worth its who came to see you the first time how much You wouldn't one of your twitter wars, actually up in the flesh year and we
in front of this industry. That's why you, when I saw with me- and I was right you and he was ready to thump if it came to have salute, which is why there's a mutual respect it in due ever worry or do ever pause NGO. I need to do this work and we do need you to do this work and I am so grateful you do, but it has taken a toll on my overall because it leaves out. I can speak for you, but when I get in that zone were among the events, I'm thinking of barbs and I'm looking up shit on twitter and I'm going to post a link right. I get into a zone that I know it's not great for me like there's an adrenal gland, There is also in our information, yeah there's all this fight or flight activation like I want to kill, and then some time ago, that's just not the best space for me to live in. Do I need to pull back from, and so are you trying to balance? You have a voice. You try to use it for good respect at a time and are you affecting
life in a negative way by engaging in it so much, there are everyone's waters a moment that it becomes stressful. Not often like I had a guide threatening my fans would say in a shooter home affairs were in our fifteen with actual lawyer in Texas me to find his address discern moments like that that becomes dreadful, but for the most part, people of color and oppressed people so condition a dealer. It's an hour in our actual lives. Now that the twitter thing for me becomes empowering, is never isn't it when people people often like I sometimes get the criticism. I shall angry when she met like I'm having the time of my way yeah, I'm literally having a ball of that's good. Is I'm engaged one of those things I believe I've put it down now. I'm on the couch playing with my children. What I should do in the back of my mind, I'm thinking about, if I think I just delete, but the knock out punch, but I'm curious rise guy actually gonna have something to say to back. I just road of I fuckin Fordham Smithsonian our right. What have we done right, but the background
and his wandering. If there's gonna, be another thing and am now many composing. My response to that and I go Jesus Christ- I'm not present with my kids right now, because I'm having still in my bed and yet none of us should be like that, but I think that it doesn't. Do not worry what she had grown at this point in other reading, my twitter to play with my kids. Parliament has done, but I think that the key to that is understanding that it to me is never about the argument. You're argue what a guy and you post the Smithsonian link and because Bacchus says well you're. Just some of you know just a Hillary Clinton fan or whatever its intellectually topic by writing, which you have the realises, you're, not arguing with that person you're using that person as foes. To export, to expose how racist think and to provide information. There's someone following you, never Soares, Methode Smithsonian Link is gonna click on a link. They become a tool that nothing is. I think the new a book selling him a bookstore someone. I do that
I get my system colony like Hell. What what are you saying on Twitter, because I'm just old ten books yeah aims as always: look at it like I'm, not speak to them must be can through the ok, maybe the second level, there's a disease that does mean being present in the adrenal dumping them. Then, second, to all that, as I go man there were, I pass ten people that said beautiful things to me that took the time to write some support of imbued before and I passed those ten people and I gave this piece of shit all this attention and that really ways on me: ok decide what that I'd scroll to nothing, and I see something if I'm cause you wanna be present in a moment, if you're having a debate, are you trying to make your point? So why am I feel, like I loved you and ships, and then you, like, whatever I'm trying the point now hangs but John FOR and is more important because I'm fighting racism. What I do in this situation is ice. I'd like every single nice comment and I go and at once a fella made my point. I then go back and I read We show love to everybody and challenge people. Could people people look at twitter like to look a clerk.
Crashes. Then, why are you always argue and like it might look like that to you? But if you end up done this, I've done the math I've I've taken a sample size Thea my tweets from I want to make sure not just be negative, not taken. Sample sizes equal. How many streets are me Talkin to a fan of promoting music arguing and to the outside purse. If I get bogged down an argument, it could be like Judaism open next week, but then a nut today. It will be or me retweeting positive things about the show, and I I will say that I as a conscious effort to be made, because a seductive to get caught up in just a nigger Looking at a car crash, I have to consciously save the nice tweets, make sure engage with them and I do that on purpose sort I dont get enough. Space won't feel like I'm, ignore me yeah, I like you A much I'm really grateful. You came by like there's a minute, I'm your in time for such a short period. Yeah you grace does in any way mean your show and I loved, and it was great near you are invited to any show
ok, good tampering same Harris which apply. I won't. Where do people going to find out where you're playing a top quality com has ordered the information? Can you can you can join the quality club? You can become a member and I've turn, mostly emails, whole community, our sell books. I saw tee shirts a sum, a music, this free mix tape. Soon enough just is just my hub yeah and look. I do want to make this point really loud clear, so you hear me with our agree with your. Not I see quite obviously year human being that that that volunteers, a ton of your free time that you could be getting a massage to helping people in whether I think it's the exact way. I would do it or not. That is undeniable, and it's really admirable. And I was I was appreciate, to cancel my massage to come here. Do this park as a minimum?
Why Monica got the oil gonna, get them ass? No man, I love you, you do decks, they do and if you like to hear my good friend and producer Monica said many many years just I bet you're gonna dig into this fact check. Look a big old. You see tee bone stake my right about their yeah. This is do you see? This is a duty of an adversary, Well, you might entail alignment and now after that portion and resume here with fact check, But why are you so you sure? Ok, don't I don't take it all day in day out, because you probably won't take it personally was eight p m reading a malady pm replying will sleep. I took an app at seven o clock yesterday or the only for twenty minutes. I had taken the news,
be up late and I was so tired, yellow when you left. You seem to be a tireless point I have observed, and then I was up to one thirty. So said the nap was necessary in hindsight. It was good that you took the figures as a conclusion. I, like naps, dipping mascot sponsors This episode is also brought to you in part by naps. Monica pocketed the greatest nap. Yesterday I was expecting it I was driving my car in I just went down for fifteen minutes. I woke up in a gully, sounds relaxing ok, so you mention cribs on end. Nevertheless, any young listeners who don't know about cribs it was a fantastic Sean, I'm too.
I will love that he was very boy rustic. You get to see how these people you looked up to live. There. Fancy live train unless our homes to our difficult Lebanese. Let me just throw shout out to Michael Rosenbaum Heated, an episode of crowds limits its. I think, it's time for the funniest episode. I've ever seen really you like a little pranks plan and stuff like you, people sleeping embeds when yeah, it was ass, great ass. If you could go to their archives, make sure your checking on rose and bombs As you said, you thought it was Moby whose episode had, but Yeah man point about that. It was movie all good in two thousand, when he said I haven't seen empty, be cribs yet, but then some it works at empty, be told me a dirty secret about me: Visa V, the show in the dirty little secret is that I am. The only person has been prop out on cribs who had books. Amira part met
asking someone I M tv. So what sort of books did the other people whom you profile to have in their homes, to which I was given the answer that they ve done? Cribs profiles on thirty or so people, and none has had any Louise. I guess what gleamed matters, but all those books right in the trash. You didn't words and for any movie you wanna get rid of all literature. You also mentioned and artists who make statues at a books, and I was looking as there is a lot another art there's a lot of art. If you're looking for an installation of books, you can find them this is probably one of the main sound, but I couldn't fire circle my age oh I like all. If I had known that, I would have been outraged. Furniture converging mixer, actually are you not just put it in the german health check, oh actually, ain't. It already is. Where was, I thought I thought we had had a conversation safely in their none of his children
Instead, you can go back and listen to the drama. Karabakh, Jack O, you said there is some entrepreneurs who is suggesting that kid's drop out of college and its Peter he'll hear how do you put around you? Is it Theo or teal? I have two imaginary h, silent, that's what my got tells you yes and it's embarrassing, because he's easing credibly famous and successful. So we should know that the TEAL Fellowship Eel fellowship is a philanthropic creation of billionaire pay. Pal found our Peter deal that grants a hundred thousand dollars to twenty people under under the age of twenty, on the condition that they stop out of school for two years and pursue a business venture instead, so he is definitely encouraging math. While you know I, just as you say that, like this, this pang of fear- and I realise how much I've bought into this paradigm that, like
you have to go to college genes, know whether you do or not. Who knows, but I can recognise that, like it actually elicits fear and me to tell someone drop out, do the same to you like that scary advice, weirdly, because I'm I loved college, so much it really. It doesn't scare me to save their oral and I think maybe it's because my brother is very smart and does not like school right anything. Maybe he should just drop all know at this point. His his most Dallas he's doing great, but he he could potentially benefited from not going immediately and he probably would have developed some skill that would have been important in grade and and could have led to Who knows what it might have been more Bennett I shall then him sort of like trudging throughs
as just the next thing is supposed to do. Now I took a year and a half, often between high school college, but again his his messages not just take a year off or take two years of its its drop. The fuck out well stop school for two. Years ago, so it so. He is kind of saying, like just like all a break and turned to this other think new, which also makes sense to me because I do in general. I think we're doing this all completely wrong and now is when I want to be in school now, I'm in rested and learning, and I want to know everything back then I just wanted to get a Yo Yo, a vote as you age, you feel the gravitational pull of different topics that just you'd just developed this crazy interest. Him yeah that you don't really I don't know, but things were to have a high school. I'm gonna try to go back to school and not do any work. That's my listen. We just talk about the zeal enables my retirement plan is just too to sit in on class audit classes in our union.
Work you bring us episode, has also brought to you by my iced green tea, Adam Eddie: you bring up the statistic about how much money makes people happy. What's the threat You said a hundred and seventy five thousand was the number that Malcolm Gladwell cited in his book, and that book is David and Goliath and the saw a figure. He cites is seventy five thousand really yes, and then, though, does it then plateau for a while to you get the Deuce one's own? Reversion well says not. The man was figure about how the slope money. Bang happiness is the greatest around the seventy five thousand mark.
And then money is able to buy happiness at a much much slower and slower pace after that, and then there is a point were actually search dropping off as you get Mega rich yeah yoke, you'll be experiencing that shortly. I think, he's way to get unhappy for men too much money where I think we all see This is the problem that that's most people's reaction right, I mean you're that like oh, cool. Must be nice till I have so much money are unhappy, sure sure, but it you also go like. I would be the exception sure, that's the that's the trend or that's the curve, but I would be an outline our near now, so he said. Seventy five thousand is just enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, but not so much that children never learn the true value of money. That's interesting. It also obviously is dependent on it.
I want to say to you in your aunt Hannah: seventy five thousand in LOS Angeles, I would say prowling a priori higher than the area within a manhandled point: nine million dollars needs ok, code, switching is brought up and, if you're interested in code switching you canvas, the joy Brian's episode minutes discuss air normative and I think I'd or we also discuss it in the fact check. Potentially we did, then you can check out the we mention. Dave Chapelle a few times in this episode and specifically his latest special on that flax or he'd have to stop stuffing and how funny- and
that special is called equanimity and the bird revelation equanimity and the bird revelation yes, which cause it's a two part. Two. It's like two melted into. Why Do you know what I can read and write it down? I mean I think I do, but maybe Don't I didn't know how to look it up. I have been clear to clear that where I did economy, I just feel like that. Some like benevolence and with respect close mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation, level headedness yeah now. So we learned a new word today. Yeah Monica loves words look for the spin off. Podcast of Monaco loves words in this list. First, ninety minutes dictionaries list words. You ve highlighted words in the dictionary my favorite line go through them, yeah
if you have any real insomnia, it's gonna be a dream. Podcast, I'm going out this really going, then I, when many origin, latin, listen. If I. This is potentially a million dollar idea, because I would love to go to sleep to someone. Increasingly vocabulary would be great, but what What have we really embraces mountain Gladwell number of seventy five thousand dollars in people's heard coin. Now this is a seventy five thousand dollar idea running. Ok,
here we go we're getting into some sat a portion of this. That makes me a little bombed, ok because it has to do with the love my life- oh, ok, all Matt, Damon, yes, so to Libya mentions the project green light scandal. I never heard of it. I had heard of it, as is personal. History, has something correct there. So it happened is during project green light, which showed that were they made him and then athletic and a group of filmmakers like come together and green light, a movie for people, it's it's a good show, and he was in a conversation with a producer from dear white people, Effie Brown, whose african American, what happened is they were deciding between two people
and she wanted one person who can no doubt of the diverse background, and I think he was in the other camp a little bit. He just like the other person more or with their work more, and he argued that diversity was best addressed quote in the casting of the film not in their casting. The show I quote they got. He got lobbying lasting over the crew behind the sea wherever I'll get yeah. So he got out a flag for that and he had and he made a very public nice apology. I think he also went on Ellen and apologized, which you know. I don't make mistakes all you can do and what we call
teachable moments, yeah he's been quick to like adopt these teach. What yeah he's gonna with grace? I would be more defensive, Missouri. So fearful everyone thought I was a racist allowed, panic unknown. You don't go the other. I go to harden the other direction me I think he's handle that really wow. I think he's still my boyfriend and then there is another question about what he had said at the beginning of the the wine steam debacle. That kind of threw him as well and has to be said that he started by saying I haven't been paying attention to what's going on or what's been sat right and I tried to find at last. I have seen it before. I definitely watched that, but I I was hard hard for me to find a wonderful, a lot of its been taken down and out of step, the transcripts were alike.
On read it and it was just like people just chatting about its allow Hidell, I'm not going to speak to exactly what he said in that you you're gonna, do what he did say. I'm not emerge and uses exert, but I'm not going to defend what he said on I'm just gonna say I don't know, I don't be about a sentence but two lives at ease and to live said that he started the conversation by saying I haven't been paying attention to what's been said right through you. I think that use. Your conclusion should be aware also like the truth,
is he just was saying that to lessen whatever the blow was of what was about to come. He, of course, has been paying attention like nobody was not paying attention, and especially, if you know the person you don't know, what's going on, rose Crawley's point, but I do think my point was relevant as well, which is like he didn't. We this house with a prepared statement. Many had he doesn't ever want to talk about this work by woody he's somewhere and is being asked- and he has taught me, has to start moving his mouth exactly that's just as dangerous for any Hermy exactly you now. I know I think he was put in attacks. You're not utilise either is, is me I'll, be nasty their condemn him and even when he does he's got doing right. Wage is very desirable.
It s. Okay, Madame Sarah Movie is the great wall where we should s hand made fun of his ponytail. I want you to do. Ok, thank you. You type, but the John Stewart anecdote the boys club an orange. I love that story and I listened to it on stern. Yesterday it wasn't slate magazine, it was just a bell vulgar and it was like a while ago was in the early two thousands yap. I thought that was really introspective to note what you are doing? He really is here for the ok, you a few times mention a kantian view and resting his people. Don't know what that means: kantian, fellow
safety. Is that too many things justify the young? Yes, because in can't in theory, humans have individual worth each human has inherent worth so because of that, you can't treat humans as a means to an end, because all the value, lies within each individual and yeah cuz. The super conventional philosophical argument is like a guy. In a foxhole in a grenade gets thrown in it, and you know you can push one guy down and save eight people or all eighty you will die in the utilitarian
view? Is that it's worth pushing that guy down, because the end justifies the means, whereas Congo's now, whatever the outcome is, is an acceptable moral outcome? If your action was the air was true in that's big, an end yeah, because that individual person death is equal, it would be equal to level opposed the actors yeah yeah, because in utilitarianism, as you just said You mean whatever means necessary to achieve maximum happiness, the desired exactly side away. I should also note that- and I think maybe I said it, but I'm seemed very much does not consider himself but hunt him yeah, ok to lose, brings up a spin off show from the Cosby or defied different world is the spin off, but I couldn't like Theo's only two episodes
really LISA. It started, as least about names, spin Alexander, but then weirdly she left that is well. She left the cause be shown and she was anxious. She'll have yours, I think, yeah yeah. I was confused because he I news a different world was the cause bishop spin off. But then I couldn't remember that you was it each year in there and the money was looking up he's only into episodes right. So anyway, that's probably the spin off at he's talking about I mean it has to be. I guess the Chris Rock joke about the dentist I think PETE I haven't written hereby thing. People should just go, find it and have him walk you through the joke, yeah others about the neighbour, There's no one! I brought up the dentist exactly it's gotten averaged. It is. This is the core all just a little late,
with an bombs or something that you don't really or you just think you will be able to live example. I just don't think it's at does not do justice. If I read it, I mean I could read it, ok, so it's the two thousand eight HBO killed the messengers special. He says in my name, It therefore black people, hundreds of houses for black people, who are these black people weathers me, marriage, obliged Jazzy and Eddie Murphy. It's already only black people in the whole neighborhood? So, let's break down this breakdown me, I'm a decent comedian, marriageable one of the greatest army singers to ever walk the earth J C, one of the greatest wrappers ever live Eddie Murphy, one of the funniest actors to ever ever do it. Do you know what the white men who lives next door me does for a living he's a fucking Dennis he ate them
a status in the world, he ain't going to the dining Hall of Fame. If you don't get plaques for getting rid of plaque, he's just a yankee or two thousand Dennis see the black man got a fly to get something the white man can walk to regard. The Afghans are good So you mentioned the red hot albums. I didn't know it that was dry and I, when I heard at my contacts clues, made me think of those now cities. Under those now city is maybe that was post your time or not. The girl remember mousy bees. There appellations easier, and they would come now. What I mean by that I graduated. It was unlike mouth thirty or something they would come out very often, and they were they were compilations and at first I love them. Then we got tired of them. Then they got cliche now sure. So I wondered if,
was a sort of like that any kind of wise right it is, but I think there was generally like. First of all, I think a lot of the music that was compiled was original to that CD there would be like a theme whether they were gonna do call porter mean or whatever that they would. They would all redo some famous jazz musician staff and put their twists intercepted. There seem to be new content and it was. Theme, oriented of yadda yeah well, and it was also not for profit and evaluating the fighting aids than pop culture. Let's go yeah. He talks about Steve Harvey getting in trouble in and for people who don't know what happened he just when he went to visit tromp after she was all worn in and it was like, this whole thing of helping like make the transition easier or bringing people in and when he got up a lot of push back for that. Ok, here we go or narrow about were about to enter the SAM Harris portion of the
back check. This is also dicey for us, because we love SAM Hair so much and we still do into eleven, but this is still lives account, in his opinion, based on all the facts? He's gather, so I just want people to know that there are also public adversaries so that they may have a historical public, feud yeah. So that's in them. That's in this the recipe yeah. So he mentions at a lot that SAM has an article called in defence of profiling. Then he does. It is on his website. You can find it
as you know, the lead at war pop up in his defence. I'm not a fan of the article you rather unusual beyond bigger now, but in his defence he does say he says he should be profiled. Ok, they need to be looking more and doing a less pc job of picking who is going to be laid down in the airport soccer. So do we think we are doing a pc job again. Many thanks that that he's like an old couple, get in padded down or something and then a kid. The tea essay worker was like she has to take her shoes off the kid. Which of course, is annoying all of its annoying. I recognise that bit.
But he was saying like that. Shouldn't be happening, and every single person who looks muslim should mean browsers boy, you, yes, it's worth. Reading MA am anyway, but I did what buddy, but he did say more than so many other people. He should also be profile in really than in my pants is a coherent, and all that proves, as everyone has to it, has to be everyone because you may not know them. Just got thrown out there. We circle back to think is Jefferson. Who said Thomas Jefferson said those who would surrender safety at the expense of liberty deserve neither Liberty nor safety They have to be. Everyone can go through that process is surrendering of liberty, so I'm say: will you can have perfect? Safety of all of us are monitored at all times and we're
constantly searched by around so so to get to give give up your liver liberty in in in a trade for safety. He says you deserve neither be eagerly and ass for the taking wave somebody else's ready for your safety, which is what he's Ash Georgia a noise is pointing out, is yours, gotta gonna, be checking in evaluating you know how much of a police state you're willing to live in and yeah into to prevent how many deaths in ages. It's worth its worth. Thinking about! Definitely that you can give up. We now privacy rights. You give up all these things that make us a hundred percent safe, but I don't think anyone would want them and New York I'm saying what saying the same, just to be clear: oh no, no I'll just say I'm through, Listening to a hundred episodes of his back ass, I disagree stuff. He says what and I think we both said that I can I disagree with him on a good chunk of what he says and also some really
value. These other things I do agree with my I dont have to agree with people lock stock and barrel to enjoy then I don't. I don't agree with Bill Mara, lock stock, I don't mean, and these are all people consume their staff and I, like it, yeah I'd, this notion that someone's going to walk the perfect line according to me as a little silly yeah. That's true and I fully agree. I think it kind of all circles back to exactly what took till it is saying you are in a position to be able to say that in some way I can kind of pick and choose what I like about. Person when I dont Zangara affect me yet, but the bold true, but if I read that article and See that what he is saying is that I should be padded down every time I want that ultimately, look like a jihadis. When I look at you, I guess it doesn't matter. I see when I look at you. I don't think ISIS.
Nobody, but that is in particular. Yes, this in particular is a bold hyper autumn for you, when you mean because people regularly mistake. Indian people Zack my yeah for Muslim, so yeah, I'm acknowledging that this is, of course, a very powerful thing for you as it. How could it not me yeah you're, the personal he's talking about he suggesting that should be screened, yeah someone who's going to be misrepresented and he sang it's. Ok, it's ok for me to have to endure that broad. What's funny use the SAM's not including whose muslim countrymen into his liberty right so she's. Thinking of probably he would say, we can't lose out, ready at just to achieve safety. I niece probably not extending the sense of liberty to Islamic Americans, but also a you know that
send edge of people who walk into a gun store in this country who end up killing some. Buddy or while white people absolute, and so he would then he had his defence would be. Ah, you need to put white males coming into a school of off hours through a metal detector cause, that's who's gonna, be doing you don't need to put the black guy through the media. His black goods don't shoot up schools for white hairs? are these white kids doing so? Would he want his white kids to have to go through a specialist planning process that day yeah yeah anyway, so to live was mispronouncing, he kept calling him a gene in his name is measured margin. Measured now was which does not take anything away from
It's incredible name recall: I never was a credible and not even to take away from what he said. I just wanted to tell you that is highest SAM heard. It could be said a little hot for an answer and I would do if I were him in and then and then he also said that heat that SAM invented the term aggressive laughed. I could not sleep. And she ate that I do know he uses it him when a bunch of other people can maybe they were early to say it. But I have not heard I do not see that he invented at, or was the first person to say at her SAM is fifty one or use a great yeah lose my senior year. Could end up as smart as him eight years ago, as smart as him coming here, I can do it, I think you're, smart enough. Ok, you said, Judaism is all this. Religion amounts bypassing result
main three, Sir Leon, you didn't say that and on other issues a main three The three main religions on planet earth are the two judeo Christian in in Islam. Those numbers why's that far and away the most popular religions. Anna, that's care
our economic ETA Hinduism as the oldest religion, you- and what should be honest. We don't know what the oldest religion is, because man's always had religion. All cultures have a religion, thereby origin theory organised, I would say, yeah organise religions that are still in practice. Ok, you said there is a lot of doesn't like oh we'll start date for Judaism's that there's a lot of a sort of amorphous as to when, but I I was, it said that around it was founded round the ninth Tippit century BC,
and it is the oldest monotheistic religions. You are right, Christianity is that was created in the first century and as almost pounded in the seventh century. The region I said five thousand years old is that I do believe that they were practising Judaism Fer a couple thousand years before they could write down all test, and I think that the actual genesis and all that stuff was was an oral tradition and then got written down, Yassum BC lines and reducing on their research. I found most of its citing about thirty five hundred years ago. Ok, so you said, Three per cent of rabbis, our atheists and I hope that you could find something. Doesn't I'm afraid it's not true in Israel I said,
So what I heard on the embarrassing, I think, is worrying. Oh you dad. Ok, I eyes. I spoke to some people, one being the most informed jewish person. I know in sheep credibly Nautilus works at the J C C and she said she's she's never hurt bad and it would definitely not be fifty percent, and she did say that. You know rabbis often maybe faith or God isn't there. Focus and their more in a lot of them can be more focus. On social justice just general goodness, and all of these things is more of their focus, but but she said, there's also kind. There would be no way to really find that statistic, because they would
be able to say very openly. There is no God and be a rabbi, okay, so weak. We definitely cannot say. Fifty percent of rabbis are atheists and that wishes to play you may say it. I just want to be very clear about that. Ok, you also said there the least literal interpreters of the text. Again when I was heartened her, she said, and it was a few people actually there that's also not really true. There's all these different levels of Judaism right were formed, traditional orthodox, so it just depends. You ve probably been exposed to many reformed jewish people may have. I and yes, many were form. Jews do taken less a little bit less literally mummy Our specific I've never observed a christian baptizing their child and then also say by the way we don't believe in God.
Baptize we're gonna go through this custom in this tradition, a ritual but we'd, actually don't believe in God. I've never witnessed. I've never witnessed a christian and performing want outside of Christmas p. I do people do celebrate Christmas, you don't believe in God yeah, but but I have Mina numerous jewish friends who don't believe in God and do all the traditions? Yes, because I could be my own anecdotal, observation, yeah you're her! That's because Judaism has such a strong cultural components to us, but the other religions don't have as much at right. So that is common Europe. There's a lot of people who follow jewish traditions and follow that culture, but but don't believe in God, but I don't think we can make them the equivalency took to Christianity because again like they don't have the key
draw elements to it that you could follow and sort of paper again besides Christmas, which people which, if that's our only indicator, people are doing that. I sobered, however Christmas me to itself fun the vast? By the way, I dont think you were going to find much data on this theory of mine about, in a percentage of metaphorical interpretation, verses percentage of literal, because I've not in this theory from anyone. This is just something I've thought about my own yeah and love for someone to actually do. You know come up with a concrete way that to study get some data behind it, but that feels right still. I still stand by this observation. I do think that That's true that as an older around now, it's just a matter of the type of worship you do if you're an orthodox Jew
Those things are literally oh yeah, yeah yeah, then you're they're not supposed to that, would not be right to live. Said. George Bush said God told me to get rid of Saddam Hussein, but he said very similarly. He said God told me to end the tyranny and Iraq. Oh boy, the Frida carry episode of SAM Harris's episode. Eighty three called the politics of emergency. It's very good! I would recommend it. God, love that episode
Martin Luther King quote is its first. I must confess it. Over the last few years I've been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the negroes great stumbling block in the stride towards freedom is not the white citizens counselor or the coup clucks planner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to quote order than to justice, who prefers a negative peace, which is the absence of tension to a positive peace, which is the presence of justice. Who constantly says I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can agree with your methods of direct action who paternalistic leaf feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom who lives by the myth of time and constantly advises the Nigger to wait until a quote more convenient season. That's the one I'm super guilty of what I found myself being guilty about worth. I want to focus on the progress has been made, but gonna hear complaints
which are well deserved. My instinct is ago we have but look, I'm just a glass half full person, so I'll be I'll, go well yeah, but look how much has changed in look how much better it is the end so that its it's a weird. You think I'm just try. I don't know what it is, but if I say that describes me quite often
You said SAM, you said: SAM has a proclivity and her version for the truth, and I would not say it's it's for the truth. I think it's for logic. That's that's what I have gleaned after walk listening to have so many opposite of his bed. He puts facts and logic, as you do, I think, often as the most important element in a conversation. In the way we view things, it is paramount and I think that often comes at a cost of looking at the whole picture. I wanna glee. I think it's actually illogical to look at the world by fax, only men, not by context and emotional elements and other things, because the reality
the world is all of those things are factors the specially for us humans yeah. So if you take the now you're still only getting a portion of the whole thing sheriff physical world yeah yeah, I agree the reason I call it a proclivity or a perversion is that I suffer from it myself and it comes at a great cost, sometimes not making yourself happier and you're not making your world better or more loving in that's. That's not smart, one, more thing that I just want to end up I am quoting the shell, but now I M a little bomb I was thinking about it after the fact, especially when I was going back and listening, I'm upset with myself,
that I didn't have a louder voice in the especially the the elements of the conversation about me too and female all that stuff. That applies way more to me than an applies to two men sitting in a row sure I have no problem generally expressing my opinion, but I think that is sort of a weird microcosm for the whole issue. In general, percent that was exact, I think you're dead right. I think it's a total microcosm of the whole thing and why this issue even exist, This is because men feel like they have this right to constantly dominate our assert themselves, insert themselves anywhere yeah. I certainly do here in women. Don't seem to have that feel like that. That right or yeah. Maybe it's very there's biological components in cultural components yeah, but I dont think you, yes, I think genuine its nature and nurture that's contributing to this problem, but.
I don't I'm not. I am. I am assertive, so it's not like by nature. I'm not in I'm trying to force myself to be that or something but- and I am very comfortable with you, so it's not in until it was incredibly wonderful and I was unlike in afraid of him, but there is some thing or intimidated by him. I was ever so smart, but but there is something about feeling like you have like. If you're, a woman in room with men. Everything you say has to be extremely good more extra, profound structural! Will you gotta be the best arm, be singer in the world to live in, neighbor year, average white Dennis yeah, exactly yes, that is your right, yeah end and you have to sort of claw your way into the combat
safe and made yourself known, whereas no one else in the room is doing that everyone feels entitled great in so you bringing it up. You you ve, come I wanted to bring this up point out. What you ve observed, now doing thirty, whatever fact checks and all the stuff so the other difference between male and female guess they come in yeah. I've noticed a lot of gender disk I've been seized, one being added the show and really does take out people and things like that of the gods, and I really wish I hadn't called so and so an asshole exactly when we take that up. When I added episodes with female guests, I've noticed that women often see things very clearly. They they get them point across very clearly. And are often very eloquent and have wonderful things, a say and then immediately is followed with they backtrack. Immediately like yeah, but
I mean a ban orally. No, I don't, I don't mean yeah, but it may be, and I know what I'm talking about the mitigate, what I just set its self deprecation that that that too was in the mountain Gladwell Book about the culture in a cock pit in an airplane that that different countries that have these power structure dynamics, where the very afraid of of power in there they dont make great co pilot schemes. A corporate specific, hey, do! There's I, on the wing stop and if they are in a culture that really hierarchical they'll go like us. Like a lot of ice on the wing families. Trans rooms in it leads to accident there's an airline's had to adopt a policy would do not change the dynamic doing the pilot, the co pilot when they were at their destination. They would like the capacities draw up after the pilot. When all these I know he's crazy things, I had to change that. Whether we co pilot would feel empowered to say, stop the problem I also have some sense of authority there.
Nothing. Women in general have occupied this lower power status in our country. For so long that you had parallels that alot as yeah yeah. It feels like a struggle tat to say something definitively even though they are there's big you very clearly, and then it immediately as like four did. I make any sense at all. Now, and it's just a check on yourself that that none, I I think I will literally say none of the man that have come in have done it and most of the women have not all there's been some exceptions, Katy Correct, being one who is used and not not having to do that she Bruce you is extra greatest interviewer of online yeah yeah required her all that cloud. Yeah. So I've noticed that in then all I've noticed I'm a little has
to say it because I dont want people to think like. While I want them to think a lot of things, but I have noticed that the men are now also this. I've noticed that the women are very engaging with me, and that could be due to a lot of reasons. I am probably safe. I'm another girl there we can talk Lena. We can yeah exactly where you can take a little, more female friendly. We connect on that level immediately. So there's there's that element of it they also they broke. I know what it's like to be excluded. Yes, I think that's more what it is. There's like this innate camaraderie that happens when it's a female who knows what the position is on the move me and also I think the women and this might be biological more nurture
of the environment and looking in saying, there's a person here. I'm include that person. I want that person to be a part of this. What is this person think? Who sitting right? Next to me, women are probably a little bit less exclusionary. Then men may be made that might me. I don't know, but that's what it feels like to me and then, when the men come in there ever know, everyone has been so kind and wonderful and lovely, but they don't do that. Some have I at some have any even when they do it's indifferent? It's an acknowledgment, it's a looking at me. And when you pointed out to me when you made this observation is that you end up cutting out a lot. Aha, aha does because they seem like they're coming out a nor because what the listener can see is that the male guesses?
He met you for a response response or some kind of approval or its exact isolation. They're not looking at me for a response, and not looking at me too, to actually speak and have and being pop looking at me to say yet to boost to them a little bed and say, like you, and I think it's also conscious by the way Dalia there's a lot of them. Talking to you. Looking at talking to you kind of looking at me after they say something and the women generally have been like mine. What do you think it's different yeah? The problem is, I don't really know what to do with that knowledge right- and this was the thing I pointed out to you- that I think is relevant because I've been on a lot of people shows
I know personally that I have engaged with the co host a lot more when the interviewer is a woman so like when I have gone to do on a show out checking with Sim a lot in and when I go to Chris Hardwicke show I won't checking with his cause and that's because, from my own point of view, which I think speaks to a lot of males point of view when two men sit across from each other and they start. Talking, it is primitive in that its an alpha contest. There's testosterone, there's a dominant thing. That is, it is these male things that when an male sits across from me, it's this weird, even when it's when loving Lee and wonderful, is a mail on male competition that you kind of block everything else out. But when I sat down with ANA Ferris, I'm not, I don't feel competitive with her. I do That is not engaged in me. So now, I'm like I'm less on the attack unless
Rest of and all these things in that now opens me up to everyone else in the room so anything alive. Sit down there like oh here, comes a mail on male interaction is just kind of a like yeah. I think it depends on the person in and how much security they have, and I'm with Chris, unlike keep up man, keep up. You can't fucking. You know him fail in this situation like it's like playing one on one basketball so now, but as I, but I guess what sort of inherently bad isn't about that as you should be feeling that way about ANA. Like you, you shouldn't, I should feel that way about anybody. I think the thing to aspire to, as did not feel competitive without anyone having competitive like exit. Yes, you're right, you're right in you, shouldn't, walk into a room and feel like there's a threat to your intellectual safety, but in having a conversation with someone but Jill if you're gonna feel that way, you should feel it about any person that sitting across from you
I dont, think having ninety percent of my brain is with still evolved a million years ago, when a few came up upon us. Another strange animal that look like you in that strange animal was your size, you, you acted appropriately to survive and if you came up on an end, Well, that was half your size is our sexual dimorphism is such as that. Your literally half my size you're not a threat to ninety percent of my brain, that the reptilian brain you just? Don't rigour that sense of threat or dumb submission all these things, and I just think that's that's just going to be always going to be a biological component. It and I thought it was really well articulated when someone was pointing out what it's like to be a woman and imagine stepping into an elevator when you're, a woman and every man that walk
in this box with you and the door shut your standing next to an animal, that's twice or size and if he chose could overpower you and what it's like to go through life in those situations, and I thought only of a great insight for me to think about, because I dont get in an elevator and think of the new next to me. Can overpower me at any moment, he'd like to yeah that's his job. No shit that will never escape more, but we have to try only I mean is that I'm saying I require a we'll, never escape because that's like saying well, this is the It is an unknown or no no! No! No, I don't mean that I mean let let's first acknowledge whites happening so that we can quite that part of our brain. As we understand it, we understand what's going in this situation. So what I'm saying is I do aspire to sit down with all here. Means like I would sit down with honour and not feel threatened, because what right don't live in the jungle? Unimportant you're right! But it's strange to me that that's what's happening because the confrontation
verbal in any of these conversations, so it's not like we're standing up in our in a wrestling lying or something and and of course, I'm not gonna, be threatened by a woman there, most likely like, of course that to me makes total sent, but this is a vying of brains and It's a little strange that you the automatic is that a man is requiring me to be a little bit more on step. Then a woman, it's but lives even go. Let's go deeper, in answer or when we look at hunting and gathering societies. There isn't the power structure goes alpha now: beta mail, right. It doesn't. Men are never competing with women for their place in the hierarchy, theirs female hierarchy in there's a male hierarchy? So every time a males interacting with a male, he's trying to figure out his position in this situation yet, and I do think that happens with women as well. I think we're
do women get together or three women? The? U subconsciously, start being aware of like what's everyone's dynamic who's, the leader of this group, you know, but I don't. I don't think that call ices genders too much, even though it would make sense for you now, because we now have a workplace exam. Actually learn all we are evolved and you actually are competing women in the workplace is a structure that is now blended budgets none of our evolution preparedness for that news item. Brand new thing on the blip. You know where this is a blip on the overall time line of mammals and plan. It is but it we are evolved humans at this point in time site. I think a little it's a little bit of a cop out temper to blame. Are our primary level of thinking in our current that again and understanding the reason isn't an excuse. So and saying that is right, that it's happening orchard continued app and I'm just Ok, I'm interested in why it's him
you're Anderson? Why it's happening? Women are interested in fixing it. Let's just really that what it boils down to organ. You can the interested, and why and I am to form an academic standpoint, but then has to be part of a conversation, is this is why, so, what do we do now, and sometimes I think, what do we do now gets left out of the conversation sure But let's let's, let's pretend that we design utopia in that one of your classes in high school is a wholesome estuary, go which I would love like understand, all this vestige of evolution you have so that you can police it yeah. You first have to build a recognised, what's really happening as workers in turbulent as real emotions, yeah, they feel
very real and grounded in and reasonable, and then, when we gonna break down, what's actually mean triggered. It gets preposterous endemic in kind of right, size it and then sweep away near you, no one else, yeah. I hope too. I feel bad for us that we have all acquiring yeah, that's really Samantha vision. I, like your observations. People come and I were at all and I.
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