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The Good Place Week: Ted Danson

2018-09-24 | 🔗

The Good Place week commences with American actor, producer and National Treasure, Ted Danson. Ted sits down with the Armchair Expert to reminisce on his early years in an unconventional upbringing, he explains the juxtaposition between playing a cool guy on TV despite feeling profoundly uncool in life and he discusses his ride through life on the back of a pickup truck. Dax refers to the first time he met Ted on the street in 1996 and he laments being unable to pronounce Ted’s name. Ted reveals the secret behind being deemed MVP and the two of them share an undying love for Kristen Bell.

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Hello and welcomed arm chair expert, I'm Dac Shepard. Who are you back shepherd? No, your manic appeared now yeah, that's right, joined by Manic, a bad man. This one pained, the lot to hold. We held a little bit so that it could be on the very special day, one of the good place we kick off a week, But it's such a tasty interviews drive me bonkers that we had to sit on it. We have whose affection they referred to in our home is Papa. Tat is Gall Papa tat because my kids column, TED, because anyone over fifty in our house is a gaga, his and he's over. Fifty yes spoil our alert. I'm almost a guy you're gettin ass. His name is dead dancing and he is just up beer goals. Sparkly beam alight delay he's the nicest son of a gun you now you don't. Speck SAM alone to be a school in real life. Is he has been
he doesn't have to be, doesn't have to be at all. He is SAM Fuckin Malone and if he wants to strut around town with his feathers blade, people would deal with it they going to do the same on air, but the opposite of that. My friends is a beautiful, loving fellow member of the dog. I club tat Dancin ARM Chair sport is supported by the Chrysler Pacifica. I'm the door Iver Chrysler Pacifica. Indeed, ILO. Like such a stood behind the wheel, you do I'll give you that black on black on black twentieth wheels, paneled rough steering wheel gas pedal. Look like John Walton centering. I fever I drive around in that thing, Stratton, I'm strutton! When I get in advance, I struck that van around I gotta tell you makes it so easy to travel to kids in this thing, because you just push a button in the door.
Prs open you push a button in the seat. Still allow you open up a bunch cargo space, stowing, stow, stony, stow right you on entertain those kids pop on the you connect the ecosystem. Guess what mommy and daddy it's time to listen to some part. Can you know it being a pair? just it's a little hard as makes it a little bit easier. That's right! I love the Pacifica, its awesome and again You're like a stud when I drive it like Travolta, as I was saying, Chrysler is offering armchair expert listeners if you wanna be cool like me, and crews around town on a black on black twenty, we'll minivan Chrysler is offering armchair expert listeners in exclusive one thousand dollar incentive on a Chrysler Pacific up to get your one thousand dollar offer visit, Pacifica an dax dot com and enter your information. That's Pacifica index dot com enjoy
welcomes TAT, Yorkshire, expert and yes hearing your voice in headphones through microphone to me, went from actor to professor yes, Yak, yes, like you, rather task? I used, in my view, the huge gravitas and then I also want to say to you that your name among all other names- and it makes no sense. It- gives me the most anxiety to say out loud. This is not a bit, I say TED. That's that's easy. We can also, it had then Dan Fine, I can say Dan than when I get to son. I think. Is it San or sun dancer? And I panic midway through your last name. And I talk about you, a ton when you're not around in so I bump up against this. All the time is. This deserves
a matter of you haven't said my name for a month and you panic now. It's that I could be seen for the fourth I'm in a conversation is still, I owe TED dancing, and then I M is it it might is here I haven't both my name as what are you doing now, oh good. At first, I visit the two days Reiner out. Dancing in Now- and I would I would say, how does tat dance and they go my Family uses me of rightfully so, but this is an example of my pompous in our message that I, when I call somebody I say my name, I hi this is TED dancing. Rise. I my own name sounds really weird. When I say it out loud as well, especially like you know, could do so
loud four may be adjusted Dac shepherd, but yes, because I have axe immense so it similar two years is tat the dance and then minds. Dec separate, I literally wherever I go- will load in the new name said I'm about to bump. It met the names of the people about the bump into a high loaded. Your names. Ok, sorry it in Briars rise, referencing rob our coasts, genius. You really runs everything. Who did them where in my head? Ok, that's hey! That's good to see the other good! The hay backs. Do that. Yes, my wife Mary over his laughs and knows that I have no fucking idea who I must target. When I give up a huge differences, it ends. Clearly I know you who you are. I wouldn't be hugging right. Where I want to start is we ve had people on the spot guest,
ready going on and on and on about what a beautiful guy you are. This is the reputation you have, whether you are aware of it or not at all. Unanimously. People who meet you go man. He delivers in every conceivable way yourself friendly and kind and thoughtful, but current amigos mere these or other people that are in his industry. We really know if he's a terrible person, but I am one of the few people who does know the real TED. Because- and I dont know, if you remember me telling you this, but ninety Ninety six, I'm a motorcycle messenger in California, just move to LOS Angeles and I'm in Beverly Hills to pick up a package I run upstairs. I come downstairs, I'm stuck at across walk. There are bunch. People that are very well dressed in their kind of miserable, and then I I look over in by God, you're standing right next to me: this is thrilling beyond comprehension. I'm fucking standing next to TED Dance,
and you look at me, then you say out of the blue boy. You think these people, with This money would be a little happier. This is this didn't you say to a stranger that stranger was me and then the light turned walk and we both come ass. The thing- and I hope that my motorcycle and I thought well that's a very friendly nice person. He is everything it betrays on TV, Maddox yeah. Did that really happen swear to God on my children's life. That exchange happen in one ninety six, I presume you were coming out of an agency or something we were like downtown Beverly Hills you, I doubt you are shopping Now I ve done, I brought no. I wasn't. I have you, hovels Beverly Hills, although their wonderful shops and I probably have shot there, but yes and I do believe in nine music. That was the first time.
Are your hair white or something there? Is there something else very memorable bought your looking that moment roused like oh, that look, that's his real hair color. What I'm you could go to ways of that story? How kind, as that's kind of judge, mental Others am above them look at all these people were, they looked miserable, they were wearing like thousands of dollars were there and they lay very unhappy. I had noticed it independently of you and when I looked at you just had kind of a queer smile on your face, and then you kind of called that out most the mice. I also clear how can it that's part of your child, but let me just ask you this. Yes, of course you don't remember that, but does that sentence sound for some like something you would say some people say up to me and I got I've been in selling something, but that is what year after year, yeah plus it's getting scared, because I sort of myself that I wouldn't just do old, jokes, old thoughts, old eggs and pains not stay with you,
but I have noticed that the older I get we won't go old was the older. I got the S that I the sensor between an idle it even nonsensical, fought in landing out loud to somebody on the corner of the street. Is you know very thin? Is it's just out of my mouth yeah? I feel I also think I feel obligated to engage yeah. Like it's like I'm, I'm I'm always on camera. So I mustn't I should be filling the space now ass, a little lull and traffic. In the conversation this man standing next none. I probably he might even know me. I recognize my eldest space with something charming, hey you know, The traffic light
walk away like an asshole and keep your mouth shut. Oh now I was well first and foremost. You could have said nothing to me because I again I was very fresh and now I dont think I had seen another celebrity in real life other than J Leno at a traffic light. Once who also was nice a bet, you were really cool. As a motorcycle messenger, because I know how good you are well. It's a motorcycle survive SAM, just grateful! I'm here talk, the guy's faster? You rode, the more money you may say. Those are two things I was obsessed with India. I mean there was also like I'm. There were many other motorcycle messenger, so often you'd be on the four hundred and five heading north to the valley and is what eight lanes of traffic in your lane splitting and then out of the corner of your eye. You see another motorcycle messenger with the signature messenger backpack over his back and then it would be a full blown
based on the four or five and heavy traffic is. What else are you going your while you're doing all day long zipping here and there and were you helmeted, But as I was yes, I what you're so you're, you may be able to do stance in do crazy things, but you're you're, not silly you wear padding. You wear leather, you are all about. I want to say. I would love to take that compliment. I do most often, certainly if I'm going on, I, like canyon, ride I'll put leathers on and stuff. But if I'm in Wyoming and were in the middle of nowhere and its no helmet law, I will let that can win cook through my hair and I'll just have to deal you're so cool There is now no it's my wife, does not enjoy when we visit no helmet states but you're from Flagstaff AIR Don't you have a super interesting father? I do archaeologists anthropology here's a professor, a Phd Diamond Tucson, where we lived until eyes about seven or eight
and then we he got a job to be the assistant director of the Museum and Northern Arizona and the research centre, which was, in a small town way a big deal internationally, because you could go from thirteen thousand feet above Timberline on the San Francisco peaks night. There were flags That is all the way down to the bottom, the Grand Canyon. So you had the beginning time the hoodie much Jill in all Allah. Paleontology bought me in that it is all about stuff at your fingertips, so you we would. Our house was filled visiting scientists from all over the world. When I was growing up how cool yet was cool and there's a specific native, Group there that healthy and but The museum was created to be a tool to help nurture the arts and crafts and a culture of hope
did the Navajo and the Zuni Pueblo Indians in the four corners area. So most of my friends growing up cuz their parents worked at the museum where either HOPI or Navajo, and my other couple of friends were ranchers. And dot small town. Are you in societies, thousands of thirty thousand? But we were like four miles outside a town which, when your young is forever so low, I would be jumping on horses with my HOPI friends and does literally going in any direction we wanted found That sounds very idea like to me. Was it wonderful? Wonderful until your fifteen horny in your horny coming here to hope, be friends are going to work? but as I recall that in like a super peaceful traditionary, isn't there a lot of stuff yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Another HOPI for the whole be, for example, never went to war. The united
states isolating they have never got moved, there's no tree. De involving them? So there are separate nation still to this day. They don't have to be dreaded, they can't be drafted, knew not making it less, but they can't be drafted because they are for sovereign yeah awe and they are living in the same villages up on the maces in Arizona that they had four five hundred years. Awhile early. So you can go see them worship, their gods, in the same way they have through the dances. Play ward as brutally stripped of no they weren't they they got messed with a certain point. Government decided they had to all be educated and bust in a x amount of miles to a school. So there was an apt in there was no drinking,
the reservations. So everyone came to tat. There are a lot of problems, our hard for them to assimilate yeah anyway, very cool, very cool way to grow. Yeah. I would imagine you're getting like a pretty big dose of autonomy like that you're you're, capable you, get on a horse and you can just get lost and find your way back. Aren't they did things there that are building character. Right, you're not like above, ushered your door and do a back seat of a car and then taken to a pre school milk the hurons. I guess you when you think about it. I guess you're gonna on your alright you're trusted to just kind of until you get thrown in to a totally different sick where's, yet I was but yes and air zone I felt comfortable around. You know cowboys horses, emptiness alone, whatever yeah, all of that was was very
the uncomfortable for me and did you analyze, mom or dad or neither are both idolize? They did you think you're TAT was the shit that he was this smart. I had all these new. No, I know you know my father color revealed himself more later in life, so that I was, I didn't realize that he was running in o five hundred people and people would come in and say, Mr Dancing. What do you think any had really great thoughts and was very decisive, Is it home? It was, I'm not sure, ask your mom all motor. I have a feeling yeah. All the major decisions were my mom to see in are you you have siblings. I have a sister Jan is four years older than right that to me fits my stereotype cuz. I do think children that have an older sister men who have an author sister generally, a little better. Yes, if folks,
Then may my my than ignoring elder brothers, who has the Euro coward at here. You can't get laid all these terrible haunting things that seem to have and with an older male sibling, the alike agora. Then you end up being able to ride motorcycles and do all the added I can't yeah yeah yeah yet yet yet so you what college you go? Did you go to college of first I went to prep school. Ok, I went to can't school Kent Connecticut, That's a very long way from the accident was, but all my ranch, your friends had been home. Schooled were being sent away.
Sister who was incredibly bright until she's, an intellectual for real, like my parents, but I was the fantasizing player out out the door guy, but she really was smart, so she was going to Wellesley and my parents knew that the Flagstaff school system I wasn't going to if you're, not a natural student, you're, probably gonna, fall through the cracks right and I certainly wasn't I wanted to do- was playing down, and so they re happy that I said hey. Why can't? I go away. All my friends are going way to school. I can earn there were great in so that's interesting. I can't imagine wanting to go away at that it would ages is. This is like a school thirteen thirteen
so just as your appetite for a bigger world was there or you were board or I dont think. I think this is a most of life. I've kind of walking backwards, going you're. Looking at once coming past may go all how wonderful look at where I got us like riding in the back of a pickup truck yet Naturally I hope you know what the Grand Canyon wages bastard. I think. Maybe when I met my wife marries Danbridge was perhaps one of the right was the turning point. Where I turned around and life and actually go when I want go there. I want to do this before that. I would just I had some wonderful angels. To be honest, I reacted so it was a great place for me to go, but it was so whims
but there is a lesson to learn that, which is, I think, most people who end up as the leader of a successful tv show our very goal oriented. They have a very specific and their sights on something right in there in their chasing that they might even be strangled. That and yet year. Another way is also to be in the back of a pickup been really happy about where yeah and, in fact I'd prefer that approach the EU now, certainly at a certain point, your life, it's it's advantageous to know, yeah aiming the ship yeah. Here, it's very cool that you know it doesn't require a certain kind of personalities. We can go back and forth at flipping ahead. I dont think I ever thought had a career thought: fear around will I won't I make it until I had made. Yeah how about this? Third, second or third year chairs. Before that I could have been acting in a class which I did a whore being paid.
To act in a dim really mad. I mean yes, there was some. Lovely bars, an idea about being hired, but as far as the joy of acting it was so intense for me that and acting class. Seen they went well was just as good yeah it I've been paid That's wonderful man turned around and then you know now full of fear yeah. Well, I won't I have I just retired. No one tell me yeah, as we know that it was a question Now I hear you you'll be gainfully employed as long as you choose to be gained by was well, but also that it because what watches go there anyways? What is it because so year, three of or your cheer as your two of cheers, whatever it was. Is it because you go? Oh, my god. This is amazing, I
I want to lose this year. You don't want to lose the yes, yes, you yeah you, you start how people beer hold the old you. Yes, oh you're done it. Oh Look at your differently, yeah all by itself. Flattering right is the your ego kicks? Yes and then you start getting chunks of money that you ve never gotten before, yes or even thought possible. As you are quite happy without it, I was young. I was quite content with whatever and then lots of money came away and then it was like a lie I don't want to lose the yes, and I wonder if I could get more yeah now and it's weird so Conor intuitive, you would think of that. That would make you feel safe, but then a clear backfires into now. You have something to lose its gonna, liberating to have nothing to lose right. Yes, and I mean my philosophy about money:
You actually have this conversation delightful ass when money is, is that you're, a tube for money, and you let money come in the top and you just let it flow through you don't try to accumulated just let it flow through you cause if you pannikins, shut off the bottom. It alot, you'll get constipated and the money will stop flowing through that fear. So just let it rushed through. Don't pay that much attention to it soon that it will be there and just focus on what it is you want to do. I would kill to have that relationship I mean I know, whereas the idea I have got the bottom Annette Tube, so fucking choke tie, another when I get out I've done that periodically, ire able smack me on the back of the head, because I am planning for pensions, yeah? I know now you're thinking. That's me. I think, involve many ways that the financial system will collapse. Yes
Are there really isn't any way to safeguard myself from NASA very gold, my back yard, but even that? How do I get gold into Europe? You know what happened. There's an earthquake, yeah, there's a drought, yeah! That's it I'd like that Charlie Brown and mean that just convincing, if there's no way, if I got something that I would rather keep it right yet madness. But but I want to know why you're here You're right is so I'm fighting this fascinating. Yes, this professor has the best stories real end totally mesmer. I do encourage everyone listening to the shots. You please put on very high. All we had the same elevated sense of our importance, but when you go to abortion school and isn't all male all male. Thirteen to eighteen, based on an english school system, an english priest. There was an episcopal school,
an english priest. Father still came, I'm not sure when in the early nineties and hundreds allows back when, especially in England, ah thou still is boys were to be broken and yes, I other boys year so there was a pecking order. It was called, unfortunately, met one thing years ago, called fagging How are you if you're class above you could make anyone do push up? Sir almost beat the crap out of them. Basically, and you will be fine, yes, code! Writing them! Yes, in a better way. I very much doubt that's crazy. I never got smack with the pillow case for potatoes, but his right next door, and there were as far as people being paid there were teachers called masters. There was an electrician and there was a cook and basically thou is it. Everything else was done all a manual labor
we stand by the heads of why I asked whose very spot, while up at six fifteen chapel at six thirty, oh here it was, it was get this wonder, suited me and how did you feel there with? Well? Let me add one thing. I just said goodbye to my friend ramen coin, my HOPI friend right. This is of great skill. By the way, and I will flip this. But nevertheless at age? Thirteen you know getting driven by my aunt from scars. Dale dropped off it. That night sitting on these, these big communal tables with- I guess, you're about ten boys at a table sitting on benches, and there was a pecking order, this seniors or the six farmers with the head of the table, and then you were you weigh down and
which met stake in french fries were rumours to anyone, not other under the table, but anyway the first night. Can I say that this sounds like Hogwarts? Is there if it were in Nazi Joe many have already said That's some in our view, If you ve been watching the crown language, Charles, whether anyone we had corn chipped beef, toast angle. Yes, your many many different phrases. Sadly, having just said goodbye, I did my friend ramen. I hope he friend the nickname at can't was skinned, India and thought or wait for you are her that meal for that meal. Oh my god, it's corned beef you know sliced thin with cream sauce overtired Sony other than in any other name? It sounds appetising by any other means.
So there I was gonna. Where am I and why are people wearing madras pants and oh, my jabers, and whether it was it there? Was there a contingent of alike, EAST Coast old money yes, but there are also inner city kids. It was really cool school and that, if you paid on a scale of Europe Father was the head of general motors, and we had in my class somebody like that. Then I'm sure they paid a great deal. You had nothing but you're interest into the school. You pay nothing, that's it was pretty cool gale had aroused section more or less compared to today, probably not, but none, and again, as it does now jump ahead too to your age, but does it ever Astound you to think that, yes, you went to a score. You could say your fagging people, I'm in your aim, skinned engine or whatever the fuck. You just said. That is, so races. I can't believe that engine that India Cycle
I was assuming it was. The worst thing you could say is I've forgotten, but is it not occasionally startling how different these errors. You actually got awareness and how much change can occur in a relatively short amount of, and it's kind of spooky to watch me turn into my mother, who used to say in a take care of the money. If we're in a foreign country as it's just you know, I just can't I just too much for me, I'm doing all, that would social media guy now knives science. To my idea, I'm not gonna. Do that. Someone else can do it for me. Yes, we have, You are unfortunately, on this app called Marco Polo Christian and earth, it's out where you can send videos to each other in we. I think exclusively do this in bed at night air eyes. You ever thought of me with my shirt on in our young enough and in others everybody who starts with a few. The view jittery confirming that it is recording it right sleeves,
We have had our getting the filter wrong, you're like and then you discover discovered the like cartoon effect filter. Would she found very flattering right? You really like it like the sky, so that's kind of oats. You know so we watch basically a card conversion anyone bed at night, which is most Americans dreams, but your ultimate, your ultimate feeling about this experience in school was what did a grab? Did it happen? You up. Did it did he give you a sense of due diligence or did well? It gave me my only real education, a gimmick, great education and then I met what save me and the school by their work can school flipped the third year I was there. Somebody came in new headmaster and just everything went flying out the window, all Riyadh stuff. Ah, the bullying all of the area,
thing, what flying out the window or that we are still very spartan using you. You know seniors ur, six farmers at work doing you know sweeping always. If you looked cross side at a younger person, art You know where a bully in any way you were out, so I really met a day longer ledge of flies. Yes, they do yeah, they did so anyway basketballs. What say why I find a basketball coach, Jim Woods, ok, who who actually have guy. He was probably only about eight or nine years older than us here, graduating from college and turn right around camp come back to teach at camp and them yeah. He saved my life basketball, ass. My love my passion because it gave you some confidence among the other guys or it I just lie just love. I was drawing a power forward. What I was a very weak
You are my reforms, a moderate forward, an average forward, but you know I'd dislocated my knee first year, junior varsity. So far moment, I could all little job even I ended off my right. Which is a very weird lay upper unit. Well, when when it becomes, We won Ardley championship at the end of our senior here and there giving out the words at our banquet dinner and I got a co most valuable player. A calamity p m vp with my best friend, who was an amazing athlete. Ah, truly amazing everything I would really wanna be. Could dunk gorgeous human being just gonna? He called his body, his temple, and it was an old. Why was amazing so anyway, and then there was me any. I dont know how they phrase it but was based.
You love your heart, is so passionately and evolve in basketball. Sounds they wouldn't have always was. It was like a mercy. We can't give you an answer. Maybe all by yourself will give you a call one matter really good, but I loved you honor for like player who enjoys at the mouth all like love, the game allowed. That's great. That's really gonna save my life, then why do you say it saved your life? Because, I I you ll only there's our energy, but this his lonely was lonely there. As a basketball. Anyone here it is ok, so you had this sum. This come round or other for you may all the first year, you cried yourself to slay, allocate yeah good. I certainly think you're inhuman or something now knows how everyone was sobbing, so that
that being on a teen feeling in the clear Audrey right and on sample and its way informed the rest of my life. To this day, I I much prefer being part of a group of acting then just a tall guy who's carrying everything, I'd rather young part of an answer, but because I just love group came out of that basketball experience right. I went to Stanford and tried out for basketball for the freshman year and I didn't try out. I stepped up just on the edge of the court and looked around and yeah? That's what it's like out here. That's did you go to Stamford? Yes, you did, or did I just drop that I'm sorry well? I mean I literally I did not. I faked I way that's very impressive. I mean, I think your intelligent, but that's also Renault is quite a bit of Gore Correct, but back and nineteen six six. It was now any bad impress outcome as it is now not as competitive. Wasn't
right and I was always geographically interesting kid from flax. Affairs on em, you know, writing horseback with the whole peace. Can school went why it's instead Take up eating they age when you confused with hope, Indian. These thought that is, basketball, plain HOPI, Andean. Yes, I did milk waitin for more armchair expert. Their armchair, supported by sleet number Monica I love my sleepy time. I note your favorite time or sleepy blue between around ten and six thirty in the evening, you'll find me in my sleep number gettin horizontal and get in there.
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and you would just be a out on your ear and tried to get up there so and dance. Is where, like you know too close to cause now, I'm there were? Definitely you would have scored through the roof, because I would have jumped on some teachers. Motorcycle stolen went up the hill and impregnated everybody. I could only see myself through your eyes just for two men when they do. I look like the funds. When you are you, this we're bands and olive oil are one of my hero. Oh, I know you think you are in everybody. I talk to about. You feel the same way, so you can squirm for his neck and because you are standing gone. I add that as barium next question but you did you did like girls had just was it was not possible, so yeah noticed Stamford, and now it's cool,
where and Stanford was chosen, because there is a nice campus and I was covered in Western. That's all I wanted yeah. What's it's it's it's I Palo Alto, our south to San Francisco. Sixty six Is the temperature San Francisco nineteenth oh yeah yeah, I hate a whole robber crown right- the grateful dead. I missed it. Ok, I missed you higher expire. Why I have because I am Things are so self absorbed that it's hard for me and I'm writing backward and pick up a had happened and innovation. Go by hate, Azure, Mary and I sell em of with active so that gonna happen at the same time, but I was the guy my friend my friend Dwayne, and I who who we are best friends in basketball players at can't. We both went to stand for De Gaulle. That's fine.
The air was nice, and then we sat around a freshman dorm and somebody had some marijuana and we're all sitting in a circle and they pass it around and the first people I had had a Yet we got oh, my god, you see there. Oh wow, look at that way and now look at each other well as stupid, I don't see anything and I think you're an idiot. We got up and left Ok, you didn't partake know. Yet. That has not had the matures sure Georgia, I think well yeah, because, you being a hoping yourself. I would have imagined you do and open to the pay, only experience it then why we're corners area? That's where they're doing most of the periodic reallocate yes Navajo right, I'm a delicate grasp on life. It's a age old Grannis, so the idea of being stoned is fine, little Buzz, Malka fight.
Anything more than that and I am afraid I would Messer know how to come back. Ok, you're, ok, that's very delicate, but it is that it is all right. At that moment. The actually in that area right earning less easy and all these people are yeah, I'm sitting in a door, freshmen, dorm impromptu, weaken party, a party or some and there they have a singer that they have had to come now and I'm sitting about is closer than to you to this. To this woman singing and her and she's just screaming your voice out. She was good, but I thought this is poor. Girl, yeah, she's falconer. Her voice. She vulgar manner, not your answer and in the middle, the story relies I'm blank him out her name, but the fit most famous a wreath of Franklin: oh no come on, but in that world, JANET Joplin, JANET, Joplin, they was doing his job land, yes get them. Ok, my reaction to Janis Joplin was she's. Gonna fuck up her voice, louder,
so drove halfway to the Monterrey pop Festival and then looked at my clock. Watchin were, and turned round? I just list the sixties scarlet, and what did you major, Annette, Stanford, the I dont know what I wanna do they have? That area is cobbler Besides. Ok here didn't have any fantasies of of being a lawyer upon no, no, no! No, because I didn't care that much and was always faking it in school. I tested really well because it was a game. Minnow didn't really matters, so I would I had no stress- and I just give it my best effort and I got into an advance placement- english class. I first arrived to stand for, and I am the first day in class. I not only could I not understand what the professor had just said. I didn't understand what the student,
I was just so. I literally stop going to school. Oh, I got my first television literally a black and white Council. I grew up without tv. Aha turned it on and it was a re run of the Dick Vandyke show at eleven clock in the morning, and that was my day I would get up. I had a stump bigotry. Stop in the room. This is me and my friend Dwayne he would go to class. I had I would get up put on music and dance like a go, go boy on the stump, oh wow, and then I turn on van dyke? Then I get on my bicycle and mosey down to the quad to see if any my classes were still going on I may be, I would drop in or not. That was my life at Stanford, YO, Yo fell in love with act. Your or already having the drug experience. Without isn't rosy. I mean about the ear: what human over, while the north, its inability to see what's carbon at the quad.
That's that you had the experience to pick up. You didn't mean version of life, the zoo where you act at Stanford doing plays put on This is a sophomore year halfway through, I finally got the nerve to ask a girl named Beth, who was working back behind the counter at the cafeteria freshmen dorm out for some coffee, hoping against all hope, Leah and we went out and had some coffee in about five minutes in she said I have to go. I have to audition for our oh. Can I come with you, meaning can I still and weird she agreed to get coffee knowing five minutes. Late diagnosis is somewhere in his bad boy. I think we got their noses totally bored with me. So off we
like when you want to meet. I just like a dancing in the morning, and this afternoon is down by do need to catch, dig, Vandyke, but then a pretty much. The rest is what they do and find a way that all when you play back sounds way. Cooler laws are now, but it was a nerd matter Golgotha. So I will. I walked into this room and there are additional for MOM East man, Bertold Brecht play and to stay in the room. I had additional so I just made something up. Mrs forgive me, I don't have any written material, so I did this thing. I don't know where this is one of those divine moments. Gosh, there's, no reason why I would have ever done something like that. Just made it so I did again quickly. You're in the back of a pickup, India realized. We are. We are in an audition now. Yes, I guess
but when it does as an entity in the troops, okay, tat- and I did some people laughed- and I was like that's almost as good as Basque. Quite but that's nice that whatever that was nice- and I got the smallest part you could get- would still be in the play. Third spear carrier from the left- Canada but ours hot. I only let him you are Co. Envy pay for this. Those rights an ogre- you know, but I was heard and I started taking acting classes and I literally pulled my station wagon that had a mattress in the back, which is where I was sleeping at the back of the studio theater and I didn't leave for them three months. I just eight drank slept regulator and then people set if you're serious, you should go back east. So I audition at the last second for Carnegie Melhem University on and off I went
Sixty years I went there you're harnessing any acting as it had a full, acting conservatory kind of deal right and because I was a transfer student, I didn't have to do any freshmen englishmen like that I'd just acting at this age. Are you aware of your own charisma? I mean that necessarily I'm not asking you to brag for yourself Are you aware at that moment that you have a personality that people are drawn I didn't know. I had that until the second year of chairs, were I learned to keep my mouth shut when people set out your cooler o in our people at right, always very sexy, aha I knew the truth right right. I was surrounded by beautiful extras who were paid to look at me as if I were sexy, but I learned to keep my mouth shut instead of Dan, So now I can only tell you how weird life is right, and maybe this will make you question some of the assumptions you made as a kid but to eat, so you
feel like that guy. You don't feel like SAM alone. No right no. But here I am a kid I'm a kid in my introduction to what a stud alpha mail is is SAM alone, message that that becomes the definition. So there isn't a definition. You gave it to me. So in some one guy, but do you? The writers gave it to me right, but even as a kid I don't know who you thought was a super. Gary stud when you were a kid, but that person play that role is needed, and that was your introduction to Sweden question it so for me, I can see you didn't think you're SAM long, but for me it so obvious, you're fucking SAM alone, and that is that is what it Playboy looks like that way, because that's the first one I've seen I am interested to know how these things aren't in any way objective. There just cultural- and you could be a part of setting
that template without having any awareness of beer. You just seen the doubt right, one, not if I could have been a professional baseball player who scores every night with the Ladys no yeah just, but I am told that that's what that looks like animals, was my mine alone, but it is worth yet. But but you were friendly wire, your garrison, a ball. You at least were aware of that, and I had because I was such a loser, but so fearful or so whatever in life and on shore, and because my mother was teaching me more than my father on the playground, I would find the biggest bully air or notice the biggest bully and then go make him chuckle rights. Make em, laugh the allies, ok, yeah, yeah yeah. I can't imagine you got picked on much. No, but for weird reasons like it can't we're picking on was okay. I
at age thirteen. I was six foot and a hundred and twenty pounds Leah as some people have always, but look at me go south of Tom. If I hit him, he may shatter union. Yet this will make me look weaker, not as strong as the exact right. That's I've had it didn't calculus ass myself, Andy yet you know that actor. Yes, he made me so mad on a movies at one time and in it just escalated escalated escalate until it at some point he shoved glasses on my face, without my permission in it like hit me in the eye, and I stood up in we think the same, not this person now and then a better part of me was like you. Look like such a fuckin asshole punching Andy big out in it it's a damn, and I bet that's how he's gotten through life? Yes, anyhow, nice re invigorate. Oh, he fucking deserves and Adele to his face and we're friends its fine words.
Carnegie Melon, Pittsburgh. Oh it's Pittsburgh, so we were sheltered right. We were kept out of a hat, that makes sense, as were Andrew Carnegie made his fortune so yeah that way you do you're York after Carnegie Male Carnegie was supposed to prepare the EU for repertory companies. That was what we did classical training enough. We go look like Shakespeare. Everything except I was never cast. I was the one person who fell through the crack and would never got into a shakespearean play really yeah, so I boys felt as soon as somebody starts talking about Shakespeare, I took my hand you feel like a total, foul meteor. Please don't come around me yeah in an do. I remember that we connected at one point about: do you have learning disabilities? I did you have a reading issues. I only now discovered that I probably do, but not real ok meaning. I agenda, I just want to be like you and Anyway, you I know that I will undesigning you're the Swami.
HU. I hope to be the right where I'm gonna get to the point where we are linked by a disease which is very flat. Answer me: you're gonna get to the absolute affluence. It will only more embarrassing that I have forty three but I M, so you do moved in Yorks it from there New York just what year is that seventy five scared that it's a crime? city and seventy eight. I realise this is really midnight cowboy kind, little panic and middle park. He has our seventy to pardon me. So it was is genuinely the court yeah walking through the Times Square, it's like sixty per se are the store. Fronts are peep, shows and stuff. Let me appeal honor, that's it! I don't think ones for Saturday Night live right at the beginning, we guardian angels on the subway and yeah yeah renounce Disney, but it is so
the city is scary, but it's also it's gotta be so exciting. As I was terrified for about three months and I was determined to stay there until I was no longer scared and then I would late because I knew socked awe and I just fell head over heels in love with a I didn't want to leave until many years later, so you need to New York. I think where you live on the streets I like you, go somewhere and then everyone's now on foot in their going somewhere else to know you're walking with big groups of people are going to catch. Sat subway, I'll, walk you too there. It's a big. Is this. You need communal life right that totally really that we should be living. That way, that's how we were design and evolve to live it right, we ve stopped and then, when you're doing it feels right. I like a primitive I'm all right. Yes, you are so much more connected and you also culturally connected in a great way.
You know you are bombing in the rich people and poor people in the same block. You are bumping into everybody from many different countries and yeah economic and everything, so tolerance conic comes with that territory, which is great yes here you can be. You know you can drive thirty minutes before you find someone who doesn't look like you. Yes, yes end and it's a very equalising city, because is sure you may descend an elevator from a penthouse, but once you get out on that three, the everyone's in the same boat, you're gonna, have to deal with him by your way out. You know, there's something cool about that. No, when you young it doesn't matter if you have money and where you still with better this, I know you didn't last that Long Beth, I didn't see after that no only she was thrilled. Ok, you know she basis.
We like a girl will pawn offer a suitor to a friend. Yes, she pond you off to show business. Basically, I dont like you, but I have a girlfriend that you might like this. She, her name is show business. Her name is acting, so I guess I don't I'm stuck on this and I'm sorry, but what's happening with women in New York. You're you're, a young bach and you're on your own. Are you ll, Earl Murmur near I've? Our I was born my first of all. By going back there, a woman who had girl would have to be stark. Naked standing in front of me. I'd be fully clothed and b, o o me Oh, oh you mean you want. I was just so backwards as those You know I'm the opposite of SAM alone, if somebody in our case me. I would them to marry me and I'm sorry.
The more you got married to two Randy and that I think the real we would both admit communication. If we had both been emotionally are mature yeah when it, then I'm scared to go to New York. Are you let's lived other an m, be bodies and in and help each party when a great idea and yet somehow almost unspoken, because I do not remember asking her to marry and I'm sure she doesn't remember me asking a married, but we got married while so each twenty two that's oftener on to be married, especially from the guy, was in the pick up, who has once again Petals, I see petals with ordinary people in chairs upraised at all, I mean wed. Yes, literally. This feels very
a whimsical to go through life, like I'm sure you pay a price at some point, but but it sounds and I think me eat. We are on the same page really, and I hope this ok cause Randy is a wonderful actor out there in the world. So we were brother and sister really long enough I think what happened anywhere in you ve chosen a very scary trajectory There's a lot of uncertainty. It's not like you, both graduated with degrees mechanical engineering. You rise a slot for you rat g were often the big worry us so big, big, big chunk of the pies certain: will we make it or not? Then you can shore up this personal piece of the pie and get some stability there? Yes, Nadia Healing Rang, and we were great friends and in our class, but basically all does moved to New York and became one are big dormitory. So we are great bodies. We all share the same cycle.
Just you know, famous advice was you need to relax? You need to start fighting like a jack rabbit ITALY. That was his big advice. The probably turned my life. This allows those of us who, as you put it in practice by the MECCA business growth that is great, that's just a guy in a pan. Now it's easy in the middle of you taking yourself very seriously, and I'm going to figure out the psyche of mine in a man says just far more often in ITALY, probably maybe a little less important and that biomass yet and How long do you and Randy say Mary five years? I can't imagine you taking the bull by the horns and you know separated, know I'd, tell you how that yeah in his the story Randy is learning how to sign and she's gotten, really good sign for the deaf, because she said I can remember the name of the play at circle in the rent, so she's had to learn and
she teaches may every once in a while and I've gotten kind of ok and One evening I say: let's, let's have a real conversation goes up. They follow it more. You know. If we're not just doing. See Jane, run the have a real conversation and build a filling the by forty five minutes later and total silence. We decided to get separate. Oh my god. I call that is very, and it was very late is very sweet. The question was: where do you want to be five years now? Would you want to be doing? Where do you want to be, and the answer for both of us was so place else, knowing you're, ok. Ah there will. That sounds at least very amicably Oda, we were because Europe, Europe bona fide codependent myself right when it would kill. You too have hurt her.
The ass? If she had been head over heels in love with you and you felt that way, that would have been like a cancer for you right, yeah yeah, so I feel very feels very lucky that she felt that way as well. Yes, as you probably also would have ended up in something for fifteen years, maybe it was. The next ok, that's lower said: you're out, you got a number of issues that have yet to decide now, I do think you were unnatural. Codependent was there? Was there a relationship with your mom or your debt was drowning. On using an but I've might my upbringing was complicated in whom there was some hidden currents and stuff and sewed all fell. I think that's why? What are they pardon me wet? Oh, this is way too complicated. I'm gonna go off in the corner and play rash, rocks or my horses and have a minute day dream, but every
but he has a history of family that is it just wacko yeah Raleigh we're all trying to deal with our conception, misconceptions, sir. Our preconceptions are yet truth of whatever wherever we came from, and then you do. You realize how your mom and dad were these two kids, my God together and did the best they could possibly do. But here's here's with something that I can't. I was unconditionally love man, a high and that's huge, You know I was. I never was in doubt ever that I loved me may either an that's Hugh he's not. Everyone grows up with that yeah That is why I went online. I like, as I do, that by the way. This is why I like to talk about it, because there is, I think, he's your growing up in other she's, my family. You know two divorces, and this in that you do feel like you're. The anomaly
a year that we had all you're the outsider. You have these feelings that are you need to you and then you gonna proceed through life, thinking that and then I think, there's a ton of comfort and realising no. No that's the norm, that's baseline! Yes, you know, I think so yeah it's not it's! None of this is like a pity party or anything just to go. Oh yeah, p S, beak humans. Fuckin hard messy business and then, as you say, you get to the point. These are real right. Noticing how young your parents were all this forgiveness kind of comes out right, like oh, my god, I'm doing this, we are. We had Lincoln at thirty, eight non, barely managing it in I have money. I have all these minimum omby amby fucking thing and she was eighteen share, my view, so whatever the out a miracle It's a mirror in end in a perfect job cannot be done, but really regardless you leave with some of these things and then you you confront them throughout your life and I'm not your perfect job should have been Maybe I don't lay aside ass you're, probably not we're not
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Erica your eyes. We had but we're your resided history yet to children. What age you have these children, thirty who are first was born and then a second child. I guess I was Thirty, six! Ok, and can you give me the readers digest, beat I held on you when he became SAM along, thirty, thirty two so made us thirty. Four. When Kate was born, I was thirty foreign caves, but obviously had some very anxious. When I read chairs and did you have any success prior notice? The other way around Brigham Kate was born, arise, thirty, two chairs, I was thirty four. So so you did have her in some economic insecurity, yeah yeah I was, I had done a couple of film. And I had done body he them only a new field and solid body. I was
often running with new as eight months of unemployment and then another job, you know and then I started doing guess stars on television in any. So you were making a living, yes impact and then just a very minimal, but yes, and then you get cheers crack and is there any any inclination at that moment, I'm getting onto something special urges like everything else right, it's just a job and guy. Now is what will happen in and you know there was something strange is usually there'd be self doubt when you auditioning and I our well, but then you don't hear anything the next day
I had a dish and for Jimmy Boroughs, who was the co creator with less implant Charles of chairs, but he is the director may with a writers, and they had teamed up shortly before cheers got off the ground and that I had audition a year to before Foot Jimmy Boroughs for best of the west. There was a sit camp, but it took place in the west, but he remembered me from the audition. I didn't get it and I was called in by Jim- Brooks to go. Do a quick last second replacement of a character on taxi out. So I was on the paramount lot doing taxi and it was a great part remains London and Jimmy Burrows unless lesson glad we're just around the corner down the building down the hallway, starting to think about casting cheers and so
they had me come over. While I was working, which is a great way to one dish, adjourn make em urine makeup. Yeah, you're right you. If you re a cause, you have a job so desperate! Yes, sir focus so I read and inner- and I did I think a couple times are we? While I was working and then they are ice, they said, don't don't take any other jobs without letting us know This does not mean that I say that I have the part it just just don't where'd. You are not willing to go that far, but we are willing to go half way. So I go out there, the office door. On one side, the opposite door that I came in and down away down the stairs about fifty actors lining up to come all my goodness so was, but it was one of the times were I didn't doubt and it was a long audition process than we were brought in to read and paradox there.
Commissary tasseled area. There were three salmon Diane's a while that day kept playing around with their heads and you'd. Read that it at all and then on the day they the little temporary bar set a paramount and they had sixty people in the audience in oh I'm, Prob, exaggerating, maybe like thirty or forty people all the studio, all the network, all the writers down, and we Additionally, we had an audition off while and are you getting? You start the first audition with relative amount of confidence, because at the final touches you had gone through, but as its, you mean real, earn real, earn its being whittled down as any fear creeping in now and now. The one thing that I have to say was different for me, because I am a fear based makes me think you're just gonna, born to play that we're yeah Edessa was just like. Don't do that? Just do your thing, it'll be
yeah and even though you didn't see yourself as a SAM alone Now- and I didn't I didn't get similar employs two years took me to years of planks him on the flight I haven't, got it, but I also wanted to my had to Shelly long, because I think I got cast the SAM alone, because I was the putting up with the pairing with Chalet Long and Chalet was just out of the box. Hounding. Well, you guys had a geometry or a symmetry that really can't be forced or anything else the lottery right in its his people. Some people have that lay down. Now. The tuna standards in the world in one fuckin movie in there's nothing there, you have it worked totally work and then- A pilot is now for we weren't tv nerds. The pilot is regard in committee, as the best pilot ever made the most flawlessly there
sitting was there? Are the writing? Also, the way was shot that with the Caribbean introduced it is. It is structurally is good, as you can launch a shell is generally. Pilots are very hard you're, giving your introducing be strangers to you know all these strangers you're trying to tell people what kind of person they are, but just the way that, firstly, a people is entering that bar right. I've studied it many times there just arriving at the bar in Europe. In such with such economy you'll find out exactly who everyone,
everybody it's like. It's never been done him so skilfully air yeah and you dump off. You know the opposite: a pygmalion you dump off. Somebody should never be in a bar Diane Chambers, aha, and she ends up asking for a job, and you did that and you believe it, and it was believed that scenario. Yes, as these bunch of losers, with the scandalous Oreo who she would despise as the bartender and he ends up offering her job, and she says yes at the end of twenty. In its almost real time right I mean it's, it's all happening real time, yes, really incredible their religion. And then so this what would fascinates me mouse, because I can only imagine being in your shoes, you're thirty two and almost like a light switch right. You are now a
nationally known, human being and your beings liberated, and that would be so overwhelming may I add an on its search, it infinitely tinier scale and it was more than I could manage, or what was your experience with that? Didn't you feel fraudulent? Do you feel like? Oh, I don't deserve this or like what kind of eagle battles are happening. What are the three sides you bring our first off. I was surrounded by this wonderful group of actors, so they I mean surrounded, meaning you sure, but as we are sharing Maddox, barons yeah, and then we had lesson Glenn Charles and Jimmy Boroughs. Who was so good at their work, and they literally we throw away pages of jokes that you could have written a whole other, Syria piano. They would.
Ever saddle. So the work ethic are the bar. There was set by the writers in and Jimmy and Jimmy who is best friends with Brandon Target coffin grant tinker. You know so there. It was this sat up with such where and we were dead last than the ratings. By the way are you were o o This is like. We want all bizarre remedy. If out of seven These shows on week. We were dead last summer gosh. I didn't know that we were told because actors of the kids who oars have protected is yet there ass to leave him adults went to gather, but nevertheless we are protected. We were just told, and we were told by the press and we ve you're doing great. It's a great show. Relax! Don't worry about that. Because we are, they are telling Jimmy you better figure that well on later on, we off then realises, but later I'm NBC confess we would have replaced the machinery
I have anything to replace it will relay there. So we were lucky. Ok in another place found us and once the press find you and celebrate, you then its harder for a network to get rid of it because they need that is where they need ratings and they also need some kind of buckling. But let me Louis I here's an example. I saw the pilots were shooting. You know you shoot in a vacuum that first year- and I know how far we did before we were on the air and had any feedback. It was like way into the season yeah. So we saw the pilot while before we're on air, and I call Jimmy over and burst into tears and centre. Awful I'm horror. Oh you, dear I'm, Sesar, and he looked at me and for two seconds. Then a lot really loud and walked off. Ah the body of the whole my hand. Just was my neuroses. Is it the first time I saw myself on screen, which was the unenviable I slunk out of it.
Theatre, because what I saw up there was That was not James enough. Stew. Where it was not. However, I had hoped I would you now David when I read his books sooner yeah I was that I have just told like Ed. I was just do it was this. More alike, administering and now here for three hours, which wasn't that overwhelming and to this day, when people say your wonderful, I now I let it and I love it, but then I'll go watch it. Is such a heartbreak. The act that arms bill. Now, I'm still now, I can relate to that a ton unjust, the physical weakness. I can't stand how I look I every time I like how did they lead This guy he had run the screen, but I dont feel that way generally about my performance did. Did you feel also bad? About?
your performance are just in the beginning. Yes, because because when you go watches when you watch and performance of somebody else, especially comedy what makes you laugh and as when you're surprised and delighted I did not see that come ashore, look how they did that. I would have gone. Oh my gosh, that is so refreshing. Will you watch yourself, as I saw that coming so that you can leave that coming sure sure is ass if they were also surrounded? I can imagine words. It's it's a little bit impacted by your surround by some of the greatest peopled ever be on tv, so liar the inner norms doing his ever yet. I've watched him all day long and his brilliant? Yes, and he is so an easier laugh than you like it. It's just he energy supply, some incredible characteristics of system, endless well a fight and I can see myself sweat and die.
Feel, like an asshole every time SAM would come onto a girl. I'd go bullshit, Dinah side. You know Oh yeah yeah, guide. All these may I add new all realise that measures that acknowledge your cue to also get. Many years before it becomes the show. I think it was so too for me tat. None of the eye. Sorry, for my experience of the show, you got one thing: I you know cause litter I wasn't sure for, while whether SAM was dumb or just playing dumb. Ah, you know I'd. I wasn't sure where he was. I didn't get the arrogance. Ah, you know a relief, pitcher only comes in when things suck any saves the day. That's takes a certain amount of arrogance and calm ass. You know. And I had none of that, as we just heard, but after two years of people voting in the publican
judging you. You had led him either unless I finally go or what the fuck I might ass well have fun, because every you're not gonna, please everybody, half of them are gonna hate. You have him and I love you. You have no control over that so kiss my ass, I'm gonna have fun. Do this for myself, yet that kind of allowed me to get so but that our life layer, arrogance and now it's I'm point D used to heart, become his him alone in real life a little bit. Well, I We none of us realise there were tyke ass. We all think were brilliant character, actors yeah, but
I would have it. I more mean like SAM was the cause of the walk, the not we were very rock and roll were we would we would in after the show we word is start drinking, start smoking gap and crawl home at too near the morning, and it was all rock and roll yeah. We were bigs big deals because I dont get a little world at least yeah. I know people necessarily art gardener, not familiar with the high of I'm sure doing that live, show courage then the yes and then now you are thirty thousand feet in the air and its around come down on the right by ETA home warrior. Just so you don't, let's have it out with extra, yet That's not arouse, let's carry on and be silly, you. Wanna live in that as long as genuinely vacillates irresistible absolute. That's I'm sure
attended like an US, an owl after parties urgently after already exists. The only when I went to was the one I hosted and I was such a shattered human being so he couldn't properly enjoy but they got no part. No five in the morning. It's incredible because the energy dump that god I'm so now I yes and then yet they have that much in reserve just cause. You said the desire to propel yeah the intoxicating feeling. But I also did have a wife and kid andor. So, and are you vaseline, balancing, yeah Mack, that's hard? I would imagine you because you feel guilty right. There's your ear you're in this bubble in this microcosm on the sound stage, and then Then you have you know you have powers there you're? U you sure in then party, you does not want to go home and then and then you must yield terrible about that. And then your at home, in the inner edge, is all alone
confusing, isn't it? So let me just point little contacts on that are, even though You were rocket all in all about you. You were Jimmy less and glad they were the gods. They were the gods yeah, you know, so our entire job was to make them happy and to make them laugh, and you know I mean literally the few times we did at about two hundred sixty or seventy or something Besides of chairs Jimmy did all of them, except I'm guessing fifty and the days he was not there. I didn't even know how to perform SAM, because all I did was perform for Jimmy Boroughs right right. You know so that you may have thought we might have been. The adolescent, aging, adolescent, rock and roll a kind of feeling and the energy from performing, but we were still working for gods who we wanted their approval. Yes, we didn't we
weren't stupid, the one time we went off and did something stupid after five, years had been on the air, with all the guys played hooky and call them quite obviously playing hooky saint, I'm sick. Second, his job to that end we went off in about four because we got into so much trouble. Resold legitimately. Angry, like Para, shower share so anyway. There was that, but you know it's one of those sneaky things I think. Without going into a huge amount of detail, you become a leaders than you become followed, I'll, be all the pitfalls that you are so enlightened, you're, not gonna, fall into a harness business. You ve, I have fallen into face for sure I am. I come across humble because I know my ego is so fucking huge, ah that I'd better come up,
Ross, humble and I better try to people leave you can't I'm your man, no yeah yeah yeah! Well, there's the great Abraham, Lincoln Quotas like if you want to really test a man's character, give him power yeah. You can't know a man's character until you ve had given him enough. Roma hang himself in a weird way, so I can. But let me leave it at this. I compartmentalize alot half and it was not a good
thing for me yeah and had it took me a wild too many years and a marriage to stop compartmentalizing telling that in stopping a liar ends, darted being real with myself. Well, what's great about you is that for many people having the outward success in accolades is enough to just keep the boat floated down the river, but you desired more. You actually wanted to like yourself when you are back at your house right, yeah yeah I mean, but I was I was a mess. I had two and unravel a lot. Do it you at all, forgive yourself or give yourself a break, wrecking
rising how bizarrely unique the experience was and that there is absolutely no training for that like dude. Are you able to at least forgive yourself that it is such an unnatural experience to have that to expect yourself to have performed? You know admirably. The whole time is that's a little harsh on yourself, you think you are. I don't I don't. I have no qualms at all with her, are we, as actors are eyes and actor behaved around chairs. We were stupid, we're adolescent, we made mistakes, we were assholes. We are all that and we were great yes, there was we errors, We were and what yeah, maybe on all those things irresistible gigantic beating heart as well, now leave this room, wonderful PDA who, when I see them after not seen them for ten years five years, whatever I truly experience,
unconditional love in my body for everybody who I worked with on chairs the eyes just like? I cannot wait to hug them and see them, and you know because there were that huge heart and we were involved. Being so wonderful, so I don't have any problem with how we behave as an asshole celebrity. Yet I gave yes, but underneath all of that was TED's journey, yes, which was pretty fucked up yet me a while to get through, and you did it. You dead publicly which I don't even think he now because I have the rose coloured glass is about you that an Elvis fan. Does you know those those Elvis fans at saw him lying down on the stage? A hundred and thirty pounds overweight, clearly dying of an old horse addiction, They still saw twenty seven year old, Elvis Presley, Sadly it sounded like a twenty seven european year,
somehow before yes, but because I think I just have this enormous sense of admiration and before you It wasn't too. We were talking one time that you basic it reminded me, of all that stuff you had cancer occurs to me that that just blew right by I mean a vaguely remembered it, but I didn't remember- and it was until I was talking yours like. Oh, no, you really Experienced all that in so publicly here, where their moments, where you thought well, that's a rat man. I fuckin burnt this else down. Some in this house know once again wasn't so much the pick up this time dry. In backward looking her head. Was it kind of Mamma better, but it was all the public stuff. All of the chairs ending and starting a new wherever all of the above all of the bad behaviour on my part, all of the press that I got for it yeah
was my new compared to what I find lay with huge amount of relief was dealing with honestly and professional situations with mentor and people who really have guided me through. You know that moment whether its twelve step, whether its yeah sack whenever it is for you were you narrow EU adds. Yet I am now going to really look at myself and be as honest as I possibly can and it'll be a journey forever was going on for me, so they d that relief is not like joy because its real uncomfortable, but that relief that, oh I see I see, I'm too I mean
that. I, why open that door yeah and now I'm not gonna, be that person anymore, even though it may be a hell of a rocky road. I'm on this journey. That relief was so great that all the bad stuff that came out it was almost like yeah. Well, I I completely rate relate in the sense- and you hear this all the time and Amiens which is like. I am so grateful, I'm an alcoholic weirdly I I am allergic to. Change and I will not change unless my fucking heads on fire. You know how it has to be the life or death, and I am weirdly, crazy, grateful that it became life or death That is so that I had a willingness to change and I could actually, as you save half fine mentor, is ya. Take instruction and it's obviously without getting whatever it say. It is a spiritual path. You ve just open the door to the
or else you haven't opened the door and so what I want an amazing get. My favorite people are sobered people might in an era. Assholes who are sober our future and were all full of shit. But anyone who can take a look at em with some degree of responsibility and some degree of amusement and acceptance of who they are is so much more fun to be around that In my experience for sure, and I feel like yeah you weirdly have in my opinion. I have that sense of kindred spirit that I have with other alcoholics who ve gone sober. I look at you, wanna go, Oh yeah, this due to the trenches and he came out, Then he came up better immense Israel. I love it unites, theirs. The more encouraging than people's capacity to change when it happens. Yeah it's a ridge-
and that's why. I think I'm so silly. Or one of look for the laugh and life? Because if we're not gonna talk like you and I fucking right now, then everything else is really you aren't I career. Ok, but it'll be yeah. I'm gonna! Look for the fun. Am I can't take myself to seriously yeah, not that I do but I mean you know, but isn't conversation to me as a conversation worth having without anybody anytime. I agree as let me tell you. I can't learn anything from you TED. When you explain how you got years. There's nothing for meaning rotten. Learn from that. I dont know how to get in that brought a specific room and feel confident on that given day right, but through your face here, as I can learn a ton from Yale. I can go in and I have thought of you. I have thought of, like my god. If TED couldn't could have navigated all that stuff, and be the person is a day. Ah, that's very encouraging, I think, is very encouraging.
Talk at nauseam about spoken, a marine, the Ulysses S Grant biography right now. Never has the will. To my knowledge, has there been a man who had more standing on it avarice then dead in the desert than back on the table. I mean the nation loved him. He was our saviour. Oh, he was a fucking Frank. He'll, never win this war, but he be Ino. He and it had Vicksburg and one he's are here and it just never ended United economically destitute. He was so bad with money all these things, but this motherfucker kept walking forward and it is so in cry. I you know I I I that way more than I do yes, someone who had just always went well for I can't really relator now so since cheers you ve, had a still a ton of successes. You you had backer right. There ran for a very long time, six said, which is a huge success, and then you are on a show where you, you told us what break through just happen scientifically and see
I ask is that you also see it as it is. I who am I Are you describe of it even you're, funny things to say about that, but you would often need to get to tell us. Like what? What dynamic evidence the man and I was the hardest job. I've ever had a jump in cars were, it's easy to make fun of procedural rules. The because they are so literal and every close to some of them next door to soap operas. I had them. Amazing time writers, the actors going to work technicians enemy, the crew, but the second iser. They gather technical advice. It was amazing, yes, and it was the hardest kind of It is like a soap opera. You are constantly in Ireland, just a minute ago how we are talking about that? That's hard part of me into your member that yeah yeah yeah
Everything's cap rise, everything's a re literally in Europe. Levering so much exposition at all times. Yes, it really is a test. You're saying things like virginal tears that you should never Amber now, and I have to say I don't ever want to have now- ask us that lud splatter! No, yes, in a month, what you're saying is just gibberish right. You don't know a thing. You know any of the word you're saying I was kind of the cool part that a first it was gibberish then arise. Well, I'm gonna look like the worst of the worst. If I don't try to make some sense of it, so I took this kind of perverse price I didn't guy. I am going to really know what it is I M saying. Ah so I may. I would like to or three times a year, I would have a high school style. Anxiety, tat melt down, because my brain would just rebelled I say no. Gonna learn this. I'm not going to say this here anyway,
Gotta tell us uses such affronted bit, I'm so you are on damages and Chris and I were so obsessed with the challenges and so with the very first we met. You was at dinner or she had already menu, but first I met you were at dinner in the Crows NASA meeting crab legs were telling you how much we love damages and then it occurs to me. I go. Oh my god tat. Do you know the name we're staying in this hotel under Holly and Arthur Probably sure you are Thank you believed, as I think that we were fucking with you, but sincerely. We will gain in that hotel under your character, name from damages that so much we loved you and that job. So we an howling arthur, fro measures for a long time we're going to find a new gazettes blow. Now that we have gone- and now let me ask you this because a I would be of fuckin piggin shit if they asked me a b on one of those shows and to make a good paycheck I so I am not shitting on this, but I'm wondering did your ego get challenge at all? Did you think, like them,
when a bump into people? Now my peers, they're gonna, know I'm talking about you know blood spatter analysis. Did the death fuck with you at all. You know, what's it for its? Yes, I was the most watch show from like five or six. There's towards the end of its run in the world. The literal really believe I was like conjuncture not had changed my life overseas, ITALY's ah here, in this industry. It was like being in their witness protection matters. What are you doing? It did you retire? Yea, how's retirement Andy Thither did, but that screw with you at all. You pass. I was incredibly grateful that they pay me very well and I truly loved and you like houses, and I love has these lands and Mary love houses, so somebody's gotta, but I am a humble man. Can we get our humble you have had the pleasure of me
What are your house's? Insists that your wife, I think her life Mary, has such an incredible aesthetic. It's rare that I will go into a house and actually be able to understand what it is. People are obsessed with right. Likud often will go to houses and Christians. Blonde unlike our values, show room like if only we were added crayon barrel or something it just doesn't resonate with me. But I don't want your eyes or marries? I think it's marries a. She has an ability to make an environment feel so wonderful did just behind the counter Roy Are you don't you feel lucky that you with someone who build jack world around you? Yes, I am one of many reasons, but yes, I am truly. It actually truly makes a huge difference to me to be able to walk into a room in this field,
aid than delighted. Yeah later can breathe and its conducive, like as when we went to yours. We just sat in your kitchen and shot the shit in that could have never ended for me that have gone on four thousand hours in that environment was part of that, and I want to say to that. Really fun about you. Americans say some everyone's now this I shall I will say what a joy I hadn't you go. You are told me up. I can intervene if I had your skills, your verbal skills year year, whatever makes it possible for you to be really good in this situation. I the tables, were to be reversed. I geek dad, I'm you you're one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I love how you do man I love how you do father. I love how you do husband, failure and amazing. I thank you and you're sitting here doing me
But I wish I had the skills, the Dew Yoke Azure. Why do want to point out this really funny dynamic? I've observe any of you and Mary ever talk about christian name when we leave, but we do like a big big debriefing. Are we leaving you guys are and what we bought from our analysis. We think you guys during the same relationship, but I marry in you are christian, is now Thirdly, you guys yes, because if you large when we know the former sit at the table. Like I love your wife, a I think, she's outrageously, beautiful and she's, the very calm seas from the salvage just a lot, This is a musician there's a million things, and I will make a concerted effort to connect with her and then all of a sudden, my just focuses lands. I knew in you and I are very symbiotic as Chris. Then in merrier super symbiotic. Those two will lock into each other and you and I
work as I think we mere each other's spot, and you know what I did not like my father I was always I slept in the women's tempt. You know my father was loved me adored me, but whose like ok, now you go for their money over. I sleep in the ones that had My my male models, I've had to discover and life healthy male models and another is a joke but I don't wanna go for. You are one of those models for me. I do want to talk to you. I do want to soak up what you're thinking and that's why I think we hit it off because I Miguel enjoy how you do your life in again as a museum alone to me, I didn't have a father in my house that man was like. Yes, I'd like to me that,
Orson when I grow up. So what I'm sure wise part of you to celebrate you're telling me that my life now because, as I believe, all alone, now as I have as I, I I like to think a bald I now way more wanna be TAT, stands and then I wanna be SAM. Allow also my neighbour ptychia fuck that others are only ten Dan I wanna be Teddy. To my mind, the real man who is is crazy, generous and in the years such a good husband, some. What I say Who knows you my I'm very violent when I don't know where I'm a wonderful husband for marriage, the emergency that is, the right way to Fraser, as as I am probably only agree husband for Christianity, but so who we haven't. I about that's when I think that this is our last stop, moreover, that others are there's another step which has already had a forthright
I'm saving the sexy topic for last so in case anyone's like slowly undressing during this will come right with the everything's, zeroed oh yes, so you can you unchristian? You work to get on this whales movie up yes in Alaska, and that is so fond for her is, I think, it's fun for you. You fall in love with her and then you guys get the good fortune of being on the good place together. You didn't we so got together, private him up to our on all Hyena Motor Hometown drown. Blue your mind. We couldn't talk you into coming into this house that you said that thousands bucks or that already run all there's no way. I was you're right, but this was over when we leave wonderful, warm and welcoming, and then we chose to go out and fucking tin. Thirty eight foot, tin cans of pride but both of you landed that weak Anna was like. I really got both of you, a sense of both of you,
I kind of got a sense of Christian up in Alaska, but we never really work together as a whole. But of actors which was great and embarrassment of riches, unabashed riches, but that we can the wheels then together. I really can't I've got your wife, but then I think that, was maybe one other time we bumped into each other stuff like that. But then, when I got this work with her every day knows She is my she's many things so evident. When I start trying to talk about Kristen Bell its like I'm. I minimize who she is cause. I've just started to talk about ones, aspect of her cause she's, so many different things, but she is my perfect cast made my leader, my she's, the captain
the ship, but it's like she, Russia's in the morning, cut him mumbles hello, because she's not crazy about morning now known every time a day we walked on the set and I'm on the set with my best friend who, because I guess we share both of us have been in the past This in owes me wait longer, but her a big enough chunk that we are the older people we share. A body of knowledge about? Are our crafts and our business in its answer and then it's basically half of your lives. Yes, yes, proportional amateur, and she is like this kindred spirits. We have the same. I flatter myself. I say where the same sense of humor, but it is literally effortless and I feel beloved. She takes care of me, but without doing
I'm descending way. She knows if I'm having little trouble and she just with that, not literally, but she can my elbow and yet very near like me in the right direction. Without making a deal about. She is just my ideal classmate and then they save rap. Moreover, cut end of the day, I can, even if I've just hugged or in a scene and they say cut, I will and around, and I dont know where she is God, she's out of their Sophie's hosting an award, showed him you're, getting your got right or being with you being with their kids. You are doing this mogul thing that she does, but the time we spend together as some of my favorite to actors hang out in front of a camera time. Yes, and she is so bright. Looks at a page, dialogue, nine, the older I get
it really work on it. I show up in the cooler be aiming, but I need you not have phrase. I just love now cool of the evening. The whole phrases approach, Bailey quote where she was getting her lines wrong on the road before they opened in hello, Dolly in New York, and the producers were crazy because she kept same different lines, different knights and they came in its pearl, we open and in New York on Broadway and a weak honey in the pull the evening when the fuckin begins I'll, be the vampires there anyway. You must appreciate that I have them. I have warned her down to over the last eleven years, so she had her filters like right. You can get away with murder pro that's swell around her she's. Just how grateful that I did a moment, if not you absolutely and them, and also
its added? Is it so annoying that she is this? This person you just described with out the fucking crash and burn that you and I had to go through a death. What what is that just in Bio, chemically this this bitch, you showed up perfect, who ashamed I don't it's his ridable she's, also self deprecating about GM or not. She doesn't have a crazy ego magazine jails of people's he's, not like a telling up whose knew what I'm doing this, and because you routes for Oliver friends, mainly because she is multitasking beyond belief, successfully, so still stopping to do something stupid egotistical as a waste of energy there's a lot of free time for her to know Lars our weird hamster wheel, overhead space? Ok everywhere
May I assume now your pants or on the floor, your shirt straight across the arm chair, and let me just tell you this sexy sexy thing that TED now share, which is sorry attic arthritis. Now what about a sexy diseases? Is that you- and I have really it's an auto immune disease which I was better than anything with the words arises: accepts the heartbreak guy, that's the guy with shame. It is bad enough that you have authorised, but then you also have to join this word, which is basically psoriasis so now, you're also thinking very red flaky skin, which I actually don't suffer from, but that's part of it. It's almost we said we have diarrhoea arthritis. We don't actually have any diarrhea is with the condition, but will suffice to say: the remaining to put that word. We have we have impotent diarrhea
our right. I said it's such a bummer, but in its an auto immune thing, right now, young of you know new attic. I had just the old heartbreak for a long time that it can branch into leader Sorry attic, birthright, ok, nodded and it ended in regulations. Grant. No. No, no, I always an overdue. Her thought I guess rises Ivan Auto immune as early as the US, which is way more important, probably fifteen years ago. Ok, which is no fun because, no matter the joints it does, but then maybe it ultimately will go out. This thing saved our lives. You think is that crossed my mind is weak. We generally you and I are on a similar diet and in your ear, avoiding gluten right in your avoiding one. Also, you I've actually stop it well in the hard cut to the next time. You gimme your lucky hamburger, huge bud,
This is why I am hesitant to say that you not like I am. I claim progress, not perfection! I do is good as a human can, or is this human can do by and large I don't need wheats gradually. Ok, any leads you avoid. I should I d go. Is how I should be eating. I should beating good fish in a healthy good for that's all fish, the Mcveigh! Finally, may I the crap loaded constables eggs, eggs work for me, radio a greater! I done. I think my here's what I've gone I'm in Hollywood, so we are in his arm ass, raining patients, as I am about to tell them how we react to by the way You hit the right, humor vain, because there is nothing less
turning to your wife, say mice, writer says is bothering me, as you know, our worries that wheat Bonn my some is hurting. My brazilian trainer finally said TED then Women don't want to hear about your eggs and bear I don't wanna hear but certainly or why. We need a real man, occasionally dominance. Magda should I go, I listen. I know you're evolve by women, auto immune to see or hear your bargain autoimmune diseases. Yes, a mine, is I'm supposed to not have no gluten, no dairy, no night shades. The medium sows, the aid is only Lamb, Turkey and bison. No fish.
It by mygale- didn't like this, she thinks is mostly, but you know, but let us look. This is a really through similar. So when you- and I bumped into each other at social events by aware- are both the first thing we say to each other as like war, can we eat here right now, as I got remain piazza and for me the breakfast is the worst meal the day it's either bits potatoes, which is a night. She don't hold on, don't stop for a second, I know it's getting too sexy and also I'm not no weeds. I can't have. I came upon. A second have French tells her eggs are loon, free, old mill. I eat that every single morning, Bob's red mail. I just add the water, it saved my life yet who now do drink a crap load of tequila. Well? We should start on Medicinal Lee, Maybe having my sponsors of cactus is ok. You know it's a little strange to have this thing, we're talking to this autoimmune diseases and also being seventy
right. So you never quite know now. What is worse, you know, yeah, this. What a seven year old, healthy, seven year old, feels like as it just kind of slow now that ours is your auto immune disease. So it's always little bit hard. It really magnifying glass on a principle I believe in which is my body is only has two states. Getting better or worse. Yet there is no homeostasis there's no. Like me, a neutral doesn't exist and I think again most grateful to have been exposed to that, because I have to say it is an absolute necessity or I can't pick up my kids. You know so it's weird these these things that are seem like the plagues or sentences end up me. No sooner did turn this into something relax! Oh yes, very hot, very steamy, It is our close and, as you just said, you're seventy in use you you seem to hay, compliments lever for features, fuckin load, this gun up and served by the when you die
about someone to look up to your your youthfulness, your health? From my point of view, your your energy at work, you're, your continued productivity creatively. All these things like if I a united at sixty two, so in my mind the option is like I'm fucking out here and seventeen years that that's and then Can you- and you are my norstar- I'm like if I can just mimic tat, if I am you at seventy, I'm fucking delighted. So I thank you being a rolling out. All that I can follow yeah at school and I think as important as I have who's. Your Jane Fonda of yeah just turn eighty and she is ferocious. Yes, she is out there. You know standing up for things that are important and working hard in acting You know, delighted and interested in demonstrative she's in our lives.
I was starting at admit about a year ago I started to get a little brittle. I was like. Maybe we shouldn't do this because you know we're going to retire and maybe I'm starting to plan for can you, I was planning for less for diminishment, yeah and OB says I want that. Why am I doing that? I am saying so you die. You know be got go eighty miles an hour in the direction that seems like it might bring you joy and fun in who cares what happened the Lambro any off of know how and don't sit in a gradual and I added to death, but certainly and my age, if I'm not doing every day. What brings me joy, then I'm an idiot- and there are days when I'm in charge, but by and large that's me motto. While I hope you continue on especially with my wife. I think it would be a shame to runs a core its course you guys should then do another and another and another stay in my life. There
I have so enjoy. This is usually it would be rude to car about this a much loan time with you right, you know because there are other people around a reactor. That's my truth with men by the way, because the public, because of that whole, other father thing than touched on loans. Who pass resolutions on us when you go out. You know it's, like I my mind described. This is why we as proposed yes, my philosophy is, like men are great their relaxing. You can let your guard down fine? It's simple. Follow value, resided, high interest advice and far? Yes, yes, but the truth is there not where its arab known as the woman yes, so this has been fun. Yanks go find Kristen or Mary. Absolutely is that's where it's really, I hear you, but I've had the most relaxing yeah wonderful time with the while anytime you need.
A two hour dose of whatever branda masculine. Do you think I provided at your disposal? And I love you. I love you too. Thank you so much light said by some And now my favorite part of the show their backs check with my soul: mate Monica bad men. The dance and dance and dance and there's a machine. What would you do what I can say today? As you can hear, my voice is fuckin shot the aperture dab Ok, but I did anyways yeah yeah wrestling or real barrier right now, little upper chest issue gross anyone out, but the others this happened in my and you refuse to use VIC's vapor rub their not a sponsor, but I believe in their products.
I'll, do it? If someone applies it, I don't want it stuck to my fingers and each my eye on our later next thing. You know I'm blind! I guess I won't be a sponsor now yeah good job accuse them of Everyone on a blind people running a blow would you buy them yeah, but You know I'm nervous about my eyeball sockets. I think you're just a little stubborn beyond that's for sure yeah I'm nervous about you being sector big Saturday night ahead of us here and I had a bad feeling. You're gonna get sickle right before the shell, well cause you're, pretty sick for Dallas yeah. Now then you're doing great Adele see, there's remember I went to several women get you bunch treats those asking now that was Dallas. Is it asked me I'm ever we all got sick and Austin. Oh you're, right, you're right has candles and I think it means
still recovering yeah you or not. I was not a hundred now use suffered through Austin powers, I mean have you got energized, but the crowd, but you are hurtin adrenaline works. Now you does really works. What Would you say your odds were of having to leave that stage in a hurry while squeezing your butt cheeks It was ok the because I, unlike you, use products to help me. Ok, Sir oh hi, why some Amadeo, you had an it, helped keep myself on the back about it. I would ask the idea I got you out. Three musketeers learn your favorite candy bars couple different. Variety of arm cake. Why Japan, Canada, ok, but then inside different options for gateway to re. That's right! I like yellow, in the yellow was an option. I like Orange yeah. It's weird I dont generally book
gravitate towards all. I do not like the red for you. I feel strongly against the Red Ultra here. Jesus. You hated not just think at some point sums going Oda by listening to people's favour, Gatorade flavoured aright. How dear Papa TAT do he did pretty good? I thought this was interesting. He survey he practices than his the names of people he's about to see on his right over London. He was on his way here
tax and my he did know. Robbie up and now wholesale tax and Monica and Rob deserve a gives off old on his phone zoo is, as he does it in his brain on Africa, but I thought that was interesting. There is also this New York Times, article called thirty six questions that lead to love her, its thirty six questions that are meant to increase intimacy or so years, post ass, these questions with the partner and really get to know them, but I had a dinner party, a couple weeks ago, and we asked we were going to these questions and asking about movies online game. You I was really fun and but one of them was before making a telephone call. You ever rehearse where you're going to say. Do you always my opening line, you dear that's true. If I call you I haven't, but if I'm like returning to call to a business,
Personally I've. I've got my first line. Interesting ere, it was you need, happened happen. We play the game, I doll you don't do it like the sea to your trousers, gas but you'd think I would you seem like the term that turn heard of person. That way. I would reply that I now cover all your bases that now for you shoot from the hip. When it comes to those phone calls, you know what they're gonna say. True, its generally wasted time unless you're gonna take the bull by the horns and just launch into a monologue, although if I am confronting some one year ago, yeah that idea practice on mainly in mainland purse, go on one. Why are you saying that I love it, yeah. I remember, I know why I forgot about then I just I was reminded
I don't like Israel lie, would love. It sounds so insincere out tried to me you. I never practice go on Well, ok, sometimes I view over it's gonna be like confrontation on all right, so there this time this girl airliners once again interrupt. Well, maybe you hey before We leave this topic. I just want to point out for last week that we were, we were informed by a lot of folks on Twitter, luckily that what but we're Billy document was not Lake Okeechobee. It was this complex, called the village yeah not later than Toby and nine p r. Well, my now likely was on there as well as deadly, where I heard it, but it was about the village, which is. A retirement community was seventy thousand seniors in it and there is a real or what we found a day was in Europe Post article, although I
now. What I had read I've been told it by now. Wait here. Our agent young impure agents representative, of national public radio and die. Others are there just the other rates of vat. Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis human papilloma virus therein, doubling I can very short spam. Yeah increasing heaven and it also said in that article, that the ratio mail to feed well there's ten to one yoga surprising at all was not surprising, but guys. If you can hang in there, your odds are gonna. Go through the roof right, yeah others oh turn and add surprising to me: knobs we die so soon. We don't go the doktor, oh right, but I guess for yeah, that's true Europe, let's just a bunch of warranty senior rats. Opinions on the guy. I it's kind of like me:
Great Mila, musical theatre to great great approach but see. So this is sorry I'm starting to poke holes. Ok cause it fits on because with these women are posed, menopausal, so I'm surprised that so many of them are so horny. Oh really yeah, your sex drive goes way down aftermath upon well, not! like the man, you are on hormone replacement therapy. These gals might be get no old Jew staff in the estrogen apart, when something they might be a bit. I guess I'm wondering why would they always the devil himself about nine or know for sure? go down, but I know that it goes a zero. Am I got a zero rate? By my assumption is the older you get the more you're going towards zero. If you are a horny senior new disagree with this assertion, please reach out to us:
please at armchair expert whenever handle was yeah. Yeah tell us that year so on fire here? But Europe the pain in your lower? rolling over area. Okay, so you referred to lane splitting when you are motorcycle messenger- and I know that that means you are driving in between the cars were the line knows we add the two: were the two lanes meet yeah, you do right I dont think people would know that know very until you taught me yet the rules really specific do not actually allowed to right on the line, that's illegal. If the law that you have to be sharing the lane They wanted to get yeah, they could get you for riding on the line. Sis has been next to the cot soak. That seems so close to look, Are they you're not even on the line? I hate that you don't like it
sounds very dangerous. Maybe this could be your cause. You can go get the ice, charity about those young men do, don't please don't get it taken away. The only thing makes me ever feel like a superheroes that ability to wane split in heavy traffic thing. My God by words, do rear I'd, have to sickness for an hour and a half. The rest of US mortals. That's right, yeah you guys know another means keeping you guys from get motor bicycles. Do you think I could write a matter cycle Brazil. I tell you how to play the drums and four minutes, so you I think you ve got a good. That's what cause. I have a high aptitude for drumming up because of wrong man. It's a coordination than the game. The wood will find play some I play excited by for two weeks and then we'll get your eyes. I would never her I would say that I can- and I am If you are tired in though in the out back in Australia and there is no risk of another car seen one four days you get on,
and open road, but the wind mess up thick mania. Yours now, see, there's more things to be scared of then just other cars. It's like. If I've fall off the sign, then the whole thing falls. Me yes occurred. I walked by earmarking, all the time- and I like this- could easily fall on me and crush you yet How about a thousand the back garden? I heard I went into the grades in European and undermine the caddy. Why I ve so quiet about it, because it would be on your ass yeahs minutes away from dahlias, just barely enough air to breathe. You realize so excited if you came out and you saved my life- Of course, I wish I'd prefer, though, that some was attacking you as you now. That's my dream: You may be able to get a little. Our don't say that chinese people, someone might do it,
think anyone's that Google, or they are that could guide on think they'll be able to deal with the logistics of finding us to set that up. If you're gonna tell me, please do it but while taxes in radio you can only, you only have permission to attack Monica if I'm right there and can get involved immediately. How are these so mad at you? I got its act because you wanted your secretly wanting. I get it though it's one of your vanishes Joanna's Cecil. No, it's one of my erroneous good qualities of mine that I he's a good colleague. No one else thinks is. I would put it more in a fantasy category. Of wanting to save people like that, like that, like an attack ya like the quality, Dear protective Mary ravages, which is good, but a fan of sea is. The protection like my like nurturing is
Quality fantasy is all that were Eurasia, perverse that becomes a proclivity, correct, yeah you're right, I'm always opens another shove Kristen. I don't hit and already have designed a shop is enough for me to spring into action chair. I also don't sharer public there
Opie, Indiana, sovereign nation HOPI tribe, is a sovereign nation located Northeastern Arizona. The reservation occupies part of Navajo counties encompassing more than one point five million acres and is made up of twelve villages. On three May says his his boarding school can't saw is based on an english school system. He was talking about now, I'm a bad, and it was founded by an episcopal monk when the Reverend Frederick Herbert sell a graduate of Columbia, university Open, can stores in nineteen o six. He had a lot of ideas about the educational value of service, the importance of respecting others and respecting oneself and the connection between intellectual.
For it and spiritual reward, sounds like a good school like those that creed knitter Boarding school is sexy for your fantasy of it, just a bunch of boys and girls like whatever it is being away and happiness. And then I will many many nights. All the nights are reserved for Amazon play out like you just you work at that school thoroughly. Some active fantasy August idea that is cited here are you you said: okay, TAT was talking about getting haste about was fine. That was like part of the protocol. Is older, boys could sort of haze younger boys and you call it Code Redding. I don't know what that member, that, from a few good men marry your sang to marine thing. So it's it's a practice that that you implemented now
that's under the radar, that's unwritten, so that those plausible deniability basically believe someone who's not fallen in line NEA and they do not I know where they can plausibly deny it s pretty much. I dont condone that unless you're right and then you can save the brazen yeah? It would be worth me seeing someone get just a couple ahead with their pillow case for soap, they'll be fine and then yeah I'll come in swing into action, take two three guys out and then that person who is getting code ready, they will look at me with a low. Then I'll, probably never get. The sea had oration just gratitude and love and relief, really yeah yeah, yeah speaking of which you know the thing about what they call those guys that they're out there were a true a trench go in there, nude flashes of
I want to read that it's not they want you to see them. Nay, they love the reaction as people's faces. That's what they're getting off on their peculiar yeah right about that too. So when I hear that in trouble for a flashing, you now have you ever been flashed out. Not an entrenched code. I mean real Racine. Someone's pain is unpopular. Eight, yes, but that's just like a guy who's losses, slacks around and nobody's doing Yang you'll like it just a normal guy right. Clearly I got separated if his brain is working completely normally but yeah. He just happened to be on the street with no pants. I'm right. Ok! Yes, you see that among cheerily does any psychological issues. No. I have heard that an and there's a similar, weird psychology
Two voyeurism, where it's like the warm avoid for sure but yeah for should not pathologically, not pathological. Like I'm, not walking around my neighborhood trying to spy on be brought him. But when I've been in New York, I can stare at a window where I think someone's gonna get naked for three hours, and I get for ya patients all of a sudden, goes through the roof, I'm so impatient as a person, but fighting someone's gonna pay, The window nude sit there all day. That's a lawyer right now, maybe, but I think, That's just more your addictions, naked bodies. I think voyeurism is really about lake They don't know I'm watching the year, but also also fantasizing, about being them like being now life. Well, all out of them. You know, will watch like families, families through the woods,
in like up its dislike feeling of everything about I'm variously the ass. He I'm just, see some dong, mergers and boobs yeah yeah or some bonds shared. Hopefully some coitus now now would be. The gene part. I if you your New York and you looked across and you saw two people having sex. Neither windows, fully open relief while they were didn't want me to watch my shut, their blinds, no ethical dilemma path. Would you would you saddle up and watch the holding? Now you want an interesting now. I would feel really I watch for a second and then I would feel like they forgot to close the blinds like. I would not like they're fine with me. I would feel that if they looked over and saw me, they would be very upset. Oh Diana, how about this scenario? when a farm in New York, you're gonna borrowed
the weekend. I say to you a warning: the neighbours are exhibitionists, they loved to have sex up against their window. You're in there, and then you catch that happening. Do you watch, I guess really the questions. Would you like to wider? I have six words. They couldn't see you. I see that I dont think I do not think I would do one time I was at a friend's housing. We looked at the window in the house. Next store did not have wines and it was a very close lightning, maybe two or three feet and no blinds One of the girls was undressing and then, and it fell so uncomfortable I was so uncomfortable that she but so is like. She has no control over this because occluded just on a blind just moved into this play
is, but we can see her and it's just so uncomfortable and then of course, I moved into my place and I didn't have lines, and I was doing the exact same thing here. Lucky neighbours I didn't care, could you just have to stop carrying can keep going to the bathroom changer closing your own house girl came TAT, acts like he is not smart and he just like stumbled his way into Stanford, which ok, if he had just if it was just that I would have may be believed him. But then he also under Carnegie Melon and you can have gone to Stamford an Carnegie Melon NBA Dodo brain you have to be smart near. You just have to be up and he is smart. We know that so he was lying to us. So yeah he's not DOM he's a liar he's dead.
We find this guy? Is EU monies liar the kids? Do there all the time where their light out there would be? Like Lincoln said, the water was by the chimney in its actually by the cat she lied to me is money. You said we had Lincoln at thirty eight, it just clarify you or thirty. Eight Christmas, thirty, three year, Hamley episodes of chairs were there and how made Jimmy Boroughs direct, two hundred and seventy five episodes of cheers and he is credited as directing two hundred and thirty seven of those while yeah that's crews and for people who don't know he is, and I
Hi Jim Boroughs, yeah, you Jack, said he's trapped in a lot of like a big s. Television. You have your address if you're not, but the bottom line is the way that shows get on the air. Is that the the network's make pilots in? They generally make way more pilots and are going to get ordered two series so when they go out shoot those pilots during pilot season there trying their hardest to get the door Let's get MO secure their chance of getting picked up the series and by farthing Jimmy Boroughs is, is directed more pilots that have been taken to series than anyone else. Highly cub and dramas site. It's Tommy Salami in Nutter, they would not remaining. Were they all taken like I don't know, thirteen or fourteen shows the series, but if you want as Turkey's who can get a show put on the heirs series urine hot hot demand, that's right! That's that's it I tomorrow we have tomorrow, we have a dollar, see,
sweet Darcy tomorrow, Heresy garden, very fun time with Darcy yeah. Well, I think Papa TED for Common Anna talked us, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, all my monica bad men think you'd actual came in this ship straight marrow, keeping the facts on the front burner. I love you. My view heard you're about to go me with the sun. Was person regulation dialed in good luck with that.
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