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Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911, Bridesmaids, The Goldbergs) is an American actress and comedian. Wendi sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss their time at the Groundlings together, she talks about her family’s initial disapproval in her career and she reminisces on the horror of commercial auditions. Wendi talks about her decision to not have children and Dax tells of the time a hotel had to change their protocol due to one of his sexual encounters. The two touch on the topic of monogamy in Hollywood, they speculate on why there hasn’t been a sequel to Bridesmaids and Monica and Dax go on a field trip for the fact check.

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Male everybody welcomed arm chair expert, my name is dance Shepherd Monica Man is discussing. Monica desire to be Veronica MAR seemed attacked. As I said, a gum shoe, and you said, let's said I don't know why they're called come shoes private eyes may, because they were very quiet shoes made of gum raw, and I said I think it's because they act like a gum sticking to a shoe You can't see them, but there there are those who would have the shoes are picking up, fax, Khazars, Dickie, so many options. I'm sure one eighteen detectives will tell us, you know they do these ruby, of previous concepts. Maybe Rob Thomas should launch a new round Mars with you. Well, he is
launching a new RON Mars with with clear stance. Why is the same line yeah, but the price ms, I'm no longer a teen. Play one now stand you're wondering if that's true, you certainly look much younger than your age but team. I know I know I concur with the right pony tales and yeah some brave double braids again and no make up like a pencil, and you hear the calculated in your hand Aaron assigned says I'm fifteen right assured that says: Highschool rule the air you right, maybe you could walk before we even talk about who were to talk about thanks so much for the no wild successive place weak a lotta armed cherries tuned in thanks guys, and we really need now. There's gonna be an appetite for four episodes in one week.
And to our delight, alot of people checked out enjoyed at yeah. Thanks, is happy and encourages us. Maybe that will pick up the pace. A little better air or or not these at the outside or not. Well, go! Let's go! Let's talk about raising aloud, they were gonna talk to Wendy Mc Clellan, Covey she's on the goal Burke's. She also is a scene steel, in bridesmaids. For me personally, I shall always be the person I was in the Sunday company at the groundlings, with whom I wrote. Really ridiculous. Steely Dan Sketch with shall always occupy that little me. She my heart, now stopping grounds particularly trying to combine my love for steely, dynamic
somebody, oh, I see a very hard. Ah, what are you didn't? Judges Euro is trying to kind of incorporate. Would you just genuinely love and it wasn't as possible? Teasing NEA? That's true. You wanna tell us about the sketch well, the premise of the sketch was, someone was going to win tickets to see Steely Dan was like a radio contest. You adieu submit a video for about how big of a steely Dan fan you are and, of course we were the ultimate steel, an fans and we invited steely ban any of the members have Steely Dan. They were invited to join all access pass with my wife what she said, which include a backstage. That's funny. You know, it was a sex. If I'm being honest, we shot the whole thing and out of it, it was a video is a thousand videos. In fact, I have it around the house. I should show its yeah I'd. Love
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Oh the groundlings is a it's like a comedy boot camp the gas sketch in writing in and we were in the Sunday company, meaning every Sunday we did a show so every hour, our entire why are were built around shopping for. Storms then rising with us and the memorizing stuff. It's virtually. It's Saturday night live but will but live in low, low fi, yet low quality low, something production value, but I was like to with yesterday just who loves you TIM, so much yeah, I was under the mistaken believe we had been one of the levels either, but we weren't you- you had been at. You started Sunday company six months before I got in rights where I ass, and so six months is significant. Every six months, like a bell, goes off any either get voted en or you stay in the Sunday company or you leave this.
Are you the door? I show you they're doin yeah yeah. They showed me that door after a year of the Sunday company and yet in yet here. We are you upset about that. I think it was not. I think you have done quite well for well off and Thank you now over it. I took a very hard because, as you just pointed out, it is your whole life you're right, you can't do you can't be successful there and have sketches in the show without writing five. This when sketches a wee exactly and then you put them all up on Wednesday night you're. Therefore, whatever ten hours doing sketches and then and then you are your shopping for weird costumes, the next two days and then you're learning the show and then you're doing and on Sunday and then the whole thing starts again on Monday rife in. If you don't care a lot about that there's no. You can do that work right now. There's no reason to do it because there's lots of other. I you know Whenever I hear someone say all I just did it for fun. I think
There are so many other ways to have fine that are not exhibit not such a mine fuck, but you know some people, it's it's a great programme. If you're, learning really being disciplined, some people really thrive with it. Other people, it's just not the place for them. You and Some people stay there way too long, sharp, but now, at first and foremost, I have a tunnel for the place and also taught me everything I know about I mean and I started directing their making short. I mean every you and I made out short video in two thousand and two, I guess yeah. You know so I loved the place, but I think you and I are similar. Maybe I'm wrong, we were surrounded by a lot of people, are gonna worked a lot during that phase right, yeah Lariviere was in a million commercials and a lot of the people in that process.
Neither in the Sunday governor the main company. They worked quite a bit right and they made paychecks format. Yes, it I didn't make any page. For MAC, I didn't neither now I was wearing that time, yet we have had in common in so to me, it's not like if I got kicked out like oh that's final under summing commercials. Making a living rightly know that what now workers yeah that's all I have that's. My only but in the active world is that stage rain? And I also and what was your goal. There goes my I had this crazy, that that will. I was trying to get a Saturday night live. That's what I thought I I was therefore ok Do you have an idea? I mean I hold thing was I'm gonna do this until they kicked me out and and and I'll see what happens, but they never kicked me out years so that organise, but I also didn't have an agent. A long time- and I would drive me crazy, because everyone was going out for these additions and I wasn't
getting the chance wooden devil. So right as I got in the company, I thought I should give this I'm not getting anywhere. I should just take my head shots and throw the Marilla and is a very expensive hob. Yet this is a very expensive hobby and maybe I'm just too old. Maybe I'm not talented. I hope you never thought how delighted I thought. Maybe maybe I'm only good here You know that obvious, like maybe maybe I'm just in this little bubble, and I you know some people are very high, trouble there and they stay in that bubble than there. Like look as long as I can hear applause in this little player, that's good for me or that got me through ten years of frustration, would not working as an actor going. On Sunday entertaining a hundred people was the window. Our year, its the best drug,
it really is a really Antioch as its it is, as we said, is we complained it's a lot of hard work, but then man, Sunday night it just doesn't get better than that really does it does it, but you I never I also do not live that might be fun and I had to managers at one point organised in a no self time who assured me that they could just walk me right the front door yeah, I'm that never happen. I never got the chance you audition for that, but it's fine he's. After while it was like sketch, May I add one that we are now at us in a union? Have that point of view now, because it all worked out yet went, but when it's not working out it's hard to have that perspective? It was for me yeah, but here's what I told myself, I'm here's what you told your yes, I was not given. I wasn't you know getting into these commercials. I didn't have an agent no, and I was bad when I went met with agents are just the whole thing I was doing poorly somehow rife in so when I find
got an agent and then I just simply couldn't book a commercial, no matter how many additions I went, I This was my explanation as I was like. Well, I'm not handsome enough to be the guy in the chewing- gum commercial with shirt off by the pool and then not characterised looking enough either to be the guy That's getting shit on by the world and running a car at Avis, like I just felt like, I was neither like that they wanted some of the streams, and then I just wasn't either of those extremes again this Just a weird- and here I needed some explanation for why Sally couldn't book anything. Did you have a narrative of war? other people are working in you, weren't yeah, dad. I thought well, I'm just too weird. Ah I'm too weird to be on a regular tv show, and I'm not pretty enough. To be the pretty girl and are not ugly enough to be the ugly girl, oh god. I am weird that maybe that can be my niece, but that numbers not gonna come up a lot but honestly down
knowing. Why do you know now? Do you feel that maybe you didn't, but commercials because you're, not someone that an ad agency can push around. Do you feel that while you bring an assuredness into the room? That's not like look! This is I don't need mining area in this area, and this is how I eat this area. This is how a human eat cereal and I'm not going to be told. Otherwise I think my weird little bells would go off when I was in those commercials goes since he has you in on a time I would assume downward. I gave her a little bit and then I said I can't do this anymore. I'm not looking MA am I hate I hate do biggest audition. So why don't I just take that piece of the pie away will, and I dont know that you would like general american public knows what these commercial additions are. Local hyper. Monica, who still in the thick of it, can can back us up here, a hybrid.
Each of them. You walk into a room with restrict strangers and they go you're at a party. Your dancing, the hip hop, go in there now you just dancing to a song, that's not playing with three strangers that your best friends with that you met one second ago right it is you couldn't fast forward into awkward faster, the rays, commercial audition, let on top of that someone's checking their phone, someone I'm looking at you with obvious disdain and somewhat in the waiting room has tried to sign up to you and kind of psych you out of your whole, using there's a lot of psychic warfare going on in Europe. Listen, space you're a hundred percent right, because I think you could make a generalization that everyone in that cattle call room is not where they were to be right and their feeling and secure and scared. I was answered I get out of there before they get another parking ticket. Louisiana money now hand over fist in the endeavour and then
call a lot the way a lot of people compensate for that is too kind of Bragg's. So quite often I found people would sit next to me. Then I hear about everything they have done in the last year and a half, and I want you, that's awesome. I've done nothing, you're, probably going to get this good for you good for you, but it is a demoralising in. Did you do to this? I would it be like you know, out himself tv I Fridays out here, it's Monday in here it's Friday right. That was one of our missions I had and exhibited in the room and get ready cracks at it. I just gonna get it and then get in my heart to civic and shut the door, and I go out here Monday in here. It's frightened. I would do it hard by my car and then I would hate myself for five minutes going man what he can do it the way you do in your car. Have you ever do that you do not attempt, but I also think that its changed a lot. The landscape has changed line, be borne doing that as much.
In the room because everyone's on their phone- yes, no ones that interested- and I am not, I am not paying attention to any one else sitting there to the people that are waiting to go in here. No longer interaction, correct months actually will now maybe I'll drive us again, ok go on or they unless they perry you. Sometimes they will pay you to do something together and then then you have to talk to that person and engage but so now, which would definitely change for you guys they really love. If you improvise some well and there, which is totally? I was abandoned, rubble further? That's a problem! I find because the tell me why, because when you improv in an audition what they do, stay co, opted and pass. It offers their writing later and you dont get anything for it. Yup, that's
that's happened in an actual commercialized on television. The heritage can have a better. Let me emphasise that the weird thing I had said: oh, my gosh, I that's still happening, and what are you gonna do go to court? You can't prove its eggs. Happen to me. So I think I said that I had no upset it on here, but at any rate that I had you remember my Wilfred Brimley Sketch. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I gave acts, does a delightful old grimly and I have left us with an impression later, but go on Workers gonna be called in what is termed cones no edition on the ruins of one extra boys and girls. They diagnostic diabetes, reviewer, Ola One's got divers good, your blood sugar tags regularly, but I had this We offer bromide sketch, and I was quite common knows I was writing only person in comedy doing welfare, Brimley Material and the major
hence I live, and lo and behold there was a Wilfer Brimley Sketch. While mine was running and disagree Yes, and it doesn't matter if this is real or not. What matters is in my mind there we're groundlings who worked on Saint live as staff writers. They saw this night, maybe not even intentionally, but they pitched John Goodman this this sketch and get something I was so wound up about it and someone pulled me aside and gave me amazing advice and they said, can see your wound up about this, and maybe even thinking about approaching the groundlings to bring this up or whatever I would only say if that's your last great idea, then fuck and pursue this too. The top of the hill. If you think you have endless great ideas than just keep it movement, am I wish legs. I don't take advice. While I listened to that person, I try to remind myself that all the time- and yet you ve got one good idea in your life than yep. You better. You better go to court over that yeah
you're, an endless well of creativity than who gives a fuck if parties take sure improv, that's that's really the only way to look at it, otherwise you're gonna go and sang, and yet we can admit that it happens and that's unfortunate that other people have to do that. But if you're right I'll give you have frustrating example, I guarantee you participated in in a movie. Quite often, you rehearse the scene a few times while blocking before the cameras are rolling. And then you might improve something: a rehearsal then they will start pointing cameras at certain actors and you might not be the first act in general at the beginning, occur you're, not the first person, the point again right, you're, the last person so either I know that I am bribed either and rehearse or in the master whatever that then another actor whose more popular than me has taken in that ends up in the movies at avenue. Yes, I was there
and wow. That's again, that's a tough one and you just there's not anything you can do about it. Yet and when I was getting very frustrated on this specific movie that I have none, I had a really wreckage. Is that you and I had come for me- a background that was just absolutely forbidden. Groundlings, there's like theirs meta integrity that you wouldn't member. Take someone's funny thing and right at a week later right, So we had some rules, but if it is an actor in everyone's plain and where I don't know, I could just see words different for them than it was for me, yeah very hard to get to that part. Very, very hard and then wait hold on me when we backtrack you we're not getting into punked right right as theirs. I only without ending yes,
and then I think, around the exact same time. You you got renal name on Monday that yeah yeah somethin, like that it was very soon after I was called into because I once saw me subbing for another actor in a show. A stage show. So that was my lucky writing. That happened. Right, as I was about to, like, I said, throw my had shots over the Why are we doing that so that was that was nice and that was wonderful valley. Nation and then after that you now I got an agent who sucked and got a manager who also suck, but you know the things starting lining up sure, yeah and also after such a long period of starving very little may she feel pretty darn good for awhile right, like you'd, lose delighted, download, ass or import to two were right and I gotta say I was
never starving, as I always had a survival job. So at the time I was working at long Beach states editing as social work journal men. I did that until two thousand twelve for em before women get into when you start working. I want to point out how you're or trip through the growlings was unique in itself, because we were all all in general, we were all single or not in something serious. We all lived in one bedroom apartments rank, we lived in Hollywood or Island, Santa Monica AIR, but you are fully. Married and had a home in long beach is rare area. So it was that in itself, cause you're not like out prowling met on a work programme. For I am we're: u,
out of town is like a young twenties Hollywood personnel. I wasn't you act like a foundation yeah, and that was very rare. It was rare and what was also rare is that my husband was the only person who ever encouraged this nonsense. Really yeah me in your family. Thigh family would lie with what are you doing? We did not raise you to do this. This is embarrassing for the whole of the family. Not you I. Why are you doing this? You guys were Baptists, yeah, ok, so what element bother them about? It was tat. There was some kind of an eagle maniacal pursued to begin with, or what what was the the sticky
Well, a lot of it was. It was just so far outside of their comfort zone. They don't know what to do, because my mom got married at seventeen and an attempt should be an didn't have to. If you know what I'm saying is not pregnant. You went to high school on the day of her wedding pay, and so she had baby by the time she was. Twenty you now that that was her experience and she, you know had most of her life lived within ten else you know so you're also you weirdly from California, what's the unique and yes endeavour and yes, That's weird and its also still weird that I still live in your hometown, bit, ruin my home town down the street from my parents, yeah. That's how much that rubbed off on me, but yes, so when I first did Reno
they were not pleased they weren't cause a day on not please. My mother wrote me a letter and so did my grandpa again. These are people that live down. The street wrote a letter saying I'm so disappointed in you. I want you to what that show right now I dont like these people. I don't like what you ve become. How dare you? How dare you shall now? I think most people who watched Joe understood that it was not a reality. Shall I also had a year, I really hope sire. Maybe if you folks
and mushrooms right channels are invariably who's got confused and bless those people and their caregivers about your mom was like we didn't raise you like this. You are smoking pot you're talking badly. You know my grandpa wrote me announcing. I can even look at Oh, my goodness, it was ugly. Now. Will you think God you're twenty one when you got those the liner s rights right, I was thirty two years so was at that point I said: well you're not allowed to do this to me it her. It really hurt my live in fear still of disappointing my parents, but that was ridiculous and I've. You know I set my bow. Greece and whatever, but as time goes by, you know, I will tell them hate dont go see this movie you're not I like it and if we do see it, I don't want to hear about it. Now are the hypocritical in there
Did they not like comedies themselves, or did they have favorite comedies? They love comedy, but it was just seeing their daughter. Do it and honestly, I really feel it was just a parent's thing of people are going to think we raised her to say these things will that's what I think I am in addition I would imagine- and they had some fear- that they would be embarrassed around town, yes, that you're acting like in the church druggie, yes, NEA in reality, no one's paying that much attention to my parents to criticise their parroting about. The way there either now they're watching Reno name when one at all as their unaware of it or they watch it in which means I like it. Really that zero risk of going sideways, yeah yeah! So this so that was quite a mind for workers you, although them,
I see this. They are probably very proud that you had a job at a college. Yes, they were very proud yeah and and very excited that you know I've never asked for money. You know all their other friends of you know the kids of either gotten badly into dead or had to move back home or again, oh terrible things that have happened me and my son stir. We ve never asked for anything, and so now as time has gone by. They say: oh ok, you guys are both weirdos. But your self sufficient self, sufficient weirdos, and you don't rub off on you know you don't embarrass us out in the world. Every time I mean parents who have twenty plus something children. My first question them is: are they off the payroll in M raised often there now, and I think it is pretty,
pretty standard YAP. These days, especially gagging oh yeah, yeah, there's some guarantee you're gonna get a job out of college yeah. So when they didn't want you to pursue it, did it Was your reaction to it? Was it I'll show? you was it like. At what level did you want them to be proud of you or, conversely, fuck you look. I did at like what? What? What do you remember having a motivation one way or another yeah? I remember I was Looking at this shitty hotel near Disneyland and hating my life and didn't understand what I wanted to do. I mean I didn't I did know, but I didn't know how to go about it, and I just thought is this: my life, I'm gonna work. Ninety five in these in this shitty hotel and and just look forward to the weekends. Is that what my life is gonna, be I'm gonna look forward to my two o clock: Twix ha just to break up the day, so,
that's when my best friend and I started taking class of the growleywogs and kind I gave us some until a forward too, but after that and after I got in the company, got an age a bubble blah. I thought you know what I love doing this and maybe I won't make any money right. Maybe I won't, and maybe I will throw my head shots off the pier but I have to keep doing this because now that I know what this is it, to be in my life, you you took them green pillar whatever the asks analogy exactly exactly so. I I just sort of committed to I'm always going to have something this fund in my life to look forward to, and if I don't, I'm gonna go crazy and is, Forty said: what's awesome as you have Gregg who has able job, and here we are supportive of doing he recognizes it- makes you happy in that's pretty awesome and now you know in
because had our twenty two year anniversary, it seems to be working out. Yeah, that's black, like I'm. I am able to give back to him in a way that I'm I'm really happen. I can do because a meeting to jobs at one point to get me through college and the groundlings yeah he's a real sweetheart es. Thank you for saying one thing even like when I was thinking the other day that we would be talking. I was thinking what's unique. In your situation, is the general trajectory of it, dude, whose married and then gets famous it makes a lot of money. Is he ditches that first wife, a minister had to say but he has a very thorough, that's a very well worn path and taken, and you did not do that now: yeah yeah and is there a personal integrity thing. Is it a male female thing? Do you have
Weird fantasies we're like well, maybe I could be with george- could lay com all white, because our Oliver egos Turkey is how right yeah but the thing is: is like I'm, those spoiled by him that it doesn't occurred to look elsewhere, honestly, you no one would put with my ass, if our guy ok lie, I am a pain in the ass, I'm emotional, I'm I'm moody, ok, but I'm entertaining sure light fair, yeah eyes. I am nothing but fine. Like he's just mine and I don't gonna go anywhere. I don't wanna be bad I don't, but you have an eagle like a human beata. You know where. Let me just to save for myself. I'm! U, yes, Greg! Greg get in my scenario, his share so lovely raw, but then I think, while Natalie,
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actors of uranium, a kind of is yeah yeah, I'm curious when you, what capacity do you work at the hotel and did you deal with any homicides or let's say well? I'll. Tell you there's an I'm trying to write a show about this, hotel as well. I never dealt with anything dead. I worked in. Corporate sail out just fancy way of saying I tried to solicit business people to come and stay should he hotel, and that was just far enough away from Disneyland to be inconvenient no outside. No, if you wanted a view of the El Dorado or the rock, but King Factory next door. We could give you that and if you love dealing with the Disney traffic en route to our hotel, as is free ass, you want a three mile drive that takes an hour and a half come stay with us. No further, look, no
either you are really dealing with like people come into the front desk. In going like, I do thank my toiler No, I heard all matter, but others are you are you? I think I think we need to call a surveyor and maybe a little bit on by hazmat company yeah. I didn't have to deal with that thing but you don't hear things through the rumour male. Yes, yes and there's always hookers jar. Always I don't care where the hotel is. I don't care how upscale or down marketed as there are hookers at every hope. You can count on. God bless the working girls UK there's just trying to eke out of it. Computer classes and feed their kids, that's right by their parents too their parents filled with their their choice. Wrestling with that.
Our lot actors, I am reserve effort made by the hotel to get rid of them or they were like. You know. This is a business good for business. I dont think there was an effort to get rid of them cause. That's that's just fruitless. Ah, how can can't get rid of them? They can't be gotten rid of and listen if they pay their bill yeah and they always do Are you gonna? Do you? Can you can govern what goes on in the room? I have them really and there's a homicide, inappropriate story that just popped into my moon about an egg sexual experience. I had hadn't hotel Really Monica knows a story. I didn't tell prison this for maybe nine years we are together before I said this had happened. Thousands working on a movie in New Mexico. I dont go to strip clubs. It's not my thing simply because the reason I like sex. As I like approval- and I pay for approval, Somethin's loss. It is mere yeah insights and we like, because I give you money. I just doesn't feel that the whole I'm looking to feel ok, but we wish
but in all knights and so on are weekends. We were keeping those hours and lit quite literally the only thing open and Albuquerque was these strict club. So I went on several occasions with different CAS members from the movie and on one of these two I met a nice girl and we exchange not now he says: go on and this gal decided to come over to the hotel. There were moments where she was forced to get their two in the morning as I cool, let's do this at three the morning she's there was now certain rethink it by four in the morning. I'm I'm I'm I'm out. Don't want to do this in its four in the morning. I dont there's nothing. I wanna do at four in the morning and she finally showed she had a humongous bought a bag, Mcdonald's and then she wanted to take a bath, and then my, oh, my goodness, no or now we're taking about ok, honey, I'm not talking about right! We're now: bang
and the door of six. I am, and I dont want to have sex with anybody at six. A m now sons coming up just met whatever, but have invited or over in it. We're gonna do that. So we do that now, the hotel we retain and had a free breakfast. Ok, and we got it every morning we got off work after shooting all night long, the whole crew right we go eat breakfast in it was great yeah, well, when the gale showed up she had a role on bag. I guess costumes from the strict club or whatever is airline bag in. So I a little weird when I opened the door and she had luggage is either own, be she plan on staying for a long time. What I'm glad it's not that neither here nor there we, you do things she ends up, leaving up seven thirty in the morning or whatever. Ok, oh boy, the next day I go to work then get off work. Then we all go to get this free brow fears and we try to enter the dining room for the free breakfast. They want a hotel key and I say
That's weird! You guys want to see our hotel key, I'm not used to doing that. Only enough, I have mine on me and the guy goes. Are. We got us start checking for keys, because yesterday morning, a woman is posing as a gas and it was had a oh on bag, and he does. He describes all he described my lover when I found out was that this gale left my room it. She had just had a huge bagger Mcdonald's like an hour before coitus left my room and then stopped by the free but failed everyone's eating, my presumably pancakes and what not right and the may ask her if she was a gas than she was in the thought she had this bag so prop. So at any rate, I change the entire policy at this embassy sweets, might I ask mass with embassies we had breakfast is a courtesy.
So Jack you're not alone. Now, about my mind, that's delightful. I wasn't at my best I'll catch you, I was lonely shooting nights in. There are a lot of things where that girl gave me comfort and then she did then try to get free or free break decided me, I am. The policy was ok. Well, I think we ve learned alive. We ve. We are first of all night shoots the mess with your head, and you find yourself do and weird things that you know you wouldn't do night shoots are, are really soul crushing they really are their soldiers. In a gives. You a great appreciation for the many american men and women who are working night, really Alex up your because I would get off work
By the way I was only a year sober at that point. So was bringing back these really visceral memories of being up all night long doing drugs and coming out a home of the sun was up. So I was isn't it I hate. I was in a mad space just in general right as the Swedes for a couple months, and I lines hurts my heart dad so you're when the grounds and you knew well there and you get Reno nine one one year and you did ever a few years right. I was on it fervour five c, since it ran for six seasons here, ok in there and you were, were you fulfilled the during that period? Or did you did you start setting your sites? Because again are mine? Is so quick to readjust? oh yeah yielded just beyond this. Knowing your, I guess. Maybe I'd also killed a b. Were you yeah calibrating like what you wanted to do? Natty? I was because you have to think three moves ahead. Always and
I also visited my room, I'm remembering my bag. I maintain my bag helping us tomorrow, so I get that three breath doc up for later. That's remove, removes ahead, and while Rina was really fun, it was basic Abe also didn't pay a lot of money right and we shot the show so fast that you know I was. You know we'd work for three weeks. And then be offer a year. You know I mean so you have to fill your time and again and I had my side hustle, I was editing journal in that gave structure to my days, but I thought well, I have so seed, so I can keep this going on. I want to go backwards now. Yeah! Well, you're, not a cookie cutter. Star does not lie now you go. Oh this person should do ex, whereas a you have this right, truly understand your unique talent and you're. What you do so well and you have to
get in rooms and show people the goods what they know nobody wants dessert until you parade the dessert card by you. Don't you have to parade that cart by all the time? And then they say? Oh, that looks good mean. Don't you find that to be true? More honest, I don't know I'm guilty of this all the time, myself alike I'll, be casting something that I am making and I'm just totally forgetting something that I think is brill. And then I run into them movie two years later night. Why don't you and I'm like? I don't know why I shouldn't. I just thought I'd literally what you weren't my man at that moment, I dare say you have to you as the act We have to take the responsibility of getting your butt certain rooms and you have two strategies and its its work. It's a lot of work. Yes, san! That's then that I will also in the warm around from it. I would
they? There were a handful of really hard workers at the growlings. There was some people that were just they were so funny. They couldn't help would be funny and make it really just gonna get by getting costs and other people's sketches. They didn't have to write a ton would arrive. You worked incredibly hard, but I will say that saying worked incredibly hard. I like to think I do yeah you did you know you do I'm not that great evaluating accurately in that period. But but you are, you are very, very hard worker, so image in Reno nine online, and for me the next big thing is bridesmaids, but there is a lot. There's work in between other years. Go I'm between there! steadily plodding along or their steadily lauding along doing get spots in whatever which I was always happy to do, and I didn't know there's, but it's kind of look down upon like if you are
starring in a show, and then that show goes away for you to do guess spots, it's kind of frowned upon like oh. Why I would you do that. Why are you going backwards, but I never had those credits right. So I had to fill in and I was happy to do it like waitress number. Two are you kidding me bring it happy- and I am very happy to do that. So there was one year where what the hell am I doing. What am I gonna do make? Should I teach I dont want to write, but I I tried I tried teaching at the groundlings real raining there and found that I am not good at it. I am a terrible at teaching it's good to know about your yeah. Oh yeah, because Jesse we talked about jazz by his own. Not a great improper
guy when Improv Class, that he taught yeah really a teacher of really as new those rules. Inside now I had forgotten half of whom he knew, unlike inside now, to operate a vote of any one, encouraging them and uses a brilliant teacher. I thought, oh well, that's an interesting paranoia, their interesting Jes rolling. And a true unicorn I've had him on this guessing Pepe long, sharp in swedish, similar already familiar with a mere six foot. Seven red headed can talk about delays, basketball, Andy sounds like a champion. You know he couldn't cheerleader and Duncan kick your ass yeah! Oh he's, amazing. So what you his Reno ended. What year is bridesmaids? Let's see arena. Ended for me in two thousand and seven. I think and right around that time,
Had the first table read for bridesmaids all really yeah, so we we did the table read for that like three years before it filmed. That was where, at that shows your listeners how long things take some times. Yes, we shot that two thousand ten and no one thought it was gonna, be sure anything a mean who's, Josie girls be found, who's gonna see a bunch, a girl. Now, just girls around and being all girly talking about their menstrual cycles. Why bleeding all over every gang when did you out of our year having been a part of it, of you. If you did a table every three years before it shot at any point, did you go like? Oh they? Let me read that role as well: our friends, but now there was getting real and studios involved. They're gonna, ditch me. Did you re in those four yeah absolutely, and I thought, but at least they let me read it and what a good attitude you now earlier,
I don't that's. That is my attitude. Is I don't want anything that doesn't want me back. So if it's mine, it's going to come to me, there's nothing. I can do to stop. It doesn't Monica got a great piece of advice. Aroma gave her wise. He gave us, which is love. The thing that loves you Batman, grandma then give it back there. As my piece of advice is. Tourism wanted to be my career, so fucking heart and he loves. My group- believes a stone cold term. Susan was she's all grandma. Now let it was obviously still still got some swaggered. I have thought of it. Acts as mentioning I haven't seen her and in the flesh a lot of people. They had a time machine, go back in time and kill Hitler and I'll go straight to India. Nineteen! Thirty! Nine I'll try to woo her away from her grandpa ourself all of our lives. I be so programmes that cod granddaughters good, as you will be so happy. I love this conversation
love where this is going on here and why I, like it lovely things. I love you back the other day I base, somewhere you're like a wave, if I'm so mean this I'll be in it, that's really how they perspective to have, and they take, of me and I got to reach in areas like well. That's just nice, that's nice! I'm not gonna get it, but how sweet of them to remember this and bring me in, and I really can't ask for more than that- cause it's probably out of their hands, but I know nothing about that movie behind the scenes of Emily theorizing, but I have to imagine it was universal. Maybe I was a student. Yes at so point. There are saying we should get Anna Candor or whatever I don't know. Probably popular people were at that time, but certainly name they were suggesting to fill those slots with a lot of known people primarily and MRS Mccarthy was not. One of those people were at that time is in you one of those me now. So who was it that had the
integrity. That was saying that damn none are now it's gonna be these was it will I gotta think it was Kristen, wig and Annie mom. Allow that raise letter. You know at least made the suggestion of look. We, this with these people in mind, and you at least see them here and in the broad Judd two new, that that was a recipe that had worked for him. We must have an Paul, I mean I I gotta say they were very fair. They brought in everybody I, and so, when I kept going back I thought again. This is just so nice of them to bring me. You know my grandpa had just died days before. I did not feel funny. Ah, I did not want to go in and I almost cancelled because just wasn't, I wasn't feeling it, but again sometimes when you make the biggest breakthroughs is when you don't care, YO a because you bring nothing
into the room that people can pick up on. You know I I I have said that I think auditioning not unlike Davy, which is not a healthy dose. Dose of I don't need. This can go awry way. Its trials are being attractive to other people right now, we're maybe it isn't, because now, when you go into audition you don't. I didn't anymore cause you, you release the need to even care, like oh I'm, doing a free, acting class today and it comes in other ways. It's so some of its like some financial security. Some of it is like other jobs out for me is like I've. Kids like okay. If I'm not blank, I'm still a add which has brought me. I my number one source of self esteem, so how bag in any of this yet nor those things are to me helpful. Hijacks of my own fear going into rooms right. So when I You know I went in, I think three times three different traditions, and then I get it
all its Christian and Annie on the phone, and they said Wendy thanks for common in this fills me yeah. Is really nice after they saw everybody they decided that time they want you to do it. You betcha about anyway, so that our great we're gonna do it. Ok, that's that's Nice of you guys to even think of me when my hang out for and while it was great cause, it's all groundlings Eileen. Ellie was not a groundlings and neither was rose. Burn, ok and rose had never done comedy before and she was great so yet so that that ended up being I see little turning point, but my manager at the time said I think you should do this movie. I don't think it's funny. He would call me
on ambient or something you'd call me weird times in the night and just ramble, ramble, ramble and he'd come you need say you know what you need to do right: a blockbuster movie, can't think of anything else. That's what you need to do. Until you do that. I really don't know what we're going to do for you and you shouldn't do this movie. I don't find it funny. It doesn't resonate with me at all blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I mean I would put the phone in a drawer go, do something else. I take the phone out of the drawer be rambling on and on and on so again, if I had listened this fool- and I did listen to him for three years thinking there is he's, got a bigger plan. He's gotta, your plan. He didn't have a plan measures. You normally beat us. This valuable on strike is best well you're, you're, being very
I want to say, was a jack elope who was on will arouse. You see, really wasn't much. He wasn't nefarious, didn't wake up and go. How can I ruined Wendy Notice didn't know how their pages didn't know what to do, and he felt compelled to say words to you? Yes, as if it had the lamb and fill that's bays, and also he couldn't get. The sleeve anemia take ambient needed, as we have a right to and three at a time sometimes, and when we have it in person, meaning he run to the bathroom constantly either yes or maybe powdering is no- maybe we will never know never. Now we don't need. I would we have like a hotline. Warwick column describe Adriana Clear this up. We do not want to misrepresent you. Were you a drink, then? What's your out and you come back for you,
the movie and then it comes out- and I can we just for a second fawn over Melissa yeah, because you and I knew Melissa Mccarthy for at that point eight year CN. I knew her to be because I was in a comedy troop with her way before we were in the sunny company everything all right. I knew it. We, the funniest human being. I never seen in real life. Yes again, three absolutely absolutely! and I was so excited when she got Gilmore. Girls could she'd like bought a home and had a paycheck, and that was mine. Blowing oh yeah. She was always gold standard because of his eye. Ass. Excuse me. Melissa has two couches Understand like every room in her house has a different color. I don't love, you guys got it. Yeah like she was always had a fridge full of food had parties like she was doing great. All she was all icon, and but there was a part of me that thought
well. This is great. I would kill to be in her position, but part of me also thy yet There's an injustice happening because she's female bill Murray any I might be in a golden cage. She might be trapped in a in gold jails. Yeah, because she is a committee, an shies just waiting to happen, but it's not gonna happen in this lane, she's in so in brides it came out. I just felt like theirs is cosmic justice happened? Yes, and I remember thinking wait. Why doesn't everybody? No sheep wait a minute. You really have never seen her do this before like, but taking granted that she had not been given the ass. She hadn't been given the opportunity to do that, but we'd sooner on stage and we know oh she's got some stop up her sleeve, like people are not capable I dont know what she's capable of so that was kind of cool,
see her sought for oh yeah. It was so exciting to watch that explosion and likewise so happy for you, because I love you and I now knew for a decade or so sweet. It was then happen that way. For me, you dated twenty million dollars, reunites moving. I didn't know your hand guys it's ok like I still I get. By dogs? Do all right? Are you know a color to describe it? Giving them uniquely colored Tesla everything I've. I can't help of ash green then call it actually gnashing luxury car that caught on fire and is now that area of so was there any okay, so so Rousseau immediately. After bridesmaids Melissa become gigantic star S?
Kristen is every offer in the world, and everyone just explodes did you feel like you did not have an explosion after that and were you at all. Unless I didn't have the explosion too, that dig you bet, I can't say that I was hurting right. You know your mom people out of me. I gotta has shown okay and it allows. Me too fire my wraps, because they, were wrong, and how do nothing lined up for me? So I I got new rap Scott that all situated, and I mean I've- worked pretty nonstop. I can't yeah, you know I'm all right, absolutely the leader. I hit com, I mean, I'm not really know what more managed to work out in some third way: yeah yeah. Now why wasn't there a bridesmaid, he's too. I then I find it very frustrating that beyond especially because that would
in an era where you guys could have done three and they would have all done well, Kristen wasn't up didn't wanna. Do it didn't lets the longest. Lord, and did you ever call her and though, like Hame Bro? Why not? Let's go have fun now. Because I know everybody else has done that men, she didn't want oh yeah, and you can't make someone do something that they don't want to do, but yeah it was. It is weird yeah that, that we have it, but you know what life is long and maybe she'll reconsider. I mean anchor man to happen ten years after the fact bia why I don't know I was curious to me and then in a minute it forces needed my favorite role, which his arms psychology. Ok, I love is an explanation ray. I cannot fathom. We also in the groundlings, we all want to do comedy
and then you have something that is just a humongous success, and then you go don't want to do it again. I mean an explanation for that saw I joined up coming up with some theories that may or may not hold water flats here. Well, I I again, I I dont know em this to be true the ashes. What I'm thinking? I think we all it's such a bizarre mental human ego it's like soon as we we get the thing we think we want and we don't Phil fulfilled rank, as we told herself, I've told myself by rather the number one comedy in America that I've written That'll be the day I loved act shepherd I look in the mirror NGO. You motherfucker look at the sky, you did it. Your great you're, perfect. Give you haven't, recognise yet that's work, successful translate into self esteem, yes, very, very important listeners. Yes,
Dax right now, so if you get this number one movie and Alison. You, your Christian in you, don't feel fantastic, then you go. I guess I need recognition in a dramatic field, and approve myself in a whole other arena that I'm a great actor, and if I do that, then I'm gonna feel awesome. When I look in the mirror inside, not going to do this comedy thing, and now I'm going to prove that I cuz? I already proved that you can do that thing and it didn't make me feel good. So now I'm going to prove, I can do something else and I just think that's a name credibly human dignity, and there are many actors like they become huge actors and like now, I need to be seen as a musician. I've got to be seen as a serious musician, maybe they're serious musicians- I don't know, but I have to assume some of those people are dealing with a they ve told themselves. They feel
a certain way they achieved Ex wires even knew that you don't feel that way. You gotta try to achieve. Another thing you think will make you feel that I think that's a very valid theory, but don't you think it also could just be a real fear that it would be worth it would get ruined this thing that ended up pretty perfect. If She did another one and it was not as good or not is well received, or whatever happens, that that would diminish the whole thing. I again definitely believe she's got that, but I dont subscribed to the theory that doing something else can ruin something that already exist right. I don't believe that, so you, make another movie. They didn't live up to that first, one but thou second movie. My also still be incredibly entertaining yes walking the man It is not as good a smoking ban at one, but I still love it here and there The men rare case you may godfather doing it's better than the first one. So sure you could think that, but I would think that would be a hiccup of of thinking as well. Yeah
I agree, but I do understand this idea of like she wants the Khan. The whole conversation to be bridesmaids was flawless incredible and took the world by storm and if there is multiple that aren't as good than it's like the end, but this animal is not that good, but that's by evil. She probably just doesn't want that in the conversation about ok, war could be there She just was burn out on it, because a giant we did the first table read in two thousand seven. So by the time we finished up with everything in two thousand twelve, it could have been just. I don't want to hear. Bout bridesmaids anymore, Azure, I'm there are now ass. There could have been people that she would have been forced to work with on that that she no longer wander workmen. So that's about it being totally plausible. Let me also say I'd love. Kristen Wick
she's ISIS Melbury doesn't love guest and, though is one of the swedish people out there. I'm not accusing her of anything tat, I would think, was a moral judgment of her. I actually think she's phenomenal as a person of everything else, but but we have a real life example. You can look at hangover, so I dont share this opinion, but a lot of people didn't like hangover too actually I'm a big set up. The filmmaking was like Michael Man, level, brilliant third one I dont think I loved, but regardless I think in general people dont think. The second third instalments were as good as the first, but I dont think that any ones then gone back in retroactively said hangover. One was a brilliant. Have they done that right? I don't think so, but I can see how Todd Philips Wooden like that there were components that were not good when the first one was humongous. I agree with everything you're saying, but I can also see happening with the people who ve invented this in the brain.
That there is little narrative at that moment in the setting up of an fond of you guys Ok, what it had largely irrelevant: inborn million Valerie out of informed when making tons of money as fundamentalist, Marryats I've. I've found that to be true in my life I am stating armature. Dare We are lovingly supported by so knows. This is a product that I love. It's in my house. I just got. The sun ass being may tell it so: cool, isn't yeah! It's really nice and has Amazon elects a built in its super easy to set up a gentleman come over and do it in and out in minutes, and it works perfectly. It works with my tv just great now this in our bedroom sounds so nice. It's like a movie, theater quality, it son, so good, and then the cool thing is it. You can be listening to your tv and you can have it plan on others sonar.
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Now. How long did you live in the house? I used to go to the right before you change. You still owe you don't Sullivan announced. We over a year ago, a year ago, yeah, ok, so, and now we live down the street from that house. We still on it, but we will. The vote. Will you for donor resentment in your renting it and then virus thickly watching examining Seattle is their low yeah? It's a great way to learn. I like it, I'm real anti social that this makes me feel like I'm like. I have four now I think I'll go straight. So Goober Explain to me how that comes about, so I had done a recurring role on a show called rules of engagement, David David David, Spain, Oliver Hudson Oliver Hudson yeah you'd of why is he a beautiful, my god it? So I used to hang out with him a lot we play poker and I am going to concentrate on my hand and sweets beautiful
Henry yeah, good, looking so good, looking at it, it'll, hurt your feelings: did those seriously doesn't do his hair? I was sure that Jackie shapes our, doesn't he doesn't care and doesn't really matter how things let fall. He's gourd, just accidently sexy ya out his brains. It woke up like that and his new show. What is it called hands? something is putting up together splitting of handsome seven hundred billion it is there. Ok, I had done that and an eye contact them altogether. It was multi cabin which was had your variant learning now are now so through that did it take you back to grow, I just- did it for the kind of love it yeah like. Oh, what someone's reacting to what I am saying. This is amazing,
hours are so we need to get a really good, but so because of that I got an offer to do the goal bergs. Ah so that was kind of cool yeah like lowly but you're just offering it to me. That's nuts prior to that I had done. A pilot for ABC with Johnny was AMO and Christopher Lloyd, and your notes that the guy- that's the one like the one that didn't go, but they filmed twice to say thought now. This is a good idea. We love this castles, try it again, and but there was no wherefore it to go. But so then I was in the ABC stable of hose. So then it was like I we got this thing you ever holding deal with them. I didn't think I did not. I didn't think that would be a good thing usually ends up not being great right but anyway, so I got the Gulf work through that now, when I was with you
agent. That told me not to do bridesmaids. I said you know. I have this idea for a show that explain place in the eighties, and I picked them is idea this idea, and he says you know no one wants to see that no one He wants to see a show about the eighties. It's too expensive and its ie, eight which nobody cares about so go back to the drawing board. To here I am on season six of a show that takes place in the idea that seems be doing all right south why, when you leave here, will you please give me his number? I will act. Has literally wine names, the I'll tell you why no one is number because every time I think of an idea, I'm gonna call him and pitch it. Envy loves it. I'm gonna abandoned the idea. Maybe I'm gonna like
they get a lot of time to developing? I like it sounds like ie. Is the perfect opposite rate? I add a work. I you know what I think you you have a really good theory there. My this had a family friend that was so bad at bedding that they literally would wait till he bet on a football team and then they should always take the opposite, and they really us- and they didn't quite well for decades, based on betting against. I believe it was Victor. Ok, yeah man no, I like that could serve as my my victor in this use. Every at your disposal where we're going all when, as he knows, nothing- and I think I think your instinct You just got straight now a cast in an offer dna in the Gilberts, and did you have any fear of like while kid at this is a big swing
I'm gonna, be the lead of the show, it'll be my face on the posters if it tanks, it's all on my shoulders, any firelight not ever thought about that. Oh wow. I never thought that until wet until into season on people started saying that to me saying saying like well, I mean that's gonna feel weird, carrying the whole show, and I thought, oh, my god. I thought I was having a good time am I now then I started getting in my head a little bit, but I look. It's gonna do what it does. I think it's funny It seems to be working. I think it's around and a show really but yeah, it's funny how Europe
Think about these things and then someone gets in your head and then really makes you feel bad and youth. You don't want to think they're doing it on. Purpose and by the way I'm say, verges on transferring their feared you yeah, I just did like yeah. I have that fear of my old man. From all the billboards and everyone knows a minute, fails I'll, be so embarrassed. That's my feet wow. So I'm just he knew if you have a similar view, but that now exists because acting you now. I feel like it. Failed in my name was on the bill Board and in all of this it would just go away, and no one would think about it anymore, that you or your right, you know his actual yeah reality of it all in the evening. All go a step further. How eagles uncle of me to think that the the vehicle that isn't the star that this shows,
star the concept, the star, the writings STAR, the shows the star deck shepherds, not the star, he's a part of this thing in so why would I even take all the credit for it failing or do you through the analogue do you find yourself doing then a lot. Do you take yourself to that highs? Base I'd. Take myself yet The calculation I run through my head is: how am I going to be humiliated in the future? Ok, how wide embarrass, and how do I had that? Often the pass like how do I not say something around the bully? That's gonna give him am out to come at me. And yes, I have a very defensive proactively defensive view of the world. India is today lessening it is disregarded all wet, with more more proof that that's another world works. Yes, I think a lot of my Life has been trying to night,
if someone ammo to embarrass me or humiliate me or shame me or whatever, it is, isn't that interesting YA, doin, You are in many levels, even older human, younger seventy ground here, siblings and I, my brother's a beautiful human beam occurs, is not an assassination on his character, but it is the older brothers job to fucking, tease in ridicule you from a long as so I just think as a way of life. I didn't give him any ammo. I wanted doing in front of him that I could potentially fell out and then be embarrassed in front of him a ring. Let him make fun of me. So you know maybe it's just growing does the younger brother there. I am more careful about when I'm gonna put myself out there that so. I am very surprised to hear this if you're someone that I would never worry about Now that I know you do you know this about yourself. No tell me: ok, let me tell you
yourselves, though, this is an observation and again I I haven't had face time with you in a long time too long to long working with you at the groundlings and again that was a year urine We did that, but it was constant. So you get to know a person and the way you just folk about Melissa is the way we all thought about you. I don't do that for well, I'm gonna go for it. I'm gonna go further Dax that you know you're the whole package.
I'll bet, you're, talented! You can write, you got hustle you're good, looking bone, but on top of that, you have that little extra that little dash of TAT Heem, ok, that with like zero now I've seen people fall in love with your men and women all while, let you weavers spell ok and I've seen people like South, All under your spell to where you, how do I want to say that you're, like a wizard, my Mazurka Villona vulgar like a charisma Whizzer like a David corral, sure you could start your own religion and people would follow out all right. Everyone. I went to tie
I am ready to tied to you, but no I've never knew my you have that that little something was where you're always gonna be ok, and so it I'm just surprise that you have an acute, an Achilles heel of any sort when it comes to these things, because I always thought like a well. Let's see this, this punk thing might work out for split he'll get on a show at some point, and maybe he'll do theatre for awhile, maybe he'll right some things, but in the end he could end up being a shark hunter and that'll be fine. That's really because you have you have many dimensions and if anything I always felt like you might have a hard time pick
why, because you're good at so many things. You know that you will listen. All I want in life is to be told. Basically what you just told me very is also an hour, and we here we recorded so crazy. That's me, yeah. This grows every crazy to me so meet because it ain't word for it. Nine years. I had moved by the time you and I met. I got punk. I've been out here doing nothing for ten years, so I had a lot of data to suggest. I wasn't gonna be ok now, I'm not like you, always always had food, always Admiral hundred percent. Right many years at what I bet about five years go I finally said myself Jesus do let's just look at the facts. Your fine, every year you ve made some money it it's gonna work out, and I now in also just having to save myself you're forty three
When are you going to acknowledge it worked out what you're going to miss the whole? I really thought I was going to wait till your deathbed to look back and go. It worked out all right and I, but I had to make a choice to start basically making a gratitude list. Regularly to remind myself, I know dude everything's, fine, don't wait till the end to take foot off the gas of panic, so yeah Anyways. It's bizarre to hear you say that about me, but not with a view to making it work in one of the most Spencer Cities in the world right, yeah, you're, doing five urban hunger in a business where logic does not rain. We're ok, you're doing great we're about doing right now, man, I feel terrible. I just hijack the whole thing to one another
but no, you wanna go to hijack anything. You now. Would you get on the Goebbels and how neurotic are you about checking in with what people for thinking about the show. Is that something you suffer from, or did you start maybe or you you're neurotic, and then you ve backed off and tell me what you're at first impossible, not to be I because again everyone sends you everybody's, a cub reporter, and they got a sometimes you all their bullshit all layers, here's this abyss. Critics said this and this critic said this and that that really was tough and get on twitter and you engage in the emotional cutting that is twitter, you now and now they want you to live tweet with the fans. But again if this was also terrible. I don't have to do it. Oh sure you know. Look I think of ink
Yet all this goes without saying. You're super grateful to have this very Annie rare opportunity I am in poor is any of us to deal with any step great now. Wouldn't it you're a human being, there's a couple on any given day ten thousand people can In an opinion about you, how you act, how funny you are, how you look, what your hair out closure, where all these things in your a human being. It doesn't matter if you have ten billion dollars in the by our, they gave you a fuckin star on Hollywood Boulevard that doesn't matter of someone's telling you your hair looks like it's made of straws, you're, just gonna wait. Does my hair look like I'm about all the time like a tweet me like your botox looks. Tear am I using, might be and is like you're fillers or you may dislike. People accused me of like plastics,
surgery now I've on the fact that I had a very comprehensive laser treatment called seo to laser. Oh ok, go it. Pits doesn't breaks down to the stuff. You can't even sit next to an open window in the world. Would collar frame of restoration is burned. My whole face off its own bat. Nor do I did a bat, shit yeah other things, people's like accuse me of faceless and stuff, and it hurts my feelings yeah I'm sorry, I'm human, and I think we know that some people are saying around town is that I've had a bunch of cosmetic surgery. Now I wish I wish I could. He has strong enough person to say it? It doesn't hurt, ok, cause you're, just a sad loads are hiding behind your keyboard, but yeah it does heart, it does her will and I wish that I wish we were there as a society, but that's how people way in it really stinks.
The double a sort of their hands, huge positive aspect that all these people volume and you can potentially get out things you care about, like energy, stopped editing that thing in two thousand twelve? But that's an issue. Clearly, those issues- concern you social justice. You gotta be EU of this platform to put that out. That's great in the know how to deal with some of the referenda goes along with it, but my thing is: like all read something and I got all that's ridiculous- us right like even had someone like people, also not as much anymore, but people used always like. Maybe accuse me of riding Christians coattails her that she, made more money than me and is a male that that was so My ego so fragile. There I would respond like no. I have more money having literally and carry him rounds, blaming Deleon strangers that I am more money in the bank account and Christian to go
aim. Is that because I am so threatened, then I am, but I read it and I go out that stupid. I don't care, but then the test for me is I'm driving myself two hours later in that tweet is in my hat and I'd like a Marie reading it in my head and I go. I have to admit that this has an effect on me, yeah or when people say well, you're childless, oh yeah, oh no again but that it is not its not cause, I'm oh just Baron and I'm proud of no yeah, and I and things like that. Bother me why I I consciously was not to have kids. So why am I upset when someone brings up but Joe Biden out, for me, because I'm guilty of a lot of times on here? I want people like you, too, have kids
I have a man, I fucking love, I'm right, I know you're the best go, it's like you. I have a car. I love my hat. If you're in the market for new car man, this one's great, I'm just gonna, tell you like. I happen to get a lot out of his strength. For is a testimony. Oh let its fun, I'm gonna give it to you. A second is there are people that I respect that I want to populate the earth so I will often be like to train them than people. I think, would be good, depopulate, more people and then indeed, so I must regularly shame. People the way you're talking about. Ok, so yeah just walk me through what like to be a woman in the public eye who doesn't have kids in what yeah I get so many shady comments from people. Maybe they don't mean it to be that way, but that's how it comes across as you are you're starting to get into my family planning, secular
which is none of your business. I have led jet, never wanted children. Men did not play with dolls. When I was younger, I thought it was a lot of work. I love kids, but I just I'm for and I feel like I'm too immature now I read things about like oh Diana Keaton, adopted her first kid at fifty, maybe at fifty I'll feel like doing that, maybe maybe there will be some weird revelation and that's what I want to do and I'll do it then I'm not closed off to that, but I've just never had the urge to have, Anyone pass through my body right and my sister has an either more than happy not having them. I don't feel like any things missing, arm chair, so I apologise it for me and tell me why do you think people do that? I think some people might do that
because it's something they can lord over another person who I feel, like. Maybe they do it because they think God, you really counts sleep till whenever you want, like you all answer to anybody wow, I shudder rethought this you and greater go on vacation. Aha, mongering area. We doubt you're, really when you when you parents who are older, who knew due to be around you don't get to go off as much as you want that's fine. It's fine, yeah yeah! I dont want others that I can't there's a lot of, I think, there's so many layers to it. So I gave you the two layers I have, there is, it is a. It is a lever to shame the boy S, shame women weirdly, like I do said Baron and I guess the equipped
for that for a man is to be seen as impotent like that. That would be the ultimate failure for our gender is to be impotent and then likewise to be banned. Right and we just all inherited these a thousand year old principles, whatever is, and then I think, there's also first certain little subset. There are people that regret they didn't pursue something with all their heart and then you did, but you don't have kids and then maybe they're justification for why they didn't give their all do something as well. I had kids and that's more Morton. So now I feel should be about that. But but I've come up with a way out of it. Not now I've got include you in it the right to commend around in being a child of one of those people,
They're like well, I was gonna, do this, but then I had kids and I love him. I love on their gray, never regretted it such a blessing such a blessing but yeah had I not Kids. I really would have been on Broadway whatever or whatever bullshit things like doubt, dont pin that on your kid yeah, do not pin that on your kid, but now and then love and become even from another angle of it, which is, I have a favorite I'll. Do that I kind of learn, maybe an aim, which is I generally only respond to comments that I have a fear of myself. Ok, so my example is always like. I could read a thousand comments on twitter that all said Dax. Your two short, I could read a billion, it will never bother me cause. I don't have any you're, being too, I just know objectively, I'm tall in so Windsor then is bothering me to me it's a little bit of a clue of
a wrong. Oh, I must have that fear of myself a little bit of rye, so the Kristen. Even though I knew at those times now she doesn't Marmite american on it at that. When I have more money than the notion that people would think that idea in it. She did is because I put a lot a value on financial security. I think it's a defining care drastic of a man to be self sufficient. Please. I have all this baggage about money in worth. In my real value is tied to my financial there Are you all these things? So I go. Ok the accusation is inaccurate, but I have some work to do on this topic or really wouldn't bother making can sell thinking of it. In those terms, why would the you know the attack that year
Childless even bother you in the slightest. Do you think there is anything that it then any fear under their that that does get triggered, or is it part of ink? One thing that irks me is ok, while I'm gonna get shade, because I don't have kids, but yet if I had kids that would possibly cost mean jobs, because I couldn't leave right away like it's. It's the working mom thing like have have you kids. You know women have kids blah blah blah. Women have to take care of those kids and they get problems from their workplace when they have to take off to take the kid to the doktor and the like Everything is set up against them. It seems like sure, but you wish for me to have there's, so what is that? I am expected to baggage
exactly what would happen if you had to kids, because I have a lot of people on this ship like Caitlin was here last year, as to the busy at the second. You have kids in your woman than the quit. The question just shifts to: how do you feel in time the application being you're a bad man. Could you work too much? So there is no winning the Faye adds either you don't have kids or you I could see you must be a shitty mom, because you also work a lot. There's really there's really Oh wait! A win, there's gonna, be some criticism and we questions, no matter what so I gotta do what's good. For me, yeah, my psyche, which is to not have them right here. It is not in it in you can always loved them for an extended period. I know they are little angel babies. I know this already nor mine, so you get a bang out of my second once really oh she's, we cholera, we collar, surely Farley makes between Chris
Naturally, Temple she's applies gal. I lover yeah yeah is, are they I mean? I work surely the only woman format is a final user. Is most Mccarthy like? How am I gonna do anything? That's not a hysterical right. All my special she's, my soul. May really. I love ya in she has a trunkful costume and want the ears on a roller face Let us go into town she's, just balancing the grounds that it all of my comedian, friends, just can't like if they're around the just stare at all, like the shows on we can, as we always issues like the star on car tax, she got in your hair. Canals like isn't four seasons have you heard
It is also a fuckin asshole because of that, because she is she she knew. She has her own point of view. So hard core is, which is what makes her so hysterical right and then it is terrible that deal with one's bad. You know You don't get it all now done now is not now and she doesn't agree with much going on around her which why she has at perspective to make fun of it anyways I like I did so on care. I hope you'll be around her at some point. So go bergs! Isn't it succeeds in yeah in how many observes year? Do you guys do twenty to twenty two to twenty four? Twenty, two to twenty eight? In do when I was on parenthood, I don't think I've ever felt safer. My life, I'm off factory worker. At heart I loved going to a place and punishing the clock and knowing I'd be going there for nine months, ire love acts in a grey area. I love being read demented their safe,
in that structure for me three weeks on one week off. Ok, I can do that yeah that sixty hours a week, if I have to fine fine yeah, I'm learning So you just plan your life. You can't do that says. No. Now it's great it's great yeah, as is nothing bad about it. For me, one is that come out by the way when it when eyes from September twenty? Did they later and later every year than idea they do ITALY one was excited. I do yeah, it started in the four September. First right, yeah like right when school started, you but new shows started, gathered get later they either sixty minutes is migrate. Am I a big addiction and addresses yet this time a year muck just get on with it? Do so fucking a poet news story are images I feel like it's getting later and later we're getting all day.
Citing that's what it is. You know I'm not getting old as they show these commercials rewriting cruises on sixty minutes. Infer thirty years of my life and my who'd want to sit on the tiny little boat floating on the Rhine, River and now for years, onawandah, oh, no, no, walking or standing just sit and watch the sites go by I'm in everything's right there has it just lays late five star rest. Growing makes this gives me the most you ever going to walk is like sixty feet, its allies. Pretty damn goods may because Christian shot on this huge accrue shiver. Things are the biggest one in the world and in boy you had a blast by us like it's a hike to go, get coffee, it's like twelve decks up and said that after the ship? My shit me in a Viking crews in a chair. Never more than sixty feet. I want to share a human scale right? Ok, that's what I want. I don't need to be an Zeus's ship. Put me in
a human ship to be on a floating mall. Does that Everything I'd like a it had a tidal wave. It could generate like why surfing way things it was summer knots Wendy. I adore you. I love you, it's really you. I have so much fun and I hope you do too. Having like been really feebly young, where we met all these people here, and I wonder if you you remember that the academy awards were were now in jam were nominated for writing the descendants. Melissa, inactive. Your nominated whatever nay TAT was His movie was not knows all groundlings female. We are all starving and we were there. We because we presented yet Are you were there as it was when nuts it will? It was such a weird
full circle moment- and I cried a lot that night- it was a bad crazy, but I love watching people succeed that I that I came up with like I know how hard everybody works. Yeah and its though gratifying and I I love is almost like a family member. You know you're, watching them succeed and prosper, and it's like when things go bad for them. I feel it too, and when things go wrong, for them I'm right there rejoicing, even though I don't get to see heartily anybody any more, but I still club everyone and I I just so tickled for everyone success and not to qualify, but these are people who showed up They were the hottest person, their town. They got off of Bosnia, smoking hot than they got a fucking, led wrongs and lazy. If ever there, a group of people who just work
her ass. I hear him a forced their way into that ways and that's what makes it all the sweeter. You are the ones that group of people your course social group. Do you have a big social group? I like We sat I'm down in long beach, so my soul, our group is mostly non actors, not actor childhood friends, childhood friends, high school friends, same Gregg same with great yeah yeah. You have got The quiet non. Ideally light rail boring, keep at nice, boy early, boring. You have weird fantasies about anything now not keep real boring, so that when I go to work, I can go bananas come back and be boring. Aha just have some nice
guacamole and chips. He sure listen problem, stealing Zack lay say that's that's scratch and me right where I add that will, as we discovered earlier, about love, steely ban and we re Braille Great Video about trying to get free trying to win gigantic and we offered a backstage back to you. All I ask said including backstage I love you. I love you ain't language here in an arm, chair, expert and good luck with the season. The golden may you do that for as long as you want to do less than twenty years, I wanna do twenty of them down ass assigned me. I love you. I love you, now my favorite part of the show the bag check with my soul made me Monica bad men were coming.
Live from thirty rock. For this fact chair very exciting. You guys we're out on a field trip and because we would spoil who work in our record with. But again you could probably we could take a pretty good stab at, although there are a lot of people that trial here, I'll rocker, yeah sure behind oh, you got a cast of sorry now alive, James Fallon, yes said: Cedric Myers yeah you got over. The anchors are of say, show yeah. It resell, Ban Harry Russell Clark, Kent yeah, but at any rate we are in a conference room. They are, guess, was nice enough to provide us with a little space because we're on the road we some live shows in Brooklyn. Thanks for coming out rely on you guys
ever ceases to be the most hard expanding experience. Yeah Terry Spanish, with Jerry's Hudson Cherry Time, the the armchair Army started using Armchair army. I like it that was suggested, I think, by some more the dude listeners who would rather be a part of an army than cherry tree. I guess Neri stereotype, all she her balls, I'm the stereo tat yeah, it's ok to want to be it. It's ok to be a cherry after a guy. Absolutely. I should just own on your mail chariot Think of your testicles is old cherries share, but do you think people want to thing? I would love to know. If I could describe my testicles is cherries that's make some sound appetising. That's right on offensive, like Blue but those things smell nice that Sir Tasty Howard,
The varied is sweeter than cherry. So so when being where malevolently Covey yeah, oh dear friend of mine, near and not very many facts, a good guy, just a couple through the told you are really put under the gun, for this to work as we need to show Saturday night and then Sunday were accordingly gas than we saw magician? Oh you guys. It's been a magician heavy few days. For me, I got to see two magicians in three days. Two hours, who really did something you got real, worked up on right is a magic act guards. Who is that are you saw. His name is Dan White Sudan. Why the show it's the magician at the Nomad Hotel in New York, very exclusive shell, for real it's very hard to get into. I had my mom throat
wait around to get me. Oh seed and mash remove them, on balance. I know its not happens. Kind of all you and mom mom also planned. They escape room for your birthday. One time we all went like eight of us: in there we got there. The tickets were for the following week: Anderson the next day ladder you remembered, took us, all the dinner over at the chateau. That's right have a nice born. It always works out. It always works out because it comes from such a good place. The intention is so nice that it always works out the new I'm getting into that show correct. I got into that so few. Should I do I'm not gonna rag, so yeah was full of p cues. He was so many things, he was
amazing magicians. You'd say sexy was number one yeah well say. Yes, all these things compile up to be very sexy, so he was of a very good at his craft. Incredibly good. He did one track and authenticity to tell so I won't but but it also he cut you and half he coming juggled landlords, I'm still in half and I'm alive now he's he did a few things that were incredible: He was very, very charming not trying too hard? He wasn't er. I was exactly wasn't doing. Corny jokes. He was just doing on me Alex. That's where it gets rough for me, I now in these magic shows the thing I'm confused about is you have comedy and any magic. I dont know: why do you need it means to be mean funny, yeah, no community,
Well, I guess some communes doo doo magic when they should stop whatever communings are using magic. Well, look I gotta get the impulse. You want any show to have some calmly anything doing ever lie laser live on a state yeah. You want some energy and some comedy, and I get that, but the ratios, like one d, want it most of these things, use your hearing way more. Coaxing in your seen magic tricks, and that should never be the case. I think if people see this show if use our really want you to see it. So you can understand my love for magicians, because those are the magicians I'm talking about when I say I'm in love with magicians, not the Napo com they have to correct our guy. So anyway, it was it was. It was incredible and if any one has the opportunity to go see it, you should go see. My boyfriend check it out. That's right he's! So God who had begun on the subject of magic, call that you have to do. This fact check with very little time idea that, because we also had a very large weak
last week for episodes for you, cherries and army is the fruit of soldiers. She ok, so oh Reno, nine one, one, that's Wendy Show that is a mock humanitarian. Ok, it's not a real life cop show, and I know that that was a little confusing to some people. Some people thought it was real. What people in the World really always hot, but that on the apis out a little that those people are smart enough to turn on tv but dumb and so down. They can discern the new Lugger show the budget cops in short shorts, Now, though, when Reno nine, when one came out, it was sort of one of the first of these, like mock humanity, style things, so maybe you just through people for a loop latest. It now review for those. There were super stone, maybe an air clicking out of five percent,
the car Deasey get Crazy shore charts. But parity being cops continent. Parity of colouring and highly improvised yeah, which is fine, so fun dear. You got to do an improvised, show, sue Pont? Oh yeah, I had them a rise in their that's. Would you did gap and you have seen from punk yeah pretty apparently I am here from the IRA's I'm taking your house, you didn't vile your taxes. I did ok. I have a good day for palm glove. Improv never mind. I was bad, was going on mine eyes, he attacked you publicly
his lonely and right as it did, I deliver this email them you. You said that you would like to go to and if you had a time machine that you go back to one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine, and will my grandma with my grandpa, but she was even born until one thousand nine hundred and forty I don't know about today. Right I'd do it. I know you would I be din, then I would not exist. This study more think about going. You I'd be my granddaughter now: that's not how biology works. I mean you know that five, nine, it wouldn t me you'd freak, and see our lives. Have you seen that movie now fantastic movie occur? Frequently Jackie junkies, ass, nowhere had who was the earth Hickey now, I'm think Dennis Quaid all declared and had done it
he's my brother, aha, also known as Randy's brother Dennis Quaid, he was in it and it was great. It was like about this boy who tax there, this radio, yuk yuk yuk yuk. He was communicating with Dad Father other over a ham, radio, yes, and then go away radio in its like dj. If you, if you tell him you're gonna die. If you go fight this fire, he was firemen. Look the part gray casting then change the course of everything, and not necessarily for the better butterfly, butterfly fact. Sliding doors has been many movies about work this year. If you were obsessed with what will change, I'm I'm kind of obsessed with the anyway, if you moved in with my grandma, I wouldn't be here. My mom went about his own, rightly latterly, here a prize to change things, moral. We
dont know will never know what. If I d already did this, what, if unbeknownst to you in two thousand and thirty one, they invent a time machine and I've already done this. I had an affair grandma and you're still here and I'm so here was no way to say that hasn't happened near rye and then, where were we haven't? So stolen that life, though not or elude through, because if a ninety two thousand thirty one I go back to nineteen fifty a year, nine I've already done it. I know what you are, you did it. I will, then you came back. You of course go stay forever, be you and you say you came back to nineteen thirty one, and then you went back to nineteen twenty eight team now to bring you ve been travelled all over. I went from two thousand and thirty one share to nineteen. Fifty eight! Yes, party was your grandma Hog a year, gray, nine thousand
like my honour intermarriages and I want to forget market being born, then I went back to two thousand thirty one, the ash and I'm there, but we are also here. I know so you click delete here. Now you can split your body. I would ever would think about this. In ten years they have been a time machine. Yeah Dax gets in it because back nineteen, fifty yeah yeah has an affair with your mother, be you'd age you'd be dead by your. If need be, my gore you'd be. I returned two thousand thirty one after I've had an affair you're living this current existence. If in two thousand thirty one I take a time machine and nineteen fifty eight
oh I see it's already happened, so we didn't have on very yeah. We haven't done the two thousand thirty want right, but if, in fact I go into doesn't anyone back to nineteen fifty eight? That means it right now. In this current time, space I've already gone back to nineteen fifty k yeah. I guess I see her. You know what I'm saying is its already. Have everything worked out? Mocha rest, easy prey. Oh you said the matrix metaphor take the green. Pale but there's no green pillars. A blue pillar red pill tat the terms popularizing science fiction. Culture are derived from the ninety ninety nine, from the matrix in the film The main character. Nea was offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pale by rebel leader. Morpheus. The red pill represent an uncertain future? Would free him from the enslaving control of the machine. Generally
in dream world and allow him to escape into the real world but living the truth. The reality is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill or presented a beautiful prison, it would lead him back to ignorance living in confined comfort without want or fear within the simulated reality of the matrix or would you pick wife? I already took the right time ago so now I would take the blue pearl. You took the red pulling your visit, my grandma now. Definitely the blue allowed me to go back and get your grandmother's only to stimulate a world with zone of and create a time? Travel allowed me to go diagram doubtfully. At some point, I take the blue pearl, but I think it currently on the red pill rivalling prescription, do you think you're living in a red tell because I think I'm leavin reality
you don't even know your life's a faint. How many simulation that you mean Arthur Writers, she like that's, why did they do there, but we, maybe that's party gave you are right, is look at the rest of your life like the rest of my life is fantastic. My life is very blue pillars. Yes, yes, but but, but with nearly dying and budget times and starving and fuel red pill and then not in them.
I give you think you're living the red till I do. I think, I'm in reality. I don't think I'm in a virtual reality on Mars. You so I've taken them. No, but you ve taken a readville. Now, Irish I'm definitely taken the blue Pearl guy, my life's gray. Ok, as long as using we were on the same of hills, I'm fine weather yeah. We are worth living in a very privileged matrix. One time I got my stepfather so absurd couple christmases ago, we're talking about like the apocalypse, because they're they're very mild proffers, my mom must have there were they ve got like a couple hundred council, water, grain and stuff K and they're gonna tell me about their supply. So why not- and I said I am out of there- isn't apocalypse now- I'm going to wander the fuckin countryside trying to defend my family from roving rape is more
borders or why would even want like I've had a great life mothers ended day of the apocalypse yeah. I don't need to stick around improve that I could fend for my survive on, be absolutely miserable watch. My children get harm, but the winner dealing. Do it to protect your kids if they didn't wanna y all tat, I can now tell them to end their lie if I could sell them all on it, like you guys, let's, let's all take this blue pill which lay on the ground hold hands rights as peacefully avoid all the rape and abuse in confinement starvation. Why go through that? Why it's kind of like about this? You know the exact equivalent, as is you go to a restaurant in you
The best meal of your life and then at the end of a guy now here's a plate is shit, take a buyer that you're lying because that's what's next, just because that's what's next to them, you should do it this way. You will no longer be the case that delicious me I'll catch. You ll, be you'll, have a shit tastes by its here's, a plate of shit. If you eat it and get through air, there might be a better played a pastor after or there's not if this world cup
absence there won't. We won't rebuild civilization in my remaining twenty years. It'll just be a long played his shit and out and at the end of all that are going on. I should acquit when the fuckin crumble I came out. I should have had the crumble, ay and just exited fly. Nobody stick around each ship for twenty years, because we're obsessed with longevity we measure life's. That way like messrs. I don't think it's there. I think it's. I think people have a hard time. A suicide yeah ideal suicide It is better for us at the mass on an unknown. Oh, it's imagine meme data. Maybe this is also why we are in your singing, because sometimes I ask is me: won't stop seeing you keep going to your died. Why figure a few more bars and you'll remember the song and then your question will be answered, but that doesn't-
seem to have an off now viable approach. Well and then what was my question and I don't even remember it, but it was always it is at the mash themes. Roy ass theme song on the tv show. Yes, my time, o K. We could talk about laser procedure. If we walk over there Bob. I guess I just think. Then I say, though, in anything I had a thing called co2 laser fear to raise our town most powerful, o Reilly. Oh yes, you're too laser words like a thousand times stronger than the rest our green or whatever average laser summons yemeni blasted my face off. I had an I had there opportunity to see an aching on sir, I can confirm that you'd law
surveys super was incredible, it was so crazy. I look like Magee work when you played the monster in sin city my face swelled up so bad. The next day they look like I just been hit with a baseball bat, a thousand times yeah it like swelled up and then the swelling went down. And then he looked normally our normal or my skin still run around my eyes, which allowed we will come in and on pitchers, but I just can't take the time to explain it there. On whose ass one avenue I so don't don't feel bad. It is. I can, when my day like us my order to light Britain Laser Beam, physique, teacher yeah, but what twenty is win them? When I looked at the before and after my goal is people a great and then that the doctor rightly said you know some people stay red four six seven months and why
Some people in some people online await guess what I am some also. She said: oh yeah, this is I'm I'm like on the back end of how long it takes from her reference to go. Gotta hear it doesnt to me looks normal way. You look at me. Oh yeah, maybe even ice to get used to your face. Looking all swollen, drowse disturbing you and the children really really have. You will never of those little picture, but it is the only way we will need to postpone the really good step. For my Self evolve meant is if I was willing to post picture, but that would be the data myself. Esteem was finally preferred an optimal range but evil, but there was a three days yeah right, even though you don't look like that. So it's it's kind of lutes, an early, no fits the carrier, think game
so you might not be other unseen that photo. Could jeopardize arrest my act now and I look like I waterlogged monster. It was really interesting. It isn't really! You know it's fun, though, is there's all kinds of things you could. Probably jerk say like. Why do that worries obeying that's all fair, but I enjoy the experience of change like I felt like a different person for three days, a monster death, and it was like that kind of thing you now you like that yeah. I feel I gave em like. Maybe I didn't like it, but I like that, I didn't like it. Ok, yeah sure I am exert. Yes, I understand TAT sworn articulate, yeah well, we'll take with us the other day. I think you also like seeing like the capacity of the human body I literally pushing it turned and different levels. That's right! I do. I do
all right. You said the tv do you think tv shows are starting later and later now, because her shows for premieres at the end of September right around now, and you were like when I was hit you when I was a baby, little baby, the tv shows would start earlier and I did some research, gray, friends prepared on September twenty second also late September. No third, we sign July. Fifth, now that seems like an anomaly. Okay, wayward calling out one year correct data, now silver spoons an hour in arrange for mirrored September, twenty fifth longer, yeah, well and party of five, and I'm so glad you jerk, you chose my shows. I was really thoughtful. The premier add ons.
Timber twelve well came out. Let us now I'm a compromise. Yeah yeah, solar, Kai, it's kind of all. Were all over. The male, Willy nilly, wishy washy, but good place is primarily in the twenty seven there, some shit, Well, that's dams, nearly October, but twenty fifth, four friends, I'm sorry! Twenty second for friends, twenty fifth for silver spoons, as are all three week, were now in the fourth weaker September, almost October owner. For them that's the cut off. Maybe air, okey dokey. I think that runs out the rest says. Does it yet? I love you. So much fun with you and Robin York. Gametes very lucky may entail thanks. Everybody dies.
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