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2020-02-03 | 🔗
Will Arnett (Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, Blades of Glory, Lego Movie) is a Canadian-American actor, comedian and producer. Will sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his friendship with Dax, feeling like people misconstrue his optimism for arrogance and why he doesn't consider himself a comedian. Dax admits he was envious of Will's life and Will talks about his experience doing voiceover work. The two discuss sobriety, re-defining their narratives and how they became friends over Breves.
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Welcome, welcome argon, armchair expert on deck, Shepard and joined by Germany, nominated Emily nominating Emily Lemonade, meaning Monica bad man. We got an old pale mind today. You guys go way back to anywhere just time. Buddy? Will our a bill are a K. Barney is here in the attic. What a fuckin delight this has been he was nominated for six primetime, Amy's, you're sure he fell in love with him on arrested development, he's got really hysterical, show on Netflix called Bow Jack horsemen, of course, he's Batman and the lingo movie, and in the Batman movies flake, most importantly, let's go to prison at most people think is called. Let's go to jail, and the list goes on now. He has a new show that looks absolutely awesome. Called Lego masters at premiers This day February, fit on Fox check it out. If you want to see crazy, geniuses, assemble crazy
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I've heard ideology him up a couple. It has, and people ask me all the time what happened deaths in the rest of you said. No, we resonant. He refuses to ass. I have a hard time asking like friends. I thought that we were like fallen. Friends, that's what I really thought this argument look. This is good cheer. This juice issues, the lessons Hollywood Babylon. You know like about rob, tonnages, This new rob feels like he's like the guy is not a pilot, but he's the guy off to the side. Behind the pilot sees the highly cope outnumber, Would you commies ease the young, the map sky quick, I can listen. Do you think that your voice is so great? You go he's the
even though my interests it will take it. I take your time and think about the right it gets. It could write that listen. Do you think, would that voice? Do you remember that, guy in a parking lot in Illinois? No, you do in there the guy he was a waiter at
Ben Israelis or TV. I have tv I have with workers mobility. His Applebee's Appleby note was unhappy man, unions, aids are playing, but you have any idea where we had their salary, deprived salaries and only healthy food. You that you and I thought we were killing it on our die and remember. We would really these decryption picking Salazar like real terrible, but this guy came and he had a camaro, and he was telling us about his brother in law and we were like we will listen to this guy talk about his brother for as long as he had like a rip t sure. Well, he was you ve kind of elevated his station at that restaurant. He was really up church. He was a bus boy. He was about tat any in a bit of a bar back to like when necessary, and by the way, I don't think he recognized either of us our lechner. I just think he was drawn to our night. We went there every single my every night, yet we're tall. I guess we part of it, and then I had a cool car unicorn.
And we were the only people in their who weren't overtly depressed Yazzi, as I think that that was a big part of it wasn't he was drawn to us in he would come over and he in all honesty the first few times you would tell story. We were not super interested. Once. He started in with the brother in law to stories you, whereas we decided that any story that starts with my brother in law. You just know it's gonna, be a deuce, we're like everybody else, shut up. I'm just gonna talk. You had that scooped up Cadillac the city as we the first adoration of those rights, six speed Dax drove caddy, L a few Illinois to Chicago yeah cause we're making this movie in this prison, which I was just talking about the other day with somebody and Just talking about how depressing adheres to shoot in prison I say that all the time to go like I am by no means think I know the prison experience, no just simply fail mean in their within hours a day. Even knowing you leave you're like all me, because you you couldn't structure
Monica all the way like for women I arms or about this far stretching were touching both walls they built in and they build those places privacy to be intimidating, especially then they were sort of draconian in the way that they were laid out and end. It was on purpose to make you feel safe, in shitty, like your own freedom taken away Europe Juliet State prison is what it was and, I would say the darkest moments for sure was, we were fail, mean in the communal showers there at the arrest heads. Oh man you just we were like. Oh my god, you know much horror this. Room. That's true! You could. You could feel it yeah. That was the worst. I was talking about this test or to listen. Nobody saw his movie now, let's go to prison and all though the only people that I have found that seem to really enjoy that movies. It's always someone at valet you're like let's go to prison and it's so exciting. For whatever reason it really calls the valleys trucks,
get along as a doctor, I regularly go well, I guess we walk in Street New York and everybody they hope was not as not as much. I don't know if it's what I do know that I got all abundant guys we're out a prison. So. Can I add- and I think you we share this- is that ninety nine percent, the time they say- oh, let's go to jail always Let's go to college. I dont know why prison is nobody wants to go to prison jail. You feel like you're getting insistently and ninety minutes stop in jail. You have some laughs at them. Carry but prison does invoke much darker by what let's go to prison is a perfect places starve reunite because we met for that movie. That's where we became friends. We met as the movie was coming together. You are already doing it and then I came on after you I'll, never forget when you came in and we want side after you read and we had a cigarette together at Tom Warner's off yup, which weird, all these years later, I'm now still for
your time Warner he's this. We designed a lie, and I ended up doing that brother Solomon within which she produced in then I just did a show with him for the BBC this coming out. Oh really next year about soccer, but a fictitious Premier league soccer team, who are you and on the american chairman of the team of for you got this written all disguise or better. Yet so that's where we met was it before after arrested development during concurrent with daring he was in the third season. We must have an excited. I had not seen that show you. In fact, I went in watched it because I think friends of well- and I was like oh my god. I was sleeping on the funniest show on tv, but what s interesting is when we met- and this is all my baggage sure does unpacking. Let's do it.
Go here. You know jobs out from a modest background sure, and I was like the stewed either can tell this. Deeds got money and I was so triggered by when I first met you. I might disguise a he's like blue blood, again a guitar. The industry and I felt a little less van, it's all mine shit when I was- to the moving on. I don't know if I like this guy and then we got stuck in these apartments, that you could go corporate housing, but it's not you wouldn't even be It wasn't. Even I don't know what cooperation but that didn't while tell you which came like a cruise liners, that's trying to how's that below deck employees is velvet thing leaves poor. Yes asking what corporation that's exactly right, so bright and we got there I'd like gave you call and you're like there's a Starbucks on the core: let's go where they get a private you drink per amazingly, what's a ready in Africa,
fuckin sucking down these rabbies about an eye announces a half an hour. Thirty ounces of have called the arm tinkler, you are you you're a hurry up and started right. Then your role in my life and my narrative is you introduce me to all this stuff, so one of them being this really kind of what I was quite a fancy drink over at Starbucks, I mean you're going through six seven hours or they happen after together. Behind him back a normal whites sucking down these brothers, so I went in there just thinking like those guys skies too rich, We split, I mean from his limousine at one point, I think that a broadway that made you feeling was rich. I don't understand why not allow? No. It was back at the audition months before why what of it just as voice? You know me wages uncovered this recently but, like I don't know anything about so we
but she reads to me as not her yeah. She reads to me as like rich fancy she's, not a meeting now I think, but I gotta be loaded beyond, can you imagine now now, but but I think that there is something- and I think that look we haven't hung out aloud and last couple years, but we did after that spending why to turn over years I mean we were thick is the somewhat from it so much by so many deep laughs, but I will say this. I think that back then you in a lot of ways were coming along. To the world around you and not that you had lived
a cocoon. I mean you are a very lively famous for thirty six men. Even at a time when we met members, your big jaguars, listen, don't tell me. I've been in show business for the better part of nine and a half months. I had a lot of like oh do I fit in here I gotta catch up. You did a lot of thin slicing Finns, thankfully Malcolm Bradwell, young soldiers. When there is a lot of my lad, I mean I've. I like to think that take it from me by me, for I know he didn't, but it is just what I like to think. That's how I what you know it's funny. You taught me one that I think about all the time I remember years ago I was by new apartment knows it means a lot of money, You said to me Bruce reveal. It was decided to you- and you told me this kind of like the kind of steel me too, this notion of doing it. You said you ve, always got a bet on yourself.
And I remember you saying that, and I have and I've been doing it ever since that is so wild, because you know when I think about the different things that were triggering to me about you, which was all just jealousy a couple of aspects that you have in general, which are great characteristics. You have an optimism that I always been jealous of it's a great quality You go on vacation and I go up. I wanted you spend on occasion robbery obsessed with whatever yours when I'm counting your money all day long, what a terrible Galvin and you go fuck. I don't know man and I was like cap cosy so comfortable. There was just an optimism which proved to be true like a work everything we find. I had such a death grip on any penny I made oh yeah, you were, you were. I was counting other people's money and you are always and you're always worried about rank of where everybody fit in that's right, and so you was always like people's level of fame.
This guy's here I'm here we are older than me. I think you are able to be very gracious with me. Yeah, maybe I mean I'm five years older, that's another! So under the optimism when we were doing when in Rome those twelve years ago, so you're, I guess, you're thirty, seven, thirty, eight and you were like. Can you fuckin bullet? Thirty? Eight? Isn't this great look at this and also I'm panicking about getting older in your thrill, like you, are so cited re yet because you had a birth exuded that move in this brain us right. We do this man, that's exactly rage and thirty eight and you can go and I'm not going on the backdoor forty. He leave that any were pumped. Thank you for saying that I mean I don't know. If I'm optimistic, I do believe that everything works out and I believe it now. Even now, more than ever, that's possible. There were a few years right. Did not and what it taught me was you just get what you put out there. If I'm thinking about the lack of
Can I get more lack of? I know I know well well by the way this whole year. For me, I just keep spiralling around this notion of the storytelling you're. So I'm just obsessed with your story, so I talk about really don't you. Naturally, your brain wants to confirm your theories. It wants to prove your right, so I, whatever fuckin thing you think your brains, gonna subconsciously, prove that your corrects and you collecting the evidence in you're making a case for your own mutations? You are fighting for your limitations and you all you're gonna get is more of that and I heard a guy telling a story recently. This is an older gentleman, deep into his seventies. You can't way who Why are you doing? Did I know, as you know, I know that I'm in a live to be a hundred and twenty. I know it is why most of my life do you know why? Because I listen another going to die. I need to do something to curtail this, because I can't keep this go on forever chassis, but by bill, but I mean
her hearing this guy telling the story- and this is very recently- and he was talking about the fact that you, what kept using the word orphan I'm an orphan but turned out? His mom was still alive and very much in his life, but he's time, and he had struggled his own life in and out of all sorts of stuff, and I thought this poor son of a bitch he's holding on a story that sixty five years old and young keeps, and that is the thing that key holding back and like. Why bother? I know if I'm younger and I'm someone I'm hearing this. I have to say, I'm gonna be like bullshit you, but I'm telling you it is so fucking true because it so tribute What happens is look it's really poppies, or to roll out how shitty things are, and how did you feel and you're gonna get a ton of people to co sign on, I would argue especially where you and I are from as well people try. In the end that the currency is even though you're from Detroit from Toronto. There only a couple hours of Maria each other's very serious, similar parts of the world similar stability, both hockey town,
both my dad we're getting, but I did not argue telling abrogated near mark that doesn't earmarked air market. You can't give you know yourself, Euro Nick right, so so anyway, but you know the idea that name paternity and and that so lucky you do it because, if you're even illicit sympathy, More people are going to sign off on a paper. Gonna go yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a larger a way to connect and waited so easy way to connect. But then, if you try to come up and near like what you know, things are good. I'm looking for this disease have, above about people, go on ass, not sincere why's, that less Valentine the other. Yes, yes, yes, and you find that in life, your kind of gathering in your in your satchel some bad stories. You can't wait to share and by the way this specific Detroit ship on the shoulder is. Almost every story is about a boss whose a fuckin asshole, the goddess come up and or this cocksucker at the gas Asia its always
so I got very ugly over they all aim within. I told this mother fucker, you can suck this ass people buttons. Are you gonna be able for you yet? And I just and I was like? Oh I get it. That's what came from and that was totally normal nets. I gonna break that have it, but the problem is everybody think they have all these bad experiences, and I talk about it a lot and I'm working through an on going back into my. If you got a time machine and you can go back and fix it, and let me know where the time machine is, but you can't go in the past and fix that shit. So why are you spending time giving it air let it die on the vine and be now all it is your dragging it up into your experience in people talk. They give pay lip service to the idea that it's all about the journey of all the journey is now you're talking about it right now. What are you? What are you waiting to get to its now that it yeah? What are you gonna spend your time talking about what interests Does my new year's resolution was I'm gonna start telling people I'm a great sleeper yeah
I love that there is a simple as thing because you know. What's a week, I tell someone about sleepily I've insomnia, I'm gonna, go confirm that yes, ever nights a week, if you say things are going to be hard for me to guess what things are going to be hard for you yeah always, and it is really help me from the corner, with my kids on this subject as well. I went to a thing in my kids school where they were talking about. There is a massive last year there were telling the parents walking them through this new way that their teaching, the kids math. Oh right is really cool and they go on who here there's all the others. Parents who here is bad at math and I amongst half the other parents put my hand, your badmouth. Why? Why was told I was bad? gateway, and then they broke down some, how they used to teach math, and it was a very short a fine. I think the answer is either right or wrong right now. What they do is they take them through and they look you work, they say, will actually we looked at kids in the way they did so and maybe in the process they missed. One km
bonus, sure which made their answer wrong, but actually most of it was right, but what their whole point was we're trying to encourage kids to look at where those mistakes were made and actual funding a lot more success. These kids are turning out to be there. They are pretty good at math. They made one of them. Is it to their whole in my whole life, I made that mistake. I was wrong, so I had shitty mask wars and thus into the next thing, which is it doesn't have to be hoard. We have this notion that things have to be hard in order for something to be of value in the out, not true any time, I'm doing anything like work out related or any thing. Anything that's miserable my arm and get some major results, so yeah. Did my hand. I gotta suffer no pain, no gain. That's right, bullshit, that's right, but you ve finally figured out. Way we. I know you well just get horizontal hook up with machine and wake up If anyone could do it, I wish you'd have been mixing up more. And getting outside have been doing that Ella Hiking thing. What's that which is
It is like an angel world like a real is like Hashtag Ella Hiking, no people going. Making, I'm mean really just going for a walk. It's walk up hill generally, its upheld that I guess I did everywhere the line of apparel yeah? Ok, so I just wanna work with chronology, because That will be a boy I went into that going like. I don't think. I'm gonna like this guy cause he's rich and poor, and I still haven't totally decipher. Why other than just that I hear I always was a speedy since thing that I felt. Did you come from money now I mean I can from a good MA, am, I sure, am or middle class? Yes, ok, whisper, yes sell his father was the President Wilson
in the sea of yet in any was a Harvard educated lawyer and the Prime minister, sometimes eight at their house, but anyway ugly, but vaguely that's vaguely accurate, ok vaguely accurate. So I wasn't completely off the point. Is it by hundreds of my shit yeah? Ok, we go there with in five minutes trip to Starbucks yeah, I'm head over heels, and it was a full on love affair and member of the time my Ex wife saying like how's it going with you with that. I doubt other guys- believe waiting a living I wanted. I know I got that huge privilege, huge honor of being Weber's. Three was right think, as they were vapours Weber's one in two areas, one its neighbours was a term that we had quite openly and I gently campaigned to maybe become neighbours. Three everybody they opened their arms. Have me I. Latvia's gag varies, we I felt very lucky, but what we have
how much more and then I'd be remiss. Do not bring up the key component, which is Dave. Kirchner of this movie Dave Kirchner what a delight he had a is any gave us nicknames immediately became Barney. So whenever I talk about you still to this day, mom fifteen years later, only call you Barney and it's all from Dave Captain and so Barney stemmed from it was bill or net then mad or some far, then by then and so Barney orchestrated Barnes, yes There was a man on the movie in his name was Miguel, but Miguel went by MIKE and so on a call. She VOX it. Don't now yellow she knew the day before that. They have failed Man- says like what time we gotta come into work and then they put your name. What time you got arrival. We started noticing that they were writing Miguel, the MIKE they already the MIKE, which was we found
fascinating and his name was meal. Which is the baby in Spanish. So we started the Mai though Baby River says the baby, and this whole thing where my God, Miguel near by the way, did a great job in the movie super nice guy, you burn eyes was, as I know, you're. Not one part. That's really relevant for me is that the best part of doing it will be with you is that I was Six months sober, I get sober in September of two thousand for and we went in like may be February or something of two thousand five an I was gonna, be out of town. Is all these red flags for me newly so and then you were sober, and I was like a what a fucking gear. I was born and have your sober, yeah Zambia, what a blessing for me yeah right on time for both of us really Europe in that place. In that thing, in that we had, the bulk of the scenes were together
and all this stuff and we spend all day and night together were most sober. Maybe difference, ok, so well! interesting, I think for most people, that no, you is that you're, a comedian as you are, but you started as a serious actor yeah. You enter the Strasbourg right. I did that. I was in New York and I was trying to do like India, films and I was turning. The short answer. Is that made the mistake of in youth of thinking that I wanted people to take me seriously which I've completely let go of. I could not have like oh that anymore. Why do you think he wanted people to like? Look at you, not serious sometimes in your young, like you think that the disaster of a romantic notion to the air, like a gravity aground both romantic right. That's why I came drunks. Yes, I think that I think that's true. I dont consent. Of a comedian per se reared when he will say like what you d like him. I know I know it's very curious ay. I can say this with full conviction. I've been on a lot of sets, overlap
Seventeen years, there's no human being funnier than we wanna say there is no better all the comedians, there's nobody more fun and funny honest ET than Arnett wow. So the notion that you would think you're not meaning but anyways. Yet, because what you didn't do you see? Be your second sit here, in, like whatever I mean, I'm not a stand up right. Yet, but but but why? Yes, tributary sons and unite both that was our guy right grown up loved Chevy Chace? He was real, charming and he was so confident and he was confident, but he was ok with make himself. But the joke do in kind of looking foolish. You know what movie I just reward a few times in the last month. Is our midnight run and it really holds does, and it is a perfect movie and in a tone in movies so hard, it's totally pervert all the way through Charles Growth, an engineer it to me. It's peaked in Europe, you will be. When you talk about raging boy. Oh my gosh fuck off
like a kind of argument that would happen only in New York City. Did you ever known now? You know with twittering everybody's an expert. Now everybody especially me everybody's in x. It used to be that you just ended have to hear but his opinion. Now you have to hear everybody's opinion Ricky Germany has this joke, which is like the whole idea like twitter or are familiar whenever outrage. Gualtieri is the equivalent of God, down to the mill of town and taking one those no serious put up like a leaflet forgotten. Lessons with a bunch. You know you take the form of Robin and grabbing the number and in school I dont want guitar losin welcoming the jury is right. We offer which is like you know the other one. Then I liked it is this this. The idea of self centered is or self importance which applies to
Me too, that I recognise it makes me laugh is the old story of the analogy of the guy who's at a baseball game and his wife in baseball game in two years a fail turns around man. Hey fail turns around Hey Phil Frontrunner goes my name's not fill the, but also we can about it, and I'm not like hung up like a man who really need efficiently. So now, I'm out here to fix myself me you're, not now, but only to fix ourselves. We don't Oh me! Well, I'm gonna get it s big guy and I saw TAT well. It's all of the item
all the time. You do you if you take some steps in their like lamb. Me might not been a golf ball yeah, but this could also just help anybody, but here so forced a fourth and fifth step. Super super important couldn't be better for anybody sick step, seven step humbly. Ask God to remove these shortcomings. Rent Nowhere in their does it say and go back and fix it. Nowhere. It doesn't say that yeah, that's really what's has stuck out to me in the last couple years. I dont need to double back and drill down on shit that doesn't work, There's no point: I can recognize it and let it go which is like this over a lot lately, which is like I am aware of it. I recognise word all stems from it some in when do I put that too bad? I guess I'm going the age in Europe a few years yeah. Well, I'm like ok, I understand it. I guess I've dealt with it, have explored it and maybe now it's time to it,
wrong. I'm confused exactly how I do that, but I have been thinking again. It's the story thing it's like I'm a dyslexic him! this in my life- and I will that's your whole card you're holding onto and the question is, is: do you want that to be the thing that defines you really want to be defined as a dyslexic kind, but not our aim as I want my body, but I mean your enemy what is it now? You want to be your identity that you you're summons, overcome their flags. Yeah. That's great, that's great you're right that lead. That seems like a virtue and ass. I was in fact, probably Brian and by way, ok we'll you, know what I learned this by being in a lot of press with another actor. We ve learned so much from watching other people about yourself, and so this story that the person was telling which was dead. True, which is like, came from nothing, nothing and then now is this, and I was just watching it over and over again I was like oh yeah.
And so what that's my story too, and I lean into that all the time in like who really cares the imprisoned, you're doing what you're doing today and the truth is you're really smart, You know in an emergency you're really smart charismatic funny, loving great friend, argued always be like You want some describe you as a great where's, your generous, such a great. Listener. What do they say about me? Like that's what it's true in, and you are all those things and super funny, guy super creative, all those things so ever else, you're telling you're the only one who's telling that story. Oh, I know, and also the things that I have evaluated that are attractive about me. I am so wrong about so many times I the most profound moment doing ships right I'm in car and I'm gonna drift the car through this intersection in downtown long beach. There's gonna be three cars coming opposite ways, and then I'm just gonna miss this guy who's going to do
then do a van and I'm following the camera car about four feet off the lands- and I didn't want to practice because I dont want to lay down rubber send the intersection senorita and you were doing the stand. I am directing it and is ready to my character, its Michael Paine Use character, driving I'm driving right, and so I have been telling myself up. But what will I love doing stuff? That's why I'm even doing it, but I was sitting in the curb seconds before action and I thought I put myself in a really silly situation like I'm directly, if I fuck this up like the movie shuts down, and that was why did I do this white? Why, and, unlike only I think, if I ask everyone no to list the top three things they like about me. Good driver would be number one Discernity hit me, nobody would list that about me. Nobody cared
well, nobody does care, and I will say this to thoughts on that one. Is there a very few people that I don't mind being in the passenger seat for and those two people are you in bed many times we ve been in the car together and I just lead Dax Drive and labour law you're Bateman. I went to a Rams way of game and I picked him up and I got there and he came out of it you just you dress, which is so funny because in every other respect and our relationship, I'm in the driver's seat referred not as a job was yes, it was. I got up, or so years ago, Bateman had a nine eleven India Marie's driver, the airport weirdly you drive for one day and he goes on to look like an asshole during this I said yeah. Do you hired you too? I know the years later. I order that our ten years later and ngos- oh you you're. I got you asked if you did, I looked about, but you know, and so yes,
no you're a good driver but If somebody said to me, what do you like about Dax? It wouldn't even heard of me No, I didn't say that my wife. She helped me with a breakthrough which is like. I think she likes that if ship goes down, I'm gonna protect her physically right and she told me you know that makes me feel more danger, like I feel, more endanger that you're willing to engage in a fistfight all the time short and the coming out of the opposite of what I thought. You won't think about all those things, though the verses primal leg. This fight in good driver s kind like its Illinois, Ask you only want to want yet it stop that you bring into two junior high school. The first day of junior high, all right I've. U liquid We really related on. I still remember you telling the story of being on the street in Toronto O and that that to me it really defining moment in my life or now is about. I forget I was fifteen or sixteen years old and standing waiting for some bodies in Toronto. I remembered as if
Saturday, even though it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and I was leaning against a potted tree in a How can a cigarette- and I was looking cool as worryingly high top chuck tailors? I was wearing like green sort of dickies type pants, but they were a bird and then I was wearing like some kind of jack. T shirt forget and I was wearing bandanna, yes, yap, like all her forehead, bendy voting rights to regulate big swing, big swing the end, and I was sixteen and I probably look about eleven in so because uncursed with this young look, so I'm sitting there and employees in looking all cool and Belize as being would say, got the smoke eyes like Universe Quincy like looking after analytical, and these three people come towards me, two guys in a girl's college age and they are engaged in conversation and as they get closer dissolute look smoking
in the guy closest to me on the outside, just turns out of his conversation, never break stride, and he looks at me to go see some cool guy all at once and I felt my spine come out of my body shit most by now, and I he just cut me down to size in a moment everything that I didn't want to hear. I heard in and ever since, I've thought about so many times this guy no will the impact the impact it brought, probably a narrower later. He forgot ill. If that my minute hell yeah, he had such a huge impact and it's always stay with me, which is dislike get over yourself. You know it's fun like even hearing you say like when we first started, hang in the first and we met gonna. Do the moving your word about this guy blah blah? Sometimes I think people have impression of me on this guy who thinks that I'm so cool you nor better than, and I'm just
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ass- a watch golf cause there was there, was a tv in front of the bathtub lay in the tub and watch globally as mobile setting out its interior god? That was also against the window. I love the bathtub. You have to try yourself the way you wanna be true. You know, but I have a I had a hard time doing them. Dax always had a lot of plants. Oh yeah Academy adapts had it all very plainly. What what's going to happen is that I want to do this twenty million for their then I'm gonna get twenty million for that they all sat a backup plan. If that didn't go, he knew exactly how we could live for the rest of his life on X, Lindsey right. I had I always had to functioning plans. One is I'm never making a dollar again but also gonna be making twenty million dollars movie quite soon, Then in the map land was was really well thought out like I knew exactly what cars I'd be. My word live all the way to plans working at the same time, but of those plans. As you know, I've I've only made nineteen million
yes, well, I never got MAX nineteen whenever you know what this year, all hindsight is twenty twenty by the way boner cable for South Africa so when we did. Let's go to prison you and I both or getting opportunities that we had. Never. I had never had you and had either how hard it is to manage the make the right decisions, yeah, weirdly Bateman, who had already been through that thing that you and I hadn't been through. Was so smart about how we navigated that I just always think back on Angola while Bateman was so smart will you know don't forget. Bateman had had those opportunities when he was young day I and he was really smart about it. This time you know there were times when he just decided like he was gonna. Do stuff. Even if, if you remember he was gonna, do heartbreak kid when we were doing prison. He, namely we're gonna, do it and they were about to start and he belt
yeah right, every Bateman and I ever had was over there and it was agreed movie there are ready to go and at the last minute, just wasn't right for him in at the time I was like in oak as eat. Just gonna build another came in like what you know. We were tight. All of us yet felt like he had kind of may I just got protective aim for Georgia for sure I did. It was the only time we ever we were ratified in retrospect, of course, yeah he was doing what he had to do and it is a very difficult to manage and I used to get kind of bomb doubt about it, down about it of it's a really tricky thing. You know it's weird. I don't know if it's because of his new. I was coming here to do this, but I was thinking about Bob Oda, and Bob, and I know we did the movie the three of Us Bob Ollinger directed and Bob was a guy sort of committee, equally performer and especially a during creator, was a guy who we looked up to looked up to the ASEAN. Incredible MR show, oh god, you not long After that I went, did brother salmon that will had written wealth,
tangle forty had written for us to do yeah it was a brilliant script and it just didn't work from a bunch of different reasons and Bob, and I created a rift between Bob and I for a few years, all really yeah, and I think he felt kind of guilty and I was kind of mad about through certain decisions or wear shorts, while the kind of stuff that now years later like what I ran into him. He was at a wedding in like oh hi, and he was on the back of a golf cart and he jumped off and came over and was like hey man. I just want to say I'm so sorry about how that went down. He was so big about it also ago me too, but would life is it what's so funny to is it made me think, was Bud came off that
brother, Solomon remembering telling me like he was really Downeys like in that conversations. I cannot anybody ever. Let me direct again, and I dont know what I'm gonna do and it was really cut down yeah and he ended up doing that and then better castle and his life is coming. Hopefully different way that heat. I bet you, you would tell you that he didn't imagined. Ten years ago, I ran into him at the grocery store. You did very similar experience in here. He was just about to start, saw his own show and he was very much like yeah. I can't believe this is where I met by the way, I'm in the exact same position where I directed chips. It didn't work, I had a total. What am I now I was my identity was I'm a direct writer director? That's what I'm doing the next twenty years ago. I don't guess what you're not now in so doing as an m. So much happier again, that's it. You know, young people were illicitly even the fact that I'm saying young the term, but in the last couple years my first vital, my happiness on what I'm doing, I'm just
happy, no matter what and then everything else just rules out again from it's the lowest hanging fruit or my kids happy or my kids healthy, I'm alive today. Sober, whatever all those kind of great things, and everything else is gravy and I've never been happier than I am right now in my life is too you know it's been a weird road, but phenomenal yeah and had to go this way and when it comes to work and all that kind of stuff getting back to what you were saying about having all these operate Trinity's. Both of us had a lot of opportunities at that time to do a lot of things, and I went the way it went because this was the way I was supposed to oh yeah. Oh Jack was a hilarious script in we did it. We may dislike short pilot presentation and he got passed on by everybody and other matters.
It's really funny, but I don't know it was just a kind of this thing that became this other thing but which, by the way, I just watch for the first time like six months ago, and I was astounded with how funny it is. It's so fucking funny It's really a he's he's a brilliant all those writers and Raphael who created is brilliant. Oh, my god, he's d you ve ever seen no but will as a horse- yes, I know. The presence here is the Sarah is all wars anyway, STAR. There's a lot of trust me when I was going through some some dark times gone. I actually said the rough ill and point to make
are you just might arise money. What someone on me right now about tat, but then he ended up getting sober. Yet when I know it- and I was like while this is like so crazy- but again like those things like these things happen in now and so much words or if I just go with the flow which cut a leads to weed out. I'm doing this thing for Lego, which is but make all these lego movies. I do Lego Batman and do all that stuff and it becomes too weird lie. You told me ten years ago hey no, it's gonna be really Import party, your life. If I had to make the list- and I had to write a thousand things- down. I would lego one thousand and one by one, they a million. So condemning their ok. We waiter, like hostess, showed this Lego builders show em. I I don't know they're, like that's, ok, you can play on the fact as much as you want that you don't know what you're doing as a great. So it's become this like metal They were the whole time. Unlike
some sitting here talking you- and this is very strange- that your ten feet away from me, but anyway, we're doing a reality show, and I had a really great time doing at a very enjoyable ah, by the way, there are somehow incredible my but we had these. These people we had two teams in this competition showed where we had. We had to build bridges that were a single span. I so from that. A poet like a big huge postman here and here and there, but we'll back their station and they had eight or nine hours to build a six foot span bridge out of Lego pieces, and then we were in a test them to see which one could hold the most wait. Two of them did not break at a thousand pounds. Oh come out of Lego are the using glue? No, no, no, who would be real, are how engineering was so like decadence and has been like
date of having superfine time. Yet it looks it it awesome. Incredible. Leg has been so great because it something that my kids are super into and has been such a great thing to be able to do and share a work thing: the drought legitimately into yeah. Ok, back to our stuff. Ok, Moscow, ok, there's so many things like now and in retrospect can own, which is so. I was definitely jealous that you were invited into a lot a comedy circles that I in my mind my story. I was telling myself was excluded from even I wasn't these. We warn even thinking about me they, to make a decision. We don't like that. You were in the room. The red our world with certain and Ben could be done, blades glory, blades, right and a new been alone any new will feral and how does like? Oh, my god, you work with welfare. All I wanted. You tell me every single thing. You did every moment you were with him. He told me some good ones like he had been gone, where he can
saying he had eaten some tainted shrimp airlines that it was one of her. I shall just random recently and we were going over that bit anything I think it's my favorite when my favorite bits of all time was that he was addict. To day old jobs, envious of that. I was like what I in the scholar what was money was I again. I can never consider myself a comedian, so I started doing arrested development and I mean I were dating and then six months into us dating she got s now and I was gonna living out here and she's gonna. Do us an illness? It s a! We just move back to New York. We just moved in together, and so that's when I first got to know will and then all those all those people, and so I was hanging around as an ally for like the first year and a half, and then I go, do arrest
that woman and in areas like await yeah yeah husbands, an actor I don't even know he was boyfriend at the time, have and he's also the funniest sky on primary. I don't know about that. I was a bit fishery of a lot of great writing in you know a character where they could gonna let a lot of stuff out. Well yeah. That's gracious of you to give them that credit, but I had again it's one of those roles. We talked about this on your bunch. It's like that's why I love will Forte is like when you watch will forte anything he makes you're like like him. What anyone else into that sure? The writings great on last man on earth is as funny show ever, but also No one can do that robot him. God is a definite makes it so wonderful and I can't see any one else doing job to be honest in a beam in working like that, I mean it's really. You won't you
Well, it was in it was such a like a weird. You know it had totally happened on accident really, so I had them pilot that you're before and it went to are in between making the pilot in the series I got fired. Basically, they wrote my character out. And I was devastated our I was like the fifth wheel on the show in a mirror Brian Cowen. At the time I was totally bombed out. Many call many goes. Hey man what's gonna, because you're still burned out about that. When I go Yannick us what you're bummed out that you know go comes in every other press Odin was inducing, goes able. But my couch, I am really but in perspective for media, and I went yeah you're right and, as you know, it fuck it in any doing ass, an honour to set him just gonna stay in New York. I was doing a lot of voice. A rhythm, just gonna, do this and started working on this play, and I was in the hospital for this planet that I'm not gonna. Do tv again screw everybody, and a few months later,
manager O Peter principles, WP sweeping still my guy, I love than a biennial. My love Peter, and I remember twenty years yeah I mean he was one of my agents and ninety three. So I've known him for seventeen years No one has ever twenty seven years sweeping, and so he called me up any goes. It look they're looking for this. This together shown they got this role because other script is graded. So funny you should. You should read as it now and Peter said, the woman who cast the show you did last year's casting this pilot and she call me Deborah whisky, one of the nicest things as ever happened to me in show business. I got fired from that show she sent me a written letter. I got in the men, the male, oh, why Harmon from Dead and she wrote it said: hey, listen! I know it's really hard that your character got Renault, you got fired. I want you to know, I think your town to guide us you're, really funny guy and just know that there are some
better things out there for you, a wire gonna do great things and when I was really low, yeah nobody's ever there was such kindness. She did not need to do and I've. Never. You know, sir of forgotten, that, of course it was huge at the time. It really did heal a lot of wounds yeah. So she calls me now six months later and says you got to come in and read for this, even though I've already said no a couple times cuz like whatever cuz they couldn't find this character of Jobin, so I was in New York, Fact me, the sides and- and I took the subway uptown as I got just open myself on tape at this place and went up red, took a swing just based on the idea and read. The script is based on these scenes This fact stacks of barely legible, and I just went fuckin Just do whatever I wanted. I just kind of threw it out there and can this big thing and then ultimately they called and extend their like. They went come out? California and Bobo? It was like really are
I went out, and I just I read, and I tell you remember- I saw Tony. I knew twenty hill a little because his wife Mortal was doing make up sometimes NL in so so when I read this hotel over by fires, over Impey go there and we walked over to test together holiday, roylake, yeah and just wide eyed. We roll down there and then and then attested and ended up doing the instant there I can. We gotta stay you're gonna, do the pilot Hawkeye. Am I like just changed in that moment and what was great was years later I was doing the show the Miller's yeah with Gregg, Garcia and Gregg RCA says to me one day: were you really bomb when you got fired from that pilot, and I go oh no. No, we rush into the great. If I done that show then I wouldn't have done nor one available for rested the bellman everything worked out exactly I mean you by the way that was more Evelyn.
That everything works Dounia. I am I sort of optimism as you call that was I've, always kind of believed that in it and was more evidence that everything works Is it not so happy that I got fired because I want to build a tourist development goes good, because I worked on that pilot with those guys, and I told, you need to cut that character, o mill lay and years later, to unite and of doing a show together. Oh, my god, how crazies that is great yeah and be was enemy, like all you euros pain in the ass one of my I dont really look at it that way: I've always loved characters who were super confident superdome. Ah, yes, dad it's a great combine is just magic, I'd, say, perfect, elixir
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be seasonably prepared, go to perfect bar dot com, Slash Dax fifteen to stock up and say fifteen percent. So what what people of most people will now, but some people won't know, is that the you have this whole other career which his voice over, like you, ve, been the voice of GM, see trucks for what? How many of them I mean my twenty six Dear twenty second years has been a total of twenty one years in going Maybe this is a noble, but that it is that a record for the longest spokesperson ever I finally it has to be. I don't know I haven't really investigate. I interviewed SAM we talked about you know. I owe you the sea, nowhere yeah! Oh god, you come on! You too, are like the Falcon best voices in the Balkans. Does the ram he's got em all used on every truck brain disease. The multiple beer campaigns, ISA yeah. I love the way does I was working with SAM for a whole year last year doing this.
Come on, Netflix the ran until you know you were on the ranch, oh yeah. That was so. I don't want anything. You know that all the unified about this, as I would always go to you, you know, will your and film and television we might want to start liking, some of it like one movie with no one with now you ve ever seen in IRAN and in Toronto, Maple Zaki. Ah, yes, you ve met shanty with me before Berlin agenda and I haven't Brendan runs. The draw me, please is the greatest guy and he tells a story when he were to the League use a hall of Fame hockey player incredible career as a player. Then he went for the league so he's regularly where new york- and he calls me one day- I was out here and he goes I had to call someone had to tell somebody, but I can tell anybody x is not official and I can't tell my mom is unworthy: chill tells people as wife caverns just you gonna call until the only person who care just me, I'm I'm gonna, be the president of the Toronto maple Apposite, I go shinny. This is huge for
nobody would mean you know, and we got a bit like see. Somebody in the remember we are deliberately vague careers. Nearly ten years ago, like mad Sunday newspaper, the least she could talk something I just don't get it. I'm gonna come soon so that you could introduce visa payment. There's nobody will. Oh, I didn't see you there anyway. Sorry, I digress, went away. Lobbies is watching television and mean on high alert for you cause you. You really can't watch two hours, a television in not hear you that's for real, like with so right now. It's races. Peanut butter comes raises you're all over them in their blasting. Those sorry, oh Molly, by these everywhere, you, you really get him at a bank like a new one that I do in the last year last six months, I guess, or almost a year which its Detroit Companies rocket mortgage.
Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I do the rocket mortgage. I would wish button get mortgage. Oh man, You can make you noted. The copywriters must love you consuming, who is pretty good. Through the Barney Filter and ass. His flock in Shakespeare. Yet I have a guiding. I love like old school veto, guys, the guy that used to be my I'd. Always this guy Hale Rainy he actually owned Annette and she had a San francisco- and he put himself on tape- I think happened, was you, it was like the tempt guy and then he was so good at it and it became a big voice over guy. In addition, they have in this big at agency long since passed over to have doubled to double dip used. To do these add your recognise the cadence because he did for Perrier member is like there is a town in France where the water comes out of the ground, right right and then you're. This guide dog Jeffreys used to do all these Miller. High life adds there's a really famous one. It was
like an empty canna mayonnaise and you see like a spoon and goes we had to bail muttered two world wars, but you had to hand it to him on mayonnaise nice Goin, Pierre Zoellick, in the nineties, in New York. I did a lot of voice over you know all day every day. I'd have seven eight audition today and you know you go from place to place and see the same guys right, and these guys are incredible what they do their so good and I was just trying to draft off them. Yeah there ever tell you my ratatouille story now. Another give ever said this, Luckily, so we'll see how it goes and I'm doing arrested development, and I got a call- and they said that they are for me to do a roll on Ratatouille crate Bradbury. It was my second one. I done a voice of a bird in ice age
oh right, right right, so they go count you going over to Disney to record this thing, Pixar movie and great. So as you know, busy. I was doing stuff is working. Who knows what the hell? I was doing, my porch it in the letter Yes, I was, I was important, and so I go over there and there have been a few. We males and stuff a been sent, and I did didn't pay to adjust, will tell me where to be so. I show up and they get in there and he's there. Of course, I don't know what I was thinking. There is a holy shit he's like. So you got all the stuff we sent to all the art and step that we sent over your character and I go. Yeah or the art you're, just looking at in the constant work in the ruling that here in this is horse, your guy Nazis, German and obviously thinking mother.
You need to watch videos urinal my German and went to a German. I mean. Maybe if you like, a bar correct version, like a word, what the fuck am I going to do, and I start panicking flops winning and he's in the booth with me as it is, is let's get going? I'm like. Ok, let's get alone. Under the book in gun None were harassed, my name is hard to do. We just are doing, and I did the whole fuckin whom I am a couple days. We become his report, He was really sweet with me and ingrate, but I never told him that I didn't prep it at all in that have not seen the artwork and not seen your work. I knew nothing about the movie or German there anything. It was easy, but you really, you have a real genius for well known. They are you. Did you really do? My wife does as well MRS Schreyer, the more at incredible I didn't have singing background like she does, in that sense it. But years of
voice over. I can look at a sentence and if you tell me like we now, Thus, in six seconds I can tell you whether or not we like I can do it in six seconds five seconds forcing based on how it looks and what you have to do also is like you know, certainly when I didn't Lego Batman not just like a moose but like a bad man where I had to do a lot of stuff really live for my own, in what you're always doing is going ok, we'll wait what went on Ok, so you're coming in you, gonna, walk in you know, damage walking in here he gonna go over gonna make dinner now he's going to grab a thing, but over truly truly sound. So still but you gotta use your imagination. You gotta think about distance from me to the other character. At all how loud you be talking melody, and so all you got a lot of things playing at once as you're doing stuff. Nannie s, weird leagues, Acting in such a specific way, I'd leave those sessions, unlike Madame
the? I really really could I did a show for two seasons: unemployed, conflict. I watched her. Good deal of it. You didn't yea out and are becoming that time. A very confusing down for me and for my sobriety in all that good stuff. What in the show is about a guy who's, sobering going to meetings and then he's drinking die in one hour watching. I was like in. I had been talking to you much at that point. I think. Maybe I invited you several times to my meaning I wanna go, and I was like no conclusion just like. Oh, I wonder if this is somehow like he's kind of expressing what's going on in his head right now, yeah, it definitely was. It was one of the hardest things was the risk, especially like in a member, the timing, frustrated with reviews and and closing. This is not a real did too some of you know what sobriety like a like. A mother, fucker This is happening in real time. You have no idea, my like. What are you talking about tandem? I think it actually weird.
Enough. I stand by the show, and now years later it really holds up any eyes that I dont think people we were trying to make a o comedy or a drama. It was just about cause. I always felt like you wake up in the morning. You don't go today to be a comedy day or two is gonna, be shit just happens. It different speeds at different times of the day, all the time I fantasize as I would have drank in fifteen years little over I imagine I could get a sweet spot for a little while before I resumed in no control was sweet spot. You know what honestly for needs it from its. Never about to burn down right was just much more about wow. I feel spiritually in and it's just not for me yeah, you know it's just not! Who I am is not how I want to live on this planet and armor. You and you and Letterman had a really great exchange right yeah, you said something, and then he repeated what you said,
when I think it was the is just because you don't really. I don't know I get drinking just doesn't agree with everybody else my life. He was one of the guys from me. What am I all tat had just it and one of the great drills was. We went to commercial and he turned it. He said you know I just are watching arrested development. It was a few years after a bit off the air, and he said I just really can live in a more so brilliant and you just rachel- and I thought like this- is at the out yet be out. This is the validation I've been looking for my whole life. He responded Letterman one of the fund, Mozart, told this a million times is you and I were we're going into the spot- pig in New York, which we went to a lot. Yap is about noon on Wednesday. Let's say
and on the first floor we see J, J, genuine home, having lunch with some friend somebody and he's wearing aviator sunglasses and we're inside and we walked by and we're gonna go upstairs as we usually do and just words just out of sight, but we're not upstairs ever read at the stairs but Dax, who's got of you know the Texas voice can carry out. I noticed tat goes. In sunglasses inside did a creeping repent, fruitless, lapping we go upstairs. We killer burgers we'd, like twelve minutes here, an hour, Goin back down and we come down stairs and there is we passed into law in his glasses. I mean what I say. I really felt so you didn't even know mild socially index. You we're locked him. I want to go and see some of that kind.
Really this guy do no other than either of us knew him. Met him in Toronto me to a super nice yeas, a super nice guy will the other weird thing that this all came about women. I was battles, doom baby Mama by some weird course, a thing I start hanging out a little bit with Josh Heartneth were up in the cap. Skills were land on the grass looking up at the sky were just chatting about acting, and God knows what I am course, him triggered by him cause he's a fancy actor and I feel less than all these things, and he said to me. Do you remember seeing me at spotted vague? it is you and will our net in you guys, walked in by the same exact story. Almost I didn't see him and I don't doubt you did either, but we were laughing and he said: well, you guys
laughing at me, like all these fuckin serious actors take themselves so serious where you guys have like a chuckle about no way- and I don't know never saw you there and then I guess it was like matrix where I was like. Oh Jesus, we're all hears us comedians were threatened by Josh, hardness, adjudge ordnance, afraid the community's or laugh in it, forget that this is all what did it's all high school everyone's insecure and what a breakthrough you were. Lily had changed now. Well, sunglasses inside it's a big swing: I'm gonna do it today and will you and here I will say, dashes defence again, it turns out neither us the guy at all any those very nice guys we so it based on zero right, unworthy, idiots, you're in and really tame. I did say what, but I remember time I put some glasses on because we live in California index goes
what we were sunglasses now. Do you remember that no never used to wear so now. I just discovered him like five years ago, never was in classes, and so remember, like thing being like him, shaming me for wearing saying I have you any real sunglass did much stuff. I had still have I'm sure on some of the, but I will say that there was I liked about you. The same thing I liked about my best for an errand weekly, armor that he gave me, which is. I owe my job in life to make you laugh in if I'm Can you love the honor, really care what the collateral damages or I'm not worried about anyone? Judging me, I feel so safe. I just want you to laugh and then that gave me some kind armor, and I certainly had that when we were friends, oh if Barneys laughin, oh my god, I might go we're good.
The one thing I, what I do think is really interesting that we both have is that the weight of being a shared identity and in a couple region I have currently- and it's so dicey for me at times, because, unlike the shared identity and a pretty certain, if somewhat sideways, which could happen at any moment, I think a miracle genocide, a Catholic, probably the apple, that well area Merrick. As we are all say this. Somebody actually tag me on Twitter. This woman, she was like a beat rapporteur for like two. The Minnesota tv station saying, like I don't know about you guys, but I'm team Amy and I want to respond ago- were human beings in a relationship in our. Relationship fell upon his comrade heartbreaking. We have two kids in this is not some fucking game yeah. And what are you talking about it and you have no fucking clue or what our ask everyone says it doesn't matter.
I would say that all these years later, but his fascinating is it it is. I got another element, have to juggle relationships already hard, and then you gotta go this other thing which we have a shared persona, It took me a long time to get over it. It was really tough early on real, really tough and actually thought. To be honest, I thought that you guys were like edging me out o Well, one idea: no! No now I dont get it, but I felt really new isolated from my side of the street. I would say one is most times as values with you in throw you know. I love throughout the island, but I can't compete them level of closeness. You guys have, I think, when I was around that I was like oh I used to have their connection. Will I don't throw, has and I'm kind of like trying to get involved and I'm not doing their job and I'm I'm self conscious. So just my own, enjoy my right. Like these two or three language I dont speak. I used to be in that slots
not now are not resentful. I just don't know where I plan to that. But, as you know, I have a lot of close guy friends and so do you, but I'm also like it's never at the expense of other people. So I dont like because I'm friends with him that the love I have that spending on him is now Every him in there's not enough of it. There's not a finite amount. One's rights like I,
of you yeah, because I love you and you guys just how you guys, hang nonstop me of about a thousand inside bets, yet our hysterical bia, but I was just on the outside of it. I felt like I was on the outside of it and then in the little also just compounded with six years ago. I had a kid. My life is fucking kids mix and the only by sea or upheaval of the same age, kids and that's my circle and there's nothing personal yeah. Your life gets busy. You have in your kids are. I think that one of the reasons the payments and payment- and I stay together was also they liberally close to me and our kids or similar ages and click kids play together right. That's everything! It everything! Yes, I don't know what your experiences, but I do know like when I ran into you recently. I could tell that you and I had both let go of our careers in a very healthy way that our identities were no longer that thing
I know for certain mine comes from having kids and I just one of your kids were a breakthrough in that way. My certainly make heads were, and I think that I can. I came to a little bit earlier to be honest because we ve talked about it before, even back in the day that you did hold on tightly to that, because it is very important to you as I did and I think that we had conversations around it were like. I feel bad for you, sometimes at how much you live and breathe every moment of ups and downs in our behaviour, not that I did it, but because I could see it in you. It weirdly help me a lot. Aha, strangely yeah and then you start to recalibrate. What success means Lee out in success to me now and for the last few years has meant happiness, and so my starting point is I'm happy, no matter what I create my own, whether so is low
I'm happy, no matter what everything else is just kind of noise in happiness because it before. For me, it's just. I was just reach for the lowest hanging fruit to get me there and I bill momentum on that. My kids are happy, but kid you're safe, but kid and then everything else. It doesn't really kind of matter, and then I end up doing what I want- and I also am I gonna do stuff and I let it go and I dont think about it.
That's what I ve learned to do. It's an atheist, I'm in the shop and work business, not the results, but not in the results, but I really have now taken Eddie and on a cellular level in a way. That was also very liberating at a great my my buddy clay, who is one of the best buddies and just love him so much, and he taught me so much on this planet in another planet. But he remember. I was going to a tough time couple years ago and he said to me: don't talk about for twenty four hours and I just didn't do it and I just found that if I just let should go it's as easy as letting go yet do listeners amorous at all? No a super meditation. He talks about how you actively have to fuel anger. Yachts, like you, get angry, and then you decide to keep building the case of why you're angry in its an active choice, even though you might not be aware that you're making
but you have to keep pouring fuel onto it. Well, how you feel, as a direct result of what you think about the only you can control, is what you think about in sometimes early most of the time and maybe takes meditation in maybe take some moments of quite, were you can kind of quite your mind and do then meditation helps for me in that way, but two, actively sort of turn it around and then you're able to let all that kind of shit go because a belief is just a thought. You keep thinking about the first person to say that, but it's true now put it this way. I would think, like my body, clay, always eyes about this to buy like this is something that he now spend hours every day talking about, which is I'm not into anger management I'll. I'm trying to get on the
other side of the equation: dont get angry in the first place and by by changing the way that I live my life in changing the way. I think I don't want to be managing feeling bad. I dont want to feel bad in the first place. Right has been such a huge thing for me, yeah and so just getting into that other side of the equation that's acceptance, don't you think, that's what you were great are the heart of our thing. Is this like I accept this, yet I'm not gonna fight against fire and I'm not going to focus on this. Should this not working, I focus on the ship that does work. That's islamic as a great change, love who loves you back lab thing. The loves you ban will that sort of what we were talking about earlier, with falling what's funny assembly for whatever you mother, they would it whatever it is. It's like I say this to which is like you know, think about what you want and then talk yourself into it. That's it man, but earlier you said that you don't need to work on yourself, but it sounds like you work on yourself all the time it sounds like
you're thinking about avoiding all the time and working on bettering yourself. I dont think you'd be a man sometimes effect. If you get off into the cut and you got you, you have to come to do some extra. You know spiritual calisthenics, the clinic get yourself back sure, but I'm not looking back in hammering and drilling back on the things that are working in my life, where the things about myself that I dont like or or whatever, traumatic it's that I've had this shit that I used to be myself up. The story that I'm holding onto whatever all that kind of stuff it doesnt work you're, not while away now it doesnt work and people say well, you know, but I want you because I know it's popular. I know it. I get it and I and I get it, makes a great story and you're gonna get alot of people leaning in and that's what we're taught to do. Look at me yourself up worked man I'd be cured, but it just done work, or Barney. I love you and I just want to publicly stayed the eunuch be near or simply-
I just don't want to inconvenience you cuz, it's a fucken beating to do a podcast is Kevin. Pollak, someone, you work with says it podcast for the new jury duty, so the perfect summer. It's true, but I would like us out of here- and I love you to make Europe the light of a person. One lesson I want to say is cause. You gave me a compliment that you, let me drive you're the only person, my life roaming Illinois. I let you navigate, and I turned my Britain. Could I've never met anyone the sense of direction that Arnett has its world class? There was a kick off party for this money at a fucking boys in the middle of a cornfield. We didn't have directions. I dont know what. How will he knew where I was ass may be looked at the flier today's beforehand or something you ve kept going. I think you're gonna go another. Miles of fringes driving my cornfields. Also, we point to a Boeing, and I know you know what I'm never going to think about where were gone when I'm with will how liberating loved it
the it's one of the most free experiences to just be present in the car. Think about nothing about what an incredible like. You know, invincible team we combine and we like and I'm gonna get as their families. Granting aid is unbelievable. Oh, my god, we should enter some kind when these greatest race types forget it might go. We would we be the king, Jennings amazing race. We would argue I adore you and your you're always welcome, and I never take my lack of reaching out for now. I love you say: and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, I now the eight Brad I want to settle into this one more or less fact check was such a wonderful exploration of
any type of two Vanni somewhat too many good topics. Would you the Barney was that there was the first time Barney was yeah. Could you see how he and I were all pails? Oh yeah, what was that annoying like two best friends when it was not at all, I know is enduring was also your birthday now it was really sweet, always icy ere. I could tell these hazards It's really good ran this really good friends found together, but he's not gonna around, but that it was funny. I'm sorry I dropped my finger nail. Oh geez is somewhere in this couch. Now we're gonna have to get a new cowed soon. I hope that some really fancy guest finds it you dont minimally. We should put the middle cushion where you sitting right now, because no ones we're sat on the middle cushion, surprise more life in it, but this summit respect and love and history and away
The dumb and stuff residential hares and farts happened. It here I wonder how many guess Van Meekin, somehow there's no way that we ve done four hundred hours men are viewing in someone hasn't backslapping racked a little. I would even say accident problem purpose or I was gonna talk about male grooming, This is not a mad Chris again, we want those masks like we're week ago, now. There are dynamic, penis masks, not that I know of I mean unto Dan rooming. Oh, I got why you because I said mailroom in you mean we thought of pubic here yeah and have their their lives by the problem of human rights. Is that didn't even think of like or maybe using the wrong term. I mean day. That's real meaning means taking care of some pubic. Some mass for your peanut ok, but it's not just general grooming, like keeping yourself put together, I think, you're right I had hesitated like shaving and stuff over them. She gave me a mask erased
Your face mass she was, she forced me to wear. Was we ask and I had to admit the next day my skin looked in I love a phase. You do, of course, have totally come around you and I'm like you. Get it and I'm sure guys would be so embarrassing by maskers were all stupor. They are also the mass are clearly made for Ladys because they don't fit on my face at all. Now that Mouth Hall is where my nostrils are in, that merely see the eyes hours guys like its main for a woman's face. Oh that's interesting, as I always feel like there to beg. For me Oh really, all bat like there's always like extra full on you lived through your war. I was thinking I should. I want to make a big guy face. Are you sure we should talk about everything you and maybe should do? There really was a really like to amend a war or second one already two- and I wanted- I think, I'm gonna jaw are you in there were club of Wednesday stare. When I was a y know, I don't know,
you did she ass. I have no idea, she said Wanna join my ones. They mass club or something similar is everyone's invited, but sorry she said too bad mom even invite her daughter into the mass club, or maybe she thinks you're, like all daughters and like a cool. She knows. I like a product of her you're gonna. Education? Was your mother, though fucking Deserted me, I'm not going anywhere you're, not as face pouch cause it'll be a Wednesday and I won't be invited nor yoga I believe that day at the hotel. Now You're Goin Austria with mom does bother you that you get to dig vacation, whether an idle I take a vacation. Other verging a vacation winners as we had. However, that doesn't bother me is how, like a bothers you, of course it is you're gonna, take your vacation Nostra Austria or Australia. This is just the reality of being married in here
kid, so she can take a trip because I'll stay wants the kids. You know I'm saying so. She either she's gotta, go with her friends or then I'll get to go with my friends. Ral arms aim sino care though I care I mean you. Could planet mining, let the cat sake. Grandma's arson thing. That's a promise. Grandma's live in another state, but have them come ok, I mean it but data. I think he should then make it a priority say: don't get resentful or not resentful, I'm jealous, which is another is resentful not the same. I agree TAT Hill anyway, so yeah your buddy was here. It's fun The around bodies, yeah sure, is TAT we need. As such, I am a little bit, but you were sort of attached. The HEP now you're not right. Yes, for a myriad of reason, but number one being he.
The family and I formed the family. That's really when it stop like he had kids first year and then shortly thereafter I hadn t a year and then that's what happens as a grown up. I know it's funny cause it's just sing topic that I've been thinking about. A lot lately will first started with the conversation of Iraq and the are you valuable. Sickly, as per cent, less started thinking process, but I been thinking a lot about single people since families- and he know you say- and this this parts cut of the epp- so so I'll. Just say that you were talking about another friend of yours you haven't seen our really really really long time, and then this person a child, and now now you want to see them all. The time is how's raised earlier. You and I mean the obvious, be it like. It hurts my.
Feelings when I hear remain yeah, even though, despite the facts, despite the fact said I myself am included in all of your life, but it's more like a on principle? Killings are her not in actuality, because it sounds like you're saying they become more valuable to you or more in sing to you. Here is exactly what happened there. Person came over with their kid again, we sat in this yard for three and a half hours, while our kids just walk in circles. He is not doing that without a kid. I'm not saying hey want you come over watch my kid walk in a circle in the yard for three hours, no single persons doing me naturally like or meet me at a restaurant meet me at the movies Bob LAW and likewise
I'm not joining him at what would be a really fun party, I'm sure, there's lots of people. I would love to meet. That's fine, but I can't do it. I don't have time to go to someone's party yeah whatever every time. I have is kid time totally. So that's just the facts here from a goal any places without my kids. I think that makes total sense and doesn't really need. Even any an explanation I mean none of it needs an explanation as to how you feel bad I think. Maybe I don't know. Maybe this is just me, but I feel like it's. Not. Giving the single people enough credit to say like I would invite them cause. They wouldn't want to calm, hang out with me, while my kids were bikes like hat. Why would Day. I do that all day long will this friend would never have done now. That's the hay shore and, like you, find pleasure in hanging out as a big family, which is great, and I used to find a man's pleasure and hanging out with favour on his family in theirs is kids. Why yeah many
People are not like that's true. Yeah does an automaton, I dont homage mental under my gear in their yeah, maybe issues person to person as Pied Ambit, aiming it's on my instep obvious anxious here. That makes me feel like. Oh people are more or less priority is to you based on whether they have kids but does not true at all right. It was literally now this person and I haven't- activity again yeah you gotta. He and I were both single, rightly winter parties and we went dancing and we were the wife of the place and we dated girls together and was a big party and we would watch football day on Sundays and we gotta restaurants yeah. Just that's my fall. It's all off the table was This is why me need to go to Vienna. Uncut lose some of them sausages, okay, so bribery
came up malt all wherever they want to hear and use said it's like nine ounces of happen happen he so like third, but I guess it depends on what size you yeah. Ok, because a bribe bay is too ounces of espresso shot of espresso and then happen, half steamed in fraud, which is the remaining it's the remaining yes well event II, which is twenty ounces. Yeah I mean you can't say: there's eighteen ounces of half and half because will make offered a games all you there over ten yeah, exactly half their delicious, but oh I bad I'm gonna get that they have many more. I can start by
I could make y know I want to do it at start by Pierre was, as you asked, Google Google does star bug, still sell the Broadway latte on the website, reference dot com, they say Starbucks, coffee stores and stands as with many other coffee shops, offer a cafe bread, a version of the company's lattes in which half and have more like cream, is substituted for milk or just go home in Burma rectangle sandwich. Oh you know what we are talking about and we had to get our miles on the f. I'm gonna get a brother they lack of this week from shooting top gear, and it's like I'm out. While in a normally em up and ran to shore shown up by their share, but but but ten years around town, I can swing biased, Arby's reduction in the starboard. Get me a brevity. She could have a seat with it now I know I know I can't have a cigarette ever I'll be a smoker get, but I was pound in them. Camel whites
Is that those guys funny with the brain ass? The thought of having a brave a made. You wanna have a cigarette because all connected memory- wise, yes, crazy. Okay, so is record for longest spokesperson. Eber must define. William Shatner did it a long time for price line, Lucia years ago by a busy. I doubt it I William, yet I would guess, there's a bakery mammoth. California called shouts bakery S c a t, t, atrophy and there's the logo? Is someone point a huge loaf of bread out of an oven but go down and it looks like it's a great place. I love. I love this place, Schat's bakery, there's a couple of them. There's one in Bishop as well, but Kenny and I were up there, KEN Kennedy and we got upset with the fact that look like someone,
a giant dump out of the oven, a giant dimensions. This big That is why people sometimes don't think things all the way through you know, I wonder how it works, because I am guilty of this, like I don't know if it's some outgrowth of like buyers remorse, but if I, if I may my bed all lying right, so I kind of like if I I can commit to something, that's flawed. I know this about myself but say it's a bit of a carrot. Defect now, I don't think it's a defect. Ok I'll, be likeness, not right, it's not perfect, but fine. Like them I give an example. I can order something like an AU pair of shoes and I may come into my mother, not one. I thought they were but agony or that you know I'm saying I don't know send him back very well. It is this. I don't know what it is, so I could see me some like working with some artist, I'm TED Shat, whatever the proprietors name.
Adrian of shouts bakery. Mr, shall I I'm, MR and MRS Shaft and I'm working with this lovely person and like someone I'm thinking is like you really want to get a sense of a piping, hot loaf of bread come out of the oven and again She had to break regret and I've. I've been hearing my name for so long and even recognize its related short ass. Tens of shit- and I might see me like, great. It's not what I was mad Janine, but maybe it still good in this gal Guy loves it that worked on it hard. Nine other, talented, yet, and I might find myself just with this committee on board in front of my bakery that looks like a hot steam. You can't do that you gotta that's what I'm sayin drive for excellent. That's what I'm not like Steve jobs. You know, I don't that's a casualty. What happened is what I can see happened is that the person who
was given that information. They thought that Mr Sharon was wanting had to look lying like who, because he said piping hard law will merely love of large piping, hot wove coming out of the straight out of the oven other. Like hey, I hear you, I know you, while Kyle thought he wanted some in her act. Most things in life are miscommunication but I can see myself like hang in that sign and every time I Poland, my bakery, is going on see one of the things I like about being in business with. You is your more of a stickler them like. We have the same opinion and aesthetic, and I love that you're a t mate in that you'll flag stuff that I run out of theo, Enrietta, yeah, codependent or whatever. It is a value that about
You are you witness none were discussing at times. Where are my fine? I guess yeah sure and I definitely don't have that. I'm grateful as hell. It's good and bad on both ends. I would say I think they're mine comes from China. You're, probably you can only do it right now, collapses, literally your laptop, and there is no room for mistakes and there's no four helmets. I will say this is to give everyone the feedback they would have seen it themselves. One need that, them, but it was pretty split there alone. Last year I was really split there, like a lot of people that I agree with you, and there are a lot of people are agreed with me. So I'd say was a push and the people that it with me, probably were cheerleaders alot of Maria and the ones that agree with you. We know nothing about here, so I feel good or you may do community proud and thus show people are willing and posting
that show it is getting so much love and I died. I feel like I made it. I think is a measure of your validated. Don't I really do world finally knows what you went through, I feel yeah well, while hey, Google many cheerleaders. Are there and high schools that question no. According to Wikipedia they estimated that the number of high school cheerleaders from public high schools is around three hundred. Ninety four thousand seven hundred do want a little more context. No, but thank you. She me a great answer to a bad question: yeah she's dead. Also. So that's a lot of four hundred thousand people you ve big posse die now big squad literally figured you that's a lot of you yeah! That's it to try me many of you personally called it a team, but by people call it a squad.
I bet you hold a movement. Well, that's a call the shots get moving like out if they were in their, they like they were intending to say start your day here, but it sounded like your bowels movie. Hats has some very good for them for not changing their name and just going now we will have a food restaurants, for I don't care that are, alas, they machinima taste good wrangling other places. Fuckin awesome. I really recommended a noxious bakery open pick up a mammoth. So Willie Machine or that's how and Van Jennifer O Neill, who was the face of copper girl. I guess did dapper thirty years as the focus of a sort of sir no Cuban YAP, and then cause me was with Jello for twenty five years ago and how long is Barney been with GM see? What is I think, he's around? any yank talk caused me.
Twenty five year in his ear laws that contract we here he had already here there any not been with them for a while for on his allegory jealousy serve oh a mere indelibly tied for life. I mean I'm story, I'm still eating Jellia government agency that can Georgia are all pulling pulse, never again If ever there was a great impersonation to not be good at that that one cause it's pretty much retires. Algeria, ok, Jared. Oh, he was with subway for fifteen years Here's the problem, okay, so bring up Cosby and you bring up Jared its dicey business.
Opinion and spokesman. I know you're out is, which is why people should do what these people dead but actual longest running spokesperson. Is the Michelin man who's a cartoon okay and then you can create a eighteen. Ninety four private. Lady. Why am I a cousin you're not married to his private life? that's all the fun via the other, where there are few facts in this will our net episode was Finally, just a lotta regaling yeah, shared history with our reeling and she that's true. If you tried to get on the phone with like cast members, assyrian live, like where you nice to Dax and not always thought he said that will introduce you to him. In that you're nice during, for those kids, they go. I think, about Youse, really nice to her during the like that. Guy,
What is he doing online or jail peace? A ship is any of these shit, but I was nice to him even in your child, you data. Will they say a good jokes are rooted in truth around that not in this case does not just your silly narrative, but it's not good narrative Ussher. So young, so young, yeah and I'd love everywhere map. I now I told you about driving in the car. I reset it out here you did. I love it strikes pointed to Kristen on the right to the Richardson's. I said you know if you just think about how comfortable this car is the fact that there's a dvd playing in the back seat for the kitten she's like you had only to do that, I'm not upset were in draft. Oh yes, you're like that, you don't even need these tracks. Frere Janine care about that Yama that yeah Barnett about back about it. She cares about other stuff,
We can all implemented it's a great resolution to trigger the true it is I love you, I love you buy.
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