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An Exciting Update On My Book


I have an exciting announcement regarding my new book, How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps. Get your signed copy here: https://utm.io/uGvB

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Hey folks, I wanted to give you a quick update on my new book how to destroy America in three easy steps? The book is being released. This Tuesday light. First, we are already seeing record breaking priorities which is exciting, because this Tuesday release day, we will be doing a huge live signing event, go priority, signed copy over daily wired outcomes. Lifespan live signing is Tuesday July. Twenty first six pm Eastern three p M pacific it'll be streaming on Youtube. Facebook and daily wired outcome, its inaction, it because you can order assign copy from me, and you can ask me a question with your purchase and then you can watch to see. Sign your book live in answer. A question for everyone to see is a fun experience, but it also really important. That's because everywhere cross, the country. We are seeing this massive, overwhelming insane effort to promote the wild left. When I called this integration is to gender and silence. Anyone who is guilty of Rome think disagreeing with the world. Narrative pushed by social justice warriors and democratic legislators and the media. I know
My views are shared by a huge part of this country, but here's the thing I'm lucky. If I work anywhere other than conservative media, these views would get me cancel, fired publicly harassed. Meanwhile, horribly racist books like white fragility had been antiracist top the best seller chart pushed by the same. the other trying to cancel people who believe just traditionally. American things cancel culture where things ideas, people are called racist or bigoted, and then he's from society and stalinist fashion. It so promptly We're seeing levels of censorship and intimidation, unlike anything we have seen in modern american history. You really have to look to like MAO's, China or Stalinist Russia, to see the predicate for the kind of struggle sessions we are currently seeing it can see where this is going, its leading to a cleansing of the public square of all ideas that here too for made Amerika great? You can take a look at some of the examples of cancel culture and pushing one narrative how to defend the police become a thing. How do you become that? If
dont, like police brutality. Now you have to side with defined the police or your racist. Why is it that black lives matter? The movement has been canonized when the movement not another slogan. The movement itself is, We a marxist, wisely chosen, cops and live pity are getting pull down simply because they portray cops in a decent life. Why is it that we move from hate? Maybe we should police brutality do let's tear down every statue inside from George Washington, Christopher Columbus and Mount Rushmore. How is that a thing that is happening? Why is it that corporations are craving to all of this enormous fashion, the craving to it? The repeating the messages? Why are we seeing truly racist books like white fragility or how to be an anti racist promulgated, pushing them there? But if you believe in the american system, it's because you yourself are racist. Wiser the media biases. Forcing all these narrative about peaceful protests? They're all peaceful and the cops are all race, and conservatives are all a vicious where are these social media campaigns where people are virtue signalling by post, black squares and pudding sauce?
up in their windows supporting particular movement, so they are not cancelled and the castle culture just continues to gain power, and eventually it will turn into government overreach as well. I talk about all these things are: these things in my book how'd, you destroy America in three easy steps. It gets to the underlying cause of all of these symptom, forcing all the symptoms. On top of the of the iceberg, my books about the iceberg, what are the ideological differences that are destroying the contrary? Right now We are seeing disintegration us try to divide us by destroying our principles. This book was written to unite us right, left and centre of kids is not just a conservative book. The book was written to unite us round the principles that made the country great to begin with the principles of the declaration and the constitution of the United States, the prince of the principles of judeo christian civilization, so help us change the best seller charts and take back the conversation. go. Pre ordered your signed copy of how to destroy America in three easy steps. Over daily wired icons, lifespan get the book when it is officially release this Tuesday July twenty first and don't forget, join us on Tuesday at six p m Eastern three p M Pacific from life
signing which will be swimming on Youtube Facebook in daily wired outcome. When you purchase or signed copy. You can ask me a question about the book or the state of things right now that my brave up pretty much anything evincing stupid songs. If you want me to, I M very excited to do this, for you guys, I cannot wait to share all the thousands book. I think it's really important, I usually on which my own work. This way, how things really really important work is vital for you to buy things about your friends to buy it Having should buy it for young people who don't understand enough about America and don't understand the threat Americanism is under right now, together, we're gonna get through. This would come out stronger on the other side, thanks guys
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