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2019-12-06 | 🔗
Are the Dems giving Trump a big Christmas present with this Impeachment nonsense? Will Biden be forced to testify in the Senate about his dark Ukraine dealings? Now that Kamala is out, who will be the next candidate to exit the race? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, and special guest Adam Carolla as they get to the bottom of these questions and more. Can't get enough of The Ben Shapiro Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: dailywire.com/Shapiro
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Hey folks, Ben Shapiro, here the latest episode daily way or backstage Kamali Faithful, covered the latest implosion of the debt presidential candidates, the impending impeachment President Trump Biden encloses battle for cringes video of the day and much more join me and reclaiming Michael knows, and Jeremy boring and special guest Adam Corolla, as we trap at all with insights and laughs, galore ticklish about a backlash already been heard even to turn up and I'll. Tell you why it's because the real world, the study about the others, so big, I guess it happened a reality and then, when the battle Amber hats, I am so glad that you actually got this for like the weak, when this persons can be relevant talkin about, Christmas time, welcome to the daily wire backs and age the commodity.
Can you set become all I made at all really blew that Japan has such a greatly rare, but what's happening as our teleprompter doesn't work Odo. So there's our usual arrangement, whose working towards the goals even if we were sure of that It is. I Jeremy, boring your trusty neighbourhood daily, where God, king with a lowercase g in the lower case k- and I am joint, as always by Benjamin Shapiro, Michael's Andrew Claimant, any legal cross, cutting colored, lovely innovation is always. I know when I say it apparently one of late tonight, I'm sorry but lovely across Ellida Haider and I'm pretty good in my time
Prompter is working, so this is big opportunity that I have to take over. The Joe had not been getting unjust here to remind all of our subscribers out there that are watching at home right now on the metro, if you're stuck on the Deasey or near metro or somewhere in an airport, headed homer work whatever. If we want to ask the right questions, you have to be daily where subscribe, were to Delaware, dot com, be sure to find the shows page up at the top and click on backstage and then type your questions into the chair box. Questions are already pouring in that sit next to the video the chat boxes right next, the videos you can be watching and chatting at the same time- and I don't know till they get or not. Can I can I tell the biggest tonight? Am I allowed I think you did. I was saying for when I remembered later on, It better be about. They think, though I think would be best if you did it on our right Jeremy. What's gonna tell you all that the big cats tonight is none
than Adam Corolla coming now becoming up shortly and he'll be taking your questions, but only if you're a subscriber so to get there questions and for Adam and all the guys, because, let's be honest, you're over asking the God, king and all the guys over there. Although questions right, if you want to get into question for Adam, took guerrilla Vichy, to go over and ass and will see if it happens on their make you ilusha grounds we have so much to talk about today before Adam gets here. Just wants is here I feel according to be talking about culture with them will be fun, but about betwixt now is in so much has happened since last. We were together so what has happened since I got the work. We have personal and barely recognise your general dumb, Mr Ludlow monitor their writer Longum lemon them. I did get attacked by I didn't I can say I got attacked, we got attacked by a journalist and then I attacked him right back
a good improper, but the big story, of course come Allah is out of the race. It's only matters. For all arrested that buses available now that bus is available Yossi has taken over the bars are right outside. I think I actually have to admit I hate to do this. Only do this once every ten years I our common virus completely wrong. Every wanted every ruined it. I thought on paper. She was so sure good candidates, and then she opened her mouth and pack, all that and talked about smoking. Blunts would snoop dog and she completely common amateur, Miss Thou, Arcade Charley was all we find. I very that's exactly I mean before you get too reminiscent about the the Hetty days of yesteryear. When you get here,
that tackling laugh they will. We might get back and that people are asking what she was gonna do next in and say why I thought walking venuses only sign for one filled and also we have like the black version of every single superhero movie knows a regular and female remains a good. We have blackmail bond right, he's coming, so why not blackmail they want to your black female drawn that should get just introduction, We face a real do, I have to say we all. Yes, we all got Khumalo wrong. I enjoyed having her in the race. The reason is because her campaign manager on twitter at least once a week would say- and this is was not joking would say who they were going to arrest and what other than a bad about like. When come on. I in the White House, people who drink whisky and smoke sick.
Will be outlawed favouritism. Based on what I love to on her birthday, they posted the exact same tweet that Hillary Clinton posted. A black and white photo which, when cobbler, was a kid by the way they had color photos, so they ordered initially made a black and white happy birthday to this future president. This was Bergamo Harris hired all of Hilary Ex staff. This is, Right now, the gale aim, or to not offers a great idea, because Democrats believe Tomorrow Harris believe just as they believe us Casey Abrams. They believe that they win every race that they lose, and so in most data this now in most attract better in most businesses, like the person who lost last time, their entire team, is anathema didn't want anything to do with it right away? You got
were the last in the league last year, yet you're coaches aren't gonna work again, you're aliens, picking your players up another brick in your players. The Austrians guys didn't get hired by Goldman Europe. Only only what is just like the Hollywood is yes, actually like. I was a bit thanks. Just got picked up for another major film, as I said to some of the other day, but is an end for the same reason, because all imagery it's all I get that looks like a presidential candidate. In my imagination that looks like a movie star in my modem S, that's a movie that should have worked in my imagination, accurate, didn't just as no residents whatsoever that the best thing They come layers candidacies seat fail has been the reaction The media and other Democrats to her leaving because everybody is suddenly weeping openly bout that she had zero percent support with New Milon. No intermediate families in supporting the big surprise of her dropping out is that her husband, the picture with her one person. Like sure, that's right, that's what I mean is that no one likes Brilliant Willie Brown with supportive alone, and if I had aerial arable that airlines, but in any case she did the best person on all of this has been Corey
it is quite a lot- has been putting out an email. Somebody find me up: it is pretty great sea. Here's the thing People know your online and they start signing you up for, like all of the things they think you hate, roadsides or mine. By typical accounts is public will receive the emails from land parenthood campaigns for worn in books and the once more are actually moves amusing, someone's from Booker every six hours since she has dropped out, I'm not getting every six hour, there's been an email from Korea, poker in my inbox says, dear Ben, the stage is complete. We white. Now we need to get me on that stage to prove that we are diverse party, but I think to myself. This is amazing. Because now they're calling themselves racist. It's amazing, like the every editorial Charles Blow, didn't want in the New York Times today was unanimous NBC on CNN and be seen to have full editorial on this whole thing. It's so hard for a black woman like ok. First of all, if Michelle Obama jumped in tomorrow should win the raised that forty with Lloyd's, both the general and the end, the veterinary primaries. Also, I love the idea.
The Americans are not going to vote for a black president. Barack Obama has never before been raised him from existence linked, analyse this goal implied in their philosophy. The yellow us, because we're the enemy was always I've lost me that all of America now raised so really if you're standing, extra them they're only yelling at us. Now their done without fail to continue. When commercial, neither offer a huge oversight here, which is isn't Elizabeth warrants on the right. You know you make dollar eight boy, I I was going to mention it also Gabardine Andrew Yang, but others are actually each day exit like they actually got it wrong, etc. They ve been trying to ignore those two candidates as best they can and kick them off. The steady while Israel about limitless weren't only became by in the democratic in the democratic narrative. She only became bite when come our Harris got over the limit. This a warrant now get until about words you mail should he's been sending me males to end its is so nice. He sends me emails in the email say things like Dearborn, Jus member, when Kirsten Joel
Brennan, Comma Harris were forced from the race. After winning. Combined eleven point: five million votes in their centre raises only so billionaires like Michael, but remembering that honesty and could be an I thought to myself someone mentioned credential around for months. We wish you a human being also any club which are on the side Japan is until the Gaubert vocal in and our entire new there in terms that elected they doing. It's really funny now they're they're. Looking rather do he's going to be their online articles about homes, tire there, Thou art was what Times tyre is still in the race. Why hasn't even worse from the region has no one forced PAMELA Harris dropped out its voluntary, where she could have stuck around, but you realize you want your hat article, no help. I thought about that. Eventually got out the words used in it. She was afraid it she's, gonna tangle of early stage. You'd have sticker until California should finish,
think how Fournier you know. I've been humiliating if you dropped out now that maybe she's got a cabinet position, and maybe some just gotta go religions to stream deletion, utter shameless distillery on Howard Stern. She could actually get back in the ratio of the phrase. I want to talk about the work of my talk about nowhere on Howard, Stern and in particular of my talk about my Christmas wish that worry actually gets in the it has opened against hope, Uganda? She keeps saying move rendered people are urging you begin the race. It's all me. He brought me sending our pension that if there is a Hilary for President website out there, please go would make for pundits oh so happy in the meantime there I want to tell you guys about a brain is sponsored that we have here on the show called the last coat you know how hard it is to protect your car from water spot. We have hard water out here from dirt from Poland, and if you live in southern California,
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and as has really built a cool product, recall brand and how people cross border disported themselves a favour, because you put this on your car off our India Mexico. You know if I had a car I'd buy. Some whom I do, and I will have a camel hair is the one thing about this is that I think we should talk about the fact you and I especially as a group, will we were afraid of her when she got Maria. We support dangerous candle in the thing, is the people. The people are not like all wise that they will delve into every policy decision, but they are smarter than imagery, and the imagery helps you first out of the gate, we have to remember they know what they are like- the put the press. Yes, they know what they don't like and they can just like everybody. You can look at a person and think, like shifty about you'll ignores using something genovese buddy? You know why. I think that people can see these things and we don't trust them to see them, and even Democrats can see them.
Most other media turned on her late, they earned honour, and so they also built up here, but they built her up and then she got up there. They went, oh, my god, this woman will, lock us up a baby. We knew. What are we going to hang that it was tall, see who took her out? That's not true! She you look at the polls. She took her self outrage, she leaped up to tap the poles and then immediately. She started to recede because she's, the hindenburg and people saw that she was flip flopping, like a fish on Medicare for all and even her. What happened Joe Biden about forced bustlers completely dishonest goes. No one supports force buzzing, especially not nuclear activities relating to the euro, even in the nineteen. Seventy nobody support is deeply unpopular, even thinking seventies, because who the hell must put your kid on a bus in less than an hour to school. They know nobody created white flight, the entire white fight problem, at least a huge percentage of it was created by attempts to force bus is here it was. It was an idiotic attempt She was relegated for final days. Our time at the final days Well, here's relegating her final days to being on state
shining elizabeth- worn for not calling on Twitter to ban Donald trump theirs. I visit this is how bout you ve sunk, but it was kind of amazing, because the fact is I until she dropped out, I thought there might be a shot that should be a second walk candidate your second welcome, whereas the reason being because this feels a lot like twenty to alter the Republicans, whereas like everybody early on Iraq Mitt Romney, that guy's probably pretty good and they looked into it- and then they looked at many New Gingrich and women what chance? What were we shall Bondman forming, came me what parliament wants a thousand people and then finally combat growing. I guess round me still here: dead. That's Joe Biden, Sugar, twenty twenty right and, unlike all along Biden, has been the guy where he was expected to win and he's never rapid or twenty five percent of the national point, and here still winning by large numbers in South Carolina and throughout the south, when you wonder why they are trying to impeach Donald Trump, you only have to look at Joe Biden. Approach of this is therefore, although today, which is best
There was a good dog. It was. It was great. Ok about the guy that lets you realize. Explode battle. Has an indian person. Fat, no known fact, call them back on track and those whose name by the way that we have to address only amusement for people who missed it. Today with Joe Biden, was doing a rally. Wasn't around us a few innate in Iowa and some port we felt it was before, and supporter apparently gets up and start asking about hundred Biden and Joe gets visibly. Perturb gets very angry. And says, because the guy says they called out on the wire rags, damn wire and the guy says why, on the tv is why not sedentary I'll get out there now exercise. It is a good one What does it is a non supporter? Ok, he's like what I'll do a push in contact with the other than IQ contest with you, because with it and then in any literally system, look fat and I thought to myself he can be President Prodi, has it what, like everybody online on Twitter there like this bad moment for job. I knows Donald from
is the president of the United States. If Joe Biden said to the guy come over and grabbed by the put Phoebe President image MAR. Forget you real everybody who imitate stole from that, but, as I have only one drawback in sight, but your by industry about you know what I mean: it's not it's not like you. I don't think that's it. You know I had to think when I saw that seventy seven year old Joe Biden up there all right that challenge. I just thought what the hell did this guy do too, well, I can't even imagine what this guy, though I don't know, I think Joe Biden, though the fact that the guy's runner really tells us something about the democratic vote, but I agree but here's my question Dick Morris today wrote a piece about what I said. We talk about Hilary getting in here it is a bit more rights, a peace today, honour of Hello River his candy. That's exactly thousand for I've got to say I was shows. A divorce is actually like to cordially nice guy. What he's been wrong about increasing opening all right, but sometimes he's wrong about things and four, and for two or three minutes I think honorific. North
I know that the day in his article about Hilary getting into the rates- and he says you her- every thought is fixed upon him. He says, but she's gonna wait until Biden gets out he's clearly the next person to drop on what planet is Joe Biden going to drop the number There were a lot already what he any possibilities of bat lowered its rightful recipes that he's gonna win. The later states, which is always about, was well though his his philosophy is the Buddha Judge or general that that those with some merely states, without that, Romania, after a line so that everyone is thirty percent about he's, leading both by right and then get super Tuesday? Who now here where is my only when we were joking here, is something like seventy five to eighty. Faced with what a lot of large percentage of the democrat primary voters are happy with their line, they write, and one by the way that this is a thing of people are ignoring about the whole comma. Harris drop out this. What so, amusing people in all this just shows the systemic racism american society,
we went down into the democratic party. The Imo Harris had zero percent black support The euro, when no one cares about Corey Booker has zero. Some black sport has a blackboard Joe Biden Bear which we find, speaks pretty well, I would say honestly of black voters and Democratic Party won at least you're, saying: oh, look, a black amicable for right, which was the weight Russia. They tried that once it didn't work out what, then, that's it that's how the media portrays black voters is. Ok, here's what back I, while people levelled way that will have a common heritage. That is how the media things really have to be careful about. The border, actually smarter than the right to know, Do. I do think you're. Absolutely right. I think about the media are thinking in this very shallows or racial way, but what we are all under estimating the brilliance of Joe Biden strategy here that it was the same strata
jeez Rooney Julia can do that. You know Giuliano got real actuated, though these sort of great time, as we know, have been spent on a fair to say that that's why? What business doing it's? One thing, like Giuliani legitimately said he wasn't going to even compete until floor, so he didn't just saying that I'm not gonna! Why don't you re right that it is also important to note that there is a vast difference between the late stage strategies of a party that is large. We homogenous in racial terms, meaning that the Republican Party affordable a lot like the Republican Party of New Hampshire. I, while always a lot more, read the Democratic Party itself. Now I know nothing like Democratic Party by what, but, as I was out of the way that I will rarely wins the precedents and then that this is the reason, because the because the Democratic Party in South Carolina Boating Basin, South Carolina in the democratic primaries, you third whack you voting. Basin, Iowa Democratic Primaries, one hundred percent, one hundred ninety seven percent. While there was little
before. There was a time when you thought Biden was an actual threat to trouble. You actually think that he could be true. Yes, in the reason, the reason still is because Donald Trump makes lots of mistakes always said. Letty. I've always had said that the election is an arrest on who is this referendum upon was a referendum on Europe. Or a referendum. On the Democrat that were worn who to judge, set Sanders then how Mohira then be radicalism epidemic? That would be enough to drive a lot of moderate voters to go like this trunk. I very much using what kind of a jerk but the economy's good he's, not screwing up my wife. Our animals have to pull the lever for that guy, but Joe Biden has one hundred percent name recognition ever bathing for they think about it. He's got a dead guy and a dead person is not a bad person run against further, because not a referendum on the dead guy. You know that guy's dead and I dont know I don't know if we have when you'd like I've been watching. You feel like you as our as a conservative juice, anywhere near as threatened. I Joe Biden as President as you do I was with worry over. That's it that's always or in any other member haven't. I don't know you have to ask when
was the last time. This viewpoint is already a dead guy. When was the last I'm, the more boring candidate want yeah, that's always what we were doing out here to think of it, but there is, but we talk about how Trump is unique. In many ways One of the ways in which is unique is that what interesting about him is alienating to a particular demographic and that particular demographic, suburban, married, suburban women? I think will look back with a certain fondness on the Obama here because during the Obama era, we may have been having policy losses, we may have been having economic losses. We don't member those because they weren't that painful. But we do remember that things, just one crazy and Joe Biden, just kind of represents this return. To a time when that nice, young man was president and everybody was kind of friendly Finland, every kind of got along people said the happy about that. But that's
no thanks, I'm nothing Biden must where another right. This is why Biden is most likely to win of anybody that the democratic outrun always disrelish democratic. There was the nineteen twenty warranty Harding returned to normal, see campaign, as always the strongest democratic pitch, because the only thing I ve been successful in doing is keeping the feeling is roiling. Feeling of upsetting cast going was the only thing I'm a craftsman go to doing the lesser evil years, men they not been able to stop from suggests you'd be able to get large swathes of it through, but they have been able to make people. He'll deeply. Uncomfortable milk is ahead of the entire impress or not read it again. I agree with all of the ram. Nothing that's from thought. I think that the Democrats and ethical, partially transposal of organs is neutral observer from his front radio. Volcano right in big were the volcano, but they also exacerbate the effect of a volcano I, when I will say I know this is the most popular opinion I have, but I will say this: the Trump has been toned down. If you watch what he's dead, when he is catching on? He is you think the truck never changes, but he always changes,
always playing we're going to see you most unpopular. Yes, my most unpopular, believing that it was about a bit more restrictions on, though, if you just overseas room, yes, that year, NATO he's like walking around slapping laurel and hard. Are you? Are you you don't from four slapping Europeans glow of budgetary Biden fabric by ran that address Europeans? Don't respect from snares? Only present, that's measures like the Michigan. If workers but rode chrome, doesn't other Europeans in an actual, showed drew's point at which the point is he's in the environment where we're Donald Trump of even a year and a half ago would have gone on a three yeah what's highway about little pencil neck, just dough that dirt bag idiot. You know and instead no, he got one line and he said these two faced, but look I'm presenting the United States. Maybe he doesn't like annually man any insulted mccrone, any that listen, I'm no problems, only any that not too, but there is
not doing what he was doing before at least not now. You're crazy person of himself as Rocky Balboa last week was what I want something done you hold on hold on. I was amused both old eyes. Was it like linking writing gettysburg addressed me. I was there. I was affected. The farewell wife get some sort of all right. I want some sort of cotton ignore Jeez years when we like people an uncle like that. We would like the theory of relativity or like or like suffering theory Jane S ago, regard here at this, the president has made changes recently. You can't take it back to we could have in oblivion fronts: Amira, go! Don't allowing Europe of Zyobor Daily Wire, duck ripe, gradated Felicia right, I mean
man how many pm cod, as has been had a relic of light. It did not make it a lot on her hate, so this question comes from great daily, whereas subscriber you once know it, the quote, it seems independence in my nor minority voters have been turning in trumps favour according to some reason, pulls over the last couple of months, but other than the backlash to the impeachment here, in what Democrats are doing there is there something else that you can see that is causing that chef yeah he's giving them jobs is doing a good job for minority people with these two years. You know, like all those all the talk, I mean that but less bull. That said that he had thirty three to thirty four percent more, but I think people was right I think that I'm sure why not just in ITALY if, if you're right, then Republicans we're losing get me while our public and have to do is went about twelve percent of the black vote, an evolution only listen, there's something! There's something about dinner on the table that has very very solid effect on people. You can sit, there's this guy you
You can watch on tv which she had only bring on college veterans if it is, but the things he said, people are shooting the ongoing nor like having dinner, elect like going to work in the morning of my wife, kids respect me, and it is a good thing. If not yet we are not just the more simple there was the impure me. That's all. There is obviously Rasmussen. Always I've been saying this for two years right over there, but there the aiming to be fairly. What we're gonna see edibles bear out, because there is some pretty miss pollyanna right now said, Julia Logistical, exactly where he always was, but I hope that you are right it Eurasia, Doing better than Buddha generate operate, we'll come alive, dropping out of the race. This we could, you think, will be the next twenty tat twenty democratic candidates to be next out, because I think Warren Sanders, Buddha, Judge and Biden certainly go all the way to Iowa is what's the incentive for people to get out at this point. They, I guess, that's my question. An enclosure, isn't it I swear to God, I'll, probably just, but you think anyone gets out before Iowa
Maybe club which are just starting up any ground should maybe he's making. Some modest headway is, and she has a new hand that some answer she's during all low, but there's no world were tells he gets out. There's no world where Yang gets out right, the one that I hope doesn't get out. He should maybe she'll get out, though I hope he doesn't for entertainment, but value is fully on Castro. My fate a great defender of abortion rights for man wants to one is, moreover, was regularly weakens the revival of my abortion, maybe imaginable mainly banning Booker, has been Booker. My journey so he can wine in better about how it's done that I am very widely human beings, each isn't easy! Mr potato head, he goes around takes up the angry ass. I was. I tell you I was another talking. I was talking about that longer a while back me up a couple months ago to a book or die. The guy was worth working for Booker. Unless it do, you know, he's, never go be pressed
lights and his face fell and I bought and delivering movement. You should know that political radiologists, the Hendrick, going to ask you that I would really our rights are followed, that is, of the three people that were actually supporting com lying you no other than your mom and dad and weakens candidate. Do they see Oliver support. Is going to lie about hours ago. How would we know where they were right ok example is too small to know it and tell us all about her. Husbands were to ask if we're not gonna, think any change in Nepal not now, but also Booker's gospel hoping that there will be a oh, my god, there's only one way they left in the race. What do we do? We will go to them what guy in areas like Corey.
Look I'll call. You know I always regarded who just just took a commoner well she's down. He left worth pointing out here that people are thinking of three and a half percent when she got up. That's not true. That was outdated. The most recent all else she got out, but her at two percent. She was down to points but like Bloomberg, at six percent there was a Harris bowl like Bloom had three times the support and no one is voting for a whole. This is actually a hopeful thing that I'm kind of feeling. I know we're for the Democratic Party is that the Kansas, we are doing well are the ones who are the least crazy. Yes, we'll get absolutely than upgrades integrating other least crazed earnings which is which is it nobody? But if you look at the people who are gaining momentum in Djibouti dredge right, whose performance of zagreb- is actually very nasty human being what you ve seen as soon as the man who had a glimpse of a complete sugar and a real cynical in you know, but the old people to judge the one who sort of is a murder, the one who is otherwise Salvation Army and has alluded to the way in
We tend these moderate, like that. Guy is. A lot was bad for the country. We, then it was with Warner. Bernie Sanders this issue binding it also Limburg, Red Bloomberg, whom we all look at each other like hell, supports Michael Boomer, his first pull from Hell Harris. Six percent and in the end we probably everybody- I don't like the guy, you did a good job in New York and what measures have been taken. Julia and maintaining Julia crime rates continue to drop. The economic growth was maintained and understandable mountain, the dew was outlawed, important point Chuck Chuck Todd was on tv on emission BC, which is hard to tell the difference. Being NBC For some reason he was on saying you know what they really Democrats should really be doing as they should be telling the candidates to stop campaigning for people can pay, attention to this riveting impeachment thing, but I thought like are living in a words that simply does not exist, and the thing is the voters or the voters live in a world. The buzzer's do not care to which about this impeachment down, to which this is all
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idea of letting you get stamps on the internet, yet that those get does get stamp. That comment, there's really post office, does a good job. The maid, How did your computer is perfectly so I want to talk about impeachment anti policy said today that they will move forward with impeachment unpredictable, pretty good. Only Andrew claimant thought that they wouldn't know. No, I didn't think you would method. There was a pot. I still think there's a possibility. Their load actually get away with it. The yearly you're, crazy, small you but the man who said that Donald Trump Rocky Balboa picture on his estate gonna be nobody knows real photo by the way What would be the thing I want to talk about is what should the republican strategy be when this goes to trial in the Senate is theirs there's what I've been reading as far as what Mcconnell and what the Trump administration or thinking. I think they are missing it by a mile. I am horrified that they're gonna bet they're gonna run this the way the trumpet Mcconnell want too. And blow the greatest political opportunity. The lifetime so therefore
about. We need a rap troubles to wrap it up into one. Well, that's navigator. Personal data are getting out of the way, no cocaine which is out of order they got a rag until look election day. Oh my god that show true. Oh my god. Is there. Anybody in the Senate Rowley the white fool enough to understand what this option. Ok. Legally speaking over, Why alone here? I think that Linsey Rambo does habit Lindsey RAM to point out he's been pretty truly ever since the cooking mission? Is it a genius and it isn't it you got it. You have problems getting out here. What is basically no. This is. This is really what I think. I think that is going to be cooking measures. House of ours, we're gonna, go in there. They gonna every witness the ghost uncle original, gonna. Subpoenaed and remember you know John Robert who, as you know, you don't have to like him. But he is a sort of
his horse, he's going to he's going to preside over this affair, where you're, not always gonna, be able to say out, is cheating, show so he'll, never hearing from the administering If they don't want to do that, that's gonna be allowed it to get through this I could have. I can well believe that would do that. I can't believe, though, that I want him to subpoena ship. I want him to subpoena shifts phone records. I would have been to publicly release Chiffone readily. Oh, of course, of course, that's the whole point, and besides you know this this, seems like Elizabeth warn, FTP seven. You know I mean these. This is amazing opportunity for them. If they all this Republicans The timing here is pretty interesting because when they announced the formal official impeachment inquiry it looked like Joe Biden was collapsing right. It looked like a guy s not going to get the nomination. Now things look a little bit different. Joe Biden is at the centre of this whole impeachment probe they're going to try to get him to test, he's gonna refused to testify. That's gonna, be a wonderful, weaker stores. They're going to drag that derelict Hunter Biden, that's gonna be a great week of stores if they ve the Democrats of so Miss Calhoun.
Although it could, I think maybe the calculation for Mcconnell is. Is that if you think that from special is basically just look at the Democrats, I dont get drunk look democratic, then getting this thing over with and just saying, ok, look at the democratic candidates. There are awful that may be. The strategy here skip pass this put back in the woods with Warm Rebecca, who judge we're not gonna. Do HU, the impeachment stopped, then the focus is on tromp and then all on Ukraine and all this kind of stuff. Also there that you do you do on a risk with Joe Biden of having the sort of high dudgeon moment played up by the media when he gets up there and he says no one son who died a brain cancer and have another son whose gone out there and trade make something of yes he's had difficulties, but for you to attack my son in order to come after me and twenty twenty right at me, like that There could be wasn't one, though, that alot, let's be asked, but by can play that game in inviting, as we do to high risk. I reward strategies what you're saying, but then Mcconnell is kind of a low risk within guide and Bites John Roberts finger.
In the? U S, army, Joe Biden is legit corrupt. I mean this thing. This thing with under button was widget. Corruption is I'm not gonna, go what that far, because what I want, I actually think with Joe Biden is that he is a debt of a crap zone and I think there are a lot of parents. Look the other way, crap kids and I think that's really what this is your aid it doesn't filling out. I don't I don't necessarily crap code on air force to the over to China. A lot of people do yes, a lot of you. A lot of people. Do iraqi people to unblock the people prop up there it may in what they do with it is corrupt. When you the vice president, you can't do that when you have a guy you, this was a trump is right about. This is genuinely corrupting to do to have this guy. You basically taken sinecure for fifty years fifty Grand a mother and a month administration? The question is whether a hundred binds grant them. Yet we all agree that undermines the crap mean job. I understand is granted, even though he had been. They like hundred Biden by very obvious, were right as well argued sailors illegally brothers.
Oh and an extraordinary that was, as as one of the only people who didn't vote for the president on a point of it. You guys? Don't have been able to make the authority, but that that Europe any stripper argument game over gas rice, Mary Lapse, Presbyterian verses, Hunter biden- I don't know I so go if this is the thing about this is the thing that gets me be the language they use about. Europe is so high pitched when things are getting more like something untoward into the presence of Ukraine. Illegal, like really has at once I mean this is patently obvious. When you watch the Wall professors testimony was yesterday where you had Jonathan Way whose basic Laden is not republican, government franzl. Many that any saying what is obviously true, which is you guys, do not have these? should weigh requirements for bribery from destruction of justice. I guess it. There's no crime here, very obvious, there's no actual crime. Here. It's obvious that, like Democrats over each year for Democrats had a strategy that actually go to played for them. They could have just done something. Then
and brought forth a censure motion urban, very difficult Republicans, because on the one hand you don't wanna, look like you're putting trumps dad. However, on the other hand, if you cross Trump in a tweet about you and you may mean to you, and so that would have been a smart strategy would have been given a bypass. They would have gotten some bipartisan. Seven! That's right! They'll! Do that, though, not in five or ten Republicans to peel often vote in favour of censure, have an and then in the in the Senate, you'd gotten Romney to vote for censure and using caused vote for censure and a few others vote for censure. That's right, but by going from peach meant because the overages so dramatic everybody now hasn't, used to go. Not impeach was not even close to him vital when watching them trot out a person who was too liberal for Barack Obama. Supreme Court pick two make jokes about baron from or two in order to go after Noah Feldman was that has made every harmony and peace praising Sharia LAW. I read it on the air today. It there's no way around. It is this piece of sophistry saying Sharia law is essentially better than western jurisprudence that that's, who they bring
and tell us the truth. You ll. Let me also release from the New York Times magazine in two thousand. Seventeen talking about all the different ways should be trumpet twenty seven. Take. Yes, that's right! That's right terminates perfectly obvious. What, we're doing her, then. So that's why we're not suppose he got up their credentials of movement and started talking about how president from what we were more seriously, considering whether or not to do this, but then He's not professors testified. My mind was blue about tens rose in his hands to her so isn't about you, hating Trump introduced as a Catholic, and so insulted, yeah you and Mother Teresa. Let me have reminded me of tat moment you guys you're might appear Jesus. The gloomiest, because somebody in my way, that is reference some idiot, related Christopher girls, nobody, so no novelist, wise, I'm looking to nurse you pollution into me. She looks like a person in a voice. I saw that that press conference- and I thought that looks like a woman who has been,
of a building is falling as like how's it going ok. So far, he looks like she's. In a panic I mean as was something this is the reason condemning string together. Complete sentenced to confuse, asked tat, question measures that may give up. That's the only saw the end with very high dudgeon right as athlete them very insulted. Belet. I want my pet beads and I'm not a Christian. What is it you when people do? This drive me up a war and you're the catholic interim, as a Catholic I have two Maginnis sort of when a person who is in favour of abortion on demand, men become women and governmental sponsored same sex. Marriage is going as a Catholic, I'm afraid that you used the word hate her present in front and then she's, like I'm praying for trompe. I imagine so. I imagined it. Every night Nancy Pelosi gets down on her knees in her room and put her. And together and praise for the health and happiness fishermen are not pensions. Enlargement Donald greatly pleased killed as well. I think she does the promise that you can't keep back about our paths of bread. Bravo accompanying manufacturing.
When the founders crafted the constitution for thing they did was to make sacred the rights of the individual. The share their ideas. We take robust advantage without limitation by their government. That's the first amendment. Then they came up with a waiter. Check, the first amendment, that is with the second second right. They nimrod it the right of the population, protect that speech and their own persons with force. The second amendment is my favorite of the two mecca many of the first, I wonder, protected by the people. Make their money off. A second are the folks over a Bravo companies manufacturing owning a rifle was an awesome responsibility and building rifles is no different, starting to drive by marine veteran more than two decades ago well, company manufacturing, BC em for short, build a professional, great product which is built to combat standards. The folks run it B. C M are amazing patriots. There are great people and their people. We're doing a lot of good for the country to learn more about. Bravo company manufacturing can head on
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Gushing about it. Oh, she stood up for herself sway queen. Without you know, last time there is a Catholic was being attacked and whose they attacked for no. Reason at all any got angry there like unfit, and it was just cabin on the Supreme Court, whose slander with allegations the rate somebody on the basis of no evidence, and he got mad about it, because somebody suggested a rapist got angry like here, mad even beyond the Supreme Court, so many centred you hatred and she's like I'm so offended as it can Catholic. Then you would say I hate anyone. I love everyone, including the little children, at least the ones who are born while their threats that I but but you know who break Heaven. Doesn't remind me of their working and living, I think they drew. You brought up the fact that she looks like he's on the roads. I think you're right. I think that she knows that her legacy now is going to be it. She is that she presided over the impeachment of someone for nothing.
And that not only is it gonna end in nothing is going to in very likely in electoral failure. For them and not only that there so far over their skis. I'm not sure that item shift has broken the law pursuing this think well Jonathan trolleys point was really well taken, the first of all the shedding a standard that Republican as we know, and Republicans will do this, though they'll go after the next It was a democrat on the same grounds and no one will be able to say them lay in the fact that the press will rush to their defence to rush to attack them is not going to
is not going to wash truly truly was really good. You know he sounded like an American was like this lost voice of America. Fear guy saying I don't like Trump, but that's not the point. The point is not ass. He was being a lawyer for developing everybody else up. There has been an activist who I understand it, who they have magic degrees from Harvard. Well guess, why has what we were impressed right inflamed and in fact, is that what he was saying that there is no statutory crime has been committed and that neither the detective went Democrats have nothing really did EDGAR boy was that in their little impeachment document that shift put together a moment's notice. There was a charge for obstruction of justice. Now to understand how idiotic this is. You really have to understand how subpoenas work so the press are under the while, This impression that if I am member of Congress, I subpoena you- and you say no- you have no by where did the one obstructed just say why there's a whole or brown sugar, it's called the judiciary right and if I subpoena you when you say no when I for the judiciary, nice. I know you need to show up where you go to the judiciary, you say no, I don't want to show up and then
judiciary says. No, you have to show up, and then you say no not coming does robots and structure. We release poisons right, and that is exactly what are these minorities are being a lawyer and, in fact is the fact that affect the Democrats even put that in the documents is demonstrative of just how empty and stupid its entire thing is there grasping at straws. It means that that quote from chef over the last forty eight hours where he was asked. Why don't you just wait to talk to you know, like actual people were in the room? so far. They interviewed what eight twelve witnesses, something like that. Only one has ever had a conversation with trumpet was Gordon someone when someone did not provide the evidence they needed for in our hands. We requisite to commit bribery. In fact, what did he say here that I spoke to travel on the phone and from said no quid pro quo? I want nuclear Roquat, the red exactly, and so he didn't give them what they needed. They could wait could wait for Giuliani Liquids Mulvaney. They commit boldly Kuwait, four pence there, a bunch of people. We talked to recreate a trump about this specific issue. They can wait for it and they asked if about it and shifts take was well. We can't
no need to wait for the fact. Damn right now need a way for the fast, because you don't you understand, you got enough an anomaly that they know that, after a certain point through electorate is going to say well below them the elections coming up. Why can't we decide, but that's what the Democrats dont want. That's the whole thing they hate about. Donald Trump is that he used the guy who came in whose sent by basically the be forgotten people. To say you know what you're the guy? You know how you been coils racist nuclear sectors, Oh you names. Like another. There are two amazing quotes from democratic congressmen that show you the whole impeachment game. One is Adam Shift who said Trump poses a grave threat to the country. If we wait we're all the facts to come out of that we have a twitter today and the second one is from Representative Al Green. Who said, I fear that if we don't impeach this precedent that he will get reelect, that's what they're really was redolent given due note. For a second I mean it's change topic, but I just want to know that the fall of Elizabeth Lord has been wonderful watch. Oh yeah, I get in the way,
month. Her pole numbers have just got like cheat, she climbed gradually and her descent has not been nearly is gradual. I mean it is a steep descent. The more people see if it was before the west. They like her, you notary, embrace it. You trace it to that healthcare, that's release which is it shows such a lie. The Democrats in saying we win on healthcare. We win by releasing a radical healthcare plans. Well, look and Elizabeth warring Cause, she's been tanking ever since then I ve managed it speaks to what you were saying before. As the electoral looked at. That said, that's a bad blood right. I mean that the people are gaining ran out like club. A chart is gaining New Hampshire, Buddha judges to lower New Hampshire and in Iowa Biden. Still leading nationally. You Bloomberg is doing. Ok nationally the only people who have a air at getting the nomination and our people who are either. Was you ma or masquerading as moderate. Those are the only people, an undulating, this kind, a hopeful for their country, because my hope was. It would be nice if we had two parties that were fighting at least in realm of reality, like any general real, I'm nothing like on
side of reality, going anywhere in the in the general universe of reality like I would rather have a Biden versus Trump election. Because again, I think that Biden is not trying to fundamentally Roy you bases of the country in the same way as it was before, and I think that you be horrible, he'll be a bad president. One be president. But he's not nearly as dangerous as people who are out there proclaiming loudly that argument little way Listen Joe Biden, you can't we're not gonna, be able to say this is the most important election of our lifetime Waggery frankly, it'll be the first election of our lifetime or you I'll be able to say that the most important of all skill say you're right. I want, and it won't be a flight like deep. Three light wherever we realise, whatever else you say about Trump aside from his affect aside from which the way he talks he's been caught a moderate republic in terms of in terms of what is accomplished. I just don't understand why her health care plan wasn't more aspirational. I felt like if she had come out instead, have you ever
the Wolf Crockett people would have fallen out of my little line here. There was the waiting camel. Hair is never do that, What really? Why didn't she don't under? I do not understand for the life of me. Why did she ever travellers with worn on that stage? Yet, but it wasn't it one woman in America has experienced discrimination had a live in a time when the vestiges of aggregation, we're still present in America. How could you Elizabeth worn claim for thirty years? career, that you are a member of the put upon minority group when you experienced every benefit of white privileges How has no one in the democratic, carried on a couple Harris like how we can never do that. Just our entire camp Without doing that, you can only live. Not only do they actually attacked Biden on re unrolled right, I mean I'm rubble without delay. The probable Pocahontas attack is its now identified as a Trump attack. Europe is, although that is what they have a big problem with this every time. Somebody says something sensible. These are well that's a geo. P talking is all
the truth. You know and then by the way, is in a very effective, even among Democrats, because he saw this with regard exactly to Elizabeth warrants. Healthcare. When is the Buddha it would say, like that's, not realistic, were club, charlatanism, realistic, and then somebody like William Castra jumps it that's a republican talking point, and then with one would tackle the ball. Is it turns out that some of those republican talking point our talking point because their true, though this is like the Fox NEWS B, where they say, let's just Fox news- is the truth. The Euro Zone something's on factions or truce of things, are true in those being a vaccine is by the way, I'm a friend who watch this New Fox NEWS movies, bombshell area. I said it was pretty terrible. I have to just say I am so deeply irritated with Hollywood. They ve now made two separate box news: Velvet, Let me one french Guiana made this this thing with with all the big stars in it, we always them on and nickel cadmium, and
and they made a has been any production deal on a harmonised incumbent on the thing that lead this entire thing or about indolent. Just as this is the first thing to drive me crazy, George Stefano was work for Bill Clinton, silencing women who said there were raped and abused. Ok, that's what he did. Four build. That was his job. Now he's the top ABC newsman ABC, killed. The Jeffrey Epstein Tori during the Hillary Clinton who didn't kill himself. I would you not guilty of antifreeze, despite they spike the Jeffrey Upstream story, then, when, after the person who released the fact that they spiked, if not the person who spoke to visit, you didn't say, always find the personal spike that story environed spike. We can find the person who release the story. That is that the ep-
Wayne spite and find her and energy. You also getting to that that point that came out in the new book about Epstein. The George Stepan operates with friends which every up to you also Wendy, went under the guise parties. Young and no. This is this is an amazing thing. Amazing act of corruption, vs fired an innocent women. It turned out for maybe releasing the fact that they expect the story. Is it tries me crazy. This fact that they were reaping little girl, I mean not little. Girls are wreaking teenage girl. Yes, undiscovered doing this on mass. He was doing like a factory bill Clinton was involved. Prince Andrew was about these bees. Major people and the press coverage up and he drives me not in their making fixed, ok, Roger else. I'm sure he did bad things are going well, our millions, but ones the metal, our merely better than that loud will be to development. It's not your greenly about we're worse about. What's nice, the Oscars we'll get a bunch of letters from Hollywood where this entire thing originated. Just like last year, we get an entire lectured about how the rest of the american people do not understand how women are put upon in this
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It was great. Is it like you, which was very exciting, because when one dead person endorses and other adverse had, our aims are to happen, and it is great for me because I actually to a fairly good job John Kerry, impersonation I rarely get to break it out. Anymore. Advocate he's never, and then it is very sad when you actually worked crafted bit impersonation when you want to hurt all much gillikins island, they have drawn up a builder arm to endorse a pinnacle of Marley Standard, the pinnacle of the weekly step, which would when he would carry got nominated. They just put his face. Look over there, That was why the long face lit up speaking of people who get Botox back to Hollywood. Rogue back I mean seriously. That was that they were the most obvious me about that Joe Biden tone that guy was a fat, so the PLO toxin, like crazy need to find out who
doktor is alright. There's an excellent scarlet things, just embalming fluid. There's next question comes from a great daily where's discovery once know. How is it that Hollywood can get totalitarian regimes? You know big bad government with just dopey inside I so right yet seem oblivious to the their leftist political side being likely to cause the like that in the actual future because store he's conform to reality, great stories conform to reality and the people who work in Hollywood, a very talented, many of them until the good stories stories conform to reality. Unfortunately, the people tell stories to books for to reality so that, if you, if you watch every great movie, truly great movie, as a conservative thing, has happened when we talk about concerns are indeed being beans in service to reality, came into it. The truth, that's right there in the UK
until this is this is where the left has gone totally worn by the way the left had this theory- and I ve been pushing this theory. Since I was a kid, but there's no such thing is truth. There's only storytelling, there's only narrative and people actually say that they say will change the narrative. You change the reality, but that's not true lifelong learning is worth the very few people on earth was made a living telling stories. I can tell you that stories are responsible to the truth and they express truth, and if they don't expect with people, come out of the theatre and think that was removed. I didn't know why it is not a good. I think it was not. I think, there's a reason why I've been I've been working on a new book which is gonna come out next August. Hopefully, I'm really pumping threats and one of the chief assumptions of the progressive laughed Missus been true for a couple hundred years. Is the idea of unlimited from the malleability that if the system or just try, Everybody would become glorious. We all love each other and that all of the problems in modern society, all disparities are attributable to the evils of society. If we would just change
the system and everybody would magically transform into angels ennoble. Even the founding idea that if men were angels, you wouldn't you new government of men were devils, no government would be sufficient We the idea that human beings are simple, but we have the capacity to fight our, using our reason, our wealth, which is a religious concept, didn't believe any of that they actually believe the idea that human beings are basically clay that are moulded by the systems in which they live, which is Rousseau idea, while all story cannot survive on. I promise because all stories are told about hackers and every character the you know, every single person, you, you know has characteristics characteristics are by nature somewhat immutable by James Bond. His characteristic if James Bond were suddenly become incredibly a feminist- unable to De Gondi when became bundled Moroccans, Indra he'd do not James Bond, and so every move did you ever watch is about characters who are real. Human beings were here and being does every human being, you know, is not capable of magically shape.
The thing in turning into something at least not in terms of their persona entailed, and so because human nature is fixed in movies because it has to be in order for characters have character ARC and be characterised. That means that you immediately have to be living in a conservative universe. I used to have a priest and they pistol Church, who was a corrupt guy, and I knew he was a crop guy and he used to say people are infinitely malleable. Who is this? Europe it requires offer, did you find out who sat in New York, smoking, cigarettes and thinking? I have to go back to Germany because I have to face, look and die doing that because you wasn't infinitely malleable, he had gaps and he had integrity and principles and he lived those principles out. It's the thing is the story of Dietrich Bonn Hover moved the sky, but he was still capable of holdings, absolutely conflicting theory, which is the theory that you say that people are infinitely valuable and, of course, great question if they should give us another one. I feel like. I know what Ben Andrew might teach if they were professors, but it is a question for all
you guys, if you can choose a college course, anything you wanted to teach. What would it be and why obviously, political and historical writing, I would probably saga about book length works. That say Maybe teach the sink economy of words and I would not show up and prepare anything, and that would be the course what I would like at what I would like to say that he would most likely thing I'm most interested in is theology and- and I actually I do believe that I know much more about most college subjects than most college professors. Today, and yet I am in no way qualified to teach any of these things had colleges, that's more indictment of the university system. As we have a very you got to teach at college this I did. I really had a great time. Maybe that was it hills they. So it was a great college. I thought about covering the culture and it was just fascinating to to watch the kids really responded to it. I really like the the course which was very gratifying, but they liked it because I'm saying things like
when you read a newspaper, you can see the weather manipulating story, but if it were up to me I would teach literature and I'd probably teaches romantic poetry. I think that this is that the british romantics english romantics were at a highly important moment. They lived in time very much like ours when a revolution had inspired people and then failed. For them it was the french revolution for us in the sixties. They had to rebuild the world in the wake of that revolution and they still had people who were shaped like we have over the revolution was great thing, and then they had guys. Like Wordsworth wishing wait a minute, you have to work out very well and they excoriated Wordsworth. While he became one of the good minds at the time, so that's I would just like to teach them. I think they're incredibly relevant. I think they're writing is so insanely beautiful, but I think they were doing something really important speaks at the moment on the fact that the drill must each partly explains why he so unfair. Ro the university system placing pay anyone patrimony Trojan up this out of the room where exactly on but there. For me, the key things I'd be interested in teaching about
would be the ideals of the founding era, because I think they're wildly misinterpreted. I think people lie about them and I think that those ideal still provide the glue that holds the country together, Admittedly, I'm writing a book on this right now. So did so that's what's for bursting with underline in my mind, but the fact is that more you investigate what exactly was going through. The founding fathers had what their influences war, what exactly where the chief ideals upon which their resting, the building of the greatest country in the history of humanity. The more you realise that these were eternal principles in the great lie that the left is told that these principles were not eternal, but they were written just for the time. There's a sort of historic. This approach you, the american founding, that all of this was built for a time. It's no longer relevant. You should listen writings, Woodrow Wilson. We're really talked a lot about the idea that the american founding what they said about government those applicable then, but human nature has changed and he we are changing issues with left the left. Very often when they talk about economics, will the economic system has fundamentally changed. You hear this
even from some people on the right thing, Tucker Karlsson does. This economic system has fundamentally changed because of technology because of globalization and free trade and won the things that the founding the founders made clear, is that they were basing their philosophy not on the contingencies of historical, sir. Stands. There are basing it on their view of eternal immutable human nature, and that view is what provided the basis for a capitalist free market system, particularly in economics, because The market systems are not systems that are built by man to serve us. They are just a manifesto one of the idea that you own your own labour and that you as a human being have rights, the pre exist government and those rights because a pre exist government are more important than the government and if the government does not exist to protect, rights. The government has completely destroyed, is rationale for being in the first place, free market are simply a recognition of human nature and of human rights are not a system that is built and because the left believes that every system is Belgium, because the left wants to build systems and because they engaged in what he called the fatal. Can
what which they get a bunch of smart people in the room. They can rule the world and it can put together. A smart ideas has never been true, will never go through and founders knew that, which is why the system they belt has been durable and successful here. So I would like to teach erratic unarmed ex. If I knew anything about it. I will say this though you I just come back from being in in Egypt, and it's a very humbly, viable country of anybody has the opportunity to tell you. Should it safe here they had the revolution back in two thousand and seven there. Tourism is really suffered by the military and the police to a really good job of making sure that american tourists are safe to visit his eyes. You stay staying to places you're supposed to be in, and you see these monuments five thousand Emma. You can't really wrapped her head around, and I am, in another forum, have an awful lot to say about it from a religious point. If you had a lot of great work and of relations there, that the fact that Egypt is a central to Judaism, central to Christianity in ways that I think Jews and Christian sometimes omit amiss. Those are things that again in an in another form, would be a lot of fun. For the four of us talk,
about, but I did have an economic realization. I was there, but it's been a bit at the intersection of the Middle EAST in Africa. It's a country where the Miller Arians everything that has value, and so the average person lives in their world conditions, and if you ve, revisited the third world. There are a lot of things at all. Third world countries have in common. One of them is theirs, there's literal garbage everywhere, there's rubble everywhere, because no one is invested in improving their surroundings. People have a kind of hopelessness, a kind of fatalism, and they don't take those kinds of actions in third world countries and the other thing that they have in all third world countries, and I actually find it kind of ashamed. When you talk to Americans about it, they often say that one of the charming things about visiting these countries. That they have a kind of barter system. But you know we had a oh. I bought this little Trotzky, but we and we borrowed bartered for we haggled over the price they wanted to em
in dollars- and I only gave him one american dollar and it was so much fun. That is why their poor. This is the thing that upsets me as when you, when you sort of reduced people down to being cultural novelties, instead of treating them like humans. The worst idea ever had by man and it's been had by almost every man who ever lived is that there is a fixed amount of money and therefore, in order for you to win, I would have to lose and in order for me to win, you would have to lose and when you visit third world countries, you really experiences that in almost every human interaction there is an element of competition that they're trying to get you to do something that isn't in your interest. They date because don't feel the baby one unless they also feel that you ve lost. This is why, when you go into third world countries, people get killed at cellphone kiosks in the mall better, It happened in America because when you go to a cell phone key asking them all the cell phones, to ninety nine, on a price tag,
hey. I give you one: ninety nine they I've does. Now. I M is written right there to put tonight that forces you to make a moral decision really Not a moral value based decision is that phone worth more to me then the two hundred ninety nine dollars that are in my pocket the two hundred ninety nine dollars in my pocket are worth more to Verizon. Then the phone which they have Therefore, when you enter into that transaction, everyone is made richer arising, got they valued more. I got one I value more, were both happy. But when you go into the third world one of the things that happened us where we are at the pyramids somebody came up. They want to sell me this decide tat my friend my four my friend? No thank you, my friend, but my friend only only one dollar north. No, thank you. I don't need to have my friend my friend was free for you only one dollar. No, I appreciate it. Then you just put the head on my head and now he wins. Could he put the had on my head,
Kevin Gates in the transaction? I wasn't strong enough to beat him, and now he held out his hand to get his one dollar. He is happy because he won, and I was he's happy because he was able to force me to engage in a transaction that I did not want to take part in and he and he got his I lost you want, and I think when you know, because you're an American, you actually just want a kind of long and take a picture with a camel sadist the guiding dollar at a certain point. It like whatever dude. I got plenty of one dollars. You have one dollar, you move about your business. He walks away thinking these Americans are so weak. He let me put a hat on his hand, an extract from him, the one dollar. What he doesn't understand is that no, I am I am completely flushed with dollars. I could buy these hats until Santa Claus comes lousy, lousy with one dollars
and the reason I'm lousy with one dollars is because I don't believe in your idea that that economies are fixed. That money is, I don't believe it I have to lose in order for you to win because of that we have created the entire our modern world and I we bring all this up. Basically, the humble brag that I was in Egypt, but I also bring it up because you see it in America and use the more and more in America. You see it sometimes with immigrant communities. If you go to a car watch or something that sown by first generation Americans, sometimes they ll pull this Mohammed for car offer you my friend I am. I know we're not friends. No for you. My friend, how much does it cost I just want to determined whether or not it's worth my investment would you not to be one up in me? I want you to feel like you want. I want to decide whether or not I give you Monygham is nervous, but you don't just see it with first first nourish Americans, the entire premise of almost every candidate at these democratic debates. This is this premise, though I grew. There was an article in the New York Times today, yes in which,
was with foreign was saying that taxing rich people will be good for the economy, just because your taxing them, I know she would literally in the below you, don't have to spend the money in anyway. She's just hurting rich people is somehow get out. Didn't you have stories from money. Is a story about the truth value yes, and so its infinite, there's infinite amount of money if there's infinite value, and that's the next with them, but they don't understand is it's a kind of idolatry? What idolatry is is taking the story for the fact that it is taking in the idle for the God, we're taking the money for the value, and once you want, to have a decent represent a truth and the truth is immutable. Then you actually the whole world and when you have abandoned in Egypt. For me you know when you stand at the foot of these monuments. There are five thousand years of that literally defy imagination, it's actually fairly humbling does what it tells us is. Mankind was capable of doing this
three thousand years before rice. If we really a patch of Euro Zone suggestions, included, Patrick looked upon the pair, we think of Cleopatra distinction, the pyramid minute when Cleopatra looked at the pyramid, it was older to her eyes, then Clia Action is to our eyes now right. It would be shorter for us to get to her. There would be they were capable of doing this five thousand years ago and then the bad idea, the family, and that culture has not created anything in the last really twenty five hundred years. Why? Why were they capable of creating the greatest wonders that the world has ever known? And now there now is just rubble and ruin in tragedy, and it's because of this bad idea, you can only extracts Much valuable for you run out of our new extractive value. Has a limit non extracted value has no created. Value, is look great value on, say. One more thing about being in Egypt is holding. Were you in Egypt and if you were when I was in Egypt, Egypt and I was in Egypt, my
Netflix account got hacked what, when you're, when you live, even even I, whom we sort of him tangentially involved in public life, the firstly, you think, is crap. Would it have been what It was my history going to wind up on the internet a lodging than the average memorial. I don't know about what was a reminder to me yet again to use express ppm. They were traveling, especially you have to protect your data. The best way to do that is to use a gps and the best BP and is Express PPM, its Express bp, and there is no question about it, and this is such an obvious. Product for the people who are listening to this shell gay because of your listening. The show. You probably check out some pretty weird stuff on amid all internet? You open up that incognito window typing W W w dot drudgery. For this reason, I you look at some pretty scandalous up. She's gotta get its no what everyone thinks I used to think this. I think nobody wants my data, not cares about my dad, a little old me. They do
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install it on your computer or your phone is one click, and now she's running back on your computer keeps everything safe. You never have to think about it again. Expressvpn dot com spend to get started, so we weren't other two guests was coming. He is the God father of Successful podcast, we have admired him for a long time been, and I actually hosted him and one of the very first political events that we had at our first failed. Our first spelled website precursor to this are enormously successful at all that the eco stars alongside me in a new film called no safe spaces. Everybody everybody has seen the movie. If you watch it slowly, if you don't take a bathroom break, you will see Jeremy boring himself. Lord hasty Lowercase K, God King walking the hall- Congress beside the guy, they were pointing the camera. The horse- oh store in this movie- I would point out here or about thirty- The rain was abyss film, where you view squint really hard. You can see me, you gotta, go check it out, but at
Corolla and the other, is that all lousy, but they don't have called no safe spaces, it was made by our friend. Just involved is a terrific, talented director in them in its own way, father of our business Gazelle created room of the very first yes, this no safe spaces is opening up nation might in theatres tomorrow and Adam is here to talk to us about it. But first we want to show you this delightful, frailer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you, you're, not listening. I want your job to be taken, for a project have turned the violent, California Berkeley. This is why we are fighting for the soul of American. You should be able to share ideas without fear of being fired from your job shouted down. You are not to be her. This is one of the few things one could.
Say we have no precedent for in the United States. You have the right to remain silent. The only way we separate good ideas from the bad ideas should be free to say whatever we want about them, any visa will be used against its a fantastic Belmont, opens tomorrow. An atom pay first opened by taught us to examine. How did you just material Why? Yes, in the middle of Europe, have guns were handed one full doctored bombay. You guys remember watching. Beware: Paloma, should reverse and throw away somewhere, but also a bit about the film. We all had the opportunity to see it and love it, but the audience obviously hasn't I'll. Tell you a little inside baseball story that recent mining when us thinking you're, we spoke in front of Congress at the same time and ban is
is in a stone- and I am a horrible college student from North Alfred High and what you get older anyhow, you get successful, and you think you know you have some nice cars and nice home in a nice bank account, you think you can do this and I flew out like Wednesday night read, I kind of thing landed. We had hid it early in the morning and of course I was work on this on the airplane lie. I have watched three episodes. A t j Hooker like showed up the next morning and there was banned like type page setting up. I submitted a page and he was like the ace and I had a sad o pad with like around on the following. I do that one person like a pirate withdrawing and all agree that there is a war going like what's the order. What's your
oh you're gone after back. I was in the ninth grade and I was a crappy you're doing. The oral presented should for me- and I was like a really was worth in your eyes Adam, but I want to know since that. Maybe we could break the news here. Did you at least give Dennis Worley after me he didn't eat. It didn't work out exactly like a problematic enticement, which is out of the present day presentation they made everybody laughed, nobody gave no girl boundaries, I hope, madam your wise, we can gradually agri every you knocked out of the heart hell are pause, then I'm ever Goin commanded yeah, but I got a few last and I did I did what idea in junior High, which is I'm not prepared, I dont have the material, but if I can
after a couple, a jug other line as out behind both of you, and I thought, there's only one guy hero and be friends with business with you yeah no safe space is we'll just a chance to work with Dennis Prager for maize awesome. You guys all know is it is such a great guy, just asserted, hang out with it's almost like when the camera star rolling is like a week. We can stop kinda thing about whatever fun stuff we're talking about a site. I toward the country done some events with Dennis done his programme, he done my programme and so the producer said a wonder this project with that inspire us like a way out for sure that that'll be fine and then, of course, on a real important subject and You see the movie, you know we don't really call
what a dark it's kind of a film, because it's got lots reenactments and lots of different stores and animation at a riding agnor at air like the greatest their startled me, so good yeah, I it's really great peace is Dennis suits you know. So incredibly humble always says you know it's a great movie, not because our mandate that I guess I'd like to do the humble part and it's a movie, but we where, along for the ride, like the producers, did a great job, just did a great job and directing it and It's a really effective pay site. I mean it it'll movie the tears at the end. We also you watching you go. This is important in that. Timing, couldn't couldn't be better and it's like bring the kids, because if you got a twelve thirteen fourteen year old Home- and this is what's waiting for them on that college campuses they need they need.
A little vaccination, have had the chance to show the film to any sort of non conservative audiences. Have you seen any people on the left reactor the phenomenal We we just show it and kind of who shows up. Who knows who shows up is who shows up, and I think we got a pretty bag and there are probably leans. You know in terms of the audience more conservative, but we ve got some good notices and some good feedback from folks on the left- and I think, Dennis always is careful, make the distinction between liberal and laughed. I think the I think that's one of its more brilliant surveillance. I think we all think of ourselves as liberal in a sort of classic sense, but the left stuff is not liberal. It sort of the opposite of its saps. At a liberal, I have to think that a lot of people who served traditional democratic country may not agree with us on a lot of social issues may not even agree with us about tax policy. It would still be pretty appalled that what they thought college whispers-
to be about, which is this exchange of ideas, maybe even get a little trouble with their ideas to try out some ideas. The maybe get a little older. You don't even keep them if you test the water of what you're going to believe in that just isn't happening on campus right now. It seems like it's not being allowed at all. That's so funny, because I was just doing Martha Maccallum show when she was talking about diversity on, best in the math nature, get than all the scrub and everything, and it's like diversity, diversity, diversity, yet, but only in skin color, not an opinions, not night. He is innocent. The ultimate diversity that diversity of opinion, this notion, like we're. Looking for a diverse it. So it's a whole bunch of different colored people who think evacuated, that's your definition of diversity and that's the opposite and there's something then you'll be glad. I say constantly into the microphone and then toward the Heavens. When I'm alone in the dark, when you
in the film when you go to speak at Berkeley and they have like the vice chancellor, something a he says. It's an end. This is something I think some important work where they go. The guy goes, I just The gray with everything venture Para has to say, but he, but I agree, he has the right to say it and I'm always like you, don't disagree with ever thing bench apparel has to say it is about Iraq. If You do then you're an idiot, because, most of what bench apparel says is correct. There's a small sub section of stuff. It has to do with faith, religion and history, your person out personal beliefs and things like that, but most of the family, the country, the edge occasion the pay that acts as a b. A good neighbour, you agree, and I think I think, there's a big problem more. They go. I don't agree with anything that Dennis Prager Hassock, you didn't you. We agree with ninety six percent of what Dennis Prager says if you're a normal right thinking, I don't mean to the right of normal, correct thinking, person
You will agree with that. Your great within I think it's creating this chasm of like a lot. We don't agree on anything our now we're gonna move forward around eighty percent of that right I mean I spoke at Boston University. A couple of weeks ago knows I was like I was protested by two hundred people outside doing this mass. Protest calling me a white supremacist and racist and inside our sector have Frederick Douglass beyond the national currency and the evils of slavery and Jim Crow and american life as it, because I ve never listened to a word, and there was a guy who's got around with a camera fleck ass, usual the camera asking people so what you know about what Shapiro has at nobody knew anything of course, but that's that that is what happens Cap has wanted things I want to ask you: is the identity You occupy obviously very different basis and, Denis you know, is sort of an hour more traditional space, but you have that cross over would be Hollywood communicative. A lot of friends get started in more traditional Hollywood. Give a lot of friends particularly meet community have these, in the film at all. Had they been giving you feedback on sort of the theme of it? We had a few
out to the premier, who really enjoyed it and then there's some obviously that are in the movie, email and Brian Cowen, Harlan Williams, came out to the premier and some others names escape me. Right now I will. I am going to Seth Macfarlane Christmas Party may well snake Blu Ray and Papa and to a pop out his his dvd of red, what there is no safe spaces and he'll probably be somebody sheets of the way, and by the time you get my watch one of the things that benzene knows that there it seems like every comedy special is now at least half directed at the extorting. We woke. Every single one is directed at the over extension of the S J, w mentality of the far left mentality that says he can talk does mean people who we are. I agree with a lot of the time, but are beginning to realise that the left is pushed too far on this sort of stuff
people who your friends with but would never happen. Invitation with me Bobby are even Seth. Macfarlane the guy's rise entire fortune basically on preventing gambling, restate travel, yeah yeah. I think, there's a saturation point I think, you're seeing it would allow the Canadians pushing back. I think the Dave Chapelle a billboard had one where you're staying at its core mediums job to sort of bee. The canary in the coal mine? We have the car, the foul weather vining ride or whether the metaphor is like comedians after should have taken. What's going on around us in society, that mail, you there's a guy, you know like bring it in and then, while I was such a bad student, although they weren't Germany's Walter Reed Junior High, we did go to the changing. You have created a week, you it's our jobs as community scattered
Daniel, what's going on and then push against it. So if there's too much this we're going to have to give that and when you feel the push back, that means the comedians have hit their saturation point and once the comedians hit the sack nation point, they'll be the first people on the beach you now to me, they'll be the first out o the Higgins Craft. That's how comedy do you aren't you lose not to get to national, but I mean: do you lose friends in Hollywood by doing things that you do by saying the things now gesture jobs regard those guys you were gonna, hermit friends. Now I was, I was laughin my wife there there very like another documentary not get in the sun, dance, and and whatever it is you you'll, never I'll, never, nothing minimal. I make documentaries all day long and none of them are getting into Sundance Nothin and out nothing. I do. I said to my wife s it this Adam career It is never getting a Sunday
and by no number bloom I turned my new name jewels dash and she said I don't even know if that's a manner women's day. I said the arbitrary categories right. I have been a fan of yours forever and I will An early reader of your prophetic work in fifty years will all be checked, When I watch the movie at the premier, I even I was shocked and how crazy it's gotten I was, the cut in college, not that long ago, like I'm, I'm only half joking, because all of those joke some sort of come true. Do you feel vindicated yeah I think I have the died, a really bad feeling, because all I do is sort of as well as comedian in a sort of junior psychologists. All I do is try to see what's happening before it's happening, minutes all comedians It was kind of feel what's going on and get there before
for everyone else does insult ten years I wrote in fifty years won't be checks, as I felt all of this coming And if you read the book you we will, it is all these things are are touched upon an eight, it's kind of your job, be a little soothsayer or a little Nostradamus, see if you're, if you're plugged in case you can kind of like you'll, see things like you study thinks like I'd. Like you study the Torah I studied daytime tv when I would think that head and I'd stay home for Walter, Reed, junior High nineteen, seventy seven every day time tv commercial was, you want to drive a truck while we thought we go the school a truck in two weeks, its privacy licence or, like every commercial that was on Wednesday at one o clock was private truck small appliance repair.
For the women of his learned, work in a doctor's world. I don't know about secretary or something so it was all get a job get a job here, employed your home during the day get a job now, every day time commercials a class action law suits. Did you have some pubic mash explode or so that various chalk rear like they have received for the better and then that it fits into like wrongful termination discrimination at work, and I was laughin with Mark Garriga sailor. There said my kids Kids are gonna, be home. Watching tv and marked era goes. The third is gonna, come on the television and go as your boss asked you to do stop. It will really there right. Yeah me whether its use not in fifty
years, it was, it was in five radio you're just eight. I was just I mean that that that whole neighborhood Secondly, that book, which is it is it's the funniest recover at native ITALY. A funny that it the whole section in the book? When you talk about your son and the expected given that, if you're not a homophobia renewal, engage in actual Congress, a member of the same that at the end, we literally there their articles in like regularly now about how, if you are a biological mail and you do not wish to have sex with they buy, logical male identifies a female, then you're, gay, if you won't actually have sex with biological man as a biological man, because he identifies the female this. Actually makes you a homosexual right now. Liberating. The eye, the thing that's funny I we started crack up about that in fifty years will reject this, as I said in fifty years is started happening about four years after the book was population.
That was ten years ago, but I will say, like you know, and all those climate movies where the earth's gonna bean envelop and tidal waves in the thing there's always that scene about eighteen men It's in the act was like doktor best spend our what's going on like I was way off He had already. We haven't got white wines that we always talk. Like I said years when we made the film is no safe spaces, it is in the interim Nationwide Denmark, the nationwide couple hundred theatres You ve gotta, know say spaces, TAT Tom and I think it's him movie that, if your audience who was watching who doesn't get along, movies for them so to speak and gets everyone gets pre, Jean everything's, all anti Frank, king docks and everything like that, this all something for you.
It's really important by the way for everybody to go, see it I'm going to put that out there that when people actually make films that are not catering to the hard left and directed by Elizabeth Banks, you should actually goes little of their good if the entertaining in front of one or two thousand, when I said not by was but this film is actually hilarious. Seeing the reenactment of young Dennis Prager there it's early life in Moscow is worth. The price is worth the price of admission, as since four of the five of us at this table do star in the film making drew. My many might leave is misspelled alone in the thanks. I always like this. They can live in the appropriate way. Appropriate Google, for when I have a hard outpaced, has been a time with a family. I find loaded with beard again soon diamond sooner than later
I get up, who was to send the stamping log thanks out of a hat? I don't want to examine very protruding end of the day they are backstage, we're gonna, do it again, probably in a month or so, and we're gonna if you stick Randal, but after head over to daily work dot com. If you are a, insider. We are going to be doing discussion. We are now with the four of us even been. Can it be in it and he'll be in a little bit better mood as it were popular next, I beg lap and three tube Delaware. Backstage is produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joiner. Executor producer me senior producer Jonathan pay. Supervising producer is math, is clever. Technical producer is often a steep assistant director Pablo, without asking edited by Adam silent Audio dismissed by my poor me Harry make up by just over segment producer.
Knock off. What's the daily, why backstage faintly wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand nineteen,
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