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Daily Wire Backstage: Mute This Debate Edition


Will Trump’s performance be a departure from his last debate appearance? Can Biden contain his rage if his family scandals are mentioned? How many times will Trump mention Hunter before he is completely muted? Are there any actual “undecideds” at this point who will be swayed one way or the other based on this circus show? 

Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they get to the bottom of these questions and more.

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Hey, folks, Ben Shapiro here, don't miss our latest episode of daily Wire backstage join me. Andrew Clavin, Michael Moles and Jeremy boring as we cover the top stories in politics and pop culture with enough laughs and insights to get you through these insane news cycles. Take a listen. Welcome to the daily wire backstage Mute, this debate edition, I'm very boring known round these parks as your friendly neighbourhood, God, king, that's, lowercase, g and lower case gay and we're glad of tuned in Will trumps performance, be a departure from his last debate. Appearance can Joe Biden Containers rage of his family scandals are mentioned, how much of the word hunter trump, be able to utter before he's completely muted by the moderator. Are there any actual undecided at this point. He'll be swayed one way or another based on the circus, show probably not stick around, though, and you'll find out. Roll opening traffic joining may to discuss,
All of this and more, we have the been Shapiro thee Andrew Craven, Michael Knolls. Coming up after the debate, we will also be joined by the Lovely Ilusha Grouse reminder: stick around after the debate. Wives, dream for some instant analysis from us here on backstage, if you're in all access, make sure you're watching this over on our disgust page daily wire dotcom, because we will be joining are all asks access members in the library. Reading your comments and taking your questions during the course of the actual debate not a daily wire insider or all access member join. Now we'll give you twenty percent off discount with the coupon code debate. Exclamation point that is debate exclamation point. The exclamation point is to make a confusing, but also if you are all access member and you want your question red live on the air, submit them in the Czech Ilusha will be joining us. Later in the show, as I mentioned, and she will be getting your questions to us, gentlemen, what the hell is about to happen literally anything
The last time we were gathered together in this very room was the first presidential debate. This is the third presidential debate. There was no second president that, on account of the Presidential debate debate was an unmitigated disaster. Anyway, you cut it. What do you guys expect is going to happen tonight? Well, I think the Donald Trump, the Such I mean I think at first he was kind of saying. Oh, that was great. I beat Biden up, but the Poles didn't really reflect that they didn't reflect as much damage as the press would like to say. There was, and what really hurt him after that was getting the flu I mean. That's what really got him was. I think that really damaged in the polls, but I you know, last time I said, I think the big surprise is going to be how much trump now knows, and that actually was true for the first five minutes of the last, wait until chaos ensued, some sort of hoping he has that enough restraint to let that come out. They have of this mute, but that could help him, because it'll allow bidens it'll, allow Biden, talk, the more Biden talks, the more fool
makes of himself. So possibly this could be a good come back for rob, but if there is some way the can stamp on that you can almost body will Michael what you think With this mute button idea, everyone is saying that the mute button is going to be used against Trump and I'm sure that's what the moderate greater, will try to do the thing is it would actually help drum. If that's muted touring, Jos answers and the reason for that is not, as trumped doesn't have good. Quips, you actually does have pretty good one liners it's because Joe Biden does much much worse. The more time you give him and so whereas the Trump strategy last time was put show off his feet, Joe actually does pretty well when he gets off his feet. As a slick politician. He doesn't know what statism but he's pretty good at politics and where he doesn't do very well is where he has time to finish, and so I actually think that I'm sure the presidential to Bake mission was trying to hurt trumpet. I actually think unwitting
they they may have helped them, but when will they use the will? They use the mute in a way that doesn't appear to be an overt attack on the present on the president? Does the media have enough discipline at this point to even come off with the with the appeal? of objectivity. I think they'll be careful here, because I think that the last thing that they want is to keep underscoring this message, which is that they are biased against Trump. Now they obviously are biased against Trump. They obviously hate Trump. I mean you saw NPR today announced they will not cover the Hunter Biden story under any circumstances, which is your taxpayer dollars at work. On behalf of Joe Biden, I mean it's an inkind contribution by NPR with your taxpayer dollars. It's basically tax fraud, but with that said, I think that they will be, I would say, fairly generous before they actually hit the mute button, and I think that more than that Trump, I think, is going to be a lot more discipline when it comes to not talking over people because he recognizes that was a bad thing. The bigger question is going to be what his angle has to be tonight, because we can all disregard the polls and we can say the Trump is ahead and then the debate doesn't matter, but if you think the debate actually matters and that this maybe Trump's last attempt to turn this thing around,
The question is what you do message being and there are two possibilities: possibility number one is that he goes directly after the hundred by issue which has been percolating for the last two weeks medium and trying to cover it up Joe Biden right before debate, decided to issue a statement and I did he ever had held stock in a hundred There were discussed business with Hunter, or any of that you could see from try to go after it. I think the problem there is that it's kind of a complex story info is not a good storyteller he's a good joke teller, but he's not a good storyteller and there's a difference. Tucker Carlson is very good at laying out all of this stuff a to z, but Trump is not. He kind of speaks in slogans and he speaks in Twitter isms. So he's more likely to just go straight. the punchline of a story without actually laying out any of the tales things better policy tonight is probably be just remind everybody. Did the economy was going great guns until covert head and that if the Democrats take charge there now talking about making Bernie Sanders Secretary of Labour, which is insane there now talking about raising taxes so high? That fifty cent is off the bandwagon,
that that I think, might bear more fruit than you know. He's got to mention the Joe Biden is corrupt and that he's got corruption problems, but I think if he makes that the chief issue in the debate it'll quickly get all except especial because yo know the moderator is going to then ask from to detail exactly how Biden is Group and Trump just does not have the capacity to ferret out all of those particular tickets. Well, if you're like those of us who watch the first debate and you're contemplating our
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and if you have dependence, you absolutely do economic policy genius tat come right now to get started. You could say fifty percent or more by comparing quotes policy genius when it comes to insurance, it's nice and very, very important to get a right, so I actually agree with been, but I think that the president's trap tonight is the actual hundred by an email scandal, and that's because I dont think that he's gonna be very effective at explaining it. It's not that kind of thing that explains well in a two minute segment rights, not the kind of thing that you explain what with equip. I think the president can make the point that Binding is corrupt and the funny thing is: if he does tomorrow, there will be a one. Eighty in the media and every network will actually cover the hunter by an email story for the first time to repudiate whatever it is that the President says, I think that the president's actual that the most important thing is don't swing, don't be the cat who traces, the laser right, don't go up the shining object. The president needs to actually remind the american people that this modern left is utterly radical, that there
a kind of revolution happening in the country. It's not an election that ultimately about policy. Almost every election in my lifetime has been about policy differences unless it policy Jean policy, differences can be life or death, abortion, a life or death policy, disagreement between the right and left healthcare, life and death policy. Disagreement between the right and left your right to bear arms gun control. There are many issues, policy issues that are very important, but this election is not fundamentally about policy distinctions. It's about the actual structure of our government. It's about Europe, the our rights from free exercise, free speech, the right to bear arms who process equal justice. It's about our norms, it's about our institutions. They want to alter fundamentally the Senate by doing away with the filibuster they would alter in a fundamentally by using simple majorities to add states so that the Senate is disproportionately left, leaning forever. They want to change the nature of the Supreme Court, which is four hundred fifty one years had nine justices. They
the pact that and have more justice, as that would do away with the electoral college. They want to do a really, even with the fifty states federalist way that we elect presidents and go to this national melon ballot sort of scheme that they have really making the? U S p s a major part of our election process in the way that they are is the first step in nationalizing our elections. They want to do all of those things so that their is never another policy disagreement between the two parties, because there is only one party and there's only one set of policies that can't be allowed to happen. That's the argument that the present needs to make and is to make the point that they want to change everything and it's not even a peaceful revolution. Go walked. The streets of Portland go walk the streets of Seattle and you'll see that it's actually in the early stages of being a hot revolution. and the only chance of stopping them is right now by getting out in voting this law. The president have that point Michael. This is a great point actually that the difference between this policy or that policy, and what does the government look? It reminds me of Scalia's dissent in the Obergefell
which which redefined marriage he said. Listen the question of how the law defines marriage is not of particular interest to me. What is of interest to me is who rules me. What is the role of for me and you know what you were since the beginning of the Trump administration. This idea of the deep state, the bureaucracy, the administration- has been creeping up. A lot. Do we, the people run country to have a constitutional government, or do we have something different that the progressives gave us? I think he can on that very well he's just he can actually hit on the Joe Biden, corruption as well. He can say Joe Biden was an office for fifty years. He didn't accomplish anything for the people. He accomplished a lot for himself and now we've got this question. What kind of government do you want? Do you know? One important thing that you brought up before is where the voter or the conventional wisdom is that he has to sway Trump ass to sway the independence that people have made up their minds. But I agree with you, Jeremy, that that that there the art that many undecided voters and Trump either by strategy or just
by instinct, and I really think it's his instinct. I really think it's a limitation on what he's capable of doing has been playing the game. Molly Hemingway identify very early on which was get the people love you to come out because the one thing where he the one place where he is winning is on enthusiasm. It is really difficult to read these poles a ahead and then see the rallies. The trump is staging and compare them to the graveyard shift Biden is doing nothing. Nobody turned when you ve been dead for five years late, an hour afterwards, immigration policy, a british learning there may not be a lot of enthusiasm for Biden, but there's a lot of enthusiasm against Trump, and that really is the key to the election, which is why shifting the focus to Biden has it's been a failure of the Trump campaign that he's been unable to shift any focused. Not for one iota of a moment. I teach abide, Neffer, millisecond and so yeah? I think Biden made a crucial error today in something that he said in an interview then tweeted it out, as an idea and we've never lived up to the idea- and
that's myself, like yeah. That would be. That would be a great thing for Trump to to bring up idea that America has always kind of sucked in America is an idea, Never in our entire history lived up to that idea up now, only or liberating the concentration, camps, not only are ending segregation now in Europe about the President of the United left. At no point in all of american history have given lived up to our own ideas are obviously a li. It's now Tefl version of how you see the country. I want to come back and talk about that a little bit more after the debate. I think it's a really important point to its a huge gap by Joe Biden and it merits our scorn and I think it merits some of our attention tonight. First, I want to talk to you guys about fatherhood. I became father almost four months ago? And now you know you hear those studies that about how they have little boys and girls sit in a circle and they observe them. And over time, the little girls lean in and the little boys lean out his little boys are looking for threats. And the little girls are looking for community and looking for conversation. I've always been in there gazing with the girls
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forget the exclamation point: that's because you're a normal human, but you will not get your twenty percent off. all right. Everybody will see over there right now. I think we're going to turn into the presidential debates and will catch up with you right after. Well welcome back to the daily wire backstage. I'm here Andrew Clavin, Michael Nols and Ben Shapiro, to recap on what I'm hoping hoping you all just watched as we did, which is the second debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump reminder if you're not a daily wire insider or all access member. You can join during the course of this broadcast for twenty four twenty percent off with the coupon code debate. And now they have removed the exclamation mark. So all you have to remember is just debate d be eighty eight were we just saw the most civilised debate. I think,
If you go all the way back to the democratic primaries, this is the most simple debate, much different than in tone than what we saw last time. How do you think it played for the President, Michael? I think worker did a good job. Don't want to overstate that. I think she went easier on and I think she went tougher trump there's no doubt about that, but overall she did a very good job and she did infinitely better than Chris Wallace Trump thanked her for it, which, which is good and trump new. He knew what he was doing, this tiny he learned. He took the lessons and most import of all its not just eat, he knew when to let Biden talk, but he knew to emphasise what Biden had just said. You heard right at the end, there Biden SAD Yom base got to get rid of the oil industry and he said hold on before we move on. That's a big deal said it three or four times, because otherwise they were going to gloss over it very important, and it really could could sway some votes to Trump. True, would you make of it? The
the last time we watch the debate, I said that debate was a tie on points in Trump lost and Trump loss, because you didn't, let Biden talk it and let Biden show himself for what he is. He made himself overly aggressive. He made himself a boy. I thought this was a wash on points and trump one and he won because two now they went down the drain. The narrative, the bag can't stand for. Ninety menaces speak semi coherently, he did and the narrative the Donald Trump is the devil from health, and I think that that the more powerful narrative, that's the narrative, the spin being sold to us for four years by them. Stream media, and just about everybody else in the elite, communications, industry and Trump just destroyed it. He was As we all said he would be. He was helped by the rules that made him forced him to have some discipline. He is not a discipline guy. He looked disciplined. You heard what he was saying: he was saying. Basically was Joe Biden doesn't know what he's talking about, and I think that's pretty clearly the case I think he had couple of great lines that will resonate with people who built the cages, Joe, was probably
the best one, that's kind of the one that I think I will resonate for the longest time. The press tomorrow is going to say it wonderful that Joe Biden is sentient, but I think what people saw was a president who knows what he's doing basically and a guy who's, standard issue politician who's been in government for forty seven years. This is the kind of debate that brings out the people who were thinking. I I dont like Trump I voted for before. But now I won't now. I think they can come back say no wait a minute. He is the guy. I thought he was able to grant point been. What do you make of it?. Yeah. I totally agree with that. Last point I mean after having cut that videos. We talk now vote for tromp because you know, despite all of the character flaws in all those problems and everything that we know about him. The bottom line is that when you look at the alternatives, this is the better alternative for the country. It makes you more comfortable voting for him after the last debate. I think a lot of people got very uncomfortable voting for him because of his behavior. I think, after his covid behavior people got very uncomfortable voting, for you saw it in the polls they started immediately. Set
great I think. You're gonna see the pol starts to come back together a little bit here, and I will say that I thought that the only aspect of this where he did not handle himself really well. Actually, I was about first fifteen twenty minutes over the first fifteen twenty minutes before he got to the actual lockdown of it when they're just talk how you handled Kobe generally, I thought that was Darien message, the first fifteen to twenty minutes, just it is a lying messages and untrue message. Regular we keep saying over and over that everybody has died because a trumpet. I wish the trumpet just said to him Joe, how many wives You have saved considering that people all over the world are dying of this thing. How many lives you Chris did Andrew Cuomo not save and Gretchen Whittemore and various other people who took exactly political recommendation, but I thought that after that he quitted himself. I thought incredibly well that's about as good as you're going to see Donald Trump on a debate stage and, as you were mentioning Michael, I thought that there are several moments. where he jumped in, and he really hammered home a point, and this is He really is good ready to hammer in each of a nail, and sometimes he stumbles on a nail and he hits it really really hard. There are three or four of these times. He did it
over and over with you been here before seven years. You've been here for eight years, you did nothing. I thought the weakest moment of the debate for Biden by far was that moment where Trump turned to him and said so, where were you? Why didn't you do anything and there's this long then, and then we had. We had a republican Congress, isn't even true, even true a democratic Congress up through many times I mean yes to lie about it and then from comes back with well, you could talk to them mean it was actually a really good moment for Trump. I thought that the moment where he went after him on criminal justice reform again same kind of thing. I thought that he hammered pretty pretty well on on the Hunter Biden again, although again he to draw to draw the whole narrative, but just the the fact that now are going are have to have to come out and explain what told talking about which is going to be the story right after this is going to be Trump lied about how much money the no evidence that right Biden took direct money from the Russians even take three point: five million dollars, but you're gonna have to explain that hundred by naturally did receive money via the mayor of Moscow's wife. And what does that mean- and he was smart enough to keep saying about the Biden family right it as opposed to use Joe Biden personally so
I think that he'll get back checked up the wazoo. I think some of it we deserve, but I think that in the end this was a much much. I mean an infinitely better performance for from If you are somebody who is now on the fence, not about which Canada support, but on the fence about you kind of like properly sure, ok with trumpet, you want and you know, is a really worth it for me to go out and vote for him and one of these one stage. I think, give you a lot more comfortable going on standing in line in voting for the guy after this. Can I just make one one other point on the facts I think of them, any even semblance of fairness and the fact checks, Biden losers. He lied several times,
danger major major points from cuts. Something's made some inaccuracies, but Biden looked into the camera and allied repeated with the trouble is drew. If I had somehow I could make a him saying. I have read that there is no such thing as a fact check. The fact, checks or democratic left wing opinion gotta. Joking right, if there were, we would end up in jail by an openly said in that they did not a single human being lost. A private health insurance unduly allow Mckenna Edison, and I mean that was literally called, be number one. Why of the year, my permit a factor of three years ago and Morocco bombers suggested that you wouldn't lose your doctor or lose your insurance under Obamacare and literally millions of people were kicked off of their private health insurance, because many of those insurance plans became illegal under Obamacare, you couldn't
had there been a judge, but the biggest. Why? But the biggest lie of the ninety it's gone completely unchecked. Now to consider two consecutive debates is that if you lost someone to cohabit nineteen, that is Donald Trump spot covert. Nineteen is killed. People all over the world, an end to the president's point, killed more people in New York and anywhere else in this country to be the fact that they allow Joe Biden to say that that there won't be a single fact check about. It is evidence of what Michael was saying. What is it that checking sites right now are really just them front facing piece of the Democrat propaganda machine? It's a real vulnerability for conservatives and one that we as a group probably need to think a little bit more about before we do that. I want to talk about something that makes my life a whole lot easier and that is our friends over at stamps com, you have a lot of things that you need to be doing in your life. You need to be less to the daily wire. You need to be checking in on whether or not Andrew Clavin survived yet another Claven. Last weekend you don't want to spend a minute
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you use stamps com. I do use stamps com, Jeremy. Thank you for mentioning it and let me tell you: don't spend a minute of your holiday season at the Post office this year, instead sign up for stamps com, there's no risk with my promo code Shapiro. Yes, the best of all promo codes. You get a special offer that includes a four week: trial, plus free postage and digital scale, no long term commitments or contracts just head on over to stamps com. Click on that microphone at the top of the home page and type in the only word that matters Shapiro that stamps com enter Shapiro stamps com, never go to the post office again. So before we get to any of the other important policy clips. I want to get to the most important clip of the night, because it is indeed the most important clip in the history of american politics, and that is clip number twelve, which Joe Biden well, you just have to see it to believe it. You know what North Korea we're not a war. We have
relationship? You not people others having a good relations with the leaders of our country. Have allotted hunting, have a lot of questions together, not gonna. We had a good relationship with Hitler before he, in fact invaded listen. I'm no history that guy right there he was. He was a pale Hitler. I always liked him. Until he's debated Europe, he had novated Europe, then I thought yeah. Maybe he thought he was. I feel like Daniel Dale might want to get right on that one. Over c I mean the guy knows about wise, an unbelievable rate. I mean the fact that that Trump is one who always gets fact checked but these huge now is my eyes are facts. I mean Joe Biden for a long time has been an increase, mean, I mean lying in politics in politics like a rug, since the nineteen eighties, when was claiming to have a railroading re, such those actually Neil Kinnock background so got it.
nothing new about that, but he did lie like many many times tonight, like a out of time so Biden Pretty or Joe Biden lying in one single statement. He is on both sides of a particular issue: roll clip number three for us. And I dont look at this in terms of what he does pollution. and read states there all the United States and look at this states that are having such a spike in the corona. They are the red States, the states in the MID west of the states in the Upper Middle West values, but that in fact sets himself, but I dont see red states are both it and the red light. I thought you know, I don't, but I ain't five day you love that use now, just overtly hijacking, Barack Obama, slogans, etc. I made one up their dancing it goes like this. Yes, we can, I think, that's the thing
in two thousand and laughed father in a white mother unify the kind of through a bomb under the bus. Though he kept saying I was the vice president, not to present a five minute president. I will end on work as well as the going is where he just paste planted Bernie. I will admit that I did get a thrill when he absolutely took Bernie and given swirling amnesia is raised directly in Quillan flying. We wish you good it was was, although my word used is about Medicare per off the unobtainable socialized medicine guy. I don't listen to these crazies in my own party. It turns out that he was actually lying about his own policy, of course, because everyone knows the public option is the first step to getting rid of private insurance, because once you can subsidize a public option and you can use public option or to cram download drug prices on the pharmaceutical companies Presumably, you'd have to mandate that doctors and hospitals take their public option. Nor to make any of this work will, then you have already taken the first step to getting rid of private transport of it was pretty glorious to watch him. Just apps.
Lastly disown Bernie Sanders is now wandering around in Vermont under an already. I wonder if there will actually be a consequence to throwing Obama under the bus about is a thin skinned. Man Obama has no sense of humor about himself. Obama sees himself, he doesn't love Biden and he sees himself as a religious figure, not a political figure. He was reluctant to endorse Biden. He essentially endorse Biden after Biden sees, nomination, and he didn't go on the road for Biden during the general election until today or yesterday. Let your literally was this week, and now how are they gonna go on the road to Morrow Win, win win by through amended, arise about them. You know there's this other issue, which is that in the eighties, when Biden was played your rising people, he did it. First of all, there is no internet, so they couldn't jacket and I've played rising foreign politicians over over in Ireland. Now he's blades workers involved. It is that we worked for in Amerika. There were the president. People can look it up that! That's one issue: we can
calling Biden a liar and he tells lies so he's a liar, but I think the thing that's more definitive about Biden. Is that he's a cynic? He doesn't care about the truth. Another is active, but you just doesn't care, and so he can actually say to completely. opposite things can be in the same sentence as when you re outlook, as when you have been in politics for forty seven years. You actually know that the truth. That matter, can, I guess, she's one of trumps. Best moments in nobody's gonna talk about it tomorrow, but I think it played wishes when trumped shed. But Biden was saying: oh look at the kid your kitchen table and your reaching France Bed and all and Trump said you Know- is that all you ve got a central unit old politician stuff about the kitchen table in your bedroom Sunday, and I think that was just a moment that undermine Biden completely and every time he went back to it. Every time Biden went back to the technique yet came by
into your mind. I thought why is the latter's you're using a moment right? Is the Christie Rubio mom? Yes, where a Rubio kept saying the same thing and then Christie jumped in envisaged in the twenty six literally debates and and just for them missed it and Christy jumped in and said what you're gonna say now. Is this whole thing about make no mistake, blah blah blah and then Rubio immediately came back with that. That was fantastic because it was highly irritating that, after being hit on his family, he went to this preplan line about they don't care about my family and they don't care about your family they care about. Well, you should be caring about your family, you, the american people and troubles. I go f yourself is about your family for him, because it is bull crap I mean it. Just is bullshit, I'm sorry like when, when when Joe Biden turns to camera and start there's nothing, I hate more in life than the sincere voice. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it in politics, people go down to the low register and they look to camera they're, just taking out her and of a sudden they go dogs
and very sincere, so you're, not a big Don lemon fan is what you're saying. Oh my god, I just absolutely the worst. Even our friends who do it right, like TED used to do it during debate and I'd, be like don't. Do it it's not you up at an end, but, like one Biden did that you ve been doing it consistently. Brother age and tromp was like this pathetic. You wrote that, We wrote that it means nothing like mine It tells me to flatter bed here, but actually you did. This appears Morgan and it was. It was it's a great tactic that Republicans should pay attention to. When you went on piers Morgan showed a debate uncontrol, you knew exactly what he was going to do and he say: okay, here's what ours is gonna, do he's gonna come out he's gonna stand on the graves of the children of sandy hook, which he wasn't is planning to do that, and it totally put him off Gordon The same thing here when you can call out the contrived tactic that your opponent is about to use. It is so devastating and Trump Trump used it to great effect. Sorry, one more quick note on the China stuff and I think this he didn't explicate the China stuff.
particularly well. He kind of throw out some accusations, kind of like chum in the water, hoping that the sharks are going to circle around and feed off of it. The one thing that he did create was the fact that Joe Biden went over the hot. So Biden didn't just say I never seed money from any foreign deals which ok, fine, he said son never done anything wrong hundred. Never anything wrong. Nobody's ever said, Hunter has done anything wrong. That's just a lie. Hunter Biden himself has admitted that he went around jet setting using his daddy's name to pick up bags of cash, and now he's got an ad, so I help Trump has to do. Is cut that ad. That's right! I want to talk about the hundred bits and stuff in detail, because it's a big story of the week, the big story of the day and was obviously a big issue in this debate, but first time I talk about the second amendment now more than ever. Our second amendment is under assault. The left, as we discussed earlier in the program the left, we're not debating the left today on policy, we're debating the left on the fundamental structures of our government. They actually to do away with the protection of the first amendment, the protection of the second amendment that protection of the fourteenth amendment I want to do away with the electoral college
do away with the filibuster which, while not constitutional, isn't made Norman our system of government. Well, when the founders crafted the constitution, the very first thing that they made sacred was the right of the individual to share their ideas without, limitation by their government and back, then there wasn't social media to limit it either. That's amendment one. The second amendment is essential. It's the bull work against encroachment into that first amendment. The second amendment is there to protect us from government intrusion. Is there to protect us from tyranny? That's the reason. It comes right after the second amendment, I'm a gun owner owning a rifle huge responsibility. I like to make other people gun owners I like to take other people to buy their first firearms. I like to take other people to buy their first rifle and one of the things that I tell them at all times. I don't even like, to shoot. I don't love to hunt. I don't like to go to the shooting range I own, a rifle, because I believe it's my civic responsibility to own a rifle, and I want to own the rifle- that's contentious. I want to own the rifle that the left wants to take away from me, because that's my civic responsibility too I'll. Tell you the truth. If the left wasn't coming for our guns,
I wouldn't do any guns, if the left wasn't coming for our fifteen, I wouldn't own an AR fifteen, but the very fact that they want them means that I have a response, thirty two on them and I have a responsibility to own one that will work one that will serve me if, God forbid, I'm ever put in a position of needing to use it. Bravo company manufacturing our friends at basing em they understand this. They build a professional, great product built to combat standards. It's because you see, I believe that the same level of protection be provided to every American. You shouldn't have the rich Hollywood at least getting better protection than you. You should have government officials getting better protection than you and the difference between private and professional. In both cases, if you need a firearm, you need it to work. The people at black ants are the people at Bravo. Company manufacturing assume that when a rifle leave their shop, it will be used in a life or death situation by a responsible citizen law enforcement officer or soldier overseas. With that in mind, every component
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But what you really need to do is just go to Youtube, because these guys are geniuses at marketing. They really understand how to use the internet, which is a ski as important, a skill to protect your rights and to protect the future of your rights as firearm. Ownership is an pals over ABC. I'm really understand that they make really entertaining videos and you will learn. about what they do. You tube dotcom, slash. Bravo: company, USA, that's Youtube, dotcom, slash! Bravo! Company, USA, so Hunter by the media is basically blacked out all information about Hunter Biden for the last week, as we said in the beginning of the show in PR put out a statement which they said, we're not going to talk about the hundred Biden story, because we don't want it, I mean it's essentially what they said. We don't think it's. Is because we don't like that. It's news with Donald Trump use this opportunity to night to make absolutely sure that everyone in America, even people, wasn't there- are we live in a bubble. We live in conservative media.
Everybody windows been talking about it for a week, people who watch the CBS evening news after a hard day's work probably did not know any of these accusations. Until tonight the president did a fantastic job, and while I agree that Kristen welcome did a fairly good job tonight, the one place where she really intervened to save Joe Biden was in the very first exchange when the president came at at Vp Biden, specifically about his family's history of corruption, and she didn't want Biden to be angry. She didn't want Viden to make a mistake, so she kept trying to pull it away and pull it away, but Biden demanded to be hurt, so we had a lot of bad. Fourth on this, my question: what what's in fact, let's play clip five day here and let people here what what was said Joe got three and a half million dollars from Russia and it came through because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow, and it was the mayor of Moscow's wife, and you got three
half million dollars. Your family got three and a half million dollars, and you know some day you're going to have to explain. Why did you get three to half? I never got any money from Russia. I don't get money from Russia and then the moral right into five, be when the wind turbines point five and really over overstates his claim here Vice President Biden, you may respond, and then I I'm going to follow up on the election secured. I have not taken a penny from any foreign source. Ever in my life, we learn this president paid fifty times tax in China as a secret bank account with China, does business in China, and, in fact, is talking about me taking money, I have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever. Ever I have not taken a single penny from any country. What's so ever ever and then later he says my son has not done anything wrong. Those are those are those are definitive statements. Will
hold up then. Well, I think, there's a possibility. The first holds up, I mean we've seen his tax records, there's nothing in there. That suggests he's received corn money. It is also possible that he can he'd in received for money. Abiding is holding the cash and trust him or re may lead. That's also possible form if you're really. They can, of course, these things, but I think that in all likelihood he probably has not seen money directly. Adding. My guess is that if you really and boil the thing down looking at what we ve seen, he probably said two hundred Biden go with God. use my name go make bank and I think, that's pretty obvious. I mean Hunter Biden said that fairly publicly and that's fairly corrupt in and of itself. You know whether he was personally benefiting from or not if your kids are making money off of your name, while your vice president of the United States, in your taking them on air force you to go pick up giant tracks in China. That has not happened. A good looking thing that do not require these emails. In order to reveal that the power he overextended himself is that statement Bout Hunter when he said but he's ever indicated that hundred anything wrong. Romanians,
indications, considering the two of his business partners are now in jail for fraud, so it feels like there are some things that he probably did wrong here. Yeah there's also this issue that we know that Joe Biden has lied about this before you, Joe Biden setting never spoke about me. sons, business dealings with him ever once, but his son kind dicted that in an interview I believe, with New York magazine, he was with one of these magazines where he said yeah I talked to my dad and my dad said you better know what you're doing he then Hunter went on a television interview and said yeah. I never talked to my dad and the interviewer to her credit said well. What about this business of you better know what you're doing he goes. Yeah well look, but that was the end of the conversation. Well, actually, no, it wasn't even a conversation yeah, that's right. It wasn't a conversation, that's the story and I'm you can get. Who is? He has no credibility and it's also a matter of narrative, which is a very important thing. The narrative Biden has been selling as the trumpets bad. I'm good and that's just not true. You know people sent Donald Trump to the White House because
they had the feeling that the government was no longer responsible to them. It was kind of a scam. It was what what might my kids calling up? You know that that there was a republican party in a Democrat Party but really know it was really just a party that was ugly up to the public trust and somehow sucking up this money, Joe Biden, which, by the way the President said he said I, it became pressed it because of you, that's right and the thing the thing is they said drain the swamp. Joe Biden is swamp, thing, he's is the guy who is kind of lived, his gets brought his family together and they have lived off his influence. Whether or not I Ruth bent on this is it's still unclear whether or not Joe Biden himself benefited in terms of dollars from what Hunter Biden was doing. But that he allowed Hunter Biden and obviously messed up guy to profit off his influence is, is very clear at this point.
I ride about it. I'll actually push back on drew and then there are funny there are plenty alliances that form on this show it's quite often Emy and Ben versus drew and Michael within every now, and then it's Jeremy and drew as has been and Michael and today I don't know michael- is yet, but it's definitely Jeremy versus been Andrew. Where did worded turbines Big S house, bingo buddy Hearted totally told here, but this is the actual thing- is their evidence that this particular chart know. Joe Biden has been in the government since he was literally too young to be sworn in constitutional. He was elected to the Senate and he had to wait for his birthday in order to be sworn in because he was too young. Forty seven years he's been in government. Where did the Big House come from? Where did the luxury travel come from? And it's not
just Joe Biden. I think that when the story of this era is written, one of the one of the enormous scandals that people will look back on its how people can spend an entire life, making a hundred eighty thousand dollars in government service and somehow have networks of thirty eight million dollars and you can say well, he wrote some books, he wrote a book and it's ten million dollars of business. That's amazing, a book they did. Ten million dollars of business might have paid him five million and of that five million entity that aid the government have an agenda is not any of you and network, and we know what that's the thing you euro even met you wouldn't even make fifty percent of these ok. Let's say you may in dollars, and what does he take on a million or less right? And then he pays out to the government. The numbers, I suspect, don't add up now to Ben's point. I don't know that you're going to find find You know a w two or something from Joe Biden taking money from some ukrainian oligarchy, but some some
has made its way into buttons pocket. So this is the thing about this, because I actually this is weird, but I kind of agree with both Jeremy and Ben on this- the money, the real money that buys has made he made after he left office, and these as these guys typically do Obama did it to he made a lot of money after he left office Bush but but the loans and the houses and the things that you get the kind of easy. Mortgages that you get the easy loans that you get. Those are things to come: the swamp and Joe Biden has accepted at all. He is a swamp creature. He is the face. He's the face of the government that they sent Donald try Amazon right today, like to designate the New York Times, reported that remain two thousand eight than your times before. As verboten to report. I think that about Joe Biden Airport it back no eight when trot
Obama was considering him. They talked about how he got a sweetheart loan from some people back in Delaware on he was able to buy a piece of land under market value, or to do that, which we know Barack Obama by the way also did with his neighbor back in Chicago politics, allows people who want to influence you to do these kind of not quite illegal but kind of scuzzy things. In order to make clear to you exactly where your bread is buttered, and we know that he's been been doing. That for years mean it's been known for a very long time that Joe Biden who's from Delaware, which is a state that is in a very can use, but our those grandparent theres many world might be right, living and really Vietnam if we go and exit definitions and credit card land, and we all- and we now know that- has been a lobbyist essentially for the credit card companies for a very very long time in his son was working for some of the credit card companies demi again, all this was rewarded by the Euro Times in two thousand eight show it true that has a long history of just being a typical politician who is making a good living off being a politician in public service and from
hard on that today. I think that the foreign ties sort of highlight some of that stuff and they make it more relevant today makes it like in October surprise. But the truth is that I am not sure that you needed it. If anybody had any sort of level of awareness about what exactly the Goverment is, because you can write that story that nearly every politician in Washington DC, all of whom, to enter the government being middle class and then I'll leave the government being in the top one percent and you go by the way. Bernie Sanders is worth a million bucks on, has a lay house right, somebody who is a reporter in my youth. I keep going back to the image in my mind, of those nineteen forties movies of reporters. The guy the snap rim, hat and press card in, and the hat band and he's typing on his typewriter and carry grant comes in and says I've got a story for you. The leading candidate for president has been basically profiting off influence peddling in in his while he was vice president and the rapporteur says yeah, I'm not gonna come
that, because you know, there's no governing authority, as Al Gore would say over that really makes it illegal. No, this is, it is corrupt. It doesn't have to be illegal. There are plenty of things that are not crimes that are wrong and are bad and your plan is done all of them, and I think that this is the thing. The fact the fact that the press is trying to cover the shop and I don't believe, they've succeeded by the way- and I believe this is they've- actually brought this story to the four by trying to cover it up. The fact that the press is trying to cover it up is a point in Donald Trump's favor. It says to the people that the communications industry and the Democrats it supports and the institutions it supports, is against you and doesn't really care what you think, and I think we also need to give trump at it for a tactic that he used here, which is he didn't get into the exact precise way that the money went from Ukraine or from China or wherever he made this broad statement, which is as bad as going to invite. All of these factors
Ex mainly said Joe Biden, your family made three and a half million bucks. How did they do that? I think, is actually good to get the fact checks, because it's going to elicit much more press, the media were trying to ignore it to begin with its going to others, all this press and it's gonna put them on the defensive because they have to say no Biden didn't get the three and a half million his son got the three and a half million from then any way. You explain People are going to exposed to more of the story which in itself isn't as a very we start out. I will say one other one, other area where I thought the trunk really excellent nibbling is an undermining suffer. Second, I thought it when he got to his anti lockdown programme. I thought those very very strong stuff and I thought it was deeply necessary. So the fifteen minutes, which was all about Joe Biden lying that everybody die because a trump and if there's an empty chair at your dinner table, it's because of tromp, and if there is bad man hiding in your closet with a knife, it's because of Trump and if you get cancer, it's because of Trump and if your dog crap the carpet, it's because of Trump and all this. After all, that was done and Trump looked at him and he said right, but you're captain locked out over here,
and bind was like well, you know, I really am really gonna walk down if it's, what the scientists are well got lots of people and the bureaucracy- and you know Anthony Vouchers, one of em, but I'm not gonna, listen to one die if they say locked up. I thought that's that's good stuff! I dont think Americans Americans are in the mood for further lockdown and the heavy bet that are placing our now that people are continuing to be absolutely petrified to the virus, and I got to tell you I think in la that's true, so now I'm in Florida, I don't think it's true I don't think it's true. I think a lot of swings. These people are not provided the virus. I think that people are treating the virus with the appropriate level of risk. I think people are generally out and about living their lives. What I'm seeing here in South Florida, which again is hotly contested territory, I think Trump is going to win the state. I think, The reason that Trump is going to win the state is because there's there's normal enthusiasm, particularly in the hispanic community, actually for Trump, I in a state of Laura, but I think beyond that people are not shutting down the way they do in California and California, people seem pretty sanguine about like ok,
we're going my business again. Ok, Zretazoola measures can be closed or what world is open here and they haven't had massive infections. All the schools are open here and they have not had massive infections in certain counties. They have mass mandates. Most people are abiding by them, but there doesn't seem to be just as general level of mask shaming that you see in some of the heavy blue areas. I think if there is a secret trump boat out there, that manifest beyond the poles and really is the question right, as are the pole, so super wrong. Is there his big hidden from vote? If it's there? I think it is manifest in the number, who are irritated by the overt level of government controlled. It has been exercised by the Democrats with regard to lock down Why do people out there who are going? Listen, I'm okay! With the mask like when I'd and holds up the mask any acts like it's the be all, and are you not fine we're a mask and am I I more pronounced than all you guys, I'm you know I Mass I'm out in public and I'm your other people. I think that is a good idea to wear it in close contact with other people, have told us by people, including Scott ATLAS, the when you're in close contact with other people, they should wear a mask, but that mean, shut down my life and, if there's an optical
I dont think that means being shut down the entire school and when you turn when, when from says, I will say christen Walker really glued on one air. There is one line she said and, as I smoke my forehead like physically smote, it would hurt and that that was when he went from said on. Young people are fine. That is one hundred percent. True, ok, young people are fine. They are much more find from this. They are from a flu grandpa of last count as yesterday. Seventy four Americans under the age of fifteen, who have died of governor of several hundred thousand infections at this point right that is compared to from four hundred and seventy Americans who died of flu in the last flu season under the age of fifteen and Trump said, is not particularly dangerous for young people and Kristin Walker said well, yes, but they can get it and they can transmit it, and it was like Ok, so the attic measures to prevent them from transmitting it and and and and if the teachers are young and that's ok and of the users are not so young, then you keep them out of the classroom and by the way that the evidence on transmission from kids tends to be that older kids
transmit and younger kids do not transmit it nearly as much and that's why you haven't seen massive outbreaks in school. So I, though, that was a very strong point for Trump and I was glad to see him argue that I thought he was shockingly good on minimum wage actually understands that you're going to get there, a couple moments where he actually said things, and I thought well. I didn't realize that could articulate that one. So we've got the love, Alicia beaming and not from her normal closet, but beaming in from the Ronald Reagan. Museum in beautiful Barbara, California, Alicia! You have some questions from our daily wire subscribers. Absolutely the Big question everybody wants to know is: did tonight's debate change, anyone's mines and because of all the early voting, does it really matter yet solved? Take a shot at that? I don't think that tonight's debate Changed anyone's mind about who about which world do they would rather see emerge victorious in the election, but I think it the guys we're saying earlier. I didn't way and I think that it did change people's minds perhaps about whether or not they can vote
Donald Trump as a personal moral decision, I think that one of the reasons that the last debate didn't hurt- trump overly, is because people are pretty dug in terms of the two camps at the moment that there still is in great for Trump, because being being fully bought in to the conservative vision for the country still doesn't make it easy to vote for a guy with the personal failings that Trump has in that last. That last debate was so difficult to watch. For this reason there was so poisonous and turn people off. I think this made you see Donald Trump in a different way, probably the best light that we ve seen him in in any debate in that in the time that has been in public off in public life in and they are perhaps will give people the up the ability to say yeah get behind that angered by now, but I really believe all right away when Quickener on the early voting. So there is a question as to whether the early voting is able election of new voters coming in or whether it's just banking, the old voters, meaning it's all.
People who are already highly motivated vote were standing out their voting. They would have voted on election day, another just voting early because they can vote early so that that is not clear. Right now, they're saying maybe, fifty million people have already voted, which is insane. First of all, it just shows the crap in early voting, as I mean really use not be allowed to vote until election day. Unless you have some sort of physical incapacity to vote in person, you should be in a line. You should be voting election day and if you got to wait a couple of hours to do that. Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but that ain't the world? I'm sorry that treating it like the media One is a long one like its voter suppression, Italy is voters, suppression cause, there's a line, there's align its voters. Suppression like last I tracked, voter suppression was like people with hoses and dogs and clubs beating the living crap out of you, because they don't want you to vote. Not you have to wait in line while watching Netflix on your eye on you and when did the left decided dislike lines, every single policy that they come up with forces us to stand in the line? What is it the Churchill said about about socialist, great Britain after the war? He said it was utopia.
mines are good at the end of their manners. Bread elation, what are people say, all right. The other thing, then is this is for everyone based on tonight and where the polling is. I know, you've talked about it a little bit. Obviously, Pennsylvania came up a lot because it's an important rustbelt swing state. Where do you guys think what are your election predictions as of now they're one important issue hear. I agree, generally probably didn't sway to many people There then people who are a little bit more moderate Republicans. There were now feel more comfortable to vote for drum up but this issue of I'm going to destroy the oil industry which Trump really hit by on that he's gonna matter for some voters now how large and effect that's gonna have I'm not so sure, but going after fossil was going after natural gas or oil or or any of those industries that that could moves and birds and Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania. Could decide the election show hey here's years my view, this, Kristen Soltis Anderson, the sort of lay this out on my today. Basically, there are two sets of states
indeed watch on election night, one is the Sunbelt states and the other is the rust belt states. If Biden wins North Carolina Action is essentially over early bid, wins Florida is that the election is essentially overly Those are the ones that started coming early because those are EAST Coast States, repents, Albania will start come in fairly early as well, but you're. Probably this is what happened with Romney. I remember when North Carolina and Florida started to move against Romney. It was like ok, look in Riga is can be over fairly early. Nothing remains. we now North Carolina narrowly once you ass, Lord, it was dead over so Trump needs to win the fight states. He needs win, Arizona needs to win Florida. He needs to win North Carolina, he needs to in one of the following three states: the rust belt states, Michigan Wisconsin, la now famously Hillary Clinton had built up that blue firewall. So the question right now really, in my mind, comes down to Pennsylvania. I think the entire election Maine in Pennsylvania, which is why Trump is gonna, go full broke, on the he's. Danning fracking he's getting rid of the oil industry. He's got to win Pennsylvania.
If he doesn't win Pennsylvania. It is basically over because of the chance is that he loses Pennsylvania in Michigan, but somehow pulls out Wisconsin. I think that's going to be very difficult for him. there's a good job and, as I say, I think that he's gonna win Florida Florida tends to over perform for republicans this white sands governor here instead of the year the Mathematics You know hotel room with the with the Gay Porn star Die Landrigan, but I'm acting North Carolina will trend read. I think that that that rust belt, which nobody expected him to last time it's gonna be, is going to be harder for them and it's really going to come down to Pennsylvania in the main, so that that's why that last, the thing you mentioned there, Michael, is the thing I and if he is able to really home in on the fracturing and the he's threatening your job needs threatening a future that that's gonna have to be the ballgame form, because everything But it is just this one other narrative here, I don't know what's gonna happen, I gotta be absolutely honest. I am not a gambler men in general, but I will put a flutter on something I wouldn't put a nickel on this rate. I do not know who's going to win
I'm not a person who dismisses polls, I don't think the pollsters are trying to deceive us or anything like this, and they ve been fairly written in in the mid terms. They were, fairly accurate, actually in some ways in the Hillary Clinton tromp election, but some Thing is really discord in what I'm saying. I am seeing Donald Trump go out there and speak to thousands of people who show up I've seen Joe Biden go out and speak to nobody and I'm seeing people seen. People who say you know I didn't vote like one is better here, who I didn't vote for Trump before I'm going to Trump vote for Trump. Now, I'm not seeing anybody who said I voted for Trump before, but I'm going to vote for Biden now. Something is wrong and the the move in identification and people who identify as Republicans, which is something like between five and eight points, a shift from people who identified as Democrats too. Identifying. The Republicans there is another narrative here were true
winds by a landslide unless you That's going to happen. I really don't know what's going to happen, but there is something terribly wrong, though a discordant between the poles and what I'm seeing with my own eyes. I agree with you trump card when forty nine states or lose forty nine states, or it could win by three votes and went on. And I think it's litigated for twenty years or Joe Biden could die of Covid nineteen next, observation we wanted and they would have a constitutional crisis because legitimately the constitution does not does not answer the question. It happens in an election in which one of the candidates dies. You you could say. Oh little, Then Kamel wins, that's not actually how it works. All of that to say I agree with you drew when you read that that its Biden, ten Biden, fourteen that fifty six percent of people say Trump doesn't deserve a second term. All these numbers that we keep saying always obviously very discouraging you drive around, you know see, Biden, flags and you don't see, Biden rallies, you, you know wins when
MBA finals are down seventy percent from the numbers that they had just one year ago. You would probably think the numbers might even take up, because nobody has been able to go to games in person tvs all you have that, obviously a political activity that's happening there are there. Are these strange signs that make you think it is actually possible that are that our accounting system is so broken either by intent or by simply not changing with the times that we're missing and we're just not going to know that until election night intervenes point we could know it one hour in it for two drops Blue one, not even in our fifteen,
after the Poles close on the EAST Coast right then all of it was right all of it with true. If, if the night goes well for Donald Trump, there is going to be, or there's going to need to be a reckoning in the way that we approach these questions, which it, which was not true and twenty. Sixteen the Poles, we're not radically wrong and twenty sixteen, but if Donald Trump has a big night on election night, the Poles will have been actually fundamentally wrong by and by the way they did something that the posters say, and they point this out, is that the Poles were wrong in Romney's direction and twenty twelve right, so they were wrong again, Donald Trump I to thousand and sixteen the wrong in Romney direction. In twenty in two thousand and twelve Romney was supposed to be very competitive in Ohio right who was supposed to be very competitive in Pennsylvania, elbows big rally in the last days in the poles- were things Super close, and I just got em blown out in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. So I mean at some point we're gonna have to if they're wrong again. At some point, all the posters have to learn to code, because this is just it's too wild
though the one, the one area where I will say that I think the debate could matter, the nobody's actually talking about is not just about comfort level. With voting for Trump. It's about Republicans showing up to the poles generally to vote for candidates, which may be the most important thing that happens, because if the Republicans lose the Senate and Biden has elected prepare for Armageddon, I mean it's just going to be a disaster in every possible way, and there are a thousand close races right in Maine is a close race. North Carolina is close race mission is a close raised it we ve got close races in into close races in Georgia. We ve got close races, basically across the board in Montana in Colorado in Arizona Lotta Republicans, are up for reelection in Iowa at the man you have in the Senate. Sympathy terrible man, Republicans in the Senate and all this stuff, all those rates are pretty close. So even if trumpet outside the margin of error in some of those states if he takes up the poles just a little bit for the Senate, it then he holds in a world of good for the Republican Party. Generally, it's absolutely right it. We shall want to get a few more
questions and from our daily wire dot com. Subscribers acts leave them all access members, you guys just talked about the Senate there. That was a question that was brought up. Of course, Trump talked about Republicans, regain Congress, do you guys think that that's even plausible? No Its unlike anything is possible, but it's not like. I really feel asked about this I put money on. There is no way on planet earth. By the way I mean nobody's talking about this, but one of the real disasters for Republicans, if it does occur, will be something nobody has talked about yet- and that is the regaining of state legislatures and governorships by the Democrats, because in two thousand an twenty is redistricting and census. Right. I mean they could fundamentally reshape how Congress is elected and take the house away from Republicans retain years, based on the redistricting, the census, so we ve picked her picked a bad time. quit sniffing glue. Here I mean it turns out to be a bad year any year. Ending in zero is a very, very bad time for the Republican Party to have a rough year.
Along these lines. Do they think that there will be an increased interest in the removal of the electoral college who moved from pollutants? either one enemy, the right guy. I think if the Democrats will actually there that's when they'll Pusher It is an amazing thing that they don't like the first amendment. They don't like the second amendment. They don't like the electoral college, and I want to pack the court, because Donald Trump as a threat to the constitution, I do think that there is this movement to democratize, everything which you know that that's them they use that term. I don't think that's really what what democracy would call for, but that they want to erode all of these safeguards that are in our constitution and moved to this much more egalitarian type of system. The one thing impeding this, though, in and it's what I think is preserved a college over the years is that whoever wins if they make the art
that the electoral college is illegitimate. Somehow then they're saying that their own victory is illegitimate, because the electoral college elects the president. So I think that is one sort of pushing on the breaks toward following the electoral college, but pro lay in the long run. If we can and you did we learn about our colleagues not to a national election. It requires of it would require an amendment of the spring to the constitution. They can't pull off we're gonna Lucy Electoral College when we start losing more more state houses, because the movement, its afoot, where the electoral colleges concerned is actually a nullification movement at the state of law where people are just essentially deciding as state governments that whoever wins the majority nationally we'll get all of the of the so called national popular vote which does not exist. There is not a national election for president in this country, but they ve made up this term the national popular vote there saying whoever wins it gets all of our
no matter who won in our actual state, and many states have already passed this, and so that's. I actually think that that's what happens. I I agree that there's a backward to the backdoor way of doing it, also where they just proportionately split it where, instead of it being a winner, take all of the electors. Instead, they proportionately split it by vote, and you can see that happening for sure. By the way it is worth noting that the Democrats pushing for the quote unquote most democratic system. It would not be the most emo. existing right. We would still be a two party system, the if you're going to push for cortical pure democracy, then he's a very have to add the adapt point. You need a parliamentarian system so that cultural politics are actually require, because otherwise, you literally have a fifty one percent party cramming down on the other, forty nine percent of the population, anything they damn want, and that is just as pure mob rule through through popular vote, which I mean if they want that. It's amazing how fast people, It is truly amazing about how people dont remember how I have ass. They forget history,
it was pure majoritarian mob mob rule states, states that allowed for Jim Crow mean that that is what was happening. they also don't know what actually goes on in parliamentarian systems. It's funny when you're an american people, often when they're unhappy with the results of an election company and say we've got to get rid of this two party system. Then we need a third party to rise. The two party system is broken. The two party system is flawed. The two party system makes this radical, but the truth is the two party system defeats radicalization, it homogenizes all political beliefs. When you have parliament, if America had a parliamentary system was numerous parties, there would be actual nazis in our Congress actual Nazis, like Rustica, waving actual genuine nazis and when they got elected the first time, there'd be three of them or four of them and would all be kind of outraged and ashamed and we'd be embarrassed, but someone would have to make coalition with them eventually, because somebody in order to get to that fifty one percent to get to that
majority they'd have forty nine and a half percent. Then I just got to find somebody to agree. them that one and a half percent more to give them the majority and they'll go make a deal with the devil literally, make a deal with the Nazis and then the next election after that you'd have forty eight Nazis get elected to parliament, because now it's been mainstreamed now now the instead of taking people who might drift over toward those radical views and pulling them into the mainstream. You instead validate those radical views take it a mainstream idea to be a radical and that's why, when you go to Europe, there are major communist factions in every parliament. In every western democracy in Europe there are genuine white supremacist. Movements that have parliamentary representation in almost every parliament. In Europe I mean parliamentary systems swing radically and they also and this. This is why people I'd work better, Ginsberg like them. They get a lot more done because they essentially grant ultimate power to the
prime minister during the Prime Minister's tenure, because it would be like if every time you elected a president, he got the Senate and the House and the Supreme Court all to agree with him at the same time, because it requires that confidence in the prime minister and vote for him to become prime minister and so they're very effective at getting things done. But America's great success is in that we don't politicians do very much. You know we all get frustrated. All the government doesn't do enough it doesn't. It does plenty and it's it would be even better if it did half as much like you want to know. My Texas is so successful. We only the legislature get together once every two years. They can only do half as much bull crap as the. state houses in most other states. So I really think this moved toward democracy, Michael or democratic, true, democratic representation is a horrible idea, would do terrible. It would destroy everything. That's made America what America is yep Alisa we're going to take one more.
Awesome. Last question is: can a president really mandate a mask requirement until twenty twenty two yes and no right we're living under the dictatorship of the lab coats right now we're. Apparently we ve formed at all of our governments to like vouchers and formerly doktor scarf, although she seems to have left the scenes The answer is no, I mean certainly in a constitutional system. You can't do that, but because we met we now are governed by these bureaucrats. Much more so there there is. There is a world in which they can exert much greater control. Then probably our founding fathers would have expected deadlock. I won't do it so now what happens if your plan? This is how all left
plans are all left wing plans safe. If everyone would do everything that I want all the time, then I would get my preferred result and the problem with their system. Is that there's guys like me who say? Well, I won't do it so now your whole freaking plan just collapsed. What are you going to do about it and, ultimately, what they do about it? Is they put us in gulags so that people like me can't get in the way of their utopia, and then it turns out their ideas. Don't work anyway, This problem with their idea is that we want all. Do it. The second problem, with their ideas, after they kill all of us, are the ideas actually were revealed to be absolute crap, but now the president and have that kind of power, to thank everyone for tuning in tonight. It was a long night, but it was, I think, on the whole, a very good night for conservatism, a very good night for the president. What will come of it will know in about two weeks
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