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Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing on the latest tragic developments coming out of Afghanistan. 

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Hey folks, Ben Shapiro. Here, don't miss our latest episode of daily Wire backstage join me. We boring Andrew Clayton, Michael Nosey mouthwash, as we discuss everything after Stan, ranging from the lack of a presidency United States at this point to the deaths of american service members too what american foreign policy really should look like in the long term. Should it be moral should be reality based should be about pull out should be about maintaining true presence. We get into all those issues. It was really heated and really interesting, make sure to take a lesson. Some days you can't even muster up a good fake, laugh welcome to the daily wire backstage the fall of the West. I'm very boring joined today, of course, by Michael those mouthwash Andrew Clayton S been Shapiro, are shuddering sponsored by Express Bbn it's time to stand up to big tech, protect your data at Express BP and dot com
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and Andrew Clayton. I consider him a guest list. We never see him anymore, except once a month when it comes into the shop when you sign up with readers you also get access to the morning wire newsletter. A Monday through Saturday email covering the top stories you needed no available the daily wire members. All of this can be yours produced for bucks a month. So do it right now you will get a free for wheat trial if you go to daily wired, dotcom, slash, subscribe and get your readers pass today, guys. Only a short time ago, the president of the United States came out and spoke about the horrific bombing which happened today in Kabul. We don't know, of course, the exact death toll at the moment, but it seems like they're already, thirteen american servicemen killed and the president's speech I thought was one of the more bazaars
It is I ve ever seen by a president- and I am saying this in the year twenty twenty once I wanna get quick reaction. I'm assuming everyone have the opportunity to review the present a speech, but he's not sentient. He is not capable. He is not competent. He came out. He looked like a mental patient, I mean he really did he he'd. He looked like he was barely awake. He stumbled his way through a bizarre, seven or eight minutes. Each. That country can itself at seven different times. He tried to rely very heavily on the I'm empathetic Joe retain the minute. The quest began. All that went out the window and he became combative Joe. He had nothing of marriage to say yes, no defence for his policies could publish their garbage. And most of all, if you're an american enemy watching the President of the United States on the same day that thirteen american soldiers are. twelve in the Marines and you're watching as the United States turns oil and runs leaving a thousand plus american citizens behind in Kabul, plus an unspecified number. thousands of american green cardholders, plus hundreds of them.
People will immediately be slaughtered by the Taliban and, as it turns out the United States. Man handed a list to the Taliban, the people we wanted to evacuated, know precisely to kill five. My visitors in Kabul, their Americans, all throughout the country where you been talking together, try if you're watching this isn't enemy of the United States, and then you watch this at old old, feeble minded man walk out and barely make it through sentence, you're thinking to Europe, homer simply with a hamburger right now sounded Latin said Ninety eight. Ninety nine ever Bombing Canyon, Tanzania, the embassies there and after the milder from the current administration, said America's a paper tiger. I dont know how and we have the United States watching what has happened over the course of the last month. You can't look at United States as aid as a nation that I can do anything I want to this as a nation that is profile and its president is ready to. Let it happen through not unfair. been saying amid the president literally said twice, at least in the speech that some Americans would be left behind after the August. Thirty,
first, you know I've been stopped. All of this, I agree with everything. Bender said I mean that the absolute disability, the guy a guy's, a walking dimension of being a case in its very painful its painful to watch. I I can't I wish I could even feel some schadenfreude, because he's in the opposite party to mine. But I dont still our praise you still. Our programme is not really is disturbing me, but all throughout this. I have been deeply struck by his emotional detachment from the tragedy that he has, and he alone has brought upon this country, because it doesn't matter what you think of the foreign policy, where you think we should stay where you think we should go This was one of the deepest active. I can we use the word and competent. That's took too kind was a criminally. abolition, cavalier and incompetent in the end, the detachment from research stability, that he evokes the jokes that he makes when people say. How are you gonna get other people out and he says well, you'll be the first person I call ha ha ha and what
really bothers me about this. More than anything is is not what it says about him. I feel that he actually presents a large swathes of the democratic political class that they don't care about. What happening in overseas. They don't care about. Our foreign policy you're about the way we look to us people there showed deeply concerned with transforming us into a awoke, socialist in Europe. in style, democracy that they really don't. Think that we should be meddling anywhere in the world because meddling in the world's with great nations to War is what great nations do imperial placements in various places is what great nations do they have to do it? They have to do it because they become responsible, the rest of the world and they just don't care, and I think that now since at least he is the head of his party, he does represent what his party when you have Nancy pollution making speeches but how proud she is of a budget busting three, five trillion dollar planned
its form our economy making those speeches while people are throwing their babies over the barbed wire, and she saying this all day for America, while reforming the baby. I have to say that the one thing you have to share- Barton as he does represent the party that elite, I think, got as far as Joe Biden himself I thought the most the most profound moment of their programmes, profound all the wrong ways, the visual a lot of times it Joe Biden, others, the visual for first, it's just not to make too much of the of the body language part of, but just looking into his eyes. You see a sort of emptiness they let you doesn't exactly know. What's going on, but there was one moment where he's clutching onto folder, and then he ducks his head down in just exasperation like he's getting up in the middle of the press conference, because he was getting a little bit of pushback from Peter Doocy, and I thought that was that we exemplifies Joe Biden presidency and then in the broader question not to our bread into a debate here, but picking up what you said that
these? Are our leaders are woke and leftist and that's why they don't want to meddle in the world? I Think I agree with you That's also, why is one of the big reasons? Why don't want them to be meddling in the world's when a big reasons why I actually think that leaving out understand was the right thing to do, although executed in horribly and competent way, but when I think about your pride flag, hanging in Kabul that these these are people who, even if I agreed that having an impact overseas and being an empire and pursuing our imperial ambitions was a good idea in principle. What I know is that these people are not capable of doing it and in what they want to x. sport is not what I want to see exported by the United States of America, find it shameful and embarrassing, I have been, I think, is charitable. As I can be to Joe Biden. I think I've been as charitable as anybody on the centre or the right of the political while I haven't. I have not blame him for problems that thing
for many years in the making that we're not is. I have not even blamed him that there was some chaos or that there would even be some violence in in a withdrawal from Afghanistan that both parties have been campaigning on for a long time. Now, however, there needs to be a basic level of competence. There needs to be a basic level of engagement is simply, if I think, even you're a leftist. Even if you're a Democrat, you have to acknowledge that there were really basic things. That Biden could have done. That would have greatly mitigated the risk that would have greatly mitigated the violence, and what is happening now in Afghanistan is largely on him. I am sympathetic as Matt says I am sympathetic to the arguments for withdrawing an axiom sympathetic to those specific arguments, as I outlined in a long column, which I thought was fair minded about this whole thing watching that speech tonight. I think it may have been the worst presidential address. I've ever seen. He just wasn't there. He was carefully
he was was showing the world that America is, is inviting aggression from every one else it was it was. It was pathetic. It was pathetic. We should note that the president didn't come on stage for almost ninety five minutes. Twenty five minutes late, which this isn't an appointment. You wanna miss right when you, when the presently native state, to dress the nation about the loss of our service members overseas in the middle of a crisis, he was boastful about the size of the air lives than how many Americans have been withdrawn, which is a classic thing that happens within competence. Is that they create crises, and then they want credit for the heroic actions that they take to mitigate the crisis that they themselves created. Dynamite below the waterline of the Titanic, blew it open and then he said, look how many people we put on lifeboats Guinness Book World record an end. Then the president had this bizarre involvement, which I think we can play
Jcpenney squarely stand by your decision to pull out. Yes, I do because look at it this way, I have another meeting for real of president had another meeting for real for real, not lying, this dynamic that, like all the other countries as an eye, but this time I look at a time line of what this administration has been saying since April, and they have not had a true word since April, no in April the presidency, the United States, so that we would pull out in a considered fashion, there. We will do so in a rational fashion that would not pose a danger to the afghan people or to the United States. That was why, in July he said this would not be like, like sound like us, have Vietnam but like Saigon, that was not only a light was lie by multiples, because when, when we pulled out, you can really say that the vehicle for all of their evils in there were many of them had not actually attack United States, homeland and
and killed three thousand Americans in the process, but he said that the he said in on the eighteenth. Did nobody had died, knock on? Would he said that the airport was safe? He said that the Taliban working with us he's just ain't dm. Why are they have lied all the way through this process and in so when I look at the failures Europe, there's three levels of failure. I think that most of us in the Rio Grande two of them will produce a grand Ther. They the first level of failures, the tactical. I think it is impossible to disagree that the tactical failure here is epic elements, in fact here is that every single person in the no knows you do not evacuated troops before you evacuated citizens. You cannot do that. That is idiotic. That is
on the police except on a global scale. Read this getting that's leaving the place to the criminal. You don't give up the air base before the right. You don't evacuate bound from air base and restrict yourself to cobble international airport, which is one runway with no actual buffer zone, and you have to be a complete and utter ass. To do this, Joe Biden doesn't care so killing care. I mean. That's! That's really that this comes down. There's no empathy from Joe Biden as empathy extends to he does not care about what happens here. He's made his decision in damn consequences? So the technical nature of this is idiotic. The notion that the afghan military collapsed because they are all cowards. They they took on fifty thousand casualties. Fifty thousand dead between two thousand fifteen and two thousand twenty one united stood to stay. in that same period, took on less than one hundred dead, so they wore feel they were shouldering the burden. The reason they collapse is because Joe Biden decided that not only we're going withdraw our troops, which can make an argument about. We are also going to withdraw our closer support. We're to withdraw all the civilian contractors who maintain their own airforce, so they could not even fly missions in the air, which was their chief tactical advantage against the Taliban and outlying areas
so immediately. The USA's we're gone, we're taking everything with us and they disband they're gone. Ok. So all the tactical failures, I think, are pretty obvious and easy to spot. Then there's the moral failure when you make promises to people and then you bought the promises, no ally in the future has any business trusting us. I do not know why our allies would trust us. I don't know why. If you make promises to people with we scrutiny we ve screwed people, Hong Kong, we screw the people of Afghanistan you're not like every screw. Two people. Have you not like how many more people can we screw before all of our allies start to look at us and say you know what I think, I'm in a triangular a little bit here and you didn't get out a Russia and China on the left of the one lie you left out by the ways lie that this that somehow or allies were all on Board Moliere, parliament of Britain of Great Britain or only real friend in the world. Besides, maybe Israel there there actually holding our president in contempt
and then and then another and say moral level, Joe Biden keep saying that we went there to stop all Qaeda and prevent this from becoming a terror haven. I've noticed a few terrorists in Kabul widely known about you guys. I've noticed like a few like you. How can you know what this actually running security in Kabul, which is all Qaeda, an ice which is there and this album who like less, and we trust that this halibut sapped ere. It ended with a couple of buildings falling down in New York Amerika, so like on that level is just ass. I would have to agree with most of what you said, but when it comes to the afternoon Army- and this is really almost irrelevant- what happened today as you point out- I mean this is just a total tactical, fair failure in terms of getting people out and when the fact that we have our troops there, facilitating the evacuation of just masses of of after many them citizens- and we don't know they helped us or not. I mean it's it's hard to believe they're, all interpreters or whatever. So there's just no plan in place, which is disgraceful insane, but as far as the economic goes, I mean by interest:
and the point that the airspace was taken away. The Taliban and have any our support while we're hold anyway, is that the afghan troops out number the Taliban by three two one. They supposedly three hundred thousand strong verses less than a hundred thousand nah Gunnar stand when their when their training to have the support. They don't have it that that's a huge disadvantage that they have to accommodate, but you, I think that as a military defending your nation, you would try to accommodate a rather than just give up in two days, which is exactly what they seem to do. I don't I don't think we could put all the blame on the after our army, like Joe Biden, wants to do, but to absolve them of all blame is. I think it is unfair me hard to think me. The one thing the Afghans are good as fighting, and I really don't think that this is a failure of the afghan army. I think
a failure. You have to remember the Taliban blend in with the people they terrify the people, the warlords who the armies were hoping would fight for them in the villages immediately surrendered because their people around you know bait. Basically, in the villages, the people are afraid of the Taliban. They will welcome back there. Also fighting Pakistan Pakistan's secret service, which is mostly islamist, is backing them. and has been backing them through the hell. I don't really believe I've never seen the Afghan the Afghanis fighters give up on any, thereby I've. Just much did you talk to the people that have been over there and our military training, the afghan army, almost everything I've heard from people that have been in that position and I've heard ensure we all have talked of quite a few they'll- tell you that its varied
focus because you know very often there there sort on a mercenary basis, if you don't pay that want to show up. There's a big problem with with Rodriguez chewed problem, and it just talking to people that have that have been the position of training. What what I control is that a lot of these soldiers are training. Just don't seem all that internet a grammatical, radical, religiously based guerrilla armies, tentative Pretty well in organizations were against organizations that don't have a great hierarchical structure for sure. No question about that. The question as to whether they just gave up and ran away when you structure an entire military around a certain style of warfare, and then you just move that style of wherever I need say we're leaving. I agree with this, but the second point is also very important, which is the one thing that they understand in cultures like this is power dynamics and innocent short term, our dynamic.
long term power dynamics, people who I know who were there in twenty fifteen, when Brok Obama first gave his we're leaving speech said that, almost to the day within twenty four hours, all of the the green on blue that the friendly fire attacks start happening immediately. All the village elders and any rural part of Afghanistan stop cooperating with the United States military and when they would say we ve, given you money, we ve inside it. We ve been fighting on your behalf for years. Why not you wanted to talk to you will take our money will say anything. You know some of some of the soldiers who started count shooting at us. Why and the afghan answer was
cause you're leaving and when you are gone, it is only a matter of time before the long term power dynamics of air ran on our border as Pakistan on our border. There's no question where this goes once you're gone and if, if you're not going to be the power sinner, the people who are going to be the power centre are people who will chop our heads off and rape. Our daughters, like you, can't leave us in a position of a power vacuum that we cannot our self still there. The the afghan army, of course, not a westernized army courses. Not a sophisticated army, of course, is not not tremendously lethal army, apart from American, closer support american logistics, american intelligence, which is a huge part of it. Of course. That's all true since its true since that we're not talking about people who only kill combatants since, if you're an afghan soldier fighting the Taliban and your village falls, you may be fine but they're, going to rape, your daughters and kill your sons in that situation.
You ve left them very little, given the realities of the society in which they live. You ve, given them very deeply point that they were mercenary. Forces is fair enough, but it is part of the failure of our strategy there. It's not that's Afghanis armies failure, I don't mean, was now I'm not a big fan of the afghan culture, but I still still when you create created a mercenary force because they had to be loyal to us instead of oil to what they are furthermore, that they also their tribal identity for NATO and that there is no real national identity. Women are right. I live issue which brings us to the sort of geostrategic point, which is where I think that the real conversational eyes, which is what were you doing there and I think their points of agreement here to what get back to Why were there? What will we do there? That's a pretty big question before we do it. I are friends over an Express bbn lit
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country would immediately be under threat from North Korea in China, sponsoring it. We still have some thirties. Thirty, four thousand troops. There ain't you thousand troops in Japan, but we still have some ten thousand troops in ITALY, so we can have air power over Northern Africa been backed by the time we left Afghanistan. The number of troops that we had on the ground official is twenty five hundred that ranked number nine in places on where we had troops. So the question is: what exactly will we therefore, and if the answer, which I think we all agree, was to kill terrorism, make sure this doesn't become another haven for terrorist. Then the question becomes What was the dramatic urgency in
now, considering that we have been experiencing year on year, fewer than twenty combat casualties and zero. Since February of twenty Twond. I think that the question of why we were there, we all might agree on why we would like to have been there or why we will what we wish the recent work, but I dont think that America was clear on because the argument that we were given in the early days of that war was we're going in there to kill a sum of Bin Laden and the people who were harbouring terrorists that took that took down the towers, then in two thousand five George, your second inaugurate? The mission was redefined. That was the freedom speech. The word liberty, or freedom or liberal, was used forty nine times in that speech, and he made it an audacious claim and, I think, a ridiculous claim, which is that tyranny anywhere on earth is an existential threat to the american homeland. This, with a radical extreme of of ways that we thought of adventurism and spreading radius it was obviously untrue by the way, because not only do we tolerate certain authoritarian regimes, we ve actually installed many of them
a thorough Darien regimes that have never threatened us with so much as an insulting look. This redefines the mission as building not only a matter solely in democracy in Afghanistan, but ever talk about a forever worry now. He said we will abide polish tyranny on earth, which so long as man's nature is fallen. I dont think is going to happen and it will commit us to work forever, so he redefined it. Then I think the american people get pre sick of that in the years that followed Brok, Obama famously campaigned actually to beef up. Troops in Afghanistan and take troops out of Iraq, Turks or restart the war there, but then he wanted to pull the troops out. There is well then the mission Donald Trump runs on pulling the troops on which was popular and both parties. At the time, then Joe Biden obviously maintains that that that view now we're told we have to stay there for the afghan women who suffer a terrible plight. Nobody has done
but women suffer a terrible plight in Pakistan as well visited. This is not fair, saying that women suffer and other parts of the world is true enough, but women suffering today in Afghanistan are suffering specifically because of an action that we ve taken theirs to withdraw it. I think that's off his point to its his his point, which is really fear we live in a place where people vote and part of running a war is political. You are dealing with people who have other things like raise their children do their jobs. You have to be able to convince them that you're there for a reason, and the reason in Afghanistan has repeatedly changed. It has grown its trunk if his it's been different than it was when we went in there and then to turn to the people and say how dare you abandon this mission with an ocean zones are so I agree with the political failures of our leadership class end of the media. In redefining the mission I mean I got, I think we all mainly agree on the idea that we are go into Afghanistan to create a thriving democracy.
an originally protect women, those good byproduct of fact or wherever the United States boots steps. Things tend to get better, but I wasn't original mission. We didn't go in there, we're going to free women. We freed women as a consequence of going in there right so and as Joe Biden correctly, but oddly in non secular fashion, did out. If the italian relaunch we have- and we would have been in afghanistan- for women were, of course, that through the problem is this, whether or not the american people are properly informed about what they think the mission is. The rest of life exists that just because we create a vacuum, does not me and no one is going to fill it just because people in United States and then our leadership class misunderstand what the mission is does not mean it would remove, proves that does not come to a hotbed again and trying to doesn't take advantage of that to her Ipad grab, for example, all of the eighty five billion dollars in military technology. We just left there, including high tech crap, including drone technologies, are going to immediately reverse engineer. None of that means that China doesn't look at what we just did to the Afghans and say.
ok, well, Taiwan's right there and all we had already set us move right across this raid and you ain't gonna. Do nothing really mean it doesn't take much of a mind to discover this all the terrorist groups owner of look at this, and I think that we are weak so, regardless of how this was pitched, when this is my problem with how the afghan war has been pitched, I think for the past several years did the first page that was wrong was this is about a war for establishing democracy in Afghanistan you're right, then there is a second pitch and it was equally stupid and the pitch was the war of twenty. Seventeen is exactly the same as the worth twenty tonnes, which is a lie. It is not true the United States had taken. It is true presence in Afghanistan from six figures down to about ten thousand by the time Trump left office, gender, twenty five hundred and two and people said this is an endless war, and I said what war you have: twenty five hundred people station Wait: zero casualties for eighteen months, you're safe what you were safer up until Brok until Joe Biden took office, you are safer being a soldier in Afghanistan in your being a cop in Chicago, and it wasn't particularly close. Ok dad did
should that this was an endless Worthington had and right now it had in right now. If we want an right now, what and including thousands of traffic- and it is a lie, but it is untrue. We have we again. We moving on average before these supposed wonderful deal, the truck aid with the Taliban, which I opposed, and I was clear about this one from was in office. I'd probably consistent on us before that deal we're losing ten twelve guys a year that is horrible. Every soldier lost is terrible. That does not constitute a go on full scale. War is what is happening in the beginning of the war. We are losing hundreds of guys per year, thousands of guys in some cases, but it, but I think you have to grant. I agree with your point on the losses and the difference in the nature of the war, but it would still be endless and and that that is what the Americans is also to remove all virtual
South Korea is an endless work. Well known guys. You know these areas, I mean there is an active civil war going on right now in Afghanistan, while our troops were there- and it is we learned today or anything of the civil war in Afghanistan is between the people. We went there to depose and the people who we all it's been supporting, for though it's been it's it's also between ISIS Right, as is Joe Biden, actually rightly said that the Taliban are bad guys, but right now they are our allies against ISIS in this particular battle that we had to deal with today. So all I'm saying is it's complicated? It's not just the Taliban versus the good guy Afghans in us. It's ISIS, its other islamic groups, it's on affiliated grit right so, but our goal was not too, but our goal was to destroy all of those unitary, the issues mentioned there. They would. They do have a common interest against us now. The Taliban have a common interest to a certain extent with us, but I accept that we might wonder whether I am still not convinced that the Talibans and let these guys through to bomb internationally binding, even though even that even now that had a son come so that today the whose asked directly did the Taliban just let these people through
one screening, everybody at the opera or not. But I think this is the big political problem here. So were you say: well, we have endless true presence in literally everyone, wherever african, dozens and dozens and dozens, and I do think there a bit different than Afghan dammit I grant for telegrams area, but I think, but I think this is- and I think people want to pull out of Afghanistan want to pull out of Syria. Might my point? Is this? Our founding fathers warned repeatedly against continual warfare. Tee said James Madison said there is no greater threat to liberty than continual warfare George Washington Jefferson reiterate Washington and many other founding fathers to, and you might say well, things are different now than they were then fair enough. My point is this: in its to the political point, the american people are looking at this war in Afghanistan. There are none seeing any particular reason to stay there there, even looking at the argument that you have to prevent another nine eleven and saying saudi nationals were welcomed into Afghanistan, but they then came to America they trained in America. They will welcome it onto aeroplanes, with tools that we're not either.
illegal to bring on airplanes at the time. Why do we have a department of homeland Security? Why can't we deal with these things without having an on the ground presence in Afghanistan? And all I'm saying is whether that is true or not they have the founding fathers on their side, and so I think we need to answer it currently. Gosh made money, don't two founding fathers went and killed the barbary pirates? No, no! No he's noses right about this point in the thing is this was before the invention of the airplane a very different place. They were talking about a country that was protected by two oceans and indeed we did if you take the example of Barbara harassment, but still Darwin Bobby by pirates were threat to our trade and commerce. Then the is a tradition in America, isolationism and as far as I'm concerned, I would be ok with either being an isolationist nation or been an imperial nation. I can't stand is doing both cannot stand the promises. I can't stand. The
changing motivations. I cannot stand and uninformed public a publicly doesnt know. Rightly rightly, they do not know who we are we'd. They do not know what we're still what what kind of country we're supposed to be in the world. Personally personally, I think that an pyre is unavoidable, and I think that Chinese were about to prove this to us by taking Taiwan and then we're gonna have a much easier time defining who we are because remember just remember that these wars will never paid for when, when George W Bush was asked by the left to suppress what aquifers or you demanding of Amerika S. It was essentially what we all have to sacrifice to pay for. What will know was expensive. You do have to pay for them. We never paid for this war. In the same way, we never pay for the kinds of things at the Democrats running, so we never pay for that either question. What are the question? Becomes? the question becomes. Where are we going to put our treasure? And I think that that's the argument that we have the problem that we have is the Democrats? No, they no where they want to put our treasure and we, on the other,
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was by eight eight, a perfect scenes from Bravo Company manufacturing. It may have been a little bit of overkill. I was very happy to be out of California. You should do the same thing, maybe with some moderation cover and learn more about. Bravo company manufacturing at Bravo Company, M, F g dot com. You can discover more about their products. Special offers, an upcoming news. That's Bravo! Company M, F g dot com. If you need more convincing, you can find out more about museum in their awesome products and the amazing people who make those products at Youtube. Dotcom, slash. Bravo! company, USA. A couple of points are, first of all on this idea that Afghanistan turns into a hotbed of terror. For not there will. I don't find a terribly persuasive, because the entire Middle EAST, much of Africa. I mean that there are many places that they become hotbeds of terror. Currently are so are we supposed to invade and occupy all those places? Also, while you have an alarming- and let me know what are they gonna, this apology, this argument of bad,
things happen everywhere. Are we supposed to go invaded occupy those places is revisionist no one's making an argument here, we need to go invade Afghanistan and occupied. We went to Afghanistan and we did occupy it. You kid it's the equivalent of saying you know I shouldn't I've had sex with Maggie Johnson back in gender year, and so therefore, now on my child, still birthday I'm going to walk away from my child and Maggie, whom I married and the mortgage which we took out together because I've really as I never should have gone there when you say hate, but none of them you, Mary of Game. Actually went there. You actually did something. There are consequences that could agosta via goes to my next point, and actually that analogy, I think this is important because I dont in a mirror you make an undying, eternal commitment to a person at an altar before God. I dont believe that the United States of America has made that kind of commitment to any formation. Can, and in fact, if any government, if any, if any politician tries to make that kind of commitment to another,
our nation is not legitimate and and there's no reason. Why should we respect them? And you you you talking about we're not going to get people to get what ailed in rainbow. But here you talk about so will it we're in South Korea wherein were in Japan, amateur many, and when all these play well, there's an obvious response to that is maybe be there either that there are countries in the region to let it can take efforts also delayed. I ask your question on that specific point. So it's nineteen, fifty three we signed the naming since we're doing original history. Now is nineteen. Fifty three we sign the the armistice agreement, often on the forty nine parallel in korea- and we say now, your president of the United States is the answer. Ok, we're done out. We have no interest here, but that is how you was called wars. because it's, but it's not one thousand nine hundred and fifty three I'm talking about it and your two thousand and twenty twenty one. Do you sign the agreement to say the Taliban got to take over this country and bring it exactly the same people who did nine hundred and eleven, which is exactly what's happening right now, twenty twenty one, I would take our troops out of it.
I would do to our differently than Joe Biden that I wouldn't let for your future. Interest is served by pooling our get lets the question and from Afghanistan, while its first, let's not only a strategic interest, but what is the strategic interest? There's there's there's two points here. Ok, this is a strategic point. I guess as well The idea that the United States of America should be perpetually holding nations foreign nations into existence which cannot exist on our own without our help? I just reject that strategically, and I rejected philosophically and I just. Don't think that that should be our role unless, as drew says, we're going to embrace it and say you know what we are and empire, and this is what we do. We build empires we take over and over again. Or Afghanistan. It's ours now our property. And if, if that's the argument- and Let's make that argument that aren't gonna than our that our empires, uniquely american empire, so never admit to at West Germany, would not survive The navy in Amerika had left its troops there. It would fall under the Soviet,
in in minutes at the Americans had pulled out. We think that, like Berlin as in West but her merriment about weights in EAST Germany, and we had we were cut off from access with flooded, Berliner lifts to keep that city free. It is not just that if we had left the next day with if we left five years later, if we left ten years later, we had left twenty years later. Similarly, back to the South Korea example, it took the first of all a world war to drive the japanese empire out of South Korea, been a korean war to keep the north in the Chinese and Russians from taking South Korea. Thirty three thousand american dead, just in that war and then occupation by our troops, not not in the old imperial sense, because we didn't run their government just like we didn't in Afghanistan, but in this uniquely american way, where our troops provide the the opportunity for that nation to form. We had to do that for forty two year
serves before South Korea became a functioning democracy and after they became a functioning democracy, we continue to have our troops there for thirty five more your closet, so that that democracy they had learned is that it is to you. Do you think that it is America's duty to actually perpetually hold other countries into existence? To keep them in existence? Is that if we're, if we are the ones who broke the country in the case of Afghanistan, would ever whatever the political argument for why we went there, we went. Should we have stayed for a week and then left that's a conversation that we can prescriptive. We apply some of those lessons to future problems that you can't retro aunt. Would you really say we broke Afghanistan? Wasn't exactly a thriving place when we know is not a thriving place, but the core of the problem faced by the current? Listen to them an agent Afghanistan's, like eighteen years, we ve been there. Twenty the people in especially urban cobble the people in these cities that are falling right now, they're, not why
the guys who were there when we went in this, isn't people who ever lived under the Taliban. This people? How is it that women hold that has no haven't you ever work margins arguments. These arguments do not reason these arguments not cold water, because for all really about the cold war, The cold war was in a fight between two open. I arguments about Afghanistan illegally. Well, well, not, but you William drew having any. No, we will you know they have again at any instant. We wanted Afghanistan wherever you think we'll never go. That's also taking part. Never, even if we should not. Second party really know the first point of euro yours if we hold it for twenty years. and now in leaving we are the cause. Terrible thing- I don't know- I don't know- I don't agree with this at all. I did notice is right about this, which was the places a mess. Was it's going to be a mess unless we stay and it was mess before we got there, but the about, gets it with a mess being or we do not yet. But we went Germany. The thing about ITALY is: all of these places were places we occupied to keep the Soviets and the chinese outright, and the thing is, I know what I'm doing What I'm saying is we are about
We enter a new cold war that I think there is no question about a roaring halfway and in it. However, however, that the Taliban, never even Islamism, never constituted the existential threat to our way of life that we basically sold it as Having an that's, that's the key thing, you're nuts licking different, and so in other words, if we have now you're goin back twenty years. I think that the argument for wrong I'm thing right now today as way under an actual thing, is occurring. I'm sorry are you. We do not have a responsibility to every country, even even if you listening, we might ok, we have an open mouth exerted every country. We have a responsibility that country we are in and have occupied for the last twenty years. Put aside for a second thing: cortical, we have a responsibility to partner Rico. That doesn't mean that we also responsibility to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico is our protectorate. Eleanor mean here's the real work, what hold on one so we're not responsible up. This is a legitimate question. We're not response
for what's happening right now or with a minute Whitman saw so much of what's happened, this what's a little confusion about the conversation. So much what's happening is a matter of this incredible amuses. Criminal incompetence? We're talking about does not just like, like. I left my shirt at home and I forgot to bring my tie to work. This is an. final argument is like this tat: she don't that's completing insane too. There are few things that I think were also complaining. One is the morality of this jewish and whether we owe it to the people of Afghanistan who stay there forever, because there are people of Afghanistan and they came to rely upon us when I think they're there's an argument to say that the answer is no not in perpetuity we're still America, we have our own interests. Then there is the question that I actually want to ask, which is: why is it in our interest to turn this back over it have a good time at op, Ed incentivize trying to go and get all the rare earth minerals incentivize trying to invade Taiwan, and why is all that worth it to take a two thousand five hundred, Adam position where no one was dying. That's the thing nobody seems to be about
I think you're not talking about a hundred thousand troops there, I'm not letting that tens of thousands of Joe Biden excuse for this is that if we didn't, then tomorrow there be a vast war Taliban fighters coming over that wall. There is zero evidence of this none. Okay, we had a stasis situation in Afghanistan effectively since two thousand fourteen, that's pretty much enough. had changed. So what we are talking about. We talk about ending endless wars. I think that that I think that's a bumper sticker slogan, because it does not count as an endless war when you station a baseline for some twenty five hundred people. There zero casualties for a year and a half is only reason to think that I would maintain that, given that gets given that it has made in its not South Korea, it has maintained, for this contains maintained for less sixty seven years. I think that there is. I think that there is very little evidence that, Taliban were on the verge of radically of running the country have yet to see Joe Biden Present any of that intelligence. Evidence do do think if we stay at exactly as we were ten years from now. Do you think we ve now gone sixteen years without
I thought it was. I think that what I think what you see is what we have typically seen in situations like this when it gets a little harder we put in a few more troops when it gets a little cold. We take out a lot more troops. I dont think there's a situation, Afghanistan or dumping. Another hundred thousand troops in there because we had forces on the ground constantly constantly degrading Halliburton because they were getting afghan army at the cost of thousands and thousands of lives a year. We're going and killing me this is so. My question again is not yet we go back to the fundamental principles of your. When do we owe thanks to people I think also, but but I think that we drew you mentioned the cold war. The world is filled with threats. On again This then say: where, were you and I agreed easy- we're gonna notion that defence department exists mainly as a make work programme for people to sit on a basin. Alabama is silly head. This has become the democratic talking point, which is that our soldiers should never be put in the law, of combat in favour of american interests unless those interests are existential to the United States? This has never been the perspective of it,
any nation that has been worth it? Salt, water upon you- and I agree- I mean this- is that this is something I am saying is. It seems like a fairly cheap deal to me to have been stationing twenty five hundred troops, yes in country, providing air support, closer support with the military contractors at the cost of like point five percent of the United States budget every year to Leap the Taliban from taking back over the country and re bringing an Al Qaeda and re bringing in ISIS and turning to me, we in Germany, we have to spend coming from Vienna put back into Iraq just to quell ISIS listening. I remember you being on in favour of that. This is what this is all based on: the assumption that the situation right now would maintain, and this try ballistic hellhole, country in the middle of a civil war between all these various different factors as too I don't think personal, there's any reason to think that that's true, we are going through a six or seven years in the grand scheme. A history is nothing. It also are going through. A period of relative twenty dollars in the grand scheme of history is hardly anything at all agree, but so we are going through a period of relative calm. If we called out in Afghanistan, there is any reason:
There were those who maintain that way. There was always distract when you send our our guys over there I understand there still at least at its serious threat of being killed in service. To this. Relatively they really were not They really were not give twenty five hundred troops there in zero combat that since February, twenty twenty, what but that been seven years what I'm saying that that could change at any moment. There's no reason to say that at the moment that necessary, that's true, literally anywhere on earth. That's true, literally anywhere honour not yet get on our tomorrow does what is untrue? Not Japan! I mean job with Japan. that's it we're China decides get militaristic with Japan and they have fired missiles into the Sea and Japan and getting militaristic pretty there Everyone knows and South South Korea is the biggest hotspot robot twenty six thousand troops there as a trip. Where were you, you would agree that Japan, in Germany, are not nearly as volatile as Afghanistan, has? The volatility is the reason to keep the american presents? The volatility is the reason to have when we, when we invaded Afghanistan, we had to use hand drawn russian IRAN maps. We had
No intelligence? We know nothing about Afghanistan. When a very little about border Pakistan, we had very little into IRAN, Pakistan, by the way, a nuclear power with seventy five nuclear weapons, who already their intelligence service for this whole time has been sympathy. to the Taliban and now entertainment, how they have jested all Americans, but since binds withdraws, unless, through our years, negative and argues because you're saying on one hand, we should stay there because its peaceful nobody's dialogue and we should stay there because its volatile Somebody America, under their America, when I am working on a Europe wide and they get a job and its in America strategic interests to have not having to their not have it because it goes back in the political field your and its political failure that has gone on since the Bush administration. It you can't you can say the people were going in there. They get Bin Laden, and this is still a democracy that sums, You can't see we're going in there to get Bin Laden- oh no, we're going in there to build a civilised country
we're going in there, because we need bog ruins of in order to fight the chinese interest. Now you can't do that. succeed. Unless, unless we understand ourselves to be in a conflict of great powers, and this is where you and I agree- I think this greatly conflict gray powers is inevitable and we, We are already in a conflict. It's always it is always right and we and we should start- and we should start to talk like that. I never want to fight selfless. Wherever again, I never want to hear you broken, you fix it ever again. I want to be When will my fellow Americans your sons and daughters into harm's way. I want to know that they are therefore in its country and if and for our interests and part of our interests, of spending on China. Wish. Most of our major corporations knew that I will say: you'd better having dams, compelling reason for pulling out twenty five hundred troops from a place where they are the lid and they are the cork in the bottle.
especially when there is now going to subject, nineteen million women rape, you better have a very good reason and better not be a slogan like no I was worried about is not good and under you, these guys, keep saying these things slogans all all of democratic pot of democratic politics of slogans zone that obviously this is don't. You know what I know about me deconstruction some talking, but the reality of political. You might like to advocate that when this meeting them about whether it like just because the american people like a thing, does not mean that they are correct, the thing but that american people are able to carry out their nations gorgeous? Doesn't that Ivan? I think they still. I know that, especially for a recent decades. There is this dear, that on foreign policy. They a hundred percent, do not have what what's left rational, even more do less rationally problem, or will this wasn't a war? I mean that's the other brought this. Was this a war, there's an occupation. I address it out of what a mega, if we're talking about the reality on the ground, when was less than the american people, approved a war, but this gets. This gets to Germany, sport you think German, that a very good point here, which is
and you said yes, America's an empire, but it's a special kind of empire- and I jokingly, but not so jokingly, said yeah it's a fashion because we don't admit that weren't empire reason from the reason that we don't admitted by the way is because our name is founded not to be an empire and all of our most revered founding fathers said: don't do this, A perpetual were, don't have entangling alliances don't go of receiving it, see the gentlest directly from one coast all the way across to the other, they did, but all the way to go about it. They are not a whole way, but they, but they didn't occupy. It is some imperial territory. They would bring it into the melee hold up. They would have an imperial territory with land. I would have literally the Euro area's remotely became so until they became lights arena making Afghanistan estate. I dont think if you go resulted in making Afghanistan, but they do not know if you are still die, but we are talking about fire and the minute wait. You're saying that it is not. Imperialistic using its less imperialistic to make a thing- a state, yes by definition, Glenn determination. Yet because it's part of the nation,
but if you hold it as an alibi over anymore that etc. That is only a very limited number. Eight and fire turn us into british citizen. Let you go if it with the World WAR, two memorial in water or nobody see, says we came to liberate, not to conquer, and then that's been Basically, our idea with fire troops have been there for seven with everywhere else. Well, ok, then, what nausea saying is right that the problem with our empires, we don't miss vampire ferguson- makes a shake up the argument over time and I think the point- and I think, if you dont make the art If you dont tell the truth, the american people, who still do both for the president of the states, who still is the guy who ones most of our foreign policy, are not going to be convinced, and you can't you can accuse them of bumper sticker. Logan's when you back his eye so very much everything else poetic when you think that we saw you, my Bible, stickers led them, so I still think just were operating with this. Is this assumption that, because this it was a certain way. It's gonna maintain that way, and at that denies the risk that Army
Terry was in over there. I know that it's been a certain way for a few years, but I don't think we can do anything. It's fair to do, because part of this is where sending our sons and daughters are actually going over there, and there is a there is more of them have died in the last four years, not as many but there's always that threat of something terrible happening to them, as we just discovered, and on top of it Well, I mean there are other things too, that we haven't brought up like one of them again in talking to the veterans it served over there. Even in peacetime, don't talk about things. Like you know, I don't know they have they come on. Traumatized does have to overlook child rape, which is which is utterly within the widespread and the afghan army and in the afghan leadership, and they just over there. They have to deal with it and their told and not to mention the threat of being killed by the hour. Suppose allies, But even even that alone, like just that peace alone to me, and send our guys home? Because on that with other gotta, over there and and look the other way while children are raped, left and right, and it was as widespread as that.
How, then, can be a realistic moralist here How many I mean? What are they will use your answering your answering the moralism with a sort of moralist argument on the Medina. Moreover, it is not a moral answer, though, to say ex people do bad things. Therefore, let's create a vacuum in which people didn't. Do those things supper, let me borrow concentrating on trying to try to bring it back around to focusing on the actual human beings, our countrymen and our services, Mercer, we are sending into these situations when we say that there has been a combat death in six or seven years, letting that overlooked in an indian an eighteen month, an atm few for relatively- has been gradually food for such a seven years? when we say that that overlooks some some realities that they were living but I think we have to be scrapped. Militant organ. Have this conversation who know but putting the military in places always is a question of cost for cement of it, and so you're lining up costs and I'm saying that there were actual benefits and then I think one of the things that happened here is that what has happened in the wake of the United States pulling out is being
build a potential cost to the United States when it is an actual costs in the United States, meaning that what Joe Biden has done is in the aftermath was pulling out and as they bomb american troops and the Taliban takes over the country again and, as ices comes back and is all kind of comes back in my argument is pretty simple: if we haven't left this wouldn't have happened, and my evidence for this is that if we hadn't have left this wouldn't happen, Joe Biden argument is: if we had stayed, this would have happened. He is going to have to prove that case stronger than I think this would have happened, because the counterfactual is all ready here. It's happening. It's happened. The Taliban have taken over the country, so I already know that if aid than be he's saying, if not a then be he's gonna that doesn't exist as an alternative history last data point that I had was that it wasn't happening and we pulled out the troops. So unless you can show me extra aid, which has not on extremely compelling data, that leaving twenty five hundred troops in place was going to resolve,
in its strong, an argument we have fifty thousand troops back in their fighting close hand to hand Combat Missouri Sharif, I'm the needs of actual evidence of that not some little from Joe Biden. If justified the faculty want to plan two thousand ten and Cancun is how to This is also why there I don't want any more selfless worse, I don't remember selfless worth. Ok, you can prescriptive, lay take that wisdom into the future. This wasn't too selfless war. It is a thorough inimically, dappling invited they. So we say we want another very specific rid of a selfish withdraw. We actually do, but we don't bears. America is not responsible for every humanitarian crisis in the world, which is responsible for the ones that we create. We are creating this crisis if we had gone in trying to kill Bin Laden and left if we had used air strikes and laugh, I don't buy that Colin Powell. If you break it, we bought it. If you, but if you break it, created, hold it, what a generation of people come of age under
Eric and Protection and then just decide on a whim for no strategic upside, that you're just gonna bail on them and leave them all. I think, on the review of the last meeting of the last word, but no strategic upside just for a minute. I think that argument is is basically We have to throw good money after bad. If we go into a place and we have an american interests and we cannot fight We cannot serve that american interests and we withdraw because we can, of that american interests and there's any country reverts to what it was before we got there. you know, I'm not sure I can hold or us responsible, for there were responsible for the two million people who died in Southeast Asia after we abandoned the south, the enemies of course we're here. Of course, we bear. We bear responsibility. We are not holy respond, mainly at we'd layer. Recent investing contacts, no western, as are the people who are pushing deepen the police responsible for an increase in crime. To my mind, short yeah, yeah. Ok, while this is the exact same thing internationally, if you remove them,
Well, then, people around killing other people have Ado with the diversion heretical world poyser, but we are like half way an overall worthy opener. There are in the position of cracking. We don't just take it over that country. Why could we ate it that way you can make? You can make the case that if you had to redeploy the people for like to take the domestic context, if you had the police in one area when he had made the decision to redeploy the police from here to hear because more important have him over here, where the cost that we are undergoing in the city for the police to many conference, removing them and are putting them here, you're so responsible. What comes next over here because you mom of the police, but at least you can say the costs here, we'll work. The benefits here. The point that we are having in Afghanistan right now is that the class here are accruing not only no benefit but negative better. So I think the question that is coming up his: what changed? Not only what changed in the last ten twenty years, but what changed since nineteen? Fifty what changed since the r r establishment of a sort of empire overseas- and I think we should- we- should define the terms because
We were using different terms for imperialism and nationalism. When I say that dead, Texas, the acquisition of Texas is not imperialism, I mean, of course it's Europe is when you go and you ve been Lincoln bottles imperialism. But when you make it part of the nation, that is a very different thing reason why, for that matter, mainly participation that is a very different thing than the british Navy. This argument- and this is the point of all- show you the distinction when Great Britain holds India as an imperial territory, it is not holding it as a part of the british nation. It is recognising. This is a distinct culture, a distinct country port at its own thing, but we are holding it we or the british empire. We dont really do that with taxes is distinct, is Texas We say it's all part of the American is now behold: Imperial territories like Porter Rico, withheld other imperial territories that, because of our national origin, we gave up and we have always felt in comfortable within nineteenth and twentieth century. But this brings us then, to the question: what changed between nineteen fifty and today and the question, and it gets back to your point ruined.
to your point, also met, which is we we and in the middle of the twentieth century, were with a strong superpower with a lot of national cohesion that new who we were. We knew what it meant to send truth, justice and the american way oversees. We can't even put that in Superman movies anymore. They actually cut that line out, your point Matt, you say what are we? Therefore, we raise the pride flag on the embassy in Kabul, which we actually did. I don't think of Americans are gonna, get behind that that has become a sort of imperial flag, but a lot of people don't support, and so I think, is very important. If you want to choose, are we just a nation or we just an empire or is it inevitable to become an empire, which I think probably it is for great nations. What is the empire? What is it- and I just think, you're. In a situation where we can agree on anything in this country, we can't even agree on the definition of men and women. At this point, you ve got major political activists with the support of the Democratic Party, bring down the country for twenty twenty. I'm just not sure
We have the ability to protect that oversee visit there, not sure what a woman protracted- and this, I think is. It is an enormous, enormous, strategic, an ideological mistake if the notion is that the weaknesses and internal failures of the United States do not allow us to either pursue a strategic interest overseas or to say to the Taliban. Sorry whatever it is, we are pursuing is better than what you are pursuing. Then. I think that there can only be on the right is well. I like that, I am not a fan of the pied rather than making that one point. I I'm not making even a prescriptive argument here, I'm it is like, the bargaining ended Ripped of argument is this: seventy percent of them organs wanted out of Afghanistan and the majority of Americans. Both parties have wanted for a long time. I'm I'm not seeing that's a good thing. I'm just saying. I think the reason for that is the key so our cohesion- and we had a lot more, but I dont think I wanna. I want to speak to this the person I talk about our powers over at policy genius and the reason is because they paid for this also because I personally have used policy genius to great effect. My little daughter was born as I have to
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work for you and that's exactly what they do so head over to policy genius. Dotcom right now get started when it comes to insurance, it's nice to get it right. Policy genius dotcom. So I wanted to make a quick point of this, which is that I totally innocent. You don't have to argue to me about the lack of cohesion and the moral decline of the United States right? I think that as a nation, one of the symptoms, the wheel, so eager to get out of Afghanistan. I think that is a symptom of the fact that we are a nation that is ready to climb into a warm bath. Get fat and slid. Arrests think I desired that is where we are as a country? I think that's why Joe Biden has President right now because he's effectively a senile president hiding over a nation in a tragic state of ok, I think they did that that seems like what it isn't there something dramatic resurgence with that said, I think what happened in american foreign policy is pretty obvious. We had and when the Soviet Union was around, because we recognise that were existential threats to the United States in the form of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union fell and we figured. We have no idea what the hell we're doing. Are we doing this for capitalism? Are we doing this for liberalism? Are we doing this for nothing? Should we usually do Pappy Kinda retrenchment should
in a red, try and spread the message of the eye enough like what exactly are we doing here? What we failed to recognise is that once again, nature and foreign policy, a poor, a vacuum and the notion that the United States was forever and always that we reach the Francis Fouquet, I'm end of history, which courses is slightly misinterpreted that we reached at the end of history, where the United States was destined to be the everlasting headline created the sense of so. What do we do with all this stuff? We do with all this power and what that failed to recognize that there are always powers on the move, and that is what your sing in Afghanistan right now, in fact, is that when we leave it is not as though everything just goes back to a trial. it of warfare with no externalities there by the way, that was in charge for grand total of five years and Afghanistan. Every aspect to tell them was in charge since wherever they are in a state of Evidence of a war with serious externalities, particularly the Soviets Infra surrounding Republic for quite a long time in the United States, was, was deeply involved enough
and all the way back in the fifties, red eyes in how are actually fluent cobble airport, nineteen, fifty nine so the so that the United States has always been involved all over the world. The question is always one of costs and benefits which I keep coming back to this. I think that's hard headed way of you in foreign policy, and so I ask you and I don't see the benefit in pulling out other. and the fulfilment of this model headed idea that we have somehow sinned in being in Afghanistan or to continuing since remained in Afghanistan at extraordinarily low cost, to keep a lid going on there, and especially in the face of chinese aggression, the notion in in foreign policy, continue, we were able to keep an empire effectively during the war work, because we are doing so as an anti communist empire you're, not because we're this was an american empire, but because we were able to do all this stuff saying we are opposing the Soviets right yeah, the reality is natures into forces.
I know that you can say we're out of Afghanistan, not for long. We were out and we were out of Iraq, and then we were back in what you just said. What you just said is far more in keeping with my tragic view of these things than anything else nobody is talking about, but in the interim, during this end of history foods we fall apart and a nose was right about this. It is very hard to project power without this very hard to protect them in the power that is american power without an american shared values, and we no longer have an american set of values, and I think this is a tragic- is a truly tragic. But is, is China that is about to forces back into the great game, but enforces back into the great game it will? Help redefined? We are because it's not true that everything we did against the Soviet was simply against the Soviet. We were. The Soviets because they stood for something that we didn't stand for agreements only in my horrific cursed generation that we lost the plea,
of what we want, we stood for against the sky is great. I agree with everything you and by and by we just went one more thing that Vietnam gets a bad wrap in some ways. It deserves a bad rap, but the Chinese look Some Vietnam, for those people are crazy and kept them in line for fifty years, and they didn't really big start to stretch out their imperial. Ten tentacles because they saw. We were gonna fight them on every level may just didn't want any part of them. So I agree with what you have said, and I agree with what you just said reason to remain, and Afghanistan is America, strategic interest. I do think that were extracting our way out of the urgent moral question, there is a moral question about whether or not in addition to pursuing our strategic interests. We also create moral obligation along the way. I agree did you dont have a moral obligation to go into every place that something bad happened. I agree that have a moral obligation to report to occupy every country that you drop some bombs on or send special operators into I,
three that you don't have a moral responsibility to build governments in countries, even if you do occupy them for a brief amount of time. Those are philosophical, political questions. There abstract questions their question that can deeply inform our view of the world. They can deeply inform the actions that we will take in the future. The urgent question today, the moral question today is: do we have an obligation to the people who, for twenty years, lived under whatever drove us, their whatever took us their? Whatever mistakes we made along the way, whatever things we should or shouldn't have done Whichever things we hope to do in the future or hope not to do in the future, we did do something and Afghanistan, and because of what we did for the last twenty years, we keep using the word, women, the people being raped and
women are not went under their small girls. They're thirteen court ruled girls, girls who were going to school girls who were not wearing barkers girls who were not westerners. They did not have our values but they had something far better than the values of the generation that preceded them in Afghanistan and they had them is the direct result of actions that we ourselves took too low. While we are, while we are, I believe, betraying our strategic interests. I think we're emboldened in China, I think we're emboldened in Russia. I think we're gonna see the fall. of Pakistan to the Taliban, and now the Taliban will be one of the six nuclear powers on the earth. I think we're emboldened. I ran, I think, we're emboldened ISIS and allocated just like when we pulled our troops wrongly out of Iraq under Brok Obama and suddenly we lost half the country that we had fought and bled to win. And we lost Syria and ISIS form and european started getting bonded getting their heads chopped off. Now we had to fight yet
another war in Iraq, and yet another war in Syria are they were using the same. For all the reasons, I think it's horrible for the interests of the United States of America to withdraw our troops. I also think there is a moral question. About our withdraw our troops there. But I just let me let me just add that one moral question which is in order, Answer that more question. You have to imagine the counterfactual, but Joe Biden didn't screw the shop beyond imagination of man. You have to be able to say But there was an orderly withdrawal. We left, we left the place intact. We left the government intact. We left the army intact. And we withdrew slowly and an orderly manner. We got our people. We got our allies out all of those things you have to imagine first right because the immoral things It is happening because of this incredible act, almost mind boggling active incompetence, and I think what I would say that in that case, in any case, if we left
Ghana stand in an orderly manner and Afghanistan still could not maintain its government and still could not maintain. its system, then I would say no, we don't would actually have an obligation. I suppose what I would answer to that is. We had essentially withdrawn from Afghanistan we had not that we have a quite as your motive Chanel you're Georgia's in the widest touch, familiar changing the question. I mean that the question is: do we an eternal moral obligation and no actually another country unless one empire eventually other countries. The aim was to pull out of the Philippines sort. I don't think that another does unreasonable. If we have any moral obligation to people out of Afghanistan and frankly, I don't think we did or do, but if we did I think twenty years is pretty good amount of time to give them to figure out how to run their own country and an athlete. We all agree, that the way that we pulled out was terrible in Compton all that, but matter how we pulled out. I just think you the milk. You are the military of Afghanistan this. This is your job. You should be able to do this matter. How
America leaves and if they can't than I think, the moral failures fall on the afghan army more, then on the economic guidelines that twenty yank, the torture you think twenty years means twenty years was enough, the longer you're there, the more you need to leave and I think what I'm suggesting is the longer you There the more responsibilities you begin to incur. Does you? Yes, if you go into a country and strict and found them and get out if it shocking on leave, if you incurs missiles under the Sudan. You have very little obligation to the Sudan, where the people of Sudan the to incur as a result. If you are therefore a year until Tour Bora, we realise that in London's, probably out of Afghanistan and would have to take our fight elsewhere, even curtain, more moral obligation, but certainly for far less than if you ve been. We have big there. What have we haven't aged in Athens lawyer with if you withdraw your support for a tyrant like the shock of ran and another tyrants in islamic tyrant, comes in and takes over, like the Ayatollah Khomeini, essential,
We have an obligation. There do you think, like all which we should have kept supporting the sharp well not only for its. I shall certainly one hundred percent. We should perhaps more yes, it's not a political reason, political, real, but not from oil, but I think that even when it comes to foreign policy, morality is a currency right. I mean that there is. That is just a reality of the situation, and that is why the United States are to win the cold war, for example. Reality is a currency and one of the ways that morality is used as a currency is via incentivize in people to join your fight. meaning that I actually I shouldn't? Let me know in it so in Afghanistan, it is not merely that we I went there and out of the kindness of our how we're like here some liberalism and we're here to say to you and I we went in there with the particular purpose as we discuss the blurring leadership botch the explanation that purpose all that's true. We then made a bunch of promises to all the people work with us. Hundreds of thousands of people work with us, but if you work with us, you will have.
these things, your women will be able to go to school. Your women will be able to walk out on the street and women out that many women helped us read what you will be able to live a different life and they lived out life and many of them kept those obligations. And so now the question becomes, if you make a promise and then you withdraw the promise. Is that a problem, I think the answer is yes and then the question becomes okay. So how do we deal with our promise? So, for example, if we were talking right now, because these are the alternative now or to the real world alternative drive the alternate alternative number one. We pull out of the country we made promises literally hundreds of thousands of people that we were Joe Biden says this all the time that we are going to help them get out. If not the United States Someplace else re with that. If we leave- and if this thing collapse, were you weren't you really get out and by the way we did the same with
It means boat, people in the world we should have in the aftermath. Many of those people are unbelievably good american citizens. We do this for people who are trying to escape Cuba from a bad life to a good life the. If so, if Israel turnips our figure outward two hundred fifty thousand people who actually work but the United States are going to live or give a baseline truth presence there, nobody has to leave which one of those is better. Now again, I think that you can do it in the end, everything in foreign policy, just like in politics, generally comes down to transactional cost, it comes down to cost and benefit when you're making a calculation of the promises made to people on a moral level. Do you bearers until we bear any responsibility for those people, so, for example, forget about keeping troops there too. We bear any responsibility to the people we may promises to that. We were to evacuate them to help them evacuate origin. We ve just on your script, yet we hoped for twenty years but later on, well, then slowly, we all agree that we have a responsibility to the people we promised to evacuate rife if our government made a humane and a lot of them right right and they re
Ok, so why are we so we're? So we agree on that. Then. The question is just whether, with regard to the keeping of a skeleton for whether that would have been better or is it better to try and airlift out hundreds of thousands of people. Hundreds more thousands by the way are still gonna, get left in slaughtered and doing. A moral obligation to not just be the girls were about to get raped but to their fathers worked with us and to their parents who work with us? and I think the answer is yes. When you occur mutual obligation in order to get anything done you, oh something, do you think that's an everlasting moral obligation is, I guess is the question I mean I think, it is a moral obligation that if you promise someone you wouldn't promised the people who fought with us. But here's the deal you fight with us today in twenty years, we're out right and if the Taliban take over that's it will fight with you tonight in twenty years. Work on this that we and that's not how you promise in foreign policy. No one promises that way in foreign policy, because then nobody does it. So will you promise
would be there forever. No, we promised that they were going to have a particular kind of life. This is what happens in which would entail us to be there forever. Not therefore that where we ve done is yours, airily or refined motor here more or maybe there is the possibility that, if we withdrawn really fashion and don't completely collateral air force from within. Ok provided the ass. and government and military have any obligation of its own to its own citizens. Of course they had an obligation of the telling of the UN and in a better way, to undertake an obligation to the tune of fifty thousand dead over the course of the last six years. sixty. Seven thousand bed and the twenty years with you, I am not certain that spends an awful lot of human beings- is an awful lot butts, but that's also that's more american troops than we ve lost. It combines Vietnam, but that's the way the ratio, should be at least something there. They are defending their own country, they riddick the lion's share of the casualties till I agree with the idea that we're supposed to you know it admire the afghan military for being the wants to take the brunt of the casualties. Of course, it's your country,
well, we're gonna. Do we ain't, they met penalised. But my question is I just I suppose I just don't understand me tremendous urgency that was felt by so many people. We must get this tiny, bare bones force out of Afghanistan forthwith and enhance our political for our world historical and they are ok. When you turn over country of thirty, eight million people to the Taliban, welcoming these terrorist groups give China running field, give Russia in open running field, and then the treaty S create the moral hazard of this does make a difference in the world when our allies look at us and they and we have an in yes. This goes down the political leadership point. Maybe she'll never talk in moral terms, but I do happen to think that it was kind of a good thing that we stopped mass rape in Afghanistan of George W Bush. Then the couple speeches we stopped terrorism and by the way we also stop mass rape of twelve year old girls in Afghanistan nothing, that's the end of the world, but if people in we welcome the other way round the rape of boys, now, let's see belonging Afghan I mean so he should have said that too, should have moved on that. Ok like we can all agree,
in favour of the rape of boys. I think we're all on same paint on this one movement by their nearest, the painting, a half of the Afghan out, eyes and I'm very grateful for the allies who helped us, but there's the painting of them. Is these pure pure the driven snow, charitable people who didn't come, but but what matters saying as they committed some of the same coin, cities that world focus error that allows you my salary institute or in that forty two years that we occupied south ring out of the celebrated uneasiness, Pinochet, like right, that's the nature of foreign policy. The question is it more moral. What was the United States presents, didn't? Make it understand in the period of our dominance better than it had been under the Taliban sure, but but if we making, if we're now having the moral discussion- and I think it's important to remember that when we went in there the people who helped us in Afghanistan, I dont think they did so on these suggests. in that we were gonna, stay there forever and climate has an imperial territory. That was not the argument we made when we went Anderson and I voted for it, I'm sorry who claimed it as an imperial terrible. I think we are
Now we should have stayed there for many many more european neighbour, but just now which has set an imperial tyranny delegation. I think it does not get that environment. It is not an event, really varied working you wrong about what we want and what we want. What resale China tried to build a bit of some account. Other countries try to build one military base in our country. We would say you're trying to claim us your own right, I just just to get back to this more but says the same thing. If we do that, another country, good cheer, ass, nearly ass little point- you know been brought up. Transaction in foreign policy is decided by transaction, and I just think that it's worth remembering I'm grateful for the support of our afghan allies. They were doing so because they had an interest, and I don't I actually don't leave that they thought the United States was going to stay there forever. I dont think we said we're gonna stay there, for I think we might look. I thought we were the bad thing when you look at America's victories in the last century, any place where we fought and won. We still have troops before night. seventy four anywhere in observing the let nobody
just think of it until night, ITALY, every pulse that we have. Finally, when we see the place that we thought and one with the letters every place that we fought and suffered humiliating defeat, we dont still. I can, if I can, inject one more time. My morbidly tragic life here I think we should also keep in mind that the thing that were were actually noticing is that democracy is a very bad system for in an empire and the reason is the best system for running an empire is because one day you ve got George W Bush running the place and the next day you ve got your Biden, Rural Bhamo running the place, don't agree and they pull out our troops in they put our troops back into our promises were broken and our promises are broken for democratic reasons, because we voted for somebody was gonna break the promise of the last guy. We voted for This is one of the reasons that as great as free nations become strong and free nations become strong, they become empires and they stopping Free nations- and this is one of the prices I believe we're gonna have to pay- is a reason the Roman Republic fell. His reason this report before, and I think that we have to understand that what you guys, you're talking about keeping your promises is going to happen.
Be a drain on the democratic process. The massacre is what or policy has been. I mean I just again point out that every president, since your since Barack Obama pledge to get the troops out- and nobody did it because it turns out that form he is not democratic process. We are not at the moment. I thought you know who they are really not. It's not put lives. You know has not been since world war. Two, nobody did not get out, because the people of the United States were rapidly demanding the Joe Biden get out. Did the list of american priorities getting out of it. the moon along some you're, not gonna, get us now about it. Ok, but where that night, no actually justifying the idea they voted for somebody who pledged there is going to its universal health care me like that. That doesn't work. That's not right now with active videos, but its truly smoke gives analyses. Rosalie ensures really bushes written two thousand five when he said you voted for a guy who's, gonna privatized, social security, except that's not the way. This works. Ok, just because you vote for a president of the United States and because that President winds does not mean that he has a referendum.
Every single issue down the line, or that has come to look at the reality of an omelet, argue the morality and we'll talk about the reality of it, and this is one of the reasons why a great nations. Lose the real elections, have consequences. This is true, of course, it is also true that the american people have a passport understanding of foreign policy, because our leadership class is garbage when it comes to the stuff and it has been since the cold war and had in during half the cold war. We had a peer and it was ever America America's leaders of passport on foreign policy way before the court was born. Everything also, but I am curious what you guys say about this issue up on a moral question of our country. Right now, when we talk about exert our influence and we think about what that influence actually is not, I think about, one of the most powerful videos that I've seen recently was- and I was a small group- but still I was in- I don't think this will our embassy in Jamaica, was flying a private and that's the Jamaica.
people got together and protest at it and said we don't this. We don't want that here this that that's your values, it's not ours, we wanted here. And am I look at that- and I and I side against our embassy- I'm I'm on their side, a hundred percent, and so I dont like that. I'm you want some protests in our embassy and I have to be on the side of the road that leads to be it's not a good place to be its also. It's also tragic and said Then I have to say that my reading my flat right, so so what? What about that problem as well just curious? What you guys think I mean that I disagree with with any of that. I do think that it is better for that. I think that the package deal when I wish that weren't package deal, I wish that we mourn flying the pride flag. I think it's absurdly anything, but the american flag Period and United States embassy the american flag is now more controversial, the United States than that apply progress. What much more so much significantly more, because the bribe progress flag is, in my view, some of the the imperial flag right. It's a universal and we put it
our embassies all over the world, so the but putting aside the this, then the question is okay, so here's the package deal. I disagree with flying pride progress flag in Kabul. I definitely agree with preventing the mass rape of eighteen million women, so if I have to balance those out now and that's not, that of a balance like I like- I America may Sokolow waterways, but we don't see how can that be giant way in time- and I have I have general moral objections to the conflation America again and an issue this lot. Actually with with the kind of left wing approach to the United States, we criticized this country over here because look at all the problems we're having over here- and I do see mirrored sometimes on the right, which is look at all the bad stuff, bad pushing over here- the gender ideology and in critical race theory, and that makes it inappropriate for us to cortical spread our values in the world and all, I would say, is yes: those values should not be spread even at home, but it's a fallacy to say that, because there are
but in the United States. Spreading that at home right is therefore bad for other countries. France, Twix export the part where we kill the guy's, where the rate of the prize, like yours, just sort of symbolic and in a lot of ways, but a reference. the overall problem. Obviously, if you're gonna way the rape of thousands of girls against deprives lagging on an embassy, the rape mm thousand girls is obviously a lot worse clearly but What we are exporting in general and the pride flag is only one small symbol of it. It's just, I think, utter total moral confusion, and I do think that people in Jamaica and across the world, see that and there and what they're saying is we don't want any part of it? We don't want that here you go This is what my falling apart mortally and well. They need an affront abroad. On a broad scale, I mean we would prompt flying the pride progress flag in two thousand five and the Taliban didn't seem to waver in their determination to overthrow the, Michael worry about them. You know my neck round. The leader of France came out,
but a month or so ago, and he addressed woke etiology. He addressed you know political correctness, we're going to colleagues that this is bad stuff. We don't have in France. This is France. This is one of the most liberal nations. We don't have that here. It is a poison we are going to prevent it from coming into our schools and our institutions, and I think, that's kind of what matters is getting out. Heareth, yes, we're. We historically have exported wonderful things and ideas and values around the world that that is changing. That is, that has changed, and even western enlightened, wonderful leaders are recognising that. I think that that as some of the it is an act of cohesion and it is absolutely changed our values in many ways or worse. Some of our values are a lot better, though, and I think one of the mistakes that we make on the right, because we're definitional they reactionary that's what the right is is that we, because we point at all the bad things that are beginning to happen. We were
And up, and even Donald Trump did this- you know when you basically said we do bad things to the Russians too bad things. We do bad things, that's a horrible line because it is, it is ninety percent true and a hundred percent wrong right. Yes, we do it's. Of course. It's true that we do bad things. There is no comparison, America is, but we still live in a great time. We still have private fundamentally compared to most people in most places it most times a great way of life of great value system, a better value system in some ways than we ve ever had a worse than you system in some very important ways, and of a worsening value system and some very particular ways that we need to fight. But when you see like Nicky Fuentes, Little Nicky, Flint S, saying on the only social channels is to welcome, on which, of course, you should not have been banned with this. Actually guy still also liked them, rather than it does what it. But he said you know the tower Afghanistan is full owing regime that makes women cover
their faces in some little clever little list of I made, you think, is really America's. Just as bad new go. America isn't justice that the fact that Erica has gay marriage does not make. It is bad the Taliban. I support the fact that America has changed in confusion, which is a horrible moral. Send that needs to be combated doesn't make us as bad as happened. Honestly, even the fact that America has abortion, which I think is the Gravesend far worse than gay rights, far worse than even the transit ideology of a blight that will safeguard, permits the earth to continue a blight that future generations will look back on not the way we look at slavery, the way we would look at slavery if slavery involved murdering every per every black person. Nevertheless, we live. In this broken and fallen world and America is still better. Our way of life still better and our values are still better than in most of these places. I think it's
America, over the Taliban data we're gonna. That's why I'm living here and I want to move to Afghanistan but broadly speaking, can I say that I recommend the american way of life as it stands? Right now answer is no it's not something that broadly. The entire world who want to broadcast in trying to bring people- and I think the abortion thing- you know that if we re you take that seriously, just home coming in on average. Second, if we, we take seriously idea that a million eight hundred nine thousand human beings are being slaughtered every single year, but you can the argument, it's actually hard to find something worse than that. That's about sixty million human beings. We ve killed in a bit about forty years since February, yet so so Do we believe that are not? We actually take that seriously as as a real death toll or not, and if we do that, we were in a pretty bad shape again. Most and right, but actually will not against almost anybody because abortion,
is legal in many other western in almost every other western nation whose for most of our lives, abortion was mandatory in our only true rival superpower. So when you're still talking globally about the values that are being imported to export it around the world, then yeah America's than China, even with those grievous sends because China has all, but not all of the executive. They have abortion, certainly the same grievous sins and work much more additional Greece, not that's the way. I think that when ok argument- but it's not that great an argument, I think would mad chain is- does have a lot of weight. There's also revealing its really with no wait. Wait wait, and I think that with this idea that that we are slaughtering. This many bay was like three thousand, a daring Avenant Agnes. You know, I think The should weigh on us a lot more heavily than it does. One of the great triumphs of the left is because we can see the babies were being killed to convince us that they have no humanity enough if, if we could see them
what was happening. It would be on a parallel with raping the daily the women of Afghanistan really needed. If we are going to Afghanistan and that immediately forcing abortion on women there. I think that that would be a far too. oh yeah, no automatic visit, and I think that what the big question in politics that people generally fail to ask his compared whom or compared already. I agree I underline the so whenever Thessaly like had a great country, if you survive birth, Rowan, listen, you don't have to preach to me about the ocean, but the. But when it comes to the question of whether the United States has the right and were up, nation to push our values. When we are so confused and discuss Bobby Laden screwed up at home. I think the answer is compared to what, because I think in certain circumstances the answer would problem You may not right away. We look like if you are saying that we need to pursue cultural imperialism with regard to western european.
tree that happens to be stricter on abortion, say Ireland four years ago, when I ran right or France, I will not really nice, see a need for us to be cultural, imperialist, announcing our need to be cultural, imperialist with regard to weakness, and so I think it's almost in non sequitur to say something like you know, the problems that we have at home are the problems that we are exporting abroad when in large measure. That is not true. The problems that we are having at home. our problems that are that we are screwing our selves up where there was no one moment, a symptom of our of our failure to have any sort of heart for the fight for our own values that we have no value. So I would say that our withdrawal from these places are our attempt to go away This is a symptom of our interior weakness. Not a reconciliation is it's almost as though, like equal alot of people on the right bank arrogant way, you're spending all this money over here, but money home and spend it on the border as equal. Yes, but that's not where any of that money your mind is going to One dollar of that one soldier there and put their person on the borders that can happen so you're just doing it
sequitur now you're just saying I would like more security on the boar and also I dont want troops in Afghanistan and that's not the same thing. You're gonna have to show the connection between those two things I can say at once. I hate weakness. I think all of us have left is pushing serious garbage and also I dont understand how that is. comfort it all to anybody who is still trap behind enemy thinks they get on this. But it is true. It is true that, within living memory, at least my living memory, it wasn't always so that this was a great country as compared to what the? U know that, that's it that's a new from them. I don't think that's what I mean. I think that now- because I that I mean- and this is where you're gonna get the argument pick a period, my goal, which we feared we talk, the period after world war to this country actually entered Miss green instigation, their Natalie, if you like, and I dont know if they were a minute, wait a minute. I didn't say I didn't say that it was perfect that didn't say that, then it is compared to what, the Soviet Union with its exact argument. I know
no that was that that was what about isn't, but but abortions different it in and also to two Manton differently here you know, I'm not a lot of the way that we spread. Our imperial reach is through non for mental channels or Ngos literally right, and we actually do spread aboard through Ngos and the first thing tat. We ve got a lotta push back from Africa, so one of the values were spreading. I'm sorry to report is abortion and I think you're not you're me. Will you bring up this point, but the Skype went ace who you know you, but it's not just him right as other people too, who who will this arguments. Are we so much better than the Taliban and the reason that some people can make that argument with more credibility is because they have, as we joked been kicked off of social media, they have been taken out of financial institutions. They'd been put on the no fly list without being accused of quota. We get some problems, so I suppose, but I'm just I guess, but my
again, as is descriptive, which is I understand why some people will you make even that some I joking comparison when perhaps we would not. I think that its disingenuous to to have this particular group of people devolve into some sort of tacit accusations, and maybe we're not pure enough on the abortion issue. No, no, no, no one say now arrogant, that's not that's! Not the abortion is likened to slavery in two ways and wholly different than slavery and most ways it's like unto slavery in two ways, one that it is culturally in broad swathes of the culture considered moral, even though it is wholly unrighteous and it is likely to abortion in that it is somewhat ubiquitous. Slavery was ubiquitous in all of the world. Abortion is ubiquitous in all developed nations really on earth, and that does that has done to get out of jail free card for us where abortion is concerned. But it is to talk about the scope of the problem of abortion that abortion does not make American.
neat and it often Erika so America's a grievous evil. Abortion is a grievous evil and we're we're sign at the most. That's not a unique, and also that also what you're talking about also, I think could potentially mitigate to a certain extent the personal moral capability of of of some individuals who have to choose abortion because state, because there are, in this environment will have grown by everybody. That's ok, but in terms of of of the point that was made, It is not about any individual here. It's actually all of us that this up, I had to stop just the other day when I was whether we were going to eat or something, and we by a plan paranoid and which we all do all the time with my parents and I didn't even think much. Others went to eat to eat sand and only later did I stop and reflect on just passed by with our killing babies and didn't even register fully on me as as pro life has. I am, and as we all are so that this is this is a true pointed out. This is a success the left has had. This is something unique about abortion that we don't see the victims and that that prevents us all from fully can
I think that if these were and am sure we all know, we all agree as if these were two year old children being and we could see them being carded and by their parents to have the brain sucked out their head. We have been able to go. I mean I would have had to charge in there and stop it, and and we don't. None of us really have not an orphan is the word. Abortion is the lords of the ring. Sin is to send the Dodd can't see right. It's there. Had the ring of power and you can turn yourself invisible. One hundred. and of all men would go into the women's locker like you're, very first it I can be like a flock of appear. I had just instantly because God couldn't see because- and when I say God, I really mean man has got another coordinate, God sees all, but but we reduce got down to us. We think so. Abortion is what it is in particular because
People don't see none of their like to crime, they don't see the criminal, and in that way I mean I will confess, and in various moments in my wife always thinking that abortion was a grievous crime. I've confront I've been confronted with the part of myself They could have snuck around and done it your book, because I know what I would do. If I I know what I could do I could get away with us at that Matthews that that the passage of Jesus in in the book of Matthew about adultery, if you lost after you're an adult or if you have hate your murder, not your kind of like them or you're on the path to being one. You are one because you you ve revealed what you actually would be if no one was watching, abortion just happens to be the one that actually no one watching would actually run out of time, but rather than ending the show, I'm going to prolong the suffering, because we promised that we would take some questions from our daily wire subscriber. They make it possible for us to conduct this crap show.
Wait. We have a. I would argue that the longer the show goes, the more moral obligation we now are even more strongly this measure just withdrawal and whether the first question for the group, how will the reduction in American might in reputation investigations on other world events, namely China. Moving on Taiwan and Russia flexing its muscles in Eastern Europe. Thus the question, but I mean I think, can have dramatic ramifications. I think everybody who follows foreign policy can see that we're talking openly in China babbling. On Taiwan, Frank, I think that before not Van Taiwan before Joe Biden is out of office because get while the gettin is good. I think you're gonna start too they may try to pursue the Hong Kong model of trying to pressure the government there into moving more pro China, because they feel it can not gonna get american support, so just basically softly take them over the way that they did Hong Kong before they marched in the trips by China's on the march there taking advantage. Russia is on the march
the thing about it when I can have any basis now, not only in Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan's with no ability when Joe Biden talks about how we can have over the horizon capacity. We absolutely will not at all to do that. You have to have people on the ground, rushing nowhere to spot the actual behind guys that you can actually put a laser on its that our guys can edit. So it's it's it's a disaster area in a wide array of of foreign policy issues is the really short answer. and in again I think our enemies are looking at this and they are just drooling. You have to do is Point America's about have to actually faced the question of what is our role in the world? Do you think Biden is going to be impeached, there's going to be forced to step down, and is that even a good thing, because Camelot is just as bad and also should be impeached calmly to because she obviously had a part of this point also effect
she right before it all went to crap. She made a major point of saying that she was very high. Heaven companies have to be like. Ok, this thing is going to be just it, but I need to be on that band. What why don't don't forget that first speech? She wasn't there. I think if she had ever arm twisted a little, but to this point I think it's just it I'll defer to the lawyer in the room, but, as is a simple matter of impeachment, maladministration is not a basis impeachment high crimes, and MR rehearse is a basis, but also nobody. Who's gonna be right. I believe that we will never have. I think the question of whether he will have to step down is unanswerable because he is such a week. We just don't Oh, how battlefields and some it is possible at some point they will be of the highest. He looks the way he looked tonight. I can't imagine running for real action, but it seems that we want when they can't let commonly Harris, I think, and I think he runs for real what enables you'd rather than ours- and I don't care- I don't think I m. Having did you just say so? The Yahoo headline just came out about his pole numbers in this that this is really hurting Biden Harris
Harris is only leading trump by two percent without heavily weighted. She running I didn't I didn't know that was part of the path I just I'm kind of would then I think that they will it'll be weakened Bernice Day they are Tarifa. I mean calmly, couldn't win a primary. She certainly isn't gonna win, and you know the idea that both the president and the vice president would not seek a second term as for a public, and I don't know I've ever seen- I think that's from having a guy. I value, we don't know the future, but I think that can happen. I think it's very hard to know it really is impossible to know what's gonna happen with Biden because he may just be. It is possible that map in those extra do you believe the Biden administration will pay a ransom for remaining Americans who are left to Afghanistan before using military force for short one big Andalusia, exact. Certainly, pilots of cash that are shipped over that ever net we're never gonna see their already are robbing a hundred percent by the way that actually is unimpeachable events-
ready mean that actually so, if we start shipping money over there without any sort of congressional approval to a terrorist group, but that's when that actually is and about who's gonna do right. But I mean it just to the legal question by the way to the legal question, the real answer, as it doesn't matter, because- When is it with a letter rights matter, but read what are the chances that China decides it signed to go after Taiwan with we, basically under one hundred percent, and if I, if I were you I'd, certainly do in the next three years we don't know is coming now by the way who exactly is due to oppose them to speak of like the West, in its restrictions on freedom, it makes more sense to converse unless, indeed in the guise of the Taliban than it does with regard to China, considering chinese social credit system, considering how Australia's currently walking and citizens down like them. You know like it. Would see the video from us from nine news nurse and it was like I was just waiting for them
there is the guy he's coming down the elevator and then the anchors, like his name, is undesirable waiting for them to release the hound on montage irate. I agree with the only person who got the wrapper and up and up as we had a very tight forfeits authorities running for the river and you ve got the hound, if he's all right how cool ratings asymptomatic unbelievably, is the fall of the West right now, and it is the chinese moment. May you wrote your book the authoritarian moment and really what you mean in some ways is that this is the chinese moment there ve been for the last twenty five years. There ve been two models that are sort of dominant there's the western model. Basically the american model. Now in Europe it its further laughed and it has more parliamentary system and it has a bigger social. Spain well area is essentially the postwar american order. What we're seeing him to some degree, even domestically, which is very concerning, is it in some ways, both left and right are looking at China now and saying you know this system of of strong authoritarian regimes with liberal economics
may be scalable in a way that does not exist before we were to do other plenty. People in America were going like, let's finish, Hitler's and Tibet and was awaiting an important point and do believe that this is a combination of idiocy incompetence now or intention in other words, are they trying to inflame the american populace and thereby increase military operations over. I think it's things I really I've heard the the conspiracy, if you want to call it that she theory that this is a purposeful attempted, the debate. Take us into moralizers. I just think that smart to be, with a little bit more. I suppose, then we always or- and he always was even before I put my tinfoil had. I know if I could stand up for the question that two bends point: the people do not control foreign policy, or at least have not in many many decades, and we know that the bureaucracy in foreign policy established,
did not want to pull out of Afghanistan, and we know that your button is now running the show, and so there there is the question I I I don't want to ascribe to malice that which is explained by rapidity and incompetence in there was a lot of that. We left a lot of stuff behind at bottom. We left a lot of stuff behind in the country. Seventy five thousand vehicles over two hundred aircraft, six hundred thousand fire- Arms were were zealots rounds, and am I mean we're missing? An army is worth of stuff that that is either historic, incompetence or or there were competing? I think we're missing an option. Ages, indifference. I think I think part of it. The problem is that people are run our country, don't really care that much about Americans or worthy or our country, and also, I think, there's also debating jellies been committed to his, stupid idea of the moment right. I just took this country and we slice it in three while there no natural resource like I don't care, man come on,
man in his ends that here to read again, did you didn't press conference that music all my generals agreed on this is over and over- and I don't know my general all the higher up in the military right which actually since it would be like one person has to say, but I didn't write by the way is not true. We have many many stories of all his eyes going. You can't pull out this way and he's like we're doing it and then he's like, but they also agreed that we should not defend backrooms. Oh you mean once you said, we could have two troops and you could put the two groups in one place. This happens to Kabul and set a ballroom while big agree there, but it's not as I didn't. I do think that wish we can talk about on the shoulders. We gotta go home this ridiculous, but but I do think that there is a case to be made that our intelligence services are infiltrated by our enemies. I guess if there was a case of course, and the thing Talk about the before things: I'm not committing suicide. If I die that's a MAC, if the latter, you did just give up the whole ply lines not going around
What are you going to happen now? We talk about the big things hum these. You know armoured vehicles, airplanes and helicopters. It's the sixteen thousand pairs of night vision, goggles them the most worried about our special operators have ruled Afghanistan truly over the last twenty years there, the there, the most lethal fighting men that have ever existed in all of human history and their superpower, is that they can see nor dark. That's their soup our and we just gave the enemy the superpower. The good news is where they can apply battery. That's all the time we have for tonight who, in a specially thank our daily wired outcome subscribers for being patient with us tonight. It took us a minute to get to your questions, but were grateful that you are with us. Thank you all for tuna and, as always, happy to have joint We would love for you to come and subscribe and go over the dailywire dot com subscribe, get a reader's past trial. You can do it for just four dollars to get four weeks for forty four dollars a month and it's a.
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