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Daily Wire Backstage: Ukraine In The Membrane

2019-09-26 | 🔗
Can Trump or Biden survive their separate Ukraine scandals? Does Liz Warren's poll surge mean she has more than 1/1024th chance of winning? Has the Left officially driven the next generation insane with climate hysteria? Can entertainment award shows survive woke culture? Is this title's rap reference lost on Shapiro? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing as they get to the bottom of these questions and more. Become a Daily Wire subscriber! https://www.dailywire.com/account/subscription
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Hey folks, Ben Shapiro. Here the latest daily wire backstage Ukraine in the membrane addition featured everything you could ever asked for in a show, if all ever wanted in a show was facts about impeachment. Join me Andrew Craven Michaelmas. In Germany boring as we discuss Trump and binds reason. Ukraine scandals who we think benefits it is nonsense. What's going on across the pond with breaks it and more take a lesson the ukrainian welcome, but the only way back stage Ukraine in the membrane addition, Jeremy boring known around these parts as the boss. Everyone, except go ahead. You can Donald Trump
and Joe Biden survive their Ukraine scandals. Will the dims impeach does less warrants? Pulsars mean that she has become a one in one thousand and twenty fourth chance of winning the presidency is the rap reference in the show title lost on Ben join me tonight. We support these important issues and here to help me do the one and only been Shapiro, the one and only Andrew claimant and Michael knows I wonder where someone is actually Miss Abbot. There is of four
Man, but one dogs up. There's the chief executive diet is the first doggie smoking. Is the dog hang himself at the door? While this I lowered unease at a lower case, I was getting more tacitly masculine, while also with us, as ever, the lovely Ilusha Kraus via Satellite Ilusha fans, get their questions internet you now to combat that toxic masculinity that is prevalent on the show per paints mention. I came here to ask amazing the questions from our subscriber
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where we can all log in and on almost like a red it dial a maid type engagement, our daily wire subscribers, for we can in real time interact with them, and each of the four of us will be doing that from time to time. And over time we can integrate some of our writers into the process. To so, to be a lot more opportunity for us to actually engaged directly with the people who make it possible for us to do is show which are our premium subscriber sounds more work, less pay the after that, and I don't like what you guys hate the fancy of how I loved the fancy. You guess so why what's going on in the news in and we want originally scheduled to bid a show tonight. We're going to do next week and then it became my God, the biggest newsday of twenty nineteen impeachment gay warrant United and it's it's salad stuff guys up this. We ve been shit far less happy about as our basis of eleven a greater effect so, why don't we begin with
a little bit of background who wants to sum up what happened here? Knows you talk? Well, There was, and this is the only source I d go on. Is the president, the most perfect phone call, ever occurred, since our Zander Graham Bell was born and that was between the prison, of Ukraine and the presidency states, Donald Trump, this wid purred for a week now for media leaks and reports. This was it. This was the the game for Donald Trump. It was all where they were going to start impeachment inquiry for it, President Trump in a rare move releases the transcript of the phone call, which raises all slew of other questions. So now you can read the transcript we ve got it today. Doesn't matter the speaker of vast Nancy. Blowsy has officially formally declare an impeachment inquiry, and nobody really knows. That means you know which formal, just like Michael Scots declaring bankruptcy,
the glare of the marine environment is going on. Yet for this loose transcript was relieved. Yes, so she had no idea what he was talking about it. So when I woke up this morning admittedly later than the rest of you, because I barely have a job I will do my favorite little breakfast restaurant. I was enjoying a nice, a nice but I'll be honest aid. Chile for breakfast from TAT, is I'm weird. I did I'd like de Chile for breakfast and see it. Was on and the Cairo entire. Our that I was in my favor breath breakfast for front said transcript. Reveals president pushed Ukraine to investigate by, and I thought imagine back to the the days of yesteryear when you had men like Walter, Cronkite or Tom, broke our Peter Jenny, flying the big, the big desks right and I'm almost positive
at that time. The Cairo would have said transcript reveals president asked Ukraine to investigate Biden, but the word asked which is neutral and accurate, and replaced in today's journalism with pushed, which is editorial eyes, in writing the year, rather than a The question pushed with what that's the answer is pushed with Military aid. Oh look! It's quid pro quo, o impeachment felt that this is so. That is the whole thing is a mess that the backstory to the backstory. There is, of course, that President Trump is very concerned with the Joe Biden. Hunter Biden allegation Circa, twenty sixteen in which country and was working for a company called charisma on the basis of his long history of being completely useless? The Flemming report I was alive and winning Joe Biden, knowing I think about getting really has no name about anything, had been ousted from the Navy for drug use like that. He had serious problems with this. Guy has a very chequered history and he's being paid fifty thousand dollars per month.
To sit on the board of this company breeze men and NOS four month by month. How many months that I think All of the whole of all of us and analyzed roughly Owen, has six. I know it has been paid this richly for doing so little actual michaelmas. So Basically, you think we pay Michael and maintain just got me better than a case did so Joe Biden was was the vice president at the time he's lying around with hundred Biden their allegations about some of their relationships, relationships in China, but Hunter burdens on companies on the board of this company breeze. My there is a a prosecutor in Ukraine. Is him as Victor Shokhin, electroshock it is widely believed to be corrupt by you by the I am asked by the Obama administration and he's investigating, worries and then maybe not investigating breeze men has point Joe Biden openly threatens and talks about. This openly threatens you withdraw one billion dollars in american loan guarantees unless Shokhin his ousted. Now people on the right make the connection. Ok, maybe the reason why he's doing that is because Shokhin was investigate.
Breeze map and the media was adopted, and now it's not about that. He just everybody wanted out in Biden was in charge, regardless of whether there is an actual corrupt nexus. Here it's obviously, the convention's me there's no way the bite off, leaving that that that up anyway, so Trump wants an investigation into that the allegation again Joe Biden, was leveraging american taxpayer dollars for his own personal benefit. Many Does this allegedly by leverage contacts there dollars for his unperceived by the fact that that it that's the allegation that allegation is by them. Granted by the media that President Trump withheld four hundred million dollars in ukrainian aid. In order to them to investigate his chief political rival. At this point, Joe Biden for here because there is no money. Goings on Cherokee tried two investigators with more effective because we ve broken every tree we have a what I want to know. What I want to know is why, Indeed. When would you call in ordinarily have expected to receive this. This military aid and how long does not receive
down there, they were receiving irregular way out of their monthly really, but they will receive an irregular way for the first couple years of the Trump administration, so that in inevitable change Rachel, the abandonment action has not provided the sort of aid to Ukraine, they just been giving them. Why MRI? Basically, I and Ukraine was like what we need: some weapons to fight off the russian insurgents, we're trying to murder us and, above all, they know, and so from comes in that changes now are providing them with javelin missiles, for example, and in July MID July. So here, I will give you the democratic point of view, and then we can start working on debunking at her talking about what's wrong with their whereabouts lacking, so want to build up the strongest history, the Democrats and then we can talk about the transcript and all that because, we still like being odyssey, we hear on the show, we enjoy honesty, it's a thing. I know. Media matters is a thing. So in any case the is in any case, the basic timeline. Is this in MID July, president from tells the out of the Office of Management of budget personally apparently make mulvaney he wants to stop the aid to Ukraine. A week later, he has
this phone calls Zaleski and that's what this transcript is. The we're gonna go through a few weeks after that he still has not opened up aid to Ukraine and people are starting to ask questions like why the hell are we not providing aid to Ukraine in the middle of Sudan, from the beginning of September. I you have the floor. Imposing a source September. Fifth about Ukraine, aid being held up September nines. There's this whistle blower complained to somebody and intelligence. Community thousand whistleblower, complete with the inspector general of the intelligence community, saying that something on What has gone on I've heard. I promise on a call it's all secondhand as we learn, but the notice, goes to the inspector general. The inspector general says. Yes, this is urgent, which means it has now be reported to Congress. The director national, shall tell stepped in and says well whatever the content is, it doesn't fulfilled the statutory requirements of urgency. Campi turned over so Hammer nineties, when Congress finds out that does not even exist. Two days later, Trump releases, the aid so that democratic cases, holding up the aid because more leverage, the Ukrainians and then It became public, he let the dogs and want to blow back right. That's that's their case.
And the second part of their case is we Giuliani the presence. Personal attorney has been spending less two years, basically going in and out of Ukraine investigating this Biden stuff and then Rudy being literally the worst spokesperson for having and the history mankind I mean Guy makes Sean's baser look like Jake aren't is neither fair nor the legal. He was the greatest mirror me. Your only me time having already but who thought that he would be a good lawyer and somebody else's behalf. Credibility, Giuliani is Donald Trump. Could Donald Trump represent somebody else these numbers are possible. Regionally, they could never represent. Nobody else has not a thing. Originally Ani, who on television only to make problems for the present necessarily? He goes on tv and he just blurted out so you know. The reason that I was over in Ukraine is because is because the State Department sent me a lot like bloody early undersea died on what is in the list of amendments. All things are both new Yorkers ratified by many, but in any case, Rudy overtly spills that the State Department sends him I'm not sure what he thought he was clearing up there, but wise the state
by sending the presence, personal lawyer to Ukraine, investigate Ukraine, like we have people who work in Ukraine ambassadors and also their entire staff, so that we're ok. So that's the democratic as they say. The copper is this transcript from reveals. The transcript princess it chose theirs we broke the entire democratic parties, as it does show a quid pro quo. That brings us up to date. So now We go through the transcript or not one. I've done it. How do I do want to go through the transcript? I have a couple questions about the timeline, one so trumps As I want you to withhold the aid two weeks later, he has the call with the President of Ukraine, but since where the call with a present of the Ukraine is in response to these elections in Ukraine. Correct right for the Ukrainian Parliament, right, so he's owns a Wednesday was elected but only as your wise, you been novice like six months. Something then
not very long ago, so this is trumps. First official phone call with Zaleski, and so I get the real question is why the aid was being withheld. From Ukraine from has given a couple of results, but there were parliament elections right, Merla, morally, note Is parliamentary elections? Oh yes, you're right, he was elected president and then he one parliamentary majority, and that I think this was actually the when the phone call. Opens up a kind of joke about this new says. You only call me when I win things right and it's all this kind of flattery back and forth. So so all of this is that the real question is why that, where this is going to end up is why did trumped not just say ok to the aid from Ukraine? For the question that I am asking I just want to get too, is worthy parliamentary elections between Trump saying, withhold the aid and this telephone call. No, the parliamentary elections were before it at their work I believe I have to check it out on the internet, so there is no world where our trump was saying
hold back the eight until we know, if good guys are run, the country from has emitted arguments it trumps. Two arguments have been. The Europeans are their fair share, what you D say in France by the up, and also that he is worried about generalised corruption right, which is, which is his other case, so that so that's where things stand so that we get to, but I do think that this is why the transcript, I think, will be the beginning of this. Not the end, I don't think the transcript. I think, even if you are very much inclined to believe in trumps account of this. I think that, in order for Turkey to be quite what exonerated the way he's saying exonerated, we need to have some explanation of why the aid to Ukraine went away, but I think we have to have some. Word of explanation as to why would he Giuliano is being sent by the State Department to do you great him in this, similar reasonable questions to me now? Does that mean that the democratic approved impeachment, just with all of us, know the cell speculative it's all a Thailand have put together and, most importantly, the transcripts, in my opinion, doesn't do it either side says it: does you sing the Trump team saying TAT
exonerate them too great phone call the best phone call, fantastic, unbelievable Then you have the Democrats saying this transcript. Is it enough itself? The quid pro it is impossible. It obvious that he's pressure in Ukraine. Using military aid, so lestat the transcript, but before we do, let's talk about something that does do exactly what it says is going to do and that's the firearms produced by our friends other company manufacturing absolutely without alleys, robes good was hello. Can't you write well when the founders crafted the constitution. The first thing they did was to make sacred, of the individual to share their idea. Without limitation by their government. That would be the first amendment, the second right they numerous. It was the right of the population to protect that speech and their persons with force now would be the second amendment and we all in this room, while the second, but you know who else loves secondment evokes over a Bravo company manufacturing owning a rifle was in some responsibility building rifles is no different started
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I'll give you my overall take on the transcript, because if you want actually here, the entire transcript, listen. My part cases where literally read of word for word real hum I feel I feel like with important documents. I did this with the Mulder report. You me, I really read a lot of it. I think it's important people here the primary source now read through the star report, every Christmas and Sir, like a sit around as a family and endorse everything reacting, hardly others DORA. Seventy back, I'm not gonna go here. This is not going well anyway, so my overall take This conversation is that this conversation seem to me. Why not like that as an engaging in a quid pro quo. Eminent withholding military aid must investigate Joe Biden It sounds like Zaleski, President Vladimir Zalewski deafened. We understand the conversation to be that meaning that this is going through this entire conversation thinking to himself my military, it has been withdrawn. What do I need to you two massage this dudes buttock, so I can get what I need really dead.
And in everything he says is geared toward their right. He starts off and the first thing that he says busy says I we oh, oh, we worked a lot, but I would like to confess to you had an opportunity to learn from you. We have quite a few of them, skills and knowledge or able to you So that's example for our elections and yes, it is through these or you'll elections. When he keeps telling you about how he keeps telling from that. How wonderful he is. The next thing he says is to tell you the truth trying to work. Want to drain the swamp here in our country, relic. Everything he's doing is directed became dragoon bottle of diplomas, which is like I just massage this guy. Maybe I'll give me what I want now Trump seems to completely miss right, so it's like select because he used to people falling over him over them, so someone Turkey is spending the entire called. Knowing what do I have to do to get? What I want from you and from like you know, who killed you I like Rudy, will you don't just like that in a whole heart, because he goes on importantly, though, when speaking of Rudy note the way like one of the great defenses of your read on this, is that it's not Trump who brings up
exactly if not only because I want to send rodeo reared so excuses, and you know what we really like or about it, and you know who would really like over here. RO, the jolly on recognising a grey area in Inter then trumps, immediate response. That is not anybody. Mary there does you military aid. Europe, I do like relating to fishing, the other I mean, like that's the whole conversations I talk to my three year old. I'm trying to convince. Might rewrote to eat his dinner and then also EU nation eat your dinner because it makes you healthy, she'll be strong. You know I can elevated and he'll be like I like hell. Intelligence are really great debts. This conversation, the ones he's like you, know what you I'm here, all I want to give you you give me what I want, and firms like. Let's talk about, The ban on about best persons, a landscape and says I stated Trump tower. What he does this right. At the end, he still trying to go like I've tried everything
This guy does not gather. I stated from power because its great isn't very shiny. That's that's a whole conversations in the transcript of they ever directly talk about the military aid. So yes, so, but it is not from the so Trump, ok so how goes the linsky says? they're trying to drain the swamp, and you teach us in all this and then from says It's very nice of you to say that I will we do a lot for Ukraine and talks about the military aid, but he never mentions what. Once again you do. He says I should get more military aid from the surrounding countries right you that Europe is not paying its fair share when from has said that that his excuse for holding back the aid efforts fruit red. He said that in this verdict various perceives it and that's consistent with from with what he said, rice. Looking with what he said for the last four years with NATO with everything I was very consistent. I know one thing: their fair share, easily Bernie Sanders in international politics. Government is gonna, be the fresh air, but he's can write as a result then goes on, and he starts talking about how
that then the lens Cubans up the military, Reds Linsky says we're ready to continue to cooperate for the next step, specifically where almost ready to buy more javelins from the United States for defensive purposes, and here is The media are seizing out of their democratic right to veto. Zaleski mentions javelins, the javelin missiles, and from next line is. I would like for you to do us a favour. Because our country has been through a lot in Ukraine knows a lot about it. Here is where the media are being really dishonest, because if you can walk we needed at. Yes, they have the heart working ellipses and media they do is they go from? I would like for you. It a favor dot, dot, dot guys go to the next page. All the way to the top paragraph six lines down, there's a lot of talk. That's right, and so they get from right here the way that basically one full page, one full page of the transcript right so trumps initial thing is no, if you talk about military aid, I want you if we investigate corruption and that would be investigating ukrainian Interference in the twenty sixteen election right now. What he brings up there doesn't make any sentence: Remy Signal crowd, strike and, and
possibly the crowd strike. Somehow buried. Hilary servers knowledge like that's what the references to be from only remember talking about the dramatic about the election. These shortcomings I met the election is not talking about Joe Biden, he's not ready anything about my by right. So the only connection made between the military aid and anything so far is we'd like for you, too, thus your country's role in meddling in the twenty six in election and then we would have been interesting because That is a legitimate thing to the the trump from ask about that's fully legitimate right in democratic done, the same thing right did they. They ve said that if Ukraine not going to investigate Pollyanna Fort, for example, twenty sixteen. That that aid should be withdrawn. So that's not illegitimate to say it's in the interests of the United States to know what Ukraine did during this way. Sixteen election, we want you guys. The bottom of my right that that's legitimate, then the Wednesday brings up Giuliani right, then the ones he's the one who's like. Ok, this is going nowhere. I want again Will the president what a friendly dude I am, and so He starts talking about all of this very important about recalling the end.
Acid or because the ambassador allegedly had been. Working with the pillory campaign and a person from the deep sea to get dirt on manifold and the term campaign during twenty six. We recall the ambassador also love, Julie, armies, greater many are saying about how much he loves Rudy Giuliani, nothin, to possible for my off he says I will go. Personally one of my assistant spoken. The Giuliani. Just recently we are very hoping miss them Giuliani will be able to probably granted. Then it goes on and on about how much he likes Giuliani and it keeps bring up the eight right. He says we have. I loved this one. My favorite senses in the whole thing right is its poetic. He says I also wanted to tell you. We are friends a great friend of ready, like telling from how good friends they are, how they're gonna like go to bed pulls together and so and from response to all of this Ok, now you bring Giuliani, I'm you can talk about it's free association with from all conversations every association with Drum dimensions, Giuliani and Trump goes
Giuliani is a highly respected man. I already you had a prosecutor who is really good essentially on over there to investigate the Biden thing and now our undivided. Yet at a page removed from the actual military aid stuff and the Biden stuff is like agent, a half removed from the actual military aid stuff, and then he talks about Joe ion and investigating the burdens and Zalewski says that he going to appoint a good new prosecutor who's, not as bad as the old prosecutor, and he says that he's remove the ambassador and then trunk going back to him and have Giuliani, give your call and you actually only annihilate Giuliani and others at no point four rest of the conversation does actually go back to foreign you, it's my favorite line in the entire. Thank you at the end, which is President Zalewski, talking about meeting up with President Trump in Poland, and he says after that, may be very good idea for you to travel to Ukraine. We can either take me plan and go to Ukraine, or we can take
according to that which is probably nicer planted, decided that it genuinely loans again that the whole thing here is the linsky reading the way that if you are in Ukraine, you would read politics, which is you got a bribe? People really serious corruption problem really really serious corruption, almost almost all countries which, of course, has to ensure this is right and one that's what people say. American politics is grubs like usually earlier really garlic, second, but the by Zalewski is. This conversation with Trump like ok, you move the military aid whatsoever to bribe this guy and Trump is kind of like new denuded due to do to do to do to do you just can't wandering around, and I I I have this instinct like just sit here quietly Felicia entire show because my opinion about the story
different than almost everybody else who I know, you're gonna beat the crap out of me. When I tell you what was due this ring, it left room, I hold on a minute for felt an eminent, but this is me just speculating as to whether it is a pity that treaty of was failing to mention the trio just for you mentioned over my shoulder everything that is totally than those in your mouth, for I thought maybe, if, like maybe, if I mention the treaty was filial. Finally listen now, my what can I say I suspected drew's take is something along the lines of Donald Trump? Is the president of the United States and the president It has a responsibility before giving aid to another country. He has a responsibility try to root out corruption, help now outside Elizabeth warns. Much worry on care. It's much worse is it's! A little. Is gonna be present arrogance we gotta here. I think the stories crap. I think it is utter crap. I think some non store
I don't think it's going anywhere if it does go anywhere. If he's going to blow up in the Democrats face, I think the most obvious thing is going to happen is going to end Joe Biden for the presidents. And I can't believe I can believe that people are allowing the news media to get away with this. For two yes refuge for two and a half years, they told us absolute wise about what the president it intent with with Russia Make up certain mothers come? I don't know what you know. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't anything troopers off the hook and suddenly, was come. I don't know what you know. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't anything troopers off the hook and suddenly they come up with this, garbage and alter I'll get back, the wise garbage minute people s like all this time was time must be really noticed, all Mickey it. I think I think this time and I just thought you gotta be kidding me- like numbered and you're gonna forget about stormy, Daniel. Look, there's a lot like love, not it. You know, I think that's how the American publicly here. So I think that you are right that, in the view of the
public? They will say that democratic, I'm going after Trump hammer and tongs brain on Russia for two years, and then they just shifted. Scopes. If I like my great enough in what way Can anyone France, nor do they that guy the former Governor Massachusetts will lose his well said this treason. You should get the death penalty that ok we're over the top. Not intervene here is a real concern that are having a conservative I was. I was talking to my mom about this last name: she's. They can you some of the scandal for me, I started to do it in four cents. Internet is crap, yeah. I was like, and I was like well in our next when you like- and I bet I feel like that for those here and let what I want to hear is explained Why do you think that it's nothing not? Why do you think they're corrupt right, that the rhetoric we're different order was an absolute. I get you a good. The recently it's nothing is this president has a right to say just about anything he wants to a foreign weeder when he's and, conversely,
when I read this, what I read I don't even I mean you may be right, I think the guy from the Ukraine I keep going through Ukraine. They tell me not a guy from Ukraine. You know Israel is looking around he's buttering them up, but that's probably would always conversations with farmers eminently great yet, and so this is the guy concept. Usually has a right to one foreign policy has a right to talk to President's privately without everything he says been exposed and he's Donald Trump. We all know it runs off the mouth and he thinks out loud need. Doesn't he doesn't have the time nobody say is strictly the activity is all nice enough to like ram. You guys forty to get investigation Joe Biden. I think he preferred and one against by than Elizabeth Warrant, is a much more disciplined candidate she's, not a dithering old man, like Biden, is, I just think it or dick
the story. I think that that you can blow up anything, especially with a guy like tromp steps on his own tongue, a lot but with any president blob anything into a big deal. And finally, the final thing about this is impeachment, is bad Ok, we elect the president, the high representative, the site. They don't want to present its our choice. They don't get to throw him out and he's really does something right, awful that this even comes close to offer anything that for them too, an election which led the now trying to do for almost three years is its obscure people will make them pay, and you know the thing of the thing. But is we all know what we want? The trump people- and we all know this- the left wing, we all know the they're gonna take their sight, but the people in the middle have gotta be looking at this. I think the Americans are pretty sensible and the people there Look I'll looked for this. Are you kidding me, give me a break in
We also know Kimberly threshold at a great little tweet thread on this today, as she was, she was injured and she is just a rift generally, but We do now speaking of Trump saying things that aren't gonna happen and kind of speaking loosely. He says. He's gonna have bar calls Lansky, as did the attorney general called ahead of it doesn't happen, they just simply doesn't happen because in trumps head I have a lawyer: has an image Johnny. I have another. Where has never let literally, I thought I was gonna have not across his mind. One is this morning: that's what the other thing is. It's not like this call happened yesterday. This call in July, twenty fourth July, twenty fifth. So after this they get there. Complaint from the whistle so called, and this goes to eat. Inspector general and then this goes over to the d J D, o J look. Into whether this is a campaign, finance violation and clears the violation. Now whether there are some other issues that are opened up here, that's what we're discussing, I suppose, but that what they also what inspector general found is that there was demonstrable pull ores
Sorry signs of political bias on the part of the whistle blower for a political rival of Donald Trump. This like pertinent information, you ve got a guy here. Who is leaking this information who hates tromp, who is in the intelligence community who was trying to get rid of him? Presumably from the start, the days of all over again certainly sounds like the last. The rear here is where I agree with you guys and where I disagree with you so did, except that we agree, we have some We agree that the fact that there are people in the bureaucracy, people in the intelligent and intelligence community, who believe that they can unmake the election simply because I don't like the president, who believed They can leave a We, the whistleblowers, and even here the call, was right that there was a second hand at best. They can leak that a private information the press will play and that the press will play it. This is an existential crisis that that we have a press who is working with.
Bureaucracy. That's unseen, american president is an absolute constitutional. Gosh store no question, however, if all of that is true- and it is also true that Donald Trump is guilty of high crimson misdemeanour, and even though I think, Donald Trump is probably in the long run, less of a threat to the country than the press and the bureaucracy simply because he will eventually term himself even though they are not when the next election, or we will end in either two to six years or five hundred more cheeseburger what were the other Donald Trump will be the president, but the media and the bureaucracy being corrupt, transcends electoral politics. Totally. Remove that nevertheless not, but that, but wrongly male, rightly Dreamer, Germany. I agree with you, but I also want to add. I also want to add that in truly I've been live through Richard Nixon only- I am. I ever saw president commit an offence that I thought was vaguely unimpeachable was win. Rock Obama use the Irish to silence the opposition
reason I say that is because the irish show powerful and our elect. These are so important that that was the only Tommy with a hate that actually damages my freedom. You know Richard tat you can go and that these have been damaged by freedom, you're. The that actually Kurtz are the our country. So my my eyes, while another big impeachment guy, that's nice data for impeachment much different than yours, but certainly agree Obama using the IRS was an appreciable offence, also, probably think that having people burgle their offices, severe political opponents, is probably also your. I am teachable fence there was that they didn't take the door right if you could have done it up and down not alive is bad and sleazy, but you know one, but what I will say is what you do have a presumption of innocence in this country. What are the thinks it bothered me today that I read was actually written by our friend David French. True, we have, we all have good relationships to David French. I know that especially as I today great gray guy, and I know that particularly you guys have a disagreement with him about Trump. I think I have a disagreement with him about from tuba provinces. Extreme is yours
but he wrote today agree that he's great? Is it a great guy? ro in time end at national review that as a prosecutor, he would have. Salute me. No problem taking this document walking a grand jury through it and demonstrating to them quid pro quo, and he does this interesting breakdown. Just sort of the order of the paragraphs, and all I could think was the fact that a good prosecutor could do that. Right doesn't mean that its real life and you have a presumption of innocence and the country. When I read this transcript ripe, when I read it this morning after been sent to me, I thought there. There is a case that plausible that the president's engaging in quid pro quo there's a its plausible that the press, because he is naturally a negotiator. That's actually identity way. Season himself but sort of always angling a little bit to get what he wants and that, if you are in the position of the Has it at in your you're, always angling to get what you want and you can't delineate between the personal and the public, which I think
Donald Trump has a unique difficulty the winning eight anything he thinks well. Well, that's what makes you think I did not tell us how he thinks he is the cutting think cities, the country heat in the way they are many and somebody insults him their insulting the tracks in the way that he thinks that he makes the attorney general is his news. He thinks the attorney general. Was his personal, well you're twice as things like you, I thought that I met a man, loyalty of people who work that's right relic that so so this fact that he is sort of always negotiating can lead him into very corrupt Eric. And there is a plausible rid of this that says that some version of either that being the most in order that it was just being a negotiator who can separate the public from the private or that it was slide out. Turning the screws on this gotta get quid pro quo. You can make a plausible case, but a plausible case is enough to remove a president, anybody me to let me go back to this thing. You know Bill Clinton committed perjury, nobody,
but he said well. That was an appreciable event, but remember impeach. Impeachment is a political process. The people have to agree on the people said. As I they were absolutely right to say line about fact we all about, like. I think that it was. Absolute right to say that, because it is violation of the central premise of the country that we choose the president to throw the president out I remember when Obama said that thing too. I can't remember him to shingle whatever things where he said Dmitri Medvedev. These said in a lot when not after the next election, more flexibility- I remember walking in two weeks time peach eighteen bill Widdle was on the ceiling on. He was like a furious and he was innocent. Trees in those- and I thought you know it's actually not reason he actually has as the right to do that We regulatory of the fact that he's nodded The good America, by the way you can make an argument that that was a cat. You can read what Brok Obama said the Medvedev as quid pro quo too, but it isn't definitively quid pro quo because we don't know,
again again it was. It was much much worse than this. It was much it was endangering. The country was a terrible thing, but he just work to do it and it shows what a bad person, who was it that that's not impeach, but I would not say I would not negate the electoral Barack Obama over that or anything else. Because they may be the areas at risk. I have a much broader definition unimpeachable than most people, because I think that the original intend to the founders that people would get impeach fairly regularly. I dont think that they thought of it as a remedy. I dont think that they thought of it as something that you never do. I think they thought of it is the ultimate check on the power of the executive, these. Otherwise, the executive is gonna, grow out of control, and so the power was to limit their funding and to impeach them and which is why they didn't actually specify what high crimson misdemeanours meant and left. It is a political process with that said, I do think that you actually do have two shows something criminal and not just suspicion of something criminal nor to justify the American.
Like what is happening here. I think the bill Clinton ought to have been impeach. She committed perjury. I don't really think that you take a public opinion poll and whether this popular or not, I think that if you commit a high Cromer misdemeanor Europe impeached now, the question is whether from did that in this case now He has plenary power of a foreign policy that gives an enormous amount of power, and that is fine, and that's that that is institutional. That's how this works, but I ought by the way I just as part parceled. My impeachment thing, I think, is well you know I deal world. I think some people that Brok Obama wants war Libya without any rational approval and proceeded to depose somebody using american taxpayer dollars like think that we should, the Congress that actually in charge of foreign policy again in terms of a proven war before the presidential runs off Willy nilly and commits us to wars, but with that's at the question here is: does your foreign policy power extend to allegation is using american taxpayer dollars in order to forward
political ambitions by targeting a domestic political opponent, I do not think that the President of the United States has the power. I also think that has to be proved. So what that means is that I don't think the disk France grip proves anything I think they're there are several. I think I think that it is worth shock test if you believe the Trump is a corrupt quid pro quo guy. You think it's grub quid pro quo document if, in the trumpets, kind the who just as things then he's balloon, saying things if you think that he is studiously ignoring. You know what woods once you saying and is pushing only in the areas where he thinks you ought to. Then you can read it out where they get the in. It is subjects choice of right once wrote, whichever of those on transportation shook hands, and I do not really to it is not enough is enough, which is why? But, but why would this is gonna come down to in the end? Really is the democratic into a big house investigation and can make them up with one human being? Who Trump said to the human being out loud? If they do not investigate Biden, I'm withholding american taxpayer dollars, you think I'm the one person who said that he is in serious trouble if they can come up with anybody who we said that too it doesn't.
I'm not even sure. I agree with that that but I'll we ugh that credit, but it just to go back to what you said about impeachment. Ideal world? You know ideal world, we change the constitution all the time- and we have here- we go throughout the country and be able to have a of amendments but in the real world in the real world is a bad thing to remove the pressure in the recent dramatic, the country to its traumatic for the country and its strips the people of their choice. He is the choice of the people. Is the choice, a constitutionally elected president to say this, but bomb all the time when I was talking to my right wing friends in they were screaming these evil. He's Muslims is that I think you know he's he's the What did presently United States in order get rid of him to try? voting amount of office. Should I be would be an amazing and strategy for the Democrats, ok, beating and humility. Presumably there are crimes in misdemeanours fortitude in future present. No less was the other thing. I just wanted to say get it if it would, I would need to impeaching wish to see that he was actually manipulating his office,
like Obama did, like Obama did when they went after try to stop troms yeah He was manipulators office for other political purposes, so as not to justice one conversation where he's been true right, no lab what you would like and what you need is an in so far The reason this is an open then, so I think in politics, typically there, three answers. Yes, no one, I don't know the one that nobody likes giving but is almost always correct. As I don't know, and right now this is- and I dont know, situation with shades of no right like a like I'm leaning toward now, but I'm in why he nodded Ukraine me, there is much work on or are they asked Mcconnell materials? They have no idea. Why not? Eighty the brain is getting pressure from the Republicans too, with due restore the aegean rain. He was getting pressure. Democrats restore the in Ukraine. He wasn't doing it's. I don't know the answer that I also no in what world. What like wise, the State Department sending we Giuliani the otter. What that's to Ukraine like nobody knows what that's about. So all I'm asking for is like Do you not think it is unreasonable, even looking for asking for our unreasonable, I do nothing.
Is an unreasonable request. You say: we would like answers to these questions right, but the people who are doing it to thinking once the people who are you Obviously our politically motivated are obviously they dont give a crap out the constitution. Obviously, there are not worried about overreach in the presidency. They are only trying to get from all of those things can be true, SAM, obviously, but a somewhat Who cares about you know people not laden their costs usual duties. I'd like to know the answers to these questions would make me more comfortable, but at this point because you have improved anything and that the political aspect of this, too, is that not one single person in America cares about aid to Ukraine other than maybe like three ukrainian Americans, but no one cares about that. Would people care about is being able to elect their president and its Ashley at this moment, where the legislature has given way so much of its power that the administrative state where given away so much but of its power with the executive for that matter to the Supreme Court. There is a palpable feeling in the country of helplessness that we cannot choose, for ourselves and regardless of whether the founders hoped that impeachment would be regularly. It was
it wasn't used regularly at all and end all You play this probably be my argument. Every time it was used, it was a bad idea. It was a bad idea to use it. Johnson in the nineteenth century was a bad idea to use it against Nixon was a political it because the Democrats could stand him getting reelected by landslide. It was, the impeachment a bill Clinton. While there is a legitimate argument for it, I think, was just pay back for Nixon. For Judge Bork and for Clarence Thomas and for democratic, constantly overturning these processes, and I
It would be wrong to, I think, would be perceived as wrong fears tonight is really about. I don't care if the american P, I'm a more with been on this. I don't think it's fair to say they don't care about the Ukraine. They do care about getting to elect their president me. First of all, I know we talk about this all the time more people voted for Hillary Clinton. Them voted for Donald Trump. So when you say things like the people, what the people want, we have a system. I prefer the system to mob rule when you just talk about the people is disingenuous to say the people elected Donald Trump know this. The constitutional system, which I preferred to mob rule, elected Donald Trump. The people
we didn't actually won Donald Trump to be the president. I prefer the system. Similarly, the people may not care about Ukraine. I dont believe in mob rule. If, if we're doing something that is illegal, then we have to enforce that, even if the people wish that we wouldn't say it's not like in the UK, where the people say breaks it, the politicians say no brings no. What the people did say. And a politician, our standing athwart, the will of the people in contravention of the system- that's not quite the case. So what we're not what I would say, though, in chauffeur I agree with you guys, but I would say, is that an entirely different story. That is a page. Sixteen story about this long in which they say well, you know we're looking a couple of people on one of the committees are looking into this this, slightly agree with that both but see. That's the thing, that's why I say it's a crap stories. Crops we have is like,
twenty four seven idea that we just got off this russian collusion thing and I personally, like I said I think this is widely Coyote. I think they're gonna blow themselves up well, if you're going to watch the democratically, let's loathing with a look of smoke, Why is this what you, if you ass, did the president do it? I have no real opinion, though, and I say numbers the presumption of innocence. He did not do it. The violent events, urban. I agree with you and render this moment. I would say I believe you didn't, but I couldn't I think I could be collectively speaking I so I've always been more than a little sceptical of the case that the impeachment of built it was horrible for the Republicans very sceptical of Ngos. The resentment skeptical of that case is because the impeachment built plant meant that Al Gore could not use In two thousand and George W Bush became the president campaigning on restoring honoured the oval office, so I'm fully sold on the impeaching builtin was the end of the Republican Party within a movie. That wasn't the under the Republican Party far as would impeachment seriously damage Democrats here I think that,
countries are polarized. I have serious doubts that it would damage like it's pretty obvious. What the Democrats want to do, So now that one do allowed a review by giving living thing impeach, basically along they try to There therefore voting pigeon cabinet until five minutes ago, well, you're, you're, gonna, get them doc, zircon Impeach Oda, they will in another. A hundred percent convinced that I thought you made a good argument to listen to what you're saying but I thought you made a good argument that once they set their funding, also the argument the policy was do meet. You did nothing to that right, not an average of that she is having problems now if it doesnt impeachment. Seem to exonerate him and that you can do has been easy there. They will impeachment House Petra, regardless of where they have anything and it'll just argue that the Tenet Republicans our corroborate pine is poor, well but is also possible, is also possible misuse of wily person herself and is also possible that she's doing this. To give him a little
that central say you know what she has said before impeachment should be a bipartisan procedure emit round the lack of support. Suffice you know, I think that I think that the average you're talking about the Senate right now. Yes, but nobody, but she has said in peace, should be a bipartisan venture and I don't think they're gonna get there with an unwilling to sanction, I'm gonna put a hundred bucks on the table that they impeach him. I think that the twenty twenty election chain- fundamentally this week and it will no longer be a referendum on Donald Trump Phobia referendum on the impeachment of Donald Trump. If Nancy possible. Almost Lucy does not impeach Donald Trump she's gonna lose the squad. Going to lose the left. Why did they I mean? There's had counted either two hundred eleven Democrats, intemperate impeachment. They just need to get up to eighteen, so I think the chances that he's not impeach zero. I think that he, I think that you will be impeached. I think that you will be acquitted in the Senate there. I think you'll have the two thousand election. If Bill Clinton had warned her and then I will say that there are a couple of other things that matter here. One is what this really signifies policy,
Therefore, with this is that the democratic parties signed off on Joe Biden. They are done with job to do so. The irish roast I raise a global air. Basically saying is Elizabeth warrants. Our nominee she's gonna, run on an anticorruption platform and she's, gonna, say I've. I've got a sort of all those who, by the way, which, by the way, reminds me of a story that was not covered at all this week. I mean at all, but is deeply suspicions. Were you covering this? This working families party story when it comes to the the Elizabeth Learning, so you can have one sorry. I lost track of all things. Until they wasn't. The warrants hasn't my story, and I was so it s found next year myself away from the start. The heroic after his wife is not a deep sleeper nutty directed zone, so Elizabeth born, so there you let trader. Her on the anti yes platform, you can laugh Anybody, but the story was from this week that everyone ignored the workings
was party endorse Elizabeth worn over Bernie Sanders into doesn't sixteen endorse. Bernie Sanders and the people of the working families party indoors, there. There is a vote of the population who are the members. And there is the vote of the board their release. The breakdown in twenty sixteen Asia percent of the members that working Families Party voted for Bernie Sanders. This time indoors, was with so what changed? You may ask yourself, one the things that, changes that in two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen there's a group called demos. It is run by Amelia warranty Oghee, who is the the daughter of Elizabeth worn They get forty five thousand dollars to the working Families party, the working families party them ceded to endorse? Miss mourn over Bernie Sanders and not release the breakdown of the vote, because Half of the vote is by the board and half. The vote is by the people and so basically the assumption of very fast. They didn't release it is highly suspicious I think that the rapporteur was before is gonna, be in the end that she is deeply insincere because she is sure shifts her views. She very manipulative by
She is a lot better at this than Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party Basically, this we gave up on Joe Biden has now trail in one national Paul israeli- and I want you to bring in New Hampshire, she's within margin of error in nor ignore Nevada in their tied and the euro or nationally frightened at its end. And she is now going into the lead in in California is well, so he is he's done I think I think what we are seeing beginning of the end of Joe Biden, barring some sort of clad cataclysmic collapse by Elizabeth WAR. And so it was ok. We see where the momentum going yeah if I those down over this whole Ukraine thing if we have to push by, over in order get from to also be knocked over. Then I guess that's what will have to do business in his corrupt and also trumpets units drop? We can survive that and so it was with one will be. Our nominee shall run on I'm the crusader and start the consumer financed Protection Bureau, which is in which is a scam, but still she has that image and they'll run that against from an
frankly, I think that people on the right are a little too sanguine about how that election goes. I grew I agree, no she's she's a discipline. Good candid. I've been watching earthly, obviously the present backing a hundred percent, but still she she has. Good. She doesnt have you seen vulnerabilities historic links up thirty years of record of being automated corrupt. However, it filled I think that the Pocahontas things are good head. You can leave so long eventually will come up with a strategy about, but I think it really a noise black people, because its looked at in the same way. Military people see guys. Look around and uniform, but never served as a stolen valor. I think this is stolen victimhood and that she, ITALY pretended to be a majority when she wasn't. I mean, as very epidemics like eyes, about raising taxes, will will hurt her she's she's kind of like I'm she's, a pretend Billy, and I also think it at some point here. The Bernie Sanders will open up his guns on her and so far he has been pretty. Went about her he's down. There are only four theories to drew's point. There is a demographic issue here, which is that Joe by
the only serious candidate who has black support you- and that's all obviously is trailing now. It looks like an Iowa is not looking good and, I am sure any dropped. Eighteen point since May in South Carolina, which is where actual black democratic primary voters are. So what happens I mean? Does Elizabeth worn pick up support starting to she hasn't. She has her what she has shown that none of the other candidates have but she is rising among all demographic group right now, and so now is always. My supposition is that this can be hard for for her to remove the black support from him. There is also momentum question. So the order of the primary is, I wonder, Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina if she wins the first three, Then his he's starts right. Now I and that's California. That's Massachusetts that's those are gonna, go further, left them, but but remember there is also the issue of whether lacks turn out to vote. I have been saying for a long time that I think a lot of black more black people going to vote for Donald Trump than the Poles will ever jokes. I think the lie about it I think the lie, but when they come out of the voting both- and I think that nobody goes,
until the reverse Bradley Effect, but you're right, I don't think that's impossible, but I think is a hard thing to speculate about now. We also have some of our daily work outcome, subscribers steak. So because, today we launch or New Bailey wire dot com, the brain the website, and I am pleased to announce that we we will have a future roll out within less than a week. Of the daily wire mobile at what is at issue here only the organ of is the Shapiro store opening soon and then just in time. I try to do so because today's debate will, the new were really proud of it. It's a huge upgrade for people who come to our website. Much faster, more more elegant much better. Looking better you I'm the whole user experience is gonna, be much more intuitive.
But today is the day we launch it spreads buggies. All hell right is here you're, trying to your rolling out these modules in real time, and our side is highly traffic. Sinister bunch people hitting it. Why coated the website? So here are some errors in the area and we said learn took part of that, but if you're willing to go to our website right now daily work that can become a subscriber. But in your question you have endured. So much better than what we have to. We must answer. Ilusha. Are you with us for a mission? Control the role and man that led up to how wonderful the website was sounded as if Trump wrote that conflict with those wonderful, let's go webs is amazing. Alright rejects prototypes Jacob. That do. I think that Democrats, you know that this in future, an effort will fail and they're just building up to impeach meant in twenty twenty two mid terms at the Democrats can take both houses of traffickers, and I don't think it's there. I think you have to define success to be able to measure it asked whether or not its success or failure you.
Assume in saying that it will fail that the intention Democrats, is to remove Donald Trump from office through the impeachment process. I dont think that I've been saying they're, not crazy enough to think that they dont control the Senate. They would have to have not only control of this initiative, the majority in the Senate. In order to combat impeachment happens in the house, and then as to the Senate for conviction right. So, if they're not this to remove Donald Trump they're doing it actually because of a less, I think, look the lesson that they learned during the Obama years you remember right after the twenty twelve election that job, in vain remit. Mcconnell got together, they had a con and John Baynard came out and said. We We decided that no matter what Barack Obama does under no circumstances will we impeach they set this out. To be about like saying,
no matter. What my five year old does. I will never ever lock up the drugs you remove even the spectre of any kind of constraints on the office, and we saw what happened: Brok Obama his first term. Is your further. What than any of us would like, of course, but he was, with the exception of Obama CARE, he was Normal run of the mill Democrat President took his second term is when he does all the books, shall moves to reorient the country sort of on a per trajectory towards the left, and the tea party was so incense no matter how many times they sent messages to our politicians. We we gave TED Kennedy Sinnott Seat in Massachusetts, right to a Republican, to stop rock Obama's agenda. We
The house to the Republicans to stop Rocco Obama's agenda. We gave the Senate to Republicans to supper October. Two thousand things around the country and then they said yeah, we ve got it all, but unless we have the White House, we're not gonna, do anything and in many ways. I think that that decision precipitates the election Donald Trump as much as any other thing that happened- you didn't sensed the the movement young. And I think the what Nancy Pelosi learned from then and it may be- jamais been slow getting there. I think she's toward the West now watching the rise of the Bernie Sanders fans watching the rise of the squad watching the popularity of policy issues to realize if we don't take, if we are not seen too major action against this president, our own based not going to show up for us that the rust belt workers may show up for us, but the actual whore
Cord died in your way to absorb rather than margin, that's right, but you cloth rather it. So it's a huge victory for her group. Each the president, not because she's trying to oust him anymore, say right, but what, if the right rises to his defence- they lose the election, I think not he policy would rather lose the presidential election of course, of course, then lose the support of the base for the party more generally and for herself and for herself metals thoroughly this year when she roused ripe against Alzheimer's and so in many ways she must impeach the president in it It is a victory Logan only I don't have to. I think that, in order to get him out of the trap, Unlove almost convince unlock, it won't happen. So don't think I'm saying no, you guys are actually wrong. I think the odds rule a lot higher than against than think there they are. I don't think she wants to do it and I think I think big the thing: is they want to do this? Kabuki bookish. Others are amazing, amazing credit it'll, a lot of money. Can for encouragement from the media to do this. So
the one reason. I think that they might impeach, because the media go knots and will be, I mean that there will be carried out only got em. You know I don't see how suffering the debutante, unlike my big problem, is not that I can see why shouldn't wondered. I totally you shouldn't one yet I don't think I've been on. Cyprus will go back to don't just no way. I mean she's she's come out once you say one she kissed his cheek and keep the charade going off for the Roma so that when the back it's worse and worse for her the close rigorously election, if she's gonna teach him, she needs impeaching back again, I think, not an oak. At some point, you buy, sell your let's. Let the people decide at some point. You says let the people decide now we should do that, aunt, Jane she she's gonna, have to bring this thing for a vote. If it goes down, it goes down which is going to have for there is even a world where she works behind the scenes to detail. It exists, but there's no world where she doesn't bring it to a the recent eminent. Wasn't the a bunch of the water quality, moderate Democrats, have our elected they signed was renewed, MAS bamberger. Who ran for a Dave, Brats seat in Virginia right
she has sent a letter of over seven other moderate Democrats. The Washington Post, calling for the opening of the amounts we worry about is a pretty good indicator that even the moderates in the parties when buying this link, it will show our number two KEN Fed is tramp, jumping into the California homeless crisis, a good campaign strategy, or is it just a waste of time and a fate? We all know he can When I get it, I'm gonna take two quarters in Iraq. Where is the exact same question, because you're premise is then fix that he wants fix the homeless and problem in California, of course, that that would be in sight. And if Donald from thinks that him get behind an issue will change the hearts and minds of California about no, it's a huge when for Donald Trump, because the premise is that the average republican voter in the country despises California I so he's he waits into this and he wins automatically to think that its
changing so they it'll troll its role as a big role and it and also of the homeless problem and allay in particular, for those a beat the people who don't know its increased sixteen percent in one year homeless population in just Ella City. What what happened one year ago, the thought he I turned out. So I shall I couldn't remember, I said Missis Gibson. Then crazy, homelessness, problem This is something I like about from those he knows, not only had a troll but had a pic issues, whereas, kind of the old egghead. Republicans think that people are gonna jump out of bed, because they're so excited about the Upwards tile marginal to actually like nobody gets excited about that, except for us, the people in this room, but the thing you get excited forest That was not the sympathetic, but they did December. That version is there a lot of people who are suffering living on the street, all your hair of the whole yeah they are and that it is a problem or everybody whose attacks being citizen of the city of Lausanne. Talk about that look. I regret now. Do the sympathetic version of that place they
Is that not the sympathetic they did this habitat inversion? Is there a lot of people who are suffering living on the street, all your hair of the whole year and that they are and that it is a problem for everybody whose attacks being citizen of the city of LOS Angeles against sympathetically release is also ruled with rigour? And I dont that's what it all actually means. Branch is going to clarify the only under the carpet and if you want to fight, you have to get rid of the news if you, if you elect the guy, who turned San Francisco into one big homeless, refuge right to be governor of the entire state? You can't be surprised, a year later, homelessness in the rest of the state has all central and this is actually a real, but this is a rather. I think it is true, but I feel like you're, not helping any of the homeless people by what They don't help now entering our renewed. Meanwhile was going to make the union a huge percentage of these folks are drug addicts. A huge per cent of them are suffering from serious mental disorders like their dangerous themselves or their dangerous to others. It is nothing but cruelty battle. People living in their own filth,
theses- honest broker liberated. I wish I would start. I would start by making it illegal to be homeless and then just not it not to hurt the homes people to force the government to start bill emergency shelter. Yes like getting them off the street should be legally may not know that the City council delay actually did pass a measure to build emergency had I think they did One point: seven billion dollars, average cost per unit of five hundred and seventeen thousand dollars and it's going to take a decade that's. The real real aspect of the mean jokes aside, like the actual aspect of this, for Trump, is that you do have this major opiate epidemic. You do have lot of veterans who were living on the street. You do have a lot of what actually very sympathetic and emphatic people who have been left behind and you have a major problem. You know you ve got its act. Payers mean like I've lived her. My entire life means higher life and nice suburban areas. You now have to work that open needles on the streets and Pierre before talking to themselves and haven't bathed
in southern ITALY and walk alone lives on the street and what people who don't live in California? I don't know, maybe that we pay third teen per cent in state income tax and this little ten percent in the richest state in the country, the fifth largest economy in the world. In addition to our federal income tax, we pay about half of the national taxes again just the state of California we have potholes and needles, and the right point is important to say too, though, unlike unlike knows, I do care very deeply about the little heartful almost like I do, but I do believe that there are six many people are sick and addiction, a kind of sickness I mean, and, as an author amiable, our energy fuller tolerate an extensive. Have you just said that having said that, it's not wrong also to worry the normal people who we have when you have a city, it has to be a livable place, perhaps be places for the rich to live to be placed. The middle class live good places for for the lower class to live. That's them actually works and if it doesn't work that way in a word, I promise not to be the first person to
the third way since a job I didn't, you know, call on our audible and take the third question. Just kidding comes from Thomas, he says since twenty sixteen he's been saying that the left and the right or watching the same screen but seemingly a different movie. How did we get here and how do we get past guys? I have we here, because we wanted a witness, is what we wanted. This was the purpose of the conservative move this was I mean it. Maybe now we don't like the results of it, but the purpose conservative movement that Finnish Lapland very Goldwater Bill Bill Buckley talked about, was to create a choice, not an echo, to break up that liberal consensus, one of the complaints Emma about political scientists in the thirties and it is was that the two parties were indistinguishable. They didn't have any real ideological character to them and so but he comes in and takes a liberal republican Party and turns it into a conservative party and the parties have become poorer arise over the years. More and more so in many ways you also the new left come in in the nineteen
it is actually right around the same time that the conservative movement was blowing up. You had the democratic barbie boarding moving further to the left. This is, rate for national unity, and you had a breakdown of common culture that coincided at this exact time, but it does give you a choice. It just gives you lesson Carnegie. They are set of argument of an answer and a better answer. A better answer is that the mediated this am I saying out of it, and what reason that I see the media did. This is because what the media did is they did the very horrible and dishonest thing of conflicting fact, an opinion, and so people started saying ok will hold up. If you are complaining. Fact. Opinion in opinion saying that your opinion is fact than I can look at the same fact: pattern and drive a completely different opinion from that, and my Union is also sat so you're looking at the same fact pattern and you have but who are taking their opinions and mistaking those facts. What we can even agree on central fat anymore. Whereas if you can start a conversation missing, ok, here's the basis for the conversation. This fact this fact is that now, let's do opinion
Then you can have a conversation with people, but when somebody takes that and so in just sit, and I just sit into their own opinion, but it becomes to grow part of their opinion, and the opinion is on a you cannot separated out from the fact and then somebody else's. Why can do the same thing with that sort of acts? What you end up with these two agglomerations of opinion, in fact in which you can't tell me, and from the fact that they have no relationship. But I suppose seriously, it's a seriously harmful thing to have so much of the communications machinery of the country in the hands of one Party, it really seriously to visit thing, and it means that the means, the guideline. Help us on everything, rightly so, when there are even when they this is. This has been my complaint about trumps. You should take news, Trumbull, say fake news and half the time is, of course exactly right and have, time he sang it about something that is obviously not fake news and the problem is that because the media are in fact these, fake news as direct rise, because they are not news people because their opinion people, then when he said fake news. We all got
so everything there saying is a lie, but in so that it is also why we are delighted that, even when these wrong right always right, we couldn't- I guess my only I wanna hit the media's. Much has already been one he's wrong. It is always always is fake news, even when they get this right and right always rang once right. What about my only point? He can't believe I'm defending the media. I just I do always go back to that. Mencken line about democracy that democracy, the theory that the people know what they want, and they deserve to get a good and hard, and we do it in the media. We get media that we want in many ways I mean there are huge corrupt institutions and it's all run by one party, but we do get a certain amount of sensationalism We do get the blurring effect, an opinion that people do desire. There is not much of a market for were bland journalism, but has just straight back. I'm saving twenty, that's totally fair, but it is also true that corporations have climbed onto the fact tat. His big government is good, yes operations and they just pulled it didn't leave is I was talking about the solution show this week. They don't even have to be correct.
Only if have to hire people who all have the same opinion, and they will begin to think that that's reality and write a psychological fact, So when you go back and have a few more questions, but before we do, I want to talk about our friends over at black rifle coffee, black rifle copies, guys this. This is the. I will take you back in time, two years to the first sound a bit and I ever heard of rifle coffee and this is how you know what a great branded is, what a great product they produce they bought, like one add detest into the been Shapiro show. He tried the coffee and it was delicious. We went to the website their videos and they were hilarious and I said men. I think the way if these guys do more advertising with us and then said, I think we should try to buy them, Why don't you call the guy who started black rifle copying, see if we can buy them? I didn't fast two years. We actually meet the Guideline black rifle coffee and wait. We can't
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charity guard and he went to, and I will football game man whose, outside European College Game Day, he was holding up a sign. That said, I, Someone like I want more funds for beer, then marry presentable- and this became a viral thing and he ripped raised one. One four million dollars stolen after beer money going out for your money and he proceeded. Then give one million dollars to cancer research. At the University of biology, phenomenal story, this guy's not living high on the Haug Security Guard. He could use a million dollars and stored, but a funny story to make a die rich overnight for home, besides, I want beer right in and he didn't do that. Is it the money give for cancer research, which is a subway. Thank you listened, wasn't children's children, but it is unbelievable that Moyne Register reports then than one register starts tracking through his twitter history. They dig up a couple of tweets that he aid that were apparently references, its hush point, o back in like eight years ago, so back in two thousand and seven, and then the cancelled
and has a bush which was forming a relationship with him to matches donations, and then there might have been asked them are something they cancelled because they said his values don't match our values and suddenly a guy who car they're gonna declare one these there's a Carson King day as as well as well. They should because s these people real honestly is cancelled and the Good NEWS is that people really rallied around him. The boy Register Ghak rush, anything Hospital Dormice amount; rather they must abundant subscribers. People like on mass grab some thereby register the these. Eight of I walk past a car they're, going to clear one. These Carson King Day as as well as well. They should because s these people real honestly. If your life is about digging through people's past tweets and the crap, They ve said ten years ago or even five years ago, which they may disagree with right now and your life is about that because they go Famous and you didn't your jealously peace. Will they will then? This is the thing, then the people who do this never conflict anything when Heisman trophies they get to host the Oscars. The people taken down have done that
recommendation is, and the only reason they do. It is because the person we can successfully Ellen cared about Kevin hard doing anything worse until seven heart in the minute you reach that apex, then all the guns traded and it's like. Well. If I take Del magpie, then I'm famous- and you know it- you're, not famous you're, not better you're, just a piece of- and you know it is it is- does apply to Donald Trump One, the one thing is. I know we pick, we all pay control. You haven't even I declined than I do, but this year for the stuff, how desire yellow, not a lot, but I do have written the barnacles off his back and bite, but it takes. It takes a certain amount of craziness to stand up to these people and my little out are the story today. By the way I turned a German and the free university first thing, that I said was this is where Donald is that your mate elected important, amazing figure is why either I mean even from somebody day adding it might have been you, and I was like. Listen, I'm not asking the Trump not be kind of arbitrary, like you're, just like take its Emily twenty. I think we all realize because either because if he could, if he could just be it,
to worry issues like this. You be president forever. Who really because, like this kind of stuff, I think that no one in the country as a taste for except for the woke left on Twitter and the people they can intimidate, can I can. I ask the question: ring, bring you back to the time that you have before you know. You brought you bought this before, and I shall agree with us about The fact that the intelligence community is now working with the press to basically get the government they want and cancel out it is a deep state that anyone believing that seventeen hours, moody and break international concerns. Ran a piece I think it was last week has been to a great work about. Obama gave Monodist all started, and she said you know what, if you watch the timing just before a story breaks us about expose the intelligence community. An anonymous intelligence league brings a story to the fore than what your friend
this to wipe it off the front page? We know that the eye g, the inspector general the deal J, has turned in the first draft of his looking into how this collusion story got started, and then the sleek comes from partisan, whistleblower. God we think is a partisan whistleblower on a story that he wasn't involved and basically this now change your cock calculation of how you treat Donald Trump exist. I totally at nice. I say this on shore the time I'm not calling balls and strikes a knocking wasn't vice versa. Two teams are not playing for the same thing that one of the teams is actually playing. Is it all it whenever they listen? I've always had. I call balls and strikes Franklin Balls and strikes a conservative, meaning that I can agree with everything he just said and also think that the president and engaging quid pro quo with- oh, I don't know it's so bright- it is a strange, but it doesn't change. My estimation of prompt infringes my estimation of the threats to taste the country which has been meaning that I already, though, the upper level which, like their funds, when I say
you know a trump I'd like the wind slab him for what he did, but the other side the first amendment eight hate the second amendment, their socialist, open Social, they say: Amerika was never great they're, not patriots, so Well, I'm looking and I'm scared- I mean if what you mean as he stands and sharper. Believe, of course that's true, but I'm feeling my opinion of him a strange feeling weapon of what's changed like making the blacks black or on a donkey diesel might have an attribute. The whites wider use made the Blacks Plaza written. So yes, the count. Ass is wider, because trust is wider. I feel about Donald from basically the same way I felt every day since he became public figure again in twenty five taint right. I don't really think I as character. I've changed opinion about from there, certainly I've changed my opinion about his politics. The effectiveness of his approach right things I feel, like I've changed my opinion about been pretty obvious about that, but when it comes to the change my opinion of him, it noakes. I think that regard what the intelligence community. Let me he was saying deep
state. When I didn't think that the deep state was a thing he still saying deep state. So now I just think he's So is it so it's so I think that you know if it's changed in any way, I will say that always thought he had good God instincts, maybe they're even better, and I thought they were meaning that he can sense. He can sense enemies very quickly. Very very sensing enemies he's got almost in an innate uncanny, so being able to spot when somebody's threat to him- and he will call that out now- I think he's over applied that, but in in a range of danger which la politics is. I think that he is dead, that's an affected scale, and I would say this. I think that what you're, what you're really trying to get out of the question, is it not rather curious? I wanted the latter yet, but I think you're trying to get me to answer a question on a set of terms that I did. I dont accepts ethic
where we really disagree fundamentally, is actually a little bit higher than the quest than than the question of Donald Trump. It's in two ways of looking at the world. You look at world, as though there are no they're only is what is I like. The world is that there are only is what is for me making decisions about how you're gonna behave in a moment point of view, but I don't like it in these more philosophical conversations because it just supposes too much in my view. So in some ways what you're saying when you ask about, while your entire approach to the election, for example, your approach to the election, is it's going to be Donald Trump? It's going to be Hillary Clinton. Yes, that was my personal. This is your press. If I said- and I think what you ask me right now is since the left is revealed to be worse, and worse and worse, and the bureaucracy, a bigger and bigger, threaten the intelligence community, a bigger bigger and bigger threat doesn't that make you have to support trump more because he is the thing standing in the gap right now, and that is true
right now is to think standing in the gap. I would not support him being bad even to defeat things that are worse nets, the line that this line that I can cross because I don't accept that, that binary. I don't accept that the only options are that we set ourselves completely in in an attempt to stand against them or we cell or we surrender or we surrender. I just don't think that those are the only two options and I dont think that corrupt it wasn't easy and my willing at my hands dirty sure my way to get messy yeah. Well, I vote for the guy in his re election likely. I think we ve got a lot of money that was between here in real between here and the election and in this new cycle, we could learn anything that the election were to, what I vote for the four down trying to present, I would so it's not some sort of prestige pure, like the super, never tramper position either the remaining never
were all five of them. That's not my that's, not my position, but it's sort of like in a war to use an analogy. If, if we were in a war and the question is if we have to fly our bombers at altitude because there's so much flack, but if we fly low and slow, we're gonna lose our planes, not any targets, and therefore we have to fly high and fast and the result of fine high and fast as it were, in in Western Europe in World WAR two is, there are bombs, are going to be as precise and we're, when did kill more civilians, but is only way to defeat the machinery of Nazi Germany. Then you make the decision the Churchill made in Europe a fly, high and fastened, we're gonna, get rid of the Nazis even for requires us to get our hands dirty. I am all for that, but if what Churchill had said is we need to go to every town. Him, though, is that we liberate and anyone whose ex german. We need to put in camps and we need to
them until they die or put them in gas chambers. I would go oh yeah. No, I I am not willing to be that to beat them, because I reject the premise. The US being that defeats that, while they are being like, is just nay chain will, but I only with I guess I guess, maybe what Germany's asking Israel will more precise in the question. What exactly do you want me to change? But in my opinion, about from well I guess What I mean is when I open. We say this openly say to a trumpet really stupid thing that I hate, but so is it. It doesn't cost that threshold an election is a binary choice. The world, a binary place. That's what politics can make you stupid right, because sometimes you have to do the dirty thing to get get the right reside there is something that he could do, though, of course there is of course so then I guess we're going on about I'm asking is that there is something, no question we all agree on this and we might not really exactly but we're. Probably the three of us are pretty,
this new eyes now I mean, if launch nuclear weapons, every end of the matter is going to mean less threshold, loosens yeah, that's out, so I did the answer there is in some ways. Yes, but that's not as a result of me thinking this stuff ok. It's as a result of the status quo itself being chain can overturn windows when the right exactly meaning that the reality that was presented in twenty sixteen and with which I refuse to engage with as a reality in which there is a Tyler Trump Timeline and a Hilary timeline and either we went. It was to degrade the country, but my hope was that by not engaging in saying no upon all of this, then that would still present enough of a few, the people maintained a certain level of a third future time right. There's a third future timeline where some people stood athwart and said: listen you're gonna make a choice, but I disapprove of like all of this crap and I don't like any of it. Ok then that pass
because the world was what was and the stand that people may in twenty. Sixteen was no longer relevant because the moment had passed and now the stand have anything to the election and the stand changed because from it the president, and it was, are you willing to say that what he is doing is bad and wrong when he's doing something bad and wrong? So if the question is My vote for him in twenty twenty does my threshold has changed, no vote, and twenty twenty which are likely to do is because the rig what has changed? Not because my threshold change, I have exactly the same objections. If I could, if I could race, of the things that I think I've gone wrong in the country because he's president, I would do it if I it doesn't mean I would want Hillary Clinton to be president. God forbid, I think, should be way worse as president, I think, the same bad things would have happened with Hillary Clinton. Is president, I think a lot of and bad things have happened with Hillary Clinton as president, but because and I had said before, when we now are living in the sun cost world all the possible sunk. I don't
the world is getting incrementally worse, because trumpets president every day is the argument that real, never trappers. What their argument is is anything it is good for transparency country right is the longer he's an office. It makes a country worse right and I don't think that's true. I think that physically that after the election we're living in trouble in, and problems from plan and from Lisbon from land since the day he this is the day after the election and really has not altered like now here with even with Ukraine is, is even with Ukraine story, I don't see anything is fundamentally alter now, if he and if he did committee quid pro quo. I think that funding Lee alters the nature of reality in a certain way in that, and then things I could probably clarify who have been so because I I largely agree with it. What I really think is that my never trump position in twenty sixteen was primmest on the idea that greater threat to the Hilary is a was a massive threat to the country. But I believed that I couldn't voted for her, even even with what I am about to say
I believe that an even greater still threat to the country was if the Republican Party, the party, the only party with conservatives in it that if it's surrendered its values, if it, could change fundamentally would have stood for it in the long run? That's a greater threat to the country because the person is going to come and go the only hope for the countries that somebody still stands for these founding principles, and I thought that we were it in backing Donald Trump. I thought we were risking forsaking those principles to bends. Point Donald Trump gets elected. I'm I'm disabused. If some of that, because he is more conservative than I thought that he would be, there is also the sun crossing, which is whatever damage is done, this done, but the reason that my position on Trump remains different than your position on tramper Michael's position on Trump overtime. If, because still maintaining the position that I had in twenty sixteen about Trump, I'm not trump- is now
is what he is, he is our president. I mean that whenever Trumpery right now are waving our waving, it attachments already departed. That's right! The reason that I am critical of the president now is because I still believe that only hope long term for the country is just short term political expediency. It's someone still standing. All I is it all I won in politics today for as far as my Bob, you know what I'd like to see happen for my All all I want is that the things that I stood for before Trump and the things that I stand for after Trump to be the same things I dont to be the case that I claim to have all these deep believe these, these philosophical beliefs, these moral beliefs programme. Add up as long as we're when were you mean, the only thing is not to say that you want every political position you held ten years ago, be the same, as you of course know that you're talking about foundational,
when found nation, Oberon civil rights and that's why. I think that when German, I sort of on the same side on this quid pro quo thing which is like if it gets prove that so, let's put it straight up if if it gets prove straight up then he said to Rudy Giuliani or anybody else I am with the ukrainian aid until they investigate and go after Joe Biden, do you think that's impossible? If that's the, while, I shouldn't be signing a bit about it, but but I have to say I probably wouldn't impeach any present it will. This is the right I wouldn't it be for these new thing, if he, if you only did that all the time, if you did a number of times, if he was virgin the though if he was lever, the value of the countries which belongs to us for his political purposes. The way Obama seems to have done in a constant way. Yeah, then I don't move into impeachment territory, but but if he'd, if he
something a little more dynamic, as it is rarely about a pattern. Usually tibetan incidents unmeaning Barack Obama, the I've been caught on tape, saying to somebody I am with the aid to Israel, almost Israel investigates Donald Trump and and finds dirt on him, I would for sure, say: impeach the guy, a hundred percent, its impeach, the guy, and I think we all would have at the time- and I think that I'm a man, I think that if you allow Putin to come in and kill a bunch of Ukrainians so that one of the potential people who might run against you in a forthcoming presidential election might possibly be heard if you're presumptions about what actually took place her right, you gotta, get ready. But again this bizarre hypothetically ass, I drew all the while we're trying to we're trying to home in on sort of you asked, and I mean to me the into me my my rule has always been if it's something where condemn Obama I'll condemn from for it if something where I think Obama should
impeached all said something about Trump, because the minute that we start shifting the stand based on that, then nobody has any standards and then then it may well, then, let us not worse than politics in war by other means just war should go, but this is why the finite E3 election analogy they went around and waste sixteen Jonah Goldberg. This guy why did aunt or this weekend twitter RE says it will seem to forget what happened? A fine. Ninety You know I never like that. Enabled United but those who, if I was on flight ninety three crash, it yeah right you rather crash the player, then go where the plane is now. The only might read my view of politics is that while we always treat it like a standard and the truth is that hundreds to survive the hand? I cannot be that urgent. If the countries survive, we can truly believe my eyes. I had this argument and Sprague we're Dennis Missing, but Hillary Clinton selected. It's the end of the country now and I said to him well, you quitting job relegates leg is already underway.
Not like going to work next day. I am so that that, but that attitude is what leads I think to thee. Ok, well, no matter what he does then Beavis thinks that this is evidence that tromp was engaging in a quid pro quo. Even a faith, you know what that whatever you like your whenever, whatever they may be better than empty, but whatever you say is ok may make the country worse than it was five minutes responsibly, specifically on the quid pro quo idea. We'd all read the transcript Only if any of us thinks that this is evidence that Trump was engaging in a quid pro quo, even if it is landscape was trying to do that, but the very least house. I don't think it's clearly was not clear that was. It doesn't seem to me that he was doing that we're so losing the context of the call itself. Air or even the ask itself, which is Joe Biden, has the sitting vice president. Apparently putting a lot of pressure threatening to withhold a billion dollars and aid at a very crucial time for Ukraine, so that he his own son and for his own presidential ambitions to get his derelict son,
out of trouble for a prosecutor may or may not have been look ass. If they found then to be true, should he have been impeached vice president network I'll answer that one second but I'll answer, but I want the first point. The question has converted nimbly trumpet then answer yet because a neck is no. What if that's? What I want to point out is the Obama administration face no consequences for that Obama, face no consequences for any of his other, egregious overstepped, and so my look at impeachment is one of great prudential character. Is I dont like impeachment? I dont think any of the attempted impeachment should have taken place, and so I'm I'm just pulling the We are pushing the brakes rather on that, even when it applies to trump even I'm uncomfortable with the behaviour and To show you that you have to give me that when I voted for Trump, which I'm really proud, I really and I did the right thing I knew I was taking a risk. I said I actually wrote his thing: racial, I'm taking a risk for my country. Because I think if I'm right, if I'm right, I thought was a five percent
I was wrong now I looked back, I think, there's a one percent chance. I was wrong, but at the time I thought five percent chance disguised as bad. As you know, I hate him and there's a five percent currencies is bad politically. Is I think he is? I thought worth, risking my reputation and my morals to do what I thought was right for the country, I'm glad I did it and let it worked out, I could be sitting here. I could be outside asking for money, because no one would hire me that I voted for a Nazi, but but I I didn't it didn't turn out that way. I thought that was the right thing to do. The only thing would say too is the one way in which I agree with the Cook Kurtz like yours alone, crucially, there is a friend of mine. So I'm not lady S right of initiative and he's a grey area, and if you need a wire is absolutely collar, Larry's guy, we we can't be so clean. We can't be so clean that they hit us with pipe. What were dancing around with the markets? Queensberry notes, but this is the I get offended by that. Yes, it. Africa, does not mean making it all. We warm is all you all day, despite the well off
Do I literally have only four seven security, because I find the let nobody stimulates Nazi slipped. The question whether we fight is the question of how we find that are: there's lots of the Kurds. What now there's the old but here's the promise you'll die price off the left way more than all the people with international led by So I am aware that it is a fact that rightly fact others, where there are very few consumers in America, but this because this does not receive no surprise, but there's an old there's, the old joke about the guy who goes up to the girl, and he says you know what you have sex with me for five years write his insightful. I am in fact make a quick hoagie bright. The check is cocoa, I have a mandate. Would you take about what can a girl? think I am but with a sample, what kind of girl you. However, the price, of course that's all of us on some that's right, that's all of us so the jokes funding as we can all relate to it
I am willing to compromise. Of course, I'm not, but there is a. There is a degree of compromise at which you, you have actually fundamentally change that nature of the thing right now this I know I've really. We agree on the junk radio and the funny thing about Trump. You thought there's a fiber two percent chance that it would be a mistake, headed ironically, tat catastrophically, I thought that there was a five percent chance that he be catastrophically bad too, but only if That's not what kept me from voting for him. What kept me from voting for him is that I thought that there was a seventy five percent chance that he would be a creature of the west, not of the right. And that he would fundamentally gut the actual philosophical and more core of our movement in such a way that when he was gone, I wasn't sure what we were fighting for any more. I wasn't that wrong. Like you, the five percent worst case scenario thing didn't happen to seven
five percent thing half of it I was wrong about, which is, I thought, he'd give us like his sister to be a Supreme court, justice, the guy just has been a democratic hole. Wife and his However, that is going to happen as he is not governed. As a Democrat, they haven't. They didn't get thinking aloud for they everywhere, but if you're asking do, I think that our party has done more than just sully itself, but is compromised the self appointed. It isn't sure what it is anymore. I do think that I think that we all- in this moment where will go in the future? I don't know. In this moment I think the only the identity that our party has is anti left. I think when, when Ruslan bought changed the slogan official from that can from the answer in advance. Disrepute of conservative studies that the advances the tune of anti leftist- I switched it back. I think he did it, but it was actually. It was in an honest moment because we used to not everyone who boats Republicans, but we used to in the core of the movement,
thou conservatism and then, in the moment of Trump at the core of the movement, were just about fighting the. Let us you see where I disagree with you about this. I think promptly symptom of that phenomenon. I think I have to cruise about there's. No, I love crews, but he's up different sorts somewhere it's hard to get an honest answer, but I should like you know, took her Carson. Have this wonderful? Why we should a happy country does Mcdonald from present that's not something that is a happy country, the rope, the republic and the conservative movement and, in my opinion, had failed. I thought I think it right veiled in in Greece, Pacific ways I think, to fail by supporting the wars of the freedom agenda, which turned out to be an overstep. You know that was. That was a big thing. I think it failed to restrain the just wait of stick the administrative state because nobody actually wanted to do the work and I know United disagreed on this, but I think it failed the people in the heartland of the country by talking about free markets. While this and I don't kill himself just this is like this- is, I think it failed. I think, could collapse. I think it is. I said this almost
immediately after the election. I think We are living in a room without gravity and and was forty run. Nobody knows where it's gonna come down and I think That's the phenomenon we say. No, I think tromp is part of that. What I am hoping for and strategizing for and prayed for is that, after TAT, there is a new conservative movement because locked the cold war is over guys. We're Reagan, conservatism is out of date. We need it, I don't know, but I dont believe I dont believe it's out of date. I dont believe what we found was sure to. I don't believe it. The founding principles of principles on out of date, but also applaud, and I don't agree that they can stay conservatism failed. The Republican Party failed that there is this huge, populist movements toward concern. To some that happened during the Obama years and no matter how much power they gave the Republican Party there. Public authority betrayed absolutely right, you learn acknowledge earlier. I think that's real, but I think that I think that if conservatism had been
more realistic, more responsive, see what eighty they wouldn't have done that but look there's a isn't. That's affairs commented as our couple things one. I think that on economics you are, you are doing a fair bit of it. Business history, I am not aware of the Republican Party, those small government and universally pro free trade and I steal subsidies and anti and anti specific, ass, they weren't antis ermine rhetoric, warlords, step. George W Bush spent more money than crisis. Now George W Bush was a big spender. Paint on compassionate concern. That was not exactly he campaign on exactly what spending the agenda that Donald from cat. He gave us new entitlements. My grew to give us all the things that they gave us here is my insecurity that here say right exactly. Minister big government, my knots more conservative guy who happen to share a couple of so The conservative values, unlike tax cuts, roaming, that was really kind of what it wants, and so I am not aware of this. This republican party, the use of which you speak in and whose agenda failed. I dont think that that was actually ever the agenda in terms of
Agnes or even in terms of campaigning when there are competing companies, compassionate conservatives in two thousand. I think they the last conservative right campaign, as he said, government. Conservative was Ronald Reagan. No one has done it since we ve got George George W Bush. Did it then betrayed and lost right? What and when I should? The conservative mood and failed- I mean by not having then by the way we did not fail on pro life. If succeeded wildly on pro life. Ok to sack openness splendid, somewhat everything I'm sayin it. Conservative movement did not collapse because of Donald Trump Donald Trump because a conservative movement ok getting on and I believe the conservative movement movement collapsed into rage. It didn't collapse because it didn't classic principle a classic. Frustration. You can then had elapsed onto who will punish these people in the grill and down from because darling from pleasant running on and Aigner giant Vainer gave us Donald Trump, we I mean I agree with us? It was. It was jumping whistled, the most pressing personally, but where it was not easy, but the that more than that, so you said that you you know right now, you don't regret your vote and Jeremy.
You sort of said that that you, you also don't regret your about here's. My answer, I don't know yet Ok so- and I know that sort of a cop out, but I really dont know yells for though it's so so think, then I I've. Very clear about what about my vote. I got wrong and that one his how he would govern and then there's the long term ramifications of the term presidency- and I have no now but who does know nobody but as I think you think you do know- I think I don't know- I guess that's not it that's it. I think, because I don't. I have new basis to judge and that's u have to vote in the moment. You have to vote no
Nobody knows if you know what I think you ve only so that you can get a foreigner. My vote. Twenty years of port of them not blaming it for haven, nor did I and at times when the election right, I said like I'm. Actually we for three hours. When I told you of comfortable, I tell you what you believe in God, Father went sunny, gets in the way you talk. It was like been machine guns, ok about when it, but when it came to people who explained why, but then, by the time you voted for from its leg. You voted for trouble the roman legacy that I never at any point said people should actively not vote. I said I can't do it yet, but I know but I must say though- and I don't I don't believe it- I don't blame you for not doing that sometime invented. The point that I am making is that when it comes to the questions of in life. We regret, because that is inherently retrospect, that right and I'm not talking about in the moment in the moment. Yours good about what you do. You do in the moment really so now we're talking about retrospective, that was that happens, conversation so you're saying in retrospect, you'd They that you are very that you feel fulfilled that you feel good about how you voted, and I don't know I don't know,
like I feel bad about the fact that I got him wrong on politics. I don't feel bad about how I feel the item on characterised. I think that he has proved to be all the things that I thought he was. I think that, in terms of what the country has been you know and in what has been done to the country, not just by trumpet also, but mostly the reaction to trump right there in that that's, not trumps fault. That's that's from being and then left just losing its mind right, unjust, going well. Off the rails, and so trumps presence is possible for that machine, whether when I go in camps and people lose their lives are not responsible for that. But it is true that the campuses workplace, because I am a bit right off the bat grades in- but it's because of that- I don't know yet- and when the one thing that I'm afraid of their there, two things, I'm afraid of these fears still obtain, but I'm not sure they're avoidable anymore was german
concern that the Republican Party would be sole such embracing bunch of stuff. It never would have before, not even in terms of policy, because the Republican Party goes up and down in terms of spending in terms of tenderness, disparate elements to it as well. Rightness had a lot of different stuff in it, but in terms of the the light today when people were military, I'm s like militarily he's absolutely innocent he's a hundred percent and this transcript exit exonerates him, and I just thought to myself. No, it doesn't. Ok. Doesn't like the transcript may not prove the case against him, and also, I dont think approves the case that I agree with you. It does improve the case against him, but if you read that France remsen you read, this was in fact the greatest conversation is right. Then then I don't know how that's in the realm of reality that, because the cause of the presumption of innocence it doesn't have to, right right exists has done not condemned. So does not consider the two things that I was afraid of are that he would see that you'd source, like the Republican Party and I dont, know if that's just as long as rivers presents the president, that's how goes meaning that you know you follow. When he's the President Obama follow bodies, the present you follow Trump, the President in office.
How goes because that's how operate, and then you hope for a better president lettuces. I couldn't make it viable them down dark path. I stop real right that it. So maybe it's that or maybe there's been a fundamental shift in what will be allowed from now on wagons is that's. Why saddle know yet I'm hoping that the forum I'm hoping that it's like ok for the moment, everybody's like ok, will throw bricks at each other, and then there will come a time when we don't have to throw bricks at each other. I want for books at each other anymore and in that time it'll be moral again, not throw bricks and I'm worried, obviously about something that Republicans have decided to not worry about ever again, which is this we as demographic problems facing the Republican Party, can contribute. At present trump. Is it like for all of the talk and for all the same when it is about how he is going to drive out the masses in his one white working class over and yes, he's one more white working class votes. That's great! But, like I don't know a I electrodes way out of a hundred young people and by young people need people under the age of thirty five.
By out of a hundred young people and I'm talking about like across the country. My guess is you couldn't find at thirty five of them who say that they will vote for Donald trouble in isolation, and that an item realities of Aristotle, other living crowded. No, I'm really must do so. I don't know yet. I don't know yet my own and there's no one ever really going to know the truth, because who knows what would happen if Hilary had been president right like, I didn't, want her to be present, and I think you ve been a crap president but their debt alternatives. Hamelin doesn't exist so that you know that's why that's one when you talk about regret on me, I looked back, but when you look back on your life, the things I regret, the things that I do the new were wrong at the time, but there are things that you regret where you made excuses yourself at the time to make yourself do them, because we do that right, bright and then and then later you're like, but I kind of that that's what I'm right in and I feel like there is gonna- be some of that with regard to behaviour during this year, where people look back in their like yeah. It's true like I was trying to stop these people from being the worst people. And I was trying to stop them from taking control of the country, but I kind of new at the time that, like theirs,
something nibbling at me inside that was, there was eating away at me in saying like this is not I'm sure I mean that, that's why what I've been careful to do is just tell people that my thought process when I talk I shall say totally going on. I totally where Europe has an eminent as it is. Really I'm not angry you that's why the greater the real problem is the weather and don't even try to reveal bethulia process or the struggle excellence. Modesty like I'll tell people, and I do it unless all the time- and I hope you will appreciate that if I'm dealing with an issue I'm actually struggling when that is not something I just don't know the elder, but I just don't know so. They won't be arranged appear. I just don't know how and on that note guys for an end to this episode of backstage we're gonna. Do it again. I note a few weeks. You do this, what once as a month, everyone I'm waiting for allows, barely you're gonna want dad. It's gonna be gone now, where my show will still be here, but I will not be present here today,
we won't be able to actually do this shit, but you will be able to do your shit right, the highly successful and entertaining everybody,
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