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Ep. 10 - The Left Destroys Comic Books and Also Everything

2015-10-19 | 🔗
Ben discusses the left's war on everything.
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One of the most depressing features of being an american today lies in the fact that the left has declared total war on every fast. of our shared culture. You know when you, when it with your friends well with your family, you used to be, could, at least, if you disagree about politics, the stock movies or sport, something, but now the left, taken over everything and they polarized everything, there's nothing for us to talk about together anymore. It isn't enough to produce movies with Steve corralling Julian Morn, Ellen Page about was being black. Cows pay We are seeking legal protection for conveyance of property. now. They ve been taken over the comic books and have hijacked them, and this really take May because a fan of Comic, These are some of the most iconic characters in american history, creating new ones there, just taking the old ones. perverting them, which is a real disgrace to what the comic books are. The latest round Captain America's a great example. It features that the CAP Sam Wilson, on the sons of the serpent so worthy.
So the serpent there, an evil group of tea party types are minimal, basically, and their intent on stopping illegal immigration. The writers again inexpensive he's an hour. opponents of Donald Trump and he slathered the comic with his dislike. For conservatives, The servant, a mass at the border to stop these poor FR. Bewildered illegal immigrants, when these sons of the serpent leader he announced, as I am the Supreme Serpent by invade this sovereign lad. You defy the laws of God, nature and the United States constitution. Therefore, I hear, by you by the power vested in me by the F mention God, nature, etc, etc, whereupon worthy illegal immigrants. Cries please whoever you are, we don't want any trouble, but the Supreme Sir. It will have none of it, he continued until the mighty wall is built you come here. employment that is rightfully ours and, if denied it, you seek author paid by our tax dollars. So basically the sun. Serpents Donald Trump, thankfully Captain America than shows up to shut down Donald
the middlemen. Wannabes shouting club is you ve done if you're done, threatening a bunch of unarmed folks, mostly women and children. I pack up the pick up and home. If I were you, gentlemen, this captain American Captain America. is Brok of Amr Loose good here as all rolled up into one. And he's not the only one Superman. Obviously There are three iconic American characterised super our characters we Superman and Batman, and Captain American, let's going after all, three of them Superman He used to be a friend to the cops he tried to help out the authorities to stop crime well, not anymore and latest one of Superman Action, comics forty two, rarely powerless man of steel here. On the wrong side of the police, the police, our group useless fascists looking to shut down. Any discussion is actually seen in which one of the protesters twisted Ferguson, one of the protesters walked up to the police in says we just want to talk and the police threatened to some of the grenade but Superman, arrives to take on the riots on this. Follows on the incredibly overrated grant. Morrison series
already comical greater making Superman, a black president of the United States back in action, comics number nine in two thousand twelve, just in time for the elections, and then, where's Batman number forty four. This commenced a couple of months ago, in which the its crusader stumbles on the body of the slain black teenager The picture of him in a teenager was shot Cobbler worry a hoodie looks exactly like Craven Martin. The writer is named Scott Snyder and he also rights. The flash sherry says, of course, Batman, beat this officer up and be like How could you say how to black teenager and up confrontation with the police in the first place, by the way, he's unarmed, of course, in the cup, shoot him because he's a racist, so black teenage run up in trouble. He went the penguin for alone, because the evil evil banks wouldn't give him alone, based on his of credit history. He needed alone because fathers core business going. For some reason, all of this in the end is Bruce Wayne his fault. Why? Because Bruce Wayne was gentrifying the area, as we all know, Jennifer Kay
is the worst thing that can ever happened black people better, that their property should be. nothing in there waiting should come in and try and buy it up and actually give them proper worth something, right, o Brien as relevant as also of red. He explained thing is such a ripple. The way lies are affected by gentrification We have no money, you have no voice, so bad is now Bernie Sanders Superman is now Hillary Clinton and Captain America Brok Obama and Hooligan Castro. There is one of the few areas of american life where we actually can speak with each other still We don't have one common, the left and the right, but we like our movies and our tv shows and our comic books, entertainments entertainment, but not for the left, left will never leave a stone unturned when it comes to political situation when it comes polarization when they finally figure out the digging like all the cultural ties, we have nothing left to tie us together. That's when they call for growth. governments, that's where they want more and more government and in the process going after comic book
their indoctrinated yet another generation into left is nonsense. I'm bench of Euro. This is the bench of Euro, show no reason contentions. Humanize people come here about you're feeling the folks Joe Biden is supposed to make his big decision today in maybe tomorrow, as to whether he's gonna run for president of the United States should he run it's not really into effect the race. That much is it would have. Maybe a week ago, Biden take Go away from Hillary Clinton, takes no votes away from Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been gaining in the polls in Sure- and I are ever since the debate, because Democrats presumably young Democrats are deeply in need of ECHO. Social was Loon bag, whose ninety seven years old, lady, they love him. They want him and in so if your vine jumps in hill actually help Bernie Sanders by taking votes away from Hillary Clinton by really taken his time in these Biden. Has time he's taking a long time to figure out whether he wants to run for president or not, I think,
I understand why then such as for political reasons. I think I'm pretty sure what happened is that Hillary Clinton at one point actually put him in the oval office and told him to pay in the corner, so I ve been doing for the last three years, and and eventually he might figure out it's a prank and then run for president, but also that the media want the horse race At the same time, Hillary Clinton really doesn't want him in the race. It'll be interesting to see if he jumps, and I think he will. I think, he'll jump in, I think it'll be a fake horse race Hilary when appointing the nomination. I don't see Biden, major threat to Hillary Clinton, aspire given the media's complete so interest in this email story and when you sing all of these, these questions being asked to Hillary Clinton about her emails and the corruption that tendency to her emails. Don't believe a word of it felt. This is what the media do. but the media do they know their timing is a year and a half before the election. So the media do is do all this stuff now and they get it out of the way and then, in six months, when these questions are asked again when people, She paying attention as opposed to right now,
then they say all, we ask and answer wordy pass that we settled months ago, and then they move on with their lives. So as Joe Biden jumps in the race will talk about how that shapes development bonus today. By talking, about the media coverage and any Obama administrations response what's happening in Israel or Jews are being stabbed on a daily basis. There was an attack on a bus. Stop in Israel over the weak, The gun attack on a bus stop in Israel. A palestinian holding a gun attack, I should say on a bus stop in Israel, one person killed my other people wounded and there the media headlines were exactly what you would think they wore. We talk that is a little bit last week. They the headlines, coming from CNN, were: were things like violence escalates in Middle EAST, as others just some guy named violence and he's running around killing people as opposed There are Palestinians, burning, crap and stabbing people in shooting people when trying to kill babies, which would make probably for a better headline by but wouldn't job what the media are trying to say about this particular conflict All you have to know about what the media are trying to say about this particular
look at MSNBC, which is a great example of a lot. This new network has actually it It invited ANA Al Jazeera last week, the twitter, and I and I tweeted back that I've been interested in appearing on propaganda outlet, and then I really should have tweeted back have restricted myself only to propaganda outlets for Hamas MSNBC in CNN In any case, MSNBC is really a terrible news outlets. They have a reporter I'm in more Yeltsin and he's got himself in trouble before because he so pro palestinian terrorist. On MSNBC the other day, you're about c segment, where I'm Hoddan got himself in serious trouble because you are maybe we should just watch it.
it looked from where I was standing at least to be a young man did not look to be. You know, particularly armed and again that was confirmed by the fact that the police ultimately removed his clothes. They like any explosive devices on him. I was trying to keep an eye to see if they were taking anything off of this body. Perhaps if they took a guy, if there was a gun that was visible, there was no one that was visible and at one point we can clearly see from where we were lying from where we are standing where his body was lying, both of his hands were open and both of his hands did not have a knife, and that was the body. So it's very aim it is about us. I think this is important, because your covering this story live and you're, seeing at once and you're actually witnessing it not knowing what you're, seeing until you actually process it, but in the video that we have that you have. That is, as you say, anybody else has video. We can clearly see the man, camouflage, t, shirt and pants with what appears to be, at least in his right hand, a knife and taken awkward
Awkward rainy days is, what's great, you can see the picture right now. There's a knife- and here is an unarmed you're, not letting his other hand could be triggered. He could have something on his chest. You know, but the MSNBC reporter who has come out in favour of come ass before and multiple reports, and we give them Framework, favourable coverage, standing there with the split screen and Israel is a case of where you gonna believe this guy your own eyes, because written look at you're, the guy has a knife, in his hand, is ignorant of use unarmed, no, no knife- and it's just like with George Zimmermann- it travelled Martin was completely unarmed. It wasn't that whose beating George sermons head against the ground Michael Brown. He never went the gun, ready it's always the same story. The facts, don't matter in this particular case is particularly egregious because here you actually have a picture of the guy with the knife, but that the worst thing that happened on the other day, crusade against Israel, the worst thing that happened on MSNBC the other day. Was this graphic that MSNBC put up? So let's explain what this graphic is. So this graphic right here:
it has a palestinian loss of land, nineteen, forty six to present and folks, if you don't have the video. This is. Why should purchase the podcast video, but all this I bid for it on inside you have what appear to be higher land of Israel. All of Jerusalem telling me all of it is green, it's all owned by the Arabs in nineteen forty six right and then it goes to you Unplanned nineteen, forty, seven and suddenly ass, the land is carved away and it made yellow because had been given to Israel, but Jerusalem is still solidly in green territory, and then you have nineteen, forty, nine to nineteen sixty seven right which for the israeli war of independence after was attacked, by all of its neighbours, and now it looks like shrinking and presumably, if you would carry this graphic, four thousand two hundred and sixty seven, all of this would turn yellow the sign. I would turn you off so there's a couple of problems with this particular map. First of all, right here, on the left hand, side right this map of power, Stein in nineteen. Forty six is completely inaccurate. Why is it completely inaccurate? It's a pebble
did you learn. First of all, there were no, palestinian zero, none zeros zilch! If you look at every media account from nineteen forty six, the only p described as Palestinian argues seriously. The Jerusalem Post used to be called the Palestine Post because it call Palestine when it was under Ottoman in british mandate, rule Everson, seventy c e, when the Romans decided that to shame the Jews they would, they would name the land after the Philistines, where the juice, historic enemies from tunnel which is it would run from the Bible from the old testament, your member, that's right, and if you read the profits, you read Samuel, you remember that these are constantly fighting with the Philistines, so the Romans is away to slap at the Jews said we're gonna take away. The name and land will call a Palestine after that this danger historic enemies. Well, at this point in time. In nineteen forty six, there is no independent Palestine. Ok, Palestine is a mandate. Territory is owned by the British. It was. Arable land and there are no Palestinians Palestinians as a nation, do not best, ok palestinian is an egyptian or jordanian
we're assyrian or lebanese kid he had given. Independent palestinian nation is a total creation of life. Seventy years or so, but they're saying it. palestinian land again even if you believe that the palestinian nation somehow exists, even though they have no independent language, no independent culture and no shared history beyond the last fifty years, even if you believe all that this was not palestinian land, this was british mandate. Land right there Here, Un Plan, one, unplanned nineteen, forty, seven, Israel Second, the? U N plan Kate before before this: the british mandate, in nineteen, when they decided in nineteen twenty one that they were going to move ahead with the creation of a jewish state in call, Palestine, Palestine people should understand, was not Israel is also Jordan Kay. in nineteen twenty one there one to give both Jordan and Israel to the Jews there They sliced off Jordan, they called a Trans Jordan and handed that's the Arabs, and then they said ok will hand. What's left of Israel will hand to the Jews.
And then they decided, ok, well, we're not leaving it to do that. Would in a car off half of Israel, in fact, most historic portions of Israel right everything that you read in the Bible about Israel basically happens in this area right the green area? Here it happens in Judea and scenario when people say the West Bank understand the West Bank is Art of historic Israel, right. That's where Jerusalem is its where Schaeffer Climate Schekem is its where it's where Bethlehem is re all over the store incidents in the Bible take place inside this green area and the british car that off. With the help of the U N handed, here too, the Arabs. The herbs refused even take that Israel took it. What's amazing does that they even ran this in the first place, because, obviously a pay Estonian began to tool by this. This never existed. This map is fake. It doesn't exist, it's not real and eventually MSNBC, Hydro, Poligized Fort and in the process of apologizing. They said We will make sure to be on the lookout for for propaganda from both sides. from both sides because you're watching MSNBC are you noticing
propaganda from both sides. Are you noticing that there's a reporter on national television, saying that a guy within it doesn't have a knife in his an armed and that there's a man that doesn't exist but magically take place in uniform land of history. It is incredible, but they they take. Turkey is how they take their queues in their taken their accused. At this point I mean I've rapturous I've been thinking about this a lot lately folks, and that is Last year there is the Gaza WAR and it was the media coverage was truly awful. I mean truly awful every time Israel would strike a terrorist centre, it was Israel Bomb Civilian centre. Every time a rocket flies into the centre of civilian Israel. It was resist in spite of mass cycle, Violence continues, and I was on CNN and I said on CNN, that of Kemal could have created a news network. It would look exactly like CNN but even worse. Now, it's actually worse now, because what you're watching in Israel is Palestinians stabbing Civilian, Jews, running cars into crowds of civilian drew shooting civilian use for no reason at all
and the Jews not aiming there, there hasn't been a military response. Israel has has optimally very presence in some palestinian areas in their building offence in EAST Jerusalem and how to stop era. Crossing over from EAST Jerusalem too, West Jerusalem in the old city to kill Jews. And the media is still covering. This. Is the cycle of violence? The reason is because President Obama's now out of the closet and did the Obama administration there out of the closet, dear. On Fox NEWS, I said that this is a borderline, anti semitic administration, a borderline, Jus Heading administration. I think the borderline is pretty much gone at this point. When you're telling the Iranians they can have a nuclear weapon and when you are trying to incentivize with four hundred million dollars per guinean terrorism. I think that we can. We can safely say this no longer borderline. Here's perfect example of this President Obama speaking about what should happen in Israel by the way worth noting? What's that A lot of this off palestinian president, who is the dictator mouth, what Abbas known the eleventh year of a four year term Matthew Abbas,
he came out several weeks ago any, and he said that the Israeli did the Jews were going up on the Temple Mount which, by the way, the holy assigned Judaism yesterday Let's go in the Temple Mount and he said there they're they're, making it filthy with their filthy thousands court there filthy feed, and then he suggested that these use we're going up there to destroy the alot unmask, even though the only people on the table. Destroying historic antiquities are the Palestinians which they ve been doing for literally decades digging up areas of Temple Mount and destroying the antiquities there are there in the first, to try and remove any trace of jewish history from the area while the so so much one of us and who must have been incentivize amiss in EAST Jerusalem. three, a knife attack the other day the EAST Jerusalem Arabs were handing out candies to their kids. When when a Jew was, was stabbed nearly death. in Jerusalem. President Obama was asked about all this in here was President Obama's response. we also believe that, it's important for
FI, Mr Netanyahu. is elected officials and President Abbas and other people in positions of power to. Try to tap down rhetoric they feed violence, for anger or misunderstanding and try to get all people in Israel and in the West Bank? to recognise that this kind of. Random. Violence isn't gonna. results in anything other than more harsher What a deeply immoral evil man, the President of the United States is, I mean truly because then there a couple things that the jump out you first of all again noted President Obama like to bring out the word random at all times.
Is it odd how he brings outward random? It's always wanted super, not random right when Jews get shot in a french Delhi Rightwing, when a terrorist physically goes to a kosher supermarket tissue Jews. That was a random attack that was a random attack and now and Palestinians are killing israeli civilians. That also is random. It's amazing how these random things just keep happening and the victims I happen to be non random. I mean where I come from. The definition of the word random is that it's actually random I know about you, but equally when something is random. That means a five hour. If I would just say, random killings are happening. You assume ok, a correlation with race or religion or age right there wouldn't be any connecting threads. random, second, about down the rhetoric from both sides from both sides. so one side says literally, we play the shape of this last week once as preachers on their television stations holding up knives in saying stab the Jews. and the other side says we.
Hope that you dont stab us, and it would be really good if you would stop telling people to stop us. but the rhetoric should be tapped down from both sides, by the way you want to know the difference between the two sides there, did you. Nor are we gonna half ago who stabbed and Palestinians The israeli government immediately launched into an investigation, Looking to arrest the Jew and put him in jail for the rest of his life, when estonian stamp people stabbed Jews there candies in the streets in renaming streets after them, but both sides have to tempt the rhetoric and the reason I say: that's evil when I say the president is evil for saying this because when you draw no distinction between good and evil, when you freedom is moral equivalence, your siding with evil you're, not siding with good your siding with evil, indifferent, in the face of evil is in effect, evil. He's not coming from ignorance. The president of the United States knows but his worldview, so perverse Jews always have to be the bad guys in the Palestinians always have to be the good guys. now before you run out of time here at all briefly, about the fire fight that is now broken out between Donald Trump and
Bush in the republican presidential race of two thousand, sixteen Donna Europe is lagging a push for a good strategic reason, which is everybody dislikes, George Bush, curiously job bushes, such a sad sack, and nobody's into him so much money and no one cares any still riding at five six percent the poles. After all this Donald Trump figures? Ok, if I can any of the candidates whose Pussy is the establishment guy. Well George Bush. Ok, I attack him any which way I choose now, I'm fine with the attacking jet Bush, when it's fair, but I'm intellectually honest enough to recognise when it's not fair here is Donald Trump attacking A Bush really by attacking George W Bush job, has been saying. My brother kept the United States safe trumps. I noted your brother was responsible for the collapse of the world trade centres in two thousand. One- and this is really a kind of ludicrous attack, but I been sort of chortling and thrilled over the whole trump phenomenon, because I think that it's just funny and entertaining
as I mentioned, it turned into the joker, unwanted piles of money, Berne, and I want to run after cars and train bite defender, even if I know I can't get anything out of it, I just have to chase the car The bloom is is coming off. The rose you're here is Donald Trump making or can best. You describe as an asset himself a now television. Talking about George W Bush, when you talk about George Bush and say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time. If you launch campaigns, George Bush was president: ok what they don't blame on. I don't blame him, but he was president. The world trade center came down during his reign. Ok this is so ridiculous on so many levels. First of all, if this is the new standard that the President of the United States is responsible for everything, the world that happens under his tenure, then after hours responsible for Pearl Harbor, An presumably Abraham Lincoln is responsible for for the civil war solely because he was the president of the United States. That are the factors
you're gonna get a lot of myths pushed out by the left about nine eleven and world trade center. In what happened there and in one of them said here, is that George W Bush was given explicit notice that all kind of wanted to strike in the United States using aeroplanes they wanted to hit a tower. No, that's not true what the actual memo set is all quite a determined to hit inside United States, which had only been true for a decade and all oh that they wanted to use aeroplanes. What people assumed is that by you aeroplanes them in hijack airplanes. Just like every other terrorist group in history, nine eleven was president use of airplanes as missile. So there was that and there's no evidence. The bush even saw this particular memo. There I came across his desk but in any case job Bush attend I just wish attacked by Donald Trump, and in Japan, responds, and he says that that it has allowed mouth and the trumpets has doubts about tramping, president of the United States may level. Sitting on the side laughing its ass off over this whole thing, as the goodbye Donald Trump, This is what beginning about me about the trumpet I'm
I would damage from attacking any of the candidates who wants to attack, but Donald Trump is now campaigning. Is Bernie Sanders user the companies Bernie Sanders. These are talking point straight from the Bernie Sanders. Playbook and not only is that one from the various Andrews Playbook Donald I was asked about eminent domain avenant domain for people who don't know eminent domain is where the government seizes property for public use right, they want build a highway and they need your house to build that high within you did not get down until the highway, so they have to pay you the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution, the gun is not allowed to take private property for public use with I just compensation not traditionally what that has meant is private property. be taken, but only for public use, meaning that they can only do it knocked down by the park or a highway or some other sort of public thoroughfare. Not that We can see the property and sell it to your neighbor, because your neighbors richer and will pay more property tax. But that's been asked the discrimination. The kilo decision that ten years ago reinterpreted at provision to mean that the country can actually do that together, we can come to my house sees it
What it thinks is there, and then turn around and hand that property some extra ever so long ass. He used to build a hotel Donald is made an enormous amount of money off this violation of rights in the United States and here's Donald from being asked about eminent domain, You had your hotel flat you wanted to build a parking lot. I some woman. Had our house showed me a fortune that gets the guy Why do you need to take her house for a positive outcome? and in order to stand the hotel and add two thousand rose I would have had because they now, the two thousand rules would have provided about two thousand five hundred jobs. Ultimately, off lot of money. She didn't take it. I didn't build the job, I didn't do it, signal automatically Atlantic City a year. I had the good sense to seven years. I get very lucky yeah. I think that would have been a good eminent domain, because you would have provided thousands of jobs, and this is a woman. They couldn't care less about. How well she wanted was money. Ok, first of Donald,
If everyone who is was money, you have plenty of it. Presumably There was a price tag. The house just wanna, give it to you the idea that you can knock down people's houses and that she saved him a lot of money. Is the government took that and then this is the guy who sang that he's: gonna, fight, crony capitalism and he's gonna fun, fight, government, insider nonsense that he's going to fight against the corporatism of the left Him Bernie Sanders rationally on the same page on a lot of stuff. So, I understand from fans why you like Trump, you feel that he's honest. You feel that is not followed. It ok, but Donald Trump is not a sound, conservative in any sense of the word, and I think that we have at least be honest about who Donald Trump is going into this election cycle, and I would highly recommend that you take a look at some of the other candidates who are speaking truth to power. It's been Carson or TED crews. You know the ones who are not stumping in favour of the government seizing old ladys property, so they can build a parking lot and then not even build the parking lot, which is exactly what he just said right there
Shapiro. This is the entropy Russia.
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