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Ep. 1019 - The Man In The Cloth Mask


America begins to reopen amid good coronavirus news; Biden decides that masking is his campaign strategy; and Trump goes at it with Twitter.

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America begins to reopen it made good corona virus news. Joe Biden decide that masking is in fact a campaign strategy and president from those had it with twitter adventure. Here this is the venture Barroso the men Shapiro is sponsored by express Vps surf. The web with peace of mind, sign up right now express gps dot com, slash ban well before we begin. I just want to say thank you to all of our advertisers, continued sponsor the program and thank you to our listeners, who continue to patronize are advertisers. One of those fantastic advertisers is pure talk. Usa, you're spending too much on your cell phone bill. You are you're spending just too much money on that. It cannot afford to be that right now. This is why you need to go check out pure talk. Usa, you can cut costs and free of cash on a monthly basis, starting with your wireless provider. Pure talk will cover ninety nine percent of Americans, the President in Seat Europe. Your talk is, in fact a. U S veteran. He cares deeply about serving Americans by making wireless for what Madame
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has been under seven hundred nation wide for the third straight day. Just put this, in contrast, when we were at our high we're close to three thousand a day, we're losing close to three thousand people a day. We are now down to under seven hundred and put that even more into account as the number of Americans who die in a normal days about seventy five hundred Americans dying on the normal day. So with covered nineteen during the heat of this thing, when it was really is running roughshod through New York, your increasing the death rate across the country something like one. Third, I mean it was an insane level and you are seeing in New York, specifically people dying at a rate of like forty five times, what they are normally dying up in New York seven hundred people a day dying across the United States? It sounds bad. It is bad, obviously, a lot of people, but in comparison, the number of people who die daily in in the United States generally. It is certainly not on the order of what it was and is a very, very good thing. In fact, the seed he is now releasing new information demonstrating the infection fatality rate and deceiving
He is saying that the fatality rates for corona Virus- and this is by the way for identifying cases- this does not include the asymptomatic and that they say about thirty. Five percent of all cases are now asymptomatic. These, with the CDC is is now suggesting, according to Pga media, the CDC assaying, here's the fatality rate for grown a virus. So if you are anywhere below the age of fifty years old, you're fatality rate for grown a virus, meaning if you actually get it is point zero, five percent point: zero: five, not five percent, not point five percent point zero! Five percent ok, which is a very very low rate, re actually lower than would be. The flu rate is point one percent generally for all american populations, not sure what is for people under fifty presumably be lot lower than that, but
This is not an extraordinarily dangerous virus if you are under the age of fifty, particularly if you don't have a significant underline condition like diabetes or severe obesity, if your fifty to sixty four years old, it is eight point two percent fatality read if you're sixty five plus years old. It is one point three percent fatality rape and again that includes everybody's above the age of eighty, where the fatality rate is greatly increased. Overall, they are saying now that the case, fatality rate is point four percent or about four times as deadly as the flu, which again is a far cry from what was originally had been saying this for months by the way? But I have been saying for a long time and I thought the actual case vitality rate on this than was somewhere between two point. Two percent point: six percent turns out it's dead, the middle point, four percent, according to the CDC, according to the CDC current best estimate- the case fatality rate of corona viruses, point four percent, that's just among symptomatic cases. The CDC estimates that that sixty five percent of all cases, which means that, if actually the case fatality rape and were to include
I would be asymptomatic infections, even according to the cdc you'll, be approximately point to six percent point you six percent, which is really you know that that is optimistic remunerated. That is a good number. That is it when I say it's good. Obviously, it's bad. I mean all these numbers but it is certainly not nearly as deadly as we originally told. We are told that it was ten times like ten acts. Maybe fifteen acts that rate it is not in fact it's closer to again point four maybe point you fight and by the way, if they're, more asymptomatic cases than thirty five percent of all cases, then you're talking about lower than that for most groups. So all of this is very good and this is why you are starting to see this. This move, by various areas, including New York, and allay toward reopening important dimension when it comes to viruses like disturbance and theories out there, one from a hebrew university scientist usage
did that viruses tend to burn themselves out this. This tends to be true that the most virulent strain of the virus burn their way through a population, and then you get sort of weaker strains of the virus that continue to linger on in the population for a long period of time. Theoretically, that could be happening here. We don't know yet, but bottom line. Is that every he now recognises that we cannot remain in lockdown like this, not on the basis of these statistics. This is why, in LOS Angeles County, which has been one most locked in places in America supervisor Catherine Bargia announced in L a county now achieve readiness criteria and will apply for a variance with the state of California. Tomorrow is granted the variants from state public, nor will allow L a county to advance further instead shoe and in stage three of the state's roadmap to recovery. What that means is that the county is moving toward additional steps, meaning the immediate reopening of in person, shopping and houses
worship it does mean that will be social distancing, unmask wearing their well, but this would mean that they can move beyond simply take out orders. You can go to a restaurant again, you have social distance from places, presumably can be the next step. So all of this is optimistic, and that's good where we shouldn't what. Why should we downplaying good news. This is good news. Even governor com or New York is saying that New York City could be reopened by MID June, which is a good piece of news. According to the Wall Street Journal, he says the New York City could begin. A phased reopening. The first or second week of June, is going to build the Plaza two bloggers headed a press conference. The city will have about two hundred and eighty testing sites open by the end of June, with the expectation run about fifty thousand corn virus has daily by August first, a June first goal to hire a thousand contact. Tracers has already been met and exceeded. Some seven hundred of those workers are based in the cities, hardest hit communities and seek some forty different language as bloggers has, hundreds of thousands of people need to use mass transit in the initial phase, of the reopening, which allows construction manufacturing in retail for curbs. I pick up. Officials are trying to determine how exactly they can operate the subways in the buses without overcrowding,
Bottom is that even in New York City is now moving toward reopening What is happening in New Jersey as well, according to reporter Carl Quincy, know CNBC. He points out that third the states have been opened for more than three weeks now. Those states have now seen daily cases, while twenty nine percent twenty nine percent over the over the prior three weeks, which is kind of incredible, because you expect actually the number of cases to be up taking not down taking right as the as the number of people out in public rises
speck again that can spike again, but we are not really seeing that speaking and in fact we are seeing a declining rate of positivity across the country. Father John Jenkins, who is the President of University of Notre Dame of no name he is. He is suggesting that it is time to reopen Notre Dame S school. He says that that we are announcing plants, returned students to camp for the fall semester in order to reduce the chances of students from around the country. In the world, with multiple departures and returns will carry pathogens with them will bring students back to its early forgot all break and finish the semester before Thanksgiving they'll conduct orientations ill to welcome them back in the combination era, they'll institute, extensive protocols protesting content, tracing and quarantining preventive measures such as handwashing fiscal, distancing and in certain settings, the wearing of masks and certainly This is the key right have let it competition provides another set of challenges. They believe that they can keep student fleets safe bans in the stadium is, is gonna, be a different question, but bottom line again is that the region markets are optimistic. Right now is because
People are looking at reopening and the reopening is going to be more swift and I think people think it's going to be, because once you allow people out, people are going to want to hang out with each other. People are willing to undertake the risk once they become comfortable that we're not spiking over the healthcare system once they become but this is not looking like ITALY. People may continue where mass I can tell you know, I'd people are still wearing masks, they should be re. I'm a mask advocate and other alot of people on the right who blew the masts are terrible. Horrible noted very bad things. I disagree with this on a general level. I think that the signs disagrees with this. The bottom line is that people get this from droplets and from prolonged, close contact with the other human beings. Who have this sort of thing? If you are in a closed area with another person within six feet of that person, you should be wearing a mask of your outside six feet of that person than you probably should not be wearing a mouse.
Well, it doesn't matter. If your outdoors, it probably is not gonna matter all that much unless you are an extremely extremely close contact that that's. Why I'm on the mass weren't we'll get into mask roaring in just a second, because this would become an issue of contention, but all of this is very very good. So why exactly our media trying to downplay it will get to that in just one? Second: first, Let's talk about the fact that you will make sure that you know everything that's going on in our neighbourhood on your property these days. The fact is, the place like L, a county have been busy with letting people are out of jail with no bail, and that means there's been increased criminality in terms of easy things like people walking up your mailbox just stealing stuff or thanks ring dot com you can. I should keep track of all of that. Stuff ring is on a mission to make neighbourhood safer. Their own security products are designed to give you peace of mind around the clock from doorbells in security cameras to Smart security Lighting alarm systems ring has everything you need to make sure your family and belongings are safe and secure anytime anywhere, with the only
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markets are designed to take all of the knowledge and speculation about the future and then to price that into the stock price. Does why insider trading is a crime, because if you know what's going to happen to days from now, you can price that into how you consume particular stocks, so wise the stock market up some thirty five percent, since it hit the bottom Well, because we know where the bottom was we but there's gonna be a recovery and people feel like they can buy low. I mean I was buying stock during this time. I was telling people not to sell their stock during this time. Because there was going to be an increase in the stock market, but this is still lead. People who don't like president from to basically suggest that the stock market is delusional, but the stock market is disconnected from reality. It is not disconnected from reality. Stock market tumbled from thirty thousand eighteen thousand during a government mandated shutdown now is that shutdown and people are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel are getting more optimistic in their investing in companies again, which makes perfect sense of its lead,
a big blow up this morning on CNBC and Raw Sorkin, who nice guy I'm pretty friendly with them. He got into a tough with another person. Colonel on CNBC who's been talking up the stock market saying now spreading attempt by which is true and Ross work and basically suggest if you're talking up the stock market right now, then this is because you are a show for present interim. That's just nonsense: panic about ever going out again panic. Is it asked the norm? If you didn't know what good is it tabled at their head? As I understand it, a thousand people die GEO and all you do we try to help your friend, the president. That's what you did every single morning on this show every single morning did here, you will not be pursued, and hopefully you abuse help. Investors keep their cool, keep their heads can adventures nonsense? Bad media coverage? It's bad media coverage. The reason the people on top of the stock market is because right,
I was actually fairly did time to buy into the stock market, but again there there's a narrative there has to be driven, which is that, if you are optimistic about the future, it's because you are not taking the virus seriously or there's another narrative that's going around, and that narrative is that of your favor of ending lockdown is because your vicious and cruel. Then it's because your nasty- and this is what Annie Bashir the Governor democratic governor of Kentucky There is a a rally outside the these state house. I guess somewhere in Kentucky, and somebody hang him in hanged. Him in effigy hung him and effigy hanged for a picture hung his for a human being. They they hung him effigy, which is a nasty ding in an ugly, and then the sheer basically blamed ever Republican, which is just stupidity, I'm sorry, no one was actually encouraging people to hang the governor and effigy here it was blaming Republicans for going to end the lockdown, because supposedly this leads to people burning people and effigy. You cannot fan the flames
and condemn the fire. Those at the previous rally, those elected officials that embrace these individuals and stood in front of people do, Austin Tactical gear and the rest and through as much red meat as possible at them. They have to responsibility, because they absolutely no one could have happened and we are in our response by four. What what did you do with it? Without saying a word that said, if you are in ending the lock down you're, not responsible for some jack ass being a jack S. Incredibly, governors house- that's not a thing! That really is not I'm very tired of this game. This game, all the time unless your Bernie Sanders supporter and she should have a bunch of Congress, people then obviously Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with it. There is only works. One way So all of this is leading to the inevitable political conflict. The political conflict is now going to be that Republicans possibly don't take this thing seriously and Democrats do take this thing seriously. This doesn't have to be political. What if I take
seriously, but I also understand the cost to lockdown what, if I take this seriously, but I also believe that America has to reach. But what, if I take this seriously, but I believe that the individual Americans live particularly in highly populous areas, are generally responsible and they actually do need every single American to be responsible in order to keep down the transmission of the virus, because that actually happens to be the case. But this is pure binary politics, because we always revert to peer binary politics when it out we'll get to that in just one. Second, first, let us talk about an incredible gift for your dad Forefathers Anton Melick, though yet for your dad for fathers day, I'm talking about on a hot stakes when J J Simon and his son emigrated to the United States from Latvia in eighteen, ninety eight settled in Omaha Nebraska. They worked as butchers than local community for twenty years before their best.
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It's a disgrace how the gunners handled nursing homes, there's a hundred percent rule, forty seven percent while debts in the United States happen in nursing homes here is from going after governors for how they treated nursing homes, which is not his fault. That would be the governess fault. Were using every jewel at our disposal to protect our nursing arms from outbreaks, the disaster of how badly some of the governors hand nursing homes. It's a disgrace what they ve done, what they! amateurs. What some of the governors have done is a disgrace are seeing is a very special people, all of our citizens, our special, but our senior would have to care of our seniors, so he is correct about this now, where the Democratic open up, is the idea that tramples on serious about this thing and the Democrats more serious about this thing, and this is why your seeing Joe Biden trying to draw contrast around the issue of mass wearing okay, so that there's all sorts of conflict of whether masks
in fact be mandate or, but they should not, and this is a serious question. The reason it's a serious question is because of its mandated by the state. That means that the police in coming to rescue worm, ask or if we are going to tackle you, now we ve seen in New York that build oblige has not willing to follow through on the courage of his convictions and actually have people tackled in The open, because they're not wearing mask. Instead, it sort of people going by announcing me should wear mascot, they should socially distance and that their people on the right are very much anti mass because they believe that this leads to a perception of a new normal in which we are expected to wear masks. I don't think anybody really believes that long term, rather than be wearing mass. I think what people believe is that for the moment, in order to prevent the spike overspread, nor for us all get back to business, we should probably were maps to protect the most vulnerable, particularly when the most vulnerable are there according to CNN, has more places across the? U dot S, to offer people a chance to shop or dine inside the issue of whether to wear masks again become a flashpoint there. Seventeen states, with the number virus case start running up. Many governors have told citizens the thousand important times were face covering virgin
on Tuesday became the way to states compel people to wear masks and certain situations. The rule applies one ten years of age or older, within a public indoor space acquiring to govern Ralph. Northern. This, of course, can immediately after our northern was out in public with other people, doing photo lines not wearing a mask, so the hypocrisy of our politicians is something to behold. And the CDC recommends wearing a clock based covering in public when it is hard to stay socially distant, doctrinaire births as what we have said to people, as there is clear scientific evidence now by all droplet experiments that happen and that others have done to show em ass does prevent droplet from reaching others. We need to be wearing masts in public when we cannot social distance But some Americans argue that this feels like a forfeiture of freedom. They did their bunch of people who are basically implying that that wearing a mask is foolish or its giving up basic american freedoms. Only it's right. I don't think that state should be compelling you to wear a mask if you are out in public, but I do think that you are not being how to put this kind to
There's, if you are in a place with vulnerable people in our him, asked at the same time ensuring mescal on your car, your moron, if you weren't mescal on your car you're stupid if you're out in public and your hundred where from everybody in you wearing a mask, let's hatred, veterans, Memorial in Delaware and your within fifty feet of nobody and you're wearing a mask benches virtue signalling at this point- and this has become the point- is that Joe Biden wants to virtue signal, but he wants this contrast, because again, the idea here is that, if you are asking and Donald Trump does not because he takes this thing seriously and Donald Trump does not so yesterday, Biden tweeted out just where a mask Remilly literally the entire tweet, where a mass of his campaign is campaign is where a mask, as opposed to drum, who refuses to wear a mask again. Now, here's the thing. I think the trump is actually kind of wish to see this ground most. American
are on board with the idea that, when you're in a crowded area you're supposed to warm ask at least for the moment, I think that its they d, the desire to virtue signal on both sides, is truly insane, not because it's bad where mask and I've. Given you my perspective masks, but there is a group of people who basically spend all day. Term now and internet, comparing like either the basic ideas that you're gonna go around and Karen people mean are going people if they're not wearing a mask and you're going you're in a shame them and make them feel bad. Even if they're not endangering anybody, because Europe than they are issues, become another example of the sort of nineteen thirty style. Your flying, the Blue eagle. That means your loyal to the government is opposed to you're, not wearing a mass media, this world, so the government, or something like that from this foolish to fall into this? On the one hand, this idiocy, hey you're, not endangering anybody or not endangering anybody, and if you're here healthy and you don't have this thing, then add ons, injuring anybody and no president from really does not have to wear masks, because we know he doesn't have anything tested like every single day and he is the most modern person on planet earth,
and also he has apparently been wearing that behind the scenes when he has been in close contact with people. But on the one hand you have, the people were like If you don't wear, masks disloyal american, your very bad person, but neither People were like I'm, never wearing a mask ever because, if I wear masks been just shows that I'm bowing to government authority or how about this about Etruscan Americans to be reasonable. This is why, as the social fabric is decayed, this, this gap really does demonstrate how people have filled the gap in social fabric, with desire for government interventionism. So here's the thing. I trust my neighbors and I trust my friends but they're not going to endanger me. I do in fact our Seneca put out a statement yesterday about having to reopen and withered and reopen is no kidding, meaning that people are not going be eating and drinking in Bombay lines, but that they are going to socially distance. The table six feet that you're supposed to wear a mask at all times during darkening re. All these things are voluntarily being undertaken there not being undertaken, as in as an aspect of the government ordering. Why? Because we are
each other. We dont want get each other sick, but as the social fabric is decayed, people want the government too, to enforce all this stuff, and then you go. People were cracking back, a dancing, go, I'm never listening to the government ever go. What, if, like both things, are mad? What? If what if the government should not be mandating the masks, but we should have a social fabric in which we trust each other enough not to be idiots to each other. About that, so Joe Biden cannot be said that that doubled from is a fool for not wearing a mask, which of course, is ridiculous, got Rob Northern wasn't wearing a mass Joe Biden in this particular interview with CNN. Isn't where I am asked like. This is true in certain situations, where a mask of your walking into an old age home, you should be tested. Annual worm, asked aunt em and, if not, if you're like out in public and a hundred feet from people, you can work this is really the for an actual fool. To talk. That way, I mean every leaving dock in the world We should where Mass, when you're, in a crowd, Firstly, when you know, you're gonna be in a position where you're gonna inadvertently
closer than twelve feet. To somebody. I know we're trophy part. I get that, but just absolutely on this, this macho stuff, for a guy I shouldn't have gone, but they just is its course people's lives near the reason This is bad politics for Trump and its in smart politics for binding honestly is because particularly the the soccer moms from two thousand for the Security months, who are very worried about terrorism, therefore voted for George W Bush. What makes them feel safer president who is taking seriously the virus to the extent that he's being over serious or present, whose cavalier and treating it as a sign of masculinity like just on a political level. This is not particularly smart like so yesterday, President Tromp was calling reporter politically correct for for wearing them. Ask now you not wrong, that the rapporteur is virtue signalling by wearing them asked when the vote, when their porters, far away from everybody Manette part, is true. But the question is: why is this the image that he wants to project like? Why is this an important thing to do
They're inside they don't wear masks, and so I thought it was very unusual that he had one on, but I thought was fine. I was in criticising them at all. Why would I ever do a thing like that? and, second question was: I couldn't hear you and it's not you. Can you take it up, because I cannot hear you speak louder. Certainly, you wanna be politically correct. I had no sir. I just want to ask me: ok so, and there is the president ripping into mask worth why he would allow us to become, critical is beyond me adjusting its political malpractice, but I've seen a lot of political malpractice this week. By the way, the media are indeed hypocrites on this particular issue. The best clip of yesterday was an msnbc. We're trying to shame people around him for not wearing masks and a person in risk, I'm not wearing a mask immediately tournaments as your camera. Man's now wearing a mask is pretty spectacular people there does not worried about a cow they're, not worried about their own personal safety I have met anybody who is biggest threat, nobody's where
nobody's ever again striking images. I love the guy, just owning MSNBC, with facts and logic right there by the way to have procedures on all sides up all this is so annoying good, so stupid. It's really is. I really feel like eighty five percent of Americans are on the same page, her, which has been responsible social innocent where mass, when you have to get back to work a protected, they're like what. Why is this? Why is this unreasonable, I'm so confused as to how this has become such a wildly? Partisan issue accept that everything now is about signalling everybody and aesthetic and virtue signalling it's about commitments. Igloo signalling! That's when we get to a second. Is this commitment signalling routine that we get onto because in our age, is not having about your signalling, your virtue or your signalling, your beliefs. It you're signal your loyalty to a particular person or particular cause and recycling, well do without virtue world without virtue. Is it
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come slash sugar, ok, so my big question continues to be how all of this has gotten so partisan. Because, again, I think that everybody is sort of ending up in the same place, which is be reasonable and Democrats in their own actions are being Maurice Annabelle than they are in their rhetoric, to take, for example, Gretchen Whittemore. So graduate was shut it all down. You can't buy seeds the local store you can't, you can't buy a baby, and then her husband was like headed off to their second property and calling up calling a boat? Susan tell him the Lotus Boden Lake from Memorial Day and all of this and Gretchen River was trying to deny that yesterday, the very strict lockdown governor of Michigan who cramming down Oliver silly restrictions on the people of Michigan, because you can't trust them, but you can trust her husband, hers, Witmer, my husband made a failed attempt at humor last week. When acting in with the small business that helps with our boat and jack up north, knowing it, wouldn't make a difference here. Can we ask of marrying it been married to me? Might move em up in the queue, obviously
with the motorized voting prohibition in our early days of covert nineteen. He thought it might get a laugh it and, to be honest, I wasn't laughing either when it was relieved me yeah, I'm sure it was a joke or, alternatively, he was trying to call in and be a big shot and get the rules broken for him. So good good times here by democratic and everybody is a human being underneath all the politics, everybody's human being robbed and end up individually, assessing risks and then acting accordingly. That's what we're gonna end up and that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing, it's a very good thing and by the way, not just happening here, it's happening in Europe as well as all of this is like human beings acting responsibly. I thought that was the predicate for virtually all republic bad behaviour in Republic we have to trust each other enough to act responsibly. Get but be everything has become politicize, because everything now is about commitment signalling, and this is really the key when it comes to masks its commitment, signalling how committed mass, I'm so committed to the bathroom mask where I'm alone in my bath
at night in my house. That's how committed to masks. How committed are you to liberty, so committed to liberty that I'm gonna go into a giant crowd of a thousand people. I was gonna breathe on everybody's breathe on everybody to prove liberty is any of this virtuous is any of this moral is any this decent or is just about commitment signalling to perfect example of commitments. Signalling happened yesterday online over this idiotic situation in central park, so there's a woman, freedoms, Amy Cooper and she is apparently lifelong Democrat which, by the way, you could absolutely tell from all of the outside indicators, hear it because if you watch this watch this little quit the went viral yesterday and the day before when Amy Cooper and then there's an Ado named Christian Cooper. Ok, they're not related because one is white, modest, black and Amy Cooper is in the park. Walkin or dog through a place called the ramble, which is apparent electors, birdwatching, Sanctuary and Christian Cooper gets mad because the dog is there
Christian Cooper according to his own account basically says that lady put your dog on a leash, and she says I want to put the dog on a leash to the shutdown all the areas where my dog can run around and he says. Well, if you don't put your Malaysia very much what you're gonna do an image: we're doing you're, not gonna like it, which is it ass. A thread obvious lamb in that doesn't sound example. If he's gonna put the dog, does it and then he signals that her dolls, you come over and you take some doggie treats out of his pocket. It doesnt have a dog, mistaken dog. It reads out of his pocket, adapt point, she loses it and she says a racist thing. Show them recall the N Y Pdf, gentlemen african american man is threatening my life, not sure why exactly the races relevant there, except that as a good liberal, gave money to Barack Obama. She probably thinks the Nypd are a bunch of vicious racist. We're gonna come into the black that rate. That is it. That is, the underlying message there. So she says the racist thing, then she calls the cops and she says: there's an african american men threatening me and then he takes this tape and he puts it online and then she gets fight. Knows no evidence. She worked at some sort of financial from no evidence that you
ever been racist in her career, no evidence that that her financial career has been motivated and played by bigotry. She lost her job over all of this and she was NEA harangues and people. People are tweeting there, their commitment to it and there's this basic idea that if you treated this woman was bad, you demonstrated your commitment. It wasn't commitment to virtue. It was just the commitment to the cause of getting her fired, is not actually virtue and having the woman's dog removed from her and getting her fire. That seems pretty crappy honestly. Now, I'm not a dog on. So I really can't speak too, she really miss. Treating the dog in the particular tape. She's holding the dog by the collar is a constructive against her, so I don't know the answer to that, but the idea of the women on a loser job, because there is a guy who took a video of her and he was not act. Wonderful and then she said something racist bit. How is that? Like the best outcome? How's this house's good outcome? And the answer is on twitter and in Social
media and in our political lies right now. It's all about the level of commitment, you're willing to signal. So if you, so it's not enough to just say why there's one centre, racist thing, that's bad! Instead, its let's find for home, address and Watson from male let's go outside. House. Let's go to our business and, let's make sure she lose her job in her livelihood, because I've demagogy, to all of you through my commitment to the cause. Just how committed I am an electric was a few clicks are the keys, and everything was great. My commitment, signalling is super duper strong According to the New York Times and the woman that has now been viewed, thirty million times this video touching off intense discussions about the history of false accusations made to the police against black people, sometimes putting their lives in danger. She has given up her dog publicly apologized and been fired from her job. Even Christian Cooper was like I'm sorry that this has been the extent of the of the blow back Christian Cooper was like, I feel like this is not actually the way. This should have gone
he appeared with with Anderson Cooper yesterday and he was later or done. Woman rather, and usually I feel this is over. The top guys like I all I meant to do is get a shame, the lady a little bit and instead of but he decided to demonstrate their commend. The beginning were fired from the last July has been deaf bread and that is holy appropriate and a warrant. An should stop immediately found that I find it strange that people who were upset that they tried that I see it and rightly that she tried to bring the cop down on my head would then turn around and try to put tat what's on her head. There is the logical that, where does that, make any kind of sense I'll get by the way I ve the notion that sheet in the actual call, there's a difference in what she says to him and what he says to the police in the actual easier make police car in the police. Cautious. As he's. My dog, in what she says, TAT is your threatening me. Is it presumably there'd be a difference in in response by the police to to those two things? But in any case, even he says, christian
but he says correctly. If our goal is to change the underlying factors, I'm not sure this young woman having her life completely torn apart, serves that goal, and that is exactly correct. I mean that's exactly right, but again everything has now become about commitment, signalling and you're. Seeing this with regard to president from on Twitter as well we'll get to that momentarily. None of this is good for the country. It really is not your commitment demonstrated. Your commitment to the clause on Twitter does not make you a better person. It doesn't making morally superior does make a decent in fact makes very indecent if you are committed to the clause, to the extent that you are doing an immoral thing to demonstrate your commitment to the cause, and that makes your radical and listened extremist. In pursuit of liberty, is no vice extremism and the poor. You'd have stupidity is a definite vice extremism in the pursuit of demonstrating your commitment and loyalty to a particular cause. Without any decency attached to it doesn't make a better and you saw that happen in this case and as we will see, this also happened with regard to twitter and President Trump yesterday, and it just it's ugly and its dumb,
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on the nation or gets only talk about commitment. Singling that one aspect of commitment signalling is just doubling down on a stupid grabbing said before. Where that that's demonstrating are committing you never back off, you never apologize, you never stop, never stop! Never stopping you just continue down this road and the way this works that if the president, for example, of President Trump decide that he's just going to randomly accuse just Scarborough, murdering a catholic republican intern. Twenty years ago, it's gonna go off on this thing, he's gonna he's going to suggest by the way. This used to be a democratic right, Michael, more one suggested the Joe Scarborough had murdered in her Marcos, Malichus suggested just Scarborough, Homer and, in turn so recognised that the rumour actually started on the left. But from repeating it is obviously immoral, ready, moral thing at using people of murder without evidence, immoral immortal, During its Raphael crews and suggesting you kill Jonathan, immoral when you're doing its job Scarborough Immoral, do not accuse people a murderer. Also,
really really immoral, accusing a dead catholic woman, having been having an affair with Congress person and then being murdered over the affair really really bad, really bad stuff, guys I don't care who says this. I'm care that you like prison from bad thing to do better, and you say, and if you're the hard times in bad thing, to do bad thing to say, get your priorities straight. I'm not saying you can vote for the man so before I'm intending on voting for him, but that is despite all this garbage, not because of all this garbage. But right now the way this works. That prompt says something unbelievably terrible about the Joe Scarborough intern situation. If he continues to double down on it, and if you question it, then you are insufficiently committed- and this is one of the ugliest things about our politics right now that you have to demonstrate your comment by defending ever thing and an end to justify? Well, you know the media are constantly attacking from them in Scarborough said, nasty things about trumps. Why shouldn't he's a nasty things about Scarborough and the answer is what are we in second grade here? A seriously like it was in second grade
We learn that if somebody says something mean to you, the proper response is not to call their mother a whore right did this. Is this like that? first thing that you learn when you were a kid they, if you have good parents, are parents teach you that just because that other did something does not mean that you also get to do that in order, but worse to them right, there's not a thing you get to do also collateral damage he's not just using Joe Scarborough stooping puppies or something which would be. You know on its face ridiculous in and silly you know, he's actually accusing a dead cat, a woman of having violated for marital vows with Joe Scarborough before being murdered. Ok, that's real bad stuff it is can we must acknowledge this Secondly, if you now just your insufficiently committed to what president, where people love about from for good or ill is the demand is committed. He's going to do to his own priorities, apparently is not committed to political brilliance, because I don't know who He is winning over with this garbage people, likewise, not losing any votes with it. Yes, yes, there's a bunch of people who are
Currently republican women in the suburbs, you think they're, showing up more, or less over. All the if you are a a cock and if you Joe Scar and if you're, a Catholic in turn for Joe Scarborough you're, probably mirror by Jo Scarborough budget. Is this how people forgotten that politics is about demonstrating to voters that your fit to be president demonstrating to voters, do things one the other guys unfit to you are fed from his great at the former and off with the latter and if you, if you want to win reelection, he needs to stop, is bull crap right now. I have already talked about the morality but start at political level. Ok, but again we live in a world where you're supposed to demonstrate your commitment to the cause by Neglecting the evils on your own side and pretending that they're, ok or you're supposed to or you're supposed to sort of laugh at it as though it's just or you're supposed to blame Joe Scarborough for four Trump, accusing a dead catholic woman of being an adulterous just ok! So here's president from yesterday defending his claim about Scarborough since
I'm sure that, ultimately they want to get to the bottom of it and it's a very serious situation. I also saw a clip with where did Joe and Imus, where they were having a lot of fun at her expense. It is totally inappropriate it's a very suspicious thing- and I hoped somebody gets to the bottom of it- it'll be very good thing, as you know, there's no statute of limitations, so they would very good, deaf or a good thing to do. Ok meal Joe Scarborough, of course when on the air last night and he pointed out that lorry closeted, who is there? That's the name of the interim who died that she, lifelong Republican, unfaithful, Catholic, and yet you him like Scarborough, Canadian Robert Scarborough it wrong about this. Good woman, a young woman desire to do something. Good for their country then she is loved.
Has led first pull on the far left on the internet solely in our name, then, a republican senatorial candidate years later solely our name. And then people on the far left later, Solving our name, and now the president of the United States sallying. Good woman's, nay money. So we can point out of his bed. That's ok, you're allowed your lab does mean you have to vote for binding. Does media have not over from your lab, say, is bad stuff, but convincingly means you must never ever do that. Meanwhile, twitter itself is engaged in committee in signalling to Twitter has to demonstrate to the left that they really really hate from now. Here's the thing, if you're on the left, why, in the world, you want from twitter voice silenced seriously for on the left. What you want is from treating this crap every single day, like Joe Biden celebrating, he's doing a little dance or as much as you can pick a speed up off the ground these days here,
being a little dancing's basement, everytime from does the sort of stuff, but the media yesterday were suggesting that from Should removed from Twitter, John Lennon was suggesting that Twitter is pull that has not helped trump accountable. Again, it's not twitters job to hold Trump accountable guess whose job that is that everybody else's job, just like they hold Joe Biden Accountable, but again its commitment, signalling and to say that from a bad thing you have to demonstrate how committed you are too hating trump. By saying that should be removed from flares. That is what the media again blowing every week, long it on all sides, it's unbelievable. Nobody has fundamental satellite. Nobody has any common sense to impose the issuers. Common sense, nobody's any common sense, and also the members of the media are pro free speech. Everybody gets to speak their opinion, except for trump if he says a crappy thing verbatim from twitter. Why? How would that? How would that make things better? Ben him from Twitter, I mean it gives down lemon something to talk about and by the way, think american people are smart enough to figure out. What did electrons we are not here is dominant. Yesterday, stop companies like Jack Dorsey
I'll stop hiding behind the first amendments it for profit, stop do it do. The right thing, sap, allowing families like this family have to go through this too, read their loved one over and over and over and over again, so they are letting the president use their platform to drag us all right into the mud. Well. Here we are again and no no known in all cases that the media just being terrible their jobs to twitter, of course, because they do have to commit and signal if the commitment it has signalled their commitment to fighting from how do they do that? Regional? By taking down his speech about the Scarborough enter? No? Instead, they decide that can put fact tracks on his tweets, not only put facts out of sweets. It they're gonna be wrong because yesterday, twitter, according to writers, for the first time, prompted readers to check the fact in
It sent by President Trump Warning readers his claims about mill, imbalance for false and had been debunked by fact, checkers. The blue, location notification, prompted readers to get the facts about male imbalance and directed them to a page with news. Our information from back checkers about his claims from claims reach earlier in the day mail and balance would be substantially fraudulent and result in rigged. Elections is singled out. The governor of California, over the issue. Twitter said this was the very first time it applied a label to a tweet by the President's, under its new misleading information policy which had been introduced earlier in the month. There is only one problem: there's only one problem: they were wrong. The factory was incorrect. According to Allah, Pandit and hot air, there, instead of fat tracking like the he kills interim routine, it is anti backtrack. The mail and balanced stuff. And the wrong. Ok, click the factual linking the tweets according to all upon it, you're sent to a page which claims, among other things, that back checkers, hey, there's, no evidence male imbalance, hurling devoted fraud. That is not true as per annum. Our story from early April election expertise, trumpets partially correct that there are slightly more fraud,
in male voting male boating penitent in person voting the same experts told them here, Fraud is extremely rare in all instances, but it is through that there's no evidence the male imbalance are linked about her front. In fact, yesterday, yesterday there was an actual Kay filed by the. U S: attorney for the northern districts of West Virginia in which Carol was charged with legend, on related to mail and requests for primary ballots. Yesterday, the mail primary Bela requests appear to have been part of a state plants and absentee ballot request to everyone who was Virginia during the novel chrome. I was pandemic. The postman defended Thomas Cooper faces. One count, that's according to core documents obtained by law, crime even admitted to altering some of the requests. So at the same time, the twitter claiming that there is no evidence of male imbalance being fraudulently used to obtain the federal government Finally, a case again somebody for doing just that, so twitters backtracking get that everybody, incompetent everybody's terrible
twitter is backtracking and using the wrong facts, which is incredible by the way. If you get a factual things, it turns out, the twitter needs to fact track its own site integrity head. This person in yellow Roth he's the head of twitter backtracking team, there's only one problem: your Roth has treated our trump was a Nazi. He suggested that he is Joseph Herbals. He can bear even Kelly and Conway Joseph Goebbels. The Nazi propagandist, so early in fact check his tweets, so
sleep. This opened the way to president from going out for twitter. Can I have trouble for software, which again is a better battle for Trump, then than from versus Joe Scarborough that enter, but does it lead to any sort of principled outcome? No, now we're gonna get commitment signalling on behalf of Trump. That is anti free speech, which is just mind boggling. So Trump is objecting to the fact that people are saying that people should take an honest, weeds or fascist wait. I agree. Twitter should not be fact checking sweet if you want a fascist weeds, you have the Google machine to yourself. If you want to check the fact checkers, the fact hackers have all the information out their people are tweeting about it. That's what, there's four. It's a fulsome engagement with various points of view, but present trump responds to this by saying you're trying to censor me on Twitter. What if I just shut on twitter entirely, what if I, president of the United States simply shut down the social media company she tweets out report. Since the other social media platforms, totally silence, conservative voices we'll straw regulate or close them down before it.
Ever allowed this to happen. We saw what they attempted to do and failed in two thousand. Sixteen, we can't let a more sophisticated version of that happen again. Just like we can't let large scale melon ballast take root in our country would be a free for all in cheating, forgery and effective ballots, whoever cheated the most would win likewise The media clean up your act now to now he's threatening as president of the United States to take down twitter. They take down Facebook. By the way, he's doubling down again working visit this morning it's, not a rampage on all of this and now in order to demonstrate your commitment to demonstrate women, it is now necessary that you back president from basically calling for the end of social media. He says. He says Twitter has now shown that everything we ve been saying about them in their other compatriots is correct, big action to follow. What can I agree? That's what really buys. I agree. The Jack Dorsey is a terrible ceo. I agree with all of those things. I dont know why the role of the government's Shutdown twitter
he was like a very dangerous thing. Does not to you how'd you like the idea of the left to shutting down top radiobes. They don't like the voices that are being disseminated on it or how do you like the return of the fairness Akron? What's good for the goose is good for the is good for the gander by the way Trump again this morning was going after just Our borough cycle, Joe Scarborough, is rattled not only by his bad ratings, but all of the things in fact that are coming out on the internet about opening whole case. He knows what is happening, what the actual, what the actual, ok, everything is terrible everything is stupid. Everyone is stupid as it does. The shorter conclusion also do not be a commitment signal, or instead
signal virtue or just be virtuous habitat you're, not single anything's, be virtuous just be decent wise. Any of this difficult I'm so confused is why any of this is difficult. Irresponsible, don't be a jack ass, really not hard. Stick to a commitment to principles, not a commitment to follow a particular person down the primrose path or follow a particular clause so far that you are indecent and nasty and pursuing it, but apparently again it's never the truth anymore, never about decency, each time for a baby of things that I hate already. So very variable call cornucopia of of things that I hate today. So many things to hate. So President Trump announced today that the
United States, is going to be bringing back our soldiers from Afghanistan spending Sweden there for nineteen years and Talibans gonna take overs that now in great. So I am glad that we went into Afghanistan's you stop the Taliban from taking over, because the Taliban had provided a safe haven for Al Qaeda, which resulted in nine eleven, and now we are just going to hand the country back to the Taliban is Paramount, and said, that's really bad stuff. I know a lot of people are saying that war is, is useless, that that war is not a good idea. That war has been a failure there Quality is the terrorism from Afghanistan has radically reduce, since we took the Taliban out of place simply putting the Taliban back in is foreign crazy. I mean that an that's basically what we are talking about doing right now, I'm old enough to remember when everybody sort of agreed that that was the good war that that was that the war was fighting, the Taliban have Iraq was the bad were read because there was no terrorism coming from Iraq WMD in all that, but now the now the idea is that Afghanistan is the best,
war. According to the New York Times, senior military officials are set to brief president from in the coming days on options for putting all of american troops out of Afghanistan. One possible timeline for withdrawing force it before the presidential election, according to officials with knowledge of the plants and remember this was Brocklehurst housing. I'm old enough to remember one Republicans, we're like way your handing the country back to the Taliban seems like a bad idea. I'm old enough to remember when people were angry, their Obama was negotiating directly with the Taliban vehicle weight. I'm old enough to remember that, because I'm more than five years old, but apparently one from us it it's now. Ok, it's not! Ok! It is bad. It is stupid, in fact, is General David betray. I suggest that you least housekeeper skeleton force on the ground to prevent the fall of the government and the restoration of the evil. Tell
and regime, which would immediately become a safe haven for terrorism. Again, they plans propose an advocate, a slower withdrawal schedule. But again, when you present from the vast schedule and slow schedule likely, the trump takes the fast schedule in recent months from his repeatedly voiced a desire to leave Afghanistan sooner than the timeline laid out the February twenty ninth peace agreement with the Taliban, which stipulated that, U S, troops, would leave in twelve to fourteen months. If the insurgent groups met certain conditions, the Pentagon is expected to try and persuade the president that he should basically take this a lot slower the debate highlights the mounting difficulties facing the February agreement, political strife and bloody tell about attacks of derailed. What little progress has been made since the deal signing, because it turns out and tell them, have no intention of keeping to deal the Taliban intend
fully coming in and murmuring everybody to cooperate with the United States. We should just be another wonderful example of the United States, interfering in the Middle EAST with good intentions and then basically leading people to die, which is exactly what the United States since the Kurds in ninety ninety one after the Gulf WAR is really great. I don't elbow honestly if you're, if you're a person who is fighting tyranny on the ground, many of these countries, can you trust the United States of the United States employees with withdraws unjust. Let you take take the head, I'm not sure why people would do this. That's what Vietnam was too by the way is about literally hundreds of thousands of millions of people cooperating with the United States, the United States leaving and those people just being left to the tender mercies of vehicle. It turns out that we're America's boots go. Liberty follows and we're America's, withdraw liberty recedes at least before you start with something that is workable, and when I talk about hundreds of thousands of groups in Afghanistan right now, we are talking about maintaining the status quo and that's kind of important. It is I understand that everyone wants the troops on. I would love the troop. Some too
is out of the eighties warmonger. Here nobody is in favour of star A new war. Now we're talking about ramping up the true presence to hundreds of thousands of groups, but to remove all annual gains that have been made in Afghanistan in order to signal to the american public that you're. Tired of this is not actually good policy. Whether again, if your brok about using exactly the same thing- and I did go back and listen to, it- is so there's that meanwhile, on foreign policy, the the state Department is announcing might prevail as announced that Hong Kong can no longer be considered separate and autonomous from China, which basically means that China has now taken overhung com, which is an incredible.
We'll demonstration that, when the west does not stand up to two Ernie, then the tyrants take over according to Bloomberg, uses certified in Hong Kong is no longer politically autonomous from China, a move that could have far reaching consequences. Special trading status, the former british colony, has with the United States according to Secretary of state. Might pomp Hale is, of course comes in the aftermath of the chinese government using the pandemic as an excuse to go in and quash all descent inside Hong Kong. It comes after twenty years of the chinese government, basically violating every abrogating every element of the treaty and how the british the british government withdrew from Hong Kong, a ninety ninety seven. The basic deal was that Hong Kong would still be allowed to have an autonomous government even for work in close cooperation with the Chinese would be allowed to mystic rule, and instead the chinese government just ignored it, and they understood that there are no consequences for doing so, because what has happened,
Britain them and you re occupy. This is why it is always, and invariably an idiotic idea to withdraw from places in favour of a tyrannical regime and trusted their commitments are going to be kept. So the people of Hong Kong and having put directly under the thumb of the chinese government, if you have any sympathy for the people of Hong Kong, should recognise how evil it is. What the tree Government is doing, I mean, hung on no longer being politically Thomas from Chinese. The people in in Taiwan have to be looking over their shoulders. At this point, right mean China, claims sovereignty over Taiwan's I want is the United States Ally and the chinese government's been threatening Hong Kong continuously. So China continues, even as they unleashed a pandemic on the rest of the world. They continue to exacerbate the political control, over the region, there better be some harsh consequences here, and I mean serious economic, harsh consequences against the government of China and if the media feel the necessity to back China just because President Trump is anti trying
I think they are demonstrating full scale, their actual priorities, ok other things that I hate today so that we are now going to reduce everything to the racial because, again very important signal. Your commitment to particular causes, as I've said yesterday when it came to issue right. I think that we can all agree the raised and still exists in the United States and instances of races more evil that we can all condemn them. Then we shall be on the same side when it comes to this sort of stuff. It is also true that we are now doing a routine where we are and Hunt, for instance, is races now isn't as racism absolutely exist. I did that situation in central park looked like an instance of racism. It did indeed we ve had. We ve had shootings and killings that have looked like instances of racism. You know it doesn't seem like an instance of race come to me Jimmy Phelan dressing up his Chris Rock in two thousand on us. I know I'm sorry doesn't it doesn't seem like an instance of racism. You know who else it didn't seem like an instance of racism to anyone, personnel or anyone for the prior twenty years. It turns out by them.
If you don't like Jimmy Fallon dressing up in as Chris Rock, then you should also not like Jimmy Camel dressing up his calm alone, but but Jimmy chemicals, the woke Pope, and so she is granted absolution display thank by the way, Jimmy Felons Impression of Chris Rock with significantly less offensive, then Jimmy Felons impression of cargo on his impression carve alone was basically playing com alone. As a as a ugly awful d I mean it was. It was really bad is really bad. The Jimmy it'll go back and watch the Jimmy Camel type that one actually looks a lot more racist, the Jimmy Fallon one he's plane crash rock and again I think it's important to recognise that there are in fact radiations. One Williams told me the sun on the show a couple years ago when we discussed this, and he was right. There are gradations in terms of how bad it is to dress up as a black person, rather than there is dressing up in full scale. Black face stereotypical fashion. Nineteen twenties, your mocking black people as as ship ways and diamond and all that ugly and horrifying, and has a history in slavery and Jim Crow and all that and then there is you dressed up as me,
Jackson and nineteen. Eighty seven, because you like Michael Jackson, music, and that is not the same thing- it's not. You may think that wanted that that's insensitive, ok and introduced in world. I wouldn't do it. I only people should do it. It's insensitive not the same thing for Jimmy Fallon to dress up as Chris Rocky specific human being with whom he has friends again an end to treat that ass, though he was dressed up in Cornwall black face, that's not the same thing Jimmy felons had in two thousand, while on us. Now I made a terrible decisions. You don't impersonation Chris Rock, on black face. There is no excuse for this again. Black face. Hasn't it's like an actual meaning and putting on black make up is not the same as laugh is black face has an ex as like in actual meaning, and that was to dress up as a black person or to mock black people in stereotypical, awful and evil ways. That's now Jimmy found was doing when the rest of his course rock. He says, I'm very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision. Thank you all of you for holding the accountable. This is what we have to do. We have to do struggle session
to demonstrate full on commitment to the cause at this point, instead of him basically saying the same thing that Sarah governments, at by the Transport Committee and in the last twenty years, who didn't do this? Curiously, unless thirty years Jerusalem indebted Jimmy Camel that it can be balanced it, that should speak to how it was perceived at the time and it is not perceived as marking black it because guess what racism was not involved in two thousand. It wasn't. Meanwhile, if you wanna talk about actual instances where race becomes an issue, then we can talk about the situation in Minneapolis. So if you haven't seen this awful awful tape, it really is bad. There's a tape of police officers on the neck of of black perpetrator. There, the perpetrator, apparently was- was doing some sort of forgery and economies in a forgery. Improvisation. I do that ok, but in any case there is a forgery being reported Espouse in his car apparel is getting the forgery
He got out of the car and he confronted the cops and whose resisting arrest he. So at this point you subdue the person and you put them in the Patty Wagon and you take them jail Redman, that's normally how this works. Instead, a police officer decided it would be a great ideas meal on the back of the neck of the person, and then the person die because it turns out the Europe's post you're on the back of other human beings. Now a couple of things, as I always say, proof of incompetence, stupidity and evil does not mean proof of racism, and that there is a case out here in California very very famous case in California, not famous nationwide, in which there is a white homeless man. His person was Kelly, and I forget his last name. I am, he was busily beaten to death by the police is away homeless. Guy he was quasi resisting arrest, but not really. They started wailing on him and any died from it, and this this was not considered a nationwide story specifically because was about police brutality and cruelty and and incompetence, and it wasn't about racism when it
in black and the story would been racism so the day the guy's name was coming. Thomas, that's right, telecoms remembers big story out here. Ok now is not considered a name worth remembering, obviously, because he was white now. The question in this particular case Minneapolis, is whether this is just policing competence or whether the police officer was just a vicious racist. You decided to kill this guy he's blacker and took less about I care about him because he was black and the riots last night in Minneapolis Minneapolis mayor then went out there and use language that was extraordinarily highly charged. He suggested being blocked. Shouldn't, be a death sentence, I'm not where the big black, as it says in the United States. In fact, statistically speaking, it is absolutely not a death sentence in the United States, but because every instance of awful police work in which there is why police officer in a black person has to be perceived as an indicator of broad based american racism and not as an indicator of police officer, sucking at their job, and I know lots of police officers who would look at this in the absolute we horrified
every level, but instead it turns into a racial debate, even though again, there's not evidence that this is a racial killing, as opposed to the police officers, bad bad person in his job at the very least being black in America should not be a death sentence for five minutes? We watched as a white officer Pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help you, our support, to help this office has failed in the most basic human sense, and yet he did fail and most basic,
nonsense. That doesn't necessarily mean this. There was motivated erases. The only reason that I point this out is that it sort of seems important that, if you're going to suggest that raises the motivating factor provides evidence that raises motivating after I saw a light claims that are backed by evidence, also worthy of note: is there a single human being on planet earth and well, I'm player in America? Are there very many can exert their samovar races. People really hit black people, but are the very many human beings in the United States who, if they found out that this guy murdered a black man in cold blood, because he was a racist, wouldn't want this guy put on the electric chair: seriously who's out there who doesn't feel that way, but there's an attempt right now to suggest that America again is rooted in racism and viciousness scale. King, who again is issued the Ankara CBS this morning. She suggested that that, basically, it is open season on black men after racial incidents, it's open season is not open. Season
when America, it is not in a third, if there's a racist instead, we should all be on the same side. This is the commitment signalling the commitment of the narrative that America is deeply racist in every way and every individual instance. Every anecdotal piece of evidence, not data, not like broad based data, that statistical a nature. Every anecdotal piece of evidence is evidence of that. Broad based narrative, Is that a single in your commitment to the narrative is not necessarily signalling our commitment to the truth. I want can I want evidence, and I think that, once the evidence comes out, we can all be on the same side, because I think that a route we all have the same belief system here was Emily system. Racism is bad. Pleasing competence is bad, murmur, bad. I feel in Rome on the same page on these things here, but there is an attempt to rush out without the Evidence- and I feel like this is the case with so many of these instances, and it's not just with regard to racism. It seems like, with regard to everything these days. There is a a motivation to rush out and look at cases where there is a deliberate lack of full evidence. May claims that stretch the
in order to get to a conclusion and then suggest that if you say well, I need to wait for the evidence that your insufficiently committed to the cause that that's a problem. It's a problem because it actually run of our ability to agree on things that we all agree on again. I think we all agree race, and bad more bad policing companies Barrett. We all agree on these things. But if you pick instances where the evidence is not fully in on the racism aspect, and you then immediately call everybody who says likes you, governance on insufficiently committed to the antiracist cause. What you're, actually incentivize ing, is acting without evidence in order to signal your commitment, commend signalling needs dead, because if you are so committed to commitment, maybe you should committed. Are we're gonna, be here a little bit later tonight? What two additional hours of content plus we have our backstage live at tonight. So, though, check this out tonight subscriber daily wired comical in all access member of all sorts of good stuff for you over there and we'll see
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