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Ep. 102 - Trump's Very Good Brain Doesn't Know How Delegates Work

2016-04-11 | 🔗
Trump loses delegates in Colorado, Hillary shivs Bill in the back, and John Kasich shows why OH GOD NO NOT JOHN KASICH
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Good news leftists. I am now one of you that is, according to the genius devotees of all right, intellectual wreckage, cheap vocs day they ve- compiled a social justice warriors list in order to quote help S J, W, converged, organizations, locate and identify social justice warriors they wish to hire or otherwise support. What makes you a social justice warrior. According to these intellectual heavyweights, quote self: identifying is a social justice warrior publicly advocating the disappointment or no Platt forming of an individual for failing to submit to the estuary, W narrative being a journalist and publishing articles that support the estuary, W narrative or an S J W Attack campaign cell What exactly did I do to earn this honoured spot alongside such as trade double use as Anita Sarkisian and re pokes, or Emma cell courts? In an interview with Dave Reuben, I said this quote. It would be idiotic to think that there are no racists
of course, there are legitimate racists and we should find them in target them and we should ruin their careers, because racism is unacceptable and now because many outriders are both stupid, an baron, uncomfortable love for racism. They found this difficult to understand or swallow. Apparently, I was calling for their firing based on thought, except that these same genius, intellectual, all writers, are incapable basic Google search, because I have always always always opposed firing. People based on beliefs of four boycotting members left for leading boycotts based on beliefs. Here's what I had to say about Brennan Issues, the CEO of Mozilla Firefox, until he was fired, basically for being pro traditional marriage in April twenty fourteen years, when I sat quote it's a frightening country to live in when a boycott can be led against you, specifically based on your beliefs, the fact that the left gets to use this tactic and destroy people's lie and destroy their businesses because of their political beliefs. They need to be held to their own standard. They have now legitimize tactics that I personally find kind of despicable. I also said
and I have said for a long time. I'm one of the few commentators explicitly opposed to the government regulating races. Behavior and housing and employment, because I believe that the market is gonna, punish people who engage in such nasty behaviour. If the alt writers work quite so oversensitive about their idiotic racism, they would understand a basic distinction. I make on virtually every topic the distinction between thought and behaviour and are really care. What you think I care how you behave. You can say what you think. You can think what you want. Behaviour is a different story. The minute you begin, instituting racially based hiring practices for my calculus changes, and now social sanctions like boycott, although it would be warranted. So I guess if that makes me Anne S, trade, W social justice you're, then I'm a social justice warrior. I do have a feeling now that the real risk and I'm being labelled in Austria. W is not because of my perspectives on racism. It's because I refuse to support the homo erotic, all right Friday and Father figure, Donald Trump, which of course me.
Means that the people who are pushing this list are the actual shows social justice warriors trying to destroy careers based on policing thought like, for example, not worship a seventeen year old, bloated fat, socialist, loser named Donald Trump, or perhaps there just stupid or perhaps thereby. I venture to say this is the bench? Apparently, things got hens vehement ass people hereby you're feeling outspoken. Why have such trouble with the all writers? In just a moment? I've talked about on the show before, but it never ends from the Trump folks. But first we have to say hello to our friends over at hills: they'll catch a random course over. It hills, they'll college, which is really calls about the american presidency. Self Donald Trump, among others, has no idea what
Powers of the presidency are for how they are restricted. What they actually do. Bernie Sanders also has no idea about that. Or what century he's living in Hillary Clinton has no clue about what the president is supposed to do: Hills, Dale Colleges, perhaps the best institution of higher learning in the country, particularly for conservative thought and classical liberal beliefs, but it's not just the places. And your kid to be a student. It's also a place where you yourself can learn about topics matters, they have a new class and it's called the presidency Rachel presidency on the constitution, its hills, they'll, dot, any use, lash ban and indebted for free. It's it's an online course that derives right in your inbox, from hills, gels, professors, it's a new lesson. Every single week you sign up for free hills, deal that emu, slash, ban, learn how the constitution is supposed to protect us from would be dictators because, let's face it, the way the presidency currently operates. That's not how was meant operate to find out. Why,
Those dealt out Eu Slash, but ok, so quick nor on the all writers and will move into the days news. So I've noticed that my twitter feed has been filled just filled to the brim for literally months. At this point, with nothing but anti semitic means and talk about how I make one called man with it. Which I guess I had a look this out, because I don't speak stupid. Apparently can let me inside, like some short guy who works out at the gym a lot. So that's, I guess, that's best quasi accurate, I'm not super tall, and I workout not at the gym a lot, but I work out a lot of quality. Apparently If you don't support Donald Trump you're, a man, let you lack and masculinity because the highest form of masculinity is God worshipping in butts in buttock, massaging, Sixty nine year old Lazy old man who called his wife routinely in and thickness it's awful thing is rejected. Are you people you value all you single losers. You said in your basements masturbating two pictures
Donald Trump, while wearing your make Amerika great again. Haven't you alternate between the red in the White House, yeah you're late it just you're they coming after me from his goodness declares didn't so there's that, as between the man. Would staff in the year you're not five, nine you're lying about your height, ok, you're right, I'm forfeit the rate, I've been I've been hiding it all this time and I've been wearing foot and a half lives. That's that's that's what they did and then I am discussing this is not because I am much bothered by these people. Although I have to admit I find it annoying when I literally can I go to my mentions without seeing any of these days, but that that
When I talk about this is because there is there's, this element is built up among a lot of people on the outright supported by people who I used to consider Friendly's like Milo. You novelist, who is again, can be a very good thing, but he's flirted with these folks for for a long time that mixes up being politically incorrect with just being a douche bag and the people on the all right they seem to take further. They revel injures being douche bag, not just the link in this people's high whatever, but but but like putting out racist material. Putting out sexist material there is such a thing and it does make you a douchebag, doesn't grant you a higher patina of virtue, the idea of it and violating rules grant in and of itself a greater standard of virtue is just absolutely silly town I mean to Penn The rule is good or bad depends how your violating it. So, don't like political correctness that doesn't mean that I'm a go around using the n word. I noticed that there was a story last week that I'm Milo Slap account. Apparently he was informing people not to use the n word.
Good and Guatemala was doing that. The excuse used for doing that. The who was that he didn't want it public, the people are using the inward honest, lack, have outlived, don't use the inward, because its gross about that again, having Milo has some valuable things to say, but his flirtation with the focus on the all right is just is is beyond me. I think I was too smart for that. Ok, so, under the news of it s, my little ran on the news of the day, so Donald Trump is now complaining because he doesn't know how to do things like a lot of important thing. So, for example, in the middle of an election which rests on one Donald Trump seem to be under the impression that he was actually playing jacks like he. He actually thought he was playing a completely different game than the rest of the field was playing instead of winning delegates in hiring people who are going to go out and recruit, delegate, Instead, he just sort of assume that was gonna, be elections and not just elections. Plurality. Chins, resulting in winter based all effects. So a couple of preliminaries anyone is complaining
about the rules are really hurting Donald Trump Donald Trump, his one thirty, seven percent of the popular vote so far his one forty five percent of the delegates. That does not just to me that this is somebody who is being hurt by the rules. This suggests to me that he is actually tool the two percent ahead of where he would be. If we had what you would call a representative system, if we had a popularly based proportional system right, he doesn't have it. You'd have thirty seven percent of the delegates and thirty seven percent of the vote. That would make a lot more sense than thirty seven percent of the vote and forty five percent of the delegates about, but from thinks that this is just the of the world by the way the system also heavily heavily heavily favours trump himself, because all of the states with lotta delegates are Lefty states does Matt and California. To take an example, my state right, California, has a hundred and seventy two delegated stick. A hundred seventy to delegate California has not voted for a Republican since Jimmy Carter in nineteen they had, it has not voted for a republican citizens, each W Bush in nineteen. Eighty eight hundred seventy two delegates, five registered Republicans three of them in this room
right, so they did their there's no registered Republicans in this state that we have a hundred and seventy to delegate Texas, which has voted capable and in every presidential elections since cargo, nineteen, seventy six hundred and fifty five delegates. So this is a system that benefits Donald Trump Right, heavy red states. That may not like trumpets much though state dont have as many delegates is a lot of the blue states or Trump is more popular like New York, New York has motor Republicans. Basically, somebody bought Manhattan Island from the native Americans. For some big is right. I mean it's. It's been left state for an extraordinarily long percentage of time, point in time, so the idea in so so the whole system sort of benefits trumpet he's lining now because he sang he didn't get his fair in Colorado. So here's what happened in Colorado in Colorado. The way that this works. They have a system ripped. So in two thousand, for they were holding Caucasus and in in Colorado, and indeed they had what were called unbound delegates who are connected to the Caucasus. They would have caucuses really they would have a primary, but the delegate's were not bound to the result of the primary. So there would be delegates who elect
through Caucasus, bunch people getting a room, and we say Lindsey, you're gonna be our delegate to the national convention You get to decide what you want, but we trust you to make a good decision cause. You're our delegate branches like any representative election, then that they so she's unbound is unbalanced. Doesn't if the whole state votes for Trump, she can go vote for crews right. That's that's how unbound delegate's work- and there are bunch of states that work this. Why so? They had a pole and they also had the clock, as in the Caucasus, were designed to pick the delegates? So since two thousand, for this has basically been the system? Remains you there, In twelve, the system was altered. Little and they said we're not going even bother doing the pole, no more Paul, it's silly. It's a waste of time. Why are we bother, to do a statewide paw when that we're not bound anyway why's that useful right. The delegates army anyway, so instead will just have the clock is system right, we'll go to our local carcasses
there were, there was one on March. First or almost three thousand Cox's across the state of Colorado were held. Delegates were picked to go to the sacred mention. The state convention then picks right to vote, and at that vote they select the delegates. Organ go to the national convention and, worse this way in a bunch state nine or so states operate. This wipe Donald Trump is very angry, because Donald Trump doesn't look up rules and doesn't know how to read so Donald Trump was very, very upset and thinks he's being shipped because ten cruises people did what they are supposed to do, namely they went near recruited. The delegates who are elected in those caucasus- and they said: okay, you guys when you ve, for the next slate of delegates to go national level. Please vote for these people may give a list of people who are pro crews. Trump didn't bother to do the research, and now he super Superman about it is very, very upset, and so here is Donald Trump Click. Three. This is done from saying system has been rigged against Donald Trump. It always rigged against Donald Trump anytime. From doesn't succeed. This is Then you are not social justice. Warrior looks like it's people who blame society for their own failings,
tromp, doesn't know how to read and Trump, doesn't know how to put together a slate of candidates. So here is Donald Trump complaining like a social. Just Warrior all of society. I guess it institutional racism, the prevented him from using his very good brain and very best people to go and hire some people to go and actually call criteria trump aren't so yesterday or whether we can you off the state of Colorado and you tweeted about this. You said you were angry and you said it was unfair. What do you think that, while it really is, with Colorado in and the people out there of going crazy. You know it's the Denver area, Colorado itself and they going absolutely because they weren't give it about, this was given by politicians just a crooked deal, and I see and I think it honestly with Bernie too. You know I've gotten mitigate this boy about millionth, not just a couple. Millions of poor votes that grows and I've gotten hundreds of delegates bore we keep fighting fighting fighting and then you have a colorado where they are likely with a day. You know just get all these delegates and it
a system that was no voting, I didn't go out there to make a speech or any thing, there's no voting and United pizza. Well, that's the way it is well, it really shouldn't be the way it is. This was changing the summer to help a guy like bruise, and it's not right. Now. You know one as an example South Carolina. I wanted by a landslide, like a batch of landslides and now they're, trying to pick up those delegates one by one. That's not the way to baulk, refused opposed to work at dinner, They offer a trip, they offer a more selective things. Add your allow do that. I mean you're allowed to offer trip that you can buy all these about what kind of adjusting is there an outsider and I came to the system and I'm winning devotes by millions of out, but the system is rigged it crooked, when you look even Bernie, I'm not a fan of, but every time I turn on use. Your Bernie with burning with money with burning sat waiting. I mean It has done its job This is the worst lighted emit misinformation
partly cock, a system in Minnesota. It is a difficult system and I was steamrollered by an organised by IRAN, Paul Movement, isn't it fair to say that these are the rules. Tat grew, is organised and you're, just flat out being out organise, because God made about me, you could say either organise, because I have billions are more about eight and I happen to have boy delegates in either by a lot. But when you go into a colorado where the people of cholera complaining that did not allowed to vote the best of all because did not even allowed to vote or what go into Louisiana. And I would Louisiana by a lot, I get thousands of more votes than we and then I find out that I get less delegates. Europe pay I'm somebody coming in to make him a greater get I'm coming in to do something positive up an outsider terms rig diabetes. Cycling. Here's how her cell worked he's nuts That means he gets to be ignorant he's also outsider, which means that whenever he makes a mistake or supposed to just pretend that he that here
just learning the rubs use, learning the ropes rhetoric of first more back in twenty twelve. He knew how the delicate process work and he explicitly praised Mitt Romney for working the delicate process. Second of all, there is a difference between how delegates are selected at the republican level and the superadds elegance who are selected in the democratic level, so the democratic level. The way super delegates are appointed is they are state officials in Congress, people from the Democratic Party there selected in advance before any of the Caucasus gone the people. The individuals are selected before any of the Caucasus primaries. And then those people are supposed can put their thumb on the scale of justice. The way the Colorado process works, the voters did select their delegates and then the delegate selected their national delegate. So that is in fact, a democratic process. All of this doesn't mean anything because it's just gonna be trump whining because he's not winning right easier, whining because he's not winning until look. If you wanted to win this process, I thought that there are a couple of things about this that that really ought to be telling. Even if you don't like the way this process goes I again think that the way the process or to work is no winner takes all any wherever it shouldn't bewildered
got any wherever you should still have to get to a majority of the delegates, and you should have to have proportion representation in all of the state to trembled. Have thirty seven some of the vote right now and tat cruiser, probably how about twenty one percent of the delegates right now and we go into the convention. Everyone would know, is open and then there would be a lot of brokering and a lot of and wouldn't be generating false majorities by give from ninety nine delegate's in Florida, for winning less than fifty percent of the vote. Rowan believe that seems there to me, but we're not drawing up the rules from scratch. Those long as we're not drawing up the rules from school, The rules are what they are, and this speaks to the fact that Trump doesn't know what he's doing it doesn't always doing. There are a couple of things. The speaks to one from says that he has the did. That he's great deal make a right is the best you'll make or he's gonna make you he's. Gonna win we're gonna win win, so much makes you head spin we're gonna win. You gonna get sick, winning, oh geez, Great deals. Great deals were wise of the TED cruises thronging Mama deals.
Right there, the tigris, buying people off the trips. First of all, I haven't seen any evidence. That's true! You're just be another trump! Why, if it? If it happens, not to be true and in his surrogates are out there saying the same thing by the well guess that new second bases TED cruises making them deals. Wait. I thought that was your deal. I thought that's what you are good at. I thought that's why you gave more money Democrats and Republicans from nineteen eighty, two thousand ten, because you cook ideals so summit You found the time to the wherewithal to sign a check to Nancy Pelosi and send to Harry Red Bacon, I checked to your own guy to go and presumably train. Rob some those delicate but a great deal make sure you are, and then he says you hire
all the very best people, you know no clearly mean crews hired, better people and finally, trumps as he has very good brain, and all of this does not suggest the workings of particularly great brain. Speaking of the hiring the basque people here is trumps, came his new cut convention managers again in Pollyanna for a few years ago, I was approached by a by a fellow whose kind of a black ops republican specialist is fixed up with me by a big republican donor, and I met with him three or four times, probably because he kept suggesting that he wanted to that that he wanted to produce movie. Anyone, in my help with that, and one of the people who want to fix me up with was was the person or about seek unemployment, effort and poem
for it was at the time working very heavily to preserve in power the the then dictator of of Ukraine, and needless to say, we did an abortion together, but this payment for visiting he even appeal, eight on the on the international stage for good or ill here, is Paul manner for explaining the Trump objections to how ten crews is operating within the system. What is fair, Ganda went to delegate threatening Forget the threats of fair game, not lifestyles that down from what you have said it, but what is and what it is TAT cruises style in that's gonna work, then very fast. You think he's threatening delegate's world is threatening the there. Godaddy com to conventions, and you see the tactic, Istanbul tactics of the sorcerer to stop all tat there s a strong work? Well, you look it we're gonna be. Finally, several protest because reality is: is there not had claimed by the rules, but frankly, that's the site game because the only game on focusing on right now is getting delegates and the games that have happened in the past weakening or not,
are not important to the long term. Game of hydrant gets twelve thirty sluggish, Napo tactics, Gestapo tactic, There are those who know the Gestapo your time by the Nazi secret police who had gone literally taping electrodes de genitals and torturing people until they gave up information the gestapo like the worst, will ever. I haven't seen that with gruesome. I'm sorry, like maybe crews campaigners problem. Was, but I haven't seen them actually torturing delegates in order to move the crews. What I have seen him Roger Stone, be the trunk campaign. Hitman is supposedly inside the organization but he's clearly an operative for Trump saying things like this. He said last week: we're gonna have protests, demonstration We all disclose the hotels and the room numbers of the delegates who are directly and-
than the steel over talking about threats and we're talking about getting violent with people who refuse to back. You seems lot closer to the term campaign than anybody else, but this is the routine now is that is that Trump is going to is going to play victim, even as he fails to do his basic due diligence here by speaking of failure to do basic to diligence. Two of his kids are supposed to be registered vote in New York and in both them fail to register as Republicans, and neither one of them can forthwith vote for Trump in your primary so clearly taking care of business on now, I'm ok time for a quick profit time out with Reagan, dot com, so Reagan, dot com. For folks who don't know there, there was one of our great advertisers. What's great about Reagan, com is two things. First of all, you can get an email address, your name aunt Reagan, dot com which is cool. You link or name with Reagan's every time you send an email and second, the make sure that they're not gonna, sell a single word, copier scan a single word of your private email content, unlike a lot of, email services that allow the governor
to get in there and marketing firms to get in there to advertise to you and your cookies against you, that's our Reagan. Dot com does to get a private account protected account from Rwanda com. You need to go to Reagan, privacy, dot, com, that's Reagan, privacy, dot, com and and you'll get the first two months for free, so that is pretty cool. Ok, so just a finish up on this, the election is rigged against Trump Routine Glenn back. Who is about as ardently anti
is it possible to be at this point? Glenn back says that if, if Trump has the most delegates going in but doesn't when the nomination, then he should be given the nomination anyway, and I want to explain why I disagree with wonder and would prefer a trot nomination if its occurs over anybody else, nano I think a trump domination would be. I am never Trop guy, I think a trap domination would would be disastrous with that being said, you can't disenfranchised people if, if Trump wins than twelve thirty seven or wins the first second third valid, it must go to him, and I can't go to dirty politics. You can continue to disenfranchised people. I will never vote for Donald Trump, but if he's the guy than his pigs with fair play, that's fine, but you have rights private, saying
It will be somebody who is running right now. Ok, let's take the GEO P chair at his word. It's gotta, be somebody who's running cases can be somebody who's running and what's unclear about Glennie saying there is what happens when he says if Trump wins the first ballot? Does that mean Trump wins out right? On the first ballot I mean I agree, can't change the rules of the game after the game has been played, but if Trump only ends up with eleven hundred delegate's, do you give it to him? I don't think so. I don't. So I think the Trump people are gonna get mad and they're gonna walk away, and I think that if from Wednesday nationwide of us are going to get mad and I'm going to walk away because Trump is a polarizing figure, because Trump has no centralized in principle or morality. He just doesn't he's not a moral figure. He doesn't have principles. Trump's only reason for existence is just to be a as if someone, a national view put in a pulsating made up middle finger. That's that's! Basically, all that all that Trump is. There is one principle that he has there
in principle that he has not principle is destroying the United States on trade, just destroying us, so using Rochester New York, Tromp was over the weekend. We had reported there covering it and when Trump took the stage he actually said, rochesters been a community. I spoke last week, it's very pro trumped community because it very blue collar. As I said, on the pod castle, This week I was on a small plane up to Rochester and I was surrounded on all six sides by Trump supporters, which is almost by definition of hell. It's it's closed. The only thing worse would be six Obama supporters or six Hillary supporters, which is every flight in the California. But round. My trump supporters and they're talking about wise from great he's, gonna bring industry back how you gonna bring industry back, believes in Rochester. And he says, he's gonna bring industry back because he's gonna hit individual companies with a thirty five percent tax till they agree to return and create jobs. Basically, gonna is gonna hit them in presumably economic fascist modality, he's gonna hit them until they
I'm back, which, by the way, is a success, as we all know, from our personal life, the best way to get somebody to love used to hit them as often as possible. If you really want your spouse to stay in, your spouse wants to leave the best way to get her to stage data with frying pan and the same thing is drawn economics right. If you really want to We need to stay and hire people. The best thing you can do is threatened to suit is threatened to find them enormous amounts of money and hit them with with tremendous taxes trump and end. Bernie Sanders are very much a line on this kind of stuff, so Bernie Sanders has been very anti trade for a long time. Tromp apparently believes in something called dependency theory, and this is important. Stuff dependency. Theory is an idea of economics that was pushed by the March has left in South America, particularly, and it suggested that the outside world was infill trading and destroying to mess.
South american businesses through trade that these companies were coming in and they were building factories and they were use any and they were, and they were usurping the natural resources in the labour base, and then they were exporting all of the basic materials backed where they came from and making the the nice products and then sending them back and reinforcing them. So the dependency theory idea. They call NEO colonialism because way. Back in the day, you have the british government go to some place in Africa. And instead of manufacturing chessboards in Africa, they will take all the woods ship it back to Britain, make the chessboards re import them and Africa right. The idea was raw materials get shipped out, and this creates dependency because now are dependent on these other countries for creating the chessboards and building our best says which is called trade. I mean you're, you you're always dependent on the person with whom you are trading written, so what they want. The Latin Americans did with south american state. Is they installed all these massive trade ban, There's this we're not gonna, let business coming here unless they basically pay giant fine, and
unless they do not leave right. We're just gonna keep them here and and we're going to make sure that when they try to re import things, we charge lots of money will bill will build up. Our domestic business here will make chess boards here right. We'll make chessboard you only one problem that really crappy making chess boards. Are there really crappy making it? It was an efficient if you better off just developing other end. He's in that particular state, and so it ended up happenings. They bankrupted their country. Dependency. Theory is the stupidest form of economics Available Donald Trump eyes into this. He thinks that every time we trade with somebody from China every time a private company makes a trade with a company in China that China is somehow defeating us making us dependent on China. China is just as dependent on us in a trade. There are two partners rapid, but the idea is that by cutting off the trade we'll bring those businesses back here. Ok, let's say we bring the teacher manufacturing business back from Vietnam, how many people's economic what's the pagan it to be, like our people really willing to pay a hundred twenty five dollars for five dollars. T shirt without designer labels on it.
Know what a water water people willing to do? This is trumps. You have trade, he wants to build a giant economic wall that keeps business is stuck in the United States and he wants to go. The giant physical, while the keeps immigrants out of the United States, there's something to be said for the giant. Physical wall, because otherwise we can keep track of the immigration, but the economic wall is doomed to disaster, but again Trump has no knowledge doesn't have to acknowledge. This is all appealing to a very particular group of others, ok now time to move over to the other side of the eye, aware one of Amusing things in the world is happening and its truly truly amusing. Bandits it sad actually- and that is the Hilary bill marriage of convenience is beginning to is beginning to thread and fray
for a long time for many many years ever since they the last time they had sex, which was the the conception of Chelsea. This has been purely a marriage of convenience and probably wasn't so beginning and pillory road bills. Coattails the White House and Billy used Hilary is his beards that he could do whatever he felt like doing and then have. The trade was that eventually Hilary would write his coat tails and should go all the way the White House on his coattails now part of the deal was gonna be the bill was going to be a half decent president, who's gonna governance, a quasi moderate,
and then Hilary who's gonna run off the legacy of bills. Presidency and say if you want the good old Clinton Daisy, your all you need to do is vote me back in the White House, but something along the road happened. What happened is that the left in America decided not to move towards clean Tony. In moderation, they decided to move instead to a radical left, Bernie Sanders type, goggled, gobbledygook, and so Hilary has been forced to move radically to the left radically to wept, and that means she's had to disown the actual key achievements of her husband so bill, whose rightly proud of the fact that he signed into law a criminal justice reform bill that helped lead, at least in part, to the good. It is decrease in crime in modern american history, from nine ninety four, two thousand ten right she's now denouncing that she's denounced welfare reform, which got millions and millions of people off the wealthier roles and into jobs, as she's denounced even his budgeting process, because he should have spent more and social services right. She she's gone after all of the things all of the things the builtin once did
and he's humiliated, because he has two choices. You can either stand up for his legacy or you can be completely ask elated by this woman, and you can see how torn his here's Hilary ripping into bills- crime, oh by the way, ripping into bills crime bill at it. Time when crime is skyrocketing in major american Citys across the country, if TED Crews or Donald Trump, if the Republican does not run on crime. The republican stupid, like seriously dumb crime rates, have risen by double digit. Violent crime rates have risen by double digit in virtually every major metropolitan american area. Virtually all of them- and the reason for that must be Left- has decided that the police have to be pulled out of broken windows, policing right going after small offences, and they have to stop stop and frisk, and they have to ensure that the police don't do their jobs, small offences and the left is a suit simultaneously suggested. We let a bunch of criminals out of prison like here in California, we ve had prison realignment. We define deviancy down so crimes that used to be considered
felonies are misdemeanours and misdemeanours are considered nothing. All of this is leading to tremendous increases corps in crime, which is the quality of life. Issue. Meanwhile, Hilary is blasting bill for having put too many criminals prison, because she's been forced to the left by the radical democratic base, which is been living off the off the goodness and Surplus of America's low crime rate for the last twenty years. Who's Hillary ripping her own husband crime bill. We should all be listening to each other and I certainly have been listening. On the very first day, this campaign, I gave a speech about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration. I have consistently speaking out about what I would do as president, and I think it's important for people to recognise. We have work to do that there were a lot of people very scared and concerned about high crime. Back in the day, and now we ve got to say okay, we have to deal with the consequences and one of the consequences
this is in my view, over incarceration of people who should not then in the criminal justice system they have an addiction problem, a mental health problem there committed a low level of fence a non violent offence? So I want to divert people from the criminal justice system and from to help the mother there, and I want to do more to help them when they into out and they get out re enter do more to help them when they get out enter into society, and this is all very pretty talk. Heather Mcdonald has a great new book. This coming out shortly called the war on cops when she talked about all of the myths that are inherent in the met. The era of mass incarceration which innocent people are in prison. Can she name any engineer many of the innocent people in prison when she talks about the people who are just innocent drug users who are or who are caught for using drugs. The actual percentage of people who are just using drugs in prison in state prisons,
like three percent. Almost nobody and state prisons was caught and put their just for using drugs, and usually it was just for using drugs while out on parole rights as a condition of their parole. They weren't supposed to use drugs, they came in. They gave a drug tat, they ve I waited there parole. They went back to prison. The idea and most actually most of the people or put in prison for drug use, are people who bargain down there the bargain downright there are drug dealers and they plea bargain down to drug use because the system, overwhelmed, basically, but there's this myth out there that this is vast underclass of people who have just been imprisoned thanks to the drug laws, and that's really what's behind all of us, the of the people who have been put in prison. Additionally, the increase in prisoners, the vast majority of those I therefore violent crimes or property crimes. Only sixteen percent of that increase comes from drug crimes and the vast Georgia of those, are drug dealers but Hilary using let's let all those people out and using all we used to be scared of crime. There's no reason to be scared of crime anymore. Really, there's no way he's. Gotta crime anymore asked the people in New York City or now in
We are now seeing a double digit increase in violent crime. The people on away who saw I think, last year, significantly more than a fifteen percent increase in the murderer it sees. It affects those people, but Hilary has to run left is so radical. Now they would rather let the prisoners out, there's just a rehash of the sixties and there's a rehash of the sixties. The crime rates in the United States rose through the twenties. There rose through most of the thirties and then, as world to hit they proceeded to drop from basically nineteen forty one, all the way until the mid nineties, sixties and then the war on poverty hit the well four programmes, it d be the institution zation of criminals it and boom of crime skyrockets for one thousand, nine hundred and sixty and one thousand nine hundred and ninety the prime rate rises four hundred percent four hundred percent, people were rightly upset about crime and the rightly upset about crime. Now and if the republic, It doesn't take advantage of this their foolish now you can see for this is really rough, I mean it. Really rough bill has significantly more pangs of conscience over having to back his wife's stupidity on crime. To get her elected,
then he ever did about cheating on Here- is bill. Trying and you can see how torn he is. Trying to repute He ate his own legacy on crime in order to push forward his his wife to the presidency So too, well his eyes they were real lies. Where is it? Everything's is many young people. This is about it was now Bobby Sauce, it no longer says that letter
This can be done. No, I see as was way. Education, training, job less than transitions work. Both ways right he's trying to say that that these people should be in prison. Can't let them I mean he just said we can't let them out into their no longer a threat can recidivism rate of people getting out of prison, particularly from stretches is nearly one hundred percent people get out of prison prison like this. They tend to be career criminals, and then they go
they commit crimes and when he says things like well, we need better. We need better occupational training other than have had these programmes for literally years in the prisons. They don't do anything. They don't do anything there. A couple of theories as to what you can do with prisoners, so you don't have to keep them there forever. One of the theories is that you can have a system where, if you do actually commit a low level crime, there is not even a trial. Basically just pick them up from parole violation and they will go to jail. They will go to tat theres, an unseen jail in prison jealous short term prisoners, long term they gonna like a holding cell for a couple of days, and they know for sure that they're going to end up there if their caught with drugs, for example- and it turns out the people- don't like doing that, and so they don't do that punishment ass, we swim and it has to be, and it has to be immediate and it has to be in variable right. That's the idea and Heather Mcdonald talks about this, but the idea that we have to let lots of people out of prison and there will be no concomitant increase in the crime rate. It's idiocy, but this is what the West has to do now. The left has gone fully at war with reality
Fully aware, with reality, joy and read is commentator election and be NBC. She says the Heller, is now having to live through the repudiation of bills presidency and that basically right there go quantum, miss them yeah how to talk about his crime everybody is now repudiate, yet very Did they want their Agrippa Philly Coalition for real justice? It was a pair of people who said themselves. They are not part of life, I've gotta. That said the problem with Clinton's origin and the problem, with the way that he defended himself with any was defending himself and the Bill Clinton, I think, is living emotionally through the repudiation of much of his legacy, whether its on Algeria, He rightly whether its on this prime bill or on criminal justice, his legacy is being released gave in the negative, and I think it's hard for him to deal with it. But what he didn't understand is in the role of surrogate. It is not your job to defend myself
and this complicated bill. Nobody knew anything related to process ice, yeah, ok in she's right, but that's because the left his move too far left because that was actually good thing. Bill Clinton did religion method. That was a good thing, that Bill Clinton did keeping criminals in prison for committing repeat crimes and having mandatory minimum sentences for those criminals was a good thing, and you want to ask the people who think it's a good thing. Talk to the black people are still live because of this It's not the people in Beverly Hills. Disproportionately benefited from these from these measures is the people who are living in the inner city in south away right who didn't have to worry about their kids sleeping in bathtubs and being shot out there is literally there's a period in american history in the nineteen eighties were little black children were sleeping in bathtubs because they were so afraid of DR buys remedies. The vast sums were made of porcelain if they got shot at and presumably would block the bullets. But this is it we're seeing the increase in murder happening in New Orleans in Chicago in Washington DC in a way in New York all over the United States all over the United States, because let
His mood so far left and now Hilary has had reflect Bernie Sanders to the point. Where build the plaza, who truly responsible for the ongoing destruction of a city that had cleaned its I thought the region really Giuliani became mayor of New York City originally is because the crime rate was so high. The court of life issues in New York or so bad that that's why they made scape from New York with with her Russell, by the original reason. They made that with the science fiction movie worded turned in, they turn Manhattan into basically a giant prison at the reason that they did, that because the New York primates were so bad that building blocks Here comes in. He undoes everything. Everything.
Really Giuliani was doing he and does the stop and frisk he undoes. He undoes the the he undoes the heavier policing, the community policing. He don't yonder's all of these things, because buildable audio is basically a communist and by the way for all the people who think stop and frisk was some sort of racially biased attempt to get blacken hispanic people from January to June, two thousand, eight from January to June two thousand and six month period, just any six month period. Ninety eight percent, nine, eight. Ninety eight percent of all gone assailants in New York City or blacker. Hispanic stoppin frisk targeted aid. Five percent blackened hispanic they under profile they under profile. It just turns out that when you are imprisoning people who commit crimes to many minority, people are committing crimes. Don't want go to jail is minority. I have a solution, don't be a criminal, don't be a criminal, but the left doesn't accept this or build a blog. You Hilary moved left. I now build applause. Yahoo is basically an open communist. You would think you wouldn't
Osborne Bernie Sanders ride him in Burundi Sanders the guy who literally tweedie yesterday Bernie Sanders tweeted yesterday. He thinks that banks should not be in the business of profits; they should be in the business of providing affordable loans, which was why we had a sub prime mortgage meltdown. Because the banks were in the business and providing affordable loans backed by the federal government, build applause you instead of backing here, see that's Hilary, because the main stream left has now moved so why does what I dont want to be on the right? The mainstream left his mood so far left that Hilary is now part of the communist socialists. Build applause, Yo Movement, not the right when I don't policy is the mainstream conservative movement move so far trumpets and they now their part of a part and parcel of the ideologically incoherent
big man, great leader, politics of Donald Trump, here's buildup lazo, endorsing Hillary Clinton. I have great respect for both these credit, but Hilary is a person can get things done all kinds of things we need in this country. Look we have to tax the wealthy. We have to raise wages and benefits. We need things like universal Pre K nationwide. There was a perceptual knows how to get things like that done and that's what voters I'm looking for their looking for change in this country, but there has to be practical and has to be real. It has to be practical, it has to be reopened. So he's voting for the lady whose lie about everything. That's that's what they that's, what they do now and and by the way this is the you wanna talk about a rigged game. Real rigged gave an american politics is the idea that Hitler is not gonna go to present the Obama
strain it's now clear. The Obama administration has come out and declared its over four. For this whole investigation. This investigation is over. Hilary has been cleared, she's now part of the great more of the far left, and we must protect her at all costs. Watch these two clips, backed backers Brok, Obama, suggesting that the Justice Department will not protect Hillary Clinton that she is she's, gonna undergo a fair processors abominable. That's a Hilary we're talking about a tiny fraction of fanatics and killers who are not represented in their own are not balanced. That's as him talking about ices, it we're talking about I D. I did then click twelve clip. Twelve. Some people, I think, are worried whether or not the decision, whether or not how to handle the case will be made on political grounds, not legal grounds. Can you guarantee that the american people canoe direct, the Justice Department, Essay Heller Equipment will be treated as the evident shook.
How's, she will not be in any way protected. I can guarantee that I can guarantee that, not because I give attorney general wench a directive that is institutionally how we have always operated. I do not talk to the attorney general about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations, the we have it strict line and always have maintained it because president just a button as a guarantee of you, I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case, and she will not stop period and she will be treated no guaranteed full stop. Nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the Justice Department. Nobody gets trains and orderly Lyndon Johnson S. Department, humility, nobody's above the law. Nobody gets treated differently by the Justice Party.
Several like Lois lower over the IRA as or what say that J, sending actual representative to the funeral of criminal thug, Michael Brown, who tried to murder police officer or perhaps sending various representatives all over the country to to target politically to target police departments for no reason No, that everybody gets treated just the same you're fast in furious Eric got treated exactly the way that the law would have suggested he beat and then here's Hilary looking supremely confident about all of this clip thirteen. No! What I hear a lot. They are clinging to the hope that the way they'll be able to deal with. That is that at some point between now and the election, and they sang- and I say this- that they will get to see Hillary Clinton in hand my there would be some kind of political purpose based on your price. Forget it well man. I know that they live in that world fantasy and help because they ve got a mess on their hands on the republican side. That is not going to happen there.
Not even the remotest chance that is going to happen, but what they ve been after me, as I say for twenty five years- and they have said things about me- repeated You have been proven to their answer me. They ve been trying to get me. Those coppers I've been trying to get me for years, and I can't get me elemental our saying that they would they want to be a political power block. No, it actually dyslexia per block its you or adding political, because you love Hillary Clinton, so much and you're eating with her the diner. Apparently ok, so that's it! That's the story Only on the left side of the iron Hilary has engaged in the full laughed and now the full left will embrace or with all the power of government surrounding them in its. It is amazing, ok time for a couple of things that I like and then a couple of things that I hate. So, first of all things that I like there's a new book out, called I'm telling you what I'm reading. Now I give you my reading was now there's a book by George Guilder. Has a tremendous author called the scandal of money, I'm in the middle of that one right now, and I will tell you how it is, but olives other books are excellent. Knowledge and power is a really good book
and the wealth and poverty is very good, but George Guilders, a very, very solid thinker, solve I'll. Tell you how that one is going most in the middle of a book by Ryan Anderson about traditional marriage and the Supreme Court's decision on that I'll. Let you know how that goes in and sew up. That's that's! What's on my night stand at current time is a little light rating and finally, some some things that I hate so couple of quick thing. That I hate. First of all, I just want to note that there is there's this whole mean now that's going around the trump support that I am a page. Shoalford rose red I'm and that the crews campaign is paying me or the crew super pacts are paying me. I've never received a dollar from either of them. Two entities. What the really saying is that the Wilkes his own, the daily wire and the works, are big donors to the crews campaign. This is true. They, their big donors to cruise superpower. The works as a cure is why this argument is idiotic. First of all, when we created the daily wire, we looked for investors, some of the IMF,
we went to wear the works is the reason being that we went to people who are ideologically aligned, just like any other company you go to for funding to the people with whom your ideologically line, I didn't bother going over the Warren Buffett looking for funding for daily wire, because that would be a waste of time. I didn't stop I Oriana Huntington's offices. I went to the people with whom I am ideologically line, and I can tell you this the folks to who, on the daily wire, the people from the daily while they have never ever at any point in any editorial input as to what I put on the page and the clarity this I mean I've been writing the same kind of stuff, and I was writing the same kind of stuff for bright Bart right, which is a very proton trump website up until the point where I quit, because thereby, as became overwhelming to the point of under cutting their own rapporteur, as I said at the time, so the idea is that I'm bought and paid for. This is a trump thing. Ok, so here's how Trump operates all of the things? That Trump is that's what you are right, so Trump is corrupt. That means that if you oppose Trump, he will say that you are corrupt from police
all women adore him. He treats women badly in so and so Trump thinks that all women who don't like him by his Let's say all women who, like him, are basically having sex with tat grows, recommend a carpenter, unmarried Catherine, Hammond, Alisha, Kraus, indian lash. There are having such a TED proves that the only reason they wouldn't be attracted to the sausage like fingers of Donald Trump right. That's that's the only reason, and because Tromp is a political john, and he has said many times that basically buys and sells people ten times over, and this is what he does. He believes that everybody is for sale, so it's not just may mark Levinus. Furthermore, Roger sown right Markel event was for sale and Eric Eriksson was for sale and I'm for sale in everybody's foresail everybody. So he have a question for Trump. I'm right here. My email address be Shapiro, daily, where'd autonomy and try, and by me, let's do this thing really mainly offer Mignon offer because of your this great deal maker. If everybody is for sale, if I'm that corrupt Ivan and any checks from Donald Trump and I haven't seen any offers from Donald Trump. Let's see, mercenary. I am relish.
If I'm willing to take money from from people with whom I have people. I find despicable like like Donald Trump, He must be a really crappy deal maker since everybody's foresail, but he seems to have missed some of the biggest when it came to buying them out. This whole thing is: is silliness, but again Donald Trump people project right, if you view oppose Donald Trump, you are all the things Donald from actually is, namely a little whore, who is willing to go where he get support and willing to say anything to get where he needs to go right. And if you are, Donald Trump Backer and you're in this sort of, like bizarre homo erotic fantasy with Donald Trump, where he pats you on the head and the like you're his you're his trial, but simultaneously are attracted to his mighty mountainous areas. Earlier super attracted to his Jai Normous masculinity and his and is magical hands, then it must be that if you oppose tromp must be because you have some sort of pathological issues, being paid off. It's it's it's silly! So that's it! That's the thing I ever final thing. I John case it. Oh, no! oh god, no John, casing, junkies Agus stolen his right. No one knows why no one John case
doesn't know why you don't know why I dont know why. No one knows why not your God knows why, like this is God's omnipotence end we're trying to understand the mind John K, six, the Ohio governor is he's he's. No one knows why he's here, what he's doing but John case it is supposedly republican and he lords his his suppose. It religion, city over everybody. Obviously I am deeply religious person. That's why, where this money be near the top of my head, because I'm a deeply religious group John K success he's a deeply religious Christian, which is why he wants to expand. The power of government right is real big on on the government has to fill the moral void, so he was asked on National the about some of these religious freedom laws that now exist in North Carolina and existing. They try to pass it in Georgia. They ve passed it in Mississippi. Freddy's was basically say if you're a religious person, then you get to be religious in the workplace. You don't have to serve people for whom it to send four hundred and twenty two syrup right. That's that's the idea
as I said before, I don't think this is a purely religious argument. I believe that you should have the right to refuse service, you, whoever you want, and if we don't like that you're worth refusing services. Somebody we just want shop with your right- will, will use the power of the market Here is John case. It saying these laws are unnecessary and ripping into religious people for abiding by their own religious standards. John Cassock are may mark. I wait, aren't having this issue in our state. About this whole religious liberty. I believed that religious institutions ought to be protected and beer would it be in a position of where they can they can live out there. There are deeply held religious purposes, but when you get beyond that, it gets to be a tricky issue, and turkey is not the right word that it can become a contentious issue, but in our state we're not facing this, so everybody needs to take a deep breath, respect one another, what the minute we start trying to write laws things become more polarize. They become more complicated,
finally, I dont want to force people to violate their deeply held religious convictions that we'd have to see. What that's all about I wouldn't have signed from everything. I know I've studied it, but Nathan deal the governor of Georgia. Vetoed another one and look I just to see what the laws are and what the proposals are and why you need to write a law. Why do we have the right, a law? Every time we turn around in this country? Can't we figure out, how to get along a little bit better and respect one another I mean that's where I think we ought to be everybody chill out get over it. If you haven't this agreement with somebody, so where I am right now, John and the less there's something that pops up, I'm not imply the sign anything he's not. You think that's where we are that religious stuff, it's mumbo jumbo this religious stuff, ok, the reason this came up in the first place is because gay and lesbian activists decided to make an issue of religious business owners, not warning to service.
The same sex weddings now going to serve their same sex weddings and therefore there were laws passed. Attempting to protect those people chunky success that necessary, because truly religious people would violate the religious prescriptions it pretty much every turn, because that would be the nice thing to do. Forgive me if I don't, like John K, six brands of of theocracy. I think that its, I think it's going, and I think that its grubs junk basic, also a small Rayson of of ahead person and just as as ace of spades put it about John CASE, like a man who looks like his face, went through the wash twice in your pocket. He there that somebody who I find unpalatable and that right there in a nutshell, his wife on John Fine John case it unpalatable the guise of of niceness under the and underneath is this philosophy of government totalitarianism that the government can force you to do pretty much anything, ok! Well, we will be back moral with more uplifting news of the day and make sure that you go over two hundred Cravens Park has to make it really feel better after this. That's how this works. When I make you all, the present Craven makes you
no better, about your life. As I like to say my show is whirlwind: together, let enjoyed and Clayton says all bring the particles, that's pretty much, how the shows go to make sure that you tune in. For that, it's great to start the weak with you. Thanks for showing up I've been here, this is the bench of Euro Shop
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