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Ep. 1025 - The Woke Revolution Eats Its Own


The New York Times’ woke staffers destroy its op-ed page to stop a conservative column; Drew Brees’ atonement is rejected; and our scientific experts jump on board with enormous public protests, so long as they’re for the right reasons.

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Unemployment. Unexpectedly drops and some Democrats are upset about it. The New York Times is woke, staffers destroy its job, had page to stop a conservative column and drew breezes. Atonement is reject. Adventure pair of this is the bench Barroso Show the bench of Euro shortly sponsored by express Vps. Your data is or business protected at Express gps dot, com, slashed Ben already self. The big story of the morning is that the unemployment rate shockingly decline to thirteen point three percent. There are a lot of people works. In most of the economist were expecting in addition of some seven point, five million people to the unemployment rules this month. Instead, it turns out that unemployment actually decreased by two point: five million Dal Jones experts, according to daily wire, had predicted the rate would sort of nineteen point percent with another eight million jobs lost, becomes we're not even closed economy, actually created more than two five million jobs and may, according to the Labour department that may gain, was the biggest one
jobs gained in american history, since at least nineteen thirty nine President Trump wrote on Twitter, It is not by any stretch of the imagination, into stupendous number, it's joyous. Let's call it like it is. The market was right. It stunning jobs returned to many sectors: retail sales to restaurants and bars to clothing stores, dentistry and medical practices. Jobs were lost in government and education doing to do to ongoing we'll closures, futures and Thou sword. More than six hundred fifty point on the Good NEWS, the unemployment rate increased by more than ten percent in April. When all the way up to fourteen point, seven percent, the March jobs report barely caught the initial surgeon unemployment. It was jets, then, at four point. Four,
percent there was some bad news on Thursday with the labour departments stating that one point, eight million Americans made first time claims for unemployment benefits last week that push the number of people who have lost their jobs amid the pandemic. Above forty, two million weekly jobless cleanse totalled one point: eight seven, seven million Dal Jones analyse an estimate of the job, was one point: seventy five million so dissolve as our long people were still claiming unemployment, but a lot of jobs were adds the economy, because it turns out that people are not into being locked up in losing their jobs for ever and a lot of the people who are on unemployment have technically been sort of fur load right. A lot of them went to their employers, Nay said if you could just kind of Lamy Offs that I'm eligible to make more money off unemployment that I am working for you right now, since I'm for load. That would be great, but those people,
Can you get their jobs back? The economy is expected to begin recovering during the second half of twenty twenty two CBS may report had said the labour market is projected maturity improve after the third Corbett. Obviously, this was happening earlier. Rachel bottom line is that people want to get back to work. People are getting back to work, and that is amazing. That is really good news. This lead Paul crewmen, the expert over at the New York Times. The experts are always right. This is the thing that we have learned over the past several months is you must listen to data? You must listen to the experts. You must lessons. As somebody who is kind of fun of listening to data in science, I've been noting all one that the data in science have not been backing. A lot of the positions taken by the so called experts, but it is amusing to watch, is Paul Krugman becomes in employment. Truth her he trotted out this morning and this being the Trump era you can completely discount the possibility they ve gotten to the Bureau of Labour statistics. They ve got into them. President, from whence the bureau liberated his keen said, it's gonna, be your unemployment numbers or your brains and this piece of paper, but much more like
LISA Public, that the models used to produce these numbers have gone haywire in time of pandemic. He says these numbers should make you more not less pessimistic about the economic outlook. Why? Because the reinforced White House inclination to do nothing and let emergency aid expire. Believe of also you get to your wrong by like the swing there. From seven point, five million jobs lost you two point: five million jobs gain you're off like ten million jobs. In that swing. And your initial response is this very bad, because it means that there won't be as much stimulus is we need or your just wrong about, like all the things Paul Grognon and you have been wrong for years, the same guy who suggests that would not change the way we did. Business would be like the fax machine or the Genius Programme and the guy the guys just incredible at what he does. So that is very good news. People have been saying on the right, is it possible that term can still when, given everything that's going on, given the fact that he trailing Joe Biden heavily given the fact that is trailing in a lot of us when states the answers of the economy really recovers and if Kobe doesn't kill everybody that by the time we get to the election the story and can be the riots. The story is going to be the economy boom
again or the economy skyrocket again or the it. I mean this month we had the greatest jobs growth since nineteen, thirty, nine, the economy. Picking up again and in the face of that Joe Biden and his performative wilderness, because, right now the performer of weakness looks good when you got a lot of people on the streets and when everybody is being forced to kneel at the altar. Almost literally Neil Neil at the altar of the proposition that America is systemically racist. Every major corporation putting out notices about this in Joe Biden out their raw writing it in the middle of riding eluding. All that looks good when President Trump doesn't look like he's in control, but if we get in November and the actual question is booming economy, verses, performative, weakness from a dead guy in Joe Biden, that is a better race for Donald Trump. It is about a razor Donald Trump, so good economic, basically trumps entire future in politics, rests on an economic recovery. At this point, it has to happen form if there's no economic recovery he's toast.
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so meanwhile in the in the rioting news in the and looting news and the protests news the big story of the evening and of the morning was this video there's a lot of video. That's coming out right now of the police in brutal to people, and this is bad and all the officers involved should be punished when they are brutally people. Obviously, the police have really rough job. It does not leave you ate them of their responsibility. To not involve himself. In at the police brutality. We have seen this happen a bunch of time, so there is, there is, a situation that happened: Buffalo New York yesterday, in which an elderly man hell you seventy five years old approached police officers is a protest her and he and his paw He loses balance. Any smacks his head against the pavement medics comport, can they put him an ambulance was taken away. Man's name is who Guenaud is an vampires using serious but stable condition, apparently with a concussion and lacerations the officers. Were seen, walking, passageway bleeding on the ground in then they went. There rested somebody who was behind him, who apparently was not leaving when they were supposed to leave
the Buffalo mayor, Byron, Brown, issued statements and he was deeply disturbed by the video. The officers were suspended without pay the governor and requirements It's called the incident wholly unjustified, normally disgraceful, which it is. I just wish that that Andrew Como were quite as quite upset about you know, mass riding, including the middle of New York City, can do both right. I'm not upset with the tweet about this being unjustified disgraceful. I'm more upset that he allowed people to roughshod through his major city for seven complete days and seven complete nights ago. That seems like doubts about policy, but with that said, There are a few points you made your one police brutality is a thing that happens. It is something that happens. There are police, more brutal and right now as all the cameras round and every police officer in America is out. You're gonna see more instances of that and that one on camera and police officers being punished. For this sort of thing, I think most police officers are on board with that. In this particular case, the shop is bad. The dick the guy obviously does loses balancing Europe's trips over himself don't shut seventy five year. People is the answer to this particular problem.
The guy's white have we seen other cases. There is a case in Washington DC when the when Swat Woods, attempting to disperse a crowd and once what member just goes right. After a cameraman there's a camera manage standing right there and you see this walk. I take you shielding slam the shield into the stomach. In the commission's what you from Australia Why do I mentioned the raised because the narrative that we are being told by black lives matter group is the police? Brutality is reserved for black people, but the issue here is not bad training and police brutality and incidents thereof, but generalised stomach american racism. I suggested that, typically, when you have incidents of police Reality is really more an issue of the fact that a lot of police are not well trained. A lot of police are too aggressive that that happens across communities. It is not relegated to the lack of unity and that you pretend that every incident of brutality is in fact an incident. Racism
to make a category are, in fact everybody whose jumping to the conclusion that the direct Shovin killing of of George Void, the alleged killing of George Floyd- and I say, alleged because again, there's conflicting autopsies on this, but the alleged killing of of George, followed by your children, people who are coming to the conclusion that challenge that, because he's a brutal racist, I suppose you because he's just not a good cop and was the incidence of police brutality and with badly train the jump. There is not supported by the evidence in a particular case. Now there are is in which there is evidence to support the racism charge. So a perfect case in which worry of evidence to support racism charge would be the when our barricades originally said. Maybe this just vigilantes who were who are attempting to stop what they thought was crime and you're were wrong and like idiots and in bad people, and they got into an arm conference
Asian with our berry and shot in, which means they should go to jail, but that is not a case necessarily race and will now. We actually have evidence to now looks more like races right. So when you follow the evidence, the nice thing about evidence is, it doesn't tend to bring you to the wrong conclusion. More data is generally good. Knowing the motivations of people is generally going to be more helpful in generating data for an. Active than simply just assuming the narrative and what you're seeing from the blacklist matter move away. You're seeing from the media is amazing from every major corporation every major corporations. America is now saying: a million dollars in the interval lazy, be legal defence fun in acknowledgement of systemic racism. By the way, if you think that those sorts of donations are going to now alleviate people calling you racist, if your major corporations are wrong, it's not going to happen but of Amazon things that by putting up a black lives matter banner on their website, the people are going to now. Just pretend that Amazon is fine, but the left is going to leave Amazon. One good luck with that really enjoy it, but
The reality is that in certain cases you can actually tell whether racism is happening. So there is an allegation now that Travis Mc Michael thirty, four called the alleged victim offload, our very in that Georgia awful awful awful case right there. Nothing short of murder, Travis Michael who is one of the shooters called the alleged victim in effing inward after the shooting and before police rides, according to testimony from special agent Richard Vile, that came at second hand from Codependent, William Roddy Brian fifty, the men recorded video of the fatal shooting. Now this has been called a little bit into question because The guy was recording the shooting from behind using his car. So unless he yelled it, the question is how to get in the car hurt, but assuming that he's not lying means not trying to get off the hook. By basically saying this was a racist murmur and I wasn't involved in any way the racism but assuming its true, which I don't see why we should not have a true assuming its true, that is occasional, races, murder right. So, yes, racism exists,
Yes, we can identify and yes, we can punish it, but to immediately assume that every that every incident of police brutality involving a black person is really about the race of black person, as opposed to the police. Brutality, I think, is a fairly major category air, but we are not really supposed to talk about the category or because again, there is a narrative to be driven and the narratives that America is deeply evil and deeply terrible in every possible way, and this is why you see senders kneeling at the at the? U S Kapital located now again the kneeling symbol is, I don't deliberately vague or if it's obviously supposed to be the common cabinet thing right. That was, the symbol. Account cabinet used Helen Cabinet, the former forty nine escorted back their pension, I did to kneel and work started Copses pigs on them. He was kneeling for the national anthem and for the american flag because of police brutality. Implication being that America, broadly writ, is guilty for the sins of police brutality and racism is to blame for all police brutality
Now we have United States sitting senators or kneeling in honour of George Floyd. What? If the idea is that you have to accept that America systemically racist than that very bad thing for the country is suggesting that America's systemically here's, the problem with making arguments like institutionally racist or systemically racist. They are deliberately nonspecific and they are deliberately created so that you can never alleviate I dont like problems that you can never leave eight, especially in politics right. It's it's it's a serious issue because versatile lives not if you're not able to alleviate it, then you really should concern yourself within politics is. If, if something in politics is not alleviate Opel, then sometimes the solution is worse than the care. That is true with regard to, for example, income inequality. If you want to solve income, inequality could go full commune. Everybody can have the exact same income, but that is not now leave eatable problem in which the these solution is not worse than the problem. If you say systemic racism, you never
They have to cite the policy you think is racist or point to the person you think is racist. Instead, you just say everything is racist and, as I said yesterday, that's a religious belief. It is not an actual specific believe about something that we can fix, but that's just racism is out there in the atmosphere, who's, the races- I don't know- maybe it's you maybe you want, but I'm not a racist. I've never done anything racism. Its implicit. Maybe you don't even know you're doing races, Looking at the races thing, I dunno can you name Is this thing that I believe now? Can you name any of the races things
that I'm responsible for no but deep down in your heart, without even knowing it you're, probably raced okay. Well now, you have made an allegation that is completely unfair survival, see suggesting systemic racism or institutional racism is deliberately nonspecific, and if you want to talk about policy, voter turnout, red lining, for example, back in the nineteen sixties, which was a thing and was made illegal in nineteen. Seventy five, if you by the federal government, if you wanna talk about informal practices of red lining which, by the way, are illegal and by the way you could see banks over then you're talking about a policy that has been alleviated by law or if you want to talk about the fact that that. History has consequences that, of course, is true, but the question is: what do you want to do about that today, because I can't go back, I don't have a time machine. I can't go back in time and change stuff that happened to pass. So what policy would you like to pursue today? That is going to alleviate the problem of court of what systemic racism it? If your suggestion is that we have to do injustice today in order to rectify this injustices of the past. The answer is no, because now you just want injustices today to launch
actually make a right, nor do they alleviate the problem of anybody, thinks that slavery, reparations and signing checks to descendants, ways, people ok, I guess we're done here: systemic racism, fixed good luck That is not going to happen. I don T see Coated submitted in his seminal essay. The case reparation very late in USA. He says: maybe it will work, but we must give it a try. What no, if your entire case, that the reparations our repetitive, if you're saying you might not work he's not repetitive, as if you will do a mechanic and mechanics. As you know, I'm the need to complete I'm in charge of the worth of the car. All. You need to do and it might get your car. It might not fix your car aren't gonna mechanic. I have serious doubts have seriously ok, so we're gonna talk more about the black lives matter agenda, because it's not clear exactly what people are something for other than that generalised sense of Amerika being bad, which is something that you as an American proposed will get to that in a second first. Let's talk about the fact that everybody needs a good sofa, you're spending, an awful lot of time home on that,
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is driving all this what's driving a lot of this is the pitch, which is that America is deliberately keeping black people down I've a generalised view of human beings. They dont think about each other. All that much they don't spend an awful lot of time. Thinking about keeping other. Not America gain America. There are not very many people who get up in the morning and, like you know what I'm keeping a black eye now today I really don't think they're a lot of those people. So if you're not a lot of people who gets like those people, then you need to save me the rule, the rule that keeping black people down and if you can't make me a rule, then I'm not sure exactly what we are supposed to do about your accusation. If, instead, what is actually happening is the generalised leftist pitch that any inequality can be chalked up to injustice? Even if you can't name the injustice- and I can go along with that- If the idea is that any inequality that income inequality can be tracked up to some sort of exploitation or historic grievance, that can only be cured by some new injustice know. The answer is: no. I'm not gonna go along with that, and if you can
to imply that Americans are bad, hearted and racist and the which will alleviate this is the expiation of sin. Cause. You religious rituals, in which you kneel and repeat after people. The answer is no better than on American. That is not something I will introduce a free American who has not sinned against black people. That is, Something I'm willing to do. I'm perfectly willing to My own sends out a full list on my website I feel I have said one over the course of my career, but I am not willing to accept responsibility for something That may not ancestors did not will, and nobody else should either justice That person should not be forced to accept responsibility for things that lack people do that. Wrong. Why people should not be forced to accept responsibility for things that white people do that
Wrong or have done in the past. If you are looking to fix things, what you that there is a basic rule in marriage, it basically marriages. When you having argument, don't say you always acts. Are you always treat me like this? Europe is like the first rule of marital counselling. Why? Because it's not specific is not a problem can solve and usually to an accurate, because people don't always do anything. Instead, you have to have to say what is the exact problem that we have and how do we solve this problem is right in front of us if you're just going to suggest without evidence that every single instance of police brutality is indicative of broader american racism and by the way, every instant. Of a black person. Killing white person is not indicative of a bigger problem, interestin individual incident, but every instance of away incoming black person is indicative of broader american historical racism. None of this follows now in this house, and it does not help when you try out spokespeople like AL sharply in the worst race Pater of modern american history. How shocked and completely falsified a rape case about two on a rally l sharpen was in
of inciting the riots, in my opinion, in Crown heights in ninety ninety one that ended with the murder of an orthodox. Do you literally went out from the crowd and said that if you wonder, if you want to fight him, pin your your Yamaha come on over L sharpen was involved in the incitement of the burning of fright fashion mark, in my opinion, again in New York City in nice and eighty six, when he suggested that jewish interlopers were taken over real estate in New York. That guy beaten- and I think I I'm in his each dick is that he goes to businesses. He claims that their racist and then, if they sonatrach to his fund. He leave them alone. It is L sharp instead so minded to listen to him. Nobody has made more money off of the wye of systemic american racism. The now sharpen Nobody is made more money off within our sharpened. So using MR spokesperson is a mistake. So charging yesterday made a statement in which he suggested that, ever since four hundred one years ago- the region we could before we wanted and dreamed of being. As you kept your knee on our neck for four hundred years now, Americans literally get their knees on the necks of black
although I blew civil war and then in the south through Jim Crow, but dropped in has had no one's knee on his neck elsewhere and has made a very, very lucrative career are blackmailing people. You would leave them alone is worth, smarter than the underfunded schools you put us in, but you had your knee on our neck. We could run corporations and not hustle on the street, where you had our knee on her neck. Ok, what is what is the policy knee We can all be on the same page. What does the policy need that is on the neck of black people right now? If you can't name it then eminent have a heart I'm taking very seriously I'll sharpens contentions, is the problem that I have with this program. If you want a march against police brutality, cops are marching against police brutality, everybody is against police brutality, but the vigour, the charge ready to reboot, and that, I think, is the purpose. That is the goal here: the vigour the charge, the harder it is true, and that is why the charges are being me so He Maria ROS, a professor of Africa. American studies has Pisa than your times called call it what it is anti blackness she's has not racism she's at the right time is Anti black,
just to be clear. Racism isn't a meaningless charm, but it's a catch all they can encapsulate anything from black people being denied. Access to mortgage loans, to asian students being burned. Bird with a model minority label. It's not specific, anti black, This is one way some black scholars have articulated what it means to be marked as black in an anti black world is more than just racism against black people that over. Blue eyes and fangs it. It's a theoretical for more than illuminates societies, inability to recognise our humanity, the disdain. Just darting discussed for existence. Ok, evidently evidence seriously dangerous regarding discuss for our existence. We have active affirmative action programmes at every major american University because there is not to say disregarding discussed for the existence of black people. There is a desperate attempt to help black people in bad circumstances. Move up the move up. The letter success, but the basic notion in America that that Anti blacknesses the defining feature then again allows you, lay everything at the feet of non unspecified enemy and then we,
in this column the usual track. We're gonna go back a hundred and fifty years to slavery and then we're gonna fast forward, as though nothing has changed in the interim. Untie blackness describes the inability to recognise black humanity. It captures the reality that the kind of violence that saturate slack life is not based on any specific thing of life. Person better described as a person who has been realised black did what? What is that? Even me, the violence we experiences in times when a particular transgression, its gratuitous and unrelenting anti blackness, covers the fact that society, hatred of blackness and also its gratuitous violence against black people, is complicated by the need for our existence, for example, for white people again better describe as those who have been realised. White is an easy way by the way: a dismissal, black conservative entreating. Why? Liberals, as though they are woke the object, inhumanity of the black reinforces their whiteness, their humanness, their power, their privilege, Weather What whether they are aware of it or not. Is my favorite part whether there urban or not, because you know what goes nothing now. We are your races
If you don't know your racist, I can explain why are racist, but I know you are because whether you are aware of it or not, I know that out there there's a bunch of people who are just answer black and the fact that you exist as evidence as a white person. That anti blackness exists that the vagary is the enemy of unity. If you want people to come together, who have to make a specific proposal, if you want people to actually move beyond a problem, we have to make a specific proposal for a solution That would suit your thing about this, because the only specific proposals I've seen things like limiting qualified immunity or sobbing police unions from it, shooting bad contracts? I agree with those ok, but nobody wants to. Actually knowledge that the right agrees on a lot of this point. So instead it well. If you don't agree on that,
a point that America is broadly speaking. Racist, then you're, part of the problem not seems to me that a big part of the problem here is the deliberate attempt to paint a vague picture of what the problem is in the first place, such that the goalposts can move ad nauseam, they just move randomly everything becomes racist, so long as people on the left suggest that it is racist and the goalposts consistently receive. It doesn't like private example college campuses. The reality is that in college campuses, there are no no place in America has more accusations, racism in college campuses. These are also the most work places on the planet. So if you think that acknowledging white privilege
he's like VD reward move on campuses, acknowledging white privilege on America's college campuses has somehow alleviated the problem of accusations of racism or alleviated racism itself. I beg to differ. There is no evidence of this whatsoever because then the problem is being used as a club and again the problem is not even being specifically explain. What is the problem and don't tell me bad things happening to black people? Is the problem, bad things happen to everybody, and if the question is why they happen in how we alleviate the problem, if you can't specify example, where the problem is coming from better than racism or anti blackness and nobody knows about economic policy in Canada. Person can him who did the bad thing if some India has an if you call the police let's assume a world in which the police are going. Ok like they normally are. You call the police and somebody and and and they come your door and they say: ok, what's the problem, and you say the problem is about
just happened in this. Ok, what's the bad thing that happened to you and you can't really specified, I think that happening against us by who did it? You can't buy specify what exactly happened. What are we supposed to do? Is this a problem. Holding routine or is this just an expression of venting of spleen at inequality and inequality is a real but it is not necessarily a it is not a surly iniquity may so that by the way, the word noting that anybody who thinks that the problem is alleviated by echo, In your white privilege is folded, rebuild the blog Yahoo spent the entire last week, allowing riding and looting to overtake city. His daughter was arrested at the protests, and he said he was proud of her build. A blogger has spent heeded full speeches talking about his evil. Horrible white which, though the plaza that booted vigil for Georgia for yesterday so well done. On buying off everybody who you thought was going to appreciate your your new found boldness. What then
fine? we? Ruth was we salute. Latham rally have to be. You have to be told to respect the mayor. Who is the walk, the walk as mayor in America? So? Well, then everybody problem solved right from salt. What's in there, The democratic made the pitch that America's systemically racist, that they can't name whose doing the racism or what the policy just like us and will alleviate it has, we did in New York has been alleviate in Washington DC, Can alleviate Nellie. All Democrats governing it. I haven't noticed. Ok. Meanwhile, the performative woke crowd.
Taken over major american institutions, the culture wars are ongoing and a culture wars are bloody there. There people like me, who has begun college campuses for a long time in pointing out the problems that exist on America's college campuses for a long time, particularly the problems of of safe. Bases and micro Russians, and if you say something, I don't wait. You're hurting me in your creating a danger- and there is a general attempt by me in the media and my many on the left- cancel culture doesn't exist. Cancel culture isn't real well, it turns out that it actually is Not only that there a bunch of people in the rather well? Is it really prominent? It's happening on campuses. After all, these kids one they entered the real world and in the real world they will be able to get away with this ball crap in the real world, they will actually have to undertake to understand opposing points. You well so much in the morning- you there, what started academia doesn't stayin academia and that the ridiculous social justice Warrior sensorial culture got we're not going to be any academy, is going to leave and take over the institutions and that the Maoist Cultural,
pollution. The your seeing America's major institutions is unknown. It's awful areas by the way half of the box. Writing team is now realizing the council. Culture exist. They spent like years denying that it exists. Nineteen in the last day, half of the writers of robotic, very leftwing, publication, too, oh by the way this castle, culture thing: it's not great. It's not great! Why well, because What just happened over at the New York Times? Some explain what happened over the New York Times, and it is a perfect and rhodesia ridiculous example of how, when you started the premise that America is systemically evil and that America systemically racist, and then you suggest that America's rights rights to free speech, rights to freedom of expression, that those rights fall unequally on people because of DNA.
Quality and american life, then all you have to do is curb those rights and make the rights available only to people who have been historically victimized. That's that's the injustice that has to be done today to correct for the injustices of the past. This is the case first made by air Bremmer, accuse the writ radical marxist professor from the nineteen Sixtys, when he suggested that what you really needed, what you really needed was repression of opposing viewpoints, called the repressive tolerance. You need repressive tolerance. You need a situation in which tolerance of the left wing viewpoint is exacerbated and intolerance of right wing viewpoints is put down because there has to be silenced whose freedom of speech is actually bags. If the right people, if people who are bad use freedom of speech, those people could actually wines, we have to silence those people
that marginalized voices can speak in that perspective and Anne and allowing the non marginalized. What has speak loud right, wingers to speak, is a threat to your life that perspective has taken over the New York Times, we're gonna get to that in just one second, first, let us talk about the most delicious gifting get through dad this fathers day. I know because they sent me some kosher snakes, I'm talking about Omaha Stakes, alma world for mistakes. They ve been naturally age to at least twenty one days. The aging makes the pays them. It's unbelievable for tenderness. And hand carved to perfection, they offer tasty easy to make side issues. Artisan desserts and much much more. Almost eggs have been America's original butcher since nineteen seventy or something like camel apple tart words about Portugal, all sorts of stuff that I wish I didn't give closer. I can actually take advantage, but they actually did send me some coastal states, and they are
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she is the editor I choose determining all policy, the new woke staff in your time, and this is happening in a lot of major companies. Have you been noticing a lot of the major corporations issuing statements? That's because they will not awoke interns who are basically telling them that if they don't there can be very, very angry at them and the south this is violence. Movement is gaining, is gaining speed. I actually have I go to a gem out here when we're in non pandemic times ahead of the gin email me yesterday and said he had received a cancellation from somebody not because he had said anything bad, but because he did not put out a corporate state about black lives matter. In the middle of this to the person like he found the one person whose apparently sitting at home going, I need corporate virtues,
When I will not patronize your business, ridiculous. Ok, we're gonna get to this in just one second, first, twenty twenty remember that Donald Trump was actually impeached this year, you how long this year has been like so long. The town troubles impeached this year, and that was one hundred and twenty seven years ago. That's how long this year has been. We have seen in impeachment. We have seen the presidential debates would seem Bernie Sanders climbed to the top of the rankings and collapse. We have seen a global pandemic. We ve seen race riots in our streets. We have seen with in virtually all things you could see, but the year is not even half way over guys years, not even half way over like right now about half way. So if you wanna keep track of all of us and you and what makes the mainstream media is not cutting off your ability to see all the news, then you want to check out daily why I had another delaware, dot com, slash the tragedy.
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show and socio economic group and then destroyed from the inside. That's that's the book. The entire book is about, as it were, putting a lot of those contentions. It discusses american history with all the words, but why America is the greatest country on planet, earth and wife? We don't start believing that again, we are toast. The book is called how'd. You destroy America in three easy steps. Having its deeply important get a lot of questions from people. How can I educate myself about american history? How can I get myself about american philosophy? How the declaration the constitution, the book, has all of these things. It gives you the education, you need, it isn't just diatribe about the badness of people trying to show the country apart. It is a in in. It is an explanation of why they are wrong and why America is truly an incredible incredible country where we need to get back to what was supposed to unify us in the first place and over history failed to unify us, because people strayed from those principles go check it out how to destroy America in three easy steps coming out July. Twenty first, you can pay order it right now in listening to the
are just ass, is going from the British on podcasting. The nation is already so the the move toward America is evil systemically racist and therefore the way to fix that systemic racism is to shut down all the voices. We don't like them, always being made by the New York Times staff by the walk staff at the New York Times and understand they. Don't actually think that rightwing perspectives, our quarrel while it they don't. Don't actually think that I think there's some of them who do some of them are so delusional that they believe that they print Annetta towards from Tom Cotton, but that is actual violence to people writing most of them. Just don't like the view and they are using. The excuse of your viewpoint is inherently unjust and unjust viewpoint means that your exacerbating the systemic inequalities of the United States. Therefore, we have every right to ban what you are saying and every obligation not just right, every obligation to ban what you are saying so does not really a threat of violence. It is
The belief that the only way to make a better America's is for voices that you don't like an listen, wasn't every publication as editorial standard standards. But if you are saying that you cannot print apart from the sitting in any state Senator Tom Cotton, a Harvard law graduate who is writing apiece served in the military writing a piece about the use of the military against riding eluding. A viewpoint by the way agreed to by pulling data by six and ten Americans, that you cannot run that peace, and that is bad one that peace, you are not only not in the mainstream. You are fully insane your fully crazy, but that the way that a lot of these organisations are being when we saw the same thing with the Atlantic organization, run by the experts, Jeffrey Global, hired, Kevin Williams, International viewed right and then After some woke, staffers decided the Cabman Williamson was bad bad. They fired him what values This over at the New York Times so yesterday, there is a big brouhaha, because some cotton wrote this up ad, suggesting that it was time to send. The troops to restore order during riding alluding he what he did make a distinction between
testers and writers and looters, but people in your time so make that distinction, because they think that the writers and voters are justified in tearing down the institutions of american president. It's a bunch of members of the New York Times, woke staff tweeted out the same thing as I mentioned yesterday. They all did the college dissolve college, bull crap, it's all college bull crap I've been on enough camps is to know this have visited dozens and doesn't play a hundred campuses over the course of the last four years. They all do this hates ridiculous. These campuses, our replete with this kind of woke nonsense and one of the things that they do, as I mentioned yesterday, is the if you're grew somebody had clap maitre might trigger somebody's post, traumatic stress disorder, since they are supposed to snap indisposed to repeat slogans. Somebody says something then you're supposed to just like you saw that the blog your rally, somebody
from the microphone says. Respect and you don't just give respect you supposed to shout back respect or at the Bethesda Maryland thing. You're supposed to repeat sentence bisons what somebody is telling you, which is a religious woken cantation herself, the entire near time, staff apparently decides to tweet out the same thing running. This puts a black New York Times. Staff endanger endanger, if you're, a black ready for the New York Times Tom Cotton, saying that using american military to put down riots is putting black staff at the New York Times engage. Why are they riding eluding? They flinging molotov cocktails a cop cars, if not, they publish and feel superadds injured by this. But this became such an issue that the New York Times they didn't pull down the peace they didn't a correction to the bees. Instead, they issued a statement, and here is their statement from their spokeswoman. We examined the peace and the process leading up to its publication. This review made clear that a rushed at a tory process, ledge application of our bed, but did not meet our standards as a result were planning to exist. Both short term and long term, changes to include expanding our fast tracking operate?
and reducing the number of up as we published so there actually printing fewer up Ed's, because some work staffers, who not willing to quit by them It was such a danger. They should acquire I've quit publications where I think the publication is doing something deeply and terribly wrong. I've done it myself. None of these woke staffers willing to quit the New York Times over currently running a peace so dangerous. He was putting their own staff lives in danger. None of them are willing to quit. There's one bit. Down at the upper management said the pusillanimous Howard. We upper management would apologise for running a peace that fifty eight percent of Americans agree with really well done. Well that by the way, how do you know they're lying in other line, because its twenty seven hours later twenty nine hours later? It's it? This things been up, for, I think, nearly two days, maybe forty eight hours later, they still have not issued a question on a piece of the peace was factually wrong. Where's the correction
some pulled down is still up. So this was just please please, don't please don't yell at us. Please don't yell at as it so bad. Where are you going? It does work or work in your term staffers they had their leaking to other publications news that people are cancelling their subscriptions, wow all man for small. I thought that, generally speaking, you don't want your staffers leaking outside publications. That's just not something that is done. If I found there staffers of the daily, where leaking doubts, I publications about internal business at the daily, where their fired witches. That's how fast air fired it's my company, it's my business, ok, but they'd staffers, who are leaking this stuff out. And the staffers willing out amazing amazing news news, like two hundred people cancel their subscriptions inside of one our whoo hoo? Two hundred people well with two hundred people, did a thing that probably the one million in your time subscribers by the wedding, it's an underestimated. Eighty, two million New York Times it's got clear
they're all cancelling on mass, the amount of cowardice in corporate Amerika, even including in our present, especially in our press, is it stunning. You want to know why Palatine sending out little notices about woke culture because they're afraid they might receive ten tweets. That's why? Because all of these corporation, are a cowardly, and so they decided they're going to bow to the notion of systemic racism by the way. What then understand is their signing the death warrant for their own for their own companies, because the Woke culture is not satisfied with you making protestations of your innocence or of your guilt, you say that you are what once you say that you are responsible for systemic racism. You think it stops with admission or now you're on the hook, for every claim that people who claim that you are the problem are gonna make the admission of guilt is not is not in alleviation of your responsibility. According to these folks, you, the admission of guilt is the first step toward them. Reckon you This is how these apologies work is how these apologies work so very wise. Who is one of the
When we say people within your times, arena hush lasted there. That long, I don't think so. Last much longer to be frank with you, given the nature of the situation at the New York Times, she tweet up the civil war inside the New York Times between mostly young folks, works verses them. They mostly forty plus rules is the same one raging inside other publications in companies across the country? The dynamic is always the same. The old guard lives by a sort of Suppose we can broadly calls him libertarianism. They assumed shared world. They shared that world view with young people they hired, who call themselves liberals and progressive. This was an incorrect assumption. The new It has a different world view. One articulated best buy Height and Gregg Luciano. They called safety ism in which the right up but the real, emotionally and psychologically safe, trumps or previously considered core liberal values like free speech, I am in no way surprised that what is now exploded into public view in a way tat, the comforting, I feel less alone.
That's crazy, trying to explain the dynamic to people. When I am shocked by the speed, I thought it would take a few years, not a few weeks. Here's one way to think about what is at stake. The New York Times Motto is all the news that fit to print one group, I emphasise the word all the other emphasise the word fit. Ok. This is correct. Naturally, everyone can your terms like that. That's happening, that's not happening. Stressors, I'm in the same meaning, berries, wife tweeting, this is inaccurate. In both terms, Station- is not a civil war- is an editorial conversation out an editorial frustration that ends with you restricting you're up ad page not pulling down a peace that supposedly is chock full of areas by the way for the New York Times said that their factories barons how cotton peace is the same newspaper printed, the sixteen nineteen project that made the suggestion that virtually everything in the American Revolution was designed to preserve slavery, which is insane insane. Billions in one appeals for their trouble: Pinch Salzburg or the Idiot publisher of the New York Times. He put out a statement, and I have already heard from many of you. I will do more listening in the days ahead. There will be a town halls,
Shall I tell you all about running in our bed from a sitting american sender? If we're not budge from Vladimir Putin, they run up ads about why sex is better in communist countries and they can't run in a bed from time cotton. Maybe you might need used the military to put down civil insurrection like this. Is it's crazy? It's crazy! I believe, in the principle of openness to a range of opinions. Even those you may, I agree with the speech, was published in that but its essential. We listen and reflect on the concerns were hearing, as we would with any peace. That is the subject of significant criticism, so just absolute absolute cowardice. How bad is the council culture? How bad is the sensorial culture? There is a piece in the Washington Post today by Alyssa Rosenberg, who is one of the the tv colonists and sometimes right, interesting stuff. This is not one of those times. Chesapeake settled, shut down. All police movies anti these shows now the police are so bad that we should all watching loan or the police are evil. We should also
watching any show or movie the portrays, the police as God, because we all know the police are actually brutal and racist. Now, first of all, if you think that has not been a tv shore movie made about police brutality in racism, let me recommend recent police show ever made, except for law and order, and maybe dragnet every show made since the Nypd Blue has taken on these issues. Every single one of them. But Eleazer. Rosenberg suggests that we have a generalised view of the police is good and that's bad. Many to stop. She says for a century, Hollywood has been collaborating with police departments telling stories that white was whitewashed shooting and valor rising in action. Euro style of policing over the hearted, less dramatic a building relationships with the community's cops are meant to serve and protect purely from a dramatic perspective, crimes, distortion counts Winchell investigating crime, generates action, solving crime by four, morally and emotionally satisfying conclusion. The result is an addiction to stories that protrude police departments is more effective than they actually are. Crime is more prevalent than it actually is, and police use of forests as consistently justified.
And then she says we should cancel Dick whilst Chicago Franchising shows we should get rid of one as the EU. We should get one All of this shows that you like watching because, obviously their training is, the police are good. Instead, we shall watch Brooklyn nine, because its reformist police show is very, very important. One make one white for maybe to emphasise the dialogues and sometimes fear struggles to take place there departments. The shield follows the rain and eventual downfall corrupt, detective VIC Mac. Is she likes the shield and she likes the wire, but those are the only ones and even the shield took so long to get to the point where the costs are actually bad. We need. We need only shows where the cops are bad. Now I have a question We also ban rap music. So for a long time there was this idea and it came from some elements, the right answer, elements of what the rap music was causing people to be violent. Video games also causing people to be violent. Then there is about the social science and showed not so much a so now we have a piece in the Washington Post, suggesting we stop all police movies. Tv shows. There's a peace today
in the New York Times talking about how we don't need any more novels or tv shows about cops. Would you the wrong For that reason, we need to stop all that. No more hard charging cops novels and tv shows we need to stop all of its instead. We need woke books, more woke books, that's what we need. The censorship is how fast it is taking place incredibly fast, because cancel culture is real, it exists. It is ugly. It is designed to destroy your freedoms, freedom to consume. What you would like your freedom to say what you like your freedom to read and watch what you would like Where is that? All messages must mirror the same message, even if that message is factually untrue, such as that America was founded on slavery, not on freedom or that a marrow, systemically racist right into the core. Every message must be need must be made to to match. This message is not even enough
four drew breeze to apologize for, saying that the amid all he said was I won't meal for the american flag, because I had grandfather, she fought in the military and american flagstones from freedom use force to apologise and then, whose first for power I again yet you should a second apology. Today, ok they're they're, coming for you, there are coming to kill you not literally speaking figuratively, digging their coming to finish your career they're. Coming at you, and once you apology, as for saying something is anodyne, as the american flag is not worth kneeling for american flag is worth much more than that in there they will start that will never stop. Shannon Sharp read these former tight end for Furthermore, Broncos he says he's never going to respect, drew breeze, for having said the new for the american flag is bad, Hiroshima and sharp yesterday refill doesn't seem to get a mighty issued apology, skill, but if meaningless, because the guys know that he spoke his heart the bear, first time around correct. I don't know about. I don't know what you're gonna do, but he prodigy just go here retired now here it will never be
the same. What did he say a big, now get up. There would never in the same because he spoke at heart and skip the ones whether one is there, how he said he was the I would never respect a man. So all respect is gone for good reason for having said that he likes the american flag once you apologizing to solve the problem, did it because I'm not getting an impression once you bow to the performative, woke crowd once you bout and social Justice warriors their Jaffrey. Ok, kneeling. Bending money does not amount to an act of unity in front of social Joe warriors, who suggested America's systemically racist, Jaffrey, lopped off the head of NED That is what is going to happen for a country that decides that it is indeed endemically racist across every aspect of humanity. They can explain why you can explain policies, you can explain the racists
Yet your granting your granting a premise that is going to end the country that is the danger here not marching in its police brutality, which is fine not marching against individual instances, racism, which is fine, suggesting that America, Broad Lirette, is unjust. That is a serious problem, and that is a problem. It's going to outlast whatever happens over there over the course of the next week, or so we'll back a little bit later today with two additional hours of content. Otherwise, please I told you last week and try not to burn down the country while we're gone further weaken. Let me try that again they take to we'll see here. Next, I've been here. This is the bench Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available and Apple podcast Spotify and wherever you listened apart. Gas also be sure to check out the other daily, where podcast, including reclaiming, show
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