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Ep. 1026 - America’s About To Be Mugged By Reality


Public health “experts” say that covid-19 is extremely dangerous unless you’re protesting “systemic racism”; major cities across America prepare to defund the police after nationwide rioting; and institutions from sports to media cast out the unwoke.

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Public health experts say that cuban nineteen is extremely dangerous. Unless you are protesting systemic racism major said, across Amerika, prepare to define police after nationwide riding in institutions from sports to the media cast out the unwelcome Ben Shapiro. This is the bench of no then Shapiro show sponsored by express Vps. My savvy fan, secure their internet joined them, expressive, gps, dot, com, slash then! Well. I told you that around the country over the weekend. Anyone burn down the country so much as destroyed all of its fundamental institution. So it's really interesting to watch as America's fundamental institutions? Come under severe assault, everything from her government institutions to the media, to sports I spent, We can train to think. How can you escape from all of this in the answers you really can't, because the truth is, if you turn on a football game these days, you are likely to get a lecture from calling Capron it and why the american flag is bad and of turnover, basketball, game you're, like lady here some commentators talking about how Lebron James Schools robberies and if you try
to turn on Amazon, Prime just watch a movie you're going to get a black lives matter banner and a bunch of movies. They recommend about this particular topic. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but let's just be frank about what is going on right now. What is not right now, is a nationwide push by all of your major institutions to suggest that America is systemically racist and that you, as white person, bears some guilt for and if your personal color, you don't but then, I mean, do you agree with the american situation in the declaration of independence that these are good ideas. If you do, then you are part of the problem as well. Everybody ought to kneel together. We all ought to kneel together in order to recognise that America is systemic. We racist- and this is expected from people right and left and centre is, is it is expected from everyone? This is the message that being promulgated we're gonna, get to the message. I want to get to the evils of that message, because I cannot think of a less unit message than America: systemically racist and evil, and one group of people is deliberately responsible for then, even if you are
responsible for anything bad. You are responsible for that bad thing. It's amazing how fast we turn from police brutality is bad, a proposition that one hundred percent of Americans agree with two America is systemically racist and evil and also get rid of the police, and you have to think that there is a certain math to this on the part of the left, because the truth is that when you get down to brass tacks of what kind of policies would be likely to mitigate police brutality, there's fairly broad agreement, things like urban police unions, for example, and in qualifying qualified immunity right scaling back If I'd immunity, you go back common law, the is standard, as opposed to the Supreme Court Standard implemented. Nineteen. Eighty two there's fairly broad approval for a lot of these measures, but for our usual political conversation, everyone shies away, it seems from the discussion, actual measures to be undertaken in order to mitigate the problem in order to create conflict around a bigger idea, people want to talk about the clinical, bigger idea, Wanna talk about solving the problem which the
the really not interested in solving the problem. There really interested in the broader idea, which is remaking America. On the back of a simple assumption. All inequality is inequity. All inequality is the result of systemic racism. Systemic racism can ever be cured, inequality can ever be cured, and thus the utopia must be consistently sought, and that is the message of these politics it's a religious meshes as I mentioned last week. The message of today's politics is that you will never be able to reach utopia, Because inequality will always exist and we will always tribute inequality to the evils of the system we can get to What happened over the weekend he's a truly astonishing in just one taken. First, let us talk about the fact that your cell phone bill- it probably is not going down right now. Palestinian a lot of time on your phone, but are you really using all of your data? The truth is, you should be paying a fraction of what you are currently paying to yourself. Yourself on provider. Instead, you should be switching to pure talk. Usa, you can cut costs and for cash on a monthly basis, starting with you wireless provider. Pure talk covers ninety nine percent of Americans. The presidency over your talk is yours veteran.
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chemic anti racism re enter woke is and is not a mine virus woke is Miss the vaccine. The vaccine was in our hearts all along eyes. It was in our hearts all along who are protesting and they were saying. I wanna go back to my job. I have lost my livelihood and I want my kids to go back to school because they need to be in school, losing months off, of their educational all the people, that I want to go back to church, because the centre of my life is the church. Those people were told over and over and over again they were killing grandmother rolled over and over again, you cannot go back to these places, because, if you do you will you of your responsible for spreading the virus you will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. If you do this thing over the weekend literally, millions of Americans were out in the streets, millions of them crowding on top of each other right up shouting screaming. Doktor Mortimer Carry from Johns Hopkins University Tommy last Friday. There is there there. It is hard to think of a better vector for virus. Then the sorts of images that we saw over the weekend he's a huge shot to Philadelphia streets, and
Its teeming with people know masks if they the message that are moving them from time to time. They can shout slogans right up on top of each other right next to each other. People have said that churches are great vector for virus transmit, because you're in a small area with a lot of people singing or yet or yellow, more shouting we're talking. Ok, the these protests are a great virus transmission vector they are, but not. According to our health experts are health experts. Eight. It is more important than you protest. Then that you try to minimize the spread of carbon nineteen, which is amazing because for months we destroyed forty million jobs in this economy. Forty million jobs which is tens of millions of lives destroyed by the way we destroyed those jobs. The attendant lives that are dependent on this jobs, including the lives of children, were destroyed. All of those, because we were so convinced that preventing right of Co. Nineteen was that important now as long as you're shouting the right slogans? It's totally fine, that for Tom Fernand, whose former CDC director under Barack Obama, each weeded out the threat to covered control from protesting outside is tiny compared to the threats of covert control crew.
Did when government to act in ways that Wooes community trust people can protest peacefully, Edward together to stop covered violence, harms public health because to be strengthened according to the latest Washington put. Statistics may keep updating the numbers. There were grand total of fifteen black man shot one on one arm. Here it had over a hundred and ten thousand deaths in the United States in the last three and a half months alone from covered nineteen, some go no on it's more of a systemic threat to public health, the police, broadly speaking, then the than the protests were yesterday in fact, I can say that, with an extraordinary degree of certainty, that that is not the case so long as you believe, Carbon nineteen is actually David, dangerous, which I do, but apparently the CDC experts do not example that I remember one time for damage on national tv suggesting the round. This answer was gonna, kill everybody because runs This wasn't shutting the beaches Jacksonville, which, by the way killed nobody so turns out, they woke ism is the virus it's the vaccine virus, it's amazing. We should give calling happening the Nobel Peace Prize, for apparently ending racism cause kneeling as we will see and racism, and not only
Should we give him the Nobel Peace Prize and should give him the Nobel Prize and biology because it got. The kneeling also stops covered nineteen, it's incredible. What can't kneeling do it's unbelievable? There are pictures and healthcare workers. Remember all those pictures from the anti lockdown protests of healthcare workers standing side arms crossed very stern mask over face your room you're ruining our lives, you're, making a wise words, stay home to keep us safe healthcare workers. Their taken a knee in the middle of protest in York City yesterday. Ok, so, let's either they were line then, or they are lying now, you, there There is no two ways about it: either they were lying about the danger of the virus, in which case the lockdown was completely ridiculous and there is no reason for it or, alternatively, your rightly cautious about them. And they are lying now when they suggest that is perfectly safe. Outside or at least the risk of going outside and protesting on? Mass about racism is less than the risk of carbon nineteen. All this looks like is politically motivated trash, not that not the protest themselves,
the idea that you can discard all concerned about covered nineteen, because you liked the message of the protest for wait, government actors and sang a sort of stuff- it is first amendment violated. Obviously violet above the first member is a content based restriction. There were literally people saying you cannot liken Anti. Down protests to tests on behalf of George Floyd or against the police or any of the rest of us. That's not how protesting works under the first amendment, guys, you can't you you can't say we're shutting down the protesters. You don't like this message, but we do like this message. So therefore, the threat doesn't exist. He wandered Zinn and by the way, suggesting that all these protests are deeply necessary and these protests are are deeply important. I have questions about dancing the macroeconomic protesters I just do. I just do ok, so we are told you can't. In a hospital with your grandmother ass she dies because you might come out and say nineteen others. We were told you can't go to church and have a funeral service for grandma after she dies, but we can have.
She'll guards, people doing the Macarena in the with people who are protesting about police brutality. Deeply necessary equally important work by the National Guard right here with the protesters very, very important stuff. This is, we pay tax dollars. Where am I very excited about all of this now? you want to show that your answer police brutality. It seems that everybody's anti police brutality is when I spoke to a friend of mine, who is a police officer at him now may in a major city, a news on the front lines. Yesterday, he's been on the front lines for twelve, they straight no brakes doing. Fourteen airships, twelve fourteen airships and his partner has been attacked. The brick got a concussion he's been attacked the knife. He was not injured. Thank God. He wasn't one these protests. And you want to approach at one protesters came up to him and he said to the protesters like you understand I think, they're it shall. Then the officer in the georgian Lloyd situation should be prosecuted, I'm a good cop. He was a bad cop. He should go to
oil and procedures I get we understand exit. Won't you understand them. My colleague I agree with me and they grew view. The Democrats What exactly are you protesting and the guy said? Well, I always think police are racist, guess how much of this is absolute since a lot at one end, and I gotta say I think that a lot of this is driven not by the desire to clinical end police brutality, which can everybody agrees with, but by the fact that everybody's been pent up. Three months in their homes, and now you're. Gonna go out on mass and their basically going to engage in a party. We see people dancing democracy industry. That does not look like a Martin, their king Jr, walk through Selma. That looks like people partying because it is we'll partying, whereas you people writing a meeting that does not look like an extension of justified rage without looks like his people. Partying writing a moving, and we want you to take you're, not people with Brown on their face and anger in their faces. Are people excited that they just got to take it easy. It took to pretend otherwise is to just lie about situation. So, if you are,
We at the system today and by the way If you think that America's got to by covert reality, you're, probably right, Two things are gonna happen. Either there will be a giant spike in cover cases, in which case you are I too, by all the health experts who told you that was okay to gotten protest and then they this regime, where they say well, you know the protests necessary. So, in the end, it wasn't us saying it's good to protest at spread the virus It wasn't saying that sort of stuff it was racism. We saw this from the health Commissioner of New York City. Five seconds, posing as you go outside inimical, grandma, saying. If a lot of people die from the protests because of covert nineteen, that because of racism, how convenient racism can be blamed for everything, including your own, massive hypocrisy and stupidity. But again, this is all about the broader message, because the only way you can really get to the conclusion that it's ok to go out on mass protests in the middle of a pandemic and by the way that this sort of stuff was tried back RO. The wonderful talked about the spanish flu as economic areas in a mature last week during spanish flu,
These giant liberty bond rallies there, one of the key factors for transmission of the spanish flu. So if we This before gang and didn't go all that great, but the only way you can make the argument that, from a public health standpoint it is important to protest in the middle of pandemic is if you truly believe that the american system is corrupt through and through, and that's really what this argument has become a doubt whether the american system is corrupt through and through from route to branch. From beginning to end, and that is why people are demanding that other people, Neil four things they have not done. This is why people are demanding people wash feet, four things they have not done, very idea of kneeling to atone for Us- and you did not commit- is sinful. It is simple. You did on commission and your kneeling to atone for that, and that is a pig in a poke ritual. One of the great discoveries of judeo christian religion is the idea that you are not responsible the sins of your parents, then fact you're an individual who's responsible to God and others for the things that you do. But the very idea
was to kneel on behalf of the system that you did not create and do not like or, alternatively, that the system is to blame for all inequality. So you, Neil on behalf of the system, will you Really doing is you're not kneeling to taken your own sin. What you really doing is your kneeling in indict others. You're, really kneeling and virtue signalling enrichment, like people won't kneel, and you don't believe the system is evil in order to incite the founders. In order to indict people working for the flag, that's really out of this is about and its immoral that tomorrow, if your name, The kneeling symbol is incredibly vague if you're kneeling, because you're just attempting to symbolise the the police brutality that took George Floyd's life, One thing must become much more than that has been linked to the common cabinet kneeling. It's been linked. The idea that America systemically racist, is the message that is being promulgated. If you're kneeling just just that America is evil Then you are doing something sinful America is not evil if you're, if your kneeling like your fellow citizen as evil for not believing that America's evil. That is also sinful if you're kneeling too.
Take upon yourself a sin that you did not commit, that is sinful because you're in visual and every individual ought to be answerable for his or her, since they ought not be answerable for the sins of other people, because one you start in with this idea that your responsible for the sins of them. Body else, that's how you get to the brutality of collective responsibility and in asked very quickly, especially when you're not talking about the the sort of implications of war time in which you have no choice but to go after me Terry targets, and sometimes there civilians that you're talking about just in normal with its blaming large groups of people for the actions of a few. It's hard to think of anything worse than that. You take that I shall level in its racism is racism. They ok. Well, there are some people of this ratio to a bad thing. Never everybody of this raises sinful unindicted. That way you take a ten year level it's just a simple when we get to This message in just one second: is that this is the great now. This is the a ban on any you. You'll see it hasn't very practical ramifications, because once you in
the entire system, you have to tear up the system, root and branch. It doesn't matter how many lives costs, particularly in the minority community, which is what is about to happen, and what we're to watch is gonna, be so ugly can make your heads when we're gonna get to that just one. Second, from that dark message to something more upbeat: let's talk about something great, The EU can do for your dad this year for fathers. They get him me John Tommy Jarvis, the revolutionary underwear, including brand. They know that comfort is for everyone, yet even dad. So, given the softest most breathable baseless, Turkey has ever weren't. There are new prove meant under words now twice as durable as its current pair infinitely more luxurious, guaranteed Tommy underwear spectacular, no because they grace my took us this very moment. Tommy John is offering their best father stage, you'll ever twenty five percent off site wide, including easy to give sets the you can order straight from your phone directly to dad store, treat dad to a few pairs of time. Each on underwear and the softest most breathable fabrics he's ever more autonomy. Translators are built for next level, comfort, whether on the hunt for lounge parents are lazy, lazy day. Job
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in time you see inequality in american light. That's because something unfair and terrible has happened. That is not true. It simply not true. Some we'll make their decisions and some people don't. I bad decisions, some people. Grew up in a better home, and some people group in a worse on this, has nothing to do with race is just for every human being. Not all inequality is inequity. Sometimes people are born smart and sometimes a global and stupid. Sometimes people are born with more grit, and sometimes people are born with more of a tendency toward tool lassitude read it there. There are plenty of differences among human beings without regard to raise my my siblings and I are not equivalent in every way. That does not mean some inequity happened in our household. It means that people are born different and people act differently and make individual choices differently. So if I systemic racism, you mean that you can cite a statistic that suggests that more black people are arrested on a percentage basis than white people
This means that the system is to blame. The term inequity has taken place. You're gonna have to explain what the inequity is. What is the policy inequity that is happening right now? You can't just cite the disparity and say: discrimination is taking place because that's not necessarily drew. Maybe it has. Maybe it hasn't. Systemic racism is ghosts hunting. In this context, it is the suggestion that, even after you take into account all of the various other factors, the only factor it's the God of gaps. The only factor we can't explain it must be races must be racism. So, for example, there's this video that's been going around that the people of been pushing around all about systemic racism and toxic red lining the impact of red lining, and then it takes a bunch of studies and the studies that its eyes include a study from the ninety. Ninety two Federal Reserve of Boston. Talking about red lining, and they talk about the fact that black people were unable to get home owns the same rate as white people. It neglects dimension that that same study found that black.
Banks Bradley lending at a lower rate black on businesses than white on businesses- maybe it doesn't have to do with racism, maybe tested with credit record, for example, or level of or level of wealth that can be taken as collateral right. There are other factors that might explain: disparities the immediate jumped from inequality. Two inequity is not correct. All in all, inequalities not inequity, so that that that idea of systemic racism is deeply damaging and an incredibly counterproductive because and suggested policy. It just suggest inciting people for things that you cannot evidence they ve done. The second is that ok, institutions are racist unless you see from sixteen nineteen project always Genes are infected with races. Now they make a bit of a different Arden, though it will get too in a second. The argument that today's Detentions and America are systemically racist is just your nonsense. It's illegal, Its literally illegal, in fact institutions in America that you describe on the basis of race, typically discriminate in favour of lack Americans, affirmative action discriminated.
On behalf of black Americans again station Americans. Jewish Americans avoid Americans, that's what it does. Look at that because they're only a certain number of what slots? That's a zero sum game. If you say that certain people don't have to get the same scores, other people obviously discriminatory against the people who now have to get the higher scores. There are plenty of scholarships veil, across the country on a race based preference suggestion that the notion that that policy across the country is systemically racist is just not true. Till it. Today's institutions are not racist and if you inside a policy that is racist, let me know about it and happy to oppose it with you. He then there is the third man about system racism in this is that history has consequences. Obviously true that history has consequences, but to say that history has consequences, does not mean that all consequences are due to history. Rachel people around That is what the sixteen nineteen project does. Their mixing up. The first two bad argue: about systemic racism with the third argument, which is obviously true. History has consequences because here's the thing history has consequences for every group, but that does not define
My group does not define the behaviour of every group. History has come Conscious, reduce, has consequences for Asians and its consequences, Filipinos and by the way so does mistreatment. Personal histories have consequences for people. But some of the question revolves around how you react to bad things. Have to you in your life, six? Somebody called me a cry. Scholar did a room, I live. It did not view to go back and twenty. Sixteen. I was the number one target of anti Semitism online did a rumour life. It did not go. I think America's systemically racist. I do not when my wife, kids was walking down the street with her father in Sacramento guy drove by through rocket or and shouted killer. Jews didn't rumour life. No, it didn't so. History has consequences, but so does human action so to say that bad things happened in the past and thus all inequality that existent today is due to the bad things that happened in the past is to make a leap. That's the leap that people want in one. Is it because we can all acknowledge bad things happen in the past, and so the idea is that all bad things
happened today are outgrowths bad things that happen in the past. That is true, but in that chain, that does not mean that that is the proximate cause. Hey there, many many intervening clause, including personal decision making. If, in fact, the wealth gap has grown from blue can wait families in the aftermath of the Civil Rights ACT, you have to explain why to explain why it is that as red lining Wayne running It was made illegal and nineteen. Seventy five under the community reinvestment it if you, if, after the Civil Rights ACT, the gap between white and black that larger, if the middle class started growing slower after the Civil Rights ACT,. If, in fact, educational disparities became larger after the civil rights. Yet if single motherhood went up after civil right yet we have to explain why exactly It was racism that drove all of that. You can't USA. History made it this way. You actually have to explain what you have to explain the chain of logic and then you have to explain what you think the logical redress is we'll get to the fact that no,
want to explain the logical redress, because logical redress is bad policy once you suggest that everything is broken down, the only solution is to tear down the system as a whole, as they get to defend the police will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that these days, you need sleep about you, but the between the news and between my kid My men of sleep has robbed significantly mean radically. My kids get me up at all hours of the morning and stand up late at night in order to press for the show in order to deal with the stress of the daily new cycle. What that means that, when I lie down on that advocated, damn well better be comfortable ended it. It is my helix sleep mantras because it was made just for me. He would. Sleep, has acquitted, takes just two minutes to complete and matches your body type in sleep preferences to the perfect mattress for you, whether aside sleeper or sleeper lay like a pleasure from bed with helix there's, no more confusion and no more compromising. You actually does to be number one mattress by geek you and Wired magazine CNN called it. The most comfortable mantras never slept on gotta. He would sleep dot com such men take their two minutes because they will match which customize mattress that will give you the best sleepily
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the system by the route you don't get to keep all the benefits of the system will tearing up the system by the roots and other alot of Americans, particularly on a white liberals who tend to believe that the natural state of things- is an orderly society in which people treat each other well in writing and looting are not common and which crime is down. Because you don't remember the nineteen sixty two I don't either, but I can promise you there are lots of people who still do and the nineteen success. That is particularly that the late nineteenth sixties crime rates skyrocketed because it is deliberate attempt to reduce policing because of a deliberate attempt to treat crime as a manifesto Sean of outrage at the system you do that there can be some pretty significant consequences ABC Rachel Scots had yesterday that George Floyd's death was about centuries, a systematic racism, racial inequality again, she's gonna have to explain why it is not just about an officer who committed neck. Please reality. The nearly every other officer believes was an act of evil, and all Americans do here. Here was Rachel Scott yesterday, making the broad based argument the killing
George Floyd was really just the boiling point. This is about essential of systemic racism and racial inequality that has existed in this country, What we are seeing right now is generational exhaustion and generational uprising. These are young voices that are out there from all different backgrounds, demanding for change and as we thousands of protesters out there it's important to know every single one of them has a story either they, have experience racism themselves, some black, Americans asking themselves: am I next if you're asking yourself, are you next? The answer is no. The answer is all available evidence now that you're you're not next to be the next George Lloyd? Because again, we can name all the people. This has happened to you I can name all the victims in Chicago over the weekend. There are over twenty of them I can certainly name the people in several years who have died at the hands of police brutality. Did this notion that
again, all bad things can be laid at the feet of the system. This is about an argument that system ought to be torn down Bell Jennings, whose being widely considered a possible VP for Joe Biden, again. She she made the same point. We ve been fighting institutional racism from four hundred years, does not define institutional reason, does not explain which policies ought to be changed instead. The is that America has not changed. Since sixteen nineteen, which is an insane contention, is an insane contention. She ceased congresswoman from Florida, Tony Blair, sitting Congress. People from Florida were there in sixteen nineteen. What what are you talking about to pretend that to do so things, like we ve been fighting institutional racism for four hundred years is, though there has been little or no progress or is, though, we are even remotely anywhere close to what we even we're in the nineteen sixties is patently insane. But again, if the art is that you hate the system and want to tear out. Then you have to make the argument that either the current system is food of the poison history, which is the sixteen nineteen project argument from the New York Times, or you have to make the argument that this is
itself has generated inequality because it is today institutionally racist, yours, hell, Deming again job on my picture for repeat making this argument like we're going to solve. Some of America's tough his problems. We ve got to be painfully honest about what those problems are, and we know that we have been fighting systemic racism in this country four hundred years. We know that it has found its are reared its ugly head and law enforcement agencies and housing and education, and to many other places such everything. It's all the things it all the things up, a couple of they're just reality. You cannot fight history because histories over you'll have a time machine. You can't do it if your suggestion is that you can vitiate the problems of history, aging and in modern day injustice modern day. Injustice is not going to vitiate the problem, it is simple one to exacerbate other problems: pursuing policies that victimized some at the behest of others is not good policy. That was
problem with the history, since I am in reverse. The history by you just discrimination in a different form is not going to solve the problem of say what it's not going to solve the problem, Jim millions of Americans that, no matter how hard they try this system is coming down on top of them. There are no America again, you can't name the Americans were in favour of what Derek shoving did they don't exist if they Do you're talking about like seven dies. Truly, if the notion is that there's a cadre of people who are just trying to keep black well down, who are these people, so we can fight them. It's a conspiracy theory when you go around suggesting that no matter how you try, I mean honestly, I can I can I mean I never do this, but as a Jew, History has been replete with some pretty significant repression, I'm talking about like forcing people not not just ghettos, in the american sense of bad places to live where you can't afford. Without them I mean forced ghettos or choose more forest
with and they shut them down at nightfall and you could not exit on pain of imprisonment or death. I'm talking about the banning of Jews from social institutions. Here in the United States, I'm talking about the fact that Jews were banned from certain areas of higher education for decades in the United States that's in the United States is anyone abroad abroad at wayward. Obviously, I'm not even mentioning the treatment of mice and the family the Holocaust or anybody else it in four generations. Jews recognise that life was a terrible thing and that, if you worked hard, you you you still expected to do the things you are supposed to do here, but in Amerika in a free country have risen extraordinarily quickly. Why? Because there was no boot on their neck overall, despite all of those things that I have mentioned, there is no boot on their neck
and there is nothing more damaging that you can tell a trial, the no matter how hard you work. You are going to be put down the matter. How hard you work there is. There is a glass ceiling there, people who are trying to keep you down in America a free country. Nobody is thinking enough about you drank it. Be known, no one cares about you and I don't in that in the people, one. What you suffer sense, I mean that nobody is sitting around thinking. How do I keep a black person down today? How do I create a policy to prevent black people from doing X Y, or is he in fact everybody, as far as I am aware, has been thinking. How do I create policy that gives more opportunities to people core who have grown up in poor communities with their educational systems? I didn't, is such a damaging message at such a damaging message. If damage an entire generation. People tell them that they are inherently victims in the you, society in the history of the world and those we give a sharp and you ve been a bunch of money but ass. They did whose gotten rich offer this myth. L sharpen, he's gotten rich of wine to people,
that America is systemically racist and evil top to bottom. He's goes to corporations and blackmail than by suggesting you will call them racist unless they give him a donation. Jerry was adored foods from manure suggesting that, no matter how hard we try there is in the internet that was true in legal terms during Jim Crow. It was obviously true during slavery. It is not true. Today it has not been true for at least a couple of decades, and I mean several decades. America is the story of black people. Fighting for their freedom, people fighting alongside them to fulfil constitutional declaration of independence ideals. That's the story of America telling a young black person, America today that the system is out to get you you're lying you're lying system is not out to get young black Americans system is trying to prove everybody, including young black Americans. If you're young black american listening the show today and you're thinking. So how do I get ahead? The answer is you make good decisions because people are not standing in the way people want to help you. People.
Want to help people two to malign Americans as part of the same system that enslaved people is disgusting. It is but I'll sharpens just human beings. That's all right here. It was yesterday over the weekend good in and one years ago the reason we could never be, who we wanted and dream to be an issue cap. Me on out. We was smarter than on schools- you put us in, but you had your knee on we couldn't corporations. And not a hustler industry, but you, Your new dynamic and then Then get your knee often today, ok, the again to equate Jim Crow America with today is patently insane. But again, if you are out and you're trying to equate all inequality with inequity. Then this is what you have to do where you blame me
system, more broadly, as not just now sharp, and whose an open raced bade her off Maybe it's Michelle Obama, who really should know better. There's a woman went to Harvard law. School is the fur Villa First Lady, United States he's had a pretty damn good life in the United States, but here was giving a speech to graduate over the weekend, suggesting for many black Americans, no matter how hard work, structural racism is stopping you please, the policy that is stopping you, no matter how hard you work. Please tell me the policies we can fight together, but don't ever suggest policy. Nobody wants to talk about policy. Why? Because that would mean have its specific and then we might I'll have a solution, but if there is a solution that inequality might actually decline of inequality decline then it might be the Americans on racist again, if you start from the premise that all inequality means racism and it is, it is necessary for your political the view that the system be racist than inequality must be preserved, any attempt to mitigate power, such that inequality is not preserved. Meat Maybe the system is not so bad and that runs counter to the entire list,
the argument Used- Michelle Obama, wonderful success, black women in american history, suggesting How hard you work? Structural racism is stopping you from any black Americans again I want you know what these people are, so we can offer them scholarships and we can make sure they get in the schools they need to get to. What are the structures? What are the structures this again suggesting that? Because history has consequences, everything today is bad or in a Koala is equal to two inequity into why and Michelle Obama was better than anybody. It's why, when it comes to all, those tiny stories of hard work and self determination that we'd like to tell ourselves about America, whether we it is a lot more complicated than that, because too many people in this country, no matter How hard they work. There are structure. All barriers working against them that just make the road longer and Rocky here and sometimes it's almost impossible to move upward at all? At no point does she suggests
what these structural barriers are or how we remove them there is no matter. How hard you worker screwed. You think that my breed a little bit of resentment enraged the system and battle justify tearing down all the institutions of the society as we'll see It is the actual agenda its to what people buy into this wholesale in an attempt to appease folks is really quite astonishing. It's quite astonishing and quite immoral, we'll get to that in just one second, because it really is incredible. So, first let us talk about the fact that fathers day is coming up, and that means it's time to get your dad the gift he has been craving. I'm talking where's about stake, almost mistakes that come good. Almost exactly the limited time fathers day offer enter Code Shapiro into the search bar, see fifty five percent on the gift dad will love. I know that a lot, because the issues having some kosher states- and they are astonishingly good. I mean they age. These things. They are just the wishes and juicy Armada. Seventy nine, ninety, nine years what your gift will include when you go to almost takes our common interests of Europe into the search bar for
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The combination of this message that America systemically racist people buying into this, because there is this bizarre notion in me in many american communities- that, if you acquiesce to them, but it somehow all of this will go away and be better. This is the first step toward the destruction of the institutions. Understand that's what this is. It is one to hug protesters because we all believed the police brutality is that it is another. To kneel before protesters, because your acknowledging that America's systemically racist, that is not the same thing, one of those things is quite good. One of those things is quite bad, we'll get to that in just one second. First, Wednesday, Twenty has been unbelievably insane your how insane troubles impeached this year. Ok, that's insane! This is the last year The last six months have taken ninety three years. Ninety three and we are not even close to the election, we're in June dies, you still five months to the election, the left his media helping things one, but you need good coverage of these issues- is that the media are line to we're. Gonna get some media just a little while
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Alright, The nasty, divisive and cruel narrative that America is systemically racist and evil has now been taken, swallowed hole by a huge number of people across the country. Mainly, I think a lot of these people onto a couple things one virtue signal and want to show that they care and the way to show you care is by just agreeing revisit. This is how people are acting as if I put a black, Ox on my twitter page or my instagram page, I've shown that I'm a virtuous person really. What did you to sign onto Jack thought about it, or is it just more to express sympathy now must be. Our good hearted and they want express sympathy for people who feel outraged at police brutality and instances racism. I am all for that, but that's did the people who promulgating the message at the highest intellectual It is not just that they condemn police brutality and racism is that they are you and the entire system. They want you to repent for, since you have not committed, and so you see what I think are hideous images like this police officers washing the feet.
Black community leaders in North Carolina. What do these police officers do? these police officers. Racist is their evidence that they ve done some cruelly racist? Why are they washing people's feet? Are they are they penitent? Sinners and why is this being done on the basis of race? Did they victimized these particular people to a turn? since you did not commit. Is itself sinful. You cannot atone for sin. The other people committed without taking honours civility, and that of course is the angle here, because if you believe that you are buying off, he woke the left, by engaging in the kneeling on the feet washing and the ritual humiliation. If you believe you're buying them off and suddenly they are going to be like a well. You know that this person showed their sympathy. So give them the benefit of the doubt next time. There's a racist incidents think again the next something bad happened in that merely which is actually carry North Carolina next time, something that happens neck unity, the protesters will be
different front asking for the police chief said. That is the first thing that will happen. Hey Democrats were kneeling in the in the Congress to you mean they are all wearing. It looks like some sort of scarf! I assume to two symbol to african Americans driving as a cultural scarf. I don't know but here they are all kneeling for America. Kneeling for american history truly incredible stuff and truly ridiculous stuff, because if the idea is that you have to kneel to notion that America is systemically evil, calling cabinet was right. After all that the american flag represents racism and bigotry doesn't represent freedom and liberty then what the hell are you doing the United States Congress why'd, you believe instead since that you serve our good genuine to tear down all those institutions and the debate. Will never end if you think the demand to end with just a little bit of virtue, signalling online Eve your way out Amazon by putting the black lives matter thing on your on your page, now These can be happy with you think again, the New York Times put out an
Over the weekend, that literally says they should texture, relatives and loved ones is requisite telling them. You will not be visiting them more answering phone calls until they take significant. Action in supporting black lives, either from protest. Or financial contributions. You're, gonna to tell mom and dad I'm not visiting. Unless you sign a check to preferred organization how delightful, perhaps you can have reporting squads Ebby good? Perhaps you can have your people who report, parents, if they did you, do this social media squad, two in order, shame them that having a great and Emma sent me she's out alley velvety. He says you want, you might think you're, not racist, and you might be right. You might not be racist, but that's not good enough right now. I have a question: why is that not good enough was not good enough to just oppose racism and think racism
dad. Why is it that I have to mouth? Whatever platitudes you decide to put out there today, including a platitude that is not a platitude at all, but an extraordinarily nasty proposition that Americans are deeply racist. They are systemically biased that the american system is racist through and through know. It seems to me that you don't basic human decency requires of you to be basically human, indecent. That's it it doesn't require you to mail. The crap that Alley Bell. She wanted a mouth years Alley Belgian MSNBC. You think you're, not racist. You could be right in this day and age that simply not good enough up next whites time it check our biased at the door and leading into the discomfort that is necessary for real change when it would. But discomfort, are you talking about choosing what discomfort If you want to say something that I have done wrong, I'm happy to talk to you about it. If you wanna talk about inciting abroad Reckon system or suggesting that I'm keeping my knee on the net them of Black America is now sharpen has suggested an f off, because I'm not
and neither are you. I would assume that this is insanity its insanity and has consequences has once you suggest. The american system is completely disgusting, tops and all the institutions of America become simply symbols of seated american racism. That is it become. Symbols of this deeply corrupt system is not For my friends to simply say we stand with George Floods, family, which is something he said. He has that America is corrupt through and through, is not good enough for pence to save what everybody agrees with the police brutality he's been we don't want any instances of it. Pence still, a bad man who spends over the weekend of some George Floyd was a tragedy, and presently trumps made clear. Justice will be, sir. We know now these have been brought against all for police officers and
president immediately deploy Justice Department officials to examine the possibility of federal charges to be broad as well, but what happened on that street in Minneapolis shocked conscience? nation and we stand with every American taken aback by the act We believe we will stand for justice every night. The notes jump enough, rabbit beg pencil. Racist is not good, going to Ali. Not none have to oppose brutal killings, not enough. Instead, you have to suggest that actually everything is great and this is the new check at the new tack. It's amazing. It's amazing, so there are those what's wrong Well now that you're suggesting the entire american institutional infrastructure is bad turn it. I have some really bad consequences. In fact, if I wanted to point to turn down american institutions having bad consequence, I might point to the fact that there are bunch of people out there who are justifying riding and looting
right over the past week and that we shut down nearly every major american city for weak, so people could write and loot to their hearts content and there really sucked it was quite terrible. I might point out so instead what we yet are more ridiculous people in the media and in our politics, suggesting that this never happened. It's a figment of your majesty If you're worried about America being mug by reality, can here's the here is the reality. The reality is America is not systemically racist. America is free. America is good America. Has he wore enforcement That overwhelmingly is ensuring that you can live a free and prosperous life. Once you terawatt that stuff mugged by reality, so instead, what we're gonna get? Is people basically declaring that There's that can accept the reality exists. Reality just doesn't exist here is but a video of what Minneapolis look like in the aftermath of the rioting and looting- it's a war zone. Things are on fire, the buildings. Been completely burned out. Good! That's what it looks like
I drove around LOS Angeles. Like nice areas was angels. All the windows were boarded up over the weekend, but good news. BBC congressional caucus. Jerk airbases protest has been peaceful every single day across the country is peaceful every single day he now. Let me put it this way if the anti locked and protests had burned building it would win. Alan protests across the country read that would mean the headline but When writing and looting shuts down every major american city for a week, then all we get everything is peaceful. Now again, The protesters are the writers and looters, but I also think it absurd to ignore the riding in the looting. That's absurd, but that's what care about is doing. I think we're in a real moment in our country the passion that the people displaying I'm so glad. Now that the protests thing is peaceful, it's been everyday. It's been across, the country think that it is gonna lay the basis for the money item for us to bring about the I that we need to do and not only that if you are white liberal right, you have to understand that if you
whose crime, if we want to preserve any institutions of american City, that's coming from a place of privilege shall over the weekend Nablus, City Council vowed to defend the police to defend it, to get rid of it. They were called police about police precept so not even what comes in New Jersey did where they, they kind of life, this original abolish the police. Then they brought in the stadiums. Doubled, the number of officers on street and he's got rid of them. His union. They ended around. They basically created a charter, school police force or that's all they did in Minneapolis, diplomat, absolutely just getting rid of the police entirely hey! So there's! named bender with appropriately named because she's on a bender here who is who is on CNN from the Minneapolis City Council, He was asked a very obvious question. My Allison camera will what happens when somebody commits a crime what it can do to please? No member, you abolish the police, because the police are systemically racist, because America systemically racist? So the answer here follows once you say that, Erica, systemically racist, let the police action Emily racist? And if policed, their job is just an extension of the evil
the policing in the United States. You come to the point where crime is good. Ok, this is exactly what I mean apples, city, council, member, set on analysis camera does it this says at all, if the Americans, about among by reality so hard as can make our heads when was this club, is just mind. Boggling. What, if, in the middle of the night, my home broken into. Who do I call? Yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbours. And I knew- and I myself too- and I know that that comes from this privilege, because for those of us from the system is working, I think, you start I can imagine what it would feel like two already live in that reality, where calling them please may mean more harm is done. If you re, crime being committed against you. It's coming from place a privilege. Now, let's be real about this. The vast majority of crime, victims, minority neighborhoods are members of minority communities they're the ones calling the cops
we need more policing in these areas. High crime communities require more police, not your police and, in fact, if you want to explain the disparity, here's a way to explain it Eddie through discrimination. One of the reasons you have high crime that that ravaged lack communities, since the turn of the twentieth century murder rates that are a multiple Dwight murder rate is because white can you is deliberately decided to withdraw police from those areas and said you're on your own. No, what game warfare became a prominent feature of urban life Intercity like because the police were not there But here she is in check your privilege of your word by at least a bender, the President of Minneapolis City Council. This is that's what you can be marked by reality. You charges institutions, american life, you can't expect keep all the good stuff, but that is exactly what people are expecting. Ok. So this is the new campaign. The new campaign is defined, the police. So over the weekend in Washington DC mayor decided that she be making a real statement by painting on the street
lives matter, enjoy yellow letters all across the street. Well, racism solve lady. You really didn't you ve done it now, all the other black victims of crime in drinking Deasey, of whom there are disproportionate number. It's it's all solve guys. The police were the problem. All long all along the police were the problem who could have known who could have known did, you painted black lives matter across the street. And the only reason that I object to be black eyes matters look nearing is not because I don't believe that this matter is because I do believe black lives matter. Just as our objective, number some mayor painting across the across the street Science is real I agree, science is real, the implication painting something like that is that you believe that everyone, it agrees with you doesn't think science is real, rightly the The idea of the Black Box Matter Slogan is that they don't want it to be unifying many here's the movement, look at our agenda is not a unifying agenda is abolishing the police. It is free Palestine, it is about
income inequality through massive redistribution programmes and property seizures of xenophobia and website. The idea of a black lives matter is that there is a vast, swathes of Americans who disagree with you, because they dumbly blacklist matter and that I find insulting, gets anyway. She to black man on the street married browser in Washington DC so be alone. Just did the natural thing is what does that mean? What does that mean? They took the natural mixed up and they painted equals. Defined police? It painted this on the street in Washington DC will now Legion is clear and it follows once America is deeply and systemically racist, enable then, obviously you should define the police, that's the name, They painted it on the street in Washington DC, defend the police Genius- Kate, that's not the worst of it over many were they I'm gonna police precinct and had a week of rioting and looting and people were hurt and business we're ravaged and the city basically set on fire
the mayor of Minneapolis, who started this whole thing off by suggesting that white privilege was responsible for the death of George George Floyd. Racist killing, was going on tv and said he's gonna check his own. Why privilege and all this? Don't you want the proof that the new thing is we'll get you know where this is it. This is proof positive of the mayor of Minneapolis. He went out there with a black lives matter crowd and he begged forgiveness, where he suggested that he was checking alone, privilege, when they asked him. Are you willing to abolish the place and he said no, and they told him to get the F out instead, chanting, him shame, shame. Shame gave up the premise: inclusion, vows the premise: once you see and all the institutions are racist, disguise member institutions like a break. A here, is the here is the club. It's pretty incredible, no matter how low better than ie that new will never be by low enough for people who decide that America, systemically evil
Jane, for I just do not question for you just now. Will you give me a funding Minneapolis? What do you mean re? Obviously the agenda there sang agenda. We don't want no more police. Let us be clear about this. If the police withdraw from minority communities the people were gonna pay, the most for that are minority communities. A lot of black people die if the with the police are withdrawn for minority communities- and don't give me again comes in New Jersey, I get they didn't get rid of the police they dump. The number of police on the streets, they call them county police as opposed to city police. That is not what they're talking about Minneapolis really put out a proposal taught me how they wanted street free of police,
that means means criminals have rain worthy leftist attempt to reach utopia through the following chain of we'll see if it works man, it's a bold strategy. Cotton was Europe pays off work here. The strategy you should have done: only more enforcement should have a gun, sanctuary cities. Illegal immigrants should should people to come in your city with no sort of of consequence, and you can't reported to the federal government. Homelessness should be able to run roughshod across our cities. We should Mabel do anything about that also abolish the police, hiding that's gonna, go she seriously. How do you mean it's gonna? Go I mean that The reality in America's major city is going to be. There can be a trash, their enemy, attractive and you're, seeing it did this not just in Minneapolis I personally have ill had Omar who, whatever says, do the opposite: you'll have to discuss a successful life. Doha Norma, representatives from Minnesota, she was out there. Sanction wants to defend the police. Would you get the people who are most harm at this and the people who are most victimised by crime? The people who need the police most will be the people who are harmed the most when
please go away and also very convenient for a lot of the people who are shouting defend the police in the media, particularly because they all have private security is pretty easy to be. Well, you wanna talk about white privilege. Privilege or privilege. More generally, it ain't get rid of the publicly funded police. I'm rich enough that I already have my own private security for eleven Omar has protection from cut congressional police. Here's Oklahoma. Now stop saying. Not only do we need to invest for employees needs are completely dismantled or Minneapolis Police Department, Minneapolis Police Department, as one in the room we lack. Well, that cancer and we allow for something beautiful arise and we imagine it allows us to figure out what public safety looks like we're us
beautiful, as can be rising, is going to be the number of arsons and robberies and murders. That's what's going to be the beautiful thing, the rises when you get rid of the police. Guess what you what's amazing. Is that we're doing this within days of Minneapolis being born, we're doing defined he's, been days, Minneapolis being burned and complete public disorder and people before the police the message you took away from this week? on your head is a child. But again all this makes sense if you believe the police are just the enforcement arm of evil system. That's the real. Did you build a blog? Is doing the same thing in your? U want city fund the cops in New York City, whereby Three hundred police officers were injured in the Georgia. Would protest Writing eluding is more liking, is more like a younger cars on the road revenge or a cop. There is buildable. You talk about, defining the cops in New York when I turn to our task force and said? What should we do? And we talked over these last few days we a series of meetings, the taskforce it was important to address
budget level the need to This more on our young people, the need to make clear statement that our investments in our young people are our future. Policing matters for sure, but the events in our youth are foundational made She's gonna cut the funding from the from the Nypd in the aftermath of this, in allay their doing something. Mary aircars our garbage mayor here in LOS Angeles, he has suggested that he wants to defend the police in LOS Angeles, and you must have a hundred and fifty million dollars from the police budget, it's already in understaffed police. Can I have friends in the OECD their wildly understaffed, so this was the natural consequence. A city, council, mnemonic rod, regress, showed up to lecture the LAPD and they live officers. There are having none of it. There were here- and we end up like if you An instance of racism then bring
where police union prosecutors be got nothing here, and here you are saying that we should we're the only thing. Stopping the leaders in the rider were the only thing standing between Mailros Avenue being burned to the ground and rodeo driving, destroyed and and people who want to do that. Here you are trying cut our funding, yours, the LAPD, just slamming the city council, woman,.
The matter in my life is obviously rather small because it occurs in plenary at the police. Innovation is that our law by they don't break them all. To protect this, would they do provide for their families with everything fell. That's a blacklist representative by the way he's going after the city count but don't worry Elsie is here to fix all of it ass. He also Greece. We should be funded and one day ass he says the fond of all wisdom:
there is a real ceasing, defend the police against them are gonna have to pay for. The consequence of this is living in her Kush congressional apartment in nice area of Washington DC. Here she is pushing define the police, the same budgetary injustices Martin Luther king, he said, but it is our moral documents, the issue What our priorities and commitments are as a name as a society, and the same problem but we are seeing the same problems that we are seeing on a city council level and on a city level which are you have an entire city budget in half that budget goes to policing Anna Shrubs education, a shred to mental health services run for hospitals that is mirrored on the federal level. Ok, listen attentively to what you say is not even close to try a factual level, be the huge percentage budgets in the cities are not going to believe. I mean it's just that that's the astonishing. Why? But beyond that
again, the even the police moving the aftermath of widespread riding, including you can only justified you think riding including the crime are okay and that any attempt to tempt those things down is an attempt to shore up the institutions white privilege. I do not believe that America's institutions are fundamentally racist. That's not mean that America's history has not been filled with endemic racism. It does mean that today the institutions are not racist. I do not believe that America's philosophy, culture, history, are the story of racism and I am not I'm never going to kneel to the idea that America will be healed. Or unified by trashing. The american system entirely in favour of defined the police by the way was Joe Biden on this. Has Joe Joe Biden feel about defining the police love to hear that answer already we'll be back here later today to additional hours of content. We need to get to the New York Times each fired atop, an editor for display, its woke staffers. We get to that a little bit later, with two additional hours and constant otherwise will see here tomorrow. Adventure here this is the bench Barroso.
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